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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dungeon Hack Pack Shot

Dungeon Hack


FAQ/Strategy Guide

by DSimpson

    ___                                                                 _
   /   \ _   _  _ __    __ _   ___   ___   _ __     /\  /\  __ _   ___ | | __
  / /\ /| | | || '_ \  / _` | / _ \ / _ \ | '_ \   / /_/ / / _` | / __|| |/ /
 / /_// | |_| || | | || (_| ||  __/| (_) || | | | / __  / | (_| || (__ |   <
/___,'   \__,_||_| |_| \__, | \___| \___/ |_| |_| \/ /_/   \__,_| \___||_|\_\

                                 Dungeon Hack

                                April 18, 2009
                                  Version 2.3

                            Written by: Dan Simpson
                                 Email: [email protected]

       When emailing, use this subject: Dungeon Hack v 2.3

                                Email Policy:
         I am not hiding cheats or any other information; everything I know
         about Dungeon Hack is in this guide.

         If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
         please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
         your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.

         Before emailing me with a question, be sure to check out the
         Frequently Asked Questions section.

The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:

If you are a webmaster and wish to post this on your web page, please email
me first.  And if you do post this FAQ on your site, please make an attempt
to keep it up to date.  There is nothing worse than getting emails from
people who saw an old version asking about things that are already in the
newer versions.  Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!

A true walkthrough of Dungeon Hack is by far impossible because of the fact
that no two games are the same.  However, it is possible to list all the
enemies, and the types of level situations that you will run into.

Where can you get Dungeon Hack now? A quick google search brought up several
"Abandonware" websites that have it for download.

This document looks best in Courier New at 9 points.

This Document is Copyright 1999-2009 by Dan Simpson

I am not affiliated with anyone who had anything to do with the creation of
this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED
and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You may not charge
for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

What's New in 2.3:
    Added some corrections from Mike. Lots of additions and corrections from
    Brian "maddog" Eriksen. Some other small changes.

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

  1.  The Basics
  2.  The Levels
  3.  The Enemies
  4.  Items
  5.  Spells
  6.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  7.  Manual Questions (Copy Protection)
  8.  Cheats

  Final Words...

1. The Basics

Character Creation:
  You probably don't want to go into a Dungeon as a straight class of anything.
  Why?  Because you need both fighting skills and spells!  You're best bet is
  probably either a Fighter/Cleric or a Fighter/Mage/Cleric.  You REALLY need
  Cleric spells, and Mage spells are a good bonus.  Why do you need Cleric
  spells?  Not only to heal yourself (unless you like sleeping for days at a
  time to get your HP back), but also to get Create Food/Water and Underwater
  Breathing spells.

  Another good class is Mage/Cleric.  You can't really play this game without
  having Cleric spells.  Yes, I'm aware that both Paladins and Rangers get
  Cleric spells, but not for a great many levels!

  I have found Paladins more useful than you hint. It takes a bit of gaming
  experience, but they have what it takes. They are far more viable than
  rangers as they can eliminate poison. With prior knowlegde and Detect Magic
  you only need a few scrying glasses to get more or less full info on your
  gear. Also Bards and pure Mages have reasonable survival if they can locate
  the necesary scrolls in time. A bard buffed by imp. invisibility, haste and a
  vampiric touch HP shield is (nearly) unstoppable. I have not found the same
  desperate need for Cleric spells as you have. They are nice, but not
  essential. The wizard spell Vampiric Touch completely eliminates the need of
  healing.  (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Choosing a Difficulty Level:
  There are 3 main difficulty levels (Easy, Moderate, Hard) in this game.
  Those are fairly self explanatory.  You can also customize your game if you
  would like a hard experience but with more food than a hard game normally
  has, for example.  There is one option you might want to get rid of, and that
  is "Character Death Real", which means that if you die, all your saved games
  are lost as well.  Not fun.

  Bug Note: I have heard accounts where items vanish in all levels beyond 20.
            That means locked doors with no keys.

  One of the best ways to fight in Dungeon Hack is to have a Primary Weapon
  (try to get the most magical one that you can find, a Mace +2 is better than
  a Long Sword +1), plus you should use your Belt to hold 3 missile weapons.
  Then when you fight a battle, hit first with your primary weapon, then throw
  your best missile weapon.  Quickly pick it back up and throw it again.  And
  finally hit again with your primary weapon.  Repeat as necessary.  The only
  time that you want to use the rest of your missile weapons is if you fail to
  hit, and the first missile goes right past the enemy.

  You can rest any time you get about 4 or 5 squares away from all enemies.
  There is not punishment for resting, so do it anytime you lose some HP!

  Drag the food in your inventory to your portrait.

  To cast a spell (either Cleric or Mage) you need to first have the Holy
  Symbol or Mage Book equipped in a hand, then click on it like to attack.
  This opens your Spell List.  Now you no longer need to have the Holy
  Symbol/Mage Book equipped.  You can cast as many spells as you want, the only
  problem is that while you are casting spells you can't see the small map!

  Note:  Remember you cannot cast MAGE spells while wearing armor.  This does
         not include Mage Robes.

Books, Scrolls, and Other Items:
  Always save it before looking at a Book or a Scroll.  These can often be
  cursed!  Of course, you will also find a lot of valuable Books, such as
  Manuals of Strength (which permanently raises your strength by a point!).
  You need not worry about journal pages, they are always safe.

  This comes to me from smilingesper:

    It might be worth including how Spiritual Hammers are THE weapon in the
    game...they do good damage (especially at high levels), you can use two at
    once, and even if they miss they attack again when coming's like
    4 attacks at once... and furthermore you can move backward while throwing
    so the enemy can't hit you.  They last really long too, more than enough
    for you to rest and re-memorize...  And they can't be absorbed by Living

Identifying Items:
  There are three ways to identify an item.  First, however, I would do a
  Detect Magic to check to see if you should even bother identifying.  Once
  that is out of the way, there are your three methods of Identifying.

    1.)  Trial and Error.  This is the only one available to every character
         class at all times in the game.  Simply use an item, and see what
         happens.  In the case of wands and potions, you will now know what
         that type of item does.  So if you use an Oak Wand, and it turns out
         that it is a "Wand of Unholy Butt-whupping", then forevermore every
         Oak Wand you pick up is already identified as the "Wand of Unholy..."
         This method does NOT work with Swords, Shields, Armors as you can't
         USE them.

         Only test potions by a slot machine with a gold coin in your inventory
         (or some other means of disposing poison). Only test helmets, robes
         and rings if you can remove curse. Never ever read unidentified books.
         Otherwise you can identify most items simply by seeing what they do.
         If you KNOW an emerald ring is a ring of dexterity there is no need to
         actually spend precious charges identifying it. Just keep a notepad
         handy. Also not all wands, potions and consumerable items will auto-id
         when used. Some will, but not all. (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

    2.)  The Scrying Glass.  This is the "Strange Mirror" that you pick up.  It
         has the power to identify the items in your hand when used in your
         other hand.  Neat, but has a limited amount of charges.  I would
         recommend Saving before using it, then identifying all Magic Items
         that you have, then loading.

    3.)  The Mage Spell Improved Identify.  This will identify any object
         currently being held in your hands.  Great, but only if you are a

  Most enemies normally immune to magic CAN be affected by touch and weapon
  type spells. This includes Vampiric Touch. (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

2. The Levels

Always explore the level completely!  You never know what you might find, a new
armor, a very nice weapon, a devastating wand.  The later levels get really
tough and you need all the items that you can get!

Tip: Don't just walk around looking at the map!  You will miss niches in the
     walls, and switches on the walls that open up new passages.

Each level has 2 normal types of enemies in them.  Plus some levels also have
a "boss".  Not really a boss, but just a much harder enemy of which you will
only find one.  Usually near the stairs down.

Tip: The spell "True Seeing" is your friend!  Not only does it work like a
     Detect Magic spell turning all magic items blue, but it also reveals the
     hidden passageways.  (you can't see them on the map, but you can see them
     on the normal screen)

If you fall down a pit, you can use the Grappling Hook to get back up.

Tip: When you find the stairs down to the next level, but you haven't finished
     exploring your current level yet, quickly go down them then back up.  Why?
     You get experience for passing the level!

Almost every item you get is used to open a door somewhere.  Bull's Horns,
Tiger Eyes, Agate Gems, etc.  When you find a locked door with a weird thing by
it that when you click it says "something is missing", you have found the lock.
Now you just have to put the right object there.  Tiger Eyes go onto a tiger,
Bulls' horn onto a bull, etc.  The harder ones are the Gems.  You can usually
see other gems, or sometimes just a similar color and texture to know which gem
to use.  Finally there are also other items like Red/Blue/Purple Mallets, which
you use on similarly colored Gongs.

Often you find the Key by killing an enemy somewhere.

Tip: Most doors open via a button that is located right on the door.  However,
     some open with a button that is located on another wall, try looking to
     the side, or across on the opposite wall.  Also realize that some buttons
     don't LOOK like buttons.  If you see an odd looking wall across from a
     door, click it to see if anything happens.

Once you reach the end of the Dungeon you will find the BOSS.  He could be any
number of creatures, and usually isn't too tough.  Once you beat him the game

Now for some tips on some things that you will find in various dungeons:

Underwater Level:  Make sure to have plenty of "Underwater Breathing" a cleric
                   spell of the Third Level.  Cast this and you will be fine.
                   If you don't have this spell you will take a small amount of
                   damage with every step and be unable to rest.  Also, there
                   is an Ioun Stone that covers Water Breathing.
                   Typical Enemies: Water Elemental, Water Weird

No Magic Zone:     This isn't a full level.  You'll know that you have entered
                   a No Magic Zone because you will have "a strange tingling".
                   While in the Zone you can't cast any spells.  However, any
                   spells you already had cast, such as Aid, are still in

Darkness:          This one is fairly annoying.  You can't see anything.  Since
                   your map still works that means that you have to use that
                   exclusively while in the Darkness.  So if you see a blue dot
                   you have to try to pick it up.  If there is a door you have
                   to find out how to open it, which could include unlocking
                   it.  Finding a keyhole isn't so difficult.  They are always
                   about 2/3 up the wall, so just grab a key and try to put it
                   in the center of the wall 2/3 up.

3. The Enemies

Enemies often have a range of hit points, that is, two enemies of the same type
often WON'T have the same amount of hit points!  Also realize that some enemies
have items on them that could be of great importance, so don't run away from

Ankheg             An acid spitting bug monster.

Balor              A tanar'ri-demon, hittable only by +1 weapons.

Blue               A dragon-resistant to magic, and immune to electricity.

Bone Naga          Skeletal snake, takes less damage from sharp weapons.

Bugbear            A large goblinoid.

Carrion Crawler    A giant centipede with a paralyzing bite.

Chimera            A fire spitting creature with 3 heads:  goat, dragon, lion.

Cockatrice         Cross between a bird and a lizard, its bite will petrify.

Death knight       An unturnable undead warrior.

Earth Elemental    A creature of Earth, hittable only by +2 weapons.

Elemental Lord     The final monster in the dungeon.  Immune to all magic,
                   hittable by +2 weapons only.

                   Note:  Is NOT immune to acid. Acid Storm him to death.
                          (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Ettin              A large tough two headed giant.  Very powerful, and very
                   dangerous (if not feyr dangerous).

Flesh Golem        Magical humanoid creation, hittable only by +1 weapons, and
                   resistant to most forms of magic.  These move slowly, so hit
                   and then drop back by 2 steps to wait for them to come up,
                   then hit them again.  Repeat.  You shouldn't get hit at all.
                   Warning!  Don't back into new enemies/pits/traps or you may
                   end out in a far worse situation than a mere Flesh Golem.

Gargoyle           +1 or better needed to hit this stone-like monster.

Ghoul              Ghost warrior-undead, resistant to death spells and cold.

Goblin             A wussy humanoid, usually seen only on the first level.

Grave Mist         Strength draining undead, hittable by +1 (or better)

Greater Feyr       An invisible blob.  A very tough enemy in that he ignores
                   your armor class.  Never ever fight two of these at once!
                   If you are forced to, do this:  hit one of them a few times,
                   then run away, rest, and come back.  Repeat as necessary.

                   Note: Does NOT ignore the silent -4 bonus to AC from
                         improved invisibility. Under influence of this spell
                         you will actually find that they miss quite often.
                         (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Greater Medusa     Shoots poison arrows and petrifies with its gaze.

Groaning Spirit    Hittable with +1 or better weapons, undead.

Hag                Fast robed figure.

Hobgoblin          A stronger version of the goblin.

Lich               Powerful unded, magic using, and requiring +1 or better
                   weapons to hit.

Living Muck        One of the worst enemies EVER.  If you attack him with a
                   sword, the sword will be ABSORBED into the Muck!  If you
                   kill him you may get your things back, but still... that's
                   evil! (it's not likely that you will get anything back,
                   however!) So attack with spells.  One good and easy spell to
                   use is Flame Blade, you can use it to attack like a weapon,
                   but it can't be absorbed!

                   Flameblade + Lich Touch is perhaps the best spell
                   combo, but THE weapon to fight mucks is two wands of
                   striking +3. (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Meazel             A hag like monster.

Minotaur           A half-bull half man warrior.

Mummy              Undead, +2 or better to hit.

Ogre Slug          These big things have a 50% protection against blunt
                   weapons, that is, if you hit them with a mace you do half

Orc                A wimpy humanoid.

Otyugh             A grotesque monster.  Has a lot of attacks.

Scaladar           Scorpion-type monster resistant to electricity, and bladed

                   Note: It is perhaps worth noting that they can emit a series
                         of lightning bolts that does a ton of damage. Those
                         scrolls of electricity resistence are meant for these.
                         (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Shade Warrior      An undead warrior. Wimpy.

Shade Wizard       An undead wizard, wimpy, but worth lots of experience.

Shadow             Strength draining undead, hittable only by magic weapons,
                   with a resistance to cold spells.

Shambling Mound    An animated compost heap.  Resistant to fire, lightning and
                   cold, with all weapons doing 1/2 damage.

Sheet Ghoul        An undead spitting corrosive acid.

Slithermorph       Immune to electricity, does a lot of damage.  At first
                   glance you might mistake this for a Living Muck, but then
                   its Snake Body pops out to attack.

Spectre            Undead, +1 or better to hit and its touch can drain levels.

Spirit Naga        A snake monster, with a poisonous bite.

Steel Shadow       An electricity reflecting undead.

Sword Wraith       An undead warrior.

Tlincalli          A poisonous half-man, half scorpion monster.

Troglodyte         A lizard warrior which reduces chances to hit.

Troll              Regenerating monster, well affected by fire.

Umber Hulk         Capable of confusion beetle monster.

Undead Beast       Resistant to fire and sharp weapons.

Watch Ghost        Resistant to cold, death, poison and paralysis.

Water Elemental    Hittable only by +2 weapons.  Only in water levels.

Water Weird        A tentacle-like monster, unaffected by sharp weapons.

Wererat            Hittable only by silver or magic weapons.

Wight              Silver or magic weapons only, level drain ability.  Save it
                   before you tangle with these guys, and if you lose levels,
                   restore it.  (Lvl 7 Cleric, Restoration)

Wraith             Silver or magic weapons only, level drain ability.

Wyvern             A dragon-like creature with poisonous sting.

Xill               A beetle man with paralyzing capability.

4.  Items

Items can be identified by use of the Scrying Glass, by using them, or through
the spell Improved Identify.  You can only identify items in your hand at that
moment, so place the item you wish to ID in your hands first.  The Scrying
Glass looks like a strange mirror.  If you use a wand, or any other usable item
such as a potion, you will learn not only what that item is, but every
identical item.  So if you use one Wand of Lightning, you will forevermore be
able to recognize Wands of Lightning.

This list comes from the Terratron guide, courtesy of Albert van Os.

                                  ITEMS LIST


Pipes of Feign Imagery- Let you detect secret doors and illusionary walls
Drums of Distant Thunder- Shoot bolts of lightning
Harp of Dispair- Instills fear in monsters.  Might not work on all monsters.
Lute of Well Being- Gives the character regenerative powers for a while,
                     also strengthens weakened character

IOUN STONES (from Mike)

Pale Blue - Rhomboid:         Ioun stone of +1 strength
Scarlet & Blue - Sphere:      Ioun stone of +1 intelligence
Incandescent Blue - Sphere:   Ioun stone of +1 wisdom
Deep Red - Sphere:            Ioun stone of +1 dexterity
Pink - Rhomboid:              Ioun stone of +1 constitution
Pink & Green - Sphere:        Ioun stone of +1 charisma
Pale Green - Prism:           Ioun stone of +1 experience level
Clear - Spindle:              Ioun stone of nourishment
Iridescent - Spindle:         Ioun stone of air (underwater breathing)
Pearly White - Spindle:       Ioun stone of regeneration
Pale Lavender - Ellipsoid:    Ioun stone of lesser spell absorbtion
Lavender & Green - Ellipsoid: Ioun stone of greater spell absorbtion
Dusty Rose - Prism:           Ioun stone of +1 protection
Dull Gray - Any:              Burned out ioun stone
Gold - Prism:                 Ioun stone of magic resistance
Bright Red - Rhomboid:        Ioun stone of dwarven eyes (darkvision)
Deep Blue - Ellipsoid:        Ioun stone of drain protection
Yellow - Spindle:             Ioun stone of petrification protection
Green - Ellipsoid:            Ioun stone of +1 saves

Note: Also an ioun stone of +1 protection does NOT conflict with other
      protection magic such as rings, bracers and magical armor, but it DOES
      conflict with other ioun stones of protection. That is there is no
      additional benefit from wearing a second one. (from Brian "maddog"

Scrying glass- By holding this in one hand, and an unidentified item in the
                other, the item will be identified upon using this mirror.

Dust of Remove Curse- Using it will remove a curse from any cursed item you
                       currently are wearing or holding.

Chime of Opening- Opens locks.
Chime of Hunger- A cursed item which, upon use, will decrease your food bar
                  to almost 0.

Dart- A simple throwing weapon which does very small damage.

Throwing Dagger- A simple throwing weapon which does small damage.
Dagger- Very weak hand-held weapon which does small damage.  Useable by M-U.
Dagger of Venom- +1 dagger which also holds poison and will inject a monster
                  on a good hit.

Rock- Useless except for weighing down plates.
Stone of Good Luck- Increases chance of avoiding disasters by 1, and helps
                     thieving abilities.

Staff - An extremely wimpy weapon, useable even by M-Users.  Does small damage.
Staff of Striking - A +3 weapon which does moderate damage.

Club - Wimpy hand-held weapon which does small damage.  Useable by M-U.
Mace- Decent hand-held weapon which does moderate damage.  Good for clerics.
Flail- Decent hand-held weapon which does moderate damage.  Good for clerics.
Morning Star- Decent hand-held weapon which does moderate damage.
Throwing Hammer- Throwing weapon which does small damage.
Maul of the Titans- Magical +2 weapon which inflicts 10-40 damage.
                     (Unfortunately you have to pick it up after every throw)

Axe- Decent hand-held weapon which does moderate damage.
Polearm- Two-handed weapon which does big damage.
Halberd- Two-handed weapon which does big damage.

Short sword - Hand-held weapon which does small damage.
Long sword- Hand-held weapon which does moderate damage.
Two-handed sword - Two-handed weapon which does huge damage.
Sword of Slaying - This does not increase damage, but have a chance to
                   instantly slay the preset monster. The word SLAY will be
                   displayed instead of normal damage. (from Brian "maddog"

Arrow- Missile for bows which inflicts small damage.
Arrow of Slaying - Magic arrow which is pre-set against a certain monster.
                   Against any other monster it is a +3 arrow, but it
                   instantly kills the monster it is set for if it hits.

Leather boots- Don't really do anything
Drow boots- Allow you to sneak up on monsters easier.

Robe- The only armour which a mage can use.  It doesn't do anything useful.
Leather armor- Lowers AC by 2.
Ring mail- Lowers AC by 3
Brigandine- Lowers AC by 3
Scale mail- Lowers AC by 4
Chain mail- Lowers AC by 5
Banded Mail- Lowers AC by 6
Bronze plate- Lowers AC by 6
Plate mail- Lowers AC by 7
Field plate- Lowers AC by 8
Dragonskin armor- Lowers AC by 7
Elven chain mail- Lowers AC by 5 (Thieves can use it, and it is lighter)

Cloak of Protection- Decreases AC by the amount of the plus, and increases
                      the chance of avoiding disasters by the same amount.
                      Cannot be used with ANY magical armour, or any normal
                      armour except for leather.  CAN be used with other items
                      such as bracers or rings of protection.
Cloak of Defenselessness- Cursed item which willincrease AC by the amount of
                           the minus, and decrease the chance of avoiding
                           disasters by the same amount.


Bracers of Protection- Decrease AC by the amount of the plus.  Cannot be used
                        with ANY magical armour, or any normal armour except
                        for leather.  CAN be used with other items
                        such as cloaks or rings of protection.
Bracers of Defenselessness- Increase AC by the amount of the minus.
Bracers of Archery- When using a bow and arrows, these increase the chance
                     of hitting by 2 and increase the damage by 1.

Grappling hook- Allows character to scale the sides of a pit.
                 (Almost essential)


Shield- Decreases AC by 1
Magic shield- Decreases AC by 1 + the amount of the plus.
Cursed shield- Increases the AC by amount of minus.


Magic helm- Decreases AC by 1 + the amount of the plus.
Cursed helm- Increases the AC by amount of minus.
Helm of underwater action- Allows character to breathe underwater on the
                            underwater level.
Helm of Stupidity- Cursed item which lowers Intelligence to 7.


Robe of Powerlessness- Cursed item which reduces intelligence to 3 and
                        makes M-U forget all his spells.  Must be removed
                        with Remove Curse.
Robe of the Archmagi- Increases chance of avoiding disasters by 1
                     - Serves as AC 5
                     - Gives wizard 5% Magic Resistance


Sling- VERY weak missile weapon.
Short Bow- Pretty weak missile weapon.


Apple - Replenish minor food
Iron rations- Replenish major food
Rations- Replenish moderate food


Holy symbol- Used to cast priest spells (Only available with priests)
Spellbook- Used to cast Magic-User spells (Only available with magic-users)
Thieves' tools- Used to pick certain locks (Only available with thieves)


Key- Open locks
Gem-When placed into appropriate carving or slot, open doors


Journal page - Contains a hint
Map parchment- Contains a map of the current level


Gold Coin- Major healing at orb machines
Silver coin- Lesser healing at orb machines


Gauntlets of Dexterity- Increase dexterity by 1-4 points (depending on
                         how much dexterity you currently have).
                       - Allows non-thief characters to pick locks as if they
                         were 4th level thieves.
Gauntlets of Fire Giant Strength- Give a strength of 22 for as long as they
                                   are worn. (One of the best items in game).
Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength- Give a strength of 19 for as long as they
                                   are worn.
Gauntlets of Ogre Power- Give a strength of 18/00 for as long as they
                                   are worn.


Armor of Fhang- Gives fire resistance to character
Helm of Fhang- Casts an aura of fear around character
Shield of Fhang
Sword of Fhang



Lost Armor of Midnight- No NORMAL weapon of steel can harm character
Lost Helm of Midnight- Allows character to see illusionary walls
Lost Shield of Midnight - Absorbs some of the damage.
Lost Sword of Midnight



Helm of Keign- Allows character to see invisible monsters
Plate Armor of Keign
Shield of Keign- Gives some magic resistance
Sword of Keign

COMPLETE SET:  Small amount of magic resistance


Ravenna's Elven Mantle of Warding - Cancels sleep, hold and paralyzation magic
Ravenna's Hat of Intellect
Ravenna's Signet of Priestly Skill
Ravenna's Staff of Swiftness



Hat of Onex- Increases chance of avoiding disasters.
Quarterstaff of Onex +4
Ring of Onex
Robe of Onex- Decreases time required to memorize spells

COMPLETE SET:  Small amount of magic resistance


Ghreu's Leather Armor of Free Action
Ghreu's Nimble Boots of Prowling- Grants feather falling and water walking.
Ghreu's Shield of Dexterity
Ghreu's Tools of Opening- Magically repair themselves a day after they
                           were broken.

COMPLETE SET:  Gives character power to detect illusionary walls and secret


Chainmail of High Priest Myrh
High Priest Myrh's Holy Symbol - Increases power of all clerical spells
Mace of High Priest Myrh - This is a mace of disruption. Any undead struck by
                           it must save vs. death or be instantly slain. Will
                           like all slaying weapons display SLAY in place of
                           normal damage when this occurs. (from nana
Steel Helm of High Priest Myrh

COMPLETE SET:  Increases power of clerical spells even further.


The Chain Armor of Phoos
The Helm of Phoos
The Mace of Phoos- Heals weilder whenever it delivers a good shot.
The Symbol of Phoos- Grants ability to pray for an aditional spell per
                      spell level.

COMPLETE SET:  Fire resistance


Book of Exalted Deeds- Cleric of good alignment ONLY.
                      - Will gain 1 point of wisdom and experience to put him
                        halfway to next level.
Book of Vile Darkness- Clerics of evil alignment ONLY
                      - Will gain 1 point of wisdom and experience to put him
                        halfway to next level.
Libram of Gainful Conjuration- Magic Users of neutral alignment ONLY
                              - Will gain enough experience to put him halfway
                                to the next level.
Libram of Ineffable Damnation- Magic Users of evil alignment ONLY
                              - Will gain enough experience to put him halfway
                                to the next level.
Libram of Silver Magic- Magic Users of good alignment ONLY
                       - Will gain enough experience to put him halfway
                         to the next level.
Manual of Bodily Health- Will gain 1 point of constitution.
Manual of Gainful Excercise- Will gain 1 point of strength.
Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms- Fighters, Rangers & Paladins
                                  Will gain enough experience to put him
                                  halfway to the next level.
Manual of Quickness in Action- Will gain 1 point of dexterity.
Manual of Stealthy Pilfering- Thieves & Bards ONLY
                             - Will gain enough experience to put him halfway
                               to the next level.
Tome of Clear Thought- Will gain 1 point of intelligence.
Tome of Leadership and Influence- Will gain 1 point of charisma.
Tome of Understanding- Will gain 1 point of wisdom.
Vacuous Grimoire- Will lose 1 point of intelligence and/or 2 points wisdom.


Protection from cold scroll- Protects from cold attacks
Protection from dragon breath scroll- Protects from blue dragon breath
Protection from electricity scroll- Protects from electrical attacks
Protection from gas scroll- Protects from gas attacks
Protection from level drain scroll- Protects from level drain by undead
Protection from magic scroll- Protects from magic attacks (Ex. magic missile)
Protection from petrification scroll- Protects from stoning by medusae
Protection from poison scroll- Protects from poisoning


Agate ring
Amythyst ring
Citrine ring
Copper ring
Diamond ring
Emerald ring
Garnet ring
Gold ring
Jade ring
Obsidian ring
Onyx ring
Opal ring
Pearl ring
Platinum ring
Ruby ring
Sapphire ring
Silver ring
Topaz ring


Ring of adornment- Useless ring which doesn't do anything.
Ring of constitution - Adds 1 point of constitution as long as it is worn
Ring of dexterity- Adds 1 point of dexterity as long as it is worn
Ring of feather falling - Character doesn't take damage from falling down pits
Ring of fire resistance- Character takes less damage from fire attacks.
Ring of free action - Cancels web, hold and paralyzation magic.
Ring of invisibility - Makes character invisible until he attacks a monster.
Ring of might - Makes attacks more powerful, allowing you to do more damage.
Ring of protection - Decreases AC by plus.  Doesn't work with magic armour.
Ring of provocation - Cursed item which attracts and enrages monsters.
Ring of regeneration - Regenerates hit points slowly
Ring of shocking grasp - When attacking with this hand, does 4-14 damage.

  Note: This ring will in fact increase the damage of BOTH weapons by a
        constant 14 when placed in the left slot (right hand on the dummy).
        This makes it THE ring to find. (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Ring of strength - Adds 1 point of strength as long as it is worn
Ring of sustain strength - Prevents strength drain by undead and special zones
Ring of sustenance- Eliminates need for food
Ring of weakness- Cursed item which drains both constitution and strength
Ring of wisdom - Adds 1 point of wisdom as long as it is worn
Ring of wizardry- Doubles the number of spells/spell level you can learn.
                   (Works only for a particular spell level)

  Note: All rings of wizardry appears to increase 5th level spells. I have
        found too many for it to be coincidence.  (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)


Amber Potion
Black Potion
Blue Potion
Brown Potion
Clear Potion
Crimson Potion
Ecru Potion
Gold Potion
Gray Potion
Green Potion
Khaki Potion
Lavender Potion
Magenta Potion
Orange Potion
Periwinkle Potion
Pink Potion
Purple Potion
Red Potion
Silver Potion
Tan Potion
Tangerine Potion
Topaz Potion
Vermillion Potion
White Potion
Yellow Potion


Aqua Regia - Useless potion which doesn't do anything.
Potion of Confusion - Makes it difficult to move or attack.
Potion of Extra Healing - Heals 6-27 hit points of damage.
Potion of Food Detection - Detects any food on the current level.
Potion of Giant Strength- Temporarily gives you strength of 19+.
Potion of Healing- Heals 4-10 hit points of damage.
Potion of Invisibility - Makes character invisible until he attacks a monster.
Potion of Monster Detection - Shows all the monsters on the current level.
Potion of 'Neutralize Poison' - Removes the poisoned condition.
Potion of Poison- Poisons character.  Thrown at monsters to poison them.
Potion of 'Resist Fire' - Character takes less damage from fire attacks.
Potion of Restore Strength - Restores any strength lost from undead/zones.
Potion of Speed - Allows character to move and attack twice as fast.
Potion of Vitality- Eliminates need for food temporarily.
Potion of 'Water Breathing'- Allows movement underwater without losing HP.
Oil of Fiery Burning- When thrown at monsters, inflicts 5-30 HP of damage.


Avacado Wand
Balsa Wand
Bamboo Wand
Birch Wand
Cedar Wand
Dogwood Wand
Driftwood Wand
Ebony Wand
Elm Wand
Hemlock Wand
Mahogany Wand
Manzanita Wand
Maple Wand
Oak Wand
Pine Wand
Poplar Wand


Mundane Wand - A useless, burned out wand.
Wand of Acid - Shoots acid in the direction you are facing.
Wand of Allurment- Teleports a monster in direction you're facing behind you.
Wand of Cold - Shoots a cone of cold in the direction you are facing.
Wand of Curing - Heals 6-21 hit points of damage.
Wand of Distance - Teleports a monster away.
Wand of Fire - Shoots a fireball in the direction you are facing.
Wand of Frost - Shoots frost in the direction you are facing.
Wand of Hasten Foe- A bad wand which speeds up monsters.
Wand of Hinder Foe - Speeds the character up, doubling movement and attacks.
Wand of Lightning - Shoots lightning in the direction you are facing.
Wand of Magic Missiles - Shoots magic missile in the direction you are facing.
Wand of Paralyzation- Paralyzes the monster if front of you.
Wand of Restoration- Restores any levels lost because of undead.
Wand of Smiting- When used as weapon, does 4-11 damage, plus extra vs.Golems

  Note: This is absolutely THE weapon of the game. Deals a ton of damage (25-40
        with ring of shocking grasp + gauntlet of fire giant strength). It
        deals full damage to Ogre Slugs making it one of the few weapons
        usuable by cleric to do so. Is the only weapon not absorbed by living
        mucks. (from Brian "maddog" Eriksen)

Wand of Trap Detection- Detects all traps on current level.


Amulet of Magic Missiles- Must be held.  When used, shoots magic missiles.
Amulet of Fireballs- Must be held.  When used, shoots fireballs.
Amulet of Magic Resistance- Character will take less damage from magic.
Amulet of Imminent Return- Teleports you to the latest teleporter or staircase
                           you used.
Necklace of Adornment- A useless, garbage amulet.


Agate - Fits on the scale
Amythyst - Fits into hilt of sword.
Blue mallet - Hit blue gong with it.
Bull's horn- Put it on bull's head.
Citrine - Use it upon an altar with an ankh on it.
Cornelian - Inserted into the strange, yellow mural.
Diamond- Fits into big golden jewel.
Emerald - Fits into skull with one green eye.
Garnet  - Insert it into a gem shaped mural.
Green mallet - Hit green gong with it.
Jade - Fits into two snakes face-to-face.
Lapis Lazuli - Fits on horned skeleton head.
Moonstone - Fits under picture of the moon.
Obsidian- Insert it into a anchor shaped carving.
Onyx - Fits into face of robed figure surrounded by three black gems.
Opal - Fits into spider web.
Pearl - Fits on one of two clams.
Plume - Fits on knight's head.
Purple mallet - Hit purple gong with it.
Red mallet- Hit red gong with it.
Ruby- Inserted into a colorful (mostly red) ornament.
Star Sapphire - Fits into star map.
Tiger Eye- Fits into one-eyed tiger.
Topaz- Fits into shield with hole.


Bone key - Fits into skull lock.
Brass key - Fits into dark yellow lock.
Chrome key - Fits into shining lock.
Copper key - Fits into copper-coloured lock.
Crimson key - Fits into red lock.
Crystal key - Fits into lock with a blue gem above keyhole.
Fire key - Fits into keyhole with a flame around it.
Flower key - Fits into keyhole with flowers on corners.
Frost key - Fits into snowflake lock.
Gold key- Fits into light yellow lock.
Holy key - Fits into ankh lock.
Iron key - Fits into metallic lock with a ring on top and bottom.
Key of faith- Fits into lock with a wreath around it.
Silver key - Fits into lock with brown center and crosses on top and bottom.
Stone key- Fits into light brown lock.

5.  Spells

  This list comes from the Terratron guide, courtesy of Albert van Os.

  NOTE:  The spells are pretty much arranged according to strength.  Therefore,
  Level 7 spells will be near the bottom, while level 1 spells will be close
  to the top.


    Burning Hands        -  fire based, touch spell.
    Detect Magic         -  indicated which items are magical.
    Magic Missile        -  distance spell, pure magic energy (not many things
                            are resistant to it)
    Shield               -  protects from missile attacks.
    Shocking Grasp       -  electricity based spell, touch.
    Chill Touch          -  cold based touch spell.
    Detect Undead        -  detects undead.
    Protection vs Evil   -  adds to saving throws.
    Blur                 -  lowers monsters chances to hit.
    Detect Invisibility  -  displays invisible monsters.
    Improved Identify    -  identifies items in your hands.
    Invisibility         -  makes you invisible until you attack.
    Prot from Paralysis  -  protects from paralysis.
    Melf's Acid Arrow    -  acid based distance attack spell.
    Aganazzer's Scorcher -  fire based spell.
    Dispel Magic         -  dispels magical effects.
    Fireball             -  fire based distance attack spell.
    Haste                -  doubles your movement and attack rate.
    Hold Person          -  holds humanoids.
    Hold Undead          -  holds undead.
    Invisibility 10'     -  just like invisibility.
    Lightning Bolt       -  electricity based, distance attack spell.
    Slow                 -  slows down a monster.
    Vampiric Touch       -  transfers some HP's from a monster to the caster.

      Note: Transfers HP dealt to your own as temporary HP (the bar will turn
            blue). However these are only temporary in the sense you have them
            until you lose them. There is no upper limit. You can literally
            have hundreds or thousands of "spare" HPs. A smart wizard will not
            let his HP bar be anything but blue after finding this spell. Also
            the spell will apparently stack with a ring of shocking grasp. A
            level 20 mage can transfer up to 70(!!) HP per use. (from Brian
            "maddog" Eriksen)

    Water Breathing      -  allows character to breathe underwater.
    Fear                 -  causes monsters to have worse chances of hitting.
    Ice Storm            -  cold based distance attack spell.
    Improved Invisibility-  same as invisibility, but doesn't expire after
                            attack. You gain a silent -4 bonus to AC when under
                            influence of this spell.
    Remove Curse         -  removes a curse from item.
    Cone of Cold         -  cold based distance attack spell.
    Hold Monster         -  holds any creature.
    Wall of Force        -  prevents creatures from going through the square.
    Death Spell          -  instantly kills a group of creatures.
    Disintegrate         -  dissolves a creature, works on undead.
    Flesh to Stone       -  petrifies monsters.
    Stone to Flesh       -  unpetrifies a stoned character.
    True Seeing          -  allows caster to detect illusions and magic.
    Acid Storm           -  acid based distance attack spell.
    Finger of Death      -  can instantly kill a single monster.
    Morden.'s Sword      -  creates a magic sword which will attack for the
    Power Word, Stun     -  stuns creatures.
    Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting  -  causes enemy to wilt and die.
    Bigby's Clenched Fist-  a physical attack, works against element
    Energy Drain         -  drains monsters casting ability.
    Meteor Swarm         -  powerful spell, causes lots of damage, distance,
                            and fire based.
    Power Word, Kill     -  instantly can kill monsters.
    Time Stop            -  stops time.
    Snilloc's Snowballs  -  cold based distance attack spell.
    Ilyykur's Mantle     -  adds to chance of avoiding disasters;protection vs.
    Missile Mastery      -  alter a flight of a missle.
    Snilloc's Maj. Missile  -  more powerful magic missle.
    Lich Touch           -  paralyzes and damages monsters;bestows undead
                            immunities on caster.
    Otiluke's Freezing   -  powerful cold based attack spell.


    Bless                -  give the caster a slight plus to hit, and damage
                            the monsters.
    Cause Light Wounds   -  touch spell, small damage.
    Cure Light Wounds    -  cures small amount of damage.
    Detect Magic         -  displays which items are magical.
    Protection from Evil -  reduces damage by evil monsters, and their chance
                            to hit.
    Turn Undead          -  causes undead to die or run, dependingly on
                            strength of caster.
    Lay On Hands         -  cures some damage.  Paladins only.
    Detect Pits          -  detects pits.
    Invisible to Undead  -  the caster becomes invisble to undead creatures.
    Aid                  -  gives you temporary hit points. When you take
                            damage, you will lose these first until they are
                            gone, then you take damage as normal.
    Flame Blade          -  creates a flame blade.
    Hold Person          -  holds humanoid monsters.
    Resist Fire          -  adds to chance of resisting fire based attacks;
                            reduces damage.
    Resist Cold          -  adds to chance of resisting cold based attacks;
                            reduces damage.
    Spiritual Hammer     -  creates a magical hammer which can be hurled at the
    Slow Poison          -  slows down the speed with which poison acts.
    Create Food/Water    -  creates food.
    Dispel Magic         -  dispels magical effects.
    Magical Vestment     -  lowers the character's AC.
    Neg Plane Prot       -  protects from attacks by undead.
    Prayer               -  adds to the characters chance ot hit.
    Protection from Fire -  same as resist fire, but more effective.
    Remove Paralysis     -  removes paralysis from the player.
    Remove Curse         -  removes curses from item.
    Water Breathing      -  allows character to breathe underwater.
    Blessed Warmth       -  gives some protection from cold spells, but this
                            spell is a little bit buggy isn't it? I tried one
                            time to makes my character invisible first then
                            casting this spell. Thrust me, even if my character
                            rested or if I attacked the enemy: the portrait of
                            my character was always shown like "invisible" but
                            wasn't in the game. Strange, huh? (from Mike)
    Cause Serious Wounds -  touch spell, causes moderate damage.
    Cure SeriousWounds   -  heals moderate amount of damage.
    Free Action          -  allows character to move unimpeded through
    Neutralize Poison    -  gets rid of the poisoned condition.
    Poison               -  posions a creature.
    Prot from Evil 10'   -  reduces damage from evil monsters and their chance
                            to hit.
    Prot from Lightning  -  adds to reducing damage from lightning attacks.
    Cause CriticalWounds -  touch spell, does large amount of damage.
    Cure CriticalWounds  -  cures a large amount of damage.
    Flame Strike         -  fire based, distance attack spell.  Quite strong.
    Raise Dead           -  may kill undead creatures.
    Slay Living          -  may kill living monsters.
    True Seeing          -  lets the caster see through illusions and detect
    Harm                 -  touch spell, takes all but 4 hitpoints of damage.
    Heal                 -  cures all but 4 hitpoints of damage.
    Heroes' Feast        -  fully fills up food.
    Sol's Searing Orb    -  creates fire orb which can be thrown at monsters.
    Fire Storm           -  fire based area spell.
    Resurrection         -  destroys undead monsters.
    Restoration          -  restores levels which have been lost to undead.
    Giant Strength       -  bestows temporary giant's strenght on the caster.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Q:  I just threw a missile weapon, and now I can't find it!

  A:  It's possible that you threw it through an illusionary wall.  Go
      straight ahead from where you threw it, and try going through the wall.

  Q:  What are Coins for?

  A:  There are 2 types of coins, silver and gold.  You will find a weird
      looking thing in walls that looks like a small Blue Gong with a slot
      under it.  Put a coin into the slot.  Silver gives you all HP, Gold
      gives you all HP and cures your status (like poison).

  Q:  I've found a door that I just can't open!  There's no buttons, or

  A:  This means that you are on the wrong side of the door, there is a
      lock/button but that it is on the other side.  Heh.

  Q:  I lost my weapon attacking some weird black blob, how can I get it

  A:  You can't.  If the weapon doesn't reappear (and it shouldn't) when you
      defeat the Living Muck, then it is gone for good.  This is really bad
      when you lose a Named Weapon (like the Mace of High Priest Myrh).

  Q:  Help! It won't let me cast spells!

  A:  That just means that you are in a No Magic Zone.  Move around until
      you get out of it.

7. Manual Questions

  These are all of the questions that you get asked at the end of various

    Page            Heading                         Word             Answer
    ====     ==============================         ====           ==========
     3       Generating Characters                    7            Attributes
     4       Character Basics                         3            Inhabit
     6       Classes                                  3            Characters
     9       Ability Scores                           5            Summary
     9       Alignments                               4            Fictional
    12       Racial Advantages                        4            Wondering
    13       After Selecting a Character              4            Selected
    14       A Crash Course in Spellcasting           6            Evil
    16       Examine Character Information           10            Appears
    19       Ready an Item                            5            Move
    21       Pray for Spells                          3            Examine
    22       Show Numbers                             5            Command
    25       Dungeon Depth                            9            Endure
    27       Enemy Spell Casting                      4            Shadows
    45       Damage                                   6            Loss
    46       Go On                                    4            Fails
    47       Ankheg                                   5            Enormous
    48       Cockatrice                               1            Infamous
    51       Goblin                                   5            Great
    52       Golem, Flesh                             8            Humanoid
    55       Naga, Bone                               5            Undead
    56       Otyugh                                   7            Gulguthra
    61       Watchghost                               3            Sometimes
    62       Xill                                     5            Brawny

8.  Cheats

  This section comes from the Terratron guide to Dungeon Hack, courtesy of
  Albert van Os.

  How to Cheat:
          Before starting "Dungeon Hack", set the following variable at the DOS
          prompt: "set aesop_diag=1"  This will activate the cheats.

            Note:  These cheats can KILL the file "AESOP.EXE", so BACKUP this
                   file before starting the game.

          After these preparations, you will have the following options in the

          Key             Effect
          [A]             Kill all monsters, simple yet effective.
          [T]             Enter text-mode.
          [I]             Walk through walls.
          [O]             Gain new item.

Final Words...

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