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Follow the dark path or use the light
Ragnarok Online Pack Shot

Ragnarok Online


Swordsman/Knight Guide

by jygting

Ragnarok Online
Swordsman/Knight Guide
Version 3.0

Created by: jygting 
This FAQ can be ONLY found at:
GamerHelp (

1. Author's Note
2. Starting Status on your Novice
3. Job Changing 
   3a. Novice to Swordsman
   3b. Swordsman to Knight
4. Basic Skills/ Comodo Skills
   4a. Novice
   4b. Swordsman
   4c. Knight
5. Best way to gain Zeny quickly...
6. Version History
7. About the Author
8. Credits

1. Author's Note
Hello and welcome to my Philippine Ragnarok Online Swordsman (or Swordie)/
Knight Guide! I'll simply help you to become this job and guide you how to 
level up you character stronger. Well then, shall we get started?

2. Starting Status on your Novice
I kinda start my status on my Novice based on my favoritism. There are some 
things that you should know before choosing which stauses you want to pick:

If you choose:
Str - Int will decrease
Vit - Dex will decrease
Luk - Agi will decrease
Agi - Luk will decrease
Dex - Vit will decrease
Int - Str will decrease

Natural Swordie (My all-out starting stats! T_T)
Str: 5
Agi: 5
Vit: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 5
Luk: 5

+ The balancer of all statuses on the RO history....LOL!
+ May deal a lot of damage to enemies (or so-called 50-50 chance)also on rare 
items too...
- Deals damage less or greater.....

Str/Agi/Vit Swordie
Str: 9
Agi: 9
Vit: 9
Dex: 1
Int: 1
Luk: 1

+ The most common status of the players who want to be tough because of their 
+ Loves to hit hard (Str) attacks quickly and evades most of the time (Agi) but 
they'll be more faster on 2-Handed Quicken effect...... 
- Bad part is, you'll only to get a chance to hit them critically beacuse of 
low Dex

Agi/Dex Hybrid
Str: 1 
Agi: 9
Vit: 1
Dex: 9
Int: 1
Luk: 1

+ The speedster character who like to deals damage really fast and critically 
- Attack power is low, you'll have to purchase/forge weapons to make it 
stronger and powerful...

Str/Agi/Dex Swordie
Str: 9
Agi: 9
Vit: 1
Dex: 9
Int: 1
Luk: 1

+ Combination of power and speed who likes to kill enemies quickly without 
- Defense is poor and tends to deal a chunk of damage from enemies...
- Needs to buy a lot of healing items/armors for survival...

Pure Vit Swordie
Str: 5
Agi: 5
Vit: 9
Dex: 1
Int: 5
Luk: 5

+ This only focuses on defense and others are optional...
+ You can also choose a pure Str, Agi, or Dex Swordie if you prefer...
+ This status is much tougher than ever (if only focused on Vit) and has a lot 
of HP in battles... 

Note: When you become a Swordsman or a Knight and your Vit is the more you 
spent on, use Spear Weapons(Spear, Pike, Glaive, etc..)and if it is Agi you 
most spent on, use 1-Handed Weapons (Ring Pommel Saber, Rapier, Blade, 
Falchion, etc..) or 2-Handed Weapons (Katana, Tsurugi, Slayer, etc..)  

3. Job Changing
3a. Novice to Swordsman
After your Job Lv. is at 10, go back to Izlude and head to Swordsman 
Association located at the western part of your map. Talk to the Swordsman 
guide in the middle and choose "I want to be a Swordsman", you'll be prompted 
to pass the three tests. After finishing the three tests, the guide will 
congratulate you and ta-daa!! Your a Swordsman now!!

3b. Swordsman to Knight
After your Job Lv. is at 40, go to Prontera and head to the Chivalry which is 
located at far northwest of the map. Inside, talk to the Knight Guide and 
choose "I want to become a Knight", you'll be asked to pay 2,500z and after 
that, you'll be now a Knight. Congratulations!!

4. Basic Skills
4a. Novice (Basic Skill Book)
LV. 1: Enable to trade with other players
    2: Enable to use Emoticons (hold Alt and press either nos. 0-9)
    3: Enable to sit (press Insert key)
    4: Enable to open a Chatroom (hold and press Alt+C)
    5: Enable to join party (type /join [Party Name])
    6: Enable to use extra storage
    7: Enable to organize a party (type /organize [Party Name])
    8: Enable to use Alignment System
    9: Enable to change one's profession (Job Change)

Comodo Skills

First Aid - recovers 5 HP per SP use
SP Cost: 3
Requirements: Novice Job Level 7, 3 Red Herbs, 3 Clover, Rotten Bandage
How to obtain it: 
	Go to the Tool Shop located on the western side of Prontera and talk 
to Nami the Nurse and she will give you the items needed then head to the 
Prontera Castle to find the NPC Chief Nurse. Talk to him and he'll give you 
the Sterilized Bandage(this item will not be in your inventory), head back 
to the Shop and talk to Nami, she'll now teach you the First Aid Skill.
Comment ko: Pretty useful on Novices and when Vit/defense below...

Play Dead - pretends to be dead to avoid contact with aggressive monsters
SP Cost: 5
Requirements: First Aid skill, Novice Base Level 7, Novice Card
How to obatin it: 
	Go to the Chivalry which is located far northwest of the map and talk 
to the NPC beside Reon Phon Prusch on the lower right of the screen, he will 
direct you to the NPC Chief Nurse in Prontera Castle. Once inside the Castle, 
go north, east twice and north again then talk to him. After the smack-talk 
discussion is done, he will give you the Novice Card, retrace your steps back 
to the Chivalry. Talk to him and he'll teach you the Play Dead Skill.
Comment ko: Useful when you really hate agressive(mobs) or monsters to deal 

4b. Swordsman

Passive Skills

Increase HP Recovery - increases HP recovery rate while standing/fighting/
LV. 1: +5  HP every 10 secs. 
    2: +10 HP every 10 secs. 
    3: +15 HP every 10 secs. 
    4: +20 HP every 10 secs.  
    5: +25 HP every 10 secs. 
    6: +30 HP every 10 secs. 
    7: +35 HP every 10 secs.
    8: +40 HP every 10 secs.
    9: +45 HP every 10 secs.
   10: +50 HP every 10 secs.

Comment ko: Max this skill as soon as possible because this will be useful 
through all your journeys and also on fighting!!

1-Hand Sword Mastery - increases one hand sword damage on monsters
LV. 1: Swd Damage +4
    2: Swd Damage +8
    3: Swd Damage +12
    4: Swd Damage +16
    5: Swd Damage +20
    6: Swd Damage +24
    7: Swd Damage +28
    8: Swd Damage +32
    9: Swd Damage +36
   10: Swd Damage +40

Comment ko: Useful if your using a One-hand sword and defense will be more 
higher when shield is equipped...

2-Handed Sword Mastery - increases two hand sword damage on monsters
LV. 1: Swd Damage +5
    2: Swd Damage +10
    3: Swd Damage +15
    4: Swd Damage +20
    5: Swd Damage +25
    6: Swd Damage +30
    7: Swd Damage +35
    8: Swd Damage +40
    9: Swd Damage +45
   10: Swd Damage +50

Comment ko: This will be more useful and powerful but the worst one is you don't 
need a shield because your using a two-handed sword, so this is recommended who 
loves quick and powerful swordie....

Active Skills

Bash - damages the enemy with great might
LV. 1: 130% Damage SP Consumption 8
    2: 160% Damage SP Consumption 8
    3: 190% Damage SP Consumption 8
    4: 220% Damage SP Consumption 8
    5: 250% Damage SP Consumption 8
    6: 280% Damage SP Consumption 15
    7: 310% Damage SP Consumption 15
    8: 340% Damage SP Consumption 15
    9: 370% Damage SP Consumption 15
   10: 400% Damage SP Consumption 15

Comment ko: Pick this skill if you want to kill enemies faster, my tip is to 
use a two-handed sword if you want to deal more damage like hell...

Provoke - attracts enemies, luring onto you and attacks you (not effective on 
undead creatures) defense power decreases but attack power increases
LV. 1: Attack +1%,  Defense -3%  SP Consumption 4
    2: Attack +2%,  Defense -6%  SP Consumption 4
    3: Attack +3%,  Defense -9%  SP Consumption 4
    4: Attack +4%,  Defense -12% SP Consumption 4
    5: Attack +5%,  Defense -15% SP Consumption 7
    6: Attack +6%,  Defense -18% SP Consumption 7
    7: Attack +7%,  Defense -21% SP Consumption 7
    8: Attack +8%,  Defense -24% SP Consumption 7
    9: Attack +9%,  Defense -27% SP Consumption 7
   10: Attack +10%, Defense -30% SP Consumption 7

Comment ko: Use this skill if you're lazy to move and let the enemy to come 
over you. This is also useful if you're planning to tank your friend...

Magnum Break - deals a fire elemental damage on splash area, consumes 15 SP and 
some HP.
SP Cost: 15 
Requirements: Lv. 5 Bash
LV. 1: 15 HP Consumed, 110% Damage
    2: 15 HP Consumed, 120% Damage
    3: 15 HP Consumed, 130% Damage
    4: 15 HP Consumed, 140% Damage
    5: 15 HP Consumed, 150% Damage
    6: 15 HP Consumed, 160% Damage
    7: 15 HP Consumed, 170% Damage
    8: 15 HP Consumed, 180% Damage
    9: 15 HP Consumed, 190% Damage
   10: 15 HP Consumed, 200% Damage

Comment ko: Can be used on aggressive monster (aka mobs) to stop hitting you 
hard, thief bug for example, once you hit one, others will gang up to beat you. 
This skill saves you from them!!

Endure - this skill prevents from flinching and attack speed is increased base 
on the duration time it was used.
Requirements: Lv.5 Provoke
Lv. 1: 10 Seconds
    2: 13 Seconds
    3: 16 Seconds
    4: 19 Seconds
    5: 22 Seconds
    6: 25 Seconds
    7: 28 Seconds 
    8: 31 Seconds
    9: 34 Seconds
   10: 37 Seconds

Comment ko: Useful if you want to prevent from being flinched by the enemy and 
prefers to attack faster, you can also use Concentration or Awakening Potion 
and use this skill to attack more faster.

Comodo Skills

Auto Berserk (Active Skill) - casts Provoke on yourself when HP drops to red 
Requirements: Job level 35, 35 Powder of Butterflies, 10 Honey, 10 Horrendous 
Mouth, 10 Decayed Nail
How to obtain it:
	Go to the Smithy/Trading Post located on the lower right of the map, 
then go to the next room, there you will see NPC Huan and he'll teach you the 
skill if you have the items needed.

Comment ko: Not that useful if you plan to kill the enemy that hard, think 
first if you want to get this skill or not. This skill will be also cancelled 
if you're HP is on green gauge.

Walking HP Recovery (Passive Skill) - recovers HP while walking
Requirements: 500 Empty Bottles, 1 Padded Armor, 1 Rocker Doll
How to obtain it:
	Go to the Drill Field located east of Izlude and talk to the NPC, 
he'll teach you the skill if you the items needed(note that the Padded Armor 
will not be taken as long as you equipped it, he'll just take the bottles and 
the doll)

Comment ko: Instead of wasting healing items or sitting down just, why don't 
you take a walk to recover your HP. This is also useful with the Increase HP 
Recovery Skill(standing - Increase HP and walking - Walking HP).

Fatal Blow (Passive Skill) - when the skill Bash is used, the enemy will have 
a chance to be stunned momentarily along the damage it attained.
Requirements: Job Level 35, Bash Level 5, 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Silver Arrows, 1 
Banana Juice, 5 Royal Jellies, 30 Tentacles
How to obtain it:
	Go to the Chivalry located far northwest of Prontera and talk to Reon 
Phon Prusch and he'll teach you the skill if you have the items needed.

Comment ko: This skill is practically needed on Swordie/Knight player who wants t
heir enemy to get stun and dead easily.

4c. Knight

Passive Skills

Peco Peco Riding - Enables you to ride a Peco Peco
Requirements: Lv.1 Endure
Lv. 1: Enables you to ride a Peco Peco

Comment ko: Use this if your lazy to walk, spear damage is also improved when 
riding but attack speed(Aspd) is slow, so Max Cavalry Mastery to improve attack 

Cavalry Mastery - Improves Attack Speed(Aspd) when riding on a Peco Peco
Requirements: Lv.1 Peco Peco Riding
Lv. 1: 60%  Attack Speed Damage
    2: 70%  Attack Speed Damage
    3: 80%  Attack Speed Damage
    4: 90%  Attack Speed Damage
    5: 100% Attack Speed Damage

Comment ko: Want to attack and move faster? Max this skill immediately!

Spear Mastery - Increases spear damage against monsters
Lv. 1: Spear Damage +4  (+5 with Peco Peco Riding)
    2: Spear Damage +8  (+10 with Peco Peco Riding)
    3: Spear Damage +12 (+15 with Peco Peco Riding)
    4: Spear Damage +16 (+20 with Peco Peco Riding)
    5: Spear Damage +20 (+25 with Peco Peco Riding)
    6: Spear Damage +24 (+30 with Peco Peco Riding)
    7: Spear Damage +28 (+35 with Peco Peco Riding)
    8: Spear Damage +32 (+40 with Peco Peco Riding)
    9: Spear Damage +36 (+45 with Peco Peco Riding)
   10: Spear Damage +40 (+50 with Peco Peco Riding)

Comment ko: Much more powerful if you ride with a Peco Peco, swords can be also 
used when riding Peco Peco.

Active Skills

Pierce - damages monsters based on their size. Only applicable for Spear class 
SP Cost: 7
Requirements: Lv.1 Spear Mastery
Small Monsters - 1x Damage
Medium Monsters - 2x Damage
Large Monsters - 3x Damage

Comment ko: This skill really has all the advantages of the enemies you deal 
with especially some big MVP's...

Spear Stab - Knocks enemies back using spear and also knocks enemies back at 
the same time. Only applicable for Spear class only.
SP Cost: 9
Requirements: Lv.5 Pierce

Comment ko: Same as the Archer's Skill Arrow Charge....but this skill will move 
farther from the enemy even if he's far from the player...

Spear Boomerang -  Attacks an enemy on a distance with a Spear. Applicable for 
Spear Classes only.
SP Cost: 10
Requirements: Lv.3 Pierce

Comment ko: Like an archer, attacking an enemy on a distance but this is only 
available when you're using a Spear...

Brandish Spear - a powerful spear attack that can be only used while riding on 
Peco Peco.
SP Cost: 12
Requirements: Lv.3 Spear Stab, Lv.1 Peco Peco Riding

Comment ko: This is an a-ok move!! Deals damage like hell when used on PvP 

Auto Counter - counters the attack of the enemy with bigger damage.
SP Cost: 2
Requirements: Lv.1 2-Handed Sword Mastery

Comment ko: The most useful yet powerful and abusive skill. Str/Agi/Dex Knights 
use this skill, it even damages Mini-Bosses and MVP Bosses(can you say Baphomet? ^_^)

2-Hand Quicken - increases attack speed base on the level of the skill along 
the time alloted on the skill.
SP Cost: 14
Lv. 1: 30  Seconds, SP Consumption 14
    2: 60  Seconds, SP COnsumption 18
    3: 90  Seconds, SP Consumption 22
    4: 120 Seconds, SP Consumption 26
    5: 150 Seconds, SP Consumption 30
    6: 180 Seconds, SP Consumption 34
    7: 210 Seconds, SP Consumption 38
    8: 240 Seconds, SP Consumption 42
    9: 270 Seconds, SP Consumption 46
   10: 300 Seconds, SP Consumption 50

Comment ko: 2nd to the most power and abusive skill Knights also use. Agi 
Knights prefer to use this skill, this is good along with Concentration or 
Awakening Potion or Berserk Potion to quadruple the attack speed. The first I 
saw the name of the skill, I thought it was '2-Hand Chicken' and I say 'huh? 
2-Hand Chicken?' (LOL eyesight ko n0h?)

Bowling Bash - damages nearby enemies on a splash area, causing them to crash 
SP Cost: 12
Requirements: Lv.3 Magnum Break, Lv.10 Bash, Lv.5 2-Hand Quicken, Lv.5 2-Handed 
Mastery, Lv.5 Auto-Counter
Comment ko: The beefed up version of Magnum break, this skill really saves your 
life from them.

5. Best way to gain Zeny quickly...
Here are three ways:

1. Sell some unvaluable things like jellopies, fluffs, feathers but make sure 
you have this things A LOT for more money.
2. Make a room like 'S> Katana for 3k' or something like that but make sure 
that you don't scam them, just sell the equipments that you don't use and use 
common sense ok?
3. Try keeping valuable items like 3Carat/2Carat Diamonds, Opal, Sardonyx, 
Witherless Rose or something like that, having more than 10 or so is a LOT of 

I think these are the 3 ways to get more money....

6. Version History

Version 0.5 - Month of February 2004
Started making this guide, playing my Female Swordie in pRO and listing the 

Version 1.0 - Month of March 2004
Not much of a update, still playing my character and tried cRO in a computer 
station, it's a kick!

Version 2.0 - 04022004
Our 4th monthsary with my boyfriend, finished the rest of my guide but trying 
to know the rest of the skill effect.

Version 2.1 - 04052004
Added more equipments, the effect of Hydra Card and some errors...Having a hard 
time downloading the patches on pRO so I can't play!!

Version 2.2 - 04082004
Today is Holy Week, but RO gaming still continues to go for it...fix the Endure 
and 2-Hand Quicken skill.....

Version 2.3 - 04132004
OK...corrected some errors, updated the skills, renwing equipments, anohter way
 for more money...nothing much! 

Version 2.4 - 04162004
Changed my playing schedule on pRO and added some eqiupments, sobrang puyat ako 
ngayon!! Trying to play the computer station's own RO!!

Version 2.5 - 04262004
Added the Spear Boomerang description....nothing changed still!!!

Version 2.6 - 05052004
Added the Spear Stab description and the 2-Hand Quicken SP's 
almost done!!!
Version 2.7 - 05112004
Added the Brandish Spear last it's done!!!

Version 2.8 - 06192004
Just remove some of the contents on my FAQ.........but I promise I'll add it 
once it is published on the site.......

Version 2.9 - 06282004
School's back and having a hard time sending this to Gamefaqs.....added some 
things and corrected some errors.....

Version 3.0 - 04132006
Fixed errors.

7. About the Author
We're once an avid iRL female players of this online game but now since there 
are too many online games to play, we're now supporting them to do their best!!

8. Credits
I thank the following:

Philippine Level-Up site
For featuring this game in the Philippines, you Ro'K!! Paki-ayos naman ang 
Exp./Drop rate nyo po!!

For making this game a hit here!

Myoung Jin-Lee
The creator of Ragnarok, you're the best! Your manga is the best ever!!

wingbeat [email protected]
For the tip about the statuses for their weapons...I owe ya one pards!! Lab 
you papa Erik!!

For finishing this hard guide!

You (the Reader)
For reading this guide!

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, PM me to tank you on Loki, 
Chaos or anything, e-mail me at [email protected] Offensive 
messages will be ignored, so be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be duplicated, 
reproduced or sold nor plagarized without the Author's permission. Please, 
don't do anything with my FAQ OR ELSE...Yari Ka!!!

Thank You for reading this FAQ!! SAY NO TO LAG ON pRO!! Anata tachi ga