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Follow the dark path or use the light
KartRider Pack Shot




by Trixter800

K   K
K  K
K K 
K  K
K   K art

R   R
R   R
R  R
R   R ider

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';      ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;
  ;';';';';';'; Table of Contents

{}{}I. Introduction
{}{}{}Ia. Version History

{}{}II. Basics
{}{}{}IIa. Menus
{}{}{}IIb. Racing

{}{}III. Walkthrough
{}{}{}IIIa. License
{}{}{}{}IIIa1. Beginner License
{}{}{}{}IIIa2. Rookie License
{}{}{}IIIb. Quests
{}{}{}{}IIIb1. Quest Set 1
{}{}{}{}IIIb2. Temporary Quests
{}{}{}IIIc. Gloves

{}{}IV. Items
{}{}{}IVa. Karts
{}{}{}IVb. Characters
{}{}{}IVc. Paint
{}{}{}IVd. Accesories

{}{}V. Racing
{}{}{}Va. Items
{}{}{}Vb. Tracks
{}{}{}Vc. Time Trial

{}{}VI. Scenario
{}{}{}VIa. Scenario 1
{}{}VI. FAQs

{}{}VII. Copyright, Credit, & Contact

NOTE! If you want to skip to a section, press Control or CTRL and F at the
      same time (Apple and F on some different computers) This will open up
      the search window. Type in the Roman Numeral of the section you want
      to skip to, and then press Enter to go there. You may need to do it a
      few times for it to work, however.

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

KartRider is a unique racing game made by Nexon for the PC. It's fun and
challenging, with it updating every week or so, with new quests, scenarios,
and items. What's the biggest part - is that it's online.

Yes, online. You can battle it out (or FORCED to battle it out) against
friends, or even people you don't know. Even if you don't want to interact
with others, you can always work on quests, scenarios and licenses.

If you want to join KartRider, you need an account. The website is found at
'', and click no KartRider.

(If you already have a Nexon Account for Audtion Online, or MapleStory, you
are set already) Click where it says Register, to, well, register. 

After that, you must download KartRider. It's under Downloads section of
Nexon or Katrider. I've heard different download times - usually the least
being about 5 minutes, the most being about an hour and a half. (In these
cases they are fast and slow computers, however)

After - click on Kartrider, and you're ready to go. The rest of this guide is
all about Kartrider. Each section is seperated by a little tire, made of
"" ' ""s and "" ; ""s. 

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'Ia.
;';';';' Version History

Version 0.2

Today is the first update of this guide. I have gotten a small bit in, as
well as all the needs (Copyright, Introduction, etc.)


Version 0.4

Done some more, mainly with quests etc. I should have a good amount done


Version 0.41

Replaced Titles with Tire art. Also did a few more things with borders.


Version 0.6

I finished all PERMANENT quests, as well as all AVALIBLE licenses. I also
added gloves, and added most avalible information there. I only need to finish
Scenario now.


Version 0.7

Ok, after thought, I found Scenario to be optional, as you do not need it
to advanced licenses. I gave it a seperate section out of the walkthrough,
so I have technically completed the Walkthrough, but not whole guide.


Version 0.8

Today I've finished the Glove Ranking Section, as well as added a new feature.
Underneath is how many more Rp you need to the next level, so you don't have
to caculate it.



Fixed temporary questss table of contents.



Removed Temporary quests names on TABLE OF CONTENTS ONLY!!! Keeping them as an
archive for anyone who decides to look.



Fixed various spacing issues to make everything even in enter spaces.

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

This section will help you with Kartrider.

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IIa.

Coming soon!

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IIb.

^ Accelerate
<, > Turn left or right
v Down, slow
CTRL Use item

You can choose between different channels - depending on your license. The
more licenses you have, the more you have. You can go in your level license
channel and any below it, with the exception of Beginner.

There are two types of races, divided into two more. The main mode is Speed.
Speed is a classic mode, where you race just like on most Scenarios, and
Time Trial. You can also boost. You can do either Single which is free for
all, or Team which is a bit different. It's the same, but, there's a second
bar at the top in Team. When you drive, any member, the bar goes up a tiny
bit. Whenever it fills up, any Red Nitros already obtained goes to you.
To fill up either bar, successfully drift.

Item is a bit different. There are no bars, but you can still drift, although
it has little effect. The biggest difference is the fact that item boxes
appear, which you can use to your advantage. Team is almost the same, but
homing work a bit different, and there's a few different items than in

While in Multiplayer, you can Create a Room. You can make the name, limit
people, as wlel as you being the leader. You can also make a password to lock
certain people out.

You can also Find a Rider. You simply type in their name, it must be correct
spelling, and you will be taken to them if they are in a open room, or in
their garage.

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

After you've downloaded KartRider, click on the icon. There, you will open
up the window. Type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Then, the full screen will
open up.

Now - you must choose your Character and Paint. There are VERY important.
You can buy more later - for a high price. Also, any items bought in Kart
Rider dissapear after 7, 30, or 90 (most being 30) days. Thse first paints
and character however, never run out - so it's best to choose your FAVORITE
color, as well as your gender.

You can buy different characters and paints later, but like I said, they die
off after 30 or 90 days. After you pick, you get the most basic Practice Cart
bundled with it.

After you start - you're free to work on whatever you want. You can do
License, which is working to higher levels. These are the most important,
because these determine what kind of Quest and Scenarios you get. You also
get exclusive items and accesories, as well as better channels in Multiplayer

Quests are also important - because you can get free items and gifts. You
can also multitask scenarios and some licenses with these, which is good. It's
also required for you to finish these to obtain bonus, limited time quests
which give you exclusive items.

Scenario is the least important, but part of completing the game. You also
get items, and is fun to do when you don't want to race multiplayer. You
embark on a journey through many mini-quests to do.

So, you can do them in practically ALMOST any order, so take your pick.

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IIIa.

The different licenses can be looked at and you can do the tests over and
over, with the exception of Beginner. You can access your licenses at the
License Button.

 ;';  ;IIIa1.
 ;';;'Beginner License

With the Beginner License, you can unlock all the features you didn't
have because of the tutorial. You also unlock the exclusive Beginner channel,
but you don't get RP or Lucci.

TEST 1: Drive
This test is simple. The first thing you must do is follow the instructions.
Press SPACEBAR to advance the text, then accelerate by pressing UP. Then,
you must drive backwards.

Now you must drive left and right - but you must accelerate by doing so. You
must press UP, and then you must press RIGHT. Do the same, except switch

TEST 2: Booster Drill
This is the easiest test of your life. First, start the race, and whenever
you feel like it (you must finish the race with it though) press CTRL
and activate your Nitro Boost to finish the race.

TEST 3: Missle Drill
Learning how tracking and locking-on works on KartRider takes some practice.
So lock on, hold CTRL while being close to or straight in front of the
target. You then wait until the cross hair turns, red, that means in will
follow the target.

In this case, drive in front of the pirate looking doll, and hold control
until the crosshair turns red. Then, let go of the CTRL, and watch the doll
blow to pieces.

TEST 4: Bank Drill
This is the final and hardest test. You have to collect as much of the gold
coins on the track in 2 minutes as possible, and you'll get your Beginner

Remember stay slow because you have two minutes. Just take it slow and easy,
and you may want to go back if you miss one. Take turns slow, since they're
in a patterned line.

 ;';  ;IIIa2.
 ;';;'Rookie License

With the Rookie License, you can participate in two new channels - Novice,
for beginners, and Rookie. In Global KartRider, Rookie's the highest
rank, so it's generally for a bit tougher players. In these channels, you
can obtain RP (EXP in this game) and Lucci (money)

TEST 1: Curb Drill
This is a test where you must drive through poles scattered along. Really
simple - but you only have twenty seconds. Although you have a guided path,
it's really easier to just follow them in a straight line - you'll have
more than half your time left.

TEST 2: Magnet Drill
Another target practice sort of drill. First off, it's much like the rocket.
So lock on, hold CTRL while being close to or straight in front of the
target. You then wait until the cross hair turns, red, that means in will
follow the target.

So in this case, let go to activate your magnet at the block (it will
magnet at other players in most other cases) and you'll be sent flying
that way. You have 7 seconds.

If you're bored, and want a challenge, press control right after the 1
dissapears for a beginning boost. Assuming you don't mess with it, you don't
even have to magnet to finish the race.

TEST 3: Drift Drill

This is the hardest test you've had yet - drifting. And you only have 60
seconds. To drift, hold down SHIFT and turn, you'll move slower and more

Let go to fill up your meter at the bottom a bit. If it's full, it turns
into a Nitro Boost, so you can speed up. So, Drift until your Nitro Bar is
full, then head through the finish line to obtain the Rookie License.

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IIIb.

Quest Set 1! Tutorial
No License Required

Part 1: Obtain both Licenses.
500 lucci

This is a relatively easy part. Look at the license section, and look under
Beginner and Rookie.

Part 2: Use Quick-Join
White-Glove Plate (7-days)

Go to Multiplayer, and click Quick-Join to join a race. You must then finish

Part 3: Use the Gift-Box
500 lucci

At the bottom of the screen are tabs. One has a heart, it is the Gift-Box.
You can accept your White-Glove Plate here, or you can save it since you
can only use it for 7 days. After that, you'll finish the quest.

Part 4: Visit your Garage
500 lucci

Simple. Go to the same tab, and press Garage. Look around in your items for
about ten seconds, and you'll complete the quest.

Part 5: Buy an item
1,500 lucci

Buy anything from the shop (also on the tab) with the 1,500 lucci you got.
I reccocmend you buy something worth while, like Paint or Characters.

Part 6: Switch channels
500 lucci

There are various channels. Race in one race in a particular channel, and
then switch to another one, and race again. Simple enough.

Part 7: Create a Room
500 lucci

You can create your own room where you can be the leader, and customize the
title, password, and players of a room. To finish this quest - you must
first create a room. The best is probably Single Item. Then wait a while
until someone clicks Ready, then you click Start. You will complete the
race, and the quest.

Part 8: Complete a race

Whenever one person finished the race, the others have 10 seconds to finish.
If you don't make it in the 10 seconds, you retire. If you do - you complete
it. Complete a race to pass.

Part 9: Top 3

You must be the first, second or third person in a race. It's best to do this
in Items (for beginners) and it must have 4 or more players, and be single.
Stay in the Novice Channel, and try to do it with only 4 or five players to
have the best chance of qualifying in the Top 3.

Part 10: Time Trial

You must participate in a Time Trial. In all these quests, if you don't have
money, you're basically messed up. So, go to the Stop Watch: Time Trial,
and enter a quick, cheap Time Trial. 

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IIIb1.
;';';';' Temporary Quests

Some quests only last a little while - so do them while you can.

;'  ;'IIIb1'

Temporary Quest Set Rally!

Part 1: Compete in 20 races
30 Days - Boomtown License Plate

This is just tedious, rather than hard. Just race a while - you don't have
to do anything special.

Part 2: Complete 20 races
1,000 lucci

You must complete (not your team) 20 races. This is harder, and may require
a lot more races - but the 1000 lucci is well worth it.

;'  ;'IIIb1'
;';';Santa Presents

Temporary Quest Set Rally!

Part 1: Partake in 25 Races
Chrismtas Baton

Just tedious. Simply partake in 25 races, and you earn a hard earned Christmas

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IIIc.

Gloves are a staple of KartRider. At the end of a scenario/race/quest, you get
(might in some Scenarios and Quests) RP. When these RPs build up enough, you
get a level up - and your 'glove' changes to less and less fingers held up.
When all the fingers are down, you rank up to the next colored. When you
finish all the colors, you go on to Stared colors and fingers.

Gloves aren't your actual gloves on your hand, but when you race, or see
your profile, there's a small, glove looking object. Other people and yourself
can see your glove.

The top thing is the kind of glove. Below the kind of glove, on the left
side is how many fingers, and on the right side is the minimum amount of be
that glove.

The amount of RP required to upgrade to the next is based om a simple pattern.
It starts with 875, and then doubles on the last glove of that class, then you
use the doubled one for Green.

So, a = 5 finger, b = 1 finger, c = next glove

a2 = b
a2 = c

The pattern is slightly editted at Red Glove, and halts after that.

Yellow Glove
5 Fingers - 0 RP 
   +875 RP
4 Fingers - 875 RP
   +875 RP
3 Fingers - 1750 RP
   +875 RP
2 Fingers - 2625 RP
   +875 RP
1 Finger - 3500 RP
   +1400 RP

Green Glove
5 Fingers - 4900 RP
4 Fingers - 6300 RP
3 Fingers - 7700 RP
2 Fingers - 9100 RP
1 Finger - 10500 RP

Blue Glove
5 Fingers - 13000 RP
4 Fingers - 16100 RP
3 Fingers - 18900 RP
2 Fingers - 21700 RP
1 Finger - 24500 RP

Red Glove
5 Fingers - 28700 RP
4 Fingers - 32900 RP
3 Fingers - 37100 RP
2 Fingers - 41300 RP
1 Finger - 45500 RP

Black Glove
5 Fingers - 51100 GP
4 Fingers - 56700 GP 
3 Fingers - 62300 GP
2 Fingers - 67900 GP
1 Finger - 73500 GP

Rainbow Glove
5 Fingers - 81900 GP
4 Fingers - 90300 GP 
3 Fingers - 98700 GP
2 Fingers - 107100 GP
1 Finger - 115500 GP

Starred Yellow Glove
5 Fingers - 117300 GP
4 Fingers - 119100 GP
3 Fingers - 120900 GP
2 Fingers - 122700GP
1 Finger - 124500 GP

Starred Green Glove
5 Fingers - 128500 GP 
4 Fingers - 132500 GP
3 Fingers - 136500 GP
2 Fingers - 140500 GP
1 Finger - 144500 GP

Starred Blue Glove
5 Fingers - 151300 GP 
4 Fingers - 158100 GP
3 Fingers - 164900 GP
2 Fingers - 171700 GP 
1 Finger - 178500 GP

Starred Red Glove
5 Fingers - 188100 GP
4 Fingers - 197700 GP
3 Fingers - 207300 GP
2 Fingers - 216900 GP
1 Finger - 226500 GP

Starred Black Glove
5 Fingers - 239700 GP
4 Fingers - 252900 GP
3 Fingers - 266100 GP 
2 Fingers - 279300 GP 
1 Finger - 292500 GP

Starred Rainbow Glove
5 Fingers - 310300 GP
4 Fingers - 328100 GP
3 Fingers - 345900 GP
2 Fingers - 363700 GP
1 Finger - 381500 GP
MAX! Good job!

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

Items are accesoires that can be accessed in the left panel of many things.
There are characters, karts, paints and more. You buy them in a store - and
they dissapear after a good while.

You can receive some in the gift box soon. You can see yourself completely by
going to the Garage, where you can visit others, or vice versa and have others
visit you.

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IVa.

Coming soon!

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IVb.


Bonus: +5% RP & Lucci 
Cost: 3,000 Lucci 

"Dao is the role model for all riders. He does not like attacking other 
riders during races, and never cheats to win a race. He started riding karts
when he was younger and excels at winding turns as well as possessing
excellent drift technique."


Bonus: +5% RP & Lucci 
Cost: 3,000 Lucci 

"Diz was a tad shy at first, but through practice, became one of the best 
riders -- though she can be a little wild at times. She is planning to find 
the evil Lodumani with her boyfriend Dao." 


Bonus: +10% RP & Lucci 
Cost: 1,000 Lucci

"Chunk is a rider who is constantly practicing. He is intimidated by high
speeds, but his expert use of items more than makes up for this." 


Bonus: +25% RP & Lucci if you finish in the top 3 in Single Mode 
+10% RP if your team wins in Team Mode 
Cost: 1,000 Lucci 

"Mos is the biggest kart maniac in Boom Hill who believes there is more to a
race than winning. He loves karts and he even mods his own kart." 


Bonus: +50% RP if you finish first in Single mode 
+20% RP if your team wins in Team Mode 
Cost: 1,000 Lucci 

"Brill is a technician who learned to drive by testing the karts he built
himself. He also builds his own karts and has a deep understanding of kart 


Bonus: +25% RP and Lucci if the player finishes first in Singles mode 
+15% RP and Lucci if the player's team wins in Team Mode. 
Cost: 1,000 

"Orion is a very active and outgoing rider. He loves to race with his 
friends! He is a Kart enthusiast whose main goal is to one day master the 
art of drifting. His constant effort to improve his own driving style in 
Kart racing is looked upon by fellow racers." 


Bonus: +10% RP and +20% Lucci if you finish a race in Single Mode 
+10% Lucci if your team wins in Team Mode 
Cost: 1,000 Lucci 

"Maridia dreams of winning Dao's heart through her racing skill. Maridia 
wants to win his love more than any race." 

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IVc.

Green Paint
- A medium-dark green

Aqua Green Paint
- This is a light bluish color

Orange Paint
- A medium orange

Blue Paint
- A dark green

Purple Paint
- A medium-dark purple

Yellow Paint
- A solid, medium-dark yellow

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'IVd.

Coming soon!

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'Va.

Banana Peel
- Drops a banana peel on the track.

- A sheild covers you for two seconds, rendering any ONE attack hitting
  you in that two seconds useless.

- A wall of cloud blocks the view of other opponents. Anyone with goggles on
  can see through it.

- All other characters (of opposite team in Team Mode) have their Left and
  Right keys reversed. This is trouble thanks to the delay to start after
  the animation, and when it stops.

- A person a few places ahead of you is slowed for a few seconds drastically.

Nitro Boost
- You go really fast for a short period of time.

- You lock on to someone, and then go fast towards them. If you get ahead,
  you go in the direction pulled, which is backwards.

Water Bomb
- A water bomb comes up a good distance ahead and stays for about two seconds.
  Anyone who passes it is stuck in a bubble for a long period of time. The
  deadliest, but worst accuracy.

- You lock on and aim a missle. This has good accuracy, if you aim good,
  but only medium deadliest.

Water Fly
- A water fly comes, and then catches the person one place ahead of you and
  traps them in a mini-bubble. This never misses, unless you're in 1st place,
  but only traps them for about a second.

Angel (Team Item only!)
- An angel comes for every member of the team for about 3 seconds, protecting
  them from ANY attack.

UFO Block (Team Item only!)
- Blocks a UFO. (Shields cant block UFOs)

Double Nitro Boost (Team Speed only!)
- If the meter fills up and you have a Nitro, you'll get a double boost. 
  This boost is similar to Nitro, but is in effect longer and is much

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'Vb.

Coming soon!

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'Vc.
;';';';'Time Trial

Time Trial is trying to set bests against you and others in a single race,
similar to Speed. You pay a Lucci fine of 50-200 lucci to compete, and you
then race - and it records your time.

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

Scenarios are unique - tracks or tests, that can be accessed by the scroll
looking icon on the regular menu, not the bottom taskbar however. You then
choose your Scenario Level and then you'll do them in order.

;';'   ;';
;';'  ;';'VIa..
;';';';'Scenario 1

Beginning! Part 1
50 RP

This is where you drive around the track. Nothing special, not times,


Prove Your Worth to Diz! Part 2
500 lucci

This seems to get a LOT OF PEOPLE. Basically, stay on the side, and don't
drift. It's simple as long as you KEEP it simple.


Battle with Diz! Part 3
200 RP

You must race actually head-to-head against Diz. Again, stay close to the
corners, and rarely, if ever, drift.

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;

If you have any questions, contact me (look in Contact section) and I'll put
your question here.

  ;';';'  ;';';'
 ;';';     ;';;'
;';';';'  ;';';;
  ;';';';';';';Copyright, Credit & Contact


Email: [email protected]

I check this (my business/secondary E-mail) once a week. If you do not get a
reply, it usually means it's on the Do Not Send List (if it's minor like
grammer, I usually send back) or I have not checked it. Double check your mail
to make sure.

If you wait a week, and everything's on the Do list, send me once more. No more
than 3 sends per message, and no more than 3 different messages per month.

Send me CONSTRUCTIVE, not ranting, criticism.
Any grammer/spelling mistakes.
A question
Fixes and Errors

Foul language, inappropriate things, etc.
Bad grammer (i meen horble lk tis)
Ranting (there's a difference between Ranting and Criticism)

Other than that, thanks for sending. Expect a reply in a week!


GameFAQs, Neoseeker, Gamespot, and Supercheats for hosting my guide.
KartExtreme, for help with the starred gloves.
Me for writing the guide.
You for reading the guide!


Copyright 2007 Robert A, this guide may not be illegally distributed in any
way except for personal or private use. Anyone who is found disrupting this
Copyright can get in trouble with the law.

Any site except for the following can NOT put this on their site without
permission. if you would like this guide to be on your site, E-Mail me with
a good reason why I should let you use my guide.

If a guide other than on these sites is hosted, please E-Mail them to me.
Similarily, don't copy my guide, and I am more than welcome to have this
guide on your site WITH PERMISSION, as long as it's clean.

      |||||||     rixter

This is the official Trixter stamp of copyright. The stamp varies extremely
minorly, so any guide without the stamp is NOT mine, and is taken illegally.
Since the stamp varies, I should be able to prove to you the difference by
pattern. So obviously, ask for permission before you use this guide!