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Follow the dark path or use the light
King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Pack Shot

King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella



by Tricky

                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/ 


Version 1.0

| Index:                                                                    |
    Introduction .................................................. IDXA000 
    Walkthrough ................................................... IDXB000
    Questions and answers ......................................... IDXC000
    Death List .................................................... IDXD000
    Final Notes ................................................... IDXE000
| Introduction:                                                   | IDXA000 |

I must note to those who used my other walkthrougs before that this one will
be a bit different than my other ones where I use a very strict organization.
The reason is simple. The game just doesn't allow it.

I will therefore not just stick to the walkthrough, but I'll also set up a
few important parts up in Q&A style, but only those things you might not
think of yourself, something so pathetic as showing your ring to prove you
are a prince is not included in that Q&A. :D
I must note that the Q&A may not give all answers, or that the answer may
not get you through the instant you look it up. You may need to have done
other parts first to do right away what the answer says, so looking at
the walkthrough is still required.

Okay, this is an old game, so modern OS may not play it so well, or even
more likely not play it at all. I played (when writing this FAQ) this game
in MacOS X, using DosBox 0.73, you can download that program for Mac, Linux
and Windows (and other OSes) on

When you want your own copy of this game, there are places where they
still seem to sell it, I don't know any of them as I got my copy years
ago on CD-ROM (Roberta Williams Antology). Don't think that you got a legal
copy when you downloaded it from an "Abandonware" site. Just because the
game is old doesn't automatically mean it's "Abandonware", and the copyrights
of it are still valid, till 70 years after its publication date, which will
be around 2063, which is a date that is far away from now and that some of
you may never even live to see. 

To make things clear about expiring of copyrights, they remain valid until
70 years after the copyright-holder's death. If the copy-right holder is a
company, which has the status of immortality, then the copyright expires
70 years after its publication date.

So if you are going to get yourself a copy, you should make sure that the
site you get it from is recognized by Sierra (or a representive of them) if
you want a legal copy.

Okay, a quick overview of the characters

Prince Alexander
The hero of this story, the same guy who was the Hero in KQ3 (but then 
renamed as "Gwydion" by the evil wizard Mannanan). He's in love with
Casima, the crown-princess of the Green Isles. When she's in trouble
Prince Alexander has to come to the rescue.

Princess Casima
A captured princess you gotta save (how romantic). She's forced into a 
marriage, but her heart truly belongs to you.

Abdul Alhazred
The evil one. He's after the throne and hopes to get it by marrying Casima.

Shamir Shamazel
Abdul's genie. He's been ordered to lure you into your death. Whenever you 
see him, you can recognize him by his golden eyes, so whenever you see those
you know there's a trap for you.

That makes the most important ones, let's get on with this

| Walkthrough                                                     | IDXB000 |
Well, you are on The Green Isles. There are five islands you can switch
between. "Isle of the Crown", "Isle of Wonder", "Isle of the Beast",
"Isle of the Sacred Mountain", "Isle of Myst". That last one becomes
available later.

You start on the beach of the "Isle of the Crown". Let's go.

- = Get your ring from the sand
  = Exit north
- Exit north

- = Try to enter the castle (the dogs will stop you)
  = Show them your ring to prove you are Prince Alexander
  = After awhile you'll be outside again, exit south
- Exit west

- Enter the bookstore (damn, the genine is here. Oh, well, ignore him).

- = Talk to the storekeeper and hear him out
  = Pick up the book near the exit (the storekeeper gives it away for free).
  = Leave the store
- Exit north

- Ignore the mistreated girl for now, you cannot do anything for her at this
  moment, she'll become important later. For now, just follow the road and
  exit west
- Ignore the swimming boy. It's Shamir, the genie luring you into your death.
  Just enter the ferry.
  = Knock on the door
  = Show the ferrymen your ring
  = Talk to him (It's hard to spot with that big icon, and so little space
    but you might be able to hear him out eventually).

- = Keep talking to the ferryman until he mentions a map the Pawn Shop keeper
    seems to have
  = Take also his rabbit foot
  = Leave the ferry and go back to town
- You can see Jollo sitting o a chair here
  = Talk to him (he doesn't trust you)
  = Show him your ring and he'll trust you now and tell you all he knows
    hear him out.
  = After Jollo left, leave the bookstore
- Enter the Pawn Shoppe

- Ah, Shamir his here. You can't wait for him to go away. That will (alas) 
  take forever.
  = Just hear the storekeeper out about the magic map
  = Offer your ring in trade for it.
  = Leave the store and go to the beach you started the game on
- = Move the piece of wood to reveal a chest
  = Open it and remove the coins
  = Go back to the Pawn Shoppe
- = Buy the nightingale for the coins
    (if you see the storekeeper trashing things, search the trash to find 
    yourself a bottle of ink)
  = Leave the village south
- = Use the toy nightingale to lure the nightingale closer to you
    That's all you can do with this bird for now, but it's Sing Sing, the
    pet of Cassima's Jollo mentioned. This bird is your messenger with the
    Princess, but you'll have to wait to send something till later.
  = Go to the beach
- Use the map to go to the Isle Of Wonder

- = Something is floating in the water. Wait till it's close enough to the
  = Pick it up
  = Read the boring book you got from the store to the oyster in front
  = When it yawns get the pearl it reveals
  = Use your map and get back to the Isle Of The Crown
- Go to the Pawn Shoppe

- = Trade the pearl for the ring
  = Get a mint from the counter
  = Go back to Sing Sing's tree
- = Give the ring to Sing Sing (take note of the snake. It's Shamir)
  = Pick up the ribbon she brings back
  = Examine the ribbon to find a hair
  = Go to the beach
- Use the map to go to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain
- = Don't bother the mountains yet, just get the flower
  = Get the feather
  = Let's be off to the Isle Of Wonder
- Before you do anything here, check if you got the flower from the Isle
  of the Sacred Mountain, the Rabbit foot from the Ferryman, the nightingale
  from the Pawn Shoppe, the invisible ink from the Pawn Shopkeeper's trash,
  and a mint from the Pawn Shoppe.
  Now go to any direction and some Gnomes will stop you. If you are a man 
  you'll be dead, so you have to fool their senses
  Let's fool them
  = Tom Throw - Tries to smell - Use the flower on him
  = Hark Grovernor - Tries to listen - Use the nightingale on him
  = Grump-Frump - Tries to taste - Give him a breath mint
  = Trilly-Dilly - Tries to feel - Use the rabbit foot on him
  = Old Bill Batter - Tries to look - Use the invisible ink on yourself
  And that solves this one. Exit north
- = Pick up a milk button from the plants under the dog tree
  = Exit West
- Go through the doors to enter chessboard land

- = Try to enter and the knights will block you (CHECKMATE)
  = Hear out the queens that come and wait until they go away
  = Pick up the scarf they leave behind
  = Exit south
- In this location you need the flute. You can get it from the Pawn Shoppe.
  Go there to trade your nightingale for it and come back to this very spot.
  = Play flute and the flowers will dance
  = Take the hole-on-the-wall
  = Pick up the rotten tomato
  = Pick up the iceberg lettuce and leave the island immediately and go to
    the Isle of the Beast

*** ISLE OF THE BEAST ***    
- Exit north

- = Throw the iceberg lettuce in the boiling water
  = Cross the pool
  = Pick up the lamp hanging in the tree
  = Exit north
- The garderner is once again Shamir in another attempt to lure you into
  your death, so ignore him
  = Pick up the brick in front of the stone archer
  = Exit south
- Cross the pool, exit south

- Go to the Isle of the Crown

- Go to the bookstore

- Jollo may be here. Hear him out until he leaves
  = Examine the book on the counter. The storekeeper will trade it for a 
    rare book. You have to come back for that later, but you must have heard
    that request
  = Check out a book in the most right shelf
  = When a page falls out pick it up
  = Leave

- Go to the Pawn Shoppe

- = Trade your flute for the thinderbox
  = Leave

- Go to Sing Sing
  = Give her the poem and Casima will return you a letter
  = Pick it up (you'll automatically read it)
  = Go to the beach
- Go to the Isle of Wonder

- Exit east

- = Mess with the bookpile and hear out the bookwork
  = After it refuses to help you go back to the beach
- Go to the Isle of the Beast

- = Talk to the strange animal in the trees
  = Show it the sentence you picked out of the sea at the Isle of Wonder
  = Go back to the Isle of Wonder
- Exit east

- = Give the strange animal to the bookworm and you'll get a book of 
  = Go to the Isle of the Crown
- Go to the bookstore

- = Trade the riddle book for the spellbook
  = Leave for the Isle of Wonder
- Go to the place with the gate to chessboard land

- = Give one of the baby plants the bottle of milk
  = When the others start crying use the lamp to scoop up some tears
  = Leave and go to the Isle of the Sacret Mountain
The mountain is the copyprotection, and therefore I may not help you on this.
I can only say this, click on the inscription in the wall, solve the puzzle
with the hints given in your manual, some steps will appear and you can 
climb to the next puzzle. Keep this up until you've reached the top of the
mountain. Save often here, one misstep and you'll fall down, and not much
imagination is needed to imagine that means death.

Once you reached the top, Shamir will once again try to lure you into death
with nightshade. Eating that stuff will mean death (as everybody who knows
enough about plants can tell you that nightshade is poisonous).

- = Wait until Shamir (disguised as old woman) leaves
  = Enter the cave beside the nightshade bush
- = Use the thinder box to get some light
  = Exit east (though the hole)
- = Get some leaves of the mint plant
  = Go all the way back outside
- Exit north

- You'll be taken to the Lord and Lady of this Island. You'll have to slay 
  a minotaur. If you got all required items, which are the Hole-In-The-Wall,
  a brick, the thinder box  and a red scarf, Alexander will claim he's ready
  and you'll be thrown into the labyrinth directly. Otherwise you can leave,
  get those items and when you come back you'll also be thrown in.
Doublecheck if you got the next items
= Thinderbox (you can get it at the Pawn Shoppe)
= Red Scarf (the chess queen on the Isle of Wonder drops it)
= The Hole in the Wall (play flute for the flowers on the Isle of Wonder to
  be able to get it)
= A brick (in front of the guarden on the Isle of the Beast)
If you miss any of these, load an old savegame and get those items, since
you won't be able to retrieve them and such be stuck here for eternity.
If you got them all, then continue your way.

One last hint. There are lots of way to die here, so save frequently,
but use a seperate slot in case you still forgot something, so you still
have a way out.

- North
- North
- East
- East
- North
- = Pick up the skull from the floor
  = South
- West
- West
- North
- West

- You must walk a pattern. A1 is the upper left tile and you know the system.
  Step on the next tiles in this order:
  = E2
  = D3
  = C4
  = C3
  = C2
  = B1
  = A2
  = A3
  = Exit west
- North
  (To the east you will meet Shamir disguised as a Winged One girl. As you
  can guess, following "her" will lead into your death. Just nice to know).
- = Get the shield from the wall
  = North
- North
- North
- West
- West

- = Remove the coins from the skeleton eyeholes
  = East
- East
- South
- East

- = Throw a brick into the gears in order to jam them
  = East
- North
- East
- You fall to floor #2

- You are in a Dark Room. If you try anything stupid, or if you wait to
  long, you'll be killed by the minotaur (though you don't see him in the
  = Use the Thinder box on yourself (you see your eyes, so you know where you
  = West
- Keep going west and take the second way south
- South
- East

- You hear the minotaur so loudly, it must be close
  = Use the hole-on-the-wall on the east wall
  = Look through the hole and discover the secret entrance to the lair
  = West
- West
- West
- South
- South
- East
- South
- East
- East
- North
- East
- North
- North

- = Use the hand icon on the tapestry
  = Exit east to enter the lair
- = Talk to the minotaur
  = Use the red scarf and he'll go berserk killing himself in the process
  You'll automatically save Lady Celeste. You may keep her dagger as a token
  of her grattitude.
  You'll also automatically leave the maze.
You'll now have a visit with the Oracle. She'll tell you about the druids on
the Isle of the Mist. She'll also give you a vial of Sacred Water.
After all this you get transported back to the beach

Use the map to go to the Isle of Mist

Now be careful. You don't want to meet the Druids now as they will kill you.
- Exit west
- = Take the scythe
  = Take the lump of coal from the fire pit
  = Exit south
- Go to the Isle of Wonder

- Go to chessboard land, and pick up the bottle and teacup on your way.
  = Give the white queen the lump of coal and you get the spoiled egg
  = Let's go to the swamp
- = Use the teacup in an attempt to get swamp ooze. 
  = Give Bump-On-A-Log the rotten tomato
  = Get the ooze from Bump-On-A-Log
  Next stop Isle of the Beast
- Go to the garden
  = Use the wooden shield to get past the stone archer
  = Pick a rose from the north bushes
  = Try to exit north and the plants will block the path
  = Use the scythe to cut your way through
  = Exit north
- You'll meet the beast, hear him out, after he leaves go as quickly as you
  can to the Isle of the Crown
- Go to the mistreated girl (north of the village)
  = and talk to her
  = Offer her the rose
  = Give her the ring of the beast, and she'll come with you to the beast
For your efforts you get the girl's old clothes (you can use them to sneak
into the castle, but it will get you nowhere), and the Beast's mirror (and
that item IS valuable later in the game), take a look at the weasel (or is
this a ferret), it's Shamir. 
- Before you leave
  = Put the sacred water you got from the oracle into the lamp
  = Use the lamp on the fountain to get your "falling water"
  = Use your spellbook to cast the make rain spell
- Now let's visit the druids again

Upon your arrival you'll be captured by the Druids and be burned to death,
however if you completed the make rain spell, a rainstorm will come and
put out the fire. The Druids will deem you a great wizard and now aid you
in your quest with information.
- = Use the skull to fill it with hot embers
  = Put the egg in the skull
  = Put Casima's hair into the skull
    (If you missed Casima's hair it's possible you got Beaty's hair instead.
    That hair will also do the trick).
- Let's seek out Night Mare, she is at the top of the Cliffs of Logix

Before you get on this make sure you got the next items, since there's no way
= The Skull full of embers, with the egg and the hair
= The Mirror from the Isle of the Beast
= The cup filled with swamp ooze
= The coins from the Minotaur Maze
If you miss any of these, don't continue and get these first

- Go up the cliffs of logic (much shorter now and you don't have to
  solve the puzzles again).
- The winged horse is Night Mare
  = Cast the "Charming Creatures of the Night" spell with you spellbook
There are many ways to die here, so save frequently because you'll die
frequently, but use a diffrent slot so you can go back in case you forgot
You must have these items:
= The Mirror from the Isle of the Beast
= The cup filled with swamp ooze
= A set of coins from the Minotaur Maze
If you miss any of these, load an old savegame to get them.

- = Speak to the two spirits in the middle. Time it right, as Alexander waits
    awhile and that may get you killed in the process (a bug?)
    If you move a bit north you could be spared from that.
  = These are the spirits of Casima's parents. The Queen will give you her
    ticket to the Underworld.
  = Exit East
- = Talk to the spirit and she'll give you a hanky and request you to look
    for her son in the land of the living.
  = Go north, exit north
- If you died before this place must look familiar :)
  Don't be too hasty in entering, as you need the key from the first guy
  = Use the bones in the east to make some music and the guardians will dance.
  = Pick up the key that the front guy drops
  = Now you can use your ticket on the second guy to enter
- = Pick up the gauntlet from the armor lying here
  = Follow the road to the next room
- = Fill your teacup of swamp ooze with water of the Styx
  = Give your coins to Charon (the ferryman) in order to cross the Styx
- = Try to open the gate and the gate will appear to be a monster
  = Talk to it and it will challenge you to a riddle
  My first is foremost legally
  My second circles outwally
  My third leads all in victory
  My fourth twice ends a nominee
  My whole is the gate's only key
  = Answer is "LOVE"
    (First letters of all words, except for the last letter which appears
    twice at the end of the word as the riddle states).

- = Go to the Lord of the Dead
  = Show him the gauntlet in order to challenge him
  = Then show him the mirror
This completes this part. Make sure you leave the Realm of Death with the
teacup filled with Swamp Ooze+Styx water. If you don't you are in trouble.

Well you end up on the Isle of the Crown. The King and Queen will leave you
now, but trust me, they WILL come to your aid when the time comes.

- = First stir your cup with the black feather
  = Now go to the pawn shopee
- Shamir is here. Let's play a little trick on him. 
  = Drink the stuff from the green bottle you found on the Isle of Wonder
  = Shamir will now think you are dead. Take a good look in the cutscene,
    Shamir is a genie from a lamp and you see him disappearing into the lamp.
    Look very well how that lamp looks
  = When you wake up, trade the thinder box for the paint brush
  = Leave the pawn shoppe
- = Offer your lamp to the trader you see here
  = Choose the lamp that looks exactly like the one Shamir disappeared into
    in the previous cutscene
    (The blue one, second from the right. After the trade check out your
    inventory to make sure you got the right one).
  = Exit south
- Exit north

- Exit west

- = Use your paintbrush and your cup to draw a door on the wall
  = Cast the magic paint spell from your spellbook
  = Use the door to enter the castle
Make sure you got the correct lamp, and that you spoke to Jollo before.
If you haven't done one of those you can get away with having a mint leave
from the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.
You MUST have the skeleton key from the Realm of Dead, if you don't have it
you must load a game from before the Realm of Dead since you cannot return
You should also have the hanky from the Realm of Dead (but I think you can
still solve the game without it)
And don't enter without the dagger from Lady Celeste

Well, needless to tell, but stay out of sight of the guard dogs.

- Enter the middle dungeon 

- = Give the hanky to the crying ghost (He gives you a hint about a 
    secret passage behind the man of steel)
  = Leave the cell
- Take the northern exit east

- Use the knight's arm to open the door (the arm not the armor itself)
- = Peek through the hole on the east to eavedrop on the guards
  = Exit upstairs
- = Peek through the hole on the east to catch upon Cassima
  = When she asks for a weapon give her the dagger
  = You cannot do anything for Casima right now
    Exit West
- = Follow the corridor
  = Peek through the hole in the west wall
  = Keep following the corridor
  = Go through the doorway at the end
- = Use the skeleton key to open the chest
  = Take out the papers of the chest and read them
  = Open the box on the table and read the paper (reads "ZEBU")
  = Go back into the secret passage by cabinet
- = Make your way through the corridor, down.
  = Click on the door to get outside

- Exit east

- Now if you haven't spoken to Jollo before you must skip the parts I 
  marked with "##" or you'll get in trouble. If you did speak to him before
  then continue
##   = Go through the door east
## - = Hear Jollo out
##   = Give him the lamp you got from the lamp trader
##     (if you don't have it, skip it, there's another way to solve this)
##   = Exit this room

- Exit southern passage west

- = Talk to the door
  = Password: ALIZEBU
  = Enter
- = Remove the table cloth
  = Examine all items on the table and you see who's the true thief
    everybody's talking about
  = Leave this room
- Southern exit east

- Take the door upstairs

- You'll be caught by captain Saladin
  = Show him the letter you found in the Visier's trunk and he'll lead you
    inside the wedding room
- = Speak to Abdul in order to stop the wedding
  = Watch the sequence and when you can move exit throught the north door
    (Time is vital, Sharmir will kill you if you wait too long).
- Follow the vizier through the stairway (don't be slow or Shamir will
  appear and kill you).
- Once at the top Alhazred will summon Shamir
  Jollo may appear and give you the Shamir's lamp
  = Use it to gain control over Shamir
    (if you didn't do the preperations before, Jollo won't come. In that case
    give Shamir the mint leaf and he'll kill himself, but the lamp leads into
    a better ending).
  = Pick up the sword from the wall
  = Fight Alhazred with it until Casima stabs him in his back
    (if you didn't give her the dagger before I think you'll end up dead)
  = Use your sword to knock Alhazred out

How good the ending is, depends if you could get Shamir for yourself.

| Questions and Answers                                           | IDXC000 |
- What will the storekeeper accept in trade for the map?
= Your ring. You get it back later so don't you worry!
- How do I get past those annoying gnomes?
= There are four. All of them need a different item
  = Sniffer:     Use a flower on him
  = Listener:    Use the toy nightingale on him
  = Licker:      Give him a mint
  = Toucher:     Use the Rabbit Foot on him
  = Looker:      Use the invisible ink on yourself
- How to solve the puzzles on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain
= I'm sorry, I may not provide an answer for legal reasons. These cliffs
  form the copy-protection. The hints are provided in your manual.

- I cannot leave the labyrinth on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.
  Was there anything I needed?
= Before you enter make sure you got
  = The Thinder Box (Pawnshoppe)
  = The Hole-In-The-Wall (Isle of Wonder)
  = A Brick (Isle of the Beast)
  = A red scarf (Isle of Wonder)
- I met the girl I gotta save in the maze, but when I follow her she's gone
  and I end up dead! How come?
= Because that wasn't the girl you were looking for. It was Shamir luring
  you into your death, as usual
- Where are all Shamir's Death disguises?
= 1. Isle of the Crown - The Swimming boy
  2. Isle of the Beast - The gardener
  3. Isle of the Sacred Mountain - The old woman
  4. Isle of the Sacret Mountain - As Lady Celeste
  There are more places where you can meet him, but there he's not luring
  you into a trap, but just spying on you.
  Shamir's golden eyes always betray him, so he's easy to recognize.
- And where is Shamir spying on me?
  = In the bookstore when the storekeeper tells you about the ferry
  = In the pawnshoppe when you get the map. He's also there later when you
    can abuse it, pretending to commit suicide.
  = As a snake in a tree when you send your first gift with Sing Sing
  = As a crow when you save Lady Celeste
  = As a weasel when you bring Beauty to the Beast
- What to do about those druids burning me?
= When you have completed the making rain spell, you'll survive this, and
  the druids will deem you a great wizard and release you from your cage.
  They'll even provide you with valuable information.

- How to get that black horse to take me to that island
= Use the charming creatures of the night spell in your spellbook

- How to get a ticket to the Underworld?
= Casima's mother will give it to you. She's one of the two spirits you meet
  when you arrive here.
- How to enter the castle
= Use the magic paint to draw a door on the sidewall and cast the spell.

- I don't have the lamp, can I still get rid of Shamir?
= Yes, by giving him a mint leaf. He'll get drunk and kill himself. 
  Mastering him with the lamp leads to a better ending, though.
- Where to get all the ingredients for the Magic Paint Spell?
= Horse feather -> On the beach on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain
= Tea Cup -> Isle of Wonder on chair, will be put there later
= Swamp Ooze -> At the swamp on the Isle of Wonder
= Styx water -> From the Styx in the Realm of the Dead

- Where to get all the ingredients for the Rain Spell?
= Teacup -> Lamp at the Isle of the Beast will do
= Salt water -> Tears from baby plant, Isle of Wonder. Milk bottle starts
                the crying
= Sacred water -> From Oracle of Winged Ones. You'll get it from her after
                  defeating the minotaur
= Falling water -> Fountain Isle of the Beast. You must have brought Beauty
                   along first, or else the game won't let you.

- Where to get all the ingredients for Charming Night Creature spell?
= Skull -> Minotaur maze, Isle of the Sacred Mountain
= Hot embers -> Bonfire in Druid Ceremonial place, Isle of the Mists
= Sulphur -> Egg from chess queens, Isle of Wonder
= Pure Maiden's Hair -> Two hairs can do. One from Casima which you can get
                        out of a ribbin if you send your ring to her with
                        Sing Sing.
                        Or by examining Beaty's clothes after she gave them
                        to you.

- I don't see or hear any messages. I do see some portraits flashing through.
= That can happen. Must be something with DosBox, or there's an error with
  the version you get with the Roberta Williams Antology version. You can 
  ask for the menu screen, and set the button "Speech" to "Text". That can
  solve the problem.
  The source of the problem is unknown to me, but annoying it is.
| Death List                                                      | IDXD000 |
Whenver you die, you'll see yourself as a ghost entering the Realm of Death.
(Except for a few occasions), here are all the ways in which I died (on 
purpose) in order to get this list. There may be a few more, I'm sure I 
missed some. If you found more, make sure to e-mail them to me in the same
format that I did here and add the field "From:" with your name at it. I
recommend not to use e-mail adresses in that field. It will only attract

Cause of Death:   Getting into the sea
Remark:           Nothing like getting swept off your feet...
Location:         All Islands
Cause of Death:   Jumping in the water, when the Genie tells you to
Remark:           Alexander couldn't handle those currents. That boy must be
                  an unbelievably strong swimmer
Location:         Isle of the Crown                 
Cause of Death:   Unable to fool the gnomes at the Isle of Wonder
Remark:           Guess those gnomes couldn't reach a con-SENSES!
Location:         Isle of Wonder
Cause of Death:   Getting in the boiling pool
Remark:           It looks like Alexander's in a bit of a stew.
Location:         Isle of the Beast
Cause of Death:   Bitten by the spider on the Isle of Wonder
Remark:           Why do you think they call her a WIDOW?
Location:         Isle of Wonder
Cause of Death:   Shot to death by the archer statue
Remark:           That move was slightly arrow-neous!
Location:         Isle of the Beast
Cause of Death:   Falling off the Cliffs of Logic
Remark:           That wasn't a very logical step!
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Cause of Death:   Eating Nightshade Berries
Remark:           And then there's some land I have for sale in the death
                  bogs of Tamir
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Cause of Death:   Fall into a hole in the Minotaur's maze
Remark:           Don't just wander, Alexander! Let your concience be your
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Cause of Death:   Stepping on the wrong tile in the Minotaur's Maze
Remark:           Three spikes and you're out!
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Caused of Death:  Crushed in the crushing room
Remark:           Alexander never was much good at SQUASH!
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Cause of Death:   Minotaur tears you apart in the dark
Remark:           Caught in the dark, Alexander?
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Cause of Death:   Killed by the minotaur in his lair
Remark:           There's something to be said for taking the bull by the 
                  horns, Alexander!
Location:         Isle of the Sacred Mountain
Cause of Death:   Burned to Death by the Druids
Remark:           That was a bit too hot to handle!
                  Alexander should have been better prepared.
Location:         Isle of the Mists
Cause of Death:   Move too close to the ghouls and they kill you
Remark:           Alexander's mother always told him to avoid bad ghouls!
Location:         Realm of the Dead
Cause of Death:   Jump into the Styx and you're dead
Remark:           Hey, hey, what a fix! Bathing in the River Styx!
Location:         Realm of the Dead
Cause of Death:   Go to close to the door (after crossing the Styx) and you'll
                  be a meal to the door.
Remark:           It must have been love at first bite!
Location:         Realm of the Dead
Cause of Death:   Having the gate's riddle wrong
Remark:           Riddle, fiddle, what to do?
                  Somewhere sticky, there's a clue!
Location:         Realm of the Dead
Cause of Death:   When you wait too long in front of the Lord of the Dead
                  he'll kill you.
Remark:           Death waits for no man!
Location:         Realm of the Dead
Note:             You won't see the usual "ticket please" sequence this time
                  Still you are dead, nonetheless
Cause of Death:   If you hang around too long during the fake wedding Shamir
                  will zap you to death
Remark:           Genie, meenie, minie, moe.... Alexander can't be slow
Location:         Isle of the Crown
Cause of Death:   Losing the battle against Alhazred leads of course into your
Remark:           Touche! Alexander should have been on guard
Location:         Isle of the Crown

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