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Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!



by Tricky

                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/ 

| Index                                                                       |

   Introduction ..................................................... IDX001 
   Playing this game in modern times ................................ IDX002
   Walkthrough ...................................................... IDX003
        Rose ........................................................ GRL001
        Thunderbird ................................................. GRL002
	Char ........................................................ GRL003
        Cavarichi & Burgundy ........................................ GRL004
        Shablee ..................................................... GRL005
        Merrily ..................................................... GRL006
	Gammi ....................................................... GRL007
	Shamara ..................................................... GRL008
   Deaths ........................................................... IDX004	
   Copyrights and permissions ....................................... IDX005
   Contacting me .................................................... IDX006
| Introduction                                                       | IDX001 |
Welcome to my FAQ/Walktrough of Larry 6.

Maybe my walkthrough will be in a diffrent setup than others did.
My opinion on walkthroughs is easy. They suck, spoil the game and should be
avoided whenever possible. But as with many adventure games, some puzzles really
take the price and may be too hard to solve and that's where I come in.

I wrote this walkthrough with the only intension of you using it when you need 

Larry 6 is a game that's really well setup for this approach. The object is 
easy. There are several girls in the game. Seduce them all into sex and when 
you did them all you gotta seduce Shamara into sex and when you succesfully do
that you win the game.

In my index I listed all the girls with a "GRL" code. When you are really stuck
in how to seduce that particular girl use the find feature in your browser 
(in most browsers that's Ctrl-F on Mac that's Apple-F (or Command-F if you 
please) on most browsers). And you can use that code to go to the section in
which I explain how to seduce that particular girl.
I basically tried to sort them in the order of their respective difficulty.
Or I may have taken in mind that you may have to seduce another girl first 
before you can start on an other. For example Gammi requires that you have
seduced Thunderbird first, and Shamara is not hard to seduce, but she does
require that you take out all the other girls first. Don't worry I'll list 
all that information at the start of every girl section.

Now I also want you to know this. Some actions are required for multiple girls.
At every girl I start fresh out (unless another girl must be seduced first) as
you start the game by going for that girl. So yeah, if you see double work,
then you know now why.

| Playing this game in modern times                                  | IDX002 |
Larry 6 is a DOS game from origin, though some of you may pocess a Windows 3.11
version. DosBOX can be a very good way to get the game running again.

Another way is by downloading ScummVM. A GPL utility that can play most of the
adventure games created by Sierra or LucasArts.

I personally used ScummVM, but whatever method you use is up to you.

There are two versions of Larry 6. A low-res and a hi-res version. For this
FAQ it doesn't matter which version you have, both versions are compatible
with this FAQ

| Walkthrough                                                        | IDX003 |
Well, after a complete lousy introduction sequence that is really a waste of
your time you'll find yourself behind the reception counter of hotel 
La Costa Lotta.

Before you start on your work to seduce girls you will first have to talk to 
Gammi and to get her to give you the key for your room. That's a requirement
basically for all girls. After Gammi gave you the key it's showtime.

| Rose                                                               | GRL001 |
| Location: In her private chamber next to the towel room (where Gary is)     |
| Reward:   An Orchid                                                         |
Rose is by far the easiest to get done.
All you have to do is go to your room and remove the flowers from the vase 
there. Now go to the towel room (you'll know when you're there when you find
a gay attendant by the name of Gary). (From the reception desk first door on the
In the towel room take the most left door and you'll meet Rose.
Hear her out and then give her the flower from your room and the first
disguisting part will begin (yeah, really disguisting, but perhaps not in the
way you had in mind)
After this part Rose will give you an Orchid and the first girl is done.

| Thunderbird                                                        | GRL002 |
| Location: Fitness center                                                    |
| Reward:   A diamond                                                         |
Before we start on Thunderbird we need a wrench (and while we're on it get the
file we need for Merrily too as this may appear one of the few fatal mistakes 
you can make in the game).

First of all go to your room (you can skip this if you already got the tools)
- Enter the bathroom
- = Open the sink tab to notice brown water comes out of it
  = Close the tab
  = Go back to the main part of your room
- = Use the phone
  = Dial 76 and you'll complain about the brown water
Okay, now make a run through the hotel mindlessly and if you feel you've been
going far enough go back to your room.
- Enter the bath room
- = Take the wrench and the file from the repair man
  = Leave bathroom
- Leave your room

Okay, now for seducing Thunderbird

Now go to the mudbath room
- = Remove the pants below the security camera
  = Use the wrench on the camera and Larry will point it right into the women's
  = Leave the hotel from the front door (where Gammi is)
- Examine the guard house

- Steal the cuffs from the guard and leave
  (If you didn't move the camera to get the guard's attention to the showering
   girls, the guard will kill you).
- Go to the fitness room

- The girl in the heavy weight setup next to the door is Thunderbird.
  (Though her real name is Christina Pricilla Van Dyke, though the only people
  she ever allowed her to call her that are now dead).
  Hear her out and give her the handcuffs you stole after that. She'll leave.
- Now exit left and go through the shower, through the towel room until you are
  in the main corridor.
- Go left, until you only see three closed doors. Knock on the middle one to
  have a little party with Thunderbird.
- You'll automatically end up in your room and notice that you still got the 
  dog collar that Thunderbird placed around your neck. Remove the diamond from 
  it (and you'll automatically discard the collar itself)
| Char                                                               | GRL003 |
| Location: Mud bath                                                          |
| Reward:   A strange golden object and a pearl                               |
Well, let's get onto Char. That girl is shocking I tell ya.
Well before we get onto the girl herself you must first have stolen the tools
from the repairman. If you didn't do that already please read the first section
of Thunderbird first to see how to get it.

- Go to the bar and get a match from there (on the left side of the bar in
  a bowl).
- Go to the mud baths
  = Talk to Char until you score (which ends your conversation).

Now you may have seem that silly tram that goes through the corridor. 
- = Seek that tram out and ask the driver (Art) for a ride.
    (You can just wait at Gammi's until he arrives)
  = If you ended up in the left side of the hotel take another ride.
    When you ended up at the right side, then skip what I just said.
  = Make room for Art to turn his tram around and then he should wait
    (if he does not you probably haven't yet spoken to Char. Do it first then)
  = Offer him a match and he'll leave for a smoke
  = Open his tram
  = Use the wrench to sabotage the tram
  = When Art comes back and tries to fix it offer some help and he'll give you 
    his flashlight
  = When he's done remove the batteries from the flashlight
  = Return the flashlight to Art when he asks for it.
  = Now go to the make-up room
- At one of the front desks there a chord broken. Pick it up

- Go back to the mud bath room
  = Bite of the chord you got from the make-up room
  = Plug it in
  = Use it on the door lock to open it.
  = Now give Char the batteries
Okay, now you'll find out why I said Char is a shocking girl.
During this "session" of hers you'll get a strange golden object.
That concludes Char's part of this story, but there is a second reward to score
from Char. You end up in your room. Go all the way back to this electro chamber
and close to the casket-like thingy is a pearl. Pick it up and Char's part is 

| Cavarichi & Burgundy                                               | GRL004 |
| Location: Cavarichi in the gym, Burgundy in the bar                         |
| Reward:   Bracelet                                                          |
Yes, you read it well, we are going to get two girls in once. Well, the scene
will be hot, but that's rather in a litteral sense. I'd hate to disappoint you.

Well, Burgundy won't appear until we got in Cavarichi first. Cavarichi is the
girl in the gym giving aerobics lessons. Go there.

- = Use the empty pad to join in the aerobics lesson
  = Cavarichi will get frustrated by your clumsiness and dismiss her class
  = Now talk to her
  = Try to take her employee ID card (you have to try it multiple times before
    she lets you take it).
  = Now hear her out until she suggests a double-date
- Well, now go to the corridor and go all the way right until your way's blocked
  by a fence (don't consider climbing it. You'll die).
  Use the ID card you got from Cavarichi to open it in stead

- Take a six pack of beer out of the tent and leave

- Go to the bar to find a girl singing country songs there.
  (The song "Cell Block Love" refers to police quest as a song from Mary to 
  Sonny). (If she isn't there, leave and come back).
  = Use the hand icon on her microphone plug and you'll clumsily get the plug 
  = Now hear the girl out (who happens to be Burgundy)
  = When she asks for beer give her the six-pack
  While Burgundy is drinking her beer (on a very "feminine" way) Gary will come
  and fix Burgundy's mike. 
  After he's done fixing Burgundy will resume her singing. Well let's do this 
  again. Let's go to the employees only area, get another pack of beer, get the
  plug removed and give them again to Burgundy.
  This time Burgundy will leave.
- Okay, now go to the towel room and get Gary to give you a towel.
  He'll give you one as soon as you sign the note on his desk.
  Then take the door to the left of him to enter the men's changing room
- = Open the most right locker on the lower row.
  = Use the towel on it to get undressed
  = Go north into the shower room
- Go north into the mud bath room

- Go north into the sauna

You'll meet Burgundy there, soon Cavarichi will join in and the girls will pay
you no more attention. Now keep talking to them (or at least try) until
Larry gets a bucket producing a lot of steam and when the steam's gone no more
girls. (Dang! I told ya it was going to get hot, but I was referring to the 
sauner itself. Not the girls) :)

- After the girls are gone you'll see that Burgundy left behind her bracelet.
  Pick it up and leave.
- Well, this part is now basically over, but in order to be able to continue
  with the game you must first take a shower and then go back to the locker room
  to get dressed (open your locker and click with the tower on it).
| Shablee                                                            | GRL005 |
| Location: Make-up room                                                      |
| Reward:   Champagne                                                         |
Before you can get on Shablee you must have seduced Cavarichi and Burgundy
first, or at least to the point where Burgundy leaves the stage.

- Go first to your room

- = Examine all cards on your table
  = Use the Phone
  = Call 75
  = Leave the room
- Now go to the bar where Burgundy used to sing
  = Go up the stage
  = Go south while standing on the stage
  = Take Burgundy's dress
- Now go back to your room
  = Get the condom from your pillow
  = Leave the room
- Go to the make-up area
  = Talk to Shablee she(?) is the one behind the desk front most right
  = Keep talking until a dress is requested (that is until you get points for
    talking so much)
  = Give Burgundy's dress to Shablee

- You'll end up on the beach now (if not you forgot to take the condom)
  The deal here is pretty easy. Either you skip forward (and trust me, you won't
  regret it if you do), or you can sit it out and that means keep talking to
  Shablee (a lot of kisses will be there too) and feeling Shablee with the 
  hand icon. After a lot of time give Shablee the condom. If Shablee doesn't yet
  accept you didn't talk and feel enough, do it some more and try it then.
  Once given the condom, you'll soon find out why Shablee knows what a man likes
  and after that you'll end up in your bathroom
- Ok, we're done with Shablee but we still need to cash in our reward.
  Go to the beach and you'll see that Shablee left "her" champagne behind. Take
  it. And that conclude's Shablee's part of this story.
| Merrily                                                            | GRL006 |
| Location: Swimming pool                                                     |
| Reward:   Wise words                                                        |
Of all the chicks that ever appeared in a Larry game, Merrily is one of my
favorites, but I guess that's pretty personal.

First of all, Merrily requires that you steal tools from the repair-man. If
you didn't do that already then read the start of Thunderbird's section how to
do that. (The file is what you need here).

Next we need a bar of soap and some detal floss. Both items can be retreived
from a chart that should be outside your room if you have entered your room
at least once. If it doesn't appear no matter what (the random factor here can
sometimes screw you), you can force the chart by calling housekeeping (75 on 
your phone).

If you got all those items go to the swimming pool. No Merrily isn't there yet
so don't try to get a glimpse of her.

- = Examine the bar in the water
  = Take the sunglass case
  = Open the sunglass case 3x to get yourself a napkin
  = Use the napkin with the dental floss to create a pair of swimming trunks
  = Next to the diving tower is an inflatable beaver. Pick it up.
  = Exit the pool right to get into the corridor
- Exit left

- Open the door left of the bar to get into the dinner room
  Exit it by the flapping doors in the back to get into the kitchen
- Use the beaver on one of the tires of the big van to get it inflated

- Go to Gammi's desk and get a key-that-never-fits from the trail left of her
- Go back to the pool
- A man and a girl(which is Merrily) should be sitting at the pool now. If
  not you did not get all items. (If you got the napkin and dental floss already
  and the inflated beaver, just make the swimming trunks by combining the floss
  and the napkin, leave and come back).
  = Put on the swimsuit
  = Use the beaver to get into the water
  = Go to the bar
  = Slap with the beaver on the water and order a drink (you'll automatically
    buy Merrily a drink who'll get interested in you because of that)
    (You can use your room key when the barmaid asks for identification).
  = Now hear Merrily out and find out that she's addicted to bungee jumping
  = Keep talking until you get points for it
  = Now leave Merrily be (for now) and go to the overseer and ask him for the
    key to the tower. He'll give it without any problems.
  = Use the key to enter the tower
- I hope you are not afraid of heights, as the next scene can be bothersome
  if you are. 
  = Anyway, use the key to the tower in the bar of soap.
  = Use the key-that-never-fits on the bar of soap.
  = Now use the file on the the key-that-never-fits and we got a copy of the 
    tower key.
  = Okay, the only way out of this place is.... DIVING!!!
- = First return the real key to the overseer
  = Get back into the water on the beaver
  = Give the fake key to Merrily and SCORE!!!
- You'll end up at the top of the bungee tower.
  = Feel around Merrily's body until she gets really hot and requests you to
  = Undress (click with the hand on yourself)
  = Go to Merrily and she'll whisper some wise words in your ear. These words
    are words that make an impression on Larry with some neat results.
And that's it for Merrily. You'll end up back in your room.    
| Gammie                                                             | GRL007 |
| Location: Reception desk                                                    |
| Reward:   Lantern filled with fuel                                          |
Well, Gammie may be the first one you meet, but she's downright the girl with
the most notes on her song as we say that in Dutch (silly how sayings turn into
shit when you say them in a diffrent language). Cut short, she's the most 
demanding girl and cute as she me look, she's a selfish bitch who'll turn you
down, so expect a big disappointment from her.

Still getting her as close as you can get to her is required to get the game
finished. Of all the girls in this game  I hate her most (not her looks, her 

First of all we need a wrench you can steal from the repair man.
But as you must have secuded Thunderbird before you can even think about 
getting Gammi (at least up to the point you can offer Thunderbird the cuffs),
you probably did that already.

You also need a washing cloth. YOu can get it from the chart outside your room.
If it doesn't appear, call housekeeping (dial 75 on your phone).

- Go to the beach 
  (if you did Shablee's part already. The same place where that part took
  = Dig in the sand to find yourself an empty oil lamp
    (We'll need to please Gammi before we can fuel it though)
- Now go to the cellulite draining room (from the towel room, most right door)
  = Use the wrench to open the filter compartment
  = Open it
  = Remove the filter
  = Leave
  (Don't turn on the machine. You'll die)
- Go to the dining room
  = Search the salad bar to get yourself an orange
  = Enter the kitchen
- = Get a jar of lard from the trashcans
  = Use the dishwasher to clean the filter
  = You can also use the washing sink to wet the washing cloth
    (any source of water will do actually)
  = Put the washing cloth into the fridge

- Go to the fitness room
  If you didn't yet get the cuffs for Thunderbird there might still be a girl
  here on the drilling machine. If you did all that crap she'll be gone.
  Remove the ribbon from that machine.
- Go to the cellulite draining room
  = Place the filter back in the filter compartment
  = Close the filter compartment and seal it with your wrench
  = Use the lard on the hydrolic cylinder on the left
  = Use the ribbon to fix the broken hose
  = Turn on the machine to see if everything is in order
  = Turn the machine off
- Go to the reception desk
  = Tell Gammie that the machine's fixed.
  = She'll walk to the draining room. Follow her
- = Connect the machine to her thighs
  = Turn the machine on
  = Give Gammie the orange
    She'll request now a cold wet cloth
  = Get the washing cloth from the fridge in the kitchen and give it to her
    She'll request a bottle of mineral water now
  = Get into the corridor get the water from one of the doors there and give
    it to Gammie
  Now Gammie is all treated and as a reward she finds out that she can now get
  any man she wants and not a short ugly guy like you and leaves. (And those
  are people I really can't stand. Making big promises and turning them down in
  the end).
  = Well as a reward you can use the fat the machine sucked out of her as 
    fuel for the lantern. Get it from the tap.
| Shamara                                                            | GRL008 |
| Location: VIP room                                                          |
| Reward:   Winning the game                                                  |
Well, in order to seduce Shamara you must have seduced all the other girls
first and taken their rewards from them. 
So let's first do a quick inventory check.
You must have the next items:
= The Barcelet         ( From Cavarichi and Burgundy )
= The Champagne        ( From Shablee )
= The Diamond          ( From Thunderbird )
= The Fueled Lantern   ( From Gammie )
= The Pearl            ( From Char )
= The Strange Gold Object
                       ( Also from Char )
= The Wise words       ( From Merrily )
= The Orchid           ( From Rose )

When you miss any of these items check which girl you can get it from and 
handle her first.

- First of all, go to the bar and get yourself another match

- Second go up the stairs (from Gammie's desk) and use the buchet of champagne
  with the ice cube machine
- Now go to the kitchen

- Open the food lift (and you'll crawl into it)
  Use the red button to activate it.

- You are now in Shamara's room. 
  = Before you go to her, light the match in the
    fire and use it to light the lantern.
  = Go to Shamara and talk to her
    (No you can't get her to unfold her arms, sorry).
  = Now give all the items you got as a reward from the other girls in
    random order, though you have to save Shablee's champagne for last.
And yeah, after giving her all that, Shamara will fulfill your "heart's" 
desires, and we see a clear view on a theory of Sigmund Freud.


| Deaths                                                             | IDX004 |
Well, don't save all the time afraid to die. Whenever you die you can just click
"Try Again" and the game will undo the fatal action and let's you resume playing
like nothing happened. Here is a list though of all the ways you can die

- Taking any sort of action that Gary interprets as a sexual invitation
- Upsetting the guard outside will get you blown up by a missle
- Trying to climb the fence at the right side of the hotel
- Opening the door to the swimming pool from the bar
- Going into the sea
- Entering the sauna while wearing clothes
- Going into a mud bath while wearing clothes
- Turning on the fat sucking machine before it is fixed might get you killed
  (pending on what you fixed so far)
- Trying to bite of the chord for Char while it's plugged  

| Copyrights and permissions                                          | IDX005 |
This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
only. It may not be sold, or used as a basis for commercial work. This FAQ
may also not be modified. Parts of it may not be copied to your own FAQs 
without my permission.

This FAQ is NOT officially authorized by Sierra or any
other party that is related to the Leisure Suit Larry Series

If you want to host this FAQ, it's allowed, if you ask my permission first,
permission will be granted assuming that the FAQ stays in this form 
unmodified, that users can view it FREE OF CHARGE, and that no pop-ups have 
been added to the page that views this FAQ.

Sites with permission to host this FAQ:

Sites banned from hosting this FAQ:

| Cantacting me                                                        | IDX11 |
Before contacting me, please read carefully.

If you want me to answer questions about the game itself please visit this

That is my Q&A site where I (or others) will answer all your game questions.
If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked 
before. :)

If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to 
say about the FAQ itself, like asking permission to host, got suggestions
for this FAQ, something like that please mail it to

       [email protected]

       REJECT YOU!

If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
names, you may tip me about that part, or if you want even come up with 
a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
I know which FAQ/Game it is you're talking about. :)

And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.

So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 31 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: That's something between me and Neoseeker. I don't find it necesary to
     go into detail about that. I noted it in my FAQs to make sure they     
     will never pop up there unnoticed. So don't mail me about it
     cause I won't answer. I got very good reasons for it. That's all you
     need to know.

And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2011, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)