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Follow the dark path or use the light
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil Pack Shot

Dark Shadows - Army of Evil


Dark Shadows - Army of Evil Walkthrough English


Dark Shadows - Army of Evil: Walkthrough

1. The castle

Walk up the stairs and go to the well on the big place. 
But beware of the enemy. He will not follow you behind the well. 
Walk through the tunnel to the rear part of the castle. 
The enemy will not follow you. Now go up the stairs on the right side. 
You will find a key in the last room on the desk. 
Leave the building and go back to the big place. 
Walk up the stairs to the upper part of the castle. 
Turn right and go ahead until you reach the first junction. 
There you turn also right and go ahead to the next junction. And do it again. 
Now walk along the path until you reach a towerpart with a door. 
Open it with your key. Walk into the room and search for the torch. 
It lies on a wooden box. Now you need oil for the torch. Otherwise you can not use it. 
So put away the torch with an inventory key "E" or "Q". 
The oil can be found in the big dinner room of the castle. 
Walk back and go down the stairs to the well. 
On the big place you can find an entrance to the dinner room. 
Go there and walk down the stairs. On the left side is a cabinet and on it is a bottle of oil. 
We can not reach it from the floor. 
So walk into the right direction and go up the slanting upward dinnertable. 
Jump from the top to the ledge on the wall of the hall. 
Now you can go the ledge along until you reach the cabinet. 
Jump on it and pick up the bottle. 
You can jump now down from the furniture and leave the dinner room. 
Walk trough the tunnel to the rear part of the castle and go up the left stairs. 
The first room is very dark. Use now the torch and you can see a key on one of the boxes. 
Pick up the key and leave the room and the building. 
Put away the torch with one of the inventory keys "Q" or "E". 
Walk up the stairs on the big place to the upper part of the castle. 
Turn left now and go ahead until you reach an open towerpart. 
Go into the room and open the chest with your new key. In the chest is another key. 
This is now the one for the bed chamber of the king. 
Walk all the way back to the well, go through the tunnel,
go up the left stairs and go to the last room with the closed door. 
Now you can open it and you will find the sword. Pick it up. Kill the enemy on the big place. 
Collect some food from the dinner room if the enemy has injured you. 
It will refresh your energy. Leave the castle.

2. Outside of the castle

The king is dead and your friend was running away to search his sister Katerina. 
In the second level you have enough time to attain fighting experience. 
You have to kill all 16 enemies. Otherwise you can not reach the next level. 
There are three places where you can find energy. But collect the food only if you need energy. 
One of the places is the place where you are starting. 
If you walk up the castle bridge you can find it. You will need it after you get injured. 
You can not use the torch in this dark level. So use only your sword. 
Next weapon is a hammer and can be found in the cave at the end of the level. 
You have to walk with the hammer to the spilled place in the cave, but first you have to kill all enemies.

3. Level with the broken bridge

At the beginning you can find a lot of food. 
Pick up only the food you need to refresh your energy and save the other ones for coming back. 
You should use your sword and not the hammer until you find another weapon. 
The hammer is not a good weapon. Again you have to kill 16 enemies in total. 
But first you have to kill three of them. After it walk to the broken bridge. 
You can not cross it. Walk around and search for the big axe. 
You will find it under some felled tree trunks. It begins to rain. 
Go back to the broken bridge with the axe in the hand and go to the tree beside the bridge. 
Look up to attract the lightning with your axe and wait until the thunderbolt hits the tree. 
The tree is falling now down to the other side of the bridge. 
Cross the bridge, kill all the enemies with the weapon you like and watch out for the ruin. 
There you will find the next dangerous weapon. 
At the end of the level you have to cross a wooden bridge. But this is blocked with boards. 
Use your hammer and hit from the top to the bottom. 
After a few hits you can walk to the end of the bridge and finish the level.

4. Rain and wet floor

You have to kill all 21 enemies in this level. 
Energy can be found only near and in the cart. 
To save energy you can lure some of the monsters to the cart. 
With a long weapon you can kill some of them from the top of the cart. 
Enemies can not reach you if you are carefully. A type of dagger can be found near the stone circle.

5. Level with the church

This level has now 22 enemies. If you need a break you can walk into the church. 
The enemies will not go inside. But you can find there a new axe. 
Attention: If you are losing your axe because of the fight you need to pick it up again. 
Otherwise you can not reach the next level. 
Energy can be found on the right area in a dead end of the level.

6. The forest

No trace of Katerina. But we have seen the boss of the enemies in a short intro scence. 
They are far away from us. Now it is dark and it is raining. 
But normally you should see enough to find your way. You have to fight against 16 enemies. 
They are everywhere. First of all you should go ahead to the damaged bridge. 
You can not cross it. But you have to pick up the flail on the left part of the tower. 
Find the area with the two statuettes. 
This is the place where you can leave the level after you have killed them all.

7. The sump

It is time to fight against 21 enemies. Energy is available on the small island. 
But we have sad news. Our friend and brother from Katerina is dead. 
The enemies killed him. You can find a small axe beside him. 
Pick it up, kill all the enemies and leave the level to begin your revenge.

8. Begin of the pass

A hard level with 22 enemies. 
If you need energy then you can collect food near an unknown dead man. 
He lies under a cart behind a hill. A special weapon can be found near the bees. 
It stuck in a trunck.

9. It is snowing

A simple level with 21 enemies. Food is in the near of a big cross. Also the weapon. 
Pick it up, fight against all monsters and leave the level in the near of two big stoneheads.

10. The vulcan

This is the last part of the pass. 
Walk to the top of the dead vulcan and pick up another kind of axe. 
Also here you have to fight against enemies. They are hidden everywhere. 
Here are 17 of them. Leave the level in the near of your horse.

11. The river and waterfall

The mountain pass is behind you. Turn left and go ahead to the corner. 
There is a dead end with some food. If you need it, you can eat it here to refresh your energy. 
In this level are 21 enemies. Again you have to find a new weapon. 
This one is on the other side of the river near the waterfall. 
You can not jump over the river. You must run around it.

12. Tokulo

You have reached the market town, but nobody is here anymore or they are dead. 
Only the enemies are here. A very dangerous weapon lies on a cart. 
Also this level has 21 monsters.

13. Manor

It is night again and you have reached the second small fortress. 
You can see a new intro scene and yes, Katerina is still alive. 
She is tied and you are on a good way to find her. But before you have to kill more enemies. 
In this level again 21 of them. That is not all you have to do. 
You must also find a bow and arrows. 
Walk up to the manor, turn left and go up the stairs to the way on the wall. 
Jump on the roof of the house and search for the bow. Leave the roof and go down. 
Turn right and go ahead to the other stairs to the way of the wall. 
Go up and walk to the end. You can see some arrows in the wall and floor. 
Jump carefully on the top of the wall and go down to the ledge outside of the wall. 
There you can find a lot of arrows. Pick them all up. Go back into the manor. 
Go to the building with the stairs. Walk up and go into the last room. 
There will find some energy. Kill all enemies and leave the level.

14. Ruins

A hord of 25 monsters must be killed now. Turn right and go to the hut. 
You can make there also a break. The enemy will not follow you. 
This is the only one place in this level to get energy. 
Leave the hut and go ahead until you reach a dead end. 
Of course, you have also to fight before you reach this point. 
In the corner you will find some bolts for a crossbow. 
Pick it up and go back to the place with the bridge. 
Cross it and turn left. Go ahead until you see the stairs. 
Walk down the stairs into the gorge, turn left and pick up the crossbow under the bridge. 
You can use it now. Otherwise use the weapon you wish. 

15. Town of Andrisa

It is the next town. And also here are only enemies because the people are all fled.
Everything is empty and the enemies are plundering everything.
First of all we have to find a key. Walk into the town, kill the enemies on the place and turn left.
Go ahead until you reach the building with the stairs. 
Go into the building, walk up the stairs to the first floor, and pick up the key from the table.
Leave the building. If you need energy, you have to walk up the stairs to the way on the wall.
You can collect food on each end of the way.
We have to find a firebow. Go back to the entrance of the town. (The entrance where you coming from).
Look into the direction of the town and turn right. Go ahead and you will again a building with stairs.
Walk into it and go up the stairs inside. On the right side is a closed door.
With the key you can open it and you can pick up the firebow from the floor.
You can use it now or use another weapon. We need the firebow 2 levels later.
Kill all 26 enemies to leave the level.

16. Monastry

First of all: We have now all weapons. 
You can use now each weapon you like to kill all the enemies in this level.
And that's 25 of them. Energy can now be found in a small chamber in the middle of the ruin.
Some of the enemies are very good hidden. Search in all corners.

17. The fortress

This is the fortess of the enemies. All the booty is here.
But you have to find a way to go inside.
And this is a problem, because the door is closed.
Before you can go inside you must kill all the enemies around the fortess.
After this action you can choose the firebow from the inventory and walk to a special tree.
It is the only one tree that is not a conifer.
Shoot an arrow directly to the middle of the tree until it is burning.
Put away the firebow and run to the entrance of the fortress.
The enemies have opened the door. Walk inside and kill them all.
30 enemies in total! You will hear now Katerina. Walk to the door of the building.
You will then enter the next level.

18. Inside - dungeons

Also here are 30 enemies. Walk up the stairs and go not outside. Turn around.
You can find a key in this hall. It is on a box. Pick up the key.
Watch your energy. It will take some time until we will find new food.
If we walk left we will come to closed doors. They can only be opened with a wheel mechanism.
So we don't walk left. We go into the right direction.
Don't fall down from the board! Otherwise you have to load a game or start a new one.
You can not come outside of it! Go up the stairs and open the door to the prison with the key.
Kill all the enemies. Energy can be found in a small chamber. Before we leave the prison,
you need to activate the wheel-mechanism. It is in one of the niche.
Now one door is open. You can not see it here. It is far away. Walk back where you are coming from
and go ahead until you reach the next closed door. You can open this one also with a wheel meachanism.
This can be found in a room near the door. Activate it and kill the enemies.
After some time you will hear a scream from Katerina. It comes from outside.
The next level will begin after this scream.

19. Final level

You can see energy in front of you. But do not eat all of it. Only if you need it.
Walk down the stairs and fight against the monsters.
You can kill now all of them with only one hit.
Search for the burning pile outside the fortress. Katerina is there and needs your help.
You will leave a knife there. Now it is time to search the commander.
He is in the fortress near another door.
Walk to him and fight with him. It will be the longest and hardest fight of your life.
Do not forget to collect food. After you have killed the boss you can go back to Katerina.

The End.

Copyright 2012 by Burian Media Enterprises
All rights reserved.

This file can be used everywhere without permission.