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Follow the dark path or use the light
Neverend Pack Shot




by ADK


Ok i wasn't really aware of an english release of this game and so i
wrote only a french faq. After i saw a wrong translation of my guide
with lie about my work in french i decide to do this guide. So sorry
if you were waiting for a true english and complete walkthrough about 
this game, i have finally released this work in english.

Note that this walkthrough is not a translation of my french faq but
a true walkthrough for english players. I really need your feedback
to improve the quality of this faq because the numerous bugs or crash
or return to the desktop are probably not the same in the english
version of this game.

Homepage :
E Mail : [email protected]

1 Review
2 The About Section :
3 About the patch
4 Hero's stats, Weapons and Magics
5 Walkthrough
6 Credits

1 Review :

It must not be a secret to you, when you buy a game from Mayhem 
Studios you are prepared to not finish it. Everyone knows it and 
that's why you won't find an illegal version of the game (ok a very 
rare one can exist).
You will be forced to patch the game to finish it. It was the case 
for empire of magic and maybe for a game i didn't try fully yet but 
seems less bugged and named Shadow Vault.

Neverend is an exotic title bewteen click and point and role playing 
game as you know it on console.

The package contains a map (in the french version, i don't know 
anything of the english package). The presentation is composed of some 
CG movies of good quality.

Graphically the game is not in "high rez" but you will play it in 
1024*768. The graphics are not of the best quality, but overall the 
game looks nice to discover with lots of environments to explore. The 
models are correct and move nicely on the screen. You will notice lots 
of graphical bugs especially during fight. Of course if you wish a game 
as good graphically as FEAR or Quake 4, maybe it's better to pass your 
way. The graphics looks like good for 2000/2001.

The animation is smooth. The heroine run smoothly and quickly. The 
camera are dynamic during the battle (i would prefer a static one) and 
are static while exploring the worldmap and the town (i would prefer 
dynamic ones in this case). The 2 views are correclty managed by the 
game. I simply regret that you can't have a horse or a dragon to move 
faster from a point of the map to the other.

The sound is lovely. The musics bring a very special atmosphere. I 
can't judge of the english voice acting. i heard of a very bad one 
anyway. The french version had a very cool voice acting if you wish 
to know.

The controls are simple when it's for moving, but when it comes to 
battles, you will become insane. Finding the menu for the magics is 
hard, sometimes you will obtain a result opposite to what you wish 
by healing the monster for example. Also it's hard at the begining 
to create a spell and as the runes are rare, it's better to wait a 
little before using magic, to choose the best spell to create.

In overall this game is realy good. It brings a new experience for 
PC players (i am not talking of the crash lol). The fact is that you 
must be patient, cool also and that you must not want to play only with 
games with beautiful 3D graphics. If you take the time for Neverend, 
you will discover a cool story, full of side quests, non linear and 
also entertaining with some humor. Of course without crash to the 
desktop the game would be perfect and more interesting but you will 
have to deal with it from the beginning to the end to enjoy fully 

GRAPHICS : 15/20
SOUND  : 17/20
CONTROLS : 14/20
INTEREST : 14/20

Neverend(ing) ADK.

2 The About Section :

This section will be in each guide i will produce from now.

I know it's awful, but it's the best I can do. The best thing you 
can do is to correct me, if you wish. I am kind enough to warn you 
so don't expect me to answer to hate mails or to
a question like : "Is this your first language ?".

Please write to me only for true questions. Read the FAQ.  I'm not 
repeating that sort of thing.  I can tell these questions as soon as 
I receive them. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm tired of these emails..

This faq is intended for MY site and for GameFAQs. If you wish to 
download it and use it in your own site, ask for the permission.  Also, 
realize that as I update or correct this FAQ, it will be on GameFAQS, 
but not on your own server.

I receive questions about things that are in an update and some 
people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of 

Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the 
updates as you do for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 About the patch :

So far the english version has only 1 patch available, 49mo. It is
the same as the french first patch (despite the fact the size is 32
mo only).

It helps you to finish the game but decrease the stability. I suggest
to pacth the game only when you are ready to cross the swamp.

It's possible that some saves won't work after patching but if you 
load something before crossing the swamp it will always work.

The second patch of 120mo is not available for the english version.
You can try it, but even if you manage to start the game you won't 
load a file further than crossing the swamp, since the game is 
recompiled with that second patch. If you manage to make it work 
on this version i assure you that there will be no other crash. 
At least that's what happened for me.

4 Hero's stats, Weapons and Magics :

Let's begin by the magics.

You will find 2 types of scrolls.

The receipes helps you to increase the number of spells for the next 
fight. If you use a receipes of a spell you haven't composed, you
will see it in the spellbook but won't be able to use it.

The second type is the magic scroll. You must read this one so you
can be able tyo create a spell.

To create a spell, go in your inventory, choose the mixing rune (don't
know the name in english sorry) and then add the rune in the same order
as on the scroll. After Agavaen chant the spell, it will be added to
your spellbook.

Hero's stats :

The most important is to rise the strengh. Else you won't be able to
use 2 hands weapons.

Then rise the dexterity to move the weapon quickly during battle. It 
allows you to hit you opponent before he does and that's very important.

If you wish to cast some cool magic spells, rise the intelligence. The 
fact is that it helps you to cast it faster.

Endurance is useful to resist to the spells of the monsters. It's not
useless to increase it.

Weapons :

Daggers, knife and short sword : faster but not powerful
Sword : cool because you can use a shield with it
Heavy sword : very powerful, has lots of useful skills in battle
Hammer : The most powerful weapons of the game. Fast ending for 
the monsters.
Axes : I don't like them, less powerful than hammers or heavy sword.
Staff : Probably cool, but not very powerful.

5 Walkthrough :

The game begins in a meadow. Agavaen awakes. Go right and talk to 
Georgie. Use the first answer (for increasing the kindess). Be aware 
that in this first dialogue you must be stupid with Georgie (i agree 
he is not so smart) but you really need his help to beat the captain. 
If you are agressive with him he won't come and help you.

Talk to the captain. If you were nice with Georgie, you will have the
opportunity to call for his help. Call him and use him as a decoy while
fighting the captain. Now fight.


Once he is dead talk to Georgie. He will come for a short time with you. 
He is not very strong but you can wander a little around this camp with
him. I suggest you level up to level 3 or 4. If you need to rest, simply
use the tent in the camp. It's free and infinite. You will notice in this
camp a cave in which you cannot enter. You will find the key later in the
game. Be very patient as the item in it is useless.


Follow the road to the north. You will notice a chest on the right. This
chest gives randomly very good item. Maybe it's worth try it two or three
times. Few time after Georgie will abandon you (the fact is that he does
not want to enter the next town). Run now to this town as the monsters
are still strong (unless you level up).


Welcome to the first town. Talk to the guard who won't let you pass. Many
people wer stucked at this point simply cause of a bug in the house on
the left. Save your game NOW. Go left and enter the house. Find the crowbar
to open a chest. Look inside the barrel. You find the badge of the
Grenegard army. If the badge is not in the chest or in the barrel
reload you save file. Show it to the guard and he will let you pass. He
will escort you for the moment.


Talk to the innkeeper. He will offer you a job only if you succeed 3 times
in the clandestine arena of the town. Buy healing potions and rest for a


Talk to the salesman. Tell him he is "nice" and tell him it is the truth. 
He will sell items to you with a lower price. use answer 2 then 3.


Ask about the robbers. The mayor advises you to go north to the swamp. But 
the robbers have disappeared there. You can pay the guard so he let you 
wander freely in the town or simply go to the swamp. When you will be 
back you will be free to visit the town without him.


Go north west (follow the road in fact). You enter a new location. Talk 
to the guards here and then go back in town. The guard of Mildrew won't
follow you. If it is still the case, you will have no choice but to pay 

To avoid this fact you can also enter Mildrew by using a hole in the
enclosure on the horth side of the town. You will lose some reputation 
points if you do that.


You are stucked in the main quest because you need a guide to go through
the swamp. This is some kind of spoiler to say that now, but you will
discover it in the game sooner or later.

Note that it's possible to cross the swamp without a guide. It's not 
recommended simply because the game is scripted. you will be probably 
stucked in the game.

the first step is to kill the 2 red fairies, then use the path after them. 
Try to not slide from the mountain. You will see an obelisk to the north 
and after you advance, it must stay on your left. Continue near the 
mountain and don't fall. Else you will arrive on the screen where Ravik 
is killed and then you will return to your desktop.

Anyway now, it's time to visit Mildrew and to gather some useful side 
quests to level up.

After the entrance of the town you have 3 paths available. You can also 
use the map of the town to be teleported to the important places. 

Go straight to find a magic statue with a guard in front of it. You 
will be able to steal this statue later in the game. North of here is 
the second shop of the town. Talk to the salesman here and he will ask you 
to find his goods. It's not an official quest in your quest book but you 
will need to complete it to advance in the game.

Talk to the member of the circus to obtain a new quest.

Back at the entrance go right. You will find the guide's house. You cannot 
enter now and you don't know that this is the guide house for now. 

From the entrance, go left and talk to Gawar. He is a swordman. He wants 
to fight a beast (a werewolf) to try his skill. Accept the quest. Continue 
to  the center place of the town. Talk to the blacksmith, he asks you to 
find his son.

Don't enter the house near the blacksmith one. It conatins a beast too 
strong for now. You will beat it later.

Follow the road to the mayor and you will find a lazy man. Accept to bring 
the food to his brothers. This guy is exactly behind the arena. Now enter 
this arena and do the first fight. 

Near the tavern you see 2 twins who are arguing about the loss of a knife. 
Accept to find it. 

You will maybe encounter a monster level 20. Don't be afraid, he will escape
after 1 or 2 turns during the fight.

When you will want to exit of Mildrew, you'll find Gawar. He comes with you 
and you cannot lose time while you try to complete his quest. It's limited 
in time and the time didn't appear at the screen. You must hurry up and find 
the beast.

Run south west of the town. The beast is in the heart of the forest. The 
beast is waiting (you will see a huge sprite on the world map) on the left 
of a clairing guarded by some skeletons. Once you will fight the beast, 
Gawar will kill it. try to stay alive during the battle.


Now you need to go back in town alone... Gawar gives you a horn. Accept 
it (don't be rude). Talk to Gawar again to learn some skill with the sword 
if you wish. Keep in mind that he will disappear later so it's now or never.


If you couldn't done it when i say so, do the first fight in the arena.
Kill the beast in the house near the blacksmith.

Talk to the man who has a cow near the guide's house. He will direct you 
to the mayor (who will give you more informations).

You will see a new NPC in the center place. Don't give hime money. It's 
a quest you will solve later in the game.

Talk of the blacksmith son to the guard at the entrance, he will talk 
of someone called Reworn. Talk of Reworn to the owner of the second shop 
in town, and then it will be time for some side quests.

If you walk around behind the barn on the second shop, you will
come across a goat and a barrel with some rotted meat in it. You will 
have to check the barrel pick it up. Go to the tavern and look under the 
enclosure of the neighbor. You will see a black dog. Feed him with the 
rotted meat and take the boots.


You are now strong enough to visit this part of the map fully. Begin to 
kill the fairies level 5 to the north. A giant will block the way to 
Reworn. You will find a way to beat him later (level 22 for now).


Go to Grenegard and then to the north following a very small path. You 
find the circus. You can learn staff and wand technique. Also you can 
buy runes here, not the rarest one though. He asks you to find the one 
who damaged the circus reputation. Talk to Nik and then to Sam. You 
can't be absolutely sure of it but Nik is the one. Bring the letter 
from the circus to the mayor and then the badge to the circus. You win 
a powder of sleep.


Go to the south of Mildrew. Kill 2 guards in front of a chest. Then 
go east. You will find the woodcutters. Give them the food. No help them 
by killing some wolves. you find them on the worldmap and near their 
location. There are 4 wolves, then 2 groups of 2 wolves. You obtain a 
reward from the woodcutters and a second reward from the lazy brother.


The dagger is guarded by some wolves. it is north west of Mildrew hidden 
on a small path. Give it back to the twins.


While following the road towards Grenegard you will fall on the corpse 
from the supplier. Take what remains. Also there is a fountain near him
that will heal you 2 or 3 times. You will find a shop later on this path
and last you arrive to the next town.


Talk to the guard at the entrance. Pay a visit to the tavern and the 
shop. Run back to Mildrew. Give th goods to the shop owner. He will talk 
of Ravik the only guide in town. Ravik is ill. Talk to the guard at the
entrance of Ravik's house. Then talk to Ravik's mother. She asks you to
bring back the healer of Grenegard.


Go south west to find a man hung with a paper on it. take it. You will
also find a chest guarded by 2 powerful fairies and a graveyard guarded
by 3 ghosts. Explore a bit this part of the map to kill some boss for
experience. Now Go east and beat some skeletons who guards a locked
chest. You will open it later after solving a side quest. Remember this

Go to Grenegard. Find a way to the south of the town. At the junction
go left to a chest and right to a boss called IBEX. There is also a 
chest near the empty armor north of Grenegard.


It's time to refill your quest book.


Hit the target 3 times to gain 400 gold. It's not obvious to play the
sling game. Talk to the old guy. Ask about some players in town and 
he indicates 2 of them. Playing this game will give you the key to 
pass the giant in the mountain unless you prefer killing him.


Talk to the owner. He asks you to recover a sword given by error to 
Frij. You can see a guard protecting the second magic statue. Exit 
of Grenegard and find the stick near the broken gong north f the town. 
Use it on the gong in Grenegard and the guard will come and take it 
from you. Now go to the magic statue and pick it up.

There is a guard on the stairs near the tavern. Talk to him and accept 
to find an orb. Enter in the house behind him. You will see the elders
of the town. Talk to them to obtain a quest (clearing the dungeon in

On the left of the guard is a man that you can challenge to the sling 
game only if you ask about the champions in town to the old man. You
obtain a spell. South of this fountain is some stairs that lead to Frij.

Challenge him in a duel and win. You obtain the sword for Reworn. Talk
also to Frij to obtain a quest. You will see a painter near this stairs.
Remember him as he will be useful for a quest later in the game.

Bring back the sword and the owner of the shop asks you to bring it 
to Reworn. Accept because it is a very good weapon you can use until 
the moment you meet Reworn.


Rest here if needed.


At least, Anxien. Talk of Ravik's illness and he says you need some
ingredients. He needs also the rune of Agath.


Speak to her. You obtain another quest.

THE MAGE RIGHT (between the cliffs is a path) OF THE SHEPHERDESS :

Talk to Donxian, he will offer his evil help to you for two ingredients
and the rune of Agath.


There are 2 ghosts. Wait a bit before you fight them. They are quite 
invincible for now but a battle against them gives lots of XP.


North of the bridge is the dungeon. It's composed of 2 rooms. 

Room 1 : Kill 2 wolves
Room 2 : Kill 1 werewolf level 16 and 2 wolves.

It's impossible for now (unless you have a high level).


After you talk to Frij (after the duel) you obtain a quest involving 
Ciang and Liu the Shepherdess. Talk to Ciang in the tavern. Say the 
truth. He gives a ring to you. Report to Frij to see him furious. He 
will never marry Liu. After this Frij offer his service as NPC for
50 gold per days. You will use him later.


Go to the forest south of Grenegard and follow a path between trees 
on the left. Pick it up and bring it back to Donxian. On the opposite
is the Ibex i mentioned earlier. Kill him. 


Go west of Grenegard and then south of the sign. Take the orb (even
if the scary tree are looking at you or wish to fight) and bring it
back to the guard.


Go back to Mildrew and win the second battle in the clandestine arena.
Agath is west of Mildrew. Follow the path between the trees which is
west of Mildrew. You will find it by following the tree and trying to
go north. You enter a desert. On the west side is Agath.


Room 1 : 2 skeletons. A tomb with items. Use the stairs.
Room 2 : Nothing.
Room 3 : 2 skeletons. Kill them 2 times. You obtain the rune after 
Agavaen use the scroll given by the mage (automatically).

Exit and on the left you will see 2 chests guarded by 2 giants level 17
for the first and some skeletons for the second.

The Flower of Lotus :

It's on a small tree north of Grenegard. Give it to Anxien.


Recruit Frij and go to the dungeon. You can clear the area now.

Leave Grenegard.


Go east of Mildrew. There is a chests guarded by 2 samurais. You
will eventually come to the giant. Use the sling on the rock above him
and they will fall on him, allowing you to pass. You need to have a bag
of rock in your inventory and also you need to play the darts game in
Grenagard. If you beat the champion, the target that help you to hit
the rock move slowly, else it will be more difficult to hit the rocks.

Go to Reworn's camp.


It's full of monsters. The boss here is a female IBEX. Talk to Reworn
about the child and give him his sword. There are 5 battles against
monsters here. 


Report to Reworn. He asks you to find his dog. The dog is west of the 
camp. Pass a bridge and find it on the left of the other side of the 
river. Bring him back his dog. Reworn can teach you axe technique. He
mentions also a chest east of the camp, very easy to find and full of
goodies. Reworn will offer a new quest later in the game.

There is a boss level 16 south of his camp.

Bring the letter to the blacksmith. Talk to a man in the tavern of
Mildrew. He asks for tobacco. You can find it in the swamp. You really
need that damned guide...

Go back to Grenegard.


Talk to Saisien, leader of the elders. He indicates yu 2 ways to kill
them. You can kill the skeletons who guards a crimsoned farm north of
Grenegard. Else you can use magic water from a fountain (but not
obviously the one in town, it can be also the one south of Grenegard
with green water in it). I advise you to kill the skeletons. You obtain
bones for Donxian.

Now choose who you will give the rune f Agath. 


If you give the rune to him, you must discredit the healer. 
Talk to Baitjan (in the elders house) which wants a remedy.
Talk to Anxien and take this remedy. Plunge this remedy into the fire 
oil which is in the shop of the city and give to Baitjan. 
Spend the night outside.  Donxian is elected and you have the medecine
for Ravik. It will turn him into a zombie...

Anxien :

You need to prove that the mage is evil. Go the mage house and steal a
page from his book on the ground. Talk to the painter who prepares the
altar. Buy some alcohol at the tavern and give it to him. He will sleep.
Now paint a symbol on the wall. Talk to Fatjin. Spend a night outside
the town and you obtain the medecine for Ravik.

Before going further in the game kill every boss on the map. Beat the 
ghosts of the graveyard with your magic. Kill the ogres and other 

Go to Mildrew. Ask the mayor about the news in town. He will talk of a
portal in the house near the blacksmith. Investigate and pass the portal.
There are good rewards here in the chest if you manage to kill the 
monsters. I heard of a bug here. the game crash right after you come back
from the portal. So don't forget to save your game properly.

Do the third battle in the arena. Now the innkeeper will ofer the job.
The job is killing Marten. It is the NPC that ask for money. Talk to him
and accept to pat his debt (you have plenty of gold and the reward is 
good). Marten gives a key and some items. The chest is the south east
of Mildrew. It is the one locked you found earlier.

Talk to the mayor of the arena and destroy it.

Go to Ravik's house and save him. Ravik will wait outside of the town.
Talk to him and he bring him alive to the swamp (north of Mildrew). 
Right after you enter take the tobacco on the left of the screen and 
go back to Mildrew.

Give it to the guy in the tavern. Choose carefully your answer. You must
read that he doesn't like the guard or something like that. Choose this
answer and he will help you to steal the magic statue here. He will talk
to the guard while you pick it up. It is the only chance you have.


Go back to the swamp and follow Ravik (tell him to lead). You meet 
Denevera. Use the first answer. She kills Ravik. After this exit of 
the swamp.


You exit near the fort. Pick a flower on the road. This part is highly
scripted, if you wish to do all the quests you must be very careful.
Talk to the soldiers. They refuse to let you pass. Take a look at the
place. You will see a chain moving by itself. Talk again to a soldier
of this chain and he will say that everyone thinks he is crazy. He
asks for your help.

The soldier suggests you can pass if you talk to the captain. You can 
enter a room near the soldiers now.

Talk to the mechanic.

When you enter this place, the game will probably freeze. This is a well
known bug of this game. To avoid it, disable "shadows" in the option 
menu, or wait for an hour and it will unfreeze...

The guy asks you to find gears and lots of items stolen by wild beasts.
You will find the gear easily because you will see them on the map.

If you wish to retrieve the 3 lost objects, you need each time to talk
to the mechanic to activate the event. Then you will battle on a certain
place on the map until you get it from a werewolf. This can be long.

The 3 objects are :

A small chest for the solidier on the right.
Some Letters for the soldier on the left.
A picture of a family for the mechanic.

You must complete this quest before the one of the gear. You can battle
outside the fort and near the swamp on only 3 locations (for each 
object). The 3 locations are easy to spot (near the tree, near the swamp

Once you've done it, take the gear from the beasts (to the south of the 
map and bring them all to the people of the fort. You must know solve 
one more problem, the floating chain. You have 2 methods here.

The first is to force the chain to float under a statue. Then run to
the statue and push it on the chain. The monster will appear and the
captain will join you to kill it.

Else, if you have looked at it and then talk of it to the soldier, you
can pick up oil (this is a condition, you canot pick oilelse) in the
mechanic room. Then use the oil down the stairs. Force the chain to go
on it and the monster will appear because he slide on the rock where 
he usually lands.

Once the monster is dead, you can simply pass and access the last part 
of the game. You have to go north directly to Uthragon and your destiny.

If you have patched the game, you will find on the right of the path to
Uthragon, a fairy. Else you won't find her. Anyway she can help a little
but she is not a valuable addition to your team.


After you enter and pass some screens, talk to the man near a wagon. All
his family have been slaughtered. You must accept to beat skeletons near
his farm and buried his wife and his first son. This farm is west of

Inside Uthragon you reach next the center place. You can exit right to
downtown or left to the rich part of the town.


Talk to the man on the right and accept to find a robber. Talk to his
mother and accept to find a medecine for her tooth. Talk to the
herborist and she will give you lots of flower to find so she can open
her shop (with good weapons and armor believe me, logic huh ?).

For now, enter the weapon shop and buy all you need. The items here are
random and worth to try many times. You can exit of this center place 
using 3 ways, left, straight or far up to the right.

Go left first, there is another shop and a man who asks you to bring
him back his goods and supplies.  To the left again, you will meet a 
dwarf (remember his location). Go back 2 screens before to the 
herborist. Talk to the mage in a shop (his daughter have disapeared).
Now find the entrance to the weapon master house. He must talk of the 
forgotten city to you and also of some swords techniques. If he doesn't
speak of it to you, Marcus will not help you later in the game.


Talk to the innkeeper. He will ask you to find a way to enhance his inn.
he wants to make more money. Then he will tell you that the robbers are
in the other room of the inn. Go there and save.

This place is bugged (Oh Really ?). Begin to threaten the robbers and
beat them. You can spare their life to force them to give you all the
money they save from the swamp. As the game is bugged here, you won't
be able to recover the key from the camp at the beginning of the game
(even if you read that the chief gives you the key). Also another great
bug is for people who are trying to get 100% of kindness. You won't
have it because a bug after this scene appears and the innkeeper will
tell you that you are a murderer even if the robbers are still alive
and are playing their games... So i suggest you kill them and recover
the key. Anyway your kindness won't be at 100%.

With that key you will open the cave in the robber camp and get some
useless crystals.

Now save your game before you exit. Even with the patch (english 
players don't have the second patch of 120mo available for the english
version) the game will crash once you meet Denevera. To avoid this,
save, exit of the game and set the refresh rate to 60hz if the bug 
happens. Then load your save file and talk to her.

After this scene, you need to talk to Gareck, a dwarf (remember him ?).
You will pay a visit to him later.


Go in the downtown. Talk to the healer in the shop. He need some herbs
(and even the same as the herborist). You don't have it for now. Talk
to him again and ask for an alternate solution. He will mention another
flower (which is numerous near Uthragon). I recommend to use this 
second flower so you can finish the unofficial quest (not in the quest 
book) of the herborist.


He sits near the healer shop. Be aware of a crash after or while 
fighting him. If it happens, you can re install the game without the
patch, pass this quest and re patch the game. Talk to the guy who
hired you for the reward.


On the left of the robber (and after you pick the items he stole), you
will meet Stim, a ghost and also the second son of the farmer at the
entrance of the town, near the third magic statue. He asks you to bring
him back his ring and his clothes on his tomb (near the one of his
mother and his brother).


Continue in this part of the town and you will meet and musician. Ask
her if she wants to play in the inn. She is ok. Ask the innkeeper if
he wants her and he will say ok too. Warn her that she is waited. She
will go happy in the inn. You will see the result of this after you 
exit of Uthragon and complete some quests.


Pass a door near the musician to find Marcus. He will accpet to escort
you to his old city only if you prove to be a good warrior. This 
dialogue will be seen if you have talk to the weapon master.


Now it's time to visit this area, kill the boss you can and also 
collect flowers. It's possible you can't see it due to ... a Bug (Oh
really ?). If it's the case, simply do a fight, after this, the screen
will refresh and the flower will appear. With the flower don't forget
to create the medecine at the healer shop and to give it to Granny for
a reward.

Here are the locations of the flower :

There is one east of the exit near the fort
There is one east of the dungeon
There is one south east of Uthragon
There is one near the crimsoned farm with the tomb
There is one north of Uthragon
There is one hidden in the woods alongside the river
There is one near the forgotten city
There is one where you must plug the 3 magic statues
You also find a white lotus for the quest of the fairy tree.

If you collect the flowers for the herborist, he will grant you quickly
the access to the dragon weapons and armor in his shop (more quickly 
than the other shop). If a flower is missing you won't be able to look
at her shop.

Begin to go west to the crimsoned farm and beat the skeletons. Now buried
the family. Go east of Uthragon and find a lonely merchant. Talk to him,
he asks you to retrieve his sword, stolen by a monster. Pass the bridge
and go north. You will beat a monster. You obtain, stim's ring and clothes
and the sword. Bring back the sword, enter Uthragon to talk to the farmer.
Talk to Stim and then he will ask you to talk to his father. Don't do it
now but only when you read it so in the walkthrough. Else, each time you
will try to steal the third magic statue (the farmer will offer his help)
it will be a failure.


This man leaves alone and will give you 2 quests. The first is to find 6
points of light to create a map of the area. Then he will ask you for 6
magic scrolls but you will find only 5 (at least in the english version,
this bug has maybe been corrected). You need to bring him the receipes
that allows you to obtain more spell to cast in a battle and not the magic
scrolls that allows you to create a new spell in your spell book.

You will find the needed scrolls at Donxian shop (even if you don't help 
him). As you have wander on the map before arriving to the cartographer,
you have probbaly found the crystal to plug near the house of the 
cartographer. It was in a chest east of the dungeon (the place was called
like this in french sorry for the possible confusion).

The 6 points of light are :

1 near the cartographer house,
1 near the place where you found Stim's ring
1 above the house of the lonely merchant
1 south of this house
and the 2 last are near the dungeon.

Talk to the merchant if it's not done, and complete stim's quest now if
not done too. Go back to the cartographer.

North of Uthragon are the goods and supplies that were attacked by mutants.
Don't kill the mutant (or kill it if you wish to see the bad ending), he
will help you to push the supplies in town and will wait at the entrance.

After a dialogue, allow him to escape. he will join yu whenever you want.
Now talk to the farmer Of Stim. He will help you to steal
the third magic statue. Be sure to save before activating this event. You
have only one chance to do it correctly.

Ask him to lure the guard and steal the statue. Good job you have all of
them now. Go back to the lonely merchant and his guard. Go north of him
to find the place where you can plug these statues. Do it and you obtain
a second costume, useless but with a cool design for Agavaen.

West of Uthragon is the fairy tree. Enter and save the daughter. If you 
choose to let her die you will be able to create a potion that protects
you from all kind of spells. This potion is useless so simply save her
and bringher back to his father in the shop of Uthragon.

It's time now to talk to Gareck. He wants to help you only if you help
him. He joins you. It's time to run to The Dungeon. The dwarf is really
weak so avoid all battles with him.


Gareck opens the way into the dungeon. Enter it. You can go right and
search in the tomb to find items. Go straight and find the chamber of
Gareck's ancestor. He asks you to free his tomb from the skeletons. You
will find it easily. Then the ancestors give you a key. Go to the far
left of the dungeon to find a closed door. Save (the game crash sometimes
after you obtain the axe). Open the door. Do a battle and obtain the axe.

Go back to Uthragon. Talk to Marcus now. He will accept to join you and
lead you to the forgotten city. It's is south west of Uthragon. Marcus 
will open the door. Now enter and find  small scroll. Marcus leaves you.

Remmeber the other small scrool you found on the hung man ? now it's time
to mix them to obtain the formula for the draconus sword. Go back to the
cemetery south west of Mildrew, protected by 3 ghosts. If you haven't 
killed them already, do it. Enter and approach of the pit. This fight is
random and you can obtain the sword without it but if it hhappens, kill
a beast level 15 or 17. Then you will have the sword.

How about to finish the game now ?

Go back to Uthragon and talk to Gareck. He will introduce you to the 
obscurs. They will ask you to sow chaos between the guards. It seems
that you can do it in the english version (the problem was corrected).
In the french version you need the second patch and to modify files of
the game. Go to the center place and talk to the 2 guards here.

Talk to the guard on the left. Talk of everything. Talk to the one on the
right and choose the answer "why are you still here" first else it won't
work. Then ask about the other soldier ("about your partner" and "his feet
smelt badly"). This guard asks you to input a sword in a tomb.

This tomb is north west of Uthragon. Talk to this guard, he is happy.
Talk to his partner on the left, choose the last answer and they will fight.

Talk to the obscurs and they will give you some missions.

Mission 1 :
Buy some alcohol at the inn and go north of the town. Talk to the worker
and give him the bottle. Talk to the obscurs, then Styx and then Sabrock.

Mission 2 :
Bring a small bag to the lonely merchant.

Mission 3: Sabotage the reserves. 
Head over to the warehouse, hide behind the barrels and use the scroll.

Mission 4: 
Speak to Sabrock and then with Styx. Leave and go north of
Uthragon. Kill the mutants and then talk again to Styx.

Mission 5: Kill Conrad. 
Talk to Styx then Sabrock and then Styx. Go to Conrad (a white soldier).
Talk to the guy of the obscurs who must help you to kill Conrad. 
Kill Conrad now.

Pass the guards and go up to the tower.
Talk to Sarthaan. You understand that it's time to overcome the evil
spirit which haunts the forests, it's Denevera, Your sister. She wishes 
to open a portal so that monsters invade Uthragon.

You must go to the cartographer. You won't find him. You find only the
angry obscurs. Kill them all.


Go to Grenegard and go to the house of Anxien. Talk to the cartograher.
You can talk of the quest of the 6 scrolls but you will maybe experience
a crash to the desktop...

Now go north west of Uthragon and find 2 trees to fight.


Now i suggest you fill your inventory with potions of all types to enhance
your power. Use the path to meet Denevera.


Sarthaan will join you. This fight can be easy or hard. It depends of one
little fact. If you drink all the potion of resistance before the fight
you will win easily (also having the draconus sword is an great advantage).
Else even if you are higher than level 26 you will die in 2 hits.
Don't take care of Sarthaan, Evenif he dies, you will watch the same good

If you were bad during all the game, and choose to help Denevera, you will
fight Sarthaan and you will see the bad ending of the game which is the


6 Credits :

Thanks to mayhem studios for this game.