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Follow the dark path or use the light
Die by the Sword Pack Shot

Die by the Sword



by Zolcos

______ _        _             _   _            _____                       _ 
|  _  (_)      | |           | | | |          /  ___|                     | |
| | | |_  ___  | |__  _   _  | |_| |__   ___  \ `--.__      _____  _ __ __| |
| | | | |/ _ \ | '_ \| | | | | __| '_ \ / _ \  `--. \ \ /\ / / _ \| '__/ _` |
| |/ /| |  __/ | |_) | |_| | | |_| | | |  __/ /\__/ /\ V  V / (_) | | | (_| |
|___/ |_|\___| |_.__/ \__, |  \__|_| |_|\___| \____/  \_/\_/ \___/|_|  \__,_|
                       __/ |                                                 
Die By The Sword
FAQ and Max Score Walkthrough
Copyright 2010 Anthony Heathcoat
Version 1.0

[0] Preface
[0.1] Introduction
[0.2] Control advice
[1] Walkthrough
[1.1] Kobold Caverns
[1.2] River Run
[1.3] Warren Crawl
[1.4] Orc Stronghold
[1.5] Lost Temple
[1.6] Dwarven Mines
[1.7] The Master's Castle
[1.8] The Final Battle
[2] Enemies
[2.1] Kobold
[2.2] Orc
[2.3] Trog
[2.4] Mantis
[2.5] Ogre
[2.6] Magmar
[2.7] Spirit Warrior
[2.8] Dwarf
[2.9] Skeleton
[3] Contact
[4] Legal

[0] Preface
[0.1] Introduction
Die by the Sword is one of the most groundbreaking games of all time. A 3D
action-adventure title, based on swordfighting, with full 1-to-1 sword control,
and damage/dismemberment based on momentum and force. Made in 1998. Verily,
DBTS is super old by the time I'm writing this in 2010 and still no game has
been able to pull off what it did all those years ago. Kind of hard to believe
that Treyarch went from making this, to becoming a Call of Duty sweatshop for
Activision. But such is the industry. There's even multiplayer, which can also
be played alone against bots.

[0.2] Control advice
The precision sword control in DBTS uses a scheme called VSIM. Just using VSIM
is most people's major obstacle to playing this game. There is an "arcade mode"
where you can just press buttons for predefined slashes, but while it frees you
from the challenges of dexterity posed by VSIM, you'll be less effective in
battle, and it's really no fun. Use VSIM, it's totally worth it.

But how? You can do VSIM with the number pad, but it's clunky -- clearly, the
developers intended you to use an analog stick. However, this game was made
long before the advent of dual-analog gamepads, when the only PC joysticks
commonly available were huge flight-sim joysticks with no buttons (you'd have
your other hand on the keyboard). Using something like that is certainly an
adventure but it's too slow and you'll probably break your joystick slicing
around with it. I was able to get a dual-analog gamepad working with the game,
and I'll explain how. Here's a breakdown of the VSIM control schemes and their

Keyboard - no analog
Joystick - only reads the first available stick and no buttons
Gamepad - no VSIM mode at all

For starters, choose Joystick.

You'll probably want to use the right stick for VSIM, but only the left is
supported. Fear not; you can use a free program called PPJoy to swap the
sticks. Create a virtual controller, then use the Joystick Remixer to map the
sticks from your real pad onto the virtual one. The first stick has axis
X and Y; the second stick has axis RX and RY. So, in the Joystick Remixer, set
the X and Y axis to your real controller's RX and RY, then set its RX and RY to
your real X and Y. Be sure to save your config. You need to have this program
running while you play for it to work, and you'll have to reload the config
each time. One more thing to do: this game is old enough that it can only
recognize one controller. Go into Control Panel > Game Controllers > Advanced.
In the field that says "Choose the controller you want to use with older
programs", select your PPJoy virtual controller. This way, DBTS will read your
stick-swapped controller instead of your real one.

Great, you got VSIM working. But now the left stick does nothing and you can't
map your buttons! This one is easier to fix. Get a controller-to-keyboard
program such as xpadder. Map your left stick to WASD and your buttons to the
keyboard. If you have trouble with movement being too twitchy, I recommend
reducing the size of the diagonal zone considerably, and increasing the dead
zone to at least 33%. 

Important buttons are Crouch, Jump, Climb, Pause (Esc), Action, Hide Weapon.
Secondary are Block/Extend, Compass, Show Damage. Definitely map the main 4
camera controls: Normal, Scout, Raised, Fixed. These are important because one
is your first person view, and the others are your high/medium/low cameras
useful for spotting tunnels and such. Also, be ready to switch since some of
the angles make your camera get stupid when fighting -- they'll give you a
cinematic view that makes it impossible to fight coherently. The normal camera
always keeps centered directly behind Enric, making it easier to fight. Many
people don't seem to know this and quit playing in the first level due to the
"bad camera". I never used the glance camera. The the Custom Move buttons only
do anything if you set macros in the Move Editor -- you can get by just fine
without doing that, but it's fun if you have any buttons left.

If you want to work the menus too, map the arrow keys over your WASD -- they
won't interfere with each other. The Jump button will use menu items and
whatever you map to Esc/Pause will exit the menu.

[1] Walkthrough

[1.1] Level 1: Kobold Caverns
Scoring: 11 Enemies
5  ) Killed solo Kobold ambusher / Portcullis was closed behind you
15 ) Survived the three-Kobold ambush
10 ) Found Kobold secret hideaway / ???????
5  ) Eluded rope-trap / Got caught in rope-trap
15 ) Killed Orc waiting in rope-trap Room
20 ) Secured dock room
30 ) In Perfect Health
+5 ) Bonus for finding secret riverside potion
Subtotal 105/100

Cutscene: Kobolds capture Maya
Autosave: Behind the Rockslide

You start in a tunnel. In the first room, one Kobold will run off to the next
room while the other hits a lever to close the portcullis it went through. He's
defenseless while doing the lever-pulling animation. Once he's dead, pull the
lever again to open the portcullis back up.
Don't run to the next room right away. When you first enter this room from the
starting tunnel, to your immediate right is another very narrow tunnel leading
to a tiny side-room with another Kobold. This guy would otherwise wait for you
to continue and close the portcullis behind you (-5 points). Kill him now. Go
back to the portcullis and continue to the second main room.

Autosave: Past first gate

The Kobold that ran away will wait for you in plan view from the tunnel. Once
you enter the room, two more will jump out from alcoves to the sides of the
entrance. One of their corpses will have the Iron Key needed to get through the
next door. Open it to activate the autosave.

Autosave: Survived Kobold ambush

Don't go through this tunnel to the next room. Right when you get there, there
will be an invisible rope trap (-5 points) and an Orc and Kobold waiting to
jump you. Instead, take the side-tunnel. It is difficult to see but it's in the
dark corner to your right when you first entered the ambush room (Southwest
part of the room).
This tunnel has some spear traps -- you can see them easily, just duck the high
ones and jump over the low ones. You'll need the Iron Key again to get through
the door at the end. The tunnel will first take you to the "Kobold secret
hideaway" (worth 10 points) with a healing potion, then keep going and you'll
be back in the rope trap room, from a safer entrance. Careful not to get too
close to the normal entrance while fighting or you'll hit the rope trap. The
Orc's corpse will have the steel key.

***Cheap strategy:
Instead of going through the trap tunnel, try going through the normal tunnel
and stopping in the doorway. You can actually get a tiny ways in without
hitting the rope trap. That's barely enough to jump onto the left ledge where
the Kobold is. (Seems easier with the sword out). If you enter the room this
way, the monsters' AI never activates until you hit the rope trap, so you can
kill them like training dummies. This also lets you avoid the trap tunnel, as
you can activate the "Found Kobold secret hideaway" achievement by just going
there through the tunnel to the rope trap room.

The doorway to the last room needs the steel key. Use the potion in the tunnel
if you need it since there's only one more fight. The last room has an Orc and
two Kobolds.

Autosave: Secured the Dock Room

Before finishing, grab the hidden full healing potion. Facing the water, look
to the left of the raft (east) and you'll see a sloped area sticking out toward
the water. Jump over this, and on the other side will be the potion. If you
fall into the water, it's quite hard to get back to the slope but you can
easily get out by climbing onto the raft, or the straight part of the bank near
the raft. Healing yourself at the end also maximizes your health bonus to your
score on the scoring screen.

Get on the raft and cut the rope to continue.

[1.2] River Run
Scoring: 8 enemies
10 ) Survived river attack
5  ) Investigated levers on riverside ledge
5  ) Sent raft through portcullis
15 ) Found Ring of Shielding
10 ) Survived ambush in fern room
10 ) Negotiated corridor of traps
15 ) Defeated Orcs at unloading dock
30 ) In Perfect Health
+3 ) Bonus: potion beneath waterfall
+3 ) Bonus: potion in tunnel
Subtotal 106/100

Cutscene: Kobolds and Orcs take the unconscious Maya to an elevator and go up.
Trog in the river snags a Kobold.
Autosave: Underground River

A Trog will jump onto your raft. Finish it as quickly as possible. If you knock
it off the raft it'll just waste time since he can get back on. And try to
finish him on the raft since he has a healing Fish which you can't get if his
corpse is in the water.
Your raft is headed for the Trog Lair bank. Don't just ride it there. Hop onto
the alcove on the left of the river and quickly hit the right lever to open a
big gate just long enough for the raft to go somewhere else.

Autosave: Diverted the raft

Ignore the tiny unusable tunnel. Hit the left lever to open the gate to the
Trog Lair bank.

Autosave: Trog Lair

A lone Trog will attack. Get the jump on a sleeping Trog. Get a Fish from the
puddle if needed. Ignore the potion on the high ledge; you can't get it yet.
Take the big tunnel to the North.

Autosave: Trog Hatchery

The Mama Trog looks dangerous (and does do plenty of damage) but has little
health so just swing like mad. Break all the eggs and one will hatch a harmless
baby Trog that follows you. Search the Kobold corpse to get a
Ring of Shielding (+30% Armor!!)
Go back to the Trog Lair and take the West tunnel this time (you'll need to
jump to get in).

Autosave: Ferns
Autosave: Waterfall

Behind the waterfall is a minor healing potion (+3 points) and the river is a
dead end. Take the tunnel. A section of floor will slowly swing down and if
you're slow you'll drop into a very shallow depression with 1 Trog. You can
climb out easily. Jump over a few more spear traps in this tunnel.

Autosave: Past the Traps

The next room has the last fight with 2 Orcs. In the back there's a tiny
unusable tunnel that presumably goes to the one at the beginning of the level
(where you jumped off the raft). Now you've found the elevator from the last
cutscene, but there's also a river nearby where the raft you diverted is
waiting. Get on the raft.

Autosave: Heading for the Falls

Rafting off the falls will kill you so jump into the tunnel on the right before
your raft goes over. This takes you to the full healing potion on the ledge
over the Trog Lair (+3 points). If you're pro, you can get directly back to the
elevator room by going back to the river and jumping along the left wall then
taking the short swim across, but you're probably safer just dropping down into
the Trog Lair and going through the Ferns/Waterfall area again. It's a pretty
short walk.
Pull the rope and get in the elevator.

[1.3] Warren Crawl
Scoring: 16 enemies
10 ) Killed entry room guards
10 ) Cleared punishment room
10 ) Cut the Kobold down alive / ???????
10 ) Got shrink potion
10 ) Found cart room
20 ) Defeated Ogre
30 ) In Perfect Health
Subtotal 100/100

Cutscene: Orcs carry Maya further into the mountain, one gets attacked by
a Mantis
Autosave: Up the Elevator

As soon as the elevator is high enough, leave it or it will drop and kill you.
1 Orc and 2 Kobolds attack; the Orc will have the brass key needed for the
first door. Use it.

Autosave: Cargo Area
Autosave: Killed Orcs

The tracks are dead ends and you can't go through the small tunnel so there's
only one way to continue. The next room has torches and a crate with a minor
healing potion.

Autosave: Saw Punishment Room

One of the Orcs in here has an iron key you need for the next door. If you cut
the Kobold free, he will run off through the small unusable tunnel. That's not
enough to get the "Cut the Kobold down alive" achievement, though. He can't be
too injured, either. You'll know that you did it right if the Kobold gives you
a box before leaving. The larger tunnel leads to a (currently) dead-end room
with 4 small unusable tunnels (I'll call it The Hub) so just take the door out
of here.

Autosave: Leaving Punishment Room

You'll find a couple Orc/Mantis fights going on. Common sense says let them
wear each other down before you step in, but they take forever to kill each
other, so you can decide if it's worth waiting. You'll find the room from the
cutscene. Climb the platforms to the South.

Autosave: Mantis Hole

There's 2 Mantises in here.

Autosave: Killed Mantises

Grab the shrink potion. You can now use the small tunnels. Go back to the
punishment room. The small tunnel here just forks to go the track room
(AS: Killed Orcs) and the Hub#4.
Go to the Hub. Here's a numbering of the exits:
1 2

#4 is the one I just mentioned and #5 is the large tunnel that goes straight to
the punishment room.
This is a big stupid maze and there's no need to bother with most of it.
A: Take #3. Come out on the west side of a room with 3 tunnels. Go East.
B: 3 tunnels, come out on the East. Go West. (Long tunnel goes down a lot)
C: One exit in this room. (West to East)
D: One exit in this room. (North to West) See 3 Kobolds, Minor healing potion
E: You should now come out on the South of the room with the cart.
There are some tricky things going on in the tunnels connected to the potion
room. You might enter the potion room from the other direction, or leave it and
end back up in the East-West room. However, you should always be able to get to
the cart room by going West from the potion room.

Hop on the cart and pull the lever, it will take you through the track room
(gates will open momentarily to let you through) and into a new room.

Autosave: Disturbed Ogre

Your shrink potion will wear off so you can fight the Ogre. He has a Spigot.
Use it on the middle barrel to open the level exit.

[1.4] Orc Stronghold
Scoring: 27 Enemies
15 ) Found the Amulet of Shielding
10 ) Crossed Tentacle Pit
15 ) Used Shaman's Mask
10 ) Freed the mutant
10 ) Defeated sparring Ogres
10 ) Got through barracks alive
30 ) In Perfect Health
Subtotal 100/100

Cutscene: Orcs bring Maya to the Orc Shaman who levitates her onto an altar and
begins chanting.
Autosave: Through Secret Passage

You'll be right in front of an Orc fighting a Mantis. The Orc has a brass key.
A second Mantis will appear shortly. You'll be seeing more Orcs with new snazzy
equipment now.

Autosave: Tapestry Room

Go left. Fight the Orc and Ogre. If you broke crates and stuff you'll find a
Meat, Full healing potion, and Minor healing potion. Grab what you need
quickly, because...

Autosave: Cleared storage room

Another Ogre will wander in from the next door. Rush him and get some hits in
before he can pull out his club. He can still hit you without it, though. Next
room has 2 Orcs, one has the iron key needed to continue. They won't wake up
until you either get close to one or break the jar containing a Meat. Continue.

Autosave: Hacking through the barracks

When fighting the Orcs here, if you're lucky you can get them to stand in the
fire which will do some decent damage to them. Don't let the pursuit of this
distract you from actually fighting, though. You'll eventually make it to a
locked door you don't have the key for. You'll be through here later, so just
kill everything and go back to the tapestry room and take the right path this

Autosave: Tentacle Room

These tentacles will give you trouble if you try to jump across. Drop into the
right side of the pit. They shouldn't be able to touch you down there. Hack
away at the base of each tentacle until it stops moving (you can't kill them),
then climb back up the slope at the left side. Now jump across before the
tentacles revive.

Autosave: Survived tentacles

Enter the eye-obelisk room. Kill the Mantis and go right.

Autosave: Entering dark tunnel

Kill the 2 Mantises and get the Amulet of Shielding (Armor +200% vs. missiles)

Autosave: Found Amulet of Shielding

There's also a full healing potion. Back at the eye-obelisk room, use the
triangle-shaped tunnel.

Cutscene: Maya is levitated, disappears (!) with some magic sparks, and is
replaced by the giant ethereal face of Rastegar telling the Orcs that he's
pleased with their latest offering. In the voice of Megabyte from "Reboot".
Autosave: Too Late?

Keep going and you'll fall into a hallway.

Autosave: Hallway to the Altar Room

Go through the blue door. The Orc Shaman shoots fireballs at you while backing
up, so you have to corner him to get hits in. Kill the other Orc first.

Autosave: Cleared Altar Room

Get the Minor healing potion, and the Master Key from the normal Orc. (It
doesn't really open every door). Also grab the Orc Shaman's mask, it will
disguise you as him for a while. Use the key to unlock Grub's chains and follow
him out. He'll super jump up the hole that you fell through earlier, but you
can't. He'll tell you to meet him in the eye-obelisk room (he'll call it a
"pointy black rock" even though it's green). Continue; some doors need the
master key. What follows is a linear series of rooms (they often have more
doors but the extra ones will just be blocked off). The monsters won't attack
you while you're disguised. They are still part of your Enemies total, but
skipping enemies doesn't affect your score, so there's not much reason to come
back later to kill them. Eventually your disguise will wear out right in front
of a couple Orcs.

Autosave: Shaman power wore off

They have a copper key and healing herb. The next room has 2 Ogres!

Autosave: Disturbed Ogres

Keep your sword sheathed and run for the blue potion to the left. It's a
Berserk potion that will make you bigger so you can handle these guys. There's
also a full healing potion. After another room or two, the berserk potion will
wear off, but the rest of the enemies in this area will already be dead anyway
if you did "Hacking through the barracks" at the beginning. So now you're back
at the beginning.

Autosave: Tentacles again

They seem more flexible this time and can hit you even in the pit. This is your
last opportunity to take damage and unless you left healing items in the next
area (unlikely) you'll have to do a perfect run here. Fortunately, I was able to
just put my sword away and jump right past the tentacles, and they didn't react
fast enough to touch me. Try that. In the eye-obelisk room, Grub will help you
knock the obelisk over, providing a ramp to the tunnel out of the level.

[1.5] Lost Temple
Scoring: 6 of 5 enemies
15 ) Solved pillars and Pendulums
15 ) Negotiated stompers and blades
15 ) Defeated Magmar
15 ) Vanquished Spirit Warrior
10 ) Crossed the gigantic gears
30 ) In Perfect Health
+3 ) Bonus: found potion behind gears
Subtotal 103/100

Cutscene: We finally get to see Rastegar's physical self. Maya reappears here,
on a summoning pentagram. A Kobold is fed to Changa.
Autosave: Lost Temple

Climb out and go north.

Autosave: Before Stompers

Big stone blocks move back and forth to crush you. After the horizontal ones,
go through the vertical one and jump across to the top of another. Turn around
and jump on top of the first vertical one. Take this hallway around the side of
the room and out.

Autosave: Rotating Blades

Go through this room along the right wall. The first blade swings toward you,
so jump it at its lowest point. The second swings away (and has more travel) so
crouch under it when it goes up and head to the corner. Go around the back of
the higher pillar and jump on the lower one, then up to the platforms. Hit the
switch to stop the blades and raise a square pillar. Use it to jump to the
other platform and use the glowing skull panel to deactivate a dragon head.
(Those dragon heads kill you if you try to pass by them while they're still

Autosave: Sealed dragon head one

Go back to the entrance...

Autosave: Stompers again
Autosave: Back out past stompers

... and go south this time. Skip the right tunnel and take the first left with
the red banners.

Autosave: Lava Room

You'll be sealed in until you kill the Magmar. The lava will drain, revealing
another glowing skull panel you can use to deactivate another dragon head.

Autosave: Sealed dragon head two

Go back to the main hallway and continue south.

Autosave: Pendulum Room

There's an invisible enemy here (Spirit Warrior), but you can see his sword.
Just run past him through the pendulums and he won't be able to follow you.
He'll likely try and get knocked into the lava by the time you come here again,
although he never seems to do it while you're still around. Note that the
pendulums aren't centered on the path, meaning they can only be passed on one
side, so pay attention.

Autosave: Block puzzle

In the back, there are 3 switches. Hit 1 and 2 to lower the green and purple
blocks to reveal a short cave near the left end of the north inner wall of the
block pit. You have to drop down and go through a green block to get in there.
Hit the switch in there (Labeled VI for 6) which raises the blue blocks. Hit
Switch 1 again to re-raise Green, giving you a path to the high ledge.

Autosave: Solved block puzzle

Now you're on a ledge overlooking the pendulum room. Press the switch.

Autosave: Activated staircase

Now you have to jump across the tops of the pendulum blades to a tunnel on the
other side of the room. The staircase you activated will give you a fast way to
get back up if you fall as well as recover the full healing potion on this
ledge, if you don't use it now. Use the glowing skull panel.

Autosave: Sealed dragon head three

If the Spirit Warrior is still alive, you must kill him now. Get back to the
entrance and head down that first hallway you skipped earlier. It's the only
place left we haven't gone yet. Spirit Warrior part 2 is here, kill him. Now
you'll be in the room with all those dragon heads you sealed off. If you missed
any, they'll kill you with a huge spread of fire.

Autosave: Past the dragon heads

Kill the Spirit Warrior for the third and final time and it'll open up the
tunnel in the center of the weird monument.

Autosave: Gear room

There's nothing on the corpse here and if you try to pick up certain pieces
you'll be instantly exploded by magic followed by a laugh. I have no idea. Jump
on the giant gear on your left. You must jump to the top of the second gear to
avoid being crushed between them. You can't do it if you just wait to be taken
over the first gear and jump from the peg in front of you. Instead, as you
reach the top of the first gear, step backward onto the peg behind you. As the
peg turns vertical, step over the corner and onto the (increasingly horizontal)
end so that you're standing on top of it when it reaches the top of the gear.
Now, when this peg turns toward the second gear, wait until it is right about
to become to steep to stand on before jumping to the second gear and you should
have enough height to make it to a reasonably high place on the second gear.
This part is going down so scramble over the top of the second gear before
you're crushed. Then, jump to the third gear and then the ledge on the right.

Autosave: Navigated gears

There's two ways to do this. The tunnel to the left leads to the last room with
the last enemy (a Dwarf), but the pit on the right leads to a minor healing
potion, and a alternate path to the last room. If you want to kill every enemy,
go kill the dwarf first then come back and get the potion, otherwise just get
the potion and you'll be able to avoid the last enemy.

Kill your first Dwarf.
Autosave: Killed Dwarven miner
Go back to the gears.

Drop down the pit and it will take you near the lower half of the last gear.
Watch it and eventually you'll notice a hole going through the gear. Jump into
it and wait for the other side of the hole to be lined up with a tunnel in the
wall, then go through that. You'll fall into a small room with a minor healing
potion, and there will be a tunnel that leads back to the end room. A piece of
wall will slide open to let you in.

Hit the switch to stop the rockfall so you can jump down the shaft and end the
level. If you didn't already kill the Dwarf, you can quickly hit the switch and
jump down the shaft before he starts attacking you. The shaft is immediately
safe after you hit the switch even though it looks like the rocks are still

Sometimes you don't get the bonus points for getting the potion. It only
happened to me once so just try again if it happens.

[1.6] Dwarven Mines
Scoring: 7 enemies
10 ) Negotiated through stompers
10 ) Defeated the Blacksmith
10 ) Cleared out the barracks
15 ) Disabled the water pump
25 ) Blew up the Machine
30 ) In Perfect Health
+3 ) Got Gauntlet of Might
Subtotal 103/100

Cutscene: Rastegar commands the Dwarves to "install" a giant gem. When the
leader asks about their payment, Rastegar smites him with lightning.
Autosave: Treadmill

You're about to get squashed. Avoid the pistons by watching where the shadow
is, and crouch-run through it as the pistons go up. Kill the dwarf for a key
that opens the gate in front of you.

Cutscene: Big machine shoots a laser for mining red gems
Autosave: Opened first gate

The red rocks next to the machine are a hint. If you use them, you'll throw a
bit into the machine which raises the temperature, then some water will pour
from the ceiling and cool it down. 
Walk down the pipe to the left and jump to the rock shelf at the lava fall. Hop
the rocks up the lava flow to get a Gauntlet of Might (Strength +25%)

Autosave: Got Gauntlet of Might

Hop back to the machine room and drop down to the lower floor, then go into the
downward trapezoid tunnel on the north side. Kill the Dwarf -- behind the
machine he was using is a minor healing potion and a copper key.

Autosave: Got key from blacksmith

Go back up to where you got off the treadmill and a new Dwarf will be there. Go
up the side tunnel; the copper key will open it.

Autosave: Opening double doors

Cross a bridge over the lava and into a dead end with two Dwarves. The armored
one has a key, and there's a minor healing potion in the back. Feel free to
backpedal and dump the regular Dwarf in the lava, but if you do that to the
armored one you'll have a hard time getting the key from him.

Autosave: Got key from warrior

The key is for the gate at the top of the tunnel leading out of the blacksmith
room, go there now. It brings you back to the machine room, on a ledge with a
switch that lowers a drawbridge.

Autosave: Lowered drawbridge

Go in the tunnel behind the drawbridge. In the pump room, a Dwarf will
jump you -- he has a minor healing potion. Use the panel on the water pump to
break it.

Autosave: Broke water pump

Use the red rock by the machine twice to heat up the machine. With no cooling,
it will explode! As soon as you put the second one in, RUN AWAY before it blows
or it will kill you.

Autosave: Blew up machine

Now go in the tunnel that the laser was pointed at (before destroying the
machine, the laser would have shot you if you went this way). Fairly short and
easy level.

[1.7] The Master's Castle
Scoring: 24 enemies
10 ) Eluded ceiling trap
15 ) Smashed all the gems
5  ) Found the short-cut / ???????
20 ) Defeated Changa
20 ) Killed ALL of the skeletons
30 ) In Perfect Health
Subtotal 100/100

Autosave: In the Master's Castle

Walk forward and 2 of the skeletons will animate and attack. Jump in the empty
alcove at the opposite end of the room and it will turn around, putting you on
the other side of the wall.

Autosave: First Hall

Don't step on the lit up sections of floor or you'll take damage. They're safe
when they dim, but you're better off jumping between the sections that never
light up. Jumping in the fountain will heal you but it will only do so ONCE so
don't waste it. In the corner of the room with a big jar, a secret passage will
open up if you get close. Go in there.

Autosave: First spiral ramp

In the burial room, the hallway will seal up behind you until you kill the 2
Skeletons in this room. The first coffin to open up also has a minor healing
potion. In the back corner, there's a puzzle where you have to jump on some
raised squares in a certain order to get them to flip over from blue to brown
and teleport you somewhere. Just jump on the last one to flip. One will already
be brown; jump on that one first. When you do that, another one will flip, so
jump on it. Once all 4 have flipped (they won't all stay that way at once but
it doesn't matter) you will be in a Power Room. Kill the skeleton, then smash
the big red gem with the sword.

Autosave: First power room

Now, the divot where you started will have water in it. Jump in and you'll be
teleported back to the burial room. Try to leave and another coffin will pop
open with another skeleton to kill, THEN it will let you go back up to the
electric floor room.
Across the room from where you originally entered is a series of halls
separated by gates where, each time, you'll be locked in with 1 or 2 skeletons
until you kill them.

Autosave: Second Hall

Duck the spear shooters.

Autosave: Third Hall

In this one, after you beat the skeleton, the ceiling will start to fall on
you. Duck into the one empty alcove and it will spin you around to a tiny side
room with a switch to raise the ceiling back up. Back in the hall, pull the
lever there and continue.

Autosave: Second fountain room

The fountain here has a tentacle in it. If you want to heal, run in and swipe
to stun it, then you can jump in the fountain next to it.
In the northwest corner is another secret passage.

Autosave: Second spiral ramp

This burial room is the exact same deal as the last one except this time you
don't get any potions and all 3 Skeletons attack when you enter. Break the gem
like last time.

Autosave: Second power room

Back in the tentacle fountain room, go to the next skeleton hall. The first
section has a shortcut to the third fountain room: after the Skeleton attacks
you, hop in the alcove he came out of, and it will spin you around to the

Autosave: Secret lever room

Pull the lever to open the hallway. From here on, it's a series of empty
hallways and rooms that look like dead ends until you get close to the other
end, where the wall will open for you. Taking this bypass is a 5 point
achievement. You'll probably want to go both ways since killing all of the
skeletons is also one of the achievements.

***Optional: Normal path to the third fountain room
The spear shooters here are in a block. The low ones go all the way across, and
the high ones are at the beginning and end of the block, but not the middle.
They all shoot at once, but not until you reach the middle of the block.
Therefore, charge a jump, take it into the middle of the block of spear
shooters, then stop and immediately release it. You should jump over a spear,
narrowly avoiding high spears on both sides of you. It's easier to gauge where
to stop and jump if you turn sideways to face one of the shooters and walk
sideways into the trap.

In the third fountain room, another secret passage is in the northeast corner.

Autosave: Third spiral ramp

The third burial room is exactly the same as the second, though you may need to
walk around a bit more to get the first Skeleton to come out. Break the gem and
head back to the third fountain, then continue on.
You'll come to a wider hallway with a few sets of diagonal spear shooters on
both walls. If you hug one wall, only the spears on the opposite wall will
shoot, and they'll be low enough to jump over. Some of them will fire before
you're even in range (if you go slowly) but don't count on that.

Autosave: Main Keep

The raised area has two well-armored skeletons that won't attack unless you get
close. Behind them is a wooden door leading directly to Rastegar's room. The
other hallway leads to the familiar summoning room with a pentagram (OMG
realtime shadows!!), and then a series of ramps and empty hallways up to a full
healing potion. Kill the skeletons before you get the potion.
Don't go in Rastegar's room before destroying the gems in the power rooms or
he'll kill you in a cutscene. But now, you can go in and he'll complain about
you weakening him, then drop you through a trap door to be taken care of by

Autosave: Trap

There are 3 Kobolds hanging from ropes; they won't attack, so cut them down if
you want; it doesn't matter this time. Turn around and go into Changa's room
that you saw in the cutscene where a Kobold was fed to him. An elevator will
deliver Changa to you for the fight. Changa isn't as hard as he looks. He has a
wicked claw-spike thing with big range, big damage, and big knockback, but
little blocking ability. If you have full health you can just DPS race him, but
if you need to conserve health there's a cheaper strategy. Get behind the
elevator. Note that you can swing right through it, but Changa has a hard time
with that. Let him come to you. You can't swing ALL the way through the box, so
position yourself so that the box is in front of you and Changa comes around it
to your right. You want him to always be just a little bit around the corner,
and you'll be able to hit him with wide horizontal swings. If he advances too
far and gets full line-of-sight, retreat clockwise past the next corner and
repeat. Since you're both right-handed and Changa is advancing clockwise, it's
like you're on the defending end of a spiral staircase -- he will have a hard
time hitting you as long as you keep positioning under control.

Autosave: Defeated Changa

Get in the elevator. You'll be back in the Main Keep. Go back to Rastegar's
room. There's a minor healing potion in the right side of the left bookcase
(you can't see it). Jump through the (opaque) stained glass "window" in front
of the throne.

[1.8] The Final Battle
Scoring: 1 enemy
200 points for completion

Autosave: The Final Battle

You start on the first of a series of floating platforms leading up to the boss
and Maya. They will only float for a short time before they fall, so hurry.
However, they also bob vertically so you can't always make the jump between
them, sometimes you have to wait a bit. If you need to use the climb button to
get up, don't make a running jump -- the slope of the side will only force you
UNDER the platform. Instead, stop at the edge and jump+climb. This is a last
resort, though, since it's hard to get the climb button to work on the first 3

As soon as you start, if you immediately put the sword away and run forward you
should have the following timing:
- Hop to the second platform.
- Full jump to the third.
- Don't immediately go for the third -- you'll be tripped by magic, and if it
happens mid-jump you'll probably fall. Get back up and wait for the platforms
to get closer to level and jump across.
- Get to the edge and jump+climb to the last platform.
Take out your sword. You can't hit Rastegar, but you can hit the crystal Maya
is in. Every time you do, you get knocked down -- you take no damage from this;
in fact, Rastegar can't hit you while you're down. Hit the crystal enough times
and you'll go to a cutscene. If you take too long, Rastegar will create a
tentacle to help kill you but you can just go to the other side of the crystal
and you'll be out of its reach.

Cutscene: Maya is released. Enric gets knocked down by the explosion and is
dazed. Rastegar poses for a dramatic killing blow when Maya wakes up and hits
him with a sneak attack, immobilizing him.

Swing at Rastegar's head a bunch of times and it will eventually come off.
You win! Don't bother trying to search the corpse before the next cutscene
because he has nothing on him.

Cutscene: Maya grabs Rastegar's sword which teleports our heroes to safety
while the volcano erupts.

Now you'll see your final score tallied across all levels. The final battle
doesn't get its own score screen but you still get 200 points (before
difficulty modifier) just for doing it.

Enjoy Enric's dramatic retelling of the events to Maya during the credits.

[2] Enemies
[2.1] Kobold
Lanky blue dog-midget with a short 1-handed spear and a small shield. When
they're in their normal stance, the shield blocks attacks from the right -- try
swinging left to right instead. When they jump around, you can pretty much hit
with anything. They're short, so consider crouching.

[2.2] Orc
Chubby humanoid with a pig-head and a big weapon. Versions:
-Sword and helmet
The axe is good for stopping your swings. It also hurts so be careful when the
Orc is ready to swing at you.
Best times to get hits in:
- Long animations without attacks in them that happen occasionally
- When the Orc is jumping at you to do a big overhead attack (your hits cancel
its attack)
- When the Orc misses with a jumping overhead attack (It will recover quickly
after a blow though)

[2.3] Trog
Muscular green fishman. Has no weapon or shield, so hack away. Not too
dangerous. They like to advance and punch at the same time, and jump
occasionally. Strangely, they're not harder to fight in the water -- they can
only swim at the surface like you do, and they don't jump while fighting in
water. The only problem is that they can swim indefinitely and you can't.
Unless you have an immediate way out of the water, you should probably get out
first and then fight.

[2.4] Mantis
Big black insect, about the height of a kobold. These things are hard to read
because they look like a tumbleweed of sharp, black, pencil-thin limbs. They
block a lot. Just stick and move and don't let them get behind you.

[2.5] Ogre
Huge muscular humanoid with a club. His club doesn't block you often. If you
get hit you'll be sent flying, so make every close-in count.

[2.6] Magmar
A big fat lava/rock golem, not the Pokemon. What a pain. Even when you do
damage, he is hard to swing through. He can knock you back almost as much as an
Ogre, which is dangerous because these are found near lava.

[2.7] Spirit Warrior
His sword is visible so you can at least see where he is. He also casts more of
a shadow than just the sword, but the graphics aren't good enough to be able to
read what he's doing from the shadow. These guys are hard to hit and high-jump
a lot. If he teleports away after being defeated, you'll see him somewhere
else. If the corpse stays he's dead for good.

[2.8] Dwarf
Fat guys about the height of a Kobold.
Pickaxe and chisel: To hit him, either aim carefully between his swings or try
to get behind him.
Hammer: Much slower and easier to hit.
Armor and Sickle: Similar to the hammer dwarf, but faster and blocks more. Also
does a dangerous jumping flip attack often.

[2.9] Skeleton
Skeleton that uses a pike and a big round shield. They're hard to hit in their
normal stance; try using slashes that start very low to get under their
shields. But do not just stay crouched the whole fight or you'll be missing a
head. Go in for a crouch-swing and pop back up. Hard hits knock them around a
lot and can be followed up on, worse ones can be covered with disrupting swings
as you reposition yourself.
They go down in few hits when unarmored, but they can have various degrees of
armor on, and when well armored are a real pain to take down.

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