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Follow the dark path or use the light
Gray Matter Pack Shot

Gray Matter


Gray matter walkthrough

by Space guru

Gray Matter walkthrough
        Written by Spaceguru.
Author’s note:-The instruction manual to the game will tell you that you may finish the puzzles in any order, (although there are some prerequisites). The same principle applies here: there is no obligation to play the game in the exact order I’ve written, I am merely offering one possible solution based on the way I was playing the game at the time I wrote this walkthrough. 

Prologue: The opening scene shows a young woman (gothic girl by the look of her) riding a motorbike down a long country road, during a rather heavy storm. She is Samantha Everett, one of the two protagonists of the game (the other will be introduced in a moment). She is meant to be on her way to London, but due to the interference of the wind on certain street signs, ends up in Oxford instead. Realising that she will need to stop somewhere for the night, she seeks shelter in a mansion, which happens to be the residence and workplace of Dr David Styles, (the second protagonist) Dr Styles is a neurobiologist, and refers to his home/workplace as the centre for cognitive abnormality research. It would appear that another young woman is there applying for the position as Dr Styles’ assistant, but for reasons not entirely clear she is apparently attacked, and disappears from view. Sam takes advantage of this, by pretending she is the new assistant in order to gain entry to the house, she only stays for the one night, and decides she’d better get going before she’s discovered as been a fraud; but only then does the fun begin.

Chapter 1 
Sam wakes in the guest room at Dr. Styles’ mansion, the first thing she needs to do is find her pet rabbit Houdini and put him back in his cage. Houdini can be found on the right side of the bed, lurking under a plant, go over and pick him up; then Sam will put him back in his cage.
 Now to get Houdini some food and water, look in Samantha’s backpack at the foot of the bed, the items you need to take are: carrot, water bottle, wallet, Swiss army knife, matchbox, deck of cards and magic book.
There is a pitcher of water on the bedside table, use it to fill the water bottle then give the carrot and filled water bottle to Houdini.
 Sam realises that she doesn’t actually know where she is and needs a map of the area leave the room to find yourself in the upper hallway of the mansion. To the left is another guest room, but you can’t enter it, to the right are the stairs, and further to the right is Dr. Styles room, you can’t enter here either. There are a few other things you can examine in this area, Sam will comment on them, but they are not a necessity so perhaps the best thing to do is to go downstairs.
 Sam will stop on the stairway and comment about the absence of anyone else. There are several possible exits downstairs, and be sure to look at the portrait of a woman on the right.
 Just to the left of the stairs is a door with an envelope sticky taped to it; the envelope is addressed “for the new assistant.” Sam decides she’d better leave it alone because she’s not really who they thought she was.
 Take the time to explore the mansion and learn more about Dr Styles, in particular the pictures of patients and his diplomas in the parlour.
 Sam arrived by motorcycle, so the logical place for it to be is in a garage, go out the front door to see. Sam comments that she may have seen a plaque last night, click just to the right of the front door to confirm this. Exit the close up area and then click on the back exterior section near the tower at the far right of the mansion.
 This looks promising, there is a garage door here, as well as the tower. You can’t enter the tower this early in the game, but you will be able to later. Enter the garage and test the bike; it won’t start so Sam needs to find another means of transport.
 Go back to the mansion, if you’ve explored thoroughly enough you should see an elderly woman on the stairs, if not go back and search the mansion for anything you may have missed.
 The woman seems nice enough; apparently she’s the housekeeper and has made breakfast. Follow her to the kitchen, she will fill you in on what happened the previous night, and introduces herself as Mrs Dalton; she will also tell you about the instructions left on the door to the lab. You can speak to her about a few things, in particular about Dr Styles who seems to keep to himself a lot, and warns Sam not to mention “the accident.”
 Mrs Dalton offers Sam the room she stayed in last night, as well as a promise of meals if she should choose to stay at the mansion, rather than one of the colleges. Sam reconsiders taking the position as Dr Styles assistant.
 After breakfast, leave the kitchen and read the instructions in the envelope taped to the door.
 Apparently Dr Styles needs six volunteers for an experiment, and has asked his assistant to find them. He has also asked for Sam to leave her cell phone number with Mrs Dalton, here’s a slight dilemma, Sam doesn’t have a cell phone. Go and speak to Mrs Dalton, she will give you her phone.
 The map is now available to you; use it to go to Oxford centre.
 Samantha needs to find volunteers for the experiment, but she also has her own agenda, she wishes to join the Daedalus club, and is looking for clues here in Oxford.
 Start by going to Queen Street on the left. There will be a few students standing around, but none of them are willing to volunteer for an experiment with Dr Styles. One of them drops a freshmen flyer for a first year student orientation party in St. Edmund’s quadrangle which happens to be this very day.
 Continue down Cornmarket Street, there is a magic shop here called the black wand; Samantha is a street magician, so this is just the kind of place for someone like her.
 There are many props on the shelves as well as a game machine near the door, upon close examination; Sam spots a Daedalus club logo.
 Mephistopheles, the shop owner appears then. Ask him about the Daedalus club, after a disappearing ball trick he will ask how he can help. Been a magician, Mephistopheles is not straight forward with his words and prefers to speak in riddles, with an air of mystery. Apparently to join the Daedalus club a magician has to pull off some great stunt or “grand game,” but a good place to start would be the game machine box.
 The game seems to be called “You must be 21” and two cards are displayed; use the levers underneath until the two cards total 21 like in blackjack.
 Then collect the riddle scroll on the right. Don’t forget to speak to Mephistopheles before leaving, he will tell you that ‘the scholar’s heart’ refers to the heart of the university, but can’t tell you much more.
 Go back to the Carfax area and read the plaque on the tower. This is the solution to the first part of the betrayer’s price riddle. Enter the tower and then close the door. There is a red metal box here, and upon closer examination this box has the Daedalus club logo on it. The next part of the riddle mentions the four alchemical elements (i.e. fire, water, earth, air), and if you’re observant you may have noticed the alchemical symbol for fire, (it’s the outline of an equilateral triangle, pointing upwards). Use the book of matches in your inventory on the vent on the bottom of the box and a compartment will open revealing what Sam refers to as “a piece of gold” although it’s actually a torn piece of paper which apparently part of an ideogram, and four others need to be found. The other item that was hidden in the box is a picture a coat of arms to one of the colleges in Oxford, which is a clue to the next location Sam much search.
 Leave the tower where you will find yourself back in the carfax area, on the left hand side of the screen you should find a plaque showing the colleges of Oxford, with their corresponding cots of arms, use them to find which college Sam must go to. The correct college is Christ church. Use the map to go here.
 There is a fountain here containing a statue of mercury, as well as a black box against the edge of the fountain. Open the box and you will be confronted by a strip of litmus paper, use some drops of water from the fountain on the paper, the coat of arms will show through, indicated that the next location is somewhere on these premises. Click on the Daedalus club logo just below the litmus paper to open a secret compartment, which will reveal the next “piece of gold”.
 The next element in the riddle is earth so the gardens might be a good place to look, click near the bottom right of the screen to enter the gardens.
 Apart from the flower beds there are two exits leading to the meadows, but Sam doesn’t have time for a stroll just now.
 Examine the flower bed near the bottom of the screen, near the pink flowers there is a section of freshly dug dirt, after digging through this you will find the next piece of gold and a beer coaster.
 Return to Oxford town centre and look for a pub. There is one called The Windy Dog in Queen Street, but it’s currently closed so you may need to come back tomorrow to complete the riddle.
 Dr Styles still needs those volunteers so perhaps the first year orientation party is a good place to look for people.
 When you arrive you’ll witness a quarrel between two students; one male, one female, something about him filming her against her wishes. His name is Harvey Kinderman and she is known as Lisa, go speak to Harvey to find out what the argument was about: Apparently Lisa wasn’t happy with been filmed, and has stolen the cartridge it was recorded on. Sam bargains with Harvey that she will get the disc back, if he promises to volunteer for the experiment.
 Since Sam is a magician she decides to use one of her tricks to get the cartridge back. Click on Lisa, then select the  ‘Up in smoke’ trick from Sam’s magic handbook,  the book will tell you how to perform the trick, and you need to set up the steps involved, in the correct order, in the magic interface to pull off the trick. The steps are:
1.	Load spare cartridge in left sleeve.
2.	Take Lisa’s cartridge in right hand.
3.	Palm spare cartridge in left hand.
4.	Move Lisa’s cartridge to left hand.
5.	Misdirect.
6.	Move spare cartridge to right hand.
7.	Vanish Lisa’s cartridge up left sleeve.
There is a short interchange between Lisa and Samantha as the latter switches the cartridge Lisa has with the spare, and then discards the spare in a burning leaf bin. Give the cartridge back to Harvey, and get his promise that he will turn up at the experiment.
Sitting on a bench near a pay phone you will find Angela Mulholland. Angela has come to Oxford from a Scottish isle to study nursing, she seems the nervous type and Sam thinks she’s ideal for the experiment. Go over and talk to Angela then examine the pay phone nearby. Select the cell phone from your inventory; then click on the pay phone’s number to enter it into the cell phone’s memory. Then click on Angela again for the next magic trick: Telephone Psychic.
 Select the cell phone then choose menu, options and turn the mute function on. (This works in much the same manner as a real cell phone so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out.)
 The steps for the trick are:
1.	Palm cell phone in left hand.
2.	Misdirect.
3.	Manipulate cell phone in left hand.
4.	Vanish cell phone up left sleeve.
After the fake call, Sam tells Angela about the experiment, and invites her to come along, Angela agrees, that’s two volunteers. It would be a good idea to turn the mute function off too.
 The only other person in the quadrangle at the moment is Helena Beaugard, who is apparently relaxing in a deckchair. Go over and talk to her, while engaged in conversation, another person enters the scene and sits down on a nearby bench, but more about him in a moment. When asked if she’ll volunteer for the experiment Helena says she’s not interested, and that she has ‘plans’ for her body and won’t allow a doctor anywhere near her. Helena seems to be the boy-crazy type and draws Sam’s attention to the young man who entered the scene and sat down nearby, his name is Charles Eddington and Sam tells Helena that he’ll be at the experiment tonight. Helena doesn’t believe Sam at first, so she needs to prove otherwise.
 Go over and speak to Charles; he’s even more nervous than Angela and can hardly speak to Sam. Next to him is a letter on the bench, apparently from his mother Gertrude. Speak to Charles again, and ask him about the letter, apparently he likes to read his mail at dinner time, so he hasn’t opened the letter yet. Charles still seems incredibly nervous, so Sam needs to find another topic of conversation. There is also a book on the bench, turns out it’s a copy of The Iliad, talk to Charles briefly about the writings of Homer and then ask him to volunteer for the experiment; Charles says he needs to ask his mother about it first, but since the experiment starts that night he says he won’t be able to without mum’s permission. Now for another trick, this time it’s The Ominous mailbag, Sam only can only perform the first half of the trick at this time, the steps are:
1.	Misdirect.
2.	Take Charles’s letter in left hand.
3.	 Vanish Charles’s letter up left sleeve.
 Leave the Quadrangle and go back to the Oxford town centre.
 There are steam vents on the pavement around Oxford, use one of them to steam on Charles’s letter then swap the flyer from his mother with one of the cards from Dr Styles, now Charles should agree to the experiment.
 Go back to St Edmund’s quadrangle and then click on Charles to complete The Ominous mailbag trick. This time the steps are:
     1. Palm Charles’s letter in right hand.
     2. Misdirect.
     3. Plant Charles’s letter.
Go over and speak to Helena, when she sees how easily Sam can converse with Charles, she wants to know the secret, all-in-all Sam gets Helena to agree to turn up for the experiment. Just then the cell phone rings, it’s Dr Styles and he seems a bit mad because Sam is late for her first day on the job, he has found another volunteer and tells Sam she will be the sixth.
 There is a cut scene as Sam returns to the mansion and confronts her new employer for the first time. Dr Styles doesn’t seem to be the most even tempered man, but there’s probably a reason for it, for one thing his face is partially concealed by a mask, bearing a resemblance to the Phantom of the Opera; probably a result of the accident that Mrs Dalton warned Sam never to bring up.
  The first night of the experiment begins; Dr Styles asks the volunteers to envision they are at the Horspath racetrack and are preparing to run. The scene cuts to the real track, where a worker can be seen painting new lines on the track, suddenly some unknown force rushes across the track, when the dust clears, the track has been painted like a maze. The first of a number of mysterious events

Chapter 2
The next morning Mrs Dalton has prepared breakfast, and mentions a paper that seems to have been left by mistake. Pick up the paper from the table, and read about the events at Horspath track, Sam decides this needs investigating.
 Go to the track and examine the pattern on the ground, then talk to Eddie the maintenance worker about last night’s events; fortunately Sam and Eddie get along well so he will be quite co-operative and tell you what he knows, as the only real witness, he is the only one who really knows anything about it anyway.
 Sam considers the fact that magicians have been known to pull off great stunts in a matter of minutes, but something this elaborate requires a lot of planning, so she decides she should find out more about the great magicians in Oxford magicians. Mephistopheles is the logical choice of course, so perhaps it’s time to pay him another visit.
 Use the map to return to Oxford town centre.
 There is a woman selling flowers near the Carfax tower, speak to her and buy a bouquet, then go the Black wand in Cornmarket Street and speak to Mephistopheles. He can’t tell you if he belongs to the Daedalus club because (according to him) revealing such incurs a penalty of having your eye plucked out. When asked about grand games he offers to tell of some from the past, but cannot reveal any names. One such grand game was to make the Statue of Liberty disappear. (Most people probably know about this one, but for anyone who didn’t: it was David Copperfield who did that.)  If you ask Mephistopheles will tell you about other grand games, but I’m not sure as to the authenticity of them. He will be rather vague if asked about a grand game happening in Oxford, but denies having any part of one. Sam could do with a few props, while you’re in the magic shop, check the shelves and pick up: a magnet, a paper shredder noise maker, a fake thumb, spirit gum, and stage blood. Sam will pay Mephistopheles as she’s leaving.
 While you’re the Oxford town centre it would be a good idea to return to the windy dog pub.
 There is a hunting horn in the background, when you attempt to blow on it a distorted sound comes out, the bar patrons will find this amusing. Sam needs to talk to the barman about the horn, he will tell you it came from a ship after which the pub is named, and that it was blown as a warning in times of danger. He will also tell you that the ship’s captain still haunts the pub, and that if you summon him by blowing the horn he will grant a wish. Strangely he seems to know nothing about the Daedalus club. You will need to ask him for the mouth piece for the horn, after replacing it and a more successful attempt at blowing the horn, Sam wishes for a piece of gold. The barman will give Sam the next piece of the ideogram and a postcard showing the Christ Church cathedral.
 Return to Christ church and enter the cathedral nave, via the door on the far right.
 Speak to the guide who is standing near to entrance, he tells you you’re a little early for a guided tour but asks if you can help him by asking questions like you’re a tourist. The altar is of particular interest because apparently Judas the betrayer appears there. This is the next clue in the Betrayer’s price riddle, for it was Judas who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Go over to the altar, and examine the baptismal pool, Sam notices something underneath, go over to the switch on the back wall to open the baptismal pool, and then collect the baggie from the baptismal pool. You now have all the pieces of the ideogram, which need to be placed back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Remember to close the baptismal pool before leaving for Oxford town centre.
 The phone booth outside the Carfax tower is where you need to go. Take the receiver of the hook and then type in the name Judas on the keypad (58327) you will receive your prize in the change dispensary. The prize appears to be a gold coin with the House of Parliament on one side, and St Paul’s cathedral on the other.
 Go back to St Edmund’s quadrangle to meet up with the group of volunteers. Helena is a bit suspicious because she can’t find any record of a Sam Everett in the register; Samantha explains this as a bit of confusion with her name, afterwards there is an exchange of cell phone numbers, except from Angela who doesn’t have one. Naturally the events at the track are on everyone’s mind, and there are some suspicions about what Dr. Styles is really up to.
 Sam promises to look into the matter, and Harvey half-jokingly mentions the books in the library, the group promises to meet up again at noon leaving Sam alone in the quadrangle.
 The Bodleian Library now appears on the map; go there to conduct your research on Dr Styles.
 Unfortunately a student ID is required to gain access, and Sam doesn’t have one, so she needs to find another way in. Helena happens to be in the library at the time, call out to her to get her attention; she will come over to the turnstiles asking why Sam doesn’t come in. Sam claims she left her ID card behind and asks if she can borrow Helena’s, Helena refuses under risk of expulsion. Sam promises to be discrete but Helena still won’t agree to it, saying that she’s already had to go back and be rephotographed for her student ID and isn’t about to risk having it confiscated. Sam asks about the old ID, Helena claims her first picture looked terrible, so she went and had her picture taken a second time. Ask to see the old ID card; Helena will put both her old and new ID card out. She’s not about to part with her new one, but maybe Sam can negotiate for the old one that Helena doesn’t like. Click on the old ID card and select the 3 insulting comments: ‘You look like you’re on drugs,’ ‘Can you put a bag over that picture?’ and ‘Your nose doesn’t look that big in real life’ Helena vows to burn the old card once she gets back to her room.
 Time for Sam’s next trick: The destroyed and restored ring. First you will need to place the noise maker near the paper shredder behind you, and then choose the appropriate trick from Sam’s magic handbook.  The steps are: 
1. Palm noise maker remote in left hand.
2. Take Helena’s old ID card in right hand.
3. Manipulate Helena’s old ID card in right hand.
4. Misdirect
5. Manipulate noise maker remote in left hand.
6. Vanish Helena’s old ID card in right sleeve.
Helena thinks Sam is a bit eccentric, but is glad to be rid of what she considers a hideous ID card. You can now use Helena’s old ID card in the turnstile to gain access to the library.
  Speak to the librarian at the reference counter, and ask how to get information about Oxford professors, she will ask which professors you are interested in, when you specify Dr David Styles, she will direct you over to the library catalogue on the computer terminals nearby.
 Samantha will automatically type David Styles into the search engine, there are a few entries, but it is the last one dated 23 October 2002 that is of particular interest. Apparently Dr Styles was leaving a fund-raising dinner with his wife Laura when their car was hit by a speeding vehicle. So this is the accident that Mrs Dalton spoke of, it seems Dr Styles lost his wife Laura in the accident, and was partially burnt by the flames, which explains why he wears that mask. Reading about this sends Sam into one of her own flashbacks from her childhood.
 Now it is time to return to the mansion.
When Sam enters the phone rings, she answers it to find it’s the student employment office still offering candidates for the position of assistant to Dr Styles. Sam tells them the position has been filled, and to cancel any further requests. That was cutting it too close, Sam thinks it may be wise to fess up to who she really is before she gets busted, but then realises the consequences of what would happen if she does and decides to keep up the charade a little longer.
 Go to the kitchen and speak to Mrs Dalton about the accident, she reminds Sam not to bring it up in front of Dr Styles, because he can’t stand to hear people talk about it.
 Leave the kitchen, and go through the door which the envelope to the new assistant had been taped to. This will take you down to the basement. There is a wine rack on the left and two doors on the right. The door nearer the stairs takes you to the main lab, the other leads to Dr Styles’ private, lab but the door is locked, so the main lab is the one to explore.
 There is a vase of flowers on the desk in the foreground, replace the flowers in it with the fresh flowers you bought at from the woman in Oxford town square. Just in front of the vase is a set of instructions left by Dr Styles, read them to find out what Sam needs to do.
Dr Styles wants Sam to sort his files, mostly in alphabetical order, unless it’s an article he wrote in which it should be placed under P for publications, and any reference to Oxford should be placed under O as required. 
 There is also a letter to Dr. Styles from one Susan Whittier, asking for a receipt for some equipment Dr Styles donated to the John Radcliffe Hospital apparently Dr Styles has been asked for this a few times, Sam decides she’d better keep an eye out for this too.
 Go over to the filing cabinet and place the files in the appropriate drawer, keeping in mind the extra instructions about publications and articles concerning Oxford. When the files are in their correct drawers Sam can play detective and search for the missing contractor’s report, and to find out more about Dr Styles.
 The following files are of interest: ‘Extraordinary powers of ordinary minds’ which is an article on the human mind which Dr Styles wrote; Linkweller article which is apparently a rebuttal to Dr Styles article by another scientist, a Dr Abram Linkweller. You should also find the missing receipt under FMRI delivery receipt, and a staff list from the Radcliffe Infirmary under Neurobiology Department staff list. 
 Use the map to go tho the Radcliffe Infirmary.
 Samantha is here to deliver the receipt, but there are other things of interest here. Go to Susan’s office, Sam will tell her she’s working with Dr Styles, Susan will ask Sam to remind Dr Styles about the receipt. Select the receipt from the inventory, and give it to Susan. When asked about Dr Styles, Susan can’t say much but does mention the Dean, Mr Headley was quite an admirer of Dr Styles work; ask about Mr Headley, Susan will speak to him, and allow you a small audience with him.
 Speak to Mr Headley about Dr Styles. Like anyone Dr Styles has enemies, and it would seem there are those who are jealous of his success and wish to bring about his downfall, mainly by means of vicious gossip. Sam also learns about the plan for the experiment and asks for a copy, but Mr Headley says Dr Styles needs to speak to him personally about that.
 When you have exhausted all topics of conversation Sam leaves Mr Headley’s office and decides she needs to find out more about Dr Styles’ enemies, and should search through his files.
 There is a filing cabinet near the door, Sam suspects that Dr Styles files may be contained within, but needs the key to unlock the cabinet first. This is easier said than done while Susan is still in the room, so first Sam needs to find a way to get her to leave. Speak to Susan again, she says the same as Mr Headley about the experiment plan, that Dr Styles must collect them himself, or at least telephone the department. Tell Susan that Mr Headley asked for a cup of coffee, unfortunately she takes the key with her, so you’ll need to find a way to snatch from her. Time for the bottomless cup trick, required steps are:
 1. Palm magnet in right hand.
 2. Take cup in left hand.
 3. Move cup to right hand.
 4. Manipulate cup in right hand.
 5. Misdirect
 6. Take key in left hand.
 7. Vanish key up left sleeve.
 This will get you the key, but Susan still won’t leave the room, you’ll have to try something else. ‘The super gross out self healing wound’ trick will do that, but first Samantha needs to prepare for it.
 Leave Susan’s office, and walk across the hall to the kitchen, there is a first aid kit on the wall, remove it, and the hide it behind the metal tray near the door. Then combine the stage blood with the fake thumb in your inventory, and then use the spirit gum to hold it in place. Return to Susan’s office, and note the letter opener on the right hand end of her desk. Now you can begin the trick. Sam only needs to do the first part by the steps:
 1. Take letter opener in left hand.
 2. Manipulate letter opener in left hand.
 3. Misdirect.
 4. Manipulate letter opener in left hand.
This time Susan does leave the room, take advantage of this to unlock the filing cabinet and retrieve the experiment plan, make a copy using the photocopier next to the cabinet so Susan doesn’t notice it’s missing. Susan will re-enter at that moment, Sam won’t let her see the ‘wound’ and asks for the first aid kit so she can treat herself in the bathroom. Upon leaving the office, you will meet Malik in the hallway. He is the volunteer that Dr Styles found, so Sam doesn’t know him quite as well as the others; he has a class in ten minutes so he can only stop for a short chat. Malik believes that Dr Styles should have continued his work despite the accident and that Death is just a fact of life. Sam tells Malik that the group are meeting at the St Edmund’s quadrangle at noon, but receives no reply.
 Go back to the mansion and check the filing cabinet again. You should find a condolence card in regard to the accident. Compare the card with the staff list and cross off any names that appear on the card. Abram Linkweller is the only name that does not appear on the card, he is also the author of the article that refutes the one that Dr Style wrote, is there some long standing rivalry here?
 There is a cut scene when the group meets up in the quadrangle (Malik does turn up). The group decide to call themselves the lambs club, and discuss Dr Styles, Sam points out he’s had an upsetting past and that he simply likes his privacy after all he’s been through.

Chapter 3
This time you play as Dr David Styles. The scene begins in his bedroom. There are several items in the room you can click on, David will comment on how they remind him of his wife Laura. To progress you need to go down to the kitchen and speak to Mrs Dalton.
 Among other things, Mrs Dalton says she may have seen an image of a woman in the mirror upstairs in the master bedroom.
 Go back upstairs to the bedroom and look in the mirror; although there is only David’s own reflection, he is sure Mrs Dalton saw his wife Laura.
 Go back downstairs and enter the basement, use the key to unlock the door to the private lab, at that moment the doorbell rings, and a package arrives, David believes it is the dialogue generator he ordered. Return to the private lab with the machine, and read the notes on the white board, then examine the work bench. First read the letter and then read the instructions in the Psi book on how to setup the dialogue generator. First click the random number generator to the Rolodex cards then set the frequencies of the numbers on the random number generator according to the instructions. That is: you should set 0 to read 99, and the numbers 27-39 to 0 leaving the rest of them as a percentage; after that push the button to turn the machine on. Dr Styles hopes this will allow him to communicate with his departed wife, click on the Rolodex cards to receive the first part of the message.
 Exit the close up view of the workbench and click on David’s computer. Watch his video logs, they are about the passing of Laura, and how he believes he can sense her presence; he also mentions sessions in an isolation tank, as he believes that by remembering Laura he may give her spirit the energy to manifest.
 The isolation tank can be seen behind the computer, Dr Styles’ says he will have a session in it, but first he needs to collect items to help him remember Laura, these items are designed to stimulate each of his senses, and therefore five items are required. You’ll know when you’ve found them as a cut scene showing the corresponding sense organ, and what is apparently a neural impulse in Dr Styles’ brain. Note that there is no obligation to collect them in any particular order, but I will give details based on which is closest at the time. 
The wine rack is outside the lab but there are too many bottles to determine which one is the right on just now.
 Head back upstairs to see if you can find any clues to which region the wine in question came from, but you should also look for those other items too. You can also use this time to check the garage where you will find Sam’s bike, when you speak to Mrs Dalton about it, she will tell you it’s probably broken down and needs repairing.
 In the dining room there is a Hi-fi system search among the CD’s to find one by The Scarlet Furies.
 In the parlour there is a box of photos on the desk, look through them they all remind him of Laura, Dr Styles will take the one he wants to use as a visual cue.
 Go back to the bedroom and check in David’s closet, open the bottom draw, a woman’s swimsuit can be seen under a bathrobe, but you will have to remove the latter to access the former. Take Laura’s swimsuit from the drawer. There is also a white dress bag hanging in the closet, but Dr Styles’ doesn’t want it just now.
There is also a door leading to David’s bathroom from the bedroom, enter it, and check in the vanity cabinet on the right and take the bottle of shampoo.
 Go back down to the private lab, you have four of the stimuli you need, but haven’t yet identified which wine David and Laura were drinking on the night in question.
On the computer is an icon marked wine steward, click on it then make selections based on Laura’s favourite wines. Dr Styles remembers that Laura liked to drink dry reds in the evening, so set type to dry and colour to red. When you click on year Dr Styles mentions a that it was a tradition for them to drink a vintage from Laura’s birth, since she would have been 33 in 2005 she must have been born in 1972, so set the year as 1972. Now to determine which region. David mentioned that one of the photos you looked at was taken in the Loire valley, so perhaps this is a region to consider. Although you still can’t pinpoint the exact wine, you have narrowed down the list to three possibilities; it shouldn’t be too difficult to distinguish which is the one you want.
 Go to the wine rack and test the wines, David will know when he has found the right one, and takes the bottle back to his lab. 
 Now to set up the tank.
 First of all you need to click on the tank controls. The monitor will tell you what each button on the panel does, load the CD into the player, and pour the shampoo into the funnel. Open the tank then click on the tank lid to begin the session.
 The cut scene shows how David remembers that night, but is left a cryptic message “Blue tiles, check the cars.” 
 Go back to the kitchen and examine the notice board and check the item labelled ‘Paiser card’ it is the business card of one Inspector Paiser, who was the detective who investigated the accident Go back out into the hall and use the phone to call Inspector Paiser. 
Note: If you checked the noticeboard earlier you can go straight to the phone.
 Apparently there was something unusual about the perpetrator, or at least about the car involved. It’s accelerator was fused to the floor which explains it’s speed, yet it suffered no fire damage in the crash; certainly something worth investigating.
 Go back to the parlour and look at the box of photos again. The last one is of interest because of the blue tiles, which was part of Laura’s message.
 Take the photo back to the private lab and put it in the scanner, then on the computer select scan. When the scanned photo appears click the ‘edit shop’ icon. Adjust the colours, contrast, sharpness and blur, until Dr Styles spots an unusual image on part of the photo.
 There following cut scene shows the second phase of the experiment, this time the volunteers are asked to imagine they are at the St Edmund’s pool. Once again an unknown force wreaks havoc, this time the water in the pool changes colour quite unexpectedly.

Chapter 4
Return to playing as Sam. Dr Styles bursts into Sam’s room with urgent news; naturally Sam is not happy at this intrusion, so Dr Styles waits for in the hall.
 Leave the bedroom and talk to Dr Styles, he has just heard a radio report about the events at the pool and asks Sam to investigate.
 Go down to the kitchen, Mrs Dalton offers Sam breakfast, but Sam needs to get to Oxford to investigate. Pick up the paper on the table and read about the events at the pool, then go to St Edmund hall to investigate. 
 Enter the lobby and show Helena’s old ID card to the Bulldog. He tells you that you’re only allowed in the undergraduate wing. Check the resident board on the wall. Jeanie Smith in room 106 was the witness to the events at the pool maybe you should talk to her.
 Enter the undergraduate wing, there will be a table with nail polish and a roll of toilet paper on it, take one sheet of toilet paper. Then go over to room 106 to speak to Jeanie. Jeanie says she saw a shape moving in the water, and then the colour began flowing into the pool. Jeanie is still too shaken up to talk about it much so Sam leaves her alone.
 Sam is convinced someone is playing a prank, since she knows the experiment plan she intends to catch the perpetrator at the gym this time. Right then the phone rings, it’s Helena and she’s quite adamant about Sam been at the quadrangle immediately.
 Go and meet the group in the quadrangle, Harvey wants to draw and quarter Sam, while the others are wondering if they should turn up for tonight’s experiment. They agree to give it some thought and will meet up again at noon.
 Go back to the lobby and enter the pool area. Examine the pool filters and the water in the pool, speak to the pool man about what happened, he seems a bit simple but tells you what he knows. Take the Polaroids on the bench.
 Return to the mansion to report to Dr Styles. As you enter a woman can be seen going up the stairs, but she ignores you. Suddenly there is a bellow from Dr Styles, go down to the lab to see what the commotion is about.
 It seems Houdini has escaped again. Dr Styles doesn’t like pets, but gets Mrs Dalton to take him back upstairs. When Sam asks about the woman on the stairs, Mrs Dalton insists that Sam saw no such thing, but Dr Styles is convinced it is another manifestation of Laura. After telling of what she saw, Dr Styles asks what Sam learnt at the university. After learning that the students may be having second thoughts about the experiments Dr Styles tells Sam that the experiment conditions must remain the same, and that it’s her responsibility that they all turn up.
 Go back to Oxford town centre and speak to Mephistopheles again. He suggests that you should talk to the other students about the strange events and also that you should check the game box again after completing the Betrayer’s price riddle. Use the game box the same way as before to obtain the next riddle. Check the shelves and buy: flash powder trap, telephone spy, and a cry for help noise maker.
 Harvey will be in the street when you leave the black wand, he claims that he knew Samantha was a magician, and acts a little suspiciously saying he’s just there to do some filming.
 The next riddle has an Alice in wonderland theme, there is an Alice in wonderland shop in Queen Street; maybe you should check it out.
 Ask the sales clerk about the land marks in Oxford that were used in Alice in wonderland; she can’t tell you much, but directs you towards the postcards. Check the rack of post cards next to her. One of the postcards how Alice’s long neck in one part of the story was inspired by the firedogs at Christ Church hall. There is also a map of London which will come in useful, click on it to buy it.
 Then click on the Cheshire cat against the opposite wall. The Cheshire cat’s teeth have each a different letter it’s a combination lock. You can do this by trial and error or look around for other clues. There is a mad hatter poster nearby, read it for a clue as to the next part of the riddle. The word smile is written in yellow letters, so smile must be the combination on the Cheshire cat. The mouth pops open to reveal a draw, take the next ‘piece of gold’ plus a ticket to the university museum. Sam suspects the next part of the riddle must be there.
 The museum will appear on the map go there.
 Open the display case over on the left; it contains a dodo’s egg with a Daedalus club logo, so it must be what you were looking for. Sam must ‘hatch’ the egg to open it, so place it on the bench nearby and sit on the egg. There is another piece of the ideogram inside, and an invitation to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.
 Go back to the Bodleian library and ask the librarian if she knows of Hogwarts, she will tell you how some of the landmarks in Oxford were used in the Harry Potter movies, in particular the Christ Church dining hall been used as Hogwarts’ dining hall. Unfortunately the dining hall is closed for painting restoration so Sam needs to come back another time. 
 Return to St Edmund hall and then go to the gym to set up a trap. The locker room looks like a good place for Sam to hide while she waits for the prankster. Add the flash powder to the traps and attach the trip wires place one trap near the entrance and one over near the locker room. Remember to check the hours sign next to the door so you know what time the gym closes.
While you’re here, maybe you should also see what you can find out about the other students in the experiment. Check the resident board again if necessary. You can investigate the students in any order, Helena’s room is the closest but since you will need to come back to her later, you may want to skip the next two paragraphs, and leave her till last.
 Helena is in room 102 which is 2 doors down from Jeanie Smith’s room, but her door is locked so push the bucket on the ground closer to the door so you can climb through the transom. You will find a key on the other side. Check the drawers of Helena’s desk, everything seems legit, and there’s nothing that implicates Helena is involved in the strange occurrences. There is a camera on the desk too, Sam could use it, but needs to ask Helena’s permission first.
 Under the bed you will find a locked box. Click on the box, Sam wonders why Helena has a locked box in her room, but right then Helena enters the room. She’s suspicious as to why Sam is in her room, Sam tells her the truth, Helena realises this makes her a suspect but wants to hear about the other students. At this time you won’t have any so you will need to come back later to tell her, meanwhile, ask if you can borrow the camera. Helena doesn’t seem to mind if Sam borrows the camera as she’d rather be in front of the camera than behind it.
 The stairs to the second level are at the far end of the hall, take them and you will find yourself in a similar layout as to downstairs. There are two men playing cards at the table, one of them is a student and the other is a Proctor. The student will leave after a bit the Proctor remains at the table.
 Charles is in room 204, knock on his door, he seems to be out at the moment. The door to the adjacent room is ajar, go over and examine the lock, Sam comments how if the knob is set correctly, the door won’t lock.
 Speak to the Proctor and ask him if he can unlock Charles’ room, he won’t agree to it, even after three different stories as to why Sam needs to get in. Time for the divide and conquer trick. This trick doesn’t require the magic interface; just remember that if the Proctor deals an odd number of cards, Sam needs to go first. Choose one card as your prediction card and proceed with the trick. Never choose the prediction card, and if the Proctor does make sure you eliminate the other card. After three rounds the Proctor will unlock the door the Charles’ room.
 Look around Charles’ room for anything that may link him to the strange events that occurred at the track and pool. There is a Scientific American magazine on his desk with an article by Dr Styles. But even more unsettling is the picture on the bedside table, it’s only a year old yet the male figure in the photo doesn’t look anything like Charles. Select the cell phone from your inventory, and then click on the tab with the phone number from Charles’ mother. Take the photo from the frame to use as evidence.
 There is nothing else of interest in Charles’ room, so leave here, and take the stairs to the third floor.
 Harvey stays in room 302, but he isn’t in there at the moment. There is another Proctor sitting here. He’s just as stubborn as the one downstairs and refuses to open the door, another trick is in order. The trick you want is ‘The locked room mystery.’ Samantha needs to set up the trick first, so wrap the noise maker in the sheet of toilet paper and place it under Harvey’s door. Use the remote to activate the noise maker, the Proctor will investigate the strange noises coming from Harvey’s room, while he’s in there you need to adjust the knob to prevent the door from locking after he leaves.
 Search Harvey’s room, there are some screenplay notes on his desk, the notes are eerily similar to the events occurring, Sam suspects Harvey may be staging these pranks as part of his screen play.  
 Since Sam can’t get over into the graduate wing without setting off the alarm she may as well look for the students elsewhere.
 Angela can be found in the Christ church hall cathedral. Angela is convinced that the image in the stain glass window is actually a fairy, and is also cutting out paper images of fairies, she gives one of them to Sam, after a brief chat Angela asks for some alone time.
 Malik is nowhere to be found at this time and Sam still thinks that Dr Linkweller may have something to do with the strange events that are occurring, so perhaps finding out more at the Radcliffe infirmary is the next step.
 Go to the infirmary and check Dr Linkweller’s office, he’s currently in there, Sam needs to find a way to get him out of there.
 Go to Susan’s office and ask about Malik, it turns out he is Dr Linkweller’s teaching assistant. Look at the phone on Susan’s desk to learn the numbers of the people in the department. Select the mobile phone from the inventory; then click on the number for the neurobiology depart written under the keypad. Go out into the foyer and then use the mobile phone to call the neurobiology department. You will get a recorded message, and are asked that if you know the extension number, type in 11 and then select one of the dialogues to get Linkweller to leave his office. Enter Linkweller’s office and place the microphone spy near his phone.
 Go back to Helena and tell what you’ve learnt about the other volunteers. Remember that you can go to her at any time, but she will want to hear about all of the volunteers other than Sam and herself.  If you’ve left her till last go back and read the paragraphs you skipped before. 
Return to the mansion and tell Dr Styles about Malik, and what happened at the pool. Dr Styles is only interested in the facts, and not any theories about what happened.
 Return to the quadrangle to meet up with the lambs’ club. They now need to vote whether to stay with the experiment or to quit. Sam rigs the vote by using the fruit bowl trick.
Chapter 5
Back to playing as Dr Styles. Once again you begin in the bedroom, go to the closet. Laura’s dress is missing, Dr Styles wonders if his dead wife has taken it. You can look in the bathroom too, but there’s nothing you need in there, so perhaps it’s time to go downstairs.
 The strange events at the track and pool are eerie enough as it is, but the fact that they happened around the time the volunteers were imagining those places for the experiment is downright creepy, this needs investigating. 
 Go down to the main lab, and then go to the back where the experiment takes place. Log onto David’s computer and examine the results of the first session. Dr Styles says it would take hours to look at all of it and that he should zero in on a specific time. You can click on each individual scan, but for the most part they look normal. Use the plus and minus signs to move forward or back one minute in the time the experiment took place, use the numbers on the right to find a specific moment within the currently selected minute. Nothing appears out of place until you reach 11:30:45 (11:30 and 45 seconds) when suddenly the entire scan turns red. A similar result can be found at 11:42:30 of the second session. If you click on one of the scans during these finds Dr Styles will consider the possibility that it may be a power surge, and will use his older MRI equipment for tonight’s session.
 Log out of the computer, it’s uncertain what these findings mean, but they do coincide with the strange events that are occurring on campus.
 Go to the private lab and check the whiteboard, click on the to do list at the bottom, Dr Styles mentions a he’s arranged a session with Dr Ramusskin in the hopes of gaining some insight into the appearances of Laura. Dr Ramusskin’s house now appears on the map.
 Go over to the work bench, and check the Rolodex to see if any new letters have flipped over.
 Go to Dr Ramusskin’s house. All you really need to do here is to talk to Dr Ramusskin, but pay attention to what he says as it has significance later on. Dr Styles will return home after he’s said all he wishes to say.
 Go to the kitchen and ask Mrs Dalton about Laura’s favourite places. Mrs Dalton mentions Timmons Park, this seems ideal so go there.
  When you arrive, a little girl at the gate will see Dr Styles and thinks he’s a monster. Enter the park.
 There are signs near the bridge, one points to the lake, and the other to the main track, you can go either way, since you have to search right round the park to complete all tasks here.
 There are also several trees with carvings on them around the park, but only the one to the right of the bridge is of interest to Dr Styles. Go over to it, and click on the carving to stimulate his sense of touch for remembering Laura. Note in the flashback how Laura is carrying what appears to be an orange ice cream.
 From here there are several possible pathways. I shall describe each, but always directing you towards the gardenia garden.

 *If you go across the bridge you will find the boat house, Dr Styles isn’t ready to take a boat out onto the lake just yet, but you can ask the accordion player on the bench to play Santa Lucia. Continue to the paved path on the right. From here you can either go to the fountain or the gardenia garden, the garden is where you need to go.
 *If you follow the path you will come to the fountain, where you can either go to the playground at the bottom of the screen, left to the paved path, or right to the gardenia garden which is where you need to go. 
*You can also go to the playground if you move Dr Styles over to the left a bit, when the screen pans across, the path to the playground will become available. The little girl you saw at the gate will be here playing in the sand here, but Dr Styles doesn’t have anything to say to her at the moment. There is also an ice cream vendor here, you can speak to him, and buy an orange mivvi, which Dr Styles can taste to help him remember Laura, but since you will need to come back this way again later you can afford to leave it for now. From the playground you can return to the bride at the bottom of the screen, go to the fountain at the top of the screen or the gardenia garden on the right, near the statue. The garden is the one you want.  
 There is a gardenia in bloom on one of the bushes to the right; unfortunately it’s against regulations to pick flowers here as the park worker points out. Just then the little girl you saw at the gate comes past and picks the flower then runs off with it, follow her to the playground.
 Talk to the girl and ask her about the flower. She won’t actually say anything until Dr Styles brings up his mask, then like any child she begins to ask a lot of questions. When asked if you can buy the flower off her she will ask if you know any tricks. When all conversation has been exhausted, Dr Styles will move over and stand under the apple tree, at that moment an apple will fall from the tree. Pick up the apples and then juggle them for the little girl, she is amused by this, but then her mother will come along to take her away; just before leaving she will place the flower on the ground. Pick up the flower, and smell it.
 There is also an ice cream vendor here, go over to him and buy an orange mivvi if you haven’t already done so, then taste it.
 Go to the boat house across the bridge; ask the accordion player to play Santa Lucia if you haven’t done so already. Speak to the rental boat clerk and hire a punt.
 While drifting on the lake, David has another flashback, and receives another cryptic message from Laura “A student David, 21st October.”
 Return home and go to the private lab. Click on Dr Styles’ appointment book from 2002, it will open to October 21. Take note of Dr Styles’ schedule that day as you will need to recall the details shortly. Click on the book, Dr Styles will recall having dinner with Simon Helborn, his former business partner that day, and that he might remember something about what they spoke about.
 Go back to the kitchen and check the notice board. Click on the ‘Helborn card’ to get Dr Helborn’s number, then go out into the foyer and call Simon on the phone. The map will automatically open showing Simon Helborn’s office, go there for a hypnosis session.
 When Dr Helborn asks what you did that day, answer:
*Took a shower.
*Had Breakfast with Headley.
*A coffee shop.
*Neural connectivity in infants.
*Office hours
 Something suddenly occurs to Dr Styles and he rushes home.
 Go to the kitchen and ask Mrs Dalton about Sam.
 Cut scene of the third night of the experiment, Sam isn’t there because she’s at the gym hoping to catch the prankster in the act. As expected strange events do occur, but no one is seen, however Sam is injured by a flying weight.

Chapter 6
Sam is in trouble with Dr Styles again; firstly because Houdini has escaped from his cage again; and secondly for not turning up last night. She gets some sympathy when Dr Styles sees her injury, but insists she’s ok. Dr Styles asks Sam what she knows about Angela and Helena, and asks to her to find out more about them; and also to check the weight room to find out if anyone saw someone lurking around there last night. (Ironic since that’s where Sam was last night).
 Mrs Dalton won’t be in the kitchen this time, Sam will have to get breakfast another way.
 Go outside and the cell phone will ring. (This will also happen if you try to go another location on the map). Sam eavesdrops on Linkweller’s conversation with another student; apparently Dr Linkweller is having an affair with a student known as Shelly, although she does sound a bit like Helena.
 Go to Christ church and enter the dining hall. You will need to move Sam over to the right because there’s a fire place that’s off the edge of the screen there. Examine the firedogs; the one on the right has a Daedalus club logo on its hat. Click on the firedog to unscrew it until it comes off its post, the next piece of the ideogram can be found. Above the fireplace there is a certificate of appreciation from the staff of the Harry Potter movies for allowing the Christ church dining hall to be portrayed as Hogwarts dining hall in the movies.
 Go back to the large painting near the entrance, and examine it. There is a Daedalus club in the bottom right hand corner; you may need to click on it more than once to get Sam to notice. Then click on the book the middle girl is holding. Sam comments how it looks odd, again you may need to click more than once before Sam will know what to do. Select the Swiss army knife, and slice the painting where the book is, until Sam finds the next piece of gold.
 Assemble the jigsaw for the next location you need to go to.
 The solution is Christ church meadows. On your way there you will find Charles sitting on the edge of the wall near one of the flower beds in the garden area. Speak to him, when asked about a younger brother he will tell you he’s an only child; so who was that in the photo?
 When you’ve finished speaking to Charles go out into the meadows.
 A magnified image of the ground will appear on the left, the objective is to find a rabbit hole. This is not easy and may require a bit of searching. The rabbit hole is up towards the lake you can see in the back ground, roughly in the region that lines up with the gap in the fence, although it is closer to the left side of the fence. When you do find the rabbit hole, the point of view will change; you need to crawl into the rabbit hole. Inside you will find a white rabbit phone, click on his nose, Sam will comment that the riddle says she needs to “enter the name of the mage,” Given that the riddle is written in anagrams and spoonerisms most people would have figured out by now that C Railer Swoll is an anagram for Lewis Carroll, who is the author of Alice in wonderland, enter his name into the keypad, (539472277655) and the rabbit’s pocket watch will open to reveal another gold coin; this one has the British Museum on one side and Buckingham palace on the other.
 Samantha would be excited about solving the second riddle and would want to tell Mephistopheles about it, so go pay him a visit at the black wand in Oxford town centre.
 Mephistopheles has found an old magic lantern which projects images of whatever is placed inside it; he gives it to Sam who thinks she might be able to use it on stage sometime. This time Sam only needs to buy the disappearing ink, but should talk to Mephistopheles about the weight room incident. Mephistopheles will be his usual elusive self when asked who might be responsible, but when asked about what to do next; he suggests speaking to Dr Styles and changing the experiment plan without letting the others know until the last minute so they will be unprepared for any more pranks.
 As you leave the shop your phone will ring, but the caller hangs up again straight away. A moment later Helena appears and enters the black wand. Sam gets suspicious and thinks there may be a conspiracy between Helena and Mephistopheles and that they have something to do with the strange events.
 Mephistopheles suggested speaking to Dr Styles about changing the experiment plan, so going to the mansion to do so would be wise.
 As she enters the basement, Sam finds Mrs Dalton down there, as well as Dr Helborn. In her current state of mind, Sam is suspicious of everyone so she isn’t too nice to Dr Helborn at first. When asked if he is David’s doctor, Dr Helborn will give Sam a demonstration in the power of association, and discusses David’s association with Laura. Sam also noticed that Dr Helborn was carrying a piece of paper when she first entered the basement, she sneakily steals it back off him as he’s leaving to find it is one of Dr Styles’ notes about the appearances of Laura, this leads Samantha to believe that the pranks are extending beyond the campus, and into Dr Styles’ own home; she is determined to find out who is responsible.
 Go into the main lab and speak to Dr Styles about the change in plan, he thinks it’s a good idea but needs to come up with an alternative exercise and location and tells Sam to notify the students about the change.
 Return to Horspath track and speak to Eddie again. Sam will ask him to keep her posted if anything happens at the track, and asks if she can have one of the discuses. Eddie agrees to that, take one from the pile next to him, and then go back to the mansion to tell Dr Styles about the new location and exercise.
 Go back to the black wand to tell Mephistopheles about the change in plans. Sam tells Mephistopheles that Dr Styles refuses to change the plan: she’s lying, but only because she suspects Mephistopheles has something to do with the events on campus.
  Sam eavesdropped on Dr Linkweller’s phone conversation earlier; maybe she should go to the Radcliffe infirmary and confront him about it.
 Once at the infirmary you simply need to knock on Dr Linkweller’s door, the rest will happen automatically. Sam will confront Dr Linkweller about the events on campus, and warns him to stop or she will tell his wife about Shelly. Sam also mentions that she knows Malik is Linkweller’s student; it’s during this discussion that Dr Linkweller will find the telephone spy, better get out of there quick.
 Go to the Bodleian library where you will find Harvey working at one of the desks.   
  Using Helena’s ID card to get in through the turnstile, go and speak to Harvey, he’s a bit melodramatic about the legal brief he’s working on.
 If Sam is wants Harvey to fess up, she’s going to have to pull another of her tricks, like the ‘shredded and restored newspaper’. Samantha needs some other paper to do the trick, so go and pick some up from the stack of paper on the reference desk, then set about performing the trick, following these steps:
1. Load paper stack in left sleeve.
2. Take Harvey’s paper in right hand.
3. Palm paper stack in left hand.
4. Move Harvey’s paper to left hand.
5. Misdirect.
6. Move paper stack to right hand.
7. Vanish Harvey’s paper in left sleeve.
8. Manipulate paper stack in right hand.
 Sam uses this trick to get Harvey to talk, he admits to the screenplay notes Sam found in his room, but insists he got the idea from true events. After Some discussion, Sam is convinced Harvey isn’t the one pulling tricks and should look elsewhere.
 Charles said he was an only child, but the photo from his room suggests otherwise, perhaps his mother can explain. Use the cell phone to call Charles’ mother; Sam puts on a feigned British accent, claiming to be a Ms Pembroke from Oxford University and says there’s been a problem with Charles’ registration. 
 It turns out that the male figure in the photo really is Charles, but that after joining the athletics team his physique has changed since the time the photo was taken. So Charles isn’t the one responsible for the events either.
 Go to St Edmund hall and enter the lobby, the bulldog will want to see Sam’s ID again; he is a bit suspicious of the name and decides to look her up. Sam distracts him from this by changing the subject; saying that the perpetrator of the events has been caught. When the Bulldog has lost track of what he was doing, Sam goes up into the undergraduate wing.
Angela is seen coming out from the pool area. 
 Use the key you picked up before to get into Helena’s room (102). Check the drawers of the desk again; there is a letter from St Edmund hall. Read the letter; it’s about Helena’s acceptance to St Edmund hall, click on the letter while you are reading it, Sam will note how it’s only dated last month, so Helena really did start university recently.
 Note: There seems to be a slight glitch in the game, be sure to read the letter right away, because you won’t get another chance.
 There is a magazine on the table, go over and pick it up. That’s looks like a picture of Helena on the front; Sam decides she’d better keep it to show Dr Styles. Go and take the hairpin on the dresser then use it to pick the lock on the box under the bed. The box contains syringes and vials, is Helena a drug addict?
 Leave Helena’s room and go up to the third floor. Upstairs you will find a maintenance man working at the fuse box. Go over and examine the fuse box, in the top right corner is a switch which turns the alarm off, but Sam can’t do that while the maintenance man is watching; exit from this close up view. 
 There are some cups and a ball on the ground near the door of Harvey’s room (302) then click on the maintenance man, and choose the ‘cup and ball psychic’ trick from Sam’s magic handbook. Read the instructions carefully, and pay attention to what the maintenance man says as this trick varies each time you play the game; remember that you need to keep track of the cup that Sam dented; if you guess wrong you will have to perform the trick again.
 When you have successfully completed the trick ask the maintenance man for a cup of coffee; while he is gone, go to the fuse box and turn the alarm off. Now you can go over to the graduate wing. You can get across to the graduate wing from the third floor by clicking over near the stairs; the bulldog down in the lobby wouldn’t let you anyway.
 When you enter the graduate wing you will meet Malik, he’s a little disgruntled at the moment because he’s just been fired from his job and his parents have a large family to support. Malik is a big fan of Dr Styles, which is why he came to Oxford in the first place. Sam doesn’t see any point in checking Malik’s room (326) after what’s just transpired, so move on to finding the next person.
   Go over to Angela’s room (322) and knock on the door, Angela isn’t there at the moment, but her roommate Kelly is. Speak to Kelly about Angela, and also about her sweater. Sam won’t be able to search the room with Kelly watching her, so she needs to find a way to get her leave; ‘The last great disappearing ink trick’ will do just that. 
 While Kelly is washing the ink out of her sweater, look around the room. In the desk drawer you will find a wedding magazine and a record of Angela’s enrolment.
 Over on the dresser is a picture of Angela’s father, as well as pictures of what Sam believes is the Scottish island Angela originates from. There is also some blond hair dye here, so Angela isn’t a natural blond. On the shelf above the dresser are several fairy figurines, plus a fairy sketch. Seems Angela is a fairy fanatic, remember the paper ones she was cutting out in the Christ church cathedral?
  When you’ve finished looking around the room, make as if you’re about to leave; Kelly will return at that moment. Sam and Kelly will speak briefly about the picture of Angela’s father; apparently he was killed in a pub fire. Sam will leave the room.
 Since the bulldog will know you’ve been in the graduate wing if you go down to the lobby from here, you’d better cross back over into the undergraduate wing first. 
 The maintenance man will be working at the fuse box again, speak to him, and Sam will show him the trick she used from her magic handbook.
 Go down to the lobby and enter the gym. Search the gym for clues about what happened last night. The locker room and the ceiling lights are of particular interest, Sam suspects that Mephistopheles must be the one behind the strange events since he knew she would be there, and that she had flash powder traps.
 Return to the mansion. What’s that near the phone in the foyer? An invitation to the Daedalus club! But where is it exactly? Examine the map of London, and circle the landmarks that were shown on the coins. Then draw a line linking the British museum with the House of Parliament, and another line linking Buckingham Palace with St Paul’s Cathedral. This will reveal the location of the Daedalus club. The Daedalus club will now appear on the map, but Sam needs to finish some other tasks first.
 Go to the kitchen and speak to Mrs Dalton. She will tell Sam that her bike has been repaired; then ask her about Laura’s ghost. Mrs Dalton doesn’t like talking about it, and dismisses it as nonsense, and tells Samantha not bring it up again.
 Sam will probably want to see her repaired bike, so go out to the garage and see. 
 While she’s out there Sam should take a closer look at that tower next the garage too.
 When you first click on the tower Sam realises that the tower is directly opposite David’s window, and that she should check it out. The door is locked so Sam needs to find the key. The key can be found under the statue near the entrance, take the key and use it to unlock the door to the tower.
 There are tracks in the dust on the stairs, so someone has been here recently. Go up the stairs. There is a wooden chair here, but it doesn’t appear to be dusty either, someone has definitely been here. Look and the window and you will be able to see directly into David’s bedroom, this makes Sam mad. There is a smudge on the window pane, but it’s not very clear.
 Go back to the kitchen and speak to Mrs Dalton about the tower key, and the bike; then take the flour that’s on the countertop under the plates.
 Go back to the tower and unlock the door again with the key, go upstairs and sprinkle some flour on the smudge left on the window. It’s a hand print; apparently it belongs to a female, which rules out Linkweller and Malik as the ones causing the strange events. Check the chair and stairs again as you’re leaving.
 Go to the main lab and tell Dr Style’s what you’ve learnt about Angela and Helena.
 Go back upstairs, to the second storey and look for signs of some mechanism that is creating images of ghosts. You need to check the cabinet, the gargoyles, the painting, the monk statue, and the chairs on the left. There’s no sign of any hidden mechanisms, either they’re not here, or the person pulling the pranks has cleared them away.
 Go back to St Edmund hall to meet the lambs club and tell them about the change in plans. Harvey and Helena aren’t present, Charles offers to tell Harvey, but Sam will need to call Helena.
 Cut scene of the next session, Helena hasn’t turned up tonight. Angela begins to recite a Poem by Charles Swinburne, and asks Sam to complete it. After the poem Dr Styles passes the discus around, telling the students it’s what they need to visualise tonight. 
 Cut to the next day, Sam calls Eddie and asks about the track. Everything seems fine so the ruse worked, or so Sam believes. Sam is now convinced that Mephistopheles is the one responsible for the strange occurrences, and she intends to confront him about it at the Daedalus club in London. Unbeknown to Sam, a strange event did occur, and some people were quite seriously injured.

Chapter 7
Dr Styles receives a phone call from Harvey; there has been another strange event, this time at the St Edmund dining hall. Sam isn’t around at the moment, as Mrs Dalton will confirm, so Dr Styles will have to investigate himself.
 Go to St Edmund hall, and enter the lobby. Charles the bulldog knows Dr Styles quite well; the latter explains he’s here to investigate what happened in the dining room. The entrance to the dining room is to the right; you’ll need to move Dr Styles over there to see the door.
 When you enter the dining hall you should see Inspector Paiser standing over to the left; speak to him about what happened, when asked about the ‘missiles’ he will direct your attention to the holes in the walls. There is a particularly large hole over on the right, go over and examine it. Dr Styles is still carrying the discus from last night, select it from your inventory and test it in the hole; it fits exactly so the projectiles must have been discuses.
 When you leave the dining room Angela will be there just outside the door, she’s quite shaken up by what’s happen and says Sam is responsible for it. Angela has found out that Sam isn’t really a student at Oxford and tells Dr Styles. Go over to Charles the bulldog and speak to him about this. There is no record of a Samantha Everett in the database.
 Go back to the mansion, and go down to the main lab. Examine the results of the third and fourth session on the computer. There is something different in Angela’s scan around about 11:30:30 in the third session, she seems to have fallen asleep; a similar result can be seen in the fourth session at 4:30:45. The red ‘flare’ that appeared in the first two sessions also shows up again if you look at the next time frame (i.e. 11:30:45 and 4:30:60 respectively). Dr Styles isn’t too sure which part of Angela’s brain is active in these two occurrences and should look for a reference.
 Go over to the private lab and check the rolodex for anymore news from Laura, then log onto Dr Styles’ computer and select ‘My files.’ Read Sam’s report on the experiment, then click on the file called ‘Brain power’. Dr Styles can use this as a reference; click the print icon in the top left corner, then go back to the main lab with the printout. Bring up either image of Angela’s brain at the time of the anomaly and lay the printout over the screen to determine which part of her brain is active. The active part is called the massa intermedia; Dr Styles isn’t sure what its function is.
 Go to the kitchen, and speak to Mrs Dalton about the night Sam arrived; then go upstairs to Sam’s room to investigate.
 Houdini has gotten out of his cage again; Dr Styles will put him back; now to search for information on Samantha Everett. In the drawer of the bedside table, David will find a student ID card that says Helena Beaugard, be sure to examine it up close, when you click on it David will comment on how it has been altered. Check Sam’s backpack and retrieve the foster care letter. David will read the letter and then decides to ask them about Sam. You can also check David’s bedroom for signs of Laura, her dress is still missing from the bag hanging in the closet.
 Go down to the phone and call the department of foster care services. The woman who answers the phone will read out Samantha’s most recent psychiatric report. Dr Styles tells her off for giving out confidential information over the phone: let that be a lesson to the rest of us to think before you speak.
 Go to St Edmund hall and speak to the students, they’re all suspicious of Sam now, especially after Dr Styles shows Helena the altered ID card. When it’s revealed that Sam is a magician, Harvey will mention how Sam hangs out near the black wand.
 After the students leave, Dr Styles will receive a phone call from Rose Hall of the department of foster care, she will tell DR Styles a few other things about Sam, and confirm that she is a magician.
 Go to Oxford town centre, the black wand is closed at the moment, but there is a poster in the window. So Samantha Everett, alias Lady Byron is performing at the Daedalus club in London. Take the poster and call directory assistance for the address of the Daedalus club, you won’t be able to get it this way since it’s ex-directory, so you need to ask someone who has access that information; someone like Inspector Paiser.
 Return to St Edmund hall, and speak to Inspector Paiser in the dining hall to retrieve the address of the Daedalus club. The Daedalus club now appears on the map, go there.
 David arrives in the street in which the Daedalus club is located; the entrance is over to the left. When David knocks on the door a masked man will answer, but since this is a private club you need an invitation or token of some kind. Show him the Lady Byron poster to get in.
 There is a cut scene inside the club. Dr Styles hears about what is believed to be Sam’s “grand game,” a moment later Sam is seen performing onstage. After the show Dr Styles confronts Sam in her dressing room, unfortunately for Sam, he has been misguided and demands that she leaves his place.

Chapter 8
Sam begins in the front hall of the Daedalus club, there are several machines here which appear to be poker machines, but Sam doesn’t have time to play them right now. There is an exit to the public bar at the bottom of the screen, perhaps Sam should speak to the other members there.
 Speak to the barman and the two patrons seated over to the left; ask if they’ve seen Mephistopheles. According to the barman he was here before the show. 
 There is a newspaper resting against the chair one of the patrons is sitting in, pick it up and read it. The article is about the events in the St Edmund hall dining room, click on the paper, Sam can’t understand how the prankster could have found out about the discus, or why the events happened at the dining hall.
 Move Sam over to the left and speak to the trickster in the Zoltan booth. According to him Sam has another show, but he’s as elusive as Mephistopheles, speaking of whom, ask him if he’s seen Mephistopheles. Apparently there’s a private area of the club somewhere “below”.
 Go back to the front hall. One of the machines stands out, the devil machine closet to you on the left, go and check it out.
 This game occurs in two parts, first of all you need to pull the devil horns until three devil images line up on the tumblers, then you need to pull the lever on the left and get the rotating light to stop in the section marked “hell”.
 When you succeed, a trapdoor will open under Sam and she will travel down a slide into an underground area.
 To the right is a painting with an information box underneath. Open the box, a jack-in-the-box like heart will spring up which reads “cherchez la femme,” Sam knows enough French to realise that this means “look for the woman” but which one?
 Look at the painting above, there are four people in it and their hands are positioned as if they’re holding something.
 At the back of the room are some renaissance style statues, when you go over to examine them you will see something written on the wall above the door, click on it. Apparently it’s another riddle which Sam must solve, something about retrieving three keys, and using the light.
 There are several doors on either side of the room, but many of them keep bringing you back to the same room, only the one closest to the slide on the left, and the middle one along on the right lead to a different room. It’s easier if you go to the one on the right first.
 In the next room you should find a chainsaw box in the middle of the room and an iron maiden on the right. The iron maiden is another information box, if you open it a skeleton hand holding a card will pop out. The card reads “Quitting is an option, ask the six of diamonds” sounds like a reference to a deck of cards, that could be a clue.
 Take the door at the end of the room, you should recognise the spade shaped door. A spiked ceiling will begin to descend upon Sam, fortunately the floor opens into a pit to save her from been skewered.
 Sam will travel down another slide to a different room. There is a large switch in the middle of the floor here, go and push it to see what happens. The lighting changes and the doors know show card values on them, each room has a different suit, you are currently in the diamond room. Remember what the hand holding the card said about the six of diamonds? If you take the appropriate door you will leave the club and end up back in the street, but you won’t have solved the riddle and will have to start over from the devil machine. 
 Now that the symbols on the doors are visible it will be easier to keep track of where you’re going.
 The riddle above the statues mentioned something about using the light; now that the lighting conditions are different perhaps the clues will make themselves apparent. Go and check the painting on the wall. There are four people in the painting, each pointing to a sign which gives contradictory instructions. There are three men and one woman in the painting, and since you’re supposed to be looking for a woman it’s probably her instructions you should trust. She is pointing to a sign which says “choose the exit that shows your prize furthest away,” enter the queen of diamonds door at the ends to find out what this means.
 The door leads to a mirror maze, check the reflections in each exit mirror carefully and move to whichever one is smallest or furthest away. If you’ve done this correctly you should arrive at a pedestal with an orange key. Take this key, then leave by either exit. 
 Helena is trapped somewhere in the maze, following the same principle as before make your way to her, along the way Samantha will offer help, you can try to guess which way Helena needs to go, but it’s better to tell her to stay still and go to her.
 When you find Helena she will ask you to lead her out of the maze, once out she will tell you how Dr Styles came to the campus; and that everyone now knows that Sam isn’t a student at Oxford. Helena doesn’t know Mephistopheles and had only come to warn Sam, she has nothing to do with the events on campus. Helena will exit the club leaving Sam to continue her exploration.
 If Sam leaves through the 7 of diamonds door she will find herself in a room with a central island which contains a green key on a sculpture carved like the clubs symbol. There are planks in the water, but they won’t stay still long enough for Sam to cross the island. It looks as though two other doors also lead here, but from a different side of the island, one over to the upper left, and the other on the right; Sam should be down in the lower right corner. Go back and then leave through the Ace of diamonds door.
 Sam should now be in the spades room, which happens to be the room with the iron maiden.  
 Check the painting in this room; this time the woman is holding a pair of handcuffs. There is a stool with a pair of handcuffs in a display case over near the Queen of spades door, go and take them, then leave through the 8 of spades door.
  This should be the hearts room where Sam first entered. Check the painting again. The magicians are holding books; the woman is holding a copy of Atlas shrugged. Leave through the 9 of hearts door.
 You should now be in the clubs room. In the painting the magicians are holding weapons, the woman’s weapon is a pistol. Going through the Queen of clubs door will take Sam to the room with the floating planks, this time she will be over to the right. Use the handcuffs to link the planks together, Sam can now cross the central island and retrieve the green key. Sam will take the handcuffs on the way out. There are two statues near the door: one of Artemis and one of Atlas, keeping in mind that the woman the painting was holding a copy of Atlas shrugged, this is probably significant. Push the statue of Atlas back, it will move into the room with the spike ceiling.
 Go back to the spades room (door in lower right corner of clubs room, [can’t distinguish symbol] then 3 of hearts.) And enter the Queen of spades door. The statue of Atlas will hold up the spike ceiling; then a compartment in his stomach will open to reveal the purple key.
 The only way out now is the door on the left, this will take you back to the spades room, go through the 8 of spades door.
 You should now have three keys, use them to unlock the queen of hearts door, by plugging them into the control panel, then go through the door
 Mephistopheles is here, but Sam won’t confront him unarmed. The woman in the painting was carrying a pistol, maybe there’s one around somewhere. Leave this area, then go back to the spades room through the 3 of hearts door. There is a pistol in a display case between the 8 of spades and 9 of spades doors, take it then go back through the 8 of spades and Queen of hearts doors to confront Mephistopheles, Sam will need to be holding the gun to do this.
 Mephistopheles will show a video to Sam and explains why he isn’t the one behind the events at Oxford, and that Sam needs to look for someone who is not an illusionist. With all other suspects ruled out, this leaves only one possibility. The scene changes to David’s bedroom where he appears to be reunited with his wife. Sam bursts in at that moment and reveals that ‘Laura’ is actually Angela.
 David and Sam track Angela to the Christ church cathedral; she wants them to leave her alone and begins to use her mind to call up and electrical storm.
 Put the paper fairy inside the magic lantern and show it to Angela, Sam will position it so that the image of the fairy will be on the baptismal pool. Angela thinks it’s real and tries to get close to it. Here the game play will switch from Sam to David, while Angela is standing on the lid of the baptismal pool, open it with the switch on the wall. Angela can’t conduct electricity while she’s wet, and will run off into the bell tower. Dr Styles follows her.
 The end scene shows Dr Styles trying to reason with Angela about all that’s happened, but Angela’s obsession with fairies leads her to believe she can fly, and she will jump off the balcony. Next we see the group discussing what happened after the memorial service, and how exactly Angela was causing all those events with her mind. Finally we see Sam several days later; she is still leaving with Dr Styles, with occasional problems from Houdini.