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GLA Jarmen Kell & the forty thieves

by phoenix659

Command & Conquer zero hour 
level: GLA Jarmen Kell and the forty thieves
Use Jasrmen Kell to take out the tank then the right hand hummer then the other hummer.Do this by selecting gunsight icon.
Move your other men into these vehicles.making sure Jarmen is passenger in a hummer.
Board ferry.
Select ferry icon to move to other shore.
When at other side. select disembark icon there will be an explosion due to mine but most of the time it won't do much dammage. If unsure select tank it can take the damage.
Now go to team 2 (on hillside) take 3 hijackers to the 3 pickups in the carpark to the east.One in each.
Take pickups to get supplys (south east)(1 pickup to 1 supply)this will level them up.Then take them to the park. They should auto kill the 2 hummers. Take pickups to kill the last hummer.There is a housing complex to the east of thr tractor lot with more Gla men enter and put the 2 terrorists in cars. Use a hijacker to jump in the radar van (west) 
Bring remaining men from hillside to pickups.
To capture tanks at end of bridge: Use 2 hijackers and hide in bushes at end of bridge. Use 1 soldier to cross bridge just enough to get tanks to chase him. When tanks are near your end of bridge use hijackers to capture.
Go to team 1. Select tank and use radar van icon to find mines in mine field shoot mines with tank.( if tank was damaged on diembark it will auto heal once it gets to corporal )  once minefild is clear bring hummers to grass area.
Select Jarmen kell ( in hummer) to kill the 2 Americans by tank to the north. Put a hijacker in tank.
Take a hummer with 1 hijacker along road to holding pen next to the 2 tommahawks. To release prisoners take hummer inside pen but back up when entered as it fires on tommahawks.
Put terrorists in SUVs. Put hijacker in ambulance and tommahawks. Use a soldier to capture the artillary platform.Put remaining soliers in hummer and ambo.(Including art. platform guy), move remaining terrorist to dam area(he will be killed by planes)
Use tommahawks to take out bridge defences. Tommahawks will be destroyed by planes but hijackers will live put hummer.
go to team 2 Use soldier from bridge and put in pump house across bridge.
Should be a pause in game as dam drains and American planes take off and kill your terrorist at dams edge.
Annoyingly auto scrolls away to pump house.Quickly take 2 of your car bombers across dam and take out airbase.
Bring all of team 1 incl Jarmen to airbase area.
Take 7 hijackers and put them in toxic tractors to the south.
Use 3 tractors to take out pillar boxes (pausing for auto health)
take a tank across bridge to south to prisoner pen to free men.
Put hijackers or soldiers in pickups and go to supplies to south 2 for ea pickup.
Move all to airbase.
Go to team 2 and take out power stations to the east. Use tanks or pickups to get to corporal (auto heal level)
Move to bus area above power stations.
Go to team 1 Use toxic tractors to kill enemy in buildings to west of airbase.
Use 3 tractors (sgt or corp) to take out pillar boxes.
Free prisoners in pen south of first pillar box.
Destroy barracks north of last pillar box
Use tractors to take out pillar boxes in main base area.
take 4 hijackers for trucks parked north west cnr of base.
Move team 2 to base area
combine forces with rocket launchers and soldiers in pill boxes south east cnr of base.
Use a tank and small force to guard west area of base 
Main area of attack is east area of base
When ready click on trucks west near destroyed barracks and move to toxic storage (north area of base) 
sit back and watch the are victorious