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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony


Achievement Guide

by Hydro_PT


---------------- \      GTA: Episodes From Liberty City      / ----------------
                            The Ballad of Gay Tony

---------------- \ Games for Windows LIVE Achievements Guide / ----------------

---------------- \                Version 1.00               / ----------------

---------------- \         Last updated - 14/07/2010         / ----------------

---------------- \     By Hydro_PT ([email protected])    / ----------------

---------------- \      Copyright (C) 2010 Mário Peixoto     / ----------------

---------------- \            All rights reserved.           / ----------------


|                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |

1. Copyright notice

2. Introduction

   2.1. Structure of the guide

3. Guide version history

4. About the game

5. Achievements guide

6. Conclusion

7. Contact details

8. Credits

9. Trademarks notice


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The only sites that are allowed to have this guide are the following:

- (all updates to the guide will be posted here first)

If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please email
me to ask for permission. See section 7. to know how to contact me.


I decided to write this guide because it might be useful for players that are
trying to unlock some or all the achievements in the PC version of Grand Theft
Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. This game is the retail edition of the two
Episodes released for Grand Theft Auto IV, which are also available as DLC
(downloadable content). If you buy each Episode as DLC, you will need to have
GTA IV already installed for the DLCs to work properly. If you buy the retail
edition (Episodes From Liberty City), you don't need to have GTA IV installed.
No matter what you buy, this achievement guide will work for the DLCs and the
retail edition. Just remember to be be connected to Games for Windows LIVE
while playing, otherwise you won't unlock any achievement.

Please note that this guide only applies to the "The Ballad of Gay Tony".
For "The Lost and Damned" achievements guide (the other Episode/DLC), check
the following link:


Almost everything on this guide comes from my personal experience, as I do
unlock all achievements before writing the guide. However, I base myself on
some sources to be sure that what is written here is as correct as possible.
Everyone that helps me (directly or indirectly) is properly credited.

Having said that, I hope you find this guide useful. Thank you for reading.



I try to make a good structure for the guide, so that way you can quickly find
what you need. Even though most browsers nowadays feature an easy-to-use search
function, this section will help you understand how I structured the guide, in
case you have any trouble.

All achievements are organized in alphabetic order. I use their official name
to organize them alphabetically. So, in the first line you have the name of the
achievement, its official description and its Gamerscore. Below that I give
a detailed explanation on how to unlock it. Here's an example:

.                                                                  .
. Adrenaline Junkie - Freefall for the longest possible time. [25] .
.                                                                  .
. Explanation on how to get this achievement goes here.            .
.                                                                  .

You can refer to the following page to see a list of all achievements:



Version 1.0 - 14/07/2010
Guide fully written. All achievements are covered.


- TITLE: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City - The Ballad of Gay Tony

- PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows

- RELEASE DATE: 16 April 2010

- DEVELOPERS: Rockstar North and Rockstar Toronto

- PUBLISHER: Rockstar Games



- TOTAL GAMERSCORE: 250 points


Adrenaline Junkie - Freefall for the longest possible time. [25]

Parachutes are back to Grand Theft Auto games, after they made an appearance in
San Andreas. This "toy" becomes available after the mission "High Dive" for
Yusuf Amir. After this mission is complete, Armando will send you a message
saying that he now has parachutes available in his Gun Van. Just select the
option "Gun Van" in your phone and Armando will spawn near you with a van full
of weapons. Buy a parachute and search for a helicopter. Before entering the
helicopter, select the parachute and press LMB. This will make the parachute
appear on Luis' back, ready to use. When you are in a helicopter, the map will
show an altimeter. Climb as high as you can, until you see that the helicopter
cannot go any higher. Then, press F to get out of the helicopter and enter in a
freefall. Press the W key to descend really fast, and then open the parachute
just before hitting the ground. If done correctly, the achievement will unlock.
In case you pull too soon or too late, just try again until you get it. The
trick here is to go as high as you can and open the parachute at the very last
moment, but without dying.

Bear Fight - Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. [15]

The L.C. Cage Fighters championship will become available after the mission
"Momma's Boy". In this mission you will learn where the fights take place, and
after the mission is complete you can return here to fight or bet on other
fighters. To unlock the achievement you must win all 6 rounds, which is a hard
thing to do. Each round brings 3 different opponents, so you must defeat 18
different guys without dying to win the championship. The first 2 rounds don't
cause any problem, because the opponents are easy to beat. The problem starts
in the 3rd round, where the enemies are harder to beat and, to make things even
worse, they are allowed to bring weapons: a wooden bat and a knife, both of
which can cause some serious damage with only a few hits. You won't go far by
just using your fists, so the trick here is to counter the opponent and steal
his weapon, which you will be able to use for the rest of the round. To perform
a counter attack and steal the weapon, you will have to press SPACE right
before the enemy performs an attack on you. It is hard to get the timing right,
but if you manage to do it, Luis will crouch and you just have now to quickly
press R to steal the opponent's weapon. With a bat or a knife in your hands it
is much easier to beat each opponent. The achievement will unlock after your
beat the last enemy in the 6th round.

Here are a few tips and a link to a video to help you get this achievement:

- Never let an opponent recover from the attacks, keep punching or kicking him
  all the time;

- Remember not to be too far or too close to an opponent, otherwise Luis won't
  be able to attack properly;

- The first opponent of round 4 and 5 brings a bat, so try to take it without
  losing health. This bat will be very useful to beat these two rounds, because
  the enemies are very though.

- Try to save your health for the last 3 matches of the 6th round. You gain 25%
  of life when each round begins, but this isn't much, so try not to lose any
  health during the first 5 rounds (body armour doesn't offer any protection);

- The guys that bring a knife are the hardest to beat, because they are very
  fast and they take a lot of your health with a single combo. You can try to
  take their knife, but it is hard to do it and requires a great timing, so my
  advice is to steal the knife only in the last round and if you have a lot of
  health. All 3 final opponents bring knives, and it is very hard to beat them
  without one, so the sooner you get yourself a knife, the more chances you
  have of winning;

- Keep trying and trying. This achievement is hard to unlock, but with some
  training you will eventually get it. Remember: practice leads to perfection!


Catch the Bus - Dance perfectly in both Tony's nightclubs. [15]

The clubs become available after the first mission is complete. There are two
that are owned by Tony: Hercules and Maisonette 9. You can go there at night
and dance with a lady. To activate the mini-game "Bus Stop", you must dance
perfectly on each club. If you fail 3 or 4 moves, you won't take part in the
special dance, thus you won't unlock the achievement. To dance perfectly, press
WSAD according to the beat in the image. When you are told to HOLD, just hold
one of the keys, and then press RMB and LMB, again according to the beat until
the pink bar around the beat is full. If you do it right, you will now take
part in the "Bus Stop" mini-game. This event is composed of quick time events,
and all you have to do is press the key that appears on the screen on time. It
is actually quite easy, the only problem is taking part of this mini-game,
because the lady seems to be very exigent with the quality of your dance. Once
you have successfully complete the "Bus Stop" on each club, the achievement
will unlock. Check the link below to see a video of the achievement being


Diamonds Forever - Complete the Trinity. [5]

If you have played Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned, you are well
aware of the "diamonds deal" that is a major point in the storyline of the
three games. This is also the only mission where all protagonists are together,
hence the name "Impossible Trinity. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, you will now
take the role of Luis, the one who made the deal go wrong. It is a very simple
mission, compared to Niko's and Johnny's. You just have to pick up the Buzzard
from Yusuf Amir, land on the roof of the museum and then go to a small window,
where a well-known cut-scene will start. After watching it, get back on the
roof via a stair, fight some cops with the Buzzard's weapons and then land back
on the heliport, where Tony is waiting for you. The achievement will unlock
right after this. The mission is called "Not So Fast", and if you need help to
beat it, check the following walkthrough:


Four Play - Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. [10]

The golf mini-game will be available after the mission "Practice Swing" for
Gay Tony. In this mission you will learn how to play golf, and after that you
can come back and play against a friend or a random NPC. To unlock this one you
need to get a perfect swing 4 times. Use the mouse to move the target around
the field, and place it exactly on the flag (zoom in by pressing and holding
RMB). When the target is where you want it, press LMB. On the left side of the
screen you have a bar, that will raise and come down until you press LMB again.
You must press the button exactly when the bar hits the black mark. If you do
so, the ball will hit the flag perfectly. Just do this 4 times (it doesn't need
to be in the same game) and the achievement will unlock. It might take some
practice to get this done, but it is not hard.

Gold Star - Score 100% in all missions. [80]

In The Ballad of Gay Tony each mission has a scoring system, that is calculated
according to a certain number of requirements, like time taken to complete the
mission, shooting accuracy, headshots performed, among others. To unlock this
achievement you must score 100% in all 25 missions. It is almost impossible to
score 100% the first time you play the game, because you don't know what you
have to do in each mission and you don't know what the requirements for 100%
are for that particular mission. So, after you beat the game, you will have
the opportunity to replay any mission. Just use your phone, select "Missions"
and choose the one you want to repeat until you get 100%. The requirements are
cumulative, so you don't need to meet all requirements for a certain mission at
once. The mission "Chinese Takeout" is a good example of this:

.                          .
. Time ----------- 0:05:20 .
. Player Damage -- 10%     .
. Accuracy ------- 70%     .
. 100% Headshots - [X]     .

As you can see, you must complete it in 5 minutes and 20 seconds, and at the
same time suffer only 10% of damage, perform 100% headshots and have a very
good accuracy. You can play a first time at a very fast pace to meet the time
requirement (without caring about player damage and accuracy), and then play a
second time, focusing now on accuracy and other requirements, without worrying
about how long it will take. Once all objectives are completed, the mission
will have a score of 100%. Do all 25 and the achievement will unlock. To know
what are the requirements for each mission, check the link below, which will
take you to a great walkthrough provided by At the end of each
mission walkthrough you have the requirements for 100%.


NOTE: You cannot die during a mission and you cannot use a taxi. You will be
rewarded with a score of 0% if one of these things happens.

Gone Down - Complete all base jumps. [5]

The base jumps will be unlocked after the mission "High Dive" for Yusuf Amir.
You just need to buy or pick up one parachute for the locations of the base
jumps to appear on the map (you can ask Armando to bring his Gun Van so you can
buy a parachute). The base jumps are marked on the map by pink parachutes, and
there are 15 of them. Just go to the location and press E to accept the jump.
There are 3 types of jumps:

 - Jump off buildings and land on the target;
 - Jump off buildings and land on a moving vehicle;
 - Jump off helicopters in mid-air, pass through the rings in the sky and land
   on the target.

You don't need to get 100% on each base jump, just land on the target and it
will count as a complete jump. The ones you already completed successfully will
appear in the map in grey, so you know which ones you have done and which you
haven't. It might take a bit of time to get used to the parachute controls, but
it isn't a hard achievement to get.

Maestro - Finish the Ballad. [30]

This is a story related achievement. There are 25 missions that you need to
complete in order to finish the story. The achievement will unlock after you
either watch or skip the credits. This guide is NOT a walkthrough, so I don't
give any information on how to beat the game or a specific mission. If you need
help to complete the missions, please check the link below, which will take you
to a great walkthrough provided by


Past the Velvet Rope - Score 80% or above in all missions. [45]

See the achievement "Gold Star" for more information.

Snow Queen - Complete 25 drug wars. [20]

Drug Wars are unlocked after the mission "Corner Kids". These side-missions are
done with Armando and Henrique. There will always be 3 or 4 Drug Wars marked on
the map, so just choose one and drive there. Your two friends will appear in a
black Cavalcade FXT, and you are the designated driver. Drive to the location
marked on the map and do what you are told. There are various types of Gang
Wars, but in the end all of them require you to kill people and steal the drugs
or the money. Armando and Henrique do not die during Gang Wars, but if they are
badly hurt, they will disappear and you will have to finish the mission alone.
To complete a Gang War, do what you are told and then return the drugs/money to
the hideout marked on the map. Remember to have a good amount of ammo and body
armor with you to make things easier. As you do more and more Drug Wars, things
get more difficult. Once all 25 are done the achievement will unlock. You can
then continue to do Drug Wars up to 50. This will no longer count for the
achievement or game progress, but it will give you weapons at the safehouse for


This is the end of the guide. I hope you had enjoyed reading it and I hope it
will help you get some achievements. It was a pleasure to write it. Check the
section below in case you need to contact me.

Thank you for reading.


Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) in any of the situations below:

- If you see any fault of any kind (incorrect or incomplete information,
  spelling/grammar mistakes or other), please let me now so I can fix it.

- If you want to contribute with useful information to improve the guide, don't
  hesitate in doing so. Full credit will be given to you if your contribution
  is accepted (don't forget to include a real name or alias so I can properly
  credit you). I will inform you if your contribution is accepted or not.

- If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please ask
  me for permission first.

- Last but not least, if you have any doubts about a certain achievement, you
  can also contact me. I promise to answer as soon as possible.

I only accept emails written in English or Portuguese. All emails that are not
written in one of these two languages WILL NOT be answered. Also do not forget
to include something like "GTA Achievements Guide" in the subject, or it might
be recognized as spam, and therefore I might not read it. Thank you.



- staff for all the pages with important information, such as the map,
  mission walkthroughs, list of achievements, etc.

- GTA Wiki members for the precious information on various subjects, such as
  the new cars added, info on random characters, etc.

- for the list of achievements and important info.

## If I forgot someone, please forgive me and contact me to add you. ##


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

******************************* END OF DOCUMENT *******************************