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Follow the dark path or use the light
Darkeden Pack Shot



Dark Eden - Vampire FAQ

by chaosvamp

Dark Eden Vampire Faq                                                }
Author Andy Herrera a.k.a chaosvamp                                  }
Version 0.04                                                         }
5/30/05                                                              }
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _}
                  Table of Contents                                  

1. Dark Eden backround

2. Vamps
A. Stats
B. Types
B3.Dex(less common)
C. Skills
D. Equipment

3. Best places to level up (Training)

4. Vamp Towns and NPC's

5. Alignment

6. Fighting Slayers

7. Misc.

8. Q&A

9. Legal Info
A. Copyright
10. Credits
11. How to Contact me
12. Faq version history 

 (If you want to find something but are too lazy to scroll down then just use
ctrl+F and type in the section/word whatever it is your looking for)
                    Dark Eden Backround
Phew finally done with the boring part anyways about Dark Eden.Dark Eden is a 
free MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game)(try to say that ten
times fast). Dark Eden is a world filled with vampires (sweet) and the humans 
that have sworn against the undead (meh).In this world vampires roam the Earth
and bring fear to all those who oppose them. 
This Faq is only about the International version.So no wining if nothing on
about the Korean version comes up.
Since this Faq is about vampires i will presume that the readers are vamps or
slayers studying up on vamps.

2. Stats
A.As you may know (or not know) like in almost every other MMORPG there are 
stat points that you get everytme you level up.
HP:Your health points
Protection:Your protection
To Hit:Your hit probability
Damage:The damage you do when attacking
Defense:Your defense
Alignment:If your good,evil,or neutral.
Str(Strength)-Basically your physical power pretty useful in the early-middle
stages of the game.
Dex(Dexterity)-Your dodging and attacking speed.Also determines your attack 
hit probability.Always level it up by at least 1 since you will need it incase
your attack misses (which will happen frequently)
Int(Intelligence)-This will determine how much damage your magic does. 

B.Vampire Types
This section is about the types of vampires there are.

Str Vamp-These are basically vamps that put all points into strength.(Strong
in terms of physical attacks but weak when it comes to magic and defense)

Int Vamp-These are vamps that put all points into intelligence.(The same with
strength except that they are strong with magic and weak in the other two

Dex Vamp-These are vamps that put all points in dexterity.(Good at defense 
crappy at offense not a good choice except for late stagesof game)

Str-Int-Dex Vamps- a vamp that puts one point into each category.(Weak in
begginning and middle stages of game)

Str-Int Vamps- Vamps that put one in Int or Str and two in the other (ex.1+Str
2+Int or vica versa)

Dex-Int Vamps- Same as Str-Int vamps except with Dex.

Dex-Str Vamps- Same as other two except no Int
As like in basically all other MMORPG's you will get skills for everytime or
every other time you level up(usually between three levels of leveling up).
In Dark Eden there are six types of skills Acid,Poison,Curse,Summon,Blood,and
Innate.There is no cost for learning a skill all you have to do is talk to a
person in a town that teaches skills(If you want to know which NPCs teach
skills put the finger over their name on the mini-map and look for skill ed
{skill education}).I will put the types of skills in order from least to 
greatest damage.
Summon Coffin
Level Required:73
Info:Vampires can summon their resting places even from a distant place. In 
the coffin,they can heal all damages they received. While a vampire is in its 
coffin, there are penalties for defense and protection. You will get a lot of 
damage when you are attacked while resting in a coffin. You should stay far fr
om slayers before using this skill.
Level Required:27
Info:This basically paralyzes the opponent for about 7 seconds (more if you 
use the grade skill which increases paralazys time)

Level Required:36
Info:This spell decreases the victims defense.

Level Required:52
Info:This spell decreases the victims to hit points and damage points.

Level Required:78
Info:This will increase your magic effect on the victim.
Level Required:0
Info:Drain the victims blood(can only use if victims health is 30% or lower)

Level Required:3
Info:Allows the user to hide underground from slayers(high level slayers can
see where the vamps are)

Hands of Wisdom
Level Required:5
Info:Increases damage done by hitting victim with short-range magic.

Level Required:15
Info:Allows the user to make a fog in which only vampires and high level 
slayers can see in.

Transform to Bat
Level Required:20
Info:Allows user to transform into bat(must first have bats wing).While in bat
form user can't be hit by short-range attacks and can not heal overtime.
User can't attack while in bat form.User's speed is increased by 200%.

Transform to Wolf
Level Required:32
Info:Allows user to transform into wolf(must first have wolfs paw).While in 
wolf form user can heal overtime attack and eat dead corpse to regain health.
Users speed is increased by 150% but defense is decreased.

Level Required:42
Info:Turns user invsible to NPC monsters and slayers(high level slayers can
see invisible vampires they have an eye over their head)

Rapid Gliding
Level Required:47
Info:Allows user to quickly move 2~6 meters(game wise)

Level Required:50
Info:Allows user to revive dead vampires that have not yet respawned(it will
take more uses on higher level vampires) and heal other vampires.

Dark Revenge
Level Required:63
Info:Allows user to have maximmum damage (no magic can be done or else Dark 
Revenge disappears). It will be activated automatically if the user sees a 
vampire die next to them.

Meteor Strike
Level Required
Info:A spell that summons a meteor to crash down on the spot that the user

Soul Chain
Level Required:100
Info:Allows user to instantly teleport to any person playing Dark Eden 
regardless of race.
Level Required:6
Info:Adds on to short-range damage by adding poison to short-range attack.

Level Required:12
Info:It summons green poison from the ground on one particular spot.Doesn't 
damage vampires much.

Level Required:18
Info:Summons yellow poison from the ground on one particular spot. Poison 
blinds humans for short while.

Level Required:24
Info:It stalks victim for long period of time slowly decreasing life.

Level Required:30
Info:It slowly drains slayers of their MP(Magic Points).

Level Required:34
Info:Attacks victim with poison areial attacks.

Level Required:48
Info:Makes it rain poison on medium sized area for short time.
Level Required:6
Info:Increases short-range attack by adding acid.

Level Required:21
Info:Acid areial attack.

Level Required:38
Info:Stronger acid arieal attack in shape of ball.

Level Required:44
Info:Acid areial attack that shoots acid multiple times.

Level Required:46
Info:Makes acid appear on one spot on the floor.Makes a perfect combination
with paralyze.

Level Required:56
Info:Makes it rain acid on medium sized area for short period of time.
Level Required:25
Info:Allows user to go from one place to another.(User must first use
bloodymark on the place they are. Needs seal for use of skill)

Level Required:28
Info:This skill allows user to use a seal and "memorize" a place in order to
use bloodytunnel.(seals can be bought at seal stores)

Level Required:54
Info:The same as acidtouch and poisonous hands except stronger.

Level Required:58
Info:Makes a knife out of blood fly towards enemy.

Level Required:64
Info:A strong short-range blood attack.

Level Required:68
Info:A very strong aerial blood attack.Usually a one hit kill.

Level Required:72
Info:A very strong aerial blood attack.Usaully a one hit kill.

Level Required:78
Info:User uses blood to make a fence with immence force to keep enemies out of
a certain area.

Level Required:90
Info:Makes it rain blood on a medium sized are for a short period of time.

Level Required:94
Info:Makes a spear of blood fall on one spot.

BloodyWall(yes again)
Info:User uses blood to make a fence with immence force to keep enemies out of
a certain area.
Armors             Defense Protection Lev Required
For Male
Swing Coat           10        5        10                   
Frock Coat           20       10        20          
Slipery Robe         30       15        35       
Hiding Robe          40       20        55                 
Anti-Sun Pall        50       23        70
Mater Pall           60       30        90
Blood Pall           70       35       100

For Female
Body Suit            10        5        10
Jump Suit            20       10        20
Plume Cloak          30       15        35
Levitated Cloak      40       20        55
Anti-Sun Cope        50       23        70
Master Cope          60       30        90
Blood Cope           70       35       100

Weapons            Damage   Speed  Lev Required
Knuckle Part        1-3      30      15
Thumb Grab          1-4      30      20
Force Knuckle       1-5      30      25
Geminal Ring Knuckle1-6      30      28
Yeti's Craw         1-7      35      30 
Cat's Craw          2-8      30      33
Sif'S Hand         3-13      35      35
Fist Knuckle        4-9      25      38
APE Knuckle        4-10      25      40
SAV Knuckle        4-11      30      45 
Loon Diver         4-13      35      50 
Might Knuckle      5-13      30      55
Zamadar            7-14      30      60 
Katar              8-15      30      65 
Amemet's Craw     10-15      30      70 
Zagan             12-17      25      75
Necklace          Def Pro Lev Required
Boomerang Necklace  1   0   5
Skull Necklace      2   0  10
Cuspid Necklace     3   1  15
Jet Necklace        4   1  20
Idol Necklace       5   2  25
Anti-Cross          6   2  30
Death Star          7   3  35
Amulet of Omen      8   3  40
Black Ankh          9   4  45
Wing of Dead       10   4  50
Evil Eye           11   5  55

Lace Bracelet       1   0   5
Amorial Bracelet    2   1  10
Jewel Bracelet      3   1  15
Master Bracelet     4   2  20
Morganite Bracelet  5   2  25
Blue Monoeye        6   3  30
Blue Water          7   3  35
Viper Bracelet      8   4  40
The Abyss           9   4  45
Keen Bracelet      10   5  50

Iron Ring           1   0   5
Silver Ring         2   0  10
Winkle Ring         3   1  15
Gilt Ring           4   1  20
Anti-Sun Ring       5   2  25
Blue Seduction      6   2  30
Blood Sucker        7   3  35
Unholy Shield       8   3  40
Ring of Skulls      9   4  45
Spider Eyes        10   4  50
Fenrir Ring        11   5  55

Bronze Earring      3   1   5
Silver Earring      4   1  10
Gold Earring        5   2  15
Death Sun Earring   6   2  20
Bats Circle Earring 7   3  25
Shield of Darkness  8   3  30
Bloody Feast       10   5  35
Earring of Eternal 11   5  40
The Cats Eyes      12   7  50
Skull of           13   7  60
The Oath of        14   9  65

Rad                 0   0   0
Ken                 0   1   0
Eol                 0   2   0
Ing                 0   3   0
Jera                1   1   0
Man                 1   2   0
Othel               1   3   0
Bu Man              2   2   0
Odal                2   3   0
Daeg                3   3   0
Is                  4   3   0
As you may know there are many places in Dark Eden to train. Some are meant 
for noobs while others should only be used by 100+(level 100 or over).
This section will cover all the best places to train.

Level         Place(s)          Location(For those who don't know where it is)
1-13       Bathory Dungeon B1&2  The Dungeons inside Castle LImbo where
     Castle Rasen (if you have a strong friend) you start out.

14-25 Ghorgova Tunnel          Entrance is in Bathory B2
    Castle Rasen(if you have meh friend) Talk to Vrickolakas(think thats his
                                           name) and ask to go to Perona
                                          then talk to Murphy and ask to go to
                                          Rasen.The Castle is the top entrance
26-42   Castle Rasen
43-54 Inside Castle Rasen 1stfloor     Go through top entrance in Castle Rasen
55-100 HolyLand of Adam              Go to Lake Timor SE and go through portal.
      Raohm DungeonB1&2Floor        Go to Drobeta NW (i think) and look for a 
                                    indicator on you mini-map that says Raohm
100+  I have no damn clue
                       Vampire Towns and NPCs
First off there are 5 towns where vampires rule.
Castle Limbo
Castle Rasen
Castle Tertius
Castle Quartus

The NPCs are
Cappatinni Limbo Village  Storage 
Vrykolakas Limbo Village Magic Ed  
Valerie Limbo Village Coat Sale  
Cacon Limbo Village Repair 
Seth Limbo Village Item Sale  
Rebecca Bathory Lair  Bathory's maid  
Varun Bathory Lair  Lair Guard 
Hunt Bathory Lair  Lair Guard  
Rabbi Chaim Davis Rasen Magic Ed  
Priya Kulkarni Rasen Item Sale  
Agnes Varda Rasen Coat Sale  
Ayman Zawahiri Rasen Storage, Repair  
Murphy Perona Item Trade 
Griffith Perona Storage, Repair  
Fafnir Tertius Entry Manager  
Mary Tertius Item Trade, War Manager
Beatrice Tertius War, Info Manager 
Hunt Tertius Storage, Repair  
Immortality Quartus Entry Manager
Amy Quartus Item Trade, War Manager
Moloch Quartus Item Trade, Info Manager
Varun Quartus Storage, Repair
You will find that in Dark Eden you have a thing called alignment. Alignment
is basically if you are very good,good,neutral,evil,or very evil.If your
alignment is evil or very evil you will randomly drop items when you die.
Basically your alignment will drop if you attack and kill a person whos 
alignments is good or better or if their alignment is better than yours,
except for certain places like free battle zones and holyland of adam.
Also if your alignment is neutral or higher you can attack and kill a person
with evil or very evil alignment without making yours go worse. The higher
your alignment the better chances of you finding better stuff when you kill a
monster increases.
                       Fighting Slayers
As i mentioned before there are two races in Dark Eden. The opposing race to
the vampires is the slayers. When fighting slayers it is best to try to take
them out as quickly as possible. Even though slayers aren't naturaly as strong
as vampires a fight can go from your advantage to your death. So unless you
are fighting a slayer you can take out with one hit you should paralyze
him/her and use acid swamp to add damage while you attack.Don't be reckless and
just charge in if the slayer has a 50% chance or higher of killing you.But 
also don't be too cautios because wait an extra second might cost you your
kill.And always remember a fight can turn against you in a second.
This is the part i have no clue what to do with.So if you have something you
want to be a part of this Faq contact me (you will see how to in the Contact
Me section) and tell me what you want to see,as long as it is within reason to
what i will and won't accept for suggestions for my faq and in my e-mail.
Coming once i get some questions in my e-mail.

                       Legal Info

This Faq may not be reproduced under any circumstances unless it is for 
private use or unless you have my permission.This Faq may not be put up in any
website except for GameFaqs and Neoseeker. If you want to place my Faq on 
your website you must first ask for my permission and i must accept. Use of 
this Faq for public display or on anyother website without permission is 
strictly prohibited.

Any and All trademarks and copyrights in this document are held by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.
I want to thank MajikHunta and Crimsonmon for giving me a basic idea of how to
right my Faq(if you think this faq sucks well sorry but its my first one).

Softon Ltd. For making Dark Eden

GameFaqs for accepting my guide.
                       How to Contact Me
If you have any questions for me e-mail me at [email protected] 
*note* i will probably delete a e-mail if it doesn't have a topic that does 
not involve Dark Eden/Faq. And if you want to talk me while playing i play on 
the weekends from around 2-6(pacific time) and 1-6 on Sundays. My character 
name is shadearkon. Also I might take some time to answer back your e-mail so 
please don't send the same e-mail more than once.
                       Version History
Version 0.01 (Started Faq on Monday May 30 my memory sucks so i can't tell you
               the time. Finished the Table of Contents and Dark Eden 
Version 0.02 (Finished all the sections except for  Q&A,The Legal Info,Credits,
              How to Contact Me, and Version History Tuesday March 31)
Version 0.03 (Finished the The Legal Info,Credits,How to Contact Me, and 
              Version History Wednesday June 1) 
Version 0.04 (Updated a couple of things and changed my e-mail address Tuesday