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Follow the dark path or use the light
Egypt III: The fate of Ramses Pack Shot

Egypt III: The fate of Ramses


Egypt 3 walkthrough

by Space guru

Walkthrough for Egypt 3: The fate of Ramses
Written by Space guru.
N.B. This walkthrough cuts corners, that is - it tells you where to pick up objects before you actually need them to save time.
A few tips before you start:-
Your inventory consists of 2 sections, on the left are items you can pick up or are given by other characters, at the beginning you will only have Pharaoh’s seal. On the right you will see the eye of Horus as well as ghostly images of other items; these are spells you can cast once you have obtained them. 
You can use the eye of Horus at anytime to use your clairvoyance:  if used on a character you will gain some insight into their personality, if used in the environment Maya will comment on things that may be hidden or have deeper meaning, in some cases she may say “I don’t see anything” this simply means there is nothing important about what you are looking at.
 The small section in the centre gives you options such as: returning to the main menu, examining objects or spells in your inventory, database which contains information about the game (some is based on historical fact, but some pertains only to the game) and Maya’s log of what has happened so far. 

If Maya says “This is useless,” it may be because she’s still holding an object she recently picked up or used, if so, put the item away in your inventory and try again.

When Maya is speaking to another character, there will often be a few options available on what to say next; choosing one of these may lead to a new set of questions or comments, usually the last available option will take you back to the previous options or end the conversation.
Sometimes an image of Maya may appear on the left of the screen, and you may notice that it appears to be “emptying” this is a timer meaning Maya has limited time to carry out the required actions.
The game is linear; Maya will only travel to her next destination when all requirements at the current location are completed.
 Temple of Amun-Re.
You begin your quest in the temple of Amun-Re in Pi-Ramses. Take one step forward and Maya will suggest beginning the quest with interrogating Paser the great architect. Turn left, and move forward, Maya will turn to her left to see 2 workers. By clicking on the one who appears to be supervising you will get a response, he will ask on what authority you have to ask him questions. Right click to open your inventory, select Pharaoh’s seal and show it to him. The supervisor Djer will now co-operate and help you out.  

 Ask him where to find Paser’s house, and he will tell you it’s the only priest’s house in with a 
decorated lintel. Pan right and exit the temple. 
 When you leave the temple you will see a brick wall, and possibly a doorway to the right of the screen (note that the game is highly specific to orientation, if Maya was looking slightly to the left when she exited the temple, the door may not be in her field of vision, but can be easily found by panning right slightly). This doorway leads to a courtyard, you can explore it, but it is not required at this stage of the game.
  If you pan left when first leaving the temple, you will see a man squatting next to a closed door; he is a boatman, and can transport you to other destinations, Maya doesn’t need to go anywhere just yet but you can have a brief chat with him.

 If you pan right you will see 2 brick makers nearby. Optional:  you can ask the brick makers for confirmation on what Djer told you about finding Paser’s house,  although only the one standing will speak to you, he will also offer his opinion on the accidents occurring, and how he dreamt about been on fire.
					Brick makers

 Between the door to the courtyard and the brick makers is a door leading to another courtyard, this is where you need to go to find Paser’s house. Maya will only approach two of the houses and the lintel is easy to see so it shouldn’t be too hard to find Paser’s house.
 Enter Paser’s house and continue through the door opposite where you will find Paser reclining on his bed. 

Speak to Paser to find out about what has been happening at the worksite. When you’ve finished speaking to Paser (It is not necessary to ask Paser all questions, you can end your conversation with Paser by letting him rest, if this option is not available, click on  the last response listed to go back to an earlier set of responses until  the option “I’ll let you rest now,”  is available.)
 The door at the foot of the bed will take you to Paser’s workshop, pick up the torch at the right hand end of the bench and then go back outside.
Optional:  you can now ask Djer and the brick maker questions about the accidents at the temple.
 Take the doorway behind the brick makers, and then re-enter another part of the temple via the door on the right.                    
Enter these doors

Then move towards column on left

 Maya will comment that “There must be some trace of those accidents left” 
 move 1 pace towards the painted columns on the left and Maya will find a piece of a Cartouche with the hieroglyphics partially erased.  
Piece of cartouche

Optional: show the fragment to Paser, he will comment on how it contains a magical name, but that it is illegible.
Show the fragment to Djer and he will give you another one that he found, the two go together, ask the brick maker to glue them back together, having one ready when you approach will save you some time.  
 Now go to the Naos. There are 2 ways to get the Naos:  you can either continue past the brick makers to where you found the first fragment, then go through to the adjacent room, then leave by the door on the right to approach the alter, then go around the alter to the door on the left to the Naos;  			Adjacent room past where fragment was first found

 		   Doorway on right with part of altar in next room

				Altar with Naos in next room	
or return to where you first started (i.e. 1 step before Djer) remembering to pan left where you can see the Naos at the far end of the temple and you can just walk straight to it. 
  	 			      Naos at far end of temple

 You’ll know the Naos when you reach it by the closed cupboard doors, plus Maya will comment if you click on said doors.  

  On the left side of the stonework around the doors, it is evident that a cartouche is missing, place the cartouche that the brick maker glued back together in the niche, a grinding sound will indicate some mechanism, to the left a section of the wall has opened to reveal a crypt.

					Closed crypt

					Open crypt

 Maya won’t enter the crypt because it’s too dark to see, so light the torch you found in Paser’s workshop on the lamp burning next to the Naos. After Maya enters the crypt the door shuts behind her so you need to find a way out but first explore the crypt. On the ground opposite is an intact cartouche, pick it up, then move to the left side and look at the ground. There is a loose stone, lift it up and then click on the foundation deposits.
					Loose Stone
 A brief cut scene shows a typhoon and a cracked obelisk; this is a prophesy of what will happen if the obelisk isn’t built.
 Just to the left of the sealed door is what appears to be a cartouche flanked by serpents.

				Cartouche flanked by serpents

 Pharaoh’s seal is required to use this mechanism, once placed use the buttons on either side to adjust the hieroglyphics until the door opens.
Optional: Show the foundation deposits to the brick maker, it won’t help you get anywhere, but his reaction is priceless.
 Go back and speak to Paser about the crypt, and the foundation deposits; if you show him the deposits he will note there is a fragment of a broken amulet among them, and that this is the cause of the trouble in the temple. Ask Paser for advice about removing the cartouche, he will give you a magic jar to purify the cartouche. Return to the Naos and use the jar on the cartouche, and then replace it with the one found in the tomb, to seal it again, and then return to Paser.
 Paser asks Maya to retrieve documents from his workshop hidden behind Imhotep; he will give you a triangular stone just before falling unconscious. On Paser’s workbench is a statuette of Imhotep,  examine it up close and see how there is a triangular niche in the base of it, using the stone Paser gave you, the statue will slide sideways to reveal the documents. Take the documents and then go to the boatman and ask him to take you Aswan.
					Statuette of Imhotep	

Aswan Quarry.

Maya needs to find Paser’s assistant Ouni, but first explore the area. Move forwards 3 paces, then right twice; Maya will notice some dried donkey droppings, take them, you’ll need them later. There are also some fresh droppings nearby, but Maya refuses to pick them up.

				Dried donkey droppings

 There are a few houses around, go to the one which has a donkey out the front, and a man sitting by the door.
 		House with a donkey out the front and a man sitting by the door		

 The man is Ouni, who you have been looking for. Speak to him, and then give him the documents you retrieved from Paser’s workshop. Ouni will tell you that the obelisk can’t be extracted because the tools break.

 Go to the canopy behind Ouni and look down to see a number of black spheres, these are the quarrying tools,  
				Quarrying tools over near canopy.

 pick one up and then drop it against the granite rock next to the pile. So what Ouni said was true, the tools do break. Go and speak to Ouni about this, he will tell you that there is a papyrus in his house somewhere about dolerite balls (i.e. the quarrying tools) but he can’t find it. After speaking to Ouni, enter the house to meet his wife Tuya [makes you wonder about the origin of the name Wotsit Tuya?] she is out the back, so looking around each room first would be wise. On the end of a bench in the second room you will find a papyrus which is a book of remedies, note the one for healing a snake bite. 
				Book of remedies

 You will find Tuya sitting on a bench with a Mortar and Pestle, towards the back of the house. Speak to Tuya about finding a cure for Paser, Tuya will ask you to prove that blood of the healers’ flows in you veins, and gives you a linen handkerchief with a transfer spell.

 Go outside and use the handkerchief of Ouni, and then transfer his cold to the donkey, go back to tell Tuya of your success and she will tell you she needs to leave to consult the great magician Neferka in Heliopolis about finding a cure for Paser, she will warn you to take care while looking for the papyrus on dolerite, and offers a hypnotic spell as a token of friendship. Go through the door behind you to enter a small room with several baskets and jars. Open the basket on the floor, Maya will get bitten by a snake and needs to find a remedy.
			Maya gets bitten by a snake

 The papyrus is in the basket the snake was in, take it then leave the room only to find that Tuya has already left. If you’ve explored the place thoroughly you probably know where to find the ingredients; but if not, they are:

*The donkey dropping you picked up outside.
*Balls of gum can be found on the bench Tuya was sitting on; there is also a knife here, take it to get the bitter apple seeds.
			Gum (white balls to the right of centre) and a knife
*A bitter apple can be found in a bowl on the bench which you can see just to the left from where you first entered, but you need a knife to cut it to get to the seeds.  
					Bitter apple	

*A jar can be found near the door you walked through before meeting Tuya; you’ll need to smash it with the dolerite ball to get a piece of pottery.  
					Pottery jar

 *Terebinth can be found in a basket hanging by the door to the room with the snake in it.
 *Ochre can be found on a coffer on the ground in front of you after you pass through to second door in the house.  
			Ochre (yellow item at bottom right of coffer)
When you have all the ingredients put them in the Mortar Tuya left behind then pulverize them with the pestle. If you don’t find all the ingredients in time Maya will die, and you’ll have to start over from when she first got bitten. 
 After making the remedy, go back outside and speak to Ouni. Maya’s a little peeved about been left alone in the house after a snake bit her, Ouni apologises and gives her a dried snake for future protection. Show Ouni the papyrus about dolerite, he will read a section about getting help from the god Ptah. Ask how to reach Ptah, Ouni will tell you “By speaking with Khâemouaset the high priest of Ptah in Memphis.” Ouni can’t afford to leave the quarry so Maya must go to Memphis. Go back to the boatman and ask him to take you to Memphis.

Temple of Ptah

You arrive at the temple of Ptah in Memphis; to the left you can see a guard at the entrance.  
			Temple of Ptah, with guard at entrance to the left

He’s pretty stubborn and won’t let you in without a pass, since you no longer have Pharaoh’s seal you need to find another way to get past. Maya comments how she could hypnotise the guard if she knew his name.  Turn around and go through to the courtyard. There is a large pool of water in front of you, and at the far end on the right is a man weaving baskets. On the way over Maya will comment on how pebbles might be useful.  
					Man weaving baskets 
					Pile of pebbles

Talk the man weaving baskets, he’s not in a good mood and won’t tell you the guard’s name, and if you try to take the limestone fragment in the basket in front of you he’ll call you a thief. Throw a pebble in the water to distract him for a moment and take the limestone while his back is turned. Ask him for the name of the guard again, but he won’t tell you until you give him back the ostracon. On the other side of the pool is a nilometer; at its entrance is a piece of string; 
					Piece of string

 there is also a falcon sitting on the wall near the entrance to the courtyard, and nearby are some more pebbles, pick up a pebble and throw it at the falcon; the falcon will fly to the other end of the wall and a piece of copper falls to the ground.  

				Pebbles to throw at falcon 

Once both the string and copper are in your inventory, Maya will automatically combine them to form a grappling hook. 
 Once you know the guard’s name is Pamose, go back to him, and use the hypnotic spell Tuya gave you to hypnotise him.

 Even though he’s in a trance he will still ask for a pass; show him any item in your inventory to get past. Inside the temple you will find Khâemouaset the high priest of Ptah.

 Tell him why you have come, and then show him the papyrus on dolerite tools. Speak to Khâemouaset, if you mention the foundation deposits he will ask to see them, when asking how to reach Ptah, Khâemouaset will ask you to rid the temple of a harmful presence. Open the cupboard to your right; select the eye of Horus from your inventory to use your clairvoyant abilities on a triangular segment of the wall: 
Use the eye of Horus on the triangular segment.

There’s a scorpion in the wall, use the knife you picked up at Tuya’s to remove the section of wall and take the scorpion. Speak to Khâemouaset again and he will give you a spell to control the winds, ask again about contacting Ptah and he will tell you that you need to open Ptah’s magic coffer; the key is on the altar to the left and the coffer is behind you.
					Ptah’s magic coffer 

There is no simple solution to this puzzle, it is a test of lateral thinking; the only help I can offer is: try to unlock the discs at the far end first, and work your way backwards.
			These 6 discs make up the lock of Ptah’s magic coffer 

 When you get the coffer open, take the perfume inside and then give it to Khâemouaset, he will tell you that the perfume is incomplete and requires some fragrant rush.
 Go back out to the basket weaver and ask him if he has any fragrant rush, he will only give you some if you get his gouge back for him.  Use the grappling hook you made before to collect the gouge from the lily pad in the lake. Careful: you need to click exactly on the lily pad otherwise Maya will miss and you won’t get the gouge back, fortunately you will get to try again. When you do get the gouge back, give it to the basket weaver, and he will give you the fragrant rush as promised, and also some water lily seeds.
 Take the fragrant rush back to Khâemouaset who will then combine it with the perfume to invoke Ptah.

World of Ptah

Maya now finds herself in a subterranean cavern; note the raised section of rock to the right and the doorway above it. Move 1 pace left and search the ground for a pair of pincers then take the doorway in the rock. In the adjacent room you will see a statue of the goddess Sakhmet as well as several possible exits.


Optional: try taking one of the several doorways leading out of here, Maya will comment how she keeps coming back to the same spot, and that the area is enchanted.
 Look at the ankh in Sakhmet’s right hand and note how the end of it is missing.
				Sakhmet’s ankh with end piece missing

 At Sakhmet’s feet is a canopic jar, the head of it is stuck, so use the pincers on it.
					Canopic jar

 The head will come unstuck and if you click on it again, the head rotates 90 degrees. Something moved, go out and you will find yourself in another part of the cavern, so the jar is part of some unlocking mechanism.
 Speak to the dwarf, he will tell you that in order to see Ptah you need a sistrum, when asked how to obtain one he will tell you that you can make one, when asked how to make one he will say all the parts can be found in the cavern. 


Go back and turn the head on the canopic jar again to open another part of the cavern, move 1 pace forward in this area then search the ground here for a bronze strip, to the right you should see a sistrum handle go over and pick it up, then go back and turn the head again to gain access to the forth area.

					Bronze strip

					Sistrum handle

 Pick up the mallet, and then use the knife to cut a section of rope.
					Mallet and rope

 Go back to the hall of Sakhmet and turn the head back to its original position then go back to the area where you first started. Go over to the raised section of rock, if you click on it, Maya will comment on how it must be used as an anvil.  
					Rock used as anvil

 Heat the bronze strip in the magma then place it on the anvil, use the mallet to fashion it, then add the handle, you now have a mute sistrum.  
					Mute sistrum

 Go back and tell the dwarf how you need rods for the sistrum, he doesn’t offer presents, but needs help with his broken rope. Use the section of rope you cut before for this, he’s too short to tie it on himself so you’ll have to do it for him. Tell him you’ve repaired the rope and he will give you the rods for the sistrum, and that to invoke Ptah you need to go over to the anvil and play the sistrum in honour of Ptah.
 Turn the head on the canopic jar 3 times and go over to the anvil. Maya will automatically invoke Ptah once she’s close enough.
				Maya invoking Ptah

 Speak to Ptah about the dolerite tools, he will only help if you can prove yourself worthy by bringing back a ball of magical dolerite, ask Ptah how you can get one, and he’ll tell you “In the hall of Sakhmet you can open a passage towards another room that is almost identical, you must open the passage 3 times to reach the room with the magical dolerite.” Ask again how to open the first door and he’ll tell you “A metal worker has the die for the key.”
 Go to the dwarf and ask him if he has the key to the passage, he will give you a plaster mould; go back to Ptah and fill the mould with lava, unmold the contents on the anvil and wait for the lava object to cool, then take it back to the hall of Sakhmet. 
	    			     Lava object cooling on anvil

The lava object is the missing part to Sakhmet’s key of life, replace the missing piece, something moves, turn around to see what appears to be a raised lever in one of the alcoves, push this down then leave through one of the tunnels, this will take you to the second room of the hall of Sakhmet. 
 		Push this lever down to gain access to next section in hall of Sakhmet

There is another statue of Sakhmet in the centre of the room and each of the 4 alcoves around the room has a carving of a goddess. Place the dolerite ball on the pressure sensor at the base of the pedestal, a hidden compartment opens to reveal 4 clay spheres.
			Place the ball of dolerite on this pressure sensor

 The spheres must be placed in accordance to the goddess they represent.

Bastet (ball with cat) – cat headed goddess seated on throne

Sakhmet (ball with lion) – lion headed goddess

Sechemtet (ball with scorpion) - goddess that has a woman’s torso and a scorpion’s abdomen 

Wadjet (ball with lotus) – snake goddess

When the 4 balls are correctly placed the images on the wall will turn red and the passage to the third room will open.
You will find a third statue here. At Sakhmet’s feet is a goblet, use to the purifying spell to fill it with lava then speak to Sakhmet who asks you “What did Ptah accomplish with his heart and tongue?” Answer “He created the world.” Sakhmet’s lotus will then play the music you must replicate to open the door to room with the magical dolerite. If you answer incorrectly, Sakhmet will accuse you of speaking falsely.

				Goblet of lava

 Listen to the frequency of each sound and check the rate of the dripping water in the alcoves around the room. Use the lava, the sistrum and the water lily seeds to replicate the music from Sakhmet’s lotus, by placing them under the appropriate drips of water. The correct positions are shown in the following diagram:




 When the music is correct the room with the magic dolerite will open.
				Room with magic dolerite

 In the room with magical dolerite, a dolerite sphere, triangle and cube can be seen in the centre of the room on an altar in the middle of a lava lake, there are also 4 pedestals around the room with a shape carved in to them, you need to get the ball of magical dolerite above the pedestal with a circle carved into it. Maya will comment on the magical wind wafting through the place, use the banner for controlling the wind that Khâemouaset gave you to move the dolerite tools. The tools can only be moved in a straight line directly away from you, and cannot be moved if another is blocking their path.

1.	Move sphere from where you are standing.
2.	Move either triangle or cube into centre of alter.
3.	Move above mentioned tool in opposite direction to sphere.
4.	Move remaining tool to vacant pedestal which does not have carving of circle.
5.	Move sphere back to altar.
6.	Move sphere to pedestal with circle.

When the ball of magical dolerite is above the image of the circle you will be able to pick it up, then leave the room and return to Ptah. Ask Ptah how to return to Egypt, he will tell you to return the ball to its source, in other words you need to drop the ball of magical dolerite into the magma. When Maya expresses her gratitude, Ptah will give you some magic wax which –when placed above a bee- will assume the shape of your words.

Temple of Ptah

When you return to Memphis, Khâemouaset will ask if you met the god, Maya explains how Ptah has promised to have more durable dolerite balls extracted at the quarry; Khâemouaset encourages you to go back to Aswan and to come back to see him if you need help. 
Go outside and ask the boatman to take you back to Aswan.

Aswan Quarry

Ouni will be waiting for you when you arrive; he is in good spirits because new dolerite balls have been found to dig out the obelisk which is now extracted and ready for transport, the water level is too low to depart just yet, but the Nile flooding is expected soon. Go to the house to speak to Tuya about a remedy for Paser, she tells you that you need to make it yourself since you will be the one to give it to Paser. This first requires cleanliness, give Tuya the scorpion and she will tell you to copy the formula in red ink onto a papyrus and directs you to a mastaba behind you. At some point you will need to go the room to the left of where Tuya is sitting, and now would be a good time; enter the room and pick up the mat on the floor.
 Go over to the mastaba; pick up some sheets of papyrus from the rolls on the right then place one on the cleared space, Maya still has some spare sheets of papyrus to use later. Click on the calamus to the left then dip it into the pot of red ink and copy out the formula.
 			Sheets of papyrus

		Clear space to copy formula with a calamus and pot of red ink

Give the formula to Tuya who will put it into a figurine of Paser and tells you it needs to be fired; she also gives you instructions on how to carry out the rite. Pick up the lighter next to Tuya.
			 	Lighter next to Tuya

 Take the figurine out the back, Maya will spot some kindling on the ground near the back door, place it in the oven next to you then use the lighter to start the fire and place the figurine on top to .  
					Twigs to use as kindling


 When the figurine is cooked, go outside and speak to Ouni. He’s lost heart because the floods have still not come and now a fire has started at the quarry site. Head out to the quarry, it’s on a path to the left of where the boatman is, you’ll know you’re heading the right way when a cut scene shows Maya walking across the desert sands. 
 	Aswan; the path to the quarry is on the left, the boatman is over to the right.
				 Cut scene of Maya walking to the quarry

 At the quarry you can see the fire burning, as you approach pick up the jar of water on the right. The water doesn’t work to douse the fire so smother it with the mat from Tuya’s place.
						Jar of water

 When you examine the ashes it becomes apparent that something is buried in the coals, click the mat to move it aside then turn around and move 1 pace back to the base of the obelisk, pick up the stick on the ground then use it to search the ashes.
		   	          Use this stick to search the ashes of the fire

 The object buried in the coals is a knife, pick it up and tell Ouni about it, he’ll be standing by some rocks where you first entered the quarry.
			Ouni standing by some rocks at the quarry

 Tell him how the fire is out and transportation of the obelisk can resume; he will point out the water level is still too low to transport the obelisk. You now face a dilemma about what to do, you could seek help from Khâemouaset, but you also need to heal Paser. As you are walking back to town pondering what to do next Maya has a vision. The winged goddess Isis speaks to her and tells her she is expected in Memphis. Ask the boatman to take you back to Memphis.

Temple of Ptah

Optional: Pamose is still guarding the entrance to the temple, you can hypnotise him again showing him a phony pass to get in, but Khâemouaset is out at the moment, so someone else must be expecting you.
Go back to the entrance to the nilometer in the courtyard, there is a child there who wasn’t there last time; speak to her and she will ask you to bring back the recipient of Isis, Maya asks where she can find the recipient of Isis and the child will tell you that you need to restore the coping on the nilometer. Optional: Ask the basket weaver about the girl by the nilometer, he doesn’t believe she’s real.
This child will ask you to bring her the recipient of Isis

 At the other end of the nilometer you will find some scrawled lines which are obviously part of a drawing, but some of the details are missing. Maya realises this is coping on the nilometer the child was referring to. Place the piece of left over papyrus over the drawing and then use the charred stick you used to dig the knife out of the coals to make a copy of the drawing.  
		The drawing you need to complete on the coping of the nilometer

 Take the drawing to the basket weaver and ask him to complete it for you, he says he can do so, but that he needs a binder for his ink and that and egg would do the trick. Behind you is a blue dish on the ground, it should be quite easy to see against the contrast of the sand, pick it up and then go to where the falcon is still sitting. On the way over Maya will spot a stick and say to pick it up; you may already have the stick if you passed this way earlier. The falcon has made a nest in a section of the wall; place the dish on the ground under the nest, and then use the stick you picked up on the nest, an egg will fall into the dish. Take the egg back to the basket weaver, he’ll tell you he needs a calamus also, give him the calamus you used to copy the formula and he will complete the drawing for you. (You can give him the calamus when you first ask him to complete the drawing but he won’t let on about the egg then.)
 When you have the completed drawing of an offering scene, place the papyrus over the image on the nilometer. Click on the sparkling image of the offering and a section will open revealing a goblet. This is the recipient of Isis, take it back to the girl, she will conduct some rite and then give the recipient to Maya to drink from.

World of Isis

Maya finds herself on some enchanted islands. Isis will appear nearby and speak to you telling you that you need to find your way to Osiris in the book of the dead; she will also give you a magical net.

Optional: search around the island for some rocks.
Move to the left until you reach the edge of the water, you can see the neighbouring island, but the water is too dangerous to cross, drop a water lily seed into the water and a lily pad will appear to cross over on.
 		Drop a water lily seed in the in the water here to cross to the other bank

 Go over to the altar nearby and you will found 3 slabs with images of deities on them, speak to Isis again and she will tell you how you must move the 3 gods to the other alter without upsetting the universal order but you can only carry 1 god at a time.

There are so many versions of this puzzle that most people have probably already figured it out; but if you’ve never encountered this type of puzzle before:

1.	Take Nut across.
2.	Take either Geb or Shu across.
3.	Bring Nut back.
4.	Take the other god you left behind in step 2 across.
5.	Retrieve Nut and bring her to Geb and Shu.
If you get the order wrong Isis will tell you that the universal order has been upset and you’ll have to start over.

When all 3 gods have been moved across, a bridge of reeds will materialise and you can proceed.  
You now find yourself confronted by 5 islets, if you look closely you should spot a tortoise in front of 1 of them, and a falcon hovering above another, they will move to another spot if you approach. Isis appears down the far end and tells you that you need to reconcile Set and Horus in front of the middle islet so you can cross on the back of the tortoise, and that if they meet anyway else their movement is perturbed, (i.e. the falcon and tortoise will move to separate locations.)
					Tortoise representing Set

Falcon representing Horus

Although this puzzle can be solved by trial and error it can be solved in 4 quick moves by moving the tortoise 3 times and the falcon once. When Set and Horus have been reconciled, cross over on the back of the tortoise.
 To the left you will see a shaduf; if you click on it Maya will tell you it needs a counterweight. If you didn’t pick up some rocks earlier you can search around here to do so they will be 2 paces to the right.

			Rocks to use as a counterweight in the shaduf				

 Place the rocks in the basket of the shaduf, then lift the other end out of the river. Maya will pour water into a channel on the ground, the water will flow a short distance away and then the gate to the book of the dead will appear.

The book of the dead

Maya now finds herself in the book of the dead, a voice from an unseen speaker warns her of the perils ahead.

Author’s note: Since the ancient Egyptians believed that the jackal - headed god Anubis was the guardian of the deceased in the afterlife, and that he guided them to the hall of judgement; I figured that it’s meant to be Anubis who is guiding Maya here, and will refer to the voice as such.

Move forward 1 pace and Anubis will tell you to guess the name of the guardian of the first door.
There is an altar in front of you with 6 buttons, each containing a hieroglyphic character, as well as an image of a bee. Place the wax Ptah gave you above the bee; at first it looks like a shapeless mist, but as Maya presses one of the buttons in front of her the sound associated with each hieroglyph will cause the wax to form an image. The trick is to get the wax to match the shape of the guardian so Maya will know his name. The guardian’s name has 3 syllables so you need to pick 3 sounds.

Press buttons 1, 6 and 4 (in that order) to learn that the name of the guardian is Negaou. The guardian will disappear and you can proceed. 
	When you press the buttons on this altar, the wax will assume the shape of your words

Anubis will tell you that you must confront a two-fold trial; a series of stepping stones above an abyss appears, but nearby another set of stones and Maya’s ka (spiritual twin) also appear, you must both cross to the other side together. Pay attention here, the paths are not identical and if you try to take the most direct route, the chances are that Maya’s ka will fall into the void.  
				The stepping stones Maya must cross

			Maya’s ka must also cross a similar set of stones

There are several possible paths, but the one I find quickest is: forward, left, forward x 3, left, back, right, forward, left, forward x2, right, forward.

Anubis now presents a logic problem: there are 5 guards in front of you and you need to pick which one has a heart of feathers. Anubis will give you certain details and you must use your deductive skills to work out which guard has the heart of feathers. If you get it wrong the guards and their hearts will change places and Anubis will give you a new set of details.
 The first time round the guard on the left hand end has a heart of feathers, but after that you’re on your own.
			One of the 5 guards blocking your path.

 The final trial requires you to you to step across papyrus sheets which pictures drawn on them. If 
you step on the closer 2 a fifth blank papyrus will appear, but it will disappear when you approach. Anubis’ final hint was “May the heavens guide thy steps.” Look up and you will see a distinct pattern of stars, and that the pictures on the papyrus are drawings of constellations.
  		These drawings correspond to the constellations you can see above you.

 Step onto the papyrus which matches the constellation showing in the sky. The final papyrus will appear and you can cross to meet Osiris.

Speak to Osiris, he senses a cruel will at work and that the perpetrator has left an object behind that you now carry. Show the knife from the fire to Osiris, he recognises it as the weapon of Set and that Set is the one behind all the problems that are hindering the raising of the obelisk. Osiris tells Maya to return to Memphis to speak with Khâemouaset and to offer a salty beverage to Ptah. Ask Osiris how to leave and he will tell you to place a dried out animal on the burned section of papyrus. As you thank the god for his help, Osiris will give Maya some incense which can paralyse her enemies without affecting her. On the ground to the left is a snake-shaped scorch mark in the papyrus, place the dried snake Ouni gave you on it and a stairway will appear. Take the stairs and you will arrive back in Memphis.

				Snake shaped scorch mark

Temple of Ptah

Maya will be at the entrance to the nilometer when she arrives back in Memphis, the girl is still there, ask her who she is, she will only give a vague answer then tell her how Osiris instructed you to prepare a salty beverage, she will give you back the recipient of Isis to use.
 There is another person over near the basket weaver now, go and speak to him. Apparently he shares guard duty with Pamose, but is afflicted with a stutter and promises payment if you can cure him of it. Use the linen handkerchief to transfer the affliction from him to the basket weaver, the grateful guard will now give you some salt.

				Basket weaver and stuttering guard 

Go back to the temple entrance and hypnotise Pamose again, he is becoming complacent and lets you in without asking for a pass.
 Khâemouaset is somewhat troubled that he wasn’t around before. Speak to him about all that has happened and how Osiris wants you to prepare a salty beverage to offer up to Ptah. Khâemouaset will ask you to bring him some salt and a bowl, give him the recipient of Isis and the salt the guard paid you with then watch the following cut scene.

Ptah coaxes Set to drink from the golden bowl and promises to give it to him; you don’t actually get to see Set, only his shadow on the wall but you can hear his fierce voice and see the look of terror from the dwarf you met earlier in the game. Set drinks from the bowl only to realise how salty the beverage is and that he must release the waters of the Nile to quench his thirst.  
	    		       Shadow of Set drinking the salty beverage

Khâemouaset and Maya briefly discuss what has just happened. Maya thinks Set was duped easily but Khâemouaset reassures her that Set is ruled by impulse and will release the waters of the Nile even if he is suspicious.
 Now that the flooding has been restored Maya needs to cure Paser, go back to the boatman and ask him to take you back to Pi-Ramses. 

Temple of Amun-Re

As you go towards Paser’s house you will find Djer standing in the doorway of the courtyard; speak to him about how you have brought a remedy for Paser, Djer will step aside to let you pass.
  	 			        Djer standing in doorway

 Go to Paser’s house, he will still be unconscious in bed. Tuya said to place the figurine on his chest and pronounce the word “Heka.” Select the figurine from you inventory then click on Paser.
 Tuya lied to you; the figurine has quite the opposite effect to what is expected.
			The effects of the spell Tuya taught Maya	

 An officer brandishing a scimitar will come to arrest Maya for witchcraft. Tuya is there also but you can’t prove that she set you up.
					Officer of Pharaoh, and Tuya 

 Go over to one of the lamps and pour the incense Osiris gave you on the flame: don’t take too long about this or the officer will get suspicious of your intentions and orders you back to the spot where you were first apprehended. The smoke temporarily incapacitates Tuya and the officer, allowing you time to escape.
 As you leave the house Maya has another vision even more fearsome then the first one about what will happen if the obelisk isn’t built, it also confirms that Tuya has made a pact with Set which is why she gave you a harmful spell rather than a healing one.
 Go back to Djer, he will tell you a friend of yours is waiting in the next courtyard.
 The friend turns out to be Khâemouaset; he has heard your plea, and his ethereal double has come to help you.  
      Khâemouaset’s double waiting for Maya in the courtyard

Khâemouaset knows about Tuya and tells you that once she recovers from her paralysis she will try to desecrate the Naos and you need to stop her from doing so. Khâemouaset gives you a charm for invoking rain to use against Tuya’s fire of Set spell. You can now go into training with Khâemouaset to learn how to counteract Tuya’s spells, although he will only show you how to counteract 3 of them. Choose which spell you wish to defend yourself from, Khâemouaset will cast it and you must choose one you have learnt to counteract it. You will get a few attempts to find the right spell, if time runs out before you do so Khâemouaset will give you a hint on which spell to use. When you have finished training tell Khâemouaset that you are going to combat Tuya.
 Optional: Speak to Djer again about Tuya, he will tell you that she has recovered and when she couldn’t find you, she left for the Naos.
 There are guards about so you’ll have to take the path through the temple to get to the Naos.
 The brick maker will be standing at the door to the temple, speak to him and he tells you that Tuya is inside at the Naos and doesn’t wish to be disturbed. The only way to convince him to let you in is to interpret a dream he had. He will tell you part of his dream and you are given 2 options of interpretation, the correct choices are:

1.	The beginning of your dream indicates that in 3 summers the harvest will be particularly good.
2.	You will lose your parents.
3.	You will have the support of the gods, and because of that you will rise above common folk.
4.	You will live an honest life.
5.	You will gain authority over people.

     	     The brick maker will only let you pass if you correctly interpret his dream.

The brick maker will now allow you to enter, and warns you to try and sneak past the workers, he also will give you a coffer he found.
 Getting past the workers is a matter of timing; you should see a worker on the right and a man sleeping against a pole on the left. Beyond the worker on the right is another worker; wait until they both have moved over to the side, and be sure the sleeping man is not waking up before trying to sneak past.
You must get by these workers without been seen.

 You will be able to see Tuya waiting at the door to the room with the altar prior to the Naos, approach her and the duel begins.  
				Tuya waiting for Maya

When Tuya says: -               				Counteract her spell with:-
“May the shadow of your ka be surrounded and turned to stone.”           		 Magic net.

“I obey magic: burn, leave nothing but ashes.”		 	 	 	  Rain. 

“Stay Maya, may the fire goddess Nekhbet turn you to stone.”       	    Magic jar of purification.

“I am the Lotus, nourished by the sun and inhaled by the nose of Re.”               Eye of Horus.

“Come ye, come ye o dead souls, come unto this place that ye know not.”       Hypnotising cobra.

“Attendants of the cords bind my enemy”				 Banner to control the wind.

After the duel Tuya changes into a snake and slithers into the Naos, you must go after her to prevent her from desecrating the Naos.

					Tuya the snake

Now to finish this off once and for all. The scene takes a birds’ eye view of the floor of the Naos, Maya occupies 1 stone while Tuya the snake takes up 5. All stones start out grey but both Maya and Tuya can bewitch 1 stone per turn. Maya can bewitch any stone adjacent to the one she is standing on including diagonal moves, a stone bewitched by Maya turns blue; Tuya can bewitch the stone in front of her snake nose, the ones either side and the diagonal ones between, but not the ones behind her, or any other occupied by her snake body (unless her nose is near it) a stone bewitched by Tuya turns red. Maya can move onto any grey stone or one she has bewitched, but it is fatal to move onto a stone bewitched by Tuya. In this some manner you must bewitch the stones occupied by Tuya. Each time Maya bewitches a stone occupied by Tuya, the latter’s snake length is reduced by 1 stone; the objective is to reduce the snake’s length to 1 tile. (This is no mean feat; remember that in reality you are in competition with your computer.) 
 Although you can attack Tuya at any point it is safer to attack the tail end of the snake, because if Tuya’s snake head gets too close, she will bewitch the stone you are on and kill Maya.
  Tuya and Maya can also neutralise stones the other has bewitched by casting their own bewitching spells on them, a neutralised stone will turn yellow for 1 move and then turn back to grey, this makes it safe to walk onto the stones if you neutralise a stone Tuya has bewitched.  
					The stones of the Naos

  If you do defeat Tuya, Maya will shut her in the coffer the brick maker gave you, now back to Paser.
  The guards are still hanging around so you need to go back the way you came; along the way Maya comments on the noise outside and how the temple seems deserted, fortunately this means you don’t have to sneak past the worker’s again.
  Speak to Djer again, if you ask him what the noise is about he’ll tell you that the obelisk has just arrived and is ready to be raised. Tell Djer that you should be able to cure Paser this time; he will tell you the coast is clear and lets you past.
 Go back to Paser’s house; he is still on the bed, and the figurine is on the floor. Use Set’s knife to destroy the figurine. It turns out that Tuya had put the scorpion from before into the figurine, and that this was the cause of the trouble.

 				Destroy the figurine with Set’s knife

 Paser wakes up and asks what has been happening; there is a brief dialogue, then the end movie and finally the credits.


Acknowledgements:  Thank you to the people of the adventure company for creating such a great game, and to no one else as I had to figure out this entire game on my own.