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Follow the dark path or use the light
Neverwinter Nights 2 Pack Shot

Neverwinter Nights 2


Rogue Guide

by G Admiral Thrawn

Neverwinter Nights 2 Rogue Guide
By G Admiral Thrawn

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Who I am
2. Why play a Rogue
3. Race
4. Starting Stats
5. Skills
6. Feats
7. Multiclasing
8. Henchmen
9. Closing and Credits
10. Copyright Information and Version History

1. Introduction
Hi. My name is Edward Collins. This is my third guide. The first 2 were for the
original game. Have a Fighter and an Arcane Archer guide. Please feel free to
submit tips, constructive critisism, or just to tell me how I can make it
better. My contact info iss [email protected] Please label it
NWN2 Rogue guide (or something like that), or you won't get a reply. The
recommendations in this guide are based in the shipped Campaign, so if you play
a different module, you might want to make adjustments. And there are spoilers
in this guide, so don't tell me I didn't warn you.

2. Why play a Rogue
Rogues are an intregal part of any adventuring party. We can disarm traps,
sneak attack, open locks. Yet because we are skilled in getting into things
that other people don't want us in, we aren't trusted. I ask you, is that fair?
We are in the thick of things. Fighters and Barbarians claim to be on he front
lines, but look to where they are charging. See that shadow about to spring out
of ambush? That's a rogue. Wizards and Sorcerors talk about thier power, but
they fall the easiest to a sneak attack. Clerics and druids go on about their
faith, but the clasp holding their robe together was gotten from a chest who's
lock was disarmed and who's lock was picked by a rogue.

Most skill points of any class
Versality coming out the wazoo
Good reflex saves
Rogue skills are valuable in the beginning of the game
Rogues can use items not intended for them more easily than other classes
Rogues excel at stealth

6 Hit points a level, not counting Toughness and Constitution.
Limited high level benefits
Weak to Mind-Affecting spells, Poisons, and Diseases
Rogues generally enter combat outnumbered and surounded.
Rogues don't stand up in a fair 1 on 1 fight.
Rogues are expected to scout ahead

3. Races
There are many races in Faerun, and most of them are suited to the rogue life.

Humans, Tieflings, Half-Elves, and Halflings all give the advantage of
multiclassing freedom. Humans have no stat modifiers, and add a bonus feat and
bonus skill points. Half-elves, like humans, have no stat modifiers, but
sacrifice the bonus feat/skill points for limited Elven abilities. Tieflings
add +2 DEX, +2 Intellect, but take a -2 charisma penalty. They also grant the
ability to use Darkness once per day, have natural elemental reduction, skill
affinity Bluff and Hide. Halflings are small sized, and take a strength hit,
but, like a tiefling, gain a Dex bonus. Lightfoot Halflings add a +1 luck Bonus
to saving throws, while Strongheart Halflings add a bonus feat at level 1.

Elves (with the exception of Wood Elves) have the Wizard (one of the better
multiclassing options) as their favored class. All elves possess the Keen
Senses ability (search mode is always on, and no movement penality), Skill
affinity Listen and Search, and add some of the heavier hitting weapon
profiencies to a rogue's arsenal (Rapier and Longbow), but they all suffer from
a -2 Con. Despite, the +2 level adjustment, Drow make the best rogues, because
of Darkvision and Spell Resistance. They also get the abilities of See
Invisibility and Darkness, but suffer a penalty when operating in bright light.
They have +2 Dex, +2 Int, and + 2 Cha. Sun Elves don't really add anything that
helps a rogue with just a +2 Int modifier, aside from the elf benefits. Moon
Elves, the most common on the surface, have a +2 Dex modifier. Wood Elves,
unlike other elves, favor the ranger class, which is also a good multiclassing
option. They get a +2 to both Strength and Dex, but like all elves, suffer a -2
Con, and unlike other elf subraces, a -2 Int penalty.

Dwarves heve the Fighter as their favored class. All dwarves have a +2 Con
bonus, Battle Training against giants, orcs, and goblinoids, they have the
skill affinity Lore, Stonecutting, and Darkvision, along with Hardiness vs
Poisons and spells and being able to use the Dwarven Waraxe. Shield Dwarves and
Duergar suffer a -2 penalty to Cha. Duergar also get Greater skill affinity
Move Silently, Lesser Skill affinity Listen and spot, and the racial spells of
Enlarge and Invisibility, but suffer a penalty when operating in bright light,
alon with a +1 Level adjustment. Gold Dwarves suffer a -2 Dex penalty, rather
than a Cha penalty.

Gnomes have the bard as their favored class. Like Halflings, they have small
stature. They all get hardiness to Illusions, battle training against
Reptilians (does that also apply to dragons?), Goblinoids, and giants, skill
affinity of Lore and Craft Alchemy, Spell Focus Illusion, and Darkvision. Due
to their small size, they all suffer a -2 strength. Rock Gnomes add a +2 Con
bonus. Svirfneblin have the highest level adjustment of all the playable
classes at +3. Their stat modifiers are +2 Dex, +2 Wis, and -4 Cha. They also
have the Skill affinity of Hide and Spellcraft, Racial Spells of Blindness,
Entropic Sheild, Invisibility, and See Invisibility, +2 to all saves, Spell
Resistance, and a +4 Dodge AC modifier against all creatures.

Assimars Favor the Paladin, have a +2 bonus to both Wisdom and Cha, Darkvision,
Skill Affinity of Spot and Listen, the Racial spell of Light, and, like
Tieflings, a limited natural elemental reduction. They also have a +1 level
HAlf Orcs have the favored class of Barbarian, Darkvision, and a +2 bonus to
Strength, but a -2 penalty to both Int and Cha.
As far as rogues go, I think the order from most beneficial to least beneficial
race would be Drow, other Elves, Human, Tiefling, Strongheart Halfling,
Lightfoot Halfling, Half Elf, all gnomes but the svirfneblin, Assimar,
Half-Orc, and finally the Svirfneblin (Despite a lot of rogue benefit skills,
the -4 Cha penalty and the +3 level adjustment is too much to take).

4. Starting Stats
Before going into stats, rogues have a versality unmatched by any other class.
There are rogues just one step away from being a front line fighter (the thug
type) and rogues just one step away from being a wizard. So when planning a
rogue, decide on what you'll be. Will you be a Scout, one that goes ahead of
the party, disarming traps and taking out weak monsters? Or will you be an
archer, attacking with lethal accuracy from range.

I'll go through each stat and tell you the pros and cons of each stat. I won't
recommend a full spread of stats, but I will atleast tell you what the min (or
max) number of points for each stat.

Strength (Str)
Useful for carrying stuff, and at low levels, adding a little damage. I'd
recommend a 10 here, just as not to have a penalty. However "Thuggish" rogues
might want to put it at 12-14. Any higher and you might want to look into
playing a fighter-type class. You are about a quick knife in the back (or an
arrow through the throat), and your strength bonus won't matter with a 5d6 (or
higher) sneak attack.

Dexterity (Dex)
One of your most important Stats. With Weapon Finesse (and a Finessible Weapon)
and ranged weapons, you use your dexterity modifier instead of strength.Plus, a
lot of your skills are Dexterity based, so I'd set as high as it can go and put
your level points here also.

Constution (Con)
An important stat for all classes, but especially for rogues (poisons come
under this save, and poisons are one of the bane of many a rogue). It increases
Fortitude Saves and adds Hit points to your character. I'd recommend a 12 here.

Intelligence (Int or intellect)
Another stat that rogue skills are based upon. Also determines the number of
skill points you get and, in the case of rogue/wizards, the number and level of
spells available to you. Sometimes used in dialogue. I'd recommend a 12 here
(or in the case of Rogue/Wizards, a 14).

Wisdom (Wis)
Argueably the least important rogue skill (some might say strength is more
useless, however), it does do some good. It helps with Will saves (another
rogue weak spot- unless you are an elf), a couple of skills (Spot, Listen, and
Heal come to mind), and sometimes, with a high wisdom, you might get bonus
dialogue options. I'd recommend a 10 here

Charisma (Cha)
The second most important stat in the rogues arsenal (ESPECIALLY if you are
playing the campaign), Charisma does nothing in battle, but a lot of rogue
skills are based on this stat, like Bluff, Diplomacy, and Use Magic Device. I'd
recommend atleast a 14 here (unless you are playing a dward or svirfneblin, in
which case a 12 or 10 is probably all you can afford)

5. Skills
There are a lot of skills in NWN2, and even with all your skill points, you
can't take them all. How do you chose the right one? Well, I'm here to help.

Apprase (Int)- used to get a better price at merchants. If it's high enough,
you can actually sell an item and then pay less gold to buy it back. However,
despite that (it's probably a bug- but I ain't telling anyone, unless they
bother to read my guide- so don't count on it), I'd say it's not worth it. At
low levels you need the skill points in something else, and at high levels, you
don't need the gold (unless you dip into your party fund for the Stronghold).
I'd start putting points here at level 10 or so.

Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate/Taunt(cross-classs skill)  (all Cha based)- Choose
one, and focus in it. Diplomacy is probably the best one because, it seems to
me, there are so many more times there are Diplomacy checks than the others.
And usually when there's an option to Bluff, there's also an option to
intimidate. Taunt is used less frequently, but unlike the others, can actually
be used in battle (your bluff skill is used when feignting, but I haven't had a
chance to use that feat yet). However, taunt is a cross-class skill, so you
can't get it as high as the others (except with the Able Learner feat bug).
However, in the trial, Taunt is probably the most fun of the skills.

Hide/Move Silently- This is a paired skill (one is useless without the other),
and if there is a skill that yells rogue, these would be them, except they
probably want to remain hiddne, so they wouldn't yell ;). Max them and don'
look back.

Spot/Listen- The counter to the one above, I've seen them used in conversation
checks. I'd recommend maxing them also, IF you have the skill points after
other skills

Search/Disable Trap/Set Trap- These are paired because you can't find a trap
without a high search, and if you can't disable it, what's the point of finding
it? Max them. Despite traps maxing at about 32 or so DC, there's a bad bug in
that even out of combat, you can't take 20 to recover/disable traps. That, and
you want to recover traps (which adds 10 to the DC), either to sell or to use
as offensive weapons. True, even Deadly Traps don't do THAT much damage
indivudially, it's possible to set traps on top of each other, and that IS
deadly. Note the synergy bonus between Set Trap and Disable Trap.

Crafting Trap/Weapn/Armor/Alchemy- Skip them. They are good, but they take up
valuable skill points. Use a different character to be your crafter. I'd
recommend Sand, since he's a wizard and doesn't require many skills, but has a
lot of Int.

Lore- Like crafting, I'd give this a go. 100g isn't too much to pay, and even a
measly +1 dagger sells for more than the cost of to identify it. But if you
desperately don't want to spend the gold (or are a penny-pinching miser) give
the skill to one of your companions (khelgar is good because he doesn't rely on

Parry- Still one of the most useless skills I've ever heard of, ESPECIALLY for
a rogue. When you go into parry mode, you basically sacrifice your damage

Spellcraft- Useful, if you can spare the points. Not for the counterspell
benefit, but for the Saving Throw bonus. For every 5 points in Spellcraft, you
recieve a +1 bonus to your saving throws. If you can afford it, set it at 10,
but no higher (unless you are a caster multi-class, then it benefits from the
Able Learner Bug)

Tumble- Very Good. Not only does it give you a +1 Dodge AC for every 10 points
(dex bonus excluded, and note, not 5 like I said earlier), it also allows you
to move freely in combat. Set it to 20, but no higher.

Use Magic Device- A VERY nice skill, it allows you to use wands, monk/wizard
robes, and other items that are prohibited to you due to class. I especially
like the Assassin's Garb, even if I'm not an assassin (3 uses of invisibility
per day. SWEET.) Max it, if you can.

Slight of Hand- Nice, especially if you steal from merchants. They have a lot
of gold and maybe some items. Just know you can't sell stolen items to most

Open Lock- Another "rogue" skill, useful, but ironically, you really don't want
to max it. Most picakable locks top out at about level 30 or so, and there are
picks that go all the way up to +10. Not only that, you will be taking 20
because you aren't in combat.

Survival- Decent skill. If you have the track feat, you can find enemies, which
is invaluable for a scout. But it does cut your movement speed in half, so when
you're stealthed, you're moving at a quarted of your speed. I'd give a pass on

6. Feats
Feats aren't as important to rogues as to other classes. They set the tone for
how you play your class. There are a few types of rogues and I'll tell you
about them, then I'll list general feats.

Thugs are rogues that don heavier armor and use heavier weapons (like
Greatswords) than normal rogues and generally give up open locks and Disable
trap to just bash chests and doors. They use feats like Power Attack and
Knockdown. They generally multiclass with the Fighter. Dwarves and Half-Orcs
usually favor this type.

Assassins (fighting type, not the class) use light two weapons and rely on
stealth more than other classes. They prefer to use light finessible weapons
like the Short Sword, Rapiers, Maces, and Daggers. They rather hit with many
small attacks with sneak attack bonuses than one large attack. They take feats
like Weapon Finesse, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, and
Greater Two Weapon Fighting. Two Weapon Rangers make a good Multiclass option.
Elves prefer this type, due to the fact they get the rapier proficency free.

Archers prefer to use long range weaponry like the short bow. Rogues get their
sneak attack with ranged weaponry up to 30'. This is the only class that would
take Weapon Focus and Improved Critical for their bow. Like with the assassin,
Elves make good choiced because they recieve the heavy hitting Longbow
profiency feat for free. They multiclass well with wizards and Arcane Archers.
Dodge and Mobility help, because they use they rely on movement so much.

And now for a list of general feats, followed by Rogue secific feats.

Able Learner- This feat is curently bugged, making it more valuable than it
already is. It allows you to spend one point instead of 2 on cross-class
skills, but the max is still half your character level. HOWEVER, it you take a
class that has a class skill that i not favored to the first, you can max that,
even if it's a cross-class skill to the other. Example, a rogue takes a paladin
level and has able learner. Taunt, a cross-class skill for a rogue (limited to
[level +3]/2, can treat Taunt as a class skill, allowing you to max it to 23.
I've been getting a lot of email about this "bug," and all I have to say is
read the feat discription in game. That will show you why I say it's a bug.

Alertness- Useful for spotting hidden enemies, but your spot and listen should
be high anyway. skip it, unless you want to get the Harper Scout class.

Arcane Defense- Forget it. It's not worth it. Not to mention you have to get
Spell Focus, and multiclassed rogue/arcane spellcaster shouldn't get that feat.

Artist- Good for rogue/bards.

Augmented Healing/Summoning- Useful, if you meet the prerequesits.

Battle Caster- This allows you as a Bard or Warlock to cast spells freely in
Medium Armor. Considering you rely on your DEX bonus and Medium armor limits
it, this is not a good feat. Yuo want to eventually give up armor, not go for
heavier armor.

Blindfight- A good feat, just hard to find a feat to give up in place of this
one. It allows you to reroll your miss attack against invisible attackers, and
invisible attackers get no bonus when attacking you.

Blooded-Like you need the inniative bonus or the spot check.

Bullheaded- Might be useful for the +1 Will saves, but there are better feats
out there. And I haven't had an enemy taunt me yet.

Cleave/Great Cleave/Supreme Cleave (Frenzied Beserker only)- Only good for
Thugs, monks get Cleave for free. When you kil an enemy, you get one free
attack against an adjecent foe. Great cleaves allow for multiple cleaves.
Supreme Cleave allows for 2 attacks instead of one when cleave is used.

Combat Casting- Even if you take a spellcasting class, you won't be casting in
combat. skip it

Combat Expertise/Improved Combat Expertise- Might want to take it for the Feint
feat, but it's useless otherwise.
Courteous Magocracy- Useless. skip it.

Any of the magical crafting feats- skip them. You can have someone else be your
magical crafter. you don't have the feats to take them, even if you meet the
prerequsite. The only ezception is Scribe Scroll fr wizards, and they get it
for free.

Metamagic Feats- skip all but Still spell (for casting when in armor, unless
you're a bard or warlock). you aren't gonna win in a spellcasting duel.

Curse Song- skip it, even if you are a bard. Your job is to kill things, and a
well placed sneak attack does far more damage than this ever will.

Dash- Makes you 5% faster. What's not to like about it?

Deflect Arrows- Umm, arrows shouldn't be hitting you, if they are even fired at
you at all.

Disarm/Improved disarm- Your number of attacks and feats make these feats
useless to you. Let your warrior disarm them. You're better killing things THEN
taking thier weapons.

Divine Might/Shield/Resistance/Sacreed Vengance- They are all good feats, but
you need to have the Turn Undead ability.
Sacred Vengance is so useful because you can't sneak Attack undead, and this
adds damage to your attacks.

Dodge- +1 AC. Not to mention required for Mobility and Spring Attack. great
feat. take it asap.

Elephant's Hide/Oaken Resiliency- If you're multiclassed with a druid, they
might be helpful.

Expert Tactician- Might be useful, but with your number of feats, I'd skip it.

Exend/Extra Rage- If your a Barbarian/Frenzied Beserker, it might be good, but
I don't think they're all that good

Extra Music/Lingering Song- Skip it, even if you are a bard.

Extra Smiting- Skip it, even if you are a paladin or Divine Champion. Your
Smite Evil is too weak to make a diffrence anyway.

Extra Stunning Attacks/Stunning Fist- Unless you are a monk, I'd skip them. If
you are am monk, you get Stunning Fist for free, and Extra Stunning
Attacks+more sneak attacks.

Extra Wild Shape- Might want to take them if you rely on your wildshapes and
are a druid.

Feint- If yo have the feats, take it. It allows you to deny an enemy their Dex
bonus, allowing you to sneak attack them.
Two Weapon Fighting/Two Weapon Defense line of feats- if you are an assassin
type, they are necessary.

Weapon Focus/Specialization line- Skip them, unless you are an archer. You
should stay flexible with your weapons, and these feats tend to marry you to a
weapon, which is bad.

Improved Critical/Power Critical- See weapon Focus. And since this feat doesn't
stack with keen, it's even worse.

Improved Inniative- Since you are likely to be attacking from the shadows, it's

Knockdown/Improved Knockdown- Despite allowing you to get sneak attacks on
opponents, I'd skip them. you don't have the feats to make it work. Let the
Monks/Fighters use it.

Improved Parry- Improves a useless skill. skip it.

Improved Power Attack- Useless.

Improved Rapid Shot/Rapid Shot/Manyshot/Point Blank Shot- Take them if you are
an archer, otherwise just skip it.

Improved Unarmed Strike- If you want to fight unarmed, take the monk, who gets
this feat for free. skip it.

Luck of the Heroes- The only level one feat I'd take, it adds +1 to AC and
saving throws. what's not to like about it?

Mobility- great feat. another one to take ASAP.

Monkey Grip- Might be useful to thugs but otherwise skip it.

Power Attack- Required for the Divine list of feats, but if you aren't a cleric
or paladin, I'd skip them.

Rapid Reload- If you want to use a crossbow instead of short/long bows, it's
required. otherwise, skip it.

Silver Palm- Good Feat, for a diplomat.

Snake Blood- Your reflex saves are already good, not to mention your high DEX
modifier, so skip it.

Skilled Offense- Since I've never seen an enemy use parry, it's a useless feat.

Spring Attack- Negates Attacks of Opportunity when moving aroung in combat.
Since yo move aroung alot, this feat is almost a required one.

Spellcasting Prodigy- Useless, even for a spellcaster/rogue.

Strong Will. Another level 1 feat that might be helpful, but Luck of the Heroes
is better.
Thug- Useless.

Toughness- +1 HP per level. What's not to like about it?

Track- Not sure how good it is, and how survival works with it.

Weapon Finesse- If you are an assassin type, you need it. Archers already use
their Dex bonus to attack, and thugs would probalby use strength.

Whirlwind Attack- Useless, but if you can get in th middle of a group of
enemies stealthed, do you get your sneak attack against all of them?

Zen Archery- Useless. this feat is for Druids/Clerics/Paladins.

7. Multiclassing
Since there are so many multiclassing options, I'll give the pros and cons of
multiclassing with each class. Just Remember, unlike in the original, you can
multiclass into 4 classes. At the end, I may give some example multiclasses
(right now, there's only one, but I would welcome sugestions).

Barbarian- Adds the Rage ablility, Martial Weapon, Medium, and Heavy profiency,
and a 10% Movement speed, this class doesn't add much. You can get the
profiencies from the fighter class, and an enraged rogue is a contradiction.
Thugs might want to look into this class, but on the whole, fighters are better

Bard- One of the better multiclassing options, the bard class adds Bard song,
Arcane Casting, and inspirations, without giving up your BAB. Great for getting
into the Arcane Trickster and the Arcane Archer class. Thugs would like this
class because it opens the Red Dragon Disciple.

Cleric- An unusual multi-class, this one doesn't do much IN combat, rather it
prefers to scout ahead before battle and heal the wounded after the battle. But
this multiclass could turn undead, one of the enemies that give rogues
problems. Note, you must have the 10+the level of spell wisdom to cast a spell
(if you want to casta level 4 spell, you need to have a 14 Wisdom)

Druid- A below average Multiclassing option, this class trades Turning Undead
for Shapeshifting. And the forms you get are generally crappy. And from a
role-playing point of view, Rogues are city slickers, while druids are nature
lovers,  not combining well either powergaming or role playing.

Fighter- Good solid class. It is the only class that gives the Tower Shield
profiency for free, as far as I know. It adds a lot of feats, not to mention a
high BAB. Great for any type of rogue looking to get more combat feats.

Monk- A somewhat odd class to multiclass, this doesn't seem add anything much
to a rogue, but I have heard a level 6 Monk/13/ Rogue/1 other class is lethal.
Use Knockdown open up with Flurry of Blows, and that's a lot of sneak attacks.
Like with the CLeric, you'd probably want to increase Wisdom.

Paladin- Another odd multiclass option. This class forces you to be Lawful
Good. How many rogues out there are Lawful? Like the fighter, it gives a high
BAB. but the real draw is the Divine Grace. Adds your charisma bonus to Saving
Throws. And if you get him up to level 4, it opens Divine Might and Divine
Shield, giving some offensive potiential. More levels would increase your Smite
Evil. Great for the diplomat type of rogue.

Ranger- Good Multiclassing option (even better with the 3,5 rules), this class
gives either the 2 weapon fighting line of feats or a line of ranged feats, not
to mention Favored enemies. If the ranger recieves the damage bonus against
them, the favored enemies of Undead and Constructs would be good, since you
can't sneak attack them.

Sorcerer- Despite giving the Arcane spell casting ability, this is a below
average multiclassing option, because it recieves a limited number of spells,
but allowing you to cast them more. Rogus are not casters. Rather, their
spellcasting suports their combat ability.

Warlock- Might be a nice class. It's arcane spellcasting, but doesn't qualify
you to take prestige classes that require Arcane spells. Miht be a nice class,
but seeing I've had no expeirence with it, can someone give me a review of it?

Wizard- One of the best multiclassing options, this class allows you to learn
all spells rather than a select few like the sorc, casting them less, though.
Choose buff spells like Cat's Grace and Stoneskin. However, unlike in the
original, if you have a stat increasing item, you will not recieve any benefit
from the stat enhancing spell. Gone from not enforcing that rule (in the
original) to carrying it too far, that takes some of the shine off this class,
not to mention you lose some of your BAB, maybe even a third attack.

Arcane Archer- Great for archers, this class at level 9 allows you to fire
normal arrows as +5 arrows, along with other abilities.

Arcane Trickster- need reviews of it. haven't played it. Would seem like a good
class to add if you have arcane spellcasting abilities.

Assassin- good for Evil rogues, this class adds a death attack that stacks with
your sneak attack.

Blackguard- Another evil class. While adding a sneak attack, this class is more
suited to the Ranger or Fighter, although Fighters and Paladins who wat to
choose this class (after getting the alignment requirement out of the way),
might want to add a rogue level to get the 5 points of Hide out of the way.

Divine Champion- Good class for a thug. Bonus Feats, along with cool abilities.
But other than that, doesn't add much to the rogue.

Duelist- It woul seem to be a natural for a rogue, but I think this class isn't
what it's cracked up to be. No off hand weapon is allowed, which cuts a rogue's
damage potential in half. Flourish and Pricision Strike make up for it,
somewhat, but I still think it would be better to dual-wield.

Dwarven Defender- Tank class pure and simple. Thugs might like it, due to the
defensive advantages it offers, but aside from that, rogues need to move around
the field quickly, and this class doesn't move at all.

Eldritch Knight- Only useful for arcane spellcasters who want more combat
ability. I wouldn't recommend it for a rogue, even if it's multiclassed with an
arcane apellcaster.

Frenzied Beserker- Another "thug" prestige class. Not terribly useful for other
Harper Agent- This is a crap class. Why it was included in the game is beyond

Neverwinter Nine- Percival Skald mentioned they get a +2D6 Sneak attack bonus
at level 3 at
full BAB.. Thugs might want to take 3 levels of it.

Pale Master- Like the Eldritch Knight, it's useful for Arcane spellcasters.
Rogues don't recive much from it, even if thay have arcane spellcasting levels.

Red Dragon Disciple- See Eldritch Knight and the Pale Master.

Shadow Thief of Amn- One of the more useful classes, it doesn't take much from
the rogue, so og ahead and take 5 levels of it. You still get a sneak attack,
and makes you a very smooth talker.

Shadowdancer- Hide in Plain Sight is still just as broken in this game as it
was in the original, and it's still gotten at level one. Other than that,
there's no point of taking the shadow dancer.

Warpriest- A lot like the Eldritch Knight, RDD, and the Pale Master, except for
divine classes, this has a lot of good abilities. Unfortunately, none of them
are suited for a rogue.

Weaponmaster- Skip it. taking this class forces you to focus too much on one
weapon. A rogue should stay flexible weapon wise (aside from archers, and tey
don't qualify for this class), and this class limits you to one weapon type.

8. Henchmen
Khelgar- Fighter. Can become a monk later, but he makes a better fighter, for 2
reasons. First, monks can't tank. They are DPS machines. Second applies to all
classes. In Act 3, you will get the Hammer/Belt/Gauntlets (which can be gotten
in Act 1, btw) of Ironfist.

Casivir- Paladin. Decent tank, and can also heal. Also has a romance with
female PCs.

Bishop- Ranger/complete asshole. You have to use him in one instance, rescuing
Shandra Jerro.

Qara- Sorcerer. very useful. Just don't hit recommend button. you lose a lot of
valuable spells and gain crappy ones.

Grobnar- Pure Bard. Completely useless. And has an AI that makes a rock look
like a brilliant genius. NEVER use him except in two instances. First, in the
caves of Duskwood, is a pond next to the GLowstone. He's needed it get the
Glowing Vial of Water for the Construct. The second is going after the

Sand- He's a wizard, but a transmuter, so his opposing school is Conjuration.
Not only do you lose most of the summons, but you also lose Flame Arrow, a
great single target spell.

Ammon Jerro- Warlock. Not sure how good he actually is, but he is one of the
only 2 characters that can use the True Name Scroll to kill the Shadow Reavers.

Zhjaeve- The other charaacter that can use the True Name Scroll, she's actually
useful. She's a Cleric, so he can keep people alive, and wear heavy armor. The
only problem with her is her Domains, but that really doesn't matter.

Neeshka- A rogue. Helpful for just about any class but this one. You can do
anything she does better.

Construct- Another fighter, only gotten if you get the Golemcraft book from
Crossroad Keep when assualting Garius, the Vial of Glowing Water from the
Duskwood Caves (need Grobnar), and the Gem Mines in the ruins of Arvahn.

Elanee- Druid. Good healer until you get Zhjaeve. Not sure about her
shapeshifting abilities. Males can have a romance with her.

9. Credits and Closing

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advice to make it better. Your help is greatly appriacated.

Thanks to Percival Skald for some info with the Neverwinter Nine class.

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