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Follow the dark path or use the light
Darkeden Pack Shot



Drug Wars: Underworld Guide

by Chaucer's Squire


Drug Wars - Underworld

      The Guide

By:  Chaucer's Squire

Version History:
01.00 - This one.  That's it.  This is numero uno.

Legal / Disclaimer
///Legal Notices by

Drug Wars - Underworld
Version 1.2
Published by Geek Phase Corporation

Copyright  2002-2003 Geek Phase Corporation. All rights reserved.
Drug Wars - Underworld, Geek Phase and the Geek Phase logo are trademarks of
Geek Phase Corporation.

///Copyright Infromation for FAQ:///

This FAQ may be not be used in part or whole in any way, shape, or form without
prior consent from the original creator and may not be edited in any way from
its original form. This FAQ also may not be used on any other web site other
than or in part or in whole under any circumstances.
Any person(s) or website caught using this FAQ improperly are punishable by
copyright laws. You may only use this FAQ for personal private use and may not
distribute it in any way, whether it be for profit or not. If you have any
questions regarding the use of this FAQ, please email me.  I'm really a nice
guy and don't mind distributing this for free, so long as you email and ask
first. For those of you who go off selling my faq, charts, etc. for profit, or
by publishing this information without my consent, may a plague be on your
home, business, and self until your ill-gotten guide is removed from your site.

To jump quickly down the guide, simply go to Edit, Find, and copy/paste in the
proper "Section Search Code" in the box.

///Section Title///                                ///Section Search Code///

"What's This Game About?"
Ch. 1:  Introduction to Game				    csdwuch1

"How Do I Play?"
Ch. 2:   Creating Characters				    csdwuch2
Ch. 3:   Starting a New Game				    csdwuch3
Ch. 4:   Using the Main Window			    csdwuch4
		///A.  Location Map///
		///B.  Character///
		///C.  The Market///
		///D.  Your Inventory///
		///E.  Action Buttons///
			--1.  Buy
			--2.  Sell
			--3.  Drop
			--4.  Charts
			--5.  Inform
			--6.  Thugs
		///F.  Messages///
		///G.  Status Bar///
Ch. 5:   Buying and Selling				    csdwuch5
Ch. 6:   Changing Locations				    csdwuch6
Ch. 7:   Items and Stores				    csdwuch7
Ch. 8:   Loans and Debts				    csdwuch8
Ch. 9:   Banks and Accounts				    csdwuch9
Ch. 10:  Encounters and Conflicts			    csdwuch10
Ch. 11:  Hospitals and Health				    csdwuch11
Ch. 12:  Charts						    csdwuch12

"How Do I Contact You?"
Ch. 13:  Credits						    csdwuch13

Introduction to Game
This game is basically a buy/sell game.  No highly intense action that keeps
your nerves on the edge of your seat.  No long-delayed role playing game that
takes forever leveling up your characters, going out on secret quests for some
sword.  No incredible graphics. It's just, basically, a plain text-based game
with some graphics. However...  If you are all about trying to get high scores
for things, this is your kind of game.  If you like pinball, the first version
of Mega Man, games like Galaga or Centipede, or just want an hour to kill
doing senseless fictional drug deals and gang wars without the stress, this is
your game. Think of this as an adult's version of "The Lemonade Stand."  Or
"Clickomania" with a little bit of more thought to it.

Creating Characters
If you are just trying to go for the top score, the only thing you really need
to do is raise your evasion and combat stats to 100.  Lower the other ones to
an equal level to ensure of your 100% range for the stats mentioned above.
Strength really doesn't add much, and bartering only lowers costs for bribery.
There are better ways to make money than by using strength and bribery...  So
ignore those stats.

Evasion = running away from combats altogether.
Combat  = increasing accuracy to hit opponents in scuffles.

Damage isn't that necessary. Especially when you hire thugs.  But if you don't
have a registered version, then you may want to tag on a little strength to
make up for it.  But even then, evasion and combat are the primary skills to
sink points into.  Run away from things when you're dirt poor, then when you
have a posse' and you're packin', you'll be owning those tricks like you're a
P.I.M.P.  And then you loot the corpse and take their cash.

You don't even really have to worry about sinking points in combat either.
If you just go for the highest score possible, evasion is all you need.  Just
keep running.  And if you have the registered version, the thugs you hire will
do all of the work for you.

Starting a New Game
Since only registered users can create their own, I will simply focus on that.
(Non-registered users can only have a thirty day game, and only in New York.)

Registered users can have their choice of shuffling between New York, Austin,
and Amsterdam.  Personally, I just stick to one location and stay, not flying
around all over the place, simply because you lose time doing that instead of
buying things.  You could use informants, and at times you could rack up a
giant profit off of a tip, but many times it comes at inopportune times -
you land, and then you can't cash in on the tip because a day has passed.  Or,
when you fly, you have to buy another mode of transportation, more weapons,
etc. just to get around.  I would only reccomend flying in longer games
(90 days or longer.) But to each their own, I suppose.

Remember - even if you never receive a tip on the cops, you can still get
busted when you land that plane.  Once you sell those drugs for that big
profit, you can still lose it. And you lost a day getting there for the bust.
Very innefficient.  And costly.

If I would reccomend one place to go, I would pick Austin.  The reason for
this is very simple:  When you have too much money and don't know what to do
with it, you stick it in a bank to accrue interest.  The East Side of Austin
has a bank that gives you 10% interest - the highest in the game that I have
seen.  If you stick to a 30 day game, you should start here.  Make your big
deals, your big buys, and stick the rest in a 10% account. You'll never be

I should also mention that you cannot "save" your game...  Which is why I
usually just stick with 30 day games.  A normal 30 day game will take about
an hour of your time if you're really trying to go for a high score, and not
just walking around blasting everyone. A 180 day game could take you a better
half of an afternoon, and a 365 day game is... well...  for those really bored,
and you have nothing else to do while they're on vacation. Just remember...
YOU CAN'T SAVE!  So if the power goes out, you're hosed.

Using the Main Window
	///A.  Location Map///

This map simply gives you the five areas that you can go to.  Certain areas
give you access to better banks, places to accept/pay loans, use the airport,
stores, etc. Usually the starting points of each game is the area where you
need to return to for these places, but each game is random, and can add in
it's own random things.

	///B.  Character///

This basically shows you how much money you have, what's in the bank, how
much you owe, and how much damage you have taken.  This also shows how much
space you have used in your inventory, and how much total space is available.

	///C.  The Market///

This shows you what is available to buy, the prices per product, and the
amount available to buy.  You can change how items are listed by clicking on
the title columns.  This will alter items listed in either alphabetic/reverse
alphabetic order; or by price, highest to lowest, or vice versa.

	///D.  Your Inventory///

Basically, the same as the market, but listing all of your inventory you have
on hand from the purchases you've made.

	///E.  Action Buttons///

Here's where most of the action comes from.  You will have your choice of six
differnt options, provided you registered for the game.

		--1.  Buy
		--2.  Sell
		--3.  Drop
		--4.  Charts
		--5.  Inform
		--6.  Thugs

--1.  Buying:  Click on the drug you want to purchase, then hit the buy
  button.  It will ask you how much you want to buy first, defaulting to
  the highest amount you can carry/available.  Select the amount, then hit
  OK.  Buy stuff when it's cheap!

--2.  Selling:  Same as buying, but out of your own inventory.  Sell stuff when
  it's expensive!

--3.   Dropping:  If you need to get rid of products that you don't want
  (especially if you are paranoid of getting busted by drug sting) you can drop
  your products.  But let me offer this bit of advice instead.  If possible,
  sell it anyway.  Selling usually doesn't trigger busts.  Buying does, at
  least from my own experience.

  Also, if you show up at a place that doesn't have any of the product you want
  to sell, just drop 1 of that product,especially if you need to ditch it for a
  better deal on another product.  The 1 drop that you did will now show up on
  the market at a price.  You can then sell the rest of your product to that
  price instead of dropping all of it.

  There have been times where you show up somewhere and the product isn't
  there.  For example, I had 100 heroin on me, with an average price of about
  7000.  A great deal.  But now I have to drop this to make room for the coke
  that dramatically lowered it's price to 14000, and there's a lot of it, and
  I need to make room.  I sold all of the other stuff, but still needed to
  make more room... So, I had to drop 7000 for one heroin.

  BUT!  When this happened, the price of heroin showed up on the market worth
  almost 12000. So, not only did I free up room for the cheap coke, I also was
  able to sell the heroin at a profit, even if I initially lost 7000 on the
  drop.  And then I made a killing on the coke later...

  Dropping in short:  It's useful.  Don't think it sucks.

--4.  Charts:  First, you need to buy a laptop to get this option to work for
  you. Once you do, you can follow peaks and valleys in prices, and try to
  anticipate when there will be a spike in certain places for prices on
  specific products.  Honestly though, in my opinion, I keep better track of
  trends using a spreadsheet program.  I have a chart of my own that I follow
  very well, and I tend to get some amazing scores because of it. See this at
  the end of the faq.

  In short:  The charts on this game aren't very reliable.  Save money.  Don't
  buy a laptop.

--5.  Informants:  In order for informants to be effective, you first need to
  buy something to communicate with them.  A pager, a cell phone, something.
  Secondly, your informants will only tell you what's going on in their
  locations.  Finally, I tend to find them very unreliable, in comparisson to
  the words out on the streets.  These are much more reliable, and I don't have
  to pay them.

  As a side note, I have even had informants give incorrect information.  A big
  increase in meth, for example, and I show up with a bunch, and something else
  increased instead... Very frustrating.

  I never hire informants.  I just don't reccomend it.  It's a waste of money.
  You'd think that if you spent more money on the more expesive ones, they'd
  offer you better tips, or at least more often.  But that's not the case
  either.  It's trial and error.  And some of them NEVER give you tips...
  Not per day, not per tip, not permanently.

  Two simple words:  RIP OFF.  Use the word on the street.  It's NEVER been
  wrong yet.

--6.  Thugs:  Two more simple words:  BIG MONEY.  These guys, in contrast to
  the informants, are worth every cent.  Not only do they assist you in your
  battles, but they are also another way to maximize your inventory space.
  Buy them at their up front cost, always. When you fight, they will do the
  work for you, and even in just battles alone from looting corpses, they
  will pay for themselves.  Plus the extra space they give you can really
  have a positive impact on your score.  They are also a cheap alternative
  to getting massive space.  A large trenchcoat, a backpack, and a cargo
  pants will give you an additional 75 space. Each thug gives you roughly
  20 space.  But they also fight your battles too.  And you don't have to
  pay them a dime for ammo.  Very, very handy men.  They also improve in
  combat for every fight you put them in.

  If you play your game right, you can, with the assistance of a big rig
  truck, the three items mentioned above, and a number of thugs, accumulate
  a maximum inventory of 1000.  You can't get any higher than this, according
  to my many games of play, and you can only hire so many thugs.  I have
  watched as I tried buying the same thug four or five times, only to watch
  my cash dwindle and the thug not join my party...  So if you buy a thug, but
  he doesn't disappear off of the list, you have too many.  Stop buying thugs.
  You could get rid of your truck and go back to a bike and get more thugs...
  But I don't know if you'd be able to max out then.  Transportation basically
  gives you an extra day to buy/sell, so you always want to have
  transportation as soon as you can afford it.

  I never actually have played a long enough game where I needed to fire a
  thug to get a better one.  But I'm sure those situations happen, and it is
  reccomended to swap out lesser thugs for better ones.  They're still worth
  it. Every penny.

  In short, two more simple words:  Buy Thugs!

///F.  Messages///

These pop up every now and then to tell you that informants want to talk to
you, words out on the street about police raids or mafia activity, prices
dropping or increasing, and so on.  Pay close attention to words out on the
street.  These are never, ever wrong.

///G.  Status Bar///

This will show you information about the product you selected in the market
or inventory. A calculator will show you how much you will gain/lose by
selling it, and if you have a laptop, it will show you if the price has
recently been raised/lowered, and get an average price for products in the
market in that game. But again, not as reliable as my chart at the end of this

Buying and Selling
Duh!  This is the most important part of the game!  Buy things when they're
low, sell them when they're high!  Not when YOU'RE high!  It's really just that
easy!  See the charts section (csdwuch14) to see the average costs for things,
and pay close attention to the 20% discount column.  Remember the dropping
trick I taught you in the Main Window section. You could use it.

Changing Locations
Simply click to new locations on the map to move there.  Explore the prices of
things in the shops, if you can pay off loans, make new ones, take off at
airports, etc. while there before you buy/sell stuff just to give you a mental
note of things.  If you have a vehicle of any kind (motorcycle is nice for this
- but don't ask how all of the thugs get on it with you! they must be circus
dwarfs or something...) it will basically allow you to go from "morning" to
"night" instead of just moving up a day each time you move. When given the
chance to buy a vehicle, do so.  You might start off slow again, but you are
effectively doubling your time while moving to new locations by having it.  By
day 15, you should have one already.  I've been lucky a few times on some
amazing deals, and have been able to pull out a bike on day 5.  That 30 day
game turned out to be a ten million dollar score, after getting busted twice!
Eeerrrggggghhhh!  But still, a nice score for 30 days.

Items and Stores
In terms of the store, you should only concern yourselves with the following

For carrying more items:
*Backpack (adds 50 max inventory space)
*Cargo Pants (adds a petty 5 max inventory space)
*Large Trenchcoat (adds 20 max inventory space)

For transportation:
*Motorcycle first, then when you can "upgrade" -
*Big Rig (also adds 150 max inventory space)
 All vehicles will also give you "morning" and "night" to shop around,
 instead of just adding a day when you move from one location to another.
 It  basically doubles your possible score from that point on.  Buy a
 vehicle a.s.a.p.!

If you absolutely "need" to use weapons...
*Body Armor (only if you're not using thugs)
*Uzi, 9mm
*9mm ammo
As a side note, these three items will also use up one inventory space apiece.
If you add a laptop and other such things, each of those will also add one
inventory space.

That's it.  The Uzi will take out, usually, one person every time you fire.
Ammo is costly though, but chances are, if you're using a weapon anyway,
you don't care about the cost... So, mow 'em down.

Loans and Debt
Yeah.  They have loan sharks out there.  And you'll hate them too.  It really
sucks only given $2000, and then having to pay back $20,000...  What a rip off.
But drug dealers gotta come up with the money somewhere...  So hence the loan

This is hard-wired into the game, so you aren't getting around it.  Or are

In a short game, such as a 15 or 30 round game, you could feasibly just run
away all of the time and never pay the debt.  But after a while, it does get
pretty tiring.  So I just pay it when the time rolls around.  Why not sooner?
There have been times I could pay off a loan at turn 5, but when I tried, he
still wants a huge portion of the profit anyway.  So  you still end up paying
close to $20,000...  So I usually just keep the money anyway and  use my
profit I've made so far to just keep increasing it.  I do sometimes run away
if I have a huge deal, like if a particular drug is going to increase the
next day.  I just run, or I can always say "Pay Later."  The first time, he's
nice.  The next time he hits you.  Then he does it again for more damage the
next time.  And the next.  You get the idea...  Pay it off as soon as you can,
so that you're not losing a tremendous amount of profits.  He'll still charge
you more and more interest as time goes on.  So if possible, pay it off a day
or two early even.

I suppose you could potentially run all the time, or better yet, every time
just gun the dudes down and take their cash.  That way, you always know that
you'll have a combat coming each day, and basically have an endless supply of
cash.  I did this for a number of rounds, then just got fed up with it and
paid him off.  But it was pretty funny using a lot of his thugs' own money
to pay off a large percentage of the amount due.

One last thing on loans.  If you're near the end of the game, and you have a
killer increase coming up, and you're just short a little bit, take out a
loan. If the loan lasts for 15 turns, and the game will only last for 10,
take a loan!  You don't have to pay it back at the end, so who cares!  Use
that extra money to buy coke cheap, and then sell it for a huge profit, right
at the end.  :)  It sucks for the loan shark!  It's about time HE got screwed
over for a change, right!?

Banks and Accounts
Banks are a great way to hold large amounts of cash, so that in the event that
you are in fact busted by a drug raid, you don't lose half of your total worth.
Banks are in fact, a great safety net.

However...  You CAN have your bank account frozen and seized completely.
This doesn't happen too often in shorter games (< 31 turns), but you may have
it happen once or twice in longer ones.  I actually had a friend have several
10% interest bank accounts open up on a 365 day game.  He was busted by the
police, and lost a huge amount of money.  So he opened up his first account
and tried to withdraw, and it was seized.  No money.  He lost, literally,
fifty million dollars.  He tried #2.  Seized.  Same amount lost.  #3.  Same.
#4... When it was all said and done, all but one account was seized.  He
finished the game, all 365 days, with only have earned $30 Million.  That's
it, for all of his hard work.

Hard lesson learned.  So this is how to basically get around that.
First off, you'll be o.k. if you use the same bank account for the entire
game, so long as it's a short game.  You may, just in case, want to have two
or three of them as a backup. I usually have one account where I just deposit
huge amounts of cash into, and just let it sit...  Perhaps when coke is
really low, or will increase within the next day would I consider tapping
into this account.  I just let the interest keep this going high.

A second account would be made then with the same interest rate, but put in
secondary money. You can pull out all of the money if you'd like, leaving
just the minimum balance juts to keep the account going.  Use this to spend
on items, buy drugs, etc.  But always replenish it with any excess cash that
you wouldn't otherwise throw into the heavy account.  My rule is usually any
millions made on a deal, throw in just the millions in the heavy.  Keep the
$100,000's in the secondary to make large #'s of purchases, or expensive ones.

Finally, one third account can be made, even if it only has a little of
interest.  This is just to hold onto your cash temporarily, if you get a sixth
sense that you may get busted and lose a large amount of cash.  Stick a lot of
it in there, then if anything goes wrong between purchases, you have a large
amount to start with when you get out of jail from this account.  Just close
the account, and make a new one when your sixth sense picks up again.

After a while of depositing large amounts of cash into your primary
holding tank of moola, close the account, and make a new one.  This way you
won't punch your monitor in the event that your account does, in fact get
seized.  I can't prove this yet, but I have a feeling that there is a random
timer of the number of times that the account is used.  Once it reaches a
certain number of "accessed" times, it is seized.  So it doesn't hurt to
just start a new one every so often, just to be safe.  It's not like it
costs you anything.  So it honestly doesn't hurt one bit.

Shop around for good banks.  And always use ATM banks.  Very, very
handy.  And as stated very early, East Side in Austin usually has the 10%
interest you are looking for.  Nice bank.  :)

Encounters and Conflicts
According to Geekphase, there are five types of major encounters:

*The Cops
*Mafia Enforcers
*Loan Sharks
*Non-Conflict Events

	The Cops
Why is the man always trying to put down your operation?  They always try
to get in your way, shooting at you, trying to bust you, take away your
stuff...  But hey man, you can run from the man, you can even bribe the
man to look the other way, but better yet, you can "fight" the man.  A
successful "fight" can even give you some extra cash, so nail the man with
your posse.  Or if you work alone, nail him yourself.  Sometimes it's
better when it's personal.

Sometimes The Cops can have anywhere from just one officer, to a detective
and a few officers, to a large group.  Usually speaking, the higher the
number of people in the group, the bigger the payoff you'll have from
looting the corpse.  But that's not always the case.  In terms of threat
and how much damage they can do, accuracy, etc. The Cops generally do pretty
well in combat.  If you're losing, you may want to just suck it up and
surrender.  I usually just say "screw that" and start over.  Surrender
to the man!? Never!

	Mafia Enforcers
Much like The Cops, Mafia Enforcers try to teach you not to mess around
in their businesses. You're stealing their business!  You're on their
territory, doing their work, but they aren't getting their "share of
protection..."  So teach them a lesson like the man, or run like hell.
You can bribe them too, as their way of getting paid for the "protection"
they offer.

Again, as like The Cops, the Mafia Enforcers can range anywhere from
just one guy to a great many.  The higher the amount of fighters, the
more money you'll usually receive. As far as combat goes, I tend to think
that these guys do a better job than the cops.  I've been mowed down
pretty good by these guys at times, and need a couple of turns to recover
from it.  But maybe they're just luckier than the cops.

These punks think they own the place.  Time to own them to put them back
in their place in society.  That'll teach them a lesson of how real life
works.  Tell 'em to bite the curb so you can kick them in the back of
the head...

As above, greater the number, higher the cash.  But I'm telling you...
I usually don't get a lot of money from these guys, but these guys are
usually a pushover in combat.  I once got in a fight with one of these
guys, and just had my fists.  I was doing 2%-5% damage when I actually
hit them.  I believe they had a gun, and couldn't shoot worth crap.  I
ended up killing the gang member with my own fists, after taking some
damage. When it was all said and done, I think I only made a couple
hundred dollars.

	Loan Sharks
When it's time to pay up, it's time to pay up.  Here you could
potentially run away from them all of the time so you never have to pay,
or each day have another target to shoot at. This is completely your
decision for dealing with them.  But honestly, after each day of them
popping up on the screen, they just get very irritating...  So I have
since just learned to pay off the loan as soon as possible.  If you pay
it off early, he will still charge you a large sum as a penalty...  It
sucks, but sometimes it's better than paying off the entire $20,000 he'd
normally charge you.  You save a little money this way...  But at the same
time, if a huge deal comes up and you need that money, sometimes it's better
to just run away for a while so you can cash in on those huge deals.
Otherwise, if you pay it off, you could lose a lot of potential profit for
your score.  What's an extra $1500 in interest, if you are going to end up
making over $25,000 in profit if you "don't" pay him? Be wise with your
money.  It's your score.

	Non-Conflict Events
Every now and then, a window will pop up and something "special" will
happen.  These include the following:
*You find a type of drug, and some random amount for it.  Pure profit!
*Same as above, but you DROP some of your inventory (accidentally, I
 suppose!  Whatever!)
*You get busted by the cops.  1/2 of your cash taken, and all drugs.  This
 one will ruin your day.  Especially if it happens multiple times.  I had
 a really good game going last night, where I had my loan payed off and a
 motorcycle on day 7...  By the time day 13 came,  I had been busted twice.
 I decided I had enough, and just went to bed early...  Aaarrggh!
*Your bank account gets seized.  This is another one of those where you
 just want to throw your mouse at the screen and quit.  And this is why
 you always close accounts and start new ones.
*Some desperate guy comes up wanting to buy a specific drug for a huge
 Profit for you.  If you got it by chance, or if you've been reading your
 tips, you can really clean up here. More often than not, these guys only
 want small amounts rather than cases of the stuff. The profits from these
 deals are very, very high though.  It's sort of a gamble to decide just
 how much to bring along with you if you're following a tip, especially if
 the base price you're buying his drug at is high...  You can end up buying
 morphine for $3500 each, buying ten of them, and then he only wants one,
 but pays you $7000 for it.  And then you have to try to sell it to get rid
 of it, or buy more at a lesser price to equalize your loss...
*Some dealer comes up offering you usually small amounts of a drug really,
 really cheap. Sometimes you get lucky, and he's carrying a lot...  It's
 basically a reverse of the desperate guy, but instead of having the drugs
 on hand, you have to have cash on hand. Again, the problem is guessing how
 much he's going to sell you.  You can show up with enough to buy a truck
 full of it, but then he only sells you one and you lose a lot of
 potential interest in a bank...  Or you show up with enough to buy ten or
 fifteen, and he wants to dump even more on you, but now you can't afford
 it.  If you want to err on the side of risk, bring a wad of cash.  If that
 big deal comes up, you'll be ready to make a killing...  If you'd rather be
 safe and calculated about it, bring enough to buy maybe 20 of a product, and
 leave the rest of the cash in the bank.  I often side on the safety, because
 more times than not, you won't get a guy selling you more than 20 of
 something.  But I've missed some huge deals by being too cautious...
 It's really your call.  This is a true gamble in this game.

Hospitals and Health
Hospitals are for wusses.  Your body can generally heal naturally on it's own
after a period of time, so long as your injuries are not below 51%.  If you
are at 50% health, your health will not improve, and it will not get worse.
If it's below 50%, you will eventually start getting worse and losing more
health as time goes on.  So get that health back up to 51%, and then start
naturally healing.  It may take a while, but it's worth saving a little money
on this.  I just tend to watch my health carefully, and if I'm still not well
enough to fight a battle, I just run.  Save some money, and don't take the
risk of getting killed. A "0" for a score isn't good.  You can always buy body
armor too, so that you don't have to worry about your health deteriorating.
The armor will take the damage for you instead.

Now, what you've all been waiting for...

This chart below is a compilation of many, many averages throughout many
different games, over many different places.  This should give you a realistic
look on every game, not just the current one that you are playing...  The
laptop prices can often be misleading...  And that's why I made up my own
chart to follow.  I tend to buy items that are anywhere close to the 20% off
column, and obviously if they are even less than this number, I buy it.

As a rule, especially starting out, I tend to get Acid, Mushrooms, or Weed.
This works out well at the beginning for some reason, and the profits are
pretty good.  But always go by the chart, as you can have highs for those
three starting out, and lows for other things.

Now, the chart!

				Average Price		20% Discount of Average

Acid . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2439.4	. . . . . . . . . . .$ 1951.5
Angel Dust - - - - - - - - - $  884.8	- - - - - - - - - - -$  707.8
Cocaine . . . . . . . . . . .$24795.4	. . . . . . . . . . .$19836.3
Crack - - - - - - - - - - - -$ 2002.8	- - - - - - - - - - -$ 1602.2
Crystal Meth . . . . . . . . $  885.8	. . . . . . . . . . .$  708.6
Extasy - - - - - - - - - - - $   33.6	- - - - - - - - - - -$   26.9
Hash . . . . . . . . . . . . $  653.6	. . . . . . . . . . .$  522.9
Heroin - - - - - - - - - - - $ 9762.8	- - - - - - - - - - -$ 7810.2
Mescaline . . . . . . . . . .$ 3708.2	. . . . . . . . . . .$ 2966.6
Morphine - - - - - - - - - - $ 1457.2	- - - - - - - - - - -$ 1165.8
Mushrooms . . . . . . . . . .$  611.4	. . . . . . . . . . .$  489.1
Rippers - - - - - - - - - - -$  380.8	- - - - - - - - - - -$  304.6
Speed . . . . . . . . . . . .$10151.2	. . . . . . . . . . .$ 8121.0
Valium - - - - - - - - - - - $  596.2	- - - - - - - - - - -$  477.0
Weed . . . . . . . . . . . . $  195.6	. . . . . . . . . . .$  156.5

Well, hopefully you enjoy the faq I made for you.  I tried to add in every
ounce of information that I have discovered as time goes on.  If you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to email me.  I'd like hearing from
you, especially if you have any corrections you've found and I can verify.

Chaucer's Squire - Email:  [email protected]

Again, if you would like to use this faq on your own website, please email
me to get permission first.  Don't just steal it, post it, and try to take
credit for it.  I spent a lot of time working on this for everyone, and to
give it away for free.  I'm not asking for any special recognition, a link to
your site, any of that...  Just an email to ask, that's all.  In almost every
situation, I will grant the permission.

Thanks for your time.  And happy smuggling!