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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub

Monk FAQ .4

by Akumu X

Monk FAQ .4

by Akumu X
for Final Fantasy XI
on Seraph server
character name Kirei (75Mithra MNK)
E-mail - [email protected]

To start - thanks for being interested in my FAQ. Please report any
grammar/spelling errors, or just errors in general.


I.Intro to Monk
II. Ver. History
III. Job Abilities
IV. Job Traits
V. Equipment
   Vb. Artifact Armor
VI.Job Combinations
VII. Playing as a Monk
VIII. Equipment
X. Credits
XI. Summary

I. Welcome to Monk.

It is pretty much fact, that by most NA players Monk is one of the
more overlooked jobs. It's not "advanced", we get no damn "circles"
abilities or "killer" traits. We just do damage. It is a pretty
simple class to play, however still possible to screw up. Wielding
a set of knuckles, a monk attacks twice per round. These two
attacks are actually considered as one by the game. Boosting before
battle gets your first series of attacks a boost in damage. NOT just
the first punch. (I've done extensive research on this.) Well, that
said. Let's see what this "simple" job has going for it.


II. This is version 
.1 More revisions will be forthcoming as they are deamed necessary.
.2 Added a question and answer to the FAQ chapter.
.3 Fixed a spelling error, added the to be more updated, Equipment
.4 Added an AF How to guide, under Equipment.
.5 It seems I left out a whole damned section "Playing as a Monk"
>.> That's now corrected.

III. Job Abilities
Hundred Fists - Level 1 - 2:00:00 timer - 1:00 Duration

If you've seen this, you know the beauty of it. Hundred Fists is
awesome, there's no way around it. Assuming you can actually hit
the target, it not being IT+++, this will take a significant chunk
out of a target's HP. However, it will draw hate onto you, so the 
healer had better be prepared to shell out some cures. Use this for
a chain 5, or if your group maybe pulls a link into camp.

Boost - Level 5 - :15 timer - 3:00 Duration

Many monks don't know if boost is worth it or not. Yes, it can seem
repetitious to keep boosting while the puller is out getting a new
mob. I can only tell you that it is indeed worth it. It is even more
worth it when you get Chi Blast, which is highly effected my how
many times you've boosted, and yet even more worth it when you get 
you AF gloves (Temple Gloves) which increase the power of boost yet
further. Please boost before new fights, I would not recommend boosting
during fights, as it slows do your attacks, unless you, for some reason
are tanking. Boost draws small aggro, and a Monk tanking can use
that to an advantage.

Dodge - Level 15 - 5:00 timer - 2:00 Duration

Dodge is what is says. Once every 5 minutes, for 2 minutes you get a
slight evasion increase. The increase strenghtens with AF boots
(Temple Gaiters), this is primarily a hate generating tool for when 
you're tanking. There really is no reason to use it otherwise. The
evasion bonus isn't too noticeable, and especially not to IT monsters.

Focus - Level 25 - 5:00 timer - 2:00 Duration

Focus is a beautiful thing. It noticeably increases you accuracy for
two minutes. Use this as soon as it's up.

Chakra - Level 35 - 5:00 timer - Instant (on self)

Chakra is simply a healing ability. Your VIT multiplied by 2
(or 3 with AF body gear Temple Cyclas). Very good for farming, also
very good when fighting mobs with nasty AOEs.

Chi Blast - Level 41 - 3:00 timer - Instant (to monster)

Chi Blast, early on, is simply a means for the Monk to tack on more
damage as the mob is coming in to the camp. Chi Blast power is 
affected by how many times you've boosted in conjunction with your
MND stat. Late game, for HNM fights Monks are called on to use 
Boost and Chi Blast (along with as much MND gear as they can get their
hands on) to Chi Blast the HNM. Doing 700-1100 damage is NOT
uncommon. Use this ability whenever it's up, and properly boosted.
It's more damage done by you, the damage dealer.

Counterstance - Level 45 - 5:00 timer - 5:00 Duration

counterstane drops you def down to 30-60, while greatly increasing 
your chance to counter. It's typically not worth it to use 
Counterstance unless you have a large amount of +counter gear
or the AF2 boots (Melee Gaiters) and even then. It's still more
of a personal preferance to use. You either like this ability, or
you don't. I don't use it that much, maybe when farming if I can 
remember, but I'd rather not play around with Counterstancing
on VT/ITs. That's just me.

IV. Job Traits

Martials Arts Level 1, 31, 46, 61, 75.
Unlike any other job save Ninja, Monk get their own built in Haste.
Monk's Hand to Hand fighting has a default delay of 480. The chart
below shows how your base delay drops, as your levels rise.
HTH Delay = 480 
HTH Delay with Martial Arts I [Monk Lv1] 400 
HTH Delay with Martial Arts II [Monk Lv16] 380 
HTH Delay with Martial Arts III [Monk Lv31] 360 
HTH Delay with Martial Arts IV [Monk Lv46] 340 
HTH Delay with Martial Arts V [Monk Lv61] 320 
HTH Delay with Martial Arts VI [Monk Lv75] 300 

As you can see, Monks get quite speedy come 61+ - 75. Tack on your
weapon delay (usally +86, +96, +112) and you have a not so bad
damage over time situation. ^_^

Counter - 10 - You will occasionally counter a mobs attack, directed
at you. (Will never hear anyone complain about this)

Max HP Boost - 15, 35, 55, 70. Ahh, what monks are known for before
the fights even begin. Is that an Elvaan WAR? No, it's a Taru MNK.
Monk get sick HP, which is very nice, considering we need an offset
to our pretty damn low defense. You Galka monks better get used to
being 150-400 HP above the next highest HP character in your party.

Kick Attacks - 51, 71. 
Kicks are completely random, but do generate TP and are an extra 
attack in the Monk's favor. They typically do roughly 1/2 of the
damage of a punch. Fun to watch, more damage on the mob, who can

V. Equipment

Being a damager dealer, the main purpose of the job is to (of course)
deal damage. However, Monk are the most straight-forward damage 
dealers in the game. No spells to debuff, no break WSs to use for
the benefit of the party, no acid/sleep etc arrows/bolts. Just 
straight out damage. That being said, Monk is pretty easy to go shopping
for. My list of importance for all Monks save Elvaan, and maybe Galka
goes STR>ACC>ATK>DEX. Elvaan would be ACC>STR>ATK>DEX, due to their 
high STR. Build your gear accordingly. Haste items are more often than
not, a luxury. If you can afford them, and can still hit hard and often
with them, more power to you.

Add will add level to level equipment guide shortly.

VI. Job Combinations

First off, I'm just gonna list possible VIABLE combinations. Crap like
MNK/DRG is RIGHT OUT. (Don't give me that haste earring crap, it's 

MNK/WAR - This subjob leads the Monk in it's highest dmg output w/o relying
on skillchains. Double Attack, Berserk, Warcry, Atk Bonus, Defense Bonus.
These things can not be disputed. However, there are situations when
you'll be forced to sub THF.

MNK/THF - Not worth it before 67. Gaining Steal, Gilfinder, and Sneak 
Attack. While discarding Double Attack, Berserk, Atk Bonus and Def Bonus
is not a choice you should willingly want to make. However after 67
in bones parties if there isn't a Dark Knight closing the Light 
skillchain. You WILL be asked to close it, and if you value your life
and the sanity of your Paladin and White Mage, you WILL sub THF (with
it being at least level 30, for Trick Attack) You don't sub THF in a bones
party, you die or AT LEAST have unnecessary cures burned on you while 
the Paladin tried frantically to get hate back, not to mention doing less
damage because both hits of your Dragon Kick aren't guarenteed to connect
like with /THF. (Also use /THF for farming. Treasure Hunter at 15, and
Flee (which is really fun) at 25. Why not just take the bugger to 30
for the Trick Attack? Right?)

MNK/SAM - I'm not a fan of it. Monks are already typically waiting for 
every other job besides RNG and SAM (maybe a non tanking WAR/NIN) to
get TP. Thus being at being at 175TP (due to your Store TP traits)
when the DRK, DRG, PLD and what have you get 100, isn't worth it. That 
extra TP means just about bugger. Try it sometime. Do a 100TP Howling
Fist. The a 175TP Howling Fist, the difference makes you wonder. ...and
Meditate then soloing your WS. >.> Why bother? Especially since this 
game is built on leveling off of things like crabs and beetles. As 
mentioned in the MNK/THF part. Come 67, if you're in a bones party, 
that MNK/SAM just don't play. Cuz now you're hitting too damn HARD.
Thus screwing up the hate system for the PLD, draining the healers MP, 
trying to heal our gross HP. Causing unnecessary agg on the WHM for
having to spam Cure IVs. It just doesn't fly...on bones MNK are Dragon
Kick closers or using Raging Fists to make Fusion for the DRK/THF.
And a DRK/THF no way, no how can keep up with a MNK/SAM in TP.

MNK/Mage - No. Only time a MNK/mage works is for HNM battles. The hard
ones. And that's MNK/WHM (MAYBE MNK/SMN) for the MND bonus. From, if 
you were paying attention, Chi Blast being directly related to MND
(and Boost). MNK/WHM with +MND gear = SICK Chi Blast dmg. Especially 
if the MNK is Elvaan, and to a lesser degree Galka.
VII. Playing as a Monk

Hit Control+A or type in /assist (name of tank here, minus parenthesis)
Congrats. You can now play as a Monk! 

Honestly folks, this is the easiest job in the game to play. There is
no debuffing, tanking, jumping, repeated skillchaining, or anything 
else the melee do except damage. The reason why Monks are so great at 
damage is because that's ALL they do. A good DRK will toss out some
Absorb spells or Aspir on the inevitable crab you're fighting. Dragoons,
well they're next simple, but they at least jump. We Berserk (if WAR
sub) and Focus. Dodge is an utter waste, Chakra only when hit by AOE,
Boost in battle is a no no unless you're trying to hold hate, and Chi
Blast is horrible unless Boosted up. That is the simplicity of the 
Monk. However, some thing that simple job = unfun or even "bad" job.
Simply not the case. All through my levels I never got tired of Monk.
Never "stopped for a break", LOVED pounding the hell outta things, and
did so in a sound, and better manner than many a Monk I've partied with.
The extras definately help. Boost before every fight while the puller is
out getting the mob. Once you get Chi Blast, boost then Chi Blast as the 
mob is coming in. However, please don't boost too high (post 54) lest 
you screw up the PLD getting hate. It is possible to do 300-500 damage
Chi Blast to the mob as it's coming in. A Paladin provoking after that,
means nothing. The Paladin would have to flash as well, as they should,
and even then you're on thin ice till full hate is established.

So, some extra steps to playing your job to it's pinnacle.
-Boost before all fights, but NOT during them.
-Boost Chi Blast mob as incoming, though don't get crazy.
-WAR subbers, if with a NIN tank and see NIN having trouble casting
Utsusemi, voke, take a few hits to let the NIN cast.
-If hit with a blind, or poison (paralysis after 58) attack/AOE try
telling the WHM not to worry about you. You have Chakra to clear that
out of your system. (Then use Chakra, thus saving them some MP)
-EAT YOUR MEATS, sadly I dont see this early on, Monk LIVE off STR.
-Keep your gear UP TO DATE. Sadly, yes this means take time out to
go and farm/fish/raise a craft. Please guys, just do it. You're so
much better of a Monk with better equips.

I'm sure I'll think of some more. That's it for now. Any suggestions?
Holler at me.

VIII. Equipment

This is the list such as it is. Will update from time to time with any
new items that S-E adds. Also, please keep in mind, expensive things
like Cross-counters, Scorpion Harness and Peacock Charm, aren't expected.
They're just added into the list for completeness sake. This layout is
very similar to Effen's layout. (He has a FAQ on Allakazham, it's similar
because I agree on ALL of his choices. He seems very wise in the way of
the Monk. ^_^;)

Hand To Hand: 
Cesti(1), Ryl Ftm Cesti(10), Republic Knuckles (15), Impact Knuckles(32),
Mythril Knuckles(38), Pata +1(48), Tactician Magician's Hooks(50)
Cross-Counters (50), Bone Pata+1(56), Spartan Cesti(58), Feral Fangs (66) 

Notes: First off, your AF1. As SOON as Oggbi hands them to you, DROP
THEM. They are complete crap, and you shouldn't even entertain the notion
of using them in an XP pt. (Yea you can still do AF quests if you don't 
have your Beat Cesti) This is how I figure Monk knuckles. On the skill
chain chart, 85% of the time, Monks are skillchain closers, typically
closing Fusion. With high dmg knuckles you, of course, get higher 
damage closing Fusion. Which leads to higher damage Fusion, which leads
to the mob dying faster, which leads to quicker XP. Monks attack fast
enough that they don't need a 0 delay weapon. Please purchase what's 
on the list. I can assure you, it is what's best for your Monk, and for 
your XP pt.

Bronze Cap(1), Hachimaki(8), Monk's Headgear(11), Merc. Hachimaki(20), 
Emperor Haripin(24), Merc Cpt Headgear(30), AF(56), Tiger Mask(70),
Panzer Mask(72) 

Notes: Hairpin is nice, I don't expect you to have it. But at that low
of a level, DEX is your friend since ACC isn't around yet. The rest
of the gear, is pretty much +DEX till 56. 

Bronze Harness(1), Kenpogi(8), Power Gi(13), Beetle Harness(21), 
Merc. Cpt. Doublet(30), Jujitsu Gi(40), Shinobi Gi(49), Master Gi(55),
 Scorpian Harness(57)[Hope ya got $$], AF(58) 

Notes: Our AF body is beautiful, look forward to it. Before then get
yourself a Jiujitsu Gi at 40~ish, and if ya got some extra bucks. A
Masters at 55 for added D. 

Battle Gloves(14), Fed. Tekko(25), Hume RSE [if you're Hume of course]
(27), Ochiudo Kote(34), AF(54), Pallas's Bracelets (60),
Alkyoneus's Bracelet(70) 

Notes: Definate pick up them Battle Gloves. As far as Ochi's Kote.
There is so indistinguishable difference between Ochi's and AF gloves
that I just sold Ochi's and used the 700k (at the time) and put it 
towards my Spectacles fund. Alky Bracelets at 70, are PLENTY rare, and
plenty expensive. 1.5mil on Seraph, and I can't ever seem to find
Alky up. >.< So I use Pallas's Bracelets in the mean time.

Bronze Subligar(1), Sitabaki(8), Linen Slops(12), Beetle Subligar(21),
Republic Subligar(25), Jujitsu Sitabaki(37), Shinobi Hakama(49), Master
Sitabaki(53), AF(60), Rasetsu Hakama(72) 

Notes: Straight forward. Make sure to pick up Republic Subligar. Has
a decent +ATK. Wear that for as long as you like, and aren't taking hits.
Because the other Legs are pretty much just more D/for the looks.

Bronze Leggings(1), Kyahan(8), Light Soleas(13), Beetle Leggings(21),
Windurstian or Fed. Kyahan(25), Merc. Cpt. Gaiters, Fuma Kyahan(39),
AF(52), Rasetsu Sune-Ate(72) 

Notes: Pretty straight forward. I don't have the "Kung-Fu Shoes" series
in here. They have a hidden effect to increase kick damage, but are
SO rarely on the AH that they aren't even worth mentioning. If you get
tired of Orange, at 72 you can buy the Rasetsu boots, some +ATK.
Usually I just wear the whole Rasetsu set or the whole AF set. They
look stupid mixed. (Also, I'm not a big fan of Fuma, give me AF boots)

White Belt(1), Purple Belt(18), Brown Belt(40), Life Belt(48) 

Notes: ACC > Haste. Those are my "words of wisdom". Once you find that
your attacks are being missed. Then try removing Life Belt for Brown.
If you still hit well (or have 2 Sniper's) then Brown Belt can stay on. 

Bone Earrings +1 (16), Beetle Earrings +1(21), Spike Earrings(55),
Tortoise Earring+1 [if you can find them] (45)Coral Earrings(63) 

Notes: Nothing hard here, +ATK earrings all the way. 

Spike Necklace(21), Peacock Charm(33), Spectacles(59), 

Notes: Spike Necklace is your friend. STR is more important that ATK.
STR, not only is a calculation of ATK, it also *gasp* raises your
STR. (ATK *gasp* doesn't raise your STR) Specs are entirely up to you.
The sure were nice to have for me, but if you feel you don't need them,
then give it a try w/o them.   

Courage Ring(14), Puissance Ring(36), Sniper's Ring(40),
Sun/Victory Ring(54), Ruby Ring (72) 

Note: I have Sniper's Rings in there. Because some Monks like to get
their +acc out of the Rings slot, and use Brown Belt. Of course,
this way is also more expensive, but viable. Either way you should
have either 2 sniper's or a Life Belt. You decide, how you want to
play it.

    Vb. Artifact Armor

AF Quest name: Wandering Ghost
Lvl req: 40
Talk to whom: Oggbi, Port Bastok/The Restaraunt
AF Name: Beat Cesti
AF Stats: Lv 42, Damage +4, Delay +48, DEX +2, VIT +2, Hit +3
How To: Bring the 'Pendant of Pickaxe' dropped by Wandering Ghost,
which appears when A pickaxe is used to A small hole at the inner 
Gusgen Mines.  
Tips: Trade a Pickaxe to the ??? At (I'll add the <pos>
shortly) in Gusgen Mines. Go through 2  door,staying on the left hand
side. Drop down a hole in the floor, and go to the ??? in the left
corner there. You will see a ???. (If lost, maybe ask a miner there) 
Kill the Wandering Ghost and get the Pendant. And bring it to Oggbi. 
PT Needed: 2 LV55 OR 6 members of LV45 at least. (Ghost type mob resist
physical attacks) 

AF2 Quest name: Re-encounter
Lvl req: Monk lvl 50 (having completed MNK AF1)
Talk to whom: Oggbi, Port Bastok/The Restaraunt
AF Name: Temple Gaiters (Feet)
AF Stats: Lv 52, Def 12, HP +12, DEX +3, Light Resist +10, Enhances
'Dodge' Effect
How To: Go to Fei'yin, get into the fighting arena and leave. (I'll
add the <pos> when I can. Suffice to say you need sneak oils and it's
on the 2nd map Eastern side.)
An event will take place. After that, investigate the tent at
F-6,7 IN Davoi. The two NM Orcs appear. After killing them, investigate
the tent again, the get a key item (You'll have to run around to look
for a new flap to lift up. The book will be under that)
'The Book ON Martial Art of San d'Oria'. Take it to Oggbi. 
PT Needed: 5 members of LV55 at least. 

AF3 Quest name: Something To Protect
Lvl req: Monk lvl 50 (cleared 'Re-encounter')
Talk to whom: Ayame, Bastok Metalworks, Gun Powder Room, Left Side.
AF Name: Temple Hose (Legs)
AF Stats: Lv 60, Def 29, HP +18, Guard Skill +10, Counter +1
How to: Trade A Yaqgudo Drink to the ??? that is in front of the
room with a brass door at the top of Castle Oztrjoa. (Just keep going
up in Castle O. Top of the steps on a torch you'll see the ???) 
An NM 'Huu Xalmo the Savage' appears. Kill it and get the 
'Xalmo Feather'. Trade it to Ayame, and the quest is completed.
PT Needed: 15 members of LV58 at least.
Note: This bird counters ALOT. Make sure the Monks are healed, since
we attack twice a round it hurts ALOT to fight this thing. And the
higher the level of the tank, the better. Tank should probably use
Invincible during the Bird's Hundred Fists.

AF Quest: Boghertz's Gloves
LVl req: Monk lvl 50 (cleared 'Re-encounter')
Talk to whom: Guslam, Upper Jeuno, Armor Shop
AF Name: Temple Gloves (Hands)
AF Stats: Lv 54, Def 14, HP +14, STR +4, Dark Resist +10, Enhances
'Boost' effect (about doubles the power of it)
How to: Get a Crawlers' Nest Coffer Key (dropped off of Helm Beetle,
Crawler Hunter, Knight Crawler, Water Elemental and Wespe) Now search 
the area for a coffer. (I recommmend going to MysterTour and going 
to there Map1 section, then Crawlers' Nest to look up the exact
coffer spots) Now that you have the "old gauntlets" go talk to Guslam.
Then go to Port Jeuno near the Auction House/Chocobo station. You'll see
a ???. Touch it to get a cutscene. Go Castle Zvahl Baileys talk a straight
path (no lefts/rights off of the main hall. (Stay sneaked and invis, and
in the MIDDLE of the path once you get to a 4-way intersection. Come to
a gate with for torches. Touch a torch to spawn Dark Spark (bomb NM).
Defeat him and touch the torch again to get your flame. Now go back to
Port Jeuno and touch the ??? again. Grats, done.
PT Needed: Basically just an XP PT to do some Helm Beetles, but DS
requires 6~ish ppl 55+. Of course, the higher the better.

AF Quest: Garlaige Citadel Coffer
Lvl req/conditions: Having completed Boghertz's Gloves AF quest.
AF Name: Temple Crown (Head)
AF Stats: Lv56, Def 21, HP +16, MND +5, Enhances 'Focus' effect
How to: The Coffer Key drops off of Fallen Mages, Fallen Majors, Wraith
Hellmine, Over Weapon, Vault Weapon, Magic Jug, and Tainted Flesh. I 
recommend sticking with the first two. The most abundant, and you hit
hard on skeletons. Once you have the coffer key you need to go behind
the 2nd/3rd Banishing Gates. The map is on under Map1
Garlaige Citadel. (better than trying to explain the spawns). You 
WILL need 4 people to get you behind the gates, and their are platforms
you need to stand on.

AF Quest: Beadeaux Coffer
Lvl req/conditions: Having completed (or even started?) Boghertz's
Gloves AF quest.
AF Name: Temple Cyclas (Body)
AF Stats: Lv 58, Def 41, HP +20, VIT +3, Accuracy +5, Enhances 'Chakra'
How to: The Coffer Key drops off of Darksteel Quadav, Sapphire Quadav,
Ancient Quadav and Platinum Quadav. Once you get the key the coffer area 
is very close, and very easy (though you might have to eat a death)
Once again, check MysteryTour for the map. (You have the Beadeaux map, 
right? If not, buy it in Bastok)

IX. Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to send me your questions. There are some FAQs on other forums.
If you need my opinion on what to do I'd be happy to add it into the FAQ.
Typical questions are:

"What's the best race for Monk?"
Answer: Elvaan > Galka > Mithra = Hume > Taru.
Explination: Elvaan have the highest STR, and the highest MND. The
difference between an Elvaan Monk and a Mithra, Hume, Taru Monk of the 
same level with the same gear (like that ever happens) is pretty 
noticeable. Difference between Elvaan and Galka, in both categorys isn't
that noticeable. Keeping in mind there is nothing wrong with being any
kind of Monk so long as you respect yourself enough to always have the
best equipment you can get, w/o going crazy (Peacock Charms, Scorp
Harnesses and what have you). Also, please keep in mind, I'm a Mithra.
^_^; not biased to the Elvaan at all. Just stating what I see to be fact.

"Why do I get picked last for parties?"
Answer: Because pre-60 in the cookie cutter leveling places that many 
people have set in their minds. Distortion is THE skillchain. Monks can
NOT makes Distortion before 60.
Explination: Get used to making your own parties, and doing second hand
skillchains till 60. (Cept on beetles, they're weak to Fusion.) People
love to level on the crabs. They think there's "no other place to level"
Which is bull, they just don't wanna deviate from the proven semi-effective
norm. You get picked last for parties also, because many many players
like to see what I call "big stupid numbers" they'd rather see another 
job hit for 76 a swing, then a Monk hit for 40 each punch. This view 
changes VERY MUCH come "late game" when everyone is begging you to party
on the fastest XP in the game with them. (Bones with Light skillchain)
In the mean time, you're gonna have to suffer through it. Make your own
parties, and try and keep your chin up. 

Fox The Sly asks "I have a question though. Besides Meat Mithkabobs, what
other foods benefit Monks? At the Monk board on ffxionline, Red Limit
mentioned a certain food with a French sounding name (I forgot, sorry).
Do you know what I'm talking about? What benefits does that give?"

My reply: Yup, I do post on Love there forums. As far as
alternative food, asides from Meats and Chiefs being the best (chiefs for
later lvls when you're pretty sure you aren't gonna die. >.> Don't ever
pop a chief in the dunes/qufim/jungle/garlaige.) The only real alternatives
are as follows 

Red Curry (I'll be damned if you EVER see these sell) +7 STR +2 AGI -1 INT
+24%ATK lasts 1hr 30min.

Dragon Steak (also never seen sold) +7STR -3INT +15%ATK lasts 1hour


Dragon Soup (seen a few sell, but if I remember correctly like the others
above, they don't stack) +6STR +2AGI +2VIT -1INT +11%ATK last 1 hour.

So, as you can see, the Miths/Chief pretty much crush the competition, in
price and availability.

The "french sounding name" I'll bet is an 'au lait' product. There are many,
they range in price from 200gil to 2.4-2.5k they are as follows. (please
note they're under []Drinks[] and can be drank whilst you have food on.

Orange au Lait HP+1/3sec 100 5minutes

Apple au Lait HP+2/3sec 120 3minutes

Pear au Lait HP+3/3sec 300 5minutes

Pamama au Lait HP+2/3sec 400 10minutes

Persikos au lait HP+4/3sec 800 10minutes

A little secret, if you are soloing early on. I'd say lvl 7-15, these are
beautiful to have. Virtually ZERO down time, with Pamama and Persikos I dare
say you can even make your own exp chains. These are also particularly 
usefull for genkai 5. The Maat fight, which I will be adding to this FAQ
shortly. Keep the questions coming. ^_^


X. Credits

Thanks to the board trolls for having me fall asleep laughing
every night. Keep up the funny XXX vs YYY threads! Thanks to the people 
in game that helped me get my Monk to were it is. ...and that's about it.
Take care. See you again!

Copyright Akumu X 2004 


XI. Summary

Monk is straigh damage that can't make distortion till 60, and doesn't 
hit particularly hard on beetles, and is pretty much double wammied on
crabs. However, these set-backs make end game all the more bitter
sweet. Come 67, the XP just don't stop. You may not get too many JP
invites, but once you take some NA down into Gustav Tunnel and you're 
chain 4ing your first time there, everyone will decide that's where
they want to level. I've been invited solely because people wanted to lvl
there. I being the only NA Monk 67-74 at the time, there was little
option. It was if Kirei's on, get her. (Though I'm a guy, people call me
"her" because I am a Mithra) This is what you have to look forward to.
Struggle on to acheive it, because I guarentee, you won't be disappointed.
On a final note, as much as I'd like to help people out, please don't 
ask me to help with your Genkai and AF quests. Rather, you can ask, but 
don't be dissapointed if I can't come. Strangely enough, I'm usually
pretty damn busy in game. Leveling Ranger (next job), HNMs, Missions,
helping LS members, I'll try and help my fellow Monks, but I can't make
you any promises. ^_^; That said, enjoy the job. Eat your meats. Get
the best gear you can afford, while understanding that your gear, is 
your damage. Lastly, no matter the sub job you choose...KEEP IT 
AT 1/2 of YOUR MAIN! ^_^;