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Prince of Persia



by anju91


Table of contents

Game information


This is a FAQ & Walkthrough for prince of Persia prodigy also know as prince of 
Persia 4 or princeof persia 2008 or prince of Persia fallen king or prince of Persia 
but the prodigy is the name given to it by ubi. This is a flawless game and a new 
triology, so welcome to my fifteenth FAQ & Walkthrough.

Game information


Platforms-PC, PS3, X360

Genre-Fantasy Action Adventure


Realease date-09.12.2008

Developers and Publishers-Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft

Input-Gamepad, keyboard and mouse

Minimum PC requirements
* Supported OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista
* Processor: Dual core processor 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2 
3800+ (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ or better 
* RAM: 1 GB Windows XP/2 GB Windows Vista
* Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 10.0?compliant video card or DirectX 9.0?compliant 
card with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
* Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or 10.0?compliant sound card (5.1 sound card 
* DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0 or 10.0 libraries (included on disc)
* DVD-ROM: DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
* Hard Drive Space: 8 GB
* Peripherals Supported: Keyboard, mouse, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller 
for Windows recommended)
* Supported Video Cards at Time of Release: ATI RADEON X1600/1650-1950/HD 
2000/3000 series NVIDIA GeForce 6800/7/8/9 series




Welcome to another prince of Persia guys. This game is nothing like the previous 
one, its damn too easy. Anyway lets get down to the walkthrough. Once you get 
the control chase after the girl until you meet your first enemies and you'll learn 
how to fight. Deal with them using your sword and continue to chase after her. 
When you reach the bridge it gets destroyed and you'll fall, but have no fear 
elika's here. The girl will save you.Now follow the girl until you reach the Temple 
of Ormazd. Climb the steps and run up the left wall, turn the crank and get down. 
Enter the Temple and follow elika's instruction. Once you inside the Temple 
you'll encounter the king, elika's father. Hit him until he reaches his 1/3 or 1/5 of 
health. Oh no he cuts off the tree of life and releases Ahriman. Quickly get out of 
the Temple. On the way you'll learn how to use elika's power in the battle anyway 
just keep running until you get out of the Temple.

Temple of Ormazd and the tree of light

Open the map and you'll see four highlighted locations. Lets stared from left to 
right, choose the left first one and close the map. Now use elika's power and she'll 
guide you to the location using the light. Ancient GPS thats what I call it. Anyway 
follow the light and kill anyone in your way. Learn how to use combos combining 
your sword, gauntlet, legs and elika's magic. Once you reach the spot i.e., the 
fertile ground. You'll encounter your first corrupted boss, beat him or her until 
their life bar reaches zero. Once you are finished heal the land and the collect as 
much as light seeds you can. Return to the Temple after you healed all four 
grounds and collected 60 seeds. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, elika can teleport 
you between healed grounds, so teleport back to the Temple.

In Temple you'll see four glowing plates. They are the powers of Ormazd i.e., 
Step of Ormazd, Hand of Ormzad, Breath of Ormazd and  Wings of Ormazd.

Before we move on to the big part lets finish off the basics. There are four 
powers of Ormazd, you need to collect certain number of light seeds to activate 
each power. Light seeds can be collected by healing the corrupted grounds. 
Everytime you heal a ground it'll give 45 seeds. You'll face any one of the four 
corrupted bosses everytime you reach the fertile ground. There are four bosses 
namely the hunter, the alchemist, concubine and the warrior. They can change their 
form into anyone of following forms during the battle. No one they turn into black 
and blue and your sword gets some corruption on it, in this case use your sword 
first and following it up by your combo. No two a black smoke will surround them 
and your gauntlet will glow, in this form use your gauntlet first. Remember not to 
use elika first for above two forms, if you do she'll get knocked out. Once shes 
out you need to get near to revive her. No three corrpution will cover them and you 
can't near, here use elika first. No four is a normal form, you can attack however 
you what. Remember you and can't elika can't die in the fight but if you get stuck 
and the enemies going to crush you then elika will jump into the battle and use her 
light to save you. If this ever happens the enemy will recover some health. Well 
thatís it.

Step of Ormazd

Lets start from left. You need 60 seeds to activate this power and you'll heal the 
grounds in the vale and the ruined citadel. The are four fertile ground and you'll 
encounter the hunter and the alchemist in this areas. Hunter is a fat guy, he'll blind 
your eyes and attacks you very fast. When this happens hold guard until you can 
see the screen. Attack him according to his form and beat him up and for the 
alchemist well he'll teleport to another place if you try push him of the edge. But 
compared to other three alchemist is the weakest. Anyway finish healing the 
grounds and return to the Temple to activate another power.

In Temple you'll encounter elika's father again and this time elika refuses to fight. 
Use your gauntlet and then follow it up by your combo, when he reaches 1/5 of 
his health he'll escapes. Activate the second power the Hand of Ormazd.

Hand of Ormazd

You need 170 seeds to activate this power. You'll travel to city of light and the 
royal palace and encounter concubine and the warrior. Concubine is a girl who 
uses illusion, shes a tricky one and transport from one place to another. The 
warrior can be found in the city of light and he is a huge guy and you can't attack 
him using your sword, gauntlet, legs and elika. The only way to defeat him is by 
pushing him off the edge. Lure him into edge and roll under his legs. Attack him to 
activate the quick time event where elika will push him off the edge. Remember you 
can't use your sword, gauntlet, legs and elika against him. One more thing there's a 
problem occurring in the coronation hall. Prince and elika get stuck when you try to 
jump to a moving pillar. This problem is occurring to everyone including me. If this 
ever happens reserve coronation hall for the last. Heal the remaining 15 grounds 
and return to coronation hall. It helps for me and I think it'll help for you.

Breath of Ormazd

You need  340 seeds and you'll heal the grounds in the city of light and ruined 
citadel which are controlled by the hunter and the warrior. Return to the Temple 
for activating Ormazd's fourth power. 

Wings of Ormazd

540 thatís the number for this power. You'll travel to the royal palace and the vale 
and face concubine and alchemist. There's four fertile grounds and once you are 
finished we'll move on to the final stage of the game.

The hunter

When you finished healing the lands in the ruined citadel, the vale, the royal palace 
and the city of light all four black gates will open. This is where the corrupted 
bosses make their last stand. Lets start from the hunter in ruined citadel. Open 
your map and you'll see four land, each containing the picture of the corrupted 
bosses. Teleport to the nearest healed ground to save time and then use the 
ancient GPS to get to the spot.Instead of knocking elika will burn the gate and 
enters how rude. Move forward and overcome any obstacles in your way. The 
hunter will be waiting for you in his stronghold. This time he is enraged and uses 
long combo. Deplete  1/3 of his health and he'll destroy the platform. Repeat the 
same i.e., deplete 1/3 of his health and he'll destroy the platform again. Now the 
platform is smaller than the previous two and this time the edges are covered by 
corruption. Hit him until he dies. Now its time for you to run for your life because 
the place is coming down to dust.

The alchemist

The alchemist will make his last stand in the observatory. Open the gate move on, 
alchemist will be waiting for you patiently. Before we on observe the walls of this 
room, it keeps changing so keep the fighting in the centre of the room. Once you 
deplete 1/5 of his health he'll disappears. Move on to the top of the tower and 
kill the alchemist. Now its time for running.


Concubine is in her headquarters. Get there to meet concubine, she'll use her 
illusion and summons multiple forms. Keep hitting the illusion until you get the real 
one. Now deplete 1/3 of her health, she disappears. Move on to the second 
floor and repeat the same. Once she disappears move on to the third floor. What 
six elika's? damn that concubine. Hit the fake ones until you find the real one thatís 
what you are thinking right. I know because I tried the same for 15 minutes but  
thatís not the way to find elika. The trick is to jump off the edge then the real one 
comes and saves you. Once you get back to the battle field the queen of illusion 
finally comes to fight you. Yeah its revenge time hit hit hit hit her until her health 
bar reached zero. Now you know what to do right.

The warrior

His in the headquarters of the city of light. Open the gate and find the warrior. 
His in a platform where edges are covered by corruption. Luckily there are few 
gaps between the corruption which you can use to push the warrior. So lure the 
warrior and push the big guy down into the fire. Wait wait wait its not over yet his 
alive and his back burning hot. You can't get near because of the fire so just keep 
your guard up until his health reaches zero. Now RUN.

Sealing Ahriman

Return to the Temple and enter the Temple or enter the world of Ormazd to be 
more specifically. This place is filled with Ormazd's power plates, use the power 
plates and reach the interior part of the Temple.
Here the corrupted king will be making his last stand. It looks like his fully corrupted 
and all the powers of the previous bosses are given to him. Use your 5 combos 
and the quick time events to finish him off. Remember not to get caught in a quick 
time event. Once the corrupted king is gone Ahriman himself comes  to the battle 
and uses his fists and waves. Quickly start moving and stop on the glowing plates 
to avoid the waves. Reach the three fertile grounds to seal Ahriman. Do worry 
about the fists because as long as you are moving they can't hit you and use the 
glowing plates to avoid the waves. Once you finished healing the grounds use the 
power plates to jump into Ahriman's mouth. Now quickly use elika to heal 
Take elika and exit the Temple, cut off the four trees in the desert. Enter the 
Temple and cut the fifth tree to get elika's life. Get out and put the life back to 





I'm always open for suggestions and questions, you can contact me at 
[email protected] Please use this FAQ & Walkthrough for your 
personal use only.