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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy XIV Pack Shot

Final Fantasy XIV


Gladiator Guide

by Arcell_Garza

Welcome to the Gladiator class guide for Final Fantasy XIV. With all the 
freedom and options available in FFXIV even starting down the path of a single
class can be confusing or frustrating for some. These guides are designed to 
help people learn the basics of the class and to get an idea of some sort of 
structured progress. These guides are by no means definitive or set in stone, 
the beauty of the Armoury system is that one can deviate to a great degree and
still come up with a viable build. In this guide we'll discuss overall skills, 
gear, cross-class abilities and most importantly viable roles for the class. 

Table of Contents

Overview [S1]
Recommended Gear [S2]
Solo [S3]
Roles [S4]
Contact [S5]
Credits/Contributions [S6]
Legal [S7]

Overview [S1]

Weapon(s): Blades such as Daggers, Swords, Spatha, Gladius, Scimitar and 

The Gladiator also has the ability to wield a variety of shields in their 

Armor: Leather and Metal

Focus: Defense

"Gladiators specialize in the handling of all manner of one–handed blades, 
from daggers to longswords, be they single– or double–edged, straight or 
curved. A defining characteristic of the guild is its emphasis on diverse 
combat tactics, training its members to bring their martial skills to bear in 
any situation.

As such, there are practitioners who marry sword with shield, seeking to 
defend their fellow companions. Others opt for an empty off hand, choosing 
instead to focus entirely on their sword arm. The gladiator’s proficiency 
with blades also extends to those hurled at range, such as throwing knives."

Gladiator is a Disciple of War focused heavily on defense. In addition to 
their sword skills Gladiators gain many shield skills, which sometimes require 
having successfully blocked an attack to activate. Gladiators are quite good 
at soaking up incoming damage considering their heavier armor and use of a 
shield. They may not do the most damage but they can take the most punishment. 

Incapacitation Skills: Luminous Spire (R24), Red Lotus II (R28), 
Spinstroke II (R42), Riot Blade (R50)

Recommended Gear [S2]

Rank 10

Weapon: Bronze Spatha
Shield: Worm-eaten Square Shield

Head: Sheepskin Pot Helm
Body: Cotton Tunic (any)
Hands: Sheepskin Vambraces
Waist: Any belt is fine at this rank.
Legs: Hempen Kecks (any)
Feet: Padded Sheepskin Duckbills (any)

Rank 15

Weapon: Brass Gladius
Shield: Square Ash Shield

Head: Bronze Sallet
Body: Cotton Tabard (any)
Hands: Sheepskin Armguards
Waist: Leather Tool Belt (any)
Legs: Sheepskin Skirt
Feet: Dodoskin Jackboots (any)

Rank 20

Weapon: Brass Dagger
Shield: Rusting Scutum

Head: Dented Celata
Body: Sentinel's Chainmail (any)
Hands: Reinforced Bronze Mitt Gauntlets
Waist: Leather Satchel Belt
Legs: Canvas Breeches (any)
Feet: Dodoskin Leggings (any)

Rank 25

Weapon: Ash Macuahuitl
Shield: Vintage Hoplon

Head: Leather Eyepatch
Body: Bronze Haubergeon (any)
Hands: Dodoskin Armguards
Waist: Dodoskin Field Belt
Legs: Dodoskin Skirt
Feet: Bronze Sollerets

Rank 30

Weapon: Iron Spatha
Shield: Iron Hoplon

Head: Vintage Celata
Body: Mercenary's Chainmail (any)
Hands: Leather Vambraces (any)
Waist: Brass Tassets
Legs: Canvas Kecks (any)
Feet: Leather Leggings (any)

Rank 35

Weapon: Elm Macuahuitl
Shield: Lantern Shield

Head: Skull Eyepatch (Black)
Body: Iron Haubergeon (any)
Hands: Leather Armguards (any)
Waist: Voyager's Belt (any)
Legs: Leather Skirt (any)
Feet: Iron Sollerets

Rank 40

Weapon: Goblin Longsword
Shield: Iron Scutum

Head: Bronze Celata
Body: Cavalier's Chainmail (any)
Hands: Brass Vambraces (any)
Waist: Bronze Plate Belt
Legs: Velveteen Kecks (any)
Feet: Toadskin Leggings (any)

Rank 45

Weapon: Iron Longsword
Shield: Bladed Lantern Shield

Head: Iron Assault Sallet
Body: Cavalry Haubergeon (any)
Hands: Spiked Leather Armguards (any)
Waist: Iron Tassets
Legs: Tarred Leather Trousers (any)
Feet: Cavalry Sollerets (any)

Rank 50

Weapon: Aeolian Scimitar
Shield: Vintage Kite Shield

Head: Templar's Chain Coif
Body: Vintage Haubergeon
Hands: Iron Gauntlets (any)
Waist: Templar's Tassets
Legs: Tarred Leather Trousers (any)
Feet: Templar's Sollerets

Solo [S3]

Playing solo as a Gladiator isn't too terribly difficult as it's one of the 
best classes for survivability on its own. To start you've got a shield which 
is incredibly useful in that the skills attached to it can help you regain 
health, augment TP gain and even interrupt some attacks in addition to it's 
latent damage mitigation abilities. While you cannot block special attacks 
from monsters you do have a chance of blocking any regular ones which can 
result in a great deal of health you'll be able to keep.

In addition to the shield as a Gladiator you do have some decent damage skills 
like Rage of Halone and Onion Cut as well as some enfeebling skills like 
Howling Strike and Luminous Spire. Skills like Obsess are great since, while 
playing solo, you'll typically be fighting one monster at a time. The one 
skill in particular I think you should be careful of is Riot Blade as it'll 
put Pacification on you after you use it.

Roles [S4]


The job of the tank is to keep the enemies focused on them, you are the first 
line of defense for the party. Dealing damage is not a prime concern for you, 
just keep hate and let the rest of your party worry about that. For the time 
being your biggest enmity generating actions are provokes and buffs. One of 
the biggest problems you will be dealing with is stamina bar management. Most 
provoke skills consume a great deal of your stamina bar and buffs aren't much 
better. Between managing enmity and your stamina bar you won't have very much 
time for attacks and even less so for TP generation. 

As a Gladiator your biggest asset is the shield. A few skills can only be 
activated following a block and a fair amount of your buffs effect shield 
related actions. These abilities are infinitely useful for tanking and could 
be the difference between life and death in some cases. Shield Bash can be 
used to interrupt some spells, Aegis Boon is good for gaining a bit of health 
back mid-battle, Outmaneuver can help keep your TP up. 

A few things to note however. From what I have heard from others and seen 
myself, it is impossible to block special attacks. Deflection does not count 
as a block for skills that require a block to activate or gain benefit from 
like Aegis Boon or Phalanx. War Drum and Warmonger may seem great but they 
should be used sparingly and with careful consideration as they are AoE 
provokes. Riot Blade will render you unable to use weapon skills for a short 
time after using it, timing is key here. 

Beneficial Skills


All Sentinel Skills

Phalanx (Gladiator R8)
Provoke (Gladiator R10)
Howling Vortex (Gladiator R16)
Rage of Halone (Gladiator R30)
Riot Blade (Gladiator R50)
Disorient (Marauder R18 & R40)
Barbaric Yawp (Marauder R34)
Storm's Path (Marauder R46)
Taunt (Pugilist R10)
Accomplice (Pugilist R30)
Second Wind (Pugilist R6 & R36)


Rampart (Gladiator R4)
Still Precision (Gladiator R14)
Obsess (Gladiator R18)
Ambidexterity (Gladiator R30)
Bloodbath (Marauder R6)
Raging Strike (Archer R4 & R40)
Ferocity (Lancer R4 & R34)


Self-Preservation (Gladiator)
Intimidation (Marauder)
Prime Conditioning (Pugilist)


The DPS role has a very simple job in a party, do damage. The only thing you 
really need to be wary of in this role is pulling hate from the tank. Pace 
your attacks, skills and buffs so that you aren't generating more enmity than 
the tank. This is extremely important for three reasons:

1. Pulling hate from the tank means the tank has to work that much harder to 
get the monster focused back on them.
2. Pulling hate from the tank puts your life in danger as sometimes it only 
takes one good hit to knock you out.
3. As a result of that, you are creating more work for the healer as now they 
have to worry about keeping you alive too.

Damage buffs should be mixed in with enmity reducing abilities to keep damage 
coming without bringing too much attention to yourself. At low ranks it may 
not seem detrimental but with higher rank monsters a sideways graze from the 
wrong attack could knock you out.

As a Gladiator unfortunately there are not many native DPS abilities. They 
exist but a majority of the skills will be borrowed, for now. One that stands 
out in particular is Spinstroke as it hinges upon the enemy not targeting you. 
Rage of Halone is another good one though you will be putting yourself in some 
danger using it. Luminous Spire and Red Lotus are nice as well though be 
mindful of their elemental damage which can make them slightly situational. 

Beneficial Skills


Spinstroke (Gladiator R12 & R42)
Rage of Halone (Gladiator R30)
Skull Sunder (Marauder R8 & R28)
Second Wind (Pugilist R6 & R36)
Victimize (Pugilist R18 & R48)
Pounce (Pugilist R34)
Doomspike (Lancer R12 & R32)
Feint (Lancer R20)


Murderous Intent (Marauder R26)
Blindside (Pugilist R16 & R46)
Raging Strike (Archer R4 & R40)
Quelling Strike (Archer R10 & R42)
Chameleon (Archer R26)
Ferocity (Lancer R4 & R34)
Invigorate (Lancer R14 & R44)
Collusion (Lancer R30)


Out of Sight (Archer)
Prime Conditioning (Pugilist)
Self-Preservation (Gladiator)


Your job in the enfeeblement role is to make it very difficult for the enemy to
do just about anything.  This entails using lots of debuffs, interrupts and 
status attacks.  As with anyone who's not tanking, one of the few problems 
you'll have to deal with is managing your enmity generation.  Having an 
enfeebler in a party is especially important as every enemy action they thwart
benefits the entire party.

As a Gladiator you already have access to a few particularly useful native
skills, some of which are exclusive.  Luminous Spire is one such skill that is
particularly useful against groups.  Shield Bash is an effective interrupt that
is Sentinel exclusive and doesn't require you to successfully block first.

Beneficial Skills


Howling Vortex (Gladiator R16)
Luminous Spire (Gladiator R24)
Scouring Strike (Archer R12)
Trammel (Lancer R6)
Moonrise (Lancer R8 & R38)
Leg Sweep (Lancer R16)
Heavy Trammel (Lancer R28)
Twisting Vice (Lancer R42)
Concussive Blow (Pugilist R2 & R22)
Victimize (Pugilist R18 & R48)
Pounce (Pugilist R34)


Still Precision (Gladiator R14 & R44)
Comrade in Arms (Lancer R18 & R48)


Out of Sight (Archer)
Prime Conditioning (Pugilist)
Fleet of Foot (Lancer)  

Contact [S5]

If you feel you have anything to contribute, correct or if you think I'm 
outright wrong about anything feel free to send it to:

This is not my primary e-mail account but I will do my best to check it daily.
Please try to give me as much information as possible where possible.

Credits/Contributions [S6]

Square Enix's own  Lodestone website: 

Final Fantasy XIV Yellow Gremlin 

The Luna Veneris Linkshell

and of course Luna, Gima, Toor and Gun

Legal [S7]

This FAQ may not be reproduced except for private use.  This FAQ may not be 
posted on any site other than and

Information in this FAQ may be used in any other FAQ as long as credit is 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.  Final Fantasy XIV is a 2010 
Square Enix Co. game.