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Follow the dark path or use the light
Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy Pack Shot

Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy


Egypt 2 walkthrough

by Space guru

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Egypt 2: The Helopolis prophecy walkthrough
				Written by Spaceguru

If you have a legit copy of the game it would have come with a manual, thus I expect you already know the controls and general storyline, so let’s just cut to the chase and get down to business.
The opening sequence begins with a sunrise over an ancient Egyptian temple; the scene moves to a chapel of Sakhmet the lion headed goddess of war. At her feet a black cat appears and is seen leaving the temple and running through the town; it is spotted by a young woman who appears to be about to enter a nearby house.
 The scene changes and we see that same woman wake up in bed, clearly she was having a dream.
 The woman is Nefermat, known as Tifet to most, she is the protagonist of the game, and it is through her eyes that the game is played.

There is a knock at the door, when you answer a man asks if you are Nefermat who is called Tifet, and if you know a man called Djehouty. Tifet will confirm that Djehouty is her adoptive father. The man (a postman presumably) gives her a papyrus with a request from Djehouty to see her in Heliopolis. Tifet says she should leave immediately but first you will need to retrieve two items from the desk behind you. The two items are a book of remedies and a jar of eye ointment, they are next to each other on the desk and are pretty much directly behind you from where you are standing at the door, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Once you have retrieved them, you simply have to leave the house to begin the journey to Heliopolis.
(There will be what appears to be a space age cut scene which may seem out of place but is actually just an advertisement for Cryo games)

Tifet arrives in Helopolis. By moving forward thrice, a man from nearby scaffolding will come over and talk to you; he is Idi who used to be Tifet’s neighbour, he will remind you that Djehouty’s residence is easy to find, simply by turning right from the harbour and that it is the only house with a yellow door. He will also give you a map to help you find your way around. (This map will serve as a means to quickly travel between places as the game unfolds) 
 Move forward twice more and then turn right as you move forward you should see the yellow door of Djehouty’s house, enter the house and go up the stairs to see Djehouty.
 Speak to Djehouty, he will tell you that he is ill and wished to see you one last time before dying, Tifet asks to examine Djehouty’s symptoms, Djehouty protests that he is also a doctor, but Tifet insists that she learnt other things and that she may be able to find information on Djehouty’s  illness in the temple archives. Djehouty will tell you that will find the medical files in the alcoves on the left. 
 Leave Djehouty’s house and turn left, move towards the two people at the end of the street, when the cursor turns to a map icon, this indicates you can use the map to quickly travel to a new location. As you’re a looking for documents in the temple archives, the temple of Re would be the logical place to go.

When you reach the temple you should see two people over to the right, at the far end of the walkway. As you approach, the closer of the two will ask for the person in charge of the warehouses. Although Tifet doesn’t know it yet, this man is the Nubian, and he will prove to be a valuable ally later in the game. Tifet explains that she’s just arrived from Bubastis and hardly knows anyone in Heliopolis. The Nubian leaves the scene, for now. Go to the other person standing by the gate and ask for access to the library he will tell you it’s only open to scholars and priests. Tifet is a priestess of Sakhmet, and therefore entitled to enter, but first she must prove this by matching images of the gods to their respective symbols. This is a simple slide puzzle, and when you pass the cursor over an image of a symbol the corresponding image of a god will light up to show you which position to move it to. After completing the puzzle enter the gateway. There is a guard by the entrance to the library, his name is Irou, and he can’t let you in without writing down your name, but he hasn’t got anything to write with, saying that the scribe Menna has taken them. Tifet offers to retrieve the writing implements and Irou tells her Menna can be found in the house of scribes to the left. If you follow Irou’s directions you should find the house of scribes through a doorway lined with dark stone. The house of scribes has two doors at each end of the facing wall, and by the right one you should find Menna, who is apparently at work on something. Menna says that Irou actually left his writing materials behind, and that they’re in the room at the back. Go inside and take the case of calami from the desk on the right, and then go back to Irou. Apparently he hasn’t got any ink either, go back and pick up the ink near the left hand corner of the desk and the return to Irou. Irou has wandered off, which makes access to the library particularly easy. Djehouty said that the medical files could be found in the alcoves on the left, the far left alcove contains papyrus documents with remedies that Tifet didn’t know, and in particular a document on an abomination as well as a prophecy by the scribe Isisnofret and a tablet. Go back to the entrance of the temple where you will find three people waiting, the woman will talk to you and tell you that she and her husband Rameses are sick, examine her and you will find that she and her husband have the same illness as Djehouty. Go over to her husband and son, and speak to the latter. His name is Ipouki, and he will tell you that he’s eyes hurt, examine him and give him the jar of eye ointment, as you go to leave the temple the map icon will appear again, use this to return to the neighbourhood. Take the tablet to Djehouty; it is apparent that the illness is caused by the wheat from the temple and that the great seer must be told. Tifet will leave the tablet with Djehouty to study while she goes to warn the great seer. Return to the temple. The guard you met earlier is now standing by the entrance to the courtyard; he won’t let you in unless you have a letter of recommendation. Return to Djehouty to get the letter. He is a little reluctant at first, because of a dental misadventure with the great seer in the past, but decides to let bygones be bygones and agrees to write the letter if Tifet will find him something to write the letter with. Go downstairs, towards the front of the house you should find a bench set into the wall. In the corner you should find Djehouty’s reed case, and some blank papyrus, take these to Djehouty, as well as the ink you collected for Irou, and Djehouty will write the letter of recommendation for you, (you will also have a blank sheet of papyrus left, you will need this later,) return to the temple, and then show the letter to the guard. You will find the great seer Meryre in the courtyard. He is a bit annoyed about been disturbed, and at first refuses to believe that the wheat at the temple of Re is tainted, when he sees reason, he will ask you to conduct an investigation by examining the wheat, and the report on the harvest issued by the scribe Hetep. Meryre will give you a bracelet to use as a pass. Go back to the library; Menna will be waiting there, speak to him about the report, he will tell you it should be in one of the alcoves on the right. In the middle one you will find the fastener to the report, but the document itself is missing. Opposite the library and courtyards are the silos, you will need to examine the wheat stored in them as part of your investigation, but first you need to find a safe way in and out. To the left of the second silo you should find a plank, and on between the second and third on the right is a length of rope. You will also see a man sweeping up appear from behind the last silo. Speak to him about the granary inspector, he will tell you that you can find his home at the across from the harbour, and that it’s the last house at a dead end. He will also tell you that you can recognise Hetep by he’s trepanation scar, and suggests that if you want to examine the wheat you should check inside one of the silos. Tie the rope to the plank, and then go up the steps of the third silo. Use the plank with rope attached to climb down inside the silo; then search the grain until you find a stalk of wheat. Climb out of the silo and the return to the neighbourhood. If you are having trouble finding Hetep’s house, you can ask Idi for help. Hetep’s house is about three moves down from Djehouty’s place, and to the right. Once you find it examine the contents of the house. You should find Hetep’s seal which has the same symbol as the fastener and a handheld mirror. Return to the temple. That pesky guard is there again, this time show him the great seer’s bracelet so he will let you pass. You will find Meryre at the school of scribes show him the stalk of wheat as well as the seal and fastener from the report. Meryre will close the granaries to prevent further contamination, while you must find a cure for the disease. Ipouki will appear nearby; he will tell you that Djehouty has taken a turn for the worst; follow him back to the neighbourhood and then go see Djehouty. Djehouty is too ill to continue further study of the tablet and will give it back to you, and suggests getting help from a scribe to read it. The logical place to look is the school of scribes at the temple, Menna is there again show him the tablet, he will tell you it is written backwards, and that you need to find a way to make it legible. Pour the ink into the tablet; then use the blank sheet of papyrus to make a legible copy. The tablet says “He who wakes after a dream will know the path.” There will be a flashback to Tifet’s dream about a black cat, which can be traced back to the chapel of Sakhmet, Djehouty tells Tifet to investigate the chapel of Sakhmet. The chapel can be found at the temple of Re between the entrance and the courtyard, but you will have to walk around to the far side to get in. So this is the chapel from Tifet’s dream. The papyrus used to transcribe the tablet will give you a clue on what needs to be done. There is a niche in the ground here, just the right shape and size for a handheld mirror, and by removing a stone from the chapel wall on the left, the sunlight that enters the chapel should be reflected off the mirror and onto Sakhmet’s lotus. But to do that you need a mallet. Go out past the courtyard to the storerooms. Irou is there, ask him if he has a mallet, he says he has but won’t give it up. After some discussion you will be presented with two choices on what to say next, one is nice, and one is nasty, only the nasty one will get Irou to cooperate. Take the mallet back to the chapel and remove the stone as required. When the sunlight that enters through the hole in the wall is reflected back onto Sakhmet’s lotus, the statue will slide to one side, revealing a papyrus which provides a remedy for the disease caused by the tainted wheat. Go back to the neighbourhood to trade with the merchants. The first merchant you should see is a short haired woman, her stall is near the entrance to the harbour, ask her for either willow leaves or olive oil (she doesn’t stock the other items you need) she agrees to give them in exchange for items such as copper or dates, since you lack these items you will have to look for them elsewhere. Nearby is another merchant’s store, a long haired woman who’s a little on the tubby side (by the way her name is Kouit, you’ll learn this a bit later in the game, and it will help you get your bearings) Ask her for any of the items that the other merchant will exchange for, she will ask what you’ll give her for these items. Trade the bracelet that Meryre gave you and she will give you dates, linseed oil, lentils and ten debens of copper.
Go back to the first merchant and trade:-

Dates for willow leaves
Copper for olive oil

You now need to see a third merchant near the harbour, a male merchant this time (his name is Djaou) trade:- 

Linseed oil for mandrake root
Lentils for garlic

Ask Djaou about the fan tree leaves, he knows something about them but since he hasn’t been feeling too well, asks for a remedy for treating diarrhoea. The book of remedies will open to show you what is required. Go back to the temple warehouses (where Irou is) you will find caraway seeds and juniper berries in baskets on the floor and bean flour in a blue jar on a shelf of the middle alcove on the left. Ask Irou if he has any honey, he will give up the jar of honey he was keeping for tonight if you find him some gold.
 Go back to Djehouty’s house, in the middle of the second room is a chair with a gold ring on it. Take the ring back to Irou and he will tell you where to find the honey.
 Once you have the ingredients to make the remedy take them a cauldron in Djehouty’s house, (it’s in the corner of the second room) and prepare the remedy for Djaou, be careful that you only put one lot of honey in the cauldron because you will need the rest of it later.
 Djaou said he can be found in the dead end near Kouit’s store (remember the long haired, tubby merchant?)  Give him the remedy and then ask for the fan tree leaves, he doesn’t have any but tells you that you need to find a smuggler known as the Nubian, who can be found in the house of beer.
 The house of beer is the building closest to the harbour, near the scaffolding from when you first arrived. 
 When you arrive you will find the proprietress, ask her about the Nubian, she will tell you that he visits the house of beer and be found skulking in the back (You can probably see him in the background anyway.) Ask the proprietress for beer, she will trade for either honey or willow leaves, and since you need willow leaves as part of the remedy give her what’s left in the jar of honey she will give you a large jar of beer.
 Behind the proprietress you will find the Nubian (anyone remember him from earlier in the game?)  
  Tifet and the Nubian share several drinks before he lets on that he’s on honest smuggler 9(s there such a thing?) and that you need a permit from the Governor.
 You can leave the neighbourhood either by the way you have been from Djehouty’s house or from the harbour (which will be closer in this case, simply look for the map icon when you move the cursor over the water).
  The first guard at the Governor’s villa is easy enough to get past, the second guard is a little sturdier looking and you must sweet talk your way past him with promises of seeing him that night to hear his war stories. Once inside you will be asked if you have seen a musician who plays drums, it seems she’s in a bit of trouble, better go look for her.
 Go outside and explore the Governor’s courtyard, at the far end is a kabana, the musician girl can be found inside, apparently she’s passed out from having too much to drink. Since she really needs to get inside to speak to the Governor, Tifet decides to “borrow” the musician’s drums
 The door man who asked you about the musician is a little suspicious when you turn up, but says to get to work and play for the dancers.
 This next part is tricky, you have to play the drums in time with the music, your success rate is based on how inclined Nesha’a the dancing girl is to join in with the other dancer’s. By the third attempt the drums should light up to let you know when to strike them.
 After the song and dance you need to find the Governor, you’ll recognise him by his elaborate clothes, speak to him about the wheat, he’ll ask you to wait in his bedroom at the end of the corridor with the promise to come and speak to you.
 Exit the ballroom and move towards the Governor’s bedroom, tell the guard that you have instructions from the Governor to wait in his room. On the bench you will find Hetep’s missing report. Unfortunately the Governor enters at that moment and sees you entering the report, you are coaxed into drinking which contains a sleeping potion and wake up in an underground cavern. The first thing you will probably notice is the body of a man to the right, it’s Hetep; he has the tell-tale trepanation scar. There is a pickaxe on the ground next to him, take it to dig you way out.
 There are two exits from the room, take the one on the right and follow the path until you come to a dead end. There is a button on the wall to the right, push it and a new passageway will open. Retrace your steps and you will find that an area through the left exit is now open, go to this new area.
 There is a ladder here, not that it’s of any use. You should also find the black cat from your dream here, use the pickaxe to dig a hole, the cat will jump down into the hole after you, follow it to the light to escape from the cavern, and then go back to the neighbourhood.
 The Nubian will tell you that Djehouty has passed away, go to Djehouty’s house to see him.
 The Nubian tries to console Tifet and tells her that he has acquired the fan tree leaves and that there is someone waiting for her downstairs. 
 Ipouki can be found near the door, he will confirm what the Nubian just told you, apparently the person downstairs is a young girl called Mi, and she is sick with the disease that claimed Djehouty.
 Downstairs you will find Mi, she will tell you that she got sick after eating bread, a little further along the bench she is sitting on you will find the fan tree leaves the Nubian left for you, (by the way, did anyone figure out they were Gingko biloba?) you now have all the ingredients to make the remedy.
 Add the ingredients to the cauldron for the beer you need four measures; you have eight measures and jugs that hold five measures and three measures.  This puzzle is probably familiar to most but for those who need the solution here and now:-
1. Pour 5 measures.
2. Pour the 5 measures into 3 measure jug.
3. Empty 3 measures back into 8 measure jug.
4. Pour remaining 2 measures from 5 measure jug into 3 measure jug.
5. Pour another 5 measures.
6. Pour 5 measures into 3 measure jug.

You should now have 4 measures add these along with the other ingredients. Once you have the remedy, use it to treat Mi, and then take it to Meryre at the temple for mass production. Meryre can be found near the school of scribes.
 Now: what to do about the Governor? First you need proof of his negligence, if you can obtain Hetep’s report you will have the proof you need.
 Return the neighbourhood and speak to the Nubian, he advises you not to go to the Governor’s villa until nightfall, and that you’ll need to put the geese there asleep first. Go to Djehouty’s house, on the bench you should find a sleeping potion and some grains, mix these together to make sleeping grains; then head to the Governor’s villa.
 If you approach the geese directly you’ll disturb them and they’ll make a lot of noise and alert the guards, so approach them from the courtyard, when you can see them on the other side of a grating, throw the sleeping grains at them to put them to sleep, then carefully sneak past them into the Governor’s house.
 There is a guard on patrol in the corridor leading to the Governor’s room so you have to time it right to sneak past him to get into the Governor’s bedroom.
 Hetep’s report is in the alcove on the right, but it’s locked, you’ll need to open the alcove on the left and slide the statue across to unlock it, take Hetep’s report then sneak back out past the guard on patrol.
 Sneak out past the geese again into the courtyard, the door leading out of here is to the right, but it’s locked, you need a key. The guard Paihry is sleeping nearby, and he has the key, but it’s too dangerous to go up to him, so you need to distract him with something. Go back to the grating near the geese (courtyard side) and pick up some pebbles on the ground; throw them at the geese to wake them up. Paihry will come over to investigate why the geese are making so much noise. Sneak back round to where he was sleeping and take the key on the ground, then go back to the door in the courtyard and use the key to escape.
 Travel to the temple of Re once more, and enter the silo courtyard, approach Meryre and show him Hetep’s report.
 The ending sequence will play and then the credits roll.