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Follow the dark path or use the light
Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Pack Shot

Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight



by Warfreak

                    iBBBBBB,                   ;BBBBBB:                       
                   iBBBBBB                      .BBBBBB.                      
                  iBBBBBB            .;.         .BBBBBB.                     
                 iBBBBBB    .YkMMBO: BBBB0.       ,BBBBBB.                    
                iBBBBBB   :BBBBBBBBBL BBBBBBr      ,BBBBBB                    
               :BBBBBB     22BBBBBBB:jBBBBBBB: ;i   :BBBBBB                   
              :BBBBBB    UOZ.iBBBBr  BBBBBBBB BBBB:  :BBBBBB                  
             :BBBBBB.   BBBBB FJ.      ,i77LY MBBBBi  :BBBBBB                 
            :BBBBBB.   iBBBB7               BBBBBBBB   iBBBBBB                
           :BBBBBB.    :BBP                 vBBBBBBBE   ;BBBBBB               
          :BBBBBB.      7i                   .MBBBBBr    rBBBBBB              
         :BBBBBB,      BBBB                     :1k 7L    7BBBBBB             
        :BBBBBB,       BBBBB                   uOv:SBBS    7BBBBBB            
       :BBBBBB:         .2BB:                 ,BBBBBBBk     LBBBBBM           
      :BBBBBB:             1B                 UBBBBBBB:      YBBBBBO          
     :BBBBBB:               BP                .BBBBBBB        UBBBBBE         
    :BBBBBB2                BY               . 8BBBBB.         GBBBBBq        
   :BBBBBBB:                r              YBBG 1ULL,          2BBBBBBY       
  :BBBBBBBBB                             ;BBBBB0iuO            BBBBBBBB       
  BBBBBBBBBBE                           UBBBBBBBBBBY          BBBBBBBB        
 BBBBBBBBBBBBN                   :uqMk 7BBBBBBBBBBB          BBBBBBBG        ,
  ZBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB1          :F8Z05Y:                   BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB0     
   BBBBBBBB,BBBBBBBG.                                 :BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBu      


                  BBBBBBBBE,       .,i71PMBBBBBBBBN1r:                        
                  :BBBBBBBBBBr     LBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBU:                   
                   SBBBBBBBBBBBS     :BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBL                
                     7BBBBBBBBBBBM:     EBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBMi             
      ,v               :BBBBBBBBBBBB7     UBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB7           
          BBBBBBBBBBB0i      ;MBBBBBBBBBBBBBB8.            jBBBBBBBBBBBBX     
                     :OBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBU                 rBBBBBB
                BBBBBBBB              .OBBBBBBBBBBBBBBMu:     :NBBB  BBBBBB   
                 BBBBBBBB               BBBBBBBBBBv.           1q   MBBBBB.   
                  BBBBBBBB              UBBBBBBBBBF                BBBBBB.    
                   BBBBBBBBr             BBBBBBBBBBB             :BBBBBB      
                    2BBBBBBBM            7BBBBBBBBBBB           MBBBBBP       
                     .BBBBBBBBP.          BBBBBBBBBBBB        qBBBBBB:        
                       iBBBBBBBBBi        :BBBBBBBBBBBB    rBBBBBBBr          
                         iBBBBBBBBBBv.            .BBBBB.  iBBBBB;            
                            2BBBBBBBBBBBGUr:.       FBBBB.  ,B1               
                              .YBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB   :BBBB:     :i            
                                  .rkBBBBBBBBBBBBBB0   SBBBL7ZBBB.            
                                         ..:::::....   :BBBBBBBB:             
                                                     BBBkr,   1B              
Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.4
Date Started: 10/7/10

NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


*('@')~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~('@')*

Use Ctrl+F to quickly navigate this guide.

                              Table of Contents
 1 Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History

 2 Tutorial Missions
    [2.01] Beginning of the End
    [2.02] Bad to Worse
    [2.03] Hard Choices

 3 GDI Campaign
    [3.01] Spontaneous Outburst
    [3.02] Cold Hard Truth
    [3.03] Transport Down
    [3.04] Insurrection
    [3.05] Lockdown
    [3.06] To Kill a Prophet
    [3.07] For All Humanity

 4 Nod Campaign
    [4.01] Things Fall Apart
    [4.02] Further Complications
    [4.03] The Harder They Fall
    [4.04] Reversal of Fortune
    [4.05] Heresy's Reward
    [4.06] Bleed Out
    [4.07] The End of All Things
    [4.08] The Story of Kane

 5 GDI Crawlers
    [5.01] Offensive
    [5.02] Defensive
    [5.03] Support
    [5.04] Upgrades

 6 Nod Crawlers
    [6.01] Offensive
    [6.02] Defensive
    [6.03] Support
    [6.04] Upgrades

 7 The Forgotten
    [7.01] The Forgotten

 8 Tech Structures
    [8.01] Tech Structures

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Webmaster Information
[D] Copyright Notice

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
[1.01] Introduction

The end of the Tiberium Saga for Command and Conquer series, the ending of
Kane and all his bald glory. Anyway, this is my 62th guide, I'm starting to
pile on the numbers, and the 4th for the Command and Conquer series, after
Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. 

Anyway, there are a lot of differences in this game compared to other C&C 
games, but there is a tutorial for a reason. Anyway, time to command and 
conquer the enemy. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [10/7/10]
Completed the template, and my lovely ASCII.

Version 0.1 [11/7/10]
Completed tutorial missions and mission description for all missions.

Version 0.2 [12/7/10]
Completed the GDI Campaign. 

Version 0.3 [13/7/10]
Completed Nod Campaign and the story of Kane. 

Version 0.4 [20/7/10]
Completed section 5.01, and rough outline of other units. The table of 
contents will be final, what is there will be in the guide.

[2.01] Beginning of the End

"Commander, the activation of the final Tiberium Control Network Node has 
 drawn dignitaries to New Adana from around the globe. Your assignment is to 
 escort one such VIP into the city. Be alert, GDI InOps are reporting 
 increased Nod seperatist activity in the surrounding area."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Locate VIP
 2 - Locate Deploy Zone
 3 - Meet Up with VIP
 4 - Escort the Convoy

This is the tutorial mission, and this is just to get you started with the
game and the new interface, which is pretty easy to get a handle of, it is 
nothing too hard. Anyway, this is simple, and if you fail this mission, you
might as well sell this game on eBay because you are going to have a lot more
difficulties ahead.

Anyway, this is to get adjusted to the camera controls, by locating the VIP,
and next, by locating the deployment zone. This zone is where your Crawlers
will drop on the map, and depending on the zone, can or cannot be taken over
by the enemy. 

Anyway, it is time to deploy some troops, so you are going to have to deploy
some Wolf units, which are gun type units. There are three different types of
units, gun types units, which are good against lightly armoured units such as
infantry, cannon type units, which are good against medium armoured units, 
such as a normal tank, and laser type units, which are good against very 
heavily armoured units, such as a Mammoth Tank. 

There are other types of weapons as well, blast based weapons are good against
structures, and rocket type weapons are good against enemy aircraft. As such,
there are 3 main types of armour in the game, the heavily, the more damage
they can sustain, except to their weakness. Light armour means that the unit
will be pretty easy to kill off, such as light vehicles or infantry, mainly
through guns. Medium armour means that they can take some punishment, but 
cannon fire can punch holes through that, and medium armoured units are your
main battle tanks. Heavy armour means that they can sustain a hell of a lot of
punishment, but lasers, en masse, will destroy them, and these include your
Mammoth Tanks and your Crawlers. 

Anyway, get accustomed to this, because this is what you call the game 
balance, the rock, paper, scissors type gameplay, each unit has strengths and
weaknesses. Though balance is not always achieved, that's the best you're 
gonna get.

Moving on, meet up with the VIP and you'll need to deploy some Hunter tanks,
your standard, generic battle tank. This will help you defeat your enemies in
their more armoured variety. With this, keep your units and Crawler moving 
along with the VIP. 

Finally, after taking out several waves of enemies, in which they are pretty
damn weak, you will need to take out structures, so you will need your 
Shockwave units, which are good against structures, and finish off all the
rest, and the VIP will get to the target safely. 

But as it turns out, the man you were guarding, it was....


[2.02] Bad to Worse

"Minutes ago, TCN Control received a priority one alert from a Node located
 in the New Adana badlands. Information is scarce, but we believe this this
 may again be the work of extremists lead by Gideon. Deploy, investigate, and
 should it be necessary, use force to resolve the situation."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Build and Deploy a Missile Turret at the Objective Marker
 2 - Build and Deploy a Bunker at the Objective Marker
 3 - Garrison Bunker
 4 - Collect Upgrade Crystal
 5 - Scout TCN Node Location
 6 - Capture TCN Node

 - Bonus Objectives - 

 1 - Destroy Tunnel Networks
 2 - Garrison the Bunkers

This mission is relatively simply, and this time, you will be using a 
different Crawler. There are three different Crawlers in this game, the
Offense Crawler, which concentrates on brute force with an army based 
primarily on tanks. The Defence Crawler concentrates on a good defence,
with buildable defences as well as infantry-based warfare. Finally, the
Support Crawler focuses on aerial warfare, as well as mobility, and they
have access to support powers on the battlefield.

Anyway, you will learn the basics of defence warfare, so build the missle
turret and bunker on the marker, you need to have it exact or it will
not register. Anyway, when you are done with building the structures, 
garrison the bunker with some infantry.

For this mission, you will want a decent mix between Zone Troopers, Raiders
and Enforcers, with some Engineers to heal your infantry. This will be a
decent attack force, and enough to destroy the enemies on this map. 

Now, move your infantry to collect the upgrade crystal, and then use your
forces to capture the Uplink Tower, and move your Crawler there, whilst
you send off your infantry to destroy the tunnel networks that the Nod
seperatists have built around the area. With that out of the way, you need
to move your troops to the TCN node.

With your current forces, you should be able to take out the Nod forces around
the TCN node. You should start with the bunkers with infantry inside, your
own infantry with engineers to heal them will make mince meat of the little
Nod guys inside them. Then, take out the Nod Crawler, in order to prevent them
from sending out more weenies for you to kill, and finally, take control of 
the TCN node. That should do it for this mission. 

[2.03] Hard Choices

"Commander, long range sensors have detected Gideon's forces inbound on the
 Scrin Tower Research Centre. Both General-Secretary Rios and Kane are 
 currently on-site at this facility. This puts the stability of the GDI
 council in grave danger. You will be assisting Colonel James in securing
 the area and keeping our leaders safe."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Repair Defence Base
 2 - Help Colonel James Destroy Nod Tunnel Network
 3 - Eliminate Remaining Nod Forces
 4 - Redeploy as a GDI Defence Crawler to Reinforce the Area

This is a simple enough mission, you will start off as the support class, with
your own Support Crawler. There is a GDI base here, but you will need to 
create some Spanner units, which are flying repair units, to repair the 
damaged base defences. Use these guys to repair the structures that are 
under Nod fire, ignoring the other structures that aren't being attacked. 

When Colonel James turns up, she will go and try to attack the Nod tunnel
networks in the area, but that is of no use, you can just easily go and 
use your new ability, the Firehawk Airstrike to blow up the tunnel networks,
without you having to do anything by yourself. This makes your life that
much easier. With these tunnel networks out of the way, you will need to
take out the remaining Nod forces in this area.

With this, you will need to deploy some Orca aircraft through your Support
Crawler, and with this, you can use them to bomb the crap out of the Nod
forces, or you can just send in some more Firehawk Airstrikes to finish off
the rest of the Nod forces, either way, get rid of the enemy. 

Finally, you will need to move your Support Crawler and capture the Uplink
Tower that the Nod forces have just left behind, as well as the husk of an
Avatar walker. Your main aim is to capture the husk, and with that, you
will need to get the Defence Crawler. First off, you will need to 
decommission the existing Support Crawler, and now drop a Defence Crawler
instead. Train the engineer and capture the Avatar.

And finally, you will need to build some bunkers to reinforce the area, and
this is pretty easy. But after this, you will need to choose your side,
which team would you side with, GDI or Nod? I will tell you that it is 
easier to play with GDI first, because the Nod story relies quite a lot on
events on what happened in the GDI story, and the story behind the story.

[3.01] Spontaneous Outburst

"Gideon has used lies and propaganda to create frenzy among his followers. 
 Now they are rioting throughout New Adana and it surrounding suburbs. 
 Citizens are being evacuated, but the seperatists are appear to be targeting
 the Civilian Evacuation Centres. Your assignment, Commander, is to reclaim
 New Adana and protect its citizens."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Secure the Evacuation Centres
 2 - Defend the Fleeing Refugee Trucks

For this mission, I do prefer the Defence Crawler for the entire mission, 
because of the power that infantry can project and how they can hold a 
position well.

First, you need to secure the evacuation centres, and these are under attack
by the Nod seperatists, which are just lightly armoured infantry units that
are armed with molotov cocktails. They aren't dangerous, but the problem is 
that they are in numbers. Fortunately for you, they are busy burning the 
buildings in New Adana to actually concentrate on firing at you.

With this, you will need a fair amount of Zone Enforcers, where their guns 
will make a nice mince out of the seperatists since they are good against
infantry, but it won't hurt to add a few Raiders and Troopers into that 
lovely mix, supported by the Crawler and Engineers to heal your troops. 
But don't fill out your command point limit just yet. You will need a few 
more Raiders than Troopers, there are going to be enemy air units, and your
Enforcers can do some pretty good damage against air units.

Move onto the evacuation centres, it is relatively easy, there are few Nod
seperatists in the area, but your main concern are the Basilisks that are
flying units, so your Raiders and Enforcers will need to focus on these
pesky units, whilst your Troopers keep your forces safe from the infantry 
units running about. Move from one centre to the next, and soon, when they are
all cleared, you will need to protect the refugee trucks. 

When the trucks arrive, almost south of where the trucks enter, Nod aircraft
will attack, primarily in Venoms with a few Cobras mixed in, but with your
forces, this is nothing they cannot handle. What is going to be hard is the
mix of tanks and infantry that they will send midway down the road, and this
is ideally where you will want to deploy your Crawler. Here, train some 
Zone Lancers and deploy them in their mini-structure, as well as building
some missile turrets and some bunkers to keep your infantry safe. 

South, near the end of the road, Nod forces will consist of tanks, so you
will want to move your Zone Troopers and an Engineer or two south, clear out
the tanks, whilst your Raiders, Enforcers and Lancers will hold the line on
the road. The trucks have a fair bit of health, but the main reason you want
your Crawler deployed and engineers in the middle of the road is to remove
the main thrust of the enemy's attack, and to heal the vehicles. Even if your
Zone Troopers fail to properly eliminate the Nod vehicles at the end of the
road, they shouldn't be able to completely destroy the truck. 

You will need to have 12 trucks reach the end, and there are an infinite
supply of trucks, but who wants to spend days trying to finish this mission?
Anyway, time to move on to the next mission. 

[3.02] Cold Hard Truth

"SigOps has tracked Kane's transport to the Arctic Hub. This Hub appears to
 be emitting a unique signal, similar to the ones detected at New Adana and
 the Scrin Tower. Colonel James believes this is our chance to find the
 truth behind Kane's plan. We just need to get inside the structure and 
 analyse the data ourselves. Unfortunately, there are two Nod splinter groups
 fighting for control of the Hub who aren't going to make this easy."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Get an Engineer into Satellite Relay
 2 - Defend Satellite Relay

 - Bonus Objective - 

 1 - Eliminate DIG teams

This isn't an easy mission, not by any stretch, and you will need to get some
getting used to in this mission. I will suggest that you use the Defence 
Crawler here, because there is one major threat to tank forces, the Cyborg
Commando, which can hijack vehicles, and that air units will suffer heavily
against enemy defences here. 

Now, first, when you deploy, land on the enemy vehicles if you can, or you 
can just destroy them with some Zone Troopers. Now, first thing is that you
will want to move south, to the edge of the map, and there is a Mastadon
Walker. This is one husk that you want to capture with an Engineer. Now, use
your Mastadon to eliminate the northern dig team and capture the Mammoth
Tank husk. This is important, you want Mastadons and Mammoths here, this 
mission will require that.

Move your Mammoth and Mastadon near the southern dig site, and eliminate the
infantry guarding the husk here, and capture the second Mammoth. Now you have
2 Mammoth Tanks and a Mastadon. This will make things easy for you, and it
will be easier still if you get all 3 units to heroic levels (star), and 
upgrade them with Blue Tiberium Crates, which will give them both upgraded
rocket pods. Now, down the ramp from the second husk, there is going to be
a Nod Crawler.

This crawler is the offence type, and it will send Avatars and the Cyborg
Commando against you. Commando you will need to destroy with Zone Enforcers,
which will shred him when he gets to the hijacking stage. Nothing is worse
than losing a Heroic Mammoth or Mastadon. Avatars, capture the husks with 
your excess Engineers, and now you have a powerful force. Destroy the Nod
Crawler here. 

Now, you have 2 Mammoth Tanks, a Mastadon, and some Avatars. Now, assault
the Nod defence here. It should be easy to take down the enemy, a Mastadon
will destroy the Crawler from range, and the Mammoth and Avatar army will
easily knock out the enemy tanks here. With this, capture the Relay, and
now you will need to pump out your defences.

Build locks of Missile Turrets, the enemy will spam air units at you, and
this is important, it will act as a very good decoy, the enemy air units
will target the turrets first, whilst your Avatars, Mammoths and Mastadon
can knock them back with their rockets, whilst you can pump out Zone Raiders
and Enforcers to push them back even more. 

This is a hectic few minutes, but if you managed to get this far, it should
be very, very easy. Just spam Missile Turrets, and that should be it for 
you. If your Relay takes a bit of damage, send in an Engineer to repair
the building, and that will repair the structure if things get too hectic
for you. 

This mission isn't hard, but if you manage to get the Mammoths, Mastadon and
the Avatars, it should be much easier, you have the best of the best units
that both sides have to offer. 

[3.03] Transport Down

"The GST appears to have crashed in an area known as "Tin City", home to 
 several tribes of the heavily mutated "Forgotten". They are unlikely to 
 welcome our presence here, so it would be wise for us to get the GST 
 airborne ASAP. We need to locate and rescue the GST's Engineering Corps, 
 whose escape pods are currently scattered across this territory. Once the 
 Corps are recovered, we can being repairing the GST."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Secure Escape Pods
 2 - Capture the Tiberium Control Nodes
 3 - Protect the Global Stratospheric Transport

This mission is best done using the Offensive Crawler, you will want to
push out a good mix of Titans, Hunters and Wolves here, this will be nice
and quick, the first part anyway. 

Move towards the first of the escape pods, and when you move towards the
pods, you will see some Ironbacks and Scrapbuses, and these are relatively
easy with your strike force, you have a good mix of Guns, Cannons and Lasers
in your forces. This is pretty good, and when you capture the pod, some
Engineers and some Zone Raiders will pop out. 

Now, with your Engineers, besides repairing your strike force, which you
should have 3 engineers for already, you will need to keep an eye on the
Western and Eastern parts of the map, on the map are 2 Mastadon husks, and
you will really want theses, so capture them, upgrade them to Heroic and
give them the Blue Tiberium Upgrade. This is vital. It makes your life
that much easier.

Now, with your Mastadons, keep them next to your Crawler, which you should
not move from the GST. With your strike force, clear out the rest of the
pods and send the Raiders and Engineers back to the GST. Feel that this
mission is far too easy? That's because it is, so now, Nod forces will
deploy some Crawlers, and attempt to take the TCN nodes. 

You need to capture the 3 Nodes, but the problem is that Nod will send 
more forces to capture them ahead of you, and this is where your Strike
Forces and Mastadons kick in. Your Mastadons need to find and destroy
both Nod Crawlers, and use your Strike force to quickly take the Nodes, 
with your Zone Raiders from the Pods to take the other pods, but retreat
them if they catch too much flak. 

You really need to destroy the Crawlers, and this is the reason for the
upgrade, if they are both upgraded, they can take a lot of punishment and
can dish out a world of hurt. Destroy the Crawlers, and capture the Nodes
quickly. Now, it is time to defend the GST.

Move your Strike force and Mastadons back to the GST. I suggest to have
your Strike force to defend the GST from the West, and your Mastadons to
defend from the East. Have your Engineers ready as well. 

The Nod forces will send air units, which can be easily taken down, and 
ground units. Air units are a problem, but nothing you can deal with from
your Titans and your Wolves. Now, the enemy will send in Avatars, and this
is what you will need your Engineers for, capture the Avatars and use them
to replace your fallen units from your strike team, since Avatars are good
against ground and air units. 

Now, it's quite easy to destroy the enemy forces attacking on the GST, and
if you get stuck on part of the mission, you will need to look at the enemy
and it is probably air units that is causing the problem. The best thing to
do is if you have a powerful enough defence, you can push your forces to 
destroy the Nod Crawlers that are deploying the forces, and that will give
you more reprive against the enemy forces attacking the GST. Once the GST
is fully repaired, you finish the mission. 

[3.04] Insurrection

"With Rios blind to Kane's plot, Colonel James has been forced to declare 
 martial law. We're sending a strike team to bring Rios into custody. You
 must lead an advance group to take down the city defences to clear the way
 for the strike team. The success of this mission depends on you."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Destroy 1 or more Defence Crawlers Before Strike Team Arrives
 2 - Guide Strike Team to GDI Central Command

 - Bonus Objectives - 

 1 - Destroy GDI Tunnels

This mission isn't going to be fun, but if you are clever and tricky, you can
make it pretty easy. Now, first, deploy as the Support Crawler, and deploy
5 Orcas immediately. You can use them to destroy the first two crawlers, the
south-western and south-eastern Crawlers. Then build some nominal troops,
some Hurricanes mainly, to defend your crawler, since they are defence 
crawlers and they do deploy infantry.

Now, use the Orcas to attack the Missile Turrets first, destroy them in hit
and runs, unload all the missiles, and then flee the area, using your support
healing powers to repair them, and then rinse and repeat with using Orcas to
unload the missiles. When the two southern missile turrets are knocked out of
the race, unleash hell on the Crawlers, since the infantry won't attack the

Start with the south-western one, and for your effects, you will get some Zone
Raiders for your troubles. You will want all 4 Crawlers down, because it is 
the most important buildup you can get for the second part of the mission. 
Now, do what you did for the first Crawler to the second Crawler, again, with
your hit and run Orca strikes. The second Crawler down will provide you with
2 Refractors, which aren't that useful on this mission.

Now, the third Crawler, the north-eastern Crawler, is quite hard, since there 
is a shield around it, but again, take down the Missile Turrets, and then 
you will have an easy time against the Crawler, although you will need to 
unleash a few more missiles to ensure that the shield goes down before you
can damage the Crawler. For your efforts, you will get 2 Mastadons, and this
is the most important part.

Boost up your Mastadons, and then move them to attack the 4 Crawler, and they
will mop the floor with everything in its way, their shockwave attack is 
deadly against enemy infantry, and the fact that they can damage from a range
is a massive advantage. You will really want all the Crawlers down. There are
two reasons, it will power down the defences around the GDI Central Command,
which is a major advantage, and the second is that the elimination of the 4th
Crawler will grant you the most important unit you could possibly want, the
Thunderhead, which, in its aerial mode, it will obliberate air units.

Now, time to escort the strike team. If you have eliminated the 4 Crawlers,
you will need to face 8 Kodiak airships, and this is why you will want to have
Thunderheads at the ready, they will make mince of the air units, and the
Mastadons will easily destroy the defences, and this mission only requires
you to move your transport to the command centre. 

Even the bonus objective is useless, a Mastadon will get rid of a tunnel
network like shooting fish in a barrel with a minigun. If you take out the
Crawlers, rather than knocking out one and letting it be, you will make your
second objective that much easier. 

[3.05] Lockdown

"The GST will be on lockdown at this Supermax facility until a docking
 station becomes available at GDI Central; we will have a limited window of
 escape. Agent Duquette has put a handful of loyal GDI infantry at our
 disposal. Use them to capture an Uplink Tower so we can deploy a Crawler in
 the area. Then establish a battle ready force to take down the Supermax
 tractor beams. We must move quickly, Commander, there is little time left."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Capture Uplink Tower
 2 - Use Engineers to Deactivate Tractor Beam Power Generators

 - Bonus Objective - 

 1 - Destroy Motor Vehicle Pool

The beginning part of this mission is the hardest part of this game, and
that's saying something. You will have a small squad of infantry, but luckily
for you, you will have some Engineers with you, so use them to heal your
infantry who are busy killing off the enemy infantry. Your Zone Enforcers
will be important here, since they are decent against infantry.

Now, deploy the Support Crawler, this is useful because of their mobility,
which is relatively useful here. First, you will want to deploy some Orcas
to remove the motor pool that is there, which is pretty simple since they
don't attack. When they are all done killing off the vehicles, decommission
them, since they aren't that useful in the game.

Now, you need to take down the tractor beams. You need to know that you
don't need Engineers, you will need to take down the defences around the power
generators, and then an Engineer will drop from the sky, and allow you to
take the power generator without having to spend command points.

The best units in this game is a combination of Hammerheads and Firehawks. The
enemy is playing with a defensive crawler, which is evident from the amount
of infantry on the map, and there are plenty of missile turrets around here.
Firehawks will be able to hit and run the missile turrets very effectively
without taking out too much damage, and Hammerheads have some powerful 
gattling guns, which make mince out of infantry.

Now, this is pretty rinse and repeat, you need to use your Firehawks to
bomb the living daylights of the turrets, and the Hammerheads to follow up
and clear anything else in the path. If you really want to speed things up,
you can send a strike force of 3 Sheppard Tanks, not as good as Commander
Shepard, a one man army, but useful to take down the turrets if you don't
want to use Firehawks.

This mission is pretty easy, as long as you don't screw up the first part,
the enemy doesn't really send in much at you, and if things do get too hectic
from a few Zone infantry units, you can just spawn 3 Hurricanes and blitz
the enemy. 

[3.06] To Kill a Prophet

"Our sources indicate that Kane is preparing to give a speech to the crowds 
 massing around the Scrin Tower. Colonel James believes this is our one chance
 to eliminate the Nod leader and put an end to his plans. she herself will 
 be pulling the trigger - she is already on site in a customised battle suit.
 We need to make sure the Colonel makes it in and out safely."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Escort Colonel James to Sniper Spot
 2 - Protect Base
 3 - Escort Colonel James to Second Sniper Spot
 4 - Activate TCN Node

This mission is where you should be using the Offensive Crawler, this is 
one mission where you will be in constant contact with the enemy. Now, build
up a strike team of Hunters and Titans, it is a powerful force, able to remove
Medium and Heavy armour units with relative easy. You don't need a very 
powerful force, but you will need to support them with a large group of

Now, when you encounter the Nod Crawler, this is the reason for the Titans,
lasers will make quicker work of the heavy armour than the Cannon from the
Hunters. Make sure to have your Engineers up close to your tanks so you will
have them repaired. Demolish the Crawler, and move into the base, whilst 
James will restores power. 

Now, the Nod forces will attack in three seperate waves. The first waves will
consist of Centurions, which are medium armoured units, but that have a shield
on, but if you manage to attack from the back, it will bypass their shield, so
if you are good at flanking, you can take down the enemy pretty damn quickly,
which is nice.

The second wave will be of Flame Tanks and Black Hand infantry, which need to
be up close and personal to do any damage, but they will be dishing out damage
if they get close, so don't let them and remove the from the face of the 
Earth. They are also pretty easy to remove, but the next wave will be hard.

The final wave will consist of Avatars and Widows, which will leave behind
husks, the reason for the large group of Engineers. You don't want the Widows,
they aren't that powerful, but do take the Avatars, you will want those, so
capture them. Make sure that you still have Engineers, you need a mobile 
repair force and your Crawler isn't a very good repairing unit.

Move quickly, you still have a time limit, and James will need to move to 
another sniper spot, seeing that she can't get a good enough spot here. Now,
move quickly and briskly with the Avatars with your strike force in tow. Use
them to demolish the enemy tanks, and upgrade the Avatars with Green and Blue
crates, this will make them very, very powerful. 

After demolishing the various amounts of Nod forces, attacking in tanks, 
easily demolished with Avatars, Hunters and Titans. When you get to the tunnel
networks employed by Nod forces, demolish them, and move onto the second
sniper spot. 

When James is ready to take out the prophet with her sniper rifle, you will 
need to move to capture the TCN node. This is where the GDI reinforcements
come in, providing you with a nice distraction, but still, move all of your
forces to the TCN node.

The TCN node is protected by a Nod Crawler, as well as powerful defence 
structures. The Avatars, with Engineers that will be extremely useful to
repair your Avatars, will be able to knock out defences if they are fully
upgraded, if you do what I always tell you to do, and do so without sustaining
too much damage.

With the structures out of the way, you need to destroy the little gnats that
are gnawing away at your health, which are enemy units, and remove them, before
taking on the enemy Crawler, and capturing the Node. It isn't hard, but it 
isn't easy either, so basically, brute force is the only way to capture the
node, and keep your own Crawler close, this way, you will be able to have a 
steady stream of reinforcements, and can send in your own Engineers to 
recapture the husks if they fall. 

[3.07] For All Humanity

"With no confirmed kill on Kane, we must assume that his plan to reactivate 
 the Scrin Tower is still a go. Colonel James needs you to gain access to the
 Tower, and confront Kane. Nod forces control the surrounding area, so you'll
 need to recapture this area before entering the tower. Commander ...  This 
 is our one and final chance to stop Kane. Good luck."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Capture the Deploy Zones
 2 - Deploy your Crawler at the base of the Scrin Tower and remain there
 3 - Survive until the timer expires

Again, this is another mission where you should deploy the Offensive Crawler,
and build up a group of Titans, Hunters and Wolves, again, supported by a 
group of Engineers. Now, time to move onto the first Uplink Tower, and take
down the structures in hit and run raids, so you can repair your forces if
they take too much damage. Much sure that you collect all the Red Tiberium
Crystal upgrades along the way, this is important, since you will want to
upgrade all the units along the way. 

After taking down the first uplink tower, which is easy, you will want to
make a slow and steady advance. You want to advance with your strike team
in the lead, followed by your Engineers, with your Crawler bringing up
the rear. After the reinforcements arrive from the First Uplink, a group of
Spartan Tanks, but decommission them, you don't need these tanks at all, 
you have your own offensive crawler-based tanks.

Move slowly towards the second uplink, and it is important that you take
the Mastadon husk along the way, Mastadons are only unlocked at level 20 
for a reason, because they are very hard to take down, given that Commandos
can no longer demolish walkers with ease. Capture all the Red Crystals along
the way to unlock Tier 3 weaponry, and with this, train 3 Mammoths, even if
this cames at the cost of your strike force, decommissioning Wolves and 
Hunters, and some Titans if you need to. Upgrade the 3 Mammoths with the Green
and Blue upgrades, as well as the upgrades from the upgrade tabs, which makes
your Mammoths into deadly fighting machines. A Heroic Mammoth with upgraded
Rocket pods can ruin anyone's day, let alone 3. Do the same with the Mastadon.

Along the way to the second tower is a Nod offensive crawler, and that means
a lot of tanks, which is isn't a problem, with Mammoths and Titans, you
will be able to reliably demolish medium and heavily armoured units, and 
guess what, that is exactly what the tanks are made of. Push your Titans,
Mammoths and Mastadon forwards, keep them repaired with the Engineer and 
demolish the Crawler. 

With this, attack the second uplink tower, and at this stage, make sure that
your Command points are full, and a spare engineer in your engineer group, for
there is another Mammoth Husk to capture at the third uplink tower, but more
on that later. Now, demolish the enemy here with your Mammoths, and this
will be pretty easy, they are pretty powerful, and with the second uplink
tower captured, you will get some Shockwaves. Again, you don't need them so
you will need to decommission them to stop them taking up too many command

Move your Mammoths forward, taking the Artillery Tower along the way, and 
watch out for Venoms that will attack, but no worry, rocket pods will 
easily remove Venoms, that and their attack on a Mammoth is little more than
a slight tickle. Move towards the next tower, and you will be facing another
Crawler, and given this is the last mission, it will spam missile turrets
like crazy, so you might need to retreat your Mammoths for healing, whilst
your Mastadon will be able to shockwave the Crawler from a safe distance.

Demolish the defensive crawler, and move towards the third uplink tower.
Capture the AA building along the way, and before you get the prize of the
third uplink tower, you need to remove the final of the Nod crawlers, the
support crawler. This is annoying, because of the air units that it will
spam out, but with a spearhead of Mammoths and Titans, it will be able to
hold its own against air units. Once you capture the third uplink tower,
you will get some Sandstorms, and this will you need to keep.

Move forwards, and demolish the support crawler. This will be hard, but
concentrate on the Crawler, rather than the buzzing air units, because your
units can take on the enemy air forces pretty easily. Demolish the air units,
and now you will need to deploy your Crawler at the base of the Scrin Tower
when all your units are ready to roll.

And finally, the last part of the GDI campaign. You need to survive to
Nod onslaught. Now, move your Mammoths facing the ramp, such at the enemy
will be facing a group of angry looking Mammoths when they try to attack
your crawler. This will block off the ground troops. Make sure that you
have captured the AA tower, and now, move your Sandstorms to the front, as 
well as your Titans, and move them towards the ledge.

Nod will be firing tactical nukes at you, which will fly straight, and if
they see units, it will attack the unit. AA turrets are effective at 
removing the missiles before they get too close, as well as Sandstorms,
and Titans are important, with accurate lasers, they can remove the nukes
with ease.

Move your engineers around, repairing the units that take hits from the
nukes, a normal tank can take one hit, the Sandstorm will be sent to red
health from a nuke hit, so you will need to repair them. A Mammoth may be
tough, however, they will still get into critical health if you do not 
protect them. 

For now, just survive. Heal, kill, revive, just be crazy, and when you
survive until the end of the timer, you have completed the mission, and
you will be able to see the ending for the GDI campaign. For a full 
synopsis, I will give a full story at the end of the Nod Campaign. 

[4.01] Things Fall Apart

"Welcome aboard, Commander. Kane has tasked you with tuning the New Adana
 TCN Hub to align its signal with that of the Scrin Tower. There are, however,
 some concerns; firstly, Gideon has roused his followers into a riotous 
 frenzy. GDI has these fanatics contained for now, but your interaction with
 the Hub is likely to knock our their defences. Secondly, your former
 Commanding Officer, Colonel James, is inbound on the city and unlikely to
 take kindly to your presence here. And finally, while we have detected 
 your wife's signature within the city, we cannot ascertain her position."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Capture TCN Hub
 2 - Escort Refugees

 - Bonus Objectives - 

 1 - Capture or Bypass Energy Gate
 2 - Destroy GDI Defences

This isn't that hard of a mission, if you know the secret to the mission.
First, build an Engineer, and where the Crawler deploys, there is a ramp
down in towards the west, and down there, is a Mastadon Husk. This is 
important, but and it doesn't matter which class you pick from hereon 
out, but I prefer the Support Class for this mission.

First, bring in some Cobra attack airships, and use them to move forwards
and attack the energy gate to move forwards. Capturing it really isn't
that hard, just send in your units to capture it. Towards the Hub, there 
isn't really much in terms of GDI defences, there isn't much there. Some
wolves and hunters will patrol the area, but really, not much in terms of
defenders, as long as you have a powerful Mastadon at hand, and some

Anyway, move towards the defence of the TCN Hub, and they consist of a few
turrets, and there is a defence crawler there as well, which is a problem,
but nothing a few Cobra strifes and a Mastadon cannot take care of, and 
watch them burn. With them out of the way, the refugees will come out, and
you will need to defend them.

Note that the trucks will only move when the crawler is present, so you will
want to move your Crawler slowly. First, move your powerful Mastadon towards
the target, and there is a GDI offensive crawler, and that needs to be taken
out, since that is the major threat at hand. Whilst your Mastadon is soloing
the crawler, use your Cobras to guard the trucks.

When the trucks reach the ramp, there will be Nod seperatists present and
they will destroy a truck, you cannot lose anymore, so you will want to make
sure that the area is cleared before moving your Crawler forward. This is
where the Mastadon shines, their shockwave attack is powerful enough to clear
out infantry in groups, so when the GDI presence is removed, use the powerful
walker to clear out the groups of seperatists.

Anyway, this is pretty easy when the guards, which consist of Cobras and any
anti-infantry units are set to guard stance on the refugee trucks, this will
be pretty easy. Make sure that you have some Engineers to repair the trucks
if you come under fire, which isn't very likely. 

[4.02] Further Complications

"Our next task is to synchronise the Pacific Hub with the Scrin Tower, much
 as we did in New Adana. In response to the incident here, GDI Central
 Command has locked down the surrounding area around the Pacific Hub, 
 refusing entry to all parties. Gideon is using this to his advantage; we
 believe he aims to destroy the Hub altogether. We can't let this happen.
 It will not be simple, Commander, but Kane has faith in you."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Destroy TCN Hub
 2 - Destroy the Nod Seperatist Crawler
 3 - Disable 1 TCN Dampening Station

This is one pretty simple mission, all you need is the Offensive Crawler and
you will need a whole army of Avenger tanks. This is pretty simple, move 
forwards with your tanks and make sure that you have your Crawlers supporting
them, which is pretty important.

Now, why this mission is easy, the seperatists will be attacking the GDI 
forces defending the hub, as well as you. Now, they are attacking on the
left front, and you should attack on the right flank, which makes your life
a lot easier, since there are hardly any defenders. 

With this, deploy your Crawler next to their Crawler, and then have your 
tanks attack their crawler, but concentrate fire enemy units first, since
they will be damaging your units, and not the Crawler, much. Destroy their
crawler, and it will be pretty easy to eliminate the rest of the GDI forces
and capture the Hub.

With this done, you will need to move your next to the Hub, and let the Nod
seperatist forces attack you, since the enemy does want that Hub as much as
you do, which is a problem, but it works out for you. They will attack you
and your deployed crawler, and with your tanks, eliminate the enemy with 
extreme ease, but remember, target the enemy units first, since the enemy
will be focussed on attacking you, and you really don't want to lose any
powerful units, and take out the crawler when the units are down.

With this out of the way, you need to destroy the dampening station, which
are scattered around the map. It doesn't matter which one you are going to
attack, you will need to move your forces, as well as your Crawler, to 
attack the enemy entrenched there. Wipe out the enemy defences first, which
are pretty damn easy, and them move onto the crawler, which eliminates the
reinforcements that GDI may send in. 

With the GDI defenders out of the way, destroy the tower, and that will
finish the mission. This is pretty easy, just spam avenger tanks and use
them, engineers to repair, and that is about it. 

[4.03] The Harder They Fall

"Colonel James has become a genuine threat to Kane's plans; she must be
 removed. Our sources inform us that her ship will soon be flying over the
 so-called "Tin City" mutant wasteland. Your mission is to intercept her ship
 and send it plummeting it to the Earth. One warning - we have detected GDI
 troop movements in the area. So be careful, the Colonel may be expecting us."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Prepare for GST Flyover
 2 - Eliminate GST

 - Bonus Objectives - 

 1 - Capture Anti-Air Structures

Now, first of all, you need to know the GST flight path. It will fly down the
middle of the map, from top to bottom, so it will be flying south. It is a 
powerful unit with 30,000 health and heavy armour, so it is weak to lasers.
That said, you will want to use the offensive crawler, this is paramount, they
are the only class capable of using lasers in an offensive capacity.

First, deploy Scorpion tanks, and them only. Sure, they cannot take that much
damage and deal out damage to most units, since the enemy here is mainly 
medium vehicles, and some structures. It is to your advantage to use what
time you have here to deploy close to the middle of the map, to the top, 
you may need to play the mission once to learn where the GST is, in order
to bring it down. 

Now, when you know where it is going to fly down, and the flight path, which
is a straight diagonal line south, you will need to clear a straight line so
no GDI structures will be in the way. This is important, they will be your
primary obstacles in this mission. 

This is where you will need to spam Scorpion tanks, you will need to have a 
queue of them ready to rock when your current tanks get destroyed. With this,
capture some AA turrets down where the GST will fly, but be careful, they
are heavily guarded by GDI forces, so this is a problem, but on the bright
side, the AA turrets aren't essential, but they will do some damage. 

When the time goes to Zero and the GST comes in, you will need to attack the
GST with your Scorpions from its maximum range. This is important, attack
from maximum range, it will put your units away from the guards of Orcas and
Hurricanes. Spam the enemy with your Scorpion tanks, and constantly move
your Crawler back down the flight path, deploy new tanks when necessary. 

With your units attacking the GST, you need to hope for the best, the Scorpion
spam is probably one of the most effective methods, given that lasers are the
best against the GST, and dish out heavy damage, and constantly move your 
Scorpions back down the flight path to avoid them getting hit from the GDI

The biggest threat to your Scorpions are the GDI Crawlers and defenders here,
so you will need to avoid them. If you can, target the Spanners that the
Crawler is deploying in order to avoid repairs for the GST. This will do 
some damage in the long term, they cannot repair themselves. 

The GST will spawn with Orcas, Hurricanes and Spanners, and when you drop the
health down to 75%, then 50% and finally, 25%, it will spawn more Orcas, 
Hurricanes and Spanners. There isn't much you can do to prevent this, except
target the Spanners so that it cannot repair itself. 

Alternative ways to finish this mission is to destroy the GDI Crawlers on the
ground during your preparation time, which is important so you will not have
to face some weenies on the ground. And you will have access to the the AA

Another way is to play a mix of offence and defender, so that you will be 
able get your Scorpion tanks, which is useful for taking down the GST, and
you will be able to get your turrets up to target the supporting units that
protect the GST, and the GST itself. However you do it, the GST isn't going
to be easy to take down. It is one of the hardest missions in the game, 
without exception.

[4.04] Reversal of Fortune

"with the murder of Dr. Pascal, Gideon has finally pushed Kane too far. 
 Gideon knows we are coming for himand will be ready with an ambush. But we
 have a trap of our own. We will find his Command Crawler and use our hackers
 to access his central database. With that, we will have the location of
 his base ... and the means to his undoing."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Protect Nod Shuttle
 2 - Use Crawler to Hack Gideon's Command Crawler

Compared to the previous mission, this mission is so damn easy. The best is
to play with the offensive class, and you will need 2 strike teams, a few
Avenger tanks, and some Stealth Tanks. This will give you a good combination
of attacks, avengers will take down enemy vehicles whilst your stealth tanks
will provide you with some anti-air units. 

This is pretty simple, you need to protect the shuttle, so you should task
your avengers with the destruction of enemy tanks and your stealth tanks
with the job of taking out enemy air units. Now, the thing is, the shuttle
is pretty heavily armoured by itself, it can take a hell of a beating from
the enemy without you needing to intervene to save it. In fact, the enemy
poses a bigger threat to your Crawler, rather than the shuttle, but you
should protect it, and moreover, use your destruction of enemy units in 
order for upgrading your units.

When you have protected the shuttle, you have a limited amount of time to
hack Gideon's Crawler. This isn't that bad, but it is best if you have the
Support Crawler for this part of the mission. You need to basically have
your own Crawler very close to the enemy's crawler, so that the hackers on
your Crawler can hack into the enemy's crawler, and when that bar is 
complete, you will complete the mission.

Take note that it is advised that you protect your crawler during the 
second part of the mission, after all, the enemy is targeting your crawler
as your crawler is targeting theirs. 

[4.05] Heresy's Reward

"We now have the location of Gideon's lair. Infiltrate the base and bring
 the wrath of Kane down upon him. But spare his life, for he has yet a role
 in Kane's grand plan. Force him to submit, so that his followers shall once
 again grant their allegiance to Kane."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Destroy Nod Barricades
 2 - Attack Gideon's Crawler Until He Submits
 3 - Prevent Gideon from Enabling Self-Destruct Stations

 - Bonus Objectives - 

 1 - Rescue Captured Nod Forces
 2 - Destroy Gideon's Crawler Army

This is a pretty annoying and tough mission, so you will need a lot of
brute force for this mission. You should deploy the Offensive structure for
this mission, and start off with a mix of Scorpion Tanks and engineers. I
prefer Scorpions since they are pretty powerful against heavy armour, and
decent against buildings. 

Now, there are prisoners of Gideon on this map, which are basically Nod
forces which you will need your help. This is normally found in the little
inlets, basically, move across the map and if you see Nod defence structures
that aren't friendly, you know they are protecting something, so destroy the
defences and rescue the Nod forces. 

Your first mission is to destroy the Nod Barricades, this is pretty damn
easy, but there are some defence structures, so you might want to eliminate
them pretty quickly, so that you won't be wasting your valuable time for this
riff raff.

It is time to attack Gideon, but you really want to rescue all the captured
Nod forces and to destroy Gideon's Crawler army. This is important, destroying
the Crawler army will give you nice boosts, which include removing Gideon's 
Laser Weapon for the Command Crawler, and the another is to remove the crystal
shield that surrounds his Crawler. 

There are 3 Crawlers in his army, the offensive crawler, which gives Gideon 
his laser weapon, the defensive crawler, which provides Gideon with a crystal
shield, and the support crawler, which gives Gideon a powerful regeneration
by means of repair units. This provides you incentive to eliminate all three
of his Crawlers in order to make him as weak as possible. 

But, when you have destroyed 2 of his Crawlers, he will start to activate
the self-destruct mechanisms. What this does is when he captures all 5, he
will activate it and he will win the game, and you will lose, somehow through
this magical ability. 

Now, you should let him capture all BUT TWO of the mechanisms, do make sure
that you have control of the western most station, and the closest station
nearest to that one, which is close to a set of Nod prisoners. Move your
Crawler and forces there in order to prevent Gideon from capturing either 
of them. This will make sure that he will not activate the stations. 

Make sure you have rescued all the prisoners, this is important, since these
forces will now come back, as an entire army, to aim you in attacking 
Gideon. This is invaluable, it will take a lot of pressure off you, and it
will provide a valuable distraction from your forces. Make sure that all 3
of Gideon's crawlers are out of the way, with this, we can finally take 
out Gideon.

Since you have control of two of the self-destruct mechanisms, you will be
able to have a 50/50 chance of getting Gideon when he appears. When he
does, attack him straight away, and if he isn't at the one you want, attack
him quickly. This will make Gideon take on a fair amount of damage, and you
will secure the station so your own Engineers can recapture the building.

With this, you can easily destroy Gideon and capture his crawler. When you
reduce his health down to about 3000, he will submit and he will stop his
attacks, and give into Kane. 

[4.06] Bleed Out

"Commander, your life hangs in the balance - and with it, Kane's plan. Your
 new DNA will keep you alive for a short period of time, but you are not
 invincible. We have located a GDI Crawlerwith medical facilities that can
 sustain you until evacuation. Use your forces to capture it, then head to 
 the nearby airfield where you can make your escape."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Repair the GDI Crawler
 2 - Deploy the GDI Crawler next to Kane
 3 - Get Kane to the Extraction Zone

 - Bonus Objective - 

 1 - Kill the Sniper
 2 - Capture the Forgotten Farm

You have an elite group of infantry, which makes your life easy already, 
since this group has a squad of engineers here as well. This is pretty useful,
attack the enemy GDI forces quickly, and use your Engineers to capture the
Crawler, it is pretty easy.

Now, move the Crawler back to where Kane is, and deploy your MCV there, it
is quick and easy, but make sure that you deploy it on the marker, otherwise,
the game will not register it. Now, when that is done, you will have the next
part of the mission to go.

It turns out, the IFF or Identification Friend or Foe, is bad with this
Crawler, so you will need to destroy the Nod forces that are defending the
airpad in order to get Kane to the helipad.

It is now that the Bonus Objectives appear, but really, these don't have
that big of an impact on the game, it is a waste of time really, but to kill
the sniper, you will need to have quick units, the enemy sniper is a Zone
Captain with a fair bit of speed. Meanwhile, the forgotten farm is pretty
easy to knock out, with your Mammoth Tank. Visceroids are a problem, only
to infantry. 

Use your Crawler to deploy Titans, that are useful to take out the enemy
Mammoth Tanks, and capture any Mammoth Husk that you can, in order to have
access to the Mammoth Tank, and use any Red Tiberium Upgrades in order to
boost the power of the Mammoth Tank. Make sure that they get to the Heroic
level, as well as upgrading them with the Blue Tiberium Core.

With Mammoths that are powerful and upgraded, you will be able to steamroll
the enemy here. Just push through the Nod base here, with 3 Mammoths though,
this is immensely easy, Mammoths will make sure work of the defending Nod
forces. This mission is just the prelude to the hard mission that is 
ahead, the final of the Nod missions, and the full story on Kane. 

[4.07] The End of All Things

"At last Commander, the endgame. It is time to bring the Scrin Tower to a 
 fully active state. But we must wrest control of the TCN from our GDI 
 "friends" first. Once we have the network at 100% synced activity, the   
 ascension will only be a matter of time. Be advised, however; we have 
 learned that GDI is sending new experimental vehicles to the area. We have
 no further details on the matter. Commander, this is Kane's final move. We
 must not fail."

 - Objectives - 

 1 - Gain Control of the TCN
 2 - Destroy the Bomber without losing TCN Control

This isn't hard, but again, you will want the offensive crawler here, since
that is the most powerful weapon you will have in the arsenal. First, deploy
some Mantis tanks, as well as some Avenger tanks, this is basic and simple,
as well as getting 3 Engineers. Next to the TCN nodes, there are 3 husks that
you want to capture, there is a Mammoth Tank, an Avatar and a Mastadon. The
Mammoth and Avatar are on the Western side of the TCN node valley, which you
can get pretty easily, whereas the Mastadon is in the centre of the TCN node
valley on the GDI or Eastern side. 

Capture them, upgrade them, and boost them up. Now, capture the TCN nodes, to
get the TCN control up to 100%, you need to have control of more TCN nodes 
than the enemy. This is hard, there are a hell of a lot of enemy crawlers 
here, actually, 3, an offensive, defensive and support Crawler. They will 
seem to have an infinite amount of crawlers, but destroying the Crawlers
will make it easier to capture the TCN node. 

Whilst you are busy attacking the TCN nodes on the GDI side, you will hope
that your allies are defending the TCN nodes on your side, and hopefully
defending your nodes. You will be busy attacking the enemy here, and as 
long as you get control of the majority of the TCN nodes, you will get that
meter up to 100% eventually.

The hard part will be destroy the Arcus bomber that the enemy will send at
you when the TCN control belongs to you. This isn't hard if you know what
you are doing. Let the Arcus take over one side of TCN nodes, probably the
Nod side since your forces are on the GDI side, and send in your Scorpion
Tanks that you still have to pester the Arcus. Compared to the GST ship, you
are lucky that it doesn't repair itself.

Now, brace yourself when it tries to land on the GDI side. This is important,
for the Arcus to complete a bombing run of the TCN node, it will land on the
ground, and it will make it a ground unit, and with a Mastadon, Mammoth and
Avatar, fully upgraded with blue tiberium cores AND heroic status, it will
dish out tons of damage. And best of all, it will try to take off and then
reland, to no avail, but make sure that your units are out of bombing range.

Destroy the GDI Arcus bomber, it isn't that hard, because of one simple thing,
to lose TCN control, you need to lose ALL the TCN nodes, so you will be
able to trap it around 1 single node. This is the key to the mission, and
as long as you follow that, the Arcus bomber isn't as feared as it should

[4.08] The Story of Kane

So, what is the story of Kane, the man behind the Brotherhood of Nod? It is
quite simple, he is not human. He is an alien, so to speak, he has been 
stranded on Earth for a long period of time, at least before 1800 BCE, since
that is the foundation of the Brotherhood of Nod. From what he said, when he
arrived, humans are still in huts and caves, that would put him between 4000
to 6000 BCE. 

Kane was strained here with another traveller, a man named Abel, who Kane 
killed, for reasons not clear. Given that Kane has ascended, we will not
know. But what is clear is what Kane has done over the years, he has helped
humanity develop to where they are now, he has provided the knowledge, the
tools that uplifted them from the Stone Ages into the Modern Era in the matter
of a few thousand years.

He made his earliest known appearance in Red Alert, where he was an advisor
to Stalin. Along with Naida, a NKVD officer, he was able to effectively
guide the actions of the Soviet Union during the Second World War against the
Allies. The Allies defeated the Soviets, however, Kane was no where to be
found, after killing Nadia. He disappeared. Vanished. For now.

The Brotherhood of Nod, under the leadership of Kane, remained hidden until
1995, when Tiberium landed on Earth, and that became the turning point of 
the Brotherhood of Nod, and when the history would change forever, and his
grand plan for Ascension. 

Between the end of the Second World War and 1995, Kane had been building up
his influence in poorer nations, building up Brotherhood support, and with the
discovery of Tiberium, the message to upturn the existing wealthy nations
of the G8 nations. 

With this, support grew for Nod, and Kane's knowledge about Tiberium made
him powerful in the field of Tiberium Research, something the G8 nations were
very interested in, and the purchase of technology about Tiberium from Kane
made the Brotherhood wealthy. And with this, they built an army, whilst
Kane remained elusive from various police forces.

To counter the rising threat of the supranatural Brotherhood of Nod, the G8
nations established the GDI, the Global Defence Initiative. This eventually
lead to the First Tiberium War, where Nod fought GDI both in military 
conflict, Tiberium research and most importantly, public opinion. 

The turning point of the First Tiberium War was the reporting of the Bialystok
Massacre, where a Nod reporter spread that the massacre was performed by
GDI forces, which stopped all UN funding to GDI, and made GDI pretty much
the most hated public figure, more than Nod.

It appeared that Kane had succeeded, but this was all a ruse by GDI, where 
Nod attacks on apparently empty GDI bases were repelled, and expelled from
their base of operations. Meanwhile, Kane had problems of his own, his second
in command, Seth, was secretly plotting the downfall of Kane, and in reply,
Kane killed Seth. 

Finally, GDI tracked Kane to Bosnia, and General Soloman (played by James Earl
Jones!), lead GDI forces to the facility in which Kane was supposed to be in,
but he was not, in fact, all GDI forces found were test subjects, and among
them, an infant supersoldier, by the name of Michael McNeil. 

When they finally found that Kane was in Temple Prime in Sarajevo, GDI 
attacked immediately, and after a siege, destroyed the Temple with the Ion
Cannon, however, Kane was not found, he was no where in sight. 

With his apparent death, Kane remained underground, his face was scarred and
he had to wait until it healed. For all intents and purposes, he cut off ties
with the Brotherhood of Nod, which subsequently splintered into various 
factions, the largest by a GDI puppet, Hassan, who was subsequently killed
by the Commander of the Black Hand, Anton Slavik. This eventually led to the
Second Tiberium War.

During the war, Kane secured the Tacitus, which lead to further insights on
Tiberium, as well as other areas, through Kane's translation of the device. 
His knowledge from the Tacitus lead to the development of an world-altering
missile, which was consequently destroyed by Michael McNeil, a former
prisoner of Nod, and was impiled by McNeil.

Meanwhile, Kane developed CABAL, an intelligent AI to help translate the
Tacitus, and when the second apparent death of Kane, it placed Kane inside
a statis tube until Kane completely regenerated. Meanwhile, CABAL went 
rogue, when it was reactivated by GDI after its deactivated at the end of 
the Second Tiberium War, it assassinated Tratos, the forgotten who was able
to translate the Tacitus, as well as assassating the Nod Inner Circle, in 
order to obtain the second part of the Tacitus. This forced Nod and GDI to
develop an uneasy alliance to defeat the rogue AI.

With CABAL going rogue, Kane developed LEGION, a new AI with information
based off the Tactius, and it is through LEGION that Kane acted. Meanwhile,
the biggest faction was lead by Marcion, after the assassination of Slavik, 
who assumed control of the Black Hand. During the Rio Insurrection, Kane
took control over the Black Hand, and used Marcion as a puppet until he was
to reappear again. 

Kane reannounced his appeared with the Third Tiberium War, by completely
destroying the GDSS Philadelphia with nuclear weapons whilst Goddard Space
Centre, in charge of ASAT defence of the Philiadelphia was offline. This 
cut the top command of the Philiadelphia in a single swipe. Nod launched
major attacks on GDI Blue Zones, zones with little Tiberum infestation, 
but GDI, lead by General Granger, pushed Nod forces back all the way to
Sarajevo, the home of the rebuilt Temple Prime.

With collapse of Nod defences near, acting GDI Secretary, Redmond Boyle,
order the use of the Ion Cannon against Temple Prime, and inadvertantly
triggered a Liquid Tiberium detonation, which obliberated all forces in the
area, as well as Eastern Europe's Yellow Zones. Kane seems to have been
killed again, but again, not the case. 

Meanwhile, with Kane apparently dead, Kilian Qatar took command of the
Brotherhood, forging an uneasy alliance with GDI to defend against the
Scrin invaders, and when Kane resurfaced, killed her for her supposed
treachery, not for forging an alliance, but rather, for her attack on
Temple Prime during the GDI siege, although this is not the case, rather,
it was the work of LEGION, under command of Abbess Alexa Kovacs. 

With Qatar removed, Kane managed to obtain the codes for the Scrin
Threshold Towers, and managed to defend a single tower from the GDI
onslaught. This tower was crucial to Kane's plan. However, his plan was
not complete, he needed the Tacitus, and activated LEGION which in turn
activated the Marked of Kane, and with this, managed to wrest control of
the Tacitus from GDI. 

By 2062, Tiberium, since the Liquid Tiberium explosion, evolved beyond
the control of GDI and their proven technology, such as sonic technology,
and infested even the best protected blue zones. He approached GDI, armed
with knowledge from the Tacitus, and proposed the Tiberiun Control 
Network, to keep it from overrunning the world, and with it, humanity.

During the Incursion War, Kane managed to obtain the final pieces for
his ascension, using the splinter faction of Nod seperatists, led by
Gideon, for Kane's alliance with GDI. Through skillful manipulation, Kane
managed to obtain the final pieces from GDI from the New York Public
Library, a data store. With this, his plans were almost complete.

Finally, along came the Fourth Tiberium War, or the Ascension Conflict,
in which Nod Seperatists led by Gideon, and GDI Extremeists, led by 
Colonel Louise James, formed an alliance to destroy Kane. James was
outraged for the alliance with who many still in GDI considered a mass

Whilst James utilised GDI resources to attack Kane's forces, Gideon 
killed off 4 out of the 5 keys to Kane's ascension, those with optical
implants developed from the Tacitus, needed to activate the Scrin Portal
at the remaining Threshold Tower. With this, Commander Parker was about
to activate the Scrin Portal. As he was about to do so, Colonel James
shoots Parker, but she is killed by Kane. With Parker's last few minutes
on Earth, he activates the Scrin Portal, in which Kane although through,
finally reaching his ascension. 

[5.01] Offensive

GDI Offensive units are primarily based on tank troops, they are mainly tanks
and their main ability is the ability to see Blue Tiberium Core crates, 
whereas Defensive Crawlers will have the ability to build bases and Support
Crawlers have the Support Powers. 

 --==Unit List==--

 - Engineer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Repair/Support
 Tier   - 1

 Armament - Repair Beam
 Armour   - Light

 Abilities - Repair units and structures
             Clearing Minefields
             Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units
             Reclaiming Husks

The Engineer in this game is more versatile than previous games, their
primary role of capturing buildings has been removed, and now they are used
to repair everything that belongs to friendly forces, they will repair
infantry units, land units, aerial units, structures, everything. They have
relatively weak armour though, and their attack is miserable, but they have
very high mobility, which allows them to retreat if they come under attack.
They are best deployed in teams of 3 to 4, it allows you to repair everything
that comes under attack and the ability to heal themselves if they are

 - Talon - 

 Command Points - 3 
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Recon
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Light
 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Double Rocket Pods

 Abilities - Cliff Jumping

The Talon is based on speed, they have the ability to move anywhere on the 
map, with their abillity to cliffjump all over the place. They are fast, and
also, their rockets will give them a nice anti-air ability against early 
support aircraft. However, as the game progresses, their abilities and 
usefulness will be limited to collecting Tiberium Upgrade points. 

 - Wolf - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Infantry
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Gattling Guns
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Double Gattling Guns

 Abilities - None

The Wolf is a predator of prey, and prey in this case, are infantry units.
They are decent against infantry, and they can dish out damage against enemy
air units with their guns, which can be a bit of a headache to any support
player with their starting aircraft, and a nightmare for defensive players
with their infantry being shredded with Wolves en masee. However, when you
are fighting other offensive players, this may not be the ideal fighter.

 - Hunter - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Armour-Piercing Cannon
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Cannon Damage

 Abilities - Combat Acclimation

The Hunter is the mainstay of your main forces, they are the basic tank, 
they are there to hunt down other tanks, although they will be weaker when
the game progresses on with the heavier armour rolls out. They are nice to 
use to basically attack the enemy and deny them the ability to move forwards,
and their combat acclimation skill allows them to gain veterancy, from normal
units to veteran, elite and heroic stages. The Hunter is there to hunt tanks,
and they do that well.

 - Titan - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Laser Beam Cannon
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Dual Laser Cannons

 Abilities - Laser slows enemies

The Titan Mk II is the upgraded version of original Titan walker, and whilst
it does not leave a husk behind when it falls, it will leave a scar on the 
enemy when the Titan rolls through. Designed with laser cannons, it is quite
powerful against heavy units, and early on, they are best used en masse 
against enemy crawlers, given that Crawlers have heavy armour. Their ability
to slow down enemies will make them useful on the battlefield, allowing your
weak units to retreat, and giving time for your slower units a bit more time
to move forwards. 

 - Striker - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Recon, Hit and Runs
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Laser Beam Cannon
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Prism Beam

 Abilities - Cliff Jumping

The Striker is a weaker laser unit, weaker than the Titan, but significantly
faster than it, which means them perfect for really annoying harassing the 
enemy Crawler. However, their light armour will make them very vulnerable 
if the enemy has some sort of defence up, since lightly armoured units don't
tend to last very long against enemy forces. Their blue Tiberium upgrade
is very useful however, it makes them reminiscent of the Prism Tank from 
Red Alert 2, and the Spectrum technology in Red Alert 3, the beam will hit
the target, and then beams will, from the attacked target, prism out and hit
other targets, doing damage all around. This truly makes them a useful unit
against defensive players, and reminiscent of the Prism Tank, powerful against
buildings, but hopeless when the enemy gets some armour out.

 - Bulldog - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Recon, Anti-Infantry
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Mounted Shotgun
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Second Shotgun Barrel

 Abilities - Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units

The Bulldog is similar to the GDI Pitbull, it is fast, and can hold its own
against infantry and use to scout out the enemy and the location of their 
crawler. It is useful as a mobile detector against sneaky Nod forces, but
you will always have your engineers for that job. It can take out enemy
aircraft as well as infantry, and with a shotgun, as in most shotguns, if
enemies bunch up together, you will hit all of them. However, their light
armour lefts them down, but that is traded for mobility. 

 - Shockwave - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Artillery
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Sonic Cannon Blast
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Blast Damage

 Abilities - Cliff Jumping

The Shockwave is the cheap artillery unit that you can use when you don't 
have access to higher tier units. Its blast attack is a nightmare when you
are using turrets, since it is damn effective against structures, as well as
horrifying to lightly armoured units, such as infantry and light vehicles,
and their mobility to cliff jump makes them useful to get to places where 
enemy forces cannot. However, although they may be good against lightly 
armoured units and structures, they have no defence against aircraft, so
support players will have a field day against them. Make sure you protect
them, their medium armour will not protect them from battle tanks.

 - Sandstorm - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Aircraft
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Multiple Launch Rocket System Pods
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Missile Racks

 Abilities - Cliff Jumping

A Santstorm this unit is, it is a sandstorm of rockets that are fired at you
when this unit is done with it's salvo. With increased missile racks, the 
number of those missiles fired at you double, which is truly scary. As well
as being a rocket weapon, it will shred aircraft with their one and true
weakness, which makes this a support player's worst nightmare. Their mobility
with the ability to cliffjump and medium armour, means that they are safe
from most things, bar a group of angry battle tanks that want vengence. 

 - Commando - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Elite Infantry
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Railgun Cannon
             Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Second Railgun Cannon

 Abilities - Jumpjets
             Upgrades GDI Vehicles

The Commando is not the same as previous commandos, only with upgrades can
they actually do some decent damage against structures, but in their
un-upgraded forms, they will have dual weapons, they will have the ability
to kill tanks with their railgun cannon, and the ability to harass enemy
aircraft units with rocket pods. However, they are not a serious threat on
the battlefield, and are best used to enter GDI vehicles, where they will
automatically promote that unit to Heroic, regardless of current rank, which
is useful if you have a Mammoth Tank waiting in the wings.

 - Refractor - 

 Command Points - 10
 Build Time     - 15 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Crawler
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Heavy Ion Laser Beam
 Armour    - Heavy

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Laser Damage

 Abilities - Reflects Damage

The Refractor is a very interesting unit, mainly because of the mirrors in
front of the main weapon are powerful enough to reflect any damage that comes
into contact with the mirrors, be it on other units or the enemy. This makes 
them pretty hard to kill on the battlefield, but when they remove their 
mirrors to fire their laser cannon, they are vulnerable, especially against
the very weapon they are firing, lasers. However, if a laser weapon hits the
refractor whilst in it's mirrored mode, it will reflect the beam back at the
source, which makes them vulnerable to your fire. 

 - Mammoth Tank - 

 Command Points - 10
 Build Time     - 15 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Everything that pisses it off
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Dual Cannons, Dual Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Heavy

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Cannon Damage due to Railgun Upgrades
                              Quad Rocket Pods

 Abilities - Taunt Laser

What makes the Mammoth Tank so feared? It is because it is exceptionally
powerful. With rocket pods to knock out aerial units and cannons to make
mince out of enemy battle tanks, this is your frontline when you want to 
take on a heavily fortified enemy. And with the increase in sheer firepower
with the blue Tiberium core, it will only serve to make your enemies run in
fear faster. Their taunt laser, if used, can only make it worse, forcing
enemies to shift their fire from other units to your Mammoth Tank, where it
will soak up damage and shell it out. Truly to be feared, if you see three
heroic mammoths with blue Tiberium upgrades, I suggest running in the other
direction. Be aware that it will leave a husk when destroyed, leaving its
veterancy and blue Tiberium core intact. 

 - Mastadon - 

 Command Points - 12
 Build Time     - 20 Secs

 Role   - Artillery
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Tusk Artillery Blast
             Dual Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Heavy

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Quad Rocket Pods
                              Double Depth Charge Capacity

 Abilities - None

This is similar to the Walkers you see in Star Wars, these guys are my 
favourite unit in all of the GDI Arsenal, even ahead of the Mammoth Tank, 
due to it's sheer awesomeness. It has an artillery blast attack, demolishing
light infantry and vehicles and demolishing structures. Rocket pods will
hit aircraft who come too close as well as those who are too close to the
Mastadon to engage with their artillery blast. Combined with Mammoth Tanks,
a small combination of these two units, protecting the Crawler, will be more
than enough to siege and destroy an enemy base with absolute ease. This is
just the vanilla Mastadon, without upgrades.

[5.02] Defensive

GDI Defensive forces are heavily based on infantry, and their Crawler has
the ability to call in defensive structures to protect themselves, and all
that fall within their attack range. They also have the ability to call in
the iconic GDI Weapon, the Ion Cannon, although the Ion Cannon is somewhat
dimmed down, given that it no longer is based off satellites, but rather,
a mirror to fire beams at enemies. 

 --==Unit List==--

 - Engineer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role - Repair/Support
 Tier - 1

 Armament - Repair Beam
 Armour   - Light

 Abilities - Repair units and structures
             Clearing Minefields
             Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units
             Reclaiming Husks

The Engineer in this game is more versatile than previous games, their
primary role of capturing buildings has been removed, and now they are used
to repair everything that belongs to friendly forces, they will repair
infantry units, land units, aerial units, structures, everything. They have
relatively weak armour though, and their attack is miserable, but they have
very high mobility, which allows them to retreat if they come under attack.
They are best deployed in teams of 3 to 4, it allows you to repair everything
that comes under attack and the ability to heal themselves if they are

 - Dozer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 8 Secs

 Role   - Repair/Support
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Repair Beam
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Repairs units and structures
             Deploys EMP Mines
             Constructs Outposts

 - Spartan Tank - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Tank Cannon
 Armour    - Medium

 Abilities - Deploys Cannon Platform on Death

 - Zone Lancer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Laser Cannon
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Deploy Lance Platform

 - Zone Trooper - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Portable Railgun Cannon
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Sprint

 - Zone Enforcer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Chaingun
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Rifle Anti-Structure Grenades

 - Zone Defender - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Aircraft
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Back-Mounted Dual Rocket Launcher
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Sprint

 - Zone Raider - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Structure, Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Laser Cutter
             Sonic Blast Bombs
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Sprint

 - Armadillo - 

 Command Points - 8
 Build Time     - 15 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Infantry, Garrison Vehicle
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Gattling Gun
 Armour    - Heavy

 Abilities - Garrisons Infantry

 - Zone Captain - 

 Command Points - 10
 Build Time     - 15 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Structure
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Miniature Ion Cannon Blast
 Armour    - Light

 Abilities - Cliffjumping
             Uplink with Ion Cannon to gain EMP Effect on Blast

 - Rhino - 

 Command Points - 12
 Build Time     - 20 Secs

 Role   - Artillery
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Rhino Artillery Blast
 Armour    - Heavy

 Abilities - Unpack for Artillery Mode

 - Juggernaut - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Structure
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Triple Juggernaut Blast Cannons
             Mortar Blast Cannon
 Armour    - Medium

 Abilities - None

[5.03] Support

GDI support forces use their air power, and variety of powerful new aerial
units that GDI has developed and concentrate on mobility to move and dance
around the battlefield. They are the only faction within the GDI that has
the ability to use the iconic GDI Orca unit, as well as some old faces that
has been upgraded. 

 --==Unit List==--

 - Engineer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role - Repair/Support
 Tier - 1

 Armament - Repair Beam
 Armour   - Light

 Abilities - Repair units and structures
             Clearing Minefields
             Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units
             Reclaiming Husks

The Engineer in this game is more versatile than previous games, their
primary role of capturing buildings has been removed, and now they are used
to repair everything that belongs to friendly forces, they will repair
infantry units, land units, aerial units, structures, everything. They have
relatively weak armour though, and their attack is miserable, but they have
very high mobility, which allows them to retreat if they come under attack.
They are best deployed in teams of 3 to 4, it allows you to repair everything
that comes under attack and the ability to heal themselves if they are

[5.04] Upgrades
[6.01] Offensive

Nod Offensive units are the best of the best in terms of what Nod has to offer
in terms of tanks and brute force warfare, something that Nod isn't really
built for, but it is a class none the less. Like their GDI counterparts, they
have the ability to see Blue Tiberium Core upgrades, whilst their defensive
breathen have the ability to build up defensive structures, and their
support cousins the ability to call in supporting powers. 

 --==Unit List==--

 - Engineer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role - Repair/Support
 Tier - 1

 Armament - Repair Beam
 Armour   - Light

 Abilities - Repair units and structures
             Clearing Minefields
             Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units
             Reclaiming Husks

The Engineer in this game is more versatile than previous games, their
primary role of capturing buildings has been removed, and now they are used
to repair everything that belongs to friendly forces, they will repair
infantry units, land units, aerial units, structures, everything. They have
relatively weak armour though, and their attack is miserable, but they have
very high mobility, which allows them to retreat if they come under attack.
They are best deployed in teams of 3 to 4, it allows you to repair everything
that comes under attack and the ability to heal themselves if they are

 - Raider - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Infantry, Recon
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Gattling Gun
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Gattling Gun Damage

 Abilities - None

 - Mantis - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Aircraft
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Rocket Damage
                              Mantis Ballistic Rocket

 Abilities - None

 - Avenger - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Tank Turret Cannon
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Cannon Damage
                              Additional Mines on Death

 Abilities - Mines Dropped when destroyed

 - Scorpion - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Heavy Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Obelisk of Light Laser
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Laser Damage

 Abilities - Burrowing

 - Attack Bike - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Recon, Anti-Aircraft
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Rocket Damage

 Abilities - None

 - Spider Tank - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Heavy Vehicle
 Tier   - 1

 Armament  - Spider Laser Beam
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Laser Damage

 Abilities - Burrowing
             Laser Web

 - Flame Tank - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Structure
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Devil's Breath Twin Flamethrower Blast
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Flame Damage

 Abilities - Flame Trail in Enemy after Fire

 - Stealth Tank - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Aircraft, Stealth
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Rapid Fire Rocket Pods
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Rocket Damage
                              Increased Dodge Ability

 Abilities - Stealth when not Firing

 - Cyborg Commando - 

 Command Points - 6
 Build Time     - 12 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Heavy Vehicles, Hijacking
 Tier   - 2

 Armament  - Pilum Laser
 Armour    - Light

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Laser Damage

 Abilities - Recovers health automatically
             Hijacks enemy vehicles in legless form

 - Avatar - 

 Command Points - 10
 Build Time     - 15 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Ballistic Cannons
 Armour    - Heavy

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Additional two Ballistic Cannons

 Abilities - Loses cannons to increase speed when damaged

 - Spectre - 

 Command Points - 12
 Build Time     - 20 Secs

 Role   - Artillery
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Spectre Artillery Blast
 Armour    - Medium

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Blast Damage

 Abilities - Stealthed when not Firing

 - Widow - 

 Command Points - 10
 Build Time     - 15 Secs

 Role   - Anti-Vehicle
 Tier   - 3

 Armament  - Widower Laser Beam
 Armour    - Heavy

 Blue Tiberium Core Upgrade - Increased Laser Damage
                              Garrisons 2 Extra Spider Tanks

 Abilities - Garrisons Spider Tanks

[6.02] Defensive

Nod defensive forces is where things get interesting, they retain the notion
that infantry are the primary forces used, and they have access to Nod 
structures, including the symbol of Nod, the Obelisk of Light. They will
also have access to units that can burrow around all over the floor, which
makes them relative sneaky as well, to compliment their infantry forces.

 --==Unit List==--

 - Engineer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role - Repair/Support
 Tier - 1

 Armament - Repair Beam
 Armour   - Light

 Abilities - Repair units and structures
             Clearing Minefields
             Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units
             Reclaiming Husks

The Engineer in this game is more versatile than previous games, their
primary role of capturing buildings has been removed, and now they are used
to repair everything that belongs to friendly forces, they will repair
infantry units, land units, aerial units, structures, everything. They have
relatively weak armour though, and their attack is miserable, but they have
very high mobility, which allows them to retreat if they come under attack.
They are best deployed in teams of 3 to 4, it allows you to repair everything
that comes under attack and the ability to heal themselves if they are

[6.03] Support

Nod Support forces are again, like their GDI counterparts, focussing on 
mobility and the ability to dance around the enemy in the air, rather than
staying in one place. With some typical Nod upgrades, such as using stealth
on their Crawler to stay out of trouble, their mobility will make them 
tough to fight. 

 --==Unit List==--

 - Engineer - 

 Command Points - 3
 Build Time     - 10 Secs

 Role - Repair/Support
 Tier - 1

 Armament - Repair Beam
 Armour   - Light

 Abilities - Repair units and structures
             Clearing Minefields
             Detecting Stealth units
             Detecting Burrowed units
             Reclaiming Husks

The Engineer in this game is more versatile than previous games, their
primary role of capturing buildings has been removed, and now they are used
to repair everything that belongs to friendly forces, they will repair
infantry units, land units, aerial units, structures, everything. They have
relatively weak armour though, and their attack is miserable, but they have
very high mobility, which allows them to retreat if they come under attack.
They are best deployed in teams of 3 to 4, it allows you to repair everything
that comes under attack and the ability to heal themselves if they are

[6.04] Upgrades
[7.01] The Forgotten
[8.01] Tech Structures
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