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Follow the dark path or use the light
Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island Pack Shot

Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island



by macan_jingga

Danger on Deception Island
ver. 1.0
by Ronny Cahyadi, 2006
[email protected]



I want to say a simple thing that you should know. You can use this faqs as
personal use. If you want to use as commersial use, or something like that,
let me know by email, ok?
Don't forget to type ND, Nancy Drew or Danger on Deception Island or something
like that as the subject.



- It's my second faqs, you'll still find so many SPOILERS here. Because, 
  English is not a major language in my country, Indonesia. Moreover, I'm not
  good in English.

- Once more, I made this faqs because of I can't find any Nancy Drew : Danger 
  on Deception Island's faqs. So, here I am. I hope this faqs could help you.
  Especially, a beginner like me.

- In this game, you'll learn about sailor's life. Like morse, knots, and many
  things about sailing. Remember, maybe you'll get a little confuse with some
  of this game's terms. Cause, they're not general terms but nautical terms.
  For example : port, nuns, etc.

- While playing the game, let's guess who would be our culprit. As long as I
  know, the less suspicious the character, the bigger his/her chance to be
  the culprit.

- One more thing, I made this faqs as Senior Detective. If you choose Junior
  Detective, it'll be a little different from my faqs but much easier.



Let's skip the scene about Katie's surprise.

From your cabin, there's a door on your right side. Open it. Nancy will make a
comment if you open the box inside this room. OK, close the box and the door.

Go straight. Stay right before the stairs. Don't go outside for now.
Look at your right side. You'll find a laptop there. Leave it for a while.
Loot at the calendar on the wall. Do you see the pictures above the calendar?
If you'd ever played "Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake", I believe you'll be familiar
with these pictures. 
And one more thing, my very first faqs is "Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake". Is this
what they called fate ....... :D

OK. It's time to check the laptop. If you take senior detective, you'll find
four things here. They are Anagram Buster, Journal, Mail, and DI Portal. If
you take junior detective, there'll be one addition, Notes.
For now, pay attention to DI Portal and Journal.
On DI Portal, you can use "search" to search anything later in this game
(though, if I have to choose, I'll choose use google..... just kidding!)

########## ########### ############

Before we continue this game, there's an important thing you should know.
There's a strange thing in this game. It could be a challenge for you, though
on the other side it could be a big problem.
I've played for some of Nancy Drew's games (I haven't got a chance to play all
of them), and I found this unusual thing of the game. Generally, Nancy will
bring a notebook (even a PDA) to write down the important events. So, you can
plan your next move by reading her notes.

In this game, the important events will be added automatically to your Journal
in the laptop. But, you CAN'T take the laptop anywhere ...... :(
It can be a pain for you. Cause, if you want to check the journal, you must
come back to Katie's boat. It's a little annoying, I think.

########## ########### ############

Back to the game, will you.

Leave the laptop until your position faces the stairs again. Look at your left 
side. There's a faucet. Check it. It seems, the faucet is broken.
Check under the sink. You should rearrange the pipes to fix the faucet.

Here are the pipes' positions (sorry, I couldn't draw them) :

   (1)   (2)    (3)    (4)

   (5)         (6)    (7)

   (8)         (9)    (10)

          (11)  (12)  (13)

Arrange them like this :

  11 - 8 - 5 - 1 - 12 - 13 - 9 - 10 - 6 - 2 - 3 - 7 - 4

Finish? Read a business card under the pipe.

Now, let's go upstair (not the stairs to go outside). Check the books over 
here. Well, it's time for another puzzle.

   ---  ---------  --------
   | |  |   2   |  |      |
   |1|  ---------  |   4  |
   | |    -------  |      |
   | |    |  3  |  |      |
   ---    -------  --------
 ---    -----    ----------
 | |    | 5 |    |    6   |
 | |    -----    ----------
 | |      ----- -----------
 | | ---- |   | |         |
 |7| |  | |   | |   10    |
 | | |  | |   | -----------
 | | | 8| | 9 | -----------
 | | |  | |   | |         |
 | | |  | |   | |   11    |
 --- ---- ----- -----------
   ----------- |          |
   |         | |    13    |
   |    12   | |          |
   ----------- ------------

You can solve the puzzle by your own way. However, after you finished it,
the game will arrange them like this :

 |       (3)           |
 | (13)        (6)     |
 |       (10)       (7)|
 |                     |
 | (4)  (12)           |
 |          (1) (8)    |
 |                     |
 |           (9)       |
 | (5)  (2)       (11) |

Well done, detective !

Before we go outside, why don't you try to make a sandwich? You can put
anything you want to. Anything you please.
Remember, there are four things you shouldn't put in :
- Baking soda
- Bold Foods Mayonnaise
- Jellyfish speciment
- Bad bread (near the bread we use to make a sandwich)

If you put one of them in your sandwich, believe me, you'll need a "second

Make a sandwich and eat it. You'll find out how delicious your sandwich when
you hear Nancy's expression. Make  another one. This time, keep it.

OK, go outside. Then, talk with Katie.

Go upstairs. You'll find out a note. It seems, it's not just vandalism. Check
the GPS. Oh no.... it's broken. Go downstairs. Tell Katie about her broken
GPS. She'll suggest you to borrow Holt Scotto's GPS.

Leave the boat. You'll find a bike and a helmet.
Before we leave this place, why don't we have a phone call with our best
friends? Let's call Bess and George. Then, the Hardy Boys. It seems, Frank and
Joe has a new "friend" there.

Before we leave Katie's boat, I must warn you something. ALWAYS take the
helmet first before you go with the bike. Safety first !

OK. Let's go to Hot Kettle Cafe.

First, talk with Holt Scotto. Thanks to him, we'll find out why this harbor
called as "Snake Horse Harbor". Then, ask him about GPS. He'll give you a quiz
and a basket. You'll need this basket for his last task.

Talk to the woman at the bar. Ask her name first. It's Jenna Deblin. Oops,
what did she call Katie? Miss Fancy Schmancy Science Degree? What a name... :)
Ask her about Andy Jason. Then, try her muffins instead of her clam chowder.
Later, you'll get two choices. Having a bowl of clam chowder or a muffin.

Now, we're finished the conversations. Look at your left side. You'll find a
flyer about Maritime Signal Flags and International Communnication Alphabet.
Check it.

There's another flyer here. It's about Dungeness Crab. You'll need to find it
out, cause the last task of Holt's quiz is to catch a male crab. You have to
know the difference between a male crab and a female one.
Look at their abdomens. The female's abdomen is wider than a male.

Check the bookshelf on the other side of the cafe (it's still in the same
room, cause you can't get inside the other room for now). You'll find an
interesting book. It's about "Sea Monster of North America". You can read it
for a while.


By the way, do you believe in a big monster? Like, bigfoot, Nessy, or this
Caddy? For me, I don't believe it. I more believe about ghosts or geanies.
Why? Well, it's just a personnal reason, I guess.


OK. Continue, please.
There's a card thing on the wall. Check it. There are three of them in this
room. The fourth is in the room that you can't go inside for now.
This card thing is the first one.

Go to the right side of the entrance door. You'll find a postcard with an
"Atlantic Herring" on its front side. Above the table, on the wall, you'll
find the second card thing.

Just on the right side of the entrance door, you'll find the third card thing
on the wall. After you check all of them, leave them for now. We need to go to
Whale World.
It's biking time !!!

Let's have a chat with Andy Jason. Pay attention to the sign right behind him.
It's the answer for the no. 2 of Holt's quiz.
while we're here, why don't we try the whale games? There are four of them. If
you win all of them, you can try "Whale of Fortune". Though, I believe the 
prize will be a free "Whale watching Tour".
Before we go for some games, you must ask Andy for the key card. Not bad for
relaxing, huh! And they 'll give you some information too, especially about
the whales.

OK, it's biking time again. Don't forget, helmet first!

Let's go to the lighthouse.
Now, check something in front of you. There're some fishes. Are they, Atlantic
Herrings? Go to your left. Then, go straight. Don't go upstairs (to your left
side) for now.
Do you see a white board? Check it. If you didn't find anything, leave it for
a while. Then, come back to check it again. You'll find a crab under the 
board. Remember, we must look for a male crab. I believe, you've already known
its difference than the female one.

Along this beach, you'll find some groups of small rocks. You can use them for
rock skipping. Remember, you can take no more than 3 rocks.

From the interjunction, before you get the crab, go straight to the sea. Take
the right way, until you find a bottle that stucks on the rocks.
Well, it's time for rock skipping.......... :)
There're 5 angles and 3 powers. Choose the third angle (in the middle) and the
third power (the strongest).
Then, you'll get a massage. It says "Rosebud 42.517". Hmmm.......

Go back about two steps. Now, take the straight way until you find a kind of
small "pool". Here, you'll find a piece of wood. There's a "S.S." written on
it. Take it. This piece of wood will be one of our most important item. On RPG
games, it'll be called as "key item".

If you try to check the lighthouse, there'll be nothing happens for now. Go
ahead. It's okay. You'll just hear the sound of a metal hits another metal.

Let's go back to Katie's boat. Safety first, remember !!!
Talk to her. Especially about the piece of wood. Katie will give you Casey
Porterfield's phone number.

Go inside the cabin. Remember the box inside the room next to yours? Check it.
It seems, the box's starting to defrost. OK, leave it be.

If you check your laptop, you'll find some useful information on "search".
They will help you to solve Holt's quiz.
However, there's a simple way. Just type the answers below ..... :D

1. west
2. $ 138.43
3. port
4. east
5. vote4holt
6. little dipper/ursa minor/little bear (choose one)
7. masts
8. fisherman
9. bend

Now, let's call Casey. He's a little funny, you know. Maybe, just like Nancy
says that he HEARS okay, he just doesn't LISTEN very well ...... :))

Go upstairs. Check the shelf where we've rearranged the books before. There's
a book about "ARBOREAL MORPHOLOGY". It seems, it's a difficult book for Nancy.
Now, we need to call Dr. Irina Predoviciu. From her name, maybe she's from
East Europe?
By the way, she is very pretty, isn't she?

Before we call her, why don't we check the wood by microscope first?
OK, check the instruments above the book shelf. Take one slice of the wood.
Then. Take one glass slide. And, finally, take a look into the microscope.
Done? Let's call our beautiful Dr. Predoviciu.
You must answer her questions correctly. Here they are :

- Brownish
- Brown-reddish
- Many
- They're all the same size
- No, they're pretty sizeable
- Yes, there are horizontal lines

The pretty Doctor will tell you the kind of the wood, Lunas. 

Now, it's time to call our funny expert. Call Casey. You'll have to wait his 
answers for a while. Then, let's call our best friends and listen to their

And now, let's go kayaking.
Hey, wait a minute! Is there a bottle floating next to your kayak? take it.
Well, well, another message, huh!
It says, "Rosebud 08.615"


Before we go kayaking, it's very important for you to pay attention to the
markers. If you don't be careful about it, Nancy will get lost at the sea.
It means....... "second chance"


Get on your kayak. Go straight and you'll find another bottle. It has another
message. It says, "Rosebud W123"
Turn left. Go straight until you get to No. 8 channel marker. Turn left. Go
straight, you'll get to a red-white marker (it says, "danger beyond this
point"). Turn right. Go straight till you get No. 12. Turn left. Go straight,
you'll get another red-white marker.
Turn left. Go straight until you get inside a sea cave. Take the left side. Go
straight and you'll find another bottle. Take it. It says, "Rosebud N48"

OK, now go outside the cave.
Go straight until you get to No. 15 green marker. Turn right. Go straight and
you'll get to a red-white marker. Turn right. Go straight until you get to a
rock. Turn right. Go straight. You'll get to Katie's boat again. Phew......
What a long journey ....!

Let's call our funny Casey. Well, it's another funny conversation with him.
At the end of call, he'll call Nancy as "Caddy". Ouch.......
I wonder, does he just have a problem with his listening or even worse, his

Now, check your mail. Then, check on DI Portal, especially search on:
The information on this site will have a connection with one of our later

OK. Now let's solve our puzzle. Remember the messages on bottles?


Well, it seems it's a coordinate. Put them into your GPS. Make new using this:

  N48     42.517
  W123    08.615

Then, create a point. You've opened a new location.
It's kayaking time ....!

Go straight until you get to a rock. Turn left. Go straight till you get to
No. 6 marker. Turn right. Go straight. You'll be at a new beach.

Go straight to the edge of the beach.
Here, you'll find a big oyster. Well, well, it seems it's not a regular 
oyster. It's some kind of a safety box with flags password. If you call the
Hardy Boys, Frank will said that it's a geocache.

Remember the Maritim Signal Flags in Hot Kettle Cafe? You should click them on
the right order. Remember the messages?
Yes, you must click on R-O-S-E-B-U-D flags.

So, you need to follow this :

  Y  = Yellow
  R  = Red
  W  = White
  Bu = Blue

       R             O               S              E
 -------------  ------------   -------------   -------------
 |    | |    |  | \        |   |    W      |   |           |
 | R  | | R  |  |  \   R   |   |  -------  |   |    Bu     |
 |----   ----|  |   \      |   |  |     |  |   |           |
 |     Y     |  |    \     |   |  | Bu  |  |   |-----------|
 |----   ----|  |  Y  \    |   |  |     |  |   |           |
 | R  | |    |  |      \   |   |  -------  |   |     R     |
 |    | |    |  |       \  |   |           |   |           |
 -------------  ------------   -------------   -------------

       B             U               D
 ------------   -------------   -------------
 |         /    |     |     |   |     Y     |
 |   R    /     |  R  | W   |   |------------
 |       /      |-----------|   |     Bu    |
 |       \      |     |     |   |           |
 |        \     |  W  | R   |   |------------
 |         \    |     |     |   |     Y     |
 ------------   -------------   -------------

Phew.... I hope you can understand those flags. I'm not good in drawing, you
know. Thank God, there are no N, I, or any difficult shapes.
So, don't ask me to draw my name ......:((

The box will be opened. You'll find some letters.
First, a letter about P and S (P = Port, S = Starboard). In general terms, 
it's about direction of Left and Right. P = Left, S = Right. You can check
the navigation terms on your laptop.
Second, a letter about a strange story.
Third, a letter from Hilda Swanson.

Enough for the puzzle. Why don't we take a relax for a bit? You can build a
sandcastle here.

Having a relax already? Well, it's time to leave the beach.

You can follow my steps before, in reverse, off course. Or follow this:
Go straight until you get to a red-white marker. Turn left. Go straight. 
You'll find a rock. Turn right. Go straight and you'll be at Katie's boat 

Before solving our next puzzle, why don't you call our best friends?

Here we go! The second letter puzzle.
If you examine the letter carefully, you'll find some interesting words. Those
words have a connection with International Communication Alphabet. You'd seen
it in Hot Kettle Cafe.
Here they are :

Alpha, Sierra, Kilos, Hotel, Sierras, Alpha, Juliet, Juliet, Delta, Foxtrot,
Oscar, Romeo, Hotel, India, Lima, Delta, Alpha, Sierra, Golf, India, Foxtrot.

Now, type :


OK. First, we need to go to Whale World. We need to ask Andy Jordan (AJ) about
Hilda's present. When he gives you the present, read it.
It says, "TREN".

Now, go to Hot Kettle Cafe. Talk to Holt Scotto (HS) about the gift. Holt will
let you to look at the gift with one condition, you must solve a chess game.
He'll let you to read the books inside his bag.

Open his bag. Read the book about "Poker Fundamentals". Finish?
Read the book about "Chess Basics". Wait a sec, please. There's a piece of
paper here. There's some number here. 3-4-7-5. Keep it in your mind.

Back to the puzzle.
If you play as Junior Detective, the puzzle will be different, but it's easier
since you have a Queen. Off course, you must use it to win the game.
I play as Senior Detective. So, you'll find the formation like this :

  Black    : 3 pawns (P), 1 knight (N), 1 king (K)
  White    : 2 rocks (R), 1 bishop (B), 1 pawn (P), 1 king (K)

If you can play a chess game, it won't be a great problem for you. If you
can't, don't worry, that's why we have to read the book.
Remember, White must win the game only in two moves.

  Move your rock.       Type : R   H5
  Once more, the rock.  Type : R   H7

Holt will let you to see Hilda's present for him. It says, "ONEBUM".

And now, it's time to talk with Jenna Deblin (JD). Ask her about Hilda's 
present. Unfortunately, she couldn't show it cause she got a little busy.Then,
she'll ask you to collect 15 clams. Before you can do that, you have to ask
Andy for a clamming permit. Go to Whale World.

Ask Andy about clamming permit. He'll give you the permit, but you must
rearrange the skeletons of Caddy's Model first.

Here's the puzzle!!!

First, sorry I couldn't draw them. Drawing is not my type..... :(
Take a look carefully with their positions :

                   (5)     (7)                   (12)    (13)
 (1)  (2)              (6)      (9)  (10)  (11)
           (3) (4)         (8)                       (14)

Put them like this :

  4 - 6 - 10 - 2 - 1 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 3 - 5 - 14

After finished the task, Andy will give you the permit and a clam tube.

Let's clam hunting ....!!!!

Guys, I couldn't tell you where they exactly are. Cause, they will be random.
I can only give you some tips :

1. There are three places to find them.
   - The beach near the lighthouse.
   - The isolated beach where you find Hilda's letters.
   - A small island, across the isolated beach.
2. Look at carefully at your cursor. If it turns to red, there'll be a hole 
   there. It's time for your clam tube.
3. Keep search on a location, until Nancy said there're no clams on that
   location. It means, you should move to the other place.
4. You can find the small island on the left side when you get to an
   interjunction from your kayak.
5. If you want to go to small island, you must jump across some BIG rocks.
   From your start : right, right, left, front.
   If you don't follow it, it'll be a "second chance". Trust me.... :)

When you get all of them, go back to Hot Kettle Cafe. Talk with Jenna.
Just like Bess' said, Omigosh ........... It seems some thieves had come into
Jenna's cafe..... :O
Ask her again about the necklace. She said that it's inside a box. It's on one
of the chairs here. To open the box, you must match pairs acroos the three
It's easy to say than to do. Especially, if you're senior detective.
If you're junior detective, the pairs will be on the same screen. If you're
senior detective, you'll often find the pairs across the screens.

If you've finished it, you'll get a necklace. It says, "ELEPH" on it.

Go to Katie's boat. Open your anagram buster. You must solve this puzzle 
manually. No way ....... :((
OK, here's the shortcut. Arrange the letters like this :


Yes. It's Nancy's telephone number. 523-555-4399.

Let's go to lighthouse and check the locked front door. Holt will shows up.
He'll yell at you and forbid you to come there. Well, you can do nothing here
right now. Let's get out of here.

Go to Hot Kettle Cafe. Remember the card things on the wall? And The truth
behind Hot Kettle's name?
It's time to solve them.

  D = Diamond             C = Clover
  H = Heart               S = Spade

  K = King      Q = Queen      J = Jack      A = Ace

The first is on the wall near the bookshelf (the right side).
The panel will show :  10H - KS - 10D - 10S - KD
- Click on 10H once                   -----> AS - KS - 8H - 10S - KD
- Click on 8H for 3 times             -----> AS - KS - JS - 10S - QS

The second is on the wall above the "Atlantic Herring" postcard.
The panel will show :  9D - 6H - 5S - 8H - 2S
- Click on 9D, 5S or 2S for 3 times   -----> JC - 6H - AC - 8H - 10C
- Click on 6H twice                   -----> JC - QC - AC - 8H - 10C
- Click on 8H twice                   -----> JC - QC - AC - KC - 10C

The third is on the wall on the right side of entrance door.
The panel will show :  8C - 10C - 9S - KC - 5D
- Click on 8C for 4 times             -----> 2S - 10C - 9S - JD - 5D
- Click on 9S for 4 times             -----> JS - 10C - AC - JD - 5D
- Click on 10C for 4 times            -----> QD - 10D - KD - JD - 5D
- Click on 5D twice                   -----> QD - 10D - KD - JD - AD

Go to the next room.

The fourth is on the wall above the clean table.
The panel will show :  3H - 5D - KD - 9D - 6H
- Click on 6H twice                   -----> 3H - JH - KD - 9D - KH
- Click on 9D twice                   -----> 3H - JH - KD - AH - KH
- Click on KD for 4 times             -----> 3H - 10H - QH - AH - KH
- Click on 10D once                   -----> 3H - JH - KD - AH - KH
- Click on 3H twice                   -----> 10H - JH - KD - AH - KH

You'll hear a strange sound.
Touch the dirty table. It will move. It's a secret door....!!!
Now, you need a flashlight.

Let's go to Katie's boat. Ask her about a flashlight. She doesn't have a 
flashlight, but a headlamp. She'll tell you that she's very hungry.
Do you still keep your sandwich? If you don't, you'd better make one.
Give her your sandwich. As long as you didn't put the "4 forbidden things" in
it, she'll be fine. Then, she'll give you her headlamp.
Go inside the cabin. Do you see some water on the floor? Open the door on your
left side. Then, open the box. What are those fishes? Do you have any idea?
For me, they look like some Atlantic Herrings.

OK. It's time to go back to Hot Kettle Cafe.
Talk to Jenna about the trap door. Well, well, what an interesting expression
she got!

Go to the dirty table. Touch it to open the door. Go down. You'll see a cairn
in front of you. It's an interjunction. Take the right way, you'll find
another cairn. You should go straight. If you take the left way and go up,
Nancy will make an interesting comment.

If you took the left way, go back. Take the left way. Go straight. And you'll
find the third cairn. There's nothing on your left way, just the fourth cairn.

Go right. Then go straight until you get a scene.
Phew...... what a long way! Go straight and you'll find the fifth cairn.
There's nothing on your left way, for now. Just go straight. You'll find a box
of canned oil near the door. Take one of them. Pull down the lever next to the
door. The door will be opened. But, soon, you'll be at a dead-end.

Wait a minute. Do you hear a strange sound? Check the wall in front of you.
You'll find a picture there. Lucky for me. The pictures aren't difficult to

 ---  ---  ---  ---
 | |  | |  | |  | |
 |1|  |2|  |3|  |4|
 | |  | |  | |  | |
 ---  ---  ---  ---


      ---  ---
 ---  | |  | |  ---
 | |  |2|  |3|  | |
 |1|  | |  | |  |4|
 | |  ---  ---  | |
 ---            ---

Click on no. 2 and 3 like the picture above. Nancy will say something about
the picture.

Go back to your long way. You must go back to Hot Kettle cafe. If you talk to
Jenna, she won't make a good response. Busy, or what?
Let's go to the lighthouse.


Now, it's a crucial time.
You must do the next steps carefully. If you don't do it, ...... a "second
chance" is waiting for you.


When you get through the broken fence, there'll be a scene. After the scence,
GO BACK. Soon, you'll find out why.

Go to the front door. You'll find that the door is locked by a key with some
number combinations. To open the door, you must put the number that you found
on Holt's chess book. I hope you didn't forget about it, or .... did you?

Oh boy....... Now I've proven what a walkthrough maker in gamefaqs ever said.
He said that the life of a walkthrough maker can be so difficult....... :D

Well, never mind. The combination is 3-4-7-5.

First, go up the ladder on your right side. You'll get to the lighthouse's
lamp. There's a morse instrument there. Check the small lamp next to it. The
bulb is missing. Go down the ladder.
Look in front of you. There's a heater. Check its pipe. Wow, a hidden lever.
Pull it down, then go outside.

Go to the right side of the lighthouse. Do you still remember the strange
sound we heard before? This place is where the sound comes from.
There's a door here. You can open it now. It seems, the hidden lever has
activated it. Go down the ladder.

Check the door in front of you. You'll find a picture on this door.

 ---  ---  ---  ---
 | |  | |  | |  | |
 |1|  |2|  |3|  |4|
 | |  | |  | |  | |
 ---  ---  ---  ---


      ---  ---
 ---  | |  | |  ---
 | |  |2|  |3|  | |
 |1|  | |  | |  |4|
 | |  ---  ---  | |
 ---            ---

Click on No. 2 and 3. The door will be opened. The other door that leads to
the sea cave will be opened too. The next door to the tunnel will be still
closed. You only can open it from the other side.


Remember, if you take the way from the light house. You absolutely can't go
to Hot Kettle cafe from the tunnel.
On the other side, if you take the way from the Hot Kettle Cafe's tunnel, you
can't go outside to the lighthouse.


Leave them for now. Check the table here. You can find some bulbs here.

 ---   |-|   ---   |-|   ---   |-|   ---   |-|
 | |   | |   | |   | |   | |   | |   | |   | |
 | |   | |   | |   | |   | |   | |   | |   | |
 |-|   ---   |-|   ---   |-|   ---   |-|   ---
  1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8

If take one of them, you'll hear a sound. Only two bulbs don't make any sound.
They are no. 6 and 7. Take one of them, either no. 6 or no. 7. Now, it's time
to leave this room.

Go back to the tower. Put the bulb into its place. Then, spray the oil on its
rusty part. Use the morse instrument. You must send Nancy's phone number. It's
523-555-4399 :

  5 ==> .....
  2 ==> ..---
  3 ==> ...--
  5 ==> .....
  5 ==> .....
  5 ==> .....
  4 ==> ....-
  3 ==> ...--
  9 ==> ----.
  9 ==> ----.

Then, send them. You'll see some answered signals.
When you leave the tower, your phone will ring. It's from Hilda. She'll tell
you that she'd sent a mail for you.

Let's go back to Katie's boat. Check your mail. Hilda's given you a very 
difficult puzzle. Especially for me, it's the most difficult puzzle in this
game. The problem is difficulties to understand nautical terms.

Hilda gave you this coordinate followed by some hints :

   N 48      42.ABC
   W 123     08.7DE

The most difficult hints are for A and C, especially C.

For D, Jenna charges her clam chowder for $3.
For E, the number of cairns are 5.

For B, the buoy has graffiti is #8.
For A, the nuns ...... I believe, they are the red-white markers. Cause, they
reminded me about The Red Cross. There are 4 of them.
For C, it's a beginner's luck for me. I used probabilities from its hint.
A number plus 4. So, it's impossible for 1, 2 and 3. The rest should be tested
one by one. It's easier cause the other numbers had been got before.

OK, here they are :

   A = 4,  B = 8,  C = 5,  D = 3,  E = 5

   N 48        42.485
   W 123       08.735

Go to the location by your kayak. Take the item inside the buoy. Hilda will
call you and read a poem for you. Another puzzle? Oh, no......

Then, let's call our best friends.

Go to Hot Kettle Cafe. Talk to Jenna about the tunnel. You'll find out an
interesting story from her background. Hmmm.....

Go down to the tunnel. You should go to the location of the fifth cairn. When
you get there, go left. Check the stones in front of you. Go up.
It's time for you to follow the instructions from Hilda's first letter.

 L - R - R - L - L - R - R - R - L - L - R - L - L

On the wall, you'll find a new coordinate :

   N 48        42.522
   W 123       08.799

Now, let's go back. This time, you should go on reverse directions :

 R - R - L - R - R - L - L - L - R - R - L - L - R

OK, go back to Hot Kettle cafe. It's time for kayaking.
But, first, make a new point with your GPS using the new coordinate. When you
get to the location, use the item from the last buoy. You'll get a new item,
a small telescope. Then, Hilda will call you for the last time.

Go to Whale World. Check the ship inside a bottle. Use your small telescope.
There're some symbols (sorry again, drawing is not my speciality) :

  -----------      -------------      --------------
  | Trident |      |  Cross    |      |   Star     |
  -----------      -------------      --------------

Now, you must go to the sea cave, either way from the lighthouse or from the
Hot Kettle Cafe.

When you get down there, look near the ladder. Do you see a panel with a snake
picture on it? You'll see some symbols on it.

First, click on "trident" symbol. It's on the snake's tail. Rotate the first
wheel (the left one), so the snake's head pointed to the "trident" symbol.
Then, rotate the right wheel, till the head pointed to the "cross" symbol
(remember the cross symbol on the ships?). Then, go back once. Click on the
"star" symbol.
Rotate the left wheel, till the head pointed to "trident" symbol. Then, rotate
the right wheel, till the head pointed to "cross" symbol.

A small room will be opened. There's a small machine inside the room. Pull
down its lever. A hidden door will be opened. Now, you should get out of here
from the way you're coming from. It's time for kayaking.

You must go inside the sea cave by your kayak. OK, detective! Let's do it!!!

Go through our secret door by your kayak. You'll get to a small hidden room.
What a surprising discovery.....!!

You can play with the orca for a while. She's very tame. And cute...... :)
You'll find a pair of work gloves on one of the boxes here. There's something
written on them, "Firestone". Aren't they Katie's gloves?
Then, you'll find some boxes of "S.S. Whitechapel Dawn" here. Remember your
piece of driftwood?
Finish? It's time to leave this place.

When you're outside the cave, Bess will call you.

Go to Katie's boat. What! She's ....... gone! Call Bess now, tell her about
the situation.

Go to Hot Kettle Cafe. Talk to Jenna, then talk to Holt. Ask for his
permission to take you with his boat. He'll refuse it. Talk to Jenna. She'll
suggest you to ask for Andy's help.
Now, go to Whale World. Talk to him.


OK, guys. We've been near at the end of the game. I must remind you a couple
things here.

The next location will be the most difficult location in this game. TIME will
be your MOST important friend here.

You'll be on the right track if you hear some footsteps. You'll know it if
you see some red texts on the screen.

Believe me, when the first time I got to this place, I must spent at least 10
"second chances"............. ;p


Go upstairs. Then, you'll be on the dock. Go left.
Go straight. HURRY UP, go left. Go right.
Go straight. HURRY UP, go right.
Go straight. Go right and you'll find some boxes with "Avalon Project" written
on them. Turn around.
Go straight. HURRY UP, go right. Go straight. Then, go downstairs. You'll find
the first door here. Go through it. You'll be at a pool and our Orca friend is
here too.
Go straight. You'll find another door.


Guys, we almost finish this game. It means, soon we'll find out who our 
culprit is.

You can guess who really he/she is (it's on alphabetical order, you know)

Is he ANDY JASON? Business competitions can be unpredictable, and sometimes
deadly, you know!
Is he HOLT SCOTTO? What was he doing in the lighthouse? Where did he get the
number combination?
Is she JENNA DEBLIN? An interesting family background and shanghaiing can be
a deadly combination.
Is she KATIE FIRESTONE? What were Ms. Fancy Schmancy Science Degree's gloves
doing in a hidden cave?


Go through the second door.

Go straight, you'll meet someone here. Talk to him/her.
Now, we can unlist someone from our culprit list.

HURRY UP, go left. Wait for the scene. HURRY UP, go straight and get through
the second door. Go to the first door. Darn, it's closed!!!!

After a scene, you have a chance for a very short time.
Take the scuba tube, then throw it into the pool. Watch the scene.

CONGRATULATIONS ...........!!!!

You've just finished Nancy Drew : Danger on Deception Island



ALLAH SWT for the strength and the chance to play this interesting game.

HERINTERACTIVE for producing this wonderful game.

GAMEFAQS for post my faqs.




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