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Follow the dark path or use the light
KKND Pack Shot




by Skasian

 #####     #####  #####     #####  #####      #####  ##########
 #@@@#     #@@@#  #@@@#     #@@@#  #@@@@#     #@@@#  #@@@@@@@@@###
 #@@@#    #@@@#   #@@@#    #@@@#   #@@@@@#    #@@@#  #@@@@@@@@@@@@###
 #@@@#   #@@@#    #@@@#   #@@@#    #@@@@@@#   #@@@#  #@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@##
 #@@@#  #@@@#     #@@@#  #@@@#     #@@@#@@@#  #@@@#  #@@@@#######@@@@@@#
 #@@@# #@@@#      #@@@# #@@@#      #@@@##@@@# #@@@#  #@@@@#      #@@@@@@#
 #@@@##@@@#       #@@@##@@@#       #@@@# #@@@##@@@#  #@@@@#       #@@@@@#
 #@@@@@@@#        #@@@@@@@#        #@@@#  #@@@#@@@#  #@@@@#       #@@@@@#
 #@@@@@@@#        #@@@@@@@#        #@@@#   #@@@@@@#  #@@@@#       #@@@@@#
 #@@@##@@@#       #@@@##@@@#       #@@@#    #@@@@@#  #@@@@#       #@@@@@#
 #@@@# #@@@#      #@@@# #@@@#      #@@@#     #@@@@#  #@@@@#      #@@@@@@#
 #@@@#  #@@@#     #@@@#  #@@@#     #####      #####  #@@@@#######@@@@@@#
 #@@@#   #@@@#    #@@@#   #@@@#                      #@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@##
 #@@@#    #@@@#   #@@@#    #@@@#                     #@@@@@@@@@@@@###
 #@@@#     #@@@#  #@@@#     #@@@#                    #@@@@@@@@@###
 #####     #####  #####     #####                    ##########

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Game: KKND ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Author: Shaun Chen ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Alias: Skasian ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Platform: PC (DOS) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Genre: Real-Time Strategy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Email: [email protected] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FAQ Version: 1.10 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Last Update: 08/01/08 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ Copyright 2007 Shaun Chen ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

                  %                               %
##################%       Table Of Contents       %####################
                  %                               %

1. Legal Stuff
2. Version History
3. Author's Welcome
          3.1 - Acknowledgements
4. System Requirements
5. Game Overview
          5.1 - Basic Controls
          5.2 - Glossary
6. SURVIVORS Walkthrough (Missions)
          6.1 - THE NEXT GENERATION
          6.2 - BUILD AN OUTPOST
          6.4 - RESCUE THE SCOUT
          6.5 - TOLL GATE
          6.7 - PROTECT THE CONVOY
          6.8 - BACK TO THE BEACH
          6.9 - RESCUE THE COMMANDER
          6.10 - OCCUPATION FORCE
          6.11 - GIVE ME LIBERTY
          6.12 - SURGICAL STRIKE
          6.13 - HOLD THE BRIDGE
          6.14 - THE ROUT/RETREAT
          6.15 - BESIEGED
7. EVOLVED Walkthrough (Missions)
          7.1 - RETURN OF THE SLUGS
          7.2 - REPEL THEM!
          7.3 - BUBBLIN' CRUDE
          7.4 - RAID THE FORT
          7.5 - AMBUSH
          7.6 - SIEGE
          7.8 - SMASH THE CONVOY
          7.9 - FIGHT FOR TERRITORY
          7.10 - CLOSE ENCOUNTERS
          7.11 - IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD
          7.12 - THE BIG ATTACK
          7.13 - BATTLE FOR THE ISLANDS
          7.14 - THE FINAL ASSAULT
          7.15 - COUNTER-ATTACK
8. Advanced Gameplay
          8.1 - Unit Veterancy
          8.2 - Building Infiltration
          8.3 - Tips and Tricks
9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
10. Installing KKND on New OS's
          10.1 - With CD
          10.2 - With Image File
          10.3 - Running KKND
11. Understanding the AI
          11.1 - Oil Tankers
          11.2 - Unit/Army Production
          11.3 - Unit Micromanagement
12. Conclusion

                  %                               %
##################%        1. Legal Stuff         %####################
                  %                               %

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyrighted 2007
by Shaun Chen.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Only the sites 
listed below have permission to publish this work or to display it:

If you wish to use all or part of this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.
If you wish to use info from this guide, please acknowledge that you have done
so in the appropriate manner. The latest version of this guide can always be 
found at

Should you see this guide appear on any other sites other then those listed
above, please notify me by email. If you have questions about this guide or
wish to provide input, then I am happy to listen, just email me with "KKND
FAQ" as the title and leave a name so I can credit your contribution.
Constructive criticism is also welcome.

                  %                               %
##################%      2. Version History       %####################
                  %                               %

Version 1.00       (29th December 2007)
        - The Guide is born. It covers all basic formatting and layout 
          requirements as well as a complete walkthrough for the Survivors
          and Evolved campaigns. Covers many other little things as well.

Version 1.10       (8th January 2008)
        - Added 2 more sites to display the guide on.
        - Added 2 more sections to the 'Tips and Tricks'
        - Added 1 tip to mission 6.9
        - Added 1 Acknowledgement

                  %                               %
##################%      3. Author's Welcome      %####################
                  %                               %

Welcome to my KKND guide. I am a full-time university student as of now and
apart from my real name I am more commonly known online as 'Skasian'.

I first encountered KKND when I was 7 or 8 years old. My parents bought it for
me at that age and also played the game. It was my first RTS game I've played
and I read the entire instruction manual when I was 8 years old (not saying
I understood it all but hey...). KKND has been one of my family's
Favourite/Classic games of all time and it was what sparked my to write this
guide. Both my parents have completed both the single-player campaigns and I
have completed both at least 7 or 8 times each now. I really like KKND
due to its simplicity and straight-forwardness in which the game was designed.
Considering it was made such a long time ago, I'd give it an 8/10 as an
overall score for the game. I believe that I am fit to write this guide
due to my experience and love of this game, and this is how the guide started.

5.1 Acknowledgements

Here is a list of people and organizations that I would like to thank:
 - My Parents, for teaching me how to play this game and buying it for me
 - My Sister, for putting up with me hogging the computer a lot of the time
 - My Auntie, for lending me her internet connection several times to check
 - GameFAQs, for hosting this guide
 -, for an electronic version of the game manual when
   I lost mine
 - for the emulator to play the game on my Windows XP
 - Credit is given to my mum for the [OIL DERRICK] trick

                  %                               %
##################%    4. System Requirements     %####################
                  %                               %

[Minimum Requirements]
 - MS-DOS 5.0 or higher*
 - Pentium 90 MHz or faster processor
 - 28MB disk space (+ 1 or 2 MB for save files)
 - 16MB RAM
 - 1MB VESA compatible PCI video card
 - 4X-Speed CD-ROM
 - Keyboard and Mouse

*Note: Systems running higher then Windows 98 will not be able to directly
install the game, although it is still possible with third party software.

[Recommended Requirements]
 - Pentium 120 MHz or faster processor
 - Sound Blaster or better sound card

[DOSbox Requirements]
 - Check DOSbox homepage for more information

                  %                               %
##################%       5. Game Overview        %####################
                  %                               %

KKND (Krush Kill 'n' Destroy) is a PC real-time strategy game produced 
developed by Beam Software, Melbourne House and Electronic Arts in 1997.
The game is based on 2 races (Survivors/Evolved) which have survived the
holocaust of a nuclear war.

The story goes that there was a massive nuclear war in 2079 which wiped out
the majority of Earth's population. Those that stayed on the surface evolved
into mutant-like creatures while others sought refuge underground to avoid
the nuclear fallout and remained in human form. In 2141, the underground
'Survivors' decided to resurface and reclaim the land that they once owned.
The mutant 'Evolved' had already populated the surface and had no intent
on returning the land to human hands. And so, another war breaks out...the decide!

The game features a standard 1 resource system (oil) and has a basic load
up on resource at one point, then unload at another point method of gaining
income. Units are produced by purchasing them overtime while high tier units
can be accessed via upgrading your technology level. Buildings are built
overtime and slowly appear on the map. The game is considered to be a
simple yet 'fast-paced' game, similar to Starcraft where units die quickly.

View of the map is fixed from an slightly angled sky perspective. While
movement/units/buildings around the map are based off square blocks and no
overlapping is allowed. The map has the black 'Fog of War' like most other
games but does not have reappearing 'Shroud'. It features a pretty cool
sound track and sound effects aren't too bad either.

 ~Left Click~
       - Selects a Unit or Group of Units
                  (Once Selected) Issues a move command over passable terrain
                  (Once Selected) Issues an attack command on a unit
                  (Once Selected) Displays Status Bar (Hitpoints/Veterancy)
       - Increases the production of a unit by 1
       - (When Building) Places a building

 ~Right Click~
       - Deselects all selected Units and Structures as well as canceling the
         ? command
       - (Hold anywhere on Map) Fast Scrolls around the map
       - (On Unit production button) Decreases the production of a unit by 1

       - Brings up the In game Menu
       - (Hold) Allows you to issue an attack command on your own units and
 ~CTRL + [1] to [9]~
       - Creates a Control Group with the specific number
 ~[1] to [9]~
       - Selects a Control Group assigned to that specific number

(To avoid confusion between the same things but different words)

Survivors = Humans = Symmetrics = Slugs
Evolved = Mutants = Freaks = Freakers
HP = Health = Hitpoints
Cash = Money = (Oil) Resource = Income
AI = Enemy = Computer = Opponent

Derrick/Rig/Oil Rig - 
             These all refer to the same unit, the one that deploys over a 
             patch of oil.
Oil Deposit/Oil Patch/Fuel/Crude Oil/Oil Site -
             The bubbling black substance that you see on the map as a black
             blob, used for resources.
Oil Tanker/Tanker/Truck/Transport -
             The vehicle that transports the oil to the Power Station.
Power Plant/Power Station -
             Same building, the one that the tankers off-load the oil to.
Infinite-Queue/Spam -
             Queue up more then 10 units of one sort so that the production
             number turns into an infinity symbol. The creates a constant
             production of that unit as your resources allow.
Droid/Mech/Technical/Sentinel -
             The various powerful robots that are released from the white
             bunkers when you approach them.
Tech/Teching/Leveling Up/Researching -
             This refers to the action of researching via the Research Lab
             (Survivors) or the Alchemy Hall (Evolved). This increases the
             'Technology Level (Tech)' of the building the action is
             performed on. If no building is stated, it is meant that you
             perform this action on all available buildings where order
             doesn't matter.
Dak'en Holme -
             You will hear this name a lot, and in case you didn't know, this
             is YOUR NAME when you are playing in the Evolved campaign.

                  %                               %
##################%     6. S U R V I V O R S      %####################
                  %                               %

Difficulty: Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units

-The key to winning this map is to make sure all your units engage the 
enemy at the same. Make sure your vehicles don't run ahead and engage
before your infantry.

You start off with a small task force in the bottom right of the map. Group 
your infantry to '1' and vehicles to '2' to make your task easier. Move your
infantry to the front and wait a bit and you will be attacked by a few mutants.
Make sure you get your vehicles to engage as soon as your men start shooting.
After you deal with that wave, head up the ramp and across to the right, past
the petrol station and kill the enemies there. Head over directly to the left 
of the map and kill the 2 Berserkers standing there. About this time a squad of
about 5 men will head towards your position from your starting location, kill
them and then proceed down the ramp towards the top 'valley' area of the map.
Right down the ramp is a few men, kill them and head towards the right to
find a Dire Wolf. After they are dead, head across to the left and take out 
the remaining mutants to win.

Difficulty: Easy
Victory Conditions: Collect 5000 Resources
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-There is a fixed amount of enemies on the map and none will spawn off
the map. Therefore you can alternatively take out all the enemies on the
map and just sit back and relax and wait for victory.

Select all your units (including your Derrick) and move them south through 
the tunnel. It make be advisable to send your infantry through first to 
avoid a traffic jam. Past the tunnel are a few Berserkers, take them out, then
plant your Oil Rig on the patch of oil in the center. Split your troops evenly
to guard the left entrance and the bottom entrance, then proceed to build 2
Power Stations south of your Outpost. The first attack will be from the left.
Sit around and defend your position until you reach 5000 resources to win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

Tips: There is a fixed amount of enemies on the map. Instead of waiting for
them to attack you; you can venture out and kill them all off for a faster
victory. Infantry are also more cost effective on this map, don't bother

Select all your units and move to defend the oil rig from the left entrance
where you were defending last level. Build a 2nd Power Station as 
close to the tunnel entrance as possible. When that is done building, start
training SWAT men (put the queue on infinite). The first attack arrives on
the left and alternates. Start sending your infantry to the front lines as 
they are produced. An important thing to note here is that your oil tankers 
and power stations have a high threat value and will likely be the first 
targets. Use this to your advantage; let your Oil Tankers tank the damage 
and if the infantry seems overwhelming or gets too close to your tankers 
then squish them! Use your men to kill off the enemies as they try to kill 
your tankers, then sit back and defend until all the enemies die in their 
attacks or build up an attack force your comfortable with and venture out 
and kill all the enemies to the top left and bottom left of the map to win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Bring the 'Scout' back to your starting position 
(marked with an X)
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units, 'Scout' Dies

-Use your ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) to squash infantry, it's much 
-Same as the first level, try to engage with vehicles and infantry
at the same time.

Move your men south to find a Dire Wolf and a few men, squash as necessary.
Move along the ridge and head right and dispose of any enemies you 
encounter. A few enemies will spawn from your starting location a few 
minutes into the level and attack you from the rear so watch out for them. 
Once you hit the right edge of the map, work your way up along the side 
until you find a bridge. Send a Dirt Bike across the bridge and to the top 
left of the map to find the missing scout. Send him on his way to the 
big X where you started the map. Don't forget to protect him on his way 
back, watch the attacks from the left. Once he reaches the area marked 
by the X, you win.

Difficulty: Hard
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Try to position your buildings so you don't block the right-side
access to the oil patch. 
-Make sure you squish the Sappers (grenadiers) as they will decimate your
-The units moving along the 'highway' will not stop at anything, so careful
they don't squash your infantry.

Cross the river to the south of your starting position. Set up your Outpost
just past the river, north of the trees. Send your flamers along with 2 ATVs
and your 4x4 Pickups to guard the northern entrance (where the ramp is).
Send the rest of your units to guard the southern approach (above the LARGE
clump of trees south of your base). Place your Derrick on the oil patch left
of your base and build a Power Station beside it. Then build a Machine Shop
to the right of your Outpost followed by another Power Station to the left
of your placed Oil Rig. After your Machine Shop is built, queue up a Derrick
and place another Power Station to the left of the previous one and send the
Derrick to the far left oil patch. Infinite-queue up ATVs and Riflemen and
when you have spare cash, start investing in a Power Station to the right
of your Machine Shop. Once the Power Station is built, send the tanker to
the leftmost rig so you should have 2 tankers per oil rig. Reinforce your
defenses on both side periodically while massing an attacking army. Once
have a decent size army defending your top entrance, move them up along the
ridges to the spawn area which is slightly towards the right up 2 ramps.
Once you have enough units, move your army right of your base and work your
way down until you hit the 'highway'. From there head right and destroy the
supply base. Don't forget to monitor your defenses to make sure they haven't
completely fallen. After you've destroyed the supply base to the east,
move your force as well as any troops defending the southern approach to
attack the main base to the west. Makes sure you leave some units in the
destroyed supply base as the AI might try and rebuild it. Work your way in,
and watch out as the AI will try to rebuild its defensive structures and
buildings so take them out before they are rebuilt. After you raze the 
base, victory is yours.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Victory Conditions: Destroy the Mutant Base and Return to the starting
area marked by a X
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units

-You do not need to destroy all enemy units on the map, therefore
avoid what you can. Don't bother engaging the units in the other lanes.
-There is no time limit so take your time.
-The returning opposing army will only appear after you have destroyed
all the buildings in the base. Therefore when you only have 1 building left,
start moving all your slow moving units (infantry) towards your starting
location to ensure a faster victory and your units won't be caught by the
returning army.
-The Victory Condition is not triggered until ALL of your surviving troops
return to the X region. This is another reason to get a head start in moving
your infantry back early so you don't have a long wait for the walk home.

This is a fairly easy and straight forward mission. Take your entire army up
the left lane and work your way through the stationary troops and defenses.
Once you reach the base, take out the turrets while squashing the troops in
the area. Then it's a matter of killing the buildings in the area and when
you're done, head back to the starting area where the X is marked to win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: At least 4 'Convoy Tankers' make it to the allied base
Failure Conditions: More then 2 'Convoy Tankers' are destroyed

-Use the 'Technical' found in the bunker located 2/3's of the way along the
road to the south up on the ridge. It makes the level a lot easier.
-It is crucial to squash infantry in this level as you will be outnumbered
at some points.
-Be careful with your use of RPG's as they are in-discriminatory and will
damage your vehicles. (I used them to defend the rear)

Move forwards and clear the troops in your immediate path to the left. Then
send your 3 Dirt Bikes along the road (don't stop to engage anything) until
you see an oil patch. Head down from here and up a ramp, past all the
enemies stationed there and head left until you see a bunker. Release the
technical there and wreak havoc on any visible enemies in the region. With
your army that is defending the convoy, make sure you move slightly ahead
clear the road ahead. Check the little coves north and south along the road
for enemies and clear them out and move along towards the west. After your
main army reaches the oil patch mentioned before; there is a 'village' north
and about 30-40 berserkers and Shotgunners stationed there. Use your
ATVs/Flame ATVs and squash all the troops (click behind them). Just before
your convoy reaches the oil patch, enemy units will spawn at your starting
location and attack you from the rear. Use what units you have left to guard
the rear, while your Technical clears the road ahead. Once the road ahead is
clear, send the technical to help the rear, then when ALL surviving tankers
reach the end and exit the map, you win.

Difficulty: Easy
Victory Conditions: Destroy All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Fire is your friend. Spam fire based units and you will win.
-Repair Bay is too slow to be effective. Don't bother building it.

This is a basic skirmish sort of map. Your army is split into 2 for you
already, so send the right group north to clear out the oil patch and to
defend the top entrance (stay out of the Grapeshot Cannon's range). Place
the rest of your starting troops to the left of your base to defend the
assaults from that direction. Send your derrick north and setup at
the first oil patch. Build a Research Lab followed by a Machine Shop and
extend north; then place 2 Power Stations on either side of the oil rig.
Queue up a Derrick and extend north with 2 more Power Stations and setup
your 2nd Derrick north (will just be out of range of the Grapeshot Cannon).
Research your Machine Shop and Outpost to the next tier and then
infinite-queue ATV Flamethrowers and Flamers. Reinforce both sides and then
when you have about 10 Flame ATV's and 20 Flamers, push through the top
defenses and take out the outer enemy rig. Then send a two pronged attack
from both sides at the main enemy base. You should overwhelm them with your
fiery might, then victory shall be yours as their base burns to the ground.

Difficulty: Easy - Normal
Victory Conditions: Destroy All Enemy Units and Structures and Free the
captured Commander
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures or Lose the Commander

-Stay away from the 3 Grapeshot Cannons on the north side of the enemy base.
-May be common sense but kill the units coming out of the buildings before
attacking the buildings.
-There are no off-map spawns, so hide your rescued Commander in a safe
corner somewhere will be fine; no real need to defend him provided you have
the enemy base under control.
-Yes, it's possible to finish 90% of this level with just the Sentinel Droid 
although its much faster if you help with other units.
-Make sure you use the sabouteurs to take out buildings as they give you
early income.
-An easy way to stop your enemy's tankers from dumping their load is to park
your ATV or any vehicle in front of the ARROW where they usual attach to the
Power Station. In this level, this completely halts their production.
-Don't destroy the enemy derrick across the bridge. Your Oil Tankers can
actually refuel at the enemy derrick! (Save $1000)

Send your 4x4 to the left to pick up the Sentinel Droid. Then move all your
forces to the right and locate your base. To the right of your base is a
bunker with 1000 resource credits in it, make sure to get it. South of your 
base is a Grapeshot Cannon, spread all you non-sabouteur units around it 
then engage at all at once. Move across the bridge to find an enemy Oil 
Rig and Power Station but be wary as the AI might or might not decide to send
a sapper behind you to take out your sabouteurs. Use your sabouteurs to take 
out any buildings you find. When you reach the main base you can use your 
Droid to kill the turret as the Droid out-ranges it provided you don't just 
click to attack. Click to attack then click on an area that is outside the 
turrets range but still in range for your droid to fire back, this ensures 
your droid doesn't take unnecessary damage. Move your way in and destroy 
the buildings you see. Leave the 3 defenses to the north last. Once you've 
used your sabouteurs and gained some cash, build a Machine Shop and 2 Power 
Stations south of your base and then train 1 Derrick to occupy the lower 
oil patch past the bridge. When your income starts rolling in, pump out as
many ATV's as you can which you will be using as cannon fodder. After you've
destroyed all the buildings and freed the imprisoned Commander, send him 
somewhere safe in the corner of the map. Once you have 10+ ATV's send them
in from the north as a distraction for the 3 Graphshot Cannons while your
Droid pounds them to the ground from the south. When they fall, you win.

Difficulty: Hard
Victory Conditions: Destroy All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Repair Bay isn't worth your efforts.
-Fire is your friend. Use them!
-The trick is to keep up the pressure, keep reinforcing your attack armies.

Again another straightforward skirmish map. Move your army east and take out
anything you encounter on the way until you reach a river. Around the river
area are 3 oil patches which you will be utilizing. Setup your Outpost just
south of the river bend, followed by a Machine Shop, Power Station to the
north and another Power Station to the east across the river. Split your
troops in half and place half of them west of your Outpost to defend that
frontier and send the other portion to the right edge of the map, up the ramp
and head north until you reach a bridge - hold that bridge. Queue up 2
Derricks which you will place to the north and across the river. Get some
early SWATs and ATVs to help defend both sides and start investing in a
Research Lab and Power Station to the right across the river to extend to the
3rd oil deposit - plant the 3rd Derrick when you have the money. Start
teching up until you can't anymore, then infinite-queue up Flame ATV's and
Flamers which will reinforce the defenses on both sides. Build more tankers
so you have 2 on each oil rig. Once you have a sizeable attack force of
about 10 Flame-ATV's and 20 Flamers (Make sure you have units still defending
the bridge), head north to the right and make your way to the enemy's outer
oil rig. Attack from there into the opponent's base. Once your in, send your
other army defending the western frontier to attack from the other side to
make a 2 pronged attack. Send more men to backup both attacks as necessary.
Once you destroyed the base, you win.

Difficulty: Hard - Very Hard
Victory Conditions: Destroy All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Unless you take the approach that I suggest, this level will be
overwhelmingly hard, so I suggest you pay attention.
-If you have too much difficulty attacking the enemy, then sit back and make
use of all the fuel points on your side of the map. You will outlast the AI
in terms of oil deposits running out. In other words if you survive long
enough the AI will run out of money while you will still have income, in
this case winning is rather easy.
-Make sure you get the Plasma Tank before the AI gets a hold of it.
-(Most Importantly)! Micromanage your Plasma Tank and KEEP IT ALIVE, this is
crucial for defending your base during the early stages of the game.
-For the oil points near your base, limit the tankers to 2 each, and for the
further ones limit them to 4 per point. Over-crowded points will cause
congestion and lead to a complete stall in your economy.
-The AI will only attack you once it has trained its complete set of unit.
(E.g. all its available units from the lowest to higher tier). So time
your assault in between the waves.
-The AI will only attack you from one direction (area) if you follow my
build, so focus on defending that one area and keep a watch on it to make 
sure your units are still alive there.
-If you use Barrage Crafts, be VERY CAREFUL about friendly fire. Fast enemy
units can rush into your defensive line and cause your entire defenses to
kill each other if you're not careful! (Yes, I have lost about 15 Crafts
before due to 2 Dire Wolves running in between them).

Immediately send all your units and your Mobile Outpost north. Follow the
road on the left of the map and you will run into the early enemy attack
force. Send your 4 Dirt Bikes ahead to find a bunker and release the Plasma
Tank stationed inside it. Use what you have to take out the enemy attack
force, and then make your way to the right of where you came into contact with
the enemy and you will find a lone oil rig, destroy it. Gather all your
troops and head to the left of the map where the bunker was. You will see
a T-Junction north-west of the bunker which is also marked by a 'Stop' sign.
Park all your troops in between the 2 buildings south of the stop sign and
keep your Plasma Tank in between the buildings to the right, north of the
bunker on the road. Setup your Outpost in between all the craters south of
the bunker, and follow it up with a Machine Shop to the left and extend
with 2 Power Stations, one at each oil deposit on the left side of the map.
Queue up 2 Derricks and place them on the left side of the map when they
are ready. Keep around 8-10 units to use as cannon fodder for your defensive
line. Once you have the money, build a Research Lab and extend a Power
Station towards the right oil patch and then extend downwards with another
Power Station for access to the bottom 3 oil patches. As you progress you
will be building Derricks and Tankers to occupy the oil patches to the
south. Then as money allows start teching up your Machine Shop, but don't
forget to keep units as cannon fodder.

The aim here is to have your defenses hold while you set up a strong
economy. An important part of this is to have your Plasma Tank deal most of
the damage you will be requiring while not taking any damage. To do this,
firstly when you see the enemy heading towards your defensive line, engage
with anything other then the Plasma Tank. This will focus enemy fire on that
unit. At this time send the Plasma Tank in from the flank to attack the
enemy but be sure to move it around so it doesn't get too close and gets
attacked. Continue to build units to use to sacrifice in this manner for
your defense, I'd suggest using units that can take a fair amount of
punishment and can move around at a decent speed. Preferably the Flame ATV
as it deals out high damage/can squish infantry/fast/durable for its price.
Remember that the Beetle/Missile Crab both have a slow attack that flies
through the air. If you see it coming for a unit, move it around to avoid
unnecessary damage. After you reach Barrage Crafts, set up a line of them
near the stop sign, about 10 of them should be enough to hold off the enemy.
But beware of friendly fire!

At this point you may consider building a second Machine Shop anywhere not
crowded. You should have a very strong economy and you might notice you are
floating a lot of spare cash. Use your first shop to bolster your defensive
line while using your second to mass produce Flame ATVs. Once you have
around 25-30 Flame ATVs, send them up the right side of the map and huge
the edge closely to avoid unnecessary contact. Kill the Missile Crab along
the way and travel below the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. Attack from the
right side of the map where the outer oil rig is located. After destroying
it, keep some units there as the AI will be bound to try and rebuild around
the area. Then when you have an army of your size you are happy with, storm
the enemy base from both sides and you win.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill the 'Chieftain'
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units

-Sniper are better then RPGs in nearly every way. Use your Snipers and
keep them alive! (Snipers do a decent amount of damage to vehicles you will
-Don't bother with the RPGs; this mission is very easy to finish with just
-If you want to put your RPGs to use, then park them on the site of
destroyed buildings so when they are being rebuilt, your RPGs will take
them out.
-Veteran units (Red Health Bar Border) regenerate health over time
-You can kill everything on this map with just your 4 snipers, but it does
not help you at all and just slows down your progress. Avoid what you can
as the enemy doesn't come looking for you.
-The only mistake you can really make and the only way you will fail this
mission is if your snipers get squashed by a tanker, so take care.

You shouldn't have any trouble at all finishing this mission provided you
don't rush in. Starting off, select your snipers and move them east and you
will encounter a bunch of infantry running at you. Kill them with ease and
work your way right, whilst staying on the high ground. Feel free to dispose
of units that are on the lower ground by firing from above. Keep going until
you reach a ramp and head down to regroup with your other group of men
(kill any resistance you encounter on the way).  You now have 4 snipers, move
onto the high ground again just south of where you found the 2nd group of
men. Make your way along the path in a southerly direction and kill what
you encounter. Exit the high ground down a ramp and you will see an oil rig.
Don't get squashed by tankers, you can kill them if you want but no need.
Kill the enemy units in the area, and the enemy turret. Your snipers
out-range the turret, so make sure when you're attacking it your snipers
aren't being needlessly attacked. After you take down the turret head up the
ramp it was defending (to the left), and then work your way left into then
enemy base. Taking out the buildings is neither necessary nor useful, just
run in and take out any threats and in front of the Clan Hall is the 
Chieftain. Kill him for an easy win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Kill All Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Keep your starting defenses alive, they help a lot in the early stages.
-You may build bombers after you've fully teched, they are fun to use but
not really necessary.
-Suicide 3 or 4 Dirt Bikes into the enemy base to reveal the fog of war to
gain a permanent insight into what they are doing. This helps to prepare for
incoming attacks and also useful if you plan on using bombers. You might
want to do this so you can attack without running into an army later on.

Send one technician to each bridge and one Anaconda Tank to each bridge to
defend against the first attack. Repair the Missile Battery on each side when
they are about to fall. Once you deal with the attack, extend to the bottom
right corner with a Power Station for that oil rig. Queue up a Derrick and 2
ATVs and 2 Technicians (one for each bridge). Place the Derrick on the 
western oil deposit and extend to it by building a Research Lab followed by
a Power Station. Queue up another Derrick for the other oil deposit on the
right and extend to it by building a Power Station nearby. Tech up and queue
up 2 Anacondas when you reach that tier (one for each bridge) and fill up
your oil routes with 2 tankers per point. Then pump out around 5 more
Anacondas for each bridge to prepare for the next attack coming very soon.
Hold off the attacks by building more units as necessary until you finish
teching. Make sure you keep a technician behind each defensive structure for
emergency repairs. Once you reach max tech, infinite-queue Autocannon Tanks
and Barrage Crafts. Split your Barrage Crafts between the 2 bridges and use
their huge splash damage to defend against enemies congested on the bridge.
Make an army of Autocannon Tanks in your base to use for your assault and
once you have around 15, send them across the left bridge. If you want to at
this point you may build bombers to nuke the enemy base with later on when
you want to attack. Once across the left bridge take out the Grapeshot
Cannons and the oil rig. Once you're across the bridge the enemy army will
try and engage you. This is your change to send what ever units you have
across both the bridges while your Autocannon Tanks are holding the enemy
army. Once across both bridges, push into the enemy base from both sides
and wipe them off the map to win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Survive for 30 minutes
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Early on, don't bother trying to expand to the oil deposit in the top-right
of the map as it is too hard to defend, costs too many resources and is too 
far away. Later on you may and it will make your job easier but not
-The enemy has no base on this map, they consist of stationary troops that
will attack you based on a timer, and off map spawns that are also based on
timers. The off map spawns are to the north-west and south-west corners
of the maps as well as to the north edge and western edge of the map.
-Don't let your oil rigs fall as it will greatly hurt your ability to defend.
Repair them if necessary!
-Watch your defensive lines! Don't let units sit there being plummeted by a
Beetle while the rest of the units just watch.
-If you find radar helpful then tech up your Outpost to get it. Defensive
Structures aren't really needed.

Send your 2 Barrage Crafts and RPGs to defend the bottom left approach just
left of where the oil patch is. Send the rest of your men to defend the
north-west approach, above your existing oil rig. Extend to your existing
oil rig by building a Power Station. Queue up a Derrick and place it on
the bottom left oil patch. Extend to it by placing a Research Lab then a
Power Station. Produce 2 ATVs for each defensive line and start teching up
your Machine Shop. Everytime your reach a new tech level, build 1-2 vehicles
of that tier for each defensive side. When you have spare money, build
another Power Station closer to the bottom-left rig to make a total of 4
Power Stations (2 tankers on each site is enough). When you reach Anaconda
Tanks, build 3 and place them just north of your outpost as the AI will
attack there with a few troops soon. Keep teching up and building vehicles 
to bolster your defensive as you go until you reach max. Then just 
infinite-queue Autocannon Tanks and Barrage Crafts and spread them across 
your 2 main defensive perimeters and send a couple north of your Outpost to
help from time to time. After a while your oil rigs will both run out of
juice. This should be around half way into the level. You can expand to the
top-right here if you want. But it's not necessary as you should have lots
of Barrage Crafts and Autocannon Tanks to defend with. If you don't expand
to another fuel point then I suggest building a Repair Bay and repair your
tanks slowly since you will be sitting around for a while waiting.
Continue to sit and defend and try to keep your units alive by actually
moving them and ordering them around when necessary and you should have
no trouble surviving for the rest of the time provided you dodge the
attacks. Wait a while and you win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Suicide your starting Dirt Bikes to reveal as much terrain as possible, it
will help when attacking and defending. If necessary, build more Dirt Bikes
to reveal into the enemies bases as it also helps targeting bombers.
-There are 2 Computer opponents on this map, one to the north-west and one
to the south-west.
-Autocannon Tanks are probably a better choice then Barrage Crafts as you
will want to avoid the friendly fire.

Starting off send, your 2 Anaconda Tanks to defend the existing top oil rig.
Send the rest of your army south to defend the oil deposit located on the
green highlands. Extend to the top-most oil site by placing a Research Lab
followed by a Power Station. to the left of your Machine Shop, place another
Power Station for the oil rig beside it. Extend towards the southern oil
site by placing a Power Station towards it. Then start teching up starting
from your Machine Shop then Outpost. Once you have Flame ATV's you may want
to invest in 2 or 3 for each defensive line to hold of the preliminary
attacks. Once you've got access to Autocannon Tanks, infinite-queue them
and use them for the duration of this level. Start producing Bombers when you
have the cash, as they may/may not come in handy but best to have them about.
When you have about 20 Autocannon Tanks, move west and take out the lone
Grapeshot Cannon, then head to the north-west and take out the dark-red AI
opponent. If you have Bombers available and have suicided Dirt Bikes to
reveal the enemy base. Drop a bomb on their massing army in their base
before you make your approach. Keep sending back up units if your attack
force takes casualties. After the base is destroyed, head south into the
valley and take out the turrets and the oil rigs. Then move your surviving
forces to the left edge of the map and head down that side until you reach
the other AI base. Destroy what you encounter and don't forget to send your
forces defending your base to assault from the other direction to make a
2 pronged attack. Keep sending fresh produced units to support your attack.
Once again use bombers to take out the army if you can see into their base.
After you destroy all the buildings you have finished the survivor's campaign!


                  %                               %
##################%       7. E V O L V E D        %####################
                  %                               %

Difficulty: Very Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units

-Try to engage with both your Animal units and Infantry at the same time
-Don't engage too many enemies at once, work you way through one by one

Group your infantry as '1' and group your Dire Wolves as '2'. Make your way
east and take out the infantry approaching you. Head along the ridge whilst
taking the high ground and kill the 2 men by the craters. Then head south
along the right edge of the map and make your down to the lower ground then
back west again. Kill what you encounter along the way and finish off the
rest of the humans on left of the map for the win.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-Shotgunners are your best unit for this map
-You have no income, nor base building capacity, just focus on pumping out
men and attacking.

Infinite-queue up Shotgunners. Once you have build around 15, take all your
men and head south-east to find the enemy rig. Take out all its defenders
and the rig itself and continue to head south-west to dispose of the human
base. Around this time your base will be attacked, defend it with the
Shotgunners that have been produced from your Clanhall. Attacks will come
from the north, east and south, but are very easy to fend off. You should
send out your men to kill off the out lying troops around the map to speed
the victory. Once the base is destroyed and all enemy troops lying around
the map are dead, you win.

Difficulty: Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-There is an area on the top ridge overlooking the northern enemy base where
you can place a Scorpion and it will be in range of attacking the enemy
Machine Shop. It's on the located left of the left most tree on the top
ridge, to the left of your base along the top of the map. Use this
position and take out the enemy building and ensure an easy victory. If you
use this area, the AI will come attack you so your defense will be to defend
your scorpion
-Scorpions can squash infantry

Move your troops to the left along the high ground, north-wets of the oil
deposit. Setup your Derrick in the valley below and extend to it by placing
a Blacksmith followed by a Beast Enclousure then a Power Station at the 
entrance to the valley (ramp thing). Then infinite-queue Scorpions, and when
you have the money; place another Power Station in the valley to speed up
your oil collection process. If you want there is an oil deposit to the south
of your base in the south-east corner of the map, which you can use but it is
not necessary. Attack the base firstly by using the high ground position
explained in the 'Tips' section. Then take some Scorpions (5) and head to
the south-west corner of the map (via the south-east) and take out the enemy
oil supply. Then once you have enough scorpions (10 or so). March into the
enemy base in the north-west and raze it to the ground to win.

Difficulty: Very-Easy
Victory Conditions: Retrieve at least 2 Oil Tankers
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units or more then 2 Oil Tankers

-Engage only what is necessary
-Squash groups of infantry
-Try to engage with infantry and vehicles/animals at the same time, don't
let your infantry fall behind
-Pyromaniacs decimate buildings and defensive structures
-Watch out for enemy Tankers, they will squash your groups of infantry if your
not paying attention. Kill them for safety
-You start in the bottom-left corner; the 4 Oil Tankers to capture are located
in the top-right

Move east and into the lower grounds by going north down the ramp. Take out
enemies you encounter in the area. Then return to the high grounds again and
head north-east where you will encounter a Dirt Bike and a few more men. Kill
them and keep heading north-east, past a oil rig and you will hit the enemy
base. Take on only what buildings you need to (i.e. Turrets) and kill
the enemies that will come to try stop you taking the Oil Tankers. After
the tankers are under your control, send them on your way back to the large X
marked back where you started the mission. Defend the tankers on the way back
but fortunately resistance is minimal and you should have no problems bringing
the tankers home and once 2 of them reach the X, you win.

Difficulty: Very-Easy
Victory Conditions: Survive until all enemy Units are dead
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units

-Easiest way to defend the bridge is to just make a wall of units and another
wall of units behind the first. Move units up into the holes once your front
lines die out.

Take your little party west across the bridge and immediately head south. A
large enemy force will attack you after you cross the bridge, DO NOT ENGAGE
but run south as fast as you can until you hit a 2nd bridge. Cross it to meet
up with the rest of your forces. Hold the bridge by placing as many units
near it as you can (don't place units on the bridge, rather place them so that
the enemy is jammed up on the bridge and you are blocking them from getting
off). Sit here and keep killing the enemies that come at you. After every
wave, you will receive off map reinforcements that spawn in from the east of
your position. After a while all the attacking enemies will die from attacks
and you will win.

Difficulty: Easy - Normal
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-1 Machinegun Nest can take out 1 Anaconda Tank by itself
-Keep your defensive structures alive as they help a lot at the start, it
therefore goes that keeping a Mekanik beside the likely damaged structures
is a good idea
-If you want to build closer to the rig, it is more effective to destroy your
own Power Stations (hold down ALT and click to destroy the Power Station
furtherest away) and rebuild closer, then to extend via Beast Enclosures, as 
in these levels you are unable to produce Oil Tankers alone

Take your units and head south and travel in the directions the tankers are
going and you will encounter a little resistance. Kill them and immediately
run back to your base to defend the oncoming attack. A few Anaconda Tanks
will attack you from different sides, so fend them off with your units. Then
head south-east and take out the units that are preventing you access to the
bottom right oil site. Research your Beast Enclousure and infinite-queue up
War Mastodons to defend the top side of your base with as it will be the only
side that will be attacked from now on. Extend to the bottom 2 oil rigs by
building Power Stations towards them. Destroy the Power Station in your base 
if you want to build closer to the rigs. Time your attack after the enemy has
tried to make his push, then storm into the stronghold north with 15+ War
Mastodons and make sure to bring in more as they are produced. Take out the
Guard Towers first and then the units. Kill the rig in front of you then head
left around the forest of trees to destroy the other oil rig which will halt
the AI's economy. Then proceed to destroy the rest of the base as you please
to win.

Difficulty: Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units

-Watch out for splash damage on you groups of infantry (i.e. Missiles from
the Missile Battery)
-You have limited amounts of vehicles in this map (only the ones you start
with), try to keep them alive.
-If you haven't won after the enemy base is dead, back-track along the way
you came and you will probably find that something has been rebuilt by
the AI

Take your Monster Truck into the valley below to the north and squash the 3
SWATs there. Then via the high ground to the right, assault the first prison
and free the prisoners there. Then take your Monster Truck to the west and
squash 3 more SWATs. Proceed down the ramp where the SWATs were with you
whole army and work your way down to the enemy base, taking out the
stationary defenses first when you arrive. Then stop the enemy oil tankers
by destroying their rig so no more units are produced and proceed to trash
base to win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Convoy Tankers
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units or Convoy Tankers reach the Allied Base

-Always attack the front tanker first and work your way backwards
-Rush! Use your units' abilities to fire while moving to your advantage
as you advance on the front tanker
-Kill the units defending the convoy first as the more units you lose, the
harder and slower it becomes to kill the tankers.
-If you have good micromanagement then use the enemy Barrage Craft by luring
it with your fast units to attacking their own tankers

Immediately rush south with everything you got. Stop at nothing and kill the
4x4 Pickup as you pass it, but try not to slow down too much. Once you hit
the bottom of the map, turn left and you'll see a road, follow it north to
find to convoy. Don't stop, it is important that you catch up to the front
tanker so shoot what you can while moving along with haste. You should catch
up to the first tanker somewhere around where the Barrage Craft is. Your fast
units should be engaging it first and will draw its fire. Use this to your
advantage by dodging the missiles and killing the craft with your other units
not being attacked. Remember to keep your slower units moving to catch up.
Once you have killed the front tanker, kill the tankers one by one working
backwards. If you do it correctly and fast enough, you should be able to kill
the entire convey before they reach the Anaconda Tank and Sappers up ahead
just past the Barrage Craft. Once all the Convoy Tankers are dead, you win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-If you want to build closer to the rig, it is more effective to destroy your
own Power Stations (hold down ALT and click to destroy the Power Station
furtherest away) and rebuild closer, then to extend via Beast Enclosures, 
as in these levels you are unable to produce Oil Tankers alone
-Time your attacks so you don't run into the enemy army
-When attacking, kill the Missile Batteries first but at the same time march
your War Mastodons along so that the back ones can fire and squash infantry
as well
-Leave a unit or 2 at the outer rig after you destroy it as the AI will try
and replace what it lost there

Head north and lead with a Monster Truck. Squash the 4 RPG's you see along
the way the keep going until you hit the top of the map where you will
encounter some enemies, kill them and move along the top ridge along the top
of the map and head to the right till you run into your broken-down base.
Build 3 Mekaniks to repair each of your buildings (don't repair the existing
Power Station as you will be destroying it) then build a Power Station
to the north-east (right of your Beast Enclosure). Queue up 2 Derricks, and
send them to the top-right oil site and top-left oil site (the one you passed
on the way to the base). Extend to the top-left oil site by building an
Alchemy Hall followed by a Power Station. Get your units to defend the
southern approach as it will be the only direction you will be attacked from.
Start teching up your buildings and infinite-queue up War Mastodons. To the
left and right in the valley below are 2 more oil sites which you should
expand to. Do this by first building Power Stations down the ramp towards
the sites and destroying the ones furtherest away (refer to tips). You will 
need to move your army to defend from a more southern area to expand 
outwards. Once you have an army of about 15 War Mastodons, head to the
south-east corner of the map to take out the enemy oil rig as well as its
defenders which will severely weaken the AI's economy. Then attack the enemy's
main base to the south AFTER they have made their attempt to attack. Send all
your available units on the map to attack their base, stampede in and 
overwhelm them for the victory.

Difficulty: Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-To make your job a lot easier and slow down the enemy economy and attacks,
send your Mech (after you've secured the oil patch north of your base) to the
east and follow the river around. You will see an oil patch and a 'Power
Plant' sort of structure. Stand your Mech to the right of the oil patch, just
above the round silo thing under the cliff so you can see the tankers loading
up on fuel. From this position you can attack the tankers but not the rig.
This will make the AI lose 1 source of income while at the same time, they
will spend money reproducing these tankers instead of building up their army.
Be careful though as doing this will provoke the enemy and they will attack
your main defensive line when their tankers are being attacked (your Mech
won't be attacked provided you've pushed forwards with your main army)
-Time your main assault on the base so that you don't end up dealing with an
army and 4 Missile Batteries at the same time

Send your Dire Wolf to the bottom left corner of the map and retrieve the Mech.
Send your army north of your base and position them where the crossing to the
river is, just south of the oil patch. Extend to the existing oil rig on the
western side of the map by building an Alchemy Hall, Blacksmith then Power
Station. Build another Power Station towards the southern oil patch and queue
up a Derrick one your Blacksmith is built. Build a Beast Enclosure north of
your Clan Hall and start teching up your Blacksmith so that you can produce
Oil Tankers (You will want 2 for each of the 2 rigs you have). The first wave
of attacks is small so deal with it, squashing what you can on the way. Start
teching up your Beast Enclosure till max and then infinite-queue Giant Beetles.
Expand your base outwards towards the north when you start building your
beetles by placing a Derrick across the river and extending to it by building
a Power Station north of your Beast Enclosure. Once your Derrick is in place,
you will need to move your defensive line forwards, just above the Derrick but
make sure you're out of range of the Missile Batteries ahead. After you have
moved forwards, send your Mech to attack the enemy southern-most rig by
placing it below the cliff to the east as mentioned above in the 'Tips'
section. Amass a large army (15+) of beetles and storm the enemy base north,
taking out the splash damage units first such as the Barrage Crafts or the
Missile Batteries if they are closer. Once the base is down, you win.

Difficulty: Normal - Hard
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-When placing your buildings, try not to block the ramp areas around your base
as it will cause traffic jams with your tankers when you start moving units
-Giant Beetles won't be able to attack the enemies below the cliff is you
position them at the very top edge of the cliff. However if you fall back
so that the enemy has to travel up the ramp a bit, your beetles can attack
from the side of the cliff where you see the cliff just start to form
-As with most maps, time your attacks so that you attack AFTER the AI wave
has attacked you

Send your War Mastodon to the west and down the ramp to take out the enemy
Dirt Bike. Send the rest of your force to guard the eastern entrance, just
above your Clan Hall. Extend west by placing a Blacksmith and Alchemy Hall.
When your Blacksmith is built, queue up 2 Derricks for the oil patches to
the south-east of your Clan Hall and southern valley of the map. Build a
Power Station below your Clan Hall for the Oil Rig there and then build
another Power Station just above the entrance to the ramp for the southern
Oil Rig. Be careful not to block the ramp completely with the building. As
your first load of money comes in, build up a third Power Station to the west
for the western oil patch, again don't block the ramp. Get a Beast Enclosure
up north of your Clan Hall (don't block the ramp!) and build 3 or 4 scorpions
to help defend against the first wave of enemies, build more if necessary.
Start teching up so you can purchase 2 tankers for each of the rigs. Follow 
this up by purchasing a Derrick for the western oil site. As your teching up
you may need to build some units (anything you like) to help defend until
you reach maximum tech level (don't forget you have to defend both 
entrances). Once you have access to the Giant Beetles, infinite-queue them up
and defend your base with them while sending your spares to the western side
of the map to amass an army of about 15+ beetles. Then push up the western 
edge of the map to the top left corner and take out the rig and batteries 
there. Move into the enemy base from both sides at this point and wipe out 
the remaining resistance to win.

Difficulty: Very Easy - Easy
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

-It is actually possible to finish this level by building only 1 Bike &
Sidecar and using your starting units only although this takes ages and is
quite hard.
-Experiment a few times to find the position where you can block tankers in
front of their Power Stations
-Build more units to back up your blocking units should they die
-Keep enough resources to set up a Derrick and Power Station at the start
-Watch out for friendly fire as both the Giant Scorpions and War Mastodons
have splash damage
-Avoid the Missile Batteries at all costs, just run past them. Take them out
later on when you have a nice army of units.

The developers obviously weren't expecting any players to rush the AI on this
map so due to that fact, the AI starts with no units and has to build all
its tankers from the start. So for the first 4 or 5 minutes, the AI is only
building Oil Tankers. The only defense for the base is an odd man or 2 and the
Missile Batteries around the area. Now Missile Batteries have a huge weakness
in that they are horribly inaccurate while attacking moving targets. Using
this fact you can very easily defeat the enemy here. As soon as the level
starts, move your 3 units north until you hit the top edge and make your way
to the right until you find the enemy base. Run through the Missile Batteries
and avoid damage, then head south of where the 2 Power Stations are in the
base. Position 2 of your units in front of each of the Power Stations to block
the tankers for offloading their fuel. Move them around in necessary until
you find the correct position. Watch out for friendly fire so your units don't
kill each other, build more units and rush them in if necessary. While
blocking, attack and destroy the 2 Power Stations. The AI will continue to
build tankers even though it's under attack so you have no real threat. Once
the Power Stations are down, you have checkmated the AI as they have no income
and all that remains is to destroy their base however you like. You start with
5000 resources, so just keep enough to build a Power Station and a Derrick,
that way you have a source of income and the AI doesn't. Build up slowly to
whatever you feel comfortable with and destroy the enemy base to win.

Difficulty: Normal - Hard
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures (including off-map
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

- Keeping an eye on your Mech is important; make sure you put him to good use
- Rush the AI's outer position
- DO NOT let your Mech die
- DO NOT destroy the Oil Rig in the center of the map (the enemy one)
- The oil patch you start near (top left) is completely empty, so don't waste
  money placing a rig there
- There is a spawn point located on the north edge of the map for the AI where
  they will spawn 6 (3x2) units on a timed-interval so watch out for them
- Don't forget to keep killing tankers and towers in the middle as they come
- 3 tankers for the top rig and 2 for the bottom rig (if you do expand) is
  good enough to avoid traffic jams
- Once you destroy the AI's income, 5 Missile Crabs + Mech is enough to
  destroy the base if used properly
- The map doesn't finish until a certain time (when all the units finish
  spawning). So when the base is dead just defend the north side and wait

The AI on this map will send the majority of its tankers to the oil rig
located in the middle of the map. This is defended by 2 Cannon Towers which
are detrimental to your starting forces. As you start the map, send 1 Dire
Wolf to the top right corner of the map to release the Mech. Send another Dire
Wolf to the bottom left of the map to reveal your base. March your army + Mech
south of your starting position and you will meet 2 bridges. The southern one
leads to your base, while the eastern one leads to the oil rig mentioned at
the start. March your forces across the eastern bridge and try not to get
jammed on the bridge then proceed to take out the 2 Cannon Towers. Remember to
bring in your Mech behind your forces as you must not let your Mech die or
take too much damage. Take out the Oil Tankers fueling up but DO NOT destroy
the rig itself so watch your fire! At the same time as you attack, you should
have control of your base. Build a Derrick and send it to the closest oil
patch north across the bridge. Extend south with an Alchemy Hall and Power
Station then start teching to purchase 1 more tanker making a total of 3
tankers for the rig across the bridge. Now the forces that you sent to attack
would probably all have died except for the Mech if done correctly (this
shows you the deadliness of Cannon Towers). Park the Mech around the rig area
remembering not to kill the rig, but kill the tankers as they approach to
refuel. The AI will keep wasting their money building tankers for this rig
and trying to rebuild the Cannon Towers in that area so kill them before they
are completely rebuilt. Because of the AI is wasting money like this, you
won't have to worry about them building up an army to attack you. Back at
your base you will want to build 2 or 3 scorpions or similar units as there
is a chance that the AI managed to build the initial Missile Barge and will
come looking for your base soon so fend that off. After that your basically
free from any attacks coming from the enemy base. About every 10 mins, the
AI will automatically spawn 6 units from the north side of the map, so make
sure you have a few units to defend your rig with (at this point I had 
already teched up to Missile Crabs so it shouldn't be a problem). Max tech up
all your buildings and get some Crabs out. Once you have 3 or 4, push through
the Cannon Tower south of your base and destroy that oil rig, which means the
AI now has no income left. The rest of the game is a breeze, just watch for
the attacks coming from the north and build up your army as you like and wipe
out the human base in the bottom-right corner. Take control of the oil patch
to the south of your base and use it to produce Missile Crabs to defend the
northern side where your rig is. The map doesn't end until all the off-map 
units have spawned so you might have to wait around for a bit till you win.

Difficulty: Normal
Victory Conditions: All the Chieftains (named 'King Zog's) must survive until
                    All Enemy Units on the map are dead
Failure Conditions: Any ONE of the Chieftains die

- Forget the Blacksmith; it's a waste of money to build and tech up
- You'll only need 2 tankers and 1 oil site for this mission so just build
  a 2nd Power Station for your 2nd tanker
- Units seem to have a high affinity for your Clan Hall, so they will
  generally attack the building instead of your Chieftains standing beside
  it. Use this to draw fire and use your Chieftains to kill the enemies that
  get through
- Missile Crabs are more cumbersome and cost more then Giant Beetles, this is
  why I would prefer to go beetles instead of crabs for this mission so you
  don't get blocked in
- Building placement isn't that important in this map, so long as you don't
  block your units from getting to your defensive lines
- Only tech your Beast Enclosure as you don't need the infantry and a radar
  doesn't help much when your base fits pretty much in your entire screen
- If you have a nicely sized army and can't be bothered to wait, then you
  can venture out and kill the enemy units lying around the area for a faster
- Snipers are deadly, careful of them running through and going straight for
  your chieftains
- The main vehicle attack comes approximately at 10:00 into the mission
  and is focused on the north-west
- A sniper attack comes in at 12:30 mins and is focused on the south. These
  snipers will likely make a run for your chieftains so squash them is
  the easiest option
- Save the game a few times to avoid accidental deaths and annoy restarts
- There are off-map spawns that come on a time-interval. So the map does
  not finish till all the spawns have been released. The last spawn arrives
  at 26:00
- Off-map spawns attack the north-west and south-east entrances

Send the northern group that's sitting with your Dire Wolf in your base to
defend the top entrance where the Machinegun Nest is. Build a Mekanik to
repair this defensive structure and build another Mekanik to idle behind
the Grapeshot Cannon to the south. Try to keep these defenses alive in the
early stages. Make sure your Chieftains are sitting well inside your base
so that the Clan Hall is the first thing encountered. The first wave of
attacks will be from all directions consisting of infantry. Squash what you
can and use your Chieftains to kill the units that are engaging your Clan
Hall to the north-east. Place 2 Power Stations in the area near the oil rig
and build an Alchemy Hall anywhere you want so long as it's not blocking any
paths. You can safely tech up till you get Giant Beetles then infinite-queue
them up and use them to defense all sides.

You have 5 defensives sides to watch here which are: North-East, North-West,
South-East, South-West and South. Although the south and south-west perimeter
can be defended by the same units from inside your base. This will also be
the side in which you will encounter the most enemy units. Hold off against
the enemy attacks until all the enemy units have died from attacking and you
will win. Just be careful that any suicidal units that may squash the
Chieftains don't make it through! Also the map doesn't finish until all
the off-map spawns arrive so sit tight and hang on.

Difficulty: Hard - Very Hard
Victory Conditions: Kill All Enemy Units and Structures
Failure Conditions: Lose All Units and Structures

- Move your Clanhall Wagon to an open space and double-click on it to deploy
- Time your attack so you assault the base after your enemy's forces have
  died trying to attack you
- 2 tankers per site is enough for this stage for all sites
- a lot of enemy units such as the Barrage Craft and RPG Launchers have a
  slow attack that travels. It is crucial to keep your units alive by dodging
  incoming missiles
- If a unit falls on low HP, pull it back behind your lines so it can still
  attack the enemy, but is no longer being targeted. Keeping units alive this
  way increase your damage output
- Make sure 1 or 2 units don't run out by themselves when the enemy
  approaches. Have all your defensive units engage the enemy at roughly the
  same time.

Deploy your Clanhall wagon where it starts and extend to the right with a
Blacksmith and then 2 Power Stations, one for each oil site on the eastern
edge. Build a Beast Enclosure north of your Clanhall so units have a clear
exit and extend to the bottom-left area with an Alchemy Hall. Your starting
cash will be enough to build all this plus upgrade your Beast Enclosure
twice and build 2 Derricks for the 2 right oil sites, so do this. Split your 
forces evenly to the north of your Clanhall and to the west, just past the 
plateau of land sticking out. Make sure you keep your defending forces out of
the range of the Cannon Towers in the area. With your first batch of income,
get some War Mastodons and Giant Beetles to help defend both sides and tech
your Beast Enclosure at the same time as well as deploying a 3rd Power Station
to the left of your Alchemy Hall and using this tanker for one of your
existing Oil Rigs. Infinite-queue up Missile Crabs and Giant Beetles when you 
have access to them and use them to defend both sides. Then start teching
up your Blacksmith and purchase a tanker for the Oil Rig that only has 1
tanker at the moment. Try to maintain around 4 or 5 units defending each side
and monitor them every time the enemy attacks, keeping your units alive here
is crucial (read tips for more info). If you are starting to gather units then
start investing money into a 3rd Derrick as well as 2 more tankers for the
south-west oil site. Once you have all 3 sites up and running, max tech all
your buildings. When one of your defensive lines has gathered about 15+ units,
push them forwards to the enemy rig ahead of your defensive position and take
it out. Then establish a new defensive line there. Do this with both sides
and make your way forwards. Slowly push forwards on both sides as you get
about 15 units massed up. As you push forwards, place more Oil Rigs if you
find your existing ones running out of juice. You should have no problem
building up and attacking the bases now as you have a steady income and
should have massed a huge army by now. Wipe the survivors off the face of
the earth, and you have finished the evolved campaign congratulations!


                  %                               %
##################%     8. Advanced Gameplay      %####################
                  %                               %

This section covers more in-depth knowledge and concepts of the game. This
information covered here is not crucial to gameplay but once known, it may
help general gameplay across a broad range of scenarios.

- All units (People, Animals and Vehicles) can gain experience through battle.
- Gaining experience in battle promotes them through the veterancy ranks. 
- Units gain experience by FIRING on enemies (excluding buildings), NOT by 
- All infantry units (not animals) can heal themselves over time when they are
standing still after they have achieved a rank of Blue or Red.

There are 3 levels of veterancy, indicated by the colour of the status (Health
Bar) located above a selected unit. These are:

      - Little or No Experience in battle
      - Normal Fire Rate and Accuracy
      - 'Experienced' in battle
      - Slight increase in Fire Rate and Accuracy
      - Very Slow health regeneration
      - 'Veteran' in battle
      - Noticeable increase in Fire Rate and Accuracy
      - Slow-Moderate health regeneration

When you construct any building (including the Oil Rig), you will notice a
bar with red blocks under the buildings Health Bar. This indicates the number
of defending units inside that building. The only units that are affected by
this figure are the Saboteur (Survivors) and the Vandal (Evolved). These
units are capable of Garrisoning and Ungarrisoning buildings.

Saboteurs/Vandals can be sent into a friendly or enemy building.
(The unit will die when sent into any building) 
   - If they are sent into an enemy building:
            It will DECREASE the garrison by 1 (indicated by the reduction of
            1 red block). Once the building has run out of garrisoned 
            defenders, 1 more Saboteur/Vandal will completely destroy the 
            building. Destroying the building via this method kills the unit
            but also gives you a full cash refund on the complete cost of the
            destroyed building (see below for example*).
   - If they are sent into a friendly building:
            It will INCREASE the garrison by 1 (indicated by the increase of
            1 red block). A building may be garrisoned to a maximum of 5 red
            blocks. After that no more can be sent in.

   There is a Power Station with 2 Red Blocks in its status bar. I send 2
   Vandals into it. The building now has no Red Blocks left, nothing happens.
   There is a Power Station with 2 Red Blocks in its status bar. I send 3
   Vandals into it. The building is destroyed and I get $1300 in cash (which
   is the price of a Power Station).

[Author's Note]
Although this sounds like a very nice option to destroy the enemy with, it is
very unreliable and not a viable option at all. 
Reasons are as follows, Saboteurs/Vandals have:
     - A small amount of HP
     - Very poorly armed, bearing only a weak pistol
     - Aren't faster compared to other infantry units
     - Can be squashed
     - You need quite a few of them as they are likely to die so you need
       backups. This results in a group of them, making them even more
       eye-catching to squash
     - Even though they are only $100 each, the money for the group of them
       can be better spent elsewhere
     - A Monster Truck or ATV parked in the base will counter any amount of

All that taken into account, I would not suggest people using Saboteurs and
Vandals at all in the game.

This sections covers some helpful tips and tricks in general that may help
you throughout your missions. Some may seem pretty basic and you may already
know them, but you'd be surprised to find some people don't.

This method works best against the computer if they have no alive units and
are busy building more tankers instead of troops. This may also work in
multiplayer games as a method of stalling your opponent's income with a cheap
unit for a while during an attack. (refer to 11.1 Oil Tankers for more info on
why this trick works on the AI)

To do this, position a vehicle/animal type unit (the larger the better) in
front of a Power Station where the tankers normally reverse into. This is the
area indicated just outside where the arrows on the Power Station are. Sit an
unit there so the tanker cannot enter the Power Station but do not destroy
the Power Station as if you do the tanker will redirect itself to another
station should one exist. Just sit there and attack units that come to kill
you or kill the tankers but watch out for your own units attacking the
blocking unit as tankers can sort of overlap with other units like this.

This is great as against a computer, it may completely stop their economy if
you block all their stations and they have no real counter-able units
deployed. Also works wonders against the AI as the tankers will not redirect
themselves to an open Power Station should their assigned one become blocked.
Against a human player though, your blocking unit will become a top priority
to be destroyed and will be hunted down fast. However, in a live game every 
second counts when your tankers are traveling and you will gain that 
slightest advantage. You can also use this as a deterrent or use this when 
your opponents are looking at a battle elsewhere on the map.

Similar to the method mentioned above, however this time you won't be
blocking. When you manage to secure an enemy Oil Rig, DO NOT destroy it!
Rather sit your units around it and destroy the tankers that approach. The
computer players will also spend money building lost tankers so long as
you do not destroy the Oil Rig, you can force your AI enemy to waste money
building tankers that are destroyed upon arrival. This method slows down
the enemy production of units and will slow down their attacks. Take care 
though, as when you attack the tankers you may provoke the AI to come looking 
for you. (Refer to 11.1 Oil Tankers for more info on why this trick works
on the AI)

a lot of units have the ability to shoot while moving, such as the ATV,
Missile Crab, Barrage Craft just to name a few. This is important feature to
a unit as it allows you to:
               A) Attack things while moving to a location
               B) Attack an enemy unit while dodging attacks

Point A) can be highlighted by an example where you are attacking a base. One
of the first structures you will want to destroy is the Oil Rig which may
be at the back of a base. Destroying it is extremely annoying and delays
income a lot. While on your way to the back of the base, click to attack a
nearby building then click to move again so your unit will engage that
building while traveling. Across a large amount of units, this will cause a
significant amount of damage to buildings.

Point B) can be highlighted by an example where a Bike & Sidecar can defeat
a lone Barrage Craft easily without taking damage. Run up and attack the craft
and then order your unit to run circles around the enemy. The missiles ejected
from the Barrage Craft will be unable to keep up with the moving unit and thus
unable to hit it. This shows dodging attacks while attacking an enemy.

All vehicles and animals apart from the lowest 2 for each race can squash 
all infantry. This is extremely important as:
               A) Infantry are grouped into huddles of 5
               B) Its much, much faster then shooting at them (unless you have
               C) It can cause the enemy units to fire on themselves

A) The game is made so that when you select a group of infantry units, they
   into a little close squad of 5 men. This makes them a prime squashing
   target as you can kill 5 in one go.
B) Infantry do have a bit of HP despite their small size. An instant kill vs.
   a 4 second kill, there is a clear choice there.
C) Running a unit in amongst the enemy army may cause splash damage units to
   fire on themselves, resulting in the army taking damage as well as losing

There is an exception to squashing though. This is generally when you have a
high damage splash attack that is made to decimate infantry such as the Giant
Beetle's acid attack. Since attacking in this case will mean you don't lose
a unit by suiciding one into the enemy army. The other exception is when your
units are slow and cumbersome (generally the higher tier ones). In this case
your unit won't make it to squash the infantry before they are killed most

Unlike nearly all modern RTS games, KKND does not feature 'Shroud' (which is
considered one of its major downfalls especially in multiplayer games). The
black stuff covering the map is called 'Fog of War' and the Shroud that I am
referring to is the lightly coloured black stuff that you will see over the
map in other RTSs after you have explored that area. It is the effect where
you can still see the terrain but you cannot see units in that area unless
it's under your units'/buildings' line of sight. Because of this, once you
have explored an area on the map, you will always have complete sight of it
for the duration of the game/mission. Having a complete map view is greatly
beneficial, here is how to use it effectively.

To utilize this effectively, on every stage you should explore as much land
as you can without coming into contact with the enemy. On stages in which
you have the ability to produce units, you should build a squad of about 4
Dire Wolfs/Dirt Bikes and scout out the map. Rebuild them should they die
and you need more. Using this method you should suicide a squad into the
enemy base if one (or two) is/are present. This is important as once you
can see into the enemy base this lets you:
         1 - See what the base looks like and what units it contains.
         2 - See when an attack is heading your way and from which direction.
         3 - Plan your attack on the enemy base.
         4 - Time your attack so you don't run into the enemy army on the way.
         5 - Drop an aerial payload on the AI's massing army.

In multiplayer games, a singular scouting unit early on is very common as it
will give away the opponents strategy for the rest of the game. This is one
of the main reason why KKND is such a fast-paced and quick ending game when
played in multiplayer form.

If your are ever having difficulty on a specific stage then, when the level
starts, explore as much of the map as possible by suiciding your units in
all directions. This will give you an overview of what the map looks like
and what to expect and will also allow you to plan where you want to place
your buildings and set up your defenses. After you've decided you can just
hit 'Restart Mission' and then play it out properly.

 - ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have the opponent's base scouted out by any means
   necessary before targeting a bomber.
 - Never use them to try to take out buildings. They are MUCH more effective
   against units.
 - Bombers CAN BE SHOT DOWN! Don't target them deep into enemy territory if
   you know they will have to pass by a lot of enemy units or defenses on the
   way there.
 - Don't try to bomb a moving army. You will nearly always miss...
 - Against the computer, bomb their army when it's about to reach its max
   capacity before you attack.
 - Against a human player, I doubt you will be able to build one before the
   game ends assuming both players are decent. But in general, I don't suggest
   the use of bombers in multiplayer games as they aren't that useful.

A Kill-zone is basically an area where an army that enters will be decimated
due to outnumbering or flanking or positioning etc... Multiplayer games
are too fast-paced to have time to plan anything like this but this is
perfect against a straight-minded computer. The following steps will
demonstrate the basic layout of a Kill-zone where D is the defenders (you)
and A is the attackers (AI).

    1 - Identify an area or a path that the AI always passes through or uses
        to attack you.
    2 - Box it up using the following formation or something similar, keeping
        in mind to keep your flanks well away so that they don't get engaged
        first. (The attackers are heading downwards towards the double-line
        defense of D's)


                        D                          D
                        D                          D
                        D                          D
                        D                          D
                        D                          D


    3 - When the attackers engage your primary defensive line, move both
        of the flanking forces in from the sides and crush the enemy.

                                D   AAAA   D
                                D   AAAA   D
                                D   AAAA   D
                                D   AAAA   D
                                D   AAAA   D

    4 - One the enemy is dead, reinforce what died in the defense and reset
        both of the side forces back to their 'hidden' positions.

Somewhat simple and may be obvious to some, but it works surprisingly well
against the computer as they will attack the same area repeatedly provided you
monitor it every attack.

When you're under attack from the AI, one of the things you should consider
before the arrival or the enemy force is to send a fast unit out to take
the first bit of damage while avoiding as much as you can. This will cause
all the units that fired to gain 'aggro' (want to attack) on the now fleeing
unit. Run your unit behind your army and around the general area your army
is but make sure you keep it only slightly out of range so the AI will chase
it. This way you can focus many of the enemy units' fire on the one unit and
cause some units to chase that unit around recklessly.

If you are not under attack, you can provoke the enemy army into attacking
you prematurely before they mass up by attacking an outlying building
and running back to base (just not too fast). This method can also be used
on mission where there are units lying around the map. You can drag these
lone units into your defensive lines so you don't have to deal with them at
a later stage.

Alot of the game will become easier if you have faster movements as with
the strategies posted for each mission may only be possible if you are fast
enough. This could mean you need to turn your mouse sensitivity up but
otherwise general tips to help improve your speed. 

Use control groups! Set infantry to '1' and vehicle to '2' is the most
basic setup. Otherwise you can go for '1' as the slow units and '2' as the
fast units. This will help greatly as it saves on you having to try and
selected specific units mingled together.

Hold down right-click when scrolling. This triples (at least) the speed in
which you can scroll around the screen by, enabling you to get to the scene
of the battle in a much shorter time.

{ Credit to ~ My Mum }
Oil Tankers can refuel at ally or enemy Oil Derricks. This means sometimes
when you have established a foothold around an enemy oil site. Don't kill it
as you can save yourself $1000 and just use the opponents Oil Derrick instead
as long as you make sure you don't kill it accidently. This is also good
because you get to kill free enemy tankers that come to refuel as explained
in a previous trick.

                  %                               %
##################% 9. Frequently Asked Questions %####################
                  %                               %

"I'm running Windows XP or similar and I can't install KKND help!"
  - Newer operating systems don't support KKND installation. However you can
    still install and play the game. Refer to 
    "10. Installing KKND on New OS's"

"How do I install from a CD image?"
  - As long as you didn't get the CD image illegally, refer to
    "10. Installing KKND on New OS's"

"How do you save the game, the save button doesn't work!"
  - The Save function is rather unusual in KKND. Firstly you need to access
    the save menu through 'ESC', once there selected a slot you wish to save
    to and then type a description for the save file. Then you physically
    have to press 'ENTER' on the keyboard as pressing the 'Save' button on
    the screen does nothing. If you've done it correctly, it should have gone 
    back to the main paused-game menu and you should see your save in the load

"My Oil Rig has run out of oil, how do I move it?"
  - Unfortunately, you cannot move Oil Rigs after they have been planted.
    They serve no real purpose once they run out of oil, and if its existence
    annoys you then you can hold down ALT and destroy it with one of your own

"I have money, and the building is white. But I can't build the building, why?"
  - First of all check if your Clan Hall/Outpost is still alive. Once it is
    destroyed you cannot build anything apart from replacing it.
  - Some buildings have limits and you cannot build too many of them.
    (I.e. You can only have 4 Power Stations and 8 Defensive Structures etc...)

"I've fully teched my Clan Hall/Outpost, why can't I purchase Aircraft yet?"
  - Access to the bombers are only available when your reach max tech level
    for the Outpost AND Machine Shop (Survivors) or Clan Hall AND Beast 
    Enclosure (Evolved).
  - The Aircraft are only limited to the later missions, you might not be far
    enough yet.

"My Mech/Droid is damaged, how do I repair it?"
  - Unfortunately you cannot repair the robotic units from the bunkers. So
    keep them alive as long as you can!

"Are there any Cheats for KKND?"
  - No, not that I know of. If you know some you are welcome to contribute
    by emailing me.

"I'm really having trouble beating XXX Level, please help me!"
  - Read the guide and tips for that level again.
  - Read the "8.3 Tips and Tricks" section which may help on that mission.
  - Read the "11. Understanding the AI" section to help against your opponent.

"I lost my manual, where can I get a new one?"
  - You can get a free electronic copy at
  - You can order a printed copy from
  - You can contact EA games and you can purchase one off them (although
    the game is quite old so they might not have stock anymore)

                  %                               %
##################%    10. Installing KKND        %####################
##################%         on New OS's           %####################
                  %                               %

KKND runs off a DOS platform and as far as I know, Operating Systems (OS)
after Windows 98 will no longer a lot of DOS based games. KKND is one of these
games that happens to be not supported.

This section is for people who are running an OS that is newer then Windows 98
or cannot install KKND for some reason may also use this method.

This method involves using a third-party program called 'DOSbox' which
basically emulates a virtual DOS on your computer. You can google this program
to find it as it is free to download or you can find it at this link:

The current version right now as of writing is 'DOSbox 0.72'.

Note: I do not endorse the usage of pirated software, so please go grab
yourself a real version if you are using a pirated CD or CD image.

10.1 WITH CD
If you have the KKND CD then after installing DOSbox:

    1 - Create a folder in your C: drive called 'Games'
    2 - Run DOSbox and input the following commands:
        (note that 'X' is the drive in which your CD is located, go to
        'My Computer' to check if you are unsure. Default should be D: or E:
                       mount C C:\Games
                       mount D X:\ -t cdrom -ioctl
    3 - The game should now start the install process so let the game install
        itself to C:\KKND
    4 - If it asks for the Sound Card, choose SoundBlaster if it is available
        otherwise it doesn't matter
    5 - If needed the port address should be 220
    6 - If needed IRQ = 7, DMA = 1

If you have a CD Image File of KKND (these are usually identified but not
limited to the file types .iso .mdf .mds .bin). You will need to mount the
image using another program. Either use 'Alcohol 120% or 52%' or you can
use 'Daemon Tools' which is a free download.

Refer to the programs 'help' functions or refer to the help available on the
program's internet site if you are unsure how to mount images. But you will
need to mount your KKND Image File to any drive.

Then after installing DOSbox:
    1 - Create a folder in your C: drive called 'Games'
    2 - Run DOSbox and input the following commands:
        (note that 'X' is the drive in which your CD Image is located, go to
        'My Computer' to check if you are unsure. Default should be F: or G:
                       mount C C:\Games
                       mount D X:\ -t cdrom -ioctl
    3 - The game should now start the install process so let the game install
        itself to C:\KKND
    4 - If it asks for the Sound Card, choose SoundBlaster if it is available
        otherwise it doesn't matter
    5 - If needed the port address should be 220
    6 - If needed IRQ = 7, DMA = 1

To play the game afterwards, make sure you have your CD-ROM inserted in your
drive or the CD Image mounted then:

    1 - Run DOSbox and enter the following commands:
        (note that 'X' is the drive in which your CD Image is located, go to
        'My Computer' to check if you are unsure. Default should be F: or G:
                        mount C c:\games 
                        mount D X:\ -t cdrom -ioctl 
                        cd kknd 
    2 - KKND should run now and you can press 'ALT + ENTER' to toggle 
        full screen

As of version 0.72 of DOSbox, the mount line does not need the '-ioctl' part
so you can skip it if you want, although it doesn't change anything if you
leave it in.

If your game is lagging or running slowly you may need a better computer as
emulating through DOSbox takes a lot of CPU power. Check the DOSbox website
for System Requirements. If your computer meets the requirements then you will
need to increase the amount of CPU cycles DOSbox is using. This is done by:

    1 - Before entering any other commands type:
    2 - Try running the game, if it still lags try:
    3 - Try running the game, if it still lags then increase the number until
        it doesn't. 

Increasing the cycles may make your computer lag if you are trying to do 
something else at the same time. So you can only increase to a certain extent
depending on what CPU you have. Check the CPU usage in 'CTRL + ALT + DELETE'
task manager to monitor how much CPU is being used up as you increase the

                  %                               %
##################%   11. Understanding the AI    %####################
                  %                               %

One of the most important aspects about beating the game is knowing about the
AI, whether is it a little bit of knowledge or so much as to say to created
the game, every bit helps. The AI I'm referring to here is generally the
'Computer Opponent' that you face in every level. Sometime I may use the term
in a different context where AI will mean how the game is made to do something
in a certain way (such as how units find their way around the map). The
following are the points which you should know about the AI and each is
explored in greater detail below as well as their applications where

All the following points have been gathered through my own experiences and
a lot of these points are what led me to formulate a lot of my 'Tips and Tricks'
in the earlier section.

11.1 Oil Tankers
For the human player (that's you), your tankers will behave as if they are
working in a line drawn straight from the Oil Rig to the nearest Power
Station, deviating from this path only when necessary (i.e. blocked). This
means that when you are handling more then one Oil Rig/Power Station, you
will need to control how many tankers go to each rig and each station. Once
you have commanded them once they will follow this path unit given a further
command. This is also important for tankers built out of the Blacksmith as
they will automatically join the nearest 'rig to station' line. Keeping an
eye on this is crucial as having too many tankers on 1 Oil Rig will cause
traffic jams and could end up in all the tankers stopping all together. Here
are some GENERAL rules to follow (subject to changes due to terrain
         1 - No matter where the Oil Rig is located, a minimum of 2 tankers
             should be used.
   {Note: A 'Power Station block' (PSB) is the size taken up by 1 Power
         2 - If the distance from the Oil Rig to Power Station is:
                     0 ~ 1.5 PSBs = 2 Oil Tankers
                     2 ~ 3.5 PSBs = 3 Oil Tankers
                     4 ~ 5.5 PSBs = 4 Oil Tankers
                     6 ~ 7.5 PSBs = 5 Oil Tankers
                     (+ 1.5 PSBs = +1 Oil Tanker) etc...
         3 - If you have more then 1 Power Station for an Oil Rig, have the
             number suggested in (2) going to the nearest Power Station and
             then send the spare tankers to the outer Power Station.
         4 - Due to the loading area of the Power Station being on the south
             side, tanker seem to work better when the Power Station is built
             to the north of the Oil Rig compared to the south.

For the AI (computer opponent), the game is programmed so that on each level,
each 'rig to station' line has a minimum number of tankers needed. The AI will
always have an Oil Tanker queued up should the number of tankers in that line
fall below the required amount. For you (the player), this gives you a very
neat trick where you can force the computer to waste money by building
tankers (refer to 8.3 Tips and Tricks). The next thing to know about the AI
tankers is that they will always go to the station that they are assigned to
when they are produced unless it is destroyed. This allows you to perform a
different trick where you block tankers (refer to 8.3 Tips and Tricks).
Apart from these points there are a few other small things that should be self
evident, these are:
         1 - Oil Tankers will NEVER deviate from their path to squash 
         2 - Oil Tankers will take the shortest route even if it is heavily
             occupied by the opponent.
         3 - Oil Tankers will NEVER leave the Oil Rig or Power Station until
             it has COMPLETELY loaded/unloaded all its fuel.

A thing to note is that an Oil Tanker will be destroyed if it is unloading at
a Power Station and the Power Station is destroyed by any method.

11.2 Unit/Army Production
In any mission where you are playing against a computer opponent and they
field the ability to produce units via buildings, then there will be a set
number of each unit for the AI to produce to form its army. An example may
be: (1 Dire Wolf, 2 Scorpions, 3 berserkers, 2 Shotgunners and 1 Pyromaniac).
What ever the army line-up is, the following rules apply:
         1 - The AI will NEVER attack on its own accord until it has built
             the entire set of units programmed for that mission.
         2 - The AI will try to produce ALL the units at the same time, but
             due to pricing differences, some will be built before others.
         3 - If the AI is provoked (you attack their building for example),
             then the AI will attack you with whatever units it has produced
             thus far for its army. Units produced after the provoking
             incident will start massing in the base again to try and complete
             another set of units.
         4 - When the AI decides to attack you, it will generally (for most
             missions), set an 'Attack-Move' command on your Clan Hall/Outpost
             which means they will engage anything along the way to that

What does all this mean for you? Well, these allow you to perform a few tricks
outlined in '8.3 - Tips and Tricks' but apart from that, knowledge needed for
each point mentioned before is as follows:
         1 - This allows you to plan your attacks and gives you a pre-emptive
             on AI assaults.
         2 - This will allow you to pretty much tell what is about to come
             out of the buildings. The cheapest units will come out first
             followed by the most expensive logically of course. Also means
             that the army will be weaker at one point due to weaker units
             being completed first.
         3 - You can prevent a huge army attacking you by splitting up forces
             by provoking the enemy and you can drag the enemy force away
             a bit like this as well.
         4 - You can use buildings as Cannon Fodder to soak up your damage
             while your units fire away so long as the enemy encounters the
             building before it sees your units.

The computer will NEVER build Technicians/Mekaniks or Sabouteurs/Vandals.
However the computer WILL capture bunker units if they are left on the map
for too long.

11.3 Unit Micromanagement
The computer players have very poor micromanagement (micro) in this game.
Even if a unit can easily dodge and attack, it will not do so and it will not
pull near death units out of battle. The AI NEVER uses the repair bay or
equivalent evolved facility. Once it orders a unit to engage a building, it
rarely will switch targets even if a unit starts attacking it. The only form
of intelligent play that the AI utilizes is during an attack, when most of the
army has been destroyed and there is clearly no way the AI's forces will
defeat yours, they will retreat straight back to base. The AI will always
charge directly at the same point every attack unless there is something
closer to engage so it will walk directly into a 'Kill-Zone' if you set one

For the human players, when you order one or more units to move to a location,
it will do so via the shortest route possible. Units will dance around
stupidly in the same spot should the path become temporarily/permanently
blocked so you may need to re-issue movement commands; especially if you are
moving larger units. This is also why it may be a good reason to move your
infantry through a hole/ramp separately apart from your vehicles so they don't
end up tangling your vehicles up. Units can attack friendly units via the
'ALT' command although they cannot 'Attack-Ground'.

                  %                               %
##################%        12. Conclusion         %####################
                  %                               %

That brings you to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading this guide;
I hope you have enjoyed playing this game and look forward to helping you
again in a future guide.

                                            [2007] Shaun Chen (a.k.a. Skasian)