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Left 4 Dead



by RainingMetal


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          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNMMNMMMMN8                            NNNNN~ 

Left 4 Dead FAQ/Walkthrough
For the PC
By Raining Metal
Version 1.17

>Table of Contents<

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Version History

2.00 Basics
2.01 Controls
2.02 Heads Up Display
2.03 The Survivors
2.04 The Infected
2.05 The Director
2.06 Weapons & Items
2.07 Difficulty
2.08 Voice Commands
2.09 Game Modes
2.10 The Lobby
2.11 The Environment
2.12 Achievements
2.13 Glossary
2.14 Types of Players

3.00 Campaign/Survival Walkthrough
3.10 No Mercy
3.11 The Apartments
3.12 The Subway
3.13 The Sewers
3.14 The Hospital
3.15 The Rooftop Finale
3.20 Crash Course
3.21 The Alleys
3.22 The Truck Depot Finale
3.30 Death Toll
3.31 The Turnpike 
3.32 The Drains
3.33 The Church
3.34 The Town
3.35 The Boathouse Finale
3.40 Dead Air
3.41 The Greenhouse
3.42 The Crane
3.43 The Construction Site
3.44 The Terminal
3.45 The Runway Finale
3.50 Blood Harvest
3.51 The Woods
3.52 The Tunnel
3.53 The Bridge
3.54 The Train Station
3.55 The Farmhouse Finale
3.60 The Last Stand
3.61 The Lighthouse

4.00 More Tips
4.01 General Tips
4.02 Working Together
4.03 Versus Tips
4.04 Against Infected
4.05 As Infected
4.06 Supply & Demand
4.07 Environmental Tips
4.08 Survival Tips
4.09 Achievement Tips
4.10 Custom Campaigns & Maps

5.1 And The Rest!
5.1 F.A.Q
5.2 Email Guide
5.3 Website List
5.4 Credits
5.5 Legal Disclaimer

To search for the section wanted in this Guide, Highlight the Number beside the
subject (Such as 3.3) and press Ctrl + C, then F, and then V. This will
activate a finding system to look for the text put in (in this case, a number
with a decimal) and simply click ďNextĒ.

1.0 >Introduction<
Salutations readers! RainingMetal is here to help out any Survivors caught
amongst the Infected in need! Since GameFAQs apparently did not have an overall
strategy guide for the PC version of Left 4 Dead, I decided to make one myself.
Another reason why I made this guide is the fact that the PC verison of Left 4
Dead didn't come with a complete manual (much like most of Valve's other

1.1 >Version History<

Version 1.17

Added information on custom sprays.


Version 1.16

Added new ASCII art to the title. Added the Achievement tips.


Version 1.15

Added the One-Way Passage article in the Environment section, and added notices
regarding One-Way Passages and Crescendo Events throughout the walkthrough.


Version 1.12

Added the Types of Players list, and added a few tweaks.


Version 1.11

Made some minor adjustments in preparation for a template for a Left 4 Dead 2
guide (that's right! I preordered!).


Version 1.10

Completed the Crash Course walkthrough!


Version 1.08

Added the Crash Course Campaign sections in the Walkthrough, as well as the new
Achievements. Walkthrough coming soon...


Version 1.05

Added the Versus Tips section.


Version 1.04

Adjusted various bits of the guide, and added the Custom Campaigns & Maps


Version 1.03

Made more tips on the walkthrough, and added more content to the general tips.


Verison 1.02

Made more notes to the Walkthrough (concerning one-way passages and combat
tips), and added a nice title to the guide.


Verison 1.01

Added the Achievements list, and made a few adjustments to the Tank tips.
There's bound to be a lot of improvements here!


Version 1.00

Initial Release. Nothing special.

2.00 >Basics<
This section will provide the basics to Left 4 Dead.

2.01 >Controls<
These are the controls for the PC version of Left 4 Dead. Note that the
controls can be changed via the options menu.

Both Sides
Mouse: Look around.
W: Move Forward.
A: Move Left.
S: Move Backward.
D: Move Right.
Space Bar: Jump.
Ctrl: Crouch (hold).
Shift: Walk (hold).
C: Voice Chat.
U: Type Team Only Message.
Y: Type Public Message.
T: Spray logo.
M: Select Team (Versus Mode only).
H: See Server info.
Tab: Scoreboard/Status Screen.
Esc: Main Menu.
F1: Vote Yes.
F2: Vote No.
F5: Screen Capture

Left Click: Fire Weapon/Throw Grenade/Use Item.
Right Click: Melee Attack/Heal Other/Give to Other.
Middle Click: Scope.
1: Select Primary Weapon.
2: Select Secondary Weapon.
3: Select Grenade.
4: Select Pack.
5: Select Consumable.
R: Reload.
E: Use.
Q: Select previous Item.
F: Turn on/off Flashlight.
Z and X: Voice Commands.

Left Click: Infected Ability.
Right Click: Melee Attack/Throw Rock.
E: Move to Survivor position (spawning mode only).

Screenshots can be found under C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/
left 4 dead/left4dead/screenshots.

Custom sprays must be located under C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/
left 4 dead/left4dead/materials/vgui/logos. They must also be 256x256 pixels
large, and in TGA format.

2.02 >Heads Up Display<
This is a brief description of the Heads Up Display, which is visible
throughout the escape of the Survivors.

The following are displayed in the HUD throughout the game (besides the
givens, such as current Weapon and crosshairs):
-Direction of where any damage taken came from (red lines appearing in the
middle of the screen)
-Occasionally a bit of blood
-Tutorial Notes (will appear from time to time)

The following are displayed in the HUD for Survivors :

-Player's Current & Temporary Health (bottom-right)
-Teammates' Current & Temporary Health (bottom-left to bottom)
-Player's Inventory & Ammunition (right)
-Teammates' Inventory (next to Teammates' Current & Temporary Health)
-Who protected/saved who recently (left)
-What Special Infected was killed recently (left)
-Time endured (top, Survival only)
-Record Time/Goal Time (top, Survival only)
-Special Notes (will appear from time to time)

The following are displayed in the HUD for Infected (the Infected view the
world in a distorted, coloured vision):

-Player's Current Health (bottom-right)
-Teammates' Current Health (bottom-left to bottom)
-Ability status meter (bottom-left)
-Type of Infected currently playing as (bottom-left)
-Teammates' status meter (bottom-left to bottom)

All of the Survivors start out with 100 Health points. Should they run out of
Health points, permanent or temporary, they will become Incapacitated, and will
need help getting back on their feet. Should they get Incapacitated a second
time, they will die the next time they run out of Health without having a
Health Kit applied to them. It is impossible to get back to 100 HP after being
hit once. When a Survivor's Health drops below 40 HP, their speed will
decrease. A Survivor clinging onto 1 HP will be VERY slow.

All Survivors can be seen through walls, as they will be shown as a blue
silhouette. Any Survivor who is under attack by a Special Infected (being
pounced on, got puked on by a Boomer, got incapacitated, etc.) will have an
orange outline, or will have an orange silhouette. This also applies to
Survivors trapped in Rescue Closets.

The Infected can see how heavily damaged each Survivor is, by identifying the
colour of their outline (Green, Yellow, or Red). They can also see the
Survivors' silhouettes as well as their fellow special Infected (save for the
Witch). Survivors covered in vomit will have a purple outline.

2.03 >The Survivors<
There are four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead. Presumably immune, they must
travel across hazardous lands in order to escape from the calamity that is the


Appearance: Black, fairly skinny, bald.
Attire: White shirt, red tie.
Preferred Weapons: Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles.
Subtitle Colour: White.
Former Occupation: Business Manager.
Likes: Living normally, plans, monkeys, Pills.
Dislikes: Anarchy, things not going according to plan, Hunters.

Basically the average joe of the group of four, Louis just wants everything to
go back to normal. He's fairly optimistic, and he's always willing to help out
his friends if they're in need. He's also rather scared of people in hoodies,
especially Hunters.


Appearance: Tough, muscular, shaved.
Attire: Black vest, white T-shirt.
Preferred Weapons: Shotguns.
Subtitle Colour: Grey.
Former Occupation: Biker.
Likes: Vests, mittens, steam, lasagna, tigers.
Dislikes: Vans, planes, the woods, elevators, helicopters, sewers, hospitals,
doctors, lawyers, cops, stairs, small towns, Ayn Rand, trainyards, tunnels,
water, subways, parades, latest issues, Mondays, Bill, Nick.

At the other end of the spectrum, Francis is a rebellious, brutal pessimist. In
fact, he pretty much hates everything that isn't vests (or mittens). He treats
the Infection as the world's biggest barfight, so he's certainly eager to fill
the zombies full of lead. Sometimes he shows his soft side when he's around
Zoey, or when he's about to die.


Appearance: Female, young.
Attire: Red jacket.
Preferred Weapons: Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles.
Subtitle Colour: Red.
Former Occupation: Student.
Likes: Movies, pop culture, steam, dragons.
Dislikes: Lies, Smokers, having to kill helicopter pilots.

Zoey is a former student at her university, who spent most of her time watching
movies. She does have an idea of what to expect when the Infection began to
spread, although she certainly was surprised at how fast the zombies truly


Appearance: Old, grim, white hair.
Attire: Green beret, green uniform.
Preferred Weapons: Shotguns, Assault Rifles.
Subtitle Colour: Green.
Former Occupation: Soldier.
Likes: Surviving, the army, wolves, Zoey.
Dislikes: Francis, Vietnam, Crash Course.

Bill is not a happy man. As if the traumatizing experiences in the cold war
weren't enough, Bill was distressed when he found out there was an Infection
going around. The good thing news is that all of his army training is about to
pay off for a second time.

2.04 >The Infected<
This is the main antagonist of the game: The Infected. Along with the
predictable and numerous Common Infected, there is a bunch of more mutated and,
hence, much more dangerous variations. Special Infected often appear throughout
the levels, and will always try to attack the Survivors on sight. Most of them
can take down a lonely Survivor without resistance. Boss Infected are even
rarer than the Special Infected, as they often have the strength to kill off,
or at least Incapacitate a careless Survivor without much difficulty. Expect a
Boss Infected to be up ahead when there are few Common Infected around...

*The Infected*

Type: Common Infected.
Appearance: Normal-looking, save for blank eyes and pale skin.
Abilities: Claw, Climb.
Health: 30/50/90.
Anticipate them: When a Panic/Crescendo Event has been triggered, when they
notice any Survivors, when someone has been vomited on by a Boomer, when the
Horde chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Generic grunting, generic shouting.

The Common Infected is a typical zombie character. They aren't very strong, but
in numbers, they are very difficult to get through without any firepower. They
often attack by simply charging at the Survivors head-on, but sometimes they
are simply wandering around certain areas of the map. Take advantage of this
and kill the idle ones with Pistols to conserve ammo. Numerous things attract
hordes of Infected (known as simply Hordes), such as Car Alarms, noises, and
the Boomer's Vomit. They do more damage to the front than to the back.


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Wears a hoodie, rather normal-looking. Sometimes crawls on all
Abilities: Pounce, Claw.
Health: 250.
Anticipate him: When there's a zombie that's jumping far in the sky, when the
Hunter chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Growling, high-pitched screams (when attacking).

Hunters are extremely dangerous to any lonely Survivor. They jump and pounce on
their prey, and when they get on top of a Survivor, he will claw the Survivor
to death until the Hunter is pryed off of the Survivor, the Hunter is killed,
or the Survivor is killed. Be sure to stick around with a buddy upon locating a


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Tall, has a rather long tongue. Has green spores surrounding him.
Abilities: Tongue drag, Claw.
Health: 250.
Anticipate him: When there are green spores in the distance, when the Smoker
chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Coughing, hacking, Smeagol-esque screams (when attacking, AI

The Smoker is the only Infected (save for the Tank) that can attack the
Survivors from a distance. The Smoker drags his victims towards him until the
victim is stuck, or the victim is close enough to the Smoker for him to whack
him or her to death. When trying to stick together, put the Smoker on the top
of the "Must kill" list. Upon dying, the Smoker leaves behind a green cloud
that impairs vision and speech for the Survivors when near it. Player-
controlled Smokers resist screaming when spotting their targets, unlike AI
Smokers. Victims being constricted by a Smoker can be knocked off, effectively
saving them. The tongue itself can also be shot.


Type: Special Infected.
Appearance: Fat. Really fat.
Abilities: Vomit, Claw, Explode.
Health: 50.
Anticipate him: When his fat belly is spotted, when the Boomer chime is heard.
Sounds Emitted: Obese grunts.

One of the first special Infected ever conceived by the guys at Valve, the
Boomer doesn't have many direct attacks. However, his Vomit attracts the Horde
when put on a Survivor, so try to stay away from them. When killed, his belly
explodes, covering any Survivor nearby with Vomit. He doesn't pop when pushed
away, so take advantage of this.


Type: Boss Infected.
Appearance: Huge, muscular. Walks on all fours.
Abilities: Claw, Rock Throw.
Health: 3000-8000.
Anticipate him: When the Tank's theme is heard, when there are hardly any
Common Infected around.
Sounds Emitted: Deep grunts and snarls. Hulking shouts.

The Tank is one of the two Boss Infected, and he's very powerful! Along with
being able to knock away Survivors with his fists, he can also throw Rocks at
far away Survivors. The Tank can also knock cars and other similar objects out
of his way, or towards Survivors. To defeat him, the Survivors must concentrate
fire on him.


Type: Boss Infected.
Appearance: Female, wears barely any clothing, pale.
Abilities: Claw.
Health: 500-1000.
Anticipate her: When the Witch's theme is heard, when there are hardly any
Common Infected around.
Sounds Emitted: Cries, growls, shouts, screams.

The other Boss Infected. The Witch, unlike most other Infected, is only
aggressive when she is startled. She is initially set at one spot, crying. The
best way to get past a Witch is to sneak past her. The Witch will get startled
by Flashlights, people who get too close to her, or by being shot or lit on
fire. If anyone gets too close to her, she'll get more and more angry (listen
to her voice to hear how angry she is). If she's left alone long enough, she'll
begin to cry again.

If the Witch is startled, she'll go after whoever startled her (this will be
notified on the HUD immediately). If the Witch manages to reach her startler,
the startler will get Incapacitated. Upon startling the Witch (hopefully not on
purpose), shoot her!

2.05 >The Director<
The Director is a special sort of AI that determines where certain items appear
throughout the levels (most importantly, Health Kits and Pain Pills). The
Director is known to be easy-going on Easy, but ruthless and sadistic on
Expert. The Director also coordinates when the Horde attacks, depending on how
the Survivors are doing. The Director also controls the music in the game.

2.06 >Weapons & Items<
These are the Weapons and items that will be needed in order to escape the
dangers of the Infected. Included amongst all of these are the Flashlight and
Melee attacks. The Flashlight can be used to see in the dark, and the Melee
attack can be used to shove away Infected.

Recoil affects every weapon, and firing consistently will increase the amount
of recoil, thus decreasing the accuracy of the weapon. Moving around also
increases recoil. To decrease recoil, crouch and stay still while firing in
controlled bursts.

When reloading, the clip goes down to 0, but the capacity will increase by how
many bullets there were in the previous clip. In short, this does not waste
away any clips, but when reloading, the Survivor must finish reloading in order
to fire again.

*Uzi Submachine Gun*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 480.
Power per shot: 20.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers.

The Submachine Gun is a very balanced Weapon. It's pratically useful against
most Infected, and is effective at any range. It runs out of ammo quickly

*M3 Pump Shotgun*

Clip Size: 8.
Carrying Capacity: 128.
Power per shot: 24-240.
Rate of Fire: Pump.
Range: Short.
Recoil: Low.
Reload Speed: Fast to Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (1st Tier).
Best used on: Hunters, Boomers, Witches.

The Pump Shotgun, much like all other Shotguns in various games, is deadly up
close, but weak at long range. The Pump Shotgun is effective at slaying Hordes
up close, and can also be used to kill off Hunters after knocking them back.
Shotguns, including the Pump Shotgun, are capable of killing the Witch in one
hit (see Tips Against Infected). When reloading an entire clip, the Shotgun
must pump before it can fire again. Be sure not to have an empty clip!

*M16 Assault Rifle*

Clip Size: 50.
Carrying Capacity: 360.
Power per shot: 33.
Rate of Fire: Automatic.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Medium.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best used on: Hunters, Smokers, Boomers.

The Assault Rifle a straight upgrade from the Submachine Gun in almost every
category (except Ammunition). A few shots from the Assault Rifle is enough to
kill off a single Common Infected. It's very effective against Hunters,
Smokers, and Boomers. Just be sure not to run out of ammo!

*M4 Auto Shotgun*

Clip Size: 10.
Carrying Capacity: 128.
Power per shot: 228.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Short.
Recoil: Medium.
Reload Speed: Fast to Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best used on: Hunters, Boomers, Witches, Tanks.

Like the Assault Rifle, the Auto Shotgun is a straight upgrade from the Pump
Shotgun. Not only does it have two extra shells in its clip, but it can fire
must faster! It's especially deadly against Tanks. Shotguns, including the
Auto Shotgun, are capable of killing the Witch in one hit (see Tips Against
Infected). When reloading an entire clip, the Shotgun must pump before it can
fire again. Be sure not to have an empty clip!

*Ruger Hunting Rifle*

Clip Size: 15.
Carrying Capacity: 180.
Power per shot: 90.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Long.
Recoil: High.
Reload Speed: Slow.
Type: Primary Weapon (2nd Tier).
Best used on: Smokers, Boomers, Tanks.

The Hunting Rifle is a powerful sniper rifle, making it very dangerous against
Smokers and Tanks (in fact, it's good against all special Infected). It's also
good for getting headshots. Contrary to popular belief, it's not capable of
killing Witches in one hit (but it does good damage against the Witch
nonetheless). The Hunting Rifle is extremely inaccurate when on the move, but
any shot fired when standing still is a guaranteed hit. It is also capable of
killing Common Infected in a single hit. Its bullets can also penetrate through
multiple Common Infected.

*1911 Pistol*

Clip Size: 15/30.
Carrying Capacity: Infinite.
Power per shot: 35.
Rate of Fire: Semi.
Range: Medium.
Recoil: Low.
Reload Speed: Fast/Medium.
Type: Secondary Weapon.
Best used on: Various.

The Pistol is the typical Sidearm for the Survivor. Regardless of what primary
Weapon the Survivor is carrying, the Pistol always has its uses. For the
rifleman, the Pistol can be used to conserve ammo. For the shotgunner, it's
one's tool for long-range attacks. And it's the sniper's best friend for
fighting up close and personal (as well as on the move). The Pistol never runs
out of ammo, and, if another Pistol is found, this Weapon can be dual-wielded.
Incapacitated Survivors will always use this weapon.

*Pipe Bomb*

Explosion Type: Explosive.
Type: Grenade.
Best used on: Hordes.

Having trouble with meddling zombies? The Pipe Bomb is the solution! Throw a
Pipe Bomb at a vacant location, and the stupid zombies will be attracted to its
pretty light! Then get ready to witness a spectacular explosion of satisfaction
and gore! Disclaimer: The Pipe Bomb does not attract Special Infected, and the
makers of Pipe Bombs do not claim responsibility for this quirk.

*Molotov Cocktail*

Explosion Type: Fire.
Type: Grenade.
Best used on: Tanks, Witches.

The Molotov Grenade instantly explodes when the bottle hits something, so try
to throw it at something hostile. It's very effective against the Tanks (it
makes killing Tanks easier!), and it's also useful for slowing down a Witch,
should the need to get her out of the way arise. Try not to light a Hunter on
fire though, searing hands can hurt! The fire caused by the Molotov can also
damage Survivors as well, so take care when using these cocktails!

*Health Kit*

Type: Pack.
Left Click to: Heal self.
Right Click to: Heal a teammate.

The Health Kit is capable of healing Survivors. It takes five seconds to heal,
so use it when there are no hostile zombies around. The Health Kit restores 80%
of one's lost health, so use it wisely.

*Pain Pills*

Type: Consumable.
Left Click to: Consume Pills.
Right Click to: Give Pills to a teammate.

Pain Pills give a Survivor temporary pain relief (which is 50 temporary Health
points in gamer talk). The temporary health diminishes overtime, so it's best
to use it in the middle of a fight (yes, it's quick and easy to swallow these
Pills). Pills can be donated to another Survivor to help them out, or when
there's spare Pills in sight.

2.07 >Difficulty<
Left 4 Dead has 4 levels of Difficulty; Easy, Normal, Advanced, and Expert.

Notable Easy Notes:
-The Tank has 3000 health points.
-The Witch has 500 health points.
-Friendly Fire does not inflict damage on teammates (except fire and
-Health Kits and Pain Pills are common and easy to find.
-This difficulty is an easy (and cheap) way of earning most Achievements.

Notable Normal Notes:
-The Tank has 4000 health points.
-The Witch has 1000 health points.
-Friendly Fire inflicts 10% damage on teammates.
-Health Kits and Pain Pills are often hidden in secret areas (outside of the
Safe Zones). Health Kits usually spawn when the Survivors are on their last

Notable Advanced Notes:
-The Tank has 6000 health points.
-The Witch has 1000 health points.
-Friendly Fire inflicts 50% damage on teammates.
-Health Kits and Pain Pills are scarce.

Notable Expert Notes:
-The Tank has 8000 health points.
-The Witch has 1000 health points, and can kill a Survivor instantly.
-Friendly Fire inflicts 100% damage on teammates.
-Health Kits are never found outside of the Safe Zones.
-Pain Pills are fairly common.
-The Infected will react much more quickly.

2.08 >Voice Commands<
There are two menus for Voice Commands. There's one for Orders (Z) and one for
Replies (X). To use the menu, hold the Voice Command key and then point at a
quote on the menu with the mouse. Release the key to speak.

Orders Menu:
Center: "Look!"
North: "Let's Go!"
Northeast: "You take the lead"
East: "Hurry!"
Southeast: "Nice Job!"
South: "Wait here!"
Southwest: "Clear!"
West: "Cover Me!"
NorthWest: "I'm with you!"

Center: "Ready?"
North: "Laugh"
Northeast: "Be Careful"
East: "Negative"
Southeast: "No"
South: "Sorry"
Southwest: "Yes"
West: "Hurrah!"
NorthWest: "Thank you"

Characters will also say various other things when certain actions occur. Some
of them are scripted in the Campaigns.

2.09 >Game Modes<
There are a number of game modes available. All of them, however, contain the
slaughter of zombies, and the goal of making it out alive.

Co-op Campaign/Single Player:
In this mode, the four Survivors must make it through the Campaign in order to
escape from certain calamity. Each level is divided by a Safe House, which is
the area the Survivors must travel to in each level. At the end of the
Campaign, the Survivors must hold out until rescue arrives. Single Player is a
lot like the regular Campaign, except that nobody else can join the game.

This is similar to the Campaign mode, but four additional players can take
control of various Special Infected. There are two teams of four, and each team
must make more points than their opponents to win the game. Teams swap roles of
being the Survivors and Infected, and the winning team in each round gets to
play as the Survivors first. Points are determined through how long each team
took to complete the level (if they did at all), how far they got if they
didn't, and how much Health and Health Kits they had left. There are also
various level changes.

Survival is another game mode where the Survivors must hold out as long as they
can to achieve their own records on the maps. This mode requires proper
planning and decisive decisions (or in some cases, glitches). Bronze Medals are
awarded to those who last longer than 4 minutes, Silver Medals are given to
anyone who participates in 7 minute escapades, and only the best of the best
will earn the Gold Medal for enduring 10 minutes!

2.10 >The Lobby<
Upon starting a game, players will be sent to a Lobby. Campaign and Survival
Lobbies can carry up to four players, while Versus Lobbies can have a maximum
of eight.

Lobby Options:
-Game Options: The Lobby Leader can change the settings of the game, including
Difficulty, Campaign, Level, and Server Type.
-Character Selection: Anyone can select any of the four Survivors to play as,
although any characters already picked by players cannot be selected.
-Invite Friends: Anyone can invite their Friends over to play on any server if
there's room.
-Permissions: Want to play with only Friends? The Lobby Leader can make it so
that only Friends can join the game.

The Lobby Leader can also kick a player in the lobby.

Players can also vote in the middle of the game. Votes types consist of
Campaign changes, player kicking, and restarting the game if something goes 

There's three types of Servers: Best Available Dedicated, Official Dedicated,
and Local. Despite its title, Best Available is usually NOT the best choice for
Server Types, as they tend to lag a lot. Official Dedicated are usually the
best ones. Both of these connect to public servers, where the latency for all
players tend to remain the same. Local Servers are hosted by the Lobby Leader
and is always good in terms of latency for the Leader (but for the others, it
may vary).

2.11 >The Environment<
Along with the various Weapons the Survivors will carry, there are several
other objects and items they must take note of:

*Propane Tank*

Type: Explosive Can.

The Propane Tank can be carried around with a Survivor, but they must drop it
if they want to use their Weapons. If a Propane Tank is shot, it will explode
instantly. Try using these as traps during Crescendo Events and Finales (I
guess Hank Hill really did have a good reason to respect Propane). The Propane
Tank is white and round.

*Gas Can*

Type: Explosive Can.

The Gas Can can also be carried around. However, it needs to be dropped in
order to use any regular items. Gas Cans explode in a firey blaze when shot,
much like a Molotov. The Gas Can is a red gasoline bottle.

*Oxygen Tank*

Type: Explosive Can.

Rarer than the Propane Tank or Propane Tank, the Oxygen Tank explodes when
shot. It takes a few seconds for it to explode (not unlike a fuse), so get away
from it when it's about to blow! The Oxygen Tank is thin and green.


Type: Environmental Object.

The Minigun is a lethal Weapon, but is practically glued onto the floor. It
cannot turn a full 360 degrees, but the firepower is worth all this trouble. Be
sure to have a friend for cover, especially when there's a Hunter or Smoker
around! The Minigun takes a second to wind up, so keep it spinning when
anticipating an attack.

*Ammo Cache*

Type: Environmental Object.

Ammo Caches are very important, as it fills up ammunition levels completely.
Don't be afraid to visit them multiple times. Ammo Caches come in two forms;
Ammo Dumps and Ammo Cans.


Type: Environmental Object.

Doors are pretty much self explanatory. However, the Infected will not open
doors, and will instead claw their way at it. Be sure to close any Doors once
everyone's passed through it to slow down the Infected. Tanks and Witches can
break through most doors easily. Some doors lead to dead ends. These dead ends
aren't entirely pointless though, as they may have supplies or extra Infected
in them.


Type: Environmental Object.

Ladders frequently appear throughout various levels. When climbing them,
Survivors nor Infected can attack or reload until they reach either end of the
ladder, or jump off. There are certain ladder-esque objects that only the
Infected can climb (they are indicated as paths with hand icons printed on
them). If a Survivor is reloading, and then goes onto a ladder, he/she will
have to start reloading all over again after dismounting. People are completely
vulnerable when climbing.

*First Aid Station*

Type: Environmental Object.

First Aid Stations are nailed to the wall, and are red and have the words
"First Aid" written on them. Obvious statements aside, they usually carry
Pills, or in rarer and far luckier circumstances, Health Kits. Know where these
gems are: they can save lives!


Type: Environmental Object.

Cars are usually harmless, unless they have flashing lights inside (which means
that they will alert the Horde if touched or shot at), or if a Tank's around
(which means the Tank can easily throw them at the Survivors). In general, it's
not usually safe to stand around most Cars. Trucks and Vans, however, are
usually good vantage points. Dumpsters, Forklifts, and other large objects can
also be thrown by Tanks.

*Safe House/Safe Room*

Type: Zone.

The Safe House is a sanctuary filled with Supplies (such as Medkits and Ammo
Caches). The Safe House also hosts a metal red door (known as a Safe House
Door). All types of Infected (except for Tanks) cannot pass a closed Safe House
Door. When leaving a Safe House, be sure that everyone has a Medkit (or all the
Medkits in the Safe House are taken). There are signs throughout the level that
point to the direction of the Safe House (they look like houses with a cross in
it). The level will only end once the Safe House's door is closed and no
Infected have made it into the Safe Room (if they have, kill them).


Type: Zone.

Closets are those little rooms to the sides of the main path of the level. They
often contain various supplies, like Pills or Grenades. More importantly, if a
Survivor has been killed in battle, they can be brought back into the game if
another Survivor opens the door of the Closet they are trapped in. During Panic
Events, Infected can also appear inside them, so be sure to close the Doors of
these Closets whenever possible!

*One-Way Passage*

Type: Zone.

One-Way Passages are passages that players cannot go back through. Before going
through a One-Way Passage, be sure to collect any supplies on this side of the
Passage before crossing to the next. Also, make sure everyone passes through
safely; the Infected love to take advantage of any Survivors that fall behind
when the rest of them already crossed the One-Way Passage! Survivors and
Infected MUST take note of One-Way Passages.

*Panic Event*

Type: Avoidable Horde-drawing event.

Panic Events attract the horde, usually at the worst times. Panic Events must
be avoided at all costs, so try not to get vomited on by a Boomer, touch a
flashing Car, or go through Metal Detectors! Panic Events caused by too much
dawdling will have its unique chime before the action starts.

*Crescendo Event*

Type: Unavoidable Horde-drawing event.

Crescendo Events also anger the Horde, but they must often be activated to get
through the level. A notice will always pop up when a Crescendo Event's nearby,
so be prepared for some fighting!


Type: Unavoidable Horde-drawing event.

The Finale is always located at the end of the Campaign. There's always a Radio
of some sort there. Talking to the Radio will have the vehicle driver
encouraging the Survivors to prepare, and talking to the Radio again will have
the vehicle driver come to the rescue. Be sure not to talk to the Radio twice
until everyone's prepared! Finales consist of four waves. The first containing
a Horde, the second containing a Tank, the third containing even more zombies
than the first Horde, and a second Tank! Special Infected will appear in all
four waves. Once the second Tank is dead, the Survivors can escape, and they
should do so before they are overwhelmed by the many Infected, plus a Tank. In
Versus Mode, Infected cannot spawn wherever and whenever they want.

2.12 >Achievements<
This is a list of Achievements obtainable in the game (Survival related
Achievements can only be aquired in the PC version, along with Outbreak).
Campaign Completion Achievements can only be obtained on Official Campaigns.

Campaign (Instant):
-101 Cremations: Set 101 Infected on fire.
-Back 2 Help: Leave a safe room to save an incapacitated teammate and bring
them back safely.
-Blind Luck: You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on by a
-Brain Salad: Kill 100 Infected with headshots.
-Burn the Witch: Light a Witch with a Molotov.
-Clean Kill: Shove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone.
-Cr0wnd: Kill a Witch with a single headshot.
-Dead Giveaway: Heal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10.
-Dead Stop: Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing.
-Drag and Drop: Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he/she takes
-Field Medic: Heal 25 Survivors with Health Kits.
-Ground Cover: Save another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the
-Helping Hand: Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors.
-Hero Closet: Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet.
-Hunter Punter: Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor.
-Jump Shot: Headshot a Hunter while he's leaping.
-Man VS Tank: Single-handedly kill a Tank.
-My Bodyguard: Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times.
-No One Left Behind: Beat a campaign with all 4 Survivors alive.
-No Smoking Section: Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors.
-Pharm-Assist: Give pain Pills to 10 Survivors.
-Pyrotechnician: Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion.
-Quick Power: Restart the Generator within 30 seconds of it shutting off in
Crash Course.
-Red Mist: Kill 1000 Infected with the Minigun.
-Spinal Tap: Kill an Infected with a single blow from behind.
-Tankbusters: Kill a Tank without it dealing any damage to any Survivors.
-Tank Stumble: Stun a Tank with an explosion in Crash Course.
-The Littlest Genocide: Kill 5,359 Infected in Crash Course.
-Tongue Twister: Kill a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue.
-Towering Inferno: Light a Tank on fire with a Molotov.
-Witch Hunter: Kill a Witch without any Survivors taking damage from her.
-Zombie Genocidist: Kill 53,595 Infected.

Campaign (Campaign Completion):
-Mercy Killer: Complete No Mercy.
-Crash-Proof: Complete Crash Course.
-Toll Collector: Complete Death Toll.
-Dead Baron: Complete Dead Air.
-Grim Reaper: Complete Blood Harvest.
-Akimbo Assassin: Survive an entire campaign without using Primary Weapons or
the Minigun.
-Do Not Disturb: Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one.
-Nothing Special: Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from
Special Infected.
-Safety First: Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire
-Stand Tall: Survive a campaign without being incapacitated.
-Stomach Upset: All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on.
-Unbreakable: Finish a campaign without ever using a Health Kit on yourself.
-Untouchables: No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.
-What are you trying to prove?: Survive all campaigns on Expert.
-Zombicidal Maniac: Survive any campaign on Expert.

-20 Car Pile-Up: Hit 20 Survivors with cars as a Tank in Crash Course.
-All 4 Dead: Kill all four Survivors in one life as a Tank.
-Barf Bagged: Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once.
-Big Drag: Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue as a Smoker.
-Chain Smoker: Constrict two Survivors in one life as a Smoker.
-Dead Wreckening: Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.
-Double Jump: Pounce two different Survivors in one life as a Hunter.
-Jumpin' Jack Smash: Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in Crash Course
as a Hunter.
-Lamb 2 Slaughter: As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a
Safe Room.
-Outbreak: Catch a rare strain of infection from a player-controlled Boomer,
then pass it on to someone else (PC Only).
-Slippery Pull: Pull a Survivor covered in Boomer Bile until holding him/her in
Crash Course.
-Smash Hit: Win a Versus round in Crash Course.
-Truck Stop: Incapacitate all Survivors after the Armoured Truck opens in Crash
Course (all together).
-Wipefest: Incapacitate three Survivors in 5 seconds in Crash Course (all

Survival (PC Only):
-Bronze Mettle: Earn a Bronze medal in Survival mode on any official level.
-Silver Bullets: Earn a Silver medal in Survival mode on any official level.
-Violence is Golden: Earn a Gold medal in Survival mode on any official level.
-Distinguished Survivor: Earn at least a Bronze medal on every official
Survival level.
-Heroic Survivor: Earn at least a Silver medal on every official Survival
-Legendary Surivvor: Earn a Gold medal on every official Survival level.
-Last Stand: Complete one round of Survival on The Last Stand.

2.13 >Glossary<
There are many terms in Left 4 Dead that are quite important, and will
prominently be mentioned during gameplay or in this guide.

1st Tier Weapons: Submachine Guns and Pump Shotguns.

2nd Tier Weapons: Assault Rifles, Auto Shotguns, and Hunting Rifles.

Akimbo: Akimbo Assassin.

Barf: Boomer Vomit.

Bile: Boomer Vomit.

Boss Infected: The two greater Special Infected; Tank and Witch. They appear
occasionally throughout the Campaigns, and often appear without the Hordes of
Infected around.

Constricted: Being damaged by a Smoker. When a Survivor is pulled close enough
to the Smoker, or the Survivor cannot be pulled farther any longer, the
Survivor begins to take damage.

Graffiti: Graffiti, which may provide the Survivors a bit of entertainment on
the wall.

Grenade: Pipe Bomb or Molotov.

Helpless: A Survivor pounced by a Hunter or choked by a Smoker.

Mollie: Molotov Cocktail.

Pounced: Being damaged by a Hunter.

Protect: Kill an Infected harming another Survivor's back.

Rescue: Get a Survivor back into the game from a Rescue Closet.

Save: Kill a Hunter or Smoker attacking a helpless Survivor, or help a Survivor
back on their feet.

Special Infected: The three lesser Special Infected; Hunter, Smoker, and
Boomer. They appear frequently throughout the Campaigns.

Supplies: Various usable items including Pain Pills, Health Kits, and Weapons.

2.14 >Types of Players<
There's many types of people to encounter online. Most of them are okay, but
some are even better and care about the safety of others more than maybe even
themselves (be sure to add these kinds of people as friends). Others are
completely rotten, and should be kicked out of the game immediately. Left 4
Dead is much like MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, and the likes of Ninjas
and griefers must never be tolerated.

Good Players (very good to stick around with):
-Are adept and they know what they're doing.
-Know all the maps inside and out.
-Will do their best to not leave their teammates behind.
-Use their Mics responsibly, or uses Voice Commands.
-Stick together with the rest of the group.
-Will tell others where supplies are at.
-Wait for everyone else before initiating Crescendo Events.
-Will apologize for anything bad they've done.

Bad Players:
-Leave players behind because "the game's called Left 4 Dead".
-Always shoot their teammates intentionally.
-Rush through the level ahead of their teammates.
-Berate their teammates.
-Will waste Medkits, Pills, etc intentionally.
-Spam songs through their Mics.
-Initiate Crescendo Events on sight.

New Players (not to be confused with Bad Players):
-Don't really know the game all that well.
-Often shoot their teammates by accident.
-Don't use communication well.
-Usually get lost.

-Try their best to shoot Zombies and help players.
-Cannot use Grenades.
-Sometimes know what they're doing.
-Always stick beside Human players.
-Don't do friendly fire.
-Don't intentionally activate Crescendos or Finales.

What to do with these players? Let's see...

Good Players:
-Feel free to invite them to be a friend! Play again sometime!
-Have fun!

Bad Players:
-Leave THEM 4 Dead as a sign of poetic justice.
-Boot them out of the game with extreme prejudice.
-Convince the other players to vote them out.
-Constantly berate THEM in order to make them quit (Warning: may backfire).
-Kill them over and over and over, and refuse to help them at all.

New Players:
-Give them advice and orders.
-Tell them that they should play on Easy difficulty first.
-Tell them to press Y to talk.

3.00 >Campaign Walkthrough<
This is the walkthrough for each Campaign. Although the locations of Weapons,
supplies, enemies, etc. will vary due to the nature of the Director, the path
to escape will remain the same. I'll only state the path that must be taken to
simply pass the level (should any Boss Infected be encountered, try to take the
Against Infected tips into consideration. Also, try to work as a team
throughout these journeys). Some parts of the Campaigns will differ between
Co-op and Versus mode (other than the actions of the Infected).

3.10 >No Mercy<

Tagline: "Curing the Infection, one bullet at a time."
Objective: Make your way to Mercy Hospital for a rooftop rescue.
Location: Fairfield.
Setting: Urban, Hospital.
Rescue Vehicle: News 5 Helicopter.

No Mercy is considered to be the most popular Campaign in the entire game, due
to its dark urban setting and signature Hospital. The Campaign also starts off
where the introduction cutscene (seen when loading the game) ends.

3.11 >The Apartments<

Difficulty: Easy.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Car.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

After seeing the Helicopter fly by, grab a Weapon and a Health Kit. Be sure
that everyone has a Weapon and a Health Kit. There are two ways into the
apartments below; going through the Door and down the stairs, or breaking the
glass window on the room and drop down to the room underneath. From those
points, locate another set of stairs heading downward. There's bound to be
Infected across both paths, so clear each and every room of them.

Check this floor's rooms for supplies and extra Infected to kill. The floor
also has a hole in it leading to another floor below. Be sure to explore this
floor thoroughly before hopping down the One-Way Passage.

One Way Passage

There may be some supplies in the closet on the opposite side of the hole too.
Check the last floor's rooms for supplies before heading outdoors (bathrooms,
closets, etc).

Head left and check the Cars to see if they have any extra Pistols. The Door to
the left leads to a supply room, which may or may not contain various supplies.
After checking out that room, continue advancing through the alley leading to
the street. Eyes and ears for Infected lurking in or above the alley.

Turn right and go through the Door to the right. This structure has a First Aid
Station in it, which almost always contains Pills (although there may be a
Health Kit in Versus mode). After checking the structure, head back outside on
the street.

Alternatively, instead of going through the aforementioned building, head
straight across the street, behind the truck. This storage area is dark, but it
still leads to the level's Safe House. In both cases, watch out for Boomers
that try to take advantage of the Survivors' greed and the tight areas.

Both paths lead to the Safe House, located past the descending stairs. Avoid
the Alarm Car and head down the Stairs. The Safe House is just up ahead. Enter
it and close the Door to complete the level.

3.12 >The Subway<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Generator Switch.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Car.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Before heading out, try taking a few cheap shots at the Infected outside the
Safe Room. When ready, head out, and take a few more shots at the Infected
below the hole.

One Way Passage

Before jumping down, however, be sure to use up all the extra Health Kits in
the Safe Room, and grab some more Ammo. Beware of the hole in the ceiling in
this area, as Smokers and Hunters often like to perch themselves up there.

Jump down, and fight off any Infected in the way. The narrow corridor has a
vent and maybe even some Grenades. The vent leads to some stairs. The flight of
stairs leading up leads to a dead end, but it may have more Grenades.

Back at the hole, there's another flight of stairs. Both the stairs and the
vent leads to a defunct escalator, which leads to a room with two booths, some
tables, and various (useless) phones. There may be some Tier 2 Weapons on the
table next to one of the booths, and in the booths themselves could be some
Grenades or Pills.

When ready, turn left and head up either flight of stairs. They lead to the
subway system. Check the benches and subway cars for supplies, and follow the
subway tunnel.

In the middle of a tunnel is a table beside a subway car which always has a
pile of Ammo on it (and possibly Weapons too). Keep following the tunnel
through the subway train to the end of the line (Beware! Tanks tend to ambush
the Survivors here). There's a table which may or may not have some good
Weapons on it. The room to the right may have some extra supplies. The door to
the left leads to some more stairs going upward. This is the way to advance.

The floor above is quite desolate, so kill off any Infected that may be
wandering around, and then move across the room. Check the table for anything
interesting, and then head up more stairs. Watch out for the hole in the

Welcome to the Generator Room. There are likely to be Molotovs on the tables
surrounding the opposite end of the door. There's also a First Aid Station in
the room to the right, along with a Minigun. To exit this room, head to the
steel door and activate the switch. Make sure everyone's ready before flipping
the switch.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Find a good place to stay and fight. There's the corner with the pipe, which is
fairly fortified. There's also the room with the First Aid Station in it, which
has the Minigun (someone should cover the hole in this room should the
Survivors stay here). Once the wave of Infected is destroyed, head through the
Steel Door and go up the stairs (again).

See the lighted room? Go there and take some Ammo from the pile, and secure the
Weapons there if there's any. Head out the other door and check the rooms for
more supplies.

While it's tempting to jump out the window and onto the street, resist that
temptation and head down the stairs (after searching every room on this floor).
Search the floor for more supplies, and then head out. One way is through the
doors directly leading to the street. Another way is out the emergency exit
that connects to an alley leading further up the street. Watch out for any Boss
Infected that happen to spawn in this miserable lane.

Regardless, move across the street, avoiding the Alarm Car in front of the
building ahead, and then enter the pawn shop. Enter the Safe Room and relax.


The Generator Door may open, but there's still no way out! One good place to
hide is at the upper floor (once the door's open). Another place to camp is at
the corner with the pipes. Of course, once a Tank comes, it's a good time to

3.13 >The Sewers<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Station Lift.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, Pistol, 4 Health Kits, Ammo

Exit the Safe Room, and meet a fork in the alley. The left path leads directly
to the building connected to the next area. The right path leads to a storage
room with supplies, and a garage with even more supplies! Head through the
door. In the kitchen, find the washroom, as it may contain supplies. Go outside
and take a look at the warehouse. This is the area the Survivors must head to
next. First, however, turn right, and shoot the gas station pumps, causing them
to explode (make sure nobody's near the gas station). With that hazard out of
the way, check the garage to the right for any goodies, then approach what's
left of the gas station. To the right is a dumpster connected to a room with an
abundance of supplies. To the left is a lift that will extend to the rooftop.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Find a good place to stand when the lift is activated. One good spot is the
room next to the dumpster (have one Survivor run to the lift and then run
back). Another way to get through this is to make a run for the windows ahead,
leading to a storage room. In either case, this will be a long fight.

After slaughtering dozens of zombies, head to the warehouse, and drop down the
hole. Make use of the First Aid Station's supplies, and check the closet. Be
sure to grab a bunch of Ammo from the pile on the desk as well. This is another
area with lots of rooms in it, so check them out. Beware of Boomers and Hunters
lurking in the darkness.

The dark storage room is where the Survivors must head to. Get past this room
and through the door. Turn right and check the room to the left for some extra
items. Navigate through the hallways and down the stairs to a room full of fuel
tanks (they won't explode. There are two ways down to the sewer; one at the end
of this room, and one in the room to the right.

One Way Passage

Before entering the sewers, make sure there are no Hunters or Smokers in the
area, as the Survivors cannot go back and help any stragglers. Head down and
follow the lights (don't worry, they are in no way related to Heaven or death).

Locate a door in the sewer. Nab anything in this room, then crawl through the
tunnel to another portion of the sewer. This area has a ladder. Exterminate any
Infected down here before climbing back to the surface.

If the surface is full of Infected, make a break for the dumpster to the right
and hold out. Otherwise, head to the front doors of Mercy Hospital. In front of
that is an Ambulance that will contain Health Kits or Pain Pills. Search the
reception room for any additonal supplies, then get into the Safe Room!


The lower areas of the warehouse are blocked off, as well as the room next to
the dumpster. Avoid the garage, as it has a Car in it. Instead, try making a
break for the upper floor of the warehouse, and hide in it! This is a
formidable position to stand, although there's not a pack of Ammo here. Try
saving Ammo for Tanks.

3.14 >The Hospital<

Difficulty: Hard.
Crescendo Event: Elevator.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, 4
Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Exit the Safe Room once everyone's decided on a Weapon. The path to the left
leads to a dead end, but one might as well kill the Infected there anyways. The
path to the right leads to a stairwell. Before heading up though, explore all
the rooms in this floor to prevent an overflow of Infected.

Head up the stairs and go through either the lobby or through the rooms to the
right. Step up the stairs and walk straight through (take a peek at the rooms
to the left for anything interesting). Watch out for any Smokers that will try
to pull the Survivors off the ledge of the lobby. Go up the stairs in the same
stairwell and then turn right (the area to the left is dull, and will not
likely contain anything good). Go through the doors and then explore this
area's rooms. This area also has the Elevator (there's no way the Survivors
are willing to walk all the way to the roof!).

Grab some Ammo from the pile, and then find a good place to sit down and hold
out. One good place to stay is the room on the opposite side of the hallway
from the elevator. Another good place is the corner next to the Ammo clump.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

When the elevator's here, get in and stay out of sight of the hallway (try not
to get pulled by a Smoker)! After sending the elevator up, listen to a few good
jokes or small talk in the elevator. Beware of any Hunters that may try to
ambush the Survivors in the elevator through the hole in the roof, and keep an
eye out for any Infected climbing the pipes in the shaft. Once the elevator
reaches the 28th floor, get out.

The grates leading to the shaft may lead to some hidden Infected. Keep
advancing and head to the edge of the floor. When trying not to fall off, the
Survivors must follow the path leading to the Safe Room. Try not to get lost
in the beams or walls. Along the way, there may be a Boss Infected waiting for
the Survivors, so deal with it accordingly. The place is spacious enough for
the Survivors to take appropriate action. Eventually, the Safe Room will be in
sight, so enter it pronto!


Yikes! This place is tight! One good place to hold out is in the room with the
double-doors (near where the Survivors would normally enter this room). Auto
Shotguns are the way to go here!

3.15 >The Rooftop Finale<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: Rooftop Radio.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, 2 Pipe
Bombs, 2 Molotovs, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Make sure everyone has a Weapon, two Pistols, a Grenade, and a Health Kit
before heading out. Go up the stairwell. The exit is near the other end of the
hallway. Fight through the hallway (be sure to kill any Infected lurking in the
rooms on either side), and then turn left to find the elevator shaft. Crawl
through the grate and climb the ladder. Climb another ladder attached to the
stationary elevator box leading to the rooftop.

One Way Passage

Clear the area of infected, and jump onto the helipad (don't leave anybody
behind just like before!). Turn right to find a building with a Radio in it.
There is a First Aid Station here, along with some Weapons and Ammo. On the top
of the building is a Minigun and a ladder leading to the peak of the building
(this structure is changed in Versus mode). There may be some Grenades on the
various structures, so grab some if needed. Don't hesitate to plant any
Explosive Cans around the various buildings either.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Ready? Answer the Radio twice. The Helicopter is on its way, so hold out! Find
a good place to defend. There's the Radio structure, which is arguably the most
versatile position to stay on. Underneath the helipad also works. The Radio
structure also has a set of stairs that only has two doors leading to it.

In any case, if a Tank arrives, it's usually a good idea to displace and run.
Try not to stay too close to the edge if the Tank's around. He's strong enough
to launch a Survivor off the building (or maybe even to the moon! Well, maybe

Once two waves of Infected have been defeated (and two Tanks have been slain),
the helicopter will arrive at the helipad. Make a break for the helipad (use a
Pipe Bomb to distract the Infected) and hop on! The helicopter flies out of the
scene safely!


A good position to stay (although it's hard to get to) is the concrete cube
that's not too far from the Radio building. To get to it, get onto the building
with the Grenades and hop across onto the generator. Hop again to get to the
cube. Most Infected will have difficulty getting there (Tanks on the other
hand, are insanely lethal).

3.20 >Crash Course<

Tagline: "Crashing will be the easiest thing they do today."
Objective: Acquire a suitable mode of transportation to escape to Riverside.
Location: Riverside factory district.
Setting: Suburban.
Rescue Vehicle: An Armoured Van.

Crash Course is the interlude between No Mercy and Death Toll. It was initially
planned for that Helicopter Pilot to become Infected, causing the Helicopter to
crash. Crash Course brings that plan back, linking No Mercy and Death Toll, and
possibly creating speculation about more interludes between the rest of the

Crash Course is two levels long, making it suitable for Versus matches. The
locations of the Car Alarms constantly change in this campaign, and the
Infected are angrier than ever! Watch out for the Cars in this Campaign! Also,
do note that most of the stronger Weapons found in this Campaign aren't all
found together all at once (in fact, only one or two of the types appear at a
time!). It is also home to a lot of Explosive Cans.

3.21 >The Alleys<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Howitzer.
Unique Panic Events: Various Alarm Cars.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits.

After possibly examining the corpse of the Helicopter pilot on the wall, grab a
Weapon and a Health Kit near the crashed Helicopter. Cross the road and enter
the building, as it likely has Grenades and Pills inside (do be aware that the
Infected may take advantage of this area). The road to the left is the way
deeper into this crossroads, so walk across the road (checking the buildings to
the left for more supplies).

The huge 18-wheeler is blocking the road, so the only way past it is through
the warehouse. Its entrance can be found to the right. There's an abundance of
Grenades, Pills, Graffiti, and possibly a Health Kit or two. Exit the warehouse
on the other side of the truck and take a look at the alley near it (the
smaller truck may contain some Weapons).

For the district ahead, check the house to the left for more supplies (and a
broken steam pipe), and then head to the building on the other side of the
road. There's bound to be better Weapons here. Enter the building and examine
the rooms, then exit and head for the road under the bridge.

Looks like the Army wasn't capable of holding back the Infected. Make use of
the Ammo Cache and then go around the train wreckage on the road (it seems that
it's a bad day to be driving things today). The house on the right may contain
some goodies, but the way to advance is straight ahead, leading down to the
road below. Be sure to clear the area of Infected before hopping down (and be
sure nobody is left behind). The road itself leads to more buildings (which,
again, may contain more supplies) and a hill. Beware; if a Tank appears here,
try to avoid the Cars on the streets and take it down fast!

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The hill leads to a Howitzer, aimed conviniently towards a barricade on the
bridge. As the bridge is the only way to get across to Riverside, it must be
fired to get through. Check the house nearby for even more junk to use, and
discuss with the rest of the team where to hold out. Places include the truck
behind the cannon, or inside the building.

In any case, it's going to be a heroic stand! Use the many Gas/Propane bombs
against the waves of Infected, and then once everything's all quiet and docile,
cross the bridge.

Check the Ambulance for health supplies, and then keep crossing the bridge
until land is in sight. The house likely contains more useful objects (although
don't bother with this place in Versus), and the warehouse is the home to a
Safe Zone! Enter it pronto!


It's a never-ending horde of Zombies, so the truck isn't all that safe anymore!
The inside of the house may be the Survivor's best bet.

3.22 >The Truck Depot Finale<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: Garage Generator.
Unique Panic Events: Various Alarm Cars.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Exit the Safe Room and take a peek in the warehouse ahead. Head back to the
road (through either door of the warehouse) and head towards the vehicles. Go
inside the buildings in order to get past them. However, watch for a Car Alarm
that's hidden behind the door! There's weapons next to the humvee.

One Way Passage

If the Survivors have already triggered the Car Alarm, and are in no mood for
dilly-dallying, they have the option to hop onto the aforementioned car and
leap over the fence, onto the truck (which allows them to skip the following

If they hadn't, they should keep following the road, examining the buildings to
the sides as they go along. There's more Weapons near the riot fences, but just
keep advancing on the road! That's right, just keep doing the usual part of
Left 4 Dead gameplay!

There's an Ammo Cache in the middle of this open area. The way through is
through the container, so crawl through it. Take a peek in the next structure
ahead, along with the warehouse to the right. More goodies can be located
inside the ruined building ahead.

One Way Passage

The Survivors are almost out of here! Go through the broken fence, and jump
onto the truck (after checking the room to the left of course). Leap across to
the yard.

This yard is the finale portion of this level. Most of the necessary weapons
are in front of the fortified bus, while the Grenades are located in the depot
(in the huge room inside), and on the upper area outside of the depot. The
Minigun is located on top of the huge room, while the Survivors' method of
escape is a thick (and functional) Bus elevated in the depot. To get it down,
they must activate the Generator outside in the yard (unlike Radios, the
Generator will take more than just a push to get the action started!).

Ideal places to fight are on top of the fortified bus, next to the Minigun, or
inside the boxed room. Discuss with the group where to hide, and then pick
someone to charge the Generator.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Be sure to cover that Survivor when he/she's making it back! The Infected will
stop at nothing to prevent the Survivors from living another day! When the
third wave of the Finale is commencing, the Generator will stop (and the lights
in the depot will go out)! Act quick and get it running again (a Pipe Bomb can
drastically turn the tables in the Survivors' favour!). The Tanks, meanwhile,
should be dealt with heavy weapons before they can smash the Survivors to

When the Bus is down on the ground, get inside through the rear, and watch as
the Survivors drive their way to Riverside!


As mentioned before, there are three places to fight off the Infected. The
Generator won't stop, but that won't matter as the Survivors still can't get
out anyways!

3.30 >Death Toll<

Tagline: "Hell came to Earth. These four are gonna send it back."
Objective: Get to the small town of Riverside for a waterfront rescue.
Location: Riverside.
Setting: Suburban.
Rescue Vehicle: The Slaters' Boat.

This Campaign takes place in the woods, then in a quiet typical town. It is
well-known for the Church Guy. Death Toll does not contain any environmental
Panic Events.

3.31 >The Turnpike<

Difficulty: Easy.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits.

Grab the items in the trunk, and then follow the street. Watch out for Infected
lurking in the forests to the sides (especially Smokers). Since the bridge is
out, head down the sides of the bridge and climb the ladders on the other side.
Head into the tunnel.

To the left is a passageway that passes through the pile of rubble blocking the
tunnel. In the tunnel itself, keep an eye on the sides for any supplies. Jump
over the cars and then head left, down the stairs.

There are two ways into the next room, which has a pile of Ammo, and likely
some Grenades and/or Pills. The room itself is probably full of Infected, so
flush them out with a Pipe Bomb. The exit is on the upper level of this room,
opposite of its entrance.

Outside the tunnel is an open woodland area with a fence. Run straight across
and the Safe House is above the area, which can be accessed by sprinting up the
hill. Ignore the area left of the Safe House.

3.32 >The Drains<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Floodgate.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

In this relatively large Safe Room, go up the stairs and shoot the Infected
outside. When ready, head out.

In the drains, go through either drain opening. The one ahead leads downward,
while the one on the right leads to the upper levels. They both lead to a
circular room with Weapons. Get to the lower levels (either via the first path
or climbing down the ladder). The area is likely to be full of Infected, so
grab those weapons and shoot them to bits! When ready, go up the ramp and check
the closet for anything interesting. Next, head right and enter the room.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The only way to get to the other side is to activate the bridge. When
everyone's good to go, flip the switch (get up there by climbing a ladder and
crossing a catwalk). Fight off the Infected at this point, until the floodgate
is closed.

Walk across the floodgate and enter the room ahead. It has a pile of Ammo and
a First Aid Station. Turn left and enter another tube. Enter either path and
then climb up through either the broken stairs or the manhole once grabbing all
the supplies in this area. 

Head outside for some fresh air, and then turn left twice (around the
building). There's a dark room to the left that may contain supplies (and, in
worse cases, a Witch). The safe room is up ahead in the building (in the
caboose). Avoid the Infected and get in there!


A strange glitch here is to use a Pipe Bomb to launch the wooden crate under
the catwalk up to the area opposite of the switch. Then use Propane Tanks to
push the box to the alcove above. The Survivors can make a break for the Safe
Room this way! Playing fairly, the best place to hold up is the area next to
the switch (the switch itself is on fire, so don't go near there).

3.33 >The Church<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Church Guy.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits.

Exit this cramped Safe Room and prance into the trainyard. Try not to get lost.
The building to the right may contain some good weapons, along with the two
floors of the tower located directly in the middle of the field. When finished
with those places, head straight across to the long building. Go up the stairs
to the left and check the building's rooms for anything useful. From there,
walk across the wooden plank that leads outside the trainyard's fences.

One Way Passage

Land on one of the lower cars and check the shack for anything left behind.
Advance across the road and check the shack to the right, as it contains a
First Aid Station, and possibly some more Weapons. When ready, keep walking on
the road.

The cabin in the middle of nowhere is hard to miss, so enter it. It has a pile
of Ammo, and maybe even some guns in the living room! Search the entire house
for goodies, then exit on the other side. Be careful, as Boss Infected like to
hang out here.

Examine the misplaced ambulance for Health Kits or Pills. Enter the gap in the
fence and check the shack for any items. There's lights in the church, so run
across the graveyard and enter the church. Before opening the Safe Room door,
there's a room with Weapons and Ammo. Then approach the red door.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The Safe Room seems to be occupied, and the guy inside there isn't willing to
let our heroes in! He's even summoned the Infected to the church (with the
bell)! Find a good place to stay and fight against the Infected in the church!

As a sign of poetic justice, the miserable Church Guy transforms into an
Infected (seems he wasn't immune after all!), so kill him with pleasure and
rush into the Safe Room!


It's a reunion with the Church Guy, and he's here to stay! Try hiding in a
corner of the church (opposite of the door), or on the benches outside. All
Survivors should use Auto Shotguns, in order to deal with Tanks swiftly.

3.34 >The Town<

Difficulty: Hard.
Crescendo Event: Forklift.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

Climb the ladder and collect the supplies in the second floor of the Safe Room.
Exit through the door and notice all the Infected outside (a Hunting Rifle may
work well here). When prepared, climb down the ladder and go down the hill.
There may be Infected near the van to the right.

Head to the store and enter it. There's a pile of Ammo on the small room's
table. Exit the store and feel free to take a peek inside the room that failed
to hold out. Turn left and find the court. Go through the rooms to the left and
head out to another part of the town.

Follow the road and hop onto the truck to get a good view. Once all Infected
have been purged from this area, check the room to the left for Ammo. The way
out of this maze is on a balcony. To get up there, hop onto the van.

Check the office's washrooms to the left. Done? Smash a window and hop out. Get
down onto the street, and grab any Weapons and Ammo on the tables. Once
everyone's good to go, activate the forklift.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The best place to stand is at the benches, near the Minigun. The Infected will
crawl over the rubble blocking the street. They will also be climbing over the
riot fence on the opposite side, as well as through the windows of the office.
Try not to get overwhelmed and be sure to cover all flanks. The Minigun is
vulnerable to the Infected running around the van.

When the area is clear, run over the ramp made out of the rubble that's now
over the forklift, and hop onto the other side (being wary of any Infected
lurking on the road). Head to the end of the street and turn left after passing
the bus.

In the alley, turn left, and feel free to browse through the buildings. Turn
left again and go up the stairs (don't bother going into the rooms beneath the
stairs). Hop out of the window and cross the planks. In this fashion, jump to
the alley on the right side of the fence. Make sure nobody is left on the
rooftop to get killed by Smokers or Hunters. The Safe Room is to the right, so
get in there!


The Street is wide open, but there are ways of living for a long time here. The
riot fences is a good spot, as the Infected will (strangely) only attack from
one of the two flanks at a time! The Tank can also be seen a mile (or
kilometer) away, providing enough time to fill his guts full of lead!

3.35 >The Boathouse Finale<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: Boathouse Radio.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, Ammo

Exit the Safe Room and explore the garage for any supplies. Exit through the
door on the other end, and notice all the Infected around this area. There's
likely a Pipe Bomb on the humvee, so make a dash for it and throw it to flush
those zombies out! Head for the house and check its rooms for supplies (a
Health Kit is in the bathroom, and some Pills are often found in the kitchen).

Ready to move out? Head out the yard and exit the suburbs, then go for the
shack straight ahead (watch out for any ambushing Infected). There's another
Health Kit and more supplies in this shack. Go up the hill with the wooden
fences and then advance into the woodlands (Boss Infected like to ambush the
Survivors at this point, so advance with caution).

The house to the left contains yet another Health Kit and more supplies, so
don't miss it! The house to the right rarely contains anything of interest, so
just ignore it. The third house in this area is past the two other houses.

There's a Radio in the house. Talk to the man on the other side. He and his
wife happen to have a boat. The washroom in this cabin contains Pills. Grenades
are located on the house's rear, on the balcony, and on the second floor. Ideal
places to hang out are on the balcony and house, on the rear, on the dock away
from the house, and on the rocks on the opposite side. There's also the
washroom and closet.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Ask the man to get moving, and run to wherever the Survivors are going to hide.
The Infected will swarm, so it doesn't hurt to use the Minigun on the balcony
to tear them up (it's unable to target the areas to the left, so have someone
cover that area). A Molotov is more than capable of burning any Infected that
tries to climb the ledge left of the Minigun. Pipe Bombs can also lure the
Infected in sight of the Minigun. Tanks will often appear far in the distance,
so a Hunting Rifle and the Minigun will be able to give him some damage before
he even gets close!

Once the boat arrives, make a mad dash for the dock in the distance, and wait
for the boat to come to a complete stop. Pipe Bombs can draw away the Infected.
When the boat stops, jump in! The boat manages to navigate out of the scene.


There are a number of places to stay until death. There's the rocks, the dock,
and the rear. All of these places can hold out for quite a while. Try not to
lead the Tank into the water; it's more than capable of extinguishing fires.

3.40 >Dead Air<

Tagline: "Their flight just got delayed. Permanently."
Objective: Get to the runway of Metro Airport for an airlift rescue.
Location: Newburg.
Setting: Urban, Airport.
Rescue Vehicle: Metro International Airplane.

Dead Air is another urban campaign. Unlike No Mercy, it's not completely dark,
as the sun is still setting (or is that fire in the distance?). Its signature
feature is the Airport. It also houses the biggest amount of environmental
Panic Events.

3.41 >The Greenhouse<

Difficulty: Easy.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Car Alarm.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Pipe Bombs, 4 Molotovs, 4
Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Since the area ahead contains Infected, feel free to throw a Pipe Bomb or two
in there to kill them. Go through the garden and exit the greenhouse. Walk the
plank connecting the two buildings and enter the rooms to the left (eyes out
for any Smokers lurking in the alleys below). Explore the rooms and head out
the windows on the other side. Climb the ladder to the right and hop off the
ledges on the other side.

One Way Passage

Enter through the hole in the building ahead and go down the stairs (there
could be a Pistol here). There may be supplies or Infected to the left. To the
right is the exit.

Jump onto the eighteen-wheeler and enter the hotel ahead, avoiding the Alarm
Car here. Enter the kitchen (which is the Safe Room) and close the door.

3.42 >The Crane<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Crane.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Car.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Exit the Safe Room. Notice the freezer to the right? Not even a Tank can get
past its door (should it arrive around here). Exit the storage room and clear
the alley from the Infected.

One Way Passage

Climb up the mound of garbage to get to the other side of the fence (there's no
getting back!). Get over the cardboard boxes to get up on top of the truck.
Climb the ladder over the truck and go up the stairs (beware of Special
Infected on the stairs). Enter the apartments through the windows and then head
to the hallway (hopefully some Weapons will appear in the bedroom).

Check the rooms on the sides of the hallway for any supplies. Head up the
stairs and check the room to the left for more supplies. Go to the room on the
right and see if there's any good Weapons on the desk. Check the other two
rooms for anything of interest and then hop out the window to the right, onto
the rooftops. If there's a Tank around here, be sure not to stay too close to
the edges of the roofs!

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Notice the dumpster that's being hung by the crane. Clear the area of zombies
and then, when ready, climb the ladder on the crane and activate the switch.
While the dumpster is being lowered, the Infected will arrive! Use the Gas Cans
to light the field on fire, or use Molotovs or Pipe Bombs. One good spot to
stay is in the crane itself. When the Infected become docile, head to the
dumpster and climb the ladder that's attatched to it.

Navigate across the rooftops and then enter the building through the windows.
Examine all the rooms in this building, then head to the office. There's a
plank leading to another building, so cross it. The area has a First Aid
Station and an Ammo Cache, and maybe even some Weapons! Take a peek in the
smaller rooms, and then go down the stairs. On all floors of the office
cubicles, there are a few other rooms that may be of interest to the Survivors.
Beware of Boss Infected here.

At the bottom floor, check the rooms for even more supplies, and exit through
either the main door or through the alley. Avoid the Alarm Car (it can be
triggered early from the area mentioned at the start of paragraph four), and
jump into the building across the street. Enter the Safe Room once all the
rooms in the building have been explored.


There's a neat glitch to surpass the hardships of The Crane. See that eighteen-
wheeler truck on the street below? Hop onto the building's ledge and hold
"Jump" and "Action" while falling onto the truck (the Survivors will somehow
survive this way, otherwise they will certainly perish). Another Survivor must
save them by doing the same (the second Survivor will somehow be able to pull
the other Survivor up without being incapacitated). Jump off the truck
(avoiding the area around the truck itself) and then head to the alley.
Remember: One Survivor must be left behind to activate the Crane!

3.43 >The Construction Site<

Difficulty: Hard.
Crescendo Event: Burning Barricade.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Car.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Take a peek through the Safe Room's second floor window and shoot all Infected
in sight. Head out and turn left. Follow the alley to find some scaffoldings.
There's a ladder on one of them, and that one will likely be holding some
Grenades, Weapons, or an Ammo Cache on top. From there, walk onto the concrete
area, and notice the wooden barricade blocking the alley.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Before shooting the Gas Can next to the barricade, find a position to hide. The
scaffoldings ahead of the concrete area is a nice area to stand, along with the
stairs not far from the barricade. Another way to pass through this is to throw
a Molotov into the sky from across the site (where a staircase near a corner
is) to blow up the barricade, and then make a run for the Safe Room at the
start of the level. Regardless, destroy the can to burn down the planks. Fight
off the horde, then advance through the alley. Explore the rooms to the sides
and then make use of the Ammo Cache in the corner.

Turn left and head to the street (check the room to the left for anything).
Head to the police car and then turn right after passing the fence. Keep an eye
on the rooftops and the generator fields for Hunters and Smokers. The dark room
likely contains some supplies. Head back out and then go right around the
generator and then go around (or through) the generator area to the right. Walk
towards the fire and then enter the building to the right.

Explore this room for supplies before going through the door to the left.
There's a First Aid Station, an Ammo Cache, and maybe even some Weapons here!
Head out the door next to the window to continue. Explore the washrooms before
going through the hole in the wall.

There may be even more supplies in the room to the left. Go around the crashed
plane and then head left. Beware of Smokers and Hunters that lurk on the
highway above. Explore the luggage for some supplies and notice the airport's
garage on the other side. Avoid the Alarm Car nearby and enter the garage (be
careful around the cars, as Tanks love to throw them).

Go right and then right again to find some supplies. Head up the ramp and
notice the stairwell straight ahead. There may be supplies around the corner,
but nonetheless, the Survivors must head upstairs. The room to the right may
contain some supplies if lucky. Walk across the sky bridge and then enter the
Safe Room to the left.


This is a difficult place to fight, since the barricade will not fall, and most
of the areas in this map are vulnerable to various Infected. One area is the
stairwell, another is one of the scaffoldings. In either case, be sure to have
an escape route once the Tank says hello (or have everyone use the Auto Shotgun
to blast him away).

3.44 >The Terminal<

Difficulty: Hard.
Crescendo Event: Van.
Unique Panic Events: Metal Detector.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, 4
Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

After reading some graffiti, head out and take a look at the floor below. Feel
free to take a few cheap shots at the Infected (especially Tanks or Witches if
they appear down there), and then head through the offices.

The corridor is very linear, but it does have rooms on its sides that will
likely contain Grenades and Pills. At the end of the corridor are some boxes
that may hold some Weapons (so grab them to fill up on Ammo). Go down the
deactivated escalator and then head to the desk (most of the time there are
Grenades here).

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The van must be activated to break through the pile of crap that's blocking the
way into the luggage department. Places to camp include the corner underneath
the escalator, the bathrooms, or the desk. When the Infected have all been
massacred, go to the luggage department and make use of the Ammo Cache.

Crawl through the vent and into the luggage transfer area. Follow the stairs
and catwalks (feel free to explore the areas to the sides). Go through the
double doors and then turn right after walking straight a bit.

Avoid the metal detectors and use the Ammo Cache that's next to the statue
(watch out for any Smokers that intend to drag a Survivor straight through the
metal detectors!). Check the restraunt, shop, and bathrooms in this area before
going up the escalator.

The path out of here is straight ahead, but there may be some goodies to the
rooms on the left. The Safe Room itself is to the right. Be sure to avoid the
chairs and enter the Safe Room!


As mentioned before, the best spot to fight is under the escalator. Stay in the
darkness (it seems to be safer than the rest of the map).

3.45 >The Runway Finale<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: Truck Pump.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, 4
Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Go outside and witness a spectacular plot device (a crashing plane).

One Way Passage

Jump off the catwalk and head right, towards the tanker truck. The pilot's
alive and well, but he needs help! Be prepared for the worst, so grab any
supplies next to the truck and plant some traps around where the Survivors plan
to hold out.

Places include the truck itself (there's a ladder to climb on top of the truck,
and there's also a Minigun nearby), the mound on the other side of the plane,
and a little itty-bitty room off in the distance in the building. Regardless,
activate the pump to refuel the plane (its fuel tank is empty, apparently).

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Beware of Smokers off in the distance, as they like to hide in the catwalks
above. Also, stay away from the large objects when the Tank comes by. Treat
them like cars. Keep holding them off until the second Tank has been killed.

The plane is good to go! Wait for its hatch to open up, and run in! The plane
flies off into the distance.


The itty-bitty room is blocked off, but the mound's position is even better!
There are extra piles of luggage that can serve as vantage points. Make sure
one person has the Hunting Rifle ready in case of Smoker attacks (it's also
extremely effective versus Tanks far away).

3.40 >Blood Harvest<

Tagline: "No hope, no cure, no problem."
Objective: Find a rural holdout being used by the military to rescue Survivors.
Location: Allegheny.
Setting: Rural.
Rescue Vehicle: Military APC.

Blood Harvest is a sharp contrast to all the other campaigns, as most of its
scenery is foresty and open. It's also considered to be the last campaign.

3.51 >The Woods<

Difficulty: Easy.
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Grab any gear on the picnic table and proceed through the forest. Follow the
path and don't get lost in the trees (Infected will come out of the woods).
There's another picnic bench that usually contains Grenades. Cross the birdge
and enter the trailer. Use the Ammo Cache inside and nab any supplies in and
around the trailer.

Keep following the road. The tracks are down below, but don't even think about
hopping through the gap in the fence to reach them! Instead, stay on the road,
as it leads to the Safe House. With company, run to the Safe House to end the
level. Easy as pie!

3.52 >The Tunnel<

Difficulty: Medium.
Crescendo Event: Emergency Door.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Explore the two rooms left of the Safe Room, and then go down the stairwell on
the opposite side of the hallway. Check both offices on this floor for Weapons.
Crawl out of the window in the room with the table onto a catwalk. From there,
go down the ramp to get to the lower floor. There's a table in front of the
ramp with an Ammo Cache and maybe Weapons.

Head to the small room next to the table. There's a First Aid Station here, and
probably some Explosive Cans. More importantly, there's an emergency door here
that must be opened to advance. Find a position to stay before opening it.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The Survivors can hold out in the room with the emergency door, or on the
catwalk (there's an area on the catwalk where the Infected cannot reach). They
can also fight in the corner next to the Ammo Cache.

Regardless, once they have defeated the hordes of Infected, the Survivors must
pass through the open emergency door and go up the stairs. Check the rooms
upstairs and head to the left side of the building. Exit through either the
door or the windows (which lead to a metal awning). Then head into the tunnel
to the left, and follow the tracks.

There are various obstacles in the way, but there's always a way around it
(jumping on other obstacles, climbing ladders, etc). There are also some rooms
to the sides that may have goodies in them. Some of the obstacles are one-way
passages (meaning that the Survivors need to get through them quickly to avoid
being left behind to die). Eventually, there will be an obstacle that cannot be
passed, so go into the corridor to the left and walk through it. The Safe Room
is at the end of the hallway.


The catwalks closest to the emergency door serve as one of the best places to
fight, as most Infected cannot reach that area (but beware of Smokers, Tanks,
and sometimes Hunters).

3.53 >The Bridge<

Difficulty: Hard.
Crescendo Event: Train Engine.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Submachine Gun, Pump Shotgun, 4 Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

The path out of here is to the left, but the path right leads to some more
corridors and rooms that may contain some supplies. Once outside, be careful of
any Infected lurking in the forest (especially Boss Infected). Follow the
obvious path towards the building above. Enter it and follow the hallways,
stairs, etc. There may be some Pills, Grenades, or Weapons in the neglected
areas of this building. Head out and follow the tracks to the left.

The barn to the right always has an Ammo Cache, and maybe Weapons as well. Keep
walking on the tracks (don't worry, no train is going to zoom by). The cabin on
the left contains a First Aid Station, an Ammo Cache, and maybe another spot for
Weapons. Notice the boxcar on the tracks across from the cabin. Keep running on
the tracks, as they lead to a stationary train engine. The engine can be
reversed to knock the bridge near the cabin down.

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

The cabin, the barn, or the top of the boxcar are suitable areas to rest. If
ready, activate the engine and hurry back! Once the waves of Infected have been
suppressed, head to the now toppled bridge. Climb the bridge and hop onto the
cliff above. If a Tank appears here, try not to fall off the cliff. The path on
the cliff leads to the next Safe House (next to a dead cow).


The cabin is by far the best place to fight. Each survivor should crouch in all
four corners of the room with the Ammo Cache and the First Aid Station in it. In
this fashion, the Survivors can monitor each entry to the room. Shotguns are
highly recommended for Survival.

3.54 >The Train Station<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: None.
Unique Panic Events: Alarm Car.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, 4 Health Kits,
Ammo Cache.

The Health Kits are on the shelf in the Safe Room. Exit the Safe Room and
follow the path. There's a barn up ahead, with Grenades and Ammo on the second
floor. There may be a Pistol in the first floor too.

Continue on the path, which leads to the train station. Leap onto the awning
(to avoid falling down the cliff). Enter the station and explore it and its
many rooms for supplies. Head to the other side of the station and avoid the
Alarm Car hidden amongst the trees.

Keep following the tracks (feel free to climb up onto the parked train cars to
gain the advantage against any angry Infected). There's another station to the
right of the tracks with supplies. Continue on the tracks once this building
has been examined.

Yet another building lies ahead to the right side of the tracks. The tracks are
blocked by some crashed cars here. Enter the building's basement and climb up
two floors (be sure to explore each floor for supplies; Health Kits usually
appear here when the Survivors are on their last legs). The top floor has a
window that leads to the other side of the tracks.

One Way Passage

Safely drop to the tracks and cross the bridge, which has a train car in the
middle of it (which also happens to be this level's Safe Room). Beware, a Tank
usually appears on the bridge, so don't be afraid to retreat if necessary!

Hanging on by just a thread? Be grateful this nightmarish level doesn't have a
Crescendo Event!

3.55 >The Farmhouse Finale<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: Farmhouse Radio.
Unique Panic Events: Crop Fields (unavoidable).
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, 4
Health Kits, Ammo Cache.

Exit the train car and keep following the tracks. There's a boxcar at the end
that the Survivors must climb up. A path is located at a cliff "connected" to
the boxcar. Notice the signs left by the military here, along with the crop
fields below the cliff.

One Way Passage

Crescendo Event! Prepare to fight!

Make sure everybody's ready, because entering the fields will cause the crows
to fly, making noise, and thus, attracting hordes of Infected (birds, bloody
useless!). The Survivors can make a mad dash to the tractor, or to the barn.
The fields are difficult to navigate through, so the tractor may be the better
place to run to (it's closer).

When the Infected have been repelled, head to the farm house (it's quite hard
to miss). Collect the supplies in the house (there are objects of interest in
both floors), then talk to the soldier on the radio.

Finale! Prepare to fight!

Places to stay together include the barn next to the house (second floor), the
shed (opposite side of the house from the barn), and the second floor of the
house. All of these locations are heavily fortified, so pick one of them and
have one Survivor call the soldier a second time and make a break for that

There's no Minigun, so the Tank will likely have to be dealt with by a Molotov
and some extra punishment. Should the Survivors be in the house when the Tank
arrives, they MUST head outside to deal with the Tank to prevent them from
being bashed around in a tight room.

Once two waves and two Tanks have been slaughtered, the military APC will drive
by and will stop between the barn and the house (apparently, the military
couldn't afford a gunner for extra protection). Hop into the APC and hope a
Tank doesn't come by to ruin everything!


As stated earlier, the barn and the shed work well in Survival. Avoid staying
in the house, as Tanks will not wait for the numerous waves of Infected to stop
(being caught outdoors with Infected and a Tank is considered a worse-case

3.60 >The Last Stand<

Tagline: "It doesn't end well."
Objective: Hold out as long as possible.
Location: Outside Riverside.
Setting: Forest.
Rescue Vehicle: None.

The Last Stand never has a happy ending, since the Survivors always get
themselves killed in Survival Mode. This campaign is speculated to take place
after "Death Toll".

3.61 >The Lighthouse<

Difficulty: Insane!
Crescendo Event: Generator.
Unique Panic Events: None.
Safe Room Inventory: Assault Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Pistol, lots
and lots of Health Kits, Grenades, Pistols, and Explosive Cans.

The generator is located in the lowest part of the lighthouse building. Places
to hide include the top of the lighthouse, or in one of the rooms.

As always with Survival mode, be sure to prepare before triggering the
generator. This includes planting traps around where the Survivors plan to
hide, and grabbing supplies that are far away from the same position. Try to
monitor each and every entry way, and when a Tank comes, focus fire on him. Gas
Cans and Molotovs work wonders against Tanks.

4.00 >More Tips<
Here are more tips that apply to every one of these Campaigns, since what will
occur during those times are extremely likely to occur.

4.01 >General Tips<
These are just some general tips to being a good Survivor.

-Don't hesitate to explore certain areas for extra supplies, but don't fall too
far behind! This is especially important in Versus mode.

-Don't waste ammo. Unlike most of Valve's shooter games, the enemies here don't
drop weapons.

-Aim for the head.

-While reloading, shoving doesn't interrupt the reloading process. Climbing a
Ladder does.

-In Versus and Survival, the Survivors can only shove so much until they get
tired (in this case, they'll have to wait a second before shoving again).

-The more powerful weapons can penetrate through thin walls (this is effective
against Boomers).

-A dead Survivor will drop his or her items, so use them if necessary.

-It takes a minute for a dead Survivor to respawn in a Closet after dying.

-The Flashlight is directly attached to the Weapons, so reloading or shoving
will decrease the efficiency of the Flashlight.

-Enabling subtitles helps greatly.

-Is there hardly any Infected wandering around here? A Boss Infected is likely
to be ahead!

-In Expert mode, a Survivor may be better off dying if he/she is low on Health
and the Survivors are near the end of the level. A resurrected Survivor will
start off with 50 points of Health!

4.02 >Working Together<
One of the most important aspects of Left 4 Dead is teamwork. Don't even dream
that the name of this game is related to proper tactics here.

-Microphones are extremely useful in transferring vital information on the
battlefield. This includes a zombie-infected battlefield, so don't be afraid to
use the microphone for any means of communication when the need arises.

-Be sure to stick with at least one other Survivor, in case a Smoker or Hunter
drops by. Never go off into hostile areas alone!

-When in front, stay out of the line of fire from other Survivors. Crouching
helps a bundle.

-If the situation looks too convoluted to use bullets when crowded, shove away
those Infected to prevent any friendly-fire incidents.

-Who needs Health? There's the person who is low on Health, the one who only
has temporary Health, and there's the individual who ran out of first aid

-Bullets and Grenades will hurt Survivors. Shoving doesn't.

-Try not to leave any Survivors behind. Try not to let any Survivors die

-Pick a Weapon that none of the other Survivors have. Having a Shotgun or a
Sniper Rifle in a team of riflemen can greatly benefit the team in various

4.03 >Versus Tips<
Versus is much more different from Co-op, and it's much more terrifying. While
it uses the many factors of Normal difficulty, it should be treated as Expert.

-Be sure to know the terrain of the level before doing it on Versus. Nothing
can jeopardize a team more than a lost Survivor.

-Whoever slows down behind is often left behind.

-Survivors cannot be rescued after they are killed.

-No matter what happens, stay together! Should the team split up, split up in
groups of two.

-The Infected like to ambush Survivors when they are using their Health Kits.

-Due to the quicker pace and constant moving, Shotguns are usually a good pick.
Avoid using the Hunting Rifle except in Finales.

-Keep moving from room to room.

4.04 >Against Infected<
The biggest enemy of the Survivors is, of course, the hordes of Infected.

*Common Infected*

-See any dawdling zombies? Shoot them with the Pistol so that they cannot
attack the Survivors later on.

-Pipe Bombs work extremely well against Common Infected, whether if it's in the
middle of a Crescendo/Panic Event, or when clearing out a room full of

-Molotovs also kill Common Infected very quickly. If an Infected is on fire, it
is harmless and will die soon. Molotovs are useful when trying to massacre some
Infected that run through a certain choke point.

-Only use primary Weapons on them if they're too numerous to be taken out with

-If a limb falls off an Infected, it's dead. Hunting Rifles will always kill
Common Infected in a single shot.

-Don't be afraid to shoot any Infected attacking another Survivor's back.


-Always stay with another Survivor upon hearing or seeing a Hunter.

-Hunters will growl when they are about to pounce. They are completely silent

-Hunters scream when they pounce.

-A burning Hunter will deal more damage when pouncing.

-Try shoving a Hunter away when it is in the air to disorient it. Extra points
for shooting it in mid-air!

-If a Hunter is on a Survivor, knock him off, and kill him!

-A Hunter can easily be bludgeoned to death.


-As with Hunters, pick a Survivor to stay close by upon noticing a Smoker.

-Smokers are often seen in the distance. They leave green spores around the
areas they recently have been standing in for a couple of seconds.

-If a Smoker is pulling a Survivor, shoot the Smoker, its tongue, or knock the
Survivor off the tongue. Even resort to shooting at the Survivor if necessary!

-If a Smoker failed to grab a Survivor with its tongue, approach it and shoot
it! This is guaranteed kill.

-A Survivor only has a second to react when being pulled by a Smoker before
losing control.


-If the Boomer is trying to hide, try finding its large belly.

-When a Boomer is close, shove it away, and shoot it (make sure no other
Survivors are near the Boomer when this happens).

-When vomited on, try not to panic, and shove away at any Infected until the
slime clears up.

-If the Boomer vomited on another Survivor, use a Pipe Bomb to draw away the
new Horde. Take advantage of the fact that the Horde is going after the slimy
Survivor, so don't be afraid to get in the way and fight dirty!

-Protect any Survivors that are vomited on by Boomers.

-Try shooting through walls if a Boomer is attempting to hide.


-Listen for angry growling and snarling. Tanks do that.

-Stay away from cars, furniture, and other large objects when the Tank is
around and about.

-Light him on fire as soon as possible! Fire can make a considerable
difference! However, try not to throw a Molotov at him when other Survivors are
close to him (fire can hurt Survivors too).

-Tanks are faster when on fire in Co-op and Survival modes, but slower in

-When a Tank's climbing, he's vulnerable to any sort of attack. Same goes for
when he's throwing rocks.

-When a Tank's throwing a rock, try to dodge the rock and stay away from the
front of the Tank.

-Auto Shotguns, Hunting Rifles, and Miniguns are the best kinds of weapons
against Tanks. Assault Rifles and even Pistols can do their share of damage
against Tanks as well.

-If the Tank is on fire, try running away from him, and hope that he dies of
attrition (and the burning).

-Beware of Special Infected when dealing with a Tank.

-Tanks do not receive extra damage from headshots.


-A Witch can be heard sobbing a mile away. Upon hearing her, shut off those

-Even in the darkest areas, Witches are still visible due to a red glow around

-Tell any allies of her location.

-Avoid going near her at all costs.

-If she's in the way of an important path, try sneaking around her. Don't get
too close!

-If the Witch is getting angry, leave her be for a few seconds, and wait for
her to cry again.

-Shotguns are the only weapons that can kill a Witch in a single shot. Approach
her from behind and start shooting when as close as possible! Cr0wning a Witch
often prevents her from being startled in the process.

-Try burning a Witch. This will slow her down and hurt her.

-The Survivor who startled the Witch should run away immediately. Everyone else
should shoot at her before she can get at the Survivor.

-She can also be startled from a distance with the Hunting Rifle. Fast as she
is, a distance long enough should provide the Survivors some time to kill the
Witch on her trip.

-If a Witch is startled by someone, and then lit on fire by somebody else,
she'll start going after whoever lit her on fire!

4.05 >As Infected<
In Versus mode, players are split into two teams. Both teams will have to play
as the Infected at one point or another. Most of the time, the Infected team
will consist of two Hunters, one Smoker, and one Boomer (with the occasional


-Lonely Survivors are excellent targets for Infected, the same applies to
incapacitated Survivors and stragglers.

-Prioritize the weaker Survivors first (they are outlined in red).

-Try working together with other Infected.

-Try luring the Survivors to Alarm Cars and Witches.

-If there is a spot where the Survivors cannot go back (like holes), try
attacking the last Survivor to make it through that point (the other Survivors
can do little to help the victim).

-Try not to spawn too early. Noises will cause the Survivors to get all jumpy.

-Think of the worst times a Special Infected can appear as a Survivor.

-Special Infected cannot trigger Alarm Cars.

-Smash any Doors to bits.

-Survivors are defenseless when climbing ladders.

The ideal positions of the Infected are as follows:

Front                                      Rear

-If a helpless Survivor is about to be rescued by others, attack the rescue


-Crouch, then fire in order to pounce. Wait for the Infected meter to fill up
before leaping.

-Pouncing from high areas will cause more damage (if the Hunter actually
manages to pounce the Survivor on his first leap).

-Pouncing can also be used for long-jumping and high-jumping.

-Upon being pryed away from a Survivor, run!

-Survivors covered in Boomer vomit are suitable targets.

-If a Smoker is pulling a Survivor, pounce anyone trying to save the victim.

-Or just pounce the victim to let the Smoker pull a different target.

-Pouncing alone deals quite a bit of damage when done right. Aim a little
higher than the Survivor.

-When pouncing from high areas, try not to miss the Survivors to deal damage
on the first pounce.

-The Hunter is the only Infected capable of attacking an Incapacitated Survivor
with his ability (other than the Boomer).


-Select a Survivor to pull, aim, and then fire (the crosshairs will turn red if
the Smoker is able to pull the Survivor).

-If the Smoker misses, he'll have to wait a few seconds before firing again.

-If the Smoker is repelled, he'll have to wait a few moments before firing

-High points are the Smoker's favourite locations to visit.

-Try pulling Survivors towards a ledge, or towards Alarm Cars/Witches.

-Work with Boomers, so that the Boomer can vomit on the Survivor once the
Survivor's close enough to the Smoker.

-Pull Survivors downward. Fall damage counts too when using a Smoker.

-Incapacitated Survivors cannot be pulled.

-Attack from long-range.


-When close enough to the Survivors, aim and vomit! The Boomer will have to
wait a long time before he can vomit again.

-If the Boomer manages to live after vomiting, run away! Try to vomit on the
Survivors a second time.

-Tight corners are suitable areas to ambush the Survivors.

-Feel free to vomit on a pounced, constricted, or downed Survivor.

-A Survivor on a ladder is completely helpless against the Boomer.

-Avoid thin walls.

-The Boomer Bile doesn't overlap, so don't bother trying to explode on a
Survivor after vomiting on him/her!

-The Boomer can also change the direction he's vomiting to cover more


-Act fast when controlling the Tank! Dawdle too long and someone else will take

-When someone else controls the Tank, make an attempt to use the Tank as a
distraction for a sneak attack (or try to help out the Tank in any way

-If the Survivors are far away, chuck a rock at them (the Tank can look around
and aim at a different area while throwing, but cannot actually move).

-Avoid the open, and avoid fire!

-Feel free to toss cars.

-There are some walls in some levels that can be destroyed. The Tank can get a
good clean ambush this way!

-When a Survivor is incapacitated, move onto the next Survivor and let a Hunter
or a Boomer finish him/her off.

-Try knocking a Survivor off a cliff.

-Avoid targeting Survivors that are helpless.

-Almost always go for Survivors covered in Boomer Bile.

4.06 >Supply & Demand<
In a zombie-infested world, the Survivors must make good use of every peice of
supply they encounter.

-Upon seeing any items, pick them up. Keep track of how many Grenades, Health
Kits, and Pills every Survivor has in hand.

-Does someone need Pills, and are there any extra Pills lying about? Feel free
to give some Pills to the needy, and then take the spare Pills on the ground.

-Does everyone have Pills, but there are still extra cases of Pills? Use them
and take an extra pack.

-See an extra Health Kit? Use it on the most injured Survivor (even if the
Survivor isn't too badly hurt), or save it in case of a bigger emergency.

-Take a look at the spare item and use the "Look!" voice command in order to
tell the others that there's an item here. This also applies to Ammo, Weapons,
and people.

-Upon receiving Pills from another Survivor, it's not always mandatory to
consume them right away (in fact, it's quite rude if the Survivor doesn't
really need to do it at all).

4.07 >Environmental Tips<
The world of zombies is a hostile place. However, there are some parts of the
world that the Survivors can use to their advantage.

-Close any Doors upon passing through or by them. This will slow down any
Infected trying to pursue the Survivors.

-Shoot through Doors to create a hole in them, allowing the Survivors to open
fire on the Infected (don't damage the Door too much though, it can break).

-Corners are effective places to hide during a Panic or Crescendo Event.

-During Panic or Crescendo Events, Survivors can use choke points to gain the
advantage against Infected. Choke points include narrow hallways, rooms with a
single entrance, or high areas with only one place to get to there. Beware of

-ALWAYS stay away from Alarm Cars and edges.

-Try to reload before or after climbing a ladder.

-When going through a part in the campaign where the Survivors cannot go back
to (like a hole), make sure everyone passes through safely. Don't go through
such a passage alone either.

4.08 >Survival Tips<
In Survival mode, the rules change quite drastically. Even though the Survivors
WILL get killed by the massing Infected, it is still important to live as long
as possible.

-Take plenty of time to decide where to stay and plant traps (Gas Cans, Propane
Tanks, etc).

-Shotguns and Hunting Rifles are usually the better Weapons, due to their
higher carrying capacities (unless the area to stand has an Ammo Cache).

-If there is an Ammo Cache nearby, use Assault Rifles.

-Use Pistols against Common Infected, and use Primary Weapons versus Special
Infected and Tanks.

-Fire is a precious asset against Tanks.

-If a Tank is absent, staying in one place is an effective tactic.

-When a Tank arrives, try to displace and scramble! Auto Shotguns work wonders
against Tanks. Tanks have less health in Survival Mode, but that doesn't make
them a lesser threat!

-Hunting Rifles also can deal loads of damage against Tanks from a distance.

-Most of the time, stay together. When a Tank comes, displace!

-Smokers and Hunters are top priority targets aside from Tanks.

-A crazier idea is to gather all the Explosive Cans and store them where the
Survivors plan to hold out. Throw a Gas Can whenever a Tank comes by. Be sure
not to blow up the Cans in the crossfire!

4.09 >Achievement Tips<
Some people are willing to put their lives on the line to get every single
Achievement in the game (well, maybe not like that).

Campaign (Instant)
These can be obtained in any Campaign (except the Crash Course specific ones),
and in any game mode.

101 Cremations:
If a Horde is on its way through a choke point, it's the perfect place to throw
a Molotov!

Back 2 Help:
If someone unlucky happens to be Incapacitated near the Safe Room, enter it,
then leave and bring the Survivor back to their feet.

Blind Luck:
If vomited on, be sure to retreat into a Closet for maximum success.

Brain Salad:
Just aim for the damn head.

Burn the Witch:
Throw a Molotov at a Witch. This will slow her down. Try to prepare for her

Clean Kill:
Shoves don't damage Boomers too much. He can be shoved until he's far away from
the Survivors.

Grab an Auto Shotgun and approach the Witch carefully from behind. When close
enough, start shooting at once!

Dead Giveaway:
If there is a spare Health Kit lying around whilist at low Health, ask the
Survivors to wait and heal one of them. Then take the extra Health Kit and use
it to replenish the staggering Health.

Dead Stop:
Try to anticipate when the Hunter will reach its target. Or just keep swinging

Drag and Drop:
Kill the Smoker or Shove the Survivor quickly.

Field Medic:
Make sure every single spare Health Kit is used!

Ground Cover:
Try shooting a Hunter attacking another Survivor when down.

Helping Hand:
Simply have a caring heart and help Survivors back on their feet.

Hero Closet:
Rescue anyone trapped in Closets. They will have an orange outline.

Hunter Punter:
Just smack a Hunter and then fill him up with lead!

Jump Shot:
A Hunting Rifle can be used to shoot a Hunter in mid-air.

Man VS Tank:
A single Molotov can burn a Tank to death. If a Horde is coming while a Tank is
raging, focus on the Horde and get away from the Tank (I got this in the Mercy

My Bodyguard:
Have a heart and kill off Infected attacking Survivors.

No One Left Behind:
Make sure nobody gets themselves heavily damaged during a finale.

No Smoking Section:
Everyone hates Smokers! This should be an easy task.

Note that the Survivor must also use the Pills in order to progress through
this Achievement.

Use a Pipe Bomb during a Crescendo or Panic Event. Done.

Quick Power:
A Pipe Bomb can lure the Infected away, turning the tables immensely.

Red Mist:
Wherever there is a Minigun, use it.

Spinal Tap:
Sneak up and kill a sitting Infected.

If everybody has a Hunting Rifle or Assault Rifle, they can pour it onto the
Tank from a distance without getting hurt (dodge any Rocks!).

Tank Stumble:
Propane Tanks are the way to go here. Pipe Bombs also work.

The Littlest Genocide:
Play Crash Course over and over and over.

Tongue Twister:
Act fast. Face a Smoker, let his tongue loose, and then shoot him immediately.

Towering Inferno:
Get into the habit of lighting Tanks on fire!

Witch Hunter:
Cr0wning also works. Just don't let anybody get hurt by the Witch.

Zombie Genocidist:
Just play Left 4 Dead over and over and over.

Campaign (Campaign Completion)
These can only be obtained in official Campaigns. Try to do them on Crash
Course unless specified otherwise.

Mercy Killer, Crash-Proof, Toll Collector, Dead Baron, Grim Reaper:
Just complete the Campaigns on any difficulty. Be sure to survive and play
through the entire Campaign for maximum success.

Akimbo Assassin:
Do not use Primary Weapons or Miniguns. Grenades are OK.

Do Not Disturb:
It's best not to try Cr0wning every single Witch either. However, Cr0wning can
kill a Witch without "startling" her.

Nothing Special:
This is a hard one! Avoid Special Infected at all costs! And try to be careful
around Boss Infected!

Safety First:
Do this in Single-Player, and use the Hunting Rifle. Bots don't do friendly

Stand Tall:
Try not to get hurt. That is all.

Stomach Upset:
Do not get covered in Boomer Bile. Try not to play with trigger-happy allies.

Best done on Easy. Use Pills to restore Health whenever needed, and avoid
playing with Bots.

This one's glitched.

What are you trying to prove?:
Conquer all the long Campaigns on Expert! Salute those who got this

Zombicidal Maniac:
Conquer a Campaign on Expert!

These can only be obtained on Versus mode.

20 Car Pile-Up:
Whenever playing as the Tank, find a Car at once. Dumpsters also count.

All 4 Dead:
Survivors can be instantly Incapacitated from Cars. All the Survivors only need
to be Incapacitated in order for this to count. Make sure nobody else
Incapacitates the other Survivors.

Barf Bagged:
If the Survivors are corner-camping, now is the best time to strike!

Big Drag:
This is a hard one. Try to spawn far away from the Survivors, and spawn high on
rooftops. The distance counted towards this Achievement also include falls.

Chain Smoker:
If somebody escaped from the Smoker, retreat, and try to pull one of the
Survivors again. It doesn't have to be the same Survivor.

Dead Wreckening:
Just keep playing Versus over and over and over.

Double Jump:
When Shoved as a Hunter, leap to retreat, then attack the Survivors again.

Jumpin' Jack Smash:
Not easy. Stick to the rooftops. Jump at a 45 degree angle at the Survivors,
and try to land on them on the first pounce!

Lamb 2 Slaughter:
If someone decided to rush, teach them a lesson if they ever get out of the
Safe Room!

Simply get puked on by Boomers.

Slippery Pull:
See any Bile-covered Survivors? Pull them.

Smash Hit:
"Simply" win a Versus game of Crash Course. Try to play on Local Servers for
maximum success.

Truck Stop:
Wait outside the back of the Truck. A Tank can easily kill off the Survivors.

Work together to synchronize Incapacitation. Hunters and Smokers work well. A
Tank can instantly Incapacitate Survivors by throwing large objects.

These can obtained in Survival Mode. Keep in mind that in order to obtain
Medals, be sure to wait until the round is reset after the Survivors have lost.

Bronze Mettle, Silver Bullets, Violence is Golden:
Just keep playing until these Medals are achieved.

Distinguished Survivor:
Keep going around every map, obtaining at least a Bronze Medal.

Heroic Survivor:
Work with a decent team in order to obtain a Silver Medal on each stage.

Legendary Surivvor:
Work with the best Survivors! Have only the best game plan!

Last Stand:
Simply get a Medal on the Last Stand.

4.10 >Custom Campaigns & Maps<
Although these aren't tips, there are many Campaigns made by fans of Left 4
Dead (I thought it would fit better near the end of this guide rather than the
beginning). Many of these campaigns can be downloaded off of,
or they can be downloaded through the link provided by the game upon attempting
to enter a game using a custom campaign. This is a (partial) list of "Complete"

Death Aboard
Aye, mateys! This campaign mostly be taking place in an abandoned barge, along
with a jail cell and a city next to the big sea! The only way out of this beach
is through a hot-air balloon! 5 levels long.

Coal'd Blood
Feeling a bit down? The Survivors should be, as they trek down an abandoned
mine with loads of Infected on the way! They must get to a bunker on the other
side of the mines and summon a helicopter to get out. 4 levels long.

Blood Orange
The world being nothing but orange and grey textures, the Survivors must get
through this simplistic world and head to the safety tower. How much orange can
they take? 5 levels long.

Vienna Calling
Willkommen to Austria! Or, at least, what's left of it after the Infection. It
seems that it's not limited to North America! The Survivors must battle their
way through this enormous city to a factory district for extraction! 5 [large]
levels long.

Night Terror
Truly spooky! This campaign contains numerous references to other works, such
as the haunted house from Disney World, plus a trip through the Mines of Moria!
The book in the tomb may require more time to read than one may think, and the
Tanks in that area are best avoided! 5 [tough] levels long.

5.0 >And the Rest!<
All of this will cover up the rest of the guide.

5.1 >F.A.Q<

Q: Where else can I get Left 4 Dead tips?
A: Left 4 Dead Wiki is an excellent place to get information.

Q: How do I get the Crash Course campaign?
A: The PC version receives the Crash Course campaign automatically (due to
Steam), but Xbox users must pay a small price for this add-on.

Q: How do I download custom Campaigns for the Xbox version?
A: Custom Campaigns are only for the PC version. Consider getting the PC
version next time!

Q: What's your Steam account name?
A: [email protected] My Steam nickname is Newman (RM). Extra points for
finding out what the RM stands for. By the way, the account name is NOT my
email address!

Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do?
A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select
and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click,
and paste (or press control V). Print away!

Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it!
A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at boocatcher5(@)hotmail(.)com (omit the

Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below.

5.2 >Email Guide<

Here are some ground rules for sending me e-mails.

1. Spell correctly with good grammar.

2. Donít ask something thatís already inside this guide.

3. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy
from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help.

4. Donít forget about the subject (Left 4 Dead)! Then I will know what the
topic is about.

5. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever.

6. If there's an error or a vital note for the guide missing, please inform me
of it immediatley.

7. If you're going to criticize my guide, please leave some constructive

8. Don't forget to leave your nickname so that I can put it on the credits!

Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide.

1. Strategies on incomplete stuff.

2. Additional FAQs.

3. Notable glitches.

4. Other stuff to make this guide interesting.

Here's a list of things not to send me (I will block whoever sends me the
-Death Threats
-Invitations to Facebook, Myspace, any kind of blogging websites (because I
never use them)

5.3 >Website List<
This is a list of the Websites that this guide is available to:

-Cheat Happens.
-Super Cheats.

5.4 >Credits<

-Me, the Author.
-Left 4 Dead Wiki for giving me vital information on the game.
-Glass Giant for the ASCII art program.
-Valve for the game itself.
-GameFAQs for uploading this guide.

5.5 >Legal Disclaimer<

Copyright 2010 Brett Sim

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without permission before so. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
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