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Follow the dark path or use the light
Flyff Pack Shot



Magician Guide

by Whymes

    ______      ________   __  ___            _      _           
   / __/ /_  __/ __/ __/  /  |/  /___ _____ _(_)____(_)___ _____ 
  / /_/ / / / / /_/ /_   / /|_/ / __ `/ __ `/ / ___/ / __ `/ __ \
 / __/ / /_/ / __/ __/  / /  / / /_/ / /_/ / / /__/ / /_/ / / / /
/_/ /_/\__, /_/ /_/    /_/  /_/\__,_/\__, /_/\___/_/\__,_/_/ /_/ 
      /____/                        /____/                       
   ______      _     __   
  / ____/_  __(_)___/ /__ 
 / / __/ / / / / __  / _ \
/ /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ /  __/


FLYFF Magician Guide V 1.2
Author: Whymes
E-mail: [email protected]


Legal: This guide can be posted anywhere, modified, and distributed anywhere.
You do not need credits, but do NOT change the name of the owner. 
If you do not credit, credit no one.



12748: Header
18693: Introduction
78493: Change Log
39606: Stats Of The Magician
75389: Equipment Of The Magician
97654: Skills Of The Magician
69482: Leveling The Magician
20098: Magician PVP
59383: Overview Of The Magician
01838: Closure




So, you've either decided to read up more about the wonderful world of FLYFF,
or you decided to make a mage and need to know some basic information. Well, 
you've found the right place! Just keep on reading and i'll aquaint you with
everything you need to know about the magician.
If you use the 'find' function, you can use the numbers in the 
'content' section to jump to their
respective places, as this guide is rather long. 




1-1-08: Guide's first version, 1.0

1-12-08: Guide's second version, 1.2.
Added a changelog, fixed some grammar
errors, and added a new section that
regards magician PVP




Well first, you will NEVER need STR and DEX. Below are common builds.

1. 50 STA	X INT
   15 STR       15 DEX

2. X STA	15 INT
   15 STR       15 DEX

3. 15 STA	X INT
   15 STR       15 DEX

4. X STA	75 INT
   15 STR       15 DEX

Build 1 is known as the 'STA Int' aoer build, because it is
a build an INT aoer would use, so that in case they get hit, they
won't die in 1 hit.

Build 2 is known as the 'Crucio' build, and is used by mages
that level using the 'Crucio' build from level 60-80.

Build 3 is known as the 'Full Int' build, and is when a
full hit-and-run strategy is used to AOE, or Satanology
is used to root the enemy down and attack them with a
torrent of spells.

Build 4 is known as the 'Hybrid' build, which basically is
everything thrown into one.

There's not much else to it other than that, but
as you can see, each build is vastly different than
each other, and having only 2 stats to focus on
makes them very dynamic characters.




Magicians specialize in dealing large damage, but slowly, at the penalty of 
Health Points and Defense Power.

First of all, you will need to adequitely equip your mage if you're going to 
get anywhere at all. But you will need to equip your mage based on your 
stat build. After you have picked a build, which are in a section above, 
you can decide what you will use. At low levels, you have two options:

1. Use staves
2. Use wands

This is an interesting decision because using staves greatly lowers defense, 
because you sacrifice the use of shields, but you do much higher damage, 
albeit it is only a slight difference until the you get your final tier of
spells. Most mages use the item that they will use for their future
2nd job class, but that is not the best thing to do! In fact,
it is the opposite thing you should do!

The truth is, neither is better! You can use whatever you want.
If you use a high INT build, you will do unseen damage (~3K at level 30)
but will only have around 450 HP. Not good, you can easily get killed in
a single critical hit, especially on monsters with rage mode. 
So, you can use a staff to push even upwards to 4K damage around level 45,
or use a wand and do about 3.25K at level 45, with a much needed
Avalon Shield or a standard NPC shield. You can either complement your
current build focus stat, or not. Just pick what suits you.

After you pick your weapon, you have two more things to think about:

1. Cost
2. Rarity

Obviously if you are new at this game both will be a problem,
so I suggest just doing quests to get penya to buy the
latest NPC version ofyour equipment. Updated blues are
perfectly fine until level 65+. However, if you got the cash
I suggest investing in some statted blue staves with a
few +es on them, or getting a clean green one. If you get a green one,
don't be surprised when you outlevel it fast before level 45.
I don't suggest buying greens until level 30,
or even 45, because with a partner healer
you can outgrow them so fast you won't get much use out of it.

Once you decide that, you got your weapon done. 
Now you can either do one of two final things:

1. Element it
2. Leave it as it is

Obviously if you use elemental magic you will want to element it. 
Normally, if you use a meele weapon or such, you will want to element it to 
the element that the mob you're fighting is weak to.
Not true for mages. Just element it 
to whatever skill you're using, which should
usually be what they're weak too. Also, 
if you use wands, DO NOT elemnt them!!!
Elementing wands hurts thier damage, which 
is another reason staves do more damage!

Now, you got your weapon sorted out.
Don't worry, getting armor is a lot easier.

Getting armor uses the same setup except
you don't need to worry about the first step,
there's only one kind of armor for mages.
Just figure out if you want to spend a
lot of cash upgrading it and elementing it, or not.
Keep in mind you will always
element your suit to the element strong against the
mob you're fighting, which, once again,
is usually the element you'll level with.
I suggest staying away from green armor until 45,
because the defense increase from green armor
is minimal and the low level mage armor just
dosen't do much good. Oh, and the mage equipment
dosen't look too good at low levels,
but it gets better at higher levels.
After level 60, you can just use the weapon suited for your class,
and continue elementing it. After level 75, greens are imparative.
Especially the level 75 Myuran/Myurian set for Elementers
and the level 90 set for Psykeepers.
Staves are cheaper at higher levels, but until level 75
the cost is about the same for both.




Using powerful skills, magicians can do the most damage in
the game at once with the exception of 
Billposters and full strength Jester criticals.

When you make the job advancement at level 15, dump
all the skill points into Mental Strike. 
I highly suggest using a staff in lower levels like I
said to maximize damage, because you 
will die fast if you don't kill them first. With greens
and full INT and good buffs, you can 
whack off 2K a hit easily with SF, and this is without
elements. Even if you're going Psykeeper, 
use elements when you get them. Even if you're going
Elementer, max Mental Strike. Don't sweat it,
you get plenty of skill points. Don't bother even getting
the elemental skills until level 30, 
because that is when you will make an important choice,
and even a level 10 first tier 
elemental skill is much weaker than a level 20 Mental
Strike, and you don't want to waste skill 
points, so level 10 is even too high.

After 30, it changes. You will need to choose 2 elements
to get to level 60 from 30 with.I suggest Water and Fire.


Because, if you use a skill, and it has an effect that lasts 5
seconds after using it, that is a chain effect. Just cast the element
opposite of that one. So, bind Fire Strike 
level 20 into an F key, and bind 2 maxed Spring Waters into the action slot. 
For every 2 Spring Waters, cast Fire Strike once.
You get an approximate 30% damage
increase during an element chain.

Plus, quite a few mobs are weak to water and fire from level 30-60. 
Anyways, kill monsters 5 levels over you using this tactic.
Even on mobs that are 
neutral element (Thunder, Rock, Wind) it'll still do more damage 
than the element strong 
against them. So, get the minimum required spell levels for the
two skill's prerequisites 
(Fire Strike and Spring Water) and max the final 'tier'

After level 60, it changes again. By the way, if you
want to max Blinkpool, feel free too, 
it's a nice warp skill, and with only 2 elements maxed
you can max it too. 
You can probably max the second to last earth tier too,
and forget about Rooting.

Use the reskill you got from job change.
Now, i'll split into two parts. Psykeeper and Elementer.


Get Mental Strike to level 10, Max Ice Strike, Max Blinkpool, 
Max Demonology, Max Crucio, Max Psychic Bomb. All at level 60. 
Then, at 65, Max Satanology, Maximum Crisis, 
and Spirit Bomb. At 70, Max Psychic Wall. 
At 75, max Psychic Square.

The only non self-explanatory Psykeeper skills
are Crucio and Spirit Bomb.

Name: Crucio - Level Req: 60 - Skill Req: None - Req. MP: ~60 - 
Description: Reflect damage X2 to the enemy

When casted, it will cast a self buff on yourself. 
Now, all non-skill damage given to you is reflected to the target that 
dealt it at a X2 rate during the buff duration.

Name: Spirit Bomb - Level Req: 65 - Skill Req: Psychic Bomb level 5 - 
Req. MP: ~100 - Description: Attack the enemy with mental power based on MP

This skill is misleading. It attacks the enemy with high, non-elemental 
damage based on your remaining percentage MP in your MP pool. 
There are specific damage thresholds with it, with each one doing a certain % 
of the skill's base damage. Maximum MP does not affect this, 
only your current % of total MP pool does.


Get your old skills back to their old level. Except, instead of water and fire, 
do the same setup EXCEPT for water and fire. Leave those element branches out, 
as the elementer versions of those skills are below par, and most level 60+ 
monsters are strong against those. Also, instead of maxing the final tier of 
those elements, get them to level 7. And, get Rooting to level 3. These are the
pre-requisites for your Elementer skills. Max Blinkpool, 
and get Mental Strike to level 5.

Now, Max the level 60 Elementer 1 Vs 1 skills. Might seem crazy, but trust me,
on the current skill system, you get plenty points left over without Water and 
Fire. By level 110, all your skills will be maxed anyways, even water and fire.

Once you get to level 65, max the thunder, earth, and wind skills. These 
skills are area of effect. Thunder is a skill that
reduces the target's phsyical
defense for 4 seconds, and kills all mobs nearby.
Wind slows the enemy down by 
50% in movement speed for a WHOLE MINUTE on full int!
Wind will also kill any mobs
nearby the currently selected target, so it is the best
one for hit and run. Earth
acts the same as wind, but has no special effects.

At level 70, Max the two Dual Element AOE skills 
you can get. Neither have an
elemental attribute since they are dual element,
and neither have a speical
effect. But get them anyways. Also, get the elemental
masteries for wind, earth,
and thunder. These last about 
3 minutes on standard Elementer builds and increase
damage by ~20% for the respective elements when casted.

At level 75, you will not be able to acquire Avalanche, 
but it is the same as the level 70 dual
element skills, just slightly stronger.
However, it has a 30% chance to stun when maxed, so I highly suggest getting
this for pvp or tight spots later on, when you have water skills. 

Max water after the other elements are maxed, and then fire last.




Magicians will use powerful 1 on 1 skills in the lower levels, 
but by level 75+ ALL magicians will aoe, except for Satanology Psykeepers, 
which eventually aoe after level 105, trust me. Nobody escapes aoe.

Aoe = Area Of Effect. It is when a skill can hit multiple targets.


Basically, you use use the first tier ice spell 
(Whether you are a Psykeeper or Elementer, just dump 2 points into it, 1 level.
It's nice for gathering because it's ranged and fast.) On a mob. 
Let it take some steps towards you, then do the same to another. 
Repeat until you have a mob following you. Then, if you're INT, hit
and run with windfield for mages, or tank them while being healed by a 
healer for stamina elementers and psykeepers. Int build psykeepers don't 
aoe because Maximum Crisis, the aoe, only hits mobs around you,
which only works for tankers.


Even full Inter's wont run in 1 on 1, it's not worth it.
Just grab a healer and nuke things with your most powerful spell combos.
If you're an Int psykeeper, you will still not run. Just root the
enemy with Satanology at level 65 once you get it. Before that,
just tank things.


Level 1-2
Kill Aibatts

Level 2-4
Kill Mushpangs

Level 4-6
Kill Burudengs

Level 6-8
Kill Pukepukes

Level 8-10
Kill Demians

Level 10-12
Kill Doridomas

Level 12-14
Kill Lawolves

Level 14-15
Kill Feferns

During Vagrancy, use NO skill points, and dump all your points into STR.
You get a free restat at level 15. Don't bother with the low level rare items.
With a healer friend giving you buffs, you can get to level 15 in a matter of
an hour. But, kill stuff 10 levels over you with buffs.
The above chart is only for people without a healer.


Level 15-16
Kill Nyangyangs

Level 16-18
Kill Bangs

Level 18-20
Kill Mutant Feferns

Level 20-22
Mia Gorenecklace Quest

Gorenecklace +2 adds a nice 122 HP and you get
a lot of EXP from this, and 75K Penya.

Level 22-24
Kill Mutant Bangs

Level 24-26
Kill Mr. Pumpkins

Level 26-28

Kill Red Mantis

Level 28-30
Kill Giggleboxes

Now, it changes. From here on, use elements to level, and
kill monsters 5 levels over you, not 1 level over.

Level 30-32
Kill Hobos

Level 32-33
Red Bang Troupe Quest

You will need to do this as a pre-requisite for a level 60+
Quest that gives like 150% Exp. You also get 350k penya, which is
awesome for unfunded characters.

Level 33-34
Kill Dumbulls

Level 34-36
Kill Totemias

Level 36-38
Kill Cardpuppets

By now you should be easily hitting 3K+ Damage. Also, you will NEED
a healer unless you are a full STA build, because you will die too
much. Move on to the Garden Of Rhisis.

Level 38-40
Kill Tombstonebearers

Level 40-42
Kill Basques

Level 42-44
Script Quest

Level 44 0% to level 44 90%
Bonebowl Quest

Level 44-46
Dungeon Quest

Now, you got a nice boost for a few levels with some awesome mid-level
quests. Your damage at around level 45 will cap at about 4K, and
you will stop doing much more since the formula for the skill damage
isn't changing as much. Don't worry, between level 50-65 mobs, their 
HP curve is very slow. If you want the 45 greens, go buy some.

Level 46-48
Kill Leyenas

Level 48-50
Kill Steamwalkers

Level 50-52
Kill Steelknights

Level 52-54
Kill Nuttywheels

Level 54-56
Kill Drillers

Level 56-58
Kill Volts

Level 58-60
Kill Elderguards

WOOT! Level 60! Now, go do the job change quest from the
[Guardian] NPCs in Darkon. Follow what the quest log says carefully.
Reskill, and Restat if you bought one. Your leveling style will stay 
about the same until level 65 though no matter what build you choose.

Level 60-62
Kill Garbagepiders

Level 62-65
Kill Cranes *

* Note, it will be very hard to get a free spot here
sometimes due to it's popularity and nice drop rates here.

After level 65, you will either do one of four things:

1. Hit and run AOE
2. Tank AOE
3. Crucio
4. 1 on 1

For hit and run AOERs and tank AOERs, the leveling is about the same.
I split the guide here.

Lv.		AOERS			1 ON 1			CRUCIO

65-66		Cranes			Syliacas		Luias
66-67		Syliacas		Greenmongs		Luias
67-69		Greenmongs		Carrierbombs		Shuhammas
69-71		Carrierbombs		Hoppres			Kerns
71-73		Carrierbombs*		Mushpoies**		Glaphans
73-75		Mushpoies**		Irens			Glaphans***
75-77		Irens			Irens ****		Glaphans/Irens
77-79		Watangkas		Watangkas		Glaphans/Watangkas
79-80		Watangkas		Watangkas		Glaphans/Watangkas

As you can see, by the time at level 80, all classes will arrive
at the same monster. It is optional to stay at glaphans for level
75-80, so I added both training routes. After 75, the EXP gets lower,
but it is still very feasible until level 80+. So, Crucio will
dissapear as a leveling class by then. Both types of AOERS
will still kill the same things,
but 1 on 1ers will begin killing things higher
than their level by a lot more after level 80.

* Note, Carrierbombs are still the best things to AOE,
Hoppres have a poor spawn
** Note, Mushpoies may be hard to find a 
free camp for the same reasons as Cranes
*** Note, Glaphans are the best thing to crucio, 
the Deadwalderness monsters are too tough even at 80+
**** Note, You will stay at Irens a long time for 
good loot, usually empty spawns, and fast kills

Lv.		AOERS			1 ON 1	

80-82		Antiqueries*		Captain Antiqueries
82-84		Antiqueries		Luias
84-86		Antiqueries		Gonguries
86-88		Antiqueries		Shuhammas
88-90		Shuhammas		Kerns
90-92		Shuhammas		Kerns
92-94		Kerns			Glaphans
94-96		Kerns			Glaphans
96-98		Captain Kerns/Glaphans	Captain Glaphans/Small Chimeradons
98-100		Captain Glaphans	Chimeradons
100+		Whatever you find	Whatever you find

After level 100, you can go to the desert. AOERS will go 
there at 100 too, on chimeradons probably. By level 100,
1 on 1ers could probably go to Bearnerkies.

* Note, You will stay here a long time due to good elements, 
good loot, good spawns, emptiness, and not far from town




A magician's role in PVP is to be a good damage
dealer that will slow enemies down as an
Elementer, or to root enemies as a Psykeeper.
The best magician PVP build is probably:

X STA	     80 INT
15 STR       15 DEX

Which is just a little bit more INT
than the normal 'Hybrid' build.

Whether you are Elementer or Psykeeper,
that is probably the best build. As
either class, equipment does not matter
much for mages, but keep in mind you
might want good jewelry as a mage.

Magician PVP isn't reccomended
before level 60, but they still
dominate even at level 20, when you
can start to PVP. In mid-2007 in
Version 9, a patch came out that
disabled damage reduction due
to levels, and since magic hits
for high, it is very easy to
pierce through a target's
HP and magic defense. So,
even at low levels, they are

Psykeepers are good at
fighting BPs due to
Crucio and Satanology.

Elementers are good on
almost every class, but Knights
seem to pose trouble because
even with magic it's hard to
damage them well, and
Elementer's lack of a root,
so they are forced to use
Windfield, which dosen't
always work.

In a PVP fight in the arena
in a duel, the best skill you
can use is Rooting. A lot of
people underlook it, but it's
fast, and has low MP cost.
When it's maxed it has a
fairly high success rate.
So don't overlook it!

Another useful skill is
the Elementer skill
Avananche. If you get
it to stun, than the battle
is all yours. And since it
stuns about once every
three times, you are
guaranteed to win at least
1/3 of the duels you fight,
and you usually don't even
need Avalanche to help.

For Psykeepers, just
use Crucio and make sure
to keep them rooted with
Satanology and spam
Psychic Bomb. I'd
reccomend Demonology,
since it's faster,
uses less MP, looks
pretty cool, and does
more damage, but the
problem with it is
the lack of a stun.
Unless you can get them
rooted with Satanology,
then use Psychic Bomb.

I'd also reccomend Spirit Bomb, but since your MP will
be drained very fast, you'll have no way to recover it
back past the 70% threshold because MP Refreshers
have low maximum recovery rates. Unless you have low
MP, lots of refreshers, and quick reactions, don't
plan on using it. Plus, it's slower than the other 2
main attack skills, uses more MP, and has higher
skill requirements. It dosen't stun, either, so you
have to stop and keep using Satanology if you don't
kill the enemy in time. Spirit Bomb PVP is probably
better after level 90 though, because Demonology
and Psychic Bomb start to do too little damage.




With many skills to choose from from the Elementer path and
good looking skills, to non-elemental yet powerful skills with
mediocre HP, Magicians are a versatile class.

Main Stats: Vit/Int
Main Weapons: Staves/Wands
Focus: Ranged damage skills

+ Highest MP
+ Strong skills
+ Many skills
+ Fast leveling
+ Usually cool equipment
+ Good AOERs
+ Usually cheap
+ Fairly unique

- Lowest HP
- Lowest Defense
- Low block rate
- Some levels are 'hell' levels levelspeed-wise
- Weak 1 on 1ers with poor items and soloing
- Need to worry about elements usually
- There are stronger skills out there
- Slow skills
- Healer dependant
- Psys usually get looked at badly
- Some equipment is ugly

Basically, if you like the idea of using powerful skills
against targets to kill them in a
matter of seconds, this is the class for you!

With decent PVP, you can't go wrong if you build them right!

~Whymes , Loyal FLYFF player




I hope you liked the guide. If you want to find a
good place for FLYFF info, go to
They have nearly everything. This is version 1.2 of this guide.


Whymes - Making it - Ascii Art Generator
GameFAQS - Hosting it