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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monmusu Quest Pack Shot

Monmusu Quest



by Edale1

Monster Girl Quest: Parts 1 & 2
100% Completion Walkthrough v0.9.1
Author: Edale1
Date: 07/19/2012
[email protected]

Table of Contents:
-Version History
-About this Walkthrough
-Menus & Controls
-Adventure Record Achievements

Version History

v0.9.1 - 07/19/12 - Updated sites allowed to host FAQ.

v0.9 - 07/10/12 - Walkthrough complete, only basic formatting used, minimal
spelling and grammar checking.

Coming in future versions: formatting the FAQ, and breaking down monster 
attacks more thoroughly (# of attacks while bound and # of attacks while not 
bound for example).


I in no way claim ownership of Monster Girl Quest, it belongs to it's copyright
owner on the other side of the planet from me. 

This FAQ is intended for use with a legally obtained copy of the game. I do not
endorse pirating. 

This FAQ may not be copied in part or in full without the consent of the 

This FAQ is currently available on, and please
notify me if you found this FAQ on another website.

If you want permission to host this FAQ on your site, please send me an email.
I most likely will allow it, I just want to keep track of where it is so I can 
make sure everyone gets any updates I may make to the FAQ.


Monster Girl Quest (MGQ), also known as Monster Girl Assault and Monmusu Quest
(JAP), is an Eroge Adventure/RPG game, with battle controls reminiscent of 
old-school turn-based RPGs. It is intended for players past the age of consent
for their respective countries (18+ in the US).

MGQ features many scenes of reverse-rape (girls raping guys) and in some cases
mild cannibalism (there's an option to disable these scenes). These scenes
happen every time you lose a combat, and a few times in the storyline. If you
find these things offensive this is not the game for you. I will be referring
to the rape scenes as ending scenes throughout this FAQ.

This being said, MGQ actually has a compelling storyline and rich character
development which makes playing the game worth it, even without the adult

MGQ uses the same engine as many graphical novels, and as such is VERY linear
in progression. As such, you should save frequently while playing so you can
go back if you miss something important.

This Walkthrough has been created while playing RogueTranslator's Monmusu Quest
English translation patches:
Part 1: version 1.0
Part 2: version 1.05
I am playing start to finish in part 2 after merging part 1 into part 2.
RogueTranslator's Monmusu Quest English translation patches are available for
free from his website at:
You'll still need to purchase the game itself though.

About this Walkthrough

This Walkthrough is being written with the goal of guiding a player to get
100% completion of MGQ parts 1 & 2 in one play-through. This includes the
Monsterpedia and the achievements on the last 2 pages of the Adventure Record
(Record on the extra's page). It will also guide you to gaining all missable
items that have no purpose in Parts 1 & 2, but may have a purpose in Part 3.

Due to the random nature of which attack an enemy will use I cannot provide a
step by step walkthrough to win each battle for MOST of the battles. Some of
the battles are scripted, and as such you must follow a specific set of
commands to progress. I will provide the steps to take in these situations.

This Walkthrough will assume you've followed the steps provided, if you miss
something you will have to replay the game or load an earlier save.

I will attempt to keep this walkthrough as spoiler free as possible, but some
minor spoilers may be unavoidable (the names of some monsters for example). I
will do my best to keep those to a minimum. I will also make some comments
about story developments in some sections, these will all be clearly marked
with a *SPOILER* tag, and can be skipped over with no worries about missing
something important.

The in-game tutorials for combat are sufficient for this game, so I'll only
briefly go over combat controls, and leave combat decisions to the player,
unless noted otherwise.

Part 1 and Part 2 of MGQ were released separately. Part 2 has a function to
merge Part 1 into it, so you can play both without switching games. To do this
you need to copy arc1.nsa from the Part 1 directory into the Part 2 directory,
start part 2, go into the extras menu, and select "Part 1 Conversion".

If you already have completed save file from Part 1 and want to load it in
Part 2, copy global.sav from the save directory in your Part 1 directory and
place it in the save directory of Part 2, start part 2, go into the extras
menu, and select "Part 1 Save Import". This will allow you to start Part 2
where you left off in Part 1. If you haven't merged Part 1 & 2 you won't be
able to see the Monsterpedia entries for part 1, you'll only see "Part 1
Monster," so it's recommended you merge them for a more complete experience.

Menus & Controls

MGQ is mostly controlled with the mouse, though there are some keyboard
controls as well.

The mouse controls are as follows:
Right-Click - Opens the in-game menu, everywhere but title screen.
Left-Click - Select option, progress text.
Mouse Wheel Up - Scrolls through previously seen text.
Mouse Wheel Down - Progress text, scrolls through previously seen text.

The keyboard controls are as follows:
Ctrl - fast-forwards through text and animations, same as the "skip" menu
Alt-Enter - switches between windowed and full-screen

Title Menu
New Game - Starts a new game from the beginning

Load - Loads a previously saved game

Configure - Enters the configuration screen

Extras - Enters the extra menu

Exit - Exits the game

Configuration Screen
Text Speed - Selects text display speed

Auto-Text Speed - Selects auto-text display speed

BGM Volume - Sets background music volume level

SE Volume - Sets sound effects volume level

Text Display Style - Wait/Full - On wait some text windows will require
multiple clicks to get through all the text; on full only one click per window

Skip Mode - I'm not sure, please email me if you know what this does

Effects Speed - Speed at which visual effects play out

Display Mode - Windowed/Full-screen - can be changed mid-game by pressing

Extras Menu
Monsterpedia - keeps a record of all monsters fought, attacks received from
those monsters, and ending scenes witnessed. Sorted by monster encounter order.

Record - records of how many times you've won/lost and to what attacks you've
lost to, as well as the 7th and 8th pages which have various achievements to

Music - Playback music from the game. Beat the game once to unlock.

Special Config - opens the Special Configuration menu

Spin-Off Stories - short stand-alone scenes. AKA Monster Laboratory. Some of
the spin-off stories make references to story events, so it's recommended to
beat the game at least once before viewing them.

Autosave Data - Loads auto-saved data - sometimes useful if you need to go back
farther than your last save, don't count on this though, keep multiple saves
at various storyline points.

Part 1 Save Import - Imports cleared save data from Part 1 if you beat that
before buying/merging it with part 2. You must have copied/overwritten
global.sav from the part 1 save directory to the part 2 save directory to do

Part 1 Conversion - Merges part 1 and part 2 into one game. You must have
copied/overwritten arc1.nsa from the part 1 directory to the part 2 directory
to do this.

Title - returns to title menu

Special Configuration Screen
Battle Message Speed - Normal/Auto - normal is click to progress, auto
auto-scrolls progresses the text.

Skip seen H-Scenes - skip/don't skip/prompt seen adult scenes.

Vore Scenes - On/Off - show or skip the scenes with mild cannibalism.

Window Type - text window color options

H-Scene BGM - adult-scene background music on/off

H-Scene SE - adult-scene sound effects on/off

H-Scene Voice - adult-scene voice on/off. Only Alice, Illias, and the 4
heavenly knights scenes are voiced. While on can slow down auto-text speed.

Explanation - explains what each option sets.

Apply - Applies changed settings.

Game Over Menu
Re-Fight - Battle the monster again

Evaluation - Ilias' comments and advice on the battle

Go back one decision - returns you to the previous non-battle decision you've
made. This can sometimes result in having to redo multiple battles or large
chunks of reading.

Change Difficulty - change difficulty to either "Normal" or "Hard." 

Title - Return to title screen


A Story's Start
From the title screen, select "New Game."

This prompts a choice of either "Easy" or "Hard." Because many of the monsters
in Part 1 will not use some of their attacks on easy, we'll be selecting

This brings up the choice to "Watch" or "Skip" Vore scenes. Vore scenes are
often mildly cannibalistic and involve the hero being digested in one form or
another. This choice is up to you, it has no impact on your ability to
complete anything.

Now we have a very important message from the translation team. Basically, you
can only save at specific parts of the story and you must also not change the
default text for the save, otherwise the save will be corrupt and unusable. You
can identify a save location by the text "Save Location" appearing on screen,
and must save while these words are visible.

Now to start the game itself.

Continue through the text to your first choice. You can choose to ignore twice
to get your very first game over, and one of the few game overs to not have an
accompanying adult scene. Any other set of choices will result in your
eventually waking up.

Soon after waking up, a monster is spotted near your town!

Choosing to run twice will lead to another game over with no adult scene, so
choose to "Fight."

A Slime Girl Appears! Luka's First Test
Now it's time for your first battle of the game.

A Slime Girl appears, after some text, just as you're about to fight, Ilias
shows up to teach you how to fight. 

If you've played the game before, you can select "I already know how to fight,"
otherwise, select "Please do," followed by "I understand" once the explanation
is finished.

A "Save Location" will appear, right-click to open the menu, and save. You
should save before every fight, as we'll be fighting each monster multiple
times. After saving, right-click again to return to the game.

Now for the fight! Our first goal? Lose spectacularly! ...No, I'm not joking.

To complete the Monsterpedia we have to take each one of the attacks every
single monster has, and lose to each monster at least once to see that
monster's adult ending scene.

So what to do? Select "Surrender." Now you either just read through everything,
or hold Ctrl to speed through the battle without having to make anymore

At the game over screen, select "Evaluation." It is important that you select
"Evaluation" at least once for EVERY monster you come across, as there is an
adult scene with Ilias that can only be seen if you see 50 evaluations before
the end of Part 1. Seeing this scene is necessary to complete the Monsterpedia.

Now back at the Slime Girl fight, Select "Request" to bring up a new menu, this
is a list of the attacks you have to take from that monster to complete the
Monsterpedia. Slime Girl has three, but only one or two should be lit up.

You can't select an attack you haven't experienced, so right-click to go back
to the battle menu and select "struggle" to try and break slime girl's hold.
Continue until you break free, then select "Surrender" again.

On the game over screen, select "Re-Fight." Once the battle menu comes back up,
check "Request" to see if all the options are lit up yet. If you're lucky, they
will be, if not, you'll still need "Slime Heaven." Slime Heaven needs you to
escape Slime Girl's hold, and be re-captured by her, then if you're lucky
enough she'll use it before you lose. Continue to "Re-Fight" until you've
experienced all 3 of Slime Girl's attacks.

Now to actually fight back!

Struggle until you escape, and start "Attack"ing. If you get captured again,
struggle until you're free and continue attacking!

It may seem that all your attacks are meaningless, but keep attacking.
Eventually after selecting attack you'll get a new option, select "Flail
Wildly." Finally, some lasting damage!

Continue to "Flail Wildly," if you're caught in a hold, struggle until you're
free and continue flailing wildly. Eventually the Slime Girl will run away.

You gain a Level, and are now level 2!

Save and Continue on.

Luka and the Mysterious Monster
Eventually you'll come across an unconscious monster. When presented with a
choice, select "Hurry On." Eventually you'll return to check on her, and she'll
attack! It doesn't matter what you do, you will lose this fight badly.

On the game over screen, watch the "Evaluation" and you'll be taken back to the
choice, this time choose to "Help."

When the monster wakes up, she will ask you some questions, as near as I can
tell, your choices don't matter, so select whatever you like.

Eventually you'll run off and when you return to your home, the monster you
helped is waiting for you!

You'll ask her some questions this time, again choices don't matter, but you
must select everything but "Who am I?" at least once to proceed.

Eventually she'll ask for something to eat. It doesn't matter which option you

Once you're conversation is over, she'll introduce herself as "Alipheese
Fateburn" but tell you to call her "Alice," and tell you she'll travel with
you...regardless of you're opinion on the matter.

Your Journey Begins! Setting Off
Welcome to town.

Talk to each person once, then select "Leave."

Save and continue.

Eventually, a Slug Girl appears! Time for your second fight.

As with your first fight, and all fights in the game, your first goal is to
lose, experiencing each attack the monster has to offer.

Two or three repetitions of the fight, surrendering each time, should get you
all of Slug Girl's attacks, but remember to check the "Request" screen to be
sure! And don't forget to watch the "Evaluation" once.

Once you've experienced all of Slug Girl's attacks, it's time to win this
fight. As with Slime Girl, your normal attacks will do nothing. Continue to
attack, struggling to break free if caught, and eventually you'll get the
option to "Throw Salt" at the Slug Girl.

Continue to throw salt at the slug till she runs off. You gained another level,
and are now level 3!

Save and continue.

When you make camp for the night, Alice decides to train you a bit.

She'll teach you about Skills! More than that, she'll teach you your first
skill! Demon Decapitation will now be usable in battle for 2 SP.

*NOTE - The Skill "Edging" for 0 SP reduces your HP to 1 and then allows you
another action. This has NO USE for anything story related. The only use of
this skill is followed by "request"ing a specific attack when you're going for
an ending adult scene (some monsters have more than one) and want to save time.

*NOTE - The Skill "Flail Wildly" that you created in the Slime Girl's fight is
useless and will NEVER hit it's target (at least in the 50+ attempts I've
made). It is used once in one future fight to purposely lose, and should be
ignored at all other times.

Moving on, you'll come across a strange plant in the road.

Save and "Pull it out."

Time to fight a Mandragora, and like you'd expect with that name, you start the
fight paralyzed from her scream.

For this fight, you'll need to attack a few times as well as giving up once or
twice to see all of Mandragora's attacks.

Once you've seen all of Mandragora's attacks (you remembered to watch the
Evaluation, right?), we have to add a new step in, because Mandragora is the
first monster in the game with multiple adult scenes from losing.

Having completed the request page's attack list helps this step greatly, as
with Mandragora the ending scene depends on the attack she defeated you with.
Out of her three attacks, 2 give one ending scene, and her "Fellatio" attack
gives a different ending scene. You have to see both to complete the

When you select an option on the request page, that attack will be the only
attack used until you lose the fight, and you won't be able to fight back, just
as with surrender.

With "Request" select "Fellatio" once, and either other attack once to ensure
you've seen both scenes.

Now that you've taken all attacks, and seen both scenes, you can defeat the

Your strategy is simple. Attack every single turn no matter what.

Save and Continue.

An Endgame Boss? Already! Granberia's attack!
You arrive at the next city, after Alice displays the ability to look human, to
find the city on the verge of defeat, by the hands of only one monster!

You'll be given the choice to "Confront Her", or "Run Away."

Running away leads to another ending without an adult scene, so "Confront Her."

There's no requesting, surrendering, or even waiting in this battle.

Attack once, then use the skill "Flail Wildly" (the only time in the game
you'll use this skill). After you're loss, watch the evaluation, then return to

Attack once, then use the skill "Demon Decapitation."

The fight ends with a scene where an unexpected source saves you, and the
observant will gain a glimpse of the game's plot.
You're treated like a hero by the locals, and are lead to the hotel. In the
hotel there's a story-related adult scene, then you can explore the town.

Talk to everyone once, and be sure to stop in the weapon shop for a new armor.
This is the armor you'll have for the rest of the game, so don't miss it!

Once you've talked to everyone, leave the city.

Upon attempting to leave you'll be introduced to the most unusual character in
the game.

After that conversation, choose to leave the city again.

Save and continue.

Exploring the first continent
After you leave the city, Alice will give you a new sword "Angel Halo." Don't
let the name fool you, this is one ugly sword. With this new sword you'll
finally be able to deal lasting damage to monsters, and more than that, the
sword seals monsters true form rather than killing them!

Rejoice! You'll finally have normal fights winnable without a plot device!

Immediately after receiving your new sword, an Earthworm Girl attacks! Welcome
to your first normal fight of the game.

By this point you should have the basics for combat down, so make sure you
experience ALL Earthworm Girl's attacks, and watch the evaluation before trying
to win the fight.

Once you're ready to win the fight, attack to build SP, struggle when caught,
and use Demon Decapitation when you have enough SP built up. It may take a few
tries but eventually you'll beat her.

Welcome to level 4. Save and continue.

You'll now see a map with several destinations listed, along with a "Rec.
Level" Irina Mountains has the lowest recommended level, which just happens to
be level 4 which you are, so go there.

The Mountain Bandits!
*NOTE - To complete the Monsterpedia, for the next four battles you MUST be on
hard difficulty, the fights become scripted battles on easy that end in one or
two moves.

Soon after arriving at the mountains, a Goblin Girl attacks!

Select "wait" to start off. You'll learn why it's often a good idea to "guard"
when you see an opponent charging an attack.

After watching the evaluation, "guard" Goblin Girl's first attack to make it
miss. Select "wait" for a few turns, struggling if mounted, and check to see if
the request page is filled up, once it is, surrender and start the fight over
to win this time.

Guard the first attack, use demon decapitation when you have enough SP, and
attack when you don't. If you see her charge another attack, guard to avoid it

Assuming you've won, welcome to level 5.

A little further in, your next foe awaits! A Tiny Lamia attacks!

Select "wait" until you lose, if you're lucky you'll have experienced both of
Lamia's "Death by ..." attacks. Watch the evaluation, struggle to escape her
first hold....easily, and lose a few times till you've gotten all her attacks,
then beat her and move on.

And welcome to level....wait! no level gain! Well, can't gain a level every
fight after all. Save and continue.

It's Vampire Girl's turn to try and take you out! (laugh if you recognize her
introduction, if not, go look up "Dark-wing Duck" on Google)

Vampire Girl is the second monster with multiple adult scenes, one from
"Energy Steal," and one from any other attack.

Just surrender the first go through, watch the evaluation, then struggle once
and surrender again. The first time you lost should have been to "Energy
Steal," and the second to "Face Ride."

Now that both adult scenes are out of the way fight again to experience the
other attacks Vampire Girl has. Struggle once to escape her hold, and guard
once to avoid her mystic eyes. Guard when you have to to avoid her eyes, and
wait every other turn. By the time you lose a third time if you're lucky you'll
have filled the request page and can move on to defeating Vampire Girl.

Struggle, guard, demon decapitation, get hypnotized (can't avoid), when you
regain control fight to win, using your skills (NOT Flail Wildly) when you have
enough SP. 

Afterwords Vampire Girl learns her lesson, and Luka levels up to level 6.

Save and continue.

Now for the hardest of the Mountain Bandits, Dragon Pup!

No list of attacks to experience, and only one ending scene, so surrender once,
watch evaluation, attack once, then use demon decapitation. Did I mention that
even on hard, this is a scripted battle?

Save and continue.

A return to Iliasburg City, and a scene with the game's "secret heroine" with a
shattered fourth wall you end up back on the map screen, time to choose your
next destination.

Happiness Village or Harpy-nest Village?
After the trials of Irina Mountains, you've emerged from your challenges
stronger, faster, more durable! Where you entered at a measly Level 4, you're
now a respectable Level 6! And it just so happens that level 6 is the
recommended level for our next destination, Happiness Village. What a

After a bit of walking, and a bit of talking, a Bee Girl attacks!

Bee Girl has 2 ending scenes, one if defeated while bound, the other if
defeated while not bound.

You know the drill, see all attacks, both endings, and watch the evaluation,
then defeat Bee Girl. Save and continue.

Moving on, you arrive in Happiness Village just in time to save a boy from a

For the Harpy, make sure you see all attacks and lose at least once, watching

Now to beat the Harpy.

There's a trick for most Harpy enemies. They'll easily dodge most of your
attacks, but when they bind you, they leave your arms free, leaving them wide
open for an attack! They rarely can dodge the next attack either, so right
after attacking to break their hold is the best time to use skills.

After the fight, and some talking, you can explore the village.

Talk to everyone, then select "Wait until evening."

Off to the Harpy Village, as soon as you arrive, you mist fight off the
terrifying Harpy Twins!

Same strategy as the Harpy fight, just remember to take all the attacks and
watch the evaluation before defeating them.

Welcome to level 7. Save and continue.

Tired of those easy, repetitive, easy, predictable, and easy Harpy fights?
Well, you're in luck, because now you get to face the Harpy Queen, and she can
actually fight...and she won't dodge like the other harpy's do.

Harpy Queen has a whopping seven attacks you need to experience before beating
her, so expect to have to do this fight several times before trying to win it.
Two of her attacks she need to mount you for, and one will only be triggered by
attacking her while her wings are open.

When it's finally time to beat her, a few things to keep in mind:

*If she spreads her wings, either "wait" or "guard." Any attack or skill will
trigger a "happiness rondo" counter by the queen. (you did already experience
this one, right?)

*If she mounts you, attack immediately, if you struggle or wait, even one turn,
you lose the fight.

*If you have enough SP for Demon Decapitation, and the queen's wings are not
open, use the skill. You will not win the fight with only normal attacks.

So, how was the first real challenge of the game? Now at level 8, save,
continue, and be returned to the map.

Your armor's birthplace! Enrika!

There are only two locations left on this continent, and only one with a
recommended level of 8, so to Enrika we go.

As we approach the woods surrounding the town,  Dark Elf Fencer appears to
block your path!

Just guard until you lose the first time, watch the evaluation, and if you're
lucky, when you check the request page you'll have it filled out completely

Thanks to the "kiss of ecstasy" (translator's spelling mistake, not mine), even
if you do this fight perfect you, may lose. Still, shouldn't take more than 2
or 3 attempts to beat her.

After you beat Dark Elf Fencer, a new monster approaches. Time to fight Dark
Elf (M)! I think the "(M)" stands for mage, not sure.

You don't have to worry about being put into a trance, like with Fencer, but
when Dark Elf (M) has you bound, she can steal your HP to recover herself. 

Make sure you experience all attacks, and watch the evaluation, then take her
out. Welcome to level 9.

After some events, you're back on the map. Only one location left, so on to

Trouble at the port? To sail the stormy seas
After selecting Iliasport as your destination, Alice will ask if you're
prepared, as this is your last destination on this continent, and you won't be
able to get back.

Select "I'm prepared!" and you'll move on until you come across a Leech Girl.

Four attacks, two while unbound and two while bound. Watch the evaluation, then
defeat her.

Save and continue.

That night, while making camp, Alice will train you a bit, and you'll learn the
skill "Thunder Thrust."

Thunder Thrust requires 2 SP, and will deal extra damage if used on turn 1, and
the damage it deals will slowly decrease as more turns pass. It is also one of
the best attacks to use against speedy monsters that dodge most attacks.

The next morning, as you continue on, you'll encounter a Rafflesia Girl.

Take all 2 attacks, watch the evaluation, then defeat her. Remember to try out
your new skill!

After Rafflesia Girl's defeat you reach level 10!

Save and continue.

A bit more traveling, and you encounter Roper Girl.

You know the drill, take all attacks, watch evaluation, and then defeat her!

After some scenes, you'll arrive in Iliasport, talk to everyone, and you'll
discover that horrible storms prevent travel between continents. Select
"Treasure Cave."

This will take you to the map screen, with "Treasure Cave" the only selectable

Stealing some pirate booty! A Kitsune's Tail
After setting camp on the way to the cave, Alice will train you some more, and
you learn the most useful skill in the game, "Meditation."

For 3 SP Meditation heals 1/2 your max HP.

Continue on your way and eventually you'll encounter a Kitsune.

Four attacks to take, and an evaluation to watch. I'm not sure if it's a
requirement, but I could only get her to use "Double Tail" after beating her
clone attack. 

After losing roughly 1/2 her HP Kitsune will use her clone attack, making 3
copies of herself. Only one is real, attacking the others does nothing but
waste a turn. In my game every time I fight her the real one is the left clone,
and she uses Double Tail immediately after breaking the clones.

Save and continue.

A bit deeper in the cave and Meda Attacks!

Three attacks to take and an Evaluation to watch before beating her.

Welcome to level 11.

Save and continue.

Deeper still into the cave, a Spider Girl attacks.

Four attacks to take, two ending scenes to see, and an evaluation to watch
before defeating this one.

One of the ending scenes you get from repeatedly taking the "body wrap" attack
until unable to move. The other by being beaten any other way.

Save and continue.

A bit deeper, and you come across a treasure box. You are given 2 options,
"Open" and "Ignore."

Select "Open" to trigger a battle with a Mimic.

Two attacks to take, and two ending scenes, and as always, remember the

To start with, while Mimic is still closed, attack. This will trigger a
counter, leading to an instant loss and the first ending scene.

Watch the evaluation, select "Open" again, and this time select "Surrender."
Since you don't attack, you won't trigger the counter, and will lose to the
other attack, and see the other ending scene.

Select "re-fight," select "Open," then defeat the Mimic. Remember not to attack
while the chest is closed and this might even be the fight you get the "Won a
Fight Without Taking Damage" achievement for your Adventure Record, if you're
lucky, don't worry if you don't.

Save and continue.

On to the deepest parts of the cave, you encounter Nanabi, and yes, the change
in music indicates a boss fight, and possibly the hardest fight of the game so

Six attacks to take, two ending scenes, and the evaluation.

One ending scene is from being defeated by the "Seven Moons" attack. The other
ending scene is from any other loss.

Seven Moons is preceded by a whopping three turns of "Magic Concentration"
before unleashing itself on the fourth turn. You must have the majority of your
health, and "Guard" when seven moons is unleashed, or you will lose; should you
survive seven moons, you'll have a few turns unmolested to regain your HP.

After taking all six attacks, and seeing both ending scenes, when it's time to
finally take her out, a few things to keep in mind.

*Use Thunder Thrust turn 1.

*SP should be conserved for Meditation whenever possible.

*Do your best to keep your HP above 50%. If about to take Seven Moons, HP above
75% is necessary.

*You only need to get Nanabi to about 70% HP to win, make sure you've done
everything you need in this fight before this point.

Welcome to level 13.

Save and continue.

After a scene, you're given a choice: "Fried Tofu," "Touch fluffy tail," and
"[Poseidon's Bell]."

Tofu gives a funny little scenes, but all choices but Poseidon's Bell lead to
game over (which you can then "retry" to pick a different choice), so select

Your next choice is "Fight" or "There's no reason."

Select "Fight" to enter a battle you can't win.

After losing, watch the evaluation, and select "There's no reason."

On to your next choice "Isn't someone I should fight!" or "Is the Monster Lord
I must defeat!"

Select "Is the Monster Lord I must defeat!" and after your embarrassingly quick
defeat, select "Evaluation," followed by "Isn't someone I should fight!"

To reach a new continent!
After some scenes you return to Iliasport.

Talk to everyone before heading to the "Port."

After some scenes, You'll learn a new skill "Demon Skull Beheading."

Demon Skull Beheading costs 3 SP, and is your most powerful attack skill for
now. It can't be used in all fights though, only ones you have stuff to climb

Soon after learning the new skill, you'll be in for another boss fight, this
time against Alma Elma, someone of the same rank as Granberia. Thankfully,
she'll only use her tail this fight. Don't think that will make this easy.

For the first time in a fight with a Heavenly Knight class opponent, you have a
request page.

Five attacks to take this time. You may have to switch difficulty to "Easy" in
order to get the fight to last long enough for her to use her "Tail Drain"
attack, since she only uses it when the battle takes too long. Just be sure to
set the difficulty back to "Hard" after you get that attack.

When it's time to beat her, you just have to last long enough for Luka to say
he needs to use his new skill. Once he does, get 3 SP, use Demon Skull
Beheading, and you'll have force Alma Elma to use her hands and thus win.

Welcome to level 14!

Save and continue.

Adventures In The Next Continent!
After some scenes, you have another scene with Alice, and can then explore the
first town of the second continent!

Talk to everyone, as usual, then "Leave City."

This takes you to the map screen, where the only option you can select is "San

On the road you encounter a Sea Cucumber Girl.

Two attacks to take and an evaluation to watch. After that it's an easy fight.
Both attacks require you to be bound.

No sooner does one fight end that another begins... Shellfish Girl appears.

Four attacks, three of which require you to be captured and an evaluation to
watch. Again, it's an easy fight.

A bit more walking and a Lamia attacks!

Lamia is a first in that after dropping her HP to 0, both your and her HP reset
to 100% and you have to beat her again. After resetting, if you lose you'll
continue from her second form, not the first, so make sure before beating her
the first time that you have seen the first two ending scenes, and three of her
five attacks.

Five attacks and a whopping three ending scenes on this one. One ending scene
losing when unbound (request tail massage), one ending scene losing while
bound, and one ending scene after beating her once, but not the second time.
Two of her attacks can only be experienced after beating her once then losing
the second time.

It's a standard fight for the first part (make sure you see 2 ending scenes and
3 attacks before beating the first part), but after getting her HP to 0, she'll
gain a new graphic, and bind you.

You won't be able to escape this bind, but you are still able to attack. If you
lose to her after beating her once, she'll present you with a choice,
"Gradually" or "Instant." Each choice will lead to a different attack, so you
need to do both once. though both lead to the same ending scene.  To beat the
second part, simply attack every turn.

Religious Mayhem! A Book's True Value!

Welcome to San Ilia.

Talk to everyone in the castle before selecting "Get Some Rest."

Some more scenes and you're lead in to meet with the king. You're presented
with a choice, "Honesty" or "Lie."

Doesn't matter which you pick, so just pick honesty.

Another choice, same options, pick honesty again since it doesn't matter.

And just when you think you're free and clear, Granberia attacks!

No attacks you need to take this fight for the Monsterpedia, but there is one
attack you need to take. If the fight lasts too long, Granberia will end the
fight with "Demon Skull Beheading * Blaze." Taking this attack is necessary to
complete the Adventure Record Achievements. So make the fight last a while by
using SP only for Meditation until she uses the attack and see the ending scene
(it's different from your last fight with her), then time to fight. 

This fight is unique because your sole goal is to show Granberia all of your
attack skills. Use Demon Decapitation, Thunder Thrust, and Demon Skull
Beheading once each and the fight will end, attack as necessary to gain SP, you
shouldn't even need to use Meditation to heal.

Welcome to level 15. Save and continue.

After some scenes, you end up in the Library, and Page 17 attacks!

Three attacks to take and an evaluation to watch before beating her, Thunder
Thrust is the skill to use this fight.

A scene or two, and Page 257 attacks!

Four attacks to take, and an evaluation to watch before beating her. All four
attacks require being bound, so when it's time to beat her, simply struggle
when caught and it's an easy win.

Almost immediately after a new fight, with Page 65537, and yes, the boss music
and high number indicate the strongest of the 'page' monsters.

Five attacks this time, both 'eye' attacks requiring different % of her HP
remaining, and remember the evaluation.

At roughly 70% HP her hair will come undone, and "Eye of Paralysis" will start
to be used.

At roughly 30% HP her glasses will fall off, and "Eye of Submission" will start
to be used.

You can't guard against either eye attack, so make sure you have the HP to
survive until your condition recovers.

After beating her, she'll unseal herself! then immediately get herself defeated
with no more action from you!

Welcome to level 16. Save and continue.

Answer honestly one last time, and you can then explore the town.

Talk to everyone in town, then "Leave Town."

Back to the map screen.

Things are much better, under the water, take it from me
(Sorry for the Little Mermaid reference, couldn't help myself)
Port Natalia will be our next destination.

Talk to everyone before going to Meia's House. Be sure to talk to Mermaid
Merchant and get a "Grilled Sea Anemone," this item is necessary to obtain the
"Hero's Proof."

After going to Meia's house, you'll get some scenes and eventually end up on
the beach.

As you get ready for an underwater journey, a Crab Girl appears!

Six attacks to take this time, five of them require being bound, and of course
the evaluation as always. And one new twist to this monster.

Some monsters have extended endings to the battle, that aren't considered full
ending scenes. These extended endings are triggered when you lose to specific
attacks, but usually still have the normal ending scene afterwords. I'm not
sure if watching these are required to complete the Monsterpedia, and only a
few monsters have them, but you should watch them all, just to make sure. I'll
point out these monsters that have them.

In this battle, you have to lose to "Melty Wash" to trigger the extended scene.

When it's time to fight, remember to struggle every turn when caught, and try
and keep some SP in reserve for Meditation, and you should have no problems.

Save and continue.

Soon you'll be on that underwater journey I mentioned earlier, and a Jellyfish
Girl attacks!

Four attacks to take and an evaluation to watch this time.

When it's time to fight, there are two capture moves, one of them will be you
getting pulled into the umbrella, this one you have to attack to get out of,
struggling won't help. The other capture move struggle as normal to get out.

Save and continue.

A bit more on your way, and a Sea Anemone Girl captures you.

Four attacks and an evaluation on this one.

You'll start this fight bound. Struggling won't help, so you'll need to attack
every turn. If, however, you start to get dragged towards her mouth, then you
need to struggle to survive.

Save and continue.

Into the underwater palace, you come across an Anglerfish Girl.

Only one attack this time, so take it, watch the ending scene and the
evaluation, then defeat her. Normal attacks and skills won't do anything this
fight. After an attack or two you'll gain the option to attack from behind, do
this every turn, remembering to struggle if caught, and victory is easy.

Welcome to level 17. Save and continue.

And now for this section's boss, Kraken.

Six attacks to take, one ending scene, and an evaluation to watch before
fighting her.

When bound struggle, if she takes a turn to prepare an attack, guard, and try
and keep your HP up.

At around 85% HP she'll use "Aqua Pentagram," attack twice after this and
you'll win.

Some scenes and you'll end up back at Meia's house, and have a scene with her,
after which you'll be back in Port Natailia. Talk to everyone, then "Leave

Zombie Apocalypse
Back on the map screen, it's time to go to our next destination, "Haunted

After some scenes, you'll end up in the mansion, and a Ghost Girl attacks!

Three attacks to take and an evaluation to watch before beating her.

A bit further in, you come across a Cursed Doll.

Four attacks, two ending scenes, and an evaluation to watch.

One ending scene when defeated while bound, the other while unbound.

After beating Cursed Doll, you join the proud ranks of level 18!

Save and Continue.

After a very amusing scene with Alice, a Zombie Girl attacks.

Three attacks and an evaluation to watch before beating her.

Save and continue.

No sooner do you beat Zombie Girl, when Zombie Girls (yep, plural) attack!

Four attacks to take and an evaluation to watch before beating them. "Pointless
Mating" will only be used when only one zombie girl remains.

After beating all the zombie girls, some scenes happen, then you have to fight

Six attacks to take, and an evaluation to watch against this boss-level monster
with one of the longest ending scenes in the game.

When it's time to work on actually defeating Frederika, I've found the most
fool proof method, is to only use normal attacks and meditation, save for the
turn 1 Thunder Thrust. Simply get up to four SP, use meditation, then attack to
get up to four SP before using meditation again, and of course struggling if
you get bound. If while bound she uses a preparation move, attack rather than

After Frederika, comes Chrome, this area's boss.

Six attacks to take, and an evaluation to watch before beating her.

She has lower HP, but can deal some big damage, it may take a few tries for you
to get the right balance of attack skills vs meditation to win this fight.

When bound, you have to be careful. Struggle every turn, BUT if she sits on top
of you attack or she'll instantly defeat you.

After you beat Chrome, Alice gets some revenge before her worst nightmare comes
to life. Take note of the mysterious woman that shows up as you leave the
mansion, though it'll be a while before you see her again.

Back to San Ilia. Talk to everyone in town and in the castle, then leave.

Save and continue.

Kaze no Stigma
*note - Kaze no Stigma (Japanese) = Stigma (mark) of the Wind. Also the name of
an anime where the main character has a contract with the spirits of the wind.

Back on the map screen, you've only one option left undone, head off to the
"Forest of Spirits."

As this is the last destination in this area, Alice will ask if there's
anything else you need to do. Select "I'm prepared," to continue on!

Making camp on the way to the forest, Alice teaches you a new attack. 

"Death Sword Chaos Star," in addition to having an exorbitantly long name, uses
4 SP, and works like Flail Wildly....only actually hitting stuff, hitting stuff
five times to be exact. Definitely your strongest attack skill, but the high SP
cost makes it a little risky to use recklessly. Because the name is so long,
I'll just be calling it "Chaos Star."

The next morning, you go into the forest, and are attacked by a Fairy.

Five attacks to take and an evaluation to watch before beating her.

Perfect opportunity to try out Chaos Star once you're ready to defeat her.

And after the fairy's defeated, an Elf wants revenge!

Five attacks to take, two of which require being bound before beating her.

Welcome to level 19.

Save and continue.

After a short scene where the elf mentions a powerful unknown monster, Twin
Fairies attack.

Five attacks to take and an evaluation to watch before beating these pests.

Struggle immediately if bound, their bound attacks are quite strong.

Save and continue.

A bit deeper in the forest, you accidentally step on a fairy.

SAVE when the save location shows up. VERY important to have a save here if
you want 100% completion.

OK, now you're given a choice, "Sorry!" and "Oh Shut Up."

Problem is to eventually get the "Hero's Proof," you need to say "Sorry!", but
you also need to see everything this enemy has to complete the Monsterpedia.
More than that even, stuff doesn't show up in the Monsterpedia until after
you've beaten it.

You can see the delicacy of the situation if you're going for 100% completion,
and why that save was necessary.

First select "Oh Shut Up," to initiate a battle with Fairies.

Four attacks to take, an ending scene to see, and an evaluation to watch.

After you've seen all the attacks and everything else, select "Oh Shut Up"
again, and defeat the Fairies, but don't save afterwords, instead check the
Monsterpedia to see if the Fairies have been added. If not, then advance the
text a few pages and check again.

Once the Fairies show up in the Monsterpedia, load the save from before
fighting them. This time select "Sorry!"

The fairy will give you the "Fairy's Acorn" as proof of friendship, and you'll
receive 1200 experience points, the same as for beating them.

The Fairy's Acorn is necessary to gain the Hero's Proof, and beating the
Fairies after experiencing all their attacks and seen their ending scene is
necessary to complete the Monsterpedia and Adventure Record. You just did both
in one play-through, congratulations.

A little deeper into the forest (save when given option), you finally meet your
objective. Sylph appears!

Four attacks to take, but....this fight's a bit different. It's a scripted
battle, but with a twist. 

Sylph won't attack on her own, but she'll counter anything you throw at her. So
to experience Sylph's attacks, you need to attack her.

Conversely, when it's time to beat her, you need to either wait or guard until
Sylph exhausts herself and drops her wall of wind. Once the wall is down, one
attack and the fight's over.

Save and continue.

Fortified with the power of the wind [Blow Hard, My Wind of Justice!] you
return to Alice.

The unknown monster the Elf mentioned rears it's head, and not even Alice knows
what it is, suddenly it attacks both you AND Alice! Meet the Chimera Dryad.
After a brief scene where you talk Alice out of helping you (idiot) the battle
begins, and oh boy is this one a hard nut to crack.

Seven attacks to take, and an evaluation to watch before trying to win this
one. "Rose of Strangulation" leads to an extended fight ending.

Once you've gotten the request page filled up, and it's time to fight, remember
to guard if she's preparing the rose of strangulation, and when bound struggle,
but if you see "Floral Funeral Preparations," attack or it's an instant loss.

When you drop Chimera Dryad down to around 65% HP remaining, Sylph will let you
use her power in battle!

In the Skills menu, you should note arrows on the lower corners. Click on one
to switch to the Spirit's menu. Sylph costs 2 SP and uses "Wind Guard," which
will block many attacks from hitting you, and is especially effective against
plant-based and/or status altering attacks.

Use Sylph, Rose of Strangulation is now the only attack that should hit you,
you still need to guard from it, other than that attack to build up SP, use
meditation if needed, and immediately recast Sylph if wind guard runs out.

Once you cast Sylph this fight is ridiculously easy, but it's very hard getting
to that point, I can pull it off maybe 1 out of 5 times, so don't get
discouraged if it takes a lot of tries to win this fight. I'd almost label it
as the hardest fight in the game.

Welcome to level 20.

Back to San Ilsa, talk to everyone in both town and castle, then leave town.

*NOTE - At this point, you'll have fought 51 monsters total, and if you've
followed this guide you'll have watched the requisite 50 evaluations to get the
Ilias scene. After seeing this scene it's no longer as important that you watch
the evaluations, as the main reason to watch them was to get the Ilias scene.
Watching them will still give you valuable advice on how to win some of the
battles. If you haven't gotten the Ilias scene, and corresponding Monsterpedia
entry, continue to watch the evaluations until you do get it, but I won't be
making it a point to tell you to watch the evaluations every fight anymore.

*NOTE2 - One of the Adventure Record items is to summon Sylph tired out. For
this reason, keeping Sylph summoned will be mandatory for all fights from here
on out unless noted otherwise.

A whole lotta sand in my shoe!
You'll end up on the map screen. Select the Safina Region to continue your

After a scene or two, a Tarantula Girl attacks.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch with this one before beating
her. Remember to summon Sylph.

Save and continue.

A bit further and a Minotauros attacks!

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch this time. Remember to summon

Save and continue.

A bit further and you finally make it to the desert, just in time for a
Scorpion Girl to attack.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch before beating her. Remember
to summon Sylph.

Welcome to level 21.

A little further and you rub a magic lamp, and a Lamp Genie appears to offer
you a wish.

SAVE when the save location shows up. VERY important to have a save here if you
want 100% completion.

Remember the Fairies and how you needed to choose one option to complete the
Monsterpedia, and the other option to avoid the battle and get an item needed
to obtain the Hero's Proof? Same situation.

First select "Give in to Temptation," to initiate a battle with Lamp Genie.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch for her.

When you're ready to defeat her, make sure you keep Sylph summoned.

After beating Lamp Genie, do not save. Advance to text enough for Lamp Genie to
show up in the Monsterpedia, then load the save from before fighting her.

This time select "Shake Off Temptation." She'll grant you 2800 experience
points, the same as if you beat her, and you'll take the item "Genie's Lamp"
with you to protect other travelers. Genie's Lamp is necessary to obtain the
Hero's Proof.

You finally arrive at town. Welcome to Sabasa Castle.

You'll be led in to meet the king before you can do anything. After some
scenes, you'll be able to explore the town.

Talk to everyone both in the castle and the town, then select "Hotel."

After a heart-to-heart with Alice, you have another scene with her before
ending up on the map screen.

Riddle me this
Select "Pyramid," since it's the lowest level area on the map.

When you arrive at the Pyramid, seeking to rescue a kidnapped princess, you'll
meet a female adventurer named "Sara." Sara's at the pyramid to take the
"Dragon Seal Trial," and you decide to go through the Pyramid with her.

*NOTE - One of the Adventure Record items is "Sara defeated a monster." This is
the only area you travel with her, and you can't get this one from recall in
the Monsterpedia, so it is imperative that you finish this requirement in the

A little ways into the Pyramid, a Mummy Girl attacks!

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch this fight.

After taking all her attacks, take Mummy Girl down to just a sliver of health,
and guard/wait/meditate do anything to stay alive until one of Sara's weak
attacks finishes her off. It will show you making an attack after Sara's
finisher resulting in Mummy Girl being sealed instead of killed, but you'll
still get the credit for Sara defeating the monster. This is the easiest fight
to gain this achievement on, I'll assume you got it here, and not mention it
for the other fights in the pyramid. If you don't manage to get it this fight,
I'd recommend loading a save from before the fight to try again, as it's very
difficult to get this achievement on the other pyramid battles.

Save and continue.

A bit further in, and a Cobra Girl attacks.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. Remember Sylph.

Welcome to level 22.

A bit further in and a scene or two later, Nefertiti Lamias attack!

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch before beating them, this
time with no help from Sara.

Save and continue.

Finally you reach the depths of the pyramid, and encounter Sphinx.

Save when given the option, then Sphinx will present you some riddles.

Sphinx's first riddle gives three options "Humans," "Me," and "You."

Select "You" to initiate battle with the Sphinx.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. Once you've gotten all
attacks but "Ancient law of Ecstasy," work on beating her, once she hits 0 HP
she'll use Ancient Law.

After losing to Ancient Law, meaning you've gotten all five of her attacks,
select "Human!" as your answer to the first question.

For the second riddle, select "To understand man's transience?"

And for the final riddle, "Leave it to Sara."

For the final question Sphinx asks, after Sara answers, you may choose any one
of the three options, it's a tough philosophical question, no right or wrong
answer. You've passed the Dragon Seal Trial...even though you didn't want to
take it.

Now that Sara's mini-quest is over, you ask the Sphinx about the princess only
to find out the princess is Sara! 

You return with Sara to the castle, have some scenes, a scene with Sara, and
some more scenes, you end up on the map screen.

Select "Sabasa," and talk to everyone, especially stop at the Mermaid Cafe for
an easily missed plot-developing scene.

"She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" "I got better."
(All hail Monty Python!)
Once you've left town, it's time to go to "Witch Hunt Village."

After you arrive some soldiers try and frame Alice as a witch, but she turns it
around on them and they run away, you can now talk to the villagers.

Talk to everyone, then go to the lord's mansion.

A little into the mansion you're attacks by a tentacle monster! Suck Vore

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch, remember Sylph.

Save and continue.

A bit further, and Worm Villager attacks with more tentacles!

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch, remember Sylph.

Welcome to level 23.

It is VERY important to save before fighting the next monster. We'll be
shooting for multiple achievements on her.

A bit further still, and an iron maiden attacks....without tentacles.

We....might be on this fight for a while. One of the harder Adventure Record
achievements is obtainable here, specifically, "Won Fight While Confused."
Ththis is the only monster that can confuse you, so you have to do this here.

There is only one way to lose this fight, attack the iron maiden while the lid
is open. Do this first to get the Monsterpedia records for this monster.

After getting the attacks and ending scene out of the way, start the battle
with Sylph. Sylph will protect you from confusion in this battle. Keep Sylph
active until Iron Maiden is one hit away from death, attacking only when she's

Once she's one hit away from death, let Sylph's protection fade, and simply
"Wait" until she confuses you. Once you're confused, hopefully she'll open up,
and you'll automatically attack her, if not and you recover before attacking,
heal if necessary, and let her confuse you again. If you've set this up right,
that attack will defeat her, and you'll gain the achievement. If you set this
up wrong, she'll have some HP left after you're attack, and defeat you
instantly, keep trying, it may take a few attempts, but this is the only place
to get it.

Now's where it gets good. After advancing the text enough for the achievement
to show up in the Adventure Record, check your adventure record and see if
you've got the "Won a Fight Without Taking Damage" achievement. If not, load
the pre-fight save, simply keep sylph up, and attack when she's closed, and you
don't take a single point of damage the entire fight. Achievement earned.

OK, achievements earned, you can finally move on past this fight.

Save and continue.

A little further to get to the end of this section, and you finally confront

Lily has six attacks to experience, and one ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 24.

Save and continue.

That ain't your everyday Garden Gnome!
A few scenes and you're back on the map screen, and now it's off to the "Safaru

Soon, an Antlion Girl attacks.

Simply surrender, then attack every turn second time through.

Soon after a Sandworm attacks.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch this time. When she binds
you, attack rather than struggling.

Save and continue.

Just a bit further, and you encounter Gnome, Spirit of Earth.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

When it's time to fight, always keep Sylph up, and struggle when bound. At
around 40% HP you'll win the fight and reach level 25!

Save and continue.

A scene or two and you'll be on the map screen. Congratulations on beating Part
1 of the game.

The second half of the second continent awaits!
Click on the Noah Region to continue your quest.

Four attacks to take, and an ending scene to watch. On a related note you'll
notice Gnome is required to see more than one or two attacks as it's impossible
to break her hold without Gnome.

It should be noted that at this point you cannot have both Gnome and Sylph
summoned at the same time. Summoning one unsummons the other. Sylph to help you
evade, or Gnome to help you break holds, choose wisely.

After this fight you're level 26.

Save and continue.

After a bit you and Alice set camp. Alice decides to cook....enter a battle
where you are Alice, and the cooking pot is your enemy...

Whatever attack or skill you use, the result is the same, but it's cool to see
each of them, reload last save to try them all out.

Afterwords, you're on your way again, and Frog Girls attack!

Five attacks to take, and two ending scenes to see. One ending scene when
bound, another when not bound.

Another fight where Gnome is necessary to break their hold.

The fight ends at about 20% HP remaining.

Save and continue.

A bit further and Alraune attacks.

Four attacks to experience and an ending scene to see.

Remember Sylph is extra effective vs plants.

Save and continue.

If only the Roman's had thought of THIS!
Eventually you end up in town. Talk to everyone as usual, but don't miss the
Tool Shop, to gain a ribbon that Alice wears for the rest of the game, or the
Alraune's Florist Shop, to gain a Alraune's Flower.

When you're done talking to everyone, go to the Inn.

After a scene with Alice, you visit the coliseum, meet the queen, and are asked
to participate in the coliseum.

"Accept," as declining would be a Bad Thing.

A few days pass in four words, and you're about to participate in the Queen's
Cup Coliseum Battle!

Your first opponent? Dullahan.

An amazing nine attacks to take, and the first time the request list has a
second page!

After winning you make it to level 27.

Save and continue.

Four fights so easy you don't get to see them later, and you're in the

This time your opponent is a Cerberus.

Five attacks to take and two ending scenes to watch.

One ending scene is when bound, the other when unbound.

Gnome is necessary to break her bind.

Save and continue.

In the waiting room, Alice shows up to ask you to forfeit. Select "Never," as
forfeiting ends the game.

Now it's time to fight the final opponent of the Queen's Cup. The mysterious,
undefeated Kyuba that everyone's been warning you about.

So now lets start the fight with...Alma Elma! One of the Four Heavenly Knights!

Four attacks to take and two ending scenes to watch.

One ending scene happens if you are bound, the other if you aren't bound.

When it's time to win, Turn 1 summon Sylph, Turns 2 and 3 attack to fill your
SP to 5, then guard till Sylph runs out. Re-summon Sylph, attack, and the fight
ends. You shouldn't need Meditation, but it's there just in case.

Congratulations, in a fight where you didn't land a single hit, you gained a
Welcome to level 28.

Save and continue.

*NOTE - In this battle, Sylph made it to level two. Each of the four spirits
have three levels of their powers. Sylph at level two, instead of creating a
wall of wind around you, infuses you with the speed of the wind, allowing you
to dodge most attacks.

After a few scenes, you'll end up on the map screen.

Eight-Heads vs Nine-Tails
Select "Yamatai Village" to continue your quest.

Some scenes and a Yuki-Onna attacks.

Five attacks to take and two ending scenes to see. One ending scene when bound,
one when not bound.

Save and continue.

After waking up, you and Alice sit down to eat. A Nekomata shows up and begs
for food.

Remember that Grilled Sea Anemone? Here's where you need it.

Save as soon as you get the option, VERY important.

You'll be given the option to "Give," or "Don't." If you don't get this option,
then you don't have the anemone, and will need to load a save from all the way
back in Iliasport to get one...yes, it's that important.

Select "Don't" to initiate a battle.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

After taking all attacks and seeing the ending scene, beat Nekomata, go through
a bit of text so it shows up in the Monsterpedia, and then load the previous
save. Select "Give," to get 5500 experience and the "Nekomata Bell," which is
necessary to get the Hero's Proof.

Welcome to level 29.

A bit further down the road, Kunoichi and Samurai Elf attack.

Nine attacks to take and two ending scenes to see. Some of the attacks and one
of the ending scenes will only happen after you've defeated Samurai Elf.

Gnome for the first half, Sylph for the second.

Samurai Elf is defeated at about 50% HP.

Save and continue.

After some scenes, you'll be in the village, talk to everyone, especially fox
and snake shrines,  before selecting "Wait for Night."

It doesn't matter which of the three choices you make. Alice gives you "Tamamo
Ball" as you leave the village.

After some scenes, you're fighting Yamata no Orochi, the Eight-Headed Snake.

Only three attacks to see this time.

Gnome is the spirit for this fight.

At about 85% HP, Tamamo Ball turns into Tamamo, she talks to you a bit, then
you must re-summon Gnome, even if Gnome's still active.

Gnome is now level 2, and greatly increases your defense, in addition to
helping get out of binds, when summoned.

One attack, and Tamamo finishes the fight for you.

Welcome to level 30.

Save and continue.

I need Raid and Weed Killer, STAT!
Back to the map screen, with Plansect Village as our next destination.

*NOTE - *SPOILER* Probably the best story arc, character developmentally, in
the game. Luka may not face ALL the contradictions and borrowed ideals he's
dealing with, but after his naivety has him do something really stupid, he
finally does something according to HIS ideals, not his image of an ideal.

A thing to note in this section is that in general you'll want Gnome for insect
monsters and Sylph for plant monsters.

You'll quickly get involved in a fight with Moth, Mosquito, and Caterpillar

There's Nine attacks to take, and three ending scenes to see. Which ending
scene you get depends on which monster lands the final blow.

At around 55% HP Moth Girl is defeated. At around 20% HP you win the fight.

Save and continue.

A number of scenes, and a Centipede Girl appears.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 31.

Save and continue.

A bit further and Silkworm Girl attacks.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Further in Hornet Girl attacks.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Three lines of text later you encounter the Queen Bee.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. I'd definitely stick with
Gnome for this one.

Welcome to level 32.

Save and continue.

After a scene, you're in combat with Alra Arum  and Alra Rooty, two Alraune

Eight attacks to take, and two ending scenes to watch. Ending scene is
determined by which one lands the final blow.

At about 50% HP Rooty will be defeated.

Save and continue.

A few scenes and you're in combat with Alra Vore, Alra Parasol, and Alra
Prison, three Alraune Girls.

Ten attacks to take and three ending scenes, again, ending scene depends on
which monster finishes you.

At about 60% HP Vore is defeated, and at about 25% HP Parasol is defeated.

Welcome to level 33.

Save and continue.

A few scenes and your up against Alra Priestess.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. Three of the attacks won't be
used until she's blow about 50% HP.

Sylph's the way to go.

Save and continue.

Short scene and you attack Dorothy Canaan.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Immediately after you beat Dorothy, Raffia Canaan attacks.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

You'll need Sylph to win this one.

Save and continue.

Again, right after beating Raffia, you're attacked by Deana Canaan.

Three attacks to take, and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 34.

After some scenes, you end up back at the mp screen.

First, go to Grand Noah Castle. Talk to everyone in and out of the castle.
Interesting conversation in the tool shop.

Return to the map screen and go to Plansect Village.

Talk to everyone. Make extra sure to talk to Alra Priestess, she'll take your
Fairy Acorn and Nekomata's Bell, combine them with her own magic and forge a
"Jewel of Friendship." The jewel is one of three jewels needed to obtain the
"Hero's Proof."

Return to the map screen.

It's Slime Time!
NOTE - If you did not return to Plansect Village and obtain the Jewel of
Friendship before going to Undine's Spring, you will not be able to obtain the
Hero's Proof.

Select Undine's Spring to continue your quest.

Alice will ask to verify you've completed everything, select "I did" to

After some scenes, a Jelly Girl attacks.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Gnome's the way to go.

Save and continue.

A bit further in Blob Girl attacks.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Soon, a Green Slime attacks.

Three attacks to take, and an ending scene to watch before beating this one.

When it's time to beat her, attack every turn, since you're bound the entire

At about 50% HP She'll call for help, and Blue, Red, and Purple Slime join the
battle. Thankfully you're fully healed and stocked with SP at this point as

With the change in the battle, you're no longer bound and you have eleven
attacks and a new ending scene to watch. That's a total of fourteen attacks and
two ending scenes in this battle.

At about 40% HP the fight ends.

Welcome to level 35.

Save and continue.

Now for a hard enemy to fight, in more ways than one. Erubetie, the last of the
Four Heavenly Knights attacks.

This is a scripted battle. First, "Wait" two turns, and watch the ending scene,
then cast Gnome turn 1 and "Guard" turn 2.

Whatever your action on turn 3, Undine protects you.

Save and continue.

Now it's time for Undine's test.

Three attacks to see and an ending scene to watch.

When it's time to beat her, summon Gnome, attacks,struggle, and meditate as

At about 90% HP Undine will mention summoning both spirits at once, summon
Sylph as soon as you have the requisite 2 SP, and with both spirits summoned,
you'll win the fight.

Welcome to level 36.

Save and continue.

To the final area of the second continent
After a few scenes,it's back to the map screen, and on to the Gold Region.

A scene or two, and Mantis Girl attacks.

Three attacks to take, an ending scene to watch, and a lesson to learn. The
lesson, level 1 Undine is a waste of SP.

Gnome + Sylph for the win.

Welcome to level 37.

Save and continue.

A little down the road, a Scylla attacks.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

After a night at camp with more training Thunder Thrust is upgraded to
Lightning Sword Flash.

Lightning Sword Flash is basically Thunder Thrust, but more powerful, and will
deal more damage when used while Sylph is summoned.

A bit down the road, Medusa attacks.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 38.

As you arrive at the town, Golem Girl attacks.

Two attacks to take, both while bound, and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

This is co-existence?
After some scenes you'll be in town. Talk to everyone before going to the Inn.

After a scene, you'll have a scene with Alice, followed by some more scenes,
then a choice, "Still help," or "Let them reap what they sowed.", choose to

Soon, a Mud Golem Girl attacks.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 39.

Save and continue.

Soon Automata Girl attacks.

Eight attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

A few scenes, and Ant Girls attack.

Seven attacks to take, and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 40.

Save and continue.

After some scenes, including another look at the person I told you to remember
back at the haunted house, you'll have a conversation followed by battle with
the Queen Ant.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

After some scenes, it's the map screen again.

First stop Gold Port. Talk to everyone as usual. In the tool shop you'll sell
you're Genie's Lamp and receive a Lottery Ticket. After you have the Lottery
Ticket, go to the "Lottery" to obtain the "Jewel of Fortune." That's two of the
three jewels needed to obtain the Hero's Proof.

Back to the map screen. Grangold Castle this time, to talk to everyone before
returning to the map screen.

I wonder where the Incubi are?
Now it's time to head to Succubus Village. ......Damn pervert.

Talk to everyone before heading to the inn.

After a bunch of scenes, Maccubus attacks.

Seven attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Next up, time to fight Mincubus.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. Also, being defeated by
"Panty Stroke" or "Sock Stroke" lead to different extended ending scenes.

Welcome to level 41.

Save and continue.

Soon after, Lencubus attacks.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch, but don't kill her yet, in
fact don't even attack her.

Lencubus has an attack named "Level Drain" that will drain your levels and give
them to her. One of the achievements for the adventure record requires having
your level drained to level 1. Simply "Wait" every turn and you should get
this. After you're at level 1, Lencubus will ask you if you want to be finished
fast or slow, choice will determine which of two finishing moves she uses, so
doing this twice is necessary to see all attacks.

When it's time to defeat her, it's easy, simply attack, if she binds you,
attack to get out and deal a critical hit. When you defeat her you'll get any
lost levels back, if you manage to lose any.

Save and continue.

A quick scene, and you get a choice, pick whichever, end result's the same.

You go to the village chief's house, and confront Succubus.

Seven attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. The "Hecto-Deep Blowjob"
and "Breast Squeeze" attacks lead to extended endings.

Save and continue.

A scene, and Succubus Witch attacks.

Ten attacks and two ending scenes to watch. One ending scene when defeated
normally, one when defeated by one of the "Minimum Phantasm" attacks, each of
which has it's own extended ending scene. "Hat of Pleasure" and "Breast
Milking" also have extended ending scenes.

You'll gain back any levels you lose after the battle.

Welcome to level 42.

Save and continue.

Soon after Lilith and Lilim attack.

Seven attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

A few scenes, and another example of "peaceful co-existence" late, your back on
the map screen.

Return to the Succubus Village, and talk to everyone, especially the
Soothsayer, for some ominous advice.

Something's fishy here...
Now on to Lady's Village.

Some scenes, and you'll be able to explore the town. Talk to everyone before
going to the Lord's Manor.

After some more scenes, Alice will ask you a question, pick whichever you like.

A short scene, and Madame Insect attacks.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 43.

Save and continue.

A short scene and Madame Umbrella attacks.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Another short scene, and Scylla Maid attacks.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

A scene, and Emily attacks.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 44.

Save and continue.

Next is Cassandra...she's scary...

Eight attacks to take and Two ending scene to watch. One ending scene when
defeated while bound, the other while unbound.

At about 90% HP you'll win the fight. Don't think that 10% will be easy to take
off though.

Save and continue.

A scene or two, and you're back on the map screen.

*NOTE - (**SPOILER**) Probably one of my least favorite arcs. While we do get
some nice character development for Alice, everything before that is glaringly
obvious, obtrusively transparent, and exceedingly predictable. From the get-go
where you here the rumors about the town it's obvious what's going on.
Honestly, this arc could have been greatly improved by including a better
tie-in to Luka's character development. Think about it, all you need to do is
make it so Cassandra, and possibly the other monsters in the town, is a monster
that HAS to kill to survive, one that would starve if she didn't kill people.
Easy, now you can still do Alice's development in the end, but you have pure
gold for developing Luka. Seriously, it would have taken 10 extra minutes of

It's getting hot in here -so hot- so take off all your clothes
Onwards to Gold Volcano.

Alice will ask you if you're done with your business in the area, select "I'm

Camping for the night, Alice will train you. Demon Skull Beheading will get
infused with the Earth and become "Earth Rumbling Decapitation." Just like with
Lightning Sword Flash and Sylph, Earth Rumbling Decapitation will be more
powerful with Gnome summoned. Even better, you no longer need to climb on
anything to do this move. And it's still only 3 SP.

After resting for the night, you continue into the Volcano. Soon Lava Girl

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Good fight to try out your new skill on...with Gnome summoned. 2000+ damage.

Welcome to level 45.

Save and continue.

Next up, a Basilisk.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Next is a Dragon Girl.

Five attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Despite Alice's words, start with Gnome and Sylph, not Undine.

At about 35% HP, the background will fade and you'll see what happens when you
summon Undine.

Save and continue.

After a scene Salamander will appear.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. And Undine's still not

At around 90% HP Salamander will tell you to use Undine's power. At this point
Undine levels up to level 2. SP cost is ALL, this does not mean that you
instantly lose your SP from using the attack, it drains 1 SP a turn until
you're out of SP. While active you'll dodge basically everything, and you're
normal attacks will do massive damage. All of this is explained by Salamander
mid-fight. Just keep using normal attacks after summoning Undine, and after
Undine wears off, and you'll win.

Welcome to level 46.

Save and continue.

Suddenly Granberia drops through the ceiling and challenges you!

Another fight with Granberia means another fight where request and surrender
both do nothing.

Select "Wait" until you lose once, then start with Undine, and when Granberia
says she's going to use her ultimate move, use Death Sword Chaos Star. You'll
be defeated, but it's not game over.

A few scenes and you'll wake up in Gold Port. While in the room, Alice will
teach you "Serene Demon Sword" to replace Demon Decapitation. Serene Demon
Sword costs 2 SP, and is powered up by Undine. Using it will also take you out
of Undine's power, allowing you to conserve SP.

You also learn that you can't meditate while Salamander is summoned (yet).

Talk to everyone in town, then head to the port. after some scenes, Amira will
give you the "Jewel of Victory."

I'll assume you've been following my instructions so far, and now have all
three Jewels: Victory, Friendship, and Fortune. Stop in the Hero's Shrine to
gain the Hero's Proof....finally.

After that return to the Port, then talk to the Mysterious Woman, then talk to
everyone again. Then select "Leave."

Underwater adventures, redux
Select Port Natalia.

After some scenes, Crab Girl attacks....again.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. "Hellish Penis Washing" leads
to an extended ending scene.

Easy win? Undine and attack until 2 SP, then serene demon sword. 

Save and continue.

Getting to Kraken in the southern seas is a lot easier this time, and you get
the Blue Orb. Next is the northern seas.

Soon you're approached by a "Mermaid?" it's really a Dagon.

First select approach, you'll start the fight bound, and unable to escape, let
yourself be defeated. Continue doing this until you've experienced all four of
Dagon's attacks, then select "Don't."

Once it's time to defeat Dagon, Start the fight by summoning Undine, and at 2
SP use Serene Demon Sword, followed up by 1-2 normal attacks, and you should
win easily.

Welcome to level 47.

Save and continue.

A scene or two, and it's time to fight Poseidoness.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 48.

Save and continue.

After some scenes, back to the map screen.

If this is a ghost ship, where are the ghosts?
Select "Gold Port."

Talk to the Mysterious Woman.

Some scenes, and eventually Siren attacks.

Six attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Several scenes and eventually Starfish Girl attacks.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Save and continue.

Some more scenes, Alice experiences her worst nightmare, and Queen of Flies
[Beelzebub A, B, and C] attacks.

Ten attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

At about 66% HP you defeat Beelzebub A, and Alice joins the fight. I like to
use edging at this point just for laughs, since not a single point of damage
will go your way for the rest of the fight. Sit back, relax and enjoy...and try
clicking surrender for a laugh, don't worry, nothing bad will happen.

Welcome to level 49.

Save and continue.

*NOTE - **SPOILER** Quite a short arc with only 2 fights. It's worth it for the
last scene with Alice though, her reactions to ghosts are always fun.

Time to save the princess...again...sigh
Onwards to Sabasa Castle!

Some scenes and you enter battle with Trick Fairy.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Welcome to level 50.

Save and continue.

Some more scenes, and it's time to fight Fairy Queen.

Nine attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Remember, Sylph is effective vs plant attacks.

Welcome to level 51.

Save and continue.

Nine attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

If you see "infinity sucking preparation," guard.

Welcome to level 52.

Save and continue.

A short scene, and you get to fight Sara! Oh, and she's a Succubus now.

Seven attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

The attacks "Isis's Lovemaking" and "Hellish Blowjob" lead to extended ending

Save and continue.

Some scenes, and some ominous rumors, later and you'll be presented with a
choice, lie or tell the truth. Pick whichever you like.

Some more scenes, and you're back at the map screen.

This isn't an airship!
*NOTE - Arc title is a reference to the common belief in old-school RPG's that
all good RPG's have an airship, and conversely if it has an airship, it's a
good RPG. Looking back at the 8 and 16 bit'd be hard-pressed to
disprove this. Some believe it's still true.

There's only one option this time, so it's off to the shrine.

Alice will ask you if you've got anything left to do. As there were no other
options, obviously you'll say no.

Some scenes and you're given a choice to "Stop" or "Thrust." Choose whichever
you like.

Some more scenes, a scene with Alice, and more scenes still before you take off
on Garuda.

Soon, Wyvern attacks.

Three attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

When it's time to fight, attacks twice, summon Salamander, use Chaos Star
twice, attack, then use Serene Demon Sword.

Welcome to level 53.

Save and continue.

Finally you can use Salamander as she's level 2 now. For 2 SP your skills will
be more powerful, and you'll regain all SP, but you'll no longer be able to
meditate. What's more, you'll lose all SP when the power of fire fades, so use
as many skills as you like.

A short scene, and you land in Hellgondo.

*NOTE - **SPOILER** THE most important character development arc of the game.
You learn the truth about both Luka's father's and Alice's mother's deaths,
Luka gains true conviction, and some of the scenes almost made me cry from the
sheer emotions expressed and souls bared. Though for some reason every time I
go through the part of the game after you deal with Lazarus the music is always
at the most up-beat part at the saddest parts in the text, hopefully you all
have better timed reading speeds, heh.

The Final Continent
A short scene and Kyoryuu attacks.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Quickest win here? Start the fight with Undine. Attack until you have 4 SP
remaining, use Serene Demon Sword, then use the remaining 2 SP to summon
Salamander, and use Chaos Star twice.

Welcome to level 54.

Save and continue.

Some scenes, and you're on the map screen.

The Ruined City
Select Remina as your next destination.

Soon after arriving, Chimera Beast attacks.

Four attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Undine -> Serene demon sword @ 4 SP -> Salamander -> Chaos Star x2. Same as
last fight. I love abusing game mechanics.

Welcome to level 55.

Save and continue.

Some scenes and Chimera Dryad Vore attacks.

Seven attacks to take and three ending scenes to watch. She has three distinct
plants, each with 2 attacks, one while bound, the other when not bound; Ivy,
Flytrap, and Pitcher. Ending scene is dependent on which plant finishes you. 
Pitcher's bind is an instant kill, guard when you see preparations for it to
escape. When bound by Venus Trap, attack to escape. Struggle from Ivy's bind.
Binds by flytrap are great, because you can still build up SP and deal damage
while escaping.

Don't use the Undine -> Salamander trick, you'll die. Sylph and Gnome is the
way to go, Earth Rumbling Decapitation when you have some SP to spare, but keep
it mostly for Meditation. Keep Sylph up at all times, Gnome's less important,
but the damage reduction helps a lot. A few turns between summonings help too,
so they both don't run out too close together, helps you from draining your SP
to much.

At around 50% HP if you have at least 5 SP you can use the Undine -> Salamander
trick to finish her quickly, still guard if you see pitcher preparations even
while under Undine's effects.

Welcome to level 56.

Save and continue.

A scene, and you're back on the map screen.

A Hero's Fate
On to Sealed Sinners Prison.

A short scene, and a Vampire attacks.

Four attacks to see and an ending scene to watch.

Undine -> Salamander trick works.

Save and continue.

Behemoth attacks now.

Six attacks to see and an ending scene to watch.

Undine -> Salamander works here too.

Welcome to level 57.

Save and continue.

A few scenes, and it's back to the map screen.

The Monster Lord's Castle
Select Monster Lord's Castle as you're next destination.

Alice will ask if you have any unfinished business, select "no."

You'll set camp, and Alice will teach you "Quadruple Giga," the ultimate attack
skill that you'll only get to use when the game tells you to use it, heh.

Some scenes, and Elder Succubus attacks.

Seven attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. The attack "Voracious
Monster Bellybutton" leads to an extended ending scene.

The Undine -> Salamander trick works here too!

Welcome to level 58.

Save and continue.

Soon Yao, an eight-tailed Kitsune, attacks.

Seven attacks to take and two ending scenes to watch. Ending scene is
determined by if you're bound or not when defeated.

Yet another monster that will quickly fall to the Undine -> Salamander trick,
enjoy, it's the last one.

Welcome to level 59.

Save and continue.

Some scenes, and an Imp...attacks?

Four attacks to see and two ending scenes to watch.

This is a unique fight...against the weakest monster in the game.

First turn, wait, let her use a move, then attack, she'll move on to the next
move, so on and so fourth, she'll only attack you if you select wait or guard.

After losing to her final attack, restart, attack twice, use edging, and
wait/guard, you'll lose to her titjob attack and get the second ending scene.

Now for the best part. This is little hidden gem that can be missed. Attack
once, then use Quadruple Giga. Only time you can use it without the game
telling you to use it.

Save and continue.

A short scene and Giganto Weapon attacks.

Two attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

Gnome and Sylph for this one. SP is your greatest asset for this fight, save it
only for Gnome, Sylph, and Meditation; Use Earth Rumbling Decapitation only if
you're SP is full, you're at more than 75% HP, and both spirits are summoned.
You really have to just hope luck is on your side and Sylph lets you evade
enough attacks.

After you get her to 0 HP, she'll regenerate a bunch of HP and Salamander will
teach you an upgrade for Chaos Star Death Sword, introducing "Vaporizing
Rebellion Sword," a skill invented by Granberia. Get to 4 SP, and use it. It
makes things actually beatable if you have the 4 SP in reserve as soon as she
hits 0 HP.

Welcome to level 40.

Save and continue.

Vaporizing Rebellion Sword costs 4 SP and deals 5 hits to your opponent. Next
to Quadruple Giga, it's the most damaging move in the game, but far from the
most cost effective.

The Four Heavenly Knights

A few scenes, and it's finally time to face the Four Heavenly Knights. First
up, Alma Elma, the Queen of the Succubus.

For the first part of this fight, there's three attacks to take and an extended
ending scene to watch. Just wait until you lose and you should get all of them.

-Turn one summon Undine.
-Turn two summon Sylph.
-Turn three summon Sylph again. Sylph is now level three, costs 1 SP, and
 allows your normal attack to hit twice.
-Turn four summon Gnome, it'll carry over into the next part of the fight.
-Turn five, use Vaporizing Rebellion Sword. This will give you a bit of an
 advantage for the next part.

Now for the second part of the fight. Your HP and SP fully restored, so the
Gnome and Rebellion Sword were both essentially free.

Eight attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

You should start the second part of this fight with full HP, SP, and both Sylph
and Gnome (assuming you summoned him when I told you to) summoned. Might as
well use Rebellion Sword again since you're in optimal shape. This should leave
Alma Elma at around 60% HP while she only gets one attack in on you, assuming
the wind didn't let you dodge it.

Attack to regain SP then use SP primarily to Meditate. As long as Sylph and
Gnome stay up you should be fine, but Succubus Ceremony can take up to 60% (75%
without Gnome) of your HP, so stay healed up.

Welcome to level 61.

Save and continue.

Next up, Tamamo, the Nine-Tailed Queen of the Kitsune.

First part of the fight, just wait one turn and you should lose and see the
extended ending.

After that:
-Turn one, summon Gnome.
-Turn two, summon Sylph.
-Turn three, use Meditation.
-Turn four, attack.
-Turn five, attack.

At this point you should get caught in a bind, Struggle every turn until you

Gnome is now level 3, costs 1 SP, and makes every normal hit a critical. With
Sylph summoned as well that makes a normal "attack" hit with two critical
attacks every time.

Now for the second part of the fight.

Eight attacks to take and an ending scene to watch. "Kitsune Mouth Handling"
will lead to an extended ending.

If Gnome is not summoned, you'll be unable to deal any damage this fight, so
Undine and Salamander are completely out this fight, only use Gnome and Sylph.

At about 50% HP Tamamo will recover to 100% HP, don't worry, she can only do
this once.

This is another fight where luck with Sylph's evades is the primary factor in a
win or loss.

At about 10% HP she'll destroy the ceiling and begin absorbing moonlight, guard
when this happens. Once she misses, she'll be exhausted, and won't be able to
do anything for several turns.

Welcome to level 62.

Save and continue.

And next, Erubetie, Queen of the Slimes.

Eight attacks to take and an ending scene to watch.

There are quite a few storyline-relevant blocks of text in this fight, so don't
ctrl through this fight.

When bound by "Heaven's Prison," attack. When bound by "Divine Gale," struggle.

At about 5% HP Erubetie will divide into three. Attacks once, and Salamander
will tell you to summon her. Do so, and Salamander evolves to level 3. You can
now summon Salamander in concert with Sylph and Gnome, and you can meditate
while using Salamander. SP cost goes up to 4 though. Oh, and you won't lose all
SP when Salamander runs out anymore.

Use Rebellion Sword now, and you'll take her to 0 HP.

She'll bind you and say she's going to self-destruct, just wait a few turns and
the fight ends. Overall, easier than Tamamo.

Welcome to level 63.

Save and continue.

Finally, it's Granberia, Queen of the Dragons.

Also the only fight in the game I'll be giving turn by turn instructions for
beginning to end, It's semi-scripted, you basically have to use all your
spirits to level Undine, then you have to use all your skills, before Granberia
asks you to use Quadruple Giga, and you win. So depending on how you play it,
the fight could go different, but this is the fastest route I could find.

As usual, no attacks to experience, so lose once on purpose (edging, then wait
till you lose) to see the ending scene.

Now it's time to fight:
-Turn one, Gnome.
-Turn two, Sylph.
-Turn three, Undine.
-Turn four, Salamander.
-Turn five, Vaporizing Rebellion Sword.
-Turn six, Undine. She's now level 3.

With Undine at level 3, she costs 4 SP, increases attack power, avoids almost
everything, and now there's no SP reduction while she's summoned, though she
fades like the other spirits now. Even better, you can summon her with the
other spirits now, meaning all four spirits at once! Serene Demon Sword won't
knock you out of it either.

-Turn seven, Gnome.
-Turn eight, Sylph.
-Turn nine, Serene Demon Sword.
-Turn ten, Lightning Sword Flash.
-Turn eleven, Salamander.
-Turn twelve, Earth Rumbling Decapitation.
-Turn thirteen, Vaporizing Rebellion Sword.
-Turn fourteen, Meditation.
-Turn fifteen, attack.
-Turn sixteen, attack.
-Turn seventeen, Quadruple Giga.

Welcome to level 64.

Save and continue.

A short scene, and then an interruption, and some scenes with the best music in
the game.

Now it's time for the final enemy of Part 2... Monster Lord Alipheese Fateburn
the Sixteenth. With the best battle music in the game.

Three attacks to take and two ending scenes to watch.

One ending scene is from losing to her, the other is by using Quadruple Giga
when she tells you to.

Evaluation tells you the most pertinent details. Only advice I'll give is with
all four spirits summoned Serene Demon Sword is the best SP to damage ratio
move in the game, but you need to keep your SP as high as possible to heal. 

Good luck, especially since you have to do it twice. And no matter what, don't
throw your computer out of the window, it's just a game.

At about 2-3% HP, the music changes, and she tells you to use Quadruple Giga.
Use it or attack (I'd use it, better scripting) to get the second ending scene,
then beat her again and just keep guarding to win.

The second ending scene isn't with Alice, it's with Ilias, and shows up in the
Monsterpedia as "Ilias (2)."

Save and continue.

Enjoy the ending to Monster Girl Quest Part 2.

But wait, there's more.

Adventure Record Achievements

If you've followed this guide then the last two pages of the adventure record
should all be filled except for one or two, as all the others should have
happened in the course of seeing all attacks and endings.

"Won a Fight on HELL mode" is one of the remaining achievements, and oh boy is
it a doozie, I don't even think most of the fights are winnable on hell mode.

At any rate, the only way to fight a monster in hell mode is through the

Go to the Monsterpedia. Now many people say Iron Maiden on, page 3, is the best
monster to use, I find the fairy, on page 2, to be easiest myself. 

For the Fairy, attack twice to get to 4 SP, use Death Sword Chaos Sword, and
attack two more times. This should deal enough damage to defeat her. Pray she
doesn't bind you though, as you've basically lost at that point.

For the Iron Maiden, just pray Sylph actually manages to evade her confusion
attack enough times for you to win....good luck on that, I gave up after 300+
attempts before finding Fairy, which I seem to beat about once every fifteen

Hopefully this completed your Adventure Record Achievements, but if an
achievement is still not highlighted, I'll go over each of them and how to get

Many can be earned through the Monsterpedia, so you won't need to replay the
whole game unless you somehow missed the Hero's Proof, which I made a point of
making sure you got, if you followed my guide.

Page 7
-First Chapter Cleared
Beat MGQ Part 1.

-Second Chapter Cleared
Beat MGQ Part 2

-First Chapter Monsterpedia Complete
Take all techniques and see all ending scenes in Part 1.

-Second Chapter Monsterpedia Complete
Take all techniques and see all ending scenes in Part 2.

For either Monsterpedia Complete achievement, if you have this grayed out, but
have earned that chapter's All Techniques Taken achievement, simply go though
the Monsterpedia monster by monster checking the "recall" page, and look for a
grayed out ending scene. When you find one, fight the monster until you get it.
Check if you got the achievement unlocked after, if not, look for the next
grayed out ending scene.

-First Chapter All Techniques Taken
Take all techniques in Part 1.

-Second Chapter All Techniques Taken
Take all techniques in Part 2.

For Either All Techniques Taken achievement, if you haven't earned it, go
through the Monsterpedia monster by monster, fighting them, and checking their
request page for a grayed out attack. When found, fight the monster until you
get that attack. Check if you got the achievement unlocked after, if not, look
for the next grayed out attack.

-Won Fight Without Taking Damage
Win any fight without taking any damage. Iron Maiden is easiest for this one.

-Forced To Come In One Turn
Lose to the first attack of a fight. Simply use edging then wait or request an

-Won Fight While Confused
Win a fight while confused. Can only be achieved vs Iron Maiden. Get Iron
Maiden one hit from defeat, let Sylph drop, then "wait" until she confuses you,
hopefully you'll attack her and it'll finish her off.

-Won a Fight on HELL mode
Win a fight on HELL difficulty. See beginning of this section.

-Took the Flames of Granberia's Demon Skull Beheading * Blaze
Let the Granberia (2) fight last long enough and she'll end it with this

-Took Alma Elma's Tail Drain Attack
Let the first battle with Alma Elma last long enough and she'll end it with
this attack.

-Took Sphinx's Ancient Law of Ecstasy
When fighting Sphinx, drop her to 0 HP, and she'll regenerate and use this

Page 8
-Sara defeated a monster
Sara only fights with you in a few battles, this is easiest to accomplish in
the Mummy Girl fight. Deal damage to almost kill her, then guard until Sara
finishes her off.

-Drained to Level 1
Request "Level Drain" from Lencubus.

-Forced an enemy to eat Quadruple Giga
You'll earn this fighting Granberia in the Monster Lord's Castle.

-Hero's Proof obtained
Gather a lot of items throughout Part 1 and Part 2 of MGQ, and eventually turn
them in at the Hero's Shrine in Goldport. Can only be earned in-game. See guide
for details.

-Sylph was summoned tired out
Possibly the most annoying of all achievements to get. After several summons in
one battle, Sylph gains a chance to be summoned with a slightly different
sprite, one with her eyes closed. I recommend the Iron Maiden fight, I can
average 8-10 summons before killing her on hard mode.

-Gnome was summoned sleeping
Similar to Sylph, simply get enough summons in one battle and you have a chance
to get this. I've never played through the game without earning this at some