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Follow the dark path or use the light
Deus Ex Pack Shot

Deus Ex



by Tarrun

~~Deus Ex~~

Table of Contents

I - Introduction
Legal Info
Version History
Basic Strategies

II - Weapons/Items/Augmentations/Skills
01.0 - Weapons
02.0 - Items
03.0 - Augmentations
04.0 - Skills

III - Walkthrough
000.0 - Basic Strategies 
001.0 - Liberty Island: Retake The Statue
002.0 - Castle Clinton/Battery Park: Ambrosia And The Subway Hostages
003.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 1: The Generator
004.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 2: The Mole People
005.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 3: The NSF Distress Signal
006.0 - Majestic 12 Facility: Escape From UNATCO
007.0 - Secret Majestic 12 Helicopter Base: Caught! Again... 
008.0 - Hong Kong: The Dragon's Tooth Sword
009.0 - Hong Kong: The Universal Constructor
010.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 4: Stanton Dowd
011.0 - Brooklyn Navel Base: Scuttle The Super Freighter
012.0 - Lower East Side Cemetery: Dowd's Mausoleum
013.0 - Paris Part 1: The Catacombs
014.0 - Paris Part 2: The Club La Porte de l'Enfer
015.0 - Paris Part 3: Chateau DuClare
016.0 - Paris Part 4: The Knight's Templar
017.0 - Paris Part 5: Morgan Everett's Home
018.0 - Vandenberg Part 1: X-51
019.0 - Vandenberg Part 2: The Gas Station Hostage
020.0 - New West Coast Part 1: Sub Base/Ocean Lab
021.0 - New West Coast Part 2: The Missile Silo
022.0 - Area 51 Part 1: The Beginning of The End
023.0 - Area 51 Part 2: The End

I - Introduction

Welcome to my Deus Ex FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
Deus Ex in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what game you're 
talking about. Also, questions regarding something that's already covered in 
the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything sent to me 
that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me only if it's 
something really important, something that will clearly confuse anyone 

Before reading through this guide, keep a few things in mind regarding the 
ASCII throughout this guide. All of the ASCII maps have the same icons, which 
may or may not be obvious: 

-An "x" on a map is an enemy
-A "J" on a map is JC
-An "O" on a map means that an objective is completed there
-Dots on the maps show the path something takes

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2004-2006. 
This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for personal or 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site, magazine or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advanced written permission. This guide may not 
be used for profit, and may only be used on the following sites:


Use of this work on any other web site besides the ones noted above or as a 
part of any public display is a violation of copyright and is strictly 

Version History:

First Submission: Everything up to Hong Kong is finished. We'll call it 
Version 0.5. 

Second Submission: Version 1.0   

Third Submission: Went through and cleaned up a few sections, as well as 
updating the list of guides that host this guide. Version 2.0  

II - Weapons/Items/Augmentations/Skills

01 - Weapons: Every single weapon in the game; so many options, and so many 
ways to kill a man...

01.0 - Melee Weapons: 

Baton - A non-lethal weapon carried by riot cops and the like. Works just like 
the Knife except your victim doesn't let out a loud scream of pain afterwards. 
A good choice if you're into stealth, and it only takes up one space in your 

Crowbar - Works the same as the knife, except that it takes up two spaces 
instead of one.

Dragon's Tooth Sword - A sword made from nano-technology, it's the most 
powerful melee weapon you can find. The sword was stolen and disappeared just 
before you arrive in Hong Kong, which has thrown two triads into war. To stop 
the fighting, you need to recover the sword and steal the technology to make 
it available to both triads.

Knife - Your standard combat knife. Stab people or boxes with it. It takes up 
one space in your inventory. Most enemies carry a knife with them.

Riot Prod - Similar to a cattle prod, riot police use them to subdue crowds. 
When you make contact with someone, they are left stunned for a short time or 
knocked out. This weapon is a must if you want to keep things quiet.

Sword - It's not as appealing as it sounds like it should be. You first get 
the sword in Hong Kong, and you get the Dragon's Tooth about fifteen minutes 
later, which makes the sword obsolete.

01.1 - Pistols:

10MM Pistol - An average handgun, it can be equipped with a scope and laser 
sight. This is one of the best weapons in the game, a decent amount of 
firepower, a single shot to increase accuracy (in comparison to an assault 
rifle which fires a stream of bullets), and can fire long distances with the 
help of a scope. This will probably be the weapon you use the most, especially 
if you follow this guide. 

Mini-Crossbow - A crossbow that fits on your hand and can fire regular darts, 
flare darts, or tranquilizer darts. This is a great weapon not only because 
one tranquilizer dart can knock out an enemy, but also because it's completely 
silent and is the only weapon that works underwater.

Stealth Pistol - A silenced version of the 10MM Pistol, but not as powerful. 
Nothing really bad about it, but I prefer not having to worry if I'll need 
multiple shots to kill an enemy when I can finish the job in one.

01.2 - Rifles:

Assault Rifle - Your standard machine gun, it can also fire grenades (only by 
collecting a special kind of ammo, not LAMs or the like). In a perfect world, 
you'd never have to use this gun, but if you ever have to fight a group of 
enemies, your pistol won't be able to get the job done. Keep one of these in 
your inventory as a precaution.

Assault Shotgun - A rapid firing shotgun, but I like the assault rifle better.

Sawed Off Shotgun - A pump action shotgun, it fires relatively slowly compared 
to its assault counterpart. Pretty much useless when there's always a better 
weapon to fight with.

Sniper Rifle - One of my all time favorite weapons, there's nothing like 
killing an enemy from hundreds of yards away. It can be equipped with a laser 
sight and a silencer to make it even more lethal, and while at first it's 
difficult to aim with your hands shaking, it's all worth it when you Advance 
your rifle skills. 

01.3 - The BFGs:

Flamethrower - It throws flame. Extremely powerful, if one burst of flame 
makes contact with an enemy you can consider them out of action. Just make 
sure you keep far away enough or have a fire extinguisher at hand or you'll go 
up in flames as well.  

GEP (Guided Explosives Projectiles) Gun - A rocket launcher, great for 
destroying security bots and clearing a path or gate; the GEP Gun can also 
fire WP Rockets, which, when it explodes, sets everybody near it on fire. A 
must have.

LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon) - The most powerful weapon in the game, it can 
destroy anything with one shot. Unfortunately, that's all you get. The LAW is 
a one shot weapon, which makes it useless to carry around and then lose when 
you can use that extra space to carry another weapon.

Plasma Rifle - Fires a stream of plasma at enemies, bosses or MIB agents carry 
it most of the time. It's huge though, and it won't fit in your inventory if 
you have a GEP Gun, which is more important. 

01.4 - Grenades:

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Grenades - Disables any electronics within its 
blast radius. It will drain your bioelectric energy if you happen to be near 
it when it goes off. As with all grenades, EMP grenades can be planted against 
a wall and use its proximity sensor. 

Gas Grenade - When it explodes, a cloud of tear gas emits and blinds anyone in 
the area. Great to use against a cluster of enemies, blinding leaves them 
helpless to the mercy of a ruthless agent. Like EMP grenades, gas grenades can 
be attached to walls.

LAM (Lightweight Attack Munitions) - A hand grenade, good to destroy weaker 
bots, clear a passage, or blow open a door. Like EMP grenades, LAMs can be 
attached to walls.

Scramble Grenades - Disrupts bots' frequencies so that they go berserk and 
randomly attack anything and everything for a short period of time. Like EMP 
grenades, scramble grenades can be attached to walls.

01.5 - Miscellaneous: 

Pepper Spray - A hand held gas grenade, it can blind enemies for a few 
moments, enough time to get in an attack or two. I hate this weapon and have 
never used it.

PS20 - A miniature plasma rifle, but it can only be fired once. Like the LAW, 
the one shot thing renders the PS20 pretty useless. 

Throwing Knives - The weapon of choice for ninjas, throwing knives are fun to 
play around with, but since you only find them in limited supply they aren't 
very helpful, although I have been in a number of situations where they became 
useful. If you find them and have the extra space, keep it around.

02 - Items: Every item in the game; everything from liquor to a fire 

02.0 - Health and Augmentation Related Items:

Ambrosia Vial - A vial of the only known vaccine for The Grey Death.

Bioelectric Cell - Restores 25% of your bioelectric energy.

Candy Bar - Restores 2 health

Cigarettes - Injures you 10 health in the torso region.

Forty - Beer, it restores 2 health, but you get drunk, meaning that everything 
gets blurry and your crosshairs are wobbly. 

Liquor - See Forty

Medkit - Restores 40 health, but it can be used to heal a certain part of the 
body. As you become begin to master the medical skill, the amount of health 
restored increases.

Soda - Restores 2 health

Soy Food - Restores 5 health

Wine - See Forty

Zyme - The latest drug, think of it as alcohol minus the healing affect. While 
you don't lose or gain any health, it messes you up for a long time, making it 
almost impossible to see or attack anything. 

02.1 - Equipment: 

Ballistic Armor - A bulletproof vest, it can be worn for a period of time 
before you lose it. Personally, I think it would have been better if the armor 
could take a certain amount of damage before losing it, but oh well.

Binoculars - Standard pair of binoculars, what were you expecting? A sniper 
rifle or some other weapon with a scope can easily take their place.

Fire Extinguisher - Extinguishes fires, great if that fire happens to be 
burning you to death.  

Flare - A flare, it can light up an area briefly. Pretty pointless since you 
start out with a light augmentation.

Hazmat Suit - Protects JC from radiation and poison (damn greasels). Like the 
ballistic armor, it only lasts a set period of time. 

Lockpick - A cheap, one-time only lockpick that can unlock doors and other 
locked things. The higher your skill in lockpicking is, the fewer amount of 
lockpicks are needed to unlock something.

Multitool - Can bypass electronic systems like cameras or security grids. The 
higher your skill in electronics is, the fewer amount of multitools are needed 
to bypass something. 

Rebreather - A miniature oxygen tank, it gives JC the ability to stay 
underwater longer than he normally can. Like the two suits, it only lasts a 
short period of time.

Thermoptic Camo - Temporarily makes you invisible. However, should you attack 
someone while in this state, other enemies will know your position. Also, they 
can still hear JC. While this item is pretty cool if you find the right time 
to use it, the Cloak augmentation makes it obsolete. 

Tech Goggles - Night vision goggles, but they only last for a little while. 
There's also an augmentation that allows JC to see in night vision and sonar, 
so why bother?

02.2 - Weapon Modifications: 

Accuracy - Increases the accuracy of a weapon. Put these into your sniper 
rifle and pistol.

Clip - Increases the clip size of a weapon. Use these on your pistol and 

Laser - Adds a laser sight to a weapon. Add it to the pistol, crossbow, and 
sniper rifle.

Range - Increases how far a weapon can shoot. Best to put into your crossbow.

Recoil - Decreases the amount of recoil to a weapon, great for shotguns and 
assault rifles.

Reload - Decreases the amount of time it takes to reload a weapon. Use it on 
your pistol.

Scope - Adds a scope to a weapon. (scope + pistol = awesome)

Silencer - Adds a silencer to a weapon. Add it to your sniper rifle.

NOTE: Weapon mods can only be used for one weapon at a time, and are only 
useable with certain weapons. Can't put a silencer on a GEP gun for example.

03 - Augmentations: Augmentations are abilities that grant JC certain Super 
Man qualities, from being bulletproof, regenerating one's health, and even to 
being able to see through walls. 

03.0 - Suggested Augmentations:

F3 - Ballistic Protection
F4 - Cloak
F5 - Aggressive Defense System
F6 - Microfibral Muscle
F7 - Run Silent
F8 - Vision Enhancement
F9 - Environmental Resistance
F10 - Regeneration! 
F11 - Power Recirculator
F12 - Light (not optional)

03.1 - Arm Augmentations:

Combat Strength - When used, you inflict more damage with melee weapons. An 
interesting skill, but I prefer to have its counterpart, which is...

Microfibral Muscle - It gives you superhuman strength, great for entering 
buildings without bringing attention to yourself. This is probably the first 
augmentation you'll acquire, unless you forget to pick it up.

03.2 - Cranial Augmentations:

Aggressive Defense System - The name says it all, sort of. This aug will 
actually stop missiles from reaching you, exploding them in mid-air. The more 
it's upgraded, the farther away the missiles explode.  

Spy Drone - A small drone that you can send to scout out ahead of you. It 
would be an awesome augmentation if it didn't drain your bioenergy so much. 

03.3 - Default Augmentations:

Friend or Foe Identification - You know when your crosshairs turn red or 
green; it's because of the handy little IFF implanted into your skull. Simply 
put, green is good, red is bad. It doesn't use bioelectric energy.

Infolink - The infolink can transmit messages into your head and are heard by 
you and you alone. It doesn't use bioelectric energy. 

Light - Press F12 to turn on a light to see in dark areas. The only default 
augmentation that uses bio-energy, but it's minimal. 

03.4 - Eye Augmentations:

Targeting - An interesting augmentation, this gives you general information an 
enemies health, how much damage they've taken and to what parts of the body. 

Vision Enhancement - Another strange augmentation, at first this gives you 
night-vision, but as it's upgraded, it increases to infrared and later to 
sonar, which allows JC to see through walls.

03.5 - Leg Augmentations:

Run Silent - Just as it implies, this augmentation makes your thumping 
footsteps silent when you run. Great when combined with Cloak or a thermoptic 

Speed Enhancement - Even more obvious than the other one, this augmentation 
increases your speed and allows you to jump higher; a great idea, but I prefer 
Run Silent. I've read other Deus Ex guides that use Speed Enhancement to 
bypass a few sections, but I've never been partial to it.

03.6 - Subdermal Augmentations:

Cloak - Acts as a thermoptic camo, it makes JC invisible to any living thing 
for an indefinite amount of time (or until you run out of bioenergy.). This is 
a great augmentation, best combined with Run Silent and a melee weapon.

Ballistic Protection - Absorbs damage from bullets, great when you're stuck in 
a room against a boss or a group of enemies. 

EMP Shield - The opposite of Ballistic Protection, this protects you against 
EMP grenades and other energy draining attacks. A nice idea, but Ballistic 
Protection is better. 

Radar Transparency - Cloak's counterpart, this makes you invisible to all 
electronics; cameras, bots, et cetera. As long as you have skill points in 
Computers though, this augmentation isn't needed very often. 

03.7 - Torso Augmentations:

Aqualung - Increases the capacity of JC's lungs, allowing him to stay 
underwater for longer periods of times. Useful, but it isn't needed very much; 
there aren't enough swimming sections to make it worth it. 

Energy Shield - Think of it like Ballistic Protection, except resistant 
against plasma, electricity, and fire. I've never picked this augmentation 
though, because its counterpart is Regeneration. And you want Regeneration.  

Environmental Resistance - An augmentation that acts like a hazmat suit; it 
grants resistance to poison and radiation. I usually choose this augmentation 
over Aqualung; I've found that I use it more. 

Power Recirculator - When in use, it reduces the amount of bioenergy other 
augmentations use while they're activated.   

Regeneration - The best augmentation in the game, hands down. It restores your 
health without the use of medkits, food, or medbots; at level four, it 
restores forty health points per second. 

Synthetic Heart - Upgrades every other augmentation one more level, unless the 
augmentation is already at its maximum level four. Synthetic Heart can't be 

04 - Skills: Skill points are awarded for a number of different reasons, 
anything from completing objectives, exploration bonuses, or critical location 

04.1 - Necessary Skills: 

Computer - Allows JC to hack into computers and security terminals. This skill 
is a must and should be invested in as soon as you start the game; trust me, 
it's a lot easier than finding a password. 

Electronics - The more you put points into it, the more of a security system 
can be bypassed with a single multitool. 

Lockpicking - Exactly what it says, the higher this skill is, more of a door 
can be picked before having to use a new lockpick. 

Low-Tech - This skill deals with melee weapons; weapons like knives, batons, 
and swords will do more damage and increase in accuracy. I originally had this 
in the useless section, but when I thought about it I decided to put it here 
instead. Only upgrade this if the rest of the necessary skills are Advanced.

Pistol - You begin the game Trained in this, and if you can scrounge up enough 
points to Advance it, you'll be set. 

Rifle - Advance this by the time you get to New York for the third time. Not 
only does this increase the accuracy of your sniper rifle, but it also 
increases how much damage is done with assault rifles and shotguns. 

04.2 - The Rest of the Crap: 

Demolition - As this skill is increased, LAMs and other grenades do more 
damage, and the amount of times a grenade planted by an enemy will beep 
increases as well.

Environmental - The more points in this skill, the longer hazmat suits, 
thermoptic camo, bulletproof armor, and rebreathers will last. 

Heavy Weapons - As you increase the level of this skill, the more damage GEP 
guns, plasma rifles, and flamethrowers will do. Also, the amount of time it 
takes to lock onto something with the GEP gun will decrease, and you'll be 
able to move around faster as well. 

Medicine - The higher the skill, the more health you'll receive from medkits; 
but since I didn't use a medkit throughout the entire game, it's pretty 

Swimming - The more points in this skill, the faster JC can swim and the 
longer he can stay underwater. 

III - Walkthrough:

000.0 - Basic Strategies:

1 - Crouch and crawl all the time, you should only run when you're either 
being chased by someone or if you're in an area where you're one-hundred 
percent positive that there aren't any bad guys around.

2 - You can equip your 10MM pistol with a scope during the first mission of 
the game; there's one you can buy from Kaplan, one in the secret panel, and 
one in the second mission from Smuggler. Get one, it makes the best weapon in 
the game and you'll be pretty screwed if you try to follow this guide without 

3 - Lethal take downs are loud, whether it's stabbing someone or shooting 
them, the victim will yell out in pain, attracting others. Always try to keep 
a baton, or better still, a riot prod, in your inventory. 

4 - This kind of goes with the non-lethal strategy, but it's important enough 
to have a separate number. Normally you can't knock a Majestic 12 commando out 
with a riot prod, but if you hit him right where his waist should be (there's 
a dark line going around his body) he'll be knocked unconscious. You have to 
be pretty accurate though, so be careful. 

5 - Save often. If you think there's a risk of being killed, save. If you 
enter a new area that loads, save. If you haven't saved in awhile, save. 

6 - Sticking with the saving topic, if you're not sure what's behind a locked 
door, save and then open it up; if the contents inside are worth the amount of 
items used, continue on with the game. If, however, you find crap, you can 
always reload the game without having to redo anything. 

001.0 - Liberty Island: Retake The Statue:

- Find the informant at the docks.
- Rescue Gunther.
- Interrogate the leader of the terrorists.

001.1 - Find the informant at the docks:

Before we start, go to your skills section and upgrade electronics, 
lockpicking, and computers.

You find yourself at the end of a dock, so walk forward to get a message from 
Alex, who tells you to find Paul, your brother and fellow agent. As you reach 
the corner, there will be a bunch of crates and boxes and a crowbar lying on 
the ground. Pick up the crowbar and smash open the boxes to reveal a lockpick 
and a pair of binoculars. Grab the lockpick and turn around. Paul should have 
caught up to you, and you'll have a brief conversation with him. Eventually 
he'll offer you one of three weapons: a sniper rifle, a GEP gun, or a mini-
crossbow. Take the sniper rifle and finish up talking with Paul, and then face 
the Statue. You should see a set of stairs leading into the water right in 
front of you. Go down them and swim under the docks. There are two more boxes 
down there that contain a multitool and a biocell. Grab them both and head 
back up. Take a left and head up the dock, Paul and a security bot are doing 
rounds at the end. To the left of the ramp leading up is another set of boxes, 
which contain pistol ammo, riot prod ammo, and darts. Pick them all up, and 
start up the ramp. 

There should be a terrorist walking to the right, so follow him. Remember to 
stay crouched and keep far back enough so you aren't right on top of him. Head 
left a little so that the many crates littered around are between you and the 
guard. After going a little farther forward, you'll come up to a large crate 
with a box stacked on top of it. Lift up the box and carry it forward and 
left. There's a heavily shaded area, so drop the box there and break it to 
reveal a multitool. Pick it up and move forward. Near the end of the shaded 
area are two NSF talking; listen to their conversation if you want to, and 
then back up and go around in between the large crates.

                                      .       ____           
                                      .      |____|          
                                      . . .       ____       
                    __xx_          ____     .    |____|      
                        /         |____|     .               
                       /                      .              
                      /                       .              
                     / J.  .  .  .  .  . .  .  .             

After going around, head forward. There is an NSF soldier going around an 
underground storage thing. Make sure he's on the left side and walking away 
from you. Hug the left wall, which is filled with high-stacked crates and 
follow behind him. When he turns right, take a left and you should see a 
security bot that, thankfully, isn't an enemy. There's an opening in the 
right, which leads to the docks. Approach the ramp leading down; there's a 
large crate with two NSF. One of them is stationary on the right, and the 
other is doing rounds around the crate. When both terrorists are on the right 
side, run down the ramp and jump over the left rail into the water. Swim east, 
following the dock up. Go under the dock when it turns and when you come out 
the other side find the ramp leading up, which you'll have to duck down to get 
through. If you look straight down, you'll notice a sunken ship. There are 
some weapon mods and a sawed-off shotgun inside, but at the cost of a 
lockpick. This early in the game, modifications shouldn't be your priority, so 
I'd suggest saving the lockpick (plus you have to watch your air supply). Make 
sure the NSF isn't looking in your direction, and then take a right. There's a 
small hut with two bums inside, a male and a female. Talk to the male, who 
turns out to be the informant. He says that he can give you the key, but only 
if you promise not to assassinate the leader. Pick the phrase "You can trust 
me", and he'll give you the key. Objective complete.

001.2 - Rescue Gunther: 

Now that we have the key, it's time to rescue the captured agent, Gunther 
Hermann. Head up the dock and look right and wait until the NSF soldier 
walking around is walking up what is now the right side of the crate (make 
sure you aren't seen). Crouch down and follow him up, but stop when he begins 
to turn left. Wait until he reaches the bottom left corner, and then break 
open the two boxes where you stopped at the top right corner. Pick up the ammo 
there and run back up the ramp to the bot. From there, wait for the NSF thug 
who's going around the underground thing that we went around before, and then 
retrace your steps back to the high-stacked crates. Look right in between the 
underground thing and the crates to find a ladder. Climb up and jump onto the 
metal box to get up to the next level. Jump over the gap to get to the next 
crate and climb up two or three more ladders. 

Now look left; there should be two NSF; one standing all the way down and 
another walking away from you. Instead, go straight and you'll see an NSF on 
the right with three boxes in between the two of you. Wait for him to turn 
around and then dash across and around the corner. This corner is similar to 
the one before it, except that now there's another terrorist walking up and 
down the walkway. Wait for him to start walking away from you and then crouch 
down and follow him, but stay left and head up the stairs. Head up the next 
flight of stairs and you'll see an entry into the Statue itself. 

There is a gas grenade planted on the wall to the left. Walk up to it and 
right click on it to disarm it, and then again to pick it up (there was a nice 
section devoted to disarming grenades in the training if you aren't very good 
at it). When you pick up the grenade, take a right and head around to the 
other side, and then look right again. That's, another grenade, so repeat what 
you did before. Continue and find the next entryway. Surprise, there's another 
grenade. Disarm it and then turn around and head back to where you disarmed 
the second grenade. Turn right (so you're facing the inside of the Statue) and 
you'll see a stairway going down on the left, a stairway going up on the 
right, and two NSF straight ahead. Crouch down and crawl to the stairs on the 
left, and the two NSF won't even notice you. Head down two flights and there 
will be an NSF walking away from you; forget about him and continue down. 
After two or three more sets of stairs you'll have a great view of the main 
room in the Statue. There's a turret right in front of you, but it will only 
go off if the camera in the right corner (which is blocked from your view) 
sees you. Peek around the corner and make sure the camera is facing a 
different direction, and then run under it. Take out your crowbar and break 
the box and pick up the lockpick. Now stand up under the camera, you should 
see something like this:

         ___________________     ___________________________________    
        |                                         |   ________|     |   
        |    __                             __    |__|        |     |   
        |   |__|   . . . . . . . . . . .   |__|   | . . x __      O |   
        |          .       _______     .     _    | .  |x|__| |     |   
        |          .      |       |    .    | |   | .  |______|     |   
                   .      |       |    .    | |   | .  |      |     |   
                   .      |_______|    .    | |     .  |      |     |   
        |          .                   .    | |   | .  |      |     |   
        |          x-> . . . . . . . . .    |_|   | .  |      |     |   
        |    __                             __    | .  |______|     |   
        |   |__|        |  ______  |       |__|   |     __ x  |     |   
        |               |  ______  |              |    |__|   |     |   
        |_______________|  ______  |__________  __|_  ________|_____|   
                        |          |          | |        |       |      
                        |   ______J|          | |        |       |      
                        |  |                  | |        |       |      
                        |  |                  | |        |       |      
                        |  |                  | |___   __|______ |      

Watch for the guy in the main room to pass the stairs and then, making sure 
the camera doesn't see you, run down the stairs and hop over the left side. If 
you went to soon and he heard you, back into the bottom right corner, between 
the stairs and the wall, and he won't be able to see you. Either way, when 
it's safe, head to the left and find the ATM and hack into it. After 
withdrawing all of the available funds, turn around and see where the one NSF 
is and hide in the corner until he passes by. Follow him and hide on the other 
side of the stairs. Now head over to the long table and pick up all of the 
goodies, including a LAM and a datacube with the login and password to the 
security network: NSF001/smashthestate. There's a doorway right near you, so 
stay on the left side of it and wait for the guard to pass you (make sure he's 
walking to the right). 

Once he passes you, head in the doorway and bypass the laser wires with a 
multitool. Now, quickly (but quietly) chase after him and knock him out with 
your prod. Head back up the hallway and enter the room on the left. There's an 
NSF sitting at a desk facing away from you, and a camera directly above you 
and to the right. Get under the camera and wait until it's facing left, and 
then sneak up behind the guard and hit him with your prod or baton. Drop your 
pistol on the ground and search the NSF's body, you'll find a replacement 
pistol and a knife. The camera should be beeping by now, so run back to the 
hallway and let it die down. When it's quiet, run behind the desk and crouch 
down.  Hack into the computer terminal or use the information from the 
datacube (NSF001/smashthestate). Unlock and open the door and then turn off 
the camera. After you've done all of that, head through the now open door and 
close it behind you. 

Talk to Gunther and give him your pistol when he asks for a weapon. Satisfied 
with your compliance, Gunther will charge out and start blasting all of the 
enemies on that level before running out the front door and making contact 
with UNATCO. Go back into the room with the desk; collect your pistol, the 
weapon mod, and all of the ammo from the dead NSF. Congratulations, objective 
two complete. 

001.3 - Interrogate the leader of the terrorists:

Before we get to this part, hang around Gunther and pick up all of the ammo 
the dead NSF drop. After that's all done, Go to the left bottom corner of the 
large set of stairs and find the grate. Open it up and crawl through it until 
you reach an opening (if you see a desk with a datacube on it you've gone too 
far). Now look down and right and pick up the multitool. Return to the main 
area and up to the room where we disarmed the gas grenades; remember the 
stairs heading up that I said we'd get back to? Stay crouched and sneak up the 
stairs. About halfway up, Alex will call and tell you that Gunther made it to 
HQ, and you'll finally receive those skill points you deserve. After going up 
three or four flights, you'll be faced with a room with two NSF soldiers 
facing away from you. No need to get your hands dirty; simply stay crouched 
and crawl right behind them, making sure you hug the stairway you came up. 
Stay crouched and get to the other side of the room. As you're climbing up the 
stairs, Alex calls you and reminds you to take it easy.

Anyway, continue up until you reach the very top of the Statue, and run up to 
the leader and talk to him. DO NOT KILL HIM! After talking for a bit, you'll 
be asked which sentence to say. 

Choose: "Tell me about the shipment and I'll order the troops to pick you up 
as a prisoner instead of a corpse." 

Selecting the other one causes the commander will pull a gun on you, forcing 
you to kill him, much to the dismay of Paul, Filben, and Alex. After talking 
some more, some UNATCO troops will make their way up and take control. Before 
heading back down, grab the Augmentation Upgrade Canister. Thankfully, the 
troops wiped all of the terrorists out so you don't need to sneak around 
anymore. Alex will tell you to return to base, but we have a few more things 
to do before we get there. Remember that underground storage thing that we saw 
before we got the key from Filben? Go back there and head down; the crate left 
of you when you get down has a ladder on it, so climb up it and pick up the 
items there, which includes a multitool. Now continue on and you'll see a 
forklift that's emitting EMP; touching it will drain your bioelectric energy. 
Instead, find the button at the back of the lift to raise the fork part, hop 
on it as it rises, and then jump onto the crates on the right. Smash open the 
two boxes and pick up the weapon mods, and then grab the small metal crate and 
throw it near the boxes you used to get back here, and use them again to 
leave. Now backtrack to where you started out on the docks, but instead head 
straight; there should be a few crates with a box on top of it. Jump onto the 
metal crate and smash open the box to get another gas grenade. 

Great, we're finished here. Go down the long area and take the next left and 
enter the UNATCO grounds. Talk to Kaplan, who offers to sell you some items 
that he picked off of some dead NSF. Decline and go talk to Paul, who tells 
you to meet him at Manderley's office for a debriefing. Sounds good, but let's 
load up first. Head around the left side of the building and into the fenced 
in area with the green storage container; the code to the container (which can 
be found in a number of places in HQ, but we'll hit into it now to save time) 
is 0451. Pick up everything inside and log into the security system with the 
login and password from the datacube on the table: satcom/unatco_001. Break 
open the box outside and grab the multitool, and then jump down and pick up 
the EMP grenade. Now head into UNATCO HQ, but grab the candy bar on Private 
Lloyd's desk. Make sure you save the candy bar for the next mission. Now walk 
down the stairs and through the scanner.

001.4 - UNATCO HQ:

The first thing to do is to find Manderley's office; it's the room left of the 
break room on the second floor. His secretary, Janice Reed, will give you your 
computer login ("JCD", password "bionicman"). Pick up the nanokey on her desk, 
which is the key to the closets, and head in to Manderley's office and talk to 
him. He tells you to meet with Jaime Reyes and Sam Carter, and then to get 
back for a briefing.

All right, when you leave Manderley's office, take a left and check out your 
office and read your mail. Once you're finished, leave and go into the large 
meeting room; turn right again and find the small break room where Gunther and 
Anna Navarre are talking. Listen to their conversation and then introduce 
yourself. After the scene, hack into the ATM on the right and empty it out; 
and then head back to where Manderley's office was. Check out the closets 
(courtesy of the nanokey we picked up), too bad there isn't much to take. Now 
keep going straight and run down the stairs. On the lower level, take the 
first left and then a right to meet Sam Carter, the man who runs the armory. 
Pick an item when he offers (I'd go for a lockpick or multitool), and go into 
the other room, which happens to be Anna and Gunther's office. Pick up the 
biocell next to her desk and the darts on the shelf on the other side of the 
room, and then go back up to the main area and go left. 

On the right is the Medical Center. Take a left and find the medbot, who can 
heal you as well as install that Augmentation Canister that was up in the 
Statue (make sure to install Microfibral Muscle). Continue exploring the area 
until you find Jaime at his desk. After talking to him, look behind the plant 
on the shelf near his computer and find the Medical Center's closet key. Keep 
going around to find the closet and a dead NSF; the closet has a medkit and 
the dead NSF has some throwing knives. Across from the Med Center is Alex's 
office, so head inside and talk to him. The closet in that room only has a 
lockpick, so I wouldn't bother opening it up. 

Now remember the thief Sam was talking about? Well we're going to steal from 
him. Across from the closet is a table with a newspaper and two soda cans on 
it; get in between the table and the wall and line yourself up with the 
newspaper. Face the wall and look straight down; you should see an option to 
open up a panel in the floor. Drop down into the cramped area, which has 30.06 
ammo, a scope, and a key to the office doors on the second floor. Equip the 
scope to your pistol, and say hello to your best friend from now on.

We're almost finished, so head up to the main floor and find the two offices. 
Unlock them and grab the items, which includes an accuracy mod, a lockpick, 
and a multitool. 

Go back to Manderley's office to get your new mission objectives, and then 
head back to the docks where the game began and on to the boat waiting there.

002.0 - Castle Clinton/Battery Park: Ambrosia And The Subway Hostages:

- Find the Ambrosia container in Castle Clinton.
- Rescue the hostages in the subway station.
- Get on a train and meet Paul in Hell's Kitchen.

002.1 - Find the Ambrosia container in Castle Clinton:

Anna will run over and tell you to find a missing barrel of Ambrosia and 
exterminate all of the NSF taking refuge in Castle Clinton. When you ask her 
if there's another way in, she says she doesn't know of any back entrances, 
probably because she's an idiot. After you're done with Anna, run forward and 
find the little kid and talk to him. Give him your candy bar when he asks for 
something to eat and he'll tell you the code to the hidden entrance: 9183. 
Turn around and go up to the brown box next to the soda machine. Pick the lock 
and enter the code, and the machine will open up to reveal a secret passage. 

Enter inside and go into the room across from the entrance. Look under the 
small table and pick up the multitool, and then head down the stairway. Make 
sure that there isn't an NSF in front or to the right of you. If there are, 
hide back up the stairway until he starts walking away and then shoot him in 
the head with your pistol. Pick up the 10MM ammo and head right; under the 
camera is a small vent. Crawl through and climb down the ladder. Go to the 
very end of the vent until you find an opening the leads to a hall and another 
room with a desk. Wait there until an NSF walks by, and then kill him. 
Eventually another one will come by, so kill him as well. Don't worry if they 
get away and sound the alarm, if they start shooting, hide in the vent until 
they give up and then take a few more shots. One of them has a flamethrower, 
so make sure that they're both dead.

Once they're both dead, go down the hall and into the room with the desk, pick 
up the multitool in the right corner and the assault rifle ammo on the desk. 
Continue left and hide behind the first big crate, and then run in to the room 
on the left, the Ambrosia barrel is in there along with some toxic barrels. 
Hide behind the large metal crates and wait until the camera in the other room 
is facing away from you. Pick up one of the toxic barrels next to the Ambrosia 
barrel (you need to use Microfibral Muscles) and carry it into the other room 
and up the stairs on the left. Open up the door when you reach the top and 
take another left and down the set of stairs. Drop the barrel in front of the 
door, and then get back up the stairs. Crouch down and shoot the barrel to 
blow open the door. Inside you'll find a number of items, including a medkit, 
napalm, an Augmentation Canister, and a key. To the right of the door is a 
security terminal, so turn off all of the cameras. We're done here, so now 
retrace your steps and head out of the soda machine.  

002.2 - The Battery Park Subway Hostages:

When you and Anna find each other, she'll question your judgment about how you 
dealt with the Castle Clinton situation, but congratulate you nonetheless. She 
then tells you that a group of NSF have taken hostages down into the subways 
and wired explosives around it. When the option appears, say: "I'm learning as 
I go." Anna will give you two EMP grenades instead of one, and send you on 
your way. Head left, the entrance is just north of an eagle statue and is 
partially enclosed; you'll know you're there when you see UNATCO troops in a 
gunfight. To conserve ammo, let the UNATCO guys handle the terrorists; not 
only will you stay out of the way and not get hurt, but with any luck, most of 
the UNATCO guys will be taken down, which means you can loot their bodies as 
well as the dead NSF. Also, if you want to be a real sadist, kill the UNATCO 
guys with your knife while they're fighting. Anyway, after all of the bad guys 
are dead, find the two boxes in the corners and bust them open to get some 
more ammunition. 

Next, find the entrance to the subway and look just left of it. There's a 
hatch leading down, so go down it and through the door. Climb all the way down 
the ladder and head straight, you may need to use your light (F12) or you 
could end up crawling into a wall without knowing it. Once you're at the end, 
take a right and follow that the rest of the way down; you'll appear right 
next to the hostages and the subway. Now, there are two ways to go from here:

1: If you're going for a minimum or no-kill game, crawl over to one of the 
hostages and talk to him. Afterwards, open the door to the subway car nearest 
both of you and make sure they both get on. Now, you can get on and continue 
with the game, but we'll pick up a lockpick first. On the right is a box, so, 
making sure that no one will spot you, crawl over to it and bring it back into 
your corner. Break it open and pick up the pick, but hide in the vent as soon 
as you do because someone is bound to hear you. After the heat dies down, open 
up the subway car again and get in.

2: If you want some extra ammo for the coming mission, take this route instead 
of the other one. After you talk to the hostages and let them on the car, head 
back into the vent and make your way down one grate, so that you can see the 
entire station. Open up the grate and carefully pick off every single NSF in 
the room with your pistol or mini-crossbow, but make sure to hide when they 
begin attacking you, especially since there's a guy with a flamethrower here. 
After everyone's dead, loot their corpses and look up the stairs; there are 
three more terrorists. Using the scope on your handgun, kill the three of 
them, and instead of using an EMP grenade on the laser sensors, move all of 
the TNT crates littered around the station to the far corner and then run up 
and get their ammo. Now head onto the subway car. 

003.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 1: The Generator:

- Question the locals about the whereabouts of the NSF generator.
- Rescue the hostages in the 'Ton Hotel.
- Rescue Ford Schick.
- Find and destroy the NSF generator. 

003.1 - Question the locals about the whereabouts of the NSF generator:

Either way you handle the situation, both you and the two hostages will get 
off the train at Hell's Kitchen, where you need to meet with Paul. Hack into 
the ATM machine in the corner next to the phone and head up the stairs. Paul 
will appear now and he'll tell you that there's a lot of fighting in the 
streets and most of the civilians have taken cover in the bar or hospital. 
Also, if you need some extra equipment, you can always hit up his apartment in 
the Ton Hotel, which is where we need to go anyway. Head up the stairs and run 
to the end of the block, where riot cops have closed off the entrance to the 
NSF Headquarters. Not that it matters, but there is some 10MM ammo sitting 
next to one of the black and yellow markers. You can also pick up the shotgun 
ammo that's lying against the wall before the bar; it's pretty hard to miss. 
After you've loaded up, head into the bar to talk with some of the locals. 

When you enter the Underworld Tavern, hack into the two ATMs before continuing 
on to the main area. Try and talk to everyone in the bar, but there are a few 
people in particular that you should meet. When you find the bar itself, buy 
two or three bottles of beer from the bartender, but don't drink them. 
Instead, talk to the guy on the left side of the room, he's wearing all black 
and has sunglasses on; he's labeled "Pilot Guy". Offer him beer in exchange 
for information about random subjects like Area 51 and an arms dealer. 
Continue talking to him and giving him beer and you'll find out his name is 
Jock and he's a pilot for UNATCO. Now head to the other side of the bar and 
listen to the man and woman's conversation. After they finish, butt in with 
the comment, "Excuse me, but I thought I heard you say 'Ambrosia'". After 
talking for a while, the guy will tell you the code to an elevator that the 
NSF uses. Now head to the other room in the bar and find the Gothic looking 
girl, who tells you that her friend and a guy named Johnny went outside to 
have an argument of some kind. She's worried about her friend and asks if 
you'd be able to check it out for her. We're done here, so let's do that; head 
out of the bar and find the alley next to the two riot cops. Johnny will have 
the girl backed into a corner, so talk to him and try to reason with him. 
Choose the phrase, "You've got ten seconds to beat it before I add you to the 
list of NSF casualties." Sometimes you need to be forceful to get it through 
to these guys. He'll run away, but you can kill him if you want to, a quick 
jab in the back with your knife will do the trick. Either way, talk to the 
girl, who happens to be Sandra Renton, the daughter of Gilbert Renton, the 
owner of the Ton Hotel. If you keep talking to her, she'll tell you about 
Smuggler, the arms dealer that Jock mentioned before, and the password you 
need to get into his hideout: Bloodshot. 

If you want, go back into the bar and talk to Sandra's friend; she'll tell you 
about an elevator that the NSF uses. Sounds familiar. Now head out of the bar 
and take a left up an alley behind the bar. Crawl through a small fence and 
talk to the soldiers who are complaining about Paul giving them Gas Grenades 
instead of ammunition; and when they offer to give them to you, accept. Break 
open the boxes next to them and take the ammo and then run right, past the Ton 
Hotel, where a huge gunfight is taking place. Follow the same strategy that 
you used in the Battery Park situation and let the cops and terrorists kill 
each other, looting the bodies when everything dies down. Also, make sure that 
anyone who gets injured and runs away gets killed; we don't need any strays 
littered around Hell's Kitchen. You should pick up an assault rifle and a lot 
of ammo, so you'll be ready for the hostage situation in the Ton Hotel.

003.2 - Rescue the hostages in the 'Ton Hotel:

When you enter the hotel, find the ATMs and clean them out. Now walk down the 
stairs and look left, you'll see Mr. Renton at is desk. When you tell him to 
get out of the hotel, he acts nervous and politely says that he wants to stay 
where he is; do you understand where I'm going with this? Look on the left 
side of Mr. Renton, if you hug the right corner you should just be able to 
make out an NSF uniform. Take your pistol and look through the scope and shoot 
him in the head. If you're going for a no-kill game, shoot him in the stomach 
and wait for him to run out to fight you. When he does, zap him with your 

Now talk to Mr. Renton, he tells you that there are two more guys upstairs 
with a hostage each. Before you head upstairs, check in the back corner of the 
front desk and pick up the cash and a hotel key. Now exit the room and take a 
left to the elevator shaft. Drop down and break open the two boxes, and then 
head up the ladder. Climb up to the very top and pick up the multitool lying 
in the corner. Head down one level and you'll see a terrorist holding a 
hostage at gunpoint. There's also another NSF around the corner with the other 

The biggest thing you're bound to worry about is how to save the second 
hostage after you've rescued the first. As long as you quickly kill the first 
terrorist, the second one will panic and run around the corner and fire at 
you. If you take too long to kill him (which will happen if you try to use a 
knife or baton) the other NSF might decide to kill his hostage before 
attempting to take you out.

If you're in a non-lethal mood, this sections going be a little more 
difficult, and I hope you still have the throwing knives that you picked up 
from that body at UNATCO. Creep up behind the first guy so that you've cut the 
distance between the two of you in half, just make sure you don't get too 
close or they'll kill the hostages. When you get close enough, throw your 
knife at the terrorist, which will stun him momentarily, so quickly run up to 
him and jab your riot prod in his back. If you did this right and the hostage 
is still alive, the other NSF will run from around the corner and attack you, 
but we're ready for him. Quickly close the distance between the two of you and 
prod him to unconsciousness.

If you don't mind a little blood, then this will be a joke. Stand by the 
elevator doors and use your pistol to kill the first guy, and the second when 
he comes around the corner. 

Now talk to the male hostage and he'll tell you that he overheard the two NSF 
talking about a warehouse. Turn around and open the room nearest the elevator, 
it belongs to your brother. When you go inside, check the datacube on the 
table, he tells the password to unlock his hidden stash is a countdown from 
four. Now enter the corner room past the center pillar with the painting on 
it, you're in Paul's bedroom. Look under the nightstand for some extra cash, 
and then head back to the main room and open the painting. Enter the 
combination and the shelf will open up, revealing a command station of some 
sort. Look on the walls and around the floor, picking up the Ballistic Armor, 
ammo, a biocell, a few lockpicks, and some multitools, and then check out the 
datacube lying on the left of the table, which contains Paul's login and 
password: PDenton - Chameleon. There isn't anything important to read, but 
some of it can be pretty funny. 

Leave the hotel and head back to where we started out, the subway station. 
Instead of going down the stairs, take a left around a high wooden fence. At 
the far end of the basketball court is a bum surrounded by two thugs. A 
citizen in distress? Not on my watch. Run up to the two thugs and point your 
pistol at them, waiting for the crosshairs to steady. Once you and the gun are 
ready, kill the guy on the left, who is much more dangerous considering that 
he has a shotgun, and then the other guy with the crowbar. You shouldn't have 
a problem with making sure that the bum isn't killed if you don't stand 
around. Afterwards, talk to the bum and he'll tell you that he's a member of 
the mole people, and he's a little annoyed with the NSF running barrels 
through their home. After saying that you'd like to check it out, he gives you 
the password "Underworld" so that Curly, the guy who lets people in, will know 
to trust you.

003.3 - Rescue Ford Schick:

Now get on the other side of the subway stairs and you'll be able to see the 
top of a stairway leading down; it's slightly left of the 'Ton on the other 
side of the street. Head down and press the intercom, and give Smuggler the 
password "Bloodshot". When he let's you in, head down the elevator into 
Smuggler's Lair, where you'll find an amateur security setup, the biggest 
problem is the security bot that will attack you if you cross the laser beams. 
First, get to the right corner and break the box to pick up a lockpick, and 
next go in the little booth on the completely opposite side of the area. On 
the table is a multitool, and a security grid that will disable the lasers. 
But why waste a perfectly good multitool, let's get wild and dangerous. Run 
straight through them and see what happens. 

Actually, this is a lot safer that it appears to be; as long as you run 
straight inside the next room through the door on the right you'll have no 
problem, maybe getting shot once. But remember that the bots' bullets don't do 
as much damage as normal 9MM bullets do. Anyway, talk to Smuggler, and he'll 
mention about how his friend Ford Schick was kidnapped by the government, and 
offers cheaper prices on his hardware if you rescue him. Since his items way 
too expensive, agree to help his friend without buying anything. Before we do 
that, though, head upstairs and break open all of the boxes for goodies. Run 
over to his bed and take the lockpick on the shelf to the right of the mirror, 
which is fake of course. Look behind the bed and find the keypad. Enter the 
code 432 (thanks to Keenan Gehman for figuring out the code) and collect the 
thermoptic camo, the medkit, and the clip mod (which you should put in your 
pistol) and then leave Smuggler's. Notice that the bot isn't an enemy any 

Before we rescue Ford, however, it's probably a good idea to visit the clinic 
and heal any wounds you have. If you can't find it, it's right next to the 
Underworld Bar, just to the right of the back entrance. In fact, you would 
have passed it if you didn't go through the detour through the wooden fence to 
get the gas grenades. Once inside, make sure that you don't have any weapons 
visible like in the Bar, and head to the far right corner, where a patient and 
doctor are arguing.


After you've saved your game, listen to the entire conversation and talk to 
the "Sick Looking Guy" when they've finished. Tell him, "You should be more 
appreciative. By helping you, this man risks his own health." The man will 
leave, and the doctor will be so thankful that he'll offer you the main 
facilities in the clinic, "the full treatment" he calls it. Accept it, and he 
tells you the code is 2153. Good, remember that number, and reload your game. 
Listen to the conversation again, but this time, decline any reward from the 
doctor. Now go to your notes section and click on Add Note and the surgery bay 
code. Sure, it's cheating, but I'm cheap. Go to the surgery bay and add 
Environmental Resistance from the canister we found in Castle Clinton. Heal 
yourself, and then leave the clinic, now it's time to rescue Ford Schick, 
Smuggler's friend. 

Leave the clinic and head down the alley that leads to the wooden fence, but 
stop right at the beginning and find the sewer grate. Use the key Smuggler 
gave you and climb down the next two ladders. When the section loads you'll 
see an unfamiliar uniform being worn by an armed soldier; it doesn't matter 
though, because we know to kill him because the crosshairs turn red.

Use your pistol to take down the one guy from afar (you might have to crouch), 
and then immediately look left. There's another soldier that has, amazingly 
enough, not heard the gunshot. Shoot him in the head as well, and then get 
across the bridge. When you get close to the door, crouch down and open it up. 
Hug the left wall so you're directly behind the solider sitting in the chair. 
Stand up and prod him in the back. Break open the boxes in the room and make 
sure that you check the datacube under the desk, it gives you the login and 
password to every security terminal in the area: MJ12 - coupdetat. Now take a 
right from the room to where you killed the second soldier and log in to the 
computer. Turn off all of the cameras and rotate the bridge. 

Look across the water, there's an opening with a ladder leading down. Move so 
that the bridge is out of the way and aim your pistol at the solider that 
should be appearing at any time. After he's dead, run across the bridge and 
climb down the ladder. Run through the door and down the walkway. There should 
be a keypad, but we don't know the code. Strafe back and forth right in front 
of the door and eventually a solider on the other side will hear you and come 
to investigate, so make sure you kill him as soon as he opens the door. 
Through some miracle, none of the other guards have heard anything. Crouch 
down and get under the camera, making your way to the security terminal across 
from you. Turn off all of the cameras, and then crawl to the left side of the 
stairway. Make sure that the guard on the right of the stairs is far enough 
away, and drop off the side and hide under the stairs. Here's a layout of the 

                                                |   __    |            
                      __________________________|  |  |   |            
                     |                 |________|  |  |   |            
                     |          ________     O  |__|  |   |            
                     |         |________| . . .__._. .|   |            
                     |____   _____._.__._.____|____|x_|___|_________   
            _________|                             __   |    . ___ |   
           |                                      |__|   __  .|___||   
           |         |               |__|               |  | x     |   
           |         |               |__|          __   |__| . ___ |   
           |         |               |__|       x |__|       .|___||   
                     |                            |                    
                     |                           ||                    

Wait until the solider to the right of you begins to walk towards the end of 
the stairs. Crawl up to him and prod him in the back. Now look right, if you 
timed this right a door at the north should be open and another guard is 
walking through it; follow behind him and knock him out as well. The room 
you're in has a catwalk above some disgusting water; it's not toxic, so jump 
in and break the two boxes open. 

Now head back out the same way you came in and get next to the door at the 
bottom right corner of the map. There are two guys in that room, and I finally 
found an easy way to kill the two of them. Equip a gas grenade and open the 
door, throw it at the guard sitting down, and then run to the other door 
leading to that room. After it explodes, run into the room and kill the two of 
them. Take their ammo and get the datacube on the left side of the room. Use 
that login and password to read the mail on the computer, and get the code to 
the door that led to the toxic water room. Head over to the west side of the 
area and use the code 007 to open the armory. Now leave and face the north 
room, where Ford Schick is. Talk to Ford and tell him to escape. Follow him to 
the ladder to complete the objective. 

There's just one more thing to do here. Climb up the ladder and cross the 
bridge again. Rotate it back to it's original place and get across to the 
entrance. Look over the edge to the water below. On the right is a pipe with a 
medkit, so drop down onto it and then down to the next one, which has an 
accuracy mod on it. Swim to the ladder on the left, but be quick about - the 
water here is toxic. Get back to Hell's Kitchen and talk to Smuggler, he'll 
thank you and drop his prices, but nothing he has is useful (unless you still 
don't have a scope on your pistol), so pass on it. Head to the Clinic and heal 
yourself from your swim in the water, and we're all set to finally complete 
the main objective.

003.4 - Find and destroy the NSF generator:

Head right from the clinic and up near the 'Ton, the building on the right is 
Osgood and Sons. Go inside and throw the box on the crates down and break it. 
On the other side of the crates are three doors, the one on the left has an 
augmentation upgrade, so bypass the keypad and upgrade Environmental 
Resistance to level two. Now take the door all the way on the right and you'll 
come to an enclosed alley. Pick up the small metal crate and drop it near the 
bottom crate. Jump over the fence and look at the far end of the right wall, 
there's a LAM. Diffuse it before heading up the ladders. Once you reach the 
top, save your game before crossing the roof of the building. You should see a 
bunch of pillar-type things. Watch out, because there's an NSF walking around 
with a sniper rifle. He should be near the right somewhere, so have a sharp 
eye and take him out with your mini-crossbow. Once you shoot him, hide on the 
roof until he collapses, and then drop down and loot his body. Now head to the 
left where you can see a number of buildings and a few NSF patrolling. There 
are about five of them, all on different buildings: one on the right, one on 
the left near a hut, one in the center, one just to the right of the middle 
guy on a lower level, and one in the far background. Take them out with your 
pistol or crossbow in any order, but I suggest killing the middle-right guy on 
the lowest level first, because if you miss your chance you might be caught by 
surprise later on. After you've killed the four closest to you, use your 
sniper rifle to kill the guy in the back.

Once you've finished, look to the left of you at the hut, there's some 30.06 
ammo and ballistic armor. Head back up the ladder you came from and take the 
ladder on the right down to the fire escapes. Drop down them one by one until 
you reach the last one, and then jump over the railing and onto the building 
with the hut. Find the body of the guy you killed, and break open the box to 
get ammo. Climb up the ladder leaning against the billboard and get to the top 
of that building. Get the LAM from the down NSF before jumping on the ledge of 
the billboard. Once on the other side, loot the other NSF' body and cross the 
rooftop. Use your knife to break open the window and drop down, making sure to 
land on the higher level instead of the bottom of the stairs. Exit that room 
and take a left, break open the window and crawl through the opening. Run down 
the fire escapes until you can jump onto another small hut. Jump to the next 
building across from it and climb up the ladder. 

Now you're on the roof where you killed that guy with your rifle. Crouch down 
so that the guys on the lower lever won't see you and get the corpse's 
valuable 30.06 ammunition. Still crawling, get to the opposite side of the 
roof where the ramp leads down, but instead find the small steps behind it and 
climb down the ladder. Make sure no one hears you, and then climb down the 
other ladder. See that window/mirror? It has a durability of ten percent, so 
whip out your knife and hack at it until it shatters. Crouch down again and 
head inside to the computer; use the login "NSF" and password "righteous" (you 
find this out first from the male hostage in the 'Ton, as well as a few other 
places) and shut down the generator's cooling systems. Log out and wait around 
for a few seconds; the screen will start to shake and the generator will 
eventually explode. Get back to the roof at your leisure and talk to Gunther, 
who tells you that your brother Paul is a wimp and that you're wanted back at 

Now, you can take the helicopter to H.Q. if you want to, but there's a lot of 
ammunition and an augmentation canister here that's too tempting to pass up. 
But first there's the problem of getting rid of the bad guys. Head down the 
ramp and through the trip-wire, making sure that NSF come to take you down. 
Once you're sure that you have their attention, run back up and let Gunther 
take care of them. Not only is he invincible, but he also has a machine gun 
and a flamethrower. After the first swarm is finished, repeat this step until 
all of the bad guys, including the one guarding the front door, is dead. If 
you're lucky, a stray NSF will run away and Gunther will go and chase after 
him. This basically cuts out the step of you egging on the enemies to chase 
after you.

Behind the bottom set of stairs is yet another ramp, so head down to find an 
expensive looking security setup. Go down the hallway and under the laser, 
there's an office with two doors leading to it. Ironically, the one on the 
other side of the laser is locked, while this one isn't. Once inside, get the 
key and break open the two boxes to get LAMs. Deactivate the cameras with the 
security terminal and then equip your LAMs. Throw it at the desk and quickly 
leave the room before it explodes. Go back in and collect your reward, an 
augmentation canister for Run Silent or Speed Enhancement, in the drawer under 
the desk. Head out the same way you came and return to the first level. Run 
over to the other side of the area, there are a bunch of cardboard boxes 
concealing another ramp. On this side of the basement, use the key you have to 
open up to door on the left and activate Environmental Resistance to protect 
yourself from the poisonous gas. Break open the boxes to get some more 
miscellaneous items, and then return to the main area.

Get back up to the roof and click on the Black Helicopter and talk to the 
pilot, who happens to be the guy you met in the bar asking for beer. When he 
asks if you're ready, select "Let's go" and leave.

003.5 - UNATCO HQ:

Because I don't feel like repeating myself, I'm not going to go through this 
part as detailed as I did before. Just know to visit:

- The green storage container near the helipad
- The offices and closets on the first two floors
- Your office
- The break room (ATM)
- Manderley's office
- Sam Carter
- Jamie Reyes (medical closet and Med Bots)
- Alex (secret panel)

Just before you enter the building, you'll see some very pale men with black 
suits on leaving. Say hello to the Men In Black, who warn you not to 
interrogate the prisoners in the detention center. 

Whenever you make it to Manderley's office, you'll be asked to wait outside 
until Manderley finishes his meeting. Get close to the door and eavesdrop on 
their conversation. When they finally decide to fire Paul, the other guy 
leaves. Go in and talk to Manderley, who tells you that Paul failed his half 
of the mission, and that it's now up to you to recover the stolen Ambrosia. 
When he's finished, listen to Anna report on your skills; she'll praise or 
degrade you depending on whether or not you went in the front door and killed 
everyone in Castle Clinton or used the secret passage like this walkthrough 

When you reach Jaime's office, heal yourself and install Run Silent. 
Afterwards, if you want to see something interesting, head through the room 
across from where Sam Carter is to find the detention center. Watch Simons, 
the man who was talking to Manderley, interrogate two NSF prisoners. After one 
of them refuses to reveal where and how the NSF are transporting the Ambrosia, 
he pulls out a shotgun and kills both of them. That's police brutality at it's 
finest, my friend. 

Once you've completed everything you need to do, head back up to the helipad 
and get to the chopper.

004.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 2: The Mole People

- Locate the airfield where the NSF has moved the Ambrosia.
- Locate the three missing barrels of Ambrosia.
- Gain access to the 747 hanger.
- Assassinate Juan Ivanovich Lebedev.

First of all, let me say that most of these objectives blend together, you 
find the Ambrosia while locating the airfield, assassinating Juan while 
gaining access to the hanger, et cetera. So instead of separating the level 
like that, I'm separating it by areas, not that any of you really care.

004.1 - Battery Park/Abandoned New York City Subways

Deja vu? You begin at Battery Park again, so run to the subway entrance and 
find the camp of homeless people. There's a bum walking around in a beige 
trench coat who will sell you two 30.06 clips for 300 credits each. Six 
hundred credits for two clips isn't such a bad deal, so take him up on the 
idea. Now find the hut with the barrel-fire, there are two bums hanging around 
it talking about the NSF and the Mole People. Turns out that the guy is Curly, 
whose name you might remember from when you rescued the bum on the basketball 
court. If you rescued the guy from the two thugs during your first visit to 
Hell's Kitchen, then you'll know that the password is "Underworld". If you 
didn't meet that guy, then don't bother talking to Curley. Instead, go down 
the subway stairs and find Harley Filben, who'll give you the code for a 
price. Either way, you'll get the get the code "M-O-L-E", or 6653. 

Enter the code in the phone booth down in the subway station and watch as it 
lowers beneath Battery Park. Keep going forward and climb the ladder, you'll 
end up in an abandoned section of the NYC Subways. When you first get there, 
run to the far corner of the station and find Rock, the drug dealer who kind 
of looks like that guy from X-Men. Save at this point (just in case), and use 
your prod to take him down without causing a lot of commotion. After he's out 
of the picture, loot his body to get some cigarettes and two vials of Zyme. 

If you took care of the dealer quietly, then find the junkie near the stairs, 
he has drooping eyes and is wearing a white shirt. When he asks for Zyme, give 
him a vial. He'll tell you that the keypad activates the entrance to the Mole 
People's city is underneath the sink in the woman's bathroom. Unfortunately, 
he doesn't know the code. 

Now find the bathrooms. There are two of them on either side of a stairway on 
both sides of the station. In one of the men's rooms is another junkie, who 
tells you that he has a LAM. Offer to trade your other vial of Zyme for his 
LAM and he'll agree. Now go upstairs, preferably using the stairway in the 
middle where you talked to the first junkie. One of the gang members will tell 
you that you're on the Rooks' territory. Good to know. Take a right and jump 
over the turnstile. Hack away the cardboard boxes to find a box with a 
multitool. Now head the other way to find some more Rooks, an ATM, and the 
gang's leader, El Ray. He'll tell you that he's willing to sell you a LAM at 
the steep price of 750 credits, or that you can kill the drug dealer 
downstairs. But the dealers already gone, so he gives you the LAM right there.

Head back downstairs and get on the opposite side of the tracks where you 
killed Rock. Find the bum with black hair, his names Charlie and he's a Mole 
Person. He offers to give you the code to the woman's bathroom on the 
condition that you reopen the water lines. The only problem is that some 
debris has blocked the door and they can't get past without some kind of 
explosive. But we just got two more LAMs, so we're set. Head to that corner of 
the station (You'll need to run on the tracks to get to the very end.) and 
open the door to find the blocked path. Throw a LAM in and back up, and the 
explosion will clear the way. Run down the hallway, but do not jump over the 
steaming pipes, you'll take a lot of damage or possibly be killed. Instead, 
crawl up the pipe near the door and onto the metal tube. Jump to the next one, 
making sure that you jump at the last possible moment, and get on the right 
corner of the other one. Remember that it might take a few tries to get the 
hang of it. Once you get over the side and turn the two valves, talk to 
Charlie again, who tells you the code. Now run over to the woman's bathroom 
and look under the middle sink to find the keypad. Enter the code, and exit 
the station via the secret door in the wall. 

004.2 - City of the Mole People

You find yourself at the end of a long tunnel that's filled with Moles and 
NSF. I know it's tempting to bring out the sniper rifle and make good use of 
the vantage point, but there's a much better way to go about it. Climb down 
the ladder and crawl under the ramp on your right. Hug that low wall and crawl 
from ramp to ramp. 

Eventually you'll see a room on the right with a Mole Person in it, with a 
pipe dripping there too. Make sure no one's watching, and run over and talk to 
him, but stay out of sight while doing so. He'll tell you that the men's 
bathroom has a secret passage in it, and the commander, who lives a secret 
room at the end of the tunnel, is the only person who has the key. The only 
way to open his door is by finding the trick block and pressing it. Good to 
know. Get back to your hiding place under the ramp and continue down the 
tunnel until you reach the end of the left wall. 

When the low wall ends, wait in the shadows while the NSF walking on the other 
side to pass in front of you. Wait for him to walk up the wooden ramp in front 
of you, and then crawl over and hide underneath it. Wait for him to walk back 
down, and then crawl all the way up the ramp and to the enclosure on the left. 
Look behind the cardboard boxes and find the bottom block that you can switch. 
Enter the door and talk to the commander, who surrenders and tells you 
basically the same stuff that the bum did. Take the key from his table and 
exit the room; you'll notice that none of the terrorists are hostile towards 
you anymore. Run to the other end of the tunnel and veer left when you get the 
chance. Pass by the two NSF talking to each other and run up the ramp. In the 
top right corner is a small crawlspace under the fallen rock. Crouch down and 
look inside, there's an active LAM against the wall. Disable the LAM (be 
careful, there's no where to go if you screw up) and collect the EMP grenade 
and medkit. Continue on to the bathrooms (there's a multitool in the unlocked 
women's bathroom) and head through the men's room to take another step 

There are two different paths to take; normally you'd need to waste multitools 
or lockpicks, but I'm too cool to waste items. On the right you can find the 
big metal crate, so activate Microfibral Muscle and carry it to the left side 
of the area. Drop it right next to the lasers, but make sure not to break the 
beams. Now run back and pick up the small metal crate (and the lockpick in the 
pipe next to it) and drop it next to the larger one. Hop over the lasers and 
pick up the small metal crate, and then throw it against the wall so you can 
make it over. After that, you find yourself in a room shaped like a lower-case 
"Q", and the guard only walks around the circle part of it. Hide under the 
camera and wait for the guy to pass you, and then drop him. Take the key he 
was holding to get through the next door.

In the next room, the exit is on the other side of a small body of water being 
guarded by two turrets. Normally, you'd have to deactivate the laser tripwires 
that would set them off by bypassing the security system with multitools, but 
there's a much better way to go about it. Look over at the top right corner on 
your side of the room; there's a crate of TNT on the ground that's just 
begging to be blown up. Stand in the doorway and do just that, you should be 
far away enough not to get caught in the blast. The lasers on the other hand 
will be blown to pieces, allowing you to make it across without having to 
worry about the turrets. 

Unfortunately for you, that's not the only puzzle. The platforms that you have 
to jump on are unstable, meaning that you can't stay on one for too long.

The last obstacle before the helipad is a pair security bots. As you enter the 
room, make sure that the EMP grenade on the left wall doesn't catch you off 
guard. There are two ways to pass this: you can wait for both bots to be 
heading away from you, and then run to the hole in the right wall. After that, 
make your way through the wall to the end of room. Wait for the bots to both 
be facing away from you again, and then leave the room. 

On the other hand, when I did this just now, I remembered that I still had a 
scramble grenade from who-knows-when. If you still have this, wait for the two 
bots to be near you and throw the grenade so that they end up fighting each 
other. Now you can simply waltz through the room without a problem. 

When you enter the room with the electronics on the left, look in between the 
two and find the datacube and multitool.

004.3 - Helipad

You begin at a set of double doors, with an NSF on the other side near the 
opposite wall. Next to him is one of the three missing Ambrosia containers. 
Open up the door and look directly up, there's a camera. Kill the NSF in this 
room with your pistol, and be ready for another NSF to try and sound the alarm 
on the right. If he doesn't show or after you kill him, wait for the camera to 
face the left and then run to the right exit, and then open up the men's 
bathroom. Crouch down and crawl up to the lone NSF and prod him in the back; 
picking up the key afterwards. Now head to the exit on the other side of the 
main room, and make sure that the camera doesn't see you. Head up the stairs 
and immediately turn around, wait for an NSF to enter the space and then leave 
again. Now move down the hall and crouch down at the left corner, just past 
the door. When the guy comes back again, let him pass you and then prod him.

Now get to the door where the NSF guy had just been, you'll notice that it's 
locked, but we got the key from the guy in the bathroom. Open it up and crouch 
down, get behind the guy at the other side of the room and prod him; don't 
worry, he won't turn around. Facing the left wall, look at the top right 
corner to find the security terminal. After shutting everything down and 
opening the secret room, turn around and find the switch behind the plant next 
to the shelf, which opens up. Put the augmentation upgrade in Environmental 
Resistance, now at level three, and put the range modification in your 
crossbow. Pick up the LAM and, if you have the room (which you should), the 

Now exit the room and start to go back down the hallway. Unlock the other door 
on this floor and climb up the ladder, and, leaving the top hatch open, wait 
for the NSF to walk towards the corner. Climb out and crawl after him and prod 

When you're done, head out the same way you entered, and wait for the NSF on 
the second floor across from you to appear. Use your pistol or sniper rifle to 
take him out, and then head up that way. Hack into the ATM and break the boxes 
in the secret room behind the bookshelf. You might want to save at this point, 
because there's going to be a race between who can kill each other, you or the 
NSF sniper. Open the door nearest to the camera with your sniper rifle 
equipped. Find the sniper on the highest platform in the right corner. Quickly 
shoot him in the head otherwise you'll take a lot of damage.

After he's dead, save again and crawl onto the helipad, from here on there are 
two possible paths to take.

004.4 - LaGuardia Airfield

1 - On the opposite side that you entered, there's a sewer hatch in the right 
corner. If you jump down near the top right corner and run in between the 
large crates, you can make it to the hatch without being seen; just make sure 
that there's no one in the immediate area. Climb down the ladder and swim 
forward, you're going to take a bit of damage when you run out of breath, but 
it should be minimal. When you reach the midpoint, climb up the ladder and 
push the metal crate into the water, and then jump to the platform. Swim until 
you reach the open waters and take a breath. Dive back down and, while 
underneath the wooden boat hut, fire a tranquilizer dart at the NSF who's 
doing his rounds. When he collapses, get out of the water and loot his body.

2 - Right after you kill the sniper, crouch down and look right; there's a 
long hallway with an Exit sign. After you kill the two guys guarding it, hop 
down from the helipad and run down the hallway. Get on the elevator and head 

                                                                 .  |   
                                                   ___           .  |   
                         _______    _____   .  .  |   | .__. . . .  |   
                  |     |_______|  |_____| . ___ .|___|.|  |        |   
                  | . .__.  .___.  .  .  . .| A | . .  .|  |        |   
                  | . |  |  |   |   ___     |___|  __   |__|        |   
                  | . |__|  |___|  | B |_         |  |   __         |   
                  | . |__|   ___   |_____|        |  |  |  |        |   
                  | . |  |  |   |                 |__|  |  |        |   
                  | . |  |  |___|                       |__|        |   
    ______________| . |__|                                              
              .  .  .                                                   
           | J |                                                        

Open up the door and run down the side of the hanger. At the end of the long 
crate, take a right, but make sure that there aren't any bots in the area 
(there weren't any when I went through this, but you can't be too careful). 
Follow the rest of the above map, landmarks include the crate that forms an 
"L" shape (B) and the crate with the ladder attached to it (A). When you reach 
the wall, follow it up until you pass the trailers and get to the wooden 
shack. Look in the window and make sure that the NSF inside is at the far end 
of the dock and head inside. As you as you enter, run left and dive into the 
water, swimming under the shack. Equip your mini-crossbow and dive under 
again, and when the guy stops moving, hit him with a dart. Resurface on the 
outside and wait a few moments until you hear him fall unconscious, then get 
back onto the dock. 

Either way you get there, run over to the Ambrosia barrel to get Alex's 
message, and then get the key to the East gate on the metal crate, along with 
any ammo lying around. Oh, and that box in the water, don't bother getting, it 
has shotgun ammo and you should have plenty of that. When you're ready and 
there aren't any enemies in sight, leave the shack.

                    |                  |              |                
                    |__________________|______H ______|                
                                _______   _______   x   |              
                               |______E| |D      |  x   |              
                          ____    ______ |___|__C|      |              
                         |    |  |      |     . ._._.   |              
                         |____|  |______|    .  |B A|.  |              
                           ___  . .__.__.__.    |___|   |              
                          |   |.  |        |    |   |   |              
                          |___|.  |__      |    |   |   |              
                               .     |_____|    |___|   |              
                               .                        |              
                               .                        |              
              _______________  .________________________|              
                          |    J    |                                  
                          |         |                                  
                          | | | | | |                                  
                          |_| | | |_|                                  

This isn't nearly as complicated as I'm sure it looks, it's just that we're 
going to be having fun with some jumping puzzles. Head straight forward and 
take a right at the first crate, then head diagonally right and then another 
quick right and find the ladder. Climb up both ladders, labeled point A, and 
then jump from point B to point C. From there, walk to the other side of the 
crate, get the items in the boxes, and then jump from point D to point E. 
After that, jump to crate F, where I suggest you save, you need to make an 
almost perfect jump. From point F, run and jump off the very corner of point G 
to reach point H. After that, get down the ladder to find yourself at a gate 
being guarded by a lone NSF. When the time is right, quietly get down from the 
crate and prod him, and find the key that he was holding. Use the key you got 
in the wooden shack on the black box on the right to open the gate. 

Run over to the left side of the building and open the set of double-doors 
without standing directly in front of it. Peak inside and check to see if 
there's an NSF is standing at the top of the stairs across the room. If he is, 
wait outside until he walks away, and then crawl over to the far right room on 
the lower level (the kitchen). There's an NSF standing by the counter facing 
away from you, so sneak up behind him and knock him unconscious with your riot 

Now crawl to the opposite side of the room and hide behind the stairs. Find 
the loose brick against the wall and press it in to open a secret panel. 
Inside is a key to the barracks' dormitory, a lockpick, a scope mod, a LAW, 
and various clips of ammunition. 

Leave the secret room and wait behind the stairs. Peak out and look for the 
NSF on the second level; if you can see him across from you, hang around until 
he stops at the top of the stairs again. When he begins walking away, crawl up 
the stairs and knock him out. The second room on the left is the dorm room, so 
unlock it with the key you found in the hidden room and head inside. There are 
four footlockers; the only two worth checking out are the two near the door. 
The one on the left is unlocked and contains a datacube with the security code 
to the hanger, while the one on the right has a ten percent lock strength and 
contains a LAM. 

Return to the main room, the door on the left is the door that leads to the 
hanger. There isn't much else to do in this building, so head through using 
the code from the datacube. 

Inside the hanger, run down the ladder and towards the front of the jet, and 
eventually you'll receive a message from Paul, who tells that all of the NSF 
in the area were told to stand down. But wait, that means... Right, Paul's a 
terrorist. Talk to him and he'll try to convince you to join him in his quest 
to save the world from the government, who's responsible for manufacturing the 
Grey Death virus. When he's finished, enter the jet.

Inside the 747, find the stairs leading up and get the nanokey in the right 
corner. Then head down two floors to the cargo hold, where the final Ambrosia 
barrel is, along with an Augmentation Canister, except we don't know the code 
to release it. Head back up to the main level and find the door leading to the 
private quarters in the back. Unlock the door and find Lebedev in the last 
room. Before talking to him, look under his bed to find the datacube with the 
code to the Augmentation Canister. Go back and get it, and then return to 
Lebedev's room. 

From here, you have four different ways to complete the mission:
1 - Kill Lebedev.
2 - Don't kill Lebedev, and let Anna finish him off. 
3 - Kill Anna but not Lebedev. 
4 - Kill everyone.

If you kill Lebedev, Joseph Manderley, Anna, and Gunther will be pleased with 
you; if you let Anna kill him, Alex and Sam Carter will support you. Also, if 
you talk to Lebedev to the end of the conversation (when Anna interrupts and 
starts shooting) you get a few skill points. 

1 or 2 - If you plan on taking paths one or two, talk to Lebedev, who tells 
you that UNATCO doesn't approve of killing unarmed prisoners. After some more 
chitchat involving Paul and your family in general, Anna joins you and tells 
you to execute Lebedev or leave the 747 and get to the chopper waiting for 
you. Pick one, and head off to the helipad. 

3 or 4 - If you think Anna has had enough time on earth, plant a LAM next to 
the bathroom on the left before talking to Lebedev. When Anna comes into the 
room, run away and let the LAM take her out. Talk to Lebedev before leaving 
the 747 and getting back to the airfield. 

The mission's technically over, but there are a few things we still need to 
do. Take a left and follow the wall, use the key you got from that one NSF to 
open up the doors under the security towers and get all of the items. Once you 
reach the helipad, talk to Gunther before continuing to loot the towers. In 
the one in the left corner of helipad there's a GEP Gun, so make enough room, 
eight squares making a rectangle, to fit it. Drop your stealth pistol if you 
need to, but make sure you keep your baton or riot prod. 

Also, you should have about 3500 skill points, so upgrade in either 
Lockpicking, Electronics, or Rifles. Me, I'm becoming advanced in rifles, but 
the other two will get there in due time. When you're finished, talk to Jock 
in the helicopter and leave the airfield. 

004.5 - UNATCO HQ:

Same old, same old... 

Make it a point to visit:

- The green storage container near the helipad
- The offices and closets on the first two floors
- Your office
- The break room (ATM)
- Manderley's office
- Sam Carter
- Jamie Reyes (medical closet and Med Bots)
- Alex (secret panel)

There's a repair bot in the green container outside, so fill up your 
bioelectric energy there. Also, make sure to visit Manderley's office first 
because Janice asks you to find Jaime and tell him that Walton Simons is 
looking for him. Depending on what happened on the 747, Manderley will either 
be pleased, angry, or furious with you, but he gives you your payment anyway. 
In the break room you'll find Jaime and Simons already talking, so when 
they're finished talk to the good doctor to receive your skill points. Also, 
check under the desk in your office, there's a weapon mod down there. Install 
Ballistic Protection when you get to the medical center, and put any new 
augmentation upgrades in that until you get Regeneration in the mission after 
this one. 

Is there anything I missed? Anyway, when you go back to the chopper to head 
off to Hong Kong, Jock tells you that your brother's in New York and he's in 

005.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 3: The NSF Distress Signal

- Investigate the captured NSF base to see if Paul is telling the truth.
- Send the NSF distress signal from NSFHQ.
- Meet Paul and help him leave New York. 

005.1 - Investigate the captured NSF base:

Climb down the ladder and go through the open window to get into Paul's 
apartment. Talk to your brother, who's sitting in the main room, and he tells 
you that you have to help him send a distress signal to the other rebels. 
Realizing that you're unsure of him, he tells you that he has proof of 
UNATCO's foul intentions in the basement of NSFHQ. Don't forget to look the 
secret bookshelf before leaving, there's an augmentation upgrade as well as 
multitools and lockpicks.

Head down to the first floor of the Ton, and in the office you'll hear an 
argument between Gilbert Renton and his daughter Sandra. Drop all of your 
weapons except for your knife, and then talk to Gil. Give him your knife when 
he asks for protection from Jojo. Now, pick up all of your weapons and replace 
your knife with the baton, I hope you still have it. Wait around a few moments 
for Jojo Fine to come downstairs, and get right behind him while he's talking 
to Gil. As the three of them are conversing, steady your crosshairs, and when 
Gilbert says, "That's it, I've had it", kill Jojo. Gilbert celebrates killing 
Jojo and his actions convince Sandra to hang around the hotel instead of 
running away. 

There's nothing really important to do at Smuggler's or in the Underworld Bar, 
so immediately head to the NSF base. After the cutscene with the UNATCO 
trooper, get behind him and knock him out with your baton or prod. Now 
continue on and the new area will load. 

Run up to the third floor of the base and enter the room with the Med Bot. Use 
the button in the right corner to turn off the gas in the next room, and then 
enter it and traverse the path to the security terminal. Open up the secret 
hatch and head back down to the first level where the ladder to the basement 
is. In the first room, take a left, where you'll find an elaborate security 
setup, but we're not going to be using any multitools. About halfway down that 
hall, right before the crates, is a small opening in the bottom right corner; 
when you're ready, run through the lasers and crawl into that space, it's 
helpful to activate Ballistic Protection right around now. Crawl to the end 
and wait for the alarms to die out, and then enter the next room on the left. 

Over the years, I've named this room the Turret Room, so take a guess what 
kind of traps are set up. If you look to your left when you first enter the 
room, you'll find some small crates and a medkit, along with the security 
terminal. Pick up two of the small crates and stack them on top of each other 
right next to the lasers; then make a jump over, it might be close. On the 
other side, pick up the crates and bring them over to the next set of lasers 
and repeat the strategy. But before jumping over the crates, make sure to 
blast open the door with a rocket; I only say to use a rocket because if you 
don't make the jump and set off the alarms, you can still run to the next room 
without having to worry about picking a lock. And plus, there are GEP rockets 
in the closet on the right of that room; you might have equip Environmental 
Resistance to avoid the gas. Then leave through the door on the left. 

This is the last hallway in the area, which means that this is the last 
puzzle, but it's also one of the most complicated. Use your multitools to 
disable the security grid before the trip wires, but you'll find that only two 
of the dozen lasers were disabled. Crawl underneath the first set look to your 
left, there should be cardboard boxes and TNT crates. Pick up a TNT crate and 
drop it (carefully) on top of the metal crates. Back up and shoot it, the 
blast should destroy most if not all of the lasers, making it easy to get 
through. Break open the box on your right to get your multitools back, and 
then head through the door. In this room, fire a rocket at the door to the 
left, and go inside and around the computer terminal to find all of the 
information Paul was talking about. You may also notice that the otherwise 
locked cabinet was blown open, so you can read the datacube inside as well as 
take the weapon mod without wasting lockpicks. On top of that cabinet is the 
information you'll need to send the distress signal, which Paul tells you once 
you read the datacube. Go back into the next room and up the staircase and 
you'll find yourself back outside. 

I've found that the best way to go through this level is by taking out your 
baton or riot prod and sneaking up behind the UNATCO troops to knock them all 
out when no one else is looking. It takes patience, because you have to make 
sure that no one sees you, but it's well worth it.

There are usually two or three guys on each level; none of them are hiding in 
bathrooms so what you see is what you get. However, there's one trooper 
outside who's near a side door on a balcony, it's in the same relative 
location as where the mirror was in the generator building, it's strange how 
alike the two are. Once you make it past the grounds and first level it 
becomes a lot easier, and even if you are seen you can always hide for a 
minute until the heat dies down. 

By the way, on the second floor, there's a room filled with computers and two 
UNATCO troops, it might be difficult to knock them out without being shot so 
block the door with something lying around: a crate, barrel, or TNT if you 
want to get sadistic. 

005.2 - Send the NSF distress signal from NSFHQ:

Once you're on the top level and have taken the last two guys there out, head 
into the communications room, pick up the LAM in the corner, and log into the 
computer that the datacube gave you: "MCollins" - password Revolution. Rotate 
all of the satellites and open the door, and head into that room and log into 
the second computer with "Napoleon" and the same password. When you log out, 
you'll get a message from Paul telling you that the signal worked. Leave the 
communications building to get a message from Walton Simons, who tells you one 
of two things: either that he's ordered the troops to kill you because he 
doesn't "have the patience to wait for one of those damn killswitches to 
work." If you already got rid of everyone, however, Simons tells you that 
you're going to die in twenty-four hours because of the killswitch. 

005.3 - Meet Paul and help him leave New York:

If you knocked everyone out, then stroll back to the Ton and meet with Paul. 
If you decided to be daring and take on all of UNATCO's finest, then get your 
machine gun ready and come out shooting. There really isn't a strategy here, 
just make sure that you always have control of the higher levels so that you 
can shoot and hide. 

Either way, you will eventually be in Paul's apartment. When you do speak to 
him, JC is about to help him leave when Men In Black raid the hotel. Paul 
selflessly gives you the code to the subway gate and tells you to leave, but 
you end up in the same place no matter what. If you try to escape, you end up 
in Battery Park where Gunther and Anna are waiting for you, or fight the MIB. 
In both situations, you can't escape anywhere and there are an infinite number 
of enemies, so it's pretty pointless either way. 

If you want Paul alive, then use the door to leave the apartment; although I 
usually let the MIB "kill" me to save time, you can let Paul take care of 
everyone and have him lead you to the subway, but then you have to fight Anna 
and Gunther. Unfortunately, even if you kill Anna, Gunther is invincible so 
resisting is basically a waste of time and ammunition.

006.0 - Majestic 12 Facility: Escape from UNATCO

- Find your brother and access information in his datavault that Tracer Tong 
will need to defeat the killswitch.
- Find your equipment that was taken from you.
- Escape from the Majestic 12 facility.
- Find Anna Navarre's killphrase.
- Escape from UNATCO and go to the helipad.  

006.1 - Find your brother and access information in his datavault:

Before we can meet Paul, the first objective is pretty apparent: escape from 
your cell. A few moments after the game loads, Anna visits you and asks about 
the killswitch. When JC asks what happened to Paul, Anna replies with "The 
same as anything that malfunctions, the same as you!" After she leaves, make 
your way over to the door and someone named Daedalus will contact you; saying 
that he needs you to escape and can cut the power to your cell. Soon after, 
the power will go out and the door will open part of the way, so crawl under 
it to get out. 

Still crouched, head over to the box and pick up the baton; wait until the 
Majestic 12 gets up and starts walking away, and then hide under his desk. 
When he comes back around and begins down the cellblock, follow behind and 
knock him out. Pick up his pistol and read the datacube on his desk, which 
contains the code to the detention center, 4089, and each individual cell, 
4679. Go back down the cellblock and open the two cells on the right, one 
contains a medbot and a dead NSF who has a few lockpicks, and the other has a 
POW named Miguel, who, besides giving you a medkit and asks if he escape with 
you, tells you that "You're definitely not the only prisoner, I heard noises 
down the hall." Speaking from experience, if you tell Miguel to do anything 
but wait there, he will die and you might take some damage; and that's not 
taking into account the fact that he won't be able to follow you in grates and 
the like. Lastly, in the main area of the room there's a file cabinet, so open 
all of the unlocked drawers to get a multitool and some ammo; don't waste 
lockpicks on the locked ones. Once you've completed that, run to the right 
corner of the room and hide under the security camera, and then run over to 
the door, unlock it, and get out.

After exiting the detention area, Daedalus will contact you again and tell you 
that Paul is in the medical center, either alive or dead depending on how you 
played the last level, and that all of your equipment is in the armory to the 
south. Right under your feet is a grate, so open it up and crawl down; take a 
right and follow the path north, taking another right when the path dissects. 
Eventually, Daedalus will tell you that you're underneath the Nanotech Lab, 
and the vent ends behind the desk of a Man In Black. Wait for him to get up 
before climbing out, and crawl to the long table near the windows on the 
opposite side of the room. Near the door is a button that opens up the cages 
in the next room, so release all of the greasles, who begin attacking the 
scientists, and more importantly, the MJ12 and MIB. Return to your hiding 
place in the grate and let the troops fend off the greasles, and if it works 
out as well as it did for me, then the MIB will take out the last greasle 
before being knocked out by all of the tranquilizer that was shot at him. If 
he doesn't collapse, then wait for him to begin to return to his desk and 
knock him out with the baton. DO NOT SHOOT HIM! Men In Black explode when they 
die, but not when they're knocked out, which means that you can only loot 
their corpses when they're unconscious. And this MIB has a key to the file 
cabinet in the room, which contains multitools, lockpicks, and a datacube with 
the logins and passwords of UNATCO personal. Hack the MIB's computer and 
unlock the Augmentation Canister's holding, and then leave the room, making 
sure there aren't any stray greasles, and hide under the camera until the 
medbot gets close enough to install the Augmentation, Aggressive Defense 

Leave the Lab and take a right, but stop before you get to the office, or else 
the MJ12 will spot you. Listen to him talk to the secretary, and when he 
finishes, he begins his route down the hall. Head back towards the Lab, but 
instead, hide behind the set of pipes on the right. When the guard passes you, 
follow behind him and knock him out. Return to the desk and attack the 
secretary with your baton, she has a prod but doesn't use it, so this 
shouldn't be a problem. Go up the staircase on the left and knock the guard 
out, and hack into the security there (MJ12 - password Invader) and turn off 
the cameras, making sure not to open up the doors that contain the karkians. 
Backtrack to the office and head up the staircase on the right, unlock the 
grate, and then crawl down it to reach the Medical Center. If Paul is alive, 
he'll tell you about killphrases, which is the mech's equivalent to 
killswitches, except instantaneous. And since Anna is out on a witch-hunt to 
kill you, knowing her killphrase would be a good idea; Paul even tells you 
that her killphrase is stored on two computers that have a login of "Demiurge" 
with the password "Archon". 

Daedalus rings in and informs you that he wants at least one of you to escape, 
and that the code to the exit is 1125. Good to know, but we're not finished 

006.2 - Find your equipment that was taken from you.

Climb through the grate again and retrace your steps back to the Lab. Use one 
of the grates there to crawl to the Command Center and use your mini-crossbow 
to take out all of the guys and dogs, there are four guards and two dogs. Take 
all of the weapons and turn off the cameras using the security terminal in the 
room. Now head through the doorway that's labeled "Detention" and run past the 
cellblock to reach the Robot Maintenance area, which leads to the armory. 

The Robot Maintenance area is probably the most difficult section of this 
level; there are a lot of guys that are equipped with powerful guns, and they 
have the advantage of controlling the upper level. 

When you first start out, hide behind the crates in front of the entrance 
until the guy on the bottom floor begins walking away from you. Activate Run 
Silent to catch up to him and knock him out, then backtrack and run halfway up 
the stairs to the left. Once at the middle part, wait for the guy with the 
sniper rifle to pass you, and then continue the rest of the way up; just make 
sure to duck once you see him or he'll attack you. Wait a few more moments for 
the guard to walk past the crates before following him. After you reach the 
far end to the north, hide between the crates and robots until the guard at 
the entrance near you to appear; when he walks away turn on Run Silent and 
knock him out before he reaches the stairs, don't worry about the sniper rifle 
guy. Continue upstairs and hide in front of the desk, and when the guy behind 
it starts walking either way, take him out with your baton. 

Continue to explore this area and find the security terminal to reverse the AI 
of the bots. This causes the one bot on the top floor to activate and start 
walking around, so you won't have to worry about that guy with the sniper 
rifle for very long. Watch him try to take on the bot if you want, and then 
continue to the final part of the room where one more soldier is sitting at a 
desk. Crouch down and hug the right wall until you get behind him, and use 
your baton to knock him out. Read the datacube on the table to find out the 
code to the armory - 2971, and then head downstairs to the south to reach it. 
There are two very large bots guarding this area, so wait until one of them 
passes by the entrance before venturing out. Stay behind it until you find the 
door to the armory, use the code to open the door and immediately attack the 
guy sitting at the desk with your baton, who, instead of counter-attacking, 
tries to set off the alarm. Once he's out of the picture, run upstairs and 
turn off the two bots and the security camera. From here on, it's Christmas, 
so drop any items that you don't need: stealth pistol, gas grenades, et 
cetera, and reclaim your items. Make sure to use one of the boxes to reach all 
of the stuff on the top shelf, and make sure that you pick up the two weapon 
modifications upstairs; one of them, the silencer, should go into your sniper 

Guess what? We're finished, so, if you want to, head back to the detention 
center and pick up Miguel and tell him to stay close, and then head out via 
the door in the Command Center. Shoot the guy sitting at the desk with your 
pistol and continue on to UNATCO HQ. 

006.3 - Find Anna Navarre's killphrase:

I'm not sure whether or not someone else tells you about Anna's killphrase if 
Paul is dead, but I'm certain that you can still get it no matter what. It's 
stored on two computers, one is Anna's personal computer near the cellblock 
where Simons "interrogated" the two NSF, and the other is on Manderley's 
computer in his office. 

When the game loads, run down the hall and to the door that's guarded by a 
lone UNATCO troop on the other side. If he doesn't see you, open the door and 
follow him up the ramp to the Medical Center and knock him unconscious, but if 
he does you can shoot him in the face when he opens the door. Run out the 
other side and tell Miguel to wait there if he's with you.

Continue to the Medical Center and find Jaime Reyes near the medical closet, 
when he asks what he should do to help you, choose "Stay here. I could use an 
ally inside UNATCO"; you'll regret not doing so later on in the game. Pick up 
the Augmentation on the counter and have a medbot install Regeneration, and 
then run across the hall to talk to Alex. If you killed Anna at Battery Park 
or on the 747, he'll hand you the key to the exit, but otherwise he'll be too 
afraid of what would happen if someone found out. Before leaving here to get 
rid of Anna, check the secret room under the floor to get some cash. 

Now head to the armory, but don't talk to Sam. Instead, wait in the corner 
until the UNATCO troop who's walking up from the cellblock passes you, and 
then knock him out with your baton. Now go back and talk to Carter, who 
insists on staying at UNATCO to purify it; however, he lets you into the 
armory as a sign of friendship. Besides the assortment of ammo, there are also 
a few weapon mods and an augmentation canister, which will bring your 
Regeneration up to level two. Don't forget to replenish you bioenergy in case 
it's low.

Leave Carter and check out Anna's computer across the hall; use the 
Demiurge/Archon combination to log in and find parts two of two of her 
killphrase: "Woman". Get back to the main area on the bottom floor and go into 
the men's bathroom. Knock out the guy standing in front of the mirror and head 
upstairs, but DO NOT GO UP TO THE FIRST FLOOR. That's where Anna is, and we 
don't want to instigate anything prematurely. Back to where I was, check out 
the meeting room, there are two guys sitting there - take them out with a shot 
in the head each. If you did this efficiently, then no one will come to 
investigate. Continue to the break room and knock out the guy watching TV, and 
then talk to Shannon, who confesses to be the thief that's been stealing 
weapons from the armory; and what'd you know, they've been storing all of 
their findings in a secret panel under Alex's floor. If you want to listen to 
an extra conversation, talk to Carter again and tell him about Shannon. 

Now go to Manderley's office and you'll interrupt him trying to prevent 
himself from being demoted by Simons, who's pretty pissed - or at least as 
pissed as you ever see a cool-cat like Simons get. But don't let Manderley 
live just because you feel sorry for him, if you start to leave his office 
he'll try to kill you in an attempt to save himself, so take care of him while 
he's still a good guy according to your crosshairs. Before leaving, though, 
log into his computer with Demiurge/Archon to receive the first part of Anna's 
killphrase: "Flatlander". We're ready to beat Anna. Run up the stairs and your 
battle should go something like this:

Anna: I shall have you kill you myself.
JC: Take your best shot, Flatlander Woman.
Anna: How did you know? 

When Anna's dead, visit the office on the right and knock out the trooper who 
managed to miss all of the commotion going on outside of his office, and then 
return to Alex to get the key to the front door. If you have Miguel waiting by 
the Medical Center, go and retrieve him and tell him to follow you. Now exit 
UNATCO, but you'll have to get past Scott and Sergeant Lloyd, but I'm sure it 
won't be too much of a problem. When you go to leave through that retinas-
scanner door, let Scott come to attack you, but shoot him in the face as the 
door is opening; with Lloyd, just baton him like you've done every other guy 
sitting at a desk. 

There's only a multitool in the green storage container, so talk to Jock, who 
was also contacted by Daedalus, and head off to Hong Kong, but not before 
Miguel thanks you. Sure, you don't get anything for rescuing him, but isn't 
the knowledge that you did a good deed enough of a reward?

007.0 - Secret Majestic 12 Helicopter Base: Caught! Again... 

- Deactivate the weapons lock on Jock's helicopter.

007.1 - Deactivate the weapons lock on Jock's helicopter:

Turn around and go down the grate; follow that path and take the first left. 
Open up the grate and get into the munitions room; take all of the weapons 
except for the rockets on the table and use the nanokey you find to unlock the 
door, but leave the same way you came in. Continue down the vent and take the 
next right and you'll find a few large tanks. Make another right and follow 
that path the rest of the way, and then make the first left you come to. 

The vent ends on the second level of a break room where a bunch of MJ12 are 
hanging out; use the beds as cover from being spotted by them or the camera in 
the corner. Unlock the third locker and take the key to the Flight Deck, and 
then exit the room the same way you came. When you reach the intersection, 
take a left instead of returning the same way you came; drop down onto the 
stairs and crawl down. Take the small crate on top of the big one off and drop 
it off to the side, making sure not to make any noise, of course. Use 
Microfibral Muscles to pick it up the large one and carry it up the stairs and 
to the right, and then drop it past the doorway to the helipad. Across the 
helipad is a ladder, so climb it - but only hang at the top and aim at the two 
guys standing on the roof. Shoot the guy holding the GEP gun first and then 
take out the one with the assault rifle - in that order, for obvious reasons.

Now run back to the flight deck and turn off the weapons lock. Jock calls you 
and says that he's going to wreak some havoc, so run down to the helipad to 
watch the show. When you get inside, pick up the large crate you left there 
and block the doorway so the MJ12 troops can't attack you. Now run to the 
other side of the helipad and hide behind the tanks left of the ladder. Equip 
your GEP gun and fire a rocket at the bot nearest you, and then the other at 
the far end of the area. Once both bots are destroyed, run down the stairs 
near the doorway and pick up those rockets that were left alone in the 
beginning. Now head to the southern most part of the helipad and crawl under 
the debris to the elevator. 

Update: As I'm rereading this thing for version 2.0, I realize that I may have 
gone overboard on the whole no killing thing, and that the damn strategy won't 
work if you don't have Microfibral Muscles. So here's the alternative route:

Instead of taking the first left that leads to the second floor with the 
bunks, take the one right after that, and you'll appear at a grate overlooking 
the first floor. From here, you have a great view of all of the guards inside 
(about six). Take your pistol or mini-crossbow and pick them off one at a 
time. After that, run up to the top floor and enter the unlocked room on the 
right; there's a security terminal that will shut off all of the cameras. 

Now follow the rest of the guide, starting at, "Now run back to the flight 
deck and turn off the weapons lock."

008.0 - Hong Kong: The Dragon's Tooth Sword:

- Find and examine the Dragon's Tooth Sword as proof regarding whether or not 
Maggie Chow is telling the truth.
- Demonstrate Maggie Chow's guilt by showing Max Chen the sword. 
- Have Tracer Tong deactivate the killswitch.
- Get the ROM-encoding for the Dragon's Tooth from the Versalife Labs.

008.1 - Find and examine the Dragon's Tooth Sword:

Jock tells you that he used to drop Paul off in a compound on the east side of 
the market, so head east as far you can until you come to a big red compound. 
On the east side of it is a man carrying a shotgun, talk to him and he tells 
you that his name is Gordon Quick, the leader of the Luminous Path. Before you 
can meet with Tracer Tong, you have to earn the triad's trust, so Gordon sends 
you to Tonnochi Road to find The Dragon's Tooth Sword, which was stolen from 
the Red Arrow by a woman named Maggie Chow; her blaming the Luminous Path has 
caused the Red Arrow to wage war against them.  

Turn around and head back the same way you came; near a club called the Lucky 
Money is a sign reading "Tonnochi Road", so follow it. On Canal Road, run down 
the street and jump across the gap where the bridge collapsed. On the other 
side of the bridge a path that leads to Tonnochi Road. 

A Luminous Path member runs up to you and says that Maggie Chow is a liar, so 
find the hotel and go up the elevator on the left. When you reach the top 
floor, the maid talks to you and says she'll show you the way. Knock her out 
before she leaves the room, and then head left to find Maggie. She tells you 
that the Luminous Path is lying, and that Paul was helping her when he got 
captured. Maggie says that there's evidence in the police station back in Wan 
Chi that proves her innocence, and you'll find that obtaining this information 
becomes one of your secondary objectives. 

Leave Maggie and head up the stairs; Maggie's room has a datacube on it that 
mentions her two favorite books: Tai-Fun and Insurgent. The next room on the 
right is a meeting room, and the datacube on the table mentions that Maggie 
changed her password, so it's not "Tai-Fun" anymore. I wonder what it could be 

In the back of the meeting room, use the login and password "MChow" and 
"Insurgent" to turn off the cameras and unlock the door. Head back to where 
the elevator is and continue left; click on the paper lantern in the corner to 
open up the secret door. Crawl down the hall and into the large room, and in 
the back left corner is a computer; use the same login and password to open up 
the glass case where the Dragon's Tooth is. Tracer Tong contacts you here, and 
tells you to show Max Chen, the leader of the Red Arrow, the sword; he's 
probably at the Lucky Money. 

Backtrack all the way to Wan Chi and find the police station; fire a shot into 
the door to get their attention. When the cop opens the door, shoot him in the 
head and do the same with the other guy in the computer room. Enter the code 
87342 to open the vault and, besides looting the place, read the datacube 
against the wall to prove that Maggie is involved deeper in Red Arrow affairs 
than she let on. Now run down the steps near the loading point of the canals 
to enter the Lucky Money. 

008.2 - Demonstrate Maggie Chow's guilt by showing Max Chen the sword:

When you enter the Lucky Money, run past the store and talk to the two girls 
sitting in the corner; they ask if you'll pay for them to get it. Because 
you're a nice guy, cough up the forty credits and follow behind them as they 
enter. Talk to some of the people if you want, there are some strange 
characters hanging around; the pair called "seductive woman" and "nervous 
woman" fit into that category. Also, on the top floor are some Russian sailors 
who say one of the more memorable lines in the game: "I spill my DRINK!" 

On the second floor, talk to the bartender to have a conversation about the 
local politics, and then go behind the bar; besides the back door there's some 
cash on a ledge near the liquor that will reimburse you for letting the two 
girls in. Down the stairs in the back is a door that leads to a meeting room 
behind the main dance area. Continue through the pond area to talk to Max, and 
he agrees to quit hostilities with the Luminous Path until he completes an 

Just when you think everything's fine, Majestic 12 attacks the club; here's 
where you first meet the MJ12 Commandos, who can seriously cause you pain with 
those rocket launcher things they have. Just let the Red Arrow security take 
them all out and you won't even take damage. 

And now it's time to break the law, but the rewards are well worth it. Just be 
careful, because you WILL be shot at.  On the second floor, in the corner, is 
a stairway that leads to where you pay for admission. Using the Dragon's 
Tooth, kill both the bouncer and the woman, blow up the safe in the wall with 
a rocket, and then loot the bodies. There's two hundred dollars in the safe 
and about eight on the woman, and you get your rocket back from the bouncer. 

If the Hong Kong police aren't out to kill you by now, they will be soon. 
Start to leave the Lucky Money and break the glass to the convenience store. 
The alarm sounds, so take out the police before hacking into the security and 
turning off the camera. Log into the computer and open up the vault for 
another couple hundred credits: you've just earned more money than you did at 
UNATCO - it seems that crime does pay.

008.3 - Have Tracer Tong deactivate the killswitch:

Leave the club and return to the compound, where a pleased Gordon Quick tells 
you the code to the compound door - 1997. Head through the building and down 
into the main area; on the other side of the room is a large scroll hanging on 
the wall with a keypad next to it. Enter 1997 again and jump into the passage 
and down the stairs. 

In the room on the left is Tracer Tong, who tells you that you're going to owe 
him favors if he deactivates your killswitch, and when you agree he tells you 
to get on the platform below. Continue straight and down to the left to reach 
the area, and after being electrocuted for a minute, Tong tells you that your 
safe from the killswitch and to return upstairs. 

008.4 - Get the ROM-encoding for the Dragon's Tooth Sword:

Tong tells you that although the temporary peace between the triads is a 
positive, the truce won't last when the sword technology is still up for 
grabs. He says that Versalife originally sold the technology to the Red Arrow 
in the first place, so if someone were going to try and make the sword 
available to both triads, then that would be a good place to start. And guess 
who gets to be the garbage boy? You guessed it, stealing the sword's ROM-
encoding is the first of many favors to repay your debt. On a final note, Tong 
mentions that the code to the Versalife elevator is 06288, and a man named 
Hundly will allow you to enter the labs - for a price.

Before leaving the compound, check around Tong's lab, Alex (and Jaime if you 
told him to meet you in Hong Kong) is hanging around as well as some ammo and 
a repair bot.

Do you know where the Versalife building is? You should, considering you've 
passed by it at least six or seven times by now. When you went to the Lucky 
Money, did you see an elevator at the bottom of the first set of stairs? 
That's the Versalife elevator.

Inside, talk to the receptionist and then head up the stairs. There are three 
ways to get the elevator code's labs.

1 - Pay Hundly two thousand credits to get the code. 
2 - Kill Hundly for the office worker on the third floor. 
3 - Hack into a computer and create a fake pass yourself.

Obviously, number three is the easiest if you can hack, and killing Hundly 
isn't a big deal; either way you'll eventually get the code 6512. Head up to 
the third floor and use the elevator to get to the labs. 

When the doors open the supervisor warns you to be careful not to disrupt the 
work going on, but what does he know? There are three people in this area that 
you're going to need to kill: the supervisor, an MJ12 commando, and a trooper 
with a GEP gun. Kill them in any order, but remember that commandos can be 
knocked out with a prod right in their back. Once the three are disposed of, 
run up the stairs to the right and head left to find the armory. Use the 
security terminal to shut off the cameras and, more importantly, open up the 
secret stairway near the statue that appeared in the introduction of the game. 
Run down there and end up in the two-story area. There's another guy with a 
GEP gun on the second floor, so knock him out while he's still a friend; make 
sure that the guy walking around the level two walkway doesn't see you, and 
getting rid of him is a good idea as well. Now head down the ramp, Tong tells 
you that the ROM-encoding is in this room, but there's something we still need 
to do before that. Down the hallway is a laboratory, and directly underneath 
the door is a room with three augmentation canisters. Use the computer on the 
left to open everything up, and the medbot on the right can install the two 
you don't have: Cloak and Vision Enhancement. 

Now go back to the room with the ROM-encoding and use the elevator to get to 
the top where the computer is, and hack it so you can download the ROM. Tong 
congratulates you on your success, and tells you to go to the temple near the 
compound, where the Dragon Heads are having a meeting. Make your way back to 
the elevator; those guys with the rockets would be a real pain if they were 
still alive, but now it's a breeze. 

Once you're back at Versalife, the entire security team will be on you faster 
than flies on crap, so you need a good plan ready. Look over the balcony near 
the elevator and let the security see you, shoot one of them if you have to, 
and they'll begin to ascend to the third floor to ambush you. Wait a few 
moments until they've reached the top of the third floor stairs and then run 
to the back of the office area and find the ventilations shaft, it's in the 
back left corner if you're coming from the elevator. Fall down the shaft, 
you'll take a little damage in the legs, but that's nothing Regeneration can't 
fix. Climb out of the shaft and crawl down the far left side so that the 
office workers don't see you; some of them have pistols and are looking for a 
way to get a premature raise. Once you're past that, run into the main area 
and activate Cloak, and continue to the elevator. 

Find the temple near the compound and enter it to witness the official peace 
announcement between the Dragon Heads, who offer to buy you drinks at the 
Lucky Money after you see Tong. Head over to the compound and Tong will tell 
you that since Paul failed to bring some of the Gray Death virus and Ambrosia 
for him to examine (which was your fault, by the way) he hasn't been able to 
study it in hopes to develop a cure. That's where you come in; Tong gives you 
a new assignment to enter the level two labs in Versalife and find information 
about the virus structure that he can use. 

009.0 - Hong Kong: The Universal Constructor:

- Locate information on the structure of the plague virus.
- Destroy the Universal Constructor.

009.1 - Locate information on the structure of the plague virus:

First off, if you're interested in any free points, visit the Lucky Money bar 
to have a drink with Gordon and Max to complete the secondary objective. Now 
find Canal Road, directly east of the Luminous Path compound; there's a door 
that's at the very north that requires a code, so use the one Tong gave you 
(55655) to enter it. Use a lockpick to open the pipe covering, and then jump 

Climb on to the lower pipes and make your way to the top and through the pipe. 
Directly right at the end of it is a datacube that gives the code to a door - 
768, and on the far end is another pipe that leads to the level two labs. 
Around here, Daedalus gives you instructions to destroy the UC with the code 
525, but we'll get to that later on.

To the right of the mouth of the pipe is a door requiring a code, and 768 just 
happens to be that code. Run through the doors and pick up the scramble 
grenade, or at least remember where it is if you don't have the space in your 
inventory. At the end of the hall, lower the ramp to walk across, and then 
drop an item, a baton or knife, and return to pick up the scramble grenade. On 
the other side of the ramp is a set of stairs that lead to a security 
terminal, which turns off all of the cameras and raises the ramp. Return to 
the ramp area and throw the scramble grenade in between the two bots to get 
them to fight, you might have to shoot one to get it to become an enemy. As 
the two of them go at it, the commando at the end of the hall will choose a 
side and begin to attack the bot, so while his attention is devoted to 
something else you can take a potshot at him.

Once the commando and one of the bots are taken care of, launch a rocket at 
the remaining bot to clear the room. Now, running through the lasers won't 
matter. Kill the scientist who's at the far end of the room and enter the room 
on the right and disable the security. Afterwards, log into the main computer 
in the first area and download the schematic along with opening up the UC 

009.2 - Destroy the Universal Constructor:

Now head down the hall on the right and climb down the ladder on your left. 
Enter the main area and drop a weapon to take the augmentation canisters and 
the upgrade, which brings Regeneration to level three. Cross the walkway and 
head down the ladder and have the medbot install Power Recirculator. Climb 
back up and get your items, and if you look over the side you can see Maggie 
Chow waiting for you, assuming that you didn't kill her already. You can 
either kill her with your sniper rifle from there or climb down the ladder and 
talk to her first. When she's finished, she takes out a Dragon's Tooth and 
runs over to hack at you; she isn't too difficult to take down, though, two or 
three hits will do the trick. 

When Maggie is down for the count, head over to the keypad and enter the code 
525 to blow up the UC. Two spider bots across the way are released, so jump 
over the side to get away from them. There are five pipes down here, so avoid 
the four that are filled with green water and down the one off to the corner. 
Swim down and pick up the darts, and then take a breath before swimming 
through the next pipe. There's a karkian insider, but shooting it with three 
or four tranquilizer darts will knock it out. Swim through the rest of the 
pipe and you'll be launched up at the end and appear at a larger room with 
more pipes. Crawl through and jump out into the canal, and use one of the 
several exits to reach the road that leads to Tonnochi Road, and head back to 
Wan Chi to speak with Tracer. 

If Paul is still alive, then he'll be recuperating at the desk in the main 
room of Tong's base. Talk to Tracer in the computer area, who tells you that 
he was serious when he began rambling about the Illuminati, and since the 
super freighter that's transporting the plague to New York in was owned by 
Stanton Dowd, a member of the Illuminati, he sends you to meet Dowd and find 
the freighter. 

Tracer also tells you that your time in Hong Kong is nearing its end, because 
Gunther has been on a witch-hunt to find you and staying would put the triads 
in danger. Head out to the courtyard and get into the helicopter to leave Hong 
Kong and revisit Hell's Kitchen - the old neighborhood has been through a lot 
of revamping. 

010.0 - Hell's Kitchen Part 4: Stanton Dowd

- Meet Harley Filben in the Underworld Bar.
- Kill Joe Greene, the traitor.
- Meet Stanton Dowd at the ruins of Osgood and Sons.
- See Smuggler for explosives.
- Get to the helicopter waiting for you on the roof of the Ton.

010.1 - Meet Harley Filben in the Underworld Bar:

Before I start anything, make sure that you're advanced in rifles! This is one 
of the only times you'll be able to do a lot of sniping, and if the crosshairs 
are wobbling it'll be a pain to take out the two dozen UNATCO and Majestic 12 
troops that are roaming the streets. Yeah, that's right, when I went through 
this part of the mission I counted seventeen troops, plus a bot. 

If you stay on top of the roof of the Ton, you can get a fairly good view of 
most of the troops, and climbing down the ladder to the lower roof gives you a 
better vantage point for a few others as well as the bot. And don't worry 
about missing anyone because the ones walking around near the subway and 
Underworld Bar will come to investigate why their comrades are being 
slaughtered. After you reach fifteen in the death count you can head down the 
fire escape and enter the bar. I don't suggest going through Paul's room and 
out the front door because there are a lot of enemies inside. When you drop 
down to the street, pick up the large metal crate and move it near the ladder, 
and place the small one next to it on the side opposite the clinic.

Inside the bar, Harley Filben is sitting in a chair in the back corner, and 
when you talk to him he tells you that he can set up a meeting with Stanton 
Dowd in the burnt ruins of the Osgood and Sons building. He also mentions that 
Joe Greene, the reporter you may have met in the bar a few missions back, 
works with UNATCO, and Filben asks if you could kill him at the clinic. 

Continue to the main bar area and talk to Sandra Renton if she decided to stay 
after you and Gilbert killed Jojo. She mentions that the Marine on the other 
side of the room is named Vinny, and that the two of them went to the same 
high school. Now talk to Vinny, who was given leave from his sub base after it 
was taken over by FEMA and the Chinese. When Vinny mentions how he'd like to 
know what's going on there, agree with him by saying, "I would too, maybe I'll 
check it out for you." Doing so will allow you to enter the sub base later on 
without any trouble. 

010.2 - Kill Joe Greene, the traitor:

Leave the bar and start towards the clinic, but look around where you rescued 
Sandra from Johnny the first time you visited New York; there should be a guy 
labeled "Thug" walking around - kill him. Inside of the clinic, Joe Greene is 
hanging around the southwest corner, and when you ask him about being a 
traitor, he acts innocent and surprised. Choose, "I just want to hear your 
side of the story" so he doesn't become an enemy; he doesn't attack either 
way, but it's easier if he's not moving. When the conversation is finished, 
use your sword to kill him.

010.3 - Meet Stanton Dowd at the ruins of Osgood and Sons:

In the back left corner of the Osgood and Sons building is Dowd, and he says 
that the only place large enough to harbor a super freighter are the Brooklyn 
Navel Yards, which just happens to be the place where Vinny was stationed that 
was overrun by FEMA. He also mentions that you can scuttle the freighter by 
planting LAMs on weld points, and that Smuggler should have extras he can sell 
you. And on a final note, he mentions that he caught the Gray Death, and that 
should you happen to find Ambrosia on the ship, he'd be grateful if you 
brought it to him. 

By the way, if you didn't kill the thug before, he'll be standing behind you 
while you talk to Dowd. He'll attack Dowd if you leave him alone, so be sure 
to take proper action.

010.4 - See Smuggler for explosives:

There are two good reasons why you should visit Smuggler after meeting Dowd; 
not only does he sell you his box of LAMs eleven hundred credits cheaper than 
if you went in the beginning, but also because if you don't warn him that 
Majestic 12 is on a manhunt for links to JC, then Smuggler will be killed 
later on in the game. 

When you leave the ruins of the building, Jock calls and says that there are 
large readings of troops closing in, and to meet him on the roof of the Ton. 
Instead, make a mad dash to the door to Smuggler's, and head down the elevator 
and talk to him. When he mentions that he's getting nervous about being caught 
in the middle between you and Majestic 12, say "Actually, UNATCO's planning an 
operation of some kind. You might want to get out of Hell's Kitchen after I 
leave." You never actually meet Smuggler again, but it would still be a bummer 
if he died.

010.5 - Get to the helicopter waiting for you on the roof of the Ton:

This is one of the few times where there's no real strategy here; just run and 
hope not to get shot is the only piece of advice I can give you, and maybe 
activating Cloak would be a good idea. Use the secondary exit out of 
Smuggler's; it's left of the elevator and ends up behind the basketball court. 

From there, run directly to the hole in the wooden fence next to the Ton, 
crawl through it, and jump on the crates and up the ladder. Continue up the 
fire escape and then to the roof where Jock is waiting.

011.0 - Brooklyn Navel Base: Scuttle The Super Freighter:

- Find the ammo storage warehouse and raid it for more LAMs and rockets.
- Enter the main building on the north side.
- Get onto the ship.
- Find a way onto the lower decks.
- Scuttle the PCS Wall Cloud by destroying the five tri-hull welds and the 
reversing the flow of the bilge pump, destabilizing the ship's weight and 
distribution and cause the hull to split open. 

011.1 - Find and raid the ammo storage warehouse:

Jock drops you off in a fenced-in area near the Navel Yards, so crawl through 
the grate to the east to get to the gate; if you talked to Vinny the mission 
before then the guards will give you a key to the main gate, otherwise you'll 
need to use the sewers, which requires a lot of multitools and well-timed 

Presuming you talked to Vinny, hang around the second guardhouse until the guy 
comes up to you, otherwise one of the Chinese mercenaries inside the base will 
spot you. Enter the outer area of the base and look in the back, slightly to 
the left; the guard I warned you about should be walking west, so run to the 
wall of the right hanger and take him out with you sniper rifle. Now run back 
to the other side near the outer wall and look between the two hangers, use 
your rifle again to kill the guy walking on the bridge. 

Now run to the east end of the area and break open the back of the left 
trailer with your Dragon's Tooth and pick up the nearest box, but don't break 
it. Instead, carry it to the west side of the building in front of the two 
hangers and drop it in front of the window on the left. Jump on top of it and 
break open the window, and climb through. Wait for the camera on the left to 
move away, and then make your way over to the far right corner where the 
security terminal is to turn off the cameras - but do NOT open the door where 
the ammo storage warehouse is, there are two bots in there. 

Now exit the same way you came in, and carry the box to the next building 
farther west and repeat the same way of entering - through the window on the 
right. Hop through, take the lockpick, and fill your bio energy, but DON'T 
break open the box, you need it to get back out. 

Now run over to the eastern hanger and go through the door, behind the soda 
machines is a security terminal - hack it or use the login/password 
USFEMA/Security. Once the cameras are off, enter the office right next to you 
and go into the bathroom to find a code to the main base - 0909. In the desk 
in the main room is a datacube with the USFEMA/Security login and password, 
and the door you opened from the security terminal leads to another office, 
this one has a second security terminal and a key to the ammo storage 
warehouse, which is barely visible if you crouch down and look under the front 
right corner of the desk. As for the security, use the USFEMA login to turn 
off all of the cameras, turrets, and open the gate in the sewers. 

Now leave the office, there are three guys roaming around this area, so use 
the crates as cover to scope them out and use a Cloak/Run Silent to sneak up 
behind them and knock them out. Once the three of them are out of commission 
run up the stairs that cross over the office and you'll find the corpse of the 
guy you killed in the beginning. Crouch down and look north to see if there's 
a guy walking around, otherwise he's right beneath you. Either way, when you 
have the opportunity, shoot him in the head. Unlock the door to the ammo 
storage warehouse and quickly fire a rocket at a bot that's walking around 
before taking cover behind the wall. When you load another rocket, repeat this 
to take out the other one, and then drop down under the railing and head to 
the other side of the building where the control room is. Open the first two 
pens, pick up a TNT box, and drop it near the third pen, but about halfway in 
between the two walls. Now open the last pen and aim your pistol at the crate, 
blowing it up when the bot ventures out. Equip your GEP gun one more time and 
fire another rocket at the fourth bot in the same area, and begin looting the 
three pens for 10MM ammo, 20HE ammo, rockets, and LAMs. 

011.2 - Enter the main building on the north side:

Return to the right hanger by climbing up the slant on the east side and then 
using the elevated roofs to jump back onto the walkway. On the west side of 
this hanger, near some blue barrels, is a grate leading to the sewers. Climb 
down and take a right, running through the lasers. Normally this would be bad, 
but since the turrets were bypassed in that office not to long ago, there's 
nothing to fear down here. Use the crates on the left to get to the other side 
and diffuse the LAM on the left. 

011.3 - Get onto the ship:

Jump into the water and swim to the ladder on the far left, climb up, and use 
your sniper rifle to take out the three guys walking up and down the dock. 
When they're dead, run down and take a right at the ramp and then a left to 
reach the break room. Talk to one of the mechanics, who tells you that the 
code to activate the ramp is 6655. Run up the ladder and onto the ship.

011.4 - Find a way onto the lower decks:

Before we get to the lower levels, run east to the stern of the boat and climb 
up the red tower and jump to the crate nearest it; from here there's a perfect 
vantage point to take out at least three of the five guys walking around the 
deck: Two in the far right and down walking down the left side, almost 
underneath you. The final two guards are farther back on the right, if you 
climb down and hang around the right corner you can kill the final two from 
far enough away when they appear.

Once the deck is clear, search around for LAMs and ammo, and then head to the 
cabins, located near the ramp.

                           __________  _________           
                          |   A   |     |       |          
                          | ____        |_______|          
                          ||____| |     |   | _ |          
                          |___  __|     |   | _ |          
                          |_______      |   | _ |          
                          |_|_|_|_      |   | _ |          
                          |       |  .  . ->  . |          
                          |       |  x  |_______|          
                          |          .          |          
                          |_______|  .  |       |          
                                  |__ __|_______|          

Walk up to the door and open it, a sailor is walking away from you and goes up 
the stairs; take him out before he gets there. Continue to the room marked "A" 
on the above map and pick up the vial of Ambrosia, just make sure not to 
accidentally use it. Once you've completed that objective, head upstairs and 
immediately right and inside the door marked "Sick Bay". The datacube on the 
right gives you a code to raise a bridge in the lower level - 9753, and the 
grate on the other side leads to the otherwise locked electronics room. There 
are two weapon mods here, as well as a repair bot and a code to a door on the 
third floor - 83355. Return to the grate but stop halfway and open the grate 
in the hallway; wait until a guard passes you and shoot a tranquilizer dart 
into him. If he causes enough commotion to bring down another guard, repeat 
this strategy. Once everything is quiet, head to the southwest corner on the 
floor and crawl through the vent to end up underneath another set of stairs. 

Here's the third floor:
                      | |__| _|         __  x x         |        
                      |     | |____  __|__|__  __|__  __|        
                      |__   |_|     A            |      |        
                      |  |                              |        
                      |__|____|                  |      |        
                      |_|__|__|__________________|_  ___|        
                                                 |   |           
                                                 |_ _|           

Enter the long room using the door near "A"; this is the keypad where the code 
83353 works. On the other side of the electronics are two Chinese guards, so 
take a break from the stealth and jump around the corner, putting a bullet or 
seven into their skulls with your machine gun. When they're dead, find the 
datacube lying around that has the code to the captain's quarters (65678), and 
then enter that room; it's the one all the way on the left. Inside, find the 
datacube in the desk that has the code to the armory, 71324, and then find the 
Below Decks key under the Captain's nightstand. Under his bed is his login and 
password in case you want to read the email that his daughter sent him. When 
you leave the room, head to the other side where the security terminal is and 
turn off the cameras as well as open the armory; I guess that code won't do 
very much anymore. 

In the room to the southeast is a small room that leads outside; there may or 
may not be a guard standing out there, so be careful. If you look over the 
edge you should see a sailor walking around, so kill him. Now head back down 
to the second floor and raid the armory, there are some more LAMs if you don't 
have ten already. Continue down to the first floor and then even lower via the 
stairs to the west. Use the Below Decks key to unlock the door and run down 
the stairs.

011.5 - Scuttle the PCS Wall Cloud:

Walk down the stairs, there are two guys below you that will hear you if 
you're not quiet. Once you're down the stairs, turn around and find the two 
guys; shoot a tranquilizer dart at one of them and run away, hiding behind 
something until the one you shot is knocked out and you can get a clear shot 
at the second. Once the two of them are done for, head to the northwest 
corner, throw a LAM at the yellow and orange weld point and then run away 
before it blows up; the blue barrels add to the explosion. Now run to the 
southwest corner of the room and throw a LAM over the wall in the corner to 
destroy the second weld point. Search the corpse of one of the Chinese guards 
to get one of your LAMs back. 

Now find the bridge near the front of the room; use the code 9753 to raise it 
and head across to the command center. Begin to climb the ladder until you see 
a sailor, and hit him with a tranquilizer dart before taking cover. After the 
alarm dies down, repeat this with the other two sailors up top and loot their 
bodies to get some more tranquilizer darts. Climb back down look around, there 
should be a third guard walking around the room that wasn't there before; hit 
him with another tranquilizer dart and find sanctuary in the command center 
until he passes out. 

Continue to the hallway and turn right; down the hall is a security terminal 
right before a doorway. Click on the terminal and back into the dark corner so 
that you aren't seen and turn off all of the cameras. Now enter the room and 
use a Cloak/Dragon's Tooth combination to kill the two guys in here. Throw 
another LAM at the weld point in this room, the bilge pump room, and then find 
the button and computer in the northwest corner that controls the pump. First 
turn it on and then hack into the computer to reverse the flow, now we just 
have to finish destroying the weld points.

Leave this room the same way you came and follow the hall to a mechanic and 
repair bot near a door. The mechanic tells you that the spider bots have gone 
haywire and he's too afraid to try and fix the problems himself. Enter the 
room and climb up the ladder directly to your right. Jump from there to the 
computer to the south and look over the edge to find the first spider bot. 
Shoot a rocket at it to destroy it, and then bypass the security panel against 
the wall. In the same area a little east is a grate, so crawl down it and 
follow it to the laser. Turn around and point your GEP gun at the wall and 
crawl backwards through the laser; blowing up the spider bot when it comes to 
attack you. Continue to the far right corner to disable the second security 
panel and complete the secondary objective. 

Climb out and find the weld point on the other side of the room, and then find 
the grate in the dark corner of the southeast side. Crawl to the helibase and 
look left when you climb up the ladder from the vent; behind the set of crates 
is the last weld point. Use a rocket to blow it up from where you are and head 
back to the electrical room via the grate. The ship begins to "sink", which 
means rumble furiously, but it never actually sinks; so don't worry about 
rushing out. 

In fact, take the time to visit the armory and electronics room on the upper 
floors of the ship; there are some LAMs and rockets in the armory and four or 
five multitools in the electronics room. Once you're off of the ship, head to 
the west end of the dock and climb up the ladder. Take a left and you'll end 
up next to a grate with four or five spider bots on the other side. Let them 
see you and they'll rush to the grate; equip your GEP gun and open up the 
grate from the side, and then immediately fire a rocket at the opening so that 
all of the spider bots get caught in the blast. Saving right around here 
wouldn't be such a bad idea. When they've been destroyed, fire another rocket 
at the big propeller to destroy it, and then climb up the ladder near the 
grate and head into the vent up top. Use your Dragon's Tooth or a 10MM bullet 
to blast open the vent and get onto the roof where Jock is waiting for you. 

012.0 - Lower East Side Cemetery: Dowd's Mausoleum:

- Meet Stanton Dowd at his family crypt.
- Disable the EM disruption field that is preventing Jock from landing. 
- Take the helicopter to Paris. 

012.1 - Meet Stanton Dowd at his family crypt:

I almost wasn't sure if I should count this as a part of the previous mission, 
but eventually organization prevailed. Use the intercom to call the 
gatekeeper, and after he opens the door, take him out with your Dragon's 
Tooth. Now head to the mausoleum where Dowd is waiting for you. If you kept 
the Ambrosia from the last mission, here's where you give it to him; after 
which he tells you about Bob Page being involved with manufacturing the virus, 
and that since he was one of the original Illuminati who broke away and formed 
Majestic 12, Morgan Everett should be able to find a cure. Dowd also mentions 
that Nicolette DuClare was a close friend of Everett's and she should be able 
to put you into contact with him; she's been helping the resistance fighters 
known as Silhouette in Paris. 

012.2 - Disable the EM disruption field:

After he's finished talking, find the secret door under the stairs leading 
back outside and follow the path until you reach the opening. Climb up the 
ladders and look around; there are three MJ12 troops walking around you and 
another on the other side to the south. Use the same strategy that you did to 
take out the sailors in the command room and shoot a tranquilizer dart at one 
of them before taking cover. Repeat this two more times and then head outside 
and look south. Take out your pistol and kill the last trooper, and then head 
to the gatekeepers hut; to the left is a loose painting that opens up at 
reveals a keypad. Use a multitool to hack it, which opens up the bookcase to 
reveal the cause of Jock's trouble. Plant a LAM on the side of the device, but 
DO NOT blow it up. Instead, return to Dowd and look inside the crypts, one of 
them contains a replacement LAM. Also, there's a multitool sitting on the desk 
with the computer, and if you pick the lock to the vault right next to that 
you'll get an augmentation upgrade, which should bring Regeneration to its 
maximum level of four. When you're finished, return to the hut and blow up the 
EM device, allowing Jock to land but sending a swarm of troops to the 

012.3 - Take the helicopter to Paris:

Why the hell did I dedicate an entire objective to this?

There are about five MJ12 that appear when you disable the EM field, and if 
you're crouching or inside the hut they won't see you. Now, you can try and 
kill them all, but that would be a waste; so instead, activate Cloak and run 
to the helicopter. 

013.0 - Paris Part 1: The Catacombs:

- Make contact with Silhouette in the Paris catacombs.
- Rescue the Silhouette hostages in Bunker Three and return to Chad for 
information about Nicolette DuClare.  

013.1 - Make contact with Silhouette in the Paris catacombs:

Jock drops you off high atop an abandoned skyscraper, which means that there 
are some bad guys we can kill from a distance. Find the opening all the way in 
the back and look down at the enclosed compound on the right; there are three 
MJ12 commandos walking around, and with any luck, they're all right around the 
same area like they were for me. If they aren't just know that one of them 
walks around the building closest to you, another's route takes him around the 
building farthest from you, and the last walks up and down the strip of street 
in between the two buildings. 

Once the three of them are dead, turn around and run over to the hole east of 
the elevator. Jump down two levels and then slide down to the third to reach 
an open elevator door. Head upstairs and inside a room to meet Aimee, a 
disturbing woman grieving over the death of her cats; all of which were killed 
by four greasles down in the sewers. She tells you that the code to the sewers 
in 0001, but warns that it's too dangerous. However, Aimee does not know that 
JC is equipped with a level four Regeneration, Environmental Resistance, and a 
Dragon's Tooth Sword. Run downstairs, past the elevator, and down to the small 
inlet right of the large door. You should have an empty space from when you 
gave Dowd the Ambrosia, so take the hazmat suit and run up to the large door, 
opening it with 0001. Activate Environmental Resistance and the hazmat suit 
and run through the radioactive room to the northwest side, where a ladder and 
a repair bot are. Drop down the ladder and equip the Dragon's Tooth; if you 
run up to a greasle and strafe around him in circles while slashing your 
sword, you can avoid his poison. If you are hit, however, use Environmental 
Resistance and Regeneration to stay alive. 

Return to Aimee and tell her that the greasles are dead, and when you head 
back down you can pick up whatever you dropped for the hazmat suit if you want 
it back. Continue down to the sewers again and head west, make sure to pick up 
the lockpick that's resting on the right wall between the second and third 
light. Continue through the sewers and up the ladder to reach the streets. If 
you killed the three commandos, then the area is clear, so continue down to 
the subway; an arms dealer named Dafoe is down there and he asks you to kill 
the three MJ12 troops that are occupying the station. On the opposite side of 
the hall from Dafoe is a grate, so open it up and crawl through the vent. Take 
a right when the path diverges and unlock the seventy-percent lock strength 
grate and crawl to the other side of the room to where the med bot is. Hug the 
right wall near the doorway and look left: there's a Majestic 12 trooper with 
a flamethrower standing there, as well as another with a machine gun on the 
other side. Take the left one out with a shot in the head, and when the other 
guy goes to sound an alarm, kill him with another shot or a hack from your 
sword. Forget about the bot in the other room, and head back to the grate, but 
hack into the security terminal and turn off the camera. Now head back to 
Dafoe, who is pleased with your performance and offers a discount on his 
merchandise, buy some LAMs or rockets if you're low from scuttling the Wall 
Cloud. Head down to the end of the subway station and hack the two ATMs to get 
a total of one hundred and fifty credits. 

Return to the streets and search the bodies of the commandos, one of them has 
a key to the catacomb doors; otherwise you'd have to go around back and break 
open a boarded up window. Don't worry about the other building, there's really 
nothing important there, unless you want to hear a strange phone call. Head 
down the spiral staircase and into the catacombs. 

At the first fork, take a right; making sure to diffuse the gas grenade on the 
left, continue straight and then follow the Majestic 12 down the path to the 
right. Knock him out with you riot prod and continue to the room with the 
pillar directly in the middle and head into the small tunnel on the left. Wait 
at the end of the other side until the commando passes you, and then sneak up 
behind him and prod him in the back. Continue on the path in this room and 
click on the block directly under the lockpick to open the secret door leading 
to Bunker One, the Silhouette hideout. Talk to Chad in the room in the middle, 
and he tells you that he can help you find Nicolette in exchange for rescuing 
two comrades who were taken hostage after they got lost in the catacombs. He 
gives you a key to the blast doors leading to Bunkers Two and Three. 

013.2 - Rescue the Silhouette hostages in Bunker Three:

Open the door and take a left, follow that path until you enter the circular 
room with the pillar in the middle. There's a Majestic 12 commando walking 
back and forth on the other side, so follow him when he begins to walk away 
from you, and use your prod to knock him out. Continue deeper into the 
catacombs until you find a bunker door, which is Bunker Two; inside is a man 
who can sell you tranquilizer darts for two hundred credits, which is not a 
bad deal. 

Proceed farther down and keep to the left to reach Bunker Three, there's a 
ramp that leads down with two MJ12 guards walking back and forth at the 
bottom. Equip your pistol and shoot one of them in the head; the other one 
runs out from where he is and blindly comes to attack you - kill him before he 
can get close. Run down the ramp and turn left, there are two lockpicks in 
this room that make up for the ones that were used to complete the mission for 
Dafoe. Head to the room on the right of the main area; the broken wall behind 
the cross leads to Bunker Three. In this area, there are two commandos and 
three regular guards, although one of them has a flamethrower. Use your scope 
to find a guy and kill him, when his comrades hit the alarm, retreat to the 
back near the cross; more so because of the turret that will attack you, much 
less the other guys. When the alarm dies down, repeat this strategy until the 
five guys are dead; just be warned that commandos usually take two shots in 
the head from a pistol to be killed. 

When that room is cleared and everything is quiet, drop down and crawl to the 
wall of the room in the middle; drop down into that tunnel filled with water 
and swim to the other end of the Bunker. You will lose a total of fifty health 
from your torso when you run out of oxygen, but a few seconds with 
Regeneration fixes that problem. 

There are three more enemies in this room, two commandos and a Woman In Black 
named Mari Hela. Get out of the water and crouch behind the crates and wait 
for Hela to begin walking away from the security terminal on the left. She 
walks in between two sets off pillars, so hug the right wall and follow her; 
when you reach the end, head up the stairs before the camera in the first room 
sets off an alarm. On the second floor, there's a commando walking back and 
forth, so get right behind him and knock him out with your riot prod; use 
Cloak if you have to, the only thing that matters is that the commando be 
taken out quietly. When he's down for the count, crawl to the opposite side of 
the room for where you began and hang by the ladder until the second commando 
walks underneath you and begins to walk up that side of the room. Climb down 
the ladder and follow far enough behind him, and hide behind the nearest 
pillar when he stops and begins to turn. When he's about halfway across, hug 
the wall and make a circle around Hela, who should be standing in the middle 
of the first two pillars. Get to the other side of the room and sneak up 
behind the commando and knock him out, and then hide behind a pillar until 
Hela walks all of the way down and then begins to walk back up. Crawl up to 
her and knock her out with your prod, make sure that your crosshairs are 
pointed at the big black shadow in her back and she'll go down in one prod. 

Now run over to the security terminal and turn off the camera and take the 
nanokey from the table. If Hela was knocked out instead of killed, you can 
pick up a scope modification for one of your weapons. Head to the large room 
with the blast door where the Silhouette hostages are being held and open the 
door to release them. They start running back to the hideout, so retrace your 
steps; making sure to use the cross passage instead of running through the 
lasers and setting off the turrets. When both captives make it back to camp, 
talk to Chad, who happily tells you where Nicolette can be found: the Club la 
Porte de l'Enfer. Of course, since martial law was instated, the only way to 
reach the city from here are the sewers, the key you picked up next to the 
security terminal in Bunker Three is the exit from the catacombs that leads to 
the sewers. 

The sewer door is actually a few feet away from where the very beginning of 
Bunker Three was, so follow the same path as before but continue straight 
instead of taking a left. Use the key to open the blast door and follow the 
long, winding, path. Drop down the ladder to reach the sewers. 

014.0 - Paris Part 2: The Club La Porte de l'Enfer:

014.1 - Find Nicolette DuClare, she has been known to frequent the Club la 
Porte de l'Enfer. 

014.1 - Find Nicolette DuClare:

If you told Jaime Reyes to stay at UNATCO and be a spy, then you get a message 
when you first begin walking around the sewers. Tracer informs you that he 
received an emergency call from Jaime, he's at a small cafe, building number 
nineteen, and he has important information for you. But we'll get to that 
later, because there's a Majestic 12 team waiting for you. Take a left and 
head up the ladder; listen to the two troopers' conversation and then open up 
the sewer manhole and peek out. If you turn around you'll find a Rottweiler 
walking back and forth, so shoot it and the two Majestic 12 troopers with 
tranquilizer darts and retreat to the sewers for a moment, or until the 
excitement dies down. Be warned that sometimes an enemy will fall down into 
the sewers and not die, so keep a pistol or Dragon's Tooth ready. Repeat this 
strategy three more times, there are three MJ12 troopers that you can take out 
this way, just be careful that you aren't spotted by one of the big security 
bots. When the three troopers and the Rottweiler have been knocked out, face 
the dead end side of the street and use your pistol to kill the two commandos 
and the final MJ12 trooper. 

Once all seven enemies are taken care of and the bots are far enough away, 
climb out of the sewers and run to the small hut north of where you are; hack 
the computer and disable the two military bots. 

Now head over to the southeast corner and run up the ally, take the first 
right west and talk to the guy wearing a blue jump suit; it shouldn't be hard 
to find him since he's the only guy in the area. He tells you that the Club la 
Porte de l'Enfer is building number thirteen and that Renault is inside 
building number ten, a hotel, and that he's looking for a professional thief. 
Continue south to reach the hotel, in the back is Renault and his companion, 
who tell you that the baker who works at building number fifteen has zyme; 
Renault enlists your help to break into the bakery and steal his stash. Agree 
to check it out, and then leave the hotel, continue heading south and then 
west up the ally. If your sniper rifle has a silencer on it, then this won't 
be a problem, otherwise you'll have to get rid of the three cops hanging 
around the hotel; it's not difficult, just use your prod or baton so that they 
don't make any noise when they go down. Either way, look through the scope at 
the end of the ally to find the commando walking at the other end; take him 
down and wait a few moments, another commando, a trooper, and a cop will begin 
running down the ally to attack you. Kill them before they get close enough 
and continue down the ally, where the bakery is. There may be another cop 
walking around, so knock him out before you break into the bakery. Use your 
Dragon's Tooth to shatter a window and open up the ovens in the corner to find 
the six vials of zyme, as well as cash and some ammo. Return to a pleased 
Renault, who offers to pay you fifty credits per vial. However, refuse to give 
them up and he raises the price of each vial to sixty-five. 

Return to the street that the bakery was on and look across the street; 
there's an MJ12 trooper walking around near the subway. Follow behind him and 
knock him out, looting his body rewards a scope modification. 

Northwest of the bakery, across the street, is the cafe where Jaime is 
waiting; enter inside and talk to him at his table. He mentions that things 
are quickly going down at UNATCO, but before he left he found some information 
that might be useful; specifically, Gunther Hermann's killphrase: Laputan 

Exit the cafe and head up the street, at the very corner where the bots are, 
take a left up the ally and then face south, where a medium version patrol bot 
is walking around. Use your GEP gun to take it out, and then run to the other 
end where the two cops are and hack the ATMs for just over five hundred 

Head back to where the hotel is and, making sure that the three cops are 
knocked out, use a GEP rocket to blow up the door to building number eleven, 
which is home to an arms dealer. After taking the mods and ammo on the table, 
enter his bedroom and use a rocket to blow up the chest on the left, which has 
30.06 ammo and some more weapon mods. On the opposite side of the bed are four 
rockets, which should reimburse you for the ones that you used up throughout 
Paris. Finally, run outside and find the front entrance to the club; again, 
it's building number thirteen. Enter inside and run to the second entrance, 
the doorman named Leone tells you that the admission charge is three hundred 
credits. Pay it if you want to, but you can break the glass and forcefully 
take it by killing him as well. Either way you get the key, open the door and 
head inside; at the south end of the club is a girl named Cassandra walking 
around. Save the game and then talk to her, she offers to tell you the code to 
the club armory if you pay her two hundred credits. Agree to find out the 
code: 1966; now reload the game and remember that number, to the south behind 
the bar is the armory. Use the 1966 code to unlock the door and loot the 
place, there's sniper rifle ammo, some tranquilizer darts, and pistol ammo, 
among other things.

Now head upstairs and talk to the girl sitting in the chair, who says that 
she's a friend of Nicolette's and agrees to set up a meeting for you with 
Nicolette. Leave the club the same way you entered, there's the familiar sound 
of a chopper behind the club, along with the girl, who happens to be Nicolette 
herself. Talk to her and then get into the helicopter, just in time to watch 
Gunther desperately try to catch you.

015.0 - Paris Part 3: Chateau DuClare:

- Find Beth DuClare's secret computer room.

015.1 - Find Beth DuClare's secret computer room:

There are two ways to enter the house; either unlock or blow up the front 
door, or break the wooden planks covering the otherwise open back door. I 
think the answer is pretty obvious, just use your Dragon's Tooth to break the 
planks apart. Once inside, run upstairs and find the small table in between 
the bathroom and Beth's bedroom, it's hard to miss it. Look behind the vase to 
find the key to Beth's room, so unlock her door and enter it. Near the door, 
in a small cabinet, is a key to Nicolette's room, and on the northeast wall is 
a painting that hides a secret compartment, which contains a login and 
password for Beth's computer, Bduclare - Nico_angel, and a key to the 
basement. Leave Beth's room and run down the hall to Nicolette's room, which 
has a lockpick on the bedside table as well as a secret compartment behind the 
fireplace. Access it by pressing the skull on the left corner; there are some 
weapon mods and a thermoptic camo. In fact, if you have a spare space in your 
inventory, keep the thermoptic camo for later on, otherwise you'll drain your 
bioenergy with Cloak. 

Now head downstairs, to the north is a kitchen that has a door leading to the 
wine cellar. Use the basement key to unlock it and run to the southeast 
corner; press the candelabra to open up the obviously fake wall and continue 
southwest. Use your Dragon's Tooth to break the wood blocking your path and 
continue into the small room with boxes and a computer terminal. Use the 
computer to disable the field containing the augmentation upgrade and log out; 
head east, clearing away some more wood, and into the main computer room. In 
the back is the augmentation upgrade, and the computer can be used to contact 
Morgan Everett. Use the login/password "Bduclare" and "Nico_angel" to access 
it and transmit the Everett meeting signal to receive a message from Everett, 
who agrees to meet you on the condition that you do him a favor first. 

Apparently, there's a cathedral that has been taken over by Majestic 12; 
Everett needs access to their computer network so that he can develop a cure 
for the Grey Death. Oh yeah, and there's a billion dollars worth of a gold in 
a vault somewhere, and if you happen to find it, he'll send some people to 
pick it up.

Talk to Nicolette, who gives you a key to the sewers that leads to the 
cathedral. Exit the chateau and continue out back to the cemetery; around this 
time Jock calls and lets you know that there are some commandos walking 
around. If you have the thermoptic camo from Nicolette's room, equip it and 
run to the back, unlock the door, and head inside; using Cloak works just as 
well. Run to the end of the sewers and up the ladder to reach the outskirts of 
the cathedral.

016.0 - Paris Part 4: The Knight's Templar:

- Recover the gold from the Templar's Cathedral.
- Access the computer network for Morgan Everett.
- Meet Toby Atanwe, Everett's associate, in the metro station. 

016.1 - Recover the gold from the Templar's Cathedral:

As soon as you climb up the ladder, pick up the small metal crate and use it 
to climb on top of the ledge it was on. Use the other crate to reach the 
window and use your Dragon's Tooth to break it open. Walk up the wooden plank 
that leads to the second floor and find the Gatekeeper's Key at the south end 
of the room. Climb back down and run down the ally; use the key to open the 
gate and continue through. Peek around the corner and find the commando, who 
should be just beginning to walk towards you. Retreat to the gate and hide 
behind it on the left; the commando eventually walks to the gate and starts 
heading back, so follow him and knock him down with your prod. 

Past the burning barrel is a walkway with three snipers on it. Peek around the 
corner and wait for them to begin walking, and then make a dash for the door 
at the northwest corner. Pick the ninety percent lock (I hope you're advanced 
in lockpicking skills by now) and head up the stairs. Crouch down and look 
down the walkway, there's a trooper walking up and down on both sides and a 
third standing right in front of you. When both troopers have stopped and are 
looking down at the street below, sneak up behind the third trooper and knock 
him out with your prod. Use this small room for cover until the trooper on the 
right walks to your side of the walkway, and then knock him out as well. 
Quickly return to the small room before the last trooper begins walking 
towards you and use a similar strategy to take him down. 

Run across the walkway and stop at the end; use your sniper rifle to find the 
trooper and the commando near the metro station to the northwest. Try to take 
one or both of them out, but if they walk away out of sight, don't worry about 
it too much. Continue to the small room on the other side, there's a lockpick 
in one of the boxes to make up for using three on the door, some cash on a 
ledge, and a security terminal against the wall. Hack the computer and disable 
the military bot, and then head back down. Run up the street leading to the 
metro station, if you killed the two MJ12 guys before you can continue up to 
the cathedral, otherwise you'll have to kill them here. Look around the metro 
from the wall and find the trooper, use your sniper rifle to kill him. If the 
alert music begins to play, run back up to the walkway and wait for the 
commando to come into view, and then snipe him as well. If the music doesn't 
play, then look around the corner and find the commando left of the metro 
station. When he begins to walk away from you, activate Cloak and knock him 
out with your prod.

Continue towards the cathedral, Daedalus sends you a map of the area, although 
it's not very helpful. Wait for the commando to walk away from you and follow 
behind him. When he reaches the main compound and turns right, do the opposite 
and take a left, hiding behind the row of plants. Get to the left side of them 
and use your sniper rifle to shoot the trooper standing in the middle of the 
area to the north. 

         |                  |  D        |                                 
         |                     .        B                                 
         |                  |  bot      |                                 
         |                  |  .        |_____                            
         |__________________|  .          ___A|                           
                  ________     .         |   ||                           
                 |________|    .         |___||_________________________  
  C .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . .     x                                     
  ______________J_______________   ________                               

This is a very crude ascii of the area, so try to deal with it, note that the 
enemy labeled "x" is the one you just killed with your rifle. When the bot 
reaches the area labeled "C", run behind the plants labeled "A", and wait for 
the bot to return to point "D" and then begin heading back to point "C". 
Unlock the door of on the right, labeled point "B", and head up the stairs. 
After going up the first few flights of stairs, crouch down and jump onto the 
railing to reach the trooper hanging at the top by the window. Use a melee 
weapon to take him down, and then enter the room at the bottom of the stairs, 
which is the Templar's library. Behind one of the bookstands is a key to the 
main door.

Continue down the stairs in the library to reach the monk's quarters, there 
are two commandos inside. One is walking up and down the hall on the left and 
the other is standing in the bedroom with his back to you. Crawl past the hall 
and hide in the corner until the commando walking up the hall passes you and 
heads towards the stairs. Knock him out before he turns around and then do the 
same to the other commando. In this bedroom, look behind the bed to find a 
recoil modification as well as a datacube on the desk; there are a few odd 
phrases in it, the first two being the most important: Sidon's Vault - 1942 
and The Fountain of Wisdom - 0022. In the other monk's rooms are a handful of 
credits, but nothing else is particularly interesting. 

Return to the main flight of stairs and run up until you reach the top. Peek 
around the corner and find where the MJ12 trooper is, hide down the stairs and 
wait for him to walk inside the room and begin to head back. Knock him out and 
continue to the other room, where another trooper is; wait for him to turn his 
back to you and prod him as well. Now peer down the stairs here, crouch down 
to get a view of the third trooper's legs. Shoot him with a tranquilizer dart 
and retreat to the stairs in the other room; when you think he's knocked out, 
return and continue down four more flights of stairs. On the left should be a 
blast door that leads to the Knights Templar gold. Use the code 1942 (Sidon's 
Vault), to open the door. 

Inside, run through the lasers and stay in between the crates filled with 
gold. In the back on the right is a security terminal that can disable the 
turrets if you're advanced in Computers. If not, turn off the cameras and wait 
until the alarm dies down. Inside the vault are two mods - a reload and a 
scope -, and a repair bot. One of the mods is on top of the middle crate on 
the left; you can use the large and small crates near the door of the vault to 
reach it. 

016.2 - Access the computer network for Morgan Everett:

Leave the vault and head left to continue, take a right at the top of the 
stairs and hide behind the pillar until the camera is facing away from you. 
Enter the code 0022 (the Fountain of Wisdom) into the keypad and enter the 
next room. Gunther calls you now, taunting you to "follow your new masters." 
If you plan on fighting him honorably, then breaking open the box here and 
taking the fire extinguisher wouldn't be a bad idea. Continue through this 
room, down the stairs, and into the main room, where Gunther is standing on 
the right of the stairs. 

There are three very different ways to approach this confrontation; either use 
Gunther's killphrase if Jaime told you, fire a GEP rocket at him, or unload 
clip after clip from you machine gun. I'll cover each of these strategies. 

Killphrase - This is obviously the easiest way to defeat Gunther, simply talk 
to him and choose the phrase "I know your UNATCO killphrase: Laputan Machine." 
Gunther delivers one of the cooler lines in the game, "I - am not - a - machi 
-" before blowing up.

GEP Gun - Probably the second easiest strategy, simply run down the stairs and 
fire a rocket at Gunther before he begins talking to you. 

Machine Gun - As soon as you finish talking to Gunther, strafe right and run 
back up to the room with the Ambrosia. Climb up the ladder and wait for 
Gunther to come find you, and then unload round after round into him until he 
drops. If he doesn't follow you, he's standing around the main room, which 
means that you have a free shot at him, just watch out for his flamethrower, I 
hope you keep that fire extinguisher handy. 

No matter what, however, Gunther will eventually be dead, so hack into the 
computer in the main room and establish a systems uplink so that Morgan 
Everett can access it. Run to the other side of the room to speak with Walton 
Simons, who warns you that next time you won't fight an outdated mech like 
Gunther but someone of your own capabilities.

016.3 - Meet Toby Atanwe, Everett's associate, in the metro station:

Now backtrack all of the way to the outside of the cathedral, watch out for 
the bot in the courtyard and the commando walking up and down the walkway 
leading to the metro. When the coast is clear, run down to the metro stairway, 
the bot should be disabled and the two MJ12 guarding it should be taken care 
of as well. Head down, on the left is a door that won't open because of 
technical problems, so break it with your sword and hack into the ATM, which 
has a large sum of nine hundred credits in it. Across from here is the door 
that leads down to the tracks where Toby Atanwe is. Run down the side and 
speak with Toby, and tell him "Do what you must." 

017.0 - Paris Part 5: Morgan Everett's Home:

- Meet with Morgan Everett.
- Tell Everett that Lucius DeBeers is cold.
- Investigate the mechanic.
- Meet Jock at the helipad. 

017.1 - Meet with Morgan Everett:

Toby awakens you and says that Everett is waiting for you in his lab. Head 
east, past the kitchen and down the stairs. In the room with the repair bot 
are two boxes that contain prod chargers; past that leads to a fork heading 
south or west. Run south and talk to Alex, who tells you that Tong sent him to 
keep an eye on Everett. Check out his computer for the codes to the two 
augmentation containment chambers: 2384 and 6426. Continue south to the other 
room and open up the blast door, either with multitools or cheat with the code 
8001. Enter the dark room and get the key that unlocks the gate behind the 
mirror. Talk to Morpheus about JC's past and how computers substitute man's 
need for God. 

When you finish talking to Morpheus, leave the room and head west to meet with 
Everett, who tells you about Daedalus and how he completed a cure for the 
virus. The only catch is that the use of a Universal Constructor will be 
needed, and the only one available is the one at X-51, a laboratory created by 
a team of scientists who left Area 51. 

017.2 - Tell Everett that Lucius DeBeers is cold:

At this point, Everett gives you a key to the helipad and tells you to meet 
Jock there, but we're not quite finished yet. Grab the augmentations in 
Everett's lab before heading back to where Toby revived you, but instead check 
out the bedroom and then the bathroom. Move the large mirror to reveal a gate, 
use the key from Morpheus' room to unlock it, and continue through the hall to 
meet the crippled form of Lucius DeBeers, the former leader of the Illuminati. 
He gets angry when JC said that he thought that Everett was the leader of the 
Illuminati, and says that he simply awaits technologies that can bring him 
back to full strength. But right now he's very cold, and asks JC to tell 
Morgan so.

Do that, return to Everett and tell him; Morgan responds that he could have 
revived Lucius a long time ago, but hasn't because he wishes to remain the 
Illuminated One. Return to Lucius, two options appear: either telling him the 
truth about Morgan or not. If you lie to him, Lucius remains in his delirious 
state, but if you be honest, he gets angry and asks you to turn off his power 
supply, killing him. If you do so, Everett gets annoyed at you, but nothing 
long term.  

017.3 - Investigate the mechanic:

It almost seems like we're finished here, but there's still one more thing to 
do. Head to the helipad, the blast door is in the same room as where Atanwe 
woke you. Enter and turn right, there's the body of a mechanic lying behind 
some crates. Talk to the living mechanic in the corner, who gets nervous and 
begins stuttering; take a few minutes and have some fun trying to guess his 
accent. Talk to Everett about the strange guy and he tells you that he hasn't 
been able to contact his mechanic, Pierre, and was wondering what was going 
on. That guy didn't seem very French to me, and there was the dead body; could 
it be that the man upstairs is a spy? Return to the helipad and confront him 
about it; your IFF becomes red and he tries to run away. Take him out in some 
fashion and then talk to Jock, telling him to check his systems to make sure 
that everything's working right. To his surprise, Jock finds a remote 
controlled bomb, but disables it and tells you that he'll dump it in the 
ocean. Get in the chopper and head to Vandenberg.  

018.0 - Vandenberg Part 1: X-51:

- Activate the bot security system.
- Go to the Command Center and meet with Gary Savage.
- Uplink Daedalus to the military computer near the control room.

018.1 - Activate the bot security system:

When you land on the roof, a woman runs over to you and thanks you for scaring 
away the troopers. She also says that Majestic 12 troops have set up security 
grids along with setting four bots to roam the east courtyard, and 
unfortunately, X-51 can't use their own military bots because they have to be 
activated manually from two different locations; one is inside the complex and 
the other is outside in the southwest corner. She gives the code to activate 
them: 5868.

Run north and jump onto the ledge of the roof, use your pistol or sniper rifle 
to shoot the trooper walking back and forth directly underneath you. Drop back 
down onto the helipad and run to the east corner, you can see the four bots 
walking around as well as two troopers standing in the far back of the area. 
Use your rifle to snipe them both and continue to the southern portion of the 
roof; there's another trooper walking along the building and he's probably 
close enough to shoot with your pistol. And finally, run to the west side of 
the building where two troopers are walking on two separate floors of the 
tower. Shoot the bottom one first, he has a sniper rifle, and then the second 

Leave the roof via the door in the center of the helipad and run down two 
flights of stairs before jumping over the railing. Quickly enter the door 
before the camera spots you, but open the security terminal and turn off the 
cameras. Now head to the door, but climb up the ladder to the right and crouch 
on the catwalk to reach the grate above the two MJ12 troopers. Drop down on 
top of the elevator and hit the button marked "Reset" to head to the first 
floor. Now open up the grate, although you can't see it, there are two 
troopers and a Man In Black to the left, maybe there's a way to incorporate 
that TNT crate on the cart into our strategy?

If you have either Cloak or a thermoptic camo, then you can use this strategy. 
Drop down to the floor and immediately activate Cloak or the camo; the three 
guys will hear you and come to investigate, so run past them to the TNT cart. 
Get behind it and push it towards the three with your body; back up and fire a 
shot at the crate so that it explodes, taking all three enemies with it. 

If you don't have Cloak or a thermoptic camo, then use this plan. Fire a shot 
at the crate to get their attention, and then use tranquilizer darts to knock 
them all out. Or, you can aim solely for the MIB and use your pistol to kill 
him, which will hopefully take out the other two guys when he explodes. This 
can become troublesome if they're all moving around, so wait in the back of 
the elevator until everything quiets down and then take your shots. 

Once they're all dead, head south and hack into the security terminal, and 
then enter the room beyond that. Run up the stairs and into the meeting room 
on the second floor, look over the east railing and kill the MJ12 trooper with 
your pistol. His death should attract the other trooper to come into vision, 
so kill him as well. If he doesn't appear, drop down and find him, but be 
ready to attack, even if he ran west beyond the lasers. 

When the area is clear, use lockpicks to open the door to the north and speak 
to the man inside, who gives you an EMP grenade and a login and password: 
Tunnel01 and Omega2a. Now enter the room to the east via the door to the 
south, it's completely submerged and electricity is running through the water. 
Use the various crates and desks to reach the security terminal on the far 
side of the room and disable all cameras and turrets. Head back and leave this 
area, don't worry about running through the lasers, since the turrets are off 
there's nothing to worry about. Run back to the room where the elevator was 
and continue north to the door on the left. Enter inside and find the yellow 
box with the keypad on it. Use the code the woman gave you (5868) to complete 
half of the objective. Run back to the main room south of here and leave the 
building through the east exit; there are two commandos guarding the entrance, 
so crawl to the outside of them and use your prod to take them out. Now hide 
behind the large pillar southeast of where you are until the southern bot 
passes you, and then run south before it turns around. Continue west past the 
large tanks until you reach yellow boxes similar to the ones from before. Use 
the same code (5868) to activate the bots, but you still have to set them 
loose from their holding point in the courtyard. Return to the eastern 
entrance the same way you came, and run to the bunker on the left when both 
bots are away. Open the door and run up the stairs to find the bots ready, so 
hit the buttons to open the doors, but don't forget to check the rest of the 
bunker for WP Rockets, a lockpick, and a LAM.

When the bots begin to search for targets, chances are the first one they find 
is the military bot doing its route around the bunker. Give the bots an 
advantage by throwing a LAM near the enemy one, and it will go down faster. Go 
back and get the LAM from the bunker to compensate for it, then return to 
watch the show. The two X-51 bots begin fighting the other military bot 
circling the Communications Building, which should be an easy win, since the 
odds are two against one. When that's finished they lumber over to the two 
smaller bots, which is a joke of a battle and should take seconds to win.

018.2 - Go to the Command Center and meet with Gary Savage: 

Jock calls in and says that the base is no longer under lockdown, so head to 
the Communications room where the second military bot was and talk to the 
scientist there. He says that he sent another scientist through the tunnels 
with their key to the Command Center, but he hasn't responded back to them. 

In the back of the Communications Center is a set of lockers; the second one 
from the end has an augmentation upgrade in it, so pick the lock or blow it up 
to get it. In the small room right next to the lockers is a hatch leading down 
and a ladder leading up; climb up to get some 30.06 ammo and then continue 
down to the tunnels.

Drop down from the ladder and follow the tunnel only about fifty feet before 
you come across the first spider bot, use an EMP grenade to disable it. At the 
end of the straight is another spider bot, so throw another grenade down there 
to get rid of that one too. Hack into the security terminal and disable the 
camera, and then continue through the tunnels until you reach the blue lasers. 
To save a few multitools, jump in between the lasers to get to the other side. 
This can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Just make sure you get a 
running start and always jump from a corner to another corner. If you haven't 
tried this before it wouldn't be a bad idea to save first, or you can always 
use the multitools to disable them.

Either way, once you're on the other side, run through the door to reach the 
room that's filled with radioactive material. If you have Regeneration, 
Environmental Resistance, or a hazmat suit, then simply run through the room 
to the door at the other end. If you don't have any of those, then pick the 
lock to the gate on the left and crawl through the vents that go directly over 
the room. If you use the vents, then you can head all the way to the ladder 
that leads to the Command Center, otherwise there are two more spider bots 
that need to be taken care of. 

The area you're in now has three levels and a bridge that moves up and down to 
allow access across. There's a spider bot on the bottom floor, so throw an EMP 
grenade down to disable it, and do the same to get rid of the one across the 
gap on the third floor. To make it a sure hit, bounce the grenade off of the 
right wall so that it lands closer to the bot. When both bots are destroyed or 
disabled, run through the doorway on the right and down the stairs; use a few 
multitools to disable the security grid and run down the hall and to the 
bottom floor, there are lockpicks and rockets down here. Return to the hall 
and head up the stairs, use the buttons to raise the bridge to the second 
floor, you can get there by jumping off of the third floor. After getting the 
lockpick from the box, jump down and raise the bridge to the third level to 
cross to the other side, there's a dead scientist near the ladder with a key 
to the Command Center that you need to take. Climb up the ladder to return to 
the main building at X-51. 

In this room, break the boxes to get some 10MM ammo and a lockpick, and then 
head out to find yourself at the long hallway that had the TNT crate in it. 
Run back to the elevator and take it up to the second floor. Once there, peek 
out and shoot the TNT crate near the large blast door and the MJ12 trooper. An 
alarm should sound, but no one comes to investigate. Use the key from the dead 
scientist in the tunnels to open the blast door and enter the Command Center. 

Inside, head down the stairs and down the hall; Sam Carter is hanging around 
here and tells you about how UNATCO has gone to hell. Run down the stairs and 
talk to Gary Savage, the bald scientist to the south near the computer. He 
tells you that he can help synthesis a cure to the Grey Death with their UC as 
soon as his daughter Tiffany returns with a schematic for a part they need. 
Savage also says that the computer needed to uplink Daedalus is in the room 
north of where Carter was, and the login and password is "GSavage" and 

018.3 - Uplink Daedalus to the military computer near the control room:

Enter the room and hug the east wall, when you reach the corner head west and 
bring the elevator down by pressing the large rectangular button. Run through 
the electric current to the west and then south to reach the lift, and head up 
to the second floor. Run to the computer at the north and log in to uplink 
Milnet. Now we get to see Daedalus and Icarus merge and form something called 
Helios. After this happens, Bob Page contacts you and says he has a message 
for Savage, and would like you to hear it as well. 

Return to the elevator and down to the command center where Savage is waiting 
to hear Page's announcement. Page tells Savage that he captured his daughter 
Tiffany at the Sub Base and is holding her hostage; he wants someone to drop 
off the UC parts that were stolen when the X-51 team left Area 51. Of course, 
if JC tries to interfere in any way, Tiffany will be executed.

After some convincing, Savage agrees that they have to try to rescue Tiffany 
instead of give up the UC parts, so leave the Command Center and run to the 
eastern-most portion of X-51, there's a helipad where you killed the two guys 
in the very beginning of the mission. Jock is waiting for you as, well as 
Tong, who accidentally caught the Grey Death. After talking to him, get in the 
chopper and head to the abandoned gas station where Tiffany is being held. 

019.0 - Vandenberg Part 2: The Gas Station Hostage:

- Rescue Tiffany Savage.

019.1 - Rescue Tiffany Savage:

There's never going to be a more straightforward mission in the game; either 
Tiffany lives, or she doesn't. Run south and talk to the bums, one of them has 
a key to the sewers. Also, if you didn't give Gilbert Renton a weapon when you 
killed Jojo, then Sandra Renton will be hanging around with them. I have to 
admit that I can't remember whether or not Sandra being there affects you 
getting the sewer key, but there's another one lying next to a dead bum under 
a pillar at the southern end of the street just in case. 

Return to the north end of the street and unlock the door to the east with the 
sewer key. Run through the pipes and climb up the ladder; wait by the hole in 
the northwest portion of the fence until a trooper walks by, and then knock 
him out with your prod. Look south near the filling stations, there's a 
commando walking around that you need to take care of. Wait for him begin 
walking south and sneak up behind him and knock him out. Behind the southern 
fence is yet another commando, so knock him out when he has his back to you as 
well. Make sure to loot his body to get the Garage Key. 

Now enter the actual gas station, in the back there are some items as well as 
two small crates. Pick them up and drop them on top of each other near the 
boiler to the south. Climb up to the ventilation shaft and crawl up to a small 
section under the roof. There area few more items here as well as a ladder 
that leads up to the roof. Once you're on the top of the station, look over 
the east side and find the trooper standing around; shoot a tranquilizer dart 
at him and then retreat to the middle of the roof. When the commotion dies 
down, jump to the small building south of the one you're on now. Look near the 
gate to the junkyard to find the third commando; use your sniper rifle to 
silently kill him.

Once you've killed the three commandos and two troopers, SAVE. No matter how 
good you are; there's always the chance that something will happen and Tiffany 
will get killed. 

Crouch down and drop down into the garage; immediately back into the corner 
and wait for the MIB and trooper's suspicion to die down. From here, use any 
weapon to quickly kill them both: your pistol, machine gun, 20HE ammo; take 
your pick. Try and focus your attention on the Man In Black, if he dies, the 
explosion usually kills the trooper. However, if you use 20HE ammo, the 
alternative ammo for the machine gun, just land a shot directly in between the 
two of them so that it kills them both. I also find that a Gas Grenade works 
pretty well. This way, if the Man in Black is too close to Tiffany's cell, you 
can pump him full of tranquilizer darts to avoid his dead man's switch from 
killing Tiffany. Just have a trail and error session until you find whatever 
works the best. 

When the two of them are dead, head into the room that you were sitting on to 
speak with Tiffany Savage, who gives you a map of the Sub Base. Since everyone 
is already dead, tell her to make a break for the junkyard; follow her and 
talk to Jock, who's relieved that both of you are alive and well. Get in the 
chopper to go to the Sub Base where Tiffany was captured to make a second 
attempt at retrieving a schematic of the Universal Constructor part. 

020.0 - New West Coast Part 1: Sub Base/Ocean Lab:

- Steal a mini-sub and take it to the Ocean Lab.
- Recover a schematic for the UC component the Gary Savage needs. 
- Meet Gary Savage and Jock on the helipad of the sub base.

020.1 - Steal a mini-sub and take it to the Ocean Lab:

Immediately peek around the southwest corner of this area, there's a military 
bot walking towards you; hide against the wall until it passes by and then run 
south and take a left when the wall ends. Equip your sniper rifle and aim it 
at the trooper near the large pillar to the south and take him out. Now face 
the water and find the two guys on the buildings, one of them has a sniper 
rifle and the other is holding a flamethrower. On the roof of the southwest 
building is the sniper, so take him out before he sees you; the one with the 
flamethrower is walking along the catwalk and should be an easy target. 

Run south and loot the body of the trooper, use the key he has to open up the 
blast door on the east side of the large pillar. Run up the spiral staircase, 
Gary calls you and says that a few of the scientists here used to work for him 
and can probably help you. Once you reach the end, equip you crossbow and aim 
it at the catwalk above you, a trooper eventually walks by, so shoot him with 
a dart and retreat back to the staircase, but don't run down it. Aim your 
crosshairs at the wall until the trooper and one of his comrades come to 
attack you. Don't bother dealing with the one you already shot, but put a dart 
in the other trooper and then run down the stairs, he'll be knocked out before 
you reach the bottom. 

Return upstairs and continue, take a left through the break room and activate 
Cloak; use your Dragon's Tooth to hack away at the trooper on the catwalk. 
Another trooper might come and investigate, so take him out in a similar 
fashion before continuing to the next area. Make your way there and find the 
two ladders, one leading down and the other going up to the helipad. Make a 
note of this place and return to the main floor. 

Once outside, head to a small ramp at the northwest leading into the water, if 
you're quick about it then the military bots won't have enough time to react 
no matter when they spot you, but being discrete about you actions is always a 
good idea. Jump into the water and swim to the southwest building, which has a 
ladder that allows you to access it. There are two divers with tranquilizer 
darts swimming in this area, so use your crossbow or Dragon's Tooth to get rid 
of them. Head towards the ladder and look around, there's a trooper walking in 
this room, so shoot another dart into him and hide in the water. When he's 
unconscious, climb up the ladder and leave the room through the north door 
leading to the catwalk. There's another trooper walking around in this room, 
so use a Cloak/sword combination to make short work of him. Use the elevator 
to head to the bottom levels; the first sight of this area is a turret, a 
large metal crate, and a security terminal. What you can't see is the camera 
directly above you, so hide behind the crate so that the camera can't see you 
and hack the terminal, turning off the cameras and setting the turrets for 
"Attack Enemies".

At this point, one of the turrets should be attacking a trooper, which 
attracts more enemies; just keep your sword ready in case one of them makes it 
to the end of the hall before the turrets tear them apart. When the turrets 
stop firing, continue down the hall into the main room; make sure that there 
are four Majestic 12 corpses in the room, and talk to the female scientist, 
who tells you the login and password to the security terminal that opens the 
URV bay doors: "Tech", password "Sharkman". Use that combination to log into 
the terminal right next to you and open the bay doors, and then head upstairs 
and west to the sub bays. Climb down the ladder and talk to the mechanic, who 
tells you that you need to open the bay doors if you want to take a sub, but 
since we've already done that you can just take a sub.

020.2 - Recover a schematic for the UC component the Gary Savage needs:

The Ocean Lab has really gone to hell; there are a few things lying around 
that give clues to what happened. Log into the terminal against the wall and 
turn off the cameras. Look out of the northeast window; the building with the 
green beacon is where we need to go. Read the journal of the dead man lying 
next to you, he writes about a man named Ridley going nuts and betraying 
everyone. Run up the first three flights of stairs and enter the door to the 
north and click on the security terminal to shut off the turret going wild in 
the room. Hack into the computer in this room to read an email from Ridley, 
who mentions something about the people here pretending to be the Illuminated 
ones; maybe Ridley was an Illuminati spy? 

Enter the door to the north and hide from the turret behind the large metal 
crate. Slowly push it towards the turret; eventually you'll come to a dead 
MJ12 lying next to a key to the greasle laboratories. The door on the right is 
unlocked and contains a lockpick, a multitool, and a lot of biocells. The room 
on the left is locked with eighty-percent lock strength, but contains two 
lockpicks and multitools each, a lot of ammo, and a few biocells. Hit into 
them if you want and return to the main hall and continue to the greasle labs. 
As the name suggests, there are greasles in the room, two of them in fact. Use 
whatever strategy you've been using to dispose of them, and then climb down 
the ladder into the water; use your Dragon's Tooth or crossbow to kill the 
other greasle swimming around. Swim through the doorway to the south, there 
are three more greasles in this room, so kill them and get the datacube lying 
in the middle of the floor; it contains the code to the north door - 5690. 
Also note that the dead scientist has a biocell in case you need it. Return to 
the room with the ladder and enter the code into the keypad. Swim up and read 
the datacube on the desk to get another login and password: "Oceanguard" and 
"Kraken". Continue through the door to the east to reach an unfinished section 
of the Ocean Lab. 

There are three greasles, two baby karkians, and one adult karkian in this 
area; I suggest killing the greasles and baby karkians first with your 
Dragon's Tooth and then worrying about the adult. To kill the karkians without 
taking damage, slash your sword and then quickly back up before they can bite 
you; the greasles should be elementary nowadays. However, we still have the 
problem of one very large, very frightening karkian in the room to the south; 
these things take two GEP rockets or God knows how many tranquilizers to go 
down, so I suggest firing rockets at it. When it's dead, pick up the key to 
the Crew Module and the recoil weapon mod and head to the east door and unlock 
it with the key. Run down the dark ramp and take a right and climb down the 
ladder. Run under the turret and into the elevator and take it down. Run down 
the ramp, make sure to deactivate the gas grenade, and find the datacube lying 
against the wall, which says that the survivors had set up a security grid, 
but they're having trouble with the spiders. Continue through and disable the 
control panel with a full one hundred-percent strength, and enter the area 
northeast corner of this room. There's a large spider bot in here, so stay far 
away enough and destroy it with two rockets. On either side of the room is an 
elevator that takes you up to areas that are either filled with spider bots or 
is radioactive, but also have various items like multitools, lockpicks, 
rockets, and biocells. If you plan on taking the spiders, don't forget that 
you can use the TNT crates to your advantage.

Continue to the east where the elevator should be, but don't bring it down 
yet. In the water is a drowned MIB with an augmentation upgrade, so take an 
electric swim and get it. Once back on the floor, bring the elevator down and 
take it to the top. Run to the security terminal on the right and hack it to 
activate the bridge, and then cross it to get to the computer where the 
schematic is. Hack into that one as well to download it, and Gary calls you 
and says that this is exactly what he needs, and that you should get out to 
the helipad to meet him and Jock. 

020.3 - Meet Gary Savage and Jock on the helipad of the sub base:

Begin to leave the Ocean Lab the same way you came, Page will contact you and 
ask you speak to you through the communicator in the large room. He says that 
he intercepted you transmission and downloaded the schematics he needs to 
finish his own UC to continue manufacturing the plague. Oh yeah, and also 
something about launching a nuclear missile at X-51. Page says that your 
chances of leaving the Ocean Lab are slim, but doesn't say why. Continue to 
the exit and receive a transmission from Walton Simons, who mentions that 
you're going to receive the same kind of treatment that you saw the NSF 
prisoner get back at the UNATCO detention center. Right before the door that 
leads back to the excavation area (where the adult karkian was), save your 
game in case something goes wrong while fighting Simons. 

Like Gunther, there are two different ways to fight Simons: the easy way and 
the action-movie way.

1 - If you want to take Simons on like a man, equip your machine gun, using 
20HE ammo wouldn't be a bad idea but using regular bullets will also work. 
When you enter the area, Simons is waiting for you by the yellow truck, and 
says that he has upgraded versions of the augmentations and is going to wipe 
the floor with you. As soon as the conversation ends, strafe back and forth 
while shooting him. If you're using 20HE ammo then you only need to hit him 
once or twice before he turns invisible and run away, to which then you can 
take him down with your sword. If you're using regular ammo then this will 
take a little longer. Also, if you really want to get your hands dirty, get up 
close to him and take out your Dragon's Tooth to make Simons do the same. Use 
a strategy similar to killing the baby karkians to kill him. 

2 - The much easier way to kill Simons will only involve a single tranquilizer 
dart, but you won't be able to watch the conversation. Equip your crossbow 
before you enter the area and strafe out and shoot Simons with a tranquilizer 
dart BEFORE he speaks with you. Simons, like Gunther and Anna, appear friendly 
before talking with you, and the tranquilizer dart, although not harming him, 
causes him to run up to you but remain an ally. Even after the dart wears off, 
he'll still just stand there, which means that he's open for any kind of 
attack. The easiest way here would be to launch a GEP rocket at him, or you 
could simply continue and spare his life, although you will meet him again 
later on if you do this. The positive side to this is that JC delivers one of 
my favorite lines in the game during this second encounter.

Continue back to the sub bays, note that there's a diver swimming around the 
area right before the greasle laboratory ladder as well as two that are out of 
water on the second floor directly above the sub bays. They're equipped with 
LAMs, too, in case you want them. Take one of the subs back to the Sub Base 
and retrace your steps, remember that ladder that lead to the helipad? Go 
there and climb up, Savage is outside waiting for you; he gives you an 
augmentation upgrade as a token of thanks if you saved Tiffany, as well as 
receiving five hundred skill points.

There's a glitch here that you can use to max out all of your skills; if Gary 
presents you with the upgrade but your inventory is full, you won't be able to 
take it but will still get the five hundred skill points. If you talk to him 
again, regardless of whether or not you cleared your inventory, you receive 
another five hundred skill points. You can repeat this as many times as you 
want to become a Master of every skill. 

Whether or not you take advantage of this glitch, jump into the chopper to 
head to the missile silo to stop the nuke from wiping out X-51.

021.0 - New West Coast Part 2: The Missile Silo:

- Abort the launch of the nuclear missile.
- Prevent Majestic 12 from sabotaging the missile launch.

021.1 - Abort the launch of the nuclear missile:

Savage calls you and tells you that the code to the silo doors is 8456. 
Immediately look at the watchtower to the southwest and equip your sniper 
rifle; shoot the guard up there before he spots you. Now equip a LAM and blow 
up the gate near you, if you have eight or nine LAMs left you can just 
continue onwards, but otherwise you can get a replacement in a building to the 
west. If you don't need it then skip the next paragraph.

If you want the extra LAM, head southwest down the outside of the compound and 
kill the dogs; continue down and crawl to the house so that the three guys 
inside don't see you. Crawl to the door and activate Cloak; run inside, take 
the cash and key on the table, and then run upstairs and deactivate it. On the 
thin pillar in the middle of the second floor is a keypad that opens up a 
stairway to the attic, which contains a medkit, a LAW, a lockpick, and the 
LAM. Now leave the house through the door on the second floor and drop off the 
side of the catwalk and crouch down. Crawl to the door and close it, and then 
head back to the front gate. 

Inside the main compound, check around to make sure there aren't any bots near 
you, and then run to the fenced-in area to the northeast. Use a multitool on 
the elevator or lockpicks on the door and head downstairs to the silo. Use the 
code Gary gave you (8456) to open up the first two silo doors, and then open 
up the blast door to the east labeled "Launch Command" with the same code. 
Hang around the opening of the door until the commando appears at the other 
end. This brings two Men In Black over to attack you; use tranquilizer darts 
to knock them unconscious, one of them has an EMP grenade. Once the two of 
them are taken care of, head down the hall and run through the lasers to 
attract the third MIB downstairs; use some more darts to take him down, he 
also has an EMP grenade.

Head upstairs and click on the Abort button to the north, and then over to the 
security terminal to initiate a new launch target: Area 51. Bob Page calls you 
and advises not to celebrate prematurely, and Gary tells you to make sure that 
no one tampers with the launch. Head back to the entrance and the elevator, 
the silo door on the west side of the area labeled "Missile Silo" is now open, 
so head through and get in front of the hall that heads west; however, do NOT 
go inside or the lights will go out and the blast door behind you will close. 
Use your sniper rifle to shoot the MIB at the far end, and quickly kill the 
two commandos and the other MIB that come running. Once they're dead, run down 
the hall and into the silo; you're on the fifth level, and you need to clear 
all of them to complete the objective. 

Level Six has a single Man In Black on it, you can probably see him from 
somewhere on the fifth floor; use your pistol to kill him with ease. Now run 
over to the elevator and take it down to Level Four, there's a repair bot that 
you could probably use; you can also destroy the two spider bots with GEP 
rockets on Level Three if you jump on the railing. Drop back onto the floor 
and take the elevator down to Level Two. The man standing at the top of the 
crane is Howard Strong, so quickly equip your pistol and kill him before he 
shoots you with his plasma rifle. At this point, Page calls up and begins to 
taunt you, saying that you don't stand a chance against him at Area 51.

Take the elevator up to Level Six and climb up the ladder to the south. Open 
up the hatch with the button on the right and climb outside; Jock is waiting 
for you next to the launch pad. Get into the helicopter to head to the 
infamous Area 51.

022.0 - Area 51 Part One: The Beginning of The End:

- Gain access to the Area 51 bunker. 
- Gain access to Sector 3.
- Talk to Helios to gain access to Sector 4. 

022.1 - Gain access to the Area 51 bunker:

Jock drops you off near the helipad and warns you that there's a sniper in the 
watchtower to the west, so quickly equip your rifle and take him down. Head 
towards the tower when you're finished to receive a message from Tracer Tong, 
who sends you a map of the area and tells you that he's back in the game and 
is here to provide support.  

Run over to the north railing and destroy the two bots walking around to clear 
the area; they're both a good distance away so that there isn't much danger of 
being attacked. Head down the ramp and towards the building to the northeast; 
if you didn't kill Walton Simons then he runs out of the house to meet you, so 
use either of the two strategies that were discussed in the Ocean Lab mission 
to get past him.

However, it's noticeably easier to hit Walton with a tranquilizer this time 
around since you have more time to aim. Like at the Ocean Lab, he'll grunt in 
pain as if he were being knocked out, but instead just stands there; feel free 
to judge him as you see fit, a quick swipe from your Dragon's Tooth to the 
back will take him down.

On the other hand, if you talk to Simons and want to fight him, run around the 
building until he looses track of you, which means you have a free shot at 

Afterwards, head inside the building that he came out of and pick up the tower 
key lying next to the dead solider. Run back to the tower and unlock the door, 
just be careful not to set off the two LAMs planted near each ladder. Climb 
down the ladder on the right and break open the boxes to get an EMP grenade 
and some 30.06 ammo. 

From here, there are two different paths to take:

1 - Climb back up to ground level and head up the one on the left to reach the 
security terminal. Hack into it and open the large bunker door; climb down and 
head north to reach it. Hack into the other security terminal on the left and 
turn off the cameras, you can hang around there and wait for the two bots to 
appear and then take them down with your GEP gun. 

Head northeast down the ally and enter the room that's filled with spider 
bots. Run to the far side of the room and pick up a TNT crate, which you can 
put next to the northern door and blow it up. Run inside and turn the power to 
the elevator online. Now run back down the hall and to the northwest where the 
elevator is; you can take that all of the way down to the bunker blast door. 

2 - After the two LAMs are diffused, run outside to the southwest corner of 
the area, there's a large hole in the side of the hanger that we're going to 
use to kill the two commandos and the Man In Black. Throw a LAM through the 
hole to the northeast and wait for it to explode; the battle music will start 
up by die out after a few moments, so head inside the hanger via the east 

If this worked out as well as it did when I played through, then the three bad 
guys are dead, and there's no one else here that will give you a problem. In 
the southwest corner of the room is a large gray cylinder; use lockpicks to 
open the door, and then throw a LAM inside so that it lands on the platform in 
the middle. Don't worry if it doesn't stay on, it seems to bounce around the 
fan if it falls off. When the fan is destroyed, head back to the tower and 
replace the two LAMs you used, and then head to the cylinder and jump inside 
and down into the water below. Swim north and find the body of the guy who has 
a laser modification and return to where the stairs are; run down the hallway 
and disable the camera and turret with the security terminal against the wall.  

Run to the elevator and take it down; when you reach the bottom you can run 
through the lasers without worrying about a bot attack. Run to the catwalk and 
down the two ladders to reach the opening of the bunker. 

022.2 - Gain access to Sector 3:

Run south and hide behind the right side of the crates, break open the box and 
then crawl under the railing to the west. Jump over the lasers diagonally the 
same way you did in the tunnels of X-51 and continue down the hall, but run 
back when the yellow thing begins beeping unless you want to be killed when it 
explodes. When it's safe, run over to where it was and head towards the 
communicator; Morgan Everett contacts you with a proposition: Kill Bob Page 
and allow the Illuminati to take control of Area 51, bringing them back to 
power. That objective appears in your secondary objectives.

Now head up the hallway to the north and destroy the bot walking around. 
Continue around the bend, past the barracks, and into the rec room; you can 
use multitools to open the door, which blocks the camera from setting off the 
alarm. There's a Woman In Black and a trooper sitting in the far corner, so 
you can either kill them with a pistol or activate Cloak and read the datacube 
on the ping-pong table, which has a code to the barracks. If you killed the 
two bad guys in here you can hack the security terminal and turn off the 
camera, but it's not important either way. Run back to the barracks and enter 
the code from the datacube (0169) and enter, the cubicle thing in the left 
corner with the dead body inside has a key that unlocks the blast door to 
Sector 3. Use the 0169 code to open it and return to the crossroads near the 

Head east and take out the commando walking up and down the hall. Use your 
sniper rifle to kill the trooper on the walkway; from here you can either kill 
the other two troopers and the commando or use Cloak to reach the blast door. 
If you plan to kill them, run halfway down the hall and look to the left 
corner to see the first trooper on the walkway. Now run to the back of the 
hall and wait for the commando to walk into view so that you can snipe him. 
Head over to the left corner of the hall and peek around the corner, use your 
rifle to kill the trooper on the crane. 

From here, or if you're using Cloak, run to the ladder on the right and climb 
up, you can unlock the blast door and enter inside. 

Continue down the hall and hear a message from Paul and then Bob Page, saying 
that he's sending the man who killed your parents up with the elevator to kill 
you. This man happens to be a Man In Black with two troopers on each side of 
him. Quickly hide behind the crates on the right and peer around the right 
side; use your pistol to kill the two troopers and then the MIB. Killing the 
two troopers first is better because they're easier to kill with headshots and 
the explosion from the dead MIB might not kill them.

Once they're all dead, look behind the wall to the west and pick up a lockpick 
before heading down the elevator. 

022.3 - Talk to Helios to gain access to Sector 4:

Immediately after the area loads, Tong contacts you through the communicator 
and tells you that Everett is using you to bring the Illuminati back to power. 
Of course, he then proposes destroying Area 51 and sending the world into a 
Dark Age. He also sends you a map of Sector 3 before cutting communication. 

Once that's finished, walk past the doorway, hide in the back right corner, 
and equip your sniper rifle; there are two troopers on the catwalk, one has a 
GEP Gun and the other a machine gun. The one with the GEP gun can be seen if 
you look between the gray building and the yellow thing to the northwest, and 
the other one is directly west. 

Once they're both dead, walk over to the forklift and raise the lift using the 
button on the other side; hitch a ride on it and hop onto the crates that are 
next to the grate. Crawl through it and up the stairs, Helios contacts you and 
tells you to meet him in the Aquinas Hub before he will allow you to gain 
access to Sector 4. Continue past the blast door until you reach the top; 
listen to the MIB and the mechanic talk and then knock out the Man In Black 
with your prod. Do the same to the mechanic and wait for the trooper who saw 
you through the glass to enter the room. Hide near the stairwell and wait for 
him, activate Cloak when he appears and take him out. Now, still cloaked, drop 
down the ladder in the southeast corner and attack the sniper hanging around 
there; pick up the 30.06 ammo lying around while you're there. 

Climb back up and head through the door near the ladder, past the hallway is a 
room with a lockpick, a biocell, and a datacube with the login/password 
"Area51" and "bravo13". Climb up the ladder in this room and turn on your 
light, there's a dead mechanic with a biocell lying next to some 10MM ammo and 
a datacube with the code to the explosives locker: 4225. 

Return to the room where the MIB was and login to the security terminal 
(area51/bravo13) and open the Augmentation Containment as well as the blast 
door shown by the first camera. Once you're finished in this area, head down 
the stairs, past the Aquinas Hub again, and onto the catwalk where the GEP gun 
trooper and was. Hop onto the railing and look down, kill the baby karkian and 
the greasle with your sniper rifle; you can kill the adult karkian with a GEP 
rocket. Continue west and look down at the pool with the large pillars in it, 
there are two greasles swimming around, although you might only be able to 
kill one of them. 

In order to get down without picking the lock to the stairwell door or taking 
damage, run over to the portion of the catwalk where the machine gun trooper 
was and jump off the east side; if you land on the yellow thing you won't get 
hurt. Head west and go down the stairs to the right of the pool. If you didn't 
kill the two greasles swimming around, equip your Dragon's Tooth and get ready 
to attack it. In the southeast corner of the pool is a dead mechanic; under 
him is a key to the stairwell. Leave the pool and head to the northernmost 
area of this room; two spider bots are guarding the lowest level where the 
blast door is. Use a GEP rocket or EMP grenade on each of them and head 
through the door to reach the reactors. On the lower level of each reactor is 
a gray; take both of them out with your machine gun or pistol, but make sure 
to stay far away enough so that they don't bombard you with radiation. After 
that, head through the doorway to the northwest and up the ladder, a mechanic 
is hanging around and tells you a little bit about the grays. He also casually 
mentions the code to the Aquinas Hub, 1038, so head back to the stairwell (we 
have the key now) and enter the Aquinas Hub. 

Head south in this room and climb down the ladder, there are two grays on the 
lowest level near the radioactive barrels, so kill them. Up the stairs to the 
north is a commando walking around, killing him would be a good idea as well. 
Now head southeast, down the stairs, and get a map of Sector 4 from the 
datacube near the dead mechanic. Continue east through the doorway and look 
down to levels of stairs, there's a trooper walking around that you can kill 
with your pistol. When he's dead, walk down one level and unlock the blast 
door with the code from the beginning: 4225; there are some TNT crates and 
rockets. Walk down the next flight of stairs and enter the stairwell, if you 
look between the steps on the last level and activate your light you can see a 
greasle, so kill it. Now run back up and pick up a TNT crate. Carry it up to 
the highest level and place it next to you. Fire a shot from your pistol at 
the very large spider bot walking on the bottom level to bring it closer to 
you. When it gets close enough, throw the TNT crate over the side so that it 
blows up right next to it; you can use as many crates as you need to blow it 

Return to the room with the ladder and continue down the north hallway where 
the commando was. Run down the stairs and head east to the Aquinas Control; 
take the elevator to the third floor and run over to the integration system to 
talk with Helios, who tells you it's plan: Integrating it's systems with JC's 
so that it can become the perfect combination of logical machine and 
benevolent human, the ideal ruler. It tells you to deactivate the uplink locks 
and then return here to integrate. This third and final ending appears on your 
secondary objectives as well. 

When that's finished, take the elevator back down to the second floor and 
enter the area right before the stairs leading to the long hallway. Two 
security bots being controlled by Helios activate and begin patrolling the 
area, which is good considering that three commandos are coming to attack you. 
Take cover in the lower levels near the elevator and allow the bots to kill 
the commandos; when the commotion dies down you can check up on the bots, if 
both of them are still intact you're in good shape but it doesn't really 
matter if any of them are destroyed, as long as they served their purpose 
killing the three commandos.

Now head through the doorway to the south and look west; a blast door opens 
and a cargo transport begins moving towards you, there's a Man In Black and a 
trooper with a GEP gun on it. If you can quickly kill the GEP gun trooper, 
that's great, but don't feel that you have to risk it; you can always hide 
upstairs and let the bots take care of it, although they might not be able to 
kill both of them. If you want to give them a hand, peer over the railing and 
take pot shots at the two bad guys, preferably the GEP gun trooper first.

Once they're both dead, head back to the large room with the big spider bot in 
it. Run down the stairs and to the southeast corner, there's a dead trooper 
with some 30.06 ammo. Now run north to the large blast door, which Helios 
opens for you, and enter the smaller blast door. When you reach the 
communicator, Paul contacts you and brings you up to date about what's going 
on in the outside world. Helios has been cutting the power to government 
buildings and ordering roadblocks to be disbanded in Hong Kong, and the people 
are obeying because it's what they want. He brings up the pros and cons of 
your three objectives, and basically tells you to do what you think is right. 

After that, continue north to Sector 4. The first room has a bunch or large 
tanks at each corner of the room. Head left towards the blue barrels; when you 
reach them the door at the other end of the room will blow off and come flying 
at you, so back up to avoid being blown up. Continue north, loot the body of 
the scientist to get another augmentation upgrade, and go through the door. 
Stand in front of the window and allow the grays to see you; wait for them to 
come to you and then kill them with your machine gun. Use the security 
terminal to turn off the radiation generators and head to the door on the 
opposite side of the now-safe room. Right about now Alex calls you and sends 
you a schematic of the blue-fusion reactors as well as three of the four 
numbers the make up the code to deactivate them: 724*. Before entering the 
room where Bob Page is, save your game; the area here is the "Crossroads" of 
Deus Ex, this is where you want to start out if you're going to reload your 
game to get all three endings. 

023.0 - Area 51 Part Two: The End:

- Merge with Helios: Deactivate the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router at the 
east end of Sector 4, thus allowing Helios to exchange information with your 
augmentations. Together with Helios, administrate the world with absolute 
knowledge and reason.

- New Dark Age: First, go to the coolant control room at the northwest corner 
of Sector 4 and cut off the coolant to the reactors, then return to the 
reactor lab in Sector 3 to finish the job. Destroying the global 
communications hub will plunge the world into anther Dark Age - dark but 
perhaps free from global tyranny. 

- Join the Illuminati: 1 - Bring down the four blue-fusion reactors in Page's 
bunker then go to the infusion control room on the upper level to cut power to 
the defense systems. 

2 - Kill Bob Page and clear the way for the former Illuminati leaders to 
restore the age-old secret government. Rule the world with compassion and an 
invisible hand alongside Morgan Everett.  

023.1 - Merge with Helios:

This is by far the easiest ending to get. Head east and talk to Bob Page; 
afterwards run to the door north of Page, you can activate Ballistic 
Protection to absorb some of the damage from the turrets. Blow up the door 
north of you with a GEP rocket and run inside, turning the lever will close 
the door to the UC chamber, preventing more spider bots from being cloned and 
replace the ones you destroy. Speaking of which, the two spiders hanging 
around the hall are probably coming after you, so equip some EMP grenades or 
your GEP gun to take them out. Now head east to the blast door to the south. 
Bypass the 90 percent keypad and head inside, Helios gives you instructions on 
how to deactivate the uplink locks. Press the two buttons marked "Engage" on 
each side of the room and then login to the computer (Icarus, password 
"panopticon"). Click on "Engage Primary Router" and then head back to the 
Aquinas Hub. Run to the integration unit to trigger the ending cinematic.

023.2 - New Dark Age:

This one's a little more complicated than the last one, but still nothing that 
could be called confusing. Like before, head east and have the conversation 
with Page, but this time head to the doorway to the south and climb up the 
ladder; you definitely want Ballistic Protection here (or you could try and 
shoot the turret with your rifle). After the ladder, head forward and get onto 
the lift; press the down button, but jump off onto the ramp to the south about 
a quarter of the way down. Run west and hack into the security terminal; 
activate the security bot to aid you in fighting the three or four grays 
running around. As the bots are taking care of the grays, open the door near 
the terminal with lockpicks or multitools to close off the UC. Once the top 
area is secure, equip your GEP gun and fire a rocket at the UC control room's 
door that's on the lower level to the north. Now run to the southeast corner 
of the top floor and into a room that's highly radioactive. Go around the 
right side of the large tank and down the ramp, there's a repair bot hanging 
around that you can use. 

Northwest of this area is a short hallway that leads to a room with a cabinet 
and a footlocker in it. On the middle shelf of the cabinet is a datacube with 
the code to the coolant system: 2242. Now return to the room with the repair 
bot and head down the ramp to the northwest. Activate Cloak and run to the 
northeast corner and activate the bot with the security terminal, then run to 
the UC control room and close off the UC that is cloning adult karkians. The 
patrol bot should be fending off the karkians that are already roaming the 
area, so use that as a distraction to kill the four or five karkians and the 
handful of greasles. After they're all dead, use the repair bot to refill your 
energy and head to the blast door marked "Coolant B13" to the northwest and 
enter the code 2242 to open it. Open up the second door with the button and 
immediately equip your sniper rifle and kill the commando walking away from 
you down the hall. When he dies, take out your machine gun and climb up the 
ladder to the left of you; there's a trooper walking around the catwalk, so 
use your machine gun to kill him before he can throw a LAM at you. 

Crouch down and crawl west; when you reach the doorway, stand up and walk  
around the winding path until you reach the catwalk overlooking the pumps. 
There's a trooper on this catwalk, so be prepared to kill him. Also, there's 
another trooper on the lower level in the very northwest corner; the best way 
to kill him is with the sniper rifle. When both of them are dead, climb down 
the ladder to the north and peek around the corner at the bottom, there's a 
trooper standing right outside of the doorway. Once he's dead, run to the 
yellow control panel and press the button labeled "flush system".

Now run back to the reactors where the mechanic gave you the code to the 
Aquinas Hub. At the bottom of each reactor is a button that you need to 
activate, so turn on Environmental Resistance and run down the stairs and into 
the very bottom of the reactor. Do this on each side and then run up to the 
control room where the mechanic is. 

Three buttons against the wall will now be available to interact with, but 
before you press them you should kill the mechanic, otherwise he'll panic and 
pull a shotgun out at you. Once the three buttons are pressed, press the main 
switch on the control panel labeled "Engage" to finish the job. The screen 
will start to rumble, and a few seconds later the cinematic will kick in.

023.3 - Join the Illuminati:

Once again, run east and talk to Bob; like in the previous ending, activate 
Ballistic Protection and run south to the doorway. Climb up the ladder and, 
instead of taking the lift, head through the doorway to the southwest. Run 
down the stairs and to the end of the hall; the blue-fusion reactor is at the 
very end. Alex gave you three of the four numbers in the code, so you can use 
trial-and-error to get it right: 7243. After you shut the reactor down, two 
patrol bots activate and try to find you. Equip your GEP gun and destroy them. 

Now run back to the lift and take it down, jumping onto the ramp to the south 
after the lift drops about a quarter of the way. Run west and hack into the 
security terminal to activate the patrol bot, allowing it to fight the grays 
that come to attack you. Unlock the UC control door and close off the UC. Now 
run to the connecting catwalk to the north to find the second blue-fusion 
reactor. Shut it down and continue to the southeast corner of the top floor 
and enter the room with the radioactive tank in it. Activate Environmental 
Resistance and run around the left side of the tank to find the third blue-
fusion reactor. Use the same code as before (7243) and then head down the ramp 
to the west. Use the repair bot to refill your bioenergy and then run down the 
ramp to enter the large area with the karkians and the greasles. Run to the 
northeast section of the area to find the fourth and final blue-fusion 
reactor. If you're low on bioenergy you can use the repair bot a little north 
of there to refill it.

Once all four reactors have been deactivated, run to the southeast portion of 
the area and take the lift back up to the area where you talked to Page. Run 
around him and enter the doorway to the north. There are two spider bots to 
the left of you, but if you just take a right and run you won't have to worry 
about them. Continue down the hallway and up to the blast door labeled 
"Aquinas Router". To the right of that is a yellow control panel with a single 
button on it. Press it to kill Page and complete the mission. 

Congratulations, you've just completed Deus Ex.