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Follow the dark path or use the light
Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes Pack Shot

Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes


Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Walkthrough


Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes


I recommend this game, it is a hoot to watch. Have fun!

Rake the leaves into one pile, then rake the slabs of rock three times.

Go to the cellar window and get the brush.

Touch the garden hose to remove it from the spigot.

Talk to Freeman to get all the information and then go back to the pond. You hear Freeman fall into the well. Go back to the well and use the rake to knockdown the bee nest. Then pick up the hose and put it in the well.

Go back to the pond and go look at the other hose coming from the pond and then investigate the bushes and a pump shows up. Attach the other hose laying on the grass to the pump.

Run the pump mother superior will tell you to turn it off.  One time should do it and you can go back to the well and Freeman is out but you might have to do it more times, not sure.

Take the brush and get the honey from the bees nest then go back to the backyard swing. Use the paintbrush to put honey on the compost barrel. Then go back to the well and get the key. It is the key to open the cellar door and then grab the air hammer and shovel and go back to the swing.

Give the shovel to Edna and digging starts. When you find the bomb you need to open it by hitting it with the shovel. Talk to Edna and she'll take your ball of yarn and put it in the bomb case.  After a cut scene you find yourself in mother superior's office take the cat food from the dumbwaiter and put it in the cat food bowl. Mother superior gives you a recipe and then a cut scene takes you to the bedroom take everything you can from the bedroom.

For now take the time to look around and take everything you can take. For example in the collection room get the guinea pig in the jar. And go towards mother superior's office which is up the stairwell and grab the deadly Nightshade berries. Then go into mother Superior's office and read the note stuck on the receipt older and then take the receipt holder.  Then go downstairs to go to the cafeteria, the bully will take the recipe for the food, nothing you can do about it.

Talk to mother superior so that you can then talk to Birgit later in the classroom, and then talk to Doris. Oh and take all the fruit from the serving trays. After you talk to Doris give her the jar with the guinea pig. Doris opens the jar and takes the guinea pig out and puts the jar and the guinea pig on the counter, Take them both.

Go to the chapel and give Frank the air hammer. Open the door Garritt came out of and take the wood plank/board. Go to the classroom upstairs and in the inventory take the receipt holder and then place it over the guinea pig to get them combined. Give the combination to Birgit. Go out of the classroom and then go back into the classroom and grab the newly made Banner. Take that banner down to the cafeteria and hang it on the wall. After mother superior runs out of the cafeteria take the Banner down and then follow her up to the classroom to talk with Birgit. Take all the items from the now open cabinet.

Now is a good time to go back to the backyard to the swing and grab the bomb fuse. Go to the dormitory and give it to the two girls there. One will use her hairpin to defuse the bomb temporarily. Take the bomb to the cellar and put it in the boiler heater. And then take the hair pin.

Take the hair pin into the stairwell and use it to unscrew all the masks on the wall.

Go to the collection room and go to the memory device, labeled 123, on the shelf. You have to talk to the old man first and get to the point where he will tell you about the Templar story. Then put the angry mask, the Deerhead, and the coconut on the shelf. Talk to the old man again and you'll get the Templar story and book. Go to the chapel and give the book to Frank. Now he asks you to solve the riddle.

Put Shields, Bowl, Lion, Tongue Bear
Tongue Bear. Lion, Bowl, Shield 
Bowl, Tongue Bear, Shield, Lion 
Lion, Shield, Tongue Bear, Bowl

Then First tear off piece from the right page goes to column 2 and goes between row one and two. 
Second tear off piece goes to column 4 between rows one and two. 
Third tear off piece goes to column 3 between rows one and two. Press skip.

When Garrett goes back into the listening post put the board on the door.

You are sent back to the dormitory, leave and go out to the hallway and talk to the guy standing there. He'll give you a note to give to Shy, give the note to Shy. Go down to the Chapel and grab the sword.

Talk to the clown and have him make you a balloon animal, the one you want is the wrench. Go up to the stairway and use the wrench balloon to loosen the chandelier.

Go back down and grab the Edna balloon and cigarettes.

Go to the hallway and then go up into the maintenance door. Take the sword and put it in the clock hands. Go into the classroom and grab the new Banner. Go back out into the hallway.

Grab the firecrackers in the hallway and then go to mother superior's office. Take the green screen embroidery and hang it on the hook on the wall. You can also in this time take the firecrackers in the inventory and then put them over the balloon head and they will get combined together. Now go to the cafeteria and hang the banner on the wall. Cut scene takes you to the classroom, Grab the Girl scout badge. 

Then go to the collection room show the scout badge medal to the old man. Then take the musket off the wall and the knife out of the chest. Take the knife to Doris in the cafeteria. Needless to say, take the chainsaw she gives you. In your inventory take the alcohol and put it over the chain saw to fuel it. Now go out to the well and just for fun try to give the cigarettes to the bully. Then go to the swing and use the chainsaw to cut out on the inscription on the tree. The cut scene takes you back to the dorm, now Edna wants her diary back.

Leave the room and the diary is there on the wall. Go ahead and take it. Now go back out to the well where the bully is. In the inventory take the marbles and put them over the musket. Then use the Musket to shoot at the birds on the bench. Then give the cigarettes to the Bully. Take the lit cigarette from the ground. Go to the cellar.  Take the piece of wood and put it in the stove, and then light the wood on fire with the cigarette. Now go back to the cafeteria and give the recipe to Doris, she gives you instructions. Go to the cellar and get the can of food and bring it back to Doris. And then go to mother superior's office.

Take the food from the dumbwaiter and give it to the giant plant. Then Take the plate and put it back in the dumbwaiter, then take the cat food and put it in the cats bowl.

Take the balloons now from inventory and put them on the pigeon. When all the cut scenes are done head over to the backyard swing, the Diary is there.

After all the action go and get the teacups and teapot. Put the teapot over the cup in the inventory. Then take the truth serum and put it over the teacup. Give the Tea to mother superior.

When she's broken the teacup go outside and in the inventory take the deadly nightshade and put it over the tea kettle, then hang the tea kettle on the hook over the fire. Back in the office get another cup for the Tea and give the teacup to mother superior

Now you'll need to right-click on the painting and get further instructions. Then go and right click on the rabbit. You go to a cave. Click on the cord to lower the curtain. Then take the club and beat on the curtain. Go into the gallery and you'll hear something clink. Go back into the other cave and get the contact lens. Then back to the gallery put the contact lens on the eye there. The hat burns. Take the hat when asked, and then put the hat on the logs to light them on fire.

Then go to your "restrictions" menu below and take the restriction on playing with fire off. Now go outside and grab the torch from the bracket on the left, light it from the fire, then put burning torch on the bracket on the right. Then touch that bracket once more to open the door. Now try to go through the broken fence and follow Edna.

Open the bomb and take the ball of yarn out. Try to go to the fence again and then give the ball of yarn to the Rabbit.

At the spider lair take a rib from the bone pile, put it over the tar pool, then put the tarred rib on the spider's head. When you get back, turn off the restriction for contradicting adults. And then follow Edna through the hole.

At crossroads try to pick up the map, then try again in town. Open the pizza box take the peppers, and take the bicycle pump. Go to the police station, take marker, pills, and candy. Go to cemetery, take neon color, give candy to the woman. She throws some of the candy back, take it. Here you can also go to the left, it takes you to a grave but then I don't know what is going on there, but you don't need anything there.

Go to the bar. Take neon sign, and the money jar. Get the menu from bartender. You have all the things you need for  the neon drink, right click on menu in inventory and order the neon drink.

Go to cemetery and talk to to woman to get volcano berserker recipe.

Go to the bridge, take off contradict adults restriction and put the neon drink in feed trough. Go to signpost, then back to bridge. Grab the artemisia that is now there. Go back to bar. Order a volcano beserker. Take a drink. Give yarn to rabbit.

At cowboy bar take mayonnaise. Go to prairie, put mayo on sundial, turn sundial, drink mayo. 

Go to quack doc, get handkerchief and medicine. Right click on medicine. Go to bar and put medicine on the ice. Give handkerchief to Rabbit genie.

Now take off restriction for alcohol, and take a drink of volcano beserker. Put coin box on bartender fist print.
Take the money and buy a flounder. Put the bicycle pump over the flounder. Right click on bar menu and choose knockout poison smile drink. Give the drink to the bartender.

Go to police station and blow in alcohol tester. Then talk to the policeman. then give the yarn to the rabbit.

Put good/true + truth/wisdom. 

Take the result good/wisdom and plus it with evil/wisdom. 

Take that result good/evil and plus it with lies/evil.

Now remove restrictiion on lying. Talk to policeman, lie to him. Go outside. Give wool to rabbit.

Go to cowboy bar, talk to bartender. Go to the cemetery. Remove restriction on playing with fire. Go to fire. 

Go to bar and drink the coffee. Put money on bartenders eyes.

Go outside. Give yarn to rabbit. Talk to bartender. Take the money he gives you put it on poker table. Then take a cigar and go to prairie. Put the cigar on the smoke signal.

Here I don't know. I just messed arond and then pressed skip. Seems to be a nothing puzzle. 

Go to cemetery.

Take junk food, talk to shaman. Go back to town and put junk food in bull's saddlebag. Talk to the miner. 

Go back to cemetery and talk to shaman.

Go to quack doctor and give him the prescription you got from the Shaman. Take the deodorant and hair cream, go to prairie. Right click on the flying vultures.

Take the deodorant and put it on the Sun. Then switch the hair cream for the sun lotion.

Now remove dangerous places restriction. Go in the cave. Take owl whistle. Go to bridge, put whistle on Garrett. An owl shows up. Put the whistle on owl and whistle with it until it leaves. Then put whistle on Garrett again.

Take the keys on the truck. then go to wall. 

Put the keys on the locked door. Owl shows up. Put whistle on the owl. Then search the bush.

Get in boat. Go left once. Click on jetty. Put keys on door. Go left in boat, then go right in boat and click on jetty. 

Eat the energy smarty, then click on the "edge".

Take the punch card and open far right grate. Talk to the man. 

Go to maintainance room, take cheese. 

Go to basement, use cheese on next grate.

Take out chair leg on grate door. Take feather duster, all the food in the fridge, the credit card in the coat pocket, and the pizza menu. Put pizza menu on phone. Go to the hallway.

Take pizza, put all the foods on the pizza. Go to role play room. Take red curtain. Take candle (might have to remove your fire restriction). Talk to Adrian. Be sure to ask about the green pillow. 

Go to bathroom.

Talke to wash maniac. Show him red curtain, put in red urinal. Ditto green pillow. Take starch and handkerchief.

Go to hallway and click rabbit. Then pull on the string on rabbit's belly.

Click on the chicken. Use the feather to tickle the tail. Then tickle the tail once more, then click on dragons right paw. Click the dragon, then click on the spike.

When you are back remove sharp objects restriction. Put chair leg in phantoms eye.

Go to maintainance room.  Put credit card on can opener. Go to basement. Go up first chimney and give feather duster to man. Go to basement. Use credit card on next unopened grate. Go to roof. Talk to Newman, then give him the candle. Take the scarf. Put handkerchief on lantern. Then put starch over handkerchief in your inventory.

Go to maintainance room.  Put white sheets on can opener. Go to bathroom and show the scarf. Take the knitting needle. Go to basement.

Use handkerchief to open last grate. Talk to woman. Then put white sheets on viewing window. Take the fabric. Go to the hallway, then the bathroom. Show the fabric to wash maniac.

Wash the tomatoes in green urinal. Broccoli in blue urinal. Blueberries in yellow urinal. Bananas in red urinal. Change all the food on the pizza with the new colors. Go to role play room, give pizza to Adrian.

Talk to everyone and use various combinations to make each one go to sleep (for the juggler tell juggler to juggle no balls). Then go to goblin gorge and talk to the potato.

Take the juggle ball and put it in hole on the kettle, then grab the wood and put it on the fire.

When finished go back to role play room. Remove losing control restriction. Click on Peter.

Go to iron door. Click on rabbit. Cross to the other side on the green log, take the arrow. Use the arrow to pick lock on gate.

Take the picture, go to storage room. Take bowling ball, termite farm, mirror, and honey cakes from lunchbox. Put honey cakes on door hook. Go to hallway. Take off the do not disturb sign on the door. Put mirror in its place. Go to store room. Put bowling ball on coat rack, then put ghost costume on coat rack.  Put portrait on door. Take the keys!

Open Edna's cell. Turn off sharp objects restriction. Take needle, and then rummage in trash can and get the eyes. Show rabbit to mother superior.

In inventory put needle over the yarn. Put needle and yarn over the eyes. Put this result over the rabbit. Now show rabbit again to mother superior.

"Skip" if you want, seems easy to win the final fight.

Save here if you want to see various finishes.

Give rabbit to mother superior to get the knife.