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FAQ/Walkthrough                    Author: Yurlungur
Version 1.0                        Email: Redking.Yurl (at)


All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective holders.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed without
being granted permission in advance. If you wish to place this guide on another
website, email me and ask for permission. Put "Ib walkthrough" as the subject
or otherwise I'll just delete it. Failure to follow these disclaimers will
result in a violation of copyright.

...And I don't believe anyone wants to deal with that.


Version 0.1 _ July 14, 2012
-Added Table of Contents
-Added general information

Version 0.7 _ July 15, 2012
-Updated Table of Contents
-Updated "Basics / Game Info"
-Updated "Controls"
-Started "General Walkthrough" section
-Somehow completed "General Walkthrough" section as well

Version 0.72 _ July 16, 2012
-Fixed some grammar issues
-Updated various sections under "General Walkthrough"

Version 1.0 _ July 19 - 20, 2012
-Updated "Introduction" section
-Updated Table of Contents
-Updated "General Walkthrough" section
-Completed "Endings" section
-Completed "Extras / Bonus text" section
-Started "Differences with the JP Version" section
-Wrote "Conclusion" and "Credits & Links"


          Table of Contents
000. Introduction .................................................. [000]
    001.  Basics / Game Info ....................................... [001]
    002.  Trouble Shooting ......................................... [002]
    003.  Controls ................................................. [003]

100. General Walkthrough ........................................... [100]
    1A0.  Prologue ................................................. [1A0]
    1B0.  Episode 1 ................................................ [1B0]
        1B1.  The Beginning ........................................ [1B1]
        1B2.  Insect Gallery ....................................... [1B2]
        1B3.  The Cat Room ......................................... [1B3]
        1B4.  Math, Apples, and Liars .............................. [1B4]
    1C0.  Episode 2 ................................................ [1C0]
        1C1.  Carrie Careless ...................................... [1C1]
        1C2.  The Bitter Bride and Gloomy Groom .................... [1C2]
        1C3.  Girls' Gallery ....................................... [1C3]
    1D0.  Episode 3 ................................................ [1D0]
        1D1.  Separation ........................................... [1D1]
        1D2.  True Teamwork ........................................ [1D2]
    1E0.  Episode 4 ................................................ [1E0]
        1E1.  The Sketchbook ....................................... [1E1]
    1F0.  Episode 5 ................................................ [1F0]

200. The Endings ................................................... [200]
    201.  Ib All Alone ............................................. [201]
    202.  Memory's Crannies ........................................ [202]
    203.  Together Forever ......................................... [203]
    204.  Forgotten Portrait ....................................... [204]
    205.  Promise of Reunion ....................................... [205]
        2A0.  Optimal Routes ....................................... [2A0]

300. Extras / Bonus Text ........................................... [300]
    301.  Differences with the JP Version .......................... [301]

400. Conclusion .................................................... [400]
    401.  Credits & Links .......................................... [401]


     Introduction                                                    [000]

Yurlungur here. I'm an avid player of horror games and enjoy the stories that
accompany them, often writing my own even. I tried to avoid spoilers in this
walkthrough, but that's inevitable. I still think the spoilers are pretty
minor, but if you're looking at a walkthrough then you probably wouldn't mind.
Ib caught my attention the moment I saw a screenshot of the title screen. After
a little digging, I found out that it was a horror/adventure game that was made
with RPG Maker. Intrigued, I downloaded the game in order to play it myself.

That being said, I don't handle horror very well. I love it, but I'm easily
frightened and often have to take breaks so my heart can calm down. Ib isn't
as bad as that makes it sound though. A few things in the game are capable
of causing you to jump from your seat, but for the most part the game is
atmospheric and subtle. If you want to enjoy the game for what it's worth,
I suggest playing with headphones on, the lights off, and really submerse
yourself into the story.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Basics / Game Info                                              [001]

Ib is a game created by Kouri. It was originally in Japanese, but vgperson
has translated the game into English. The English version I played said it was
version 1.02 on the title screen. The English version and Japanese version
differ slightly. I'll cover those differences after the guide. It is a
horror/adventure game with a heavy emphasis on puzzles and story telling.
Fortunately, Ib has multiple endings, each of which I will cover later on.

You play the game as the nine-year old protagonist, Ib (which sounds like
"eve" ). The game begins with the young girl arriving at an art gallery with
her parents. Her exploration of the gallery takes a twisted turn when she comes
across a certain painting...

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Trouble Shooting                                                [002]

This game has some picky conditions to run correctly. I spent hours after
getting it trying to figure out how to even play it. Here's what I had to do:

-Put the Region Settings (in the control panel) on English for Non-Unicode
programs. Most indie/doujin games I play run off of the Japanese settings, but
Ib doesn't. (As far as I could tell, Applocale wasn't going to work either)
-Disable Crossfire in the Catalyst Control Center. This is basically shutting
down half of my graphics card so that the game can run correctly. Before I did
this, I continually got a message that said "Directdraw Error: DDERR EXCEPTION"
when booting up the game.

Those are the only things I really had to do to get Ib up and running. I've
seen some people post about problems with the game booting up in fullscreen
mode. If you have an issue with that, look for Cherry's "afm" program, which
stands for "another fullscreen mode."

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Controls                                                        [003]

The controls are very simple since this game was designed so that anyone,
regardless of skill level, could play it.

     Arrow keys ...................................... Movement
     Z key ........................................... Interact/Accept
     X key ........................................... Menu/Cancel
     Shift key ....................................... Return to Title
     F12 key ......................................... Forcibly return to title
     F4 key .......................................... Fullscreen/Windowed mode

That's pretty much it. Everything else is just in the story. Although you
should be on the lookout for open books that have a quill pen, those are save
points, and vases, which heal you. Brown vases heal you once, while aqua
colored vases can heal you indefinitely.


     General Walkthrough                                             [100]

This section will cover all the puzzle solutions and strategies I used to
complete the game without being hit. This isn't for any specific ending, so the
information may not apply to the ending you want. The choices you make and
some things you say count towards the endings, so if you want a specific
ending, check the section after this one before playing through the game.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Prologue                                                        [1A0]

There's really nothing to solve in the Prologue. There are a few things you
have to trigger though to continue.

1. Head upstairs.
2. Walk down the hallway that leads south, past the headless statues.
3. That next room has a gigantic painting in it. Read the label underneath it.
4. Make your way back downstairs. The lights will flicker and then shut off.
5. Walk your way right back to the large painting and observe the blue paint
   that is now dripping from the left side. Read the paint a second time, after
   the letters spell "COME IB" on the floor.
6. Now you can head downstairs and through the room on the right.
7. Follow the blue paint down into the big display piece. Now begins Episode 1.


     Episode 1                                                       [1B0]

Now we start getting into the actual puzzles. Remember to save at every save
point, either in case you make a mistake (I know I did frequently on my first
run) or if you want to get each ending without having to repeat the entire
game each time.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     The Beginning                                                   [1B1]

1. After decending into the display, head to your right. Take the lone rose
   in the vase; you'll have to take care of it until the end.
2. Click on the vase again to push the table away from the door. Enter it and
   take the blue key.
3. Now you can head to the left of where you came in (the stairs up will be
   gone). You can also heal the rose in the vase now (Ib's max is 5 on her
   rose). Save it and walk through the door.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Insect Gallery                                                  [1B2]

This set of rooms has a lot of insect paintings. There's two things that can
hit you in here, so be careful.

1. You're going to need the painting of the ant down the hallway to the north.
   Walk past the pillar on the left, then immediately step into the center of
   the hall. If you walk next to a wall you'll be hit by shadow hands that try
   to grab you. There's one at the end of the hall too, so don't run around
   recklessly. Look at the painting twice to remove it from the wall.
2. Head back down the hall and then go east. There's only one door to take in
   here. In the tiny room, place the ant painting over the hole to cross it.
3. Now there's a green key in front of a headless statue. Take it, and then
   haul ass back to that tiny room where you laid down the ant painting. All
   you have to do is cross over the painting and you'll be safe.
4. Carefully walk past the shadow hands again and exit through the north door.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     The Cat Room                                                    [1B3]

On my first run, this room caught me off guard many times. You definitely run
the risk of dying in here if you don't know the solutions. There is a vase in
the room on the right in case you were hit by the shadow hands or one of the
cat puzzles.

1. Go east first. Immediately walk past the row of heads and wait. The middle
   sculpture will move out of line and chase you (very slowly). Just walk
   further to the right so that the sculpture trips over the "materials
   storehouse" sign. Take the Fish Tail and head to the west room.
2. In the west room, you'll have to play "hide and seek" with the small shadow
   figure on the wall. Walk past him first so that yellow paint writes a
   message under him. Examine the message and then the game begins. He ALWAYS
   hides in the same spot: second from the left on the bottom row. Look for him
   there and he'll give you another message. Pick up the fish head from the
   north part of the room before exiting.
3. Place the fish in the nose of the cat, and then listen to it meow you to
   the next room.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Math, Apples, and Liars                                         [1B4]

In here, you can bypass the entirety of the Liars' Room if you know the code
for the door. I'll cover the normal route for solving the puzzles after the
shortcut. Two things in here can hit you: the silly painting can spit (just
stay away from him and he'll spit on the floor) and two shadow hands in the
hall that leads north (stay in the center of the hall).

  The shortcut

1. Head straight up the north path and then go east. When you walk up to the
   door it'll ask you to input a number. The solution is 166.
2. Step in, take the apple, and then head back. Now go down the east hall to
   where the lips are. Talk to the lips and give it the apple. Ja-jan! You
   just bypassed pretty much all the puzzles in here.

  The normal route

1. Step west towards the save point. There's a white painting there you need
   to check twice. It'll tell you that it has a small red 9 on it.
2. Go up the north hall and through the door to the west. This is the Liars'
   Room. The portraits each tell you something different, some about who they
   believe is telling the truth, and some that tell you what to do in the next
   room. The portrait that is second from the left is telling the truth. Do as
   it says: go north to the statue, stand in the empty spot in front of it,
   hit right 4 times and up 2 times, then investigate the tile you're standing
   on (don't move, basically). You'll pull up a tile with a violet 4 on it.
3. Exit the Liars' Room and head east towards the hanging dolls. If you stay
   in the center of the hall, you'll run into one of the dolls. Check that one.
   This causes the doll behind it to fall to the floor. Check that doll and
   it'll reveal a green 18 on its clothes. Now go to the door that requires
   the password, a little further east.
4. It tells you to solve Green X (multiplied by) Red X (plus) Violet X. This is
   18 x 9 + 4 = ? The solution being 166. Enter the code, step in, and take the
5. Go to the lips east of the save point and talk to them. After you give it
   the apple, you can continue the journey.

   Guillotine Hallway

This is simply a transition room with an instant game over in it. Two tiles
before the staircase on the east side, the guillotine will drop. If you don't
move, and are exactly two tiles away, it won't hit you. You can also run right
up to the stairs and then back away immediately. If you just want through
really fast, you can run straight past it. You have to be positive you're
going to turn right as you get to the stairs though. Either way, don't let it
drop on you. You'll pass through a "U" shaped hall as well. Nothing of note in
here except for a save point.


     Episode 2                                                       [1C0]

By now you should be getting the hang of how the puzzles work. From here on
though there's going to be a lot more things that can hit you. You're going to
have to be quick to avoid damage at times, and with some of the creatures'
seemingly random movement, it can be difficult to dodge them. Thank goodness
the enemies can only move in four directions, much like Ib herself.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Carrie Careless                                                 [1C1]

There's a video in this room. If it doesn't work right, there should be another
file in the game's folder that you can switch out to fix it. Because of that,
I suggest saving it in the previous room before going through here.

1. Head to the east side of the room, and then straight north to the portrait
   of the lady in red. Examine the portrait, and then get away from it. The
   lady will bust through the picture and begin crawling towards you. Lead her
   away from that corner, preferrably around one of the huge sculptures,
   because she dropped a key when busting out of her picture. When you get
   around her, grab the key and then head through the door in the center of
   the room.
2. Now to view the storybook of Carrie Careless! Examine the book shelf that is
   third from the top left, and choose to view the story. After the story is
   over, the north door unlocks itself. Head through there.
3. There's a save point and a bottomless vase here. Make good use of them.
   First, head east. There's a man laying face-down. Examine him and take the
   key he's holding. You'll need this for the room to the west.
4. In the west room, there's another door and several blue petals scattered
   about. Use the key on the door since there's nothing useful in this room.
   Inside, you'll see another lady in a painting, but this one is in blue.
   Take a few steps toward her so that she notices you (at 4 steps, she'll
   look at you, but when you take 5 steps she'll chase you). Once she starts
   her chase, run outside the room. Stand just outside the door and wait. The
   lady in blue will knock on the window, and then bust it out. Dash back in
   the room before she gets you. Go to where she was laying and take the Blue
   Rose. Exit the room and then run back to the center room east of you.
5. Place the Blue Rose in the bottomless vase so that the rose can return to
   health. Now go give the Blue Rose to the man in the east room; he'll be glad
   to have it back.
6. Head one more room to the east and have your new friend Garry move the
   statue blocking the door.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     The Bitter Bride and Gloomy Groom                               [1C2]

I like this room personally. It feels like there should be a short cut in here,
but you have to do each step regardless of if you know the solutions or not.

1. Pass by the first room with the hands; you'll return here later. Slightly
   to your left after entering the big room is another door. In here is a maze,
   so do this part first. The maze only has one goal: find the switch. To find
   that, you have to take note of the three puddles of paint on the floor.
   There's one slightly to your left, one on the right side, and then one on
   the left that is further north. Dodge the headless statues as you make your
   way to the one further north, on the left. From the puddle, if you walk
   straight south, you'll run into a wall. On this spot of the wall is the
   switch. Investigate and use it. Then get out.
   The easiest way to get the headless statues out of your way is to move up
   the right side and wait. From the right side there will be a couple ways
   to get to the switch. Once one of those ways is clear, rush over there.
2. Go north up the center hallway. About halfway there will be a door to your
   right, go there next. This room is full of stools and paintings of a small
   bottle. You have to push the stools out of your way in order to get to the
   bottle. Here's the quickest way through:
   -Go to your left and push the stool above you up.
   -Walk around the stool and push it again to the right.
   -Go up and push the stool in your way up twice.
   -Push the remaining stool that is in your way to the right.
   -Grab the eyedrops and exit the room.
3. Now that you have the eyedrops, you can go to the left of the maze room.
   This hallway has a bunch of eyes that open up along the floor. One of them
   is red and obviously irritated. Use the eyedrops on it. The eye will clear
   up and move north. Follow the eye and examine it again where it stops. The
   eye will shut after directing you toward the wall. Examine the spot on the
   wall to find a secret passage. In here is a red glass ball. Take it and walk
   back out.
4. You should be able to see a painting of a white snake from the end of this
   hall. Go to the picture and put the glass ball in it. You don't have to
   investigate the picture that falls off the wall, since it only says "behind
   the big tree." Head back to where the save point is, through the door to
   the right of the maze room. There will be multiple art displays in here.
   At the far eastern side of the room is a scary looking tree. Step behind the
   tree so that you can't see Ib and examine it. You'll find a wedding ring
   (which won't be there until you put the glass ball in the snake painting).
5. Take the wedding ring back to the room with the hands in it. Go to the left
   hand and place the ring on the ring finger. The bride painting will smile
   and toss her bouquet out to you. Take the bouquet and head back north.
6. Head up the hallway to the east of the eyedrops room. The crazy picture at
   the top will ask you for flowers. Give him the bouquet then he'll open up
   and let you through.

The next two rooms are just transition rooms. Save it and move along.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Girls' Gallery                                                  [1C3]

This room is pretty big. There's a choice you can make in here to change which
endings you'll be directed towards, but that will be covered later. A big thing
to watch out for here is the number of creatures that will be chasing you
before you get out. Stay on your toes.

1. When you walk in this room, you'll have to go across the top or bottom. I
   suggest going across the bottom. If you head north, a red lady will bust
   through her picture and chase you in this room the whole time you're here.
   You'll need to get to the two rooms side by side in the center. The room
   on the right ask you how many pictures of the ladies are in there. You can
   count them, or just input 14 and be done with it. The room on the left ask
   for a code. This code can be found on the "Hanged Man" painting on the right
   side, second row of paintings from the bottom. Inspect his clothes to see
   the code 6295 (the number is upside down and backwards).
2. The room on the right only has stuff to look at and a vase. Nothing in there
   is required to move on. The room on the left, however, opens up the next
   room. In the left room, there's a table you can push around. Get on the
   right side of it and keep pushing it to the left until you get a message
   that something clicked. You'll hear glass shatter before leaving the room.
3. A lady in red is crawling around on the right now. Get around her to the far
   right room that was previously locked. This room only contains a mirror on
   the far side. Go examine the mirror. Your way out will now be blocked by a
   mannequin head. Examine the head, and then go look in the mirror again.
   After the scare tactics, Garry will attempt to kick the head to oblivion.
   This is a choice that will alter the ending. Choose either way and then exit
   the room.
4. The lady in green in the south east corner has now broken out of her
   portrait. She's fast, but you need to trick her into chasing you around so
   that you can grab the gray key she dropped. However, you really DON'T need
   to run past the lady in red that is in the bottom row of paintings there.
   She looks like a normal painting, but if you try to run past her she will
   drop down and take some health from you. After you get the gray key, head to
   the center room next to the save point.
5. This room can be tricky if you don't know what to do. First, you need to
   click on the bookcase that isn't full of books. Garry will say it can be
   moved. Tell him to move it to the right, in front of the window. Then go
   investigate the large painting in the room. After some dialogue you have to
   try exiting the room. Some noises will start up, and you'll become trapped
   in the room. The ladies in the paintings will start pouring in the room in
   a few moments. The EASIEST way out of this without getting hit is to hide
   behind the stool on the right. Stand between the south end of the stool and
   the wall and wait. A lady will bust open the wall to the north of the stool
   and come after you. All you have to do is wait to see what direction the
   lady will attack you from. When she picks a side, run to the opposite side
   around the stool and out the hole in the wall she just made.
6. Now there are creatures EVERYWHERE. No sweat though. Just run to the west,
   take the hall south until there's a break in the west wall, go through there
   and keep going south. One of the headless statues here is moving and there
   are multiple ladies crawling around. Go up the hall one to your left (not
   the leftmost hall) and run straight north to the door that's hanging open.
   After you get through here, you see a cutscene that ensures your safety for
   the time being.


     Episode 3                                                       [1D0]

There will be a lot of choices to make in the upcoming puzzles that determine
the ending. If you're just going to beat the game, you can choose any of them.
This chapter gets a bit heavy but this is the route I found the most efficient
through the puzzles.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Separation                                                      [1D1]

This room doesn't have much to it. There's a section that is roped off in the
first part of this room that is completely unnecessary.

1. If you walk up into the roped off area, it will close off behind you. One of
   the headless statues will begin wondering around while you look for the way
   out. Go press the blue button in the middle and then juke the statue to get
   out on the right side. Nothing to it. The only thing to look at is a diary
   on the lone book case.
2. If you decide not to beat the statue in a game of tag and instead walk past
   it, you just walk around the big hallway to the next room. There's a tile
   cut out of the south wall, this is a door and your destination. In here,
   Garry will immediately move a statue out of the way. Pull the cord and then
   exit again to the south. There will be a message on the wall now. Read it,
   and Garry will ask you a question. He asks you what the name of the big
   floor display was in the gallery (the one you entered to get to Episode 1).
   Even if you examined the display before starting Episode 1, it wouldn't tell
   you the title since Ib is too young to read it. There's no penalty for
   getting it wrong, but you can't move on either. The title is "Abyss of the
   Deep." After telling Garry the right answer, head back north to the door you
   haven't been through yet. Garry will input the password on the door and let
   you through.
3. There's a few bookshelves and a big painting. The bookshelves second from
   the right and the one on the far left are interesting, but not required
   reads. Examine the painting. You'll get another choice here. Regardless of
   your answer, Garry will start his lighter and cause all hell to break loose
   for a moment. Exit the room and then head east. There will be bloody tracks
   leading to a new room past the save point, just follow them.
4. Now that you have Mary it's getting close to what I consider the biggest
   puzzle in the game. Garry will make you use the vase before continuing on.
   There will be two rooms, the right one is locked, so go to the left room.
   Immediate go and look at the rabbit painting, "Red Eyes." You'll get another
   choice here. Before leaving, read the book in the bookshelf on your left.
   Now when you try to leave, the green rabbit on the right will commit suicide
   and reveal that he had a violet key in him. Take the key and exit.
5. You'll be separated from Garry when you walk past the picture towards the
   door on the right. Take Mary with you and go through the door anyway. The
   only boxes you have to check in this storage room is the open one in the
   north-east corner (Mary takes a palette knife), and the open box below it.
   The lights flicker and now a headless statue blocks the exit. Try to move
   it, fail, and then leave through the northern door.
6. Follow the hall around and through the next door. Nothing is required in
   this transition room.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     True Teamwork                                                   [1D2]

Now that you're separated from Garry you'll have to operate as two parties that
are working together. Save the game with Ib, stand on the blue rose rug, and
examine it. You'll switch perspectives to Garry and gain control of him. You'll
have to switch between Ib/Mary and Garry often to get through this next section
alive. These are the most dangerous and toughest puzzles in the game. Not to
mention, most of the horror elements and subtle scary scenes occur around now.


1. You only have one option as Garry, head back into the rabbit room...
   which is now full of creepy dolls. Examine the bookshelf on the right to
   move it out of the way and get away from the dolls. Save it, and then go
   pull the cord that is second from the right. This will allow Ib/Mary to
   cross the gap in their room. Go switch back to Ib/Mary on the red rose rug.


1. Ask the picture if it is okay to walk on his face. He'll shut his eyes and
   you can now cross. Get on the left side of the blue triangle and push it to
   the right until it falls down the hole. Garry will need this later. Head
   west for some questions from Mary that will affect the ending.
2. After passing through this incredibly skinny hallway, you reach Ib/Mary's
   main puzzle room. Immediately after entering, go through the door on that
   southern wall. Take the key in the south-east corner of this room, and push
   the mannequin head in the south-west corner off the table. DON'T touch the
   red gas; it hurts really bad. Exit the room.
3. Go to the south-west room. It'll be locked, but they ask for a password.
   You're shown a picture and you have to enter its name. The picture they are
   asking about is in Garry's next room, but considering you've seen the other
   pictures before (if you've looked at any of them) you can guess it's called
   "Marvelous Night." Once you're in this room, use the Tree Key on the wall
   next to the rightmost bookcase. This also helps Garry out for later. There's
   a code Garry will need in the rightmost bookcase as well. When reading it,
   look at the letter "J" and it tells you a number for the "Juggling" painting
   that you'll need to remember for later. (It's 6223)
4. Head back to the center of the big room and switch over to Garry.


1. Push the triangle that Ib/Mary knocked down for you into the hole in the
   floor. It'll unlocked the door leading out. The next room is just a very
   long hallway. One of the creepy dolls follows you the whole time, something
   that made me a bit uneasy. At the end of the hall, the doll is blocking
   the door. Move it or kick it, either way, you need through.
2. Garry gets the toughest jobs between the two parties. Once you're through,
   go save it at the north end of the room. If you mess up in one of these
   rooms it's game over for Garry. Now go to the south-east room and be
   prepared to make a dash for it. This room is filled with gas, thankfully,
   Garry mentions that fact before it starts draining his health, giving you
   enough time to adjust. Locate the umbrella to your right, read the text, and
   the moment you can move you have to grab the umbrella and then get back out.
   If done correctly, you'll walk out with 2 or 3 health left. Go to where the
   save point was and heal.
3. The fish hook that you can see from here is what you use the umbrella on.
   Go examine the hook and do just that. Now switch back to Ib/Mary for a


1. Go look at the Fisherman painting in the north-east corner to get the
   umbrella Garry found. Then go to the south east room, where you picked up
   the Tree Key. Give the painting the umbrella and it'll start raining in the
2. There's nothing else Ib/Mary can do for now, so switch back to Garry.


1. First of all, save it again. You're going to make another trek into the gas
   room and you're better safe than sorry. When you re-enter the gas room,
   you need to hold down and immediately use the vase. Because of the rain
   upstairs, it'll have water in it. After using the vase, hold right and use
   the cord hanging from the ceiling. This cord will shut off the gas, so as
   long as you get to it you'll survive. Use the vase again before leaving.
2. Now, go to the north-west room and read the sign under the color palette.
   It'll tell you to find the seven balls of paint. This triggers the event
   so that you can actually find the balls of paint. Here's the order I used
   to get all the paint:

   -After exiting that room, walk south along the west wall. Yellow is just
    laying there.
   -Walk to the east side where the "Juggling" painting is. Talk to it and
    input the code "6223" to get Blue.
   -Walk into the gas room (which is now harmless) and pick up Violet.
   -Enter the room next to the save point (with the tree above it). Go to the
    rightmost bookshelf on the left side and examine it. You'll obtain Green.
   -Step out side and walk one tile away from the door. You'll hear and sound.
    Walk back into the tree room and pick up Pink from the right side.
   -Before exiting, read the book to the right of the ear painting. Choose to
    look at the "M page." The ear will hear about Garry's reaction and taunt
    you. Head south of the tree door to find the creepy doll has moved again.
    Read the message next to him, and then examine him to get Red.
   -Follow the creepy doll into the last room to get White. That's all seven.

3. Now you're in a room full of creepy dolls since you picked up White. Messing
   up this next part doesn't give you a game over, but it changes the endings
   you can get. I'll cover how to do it correctly though, since the only way
   to mess it up is to run out of time. When you try to leave the room, the
   dolls give you the challenge of finding the key. After reading their message
   a bell chimes and a huge version of the dolls starts crawling through the
   painting. The doll with the key is on the right side, near the painting.
   It's wearing white (not the doll against the north wall). Just grab the key
   and get out.
4A. When Garry stops running, he'll be next to a previously locked room. The
   door is now open. Head through there and go towards the stairs. The choice
   here won't progress the story in any way unless you choose to go upstairs.
   Staying down there only lets you walk around.
4B. If you decided to let the big doll catch you, you'll gain control of
   Ib/Mary immediately.


A. When you take a step, Mary will remain still. Talk to her. She'll flip out
   and run off. Go to the north-west room, get the Brown Key
   from in there, and go through the door next to the fisherman painting. When
   you approach the stairs, Mary will follow you brandishing her palette knife.
   Garry comes to the rescue and knocks the girl out. He explains why they need
   to run, and then you should exit through the same door you came in from.
   Now go to the south room past the gas geysers. Garry will move the headless
   statue and you can move along. Follow the path and just run down it. Once
   you reach the Sketchbook, you're in Episode 4.
B. If Garry was rendered useless, you need to grab the brown key from the
   north-west room. Then go across to the room next to the fisherman painting,
   in the north-east corner. Go down the stairs, and make your way to the room
   Garry was caught in. He'll be giggling like a school girl as you approach.
   When you reunite with Garry, you have to speak to him multiple times.
   Eventually, Ib will lose it and punch him. You can punch him again or call
   his name, either way, your group is back together. Head back up those stairs
   you came down for a cutscene. Afterward, go to the south room of Ib's main
   puzzle room, past the shutdown gas geysers. Garry will move the statue and
   you can move along. Run down the path without stopping; once you're in the
   Sketchbook, you've made it to Episode 4.


     Episode 4                                                       [1E0]

That previous Episode is the longest one in the game. There's one big puzzle
you'll do in Episode 4 before the game changes to fit the ending you're heading
towards. I'll give the solution to the big puzzle and then the rest may be
different depending on the ending, so I'll generalize what happens afterward.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     The Sketchbook                                                  [1E1]

This place looks great in my opinion. I love how the crayon sketches become the
environment for this Episode. The puzzle here is really simple, but if you want
to find the pieces yourself I'll tell you what the puzzle means as well. Be
careful in the Sketchbook, by the way, cause random weapons can fly out of
nowhere at you, Murder On The Mississippi style.

1. When you enter the Sketchbook, you'll be in the south-east corner. Go west
   one area, and then north. In here is the save point, a vase, and a message
   to read. Read the message on the pink building before heading out west.
2. Enter the home that is immediately south of you as you walk in. In the left
   side of the home is a bucket; take it and try to exit. After Mary gives you
   a scare, leave, and head east again. This time, go north and then east.
   You'll see a big blue scribble. This is a pond where you can fill your
   bucket with crayon-water. After getting some, head south twice. Yes, the
   way you came in is gone. Water the tulip bud and then examine it after it
   blooms in order to get the gallery key. Now head west. The key goes to the
   building in here. Enter it and examine the box in the center of the room.
   After opening it, a bunch of colors fly out and you obtain a little mirror.
   exit from the left side of the building and head north twice. There will be
   a large white snake, a crayon-sun, and an orange dot on the path. Stand on
   the dot and examine it. Put down your mirror to melt the ice on the door
3. In this building is the main puzzle of Episode 4. At the north side of the
   room is a big swirl with the colors/shapes that escaped the box. In order to
   solve this puzzle, you would have to travel the whole map and find each
   color/shape and remember where it was. The map is shaped like the diagram
   on the floor; a big square. After finding each shape, you examine the floor
   over the area where you found it corresponding to the order that the north
   wall shows: heart, eye, moon, sun, star, swirl, apple, cat. If you don't
   want to look for each of them, the order is:

   -North, West, North-East, North-West, South-East, South, East, South-West

   After completing the puzzle, you get another key. Exit the building and go
   east once. The house here is what the key opens up.
4. Here is where it changes depending on the ending. So save it and then
   examine the toy box. Mary will show up and push Ib and Garry in. After you
   get up, you'll have to either find your rose, or Garry. You'll also be
   chased by a bunch of mannequin heads, headless statues, and dolls at some
   point before you get out of the toy box. When you get out of the toy box,
   you can save it in a room full of thorns.


     Episode 5                                                       [1F0]

You reach Episode 5 when you make it back to the gallery. You can save it at
the desk so that you can get different endings based on the final decision. The
only thing you can do in Episode 5 is go around to the different paintings. If
you go to the big painting that started this whole mess, you can finally end
the game. You're given one more choice which alters the ending depending on
what you did before it. So, congratulations!


     Endings                                                         [200]

The endings actually are determined by a point based system. Vgperson, the one
who translated the game, composed a list of the things that give you points.
Instead of directing you to his Tumblr account (which you should check anyway
because he's a Persona fan), I've put the list in here. I've checked some
things about the points he didn't cover though, so that's in here as well.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Negative Points

-Letting Garry kick the mannequin head in "Girls' Gallery."
-Pulling the rightmost cord at the beginning of "True Teamwork."
-Kicking the doll out of the way in "True Teamwork" with Garry.
-Getting captured in the doll room in "True Teamwork." This counts as 2 points.
-Telling Mary you would leave with Garry. You are only asked this question
 if you haven't earned any negative points before. This is in the small
 hallway of "True Teamwork" that leads to Ib/Mary's main puzzle room.
-Breaking all three mannequin heads in "True Teamwork." This is also in
 Ib/Mary's main puzzle room. You'll lose two HP for doing this.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Positive Points

-Reading the poster about the right-hand trick in the maze of "Bitter Bride and
 Gloomy Groom." It's in the north-west corner of the maze.
-Stopping Garry from kicking the mannequin head in "Girls' Gallery."
-Giving Garry his coat back in the saferoom after "Girls' Gallery."
-Talking to Garry seven or more times in the saferoom after "Girls' Gallery."
-Going through the rope maze near the beginning of "Separation." (You do not
 have to read the diary on the bookshelf to get this point)
-Looking at the Milk Puzzle in "Separation." It's the white painting next to
 the first save point. You'll pass it when walking to where you meet Mary.
-Saying "I'm Here" or "I'm not here" when the lights go out in "Separation."
-Talking to Garry six or more times in the fake sunlight in "The Sketchbook."
-Saying "I'm fine" or "I hurt all over" after falling in the toy box near the
 end of "The Sketchbook."


     Ending 1: Ib All Alone                                          [201]

You can get "Ib All Alone" multiple ways. Basically, if you make it to the end,
either with or without Garry, and choose to step away or follow someone away
from the large painting, you'll get "Ib All Alone." This is considered the
worst ending. When headed towards the ending "Forgotten Portrait," you'll get
two chances to get this ending. When headed towards "Memory's Crannies," you'll
get one chance.
This ending is powerful after you've seen all of the versions of it. If you
think about it, that is.


     Ending 2: Memory's Crannies                                     [202]

This ending is also very easy to get. If you avoid the path towards "Forgotten
Portrait" and "Together Forever," you'll get this one. The easiest way to make
sure you get "Memory's Crannies" is to avoid getting Negative Points, but don't
worry about getting positive points at all. This is the neutral ending for when
you've avoided the bad end, but haven't earned the good end. If you
accidentally get a Negative Point though, don't worry. It takes 3 or more
Negative Points to ruin your chances of this ending.
After you get thrown in the toy box, head north to pick up Ib's rose, then go
east to pick up Garry. Finally, head west to the big cat drawing to pick up
the key (it's a little hard to see). Escape (you have to dodge everything
since you'll have 1 HP). Burn the thorns down and head upstairs. Burn the
picture at the end of the room. After that, head south to the pink building and
follow the hall into the gallery. Go to the big painting and enter it. You have
to go speak to Garry at the rose statue (on the first floor) to end the game.


     Ending 3: Together Forever                                      [203]

This is considered a bad end as well, but I suppose it's how you look at it.
You get this ending by accumulating Negative Points. If you get 3 or more
Negative Points, you can get "Together Forever." Once you've collected enough
Negative Points, you'll know immediately after being pushed into the toy box.
If you don't see any red petals north of Ib when waking up in the toy box, then
you have 3 or more Negative Points. Go get Garry who is laying down to the east
and then pick up the pink key just south of him. After the cutscene you'll
escape from the toy box. After finding Marry, she'll run away. You're set up
for "Together Forever" and "Forgotten Portrait" at this point (save it if you
wish to get both endings). Head south and enter the pink house. After arriving
back at the gallery, go to the big painting that started this whole mess. Enter
it for this ending.

Note: There's three variations to the text in this ending. If you head straight
to the end, there will be extra text about the candy in your pocket. If you
talk to Garry and then eat the candy before going, there will be no extra text.
If you eat the candy and then take Garry's lighter, there will be extra text
about that.


     Ending 4: Forgotten Portrait                                    [204]

If you gain 3 Negative Points throughout the story, you can get this ending.
Just like with "Together Forever," when you fall in the toy box, you shouldn't
see red petals north of Ib. Go get Garry from the east, and then the key just
south of him. After escaping the toy box, catch up to Marry. Once Marry runs
off, return to Garry and talk to him. You'll be asked if you want his lighter;
say yes. You'll then be asked to eat the candy; say yes again. You'll have to
talk to him again to actually take the lighter. Now go back upstairs to the
door that was covered with thorns. Burn it like Garry does in the "Memory's
Crannies" ending. Go upstairs and burn the picture up there as well. Now go to
the pink building to the south, and to the big painting in the gallery. You'll
get two chances to get "Ib All Alone," but jump through the painting. Go view
the painting in middle, to the right of the window that's above the stairs to
finish the game.


     Ending 5: Promise of Reunion                                    [205]

This is the best ending. If you manage to collect 8 Positive Points, then you
can get this ending. You also need to avoid 3 Negative Points though. Negative
Points override Positive ones. If you have less than three Negative Points
though, you can still get "Promise of Reunion," since they don't subtract one
point at a time. You'll follow the same path as "Memory's Crannies" for this
one. After burning the picture, Garry will say he cut his hand. Hand him your
lace handkerchief (if you don't, you'll still get "Memory's Crannies"). Go
south to the pink building then follow the hall to the gallery. Go to the big
painting and jump through. Afterward, go downstairs, to the east, and then
south. There will be a big rose sculpture that Garry is looking at. Regardless
of what you say at this point, you'll get "Promise of Reunion." Personally, I
think it's better to tell Garry "I don't..." but either way works.


     Optimal Routes                                                  [2A0]

Okay, so now that you know the puzzles and the endings, here's my optimal
choices for getting the endings quickly. I'm putting this here to condense the
information above and to show the quickest way to get all the endings.

   Positive Route

-Read the poster in the north-west of the maze ("Bitter Bride...")
-Stop Garry from kicking the mannequin in "Girls' Gallery"
-Give back Garry's coat in the saferoom after "Girls' Gallery"
-Talk to Garry seven times in the saferoom after "Girls' Gallery"
-Go through the rope maze in "Separation"
-Look at the Milk Puzzle in "Separation"
-Say "I'm here" when the lights go out in "Separation"
-Say "I'm fine" when you fall into the toy box near the end of "The Sketchbook"

This is 8 Positive Points, which is enough to get "Promise of Reunion." If you
don't give Garry your handkerchief, you can get "Memory's Crannies" as well.
There is also one of the "Ib All Alone" endings if you take this route. Save it
in the saferoom after the toy box (where the thorns block your path) in order
to quickly get those three endings. (You can also save it in the gallery after
escaping to see all the text for "Promise of Reunion," since there's two things
you can say to Garry.)

   Negative Route

-Kick the mannequin head in "Girls' Gallery"
-Pull the rightmost cord at the beginning of "True Teamwork"
-Kick the doll that's blocking the door in "True Teamwork"

Since you only need three Negative Points to be set up for "Forgotten
Portrait," "Together Forever," and "Ib All Alone," this is the quickest three
points to get. You CAN let yourself get caught in the Doll Room of "True
Teamwork" instead of doing the last two, but that route takes longer. Only do
that if you want to see what happens that way. Save it in the thorn room after
the toy box in order to get all of these endings. Remember, you can save it in
the gallery (before going to the big painting) to quickly get all of the "Ib
All Alone" endings. Just don't overwrite the save in the thorn room or you'll
have to play all the way through again to get both "Forgotten Portrait" and
"Together Forever."


     Extras / Bonus Text                                             [300]

There are multiple little bonuses you can find and a plethora of text you'll
miss when just heading for the endings. I won't list every painting here, but
you can read all the pictures on the wall. I also won't list every book you can
read since there's a bunch of them; just check every bookcase you find. That
being said, here's what you'll miss if you blaze through the puzzles and only
pick up the endings:

 --When playing hide & seek in the west part of "The Cat Room," the other spots
  you can open show (from left to right, top to bottom): A painting of Ib being
  hanged (seeing this will show you Ib being hanged in the south-west area of
  "The Sketchbook" as well), a nude woman (she slaps you for 1 HP), the moon
  (this darkens the room), a music note (mutes the music in the room), the guy
  you're looking for, a bloody hand (slaps a big red hand over the screen), and
  a bloody fang (slices you for 1 HP).
 --If Garry kicks the mannequin head in "Girls' Gallery," go to the room that
  asks you for the number of girl paintings in the room. The answer is 14. This
  room is supposed to have a vase, a book to read, and a poster that is missing
  a bunch of letters (it tells you not to break anything though). After Garry
  breaks the mannequin head though, there's a mannequin head hanging above the
  vase. It'll be dripping red paint into the vase (using the vase will now take
  away 1 HP), and the text on the poster will be different. You can also read
  something by tearing the poster off the wall that will make Garry uneasy.
 --There will be extra mannequin heads in "Girls' Gallery" and "Separation" if
  you kick the mannequin head.
 --When talking to Garry in the saferoom (after "Girls' Gallery"), he can say
  a ton of things. He can say 11 different things, not including the three
  choices you can make after he says one of those things. He can talk about:
    --His coat, ask "what?" (you can respond three ways), being alone, your
     age, being thirsty, an apology, the gallery, walking, being sleepy, a
     connection to the gallery, and your fashion sense.
 --The leftmost bookcase in "Separation," where the big painting is (not the
  rabbits), has an interesting book that Garry will shut while Ib tries to read
 --The mirror in "Separation" can show special images after the lights go out.
  There are four things it can show (it's random, so keep trying):
    --Displays red text that says "NOFIRE" repeatedly, show red paint that
     spells "Play?", show black paint that says "EYE" six times and covers Ib
     and Garry's eyes, black out Garry's head (only happens if you kick the
     mannequin head).
 --If you respond with "It's cute" or "I want to pet it" to the rabbit painting
  in "Separation," then you can get special text for the Negative Route. To
  get the special text, you have to have 3 Negative Points before falling into
  the toy box. When Garry asks Mary for your rose, there will be a couple of
  extra lines.
 --If you try to back track immediately after being split up in "Separation,"
  Mary will stop you and say that's the wrong way.
    --This will also happen if you try to back track during "True Teamwork,"
     if you had to wake Garry up from being caught in the Doll Room. Garry will
     stop you (or himself) if you attempt to return to the Doll Room after he
     is either woken up from being caught or ran away after escaping.
 --After the lights go out in the storage room of "Separation" (when you're
  with Mary), the open boxes and the stool will show different text.
 --Pulling the rightmost cord in the beginning of "True Teamwork" will drop a
  doll beside Garry. Doing that after having kicked the mannequin head back in
  "Girls' Gallery" makes a mannequin head fall down.
  -Sometimes, the king doll (the big one) will raise over the wall and watch
  Garry in the room with the cords for him to pull near the beginning of "True
 --If you kick the doll that is blocking the door in "True Teamwork," there
  will be different text next to the doll whenever there's a message. It will
  also just be a head when it follows you into the main puzzle room. Even
  further, you will have less time to find the key in the doll room.
 --In the Doll Room of "True Teamwork," the doll that follows you will be in
  the north-west corner. Looking at it will give you a message on the wall.
  When looking for the key, there's 4 dolls you can open up. One contains
  blood, one contains a pebble, one contains hair, and the last has the key.
 --If you let Garry get captured in the doll room, after you reunite with him
  you can go look at the book Garry read about Mary. The "M page" will now be
  replaced with a page about the painting Ib used to open a door in her puzzle
 --In the south-east room of Ib/Mary's main puzzle room (in "True Teamwork"),
  Ib can push over all three mannequin heads. This will take 2 HP, but now
  there will be mannequin heads EVERYWHERE. In "The Sketchbook," you can also
  find a hanging Ib doll in the middle area, where the pink house is. (You can
  investigate it too)
 --There's variations to having Mary freak out in "True Teamwork" as well. If
  Garry is captured, you won't see it. If Garry succeeds, then you get three
  things to say to Mary before she flips out. You can follow her to the east
  (where the small hallway is) to find her stabbing a mannequin head. When you
  go back to the main puzzle room, she will begin following you. You can talk
  to her while she's doing this. There's 11 things she can say:
    --Ask you to be her friend, drawing, her scarf (you can reply in 2 ways),
     about dolls, why she's behind you, about the gallery, ... (you can reply
     3 ways to this), about the clown painting, about snow (you can reply in 2
     ways), about sweets, and about Garry.
  After talking to her (or not) you can go to any room other than the
  north-west one, and Mary will begin wondering around the main room aimlessly.
  If you go to the north-west one, you can find her in the south room trying to
  push the statue out of her way.
  Alternatively, if you switch back to Ib/Mary after reading the book about
  Mary, then you can see the scene where Mary freaks out early. If you go to
  the north-west room now (you won't be able to get the key though), you can
  find Mary in the south room looking at the painting instead of trying to push
  the statue. If you switch back and get Garry captured in the Doll Room, then
  when you go to save him Mary will follow you rather than attacking you.
 --When talking to Garry in the fake sunlight of "The Sketchbook," he can say
  8 things:
    --About going downward, about your rose, about the smell, about trick art,
     about being sore, about Pandora's Box, about macarons, about being warm
 --During the endings where you have Garry with you ("Memory's Crannies" and
  "Promise of Reunion"), you can go around the gallery and have Garry read the
  paintings to you that you couldn't read alone. Having a bigger vocabulary


     Differences with the JP Version (Unfinished)                    [301]

There are some differences other than text with the JP version. I haven't fully
checked the JP version for all the differences, so this section is unfinished.
This is a list of things you must do in the JP version that is different from
what I've covered in the walkthrough.

 --In "The Insect Gallery," you must speak with the ant before you can remove
  his painting from the wall.


     Conclusion                                                      [400]

Lord, I'm finally done with practically everything to this guide. I hope this
is helpful to someone. I decided I would jump into writing guides for my
favorite indie/doujin games since it seemed like a lot of people on forums ask
for ways through parts of these games. It dawned on me that, without really
dedicated fans that main stream games are more likely to have, they weren't
going to get any detailed walkthroughs. That's really what drove me to start
this guide in the first place. I'm glad I did though; it's been a lot of fun.
Three straight days of playing/checking everything I thought of in the game,
but fun nonetheless. (Laughs) I already decided I would write one more guide
for my own enjoyment; a complete walkthrough/death guide to "Demonophobia." If
these guides turn out helpful to players (and they let me know *wink wink*)
I'll probably continue writing them. Hell, I've even thought of taking requests
since it's likely I would like the game as well. Anyway, I hope whoever is
reading this liked my advice and the details I gave throughout. Ciao.

     ++++++++++          ++++++++++         ++++++++++          ++++++++++

     Credits & Links                                                 [401]

Author and player: Yurlungur
Find me on Tumblr at:
You can ask me stuff or submit things to post on my blog; it's up and coming so
I would appreciate feedback from anyone. If anyone wants me to write a specific
guide, Tumblr would be a good way to ask. Messaging me on Tumblr would be just
as good as emailing me for use of the guide as well.
     This is vgperson's Tumblr account reduced to show his posts about Ib.
     This is vgperson's actual translation download; in case you had the JP
     version and needed to be able to read the game.
     This is the original creator's website. He has a gallery of Ib art in
     there somewhere. (There's a link to his Ib pages in the middle)
     This is a link to the art site, Pixiv. A lot of good fanart here.


                                         Copyright 2012 Mason "Yurlungur" Smith