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Follow the dark path or use the light
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Pack Shot

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage


Achievement Guide

by Hydro_PT


---------------- \         FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage         / ----------------

---------------- \ Games for Windows LIVE Achievements Guide / ----------------

---------------- \                Version 2.00               / ----------------

---------------- \         Last updated - 11/02/2010         / ----------------

---------------- \     By Hydro_PT ([email protected])    / ----------------

---------------- \  Copyright (C) 2009 - 2010 Mário Peixoto  / ----------------

---------------- \            All rights reserved.           / ----------------


|                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |

1. Copyright notice

2. Introduction

   2.1. Guide's structure

3. Guide version history

4. About the game

5. Achievements guide:

   5.1. Singleplayer achievements

   5.2. Multiplayer achievements

6. Conclusion

7. Contact details

8. Credits

9. Trademarks notice


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The only sites that are allowed to have this guide are the following:

- (this guide will be updated here ONLY)

If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please email
me to ask for permission. See section 7. to know how to contact me.


I decided to write this guide because it might be useful for players that are
trying to get some or all the achievements in the Microsoft Windows version of
FlatOut: Ultimate carnage. Remember that you must be connected to Games for
Windows LIVE while playing, otherwise you won't get any achievement.

Pretty much everything on this guide comes from my personal experience, as I
try to unlock all achievements before writing the guide. However, I base myself
on some sources to be sure that what is written here is as correct as possible.
Everyone that helps me (directly or indirectly) is properly credited.

I also try to make a good structure for the guide, so that way you can quickly
find what you need. Nonetheless, the section below will help you understand
how I structured my guide, in case you have any trouble.

Having said that, I hope you find this guide useful. Thank you for reading.



The structure of the guide is pretty simple, because all achievements are
organized in alphabetic order. The achievement name comes first (A), then its
official description, according to Games for Windows LIVE (B). Following that,
its Gamerscore (C), and finally, I explain how to unlock it (D).

Here's an example below:

(A)Frank Malcov Award - (B)Your driving makes Frank Malcov proud! (C)[20]

(D)Explanation on how to get this achievement goes here.

I have divided all 45 achievements into 2 categories. They are the following:

- Singleplayer: you get these achievements by doing certain things in the
  FlatOut Mode, Carnage Mode or Singleplayer Mode.

- Multiplayer: you get these achievements by doing certain things in the
  LIVE (online) mode.

You can refer to the following page to see the image of each achievement once
it is unlocked:


Version 1.00 - 24/08/2009
Guide fully written. All achievements are covered.

Version 1.10 - 28/08/2009
Fixed minor mistakes throughout the entire guide.

Version 2.00 - 11/02/2010
Reorganization of the guide's structure. Fixed minor mistakes.


- Title: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

- Platform: Microsoft Windows

- Release dates: 01 August 2008 (Europe) / 26 August 2008 (North America)

- Developer: Bugbear Entertainment

- Publisher: Empire Interactive

- Website: N/A

- Number of achievements: 45

- Total Gamerscore possible: 1000 points

5. ACHIEVEMENTS GUIDE [45] = 1000 (G) /

5.1. Singleplayer Achievements [34] = 800 (G) ~~

To get these achievements you must do certain things in the singleplayer mode
only. You don't need to play online to get them.

Bang'n'Slam - Get 5 slams in one race. [10]

This is one of the easiest achievements in the whole game. The "slam" is the
lowest crash bonus that you can do to an opponent, so getting 5 in a single
race is easy. You can "slam" another racer even at low speeds, considering that
you hit his/her car properly (corners are usually good for this).

Bomb Car Racer - Complete all "Beat the Bombs" in Carnage Mode with all gold.

A "Beat the Bomb" race is simply a race against the clock, and usually you must
complete 1 and a half laps or 2 laps to get gold. It is just like a time trial,
but you have a bomb attached to your car, so if you don't pass the checkpoints
in time, it will explode and the race will be over. Here are some general tips
that will help you get gold in all the challenges. Most of them are easy, but
to win, you must have this in mind: drive as fast as you can and collect nitro,
then use it when you need to reach another checkpoint and you only have some
seconds left; don't crash; try to find the perfect line to cut the corners;
look for shortcuts; know the track's layout; practice until you get it.

Here's now a special tip for the last "Beat the Bomb":

This last challenge is extremely hard and no, I'm not exaggerating: you must
use the Flatmobile for a crazy run of 1 lap through the city. The speed is
insane and the bomb has a very, very short fuse. It is more about luck than
skill here. If you crash into anything, your car will fly out of control and
you will have to restart. To get gold you need to make a perfect run, otherwise
you will run out of time. My only advices are: don't brake on the corners
(just lean against the walls to keep at full speed), and keep trying over and
over again until you win. Don't desperate, it is possible to get gold. If you
start to get angry or frustrated, quit the game and come back later on, it will
help. This event is without a doubt the most difficult one in the entire game.

Burnin' Up - Burn nitro continuously for at least 10 seconds in a normal race.

To get this achievement I suggest using the Flatmobile. You unlock this car
when you get gold in the last "Beat the Bomb" challenge in Carnage Mode. After
you unlock it, set a normal race in the Canals (track 1). Get full nitro after
the start of the race, then, when you reach the first corner, let the opponents
go away and reverse all the way back until the end of the straight. Turn around
and align the car, then go at full speed. If you Keep the nitro always on, the
Flatmobile will literally fly on each jump. You gain nitro while in the air,
so just keep pressing the nitro button (never let it off) and eventually you
will reach the end of the straight with the achievement already unlocked. Take
a look at the 2 screenshots below to see what you need to do.


Car Rental Service - Own at least 6 different vehicles at the same time. [40]

Pretty self-explanatory. Just keep buying cars until you have 6 in your garage.
If you're going for the achievement "Car Rental Service", just buy the cheapest
cars to get both achievements quickly without losing much money.

Carnage Master - Complete Carnage Mode. [30]

The "Carnage Mode" offers a lot of different challenges, and you must win them
all (bronze, silver or gold) to get this achievement. There are 36 events,
divided in "Stunt", "Carnage Race", "Deathmatch Derby" and "Beat the Bomb". See
the explanation for the achievement "Carnage Wizard" if you need help.

Carnage Wizard - Complete Carnage Mode with all gold. [40]

Same as above, but now you must get gold medals in all the events. Some are
really hard to get gold, but if you keep trying, you will eventually win. Here
are some general tips for the various types of challenges:

- STUNTS: Play with the angles and be careful when using aerobatics, because it
will slow you down. Watch the tutorial for each stunt to see what you need to
do, and keep trying until you find the perfect angle to launch the driver.

- CARNAGE RACE: To win you must crash into your opponents and destroy
everything you can, while keeping in the first positions. Try to wreck some
racers, as this gives you a lot of points. Don't stay in the last or middle
positions though, always keep yourself in 1st or 2nd place, because the better
your position in the race is, the more points you will get. You must pass in
the checkpoints for the points to accumulate and to have more time. When the
time runs out, the race is over, so be careful.

- DEATHMATCH DERBY: All hell breaks lose here, and it is definitely the more
destructive, yet fun, event in the whole game. Keep crashing into everyone,
get the power-ups that appear and try not to die, you get more points if you
survive the longest. Everyone keeps respawning (including you), so there is
always someone out there ready to be wrecked. Aim for the cars with low energy
and don't get stuck in a corner, because that means death. With 11 other guys
in the arena, things get really messed up. You have a limited number of lives,
but you can gain more if you survive the longest or wreck a bunch of opponents
without getting wrecked.

- BEAT THE BOMB: This is simply a race against the clock, but to make things
more interesting, you have a bomb attached to your car, so if you don't cross
the checkpoints in time, it will explode. The more you drive, the more points
you accumulate. Race as fast as you can and collect nitro; don't crash; try to
find the perfect line to cut the corners; look for shortcuts; know the track's
layout; practice until you get it.

Crashman Returns - Win all Bonus Race Single Events with the Flatmobile. [30]

Once you unlock the Flatmobile, go to the Single Events -> Bonus and start one
of the races. Be aware that first you must unlock these races by winning them
in the FlatOut mode. To make things quicker, set only 1 lap for each race. Win
them all to unlock the achievement.

Derby Expert - Complete all derbies in FlatOut Mode with all gold. [20]

Pretty self-explanatory. There are only 6 derbies, and all of them are in the
Derby Class Events. It shouldn't be hard to win, just try to wreck as many
opponents as you can and be the last one standing. Use the Blaster XL for heavy

Elite Stuntman - Complete all the Stunts in Carnage Mode with all gold. [20]

See the achievement "Carnage Wizard" for more information.

First Blood - Wreck an opponent's car in a Carnage or Normal race. [15]

This will be, probably, one of the first achievements you will get once you
start playing. Just keep crashing on an opponent until his/her car explodes.
Hit it hard on the corners and once the car is smoking, try to hit it at high
speed against a wall or something similar (corners are great for this). You get
the achievement once the car explodes.

Fragman - Complete all the Deathmatch Derbies in Carnage Mode with all gold.

See the achievement "Carnage Wizard" for more information.

Frank Malcov Award - Your driving makes Frank Malcov proud! [20]

To get this achievement you must destroy a lot of scenery. There are roughly
8000 destructible objects in each track, so you have plenty of work to do.
You don't need to win the race, so if you want you can slow down and destroy
the scenery while the opponents keep racing. Try to destroy most of the objects
in the first lap, because the races are pretty wild and with 11 other cars on
the track fighting with each other, they end up destroying a big part of the
scenery. Tires and fences give you the most points.

Give Me Glory - Get 1 million points in Carnage Mode. [20]

You unlock more Carnage Mode events with points that you accumulate by winning
gold, silver or bronze medals on those events. To reach the final challenge you
need 1.5 million points, so you should try to get gold in all of them. If you
get gold in all the events, you will have 1 million points soon. You can retry
events to gain more points if you need.

Go That Extra Mile - Drive a total distance of 1001 miles. [40]

Pretty self-explanatory. No matter what kind of event you enter (race, stunt,
time trial, derby, online head-on, etc.), all of them will count towards these
1001 miles. Just keep playing normally until you unlock the achievement.

Heavy Blast - You truly know how to deal out the heaviest hits. [30]

To get this achievement you must crash on an opponent so hard that you take
half of its energy with only one impact. To get this kind of hit, aim for a car
that is doing a corner and hit her laterally. You need to go really fast and be
driving a heavy car, like the Crusador or the Canyon (Street Class). Do this
10 times in a normal race and the achievement is yours (it doesn't need to be
on the same race).

Holy Slammaster - Get 100 slam crash bonuses. [15]

The "slam" is the lowest crash bonus that you can do to an opponent, so you'll
eventually get this achievement by playing the game normally.

Insane Air - Jump at least 10m high with your car on a Carnage or Normal Race.

I got this achievement in an unusual way: using the slowest car in the game,
the Chili, I went through a big ramp in the Canals and surprisingly, I jumped
more than 10 meters high. Simply enough, I used the ramp momentum to avoid the
roof of a building and then I landed back on the ground, without touching the
roof. Check the 2 screenshots below to see how I did it. The red line indicates
the route, the blue line the roof that you must avoid and the red square shows
where you must to land to unlock the achievement.


Keep on Truckin' - Win 15 derbies. [15]

Pretty self-explanatory. Just win 15 derbies in any mode (FlatOut, Carnage or
Single Events) and this achievement is yours.

Lightning Fast - Get the fastest lap of the race in 50 races. [15]

Another pretty self-explanatory achievement. At the end of each race, the
driver who set the fastest lap is awarded with this prize, so just keep playing
until you unlock the achievement.

Master Stuntman - Complete all the Stunts in "Carnage Mode" with silver or
                  better. [15]

See the achievement "Carnage Wizard" for more information.

Master Trucker - Win a Head On or Normal race with the Truck. [10]

You can unlock the Truck in the "Carnage Mode". There is one event, a DM Derby,
that you must win to unlock this huge and massive truck. It's a bit hard to win,
because you must get a score of 120,000 in a single deathmatch derby, and you
only have about 4 minutes. Just keep trying until you get it. Once you unlock
the Truck, go to "Single Events" and choose a normal race. Pick up the Truck,
win the race and you get the achievement.

On a Roll - Complete your first class in the FlatOut Mode. [20]

Pretty self-explanatory. There are 3 classes in this game: Derby Class,
Race Class and Street Class. You will start in the Derby class, so just keep
winning all the events and you will get this achievement easily.

Perseverance - Frustration! You know all about it, but still you persist,
               never giving up. [10]

You can get this achievement by restarting the race over and over. Just play a
little bit, then pause the game and restart. Play for some seconds and restart
the race again. Keep doing this until the achievement is unlocked. If you are
trying to get the "Real Habanero" achievement (see below), this one should be
unlocked quickly (you will see why).

Pro Racer - Complete all Time Trials in FlatOut Mode with all gold. [20]

Another pretty self-explanatory achievement. The key for getting gold in all
the Time Trials is to have a fast and fully upgraded car. Cut the corners,
don't crash and look for every shortcut.

Pro Tuner - Own a fully upgraded Street class car in FlatOut Mode. [25]

This is probably the easiest achievement in the whole game. Just buy a car from
the Street Class and upgrade it with the best parts you have available. It will
cost you some money to get it done, but you can use the car afterwards to win
some races and get the money back.

Race Master - Complete FlatOut Mode. [30]

Pretty self-explanatory. There are 31 cups and 27 events divided in 3 Classes
and the Finals. Get bronze, silver or gold in all the events and this one will
be yours.

Race Wizard - Complete FlatOut Mode with all gold in all cups and events. [50]

Same as above, but now you must get gold in all 31 cups and 27 events.

Real Habanero - Win the Derby Class in Flatout Mode (all cups gold) with an
                unupgraded Chili. [60]

This is without a doubt one of the hardest achievements in the whole game. The
Chili is the worst car of them all, with no acceleration at all and a miserable
top speed of 153 km/h. Winning the first 2 cups in the Derby Class isn't really
hard, but when you move to the 2nd and especially the 3rd level, winning a
single race is a problem, and winning the championship is even worse. I suggest
that you keep racing as fast as you can, avoiding the scenery and the other
drivers. They go much faster than you, and even if you drive perfectly, you can
easily end below 3rd place. You need some luck to win all 8 cups, but it is

There is, however, an easier way to get this achievement, but I consider it a
"cheat", so if you really want to earn the achievement, don't follow the method

******************** GETTING THE ACHIEVEMENT WITH A "CHEAT" *******************

Buy a faster car, upgrade it and then win all but the last race of a cup. When
it comes to the last one, go to the garage and switch to the Chili, then do
your best to stay near the top places. You can easily win all 8 cups and unlock
the achievement using this "cheat".

Schoolmaster - Be the best wrecker in 50 races. [15]

After each race, the driver that delivered the most damage to the opponents
will get the "Best Wrecker" bonus. Just get this bonus in 50 races and the
achievement is yours. It isn't hard, just keep playing normally and you will
eventually get it. In this game it is all about playing dirt, so never feel
sorry when you crash on your opponents to win. They will do the same thing to
you if they get the chance.

That's a Start - Now that's a start! You've completed your first cup in
                 FlatOut Mode. [10]

This is a pretty self-explanatory achievement, and very easy to get. The first
cup in the FlatOut Mode is really short (2 tracks only), and you and your
opponents will be driving the slowest cars of the entire game. Just drive fast
and carefully (even though those cars aren't really fast) and you will get it.
You don't even need to get gold, a bronze victory is enough.

Total Domination - Achieve all 4 "Top Driver" awards in one race and win the
                   race. [30]

At the end of each race, the drivers are awarded with 4 different awards. To
get this achievement you must get them all and finish in 1st place. The awards
are the following:

- "Best Wrecker" for the driver who delivered the most damage to the opponents;

- "Blast Master" for the driver who got the most blaster bonus points for doing
many different sorts of damage to the opponents;

- "Fastest Lap" for the driver who set the fastest lap during the race;

- "Bulldozer" for the driver that destroyed most scenery.

I suggest that you use the first and second laps to wreck some opponents and
destroy scenery. Then use the final lap and nitro to set the fastest lap. Don't
stay too far behind though, remember that you must finish in 1st place. Choose
a fast and heavy car for this, like the Canyon (Street Class).

Used Car Salesman - Sell 10 cars. [35]

Another pretty self-explanatory achievement. Just buy the cheapest cars and
sell them afterwards. Do this 10 times and the achievement will unlock.

Windshield Breaker - Get 30 Crash-Out crash bonuses. [15]

You receive these "Crash-Out" crash bonuses when you hit an opponent so hard
that the driver breaks the windshield and flies out of the car. You can easily
do this by driving in the opposite direction and crashing on them. I suggest
you take a heavy car for this kind of "job".

Windshield Tester - Get 10 Crash-Out bonuses [15]

Same as above.

5.2. Multiplayer Achievements [11] = 200 (G) ~~

To get these achievements you must complete certain milestones in a specific
online mode. Most of them can easily be done with 2 or 3 friends. This might
sound like "cheating", but there are only a few people left playing this game
online, so unlocking these achievements normally is almost impossible. If you
need help to get them, add me on Games for Windows LIVE. My LIVE ID is: HydroPT

There are player matches and ranked matches. If you want to invite someone to
help you, you must create a player match. Ranked matches can only be started
when there are at least 4 players in the lobby, and you cannot invite a friend.

Fragmaster Live - Get a frag streak of 5 or more in an online Deathmatch Derby.

Set up a Deathmatch Derby and invite a friend. Tell him/her to stay still and
then just wreck him/her 5 times in a row to unlock the achievement.

Hostmaster - Host 10 online matches. [10]

Create a game and tell a friend to join you. Race a little bit,  then quit and
host another game. Do this 10 times and you get the achievement.

Live Ammunition - Wreck 10 opponents in online races. [30]

Set up a normal race online, invite a friend and tell him/her to stay still,
then wreck him/her. Quit the race, host another one and repeat the process.
Do this 10 times and the achievement will unlock.

Live to Crash - Wreck 3 or more opponents in the same online race. [25]

Set up a normal race online or a Head-On, invite at least 3 friends and wreck
them all. You must wreck 3 different players to unlock this achievement. If you
can't manage to have 3 more players willing to be wrecked, you can start a
normal race and choose the Truck, then wait until they finish the race. Their
cars will stop and you will be able to wreck them all, without disturbing the

Live to Race Clean - Complete an online race without crashing into anyone,
                     and without ragdolling at all. [25]

Set up a normal race and invite a friend, tell him/her not to crash on you, and
then just race normally and don't crash into anything. You don't need to win,
just complete the race without any damage to unlock this achievement. If you
want you can even "hide" in a certain place and wait for the race to finish.

Online Derby Pro - Win 20 ranked online Derbies. [20]

Ranked matches need at least 4 different players ready to race, so it might
take a while to get a lobby full enough to start the event. If you eventually
get 3 other players to play with you, just try to beat them enough times to
get this achievement.

Online Derby Veteran - Win 10 online derbies. [10]

Set up a normal derby (player match) and invite a friend, then beat him/her 10
times to get this achievement.

Online Race Pro - Win 25 ranked online races. [20]

See the achievement "Online Derby Pro" for more information.

Online Race Veteran - Win 10 online races. [10]

Set up a normal race (player match) and invite a friend, then beat him/her 10
times to get this achievement.

Online Stunt Pro - Win 30 ranked online ragdoll stunts. [20]

See the achievement "Online Derby Pro" for more information.

Online Stunt Veteran - Win 10 online ragdoll stunts. [10]

Set up a normal stunt (player match) and invite a friend, then beat him/her 10
times to get this achievement.


This is the end of the guide. I hope you had enjoyed reading it and I hope it
will help you get some achievements. It was a pleasure to write it. Check the
section below in case you need to contact me.

Thank you for reading.


Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) in any of the situations below:

- If you see any fault of any kind (incorrect or incomplete information,
  spelling/grammar mistakes or other), please let me now so I can fix it.

- If you want to contribute with useful information to improve the guide, don't
  hesitate in doing so. Full credit will be given to you if your contribution
  is accepted (don't forget to include a real name or alias so I can properly
  credit you). I will inform you if your contribution is accepted or not.

- If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please ask
  me for permission first. See this as a simple precaution. I just want to keep
  track of who actually has permission to host my work, just in case someone
  forgets to credit me (intentionally or unintentionally).

- Last but not least, if you have any doubts about a certain achievement, you
  can also contact me. I promise to answer as soon as possible.

I only accept emails written in English or Portuguese. All emails that are not
written in one of these two languages WILL NOT be answered. Also do not forget
to write a proper subject. Thank you.



- Xbox for the list with all achievements.

- Piotrek321 for helping me getting some multiplayer achievements.

## If I forgot someone, please forgive me and contact me to add you. ##


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

******************************* END OF DOCUMENT *******************************