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Follow the dark path or use the light
Enigma Pack Shot



Enigma Pack III Walkthrough

by beedizzle

                    |                                      |
                    |   eee    nn   i   gggg  mm m   aa    |
                    |  e   e  n  n     g   g  m m m    a   |
                    |  e   e  n  n  i  g   g  m m m     a  |
                    |  e   e  n  n  i  g   g  m m m   aaa  |
                    |  e   e  n  n  i  g   g  m m m  a  a  |
                    |  eeee   n  n  i   gggg  m m m  a  a  |
                    |  e      n  n  i      g  m m m  a  a  |
                    |   e     n  n  i     g   m   m  a  a  |
                    |    ee   n  n  i   gg    m   m   aaa  |
                    |                                      |
                        Walkthough by beedizzle/pzykosiz
                             Version 1.0 -- 5/1/13


Introduction			intro
What is Enigma?			whatis

Ratings Explanation		idpksexp
Ratings				idpksrat

Enigma III			enigiii
1	Welcome			welcometopack3_1	Raoul Bourquin
2	Bridge Builders		wb04_1			Jon 'WB' Sneyers
3	Teamplay Doors		luc09_1			Lukas Schüller
4	Map It Out		duffy92_1		Jacob Scott
5	Checkerboard		duffy08_1		Jacob Scott
6	Everhungry		ant32_1			Petr Machata
7	Deadend			daniel07_1		Daniel Heck
8	Coloured Doors		luc03_1			Lukas Schüller
9	Family Business		duffy20_2		Jacob Scott
10	Seven Friends		ss16_2			Sven Siggelkow
11	Blocks and Water	duffy99_1		Jacob Scott
12	deja-vu			illmind09_1		illmind
13	Dependants		ant25_1			Petr Machata
14	Use The PIN		martin99_1		Martin Hawlisch
15	Space City		edward25_1		Edward
16	Control Panel		duffy16_1		Jacob Scott
17	Wild			ant28_1			Petr Machata
18	Teamwork		duffy25_1		Jacob Scott
19	Yo-yo			duffy18_1		Jacob Scott
20	Too Many Holes		nat31_1			Nat Pryce
21	Swap Swap		siegfried02_1		Siegfried Fennig
22	Portable Laser		immanuel01_1		Immanuel Herrmann
23	Push the Hammer		martin79_1		Martin Hawlisch
24	Lotsa Triggers		wb03_1			Jon 'WB' Sneyers
25	Bomb Shelter		duffy88_2		Jacob Scott
26	Grow Your Own		nat36_1			Nat Pryce
27	Tricks & Traps		siegfried04_1		Siegfried Fennig
28	Wells			ant19_1			Petr Machata
29	Push? Pull!		siegfried01_1		Siegfried Fennig
30	Blind Date		ss11_1			Sven Siggelkow
31	Black Is Beautiful	martin15_1		Martin Hawlisch
32	Upstream Journey	duffy58_1		Jacob Scott
33	Narrow Paths		martin105_1		Martin Hawlisch
34	Bishop			duffy75_1		Jacob Scott
35	Brittle Floor!		martin91_1		Martin Hawlisch
36	Keepaway		duffy54_1		Jacob Scott
37	Fly High		duffy86_1		Jacob Scott
38	Bright Dots		raoul09_1		Raoul Bourquin
39	Monster in the Dark	duffy52_1		Jacob Scott
40	- Snow White -		ant15_1			Petr Machata
41	Black Diamond Course	duffy28_1		Jacob Scott
42	Spidering Around Death	martin89_1		Martin Hawlisch
43	The Ditch		richi01_1		Richi Bützer
44	Rush Hour Traffic	duffy62_1		Jacob Scott
45	The Turtle		ant05_1			Petr Machata
46	Bridgebuilder		siegfried20_1		Siegfried Fennig
47	Easy Skyscraper		wb07_1			Jon 'WB' Sneyers
48	Automatic Transmission	duffy60_1		Jacob Scott
49	Tough Skyscraper	wb08_1			Jon 'WB' Sneyers
50	Something Went Wrong	ss17_1			Sven Siggelkow
51	Hexagony		nat22_1			Nat Pryce
52	Set Me Free		illmind06_1		illmind
53	Danger Slide		luc15_1			Lukas Schüller
54	White Contrast		illmind07_1		illmind
55	Laser Tricks		duffy84_1		Jacob Scott
56	Space Fishing		martin73_1		Martin Hawlisch
57	Manamana		just07_1		JuSt
58	Sacrifice		duffy49_1		Jacob Scott
59	Double-Maze		duffy09_1		Jacob Scott
60	Bad Flowers		nat30_1			Nat Pryce
61	Fool the Warden		duffy37_1		Jacob Scott
62	Don't Touch		raoul07_2		Raoul Bourquin
63	Emergency Exit		ss05_1			Sven Siggelkow
64	Laser Castle		andreas04_1		Andreas Lochmann
65	The Safe		siegfried77_1		Siegfried Fennig
66	Block its way!		wb05_1			Jon 'WB' Sneyers
67	Bump Ahead		illmind01_1		illmind
68	Bowling			martin80_1		Martin Hawlisch
69	Slinky Mayhem		duffy64_1		Jacob Scott
70	Overwhelming		duffy65_1		Jacob Scott
71	Break Down the Wall	duffy107_1		Jacob Scott
72	One-Way Streets		duffy109_1		Jacob Scott
73	Killer Hills		luc11_1			Lukas Schüller
74	The Exchange		raywick04_1		Ray Wick
75	Fox in the Henhouse	nat26_1			Nat Pryce
76	Bumperball		duffy15_1		Jacob Scott
77	Versailles		duffy112_1		Jacob Scott
78	Run!			duffy29_1		Jacob Scott
79	Dance with the Death	luc05_1			Lukas Schüller
80	Lock Them In		duffy26_1		Jacob Scott
81	Remote Control		luc22_1			Lukas Schüller
82	Walk the Dog		luc04_1			Lukas Schüller
83	In Sync			daniel06_1		Daniel Heck
84	Tilt Control		duffy66_1		Jacob Scott
85	Lost In Space		martin90_1		Martin Hawlisch
86	Triple Threat		illmind10_1		illmind
87	Tilt Maze		duffy69_1		Jacob Scott
88	Think Fast		duffy85_2		Jacob Scott
89	Overshoot		ss02_1			Sven Siggelkow
90	Fool the Watchdog	duffy57_1		Jacob Scott
91	The Sargasso Sea	martin17_1		Martin Hawlisch
92	Hidden Danger		martin81_1		Martin Hawlisch
93	Cover Your Ears		duffy40_1		Jacob Scott
94	Build Up Speed		duffy55_1		Jacob Scott
95	Jump And Run		siegfried40_1		Siegfried Fennig
96	Space Walk		nat35_2			Nat Pryce
97	Changing Positions	luc27_1			Lukas Schüller
98	Guardian Angel		duffy102_1		Jacob Scott
99	Unfair!			ant33_1			Petr Machata
100	Waterworld		illmind11_1		illmind

Credits				creds
Contact				ctact


|Introduction|  (intro)

Hi, I'm pzykosiz. I've had this game for a while and only got around to playing
it seriously recently. After failing miserably at some levels which seemed
pretty much impossible, I started looking for a guide on the levels. After
searching for ages, I found that no-one had ever made a complete guide for it,
or if they had, I couldn't find it. The only place that had any type of guide
was the forums at, and even they only had the harder
levels. So I made it my duty to figure this game out and Share it with you guys.
This guide covers the Enigma pack III. When I get to them, I'll bring you the 
rest of the packs. One more thing I will note is that this guide is for Enigma 
1.10 development version. I'm not sure if anything has changed since this, so if
it has please let me know.


|What is Enigma| (whatis)

From the Manual:

"To say that Enigma is a puzzle game is an understatement. Enigma is really a 
huge collection of puzzle games, and each of its 550 unique levels challenge 
the intelligence, dexterity and sheer willpower of its players anew. Enigma is 
simple to learn, challenging to play, but hard to master. Players of almost any 
age can enjoy it. It contains hundreds of levels. And if that isn't enough, 
it's also completely free. If you like puzzle games and have a steady hand, 
Enigma will probably keep you busy for hours on end. 

The object of the game is to find and uncover pairs of identically colored 
`Oxyd' stones. Simple? Yes. Easy? Certainly not! Hidden traps, vast mazes, 
laser beams, and most of all, countless hairy puzzles usually block your direct 
way to the Oxyd stones. Enigma's game objects (and there are hundreds of them, 
lest you get bored) interact in many unexpected ways, and since many of them 
follow the laws of physics (Enigma's special laws of physics, that is), 
controlling them with the mouse isn't always trivial .... 

The original goal of the Enigma project was to keep the spirit of the Oxyd game 
series alive, after its publisher decided to leave the gaming business in 2002. 
Fans of this famous game will experience déjà-vu. However, over the years, 
Enigma has absorbed ideas from countless other popular games, and added its own 
unique twists to each of them.

Enigma is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and most flavors of Linux and other 
modern Unices. It has been translated into many languages. Even this manual is 
available in several languages. 

The official homepage for Enigma contains screen shots, downloads, the latest 
news, and the most recent version of this manual. You can always reach the 
Enigma developers by email at [email protected] 

Enigma is free software, i.e., we encourage you to copy it and give it to your 
friends (see section Distributing Enigma), or to send them a link to our 
download page. Enigma is developed by a small group of volunteers, all of us 
working in our free time. If you like the game, please send us an email. It's 
probably the only reward we will ever get in return for the countless hours we 
have put into developing this game."


|Ratings Explanation| (idpksexp)

Each level has a set of ratings in them - Intelligence, Dexterity, Patience,
Knowledge and Speed. Because the levels in Enigma are so varied, this helps
you see what type of challenge is ahead of you. These are Public Ratings,
meaning they were set by the players of Enigma, not the creators. For the
purpose of this guide I'll use the quotes from the reference manual to explain

Intelligence (int)

This is intended to measure the creativity, planning and analytic requirements 
needed to solve the level. Intelligence is a very difficult notion in itself, 
and thus at first not easy to rate nor to grasp. Consequently, a fixed 
definition of the five rating-degrees does not only help in the rating process, 
but is essential. So, assume you know everything about the single elements of a 
level. Then ask yourself these questions: 

|Can I see the solution at once?                                      |int 1|
|Do I only have to orient myself, like testing the exits of wormholes |int 2|
|or see the function of a switch?                                     |     |
|Is there a standard algorithm to solve the problem, like in a maze,  |int 3|
|or searching for a hidden item?                                      |     |
|Neither trial-and-error nor standard algorithms work; is it a simple |int 4|
|kind of code or advanced planning?                                   |     |
|A difficult code, pattern or causal chain?                           |int 5| 

High values for intelligence are typically puzzles. int-ratings do not 
accumulate; the most difficult puzzle alone already determines the rating. 

Dexterity (dex) 

There are lots of levels, which can be solved either by accuracy or by patience.
In our context, dexterity is not meant in the sense of accuracy to avoid 
patience, but accuracy to avoid death. So it focuses on the lethal positions in 
a level, not only death-stones and abysses, but also casualties like pushing a 
stone accidentally into an unreachable corner. 

|It doesn't matter what I touch, this level is damn-proof.            |dex 1|
|Well, there are lethal positions I shouldn't move the level into, but|dex 2|
|they are not difficult to overcome.                                  |     |
|Comparable with a single row with abyss left and right.              |dex 3|
|Comparable with pushing a stone to the right while there is abyss on |dex 4|
|the left, or a single row with death-stones left and right.          |     |
|Needs lots of attempts to succeed.                                   |dex 5|

In contrast to the int-rating, dex might accumulate: Many situations, each of 
dex 3 can add up to dex 4 or even 5. This way dex 5 can be achieved. Rotors in 
a level contribute as well to dex as to the speed-rating spe. Thus, levels with 
a high dex-spe-combination are mostly action-driven, whereas a high 
dex-pat-combination typically is a dangerous maze. 

Patience (pat) 

Patience is a relatively subjective rating, and refers much to ”feeled time”. 
So two levels with same mechanics can have different pat-values, e.g. if one 
level has a nicer design or shows the progress of the level in some way, like 
the number of opened oxyds. It explicitly includes having to start the level 
over and over again; not the time in the lower left corner or the score is 
crucial, but the complete feeled time needed to solve the level, starting from 
the first look at it. 

|I solved the level right after understanding it.                     |pat 1|
|I needed some time but is wasn't boring.                             |pat 2| 
|Okay, some minutes. But the landscape is nice ....                   |pat 3| 
|I know what to do, but it doesn't seem to end.                       |pat 4|
|This level really needs discipline.                                  |pat 5| 

A high number of oxyds can as well heighten the pat-value as lower it: If the 
player has to traverse the level several times to open matching pairs of oxyds, 
it is definitely pat-heightening. However, if they are arranged to mark the 
progress of the player, and deal as a kind of small rewards within the level, 
they can lower the pat-value. The same with a high number of doors: The 
arrangement is the critical factor. 

High pat-values are typically mazes. In combination with int 3, a high pat-value
can indicate a hidden item or a hollow stone. pat-values involve the whole 
level, so they can't accumulate. 

Knowledge of Enigma (kno) 

The kno-rating mostly takes on the function and interactions of single objects 
in the game, like stones, floors, items, and actors. However, in some cases it 
also deals with special techniques. The guide line is the “Advanced Tutorial”, 
which defines kno 3. kno 4 corresponds to standard objects that aren't shown in 
the tutorial, kno 5 requires a deeper knowledge of the game internals. Finally, 
kno 6 indicates special mechanisms, that are seldom or unique. The overall 
kno-rating of a level equals that of the most difficult object or technique 
(and thus is non-accumulative): 

|Moving a single marble on normal floors, normal walls, oxyds, stones |kno 1|
|that look like oxyds, death-stones, water, abyss, documents, using   |     |
|the inventory, static gravity, visible gradients.                    |     |
|Pushing stones, simple Sokoban-tricks, bridge-building in water and  |kno 2|
|abyss, connected puzzle-stones, moving more than one marble,         |     |
|meditations, grates, rotors and tops, hidden gradients, triggers and |     |
|switches, doors, holes (not by dynamite), swamp, floppys and         |     |
|st-floppy, keys and locks, coins and slots, cracks, timer-stones.    |     |
|Different floors can have different fraction and mouseforce, space,  |kno 3|
|ice, inverted floor, some stones sink while others swim, black grates|     |
|that hold rotors and tops away, dynamite, dynamite-breakable stones, |     |
|spade, bolders, magic-wand to change bolder-direction, bolders sink  |     |
|into abyss, sheafs of glass, spoon, actors and items may hide under  |     |
|movable stones, small not-killer whiteballs, coloured                |     |
|one-way-streets, actorimpulse-stones (“bumpers”), rotors can fly over|     |
|abyss, fart-stones, swords and knights, lasers, static and movable   |     |
|mirrors, item- and coin-transformations by pushing stones over them  |     |
|and by lasers, umbrellas protect of abyss, hammer and breakable      |     |
|stones (although not in tutorial).                                   |     |
|Bridge-building in swamps, rubber-bands, rubber-band-stones,         |kno 4|
|scissor-stones, unconnected puzzle-stones, exploding puzzle-stones,  |     |
|turning puzzle-stones (with and without a magic wand), springs (both |     |
|types, on the floor and hole-kind springs like in “Upstream          |     |
|Journey”), thiefs, three-parted shogun-stones, invisible stones,     |     |
|hollow stones, chameleon-stones, items hidden under chameleon stones,|     |
|stones that aren't what they seem (e.g. fake-death-stones),          |     |
|wormholes, magnets, using F3 for a restart to solve a level,         |     |
|yin-yangs, one-colour-, yin-yang- and inverted yin-yang-stones,      |     |
|stones breakable by only one colour, killer-balls, swap-stones, brush|     |
|and paintable stones, changing one-way-streets with a magic wand,    |     |
|making stones to glass with a magic wand, impulse-stones (movable,   |     |
|static and hollow), black and white bombs, bomb-stones, fire,        |     |
|extinguishers, rotator-stones, yellow anti-swapping stones, mines,   |     |
|flags, seeds, weights, putting objects under one-way-streets and     |     |
|other hollow stones, electric stones, turnstiles, mailing and pipes, |     |
|rings (single and multiplayer), volcanos, bags, randomizers (as      |     |
|possible effect of a switch), horses and horse-passing stones, pins, |     |
|bananas, cherries make invisible, surprise-item.                     |     |
|Cracks, floor-springs, wormholes etc. are all items, seeds can grow  |kno 5|
|inside stones, laser is blocked by all items, killer-balls don't sink|     |
|in water, “Space Meditation”-kind collisions, holding down the       |     |
|mouse-button, invisibility lets you go through glass, jumping over   |     |
|lasers ....                                                          |     |
|Spitter-stones, surprise-stones, levels like “Enigris” or “Flood     |kno 6|
|Gates” ....                                                          |     |

kno 6 does not neccessarily mean that this level is difficult to understand; 
the unique mechanism or object might as well be very intuitive, like in “Flood 

Speed and speed control (spe)

The spe-value not only corresponds to the maximum speed a level requires (like 
it's needed to run away from a rotor), but also the degree of control a player 
has over his mouse while moving it, excellent examples for this are “Mourning 
Palace” and the middle part of “Sacrifice”. This involves moving the mouse with 
a constant velocity for a long time, as well as correctly estimating the speed 
that's needed in a certain task, like shattering a sheaf of glass. 

|No time limit.                                                       |spe 1|
|You shouldn't stop for too long. For example, something slow might be|spe 2|
|chasing you.                                                         |     |
|There is an appropiate time limit or speed control task. This can be |spe 3|
|a single, not too fast rotor in an open area.                        |     |
|Don't stop! Examples are difficult timing-tasks as well as a single  |spe 4|
|fast rotor or several slower ones.                                   |     |
|Hurry Up! Whereas spe 4 is meant to be difficult, but obviously      |spe 5|
|solvable in not too many attempts, spe 5 is everything above this.   |     |

The spe-rating again is cumulative, as many slow rotors can add up to spe 3 or 
4 or a combination of many slow time-switches to be pressed in a certain order 
can make up a horrible task. In contrast to the other categories, for which the 
average is near 3 (or between 3 and 4 for kno), an overwhelming fraction of all
levels are definitely spe 1. So, the spe-rating is more a kind of supplement to 
the three core-ratings int, dex and pat.

Combinations of ratings 

In some cases it can be of interest to have a single value to measure the 
difficulty of a level. A simple possibility to calculate such a universal 
rating is to choose a linear combination of the 5 single ratings, weighted with 
appropriate weights. These weights should correspond to the difficulty a single 
category adds to the universal difficulty, but these weights also should be 
carefully chosen to avoid number-theoretic obstructions (e.g. when all weights 
are even except for the spe-rating, then there will be a visible difference in 
the distribution of even and odd univeral ratings, which can be very misleading).
A working and very interesting linear combination is the following, which has 
been applied in the reordering process:  	

universal difficulty  =  7*int + 6*dex + 4*pat + 3*kno + 4*spe - 23

This has the special property that it takes relatively broadly and continuously
distributed values between 1 (all ratings 1) and 100 (all ratings 5, kno 6) and 
emphasizes the most difficult categories intelligence and dexterity. However, 
some very small or very high values cannot appear in this combination, like 2 
or 99. Other combinations lead to full, but narrow, or to broad but 
uncontinuous spectra.


|Ratings| (idpksrat)

So with these details in mind, here are the current ratings for these levels (as
of version 1.10 development):

|No.|Title                 |int|dex|pat|kno|spe|tot|
|  1|Welcome               |  1|  1|  1|  1|  3|  9|
|  2|Bridge Builders       |  2|  2|  3|  4|  1| 31|
|  3|Teamplay Doors        |  2|  2|  1|  4|  1| 23|
|  4|Map It Out            |  3|  1|  5|  4|  1| 40|
|  5|Checkerboard          |  4|  3|  2|  4|  1| 47|
|  6|Everhungry            |  2|  3|  1|  6|  1| 35|
|  7|Deadend               |  3|  2|  2|  4|  1| 34|
|  8|Coloured Doors        |  3|  2|  2|  4|  1| 34|
|  9|Family Business       |  2|  1|  2|  4|  1| 21|
| 10|Seven Friends         |  2|  2|  3|  5|  1| 34|
| 11|Blocks and Water      |  4|  4|  3|  2|  1| 51|
| 12|deja-vu               |  2|  2|  3|  4|  1| 31|
| 13|Dependants            |  2|  3|  4|  4|  3| 49|
| 14|Use The PIN           |  3|  2|  2|  4|  1| 34|
| 15|Space City            |  2|  1|  3|  3|  1| 22|
| 16|Control Panel         |  5|  2|  2|  3|  1| 45|
| 17|Wild                  |  1|  1|  2|  4|  1| 14|
| 18|Teamwork              |  4|  3|  3|  4|  1| 51|
| 19|Yo-yo                 |  2|  1|  3|  4|  1| 25|
| 20|Too Many Holes        |  3|  2|  3|  4|  1| 38|
| 21|Swap Swap             |  4|  2|  3|  4|  1| 45|
| 22|Portable Laser        |  5|  2|  4|  4|  1| 56|
| 23|Push the Hammer       |  4|  1|  3|  4|  1| 39|
| 24|Lotsa Triggers        |  2|  1|  3|  3|  1| 22|
| 25|Bomb Shelter          |  4|  3|  4|  5|  2| 62|
| 26|Grow Your Own         |  2|  3|  4|  6|  1| 47|
| 27|Tricks & Traps        |  4|  3|  3|  4|  1| 51|
| 28|Wells                 |  2|  1|  1|  4|  1| 17|
| 29|Push? Pull!           |  4|  2|  3|  4|  1| 45|
| 30|Blind Date            |  2|  3|  5|  4|  1| 45|
| 31|Black Is Beautiful    |  2|  3|  3|  1|  1| 28|
| 32|Upstream Journey      |  2|  4|  2|  4|  3| 47|
| 33|Narrow Paths          |  2|  5|  4|  4|  1| 53|
| 34|Bishop                |  1|  3|  3|  4|  1| 30|
| 35|Brittle Floor!        |  2|  3|  2|  2|  2| 31|
| 36|Keepaway              |  2|  3|  2|  4|  3| 41|
| 37|Fly High              |  1|  5|  5|  4|  1| 50|
| 38|Bright Dots           |  2|  3|  3|  4|  1| 37|
| 39|Monster in the Dark   |  1|  4|  5|  4|  3| 52|
| 40|- Snow White -        |  3|  3|  2|  4|  1| 40|
| 41|Black Diamond Course  |  2|  5|  3|  4|  1| 49|
| 42|Spidering Around Death|  1|  3|  3|  4|  1| 30|
| 43|The Ditch             |  4|  4|  2|  5|  1| 56|
| 44|Rush Hour Traffic     |  1|  4|  3|  3|  4| 45|
| 45|The Turtle            |  3|  2|  3|  6|  1| 44|
| 46|Bridgebuilder         |  4|  2|  2|  2|  1| 35|
| 47|Easy Skyscraper       |  2|  3|  2|  4|  1| 33|
| 48|Automatic Transmission|  3|  3|  3|  4|  2| 48|
| 49|Tough Skyscraper      |  2|  4|  3|  4|  1| 43|
| 50|Something Went Wrong  |  3|  2|  3|  4|  1| 38|
| 51|Hexagony              |  3|  3|  3|  4|  1| 44|
| 52|Set Me Free           |  3|  1|  3|  4|  1| 32|
| 53|Danger Slide          |  1|  4|  3|  4|  1| 36|
| 54|White Contrast        |  3|  2|  2|  4|  1| 34|
| 55|Laser Tricks          |  4|  4|  2|  4|  2| 57|
| 56|Space Fishing         |  2|  5|  3|  4|  1| 49|
| 57|Manamana              |  4|  3|  3|  6|  2| 61|
| 58|Sacrifice             |  2|  3|  2|  6|  5| 55|
| 59|Double-Maze           |  3|  1|  3|  6|  1| 38|
| 60|Bad Flowers           |  1|  1|  3|  6|  3| 32|
| 61|Fool the Warden       |  4|  3|  3|  4|  1| 51|
| 62|Don't Touch           |  2|  4|  4|  4|  1| 47|
| 63|Emergency Exit        |  2|  4|  1|  4|  5| 51|
| 64|Laser Castle          |  3|  3|  2|  4|  3| 48|
| 65|The Safe              |  2|  4|  4|  4|  1| 47|
| 66|Block its way!        |  4|  4|  2|  4|  3| 61|
| 67|Bump Ahead            |  2|  3|  3|  4|  1| 37|
| 68|Bowling               |  1|  1|  3|  4|  1| 18|
| 69|Slinky Mayhem         |  2|  5|  4|  4|  5| 69|
| 70|Overwhelming          |  3|  1|  3|  4|  1| 32|
| 71|Break Down the Wall   |  4|  3|  3|  5|  1| 54|
| 72|One-Way Streets       |  4|  3|  2|  5|  1| 50|
| 73|Killer Hills          |  1|  2|  2|  4|  1| 20|
| 74|The Exchange          |  3|  5|  4|  4|  1| 60|
| 75|Fox in the Henhouse   |  2|  3|  3|  5|  3| 48|
| 76|Bumperball            |  3|  3|  3|  4|  1| 44|
| 77|Versailles            |  4|  2|  3|  4|  1| 45|
| 78|Run!                  |  1|  3|  2|  6|  4| 44|
| 79|Dance with the Death  |  2|  3|  2|  4|  3| 41|
| 80|Lock Them In          |  2|  1|  5|  3|  3| 38|
| 81|Remote Control        |  2|  3|  4|  6|  1| 47|
| 82|Walk the Dog          |  2|  3|  2|  4|  4| 45|
| 83|In Sync               |  3|  2|  2|  4|  1| 34|
| 84|Tilt Control          |  2|  3|  3|  6|  5| 59|
| 85|Lost In Space         |  2|  4|  2|  4|  1| 39|
| 86|Triple Threat         |  2|  1|  5|  4|  1| 33|
| 87|Tilt Maze             |  2|  4|  5|  6|  3| 65|
| 88|Think Fast            |  2|  3|  3|  6|  4| 55|
| 89|Overshoot             |  3|  3|  3|  6|  5| 66|
| 90|Fool the Watchdog     |  4|  2|  3|  3|  1| 42|
| 91|The Sargasso Sea      |  4|  4|  3|  2|  1| 51|
| 92|Hidden Danger         |  3|  3|  4|  4|  1| 48|
| 93|Cover Your Ears       |  2|  1|  3|  4|  1| 25|
| 94|Build Up Speed        |  2|  4|  4|  4|  4| 59|
| 95|Jump And Run          |  4|  3|  4|  4|  3| 63|
| 96|Space Walk            |  3|  4|  5|  3|  1| 55|
| 97|Changing Positions    |  5|  2|  3|  2|  1| 46|
| 98|Guardian Angel        |  3|  4|  4|  4|  4| 66|
| 99|Unfair!               |  3|  2|  3|  4|  5| 54|
|100|Waterworld            |  3|  4|  4|  4|  3| 62|


|Enigma III| (enigiii)

Welcome 8 Oxyds  (welcometopack3_1)
*Welcome to Enigma III

Bridge Builders 14 Oxyds  (wb04_1)
*White helps black, black helps white
Go up and grab the yin-yang item, then go into the bottom corner, through the
black grates. Push the bottom wooden block into the abyss, then push the top one
down, then across the other one. Take the ball back and place it on the trigger,
then use the yin-yang item. This will switch to a white ball on the other side. 
Get the yin-yang on this side, then push the blocks in the bottom corner the 
same way as before to complete the bridge. Go across and go through the door
which opened before (the one with the white grates in front of it). Put the
white ball on the trigger. This will open the gate for the black ball on the
other screen. Now you should be able to reach the rest of the Oxyds.

Teamplay Doors 6 Oxyds  (luc09_1)
Move the black ball onto the available switch. This closes the door around the
black ball, and opens the next switch. use the white ball to push the next
switch. Continue this to the top. Once you can get through the top door, put the
white ball on the top switch in the room and then bring the black ball into the 
lower room. Now move the white ball onto the lower switch. Here you will be 
alternating which ball you move like the first room, but in a straight line 
this time. Now that you're throguh this, the black ball will have an array of 
switches to go on. Sit it on the top left one. The white ball will snake it's 
way through this section, while the black ball hits the corresponding switches 
in the lower room. Only certain switches work, but the path goes 2 right, 1 
down, 1 left, 1 down, 2 right. Now just go hit the Oxyds.

Map It Out 4 Oxyds  (duffy92_1)
I'll do just that

#o#         #  #   #    # ##   # ## #o#
#   ####### ## # # # ## #    # # #  # #
#####     #  # # # # #### ## ### ##   #
# # # ### # ## # #   #  #  #     #  # #
# # # # # # #  # ### ## ## # ##### ## #
# #   # #   ##    #        # # # #  ###
# # ### # #  ### ####### ###   # ##   #
# #     ### ##   # #   # # # #   #### #
# # # ### ######   # #####   ###  #   #
# ### #     #  # #   #     ### #### # #
# #   # # # # ## # ### ###     #    # #
# # ### ### #    # #    #  ######## # #
# # #     # # ###### #### ##    # # # #
#   # # ##### # # #   #      ## # # # #
# ##### #    s    ##### ## # ##   # # #
# # #   # # # # # ## #######  ### # # #
# #   # # # ##### ## ## ##   ## #   # #
# ### # ### #   #     #    #    ### # #
#   # #     ### ### ### ## ####   # # #
# ### ##### # #     #    #  #   # # ###
#     #   ### ##### ## ###### # ###  ##
####### ##### ##  #  # #    ###   # ###
# # # # #        ##### # ##     ### # #
#   #   # # # # ## #   # #  ###  #    #
# ### #   ### #### # ### ## #   ### ###
# # ##### ##  #    #   #  # #####   # #
# #     #  ## # # ###### ##   # ### # #
# ### # ## #  ###    #    #####   # # #
#     # #  ##     ## # ## #     #     #
# # # # ##  # ### #  #### ## ## #######
# ### #    ## #   ##  #   #   # #     #
#o##### ## #  # #  ##   # ## ##   # #o#

Each space is a cross shaped room. There's a warp on each side that has a
connecting room next to it. The triggers you hear do nothing, and all of the
Oxyds are blue, so you won't have to backtrack, making it about the only
positive this level has.

Checkerboard 4 Oxyds  (duffy08_1)
Starting with the black ball.
Move the one on your right to the right, then the one above it up and the one
below it down. Sit on the above one, then move the one on your left left, then
the one above it up. Repeat on the lower side (obviusly switch up for down). You
should now have 5 wooden blocks in a column, alternating with abyss tiles. Move
the top two up and the bottom two down. Move the middle one down to the bottom
and into the abyss on the left. 

Switch to the white ball.
Move the one on the left left. Move the above and below ones up and down like
before. Then move the one on the right right, and the one above it up. Then
mirror it at the bottom. You'll have three in a column on this side, move the
top one up and the bottom one down, then move the middle one down to the bottom
and into the abyss on the right. At this point, you should have two V's of
wooden blocks, one pointing up and the other down. Going left across the screen
move the bottom set of blocks left 1, down 1, left 1, up 1, left 4. The move the
last block up to the top and into the abyss one the left. Mirror the actions
with the top V of blocks, and move the last one into the abyss in front of the
last Oxyd.

Everhungry 6 Oxyds  (ant32_1)
Do this quickly. The floor keeps disappearing and the exploding parts will kill
you. If parts get blocked off you always have the spring to help you.

Deadend 4 Oxyds  (daniel07_1)
*Look Closely
* F3 to try again...
In the top left corner of the black ball's room is a magic wand. Grab it and the
yin yang, then use the magic wand to turn a couple of the one way blocks around.
The white ball is completely unecessary in this level, it's just there to
confuse you.

Coloured Doors 8 Oxyds  (luc03_1)
Pretty simple. The colour of the floor in the room you hit a trigger opens the
doors with that colour floor under it. If you both balls on the same colour
trigger, they close again. Going from the centre room, the way to get into
the rooms is (switch balls after each instruction):

4 5

1, 2, and 7 just need you to have a ball on the centre room's switch.
3 - Put a ball in the centre room, then room 7, then room 2, then room 6
4 - Put a ball in the centre room, then room 1
5 - Put a ball in the centre room, then room 2
6 - Put a ball in the centre room, then room 7, then room 2
8 - Put a ball in the centre room, then room 7, then room 1

Family Business 16 Oxyds  (duffy20_2)
You've got three balls attached by a rubber band and you got to swing them
around to hit the right Oxyds. Once you get a few pairs it becomes easier.
Sometimes swinging them around violently can work well for you too

Seven Friends 4 Balls  (ss16_2)
This one is a little tedious. I find it better to start with the lower ones and
work up. The rotor and the top will be pulling the balls around so if you can
get them to move to the corners and make the rubber band as straight as possible
it helps. Then just move the balls into the holes one by one

Blocks and Water 4 Oxyds  (duffy99_1)
The first room has 10 wooden block around the island arranged like so:

~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~
~~~~ bcde ~~~~
~~~a#    #j~~~
~~~~ fghi ~~~~
~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~

Push c up 1 then b left 2. a goes down 1. Push g down then f left 3. Move e up
and i down then move h left 6. Lastly d left 2, down 2, left 5.

The left room has another puzzle.

#                  #
#  abcd e+f+g h i  +
#~~   ~~####~~   ~~#
#~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~#
#~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~#
#~~   ~~####~~   ~~#
#  j k l+m+n opqr  +
#                  #

Push p and q up. Push r 1 left and 4 up, then o 1 right and 3 up. n can then go
3 right, 3 up and 1 left. Go up to the top section and push i 1 left and 1 down.
Push h 1 right, 8 down, 1 left, 3 up and 2 left. Then move g 3 right, 8 down, 
1 left, 3 up and 2 left. Down the same on the other side, but rotate the
directions 180 degrees.

#   +~~~~ t~~~~~~ O#
# ab~~~~~o ~~~~~~  #
# c ~~~~~ u~~~~~~  #
# de~~~~~p ~~~~~~  #
# f +~~~~ v~~~~~~  #
+ gh~~~~~q ~~~~~~  #
# i +~~~~ w~~~~~~  #
# jk~~~~~r ~~~~~~  #
# l ~~~~~ x~~~~~~  #
# mn~~~~~s ~~~~~~  #
#   +~~~~ y~~~~~~ O#

Push c and l right 2, and f and i right 1. Push d up 1 and j down 1. Push e and
k right 1. Push g up, then h right 1, then push g down 1 and right 2. Push f
and i into the middle and continue the bridge, then use either n or b to finish
the first bridge. Push q right 2, then use the remaining blocks on the first
piece of land to continue the bridge to the far side.

deja-vu 12 Oxyds  (illmind09_1)
*when you've been particular places
*that you know you've never seen before
*can you be sure?
*feel like I've been here before
*quote: Iron Maiden - Deja-Vu
*for illmind's deja vu try the top left corner...

In the row of three wooden blocks, hit the first two up, then the last one left
two tiles. Under it you'll find a hammer. Smash all the blue blocks and then
push the wooden block on the left wall up to turn of the laser. From here, push
the top wooden block up 5. Now move one of the first blocks you moved up to the
3 triggers at the top. Once this is done, go to the top left corner like the
note says and get the yin-yang. Switch balls and do exactly the same in this
room. Now just move the boxes back and forward to open the doors

Dependants 6 Oxyds  (ant25_1)
Another one where you're attached to rubber bands. All you need to do is force
the little white ball in the middle to push the puzzle to either side, so it
sits on a trigger, then put the corresponding ball through the door and hit the
Oxyds. It's pretty easy for most of the way, but the last couple of spaces are
tricky. The best way I found was to get all three balls line up in the furthest
back column in the square of the puzzle, then quickly move the ball you're
controlling in the direction you're heading, then switch balls and do the same.
This will normally cause the little ball to quickly ram into the side of the
puzzle and move forward another square.

Use The PIN 4 Oxyds  (martin99_1)
In case you haven't realized, it spells pi. The wormholes all represent a digit
between 1 and 9. Follow them in the digits of pi ie. 3.14159265

Space City 14 Oxyds  (edward25_1)
Follow the paths around and hit the Oxyds as you find them. The only thing that
makes this level difficult is the space blocks, but they're not so bad. There
are some laser stones in the level, but I don't think they do anything.

Control Panel 2 Oxyds  (duffy16_1)
You habe 25 triggers and 10 boxes to put on them. Going into the left room you
will find a note which will give you half of the answer. The 1's stand for a box
on a trigger, going from top to bottom. Then others you'll have to work out. As
you may also notice in this room is some coloured glass blocks with a number of
brown blocks next to them. These help you figure out the rest of the puzzle.
The glass blocks around the Control Panel use these colours, and they represent
how many blocks are in that row, column or diagonal. So at this point, the
puzzle should be like this:

 1 4 2 2 1 3
| |B|*| |*|
| | | |*|*|2
| | | | |*|3

The first two rows are solved, as well as the last column and the NW-SE
diagonal. The middle row must be 1 so that the amounts equal 10.

 1 4 2 2 1 3
| |B|*| |*|1
| | | |*|*|2
| | | | |*|3

From here you can deduce that the remaining two in the NE-SW diagonal are
blocks, and the middle row is also solved. Also the second column needs two more 
blocks in it. And after that the first column will be solved. This leaves the
fourth column and fourth row with one gap each, which uses up all the blocks
and solves the puzzle.

 1 4 2 2 1 3

Now just go get the Oxyds.

Wild 10 Oxyds  (ant28_1)
All you do here is just drag around the white ball

Teamwork 2 Oxyds  (duffy25_1)
You will notice that a lot of stones in this level have yin-yangs on them. If
you hit them with a coloured ball, it will turn into a stone of the opposite
colour, ie hitting it with a black ball turns it white, and vice versa. Only
a ball of the corresponding colour can travel through these blocks. So for the
first part, starting with the black ball, go in through the top, then straight
down to hit the first yin-yang block. Be careful not to hit the one at the top
on the way through. Then use the white ball and do the same. Keep leapfrogging
them until you get to the end.

The next part is a bit trickier. You need to create paths so you can collect
both the key and the disk, and also get both balls through the maze. Here's how
I did it. (not all the yin-yangs were needed, so I left them):

bbww wy#
yb bbby#
wwwb wy#
yb ywww#
bbww b 
yb wbbw#
wwwb yy#
yb bywy#
bbww yy#
bb bb y#

Now you'll have a path going up and a path going down, one to the disk drive and
the other to a key hole. Make sure the white ball has the disk and the black
ball has the key. You have six yin-yang blocks here, arranged like so

# ###
#1  #
#w# #

#b# #
#6  #
# ###

Using the black ball, turn 2 and 5 white, change to the white ball, turn 3, 4
and 6 black, change to the black ball, and turn 1 white. It should look like

# ###
#w  #
#w# #

#b# #
#b  #
# ###

Now put the keys in their respective places. After this, you have to be able to
make bridge across the water in the middle. They should be like this($ is wooden


Now to the puzzle piece at the end. Use the black ball to move it down, then 
move it through the doorway. Use the white ball to move it back up, then to the 
right. It should be wedged into the doorway. Move the white ball into the white
grates above it. Use the black ball to move it left, then the white ball to move
it down. Now you can get the white ball through to the door.

This last part. You will need to move the block to the top corner to connect it
to the land. Normally you would be blocked by not being able to go around
corners, but we have two balls here. 

Move the black ball up at the first fork and change ball.
Push the block right 3 spaces, then change ball.
Push the ball down 1, then move to the other side of it, and sit next to the
wall piece just below it, then change ball.
Push it down 2 spaces, move the ball over to just above the lowest wall block in
the maze (in the bottom right), then change ball.
Push it 6 spaces right, move the ball to the square one above and to the right
of the block, then change ball.
Push it up 1, then move the ball to the most central wall block in the maze
and sit next to it, then change ball.
Push the block 2 spaces left, then 3 up, then move the ball over to the far
right wall block in the maze and sit next to it, then change ball.
Push the block 6 right, then move the ball to the top right corner, between the
water and the impulse block, then change ball.
Push the ball 3 spaces up, then change ball.
Tap the impulse block, then change ball.
Push the block 1 right, then change ball.
Push the block 1 down, then get the Oxyds.

Yo-yo 12 Oxyds  (duffy18_1)
You'll need to drag around the white ball and push it around to hit the Oxyds.
It's easiest to line it up then bash it in with the black ball in some cases,
or if you quickly go around the other side of the white grates, it will be
pulled into them.

Too Many Holes 4 Balls  (nat31_1)
This seems like a case of finding which four are the real holes. Wrong! Bash the
ball around the wall and you should eventually hit one that pops out of the
wall. Push it out far enough so you can get around it, then push it back into
the room. Push it over two of the holes to make them disappear, then put the
balls in the holes.

Swap Swap 2 Oxyds  (siegfried02_1)
The block with the circle on it is a swap stone. Pushing it will cause whatever
in the next space in the direction you push it to swap places with it, but it
doesn't work when there is no block in the next space. Using this, you need to
be able to get the shogun blocks to the outside of the walls, and be able to
move them out. Follow these instructions should get you out:

Swap up, Shogun up, Swap right, Swap down, the loose Shogun right, Swap up, Swap
right, Swap down, Swap left, Swap up, Swap right, Swap down.
Now you should be able to get the shoguns out. You'll have to put the big shogun
onto the dot first, so move the others out of the way.

Portable Laser 2 Oxyds  (immanuel01_1)
It looks so simple but it's a pain in the ass. Hit the switch twice to hit the
first Oxyd. Now what you have to do is move the laser down to the other one.
Move the wooden block under the swap stone. You'll need that and the grate to
move the laser. I'll use shortened versions of instructions to make it easier:
S - swap stone, W - wooden block, G - grate, L - laser,
rldu with number - direction, S in front of W, G or L - swap the stones.

First we need to get to the grate
W 1r 1d, SW, 
W 1d 1r, SW, 
W 1r 1d, SW, 
W 1d 1r, SW, 
W 1r 1d, SW, 
W 1d 1r, SW

Now we need to get the grate, the wooden box and the swap block in position
W 1r, SW, 
W 1r 2u 2l 1d, SW, 
W 1u 2l 1d, SW, 
W 1u 2l 3d 1r 1u, SG, 
W 1r, SW,
W 1r 2u 2l 1d, SW, SG, 
W 1d, SW, 
W 1d 2r 2u 1l, SW, 
W 1r 2u 1l, SW, 
W 1r 2u 2l 1d, SW, SG, 
W 1d, SW, 
W 1d 2r 2u 1l, SW, 
W 1r 2u 1l, SW, 
W 2r 3u 3l 2d, SW, SG,
W 1d, SW, 
W 1d 2r 2u 1l, SW, SG, 
W 2l 2u 1r, SW, 
W 1l 2u 2r 1d, SW, SG, 
W 1d, SW, 
W 1d 2l 2u 1r, SW, 
W 1l 2u 1r, SW, 
W 1l 2u 2r 1d, SW, 
W 1u 2r 1d, SW

The blocks should now be in this order


Now to move the laser
SW, SG, 
W 1r, SG, 
W 1u 3l 1d, SW, 
W 1u 2l 2d 1r, SW, 
W 1l 2d 1r, SW,
W 1l 2d 2r 1u, SW,
W 1d 2r 1u, SG, SL, SW, SG, SL,
W 1l, SG,
W 1u 3r 1d, SW,
W 1u 2r 2d 1l, SW,
W 1r 2d 1l, SW,
W 1r 2d 2l 1u, SW,
W 1d 2l 1u, SG, SL, SW, SG, SL,
W 1r, SG, 
W 1u 3l 1d, SW, 
W 1u 2l 2d 1r, SW, 
W 1l 2d 1r, SW,
W 1l 3d 2r 2u, SW,
W 1d 2r 1u, SG, SL, SW, SG, SL,
W 1l, SG,
W 1u 3r 1d, SW,
W 1u 2r 2d 1l, SW,
W 1r 2d 1l, SW,
W 1r 2d 2l 1u, SW,
W 1d 2l 1u, SG, SL, SW, SG, SL

Push the Hammer 8 Oxyds  (martin79_1)
Pick up the hammer with the black ball and drop it next to the white ball. You
can't switch to it, so push it over the hammer. Now just go around hitting the
white ball into the blocks with a white ball on them to destroy them.

Lotsa Triggers 14 Oxyds  (wb03_1)
Move around through the level like normal. The vertical door will open be open
as you get to it from the right side, but not the left side. You'll need to use
the horizontal door to get out. The trigger to open that door is the top one in
the 'A'. You will then need to go around the right side of the 'A', otherwise it
will close up again.

Bomb Shelter 12 Oxyds  (duffy88_2)
You'll have an array of grates with 4 swap blocks in the corners, and also have
6 tan blocks. The path out of the room has 3 rotors coming through it. They come
slowly because it's a massive hill they have to climb. You'll have to build a
'fortress' of sorts to stop them from getting you because they are extremely
fast. This is how I arranged my blocks (T - tan, X - grate, S - swap):

### ###

Stay next to the rightmost swap block until they come through, then push the
middle tan block in the column of three on top of the rotors. Now go around the
other side and down the path.

Grow Your Own 4 Oxyds  (nat36_1)
You'll be on a small platform with at least one trigger on it. What you will
need to do is hit the trigger to get more of the landscape to show up. It
creates a randomly generated maze of paths and trigger, with the Oxyds in the
corner. Each trigger reveal the floor blocks around it if there are any, and a
trigger at the end of any floor piece.

Tricks & Traps 4 Oxyds  (siegfried04_1)
This level is much simpler than it looks, but it is also has some nasty tricks
involved. Push the bottom shogun stone right, then move the puzzle piece out of
the way. From here, hit the large shogun stone on the left onto the bottom
large dot on the left. Push the medium one that was just above it onto the same
dot. From here, move the swap block 6 left, 2 down, 2 left and 1 up. Push the
medium shogun block down out of the way for the moment, then hit the one that
was next to it left or right to free a small shogun block. Push it to where the
medium and large ones are sitting on the dot. Now get the large shogun block
that the small one was sitting under and push it to the dot above. Move the
loose medium block to there as well.

Hit the swap block left 1 then up 1. Hit the shogun block you just swapped and
move the now free medium shogun out of the way, then move the large one onto the
dot above the others, then get the medium block and put it there too. Now that
this is done, hit the top remaining shogun block from the bottom and move the
small shogun onto the 2nd bottom dot (once it goes under the top shoguns, you
can hit it again and it will move again). This will make the first three doors
for the lower Oxyd open.

Move the swap stone up 1 and right 1. Move the large shogun out of the way, then
move the swap stone 5 right, 1 up, and 2 left. This will put the shogun block
onto the dot and open the bottom door. Go through the door, then go down the 
left path, then up and down to the Oxyd. You can ignore this shogun. Go back to
the door and follow the path to the right. When you have a choice of two paths,
choose the left one to get to a second Oxyd. Now go down the middle path, down
to the bottom of the screen and push the small shogun to the other dot at the
bottom. This opens the last door in front of the Oxyd in the first room.

Continue into the next room. There are two lasers you'll need to block to get
through. Push the mirror block up 2 and right 3 (make sure you're not going to
send the laser back at yourself). Now move the shogun right 1, up 7 and right 7,
then go through the next door. This room is full of tan blocks. Push the first
one up, then keep pushing the ones on the left until you can get to the door.

Now the last room. Go up to the top and push the puzzle piece left and keep
going left until you can go through the door and into where the Oxyd is. Now go
back into the room and move the tan block on the left out of the way and push
the other puzzle block through the doorway so you can get to the last Oxyd.

Wells 2 Oxyds  (ant19_1)
Go through the open doors, hit the Oxyd and then the switch. Throw yourself in
the abyss then hit the other Oxyd

Push? Pull! 4 Oxyds  (siegfried01_1)
Push the bottom swap block right, then move the horizontal puzzle piece above
it. Swap them, then swap the swap block and the grate next to it. Push the
puzzle block through and attach it to the puzzle coming through the door. Now
attach the corner piece and the end piece to it. Pull the puzzle out of the door
and go through. Turn off the laser then get all the Oxyds.

Blind Date 2 Balls  (ss11_1)
In the bottom corner there is a bunch of invisible blocks, some of which are
movable. Here's the how it looks:

#  ##
### 1
# 2 3
#h  4

Push 1 and 4 left, then 3 down. Push 2 left and put one of the balls in the

The other corner is set up like this:


There is an invisible block 1 right and 3 up from the swap block. Push it down
3 squares. Swap them, then move the swap block under the bottom left invisible
wall. Swap upwards, then right, then up 2. Now put the ball in the hole.

Black Is Beautiful 12 Oxyds  (martin15_1)
The Oxyds are the ones on the outside wall. Just watch out for the death blocks
and you'll be fine.

Upstream Journey 6 Oxyds  (duffy58_1)
When you go through the vortex hole, you will be sent to the next one around the
square, until you get to the last one, where you have to kill yourself to
continue. As you go past them, move the ball in the direction of the Oxyd to
get it away from the vortex. Surrounding all the vortex tiles are bounce blocks,
which you'll need to be careful with because there isn't anything stopping you
from falling into the abyss near the Oxyds.

Narrow Paths 4 Oxyds  (martin105_1)
In here you will have to navigate your way over incredibly narrow pathways in a
randomly generated maze to the Oxyds. In easy mode, you have an umbrella to
help if you can get to it

Bishop 4 Oxyds  (duffy75_1)
The floor alternates between abyss tiles and white floor. You'll have to jump
from white square to white square to get to the Oxyds in the corners

Brittle Floor! 6 Oxyds  (martin91_1)
As long as you keep moving quickly and don't retrace your path, your pretty

Keepaway 10 Oxyds  (duffy54_1)
The level is shape like a cross. It has 3 Oxyds on the horizontal parts and 2
on the vertical parts. There is also lots of purple rings which will send you
back to the start if you use them. Go to one side of the cross, hit the Oxyds
and use the cross to get around the mob of rotors coming after you.

Fly High 6 Oxyds  (duffy86_1)
When you get out of the vortexes, you'll go up in the air for a short time, like
when you use a spring. You'll need to do this to jump from platform to platform
to get the Oxyds.

Bright Dots 4 Oxyds  (raoul09_1)
The two middle columns are floor, as are all the tiles with white balls on them.
As long as you stay on tiles where they are (or were), you be fine

Monster in the Dark 16 Oxyds  (duffy52_1)
You've got 16 Oxyds around the room and a rotor chasing you around in a dark
room where you can't see anything unless you or the rotor bump into something.
Good luck with this one.

- Snow White - 3 Balls  (ant15_1)
There are three camoflage tiles in the level with holes under them. They're in
an upside down triangle shape, so once you get the first corner, swing the
others around until they get into place. The holes are in the exact opposite
corner of the board, in the same relative positions

Black Diamond Course 2 Oxyds  (duffy28_1)
In this level you need to navigate yourself around the islands of different
surfaces using the springs.

Spidering Around Death 16 Oxyds  (martin89_1)
You start off attached to the side by a rubber band. You can attach yourself to
the other side blocks by hitting them. Just stretch out to the middle to hit the
Oxyds while avoiding the death blocks

The Ditch 2 Oxyds  (richi01_1)
*Risk your life...
These type of levels are nasty but here we go. Push the bottom block two spaces
down, the the top one up a space then right one. Put your extra lives underneath
each of them. Now carefully push the wooden blocks down to the bottom, then into
the water. Make sure you hold down the mouse button so you don't pick up the
sunglasses. Now just push the other block into the water

Rush Hour Traffic 14 Oxyds  (duffy62_1)
You have to get between the boulder blocks and navigate your way through without
getting crushed by them. Make sure you get the biggest gaps you can find because
they can change very quickly.

The Turtle 4 Oxyds  (ant05_1)
*Welcome to the control room. Use the triggers and switches to plan the movement
 of the turtle the switches are, clockwise: Add, Run, Restart
The control room consists of four triggers and three switches. You have to give
directions to the boulder block. It start by going in the first direction you
give it, and when it goes over a switch it does the next, and so on. To start up
the boulder, hit the right switch on. To add a direction, roll over one of the
triggers and hit the top switch. Then to restart, hit the bottom switch

The easiest way to get to each Oxyd uses these directions (reverse in brackets):

Start to NE - RRULU (DRDLL)
Start to SW - RDLD (URUL)
Start to SE - RRDLD (ULULL)
NW to NE - DRU (DLU)
NE to SE - D (U)

Bridgebuilder 6 Oxyds  (siegfried20_1)
To get to the last Oxyd block you need to push all the shoguns onto the dots.
The level is layed out like this (the shoguns are uppercase, the dots they go
to are lowercase):

##   A  a  # c#    #
## # #####  B  C # #
#  #e#  g# ##  #b# #
##D E  F G  i H  I o
# d# # # #o#J# # ###
#   Km  Lk   # #h ##
# #n#### ##f  j# p #
o # M  N  # ## P   #
#   q Q #   l  #   o
################# ##
o****************  #

Move C 2r 1u.
Move H 2r 3d.
Move P 2r.
Move J 2d 2r 1d.
Move L 1u 1d 4r 1d 1l 1d.
Move J 2u.
Move F 1r 2d 4r 1d.
Move L 1d 1r.
Move F 1l.
Move G 1l 1u.
Move N 1l.
Move Q 4l.
Move K 5r.
Move E 1l.
Move A 3r.
Move D 1d.
Move E 2r 1l 1u.
Move Q 4r.
Move M 1l 2u 2r.
Move N 3l 1u.
Move Q 2l.
Move J 1d.
Move B 4r 1d.
Move I 5l.
Move H 1u.
Move P 1u.

Easy Skyscraper 8 Oxyds  (wb07_1)
Go up the stairs then Spiderman your way up the blocks to the top of the level.
Grab the hammer and smash the stairs To get to the last Oxyds. Use the scissor
block to free yourself.

Automatic Transmission 2 Oxyds  (duffy60_1)
*The blocks near the top-left can move
Grab the wrench then move the spinner block in the top corner up. The wrench
will change the direction of the spinner blocks. The spinner blocks will change
the direction of the boulder blocks. The first Oxyd we'll go for is the top
left corner one. Here's the map:

* ##               *
****    C        D *
*E    F ~~~        *
*       ~o~       G*
*       ~~~     H  *
* I                J
K             L  * *
*      M  *       N*
*            O   =b*
*  P            =~ *
*           Q  Rb **

We'll move the lower block to release the boulder under it in a moment, but
first we need to set up some of the spinners (a - anticlockwise, c - clockwise).

Ra, Ha, Jc, Gc, Dc, Cc, Fc, Mc, Lc, Bc, Ac.

You'll need to change the direction of D once the boulder goes past it. Now for
the other one.

Nc, Oa, La, Sa, Ra, Ha, Jc, Gc, Dc, Cc, Fc, Ma, Ic, Ka, Ea.

Once you start the boulder, quickly change N, then once it goes past F, change
it as well.

Tough Skyscraper 12 Oxyds  (wb08_1)
Go right up to the top of the level. Push the block down and around onto the
trigger. Go through the one way block and continue down. Do not hit the impulse
blocks, they'll push a block in the way of the door at the bottom. Go down the
right side until you get to a wall, then go around and get the hammer. Get all
the Oxyd pairs you can now, then go back up. Bash all the breakable blocks so
you can get to the last couple of Oxyds. I'd recommend not breaking the ones
next to the impulse blocks so you don't accidently knock them.

Something Went Wrong 4 Balls  (ss17_1)
You can ignore the swap and death blocks in the middle. Each of the holes are
surrounded by 7 invisible bounce blocks. You just need to find the gap and put 
the balls into them. Just be careful because this level has the controls

Hexagony 6 Oxyds  (nat22_1)
In this one you need to drag around 6 rotors and use them to hit the Oxyds on
the over the water. 

Set Me Free 4 Oxyds  (illmind06_1)
*illmind's set me free ... with special thanks to CAPtainKOH for help!
In the four corners there are four white balls sitting on top of triggers. You
need to get through the walls and get them off the triggers. We'll start with
the top left corner. Pus the swap block at the corner up 1, left 1, up 1,
left 2. Now hit the white ball, and it should bounce off the wall and off of the
trigger. Repeat on the other three corners

Danger Slide 4 Oxyds  (luc15_1)
You have a magnet in each corner and bounce blocks all around. Which wouldn't
be a problem if the death blocks weren't there. Once you nove off the centre,
the magnets are gonna start pulling you. Move against the pull and you should be
able to control them ball enough to avoid the death blocks.

White Contrast 8 Oxyds  (illmind07_1)
*illmind's white contrast...
*One more and you won't get this hammer until you don't need it anymore!
Hit the wooden block left two. You won't need the hammer, well get the other
one. Hit the first swap block down 1, right 5, up 1 and right 2. Grab the hammer
and break all the blue blocks around. You can get to three Oxyds now. Go over
to the other swap blocks and hit the top one left 1, up 1 and left 1. Break the
blue blocks here as well. In the top room, move the bottom swap block 7 left, 2
up, 1 left, up 1 and 2 left. This will get the Oxyd out of the corner. Now get
the middle swap block down 1, left 2, up 1, left 1, up 1.

Laser Tricks 2 Oxyds  (duffy84_1)
First hit the Oxyd and get all the 5c coins. Turn one of the 5c's into a 10c by
pushing a block over it. First we need to open the door by moving the boulder to
the trigger at the top. Arrange the mirrors like this, then turn on the laser
with a 5c coin:

#-    \     *     t#
#c          *      #
#     \ \ # ****** #
# #   #     *    # #
#           #      #
# o         |    s #
#           #      #
# #   #     *    # #
#         # ****** #
#       \ \ *      #
#         \ *    rb#

This will make the rotator block turn the other way, and the boulder will go to
the top and sit on the trigger which opens the door. Now we need to hit the 
laser switch (s). Put the mirrors like this:

#-    \     *     t#
#c    \     -      #
#         # ****** #
# #   #     *    # #######
#           #      #     #
# o     /        s #   o #
#           #      #     #
# #   # \  /*    # #######
#         # ****** #
#           *      #
#         \ *    rb#

Turn on the laser using the 10c piece. Then go through the door and push the
horizontal mirror off the abyss the complete the laser path. This will open a
door in the right side of the room

Space Fishing 12 Oxyds  (martin73_1)
You need to drag the white ball over the space blocks and bounce it around to
hit the Oxyds. I find it's best to bounce it off the top wall to get around the
death blocks in the lower section.

Manamana 2 Oxyds  (just07_1)
First solve the yellow puzzle and get the hammer. Break the block and push the
blue puzzle up. Go through the hole and then change to the white ball. Solve
this puzzle too. Turn on the white switch with the white ball and the black
switch with the black ball. When the lasers come back into this room turn them
off again. If you peer into the next room (don't go too far, there's water), you
will see lot's of seed blocks. You need to complete the bridges by hitting the
seeds with the lasers. Turn the non movable mirrors to point into the centre of
the room, then the movable ones so they point back out to the water. Turn on
the lasers and let them make the boxes, then move the movable mirrors up a space
in both sections and do the same.

After this move the movable mirror in the white section up to the top of the
room and have it pointing vertically. Turn on the laser, then rotate it so it
points out to the water. Then rotate it again and turn off the laser. Rotate the
triangle mirror over the water so that it points upwards. Turn the non movable
mirror in the black room to horizontal and move the movable mirror to the bottom
row. Turn on the black switch to start the laser, then move the movable mirror
in front of the black switch. Turn it so it points out to the water, then rotate
the non movable mirror so it directs the laser down.

Using the white ball, turn the regular mirror over the water so it would direct
the laser over the remaining seeds. Turn on the white switch but only let two
seeds open (turn it off after you hear the first one open). Pick up the
remaining seed. Turn the same mirror horizontal, then turn the triangle mirror 
on the black side so it points down. Turn on the laser and let the first two
open again, but make sure the third one doesn't. With these seeds, put them next
to the water and push them in next to the Oxyds to finish.

Sacrifice 12 Oxyds  (duffy49_1)
Hit the switch then make your way through the maze using the gap in the lasers.
Try and go about the same speed as the blocks when going over the space tiles.
Once you're through the first two screen, get through the next maze, then push
the mirror block out of the gap. Get all the pairs you can and the loose one,
then push the mirror block into the bottom corner. Make sure the mirror is
going to be directing the laser at the last Oxyd as you push it into place.

Double-Maze 8 Oxyds  (duffy09_1)
Go around and get all the pairs you can. Then hit the switch. This changes all
the grates to walls and walls to grates. Now you can get other pairs. Just keep
alternating between the two mazes until you get them all.

Bad Flowers 4 Balls  (nat30_1)
All you have to watch out for here is move all the white balls near the holes,
then move them into the holes. If they get knocked out by the other balls, just
keep putting them back in.

Fool the Warden 4 Oxyds  (duffy37_1)
The two white balls are held apart by a rod, and they are attached to a rotor
by a rubber band. The rotor will stay roughly halfway between the black and
white ball, dragging the small white balls with it. You have to move around the
maze, and switch balls occasionally  

Don't Touch 4 Oxyds  (raoul07_2)
As it says, DO NOT TOUCH the walls. The impulse blocks send a pulse through
which will kill you.

Emergency Exit 2 Oxyds  (ss05_1)
Hit the Oxyd, then smash the window in the top corner. Hit the switch and
quickly the path across the abyss to the other Oxyd before the water catches up
to you.

Laser Castle 10 Oxyds  (andreas04_1)
*A castle lies before you... beware of guardians
You have a bunch of seeds with you. They are wooden blocks and brown blocks
arranged like this:

W                  W
BBW              WBB
  BBBBBBW       WB

Pick up 4 wooden block seeds and create a bridge from the left square of the two
ground blocks sticking up. This will take 3 blocks. Once on the other side, use
the other seed and push it onto the button you have access to. Make sure you
don't hit the impulse blocks yet. Get a brown block seed and put it underneath
the wooden block. This will stop it getting pushed out. Still don't hit the 
impulse blocks. Work your way around the left side, over the top and down the
right to get to a wormhole. Grab the flag if you wish. When you go through the
wormhole, you will end up in a room below where you started. Avoid the tops and
go through the wormhole on the left. Get the hammer and go back through. Then
go through the one on the lower right. Put the hammer next to the mirror block,
then tap one of the impulse blocks. When the hammer has turned into a sword, and
you have a gap. put the flag in front of the laser, then while holding the 
mouse button down, go over it and get the sword, then carefully, without picking
it up, kill the knight. Dodge the laser and kill the second knight. The four
switch you're near changes the direction of the mirrors directly in front of it,
depending on the direction it's pointing. Use this to redirect the mirrors and
hit some of the Oxyds. You can also go back to the bottom room and kill the
knights with the last Oxyd

The Safe 2 Oxyds  (siegfried77_1)
*It's a long way...
The level is set out like the map. The number represents where a hollow stone
is in the wall (ie. that many from left to right or top to bottom). Just
outside each doorway is an invisible death block, so avoid them. You start in
room A. Work your way around to room B. Grab the spring, then go to room C. This
is where we find the code. Go to the far end of the room and use the spring to
go down the space block path down the middle. Once you've gotten the notes, get
back out and go to room D. The code is on those notes. Once the code is in, go
back to room B and get the Oxyds.

    |   |   |
    | B 4   |
    |   |   |
|   |   |   |
|   12  3   
|   |   |   |
|   |   |   |
| A 9 D |   |
|   |   |   |
|           |
|     C     |
|           |

*5=E 3=S
*1=W 8=S
*4=E 2=S
*7=N 6=W

Block its way! 16 Oxyds  (wb05_1)
*Don't forget to open the door...
*Good Luck!
Go onto the trigger then hit one of the impulse blocks above and below you. 
Once the boulder closes the door at the bottom, open it again using the trigger.
Go through the one-way block, check the Oxyd and work you way through to the
bottom room. Grab the yin-yang and push the block above it up, then tap the
impulse blocks on the right. Go to the right and push the wooden block into the
water and go through. Wait here for a moment and switch balls.

Using the white ball, push one of the blocks to the bottom left corner of the
island and make a bridge to the lower island and get the yin-yang. Check the
Oxyd while you're here. Go back to the first island and push two blocks across
to make a bridge to the next island from the second highest tile on the right.
On this island move the lower block up 1, down 1 and left 1, then move the
higher one right 1. Then push the lower one down 1 and left 3. Now push the
higher one down 1, left 1, down 1, left 3 and down 1. Back on the first island,
move these remaining blocks onto the next island and use them to continue the
bridge down. Once onto the lower island, push the blocks up to the top island,
and continue a bridge to the right of screen. Once on the other side of the
water, move the four wooden blocks into the water so the black ball can get
through. Change to the black ball.

Move it around the other side and push the three blocks into the water so the
white ball can get to the Oxyd. Now go to the lower screen and through the black
grates. Push the lower block to the left and the top one out and bring the white
ball through. With the white ball, go through the white grates and push the
block out of the way. Now take the black ball through the gap and through the
second black grate. There are 6 Oxyds in the room, 2 which you can get, and 4
which need you to manouvre the blocks. Push the 2 blocks on either side of the
bottom Oxyds down and the ones above them to one side, and you'll be able to
get to all the Oxyds. Just make sure you leave the one in the first room with
the one-way block under it till last.

*Congratulation! (or try again)

Bump Ahead 8 Oxyds  (illmind01_1)
*illmind's bump ahead
So, you've got impulse blocks, reverse tiles and cracked floor. Have fun

Bowling 10 Oxyds  (martin80_1)
Using the black ball, bash the white ball through the white arrow blocks and
hope you get a few pairs.

Slinky Mayhem 12 Oxyds  (duffy64_1)
Using the wormholes in the middle, avoid the pulses that go through the blocks

Overwhelming 10/14 Balls  (duffy65_1)
The holes are all on the edges and all the wormholes lead to the hill in the
corresponding direction. As long as you manouvre them carefully, you shouldn't
lose them once they're in a hole.

Break Down the Wall 8 Oxyds  (duffy107_1)
Pick up the 8 seeds. You will need to place one under each of the one-way blocks
in the first column except the top and bottom ones, but do this one at a time, 
then move the block down as far as it will go. You now have your 4 pathway 
squares together. Now we'll make them go through. Place a seed under the second
one-way block in the second column. Get on the right of it and push it back to
join the rest of the boxes, but be careful not to move too far right. Once this
is done, repeat on the third and fourth columns. Now get the Oxyds

One-Way Streets 6 Oxyds  (duffy109_1)
Grab the seeds and put one under the left one-way block above you. Go out the
one on the right and grab the seeds. Go to the top, put another seed under 
the one-way block on your left and go through. Once it forms, push it right 1.
Push the first wooden block down. From the middle section, put a wooden block
under the right one way block and go through. Push the second block up. Go back
through the gap on the left and down, so you can push the third block right.

Push the first block up 2, then go around the top and push the third one down to
the bottom. Grab the other seeds while you're on that side. Put a seed under the
middle one-way block on the right. Go through the bottom one-way block, hit the
Oxyd. Don't touch any others for the moment, the matching pairs are always
direct opposites. Push the fourth wooden block 4 left and 1 up. Put a block
under the one-way block on the left, go through and put another one under the
one in front of you. Push the first one of these 4 right, then go through the
bottom one-way block and hit the Oxyd. Now go up and hit the middle one. Push
the block 2 right.

Go up and around the top and push the fifth block down, then to the middle Oxyd 
on the right, then hit the Oxyd at the top. Then go across to the other side

Killer Hills 8 Oxyds  (luc11_1)
The Oxyds are all in the corners but you'll need to avoid the white balls
because they'll destroy the white ball

The Exchange 16 Oxyds  (raywick04_1)
Grab the key in the bottom right corner, and the seed in the top right corner.
Put the key in the top keyhole and put the seed next to one of the swap blocks.
Move the swap block to the left of the middle grate on the right. Push it right
twice, the up once. Now before you go into the next room, move the wooden block
over to the other swap block. Use it to get through the wall on the left, but
make sure you don't do it in front of the laser. Once you're through the wall,
you'll be in a room full of grates. Grab the key in the top right corner, then
go back to the other room, and into the room you opened up before.

Once you get in here, grab the yin yang and the disk. Switch balls. Take the
white ball to the right, through the white grate and up. This is where the black
ball is. Hit the yin yang block so the black ball can travel through. Go up to
the next screen. Under the grates is another key. Grab this and leave it outside
the black grate you created before, then grab it with the black ball. Take it
back to the first room and put it in the bottom keyhole. Now take the other key
around the outside of the level to the far left and put it in the keyhole there.

We'll now play around with the mirrors. The ones above and below the screen
we're in go like this:

The ones in the top right and bottom right corners of the level go like this:
/  \/  \
 /\  /\


 \/  \/
\  /\  /

All the other mirrors have to be turned around at some point. Go back to the
room with the grates. Push the block with the open doorway next to it right, and
out of the way of the laser. If you use the disk in the drive, it will start the
laser. Use the mirrors to get the Oxyds. You'll have to move the lower mirror
with the swap block to do some of them

1st                           2nd
                /  \-  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 /\  --
  -                  -      |  -                  -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -    /           /        |  /    \           -
  -               -         |  \               /
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      -\    <               |      -\    <
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  -               -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -                  -      |  -                  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -

3rd                           4th
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
  -                  -      |  -                  -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  /    \           -        |  -    /           \
  \               \         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      -\    <               |      -\    <
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  -               -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -                  -      |  -                  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -

5th                           6th
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
  -                  -      |  /                  \
  -   /             \       |  \   \             -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -               -         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      \     <               |      \     <
       -                    |       -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  -               -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -                  -      |  -                  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -

7th                           8th
                -  --  -    |                -  -/  \
                 --  /\     |                 --  --
  /                  /      |  -                  -
  \   \             -       |  -   /             /
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -               -         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      \     <               |      \     <
       -                    |       -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  -               -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -                  -      |  -                  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -

9th                           10th
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
  -                  -      |  -                  -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -               -         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      -/    <               |      -/    <
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  /               \
  -    \           \        |  \    /           -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -                  -      |  -                  -
                 --  --     |                 \/  --
                \  /-  -    |                -  --  -

11th                          12th
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
  -                  -      |  -                  -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -               -         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      -/    <               |      -     <
                            |       -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  /               /         |  -               -
  \    /           -        |  -    \           /
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -                  -      |  -                  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -

13th                          14th
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
  -                  -      |  -                  -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -               -         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      /     <               |      /     <
       -                    |       -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  -               -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -   \             /       |  /   /             -
  -                  -      |  \                  /
                 --  --     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -

15th                          16th
                -  --  -    |                -  --  -
                 --  --     |                 --  --
  -                  -      |  -                  -
  -   -             -       |  -   -             -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  -               -         |  -               -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
      /     <               |      /     <
       -                    |       -
                oooooooo    |                oooooooo
  -               -         |  -               -
  -    -           -        |  -    -           -
  /   /             -       |  -   \             \
  \                  \      |  -                  -
                 --  \/     |                 --  --
                -  --  -    |                -  -\  /

Fox in the Henhouse 12 Oxyds  (nat26_1)
You have to lure the rotor around to the edge, and protect the "eggs". If you
leave it alone long enough, it'll go straight for them. 

Bumperball 16 Oxyds  (duffy15_1)
You have to navigate the puzzle block through a maze of Oxyds and other
obstacles. Follow these directions:

d4, r2, d5, r5, d1, r6, u1, r6, d5, r6, u2, r2, u7, l4, u2, l4, u5, l1, u6, 3r,
u6, r5, u1, l7, u1, l6, d5, l7, 2u, l12, u2, l13, u1, l5, d28.

Once this is done, you'll see a white ball in the bottom corner. Use it to push
the swap block into the side of the puzzle (don't use the corner). Push the
puzzle block up and you can now get out of the square. Hit the swap block again
to get the puzzle piece on the outside, and push it right and into the water
tile. Break off another piece of the puzzle in the same way, then push it over
the last one, and leave it on the trigger at the end.

Versailles 6 Oxyds  (duffy112_1)
Grab all the seeds in the starting bit. Go right and down to the bottom and put 
one under the one way block leading into where the other seeds are. Go into the
room and collect the other seeds, then push the block into the abyss. Put
another seed under the middle grate in the big column. Push it directly into the
water. Put another seed under the one way block that was next to it. Push that
block straight into the water too. Put seeds under the one way blocks above and
below the one you just did. Push them into the water to continue the bridge.
Now put one under the vertical one way blocks in the top right and bottom right
corners of the level, the ones next to the grates. Push them out and finish the

Now that we're on the other side, we need to move the grate and the first one 
way block like we did on the other side. Just push them into the water, out of
the way. The matching pairs are directly opposite each other, so match the reds
now. Hit the top one as well and open the first blue. Go back across and put the
last seed under one of the upward pointing one way blocks in the top corner. Go 
into the room and push it down, and hit the other blue Oxyd while you're there.
Go across the water one last time and hit the last Oxyd there, and finish off
by crossing the water and going into the last room.

Run! 16 Oxyds  (duffy29_1)
Hit the Oxyds while avoiding the black square. Any better tips would be handy - 
[email protected]

Dance with the Death 4 Oxyds  (luc05_1)
You are tethered to a white ball which kills you if you touch it. The Oxyds are
in the corners.

Lock Them In 4 Balls  (duffy26_1)
The path will roll the balls back down to the centre if you leave them. Try and
get the door away from the switch to close first, them push up against it while
you move the others into position.

Remote Control 6 Oxyds  (luc22_1)
You have to control the white ball in the other room. The problem is you have to
be in this room to do it. Move the white ball around and switch sides every so
often to check where you are.

Walk the Dog 4 Oxyds  (luc04_1)
Using the triggers, navigate the boulder around the paths to the Oxyds.

In Sync 12 Oxyds  (daniel06_1)
Using the pole, push the white ball around to get through the white grates. To
get it over the water, it tends to be easier to push it across, rather than pull

Tilt Control 16 Oxyds  (duffy66_1)
Using the four buttons on the sides, move the white ball in the direction to get
to the Oxyds. 

Lost In Space 4 Oxyds  (martin90_1)
Similar idea to the previous level, but using magnets and space tiles.

Triple Threat 12 Oxyds  (illmind10_1)
*illmind's triple threat
To get the Oxyds, you need to have the black ball, the white ball and the puck
on three matching buttons, so you open both doors and fire the laser.

ab c           s tu
       g 12 q
de f   v da o  v wx
       6 up 0
gh i   z i8 b  y z0
       n 34 e
jk l   c j5 y  1 23
       7 ts w
mn o   x rh f  4 56
       l 9k m
pq r           7 89

Tilt Maze 2 Oxyds  (duffy69_1)
Using the triggers in each screen, navigate the white ball through the maze like
those previous levels.

Think Fast 16 Oxyds  (duffy85_2)
One of the tops will chase you at all times, the other goes to the nearest
corner when you hit a switch. Using the switches you need to make the tops hit
the Oxyds over the water.

Overshoot 4 Oxyds  (ss02_1)
The four switches control the direction that the four boulders move in. To sit
them on the switches, stack four of them against the wall above or below it, so
the last one sits on it.

Fool the Watchdog 12 Balls  (duffy57_1)
The rotor will sit in the average position of the 13 ball on the screen. The
only 2 holes which are in any real danger are the central ones. To keep the 
rotor away from them, I find it best to move the ones at the top or bottom to
offset the average and push them into postition last.

The Sargasso Sea 8 Oxyds  (martin17_1)
*This level is much bigger! Press F3!
You need to push the blocks out of the entrance and up to the top of the screen.
Following the instruction below it should come out like this:

#########~~~~~~~~~~~     #########~l~~~~~~~~~
####    #~~~~~~~~~~~     ####    #~j~~~~~~~~~
##. a## ##~~~~~~~~~~     ##b  ## ##k~~~~~~~~~
#..b c    ~#######~~     #ca       n#######~~
#.. d e ##~#     ###     #de     ##p#     ###
######  #~~# f  g  #     ######  #~i#       #
~~#  ####~~#h####  # --> ~~#  ####~g# ####  #
~~# ~~~  ~~    ##  #     ~~# ~~~  fh    ##  #
~~#~~~~    # #  i ##     ~~#~~~~    # #    ##
~ |  ~~~#### ##j k #     ~ |  ~~~#### ##    #
#=##=#~~# l  m n p #     #=##=#~~#          #
#=##=#~~#    #     #     #=##=#~~#    #     #
~o~~o~~~############     ~o~~o~~~############

i R1, n R1, k L1, i U2, g L1, h D1 L2, f L2 D2 L3, g L3 D2 L3 R1 U1, 
i U1 L5 D2 L3 R1 U2, p U5 L5 D2 L3 R1 U3, n R1 U5 L5 D2 L3 R1 U4, 
k U1 R1 U3 L5 D2 L3 R1 U5, j U1 R2 U3 L5 D2 L3 R1 U6, l R2 U4 D1 L3 R1 U7,
m L2 R1 U3 L3 R1 U8

and part 2:
c L1, d L3, b U1, c L3, e L4, a D1, b L1, a L2

Go up into the next screen. Push the first 3 blocks into the water. When you get
to the next 4, push the left and right ones up, then push the bottom one right
then up 2, and the top one up. The next 5 go straight into place. Now push the
bottom block in this part left 1. Go down the path and push the top block down
1, and then move the two others straight to the left into the water. Then move
the top one in as well. Go back up the top f this screen and push the other
block off the corner under the Oxyd. The blocks on this next part are all pretty
obvious. Just push them into their respective place. Go down to the bottom
screen and push the block on the right of the screen into the water, and you
should now be able to get to all the Oxyds

Hidden Danger 6 Oxyds  (martin81_1)
*The danger is not visible!!!

X  +            +  X
o     +      +     o
X        XXl       X
X  +            +  X
X     +      +     X
o        XX        o
X  +            +  X
X     +      +     X
X        XX        X
o  +            +  o
X     +      +    lX

The X's are death blocks and the +'s are bounce blocks. The l's are extra lives

Cover Your Ears 16 Oxyds  (duffy40_1)
You've got 10 Oxyds on the inside part and 6 on the outside. You have to
manouvre the black and white ball around while they're tethered to each other
with a rubber band.

Build Up Speed 16 Oxyds  (duffy55_1)
Cut the rubber band and head up and to the right. In the top right corner is a
magic wand. Grab it and head back to the start. Use the spring pad to bounce
over the gap, between two death blocks into the central room. If you get stuck
on the rubber band block, use the magic wand to move it around.

Jump And Run 2 Oxyds  (siegfried40_1)
Hit the Oxyd, then hit the impulse block to bump the boulder. Don't go through
the one-way block, go around and through the door of the left before the
boulder closes it again. In this room, you need to assemble some puzzle blocks
over a set of triggers. The order should be pretty obvious, but moving them into
place is a bit tricky. (B and C are already connected, A isn't)

*##      #
##a  ##  #
*     D  #
**c ##   #
*     AB |
##e  ##C #
*##      #
**##  mE #
***##    #

Move A 3 left; Move BC 1 up, 1 right, 5 up, 1 right; Move E 4 up, 1 left and 
connect it to D; Move DE 1 down, 1 right, 4 up, 3 left, 2 down; Move A 4 right;
Move DE 1 left, 3 down, 1 left; Move BC 4 left, 1 down, 1 left, 2 down, 1 left,
2 down; Move A 2 up, 5 left and connect it to BC; Move ABC 1 up and 1 left.

After that move mirror m 1 right and 3 up and have it's direction as /. Go out
of the room through the top right corner and push the other mirror into the
room, and put it 2 spaces above the other mirror, with it's direction as \.
Now to get across the gap. The upper bridge will appear every 33 seconds,
starting at 0:09 (eg. 0:09, 0:42, 1:15, 1:48 etc.) The lower bridge comes up 7
seconds after the upper one. To get acroos, wait until the bridge is showing,
wait about half a second before you cross, and go quickly. This will take some
practise. On the other side is two mirrors, one you can't touch and the other
you can move around. Move it 1 down, 1 right, 2 down, and 2 left, with the
direction \. The blocks above it are fake, so the laser we'll use will go

Go back across and out the top right corner, then go through the door at the
far end. This room doesn't have anything we can do yet, so go to the room on
the left. In the middle of the room is a similar part to the room below it. You
need to wait for the four middle tiles to form a bridge and do what you did
before. Again, it does it every 33 seconds. On this side is another mirror, move
it 4 down and 1 left with the direction /. Also pick up the spring under it.
Jump back across and go to the room on the right. Jump across to the mirror on
the far side and push it 2 down and one left and direction it /. Now jump back
across, go to the top and jump over to the switch to turn on the laser.

Space Walk 4 Oxyds  (nat35_2)
Carefully navigate your ball around a maze of space tiles to get to the Oxyds
in the corners.

Changing Positions 2 Oxyds  (luc27_1)
You have to move all the tan blocks to where the wooden blocks are and
vice-versa, hit the switch, then move the wooden blocks into the water and
move the tan blocks onto the triggers.

Because of the number of blocks I'll refer to them as their grid points

2|#**#X       X#~#
3|#** X ww tt X~~#
4|#* #Xww   ttX~~#
5|s  #X ww tt X~ #
6|# *#Xww   ttX~~#
7|#** X ww tt X~~#
8|#**#X       X#~#

f4 u, f6 d, g6 rrd, g4 rru, l4 u, l6 d, k4 lllll, k6 lllll, h5 u, j5 d, k5 l,
g5 r, h4 rrrr, h5 u, j5 llll, k3 d, l3 l, l4 u, k4 l, i7 uurrru, h7 uurrrr, 
j6 ll, k7 ull, l7 u, j7 u, g7 u, f7 rrrrrr, g6 drrrr, h6 dll, i6 dll, j6 lld,
i3 dddrd, j4 lddd, j3 ddll, h4 rrd, g3 d, h3 rrd, f3 rrrr, g4 u, l6 llll, 
k3 ddd, j3 r, g3 rrr, g7 uuuul, h6 l, h5 uu, g6 uu, k6 llll, i7 ul

Hit the switch. It should now look like this

2|#**#    X    #~#
3|#**  t tXwww ~~#
4|#* # tt Xw w ~~#
5|s  # t  Xw w ~ #
6|# *# tttX    ~~#
7|#**  t tXwww ~~#
8|#**#    X    #~#

f3 llllu, h3 lllllu, f7 lllluu, h7 llllluuu, h6 dlllllld, g4 u, g6 dllll, b5 d,
c7 d, b6 uu, c4 dd, g3 lllll, f5 l, f4 ulll, f6 dllll, e5 ddll

l5 rr, j5 rrrrr, l4 rr, j4 rrrrr, o5 d, k3 drrrru, l3 drrruu, j3 drrrrruuu, 
k7 uurrrrdd, l7 uurrrddd, j7 uurrrrrdddd

Guardian Angel 12 Oxyds  (duffy102_1)
Push the block under you down onto the space block strip. Don't worry about the
black ball smashing yet, it only counts if you smash it twice. The black ball
will just bounce back and forward for the moment. Break all the large white
balls, then push the two small white balls on top of the other blocks to move
them out of the way. Once this is done, push the blocks on the space strip out
of the way and let the black ball go down and hit the Oxyd. You'll need to do
this reasonably quick because the balck ball will lose momentum.

Unfair! 2 Oxyds  (ant33_1)
*I don't believe that you are the Marble. I won't let you pass until you prove
 me wrong: you have to be faster than my champion.
You have to race the other marble down the chute. This is incredibly difficult.
Go across the trigger and into the next room. Push the block into the hole.
Continue on. Push the middle block twice, go down, push that block twice, then
push the block above you up and go through. The next part needs you to push the
blocks onto the triggers. You'll need to push one a couple extra spaces so you
can get through, then push it back. This opens the door to the spring. Grab it
and jump over the gap. Push the block in the next room into the gap. Now for a
swap block part. Push it right, move the block up 1 and right 1, swap, move the
block right 1 and up 1, swap, move the block down. move the swap block right 1,
down 1, right 2, then move the block in here down and get through the door
before the other marble closes it.

It may help to adjust the mouse speed for this level, but see what works for
*Congratulations! You may pass!

Waterworld 10 Oxyds  (illmind11_1)
To the final level. This level has 15 rooms in a 5x3 grid. I'll refer to the
rooms like this:

| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5|
| 6| 7| 8| 9|10|

You start in room 8. You've got 22 block with you on this island. Grab the extra
life then push 6 of the blocks off the left side of the island, through the 
door to connect the next island. In room 7, push 8 down toward room 12. Now in
room 12, push 4 blocks off the left edge of the island to make a square, then
another 6 off the edge off those to connect room 11 ie. arrange like this:


In room 11 an Oxyd is at the end of a row of space tiles. Check it and go back
to room 12. Push the two remaning blocks into room 7, making sure they don't
block paths or get other blocks stuck. From room 7, push 11 blocks off the left
to connect room 6. From room 6, push 7 blocks up into room 1. In room 1,
care fully navigate your way over the path because there are invisible death
blocks along the sides. Once through, grab the life, then push the block into
the gap next to the Oxyd. Now move one of the swap blocks and swap it with the
block under the Oxyd. Put the other swap block one the right of the block you
just swapped, then swap them. Push the block into the gap. Push the lower swap
block to the left. Now swap the higher one with the Oxyd. Come back out and back
to room 8. Push 6 blocks right, 5 blocks up and 5 blocks down to connect rooms
9, 3 and 13.

Go to room 3. Push the swap blocks out of the way so you can get to both Oxyds.
Now go to room 13. Carefully navigate through the death blocks to the 4 Oxyds.
Once these are done, go to room 9. Once here, push 5 blocks up and 6 right to
connect room 4 and room 10. From room 10 push 5 blocks down and one block off
the top right corner. You'll see why soon. Also, to avoid the rotor, push
another block on top of it. In room 15, carefully navigate over the cracked
tiles to the island in the bottom corner. Check the Oxyd, then create a bridge
back using the blocks. Go to room 4. Grab the life, then get across the cracked
path to room 5. Get up to the top and check the Oxyd. To get out, go to the
bottom right corner and push out the wooden block. This bridges the gap from
the other room. If you happen to mess up and can't get back into room 5, push
some of the extra blocks off the edge and go through this path backwards. Now
that you've done all this, you should be able to get to all the Oxyds.


|Credits| (creds)

I would personally like to thank all these guys for keeping such a great game
alive, and adding so much to it.

Main developers 
Raoul Bourquin - Level admininstration and design, homepage, overall invaluable 

Siegfried Fennig - Level design, graphics 

Martin Hawlisch - Level design, graphics, programming 

Daniel Heck - Main developer, graphics, documentation 

Ronald Lamprecht - XML, Gui, portability, core programming, documentation, 
                   homepage, score evaluation 

Andreas Lochmann - Programming, level administration, level design, 
                   documentation, homepage 

Petr Machata - Level design, programming 

Nat Pryce - Level design 

Jacob Scott - Level design
Sven Siggelkow - Level design and special Oxyd expertise 

Ralf Westram - Programming, level design 

Special Thanks
Johannes Fortmann - Mac OS X port, some programming, graphics

illmind - Forum administration, Level design 

Jennifer Robertson - Graphics second generation 

Jeremy Sawicki - Oxyd file format reverse engineering, Oxydlib 

Meinolf Schneider - Original game idea-Thanks! 

Erich Schubert - Debian/Ubuntu packages, level design 

Lukas Schüller - Level design
Andrew "Necros" Sega - Menu music (Pentagonal Dreams) 

David W. Skinner - Many Sokoban levels from 

Clifford J. Tasner - Music second generation, Proof reading 6.3 Contributors 

For various smaller contributions, thanks go to: 
 Roberto Bardin (Level design) 
 Alain Busser (Level design, French translation, manual) 
 Guy Busser (Level design) 
 Richi Bützer (Level design) 
 capkoh (Level design) 
 Christoph & Anita (Level design) 
 Serge Dremuk (Russian translation) 
 Joseph Dunne (Level design) 
 Xerxes M. Dynatos (Level design) 
 Edward (Level design) 
 Stephanie Fabian (Invaluable bug reports) 
 Roberto García (Spanish translation) 
 Andy Geldmacher (Level design) 
 Edwin Groothuis (FreeBSD port) 
 Immanuel Herrmann (Level design) 
 Máté Lehel Juhász (Hungarian translation) 
 Samuele Kaplun (Italian translation) 
 Jens-Christian Korth (Level design) 
 Manuel König (Level design, bug reports) 
 Johannes Laire (Level design) 
 Joona Laire (Level design) 
 Markus Laire (Level design) 
 Dominik Lehmann (Level design) 
 Edward Leuf (Feedback, bug reports) 
 Ingo van Lil (Feedback, bug reports) 
 Frank van der Loo (Dutch translation) 
 Sidney Markowitz (Mac OS X port) 
 Barry & Lori Mead (Level design) 
 Linda Mihalic (English proof reading) 
 moonpearl (Level design) 
 Krishnamurti Lelis Lima Vieira Nunes (Portuguese translation) 
 Daniel Nylander (Swedish translation) 
 Andreas Persenius (Level design) 
 Peter Santo (Level design) 
 Tobias Schmidbauer (Windows installer and icon) 
 Achim Settelmeier (RPM specfile) 
 Jon Sneyers (Level design) 
 Spaceman (Level design) 
 Ulf Stegemann (Level design) 
 Jürgen Sticht (Level design) 
 Mikke Surakka (Finnish translation) 
 Andrzej Szombierski (Level design) 
 Tacvek (Lua 5.1 upgrade) 
 Michael Terry (.desktop file) 
 Ray Wick (Level design) 
 Joe Wreschnig (Manual page) 
 Yuriy Zhyromskiy (Russian Manual)


|Contacts| (ctacts)

If you have any queries, suggestions, feedback, or anything else, please email
me at [email protected]


|Legal Stuff|

This was written by beedizzle/pzykosiz (Brendan Dell) and completed on . 
This guide, whole or sections of it cannot be used without my permission. If you 
wish to use it on your site please email me first.