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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monster Madness Pack Shot

Monster Madness



by Wild_Marker


                         Monster Madness Walkthrough
                              By Wild_Marker 
                                Version 1.1

NOTE: Since the game presents each new monster with their own cutscene and 
description, I too have decided to follow that way so each time a new monster 
appears, I'll give you a description of its attacks and a general strategy of 
how to beat them. I will index these descriptions, but not for now.

It's my first guide ever, so I hope you like it.

But enough of that, let's get to the guide.


0a.The Weapons. Short description of each one.

                01.Chapter 1
                   01a.Level 1 
                   01b.Level 2
                   01c.Level 3
                   01d.Level 4
                   01e.Level 5
                02.Chapter 2
                   02a.Level 6
                   02b.Level 7
                   02c.Level 8
                03.Chapter 3
                   03a.Level 9
                   03b.Level 10
                   03c.Level 11
                04.Chapter 4
                   04a.Level 12
                   04b.Level 13
                   04c.Level 14
                05.Chapter 5
                   05a.Level 15
                   05b.Level 16
                   05c.Level 17
                   05d.Level 18

0c.Version Changes

0d.Credits, thanks, contact, and legal blah blah blah.

0a.                              The Weapons

Weapons can be put into three categories. Normal, Heavy, and Power. Normal 
weapons don't have any side effects, heavy weapons will slow you down, and 
power weapons cost a lot more weapon parts and require special, only foud in 
secret places, parts to be upgraded to level 3.

In this game, ammo consumption of a weapon is very important since all weapons
draw their shots from the same ammo pool. So maybe the miningun is great, 
firing 250 bullets before you can say hello, but those are also 250 bullets 
that could have been used more accurately with your pistols maybe. That, and
the fact you always have a maximum ammount of ammo (600) make some of the high
consuming weapons very inconvenient.

Unlocked in Chapter 1.


The nailguns are probably going to be your first weapon, and they're the 
cheapest one. They have a long range however and it can be useful in some 
situations. The basic dual pistols of the game, can be upgraded up to UZIs.

Lv1 - Normal dual pistols, one click, one shot. 30 bullet clip.
Lv2 - Burst. Three shots per click per pistol = six shots per click. Clip 
      upgraded to 60 bullets.
Lv3 - Machineguns. Hold your click and they keep firing. Clip still 60 bullets

Thing is, the nailguns don't do much damage per bullet so they waste a lot of 
them, compared to other weapons. Useful for some mid range situations.


There's a high chance the shotgun's going to be your primary weapon thoughout
the whole game. Heck, first time I played I practically won the game only with
it. The thing with the shotgun is that it has a very good "bullets fired/damage
done" relation, as well as a generally low bullet consumption. That, and the 
fact it reloads in a blink, meaning you can keep dodging without worrying too 
much about interrupting your reload by doing so.

Lv1 - 3 bullet shot. 3 bullet clip (1 shot).
Lv2 - 4 bullet shot. 12 bullet clip (3 shots).
Lv3 - 5 bullet shot. 25 bullet clip (5 shots).

Firing more bullets per shot means more damage per hit, and that's something 
few weapons do when they get upgraded. Notice that lv 2 and 3 will only auto
reload when the clip reaches 0, if you have it at half clip but want it at 
full, you'll have to reload manually.

Cellphone Tazer.

This one is your standard electric weapon that jumps from one enemy to another.
You have to charge it a bit to reach maximum damage before shooting.

Lv1 - Hits 1 enemy.
Lv2 - Hits up to 3 enemies.
Lv3 - Hits up to 5 enemies.

The problem with the tazer is that it doesn't jump in the early levels, and by
the time you get it to lv 2 or 3, you've probably learned a bit of crowd 
control and/or have better area damage weapons. So don't pay too much attention
to this one.

Rocket Launcher.

This is one the five power weapons. It's also a heavy weapon so it will slow
you down. Each rocket consumes 10 bullets and they're suposed to be use against
the big monsters. I don't know, I kept firing rockets to the big ones but 
didn't seem to cause specificaly big damage.

Lv1 - 10 bullet clip (1 Rocket).
Lv2 - 30 bullet clip (3 Rockets).
Lv3 - 50 bullet clip (5 Rockets).

The good thing about the launcher is that it reloads all rockets at once, so it
takes the same to reload 5 rockets in lv3 than to reload 1 in lv1. It still is
a high consuming weapon without a noticeable "bullets fired/damage done", and
it's so slow you'll end up not using it at all, and switching to small arms.
After all, slow, powerful weapons are fine for many games, but in this one they
may be a little out of place, since it's a very fast game that requires a lot 
of movement.


Another power weapon. This one has limited use. It's not bad, but it's only
useful in particular situations. Also, it IS kind of useless in lv 1.

Lv1 - Fires in short bursts.
Lv2 - Fires continuously, like a flamethrower should.
Lv3 - Fires continuously, faster, and with extended range.

And remember, some enemies can't be set on fire, so they're inmune to this one.

Unlocked in Chapter 2.

Grenade Launcher.

This one can be very powerful. It consumes really little ammo for the damage it
can deliver, and it's an area effect weapon. But why is good is not because the
area. Actually, it's becuse the damage. While you could use this as a primary
weapon, it's not recommended, due to the fact that it's explosive, and that's
not always good for your health. Use it for big enemies, they'll eat the whole
damage this baby can deliver, instead of with the little monsters, who don't
always take the full payload (but for some of them it may still be quite 
effective anyway). Each round fired turns into 2 little pieces that explode

Lv1 - Fires one round per shot. 2 bullet clip (1 round).
Lv2 - Fires two rounds per shot. 4 bullet clip (2 rounds).
Lv3 - Fires three rounds per shot. 6 bullet clip (3 rounds).

So, same as the lV1 shotgun, you fire, you reload, you fire, you reload. Each
level fires one more 'nade with each shot. The important thing here is that
the launcher reloads almost as fast as the shotgun, so you can deliver 
explosive goodnes very fast. And contrary to the rocket laucher, this one's not
heavy, so you'll be able to dodge and jump at your will.


The shield is one weapon you may not use much through the game since it's for
defense, and your general strategy here is usually attack. And the problem is,
that when the shield would be useful, changing weapons to defend then again to
attack can be a bit annoying, and the fact that it consumes ammo to keep on is
yet another bad thing about it.

LV1 - Shields you.
Lv2 - Bigger area. Also does a little damage to anything that comes close.
Lv3 - Adding to all of the above, now it also reflects some of the ranged 
      attacks back to the attacker.

So you may try the shield for special ocasions, like when you want to move and
not necesarily kill the monsters because they'll just respawn, but you don't
want to get hurt either. Or maybe to counter some attack from a boss that you 
are having problems to avoid or just don't have enough room. Whatever you do,
don't rely on it. In this game, the best defense IS a good offense and nothing
is going to change that.

Cd Launcher.

The CD launcher can actually be a double edged weapon, since it fires CD's that
bounce off the walls. That means they can come back and hurt you instead of 
them, so watch out. 

Lv1 - Fires 1 CD
Lv2 - Fires 2 CDs
Lv3 - Fires 3 Cds

With a 60 bullet clip, and 2 bullet per CD, it can be a good reserve weapon 
(you know, when you're out of bullets, this clip can save you at the last time,
I remember the first time I killed Level 8's Boss I did it with my last CD,
after using all of my other clips on the rest of the weapons). Don't rely on it
as a primary weapon. It only serves in tight spaces (since open spaces don't 
have many walls to make the cd's bounce) and it doesn't have that big of a 
damage. And the fact that you can always get damaged by it makes it a bad 
choice for using too often.


Ah, the minigun, the jewel of many games. Well, not in this one (curse you 
developers! How could you make a BAD minigun? That's blasphemy!). The problem
with the mingun is that it's just too heavy to move, and it has little damage
per bullet. Of course, you could say that's not a big problem since it fires 
the entire 250 bullet clip before you can say "Oh no! Zombies!" but its damage
it's actually so meager that you waste A LOT of bullets, and that may be fine 
in some areas but when machines are few and far away, you aren't really in a 
good position to waste like crazy. 

Lv1 - One Barrel
Lv2 - Two Barrels
Lv3 - Three Barrels

As you can see, upgrading it only speeds up the firing ratio, so you may want 
to stay on Lv1 with this one until you've got your main weapons at Lv3. It's
too bad they gave it a damage that doesn't justify its bullet consuption nor 
its heavy weight, and the fact that it takes more to reload it than it takes to
fire the whole clip makes it even worse. Try using it same as the CD, for 
reserve. After all, the clip it's almost half the size of your total ammo pool,
so as a last resort, you've got lots o'bullets to rain on them. This one is a 
power weapon too.By the way, a minigun with three barrels... Nice.

Unlocked in Chapter 3.


The desfibrilator is the area weapon, meaning it damages everything in 360 
around you. Problem is, it takes too much ammo and you have to charge it first,
while staying inmobile. That can lead you to bad results, as staying on one 
spot for too long in this game always get you killed. And it's damage can only
be harmfull for zombies and the like so, it's only useful for zombies and as we
know, everything is useful for zombies, so you may want to skip this one until
the end.

Lv1 - 
Lv2 -
Lv3 - Actually, the only thing that leveling does here is lower the time it 
      takes for it to charge, and the maximum damage it can cherge up.

Oh, and also, you can overcharge tis thing, and it will blow up in your face 
and damage you.

Glue Cannon.

The glue cannon may be the only weapon in the game that is not designed to do
damage, but to act as a support weapon instead. I'd recommend you always have
it hotkeyed for emergencies. This weapon basically spreads glue in the ground 
making monsters stay there, giving you an edge and some time to escape, or 
maybe just a good shot at them. Also useful for dealing with lots of them, you
just glue some, and take care of the others (or at least get yourself clear).

Lv1 - Just blue glue.
Lv2 - Green glue. This one damages whatever it catches.
Lv3 - Green glue again. Increased damage and duration.

Always remember that the glue cannon comes with anti-glue shoes, so you can 
walk on the glue with no harm. If you equip another weapon however, you'll be
able to get sticked in your own glue so pay attention. Also, the glue is highly
flamable so monsters with fire will make the glue go away faster, but they'll 
burn anything sticked to it.

Unlocked in Chapter 4.


Another power weapon. The boomerang is quite unique. It projects a laser sight
that locks on enemies and when you release the button, it will go and attack 
all the locked targets and then come back, slashing anything in its way.

Lv1 - Only 1 Target.
Lv2 - Up to 3 Targets.
Lv3 - Up to 5 Targets.

So it's pretty much like the cellphone tazer but with a twist, and that is, it
comes back so it strikes twice. The problem with the boomerang is that it takes
15 bullets out of your pool for each target it hits, and considering its not so
big damage, that's quite a lot. Fun to watch, but not that useful in practice.

Radioactive Flashlight.

The last of the power weapons, the flashlight is one for constant damage. While
it doesn't shine much on Lv1, in Lv3 it can be very deadly.

Lv1 - Normal Radioactive Light
Lv2 - Longer range. Sets enemies on fire.
Lv3 - Longer AND wider range, so now it's an arc. It sometime makes enemies
      explode (not sure how, but it does, and it can actually be dangerous so
      keep your distance a bit)

Since it takes quite the ammo, the flashlight should only be used for specific
enemies, preferably flying ones (since you can't miss them with this, it's a
constant stream after all) instead of being used for zombies, that would be a 
waste. It can take a bit to get used to, but it turns to be good for some 

Bee Miner.

Well, in theory, this one is not really bad but... it's really bad. I mean, 
it's nice, it drops mines, and in LV3 they even seek out enemies on their own,
but this shouldn't have been a heavy weapon. It also drwas 30 ammo for each 

Lv1 - Normal mines.
Lv2 - Better mines.
Lv3 - Seeking Mines.

So, let this one for the end of your buying list.


Ah, the railgun. We didn't get any BFGs but we at least got the railgun. This
one takes a bit of time to get to its full potential, so you won't want to use
it when in L1 or 2, but trust me, it all pays off at Lv3.

Lv1 - Normal shot.
Lv2 - Pierces through some enemies.
LV3 - Pierces through all.

And with "all" I mean ALL. Enemies, walls, objects, I bet other players too.
It has a nice damage (can kill lots of things in one or two shots) and while it
takes 20 bullets for each shot, you can make them count by lining up enemies
before shooting, and you'll hit more damage for the same price.

And don't forget, you still have a melee weapon!!

0b.                            The Walkthrough

01.			  Chapter 1 - Suburban Nightmare

Chapter 1 consists of five levels, the first two being something as an 
introduction rather than full levels. In this chapter, you will be introduced 
to the basics of the game. After that, it will all be up to you.

01.a                          Level 1 - Zack's House

Ok, first level, someone's ramming the door but they can't enter, and that 
gives you time to go get a weapon , so, go get a weapon, in the meantime, you 
can try and grab all the weapon parts you can get your hands on because, when 
that door cracks, you will have no break to go weapon-parts-hunting and you'll 
have to do it while surrounded. So, when you're ready, you can forget about how
much time left there is and go open the door for them yourself. Whatever the 
case, the door opens, and... ZOMBIES!!

These guys you're gonna see a lot, they're the cannon fodder of the game and 
they come in quite the numbers. They have a standard melee attack, a ranged 
vomit(careful with that, it's quite fast and quite annoying, you have to watch 
when they're about to throw up to avoid it), and they sometimes come equipped 
with melee weapons that actually make them weaker since they take an eternity 
to hit with those. They're also the only monster in the game that can pick up 
objects and throw them like you do.

To kill the zombies, there are many ways. Well, actually anything that kills in
the game is useful against them, but it would be best if you don't waste much 
ammo on them, you'll need it for the other enemies, so try to use your melee 
weapon for them, and when you start hitting the levels when using the melee 
weapon is a bad idea, use the shotgun instead, since it kills them in one shot 
and it doesn't take too many bullets from your reserve. Also, area damage 
weapons like the grenade launcher and the cellphone tazer are recommended.

Well, you're surrounded, and they're a lot, so what do you do? You use 
everything in sight. There's a lot of junk you can throw them scattered through
the house, and there's also some traps that should be noticed. They are:

-In the backyard, there's a killer grass-cutting machine that you can activate 
and it will rage through anything that comes in it's way, so, stay away once 
you turn that on! Don't worry, it will turn off eventually, and you can 
activate it again if you wish.
-In the room with the tools, there's a... ok, I don't even know what that is, 
kind of a big, circular saw. Anyway, activate it and you'll do some damage and 
again, stay away from it.
-In the living room, there's a killer fireplace (this house should be checked 
by the cops, don't you think? lot's of "killer" stuff in here) but this won't 
be activated by you, instead, every time something goes nearby, it tries to fry
it. Same goes for you, so, this is actually one you want to stay away from.
-In the kitchen, there's a lot of water, and it just happens to be an 
electrical switch. You get the point I think, take them to the water, and light
it up.

Keep in mind that, from all the objects here, plants usually contain grenades, 
and the ming jars tend to have life power-ups inside. So, when you finally kill
all the zombies (remember, they not only come from the front door, but they'll 
also start to break through the walls) a green light will come from the 
backyard, and from it... THE CHIEF! (chief, not boss, even when he IS a boss)

                                 The Chief

Ok, maybe he's not really a boss, and this is not a real boss fight, consider 
him a half-boss. 
Now, the problem with the chief is that you don't have ranged weapons yet and 
its not very healthy to go near him, since that tomahawk will throw you back 
again, and from a distance, he will use it like a boomerang, a stunning 
boomerang in fact. He will also summon more zombies to take the pain for him.

To kill him, I recommend the aforementioned kitchen trap, the one with the 
water and the fuse, it will damage him and stun him at the same time, allowing 
you to jump to the table in the middle of it (jump, avoid the water, ok?) and 
hit him from there. This usually kills him at the first try but if it doesn't,
you can try again. And if you don't like using the trap, the other way is 
grabbing anything you see and throw it at him.

One thing to notice, in Horror difficulty, there's two of this guys.

So, he's dead, grab all the red tokens you can, and the level ends.


01.b                    Level 2 - Streets of Suburbia

Ok, so, in the prior level you learned how to throw stuff at them, and how to 
mash them with melee weapons. Now... yes, it's what you were expecting all 
along, you're gonna learn how to shoot them.

But first things first, you start at zack's house door, and you find out the 
whole town is messed up. And who to blame? The government? Maybe, but not this 
time. This time it's the zombies, and they'll appear right after you walk a 
couple of steps into the street, so kill them. If you are short on life on this
level, your best bet are trash cans and mailboxes, by the way, but don't worry,
here you'll be introduced to the soda machines, which are sort of recharge 
stations. You find one, you pay some tokens (price goes up depending on the 
chapter), and your life gets restored. Keep in mind that they can run out, so 
use them when you know you're not gonna return and want to have full life or 
when you're in trouble, don't waste them. So, you keep going forward, killing 
zombies, getting weapon parts, until you find a dead end, you turn right, 
another dead end, with zombies, and a narrator that says "Kill the monsters!" 
as an objective, so kill them. Now, here's another new concept, and for lack of
a better term, we'll call it Larry(he's the narrator that gives you the 
objectives and tutorials, by the way). Now, Larry comes, breaks up some cars, 
plays a video, blah blah blah, now, here's where you're gonna get your weapons.
By now, if you've been grabbing, you should have enough weapon parts to buy the
nailguns, so do it. If you search a little more you may have enough for the 
shotgun. Remember something, Larry not only gives you weapons, he also gives 
you items, and rechargers, so you can use him as a limitless soda/ammo machine,
especially since he charges the same as the machines themselves. Now, Larry 
opened a path when he appeared, so, you go follow it, and you'll get to your 
first "MonsterFest!". It's a pretty simple concept really, you get locked in a 
certain area and you can't continue until you kill everything. Monster fests 
tend to have a lot of monsters, about 20-40 usually, but don't worry, they 
won't come all at the same time, you kill some, more appear, and it's like that
until no more pop out. In this one you'll have to face a new monster, the 

                                Explosive Zombies

This one is the suicide monster of the game, and it tends to do his job pretty 
well if you don't watch them. They have two abilities, the first one is throw 
dynamite at you, but they don't have much range and actually the dynamite 
always hits them too, but with not enough strength to kill them (they keep a 
little distance). The dynamite can actually be grabbed and thrown, but it's 
kinda dangerous since it can explode at any time and they don't really have a 
long clock. Their second skill is to blow up, in your face if possible. Now 
this is when they get troublesome, since they do that when they have about 1/3 
of their life, and the dynamite usually leaves them in that. To explode, they 
first set their bombs, and you can hear them doing so from miles away so you'll
know they're coming. After the bomb is set you'll see there's a green pulse 
turning red coming out from them ,when it turns completely red, they'll blow 
(or when they reach you, whatever happens first).

So the best way to kill them is from a distance, that's understood. If you kill
them after they activated the bombs, their corpses will still be an exploding 
threat so watch out! Also, these guys appear almost as often as the normal 
zombies themselves, so you better get used to them.

When you're done with the monster fest(if you have trouble remember, there's a 
soda machine in this particular one) continue towards the destroyed bridge, 
here you'll see something that looks like a snack machine painted in 
camouflage, this is the ammo machine, it works exactly as the soda one and 
actually, costs exactly the same. Use it to get your ammo reserves back to full
(remember, the soda machine recharges full life but the soda power up that you 
can find doesn't, with the ammo one this is not the case, both the machine, 
and the power ups you find get you to max ammo instantly).So, get down from the
bridge and you'll find another new monster, the ZOMBIE DOG.

                                Zombie Dog

Well, this beasties are quite easy, they're like zombies but with less life. 
They're faster and their melee attack is faster but the only thing you should 
care about is to always have them in front of you, for if they get you from the
back, they bite your ass and won't let go until you button-mash out of it, 
and in the meantime, you'll lose life, run like crazy, and can't attack.

To kill these, anything goes, just... kill them, I shouldn't be telling you how
to do it, it's pretty simple.

Ok, so, keep going forward on the street, you'll find more zombies and 
explosive ones, kill them, grab parts, move on. You'll reach a wide area and 
here, a wide enemy will be waiting for you...

                                Fat Zombie

Ok, this one you could say its the zombie tank, because he's got a LOT of life,
and with a variety of attacks, he's gonna be something you don't want to see 
often. Well, too bad, you will. let's see what he's got:

-Hit you. Normal melee attack, nothing special, does it if you are close. You 
shouldn't be.
-Ram you. Does it when you are far. He can run any distance to get you and you 
DON'T wanna get hit by this one, it's pretty nasty and it can make a lot of 
damage. Get out of the way as soon as you see him coming.
-Crush you. Under his belly actually, he jumps, and lands with all his weight,
making an area attack that can get you stunned. Just dodge this. Careful, these
guys don't pop up from the ground like the others, they usually come down from 
nowhere with this attack and that can give you a nasty surprise.
-Fart you. Ok, maybe just "Fart". This one's simple, if you're close they'll 
release a cloud of fart that will have you coughing and won't let you jump, 
dodge, attack, or anything, only move. It's usually not very effective when 
they're alone since it doesn't damage you and when it ends you can return to 
fighting them normally, giving them no time to get an advantage from it, but 
when there are other baddies around, it can be pretty inconvenient for you.

To get all of that life to 0, you'll have to be persistent. Try to lock them 
between objects to shoot them more comfortably, and don't let them get out from
your sight. While it would sound good to use the big guns like the minigun or 
the rocket launcher against big fat slow monsters, it's not a good idea here, 
since this guy is big and fat, but not that slow. Try the shotgun or the 
grenade launcher for this one and you should be fine.

After you killed the fat zombie he'll drop a key, which you have to use to open
the door at the end of the level. Kill the remaining zombies and, well, that's 
the end of the level, get to the park door and you're done.

Congratulations, you finished the first two levels. These are kinda 
introductory levels, you'll find that the real levels are actually quite 
longer, and with a lot more monsters.


01.c                       Level 3 - A walk in the park

The first "real" level, and the first one to be actually difficult, so don't 
get fooled by the name. 

First thing you'll notice at the start of the level is that you don't have only
one way to go, you actually have like 3. To your left, you'll get to a bridge 
leading to a section of the level that only contains zombies and some weapon 
parts, but nothing of concern. If you go straight you'll find the tennis 
courts, again, only enemies and weapons, but it's not necessary to go in here. 
And, if you go to the right, you'll find Larry, which is exactly what to have 
to do to go onwards. But before getting into that, you'll find two new monsters
to deal with. They are the SPIDERS...


The spiders are there to annoy you, and they're good at that. Their only attack
consists on leaping towards you and hitting you, and it's not something you can
avoid that easily, but the reason they're so annoying is their other ability. 
They'll shoot web at you, and if they land the shot(they usually do, since they
have a long range, and they shoot an arc, not a concentrated shot) you'll be 
moving almost at zero speed, and you won't be able to jump or dodge, making it 
quite an unpleasant situation when there are more baddies around.

To deal with them, I recommend the shotgun, since they always leap towards you 
to attack, and you'll have a clear shot when they're in mid-air. 
To deal with the web, there's no way, you can't shrug it of like fire and you 
don't get rid of it by button-mashing, so just try not to get hit by it if you 
know you'll have to move.

...and the FIRE IMPS

                                   Fire Imps

These are really nasty. Especially since they actually avoid your shots instead
of going straight for you as most of the others do. And they'll shoot you while
doing so. That, and the fact that their shots will set you on fire. And don't
even think of getting close to them! If you do, they'll jump up in the air and
shoot everything in the immediate area around them.

So to kill them, you can use the nailguns to shoot from the safety of the 
distance, or if you wish to use the shotgun, get closer and jump to avoid their
shots (jump, not dodge, since you can shoot in mid-air but you can't do it 
while dodging.

As an extra, careful when these two are together, if the spiders web you you 
won't be able to dodge the imp's fire, neither will you be able to shrug it off
(since you have to dodge around to do so).

So, continue towards Larry, kill all the monsters around or he won't talk to 
you. When you're done with that, he will give you the playground key, which 
you'll need to proceed, and he will also tell you you'll have to use a swan 
boat he prepared for you to get to the other side of the park. If you keep 
going in Larry's direction, you'll find a soccer field, with plenty of weapon 
parts(and enemies, so you have someone to play soccer with, right?). 

So, on to the playground, it's right beside the tennis courts. You're done with
the first part of the level, but there's still a long way to go so be happy.
You're not? Well get into the playground, someone there is gonna be happy when
you do. Happy to kill you, that is...

                                    Evil Clowns

Evil Clowns... funny? well, you're not gonna laugh with these. These bozos are 
gonna be a little annoying for you. They have their standard melee attack, 
which they don't use it much since you don't really wanna be close to them. 
Then there's the ranged attack with the flower, which throws acid and you don't
avoid it just by moving, since its not a one time attack, its a prolonged one 
that turns to face you, so just get away from it. And last but not least, it's 
the bubble attack. They'll blow acid bubbles from their noses, and these are 
homing ones so you have to keep moving to avoid them, or shoot them to get rid 
of'em. Be careful, the longer they stay in the air, the bigger they get.

Now, the only advantage you have against these is that they're pretty slow so 
you can dance around them without much trouble. To deal with the bubbles 
there's 3 ways. Shooting them as mentioned before. Killing the clown will make 
them stop following you, but they'll still be there growing until they reach 
maximum size and pop so watch them (don't worry, the popping doesn't hurt you, 
nor throws deadly stuff or anything, just makes it disappear). The other way is
making the hit other monsters, or the clown itself, which is by far the most
useful one of course, but don't rely on it, just keep avoiding, and try to 
kill the funny guy. Also, they don't come out of the ground, they come riding 
balloons from the sky, and you can actually shoot them before they hit ground, 
so take advantage of this if you can.

Ok, so, monster fest in the playground to introduce the clowns. There are some
zombies and zombie dogs to accompany them here. When you are finished with the 
fest get out of the playing ground from the other side and you'll hit a 
checkpoint with a soda and ammo machine. Remember, try to break objects to get
life before going for the machines, since these are limited. The fixed trash 
cans are your best bet for that in this level. Now, follow the road, you'll 
find more monsters, kill them, keep on the road, when you reach the fork, 
you'll find two fire imps, after those, you an go in any of the two roads, 
they're parallel, or you can go through the middle, it's the same. Here, you'll
find yourself with a big surprise...

                                  Big Foot

Yeah, Big Foot. Hairy, and with shoes the size of you. Now these furballs are 
quite tough, hard to take down, and easy for them to take you down, so be 
extra careful with them. They have 3 attacks. The melee one (you don't want 
to get kicked by that big of a shoe, do you?), the ranged one (they throw a 
rock at you, not very dangerous, easy to avoid) and the special, very very 
dangerous one. That's the one that makes them difficult, they'll jump out of 
the screen and try to land on you. Problem is, if they do, they'll damage you 
a lot, stun you, and send you flying. Now the problem is, they jump to close 
distance, so if they send you flying, they have to jump again, and that's 
bad news for you.

So how do you beat such a thing? well, you have to use their size against them.
There's a lot of trees here and there's always something that you can use as 
a wall, they won't be able to trespass it with that size neither by jumping, 
and they're too dumb to go around (sometimes, they do, watch it!), 
so shoot them from behind these objects. Careful, remember the landing sends an
area effect, so, keep your distance even when they are locked. Don't use 
weapons that cut your movement or you won't be able to avoid the jumps.


After you kill the bigfoots, continue forward, more zombies, kill them, more 
zombies, kill them too. You'll see a bridge, careful! don't rush it yet, when
you are about to get on it two bigfoot will fall from the sky, on you, so get 
back quickly and kill them, if you happen to be short on life, don't worry, 
just sprint to the checkpoint area with the soda machine and sprint back, 
that's what sprint is for in this game (doesn't have any other use it seems).

Ok, cross the bridge, get back! Fat Zombie falling from the sky. Kill him, 
along with the other zombies and spiders, and continue along the road, you're 
almost there. Now you'll see another checkpoint with soda and ammo machines. 
Keep going forward and two more bigfoot appear. Again, kill them, and continue.
Here you'll find the harbor, with a wall blocking it, along with some clowns 
and imps, kill the so the wall comes down and let's you pass.

Now you see what "prepared a swan boat" meant. Get in it. Like the twin mounted
rocket launchers? Yeah, who doesn't? Anyway, this is your first vehicle 
sequence, and it happens to be a water one. Play a bit with the boat to get 
used to the controls, each vehicle handles differently, remember that. Now, get
to the other side of the lake... no, it's not that easy, what do you think the 
rockets are for? when you're about in the middle of the lake, you'll be greeted
by some angry fellas. Battle stations! PIRATES!

                                 Undead Pirates

Game with lots of Undead + Water sequence =Pirates. You should have known this.
They're gonna come at you in their ships, show the broadside, and shoot, plain 
and simple. 

So the best way to deal with them is like with any other 17th century warship.
Shoot them when they're showing the front side, and strafe when they show the 
broadside so you can evade their cannonballs. Simple.

Ok, you kill like 12 of those, then you can get to the other side, when you 
land, kill the welcoming committee, especially the explosive guys, you don't 
have room to avoid the here.

Larry's next, get ready, it's been 5 new monsters, and a pretty long ride, and 
it's gonna close very good. Get to the last part, if you try to leave the park,
you'll find you need a key, and who has it? Granny has it, but she's not gonna 
give it away so easily.
                                   Boss Fight

Ok, this is the first REAL boss, she has her own life meter and everything. 
Here's a list of what she will do, and what you can do to avoid that:

-Throw cats. Cats behave exactly like Zombie Dogs, so don't let them get behind
you, shoot them as soon as you see them, and you should be fine.
-Spit. You'll hear her throat when she's about to do that, avoid it at all 
costs, it will stun you, and more importantly, she will super-accelerate to 
take advantage of it, if she gets to you, you'll be spanked, so button-mash out
of it quickly.
-Spank you. Stay away from her, if she gets a hold of you, you'll have to 
button-mash to get free, but you'll be damaged in the process.
-Throw veggies. You'll hear her say "Eat your vegetables!" and things like that
before the attack. She throws 4 vegetable projectile in an arc, watch closely 
for this one, as at least one of the projectiles can be an ammo or life power 
up that you can take (don't worry, it will stay on the ground for a wile, you 
don't have to catch it in mid-air).
-Ultra Fast Cat Shield. Err... ok, I came up with that name. It's pretty 
simple, she'll summon a lot of cats to shield herself, and they'll circle 
around her at incredible speeds. You'll have to shoot all of them if you want 
to shoot the Granny inside but there's a better way to get rid of the shield, 
and that is molotovs. Just throw a molotov into the shield and the cats will 
pass the fire to one another, turning the cat shield into a cats-in-flames 
shield (it's very fun to watch, and it will set her on fire too, making a 
little extra damage in your favour).

If you take care of her attacks you should be able to shoot her down with no 
big difficulty, don't worry about the zombies around, just concentrate on her.
Shotgun recommended (useful for the cats).

So, you killed her, got the key, and a lot of tokens. Congratulations, You're 
finally done with level 3. Was it a walk in the park after all?


01.d                       Level 4 - Downtown Invasion

This level is even bigger than the previous one, but you'll see that for 
yourself. For now, head straight from the start to meet some zombies on the 
street. Kill them, move on, more zombies, and it's gonna be like this for a 
while. You'll come to a crossing and from here, the right direction is left. Of
course, you can go right if you wish to get more weapon parts, and you can also
get between the buildings, find the trampolines, and get to the roofs for more 
parts. Careful, if you get into the alleys, cats will fall out of nowhere to 
attack you.

Now, if you continue along the road you'll get to the highway. You can go 
straight or you can turn and go up. If you go straight to the police station 
you'll reach a road blocked by police cars, so you'll be instructed to use the 
highway as a detour. Get up on the ramp and you'll find traffic. Pedestrian 
traffic, that is. Zombies, more zombies, and a Fat Zombie. Kill all of them.
When you reach the highway you'll find out it's blocked, but of course, 
motorcycles could jump that mess. And indeed they do. Thing is, they're not 

                                 Undead Bikers

These guys are trouble, plain and simple. The first thing you'll notice is that
they'll chase you in their bikes, and you can't escape them. They're one of the
fastest enemies of them all and they can cover a lot of terrain in no time.
Their attack is simple, ram you with their bikes. They can also kick you if 
you're at the side of the bike so stay far from them. When you see them coming,
dodge away as quickly as possible but don't lose track of them, as soon as they
steer they'll try that again. As an extra, they'll toss smoke grenades that 
won't let you jump, dodge or shoot (pretty inconvenient when trying to avoid 
them) and they'll also shoot normal exploding grenades, so watch out.

So how do you deal with something that fast? Well the answer is, that they 
always come in full frontal assault, so all you have to do is wait for the 
right moment, shoot, and quickly get out the way. I recommend the shotgun for
this due to the short reload time, but it may take some practice to take them 
down even with that. Also, when you get the Glue Cannon (you still don't have 
it available to buy) its very effective for these, since mobility is their 
strength, and the glue cannon takes care of that. Also, keep in mind that when 
you kill these guys, the bikers will fall from the bikes but set them to blow 
up, so stay away from the bikes.

Monster fest. Bikers, zombies, and some clowns. And the camera gets fixed in 
top-down view here but it's pretty effective for the bikers. After you're done
with this, Larry comes to save the day. Because, if you're on the highway, you
need a ride, and that's exactly what Larry is here for. He'll open the way for
you and give you the Buggy.

Now the Buggy is not that bad, but... the controls were made with the consoles
in mind, so... it's undrivable. You'll have a very hard time getting used to 
controlling this thing, so I won't blame you if the controls get you killed. 
Also, it's a 4 player vehicle, which means a driver, a turretman, and two 
passengers. But of course, in singleplayer, you always have to take the driver
seat, meaning that you can't shoot. The solution? ram the bastards. You can do
so by going forward on in reverse and you'll kill them with any of those ways 
so don't use the Buggy to escape from them, face them! (or they'll just keep 
pursuing you and you want to have less enemies on your tail, not more). Now, 
continue along the highway, dealing with the bikers that pop up. Get down on 
the ramp when you reach it, turn right, then left and you'll see a ramp to jump
from, take it with the boost and you'll be safe from the monsters, and you'll 
have reached a checkpoint. Now you are at the construction site, enter the 
building (leave the buggy, do this one on foot, if the buggy gets destroyed, 
you'll lose). Here, you'll meet someone new, isn't that nice? You're always 
meeting new people here. Well this one in particular is not very nice, and it 
will give you, quite the trouble.


No, I don't know who came up with the idea of green werewolves, but they look 
nice like that anyway. I can assure you, each time you hear their howl, it's 
gonna shake you a bit, especially since you'll you learn to fear these things,
the hard way. They only have one kind of attack, the melee one that sends you 
flying and does a good deal of damage. The problem with them is that they are
very fast. Each time you dodge to avoid them, they can get to you faster than 
you can react to dodge again, let alone shoot them. So, you should keep your 
distance, right? Yeah, right, but they don't like you going too far, so if you
run, they'll just take a long leap and close distance even faster than their 
running speed.

To defeat them, you'll have to be very quick with your reflexes. There are two
general ways to deal with these. The first one is killing them before they 
reach you, but you don't have the weapons for that yet, and even with those 
weapons, it's quite unusual. Don't rely on getting to a higher place, there 
aren't any usually in the game though, when available, it will serve you for 
a while until they decide to leap on you. The other way is wait until they're 
close to you, give them a shotgun blast (best weapon to deal with these, due 
to the reload time since you have to keep dodging, interrupting other longer 
reloads) and then dodge away. They'll follow, you just shoot them again, and 
get out (or they'll get you out even farther with their claws).

Ok, monster fest in the construction site to introduce the wolves, about four 
or five of them (come one by one, don't worry). Also, clowns, zombies, 
explosive ones, and zombie dogs. A good strategy here is to look for the junk 
scattered around and throw it, it does quite the damage(look for the cones, 
they do a good damage, and also, watch for the red lunchbox, it can kill 
anything even a werewolf in one shot). Careful, remember that zombies also can
grab things and throw them at you, and in this part, they seem to do that quite
a lot. I know, you have a buggy with a turret on it but don't use it, we don't
want it to be damaged, remember? The repairman is still far away. After you 
cleaned up this fest go to the exit. It's locked, you'll have to climb the 
building to get the key, not much of a problem, even with the zombies, they're
too dumb and they'll fall. Now get the Buggy, open the door, turn left, deal 
with the bikers at will, continue onwards and you'll reach a traffic light, 
along with zombie-driven cars that cross the street at high speed. don't let 
them touch you, or you're dead instantly. Watch the traffic light, when it 
turns green, you can go on(quickly, boosting preferably, you don't wanna try 
how long does it last). Now continue, don't turn right on the next street, 
instead, go a little further and turn right on the second one, which is a small
parking area. The reason is that there's bikers here, but in the first one 
there's a Fat Zombie that will block your way. Now you get to another crossing,
but this time, no traffic light to help you. You'll have to learn the pattern
but don't worry, it's easy, it goes like this:
-More cars
-More cars, this time, a white van gets out of the street a little, so don't 
get too close to the action. After the van, a black lowrider will cross at very
low speed. That's your chance, it's now or never. Better if you cross by his 
back, rather that in front of him, just in case.

Ok, after that, continue a bit further and you'll find Larry, along with two 
Fat Zombies. If you have the buggy in good conditions, you can try and take 
them with the turret(use the cars to block'em) but I wouldn't recommend it. If 
you go on foot, use the open area at your right, so you draw them away from the
buggy and it doesn't get more damaged(at this point, it's probably at the edge
of destruction).

After you've Killed those, talk to Larry to repair the buggy and move on. 
You'll find a left only turn, so turn. Man, these streets are hell. Well, 
there's someone here who feels right at home.


Yes, demons, plain and simple. They'll appear out of dimensional rifts that 
open right in front of you and charge right away. They have a variety of 
-Standard melee attack. Not used too often, since you're not close to the if 
you're smart.
-Roll attack. This one's quite annoying, they'll cover a lot of ground, almost
instantly, and you're usually in front of them. This is why you want to stay 
far. Don't dodge the attack, just keep dodging the demon itself constantly.
-Teleport. As if avoiding them wasn't difficult enough, if they feel they can't
reach you, they'll just teleport right beside you. Also, if you try to ram them
with the buggy, they'll teleport away.

Aside from that, demons have an elemental attack, which varies depending on 
which kind of demon they are. They can come in three different forms, and 
you'll tell from one another by the color.
-Red/Fire Demon. This one will shoot a fireball that sets you on fire and can 
give you a good deal of damage.
-Blue/Ice Demon. The iceball shot by this one won't hurt you that much, but it
will freeze you, and you'll have to button-mash to escape. Odds are, that 
they'll hit you a couple of times before you do so watch out.
-Yellow/Earth Demon. Now this one is easier to avoid since you can dodge in any
direction. Instead of shooting, this one will pop a rock out of the ground 
below you and send you flying. You just have to pay attention to their 
movements and you'll see when he's about to rock you.

To kill them, distance is recommended. Thing is, they love to be close to you, 
so the werewolf strategy can work with these too (but don't let them get that 
close, the roll attack is so fast that you won't see it coming, let alone dodge
in on time)

But don't worry about the demos for now, you have a ride, so keep riding 
forward until you reach the rainbow. Wait, did you just say RAINBOW? I did.
There's a rainbow blocking the street, but there's a basketball field at your
left that you can get in (not with the buggy, get out of it). Here, you'll see
where this rainbow came from.

It came from someone you're gonna meet more than one time in the game. He's
name is Wally McDoogle, better known as The Leprechaun.

Now, the leprechaun is the one in the game that will give you the unusual 
quests (unusual in the way of "not just go here/there and shoot this/that")
He appears once per chapter, and in this particular one, he'll challenge you to
play "Monster-Fest-Basketball". So, how is it played? Simple. You have 
basketballs scattered through the ground, you have to pick them up, and throw 
them into the magical moving ring(it circles the court). And you have to do it 
while being attacked by zombies and demons. Don't worry about shooting them,
if you do, they'll just keep coming. Concentrate on dodging like crazy and 
getting the balls into the ring, and this should be piece of cake. After you
win, the monsters die and the rainbow disappears. You'll have machines here, so
recharge at will. Get into the buggy, drive a little more, and that's it! You
finally got to the police station. Get out of the buggy and enter.

Well, what do you know, the cops have also turned zombie. Come on! you really
expected to find something here? Well sorry to disappoint you, these cops are
gonna trigger a special monster fest that requires you to kill cop zombies 
only. There are demons here too but they don't count(kill them anyway, they're
really annoying). But here you'll have a little help, You'll be given a free 
one time transformation. This one time transformations serve as tutorial to 
each of the monster forms you can take with the monster amulet, so pay 
attention to them, they'll pop up once per chapter(remember, since the 
transformation depends on the chapter you're playing).
Here you'll turn into werewolf, which is, the most useless of them all but you 
don't really need it much in chapter one so don't worry.

To deal with this monster fest, you can use the crashed helicopter, it will 
cut anything that comes in range(you too, careful).

After dealing with this, an evil garbage truck(full of evil garbage, probably)
will come out to chase you. Hop on the buggy and escape to the highway!. 
Another truck seems to be there, keep escaping! Avoid the cars, ram the 
monsters. Big monsters! Avoid those! You're almost there, save the boost. 
A pit of fire! Now's when you gotta boost! Boost and jump out of there! But the
garbage trucks don have boosts. Too bad fellas, you'll fall to your doom. You
did it! You escaped the trucks, and you've escaped from level 4 alive.


01.e                          Level 5 - Bob's Junkyard

Ok, the last two levels were quite big. This one's not. But that doesn't mean 
it's easy. Actually this one is just smaller in size, not necessarily shorter.

You start by crashing the buggy. Nice one there. You'll find yourself 
surrounded by junk, cars, and the like, and zombie dogs, kill the pests. Now, 
you can continue towards the goal or you can explore a bit, this level's unique
thing is that while smaller that the others, still holds lots of weapon parts.
Just that they aren't scattered too far from one another since there's no such 
space to do that. That means this is your opportunity to get lost of them so 
try to take advantage of it. I will just tell you how to get to the end and 
leave the part-hunting to you.

Now, go to the right from the start, and you'll reach the conveyor belt. A 
cutscene will show you what are you going to face here. Deadly traps, lots 
of'em. They're the main thing of this level so get your dodging skills ready.

Something to note here is that, abut half of the times you enter a part of the 
conveyor belt, monsters will pop up so first concentrate on them, then on the 
traps. Take extra care with the spiders, if they web you, you won't be able to
dodge, nor to run effectively, and the belt will throw you directly into the 
traps and you won't be able to do anything about it. The best option for you 
is get out of the belt when possible to kill them more comfortably.

Now, there are four types of traps you'll face:
-Horizontal Crushers. They come down and you come flat. 
-Double Closing Crushers. Same as the other one, but you have less room to 
jump. Try the middle, for an extra margin(they close so fast on you that it may
not be a great difference really)
-Fire exhausts. Notice that they first throw smoke, then fire. The smoke is 
dangerous too, it will prevent you from dodging so jump after the fire, not 
-Shredders. These are always at the end, usually with the fastest part of the 
conveyor belt as soon as you're getting close to them, look where do you have 
to go before jumping near them, so you can quickly jump to safety.

After you go through all the traps, you'll reach a little alley with zombies 
and clowns. One thing to notice here, after the clowns, dogs, after the dogs, 
Larry. But don't just go to Larry yet! As soon as you get to him, a werewolf 
will attack you from behind, and you don't have much room to maneuver so watch 

After killing the wolf talk to Larry, recharge yourself, get your new weapons,
etc. Make sure you have everything you need. As soon as you get to that wide 
open area you see there, you'll find out why this place it's called "Bob's" 

                                   Boss Fight
                                   Bob Zombie

What do you think the real Bob Marley would think about this guy here? Well, 
don't dwell on that too long. You are gonna have quite the trouble with him.
First thing you should know, he flies, but not constantly, he flies from fixed
spots to other fixed spots. Learn these spots and you can know where is he 
gonna be. Now, let's list his abilities:

-Weed breath. If you're close to him, he might do this. Not really dangerous, 
it will just prevent you from shooting and dodging, but he won't attack you in
the meantime.
-Summon Baddies. All his spells use the same animation and sound so the way to
differ them is by the eye. The summoning is the easy one to recognize, since it
pops purple lights out of the ground, then zombies, explosive ones, and dogs, 
out of said lights.
-A single car. This one is easy to see, and easy to avoid. As soon as the car 
appears on screen run. Simple.
-A single explosive barrel. You don't have to avoid this one, use it as a 
weapon. When the barrel is right on top of him, shoot it, it will blow up in 
his face, doing a helpful damage.
-A lot of junk. This one is the hard one. When he sucks all the junk to throw,
he can suck you too if you're close. That's gonna cut your efforts to avoid the
hit quite a bit, and you don't wanna get hit by this one since, as you know, 
throwing objects does a lot of damage, and if you get hit by only one of these
objects, you'll lose about half you life (wow! that's a lot) so when you see 
he's doing this, get the heck away from there.

So to kill him, you can shoot from a distance, but if he summons help they'll 
block your shots and make you waste ammo on them, so watch where you shoot.
If you prefer closing distance, the shotgun can sometimes make him flee before 
casting the spell, so you can get extra shots at him before running away.

When he's dead, you win. Congratulations! You've finished chapter 1. Only 4 
more to go.

02.                         Chapter 2 - The Shopping Maul

Chapter 2 is quite unique, meaning that the 3 levels this chapter is made of 
have something special in their way of plying that you won't find in the other
chapters. I'll explain with more detail on each one of'em.
02.a                        Level 6 - Parking lot go boom

Now this thing doesn't start IN the mall, you first have to get through the 
entrance for that, meaning you have to cross the parking lot. 
So, enter the lot, as soon as you do, you'll be greeted by Barney's evil twin,
Mr. Huggles (he's not really evil, actually, I think Barney's the evil one).
Huggles loves kids, and what does anyone with love for kids do when he sees
them? Give them C4 of course. And something else that make this a special 
level, Bouncy Shoes. Bouncy shoes will let you bounce to incredible heights,
they require some skill to handle at first, but you'll get used to them.
Now, Huggles is being chased by the monsters so he'll just tell you you 
have the goodies available and run. Thing is, he didn't double check the cart
where he left everything, and it seems the monsters took the C4.
So grab the shoes and follow the waypoint, grab weapon parts at will. The C4 is
in the car wash, and when you reach it, you'll find something else.


Blue. Don't ask. The gremlins can be more annoying than they can be harmful,
due to the fact than they're a support kind of monster. They have the standard
melee attack, along with the ability to set up turrets. The turrets themselves
can be a problem, but when they run out of bullets(tennis balls) they'll 
explode. Their bullets aren't very fast so they're easy to avoid. The final
ability of the gremlins is to throw their wrenches boomerang style, and if you
get hit by them, you'll be stunned, and you will drop a weapon part. They'll 
try to steal it so chase them and get it back.

Don't worry, you won't have a hard time dealing with these, they look meaner
than they really are. All you have to do is shoot them while keeping your 
distance, especially from the wrench attack, and you'll be fine. They don't 
have that big of a life anyway.

The C4 is actually inside the big machine in the middle, but you can't enter 
that thing so you'll have to shut it down. How? with zombies, of course. 
They'll keep popping up and you just have to make them go near the thing and 
they'll get swallowed by it. Get enough of them(the counter's at the bottom of
the screen) and the machine explodes. There's the C4, grab it and get out of 
Now you have the bomb, you just lack a detonator. Follow the waypoint to find 
that, and again, another new monster.


These guys are going to be painful. They'll try to get speed and run you over.
Their other ability is to stand on their hand and spin, and this one you won't
be able to stop. They can also block your shots with their carts, and keep 
advancing on you anyway.

To beat them, you have to use their ability to block against them, since 
blocking won't let them speed up giving you time and room to maneuver around 
them. Don't get close to them, or they'll do that handstand attack and it's 
very nasty. Just shoot them until they block, take your time to get away, wait
'til they drop the shield, shoot again, repeat.

So where is the detonator? a wheeler has it, and he'll keep escaping from you 
until he's dead. Fortunately, you have the shoes to get above the crowd and go 
directly after him. When he's dead, get the detonator and get out of there 
fast. Head to the door and blow it up. Kill the monsters that pop out here and
continue towards Larry. The first part of the level its done. Had fun with the
shoes? Well now you'll have even more fun, and you'll find out why the level's
called like that.

Mechs. I can't emphasize how destructive these things can be. Now, you have 
mechs, and a parking lot full of cars that noone's going to use since there's 
no people around anymore, what would you do? Exactly, smash everything at your
will. Actually, that's the objective, you have to smash cars to get parts for 
Larry, since he stripped out his van to build you the mechs. So go smash!
The best way to do it is with the rockets, those will blast everything in an
arc. Keep blowing things up until you're done with the search, kill the 
monsters that get in your way with the machine gun and the flamethrower(or use 
the bare arm). You can also just crush them under your feet. Feel the power!!

After attaining all the parts return to Larry, repair the mech. Now all you 
Have to do is destroy the front door to get in. Now I don't know what that 
thing's made of, since you couldn't use the C4 on it, neither can you open it 
with the mechs. So how do you destroy such a thing? You throw it a Ferris 
Wheel, of course. And there happens to be one for you in the lot so go get it.
You'll have to use the robot's arm to break it, while shooting everything that 
comes to stop you. After busting it, get to the door, and get in. That's it, 
you're done with the level. Had fun with the mechs?


02b.                         Level 7 - Shopping Day

Now you're in the mall. You'll se lots of zombies hanging around, and 
consuming... like zombies. First thing that happens here though, is the 
Leprechaun. He'll give you an infinite monster transformation. And in chapter 
2, that means you'll turn zombie. The mission here is to get two of each type 
of golden zombies and bring them back to our little irish guy. But how do you 
do that? Well, if there's something Michael Jackson taught us, is that zombies 
love to dance. And that's what you have to do. In zombie form, you have a 
special dancing ability that charms zombies and brings them to your side. So go
collect the zombies. You'll find clowns, spiders, and explosive zombies that 
come to kill you. Kill them with your zombie abilities. Careful with the 
explosive ones, their dynamites can kill your golden zombies, so take care of 
them. Remember that you can destroy some columns to get more golden zombies.
Something you should know, getting zombies to the leprechaun restores your life
(since you don't do it with soda, you're a zombie now). In the way you can also
find a new monster, a mexican one, by the way.


If you didn't know, Chupacabra is the spanish for "goat-sucker". And that's 
exactly what this thing is. It's a crazy mexican sucking the head of a goat.
And the goat isn't very sane either. He has two attacks, the ranged one 
consists on shooting lots of bullets at you. You don't need to jump much to 
dodge this, but you have to move fast. The other attack is the goat trying to 
ram you.

You should stay away from this one, it's tough. When you see he's close to you 
but not shooting, it means he's gonna ram. After the ramming he'll have to rest
a second, that's your chance. Use it to shoot the chili out of him.

Ok, when you're done with the zombie collecting you'll be turned back into 
human. Notice that the zombies will keep minding their own business and they 
won't attack you (and won't be hurt by your attacks) unless you get close to 
them. Now head to the security door to find the switch that will kill the fire.
But as soon as you enter the corridor, another new monster will appear.


This one has two sides to consider, not just one. The first one is the monster
one. It will basically run at you at a considerable speed and attack you on 
melee. It can also jump and attach to walls, and then jump and try to eat you.
You'll have to button-mash out of this. The other side is the tourist that they
have sticked to its back, which is actually a part of it, meaning that if you 
shoot the tourist you'll damage the thing too, and actually, you'll damage it
more since the tourist doesn't have the hard skin of the monster. But this
liability they seem to have comes with a use. If they show their backs on 
purpose watch out! or better, watch aside. They'll shoot with the camera and 
the flash will blind you, stunning you, and actually blinding the real you a 
bit (you, not your character). After all, a flash is a flash, here and in 

So to beat them, keep avoiding them while shooting. The shotgun can be useful 
for this kind of maneuver. You'll have to pay attention with the ear. When 
you hear "Say Cheese!" or "Smile for the camera!" you better look away (turn
your character, make sure it doesn't face the ghoul). If you see them climbing,
shoot them, you'll hit the tourist causing a lot of damage, if not killing them

Take care of the ghouls and the rest of the enemies and hit the switch at the 
end of the corridor. You'll kill the fire. Now get back. Careful, as soon as 
you try to get back ice demos will enter behind you, and spiders in front of 
you. Now that the fire is no more, head to the toy store. You'll find some 
halloween decorations along with a pumpkin headed guy sitting on a giant 
pumpkin. Don't worry about him for now. First, worry about the monster fest at 
hand. Some wheelers and gremlins, zombies too. About at 1/3 of the monster fest
that pumpkin-head guy will hop into the action. You're gonna hate this guy.


Ouch. You're gonna say that when he's around. He's gonna try and hit you with 
his stick pony, but the real threat is his other ability. He can throw his head
at you or at other monsters and if he dies, it will explode. That means that if
you're hit by it, you won't be able to kill him, at least, not without losing a
big chunk of life.

To deal with him, concentrate on him. Forget every other monster and focus on 
him. The only thing you can rely on here is killing him before he kills you.
If you do get hit by the pumpkin, just keep running until it wears of.
One other thing, if he puts the pumpkin on other monsters, the more reason to 
kill him, it will hurt them too.

When you finish with this fest, recharge your life. Head to the store, when you
reach it, you'll see Mr. Huggles is getting abducted by evil dolls. But no time
to rescue him, Jack-O has raise an army of explosive monsters and it's up to 
you to defend the store from them. Lucky for you, there's four turrets outside
the store to help you (hey, big, killer toys are still toys, right?). You'll
have to stand for three minutes. And don't let the zombies pass. Careful, 
explosive zombies, ghouls, wheelers and chupacabras will rush to kill you. Deal
with them. If you see your turret is getting short on life, jump to another 
one, if your turret gets destroyed with you inside you're toast.
After you're finished with this, enter the store, where you'll find Huggles.
Don't worry, he's still cuddly and cute, and he loves kids!Love to kill them...

                                   Boss Fight
                                   Mr. Huggles

The first thing you should know about this boss fight is that there's a lot of
toys around to throw, but there's also evil dolls lurking around, they'll grab
you and you'll have to dodge like crazy to shrug them off. Shoot them if 
Now, Huggles has no life meter, since your shots can't hurt him, you actually 
have to 3 perform special actions to defeat him. The first one is luring him to
the train rail above, there's an electrified portion, and you have to use it 
against him (don't worry, he's too dumb to notice it, he's got his eyes on you 
alone). To lure him, shoot him, he'll come running at you(and try to hug you to
dead, careful with that). Careful with the toy train, do the luring AFTER it 
passes, because even if it doesn't hit you, it will throw Huggles off the 
track, and you'll have to lure him again. when you finally zap him, you'll have
to do it again, this time using the toy keyboard on the ground. You have to 
press the keys in order to make him go play. When he's on the board, you have 
to activate the water, that will zap him again. Now, for the final spark show 
lure him into the generator. He'll get stuck in it and you'll have to press 
four switches in the right order, which you can identify since the next one you
have to tap will be sparking. ZAP! You got him. Or not. The only thing you did 
is destroy the costume, now you'll have to fight the man, er... man...thing, 
inside it.
                                Jabba The Huggle

And the funny thing is, the devs actually made his face look like Jabba's. 
Anyway, this big guy is very angry, and it shows it. He only has three attacks:
-The yo-yo. As long as you keep your distance, you'll be fine, this one's not 
very dangerous.
-Blow bubbles. These won't hurt, but they'll mess up your directional controls
(you know, up is down, left is right, etc.) so avoid it at all costs.
-Spin. This is his fiercest attack, it will have you dodging like crazy but the
problem is, that place is full of toys, and the dolls are camouflaged between 
them so, you move a lot, you find a lot of these things, and it can be painful.

So, how do you kill him if you can't shoot him? With the toys. For some reason,
the toys are the only thing that can penetrate his forcefield. So it's simple,
just toy him to death. You're in a huge toy store, so you won't have trouble 
with the ammo. If you're short on life, try breaking some toys to see if 
there's soda in them.

That's it, level complete.


02c.                          Level 8 - Maul field tour

Ok, you got into the mall. Now you have to figure out how to get out. There's a
giant gap leading to the exit, and you need a vehicle to jump such a thing but 
there's no vehicle around, so you have to go to the sports goods store and get 
one. Start walking, you'll reach a wide open area, and some corpses laying 
there. But one of them has a trumpet, and he's gonna rally the others...

                                  Captain Bones

Some sort of captain from the civil war with a squad of soldiers in boxers.
You can't kill him with bullets. If you do, he'll just rise again in a moment.
Also, he will shoot bursts of bones at you.

The only way to kill him is by killing the soldiers, picking up their skulls,
and throwing them to him. Only one skull is necessary to beat him, so he's not 
that tough. Don't worry about the soldiers themselves, you can cut through them
like butter. 

So keep with the monster fest, about in its half another new monster will 
appear, and this one comes to deliver death from above.

These flying masses of air are something you won't like to see. Their only 
ability is to drop bombs, and they have two kinds of them. Molotovs, and 
grenades, and they work just like yours. Thing is, they have a lot of them.

And they fly too high so you have to keep your distance both to avoid them and 
to shoot them. So you just have to be far from them, but they're fast so keep 
on the move. Also, when they die, they'll come crashing down and explode so get
out of the way when that happens.

Well, enough with the surprises. Survive the monster fest and Larry will come.
He's gonna give you what makes this level different. A new, special, 
only-in-this-level weapon. The vacuum cleaner. A giant one, with the capability
to suck every object on screen, and that will help you a lot. The objects are 
kept flying in front of you much like Bob Zombie's ability to hurl junk at you.
You can use this as a shield, and as a weapon, since the objects will keep on a
twister moving at your will. 
Continue towards the store, you'll find a gap you can't cross. Zeppelins will 
show up and instead from dropping bombs, they'll drop junk. Junk you can use to
fill that gap, so suck it up and throw it into the hole. don't jump when you 
think it's enough, there's a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows how 
filled it is. Fill the bar, and you can pass. Also, Jack-Os and zombies will
attempt to stop you. Use the junk to shield from jack-o's pumpkins and use it
also as a weapon.

Ok, the gap is full, you're on the other side. Enter the store. First thing 
you'll notice is that there's a lot of products available. Suck'em up with your
vacuum, it's a big whirlwind of fun, death and sporting spirit. And speaking
of spirits, some of them have come back from Japan itself to see how good you 


Armors that move by themselves, powered by spirits which seem to have quite the
skill, the samurais are enemies you're gonna respect and fear. They're fast, 
and their melee attack with the katana is very deadly. They can also shoot 
glowing projectiles at you, lots of them, and they can also dash behind you in
a blink an hit you from the back. Careful with that, it's very fast.

Now, the problem with the samurais is that you never know what they're doing
next, since they don't have a pattern, the don't hit when close and shot when
far, so you have to watch them carefully. The best strategy is to keep moving 
away from them, and use the shotgun, since they're a close range enemy. When
there's more than one of them, they use combined tactics so be extra careful 
if you see the teaming up.

But for now, don't worry that much about the samurais, you've got the shiny new
super-weapon, remember? So use it to kill them and move on, get to the top 
floor and there you'll find the all-terrain-vehicles, ATV's to make it short.
But they're out of juice, and it's up to you to charge them up. And for that,
you have to run on the treadmill (powered-powered ATV's, not the brightest
idea ever). Get all the junk you can vacuum because you're gonna need a good 
shield to run on a treadmill while being attacked by zombies, explosive ones, 
samurais, and chupacabras. After you're done with this, get on the ATV and get
out of there(use the ramp to jump, don't go the same way you came).

Ok, the ATV. At the current writing of this guide, it's version 1.01 of the 
game and if a new patch ever comes out(it should, according to the devs) I,
and everyone who's tried to drive this thing, would love to see a bit of help
with the controls. The ATV drives just like the buggy but with a difference, it
has its own turret, and according to Larry on the tutorial, it fires 
automatically. This is not true since these tutorials are made for the console
or a gamepad user, in which the dodging is made with the left stick in a 
direction I think, therefore, the "dodge" button would be always active. But
that's not a truth in the keyboard, and since the turret seems to fire with the
dodge button, you have to press (and hold it, its a machinegun after all) your
current dodge button(default is the spacebar) to shoot. So if the controls get
you killed, you'll have to practice a little more, you'll get the hang of it 

Now, continue towards the last monster fest spot. Here you'll finally meet an
enemy of the monsters, not another friend as always. Too bad he's not your 
friend either.


It wouldn't be a monster game without a guy with a chainsaw and hockey mask, 
would it? But this one's not a monster, he's actually human, and instead of
dying, each time you beat him he'll just run away and come back later.
So you'll be seeing this one a lot. He only has one attack, and that's the 
chainsaw, so stay away from him. He's faster than you, so you'll have to 
continually dodge.

The thing with Billy is, he's not a monster, and the monsters don't like him 
either. So he will attack everything in sight, you, them, everyone, and the 
monsters won't just do nothing and attack you only (well, most of them do) but 
they will fight back. So use Billy to help yourself and try to kill him when
everyone else is dead. He's got a lot of life. Like the Chief, consider him a
half-boss (that keeps returning for more).

So, you have a monster fest in your hands. This one is full of big monsters but
you have the ATV. Keep circling around while shooting everything in sight and
it will be piece of cake, tough it may take a while, they're a lot.

After you deal with this, jump the gap and enter the supermarket to find the 
exit... and something else...

                                 Boss Fight
                                Possessed Cart  

Possessed Shopping Cart to be precise. But that's not all, it's whole train of 
carts (the Possessed one's the locomotive).It's divided into five parts and you
have to take them out one by one, you can't hurt the other ones until you're 
done with the current one. That, and you have to deal with explosive zombies as
well. Keep in mind two important things, one, the train has a fixed route that 
moves along the walls of the supermarket, and two, the locomotive fires rockets
when you're in front of it, and it rams you, and since you can't hurt it until 
you deal with the other ones, you should take this thing from behind. Oh yes, 
and use your ATV(you'll start on foot, but it's right there for you, and free 
repaired too).

I'll list the fight cart by cart.
-Fat Zombie Cart. Easy. This guy just throws explosive blue barrels at you
(blue, they're easy to see) and he's not even much accurate, so take hi with 
confidence, but from a safe distance, if the barrels didn't explode, they will 
when you're close to them, be careful.
-Explosive Barrels Cart. This one's automatic, no monster needed. It's very
dangerous since it throws three barrels each time, so you want to take this one
from the side rather than from behind.
-Gremlin Cart. The gremlin will throw boxes and junk at you, it's not very 
difficult if you keep your distance. Problem is, the next cart also activates 
even if you can't hurt it yet, and it's got a turret so you'll have to play 
with cover a little.
-Skeleton with a Turret Cart. Ok, this one's been annoying you while you tried 
to take out the gremlin, time for revenge. Use cover and don't worry if you 
don't hit him much, as long as he doesn't hit you too. If you have a lot of 
life yet(about 3/4) you can try and take him on directly.
-The Possessed, Billy-driven, pimped up and rocket-equipped Locomotive. 
As soon as you kill the last cart try to get some maneuvering space since the
locomotive will forget about the route and go head on for you. Don't let it
ram you or you're instantly dead. Also, when you see it's facing you, get out
fast to avoid the rockets. If you're ATV is too damaged I'd recommend getting 
out of it before it explodes. It's not necessarily easier on foot, but you'll 
be alive at least(and you'll be able to move freely, instead of having to turn 
the ATV).

When you finally destroy this thing, Billy will jump out of it and try to kill
you the usual way. Kill him, and it's finally over.


03.                         Chapter 3 - High School Hell

Chapter 3 is kind of a transition between the normal levels you've been playing
and the very, very hard levels that come after this. As a result, this chapter
will have you on the edge of death very often. One thing to notice here is that
since you're in a high school, zombies are now teenage zombies. That means 
they died younger and as a result, they're faster, more hyperactive than the 
usual zombies. They also have around 50% more life, and they're very quick.
They're so active that they will run around not always in your direction, 
making them moving targets that are a little harder to hit. Also, in this 
chapter you'll finally be able to buy the Soda Hat item, which slowly restores
your life when you use it. VERY handy to have around, it's a life boost that
you can carry and use at will, but you can only have one at a time and if you
use it, you won't see it again until Larry. 

NOTE: If you're asking "Why is there no video at this chapter's beginning?" 
it's because as for the writing of this guide, the video doesn't play(probably 
a route issue) and since it's in Xbox360 format, there's no way of manually 
watching it. Don't worry, the devs already said that this issue is already 
solved in the next patch, so as soon as it gets released, you'll be able to 
watch it, and I'll be able to remove this note.

03a.                         Level 9 - Track & Field

So after resupplying at the mall the kids decide to take shelter in the school.
Of course, it's never that easy and as with the mall, you first have to enter.
You're not gonna blow the front door this time, it's blocked. By a giant flying
saucer, of all things. You'll have to get to the back door so start moving. 
Don't worry about the parts you see, you'll get them in an easy way soon 
enough. When you're about to leave this first area you'll meet the friends of 
the guy that crashed that saucer (seriously, how do you crash a thing like 


Yes, UFO. And you're on the ground so you'll hate these things. They have three
attacks, a normal shot, a death ray that can only shoot things under them, so 
stay away, and the abduction beam, which will... abduct you. You'll have to 
button-mash to get free. It won't damage you but if you don't free yourself 
you'll get abducted and lose instantly.

To blow them up, simply keep them in your sight and don't stop shooting. They
don't have that big of a life so a couple of well placed shots should do the 
trick. Although the best way to deal with them, is by preventing them from 
coming at all. How? More on that in the next monster.

But the UFO is just a tool, a vehicle, who commands it? They'll drop the answer
right in front of your eyes.


The ground forces of the UFO army. Funny, they seem to have been modeled after
the ones from Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!". Anyway, these soldiers have only
one way of attacking and that's their raygun. When you see them charging it,
move, it's the best way to avoid it, they're terrible marksmen, not very 
accurate. That's why they tend to come in squads of three or four. Their other
skill is the one you're gonna hate. It's the ability to call for the UFOs so if
you don't want to deal with UFOs (chances are you seriously don't) your best
shot is to concentrate fire on them. 

The actual UFO rarely comes by itself, so kill the martians and you'll get rid
of them. They're very easy, since they take an eternity to shoot but they can 
take more than other monsters of their size. 

Notice that they can only call for UFOs in open spaces. If you're indoors, 
you'll have nothing to worry about.

Alright, UFOs, martians, whatever. The important thing here is that there's an
UFO parked right behind you, no driver, and keys inside. Gives you any ideas?
Get into it and show the aliens who the real pilot is here. In a monster fest, 
of course. Note that when you're riding the UFO the martians always call for 
the cavalry, but don't worry, you're in a position to defend yourself pretty 
well this time. After the fest, grab everything you can with the UFO, it's 
easy, you're flying. Continue to the next area and you'll find the irish little
pest again. This time, he'll ask you to fly through rings with your UFO (gives 
you a free repair before that, you'll be at full life). My recommendation is 
keep the shoot button and the death ray button pressed while doing so, to have
less monsters around. Problem here is gonna be the camera at first, but don't 
worry, it's easy to get used to it. When you're done grab all the parts you 
wish and go to the field. Don't enter just yet, Larry's here, take the chance 
to repair your UFO.

To enter the field, you have to go through the door even with the UFO 
(invisible wall, nemesis of all gamers). When you do, monster fest. Again, use
your UFO, it's your only chance (too many zombies and martians to go on foot, 
and multiple werewolves after that). When you're done with the monster fest, 
you'll meet the janitor. No this one's not gonna try to kill you, he's alive,
somehow. You have to escort him to the back door so he opens it (he's got the
key). The first thing you should do is NOT get into the UFO, if you do enemy 
UFOs will come down, and they're actually the only thing that can effectively 
kill the janitor(the other guys do little damage, and you're there to shield 
him and kill them, the UFO's death ray however is area effect, and they always
concentrate on the janitor). So escort him to the door, it's behind the seats.
DON'T LEAVE THE FIELD THROUGH THE DOOR!!! That's not the right way and while 
you can go back, if you cross that door a lot more monsters will come, more
than you may be able to protect the janitor from.

When you reach the door, he'll take some time to find the right key, protect 
him again and when he's finally done, enter the school.

But this is not over yet, as soon as you're in, someone throws a ball to the 
janitor and the door closes. You'll realize you're in the gym, and you're not 
alone. Billy's here, take him out. But Billy doesn't seem to have that kind of
accuracy so who threw the ball? You're not gonna like the answer.

                                     Boss Fight
                                     Gym Teacher

No pain, no gain. Pain? Yes, you're gonna have plenty of that here. Gain? I 
don't think so. This is one of those special boss fights that you don't win by
shooting. Actually, there's a wall that blocks all your shots. What you have to
do here is play dodgeball against the zombie team and their leader, the coach.
Balls are provided by the coach, who throws them at your face in hopes of 
getting you killed, or gives them to the zombies that make up her team. First
thing you should know is that there are two kinds of ball, the normal one, and 
the electrified one. Don't touch the second one, obviously, they'll be around 
just to make this more difficult. Your goal here is to hit the coach with a 
ball five times (three on child's play difficulty) but to do so, you first have
to clear the opposing team's field or she'll never get in range. For that, you 
have to hit the zombies with the balls but careful, they can dodge them and 
they'll also throw balls at you, but you can grab them in mid-air and you'll 
take them out. Careful when trying this, if you try and catch them up front, 
you may be hit by them(you'll catch'em anyway, but at a cost). The best way is 
to catch them from the side but remember, if they hit the ground it will be 
useless, and also, you won't gain anything by catching the coach's balls in 
mid-air, only the zombies can die from that. Each time you hit her, she will 
call her team again (and if you're not fast enough, she will call them and 
retreat before you hit her, and you'll have to kill them once more, don't let 
this happen!). And the less life she's got, the more zombies the team contains.
Also, when she's two hits from death, zombies will appear in your side of the 
field to make your life more difficult(as if this wasn't difficult enough) 
they'll even pick up the balls on your side of the field to throw them at you.
Not only this causes a big damage, but it will also give you less balls to work

When and IF you kill her (if you die more than five times, keep trying! I too 
died a lot here until I got the hang of it), grab the tokens and head to the 
door to complete the level (weird, it doesn't end automatically like with the 
other bosses). Now you got a taste of how difficult this game can be, Dying a 
lot in the same part is something you'll have a lot in the final two chapters 
so use this one to get used to it.


03b.                      Level 10 - Inside Hell School

Alright, you're in the school now. As soon as you start moving you'll meet the
Principal himself. You are NOT gonna like him, right from the start. First 
thing he does here is confiscate all your weapons, both ranged and melee since
we don't want another Columbine, do we? After that he's gone and leaves behind 
zombies and gremlins in a monster fest to take care of you. You're weaponless!
Your only chance is to start grabbing objects and use them as weapons. I 
recommend the blue chairs and the orange rectangular plates. They're deadly.
They actually damage more than the big tables (don't ask me) and you can kill
a zombie or a gremlin instantly with these. So kill them, grab the weapons,
recharge your life with the soda machine if you need to, and continue towards
the hallways.

When you get there, you'll be granted a demon form (this chapter's monster 
transformation) and it will help you clear the next monster fest, of 6 monsters
only (wasted transformation if you ask me). Go a little further and you'll find
that you have to sneak around this one to get to the Principal's office where
your weapons are stored. If you get caught you'll be sent to the detention room
where you'll find zombie hands, which are basically like dogs and cats, just 
that they grab to your face, not your butt. Deal with them and get out of that 
room to try again, it's easy. When you finally reach the office you'll get your
weapons back. Hurray! Weapons!

Continue along the hallway and you'll find that this school was haunted after 


Afraid? Don't be, these guys are piece of cake. All they can do is possess you,
and when they do, there's two possibilities:
-Lift you in the air. And drop you to the ground, if you don't take them out of
you. Button-mash quickly before you're dropped or you'll suffer damage.
-Fully possess you. First, they have to pass your button-mashing, and if they
do, you have to vomit them. You won't take damage, and the vomit also hurts
monsters (other players too if you're on a co-op) but if you let them stay long
enough, you'll die instantly, so puke as fast as you can.

Killing them is easy. All you have to do is wait for them to come at you, shoot
them, and get out of the way. Sometimes, shooting them will make them stop in 
their tracks, so shoot them again, take the chance. Remember, they can clip
through walls so that's why I say shoot them when close, otherwise is a waste 
of bullets (unless you're using the railgun, which pierces through objects).

Next to the ghost appearance is Larry. Shop at will. Continue through the
narrow hallway, careful, hands, then explosive zombies with a jack-o, kill the
bastards. Here you'll find two extra rooms you can get in to get weapons. The
second one has a samurai but the first is empty. Continue a bit further and
you'll reach the library. Get down and trigger the monster fest. Billy here, 
not to worry, you have plenty of room to maneuver. Also martians, gremlins, and
some ghosts. Oh, and Horror Books, these little flying pests will kamikaze at
you and they're very difficult to spot due to their size (and due to the fact 
that you're in a library, they camouflage well) but don't worry, they don't do
much damage.

After the fest exit the library, go up the stairs, deal with the zombies, 
ghosts, gremlins and jack-o and you'll hit a checkpoint and vending machines.
Notice that there are two rooms, the one to the left, in flames, only contains
weapon parts. If you enter, you'll have to deal with imps and a Fat Zombie.
The one to the right is the one to go. Be prepared for this one, if you have
the soda hat, chances are you'll use it here. 

When you enter, monster fest, with Billy again but this time you have a very 
tight space to face him. Also, the room consists in three rows of floor and two
of tables. Try to stay in the center because there's a gas that keeps popping
out from the vents that covers all but the central row, and it won't let you
shoot or jump, things you really need here and that's why this area is so 
difficult. Aside from Billy, you'll be facing row after row of explosive 
zombies, and given the tiny space, this is bad news. They come three by three
so if you happen to have the cellphone tazer in level 2 (you probably don't)
it's your chance to use it, since it's a non-explosive, crowd control weapon 
that can only kill three enemies, but that's exactly what you need. You'll have
to deal with five in the last row, two of them being fire imps, careful, 
another monster you don't want close are the imps. It's a total of 42 monsters
here. That means Billy, the two imps, and 39 explosive zombies that come in 
groups of three so it's pretty long. 

When you're done here, don't continue, go back instead, remember there's a soda
machine right there. Now yes, continue, kill the zombies, and enter the final 
area where you'll find Zack's creation, a robot... with weapons. Yay! Now we
have a robot that will protect us instead of killing us!! Er... no. Sorry to
disappoint you but it's been reprogrammed by the Principal to be EVIL. Very 

                                    Evil Robot

These are certainly killing machines, they come in three sizes, small, medium
and huge. The one you see here is the medium one, the huge doesn't fit here.
They have three ways of delivering metal death to you:
-Ram you. You won't have a warning for this one so you'll want to be far enough
from them. Don't worry, if you are, you'll see it coming and will have time to 
dodge it. Careful, it's very fast.
-Electrical beam. This one is close range and they usually try it before 
ramming you. It stuns you for a sec but so long as you're far from them you 
won't have to deal with this.
-Missile. That's the long range attack and they'll first lock on with a red 
laser light so you'll know it's coming with enough time to get away. Don't 
worry, they'll lock to the ground below you but if you move, the lock doesn't 
so it's easy to avoid.

To kill them, all you have to do is pay attention to them, measure your 
distance, and above all, keep moving. They're very slow (unless they're ramming
you, they cover a lot of area and quickly with that) so keep shooting from
safety. If more monsters are around, you may want to leave this one for last.

So you have to kill everything that comes at you here. Namely, small and medium
robots, and some gremlins (and some books, if you spot them). After that, the
Principal will break through the wall wearing an awesome exo-suit, but it's too
big to fight here (it's too big to be fought, anywhere) so the kids will just
run away. Bunch of cowards. Anyway, the level ends here.


03c.                          Level 11 - School's Out

This is the level that separates the weak from the strong. Meaning that if you
keep dying here like crazy, you're strong, but if you keep dying and you quit,
you're weak. You WILL lose like crazy, of that, have no doubt. If you quit and
come back later, it's fine. Just don't stop playing the game because of this 
level and you'll be rewarded (with even more difficult stuff, that is).

So, why is this level so tough? Well, first of all, you're in the rooftops,
and there are no walls. If a monster tosses you out of the roof you're dead.
And second, ah, but you'll see that later... For now, Larry is at the start 
(and that means he's only there, you won't see him again in this level) so do
the required shopping and move on. Notice that there's a lot of explosive 
barrels to play with. The barrels will respawn a short time after exploding, 
and it happens all over this level. You'd think that's an advantage. It's not.
Zombies can throw them at YOU and they do a lot here. Also, anything that fires
triggers the kaboom so if a monster fires at you and you're near one of'em, bad
luck. You'll have plenty of that tonight.

Anyway, monster fest. Full of zombies that love to throw barrels at you. Demons
too. And explosive zombies, zeppelins, and, oh hey! there's the huge-sized evil
robot I was talking about. Big, isn't it? Ok so deal with the monster fest (you
may die on this one, demons love to push you out of the roof with the roll 
attack so pay attention to those. Also, to the barrels, an explosion can send 
you flying away and get you killed). You have a soda machine to deal with this,
I recommend you use it.

After the monster fest recharge at will (use Larry, not the machine, he's 
unlimited, remember?) and continue to the next roof. Monster fest again. This
time is Billy and the martians so no big deal. See all the ventilation 
exhausts? They make good cover, keep that in mind. Some ghost come along with 
them and when everyone else is dead, two bigfoots.

Recharge. Get to the next roof. Here it gets nasty. Of course, making a giant
exo-suit just for showing off at the previous level seems like a waste of time.
Well, that's not gonna be the case today.

                                   Boss Fight
                                  The Principal
                                     Part 1

Part 1? Yeah, this is one of those bosses that just keeps coming and you have 
to deal with them multiple times and they change strategy for each one, and so
must you. Let's get to the first one.

Remember I said the ventilation exhausts made good cover? Well you'll have to 
use it here. In this part, the Principal uses a huge minigun that you just 
can't try to avoid, so you'll have to use these as cover. His other attacks
consist of hitting the ground, which calls for an evil robot (maximum of 2 at 
the same time) and also damages you if you're close, and also, ramming you. 
DON'T LET HIM RAM YOU!!!! He'll throw you so far that you will certainly fall 
from the roof no matter where you are. Cover can also be useful for blocking 
that. Shoot him all you can, especially before the robots appear, after that 
you'll have to avoid not one but three enemies. Don't even bother with shooting
the robots, he'll just call more. You can try and use the explosive barrels 
here to cause him a good damage but you have to do it fast for if you get hit,
the barrel will explode in your face, and that's already a bad thing.
Take a look around and you may see some gray bricks, these can contain soda so
if you feel you need a recharge, go break some. Don't worry if you have to use
the soda hat here, you have a break to go to Larry each time you defeat him.

After dealing with him here, he'll run to another roof and give you a path to 
cross, and a checkpoint. It's the only one you'll get. By the way, this was the
easy part of this boss. The next ones are hell in comparison.
                                    Part 2

Part 2 is probably the fastest one, since it will have you hitting the dodge 
button and the jump button like a madman. Here instead of a minigun, the 
Principal comes equipped with a beam gun that produces rings. Jump through the
rings and they'll disappear. His pattern here goes like this:

-Shoot a ring.
-Jump a-la-bigfoot.
-Try to land on your head, sending you flying and killing you instantly.
-Shoot another ring.
-Jump Again.

So it figures yours should be like this:

-Jump through the ring.
-Dodge like crazy so he doesn't land on you.
-Jump through the next ring.

It doesn't really sound that hard but you have some more things that make this
a very tough fight. First, there's an evil robot in the middle of all this. Of
course, killing him will just bring a new one so you have to avoid him too. 
Second, there's a very tight space to maneuver, and maneuvering is the only 
thing that can save you here, so it gets harder like this. Third, the place is
full of explosive barrels, and if one of them goes boom near you, you may fall,
again. And fourth, he doesn't really take his time between attacks, as soon as
he shoots the ring he'll be jumping and as soon as he land he will have shot 
the ring before you can even turn around and see him.

So, how do you beat this thing? Well, when he shoots the ring you do have a 
second to shoot, but you'd be avoiding the ring in that second and that's why
you have to jump through it. As soon as you land, shoot. Miss? Too bad, he's 
jumping again already. But don't worry, you have lots of chances. Since you 
have to be constantly on the move, the shotgun may be the only weapon that can
help you here. The robot can also play in your favor, due to the fact that the 
missile locks in the ground inmediatly below you, and so does the Principal 
when jumping, so it can happen that the missile actually hits the principal, 
causing damage. If you get hit by the ring, you'll be shocked for a sec, but 
that's all the time he needs to crush you so get away fast when this happens!

When (if) you kill him, he'll retreat to the final roof, and you have a break 
to, again, go with Larry.
                                     Part 3

This is the last one. Notice that if you die here, you'll have to go through
part 2 AGAIN. That's what makes the death count so high the first time you play
through this level. And part 3 is not easy either.

You've beaten him twice and he's VERY angry about it. So much that he's gonna 
use a bigger arsenal now. First thing to notice is that he flies, and that 
gives you a disadvantage when trying to hit him. He has a total of 4 attacks.
All of them very deadly.

-Missile. You'll see a lock following you and that's where it's going to land.
So keep dodging it until it does (the lock's fast but you can be faster if you
dodge). Keep in mind that you have limited space to avoid so you may want to 
wait until he actually fires the missile and avoid it at the right time (it's 
all dark, you may not see it, but you can clearly hear it).
-5 Missiles. At the same time, but these don't lock on you, you'll see five 
locks scattering around, that's where they're gonna land. Careful, the place is
full of explosive barrels so try to be in an open area (you can shoot the 
barrels to clear space if you wish).
-Laser. It will sweep all the area so you have to jump it at the right moment.
It's not enough with just that, since it will blow up all the barrels, meaning
that you should try to find an open area or you'll get serious damage. Also, if
you get hit by the laser, it will take about half your life, so watch out!
-Drill. Not very dangerous, and easy to avoid, it's just a giant red drill. Be
watchful of this one, he may land after it and you'll have a clear shot at him.

So it's simple, your enemy here are actually the barrels around. Be careful 
with those (grab them and throw them to him, you may hit him, and if not, at 
least you'll have less barrels to worry about, until they all respawn again.

When you finally kill him, yes, he's not coming back again, you did it, you 
beated this guy. He's still not happy though, and will try to take you along.

Now the whole school's coming down and you have to escape! Return to the start 
where Larry was. Don't worry about the monsters that come at you, just keep 
running. Careful with the ground below, it's crumbling and you don't wanna be
in it when it does. Follow the waypoints to get the best route and do so 
quickly. When you reach the final part keep running and you'll find the garbage
disposal pipe, get in it! Ahhh, you're out. The level's over. Big relief.


04.                        Chapter 4 - Cemetery Scary

Here's where the going gets tough. Very tough. Not only because of the 
composition of the levels but because of the monsters themselves. The new ones
you'll meet here and in chapter 5 are seriously tough. The levels themselves
are quite longer than in the other chapters, taking a minimum of 45 minutes to
complete, and that's when you've played them lots of times. Some of them will
even take you up to two hours (and sometimes more, if you keep dying) so, sit 
down with time to play, you don't want to repeat one of these because you had 
to left the computer when you were at the boss. Also, the monsters you've 
already met will now come in lots of situations where you are at a serious 
disadvantage (tight spaces, moving terrain, deadly traps, etc.). Oh, and the 
normal zombies are back, no more teenage zombies to deal with.


04a.                        Level 12 - Cemetery Trek

Now, who can be so dumb to enter a cemetery at night in the middle of a 
monster invasion? A B-Movie character, of course(this is a game about B-Movies,
remember?). Seriously, a word of advice, if we ever get a real monster invasion
stay out of the cemeteries folks. And if you HAVE to go, do it in the day.

You'll start this level with the Janitor's ghost opening the door for you, but
he can't do much else, he needs his bones to help you further, and you have to 
go and find them. I will list the 5 bone locations by "first one in sight" 
order, but you can play them in any order you wish. Larry is in the middle of
the level, if you need him (go check out the new weapons available, he's got 
the railgun! He still doesn't have any BFGs, though). Oh, by the way, you'll
get a checkpoint each time you get out of a place with a bone. If you die, 
you'll start where Larry is.

-The first one is a big square graveyard that's separated into smaller squares
that connect to each other. Navigate through the squares and when you've gone
through all of the exterior ones you'll reach the central one where the bone 
is. Notice that there's a lot of graves (it's a graveyard, after all) and you
can shoot them to find life and ammo. So hey! There's a lot of life and ammo
around, then it's easy!. No, it's not. That's why we have so many life and 
ammo in the first place, but you'll never have it when you need it. Anyway when
you get to the central yard the bone is right there for the taking, so take it.
Whoops! Monster Fest. Werewolf here, with zombies. Captain Bones comes too, 
then wheelers, ghosts, more zombies, and finally, an evil robot. After the 
fest, get out and continue towards the next bone.

-Second is another big square graveyard, but with no sub-yards this time. This 
one is simple, get through the door, go pick the bone, get back. And do it 
quickly, there's a lot of monsters here and with all the graves you won't have 
room to dodge. Of course, you can try and fight your way to the bone and back,
but this is the only case that's not necessary, so avoid the fight if you wish.

-The next one is a walled graveyard on a hill, and you'll have to climb it up 
in zig-zag. Lots of zombies and a casual gremlin or jack-o in the way. When you
reach the top, you'll find a new monster, one that you're gonna hate with all 
of your soul.


The witches are gonna be appearing a lot, and I mean a LOT. So you better get
used to them. They will always fly towards you in their magic brooms, and then,
they'll keep making circles around you which is really inconvenient. They have
three spells in their arsenal, each nastier than the last one, and you can call
them by the colored light they produce when being casted:

-Blue/Summon Cat. This one takes the least time to be casted, it will summon a
cat out of nowhere to harass you. Kill the cat please.
-Red/Beam Spell. Simple, they shoot magic at you and cause damage.
-Green/Frog Beam. I can't emphasize how nasty this one is. It's shot the same 
way as the red beam but instead of damaging you, it will turn you into a frog.
When you're a frog, you can't do anything about it, nor button-mash out of it.
The fact that you can't attack is nothing compared to the fact that if you get
hit in frog form, you die instantly. So the only thing you can do is run like 
hell. It will wear off just when the witch begins to cast a new spell (not WHEN
she does, but the time that she takes between spells happens to be the time 
you'll stay like a frog).

There are two things to remember when battling the witches. One, since they 
take time to cast, their spells can be interrupted if you hit them with enough
damage. The shotgun's very useful for this as it will disrupt them in one shot.
And two, to avoid their beams, don't dodge, jump. The beam travels instantly so
you don't have time to see when to dodge. But if you keep jumping, you may have
a chance since you're always going up and down, making yourself a more 
difficult target for them.

Monster fest. Some zombies, couple of witches, spiders, and a clown. Get the
bone and get out of there.

-The mausoleums. To get here, you'll have to cross the area that's filled with
tombs. Careful, you can fall in them. Some do nothing and you can just jump 
out, but others may try to get you inside, and keep you there. Button-mash out
of it or you'll die instantly. When you're past this place, you'll see the
mausoleums and some stone gargoyles with glowing eyes (this level seems to make
everything more glowy with the fog, but at a cost in pc power, I like the glow 
anyway). Find the mausoleum with the bone inside and enter, then you'll find
that... yes those gargoyles ain't statues. You're really gonna wish they were.


Of all the monsters in the game, the gargoyles are some of the hardest you'll 
find. No, it's not a joke about the stone, they're seriously tough. They're
very fast flyers, able to cover amazing distances in a second, and they're 
always on the move. If they miss you, they'll attack again right away. If they
hit you, they'll attack again too. Their attacks are divided between ground and
air. On the ground, they'll always run to hit you on melee, they're not that
fast when walking so this is your chance. If you shoot them they'll cover with
their wings and you cant hurt them then. You have to wait until they move again
or try to go around. When they take the skies it's major trouble. If you see 
them not moving it's because they're gonna throw stones at you, in an arc, very
difficult to avoid since you never see them coming and they're very fast. Their
other attack is to dive at you at high speed and slash you with their claws. 
Much like the ghosts do but these guys don't go straight, if you move they'll 
change direction so it's very difficult to evade them.

So how do you defeat something that doesn't stop for a moment, flies, and gives
a lot of damage while being able to take a serious punishment? No clue. I can't
really help you much here. My only advice is to get far from them, always have 
them in your sight, and above all, concentrate your fire on them. You'll beat 
the blasted things, one way or another.

So, I may have discouraged you a bit with that. Don't listen to me, keep 
playing. I know I did. Anyway, Monster Fest with some gargoyles, zombies, 
martians and a Fat Zombie. After you kill everything, Billy. Try to make him 
fall into one of the graves, he'll be useless, and you'll be laughing at him a
bit. You've got the bone, return by the way you came.

-The Elevator (The Pit, actually, but the elevator is the thing you'll remember
from here, trust me). This part is gonna get you killed so much that you'll 
think the devs hate you. Don't worry, they probably just hate the guys on 
"testing" and they programmed this thing for them. In theory it's simple, it's
one of those old-fashioned elevators that keeps moving while monsters assault 
you on it. In the practice, it's not. Why? Because you can actually fall from 
this one, and you'll be facing jack-o after jack-o, which, we know, love to put
bombs on your head, bombs that send you flying out of the elevator and kill 
you, to be precise. My advice here, use any of the items you have. Turrets, 
boomboxes, holobuddys, even the monster amulet (but you still don't know how to
control the monster you turn into here, so maybe the second time you play this
level). Just keep focusing on killing jack-o and not getting killed by him and
you should be (relatively) ok. When it gets to the soda machine, half-way to 
the bottom, no more jack-o's, but a monster fest right there, with that little
space, and of course, lots of monsters you don't wanna see in confined spaces.
It includes a witch, a zeppelin, two wheelers, two gremlins, a martian who 
loves to call for the UFO (very inconvenient in little spaces) and a fire imp.
The trick here is not getting hit by the wheelers, since they can send you 
flying to your death. For that, you can use the glue cannon to keep them in 

When you reach the ground, you'll be monster-transformed. This time into a 
vampire, which is by far the best transformation available since it can fly, 
and it can give you more time as a monster by sucking the life of death 
enemies. Here in the pit you'll find a pond of black water. Now, by the writing
of this guide, there's a bug here that may prevent you from sinking in it (you 
should, there are moving platforms to cross and everything) but we'll assume 
you actually can. But not to worry, you have the vampire form, and you can fly.
So fly to the bone, kill the witches so they don't follow you when you go up 
again. Then get back to the elevator and press the switch to go up (the vampire
form ends by doing this, what a waste of a good transformation that was).

Well that's it, you've got the five bones, now go to the mansion and the 
Janitor will open the door for you, get in. Monster fest. Some gargoyles, 
witches, explosive zombies, and Captain Bones. After the fest, enter the 
mansion and recharge. Get ready, here you'll meet your nemesis.

                                   Boss Fight
                                 The Ghoul Squad

So, who could be the nemesis of a gang of four kids? Another gang of four kids,
of course. Kids made out of who knows what by the Grimm Reaper (yes, the Grimm
Reaper made them himself, according to their description) to combat the gang.

But here, you won't meet the whole squad, you will only fight YOUR character's
nemesis (each kid has a counterpart in the Ghoul Squad). I believe you fight
more when you have more players with you, and it also depends on the other 
players characters to decide who's your enemy. 

Now, each member of the Ghoul Squad has one of the weapons you can buy (in 
level 2 it seems) and that's what they do, shoot with your very same weapons. 
Also, they can throw grenades and molotovs, and they have melee weapons, and 
the same POW attacks than you (so be extra away from them, the POW attacks can
cut about 70% or more out of your life). I will list them along with their 
weapon of choice and who's character nemesis they are.

-Zack/Butch. Butch's the big, slow one. His weapon is the minigun so the best
way to deal with him is by finding cover or moving a lot.

-Carrie/Clarisse. Clarisse is one you seriously want to avoid, since she has 
Carrie's POW attack, and that's the one that comes at you at lightspeed and 
delivers a single powerful blow. Her weapon is the grenade launcher so as long
as you keep your distance you should be fine. Long range weapons recommended.

-Andy/Anthony. Anthony uses the shotgun so he will always try to be close to 
you. Don't let him. You'll have to move a lot to fight this one.

-Jennifer/Kelly. Kelly likes to use a modified rocket launcher, her version is 
way better that yours, meaning she doesn't get slowed down as much as you do (I
think she DOES get slowed a little, but not much). The rocket launcher is long
range so you'll have no problem about her getting too close. Still, the rockets
are very deadly, and they explode on contact so you have to dodge a lot to beat

After you win the fight, take their monster tokens (they're the ones who drop 
the most, so take the chance) and exit the mansion. Head to the sewers entrance
to end the level. 

Was it difficult? Was it long? Don't worry, harder and longer levels come next.


04b.                        Level 13 - Sewers & Swamps

This level is divided into two areas, the sewers... and the swamp of course.
First of them is the sewers, which consists of narrow corridors with water in 
the middle (you can fall, be extra careful) and more narrow corridors, but with
no water in them, so you'll usually have to get back a lot to avoid getting 
killed, since there's no room for dodging left and right, forcing you to use 
the "kill them before they kill you" strategy, which consists in shooting with
all you got and trying to kill the enemies before they reach you (invented in
the arcades on games like House of the Dead). So, start walking down the path
and you'll find zombies, witches, and some explosive zombies (zombies always
come out of the ground, so it figures there must be lots of them in the sewers)
Notice the abundance of wooden boxes, these are full with soda and ammo so 
before continuing always make sure you destroy them to be at full life, you'll
have few soda machines here so they're your best source of rechargers.
When you reach the first turn, you'll find that there are no rats on these 
sewers, there's some nastier vermin...


Guess THEY killed the rats. The scorpions are major annoyance here, since they
don't even have much life, nor they damage too much either. The only thing they
do is bite and sting (bite is normal, sting stuns you). But the problem with 
the scorpions is that they ALWAYS come in swarm, and egyptian-themed movies 
have taught us that you can't battle these swarms with shotguns.

Then how can you battle them? Two options, the flamethrower which will set the 
whole swarm on fire (they're too close to each other) or the glue cannon that
will put a stop to their movement and damage them (you need it in level 2 for 
this) and while its a very little damage that every other monster may ignore, 
these have such a low life that it will kill them in a second. Of course, you 
can always try with the shotgun, but you'll have to kill them one by one.

After the scorpions encounter you'll reach another water path and it's blocked,
so you have to cross to the other side using the floating boxes (easy, you've 
probably done things like this hundreds of times). Keep going and you'll reach 
a big platform, and there, another new monster.


One has to wonder, why are they down in the sewers when they're half-bird. 
Anyway, these are not easy to handle, they're always flying near you but 
contrary to the witches, they don't take time between attacks (much like the
gargoyles, but these prefer to stay on the air). They have two attacks, one is
a tri-shot of feathers (you can spot them since their trails glow) and the 
other consists of diving and grabbing you with they're claws, and then keep 
scratching you until you button-mash out of it, or lifting you in the air in 
hopes of throwing you down, again, button-mash out of this before it's too 
late. You'll take some damage from this even if they don't throw you. Also, 
each time you kill them they'll lay an egg and if you do not destroy it 
quickly, a new harpy will hatch and you'll have to kill it again.

The most important thing when fighting harpies is keeping on the move, they're 
attacks while fast are not that hard to avoid if you do this. The real problem 
comes when you want to shoot them while trying to avoid them. That's why I find
the Radioactive Flashlight very useful, since it's a continuous attack that 
you can interrupt at any time to move without repercussion. Also, higher level
flashlights will set them on fire, giving you an extra edge. Remember, 
concentrate on the egg, you don't want to have to fight a new harpy.

Monster fest here. Not very difficult, more like an introduction to the harpies
(and harpies there's a lot here). Continue the path, you'll be fighting 
everything here, from ghouls to evil clowns. Take extra care with the gargoyles
and the samurais, you don't have much room to maneuver (the samurais ain't that
hard here, you can dodge back, but the gargoyles are more problematic, as 
always). Keep going(it's a long road) and you'll reach another platform, and
again, a new monster.

                                     Swamp Boy

Boy... more like Swamp "Thing" or Swamp "Creature". Anyway, it's a monster made
of weeds, sewer water and garbage. It's pretty fast and it will have you on the
move constantly. He has four ways of attacking:

-Normal Melee. He moves fast so he does this more than you think.
-Water Pump. Remember the clowns acid spray? Just like that but it's a constant
flow and lasts longer.
-Throw garbage. Exactly that, gets a piece of garbage out of his body and 
throws it at you. You can return it, of course, but it will disappear after a 
-Go Underground. And pop up right from below you so as soon as you see him 
disappear, get out from your current position and you should be fine.

Killing him is much like killing werewolves. Just keep moving and give him a 
taste of the shotgun. He's a bit bulky, so it should hit effectively.

Monster fest here too, careful with the explosive zombies, they can blow you 
out of the platform. Harpies com next and at the end, a samurai.

After the fest continue a bit further and you'll find Larry, who has a present
for you, the hover boat. It's much like the buggy, but it's amphibious, and the
driver can shoot here, not only the turretman.

Drive it to the exit and get out of the sewers. Now comes the swamp, and you'll
be traveling it exclusively in the boat so don't let it get destroyed.
At first, lots of flying things will be after you, don't pay attention to them,
just follow the waypoint and you'll find Larry again (all those who were 
following you die) along with the entrance to the catacombs. Remember I said
the Ghoul Squad was created by the Grimm Reaper? Well Grimmy's been busy here
locking the catacombs and now you have to unlock them. To do so, you'll have to
locate the five gems that act as keys, so go find them.
In the way, you'll find a monster fest consisting of pirates, witches and 
zeppelins. I'd recommend you kill the witches first, since they shots are hard 
to avoid on that thing. Then kill the zeppelins and the pirates. Now, to the 
gems in question:

-Yellow Gem. Not the nearest but you better go find this one first. You'll see
why. When you reach the gem's location you'll find the Leprechaun has it, and 
he will challenge you to a race for it. You'll face a zeppelin here, and you 
have to get through all the checkpoints to win. Now, if you see the zeppelin
is incredibly fast, and that when you're half-way through the track he has 
already finished the race, don't be surprised. There's a bug in this level that
prevents the hoverboat from reaching full speed, and the only way to get rid of
it is by dying (or reverting to the last checkpoint, your choice, the results 
are the same). When you revert, you'll appear where Larry and you'll have to go
get all the gems again, that's why I told you to come here first, to check if 
you have the bug before getting all the other gems. Anyway, if you reverted, 
the boat is there to grab, and when you hop onto it, you'll be surprised by the
difference in speed. So now go and kick his little irish butt. He'll give you
the gem but you have to go on foot to grab it. Remember, the driver always 
exits from the right of the boat (so try to not have water on your right when 
you get out, that's the way I figured out how to get rid of the bug ;) )

-Blue Gem. That one's just standing there for the taking, so take it.

-Red Gem. This one is behind a big mausoleum, try to take care of the monsters 
first with the boat and then leave and grab it.

-Green Gem. This one triggers a monster fest. A big one, not because of the 
number of monsters but because they come all at the same time (they're like 
42), but they're all zombies and skeletons and the like, so get out of the boat
and have some fun with your melee weapons. After that, take the gem.

-Purple Gem. As soon as you grab this one Billy appears in front of you. Don't
worry much about him or the monsters, just get to the boat and get out, there's
no need to fight them.

After you have all the gems return to Larry and the entrance will open. Enter,
the go to the catacombs entrance. Ah, but it's not that easy, a new monster 
waits here for you, and it's one you'll learn to fear.


He's VERY tough. Like the chief, he's a half-boss but you will find them in 
many places, usually with some special way to kill them, but not this time, 
this time you go head to head. He only has two attacks, one is running at you
at a very high speed and smashing the ground, making area damage and blowing 
you away. You have to move a lot to avoid this. The other one is an 
electrostatic attack that pulls everything to him, including you, and damages a
lot. The closer you are, the harder to escape it so keeping your distance is 
something you MUST do in order to survive him.

And how do you kill something that big? Well, we don't have a mob of angry 
villagers with pitchforks and torches so we'll have to improvise. The most
important thing here is to avoid getting killed. Keep shooting in the little 
pauses you have and eventually he'll come down. But it can take a while 
depending on the weapon you choose, since he has a LOT of life. Try the grenade
launcher, it tends to be effective. The glue cannon may give you a little time
to shoot comfortably since he can't do anything to you from a distance.

After you kill him, head to the catacombs to finally end the level. Not very 
hard was it? Don't worry, you'll know what difficulty means in the next level.


04c.                        Level 14 - Ancient Catacombs

How do I describe this level? It's hard. And long. You better make sure you 
have a minimum of two hours to spend before starting this... make that three,
just in case. Of course, that's the first time you play it, after a couple of
times, you can make it in an hour or so, if you don't die (chances are, you 

So we better get started, and you do so in a small area. Notice there are arms
ahead that come out of the ground. The best way to clear them is fire. Don't 
get near them or they'll grab you and you'll have to button-mash out of it. As
soon as you put a step out of the starting position you'll be attacked by 
harpies and skeletons (many of those here, more than the zombies). Deal with 
them and if you've cleared the hands, continue. Notice there's a lot of deadly
traps in the form of spikes that come out of the ground. Careful with those. 
Oh, and the spikes can damage the monsters too, take that in mind, and they 
even damage flying ones, so the witches and harpies can be defeated with some 
help of these.

Continue through the cave, you'll find that there are a lot of boxes and urns, 
they are your main source of power-ups, along with the stalagmites that you 
can see on the walls (shoot comfortably, there's a lot of'em). Also, there are
detours every once in a while that can take you to more weapon parts, but they
tend to be guarded, so if you don't want extra trouble, don't go away from the
path. Eventually, you'll get to an ancient tomb in a big open area, and there,
ancient dead are awake and waiting for you (and dancing).


Mummies are like zombies with abilities (they are zombies of the pharaohs, but
zombies all the same). They have two skills. One is the melee attack, which 
they perform using their bandages as a whip, it has a range and will send you 
flying a bit. The other one has them vomiting a cloud of flies that will follow
you and won't let you shoot or dodge. The only way to clear the flies is 
killing the mummy.

They're not hard to beat, after all, they're just powered up versions of the 
zombies, and they have just a bit more life than them. The only thing you
should worry about is the flies so when you see them, try to kill them so they 
don't bother, after all, it's just a matter of a couple of shots.

Here you'll have some mummies and swamp boys, then gargoyles and scorpions. 
After you clear the place you'll see a ramp that goes up, follow it, kill all
that stands in your way (witches, skeletons, and some more scorpions). When you
are up... more corridors with traps. This time instead of just dealing with the
spikes you also have to deal with the sudden appearance of two walls that close
on you. You have to shoot the walls but be careful, if you touch them, you die.
Also, try to shoot the one behind you first, there's usually a monster behind
the frontal one and you don't want to deal with a monster while the other wall
is there.

Keep going through the caves and you'll reach a big lava pit and in there, some
coffins that come with a bloody surprise inside...


"-ess". They're all female since, well, Dracula prefers to feed on hot girls
rather than anything else. These dark chicks will have you very nervous when
trying to deal with them. They move at an incredible speed, and they like to
zig zag and dance a bit around you to avoid your shots, something that works 
very well. When they get close to you, they'll suck your blood and you'll have 
to button-mash out of it. They can also lift you in the air and cause damage.

To kill them it's not an easy thing. All you have to do is give them a couple
of shots, they have very fragile bodies to compensate for their speed, but it's
not that easy to hit them. The best way is wait until the right moment when 
they're coming at you, and when they're closer and you know you can't miss,
shoot. But don't wait too much, or they'll reach the distance where they start
to dance around you a bit before attacking and they're impossible to hit then.
Also, if they get you (and they will, eventually) and suck your blood, they
stay idle a fraction of a second after you mash out of it, a fraction that you
MUST use to shoot, it's the perfect opportunity, they're right next to you and
they're not moving!

Monster fest here, watch the hands around, and careful with the lava. Some 
witches come to support the vampiresses, and they make a very good duo so watch
out! One will have you running and trying to shoot her while the other turns 
you into a frog.

After the fest, Larry comes out of the lava (hell of a truck he's got) so use
this chance. Continue a bit further, more monsters, more traps. After all that,
the ballroom.

And I don't mean a royal ball or anything, I mean the huge arena with the giant
metal ball that tramples anything in its path. Here, you'll have a big monster 
fest, filled with big monsters, and no rechargers (you may have to use the soda
hat here). But the idea here is not firing a single shot, you have to lure the
monsters into the balls path, and for that, you need to learn how it moves.
You'll be facing werewolves, wheelers (lots of'em), jack-os (not big, but a lot
at the same time and you don't want to get hit by that many pumpkins,
especially when you take in the fact that the ball can kill them at any time 
making your head explode), bigfoots, chupacabras, and frankies (frankie"s", 
many of them, an you had trouble with one so, obviously, it's with the ball or 
nothing). Only use your bullets in two situations. One, the glue cannon can 
save you some trouble here, not because of the ball strategy but because you'll
be constantly running here. Two, when you're facing the last two or three 
monsters, it's easier to kill them that way (unless they're frankies). The 
total number of monsters in this fest goes around 56 I think.

Return to Larry to get the soda hat if you used it. And don't use it again
until you hit the end of the level, you won't see Larry again and you REALLY 
need it there.

After the ball-fest, get out of the arena and recharge (soda and ammo machines 
there). You're gonna have a fun ride here. Immediately after the ballroom comes
the mine cart. Yes, a mine cart, it wouldn't be an ancient catacomb in a big 
cave without a mine cart sequence, would it? But here you actually don't ride
a cart, you ride on a big platform, on which the monsters will keep jumping and
you'll have to constantly deal with them in a very little space, all while 
trying to make the cart steer in the right direction. For that, you have two 
switches, one for left, one for right. The one flashing is the one active, and
the right direction is indicated by signs on the walls, but don't be fooled!
The signs tell you where you DON'T have to go. So if you see the sign on the
right, it means you have to go left. If the cart goes the wrong way, you die
instantly and will have to do it again. Between the steering parts come 
straight parts that have the cart going through ample spaces that don't require
you to drive, just to keep on the platform (and in these parts, it's easier to 
fall, be careful). You'll eventually hit a checkpoint but don't jump out of the
cart! That place is the if you die but if you not, the cart will continue to
move and if you jumped, it will leave you stranded and you'll lose. After the 
checkpoint more steering and more open parts come, and there's no other 
checkpoint until you reach the end of the track. On the way, you will be 
assaulted by zombies, mummies, witches, harpies and the occasional gargoyle. 
You better concentrate on the mummies (since they can throw you out and they 
can prevent you from shooting) and the witches (you don't have anywhere to run
if you're turned into a frog here). 

So, you reach the end of the track, checkpoint. You're about to enter the final
part of the level. Long, wasn't it? And hard? Well, if you think it was long, 
no problem, but if you think it was hard, you've seen nothing yet. This final 
part may be one of the hardest in the whole game, if not the hardest of them.
Remember I said the Grimm Reaper created the Ghoul Squad and that he also made
the lock that required you to fetch the gems? Well, that means he REALLY didn't
want you to come here, and he's VERY pissed off that you did.

                                   Boss Fight
                                The Grimm Reaper

Death itself, and it shows. He must have killed me more than ten times the 
first time I fought him. And that doesn't mean I didn't know how to beat him.
I did, he's just too tough. Each time I face him again he still kills me 3-5
times minimum. So if you keep dying, persevere, you don't want to go through
this level again.

He has four attacks, each one more difficult to avoid than the last one.

-Throw flying skulls. Homing ones, so you'll have to kill them yourself before 
they hit you.
-Vortex. He'll pull you into him and you'll have to try and escape before 
you're hurt. Usually does this when you're close.
-Throw blades. Nasty is the word for this. Those things follow you everywhere
and they're very fast, and in he tends to throw them just when you really can't
handle them.
-Go underground. And try to take you with him. You'll have to button-mash out
of this but you'll receive a lot of damage anyway. Very fast, very hard to 
avoid even by dodging. 

And to top it all, he's completely invulnerable to bullets. To damage him is
a complicated process. First, shoot down the pillars that surround the area.
When you destroy one you'll get rubble, destroy the rubble. This leads us to 
two things:

1)Moonlight from above. When you're inside this moonlight, the skulls can't 
enter, and neither can the Reaper with his underground attack, so this is the 
way to avoid it. But be careful, he can go through the light and so can his 
blades so as soon as he pops up again get the hell away from there!. Also, the
light burns his cloak and leaves him naked, thing that you'll use in your favor

2)Moon Crystals. These are the things you must throw at him. Not to damage him
but to take away that layer of invulnerability for a while. 

Thing is, if you just hit him with the crystal the layer will come down for a
fraction of a second, maybe enough for one shot but not enough for real damage.
You have to combine the light with the crystals. Make him pass through the 
light and when you see him naked, then throw the crystals and you'll see his 
invulnerability wears off completely, and he'll try to cover and get away. This
is your chance, shoot all you can!! Problem is, the nakedness doesn't last too
long either, so you'll have a VERY hard time getting to his weak spot, all 
while having to deal with HIS attack, which are hard trouble by themselves. Try
using two light sources to get better results, make him go through one then 
through the other, so he reaches full nakedness and you'll have a bigger chance
to hit him right.

Don't think that the more light the better, if you destroy all pillars he'll
just remake them (after all, the crystals are limited to three per pillar, so 
if you run out, there should be a way to get more, right?). If you feel short 
on life  the pillars may give you some when you tear them down, but it's very
unlikely, so you'll have a hard time getting rechargers here.

That's the general way to kill him, I can't give you a way to kill him and not
die a lot in the process, he's just too hard.

Oh, and if you're playing in child's play difficulty, shame on you. He has no 
invulnerability here, he's just like any other boss. You can't even break the
pillars in child's play, since that would be pointless.

Well, it was hard, I know. And long, I know too. But you made it, you killed
death itself. Now all you have to do is grab the tokens and get out of the 
catacombs. After all that happened here, by now you are probably thinking "Oh 
man, there's still a whole chapter left, and it's supposed to be harder than 
THIS??? It's that even possible? I hope not". Well, let me tell you, while it
was very hard, there ARE harder things (levels, the other bosses ain't as hard
as Grimmy, but don't be fooled, I think they may have about 95% of the Reaper's
difficulty, so they're not easy either)


05.                       Chapter 5 - Castle of Evil

The last of them, chapter 5 is very difficult. While the others depend on new
surprises and monsters to keep raising the difficulty, Castle of Evil will have
you fighting against the environment. Traps, pits of doom, or places too narrow
or small to fight effectively, this one is as hard as a final chapter can be.
Of course, new monsters will keep appearing, and the ones here are very tough.


05a.                     Level 15 - Road to the Castle

I like to call this one "The Warzone". Level 15 has a lot of "only in this 
level" monsters and they make up the name, you'll see why in a minute.
For now, start walking. You'll see vines blocking your way, just shoot them to
clear a path. Continue a bit further and you'll find one of those special
monsters I mentioned before, and this first impression will shock you a bit.

                                 Zombie Tank

Tank. Say it with me, TANK. T-A-N-K. Tank. Suddenly zombies got their hands on
some heavy armor. To defeat it... run. Seriously, run. You can't beat a 
goddammed tank! And even if you could, there's lots of'em.

So get the hell out of there and return to the starting position. No place to
run, but lucky for you, Larry's on your side, and he comes with the only thing
that can take on a tank. Another tank, of course. Yes! You have a tank! I can
see your smile from here. Now jump in and show the zombies who's tank is best.

One thing to notice, there's only one tank. If playing co-op, the other two 
players will have ATVs to ride, and the last one will have to go on foot.
But if you play alone DON'T LET THE TANK GET DESTROYED!! While you do have the
ATVs in case that happens, the tank is the only effective way to deal with this

Ok, so you have a tank but there's something you should know. When I said 
"Warzone", it means the whole level must be played with the tank, therefore, 
the enemies come accordingly, so don't get overconfident. That means you'll be
facing lots of big enemies, say, bigfoots, evil robots, fat zombies, werewolves
and more. Also, zombies have defensive fortifications. That is, cannon towers 
and pillowboxes, so the best way to proceed is slowly and careful.

Now, after you beat the tanks here, keep going, past some more enemies, you'll
get to an open area, with vines, and a new monster.

                                   Evil Tree

Everything seems evil these days, even the trees. And you're in the middle of
a forest. The evil tree is another monster you'll only find here, it attacks
with explosive fruit-grenades and if you get too close, they'll fire lots of
them in the immediate area around them (just like fire imps). Also, each time
you kill one, another takes its place. In a monster fest, you don't have to
worry about that but in the level, they usually block roads so you have to blow
them, and then move quickly before another one takes the place.

To kill them... you have a tank, I shouldn't be writing here.

Deal with the fest, and try to keep on the move. Your best shot is to focus on
the trees and the tanks, and be careful with the robots.

After the fest, continue, and kill everything in your way. You'll eventually
reach Larry (repair the tank as you see fit) and then a detour, but the way is 
blocked by... yes, a rainbow, so you have to take the detour for the 
Leprechaun, who asks you to protect his pot o'gold from the monsters who seem 
to have turned against him. So head to the gold. There you'll find four turrets
but you don't need any of those, you have a tank (they're useful with more 
players I guess). This one's like with Huggles back at the mall but the pot is
there to be hit so, protect it, its not very hard. Just focus on the explosive
zombies, they tend to do the biggest damage to the pot.

After you're done protecting the gold, the martians come and steal it from the 
air. Ha Ha! You deserve it Wally!! But of course, he's angry about this, and 
thinks you planned it all along, so now, he's coming at you in full force...

                    Hyper-Incredible-Mega-Ultimate Boss Fight!!! 
                                THE LEPRECHAUN

This is your chance for revenge against this little pest. You're on the tank so
get some distance and shoot... he's dead. In one shot. That's it.

Heh, you really think he was going to be difficult didn't you? Get out of the
tank and grab his corpse, you can use it as a club. Anyway, return to Larry
for repairs if you need it (after the horde of monsters you had to protect the
pot from, you probably do) and then continue. You'll reach the base of Mt. 
Suburbia, and there you'll see your destination, the Evil Castle on top of the
Evil Mountain guarded by Evil monsters and surrounded by an Evil pond... which
is Evil.

Now you have to climb up to the top and it's not gonna be easy, you'll see some
rocks rolling down, don't let them even touch you, they do a VERY big damage.

Keep going and you'll see drawbridges that you have to force into coming down.
You can do so by hitting the targets on the other side of the gaps. This is a 
long road full of monsters, my recommendation is go slow, take your time with
them, and with everything else here, save the rocks (you have to be fast to 
avoid them after all, remember you have a boost).

When you reach the top, you'll find Larry, repair the tank and cross the 

NOTE: There's a bug here that may prevent the tank from crossing the bridge, it
seems to be an invisible wall of some sort, but you can't take on what's next
without the tank so don't try it on foot. If this happens to you all you have
to do is revert to last checkpoint, which is exactly there (this bug solves 
just like the hoverboat and the zeppelin, remember?).

Ok, enter with the tank and the way blocks, two frankies assault you, don't let
them throw you out of the bridge. After you kill the frankies, a half-boss 

                               Giant Skeleton

Big, Red, Giant Skeleton. The problem with this guy is that you have very 
little space to maneuver, and one hit from him can get you out of the bridge.
Also, tanks come down to make it worse, so shoot them first (two shots is all
you need for each one) since you want the more space possible. Use the boost 
to get away from the skeleton while shooting him and he will eventually die.

When he's dead, enter the castle. End of the level.

It wasn't as hard as you thought was it? That's because this one's the only 
"easy" level in all the chapter, and that's because you had the tank. Now, 
you're gonna discover the meaning of a hard level.


05b.                    Level 16 - Dungeons of Darkness

This level hates you. A lot. If it ever reincarnates into a tangible being,
chances are it's gonna try to kill you. It could probably compete for the title
of Hardest Level Ever on a Game. It's insanely long too.

So we better get started. You appear at the entrance of the castle and as soon
as you start walking, a new monster appears, preaching your doom.

                               Headless Priest

Bible in one hand, his head on the other, the headless priest is a very simple,
yet potentially annoying monster. They only have one ability and it consists of
throwing their heads at you. They will keep rolling and won't just return after

But to damage them, you have to actually shoot the head, the body is 
invulnerable. So watch for the little glowing things (they glow in green and 
their eyes glow in white, not hard to see) and shoot the mind out of'em!!

But here not only priests, but gargoyles too will come at you. Clear this first
wave and when you're alone, notice that there's a lot of gunpowder barrels to 
the left. Grab one and go up the ramp. Don't bother with the monsters here, 
don't even pay attention to them, better if you do this quickly since they'll
just keep coming. Get the powder to that cannon you see. Now go left and you'll
find the ammo, grab one round and load the cannon. It will automatically shoot
the ground and make a hole. Jump into it and you're out of trouble.

Checkpoint. And you've fallen into the dungeons. Now the real level starts. 
Recharge at will and continue, don't bother about the switches, they all lead 
to weapon parts and monsters, but if you die you have to do that again, and 
chances are, you'll die. When you've walked enough, you'll be transformed into
a frankie, the last and most powerful of the monster transformations. Keep 
going and you'll be greeted by some vampiresses, mummies, and then samurais.
Turn right, go on, and there, more vampiresses, with witches, and a werewolf.
Careful, they're a lot of witches so this part is actually pretty hard. 

After that (return and recharge at will) you'll head to a corridor filled with
swinging axes, careful with those. Use them to clear the monsters, just by 
staying on the other side and waiting for them to come at you. After going 
through lots of these axes, you'll find a room with floating platforms, and a
monster fest will kick in. Now, I recommend you use the top-down camera here.
The reason for this is simple, you can bounce of the air instead of falling to
death but only when you see the lights coming off the darkness. When they 
diminish, you can fall again (and the monsters as well, keep that in mind) so
the top-down view can help you see if it's safe to go. You may die quite a bit
here until you get the hang of this room, the monster fest is long and if you
like, you can use the frankie amulet here, it can save you a lot of pain. If
you do use it, do it after the explosive zombies, they're a waste of amulet 
(and they'll actually hurt you more than you hurt them with the frankie form).

After this room, continue, you'll find more axes and then, you'll get to the
wineries. Here you'll find entrenched gremlins that throw explosives at you.
all you have to do is get near them, and they'll abandon their position and go
head to head. You'll have plenty of these gremlins to deal with, along with 
some more monsters that show up to support them, so you better take care of 
those first. You'll meet Larry along the way too.

Continue past all of the gremlin defenses and you'll get to a pit of fire with
moving platforms. It's pretty clear that you have to get to the other side by 
jumping, but there's a catch. On the other side, there's a couple of cannons
manned by more gremlins, so you have to jump fast, don't take your time to 
think your next move or it may be your last one. 

When you reach the other side, kill the gremlins, and everything else that 
comes at you here. When you turn left, you'll see some glowing moving rings on 
the ground, along with another gremlin-defended path. The rings will teleport 
you inside one of the many rooms to the sides, but you'll be trapped there with
monsters and you won't be able to get out until you kill them so, you don't 
wanna get caught by them. Get to the gremlins and take them out.

After that, continue a bit further and you'll reach some sort of torture 
chamber, with a monster fest included. The problem here, is the new glowing 
rings, that like the other ones, teleport you. But you'll see four fire pools
in the corners of the room. You don't want to dive in those, but if you touch 
the rings, you will so STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I found that a good strategy here 
is to use the top-down camera so you can see the rings no matter where you're 
facing. Remember, the monsters can also fall into the rings, so the one and 
only tactic here is to make them tough the rings so they burn to death (and 
most of them can't get out of the pools). When the fest is warming up, a new
monster will appear, one that you'd wish it were just a myth.

                                  Miss Hiss

Oh come on! Was it that hard to just call them Gorgons or Medusas? Anyway, 
these things are probably one of the nastiest of all monsters. They have quite
the life, and their abilities will annoy you, stun you, and damage you a lot.
They're a complete package from everywhere you see it. They can:

-Summon Snakes. Which are just like the scorpions, but without the stunning, 
and with very little damage. These things are there just to take your crosshair
away from the real threat.
-Hit you in normal melee. With their tails, and they'll send you flying quite a
bit, with a good damage too.
-Hypnotize you. You'll just have to button-mash out of this one, but you can 
avoid it and the best part is, they can't move while trying to hypnotize you.
-Leap and grab you. And eat you alive. This one does a very good deal of damage
so you really want to stay away from them.

To beat them, you can try the glue cannon maybe, or long range weapons if 
they're away, you better take them down before they reach you. I've found the 
grenade launcher to be very effective against monsters that are big and have a
lot of life. But whichever your weapon, you have to keep moving away from them
at all times.

Well, keep on with the fest, try and make the Hisses fall into the fire. At the
end of the fest, a frankie shows up. The fire should make it easy for you but
don't get near him when he's on the pit. If he grabs you in his electrostatic
pull, you'll fall into the fire too, and that's an instant death sentence.

After the fest, keep going a little further and you'll reach the stairs. Go up,
and... you're out the dungeons, hurray! But that doesn't mean the level's over,
there's still a long way to go. Now you're in the main part of the castle, and 
if you remember, your objective in this level is to "Find the Lord of the 
castle", so it figures he should be around here somewhere. Battle your way 
through the corridors filled with axes and monsters. If you wish, you can stop
a while to gaze upon the paintings, you'll see some memorable characters, like
Mr. Huggles or the martians. If you want, you can enter the various rooms at 
the sides of the corridors for more weapon parts, but they also include more 
enemies, so I leave that decision to you.

After you've dealt with the corridors you'll reach the final special room of 
the level. Here, a bat with a light will guide you through the darkness. If you
stay away from him, you'll have to start over the room again so follow him, be
careful with the axes, deal with the witches as you see fit, don't worry about 
the rest since there's a lot of obstacles here and the witches are the only 
ones who fly. You'll have to jump a lot here to move through all the chairs.

When you're finally out of the room deal with the monsters that come at you.
Notice the new paintings, ever seen that guy before? He's the lord of the 
castle you're looking for. Continue a bit further and you'll reach a square
made of swinging axes. From here, there are three ways. To the right, Larry.
To the left, the right way. The last one leads to a pit of fire and to some 
of those rare weapon parts that you need to upgrade the power weapons to level
3, but don't go there, you'll be heading that way later anyway.

Sprint through the right path (don't worry about the vampiresses) and you'll 
reach a big, fancy room. Now, this level's been tough and very long, just like 
the catacombs. And just like in the catacombs, another big Horror star comes to
wrap it up.

                                  Boss Fight

The very same, no imitations. The Lord of the castle turns out to be the Lord
of the Vampires. And he's gonna put a long fight, let's see what he can do:

-Block. When you see him cover himself with his cloak, you can't hurt him so
stop wasting bullets on him.
-Throw bats. Just like the vampiresses do, but this guy throws three at a time.
The bats will eventually disappear after a wile so it's not really necessary to
shoot them down, just avoid them while shooting him.
-Beam. If he's on the air, the beam goes diagonal so it's easier to avoid. If 
he's on the ground however, the beam can't be avoided by getting back so here 
you'll have to keep dodging to the side.
-Go underground. And he will ALWAYS pop up right behind you and try to suck 
blood so when he disappears, move!

If you feel short on life or ammo, there's a lot of decorative armors around 
that you can shoot to get some.

When you're about to kill him, he will try to recover his life in one of his 
coffins. You can't shoot down the coffins so you have to look for these magical
urns (black, with blue fire, easy to recognize) and hit the coffins with them.
One hit is enough to make him come out. Don't let him stay long because he will
recover life and that's not good for you, the sooner you kick him out, the 
better. One of the coffins is actually not in this room but in the path I told
you not to follow, back where the four axes. You will have to come here to take
another coffin down, but remember, the urns are on one side of the pit, and the
coffin is in the other, so grab the urn before crossing. When you get him out 
of this one, I recommend you don't fight him here, instead, run back to the big
room. All the other coffins are here so that way you won't have to travel while
he's getting more life. Careful, when he enters a coffin, skeletons and a 
vampiress will come to harass you. Kill the vampiress, she's not easy to avoid
but don't worry about the skeletons.

In total, there are 5 coffins plus the one on the pit. In thriller difficulty, 
he uses 4. In Horror, he uses all six of them. He uses none on child's play.
Don't worry, he's not really that hard, he just gives a long fight.

Well, after you killed him, you can finally relax, you've beaten this level at
last. Painful, wasn't it? The next one has a lot of pain too but in a very 
special way.


05c.                             Rooftop Rumble

This level is quite small for being the last one before the final boss. But 
don't be fooled by its size, it's quite long in time, and you'll see why.

It consists of two parts, in the first one you'll be trying to reach the secret
lab. In the second one, ah, but more on that later.

For now, you aren't at the rooftops, you have to get there first and for that,
you have to climb the stairs. Monster fest here, keep climbing and they'll keep
coming, be careful, you don't have much room to maneuver, so you better go back
instead of left and right. You have a lot of armors around, so blast them for
life if you're short. After you're done with them, blast the blue urns you see 
there if you need life, and get to the top of the tower. There, you'll meet the
last of the monsters the game can throw at you.


The banshee is a very simple enemy, they can attack with their claws, scream at
you to stun you (and then attack you) and they can also go underground to pop
up behind you. They have a considerable amount of life.

To deal with them, just move back, they are a bit slow so you can easily keep
your distance. Don't be close to them if they scream or you'll have to 
button-mash out of it while they hit you with their claws.

Here, a monster fest with very little space, werewolves, zombies, and banshees.
After the fest, you have to jump to the ramparts. Battle your way through 
zombies and banshees, and the occasional Fat Zombie. Past that, you'll reach 
the gears, and you'll have to jump from gear to gear, until you reach the big 
one and a monster fest kicks in. Careful, it's a fest with no walls and on a 
moving platform, but you can use the movement in your favor to avoid the 
banshees. Watch for the witches.

When the fest ends, another gear will come up to help you get to the other side
where you'll reach a checkpoint. Next are some huge fans that will try to blow 
you of the ramparts. But don't enter the wind yet! Witches and a gargoyle will
come so head back a bit to combat them, then get to the fans. Don't try to use
dodge to avoid being throw, stick to the ground or you'll be blown.

After the fans, jump to another tower, deal with the zombies and the swamp boys
there, then jump to the next area and deal with the two martians before they 
call for the UFOs. Here, you'll see three moving platforms, when you jump to
those, a lot of flying monsters and banshees will try to kill you. This is a 
very difficult part so I suggest the monster amulet and the electrostatic 
attack. After that, get to a more solid ground and start climbing, you'll get
the bouncy shoes and then, gargoyles and witches. Don't mind them, just keep 
climbing. You'll reach Larry. Here (this seems to be a bug) each time you kill
the witches gargoyles come and when you kill those witches come, it's kind of a
loop that shouldn't happen. Go down the stairs a bit and you'll hit a 
checkpoint, revert to it if you're experiencing the witch-gargoyle bug to end 
it. Recharge with Larry and then head down the stairs to get to the second part
of the level. Seriously, get ready and use Larry to the fullest here, you're in
for a long ride.

                               The Grand Festival

Also known as "The Monster Fest that throws at you groups of every single 
monster you've ever battled in the game". Don't put that face, you knew this 
was going to happen at the end, it's a classic! Notice that the first thing you
see here is Billy. But he's not your enemy, in this fight, he's your friend, 
AND he is kind of immortal, so he can't be killed by your friendly fire (but 
you can, keep your distance a bit from him, he'll not attack you on purpose, 
but he moves a lot and the chainsaw never turns off). Anyway, Billy doesn't do
much damage, and the monsters tend to attack you and ignore him, but he's 
helpful anyway, since he pushes monsters and stands in their way. There are 
four soda machines and four ammo machines, so you know this thing is gonna be
long. Not only that, but there's a half-time break in this and then the 
machines will be recharged to full again. Also, the place is full of explosive
barrels that keep respawning, so you can use those in your advantage. They 
usually come in two halves, the first half being smaller than the other (i.e.:
the 6 ghosts come 2, then 4). Here's the programming for the show:

-32 Zombies
-9 Spiders
-25 Hugs! (that's how they call this part, it means dogs, cats, hands and 
-6 Ghosts
-8 Horror Books (they're suicide, so the shield is a good option here)
-7 Gremlins
-3 Captain Bones
-16 Explosive Zombies (you don't have much space, be careful)
-6 Fire Imps
-5 Jack-os
-6 Evil Clowns
-3 Zeppelins
-5 Undead Bikers
-5 Wheelers
-6 Martians
-5 Banshees
-5 Harpies

By this time you'll be feeling there's no end to this. Here you take the break,
all machines get refilled and you have 10 seconds before it gets rumbling 

-5 Witches (careful with Billy's loose arm if you're turned frog)
-5 Samurais
-2 Fat Zombies
-6 Demons (2 of each)
-5 Ghouls
-3 Bigfoots
-5 Chupacabras
-5 Werewolves
-3 Gargoyles
-2 Swap Boys
-4 Evil Trees
-5 Headless Priests
-3 Vampiresses
-2 Chiefs (remember this guy? you beat him with house objects so with guns 
shouldn't be a problem)
-5 Evil Robots (two medium, three extra large, you're so close to them that 
they seem larger than ever before)
-1 Frankie
-2 Miss Hiss
-5 Mummies
-Ghoul Squad Butch & Clarisse. Here, a good strategy is to keep getting away 
from Clarisse and don't worry much about Butch, as long as you keep moving, he 
won't do much damage, and after you've dealt with Clarisse, you can use the 
columns as cover to kill him with no problem.
-Ghoul Squad Anthony & Kelly. These two are another story. One goes short 
range while the other goes long. I recommend dodging like hell and shooting 
when you see an opportunity. Anthony tends to be closer to you so he'll 
probably come down first. Careful, Kelly's rockets can easily make the barrels
go boom near you.

Also, the Ghoul Squad likes to fire molotovs, and if you see Billy catch fire, 
that's good, he'll pass it them when he attacks them in melee and he's 
invulnerable anyway Just stay away from him when this happens).

After the Grand Festival Billy tries to get to the lab, and he gets... blowed
up in pieces. No more Billy. He drop's the key and you have a last break to 
visit Larry and get ready for the final boss fight. After that, enter the lab
and finish the level. Did you like the big fest? You're probably very glad that
its finally over.


05d.                               Showdown

So, how come the big fest didn't happen in this one, the final level, where it
usually happened in many games? Because there IS no final level. This is 
actually a big final boss fight that lasts as long as... well, a level. 

You start with a cutscene in the lab where the kids get into the dimensional 
rift that leads to the dimension of the monsters to have the final battle with
the Lord of the Demons. 

You'll reach a big, empty (of course it's empty, all the monsters are in your 
dimension, remember?) area with lots of platforms floating around with weapon 
parts. Don't bother with those, if you die in the upcoming fight, you'll have 
to grab'em again, and chances are that you WILL die.

Now, get to the ramp that goes up, and at its end, you'll find exactly what you
were looking for. A big, bad, big Lord of the Demons. Did I mentioned he's 

                                  Final Boss Fight
                               The Lord of the Demons

So, with all the monsters on Earth, this guy's been a little lonely around here
and he's not happy about it. Of course, he's gonna focus all of that 
anger in you. For being the first part of the final fight, it's very
tough. Let's see what you're up to, he can:

-Normal Melee. You'll find he does this more than expected since you'll be 
passing right next to him in order to avoid getting hit sometimes.

-Throw red fireballs. And he knows if you're moving so don't keep going in one 
direction or you'll be roasted in no time. Instead, keep moving left and right,
left and right, and you'll see the balls pass through your sides.

-Throw yellow fireballs. Same as the reds but as soon as they hit a wall 
they'll bounce back so not only you'll be dodging them from the front, but also
from the back. I recommend jumping (or the top-down camera, but that would 
make other things more difficult I guess, haven't tried that).

And remember, this guy throws fireballs like if his arms were a freakin' 
machinegun, so you have to move A LOT and dodge A LOT of shots.

-Smash the ground. And you better not be in the immediate area. It sends forth 
a shockwave so you also don't want to be in front of him when he does that.

-Ice breath. This one freezes you, but I think it also causes some damage. To 
avoid it, keep dodging to the side. If you get caught, button-mash of course.

-Fire Wave. This one's a little tricky, it follows you but it must take wide 
turns to do so, and you have to use this for your advantage since that thing's 
faster than you even when you dodge like crazy.

-Fly. And fire red fireballs at you from above. Very tough to avoid, you must 
keep in constant movement and listen carefully to know exactly when to dodge.
Try to shoot him a bit, it seems to make him come down earlier. When he does
come down, he smashes the ground so watch for that too (but it's usually easy
to avoid, since he tends to fly close to you, and he needs distance to land).

-Call for a Meteor. And it destroys the ground where it lands, leaving less 
space to move. Also, he's invulnerable while calling the meteor. The thing here
is that he'll do this according to his life bar, so the closer you are to 
winning, the harder it gets. At the beginning he will just destroy the borders 
but he'll start tearing apart the whole place after a while. If you fall, you
die. Simple. And Usually the way one tends to die here. Notice that the reason
you can interrupt the flying by shooting seems to be this attack, so when he 
takes the skies, shoot him down.

To defeat him... just shoot him, give him everything you got. If you want to 
use the soda hat, go ahead, this is the only part of the level where you don't 
get power ups scattered around so use all you've got (but remember, Larry's not
gonna assist you in any part of the level). I'd recommend the grenade launcher,
since it can deliver big damage, fast, reloads quick, and doesn't hinder your 
movement. Use the shotgun when he flies.

After you killed him (If you die a lot, don't despair! First time I got to him
he killed me so much that I reverted to Child's play, only to find out he 
didn't even called for the meteors, so I went back to thriller, finally got the
hang of it, and now I can beat him on Horror, but I still die a lot) get back
to the portal, recharge first with the soda and ammo machines before entering

A video plays here, showing who the real villain is and explains a bit of what 
the hell is going on, who called for the monsters, why, etc. (WARNING: Stop 
reading now if you haven't played this part yet or you'll spoil the plot)

And now, you have to fight him. You think you've got the skills to defeat him?

                            The Real Final Boss Fight
                                  Larry Tools

Fighting Larry is like fighting yourself, since he uses the same weapons he 
sells to you (in level 3). Of all the list he can use:

-The Shotgun
-The Minigun (use the columns for cover, careful, they don't last forever)
-The Glue Cannon (If you get caught, choose your own cannon to equip the 
special shoes that come with it and let you walk on the glue)
-The Flamethrower
-The Shield
-The Rocket Launcher

Also, he has a special 360 Rocket attack that fires in every direction, but he
usually uses it when you're close, and a ground smash attack with his butt that
will send you flying and if you're too close, stun you.

There's a lot of lasers around so I recommend changing to top-down camera to 
keep track of them. Try to lure him into them, and into the center where a huge
beam will set off when someone steps there.

Also, there's a lot of monsters in those green tanks. Destroy them, and they'll
be free to attack you or Larry. The best way to use this to your advantage is
with the railgun, since it has a limitless range, and that way you can be sure 
Larry is the closest target. The monsters can be helpful as they can be 
dangerous, so don't set many of them at the same time unless they're already 
attacking Larry. Frankies can give him a lot of trouble and there's four of'em,
so this fight gets very interesting due to the environment interaction as you 
can see.

When he's got about 30% life, he'll equip the bouncy shoes, meaning that the 
lasers are gonna be quite useless, and that you'll also have a hard time 
hitting him. This is where the Frankies get really useful, since they'll catch
him with their electrostatic attacks.

When you take him down, instead of staying there he'll get up again and say the
magic word, that is, "Open Sesame". That will open his garage and, well, you'd
never seen Larry before this, you only saw his truck. The truck in this game is
like a symbol of Larry, and you can't expect to fight Larry without the truck.
                       The Real Final Boss Fight... Part 2
                               Metal Cog Larry

So the truck comes out and transforms a-la-Optimus-Prime into a giant mech. 
Looks good? Yeah, I want one too. But you're not fighting this thing on foot,
you get the mechs back for this. The fight in itself it's pretty simple. You
dodge like crazy while holding the machinegun button and trying to land some
bullets on him. That doesn't mean it's easy by any means. He's got a machinegun
too, along with rocket launchers and a ramming attack so you have to time your
dodges at the first part. The lasers DO damage the truck so don't hesitate to 
lure him to the middle (if you succeed, it will also stun him for a while, 
giving you a second to damage him further). You'll notice that when he's low on
life, he just forgets about shooting and decides to ram you. This is the part
when you really dodge like a madman, otherwise you'll be dead in no time. The 
ramming attack is pretty nasty for your mech's life bar.

One thing to notice, if you die here, you'll respawn after you killed the Lord 
of the Demons, meaning you'll have to deal with the normal Larry again.

Of course, killing Larry himself and then Larry's truck itself doesn't seem to 
be enough for the devs. They also decided to include an "escape from the 
crumbling castle" sequence which includes all the vehicles.

First goes the buggy, you'll be in the garage (with zombies, don't pay 
attention to them) and you'll have to get to it first. Just run like hell, get
up to the higher level, and grab the buggy. There's an exploding reactor, so 
you'll see the radiation coming for you. If it reaches you, you lose of course.

So grab the buggy, use the ramp, jump, then go to the other ramp and crash
through the window. Here, the path is pretty straight. Just keep going, running
over the zombies, jumping the ramps (remember, use the boost before entering 
the ramp not just before jumping or you won't make it) then avoiding the 
columns that fall on you, get to the last ramp. Jump! you'll hit a destroyed 
tower and fall into a black pit.

NOTE: if you die in any vehicle sequence, you'll have to start from the buggy 

You'll land in the swan boat (man, you're accurate) and here a monster fest 
with the pirates kick in. Kill them before the radiation gets to you (it kills
them too, focus on the ones closer to you) and avoid the falling rocks.

When you're done with the monster fest, you'll be automatically taken to the 
ATVs, and you'll have to get through the catacombs full of traps so watch where
you're driving. Also, some walls may block your way, shoot them down. 

When you reach the end, the hover boat is next and you'll have to escape 
through the sewers. Careful with the gas pipes, they can blow you to the 
explosive barrels on the other side. Keep going! The exit's just there! Get 
through it! Ahhh, safety. 

And a checkpoint. A checkpoint? This thing's not over yet? Nope, there's just 
one little detail left. Larry still has the power of the monster tokens he took
from you, and when you have so many tokens, what do you do with them? You eat
them of course. They're actually pretty tasty, I've got a couple of recipes 
that... nevermind. So he EATS power. What can come from that? A gigantic demon
rock-star of course.

                  The Final Final Boss Fight, for real this time.
                                 Demon Larry

Remember I said the Lord of the Demons was big? I'll eat my words. Now, the 
first thing you should do is equip your melee weapon, the ranged ones aren't
very useful here. Also, you have the bouncy shoes to play around. So let's see
how can we kill this guy.

First things first, you have to get to him. He'll throw shockwaves with his 
guitar and you have to cover from them behind all that debris you see here. 
There's two types of wave. The vertical, which you can't jump of course but it
always has a gap you may get through, and the horizontal, which sweeps through 
all the place, but you can jump it since you've got the bouncy shoes. Combine
all three techniques (cover, getting through the gaps, and jumping) and you'll
get to him eventually.

When you do, he will try to fry you with lightning summoned from his guitar. 
You can see where it's gonna land by the light that appears when he starts 
playing, so it's not that hard to avoid. Here, the janitor will come to your 
rescue, and he will give you the ultimate demon-fighting weapon, explosive 
donuts. Here's how it works, he's moving around the place, you touch him, you
get five donuts (you can't have more than five). Then, you have to climb the 
speakers and get to the central one, which is the tallest.

From there, you'll combat Larry face to giant-face. He has three attacks here.

-Scream. This one only hits the middle and it comes pretty fast so try to stay 
always at the sides of the speaker. If you're hit, you'll be stunned, 
and you'll lose about half your life. Not good.
-Tongue Attack. He'll sweep the whole area with his tongue and there's no way 
to avoid it but to jump, and jump again when it comes back.
-Lightning. Just like on the ground, but the thunders will come one by one 
instead of everyone at the same time so you have to keep moving and getting 
away from the lights.

He will attack four times, and then he'll laugh. When he's laughing, you have
to throw the donut at him (secondary fire, it's a grenade). You'll see below
his picture how many more donuts you have to throw at him. When you throw all,
he'll be stunned and he'll fall, and also expose his weak part, a giant monster
 token coming out of his belly. Hit it with your melee weapon. The reason I 
said use the melee is because you don't have much space to shoot effectively, 
and he will only let you do a fixed amount of damage before regaining 
consciousness so it doesn't matter how fast you deliver it.

Each time he gets up, he'll send you back to the beginning, so you'll have to 
reach him again. Also, each time this happens, it will take one more donut 
attack than the last time to stun him again. So the first time takes one donut,
the second takes two, etc. After the second time, boxes will spawn in the area
you use to deal with the shockwaves which contain life. Be thankful, at least 
they gave you that.

In thriller difficulty it takes you four times to kill him. In horror it takes 
you five, and he'll also speed up the shockwaves for the last one. In child's 
play it takes you three and all of them take only one donut.


Notice that there are zombies dancing all over the pace. Didn't I tell you? 
Zombies love to dance! 

After you deliver the final blow... it's over. Seriously, it's over. The ending
plays and it's game over. No, the game's not throwing any more surprises, trust
me. You do have the option to start over on Madness difficulty, but I wouldn't
recommend that, especially if this is your first time.

Congratulations!!! You've won the game!! By this time you're probably very 
happy (and very glad, seriously, this fight seemed to never end).


0c.                            Version Changes


Added the Weapon descriptions


Finished with all the Walkthrough.

Posible Future: 1.2, with the melee weapon locations, it would be fine, but I
have to find them all so I wouldn't care for a little help of people who 
already know of them. Just send me a list with the ones you know and when I got
the whole list i'll wrap up version 1.2 and put you in the credits.

0d.         Credits, thanks, contact, and legal blah blah blah.

This guide was written by me, Leonardo Marcarian A.K.A "Wild Marker"

I'd like to thank the developers. The game shouldn't have been released in the 
state it was? Maybe. Maybe Yes. But I don't care (ok, I do care a bit), I loved
it anyway because you see, great games, buggy or not, are still great. And this
is one of those cases.

And I'd like to thank in advance any information that can help this guide to
correct itself, or to expand.

If you feel I made a mistake or want to submit extra information that might 
be useful, feel free to do so, I'll appreciate it. For contact purposes:

omarcarian [@] hotmail [dot] com

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.