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Follow the dark path or use the light
COPS 2170: The Power of Law Pack Shot

COPS 2170: The Power of Law



by chris_gunsoo

COPS 2170: The Power of Law
Ver. 1.20.004

by Chris The Champion
e-mail: [email protected]


I created this walkthrough just for fun. So anyone can use it
as he/she pleased. If you want to quote or citate from this
walkthrough, don't forget to give me a credit.

I arrange this walkthrough from my own experience. I do not
borrow anything from anyone.

You can play this game either as good, neutral or bad cop.
But of course, as the game title mentioned, you will get much
better benefit if you play as a good cop.

Episode I
You can recruit Charly and Maxim. After Lower City operations (whole
Episode I), Maxim is not available for recruitment.

1. Surpress the riot
   Kill all punks, homelesses and hostile robots, so the situation
   will be calm for a while. In the middle of battle, Arthur (driver)
   need your help, make sure to keep him alive if you want to recruit
   him later. Now talk to Roy (Mayor of Lower City), mutants and
   Syndicates. Also talk to Cop (ISF officer) at the City Hall -
   bigger room with cabinets & computers.

2. Good Cop - Bad Cop
   After talk with ISF officer you have some option.
   Good Cop:
   Kill the sniper (near Mayor's house). Then you can take his
   vest and Sa 12 [1000-30 exp].

   Bad Cop:
   Kill ISF officer. Then you can take his vest and LPM [5000-30 exp].

   Neutral Cop:
   - Do not kill both ISF officer and sniper
   - Kill ISF officer then betray Alan (later)
   - Kill sniper then help Alan (later)

   You must do this sub-mission before leaving City Hall/Lower City
   (before mission 4 at least).

3. Free Ann
   Anyway do not let Ann die [-1000 exp & game over].
   Best way:
   Kill all Syndicates in the area
   Hard way:
   Kill all mutants in the area. But be careful not to harm either
   Ann or Mickey.
   Hint: You can always moves any common NPCs around by switching
   position (G + left click).
   Worst way:
   Kill all Syndicates and mutants (must do it in the same time).

   There are some other possible (worst) way. For example: help the
   mutants and betray them in the end or vice versa, just use your

4. Investigate about battle robots
   Best way:
   see mission 3, you will get pass to mutant's settlement. After
   some talk with Mogu, you must help them. First defend the mutant's
   Hint: You can set your team up before hand.
   After that, talk to Mogu again [1000 exp] (twice). Second, take
   over the Metro Station (with help from Zoo Battalion). Talk to
   Mogu one last time to obtain underground map. Talk to Zoologist
   (if he still alive) then talk to Bik-14 (if he still alive too)
   to recruit him. Back to the City Hall area, Roy will welcome
   you [3000 exp]. Choosing this path of story will let you obtain
   lots of implants (strength booster, electric, thermo regulator,
   metabolism accelerator, etc).

   Hard way:
   See mission 3, talk to Roy again to get the order for mutants
   extermination. After talk with Igor, you will work for Syndicate.
   First, clear the Metro Station from mutants presence, including
   kill Bik-14 and Bik-22. Bik-22 have a rare weapon T&H Rolf,
   though it's not that good, have more accuracy than Wolf 1 but
   half rate of fire than Wolf 1. Second, exterminate the rest of
   the mutants in their hideout (alone). Talk to Igor one last time
   to obtain underground map. Bonus: 10000 exp, Sa 12, Simoto RH 14.
   If you want to collect scrap of exp, kill the rest of Syndicate.
   When return to the City Hall, talk to Roy again [5000 exp].

   Worst way:
   See mission 3, talk to Roy again to get the order for mutants
   extermination. Your team is all alone from now on. First, you
   must clear the Metro Station from Syndicates and mutants presence.
   Second, exterminate the rest of the mutants in their hideout. Talk
   to Roy again [5000 exp], and you will have to fight Silvio's men
   [2000 exp]. The bounty hunter carry the underground map.
   Note (Hard & Worst way):
   Mogu's corpse worth 1000 exp.
   Bik-22's corpse worth 3000 exp.
   If you stay as Neutral Cop, the next time you arrive at Police
   HQ, you will get your promotion.

   At last, talk to Fich to start Syndicate's underground factory

5. Assault on Syndicate's underground factory
   One most important thing is keep Fich alive if you want to recruit
   him later. Tips: keep one or two weak enemies (such as Delichi MRB)
   alive to do the next trick.  In the boss room there are Neo and Mark
   IX "Stiletto". Kill Neo first [3000 exp], and the Mark IX "Stiletto"
   will surrender. You have the option to kill him now or later in the
   Mayor of Upper City's house. After neutralized all the enemies, the
   Episode I is over.

Episode II
If Fich is still alive, you can recruit him (min. rank: Lieutenant-
junior). According to chronology mission 6 should happen before mission
7, but for best strategy play mission 7 first.
If you are good cop, you will get your promotion now.
If you are bad cop, you will get trouble now.
If you are neutral, you will get your promotion if you choose either
Hard or Worst way. One funny thing is, you still get the promotion
even if you kill Roy.

6. Ann crytal verdict
   This mission only appear if you choose the Best way (mission 3).
   Talk to Ann or Training officer. Ann is indeed have serious
   trouble in her mind, it's up to you whether help her or not.
   * Option A
   If you want to help her, give the crystal verdict to her Lawyer
   [1000 exp], and then give it to the Medic (Biologist) [1000 exp].
   Unfortunately you will get a promotion if only you are still neutral.
   It means Ann is freed sooner than it should be. This way you will
   get an extra trouble in Mayor of Upper City's house mission.

   Note: If you choose either Hard way or Worst way (mission 3), you
   will end up taking this path of story.

   * Option B
   If you are real good cop then give the crystal verdict straight to
   the Medic (Biologist) [100 exp]. When it's done, it will open
   the bonus mission (Dream's girl mission).

6b. Dream's girl mission
    Nothing special, sniper and portable camera helps a lot. Joker
    attacks with grenade launcher (Atomic 14 "Rain") [400 exp]; Candle
    attacks with atomic knife [100 exp]; Clown (big boss) uses melee
    attack, take it to your advantage. If the Clown dead [5000 exp],
    you win the game despite there are still some enemies.

    After accomplishing your mission, Medic will give you a promotion,
    10000 exp. and super rare Automatic medkit (implant).

    Note: Do not delay this mission until after mission 8, because
    during mission 9, the Police HQ are badly damaged and so the
    virtual reality device. One more thing to keep in mind: bring
    decent ammo, you can not resupply during this mission.

7. Assasination it the Police Headquarter
   This mission only appear if you are not neutral.
   Good Cop:
   Make sure you prepare your squad before to do this. Talk to the
   ISF (Internal Security Force) officer. Suddenly, the HQ is under
   attack, protect the witness at all cost, neutralized all hostile
   robots. After everything is under control, Alan murder the head
   of ISF. Go to technician room, obtain the crytal record.
   If the witness killed by any means during the assault = -1000 exp.
   What's funny are you'still considered as Good Cop even you're
   the one who killed the witness.

   Bad Cop:
   As soon as you arrive in the HQ, you will talk with the head of
   ISF who is suspecting you as murderer. You need Alan's help.
   Move to technician room, while Alan preparing the murder of the
   head of ISF. You only need to kill all technicians in the room.
   Do it quickly, as neat as possible. Then obtain the crystal record.

   After obtaining the crystal record you have some option:
   * Option A
   Report/betray Alan, give the crystal record to the Training
   officer. You will get a promotion and about 1000 exp.
   If you are Good Cop, you will join the informers during the 
   rebellion of squad-12 in the next mission.
   If you are Bad Cop, your state become neutral.

   * Option B
   Help/save Alan, give the crystal record to Alan. You will get
   10000 exp + 1000 exp. and a rare weapon R.G, "Bull".
   R.G. "Bull" is a grenade launcher, not too special except it's
   If you are Good Cop, your state become BAD.
   If you are Bad Cop, you will join the conspirators's (squad-12)
   rebellion in the next mission.

   Note: Don't forget about looting the Luquidators corpse. Nice!

8. Arrest Silvio (underground totalizator)
   Note: Before take this mission, be sure you are ready to handle
   combo missions (8 & 9). Set you team up before the end of mission
   8, because the mission 9 will start instantly.
   Hint: As long as there is still one of Silvio's henchman, the
   mission is not over yet.

   The most important thing in this mission are recruiting Sintu and
   keep Agent Newb alive. Sintu is in the room next to Agent Newb.
   To open the door, you need a decent intelligent (about 115),
   Charly's intelligent should do it. Note: From now on in the game,
   if Charly is not in your team, so is Sintu. It means, if Charly's
   die, Sintu leaves.

   If your choice were Hard way (mission 3 & 4), Igor and his squad
   will left the area [5000 exp], it means less resistance from enemy.

   In the middle of battle (about 4th-5th turn), squad-12 (conspirators)
   will start the rebellion.

   Good Cop:
   Maxim will left your team, and remain in neutral state (not
   attacking nor moving). Unfortunately if you kill him, the penalty
   is -1 exp. But the good news is every squad-12 corpse is worth
   500-600 exp [Jack: 500, Melony: 600, Courtney: 500] and extra loot.

   Bad Cop:
   Charly will left your team, and this means you can not open
   Sintu's room. Some cops (informers) will be marked as enemy
   (press Tab, green: your team, yellow: neutral, red: enemy), but
   every police corpse has it's own penalty, so let the others handle
   it. And if you kill the conspirators, the game is over.

   Neutral Cop:
   The conspirators and the informers will fight each other. Just
   walk away or taking advantage of conspirators corpse (join the

   About 2 turns right after the rebellion start, Agent Newb will
   contacting you. He is in front of the locked room where Sintu is.
   If you keep him alive, he will repay you many times later. Oh, one
   last thing but not least, keep Silvio alive. Although sometimes he
   will attack you and his corpse worth 10000 exp, your mission is
   arresting not killing. Just neutralized the rest of his henchmen
   and he surely surrender.

9. Defend the Police HQ
   Nothing special, except a lot of enemies with advance equipment.
   If you don't recruite Fich before, you can do it in this mission
   or after this mission (if he survive). Neutralized all hostile
   enemies and you will earn a promotion.

   Hint: There are something that can ease the pain: great hacker,
   great grenadier, good sniper, portable camera, (advanced) shield
   and do not rush.

10. West Gate of Gigamarket
    Your main objective is keep the Mayor of Upper City alive. So clear
    the area ASAP. Try your best not to let any housewife in the area
    be killed.
    If you have Bik-14 in your team, the Preacher will come to you
    (is he Jim Carrey or what?). After some talk, you will receive
    3000 exp. or only 1000 exp. if Maxim/Arthur (hack) also in your team.
    On second turn, if he survived (mission 1), Arthur will arrive
    with his tank, now you can recruit him (min. rank: Sergeant-major).
    What's funny is: if you hack your rank and recruit Arthur on
    mission 1 then he still appear (basic level) on this mission.

    If you are Good Cop, after sometimes (about 10th turn), the
    Liquidators will arrive to assist you and give you a rare best
    sniper weapon Mag 36.

11. Defend the Mayor's house
    Now, this one is my favorite mission (defend from attack waves).
    My personal strategy: plasmatic on the left balcony, sniper(s)
    on the right double windows, atomic 14 on the Mayor's room window,
    the rest is up to your imagination. I do not recommend for hacking
    robots in this mission.
    This mission is consist of 4-5 waves of attacks. Every wave have
    about 3-5 turn long before caught up with the next wave. If you
    wipe out the entire enemy squad per wave. The next wave start
    instantly (your traits and health recovered, your stance reset).
    With altered traits and weaponary, is more than possible to finish
    this mission in 4-5 turns and even the following events may
    not happen.

    After sometimes, a trouble maker (maniac) will kill bodyguard in
    the backyard. Usually, you can find him in the ground floor
    bathroom, if the path is not blocked. His body worth 100 + 3000

    If you spare it's live, the Mark IX "Stiletto" from underground
    factory, will come in the 4th-5th turn as your enemy. This robot
    is not counted as your primary target. So, if you managed to wipe
    out all waves except this robot, your mission is accomplished.

    Soon, Agent Newb (if he survived) will promise you a tank, just
    wait about 2 turns. Sometimes, the tank in this mission is more
    troublesome than it's worth. But the choice is yours.

    The Destroyers will left your squad alone if they taking severe
    casualties or you take too much time on this mission.

    If you freed Ann sooner than it should be (mission 6), then this
    extra trouble happen. After some turns on the last wave, Ann is
    coming home. And again, she is taken hostage by Mark XII "Killer".
    You must save her in no more than 10 turns.

    If you play long enough, when the bodyguards taken heavy casualties,
    a body guard will encourage the others [1000 exp] if you managed
    to keep all housewives alive at Gigamarket (mission 10).

    Survive this mission, and you will get a promotion, an "Enforcer"
    and a rare best pistol AMC 12.

    One wardrobe in the upstairs contains a rare headgear "Tauret".

Episode III
12. Crossroad 44
    This mission is a bit harder, so here some tips.
    Regroup you squad later when the enemy is lesser and all "God of 
    War"s are gone.
    The best time to strike the "God of War" is after 1st turn, when
    the Destroyers arrive, use them as decoys.
    Taking cover is your top priority, and cover firing each other
    split-squad. Advance shield will help a lot.
    Destroy one "God of War" at a time.

    After sometimes Agent Newb will arrive with his new toy. Keep him
    alive. Do not bother to use the tank if beyond your reach. You
    can use the tank as cover as well, but if it explode you will
    take minor damage.

    When the police squad arrive with some Cyber spiders, Agent Newb
    will take his leave.

13. Escort Mortimer I
    Note: Mission 14 begin simultaneusly after mission 13
    is accomplished.
    Your top priority is keep Mortimer alive, don't forget to set him
    on run mode. Keep this resourceful ally, Agent Morgan alive.
    This mission is consist of 3 waves. You can finish it in one wave
    though. Clear the first enemy squad before the other squad arrive.
    But it means less exp. and less good equipments.
    First wave: Bounty hunters & Cyber patrols model A & B
    Second wave: Bounty hunters, Killers & a "God of War"
    Third wave: Erasers & 3 "Killer"s

    Clear your platform first before advancing. The rest is up to you.
    After few turns of 2nd wave, a tank will appear in the far corner
    of your platform.

    At the start of next mission, Sintu will left your squad, make
    your preparation.

14. Escort Mortimer II
    Keep Mortimer alive is still your top priority and set him on run
    mode. Also keep Agent Morgan alive for your own good.
    Now Sintu will left the team and give you a rare weapon Simoto
    S.S.V, not too strong, but best accuracy.
    My personal strategy:
    Left Plasmatic and sniper (Katy) near the elevator. Break the
    glass before using the plasmatic. Move Mortimer to the dead end
    alley, cover it with the others and advanced shield. Hint: For
    extra cover, don't break the glasses in the area where
    Moritmer's going in.
    Move one of your team with high agility to the front of junction
    between wall and a pillar, use advance shield. The rest is up
    to you. Just beware, one of the Eraser is using Mag 36. A "Killer"
    in the far tower will give you some trouble. One idle "Killer"
    inside the building.
    Two "Stiletto"s in the main room. The "S" pathway is made for a
    reason you know.
    One container in the main room contains rare best headgear "Mark
    4 Command"
    After this mission, you will get a promotion.

15. License to Kill Delichi
    A whole lots of swarming enemies. Sniper & grenadier will help
    a lot in this mission. Don't forget to manipulate one and only
    elevator in the game ASAP. As a  war common sense, higher place
    give you great advantages. Note: There are also 4 x 300 exp
    terminal in this building.

    If you are Good Cop, on 2nd turn, the Liquidators comes to your

    On 3rd turn Sintu will come back, you can recruit him [5000 exp]
    but his position is a bit troublesome. Use your wisdom for a
    better position.

    After many turn (more than 10), if Maxim is not in your
    squad, Agent Newb & Agent Morgan will arrive as NPC. As always
    Agent Newb bring small gift with him. Personally, I prefer to
    not use it.

    Sometimes, when you take over the highest ground, Sintu become
    shocked or panic-stricken. Make sure that he's in the safe place.
    Kill Delichi [25000 exp] and the game is over.

Tips & Hints:
* Sometimes you will return on the same map twice. Computers and
  every box with stuff will give some exp twice too. Consider this
  to your advantage especially early in the game.

* Hack the robots, in addition of it's chunk of exp, it will help
  a lot (when pinched, outnumbered or in need of a decoy/shield).
  Beware the risk of fail-hacking.

* Hack the (hostile) robots and destroy it later will give an extra
  exp. If you on mutants side, do not destroy Cyber Rat, Model A.

* One funny thing, if you on mutants side, you can also kill Mickey,
  the next time Mickey will still alive and then killed by Sasha.

* Hacker have a good agility (max. 100), it also means he/she is
  a good grenadier and also a good scout (with decent sight).

* Bik-14 is shorter than anyone, be cautious when using explosive
  ammo. Grenadier is a suitable job for him (develop his agility

* Plasma bomb, though heavy, is the srongest grenade. If possible
  save it for the last mission.

* You can manipulate encumberement to carry over-weight stuff as
  Plasma bomb, from Police HQ to the mission or vice versa.

* Sniper need at least 75 intelligence to use Mag 36.

* Do not bother acquiring Atomic 200 (sniper weapon) if you don't have
  one, it's not better than Mag 36. Mag 36 is the strongest sniper
  weapon after all (with burst mode). The worst of Atomic 200 is
  only appear in the last mission, unless you hack the save game.

* Plasmatics carrier need lots of strength to shoot twice in one turn.

* Fich is always fit with Ramshell "Plasmatic".

* Int about 80: Patrol drone, Delichi MRB, "Bee".

* Int 115-150: Cyber spider, Roach, Cyber Rat Model A, Delichi "Flea"

* Int 150-200: Delichi "Fly", Cyber patrol, Model A, Model B,
               Mark IX "Stiletto", XII "Killer".

* Even with 255 Int, you can never hack "God of War" & a special Mark
  IX "Stiletto" from underground factory.

* Do not kill any civilian nor friendly NPC on purpose or by accident,
  it will halt your promotion. "By accident" including when you use
  fire base weapon  that left a fire trace on the ground and then a
  civilian step on it and die.

* As a Good Cop, you can keep Maxim on your team by dismiss him before
  squad-12 rebellion turn start, then recruit him again. You can do
  this trick to Charly as a Bad Cop. One thing to keep in mind, your
  maximum squad member is 6 including Katy.

* Lieutenant-junior is the minimum rank you need to recruit all
  character in the game. Still, higher rank means more access to
  better equipment.

* You can recruit Fich and Arthur earlier than normal game, if you hack
  your rank in the save file. Nevertheless, Fich do not have metabolism
  accelerator implant yet, but you can hack it too!

* Always search on containers, sometimes you will find useful item(s).

* Sometimes, enemy dead body hold rare/useful/important item(s).

* The best time to recruit Fich is the first time when he become
  available for recruit (in the Police HQ). You can develop him more
  and he is equiped with LPM. Miss the first chance, he will only carry
  a "Rhino" later.

* You can turn (someone with good sight) without cost an action point,
  shoot to the direction where it's impossible to shoot.

* Recruiting Bik-14 is nice, because of it's funny comments from time
  to time.

* If a vehicle destroyed while you inside it, you died also. Obvious huh?

* Actually, the strongest weapons in the game are:
  First, Wolf1 with thermonuclear battery - strongest-best (long range)
  Second, LPM/SA 124 with thermonuclear battery (Delichi's weapon) - handiest
  Third, Fire Vortex with standard ammunition.
  Nevertheless, you can only obtain all of it through hacked save file.

* Finish the game as a Good Cop, recruit maxim then let him go in the
  totalizator, keep your team member alive, then you will get Super
  Final ending.