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Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 1: It's About Time


Ultimate Walkthrough

by MonsterChild666

                       .         . .                                                                                    
                    . .........................   .                                                                     
                   ......,,,,:,:,:,:,:,,,,.,.,............ ..... . .                                                    
                . ....:,::::::i:i:i:i:i::::::::,:,:,:,,,,.,.,............ .                                             
               ....,,::::iir;rr7r7r7r7rr;riri;iiii:i::::::::::::,:,:,,,,.,........ .                                    
              ....,,::iirrvvJJuu2U2uuYjLYLLLLvv7v77r7rrrri;iiiiii:i::::::::::,:,,,,...... . .                           
            . ..,:::[email protected];;ii:i::::,,......                     
             ..,,:[email protected]77rr;iii::::,,....                    
            ....::i;7vqGiirrv,iui.jvY:[email protected]::,:.... .                 
             ..,:[email protected]:irr:[email protected]@.:r;i,@:rr7iiv:[email protected];[email protected]@MOEqSFujvvr;ii::.,..                  
            ...,::rrLJSMO:iirr:i7;r;r.UBr,rr:[email protected]::;iiMF:r7v:[email protected];7vv0NLJYYOUY1SqPGMkq81k5LJiii::,,..                 
             ..,:[email protected]:r;r;:.,:r;:[email protected],[email protected]:;:vN.i;r,[email protected]@@@B5,;ir7rriqk:rr7777UkrJkru7r7iri::,,..                
             ..,::;[email protected]:iii,PX:,[email protected]:::i:L50Li:i,Fr:ii:[email protected]@[email protected]:,i:::i:v157:,::i:;U.i2.Yir7:ri::,,..               
             ..,,:i7vu10BG.,::,:[email protected]@.,:..Bu.,,:.   .,,,iP.:,, [email protected]@[email protected],:,. ...i5Nj. .. :i ri j Y.i;i::....              
              ..::[email protected] ,...r7r,... MO  ....,:, .  Z: ..  ,,:::i: .. r7     .7S7  [email protected];ri:,,...              
              ..,::[email protected]             [email protected]     @[email protected]    7B                [email protected]     [email protected]@@@[email protected]@EULri::,,..              
              ..,:ii7vu5MB             [email protected]    [email protected]@,:i:[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]:.Uuvrri:,,..             
              ..,::[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@MOMBMSk1UvrrM7, XB, rB:     Lu      LE1Yvrri::,.. .          
              ..,,:[email protected]:[email protected]:::.   iB.   @B.  rX       7j  :@v  Mj :Z: :1:[email protected]::,,..           
             . ..::i;vL2NO;i  rF5  k1  @[email protected]        8j   NBL  [email protected]:. [email protected]: :@P .qq.,uX:r27ii::[email protected]@BGk2Lvr;::,,..          
              ..,,:[email protected] [email protected] @Bk [email protected] ,,[email protected]@@M,,.LBE.,[email protected]:,:@@Bi,7B0:i2Pi;77;[email protected]@[email protected];i::,...         
              ...::;rvJ5kB8 [email protected] [email protected]::i:vLivMr::[email protected],:,[email protected]@5:[email protected]@@@:   :JPNULri::....        
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             ..,,:[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Oqu2Jvii::,,,::iLv7vLJ7: ..:i:,,..        
            ..,,:ir7YUOZr.FBL:@[email protected]@[email protected]@@@BB8Z2uLr::,..:iLi:irr77v7v77rrrr;r;77r,  i::,...       
           ..,,:ir7YukMMrGBXrX7LqvvU0u:7r;[email protected]@[email protected]@@[email protected]@@[email protected]:,...  ii.,UMi;@BMk7;7rrrriri;ii:i:i:.  .i7vi:,,..        
          ...,::;rvJ1NN;[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]:.,::::.,,LOE:i7BBJ7OBY:@Z5u::i::::::::::,..   .rjFJ7ii:,.. .       
         ...,::[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@BG025L;::.:ivi:::L0XSkBL:[email protected]@[email protected]@B2: ....    .,..   .:uqOPUv7i::,....        
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        ..,:::r;7OU7Lk:SL.Oi  iu  :     ..:[email protected]@[email protected]@BBMO00XX55UUJjYJLLvvvv7v7v7777rrrrrriiii::::.,....               
       ....::i:iOUrv2,J7 X:  .,,;[email protected]@[email protected]@MM8ZPPFS21uuYJLLvL7v77r7rrrri;iiiiiiii:i::::::::,,.... .                  
        ..,,::[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@MO00XX55uuujLJLLvv77r7rriri;iiii:i::::::::::,:,:,,,,........                       
       ....,,:5BL5uF2XF0Pq00NqkX5F12uuJJLYvL7777r7rr;riiii:i::::::,:,,,,.,................ . .                          
        ....,,:.::iir7vvLvYLLLYLLvv77r7rr;ririi:i::::::::,:,,.,.......... . .                                           
         ....,.,:::iiiir;r;rrr;ririiii:i::::::,:,,.,.,........ . .                                                      
          ......,,::::::::i::::::::::,,,,.,........ . .                                                                 
           . ......,.,,,.:.,.,.,.......... . .                                                                          
              . . ............... .                                                                                     
*  Back to the Future - The Game  *

*                   Table of contents                        *

1. About this FAQ/walkthrough
2. About "Back to the Future: The Game"
3. Walkthrough
 3.1. Episode 1: It's About Time
 3.2. Episode 2: Get Tannen!
 3.3. Episode 3: 
 3.4. Episode 4: 
 3.5. Episode 5: 
4. Credits
5. Funny Things in game
6. Version history
7. Where to find this FAQ
8. Legal Stuff
9. Conclusion

*             1. About this FAQ/walkthrough                  *

Hello, reader! I, MonsterChild666, present "Back to the Future:
The Game" walkthrough. I only updated this guide and completely
reorganized it.

I recommend you to watch the movies first to get into the story
if you haven't seen it yet.

Anyone who beated the whole season want to know what the hell
happened to season 2.
Well, as far as I know Telltale Games is working (for 2 years?)
on season 2.

This guide was meant to be for episode 1 only but I haven't
much time for making guides for every episode so this guide
is for all episodes.

I'm back with a new update. I have improved my english, but if
you have found any mistake contact me (see section

*        2. About "Back to the Future: The Game"             *

"Back to the Future: The Game" is point'n'click adventure.
Telltale Games fans knows it, but few people knows that you can
control your character on keyboard using either arrows or WSAD
combinations. Shift makes it run. But if you want to play it
on the mouse, LMB makes Marty walk, RMB makes it to run and
rotating mouse in any direction is rotating Marty.

I can write everything about the game and the movie but I won't,
because it's spoils everything. But if you want to know why
did DeLorean appeared mysteriously, watch the movie first and
then play the game.

Let's get to work...

*                     3. Walkthrough                         *

           |    3.1. Episode 1: It's About Time     |


After a short introduction to the game, you got the ability to
choose what to say. Because this is Marty's dream and it's
from the 1st movie, I'll choose: "You disintegrated Einstein!".
Now, after Doc's explaining, you say: "You built a time machine
out of DeLorean?"

Something strange happened. DeLorean didn't appear.

New objective: "Get Doc's notebook"
  Walk left to the tool box and click on it to get the Doc's
  notebook. (Click on the red box)

Choose a text line and say it. If it is easy to you, I use:
"We gotta get out of here..."

Marty will woke up and his mom will warn him that he's late
at Doc's, because his father is waiting for him.

New objective: "Search Doc's lab for dangerous material"
  What you have to do here is to click on everything in Doc's
  lab. Better to start from where Marty is standing.
Click on the dog feeder and then on clocks. Now click on the
fish tank and then on Einstein's bowl. After that click on
the television.

Walk in other part of the lab and click on town square model.
The thing you are looking for is Doc's notebook. But, while
Marty is remembering about Doc's courthouse model, Biff grabs
the courthouse.
Marty now need to convience Biff to handle him the courthouse.

Talk to the Biff first. Then go talk to George (he is in the
first part of the lab).
Try to convience Biff to give you the courthouse to take the
notebook. It is hard to convience him now because he found
the notebook. Now go talk to George. You'll see him putting
a guitar on the table. Click on the box and take the guitar.
After taking the guitar, talk to George.
When you finish the conversation with George, click on your
inventory and select Marty's guitar. Use Marty's guitar
with amplifier.

Click on the amplifier's controls to make some noise and
then click on the guitar. Biff will takeover and Marty
will be able to get the notebook.

As soon as Marty grab the notebook and said something,
DeLorean appeared in front of Doc's lab.

New objective: "Search for clues to Doc's whereabouts"
  Walk in front of the DeLorean and open it. (Click
  on the DeLorean).
Take the shoe and audio-recorder.
After you heard record from Doc, exit from the DeLorean
and use the shoe with Einstein.

Einstein lead you to some gates. Now click on the buzzer.
Some old lady will scare Marty. Now talk with her and find
out what's her name.
Talk with her for some time and show her the shoe.
Now she will let you in her apartment.

Marty now needs to talk to Edna to try to discover WHEN
Einstein took that shoe you gave to Edna.

Talk to Edna. She will tell Marty that she lost her shoe in a
dog fight (you know whose "fault" is that).
Now, you are free to use binoculars on the cupboard. Marty
will have a look around to find out when that video store is

Marty saw that video store is rebuilt in 1932. But this isn't
helping. Now we need a date when that speakeasy burned down.
Now you need to get permission for finding an article in the
newspapers, but Edna won't let you.
So, click on the radiator near Edna and she will go to the
kitchen to check that tea.

Quickly walk to the bed and click on the newspapers. Marty
will take a look and make a big mess, but he finds out when
that speakeasy burned down.

When Marty runs away from the Edna's apartment, his father
will stop him to find out where he is going, but Marty needs
to lie. After the conversation with his father, he'll enter
in the DeLorean with Einstein.
Turn time circuits on. (Click on the time circuits switch).
Click on time circuits display to set the date.

Marty ends up in the fight between mobs and a police officer.
He soon arrives in Hill Valley and has a look around. As soon
as he comes a little bit closer to young Edna, she will stop
him and try to interview Marty.
First question is tough but I use "I know Doc.." sentence.
After the interview she will ask Marty for the name and you
are given 3 choices:
-> Sonny Crockett
-> Harry Callahan
-> Michael Corleone
Choose one name only. Remember that you won't be able to
change your name anymore.

Head to the police station and talk with Doc. At the end of
the conversation Doc'll give you a piece of paper which has
number for the Doc's house in 1931.
Now, go to the soup kitchen and enter it. Go left and you'll
see the phone on the wall. Click on the phone to call the Doc's

After the conversation on the phone, exit from the soup
kitchen and head to the police station to have a conversation
with Doc to find out more about 1931-Doc and courthouse.
Well we found out why is Doc in 1931 anyway. So we are ready
to go to the courthouse.

When you get to the courthouse, click on the door. Marty will
bump into 1931-Doc. Follow him and talk to him. After the
conversation, quickly open your inventory and use audio
recorder with 1931-Doc.
Head to te police station and talk to 1986-Doc. Doc will tell
you the answer on what the 1931-Doc is muttering about. Just,
when you finish the conversation with 1986-Doc, find 1931-Doc.

Talk to him and tell him the answer. While have a conversation,
Kid Tannen will sit down on the chair near barber shop.
1931-Doc will tell you that he needs the alcohol as a fuel.
Head to Kid and talk to him.
You have to ask Kid to give some peanuts. He will gladly give
you to take some peanuts. You have 3 sentences to choose what
to say, but you need to ask Kid: "What the hell is that?!?"

Now, after the runaway, find Einstein. Open your inventory and
give Einstein Artie's hat. He will lead you to Arthur McFly.
Click on the buzzer. Talk to Arthur.

Go back to the barber shop and find Kid Tannen. He will chase
you. Marty will climb up on the roof and will be able to
record Kid's voice. Open your inventory and use audio recorder
with Kid. To run away from Kid and Matches, click on Einstein.
He will ehlp you to run away.

Head to Arthur McFly to give him the subpoena. When you arrive
near the apartment, click on the buzzer. Arthur will open the
window. Now, you must use your audio recorder with Arthur.
He said that he can't get down before his boss tells him to.
He will now, because you have Kid's voice. When he gets down,
open your inventory and use the subpoena with Arthur.

From the courthouse, ehad to the police station and talk to
1986-Doc. Now, you have to get 190-proof alcohol for 1931-Doc's
invention. Go to the soup kitchen.
See those barrels? Well these barrels are 190-proof alcohol.
Talk to the Cue Ball and ask for soup. While he is preparing
the soup, go and talk to 1931-Doc. Tell him that you can't go
into the kitchen so he could create something. You need to get
to front and walk over to the bowl of soup (or little more if
is it necessary) and then walk back until you hear: "Eureka".
Click on the door. Exit the soup kitchen and find Edna in the
park. Go talk to her.

With this conversation you must convience her to get the booze
to the courthouse.
This won't be easy. Click on every sentence.
Don't tell Edna that you know a place for soup delivering.
We'll leave it for later. Now, go talk to 1931-Doc.

Go back to the soup kitchen. Ask Cue Ball for a soup. Tell him
to put a salt in it. He'll move theshelf with barrels a little
to the right and he'll take the salt. Now, while he is making
the soup better, get to the pipe. Click on the pipe.
Exit the soup kitchen and talk to Edna in the park.

She has the alcohol. You need to get it from her somehow.
Tell her that you know which charity is running low on soup
and after a few tries, tell her that Stay Sober Society needs
Now convience 1931-Doc to let S.S.S. into the courthouse.

After doing that, you're talking to 1931-Doc in his lab.
After the end of conversation you are given permission to
finish the rocket-powered drill.
Okay, this is the toughest part of the game and I can't say
which way, you're gonna do this part because it is changing by
every game.
Listen closely to what Doc is saying.

After this part, now you need to save 1986-Doc. Click on the
Jet Drills Remain and use it with Edna's bike.

As soon as you can control Marty, go right and click on the
toolbox. Check the window and clickon the keys. Now go talk to
Doc. Click on the antenna to take it.
Go to the left side of the truck. Open inventory and use the
tire iron with spare tire. Check the driver's window and click
on the keys. Open your inventory and use the
antenna with front window. Marty will try to take the keys.
Go talk to Doc. He needs to distract Kid so you could take the
Again, use antenna with front window to take the keys. Go to
the back of the truck. Take the keys from your inventory and
use them with the doors.

While Kid is shooting, use hubcap and throw it on Kid's gun.
Take the Kid's gun and use it with shackles. Talk to Doc.

Watch the ending scene.

           |      3.2. Episode 2: Get Tannen!       |

Oh no! Marty's grandfather Arthur McFly is left to die and Kid
is very mad for the subpoena Marty delivered. Kid saw Arthur
with the subpoena and is very mad.

Short intro scene will explain everything. As soon as you are
given controls, you are forced to escape the police in the

Go to the passenger's side of the car. Now, go to the front
bumper. Pass the passenger's side and go to the rear bumper to
pickup keys on the floor. Get to the driver's side by making
circles around the DeLorean. Get in the DeLorean.

We're back when Marty was saving 1986-Doc from jail. As soon
as Marty arrives he'll bump into Edna who wants to interview
him. But Marty is getting rid of her. When he got rid of her,
he so yesterday-Marty talking to 1931-Doc in front of the
courthouse. Einstein spotted Marty near the tree.

Einstein wants to play with Marty. Well, now we have a problem
because yesterday-Marty is behind the tree. Grab the stick on
the floor. Using the arrow keys will make you move your camera.
Now use the stick with 1931-Doc.
Well it isn't working. Einstein brought the stick back at you.
Grab the stick and use it with Edna.

You managed to escape from Einstein. While Marty was running
to the courthouse, he bumped on 1931-Doc. Convience 1931-Doc
to let you go to Arthur, but he won't let you.
Marty will spot his yesterday-self walking to 1931-Doc. He will
run away from 1931-Doc.

Now you can go to the courthouse. Click on the courthouse door.
Arthur will come out and Marty will tell him that he is in
danger. They ran in soup kitchen, so get over there.

Watch the scene. After it's end you need to get through that
door. You will never get in with direct approach. Instead, find
the medium crate and click on it. A statue will fall off and
Marty will get rid of it. Click again on the medium crate to
allow Marty to enter it.

You are now in the club and you must find a way to save Arthur.
First click on the Panic button on the shelf. Then everyone
is confused what has just happened. Matches will go to press
the button. As soon as he gets to the counter, you must click
on it again. Pick up the bottle on the floor. Click on the
counter to look through it. Pick up chloroform and paper
To get rid of Zane use chloroform with the ink bottle.
Now you are able to get to the sign switch. Click on it.

Cue Ball will get to the soup kitchen to get the fuse.
While Cue Ball is gone, click on the panic button again to get
the bottle if you haven't already.
If you have bottle then click on the panic button to get
Matches come to the counter. Take the bottle and smash it on
his head (use bottle with matches).

After a trip to 1931, Marty and Doc are back in 1986. Although,
everything is different.

*                       4. Credits                           *

Telltale Games - for creating this game
GameFAQs - for posting my guide
Neoseeker - for finding my guide and uploading it on
SuperCheats - for finding my guide and uploading it on
Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg - for creating the movie
You (reader) - for taking your time and reading this

*                  5. Funny Things in game                   *

Name Glitch

I said that, in the episode 1: "It's About Time", is possible
to choose a name. In the other episodes it isn't. So, what you
choose doesn't matter, but it is weird to see that if you
choose, for example: Harry Callahan, from episode 2 and on
game will use the name Michael Corleone. Now, it is possible
that this name is the right one to use or it is just a glitch.
If it's just a glitch, it should be fixed. In the moment I
don't know if there are any patches for these episodes.

*                    6. Version history                      *

v 1.3 - Took me long enough to make a new update for a guide
        (when I decided to update my "Back to the Future:
        Episode 1" walkthrough, I thought to write guide for
        the whole season)
      - added ASCII art
      - completed everything
      - added new section "Funny Things in game"

All old version info deleted, because I decided to write the
whole season 1 guide.

*                7. Where to find this FAQ                   *

GameFAQs    ---->
Neoseeker   ---->
SuperCheats ---->

*                      8. Legal Stuff                        *

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

*                      9. Conclusion                         *

This is the end of "Back to the Future: The Game Season 1"
guide. Now I'm wondering what could I write next. If you have
any ideas then please contact me: monsterchi[email protected]

If you have another strategies or you have found mistakes
then contact me. Put BTTF FAQ as a subject.
Thank you for reading this guide.

This document is copyright (c) 2013 MonsterChild666.

----------------------END OF DOCUMENT-------------------------