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Planet Diver


Planet Diver: 101


Planet Diver
Welcome to the basic tutorial on what Planet Diver is about, how it is played and what your goals are. 
Don't worry, it's short and to the point, so let's get down to business, shall w


1. Welcome to Planet Diver
2. The Game Controls
3. Story Mode
4. Arcade Mode
5. The Shop and Stash
6. Game Tips And Trivia


1. Welcome to Planet Diver
What is Planet Diver about?
Planet Diver is about an adventurous daredevil tackling her newest obsession: Wing suit diving. With her close robotic companion Buddy she'll travel across space to seek out the most dangerous planets and their respective chasms to dive in. You'll dive through a variety of deadly and exotic planets, fighting off the flora and fauna of each locale, while collecting valuable star stuff to further fund your adventures. Use your hard earned rewards to fly to more distant planets, as well as to acquire new outfits and special ability modifiers! Along the way you can compete online for the best dive or try to unlock rewards by completing tough challenges. Careful how deep you dive though... Who knows what slumbers within the planet's core?

What’s the goal in Planet Diver?
The goal's simple, dive down while collecting all the star stuff along the way! Along the way you'll need to take the offensive or defensive to survive... This game might be easy to learn, but it is hard to master! The faster you go, the higher the star stuff multiplier. There are 75 missions to explore, and each level pushes you to new limits with specific goals you need to accomplish. In your dives you collect star stuff, which is essential to your progress! You can spend it on outfits or modifiers that adjust your abilities! You can also spend them on star maps unlocking distant planets with new missions, obstacles, biomes and enemies!


2. The Game Controls
Move/Select: D-pad
Brake/Evade: D-Pad Up / Y
Dash/Accept: D-Pad Down / A

Move/Select: WASD / Arrow Keys
Brake/Evade: W / Arrow Up
Dash/Accept: S / Arrow Down

You can also use the mouse for menu controls if you wish to do so.


3. Story Mode
You've got three planets to unlock and explore. Each planet has 3 subterranean biomes with their own dangers to face. The game has a total of 75 missions that can be completed with bronze, silver or gold stars based on your performance.

The mission's can vary from reaching a certain distance, to killing a certain number of enemies to performing special and dangerous tricks.

Planet Centauri
A devoid planet famous for its high mountain peaks and purple plasma clouds. Volcanic activity recently reported.

Enemies: Stationary bats, moving bats and chasing bats. Stationary spiders, moving spiders & jumping spiders.

Obstacles: Falling boulders, webbed boulders and fireballs. Spider webs and eggs as well as lava and lava geysers. 

Planet Calypso
A planet primarily covered by oceanic terrain, dark matter causing riptal tides. Scanners indicate vidid fauna.

Enemies: Moving and chasing seagulls. Jellyfish and piranhas. Chasing fish, eels and pistol shrimps.

Obstacles: Falling boulders, electric currents, electric projectiles and anemone. Water geysers, water currents and giant whales.

Planet Loki
A moon orbiting Andromeda. Orbital course is alternating due to nearby black hole causing gravitational shifts.

Enemies: Bomb dropping alien, gravity flipping alien and laser shooting alien. Robotic chasers, robotic eye lasers and robotic chompers. 

Obstacles: Moving walls, black holes and gravity shifts. Rising boulders, alien eggs and ore depots. Lasers and geysers.


4. Arcade Mode
There are three high score based leaderboards and three long term trackers for each planet. These are tracked on steam so that you can compete for the best scores internationally!

Deepest distance diven.
Most star stuff collected.
Most enemies killed.

Total distance diven.
Total star stuff collected.
Total enemies killed.

There are also approximately 50 achievements ranging from easy to infernally difficult. A few examples:
Complete all the missions on planet Centauri.
Complete all the mission with a gold star on planet Centauri.
Reach 5000m in depth on planet Centauri.
Unlock 5 items in the Astro Shop.


5. The Shop and Stash
Buy Items in the Astro Shop!
On your dives you collect star stuff. It's crucial to the gameplay as it replenishes lost health but it also comes in handy for buying items in the Astro Shop! There are four different types of items you can buy.

Star Maps
Buy star maps if you don’t want to beat
your current planet and skip to the next
one. You can always go back later.

Buddy Mods
Buy mods to modify Buddy. He’ll visually
change but more importantly: It will
modify your abilities! Choose wisely.

Diver Suits
Buy Suits to change the look of Diver.Can you spot all the references?

Game Music
Buy songs to decide what tracks play 
during your dives!


6. Game Tips And Trivia
1. You're invincible while braking!
2. Braking refills your dash meter!
3. Dash down to attack and speed up!
4. Collect star stuff to gain health!
5. There should be a helpful tip here but...
6. Brake for a temporary height boost!
7. Use mods to fine tune your play style!
8. Buy suits to change how you look!
9. Interrupt a brake with a boost!
10. More speed means more star stuff!
11. Killing enemies refills your health!
12. Also watch for dangers from above!
13. This game is on multiple platforms!
14. There are no giant cannons here!
15. Best your highscore in the arcade!
16. Unlock planets for more cool dives!
17. Gold star too hard? Try with a mod!
18. Diver actually built Buddy.
19. The radio on the surface plays music!
20. Wait a bit on Loki's surface... Do it.
21. Diver has lots of dangerous hobbies!
22. Buddy runs on old school software!
23. Each planet has 3 biomes to explore!
24. The settings have a lot to offer.
25. The tutorial is in the settings.
26. The game took 4000+ hours to make.
27. Dash slowly refills over time.
28. Replay Calypso Lvl.5 to see unique text.
29. Replay Loki Level 18 to see unique text!
30. Rewatch the comics in the settings!
31. Click on the staellite.
32. Will we get more planets? Hopefully!
33. 40's are really in at the moment.
34. The game was made by Fabraz.
35. Click around the surface, there are lots of surprises!


Enjoy and good luck out there!