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Follow the dark path or use the light
Line of Sight: Vietnam Pack Shot

Line of Sight: Vietnam


Line of Sight: Vietnam - Weapons Guide

by Ryan_Dunn

  Line of Sight: Vietnan Weapons Guide [PC]

    By: David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson
     Version 1.02 [February 7th 2005]
Copyright 2005 David Donaldson

This faq was published and is owned by David "Ryan_Dunn" Donaldson. This may
be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as part
of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

If you have a question or comment please give me an email. My email addresse
is [email protected] I would recommend incuding the subject "Line of
Sight: Vitnam Weapons Guide" so I do not misplace it as Spam. Please try to
be friendly with your email. Ive already had a couple of "hate emails" and I 
would rather not read another one. 

This is my first in depth guide. I have three other faqs posted as of the
current date [2/7/05]. All three are walkthroughs and on Xbox. The games are
Max Payne 2, Manhhunt and The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay.
I made this guide to give anyone looking for it detailed information on the
weapons in Line of Sight: Vietnam.

There are five sections to this guide, as seen in the table of contents. The
largest section is the weapons section which is the main part of the faq. Do
not confuse the section "FAQ" as being a section about the faq. Oddly enough,
some people do not know that this is an abbreviation for "Frequently asked 

Listed below are the current sites that can use my faqs. If you find them on
any other sites(make sure its not affiliated with a site listed here) please
email me.


 1. Inroduction
 2. Weapons

   2.1 - Skills
   2.2 - Pistols
   2.3 - Explosives
   2.4 - Submachine Guns
   2.5 - Lmg's
   2.6 - Semi-Automatic Rifles
   2.7 - Sniper Rifles
 3. FAQ

 4. Version History

 5. Credits

/                            1. Introduction                                 \

y gamefaqs name is ieatdirttoo, but my real name is David Donaldson. I live
in St. Louis Missouri. Im Seventeen and currently in my Senior Year of high
school and hope to be goign to Mizzou next year. I first got my NES way back
in 1993, and since then ive been hooked on video games. They are my favorite
thing to do in my free time, and I cant wait to see what the future holds. 

I own an Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Playstation, PS1(small version), 
NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and Sega Genisis. I spend at least 2-4 hours a day
playing video games. I guess Im not exactly a hardcore gamer because I cant
play as often as I used to, but I still play them alot. The Xbox is my 
favorite console, but I like pretty much all of the other ones.

I play my games on a 27" Sony HDTV. I have a rather old but reliable stereo
system that supports Dolby Pro Logic II and Digital 5.1. I find that it makes
a big difference in the experince to play with good audio. Its so much fun
to storm the beachs of Normandy in Medal of Honer: Frontline. I use the 
controller S for Xbox, maily because the big one doesnt fit my hands very 

My favorite type of Genre is First Person and Third Person shooters, which
is obviously why my favorite console is an xbox. I do like RPG's however. I
tried out Morrowind, but in the end it just wasnt my thing. Fable was pretty
cool, but also short. I also like RTS games like Warcraft III and Age of
Mythology. I forgot to mention above that I own 2 PC's, which arent really
good for gaming but get the job done. I also own a laptop.

For writing faqs I use good old Notepad. After trying out Wordpad(ick) and
Microsoft word, I decided I could live without wordwrap and all of those 
extra problems that come with the more complicated word processors. I make
my faqs on my old Compaq Presario or my new DELL Inspiron Notebook. I play
games on my gateway.

/                                2. Weapons                                  \

2.1 Skills

You may be asking your self what I mean by skills. Characters you can choose
to play as in multiplayer and your allies in single player have certain skills
that make them usefull. Each skill is measured in a scale of 1-100, with 100
being the best. Listed below is a small description of each skill. 


Put in simple terms this is basically how much defense your character has. If
the character has high toughness he will absorb more damage and recover faster.
If your character has lower toughness he will not take as much damage before
dying and will take a long time to recover. Most characters have around the
same toughness, so this really isnt a factor.


This effects how well the character can sneak around without alerting the 
enemie. This is extremely important in this game due to the realistic weapon
damage and difficulty. Always use this skill whenever possible as it can save
you time and health. 


Effects the characters proficiancy in dealing damage with bladed weapons. The
higher the skill is the more damage the character will deal and he will do it
with more accuracy.


"Sidearms" is a term that usually refers to a small secondary weapons such as
a pistol or knive. In this case it affects how proficient your character is 
with the two pistols in the game. The higher the skill is the more accurate you
will shoot and each shot will do more damage.


This skill effects how well the character uses rifles. The higher the skill the
more accurate and deadly the shooter will be [Note this only applies to non
scoped and semi-auto rifles. Snipers and SMG's are not effected by this skill].


As you can probably tell from the name this skill effects how proficient your
character is with machineguns and submachine guns. If the character has a high
machinegun skill then he will be more accurate and deal more damage with 
automatic weapons. The AK-47 is the most common weapon in th game, and it falls
under this skill and thus making the skill very important. 


This skill directly affects how proficient the character is with a single shot
rifle with a scope. If the character has a high amount of skill with Sniping
he will be more accurate and deal more damage per shot. This skill is extremely
important due to the fact that sniping is the core of the gameplay in LOSV. 


The name pretty much explains itself. This skill directly effects your ability
to use grenades. The higher the skill the farther the character will throw 
the grenade and he will do more damage. 


This effects your characters proficiency in using explosive devices such as
mines, demolition charges, and RPG's. The higher the skill the more damage
the character will do and in the case of Law Rockets and RPG missles they will
be more accurate. 


Affects how well the character heals using first aid kits. Usefull for team
battles in online and in single player. If you or one of yout allies has a 
high medical skill I recommend that you use it to the full extent.

2.2 Pistols

-[ M1911A1 Pistol ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   7 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   American Infantry
Ammunition Used    <>   .45 Caliber bullets
Classification     <>   Pistol/Sidearm
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A		

Weapon Information-

While no weapon is perfect, the M1A1 Pistol comes pretty damn close. This is
considered to be the most effective pistol ever used. It served the Untited 
States Military for almost eighty years before finally being replaced by the
beretta. Its fast firing rate made it a favorite among US troops through out
the great wars of the twientith century. 

Holding seven rounds per clip and having tremendous stopping power this gun is
a force to be reckoned with. Its probably the second most useful close quarters
weapon second to only shotgun. It actually performs great when compared to some
of the other weapons in the game. It is suprisingly very accurate when in the
prone position and deals a considerable amount of damage. 

The "Colt 1911" as it is called is also pretty silent. Perfect for sneaking up
on unsespecting enemies and dropping a round on them. As said before, no gun is
perfect, and the Colt 1911 does have one flaw. It is deemed as habing automatic
fire, but really it is semi auto. If the gun was truly auto you would only have
to hold down the trigger [Well acually the left mouse button].

However that is not the case. You must manually press the left mouse button 
down for every shot that you take. This allows you to contorol the firing rate
but it also generates a problem. It can sometimes lock up to where it wont 
shoot for a second. This isnt a big deal, as you will probably only be firing
short bursts. However those vital few seconds can cause you to die, especially
on hard difficulty.   

-[ Tokarev Pistol ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   8 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   Russian Soilders 1932-1960's [Vietcong were supplied]
Ammunition Used    <>   7.62x25mm Bullets
Classification     <>   Pistol/Sidearm
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A		

Weapon Information-

From 1930-1941 over 600,000 thousand TT-33 "Tokarev" pistols were made by the
Red Army [USSR]. This weapon is extremely useful due to its power and accuracy
on the battle field. It saw action all the way into the 1970's where it was
finally phased out. First created by Fedor Tokarev, as the name can tell you, 
it served the Red Army and the North Vietnamise army well. It eventually 
stopped in production by 1952, but was used by the army and police forces for
another 20 years.

It is however more uneffective in Line of Sight: Vietnam then the Colt 1911. 
The accuracy of this weapon is equal to that of the Colt, but the stopping 
power is no where near the same. The bullets will still reach your enemie but
will do alot less damage then at close range. Despite its lack of stopping 
power it is still a great gun. Since many Vietcong carry it there is a ton of
ammo lying around. Overall its pretty damn good but not as good as the Colt. 

2.3 Explosives

-[ M-79 Grenade Launcher ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   12 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   US Infantry
Ammunition Used    <>   40mm
Classification     <>   Anti-Infantry
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

If you ever encounter a group of clustered enemies this is a gift from god. The
way this weapon is used is simalar to throwing grenades. By actually being able
to aim however you have much more control over where the grenade will land. 
You may recognise this weapon from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where it used to
its full extent. Ill be the first to say that this weapon totally kick ass.
Its most effective when used against a group of clustered enemies.

Since you have more control over where the grenade is going you can use more
percision in your shooting. I found this weapon to be usefull against groups
of enemie troops clustered together. You can shoot the grenade farther then you
could if you where throwing it. For an explosive launcher it is fires rather
fast but you must reload after each shot. Its area damage is less than that of
the LAW or RPG however. A nice addition is that it usually comes with twelve
rounds. *Note Grenades are not used as ammo for this weapon*. 

-[ M-72 LAW ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   1 Shot
Commonly Used By   <>   US Infantry
Ammunition Used    <>   66MM
Classification     <>   Anti-Tank
Special Features   <>   25 Meter Front Sight
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A		

Weapon Information-

The M72 Law is a single use anti-tank launcher. First developed in the early 
1960's in the US. It is lightweight and self contained making it the perfect 
weapon against mobile armor. It is man portable and issued with one round for
each weapon. The weapon was developed to be used against the light tanks of 
the era. It saw a significant amount of service during the Vietnam War. It was
eventually replaced by the M136 AT4 rocket in U.S. service.

In this game the LAW is at some what of a disadvantage. Since it can only hold
one round, thats all its good for. After you use this weapon be sure to drop
it so that your character will not be carrying around the extra weight. The
LAw is actually pretty light considering its a rocket launcher, but since it
only can be used once carrying around an empty one is unnecesary. The LAW 
cannot be reloaded but rather takes up one slot per unit. 

The LAW is does about the same damage and has about the same accuracy as the
RPG. It has no recoil, but since it only fires once the ability does not give
it an advantage over the RPG. It has limited penatration due to its small 
charge. In real life you must be at least 11 yards away [33 feet] for the 
projectile to explode. This is not the case in LOS: Vietnam. You can fire it 2
feet in front of you and it will still blow up. 

-[ RPG-7 Anti-Tank Weapon ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   7 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   Russian/Vietcong/Arabians/Hatians
Ammunition Used    <>   44mm PG-7, PG-7M, PG-7N, and PG-7VL rounds
Classification     <>   Anti-Tank
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

The most common over the shoulder rocket propelled weapon ever created. First
adopted by the Red Army in 1961, the RPG has become the most widely acclaimed
explosive projectile rocket. It is the lineal descendant of the World War II 
German Panzerfaust. It is relativily cheap and effective and found everywhere
in the world. Since creation in 1961 it has become part of over 40 different
countries standing army.

Several countries besides Russia even have the legal authoritie to build them. 
The RPG saw action in several different conflicts. Most of these being in the
middle east. It is speculated that out of ever 10 light infantry men involved
in the Afghan-Soviet war 4 were useing the RPG-7 over the shoulder grenade
launcher. Chances are that the RPG has served in almost any modern conflict 
after its creation in 1961. 

As far the game goes the RPG is extremely usefull. Unlike the M72-LAW, which 
only holds one round, the RPG-7 can hold seven. This weapon is usefull in almost
any situation. Group of Vietcong keep killing you? If you have it whoop out the 
RPG-7 and blow them up. Its primary function is Anti-Tank but it can be used in
any situation that calls for some high explosives. Also unlike the LAW the
RPG is pretty heavy and will cost you some stamina.

-[ Grenades ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   4 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   US troops
Ammunition Used    <>   High Explosive Projectile
Classification     <>   Anti-Infantry
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

A grenade is well, a grenade. As in most games this is extremely usefull for 
taking out enemies at range. Its relativily simple to use as well. Just chuck
it at enemie troops and wait for it to blow up. The problem however with this
game is that grenades will often fly wrong. Even if you hold down the button
for a while the grenade might only be thrown 10 yards. Then again sometimes it
will be thrown an extremely long distance.

For every 4 grenades one slot will be taken up. Grenades are light and will not
cost you too much as far as pounds go. I recommend filling up your slots with
grenades so that you always have something to rely on. Make sure you dont fill
up too many of your slots. Infantry is the best thing to use a grenade against.
A well placed grenade can easily take out a group of eight Vietcong. 

-[ Claymore Mine ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   1 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   US troops
Ammunition Used    <>   Single Use High Explosive Mine
Classification     <>   Anti-Tank
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

Can you say BOOM? The Claymore is an extremely usefull high explosive round that
is set up in order to trick unsespecting soldiers. Looks like the Vietcong arent
the only ones capable of setting up traps. If anyone steps on top of this they
are pretty much dead. The claymore was first used in the early 1960's as an
anti-tank mine but later became anti-infantry. It is still being used today by
terrorists and the police [ya go figure]. 

In the game it can be extremely usefull. If you find a lone enemie memorize his
patroll patterns then plant the bomb on it. Once he steps on top it its by by
for him and a clear pathway for you. Better yet try to place it in a position
where a group of enemies will blow up at the same time. One problem with this
weapon is that its pretty scarce. Unlike grenades or demolition charges this is
only found a few times in the single player mode. 

-[ Demolition Charge ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   1 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   US troops
Ammunition Used    <>   Single Use High Explosive Mine
Classification     <>   Anti-Tank
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

Basically the same thing as TNT. The demolition charge runs off a set timer and
will explode when that timer ends. It creates about the same amount of damage
as a claymore but is not a trap. Instead the play must manually set the time
then place it on the ground. When the timer runs out the charge will explode.
Unlike the claymore this is not very usefull against troops due to its timed
charge. Instead it more usefull against buildings or mounted nests.

2.4 Submachine Guns

-[ CAR-15 Assault Rifle ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   30 Rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   United States Infantry
Ammunition Used    <>   MAG AR-15 .223 Orlite 30 Round
Classification     <>   Assault Rifle/SMG
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   Semi-Auto

Weapon Information-

The Car-15, or "M16" is probably the most usefull infantry rifle ever maid. It
was first introduced in 1965 to be the main weapon for the US forces in 
Vietnam. However the orignial design had several flaws and was called back from
production. Colt came out with its modified Colt XM-177E1 rifle. This fixed
the problems that had plagued the soldiers. It was queiter and had a smaller
muzzle flash, not to mention more reliable.

This, in my opinon, is the second most usefull weapon in the game. Its ability
to deliver a fast accurate automatic fire make it an excellent weapon to use.
It holds a large clip of 30 rounds. Its real usefullness is in its power. In
multiplayer I can kill another player in just 6-7 hits. Considiring this weapon
usually comes with 6 clips of 30 rounds thats a total of 180 rounds. I could 
go on forever.

If you wont to be a little more accurate with your shooting you can use the semi
auto fire [press the right mouse button]. If you press the right mouse button
fast enough you might even be able to get the Car-15 to shoot with accuracy even
in fully auto. The accuracy of this weapon is superb. I can literally stand at
the base "Burntforst" in multiplayer and just fire away at the enemie on the
other side of the map.

-[ AK-47 ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   30 Rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   Um, Everyone [Not joking]
Ammunition Used    <>   Mag AK-47 30-Rd Used Steel Metal German w/Rib Back Ridge
Classification     <>   Assault Rifle/SMG
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   Semi-Auto

Weapon Information-

This is by far the most common weapon ever created. The AK-47 "Kalashnikov"
automatic rifle is the most reliable and mass produced weapon ever to be seen.
It was first introduced by the gun manufacturer Mikhail Kalashnikov in the late
1940's. Since then it is speculated that over 120 Million units have been made
worldwide, 20 million of them illegally. The AK47 was first used by Russia 
directly after World War II, but has since then most likely served a part in
every major conflict.

The reason this weapon is so popular is due to ist durability and effectivness.
Even in the most rugged and harsh conditions the Kalashnikov still performed
superbly thus making it an instant choice for most countries. Oddly enough it
is also extremely cheap to make and still simple and effective. The AK-47 is 
also known for its lack of needing maintence. But perhaps the most important
thing about this gun is its ability.

Ak-47's are not the best gun in the world. The CAR-15 can easily whoop one in 
almost every category. However compared to most guns the Kalashnikov ranks much
higher. In Line of Sight: Vietnam it is the most common weapon to bt found. 
Almost every enemie soldier will drop one of these. It delivers a fast steady
rate of fire with good accuracy and little recoil. I recommend picking one of
these up on each level due to the amount of ammo and its effectivness. 

2.5 LMG's

-[ M-60 ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   100 Rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   United States
Ammunition Used    <>   7.62 mm NATO
Classification     <>   LMG
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

This weapon was designed in the late 1940s and was eventually adopted by the US
in 1950. From then on it served until being replaced by the M240 due to several
problems. THe M60 was a light machine gun capable of firing 550 rounds per 
minute. It had a low amount of bullets per belt compared to ther Light Machine
guns but still served its purpose. The biggest problem with it was that the
barrel could only stand up to 800 rounds before just breaking down.

Not to say that this weapon it bad, it just has some problems. The Muzzle flash
was rather big and blinded the soldier who firing it temporarily. This weapon
was made famous by Rambo even though it had been is service for over 30 years
before the movie was relased. As far as the game goes this is extremely usfull
especially against a large amount of people. It delivers an extremely fast fire
rate while still staying accurate enough. 

-[ RPD ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   100 Roudn Drum Box
Commonly Used By   <>   Russia
Ammunition Used    <>   7,62x39 mm
Classification     <>   LMG
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

This weapon was first created in 1944 and was used through out the 50's and
60's until being replaced. It used a 100 round bel stored in a drum box right
past the trigger. This a very rare weapon is not well known even in the time
period it was used. It was the first weapon of its class to fire the  7,62x39 
rounds. In simple terms it is simalar loking to the AK-47 but performs more
like the M-60.

It delivers a steady stream of automatic fire and can spew out 650 rounds per
minutes. In the game this weapon is more usefull than the M-60 due to its fast
firing rate and its stability. The main problem with this weapon is that enemie
troop rarily carry it. When you do find a Vietcong soldier with this it usually
only comes with one ammo belt making it last only a short time. For the most
part this weapon will shread through a group of enemies in no time. Overall
its a great weapon but since their are two few of them it severelt degrades it. 

2.6 Semi-Automatic Rifles

-[ M-1 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   8 rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   United States Infantry 40's-60's
Ammunition Used    <>   30-06 (7.62x63 mm)
Classification     <>   Bolt Action Semi Automatic Rifle
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

This was first adopted by the US military in 1944 the M1 Carbine is a smaller
more compact version of the M1 Garand. The army needed a more campact and 
lighter standerd assault rifle for the paratroopers. Thus the M1 carbine was
born and manufactured from Winchester. It was the standerd issue infantry 
rifles for paratroopers in the allied invasion of normandy in 1944. Though 
slightly weaker then the Garand the Carbine was able to deliver fast fire with
superb accuracy.

The carbine was used in WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War [Obviously].
It is worth noting that this weapon is still being manufactured today by several
small time arms manufacturers for sale to the public. This weapon can be your
best friend in this game. Though a little hard to find the carbine is 
essentially a fast firing sniper without a scope. One shot to the torse will
take an enemy down and 2 shots anywhere else will as awll. 

The M1 is somewhat scarce in this game just like in the actual war. When you do
come across it I suggest you use it to its full extent. THe eight round magazine
will give a sharpshooter the opportuntie to take out eight Vietcong soldiers.
It uses a bolt action mechanizm so you will have to reload after each shot. 
Luckily for you the reload time is very short and will not effect the weapons
overall performance. 

-[ Pump-Action Shotgun ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   6 or 7 round
Commonly Used By   <>   United States
Ammunition Used    <>   76mm (3"). 
Classification     <>   Semi-Auto Shotgun
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

This weapon, sadly does not perform very well. This is by far the worst designed
gun in the game. For some reason the developers decided to give it about a 8
foot effective range. Despite what you see in other games and this one the real
pump action shotgun has a maximum effective range of about 100 feet. However,
when you do get this gun in a close range area it will kick some major ass.
One shot pretty much any where at close range guarantees certain death.

The Pump Action shotgun is most effective in the tunnel levels where close range
firefights happen a lot. The shotgun uses a 76mm buckshot shell full of several
hundreds of BB's that spread out. This would essentially tear the area apart
that it hits. The only game I have actually see this happen in is "Manhunt". 
For a game deemed as realistic I was dissapointed when the shotgun only made
little blood spurts.

-[ SKS Carbine ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   10 Rounds
Commonly Used By   <>   Russia
Ammunition Used    <>   7.62x39 mm  
Classification     <>   Semi-Auto Rifle
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

First designed in 1945 then later adopted by the Red army in 1949 the SKS is
often seen as one of the most neglected of the Russian arsenal. This is due
to the fact it was released around the same time as the AK-47. When Russia 
realized what an effective weapon the Ak-47 was the SKS fell behind in use. 
The rights to build and manufacture the SKS were givin to countries such as
China, East Germany and Yugoslavia. 

Suprisingly enough the SKS is used by many soldiers in this game. Though not
as popular as the AK-47 this weapon shouldn't be hard to find. It delivers a 
steady semi-automatic firing rate with heavy damage. A few hits with this and
your enemie should fall. Its ten round clips insures that you will have enough
bullets per clip to take out an enemie or two. The weapon does have some bad
recoil but that is excusable.

2.7 Sniper Rifles

-[ SVD Dragunov ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   10 Round Detachable Box Magazine
Commonly Used By   <>   USSR
Ammunition Used    <>   Russian 7.62x54mm Rimmed   
Classification     <>   Sniper Rifle
Special Features   <>   N/A
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

First issued in 1958 and finally accepted in 1963 the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle
is a well known reliable rifle. It has seen action in many conflicts across the
european and asian continents. It has been through several different designs
through out the various wars it has played apart in. It wa even modified to fit
Paratroopers. Its light weight and suprisingly accurate for its class. It also
features a quicker firing rate then the M21.

The main drawback is the recoil. For normal rifles this wouldn't be a big deal,
but for sniper rifles it can be a major pain in the ass. When facing multiple
targets you will have to wait for the gun to align itself back up. In this game
a few seconds can be precious so wasting that can mean death. For the most part
the SVD is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. It has a fast fire rate for
a sniper along with excellent accuracy and great damage. 

-[ M21 Tactical Rifle ]-

Magazine Capacity  <>   10 Round Box Magazine
Commonly Used By   <>   United States
Ammunition Used    <>   7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester)  
Classification     <>   Sniper Rifle
Special Features   <>   Starlight Scope
Secondary Attack   <>   N/A

Weapon Information-

In the beginning of the Vietnam War the United States felt that it needed a more
accurate sniper rifle for its troops. The army selected the M14 infantry rifle
to fill the position. The Army Markmenship unit was charged with designing and
shaping the all ready superb M14 into an effective sniper rifle. They did this 
by adding a modern telescopic sigth, named ART (Adjustable Rangig Telescopic) 
and by selecting rifles with the best accuracy.

This weapon, is by far the most usefull weapon in the game. Since sniping is the
core of the game and this is the most common sniper rifle of the two this gun
is extremely important. Though a bit slow compared to the SVD, the M21 fires
incredably powerful 7.62 NATO rounds at great distance with superb accuracy. As
long as the players sniping skill is over 80 this is a 1 shot kill weapon. Once
you get ahold of this you will not want to put it down.

The M21 is also very heavy, so make sure you have cleared stuff out from the 
other slots. It is loud and will attract attention. Luckily the patrolls will
be dead before they can report due to a gun shot wound in the head. In certain
single player missions and multiplayer the player has the option to use a star
light scope, or nightvision. 
/                          4. Version Information                             \

Version 1.0 3-7-05

Completed the faq. All chapters and sub chapters are finished. 

/                                5. Credits                                   \

- This site was extremely usefull in finding 
the historical information on all of the guns. 
-Rarusk for gettin me into writing faqs
-Kao Megura for his insparation