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Follow the dark path or use the light
Age of Mythology Pack Shot

Age of Mythology



by G1GGY

    /\                      / _|
   /  \   __ _  ___    ___ | |_
  / /\ \ / _` |/ _ \  / _ \|  _|
 / ____ \ (_| |  __/ | (_) | |
/_/    \_\__, |\___|  \___/|_|
          __/ |
 __  __       _   _           _
|  \/  |     | | | |         | |
| \  / |_   _| |_| |__   ___ | | ___   __ _ _   _
| |\/| | | | | __| '_ \ / _ \| |/ _ \ / _` | | | |
| |  | | |_| | |_| | | | (_) | | (_) | (_| | |_| |
|_|  |_|\__, |\__|_| |_|\___/|_|\___/ \__, |\__, |
         __/ |                         __/ | __/ |
        |___/                         |___/ |___/

ASCII art from

Age of Mythology

By G1GGY (c)2006 - 2007
Tribulation Designs - The ultimate in Age of... design.  Join today!

==========================Table of Contents====================================

A note on contents.  Rather than scrolling, you can copy the heading including
the asterisk (*), press Control + F, and paste the text to find the heading.
This saves you time as you don't have to scroll the whole way down.

=A Guide to the Guide*=

=Version History*=

=A Short History*=

=The basics*=

=Fall of the Trident - Walkthrough*=
1. Omens*
2. Consequences*
3. Scratching the Surface*
4. A fine plan*
5. Just enough rope*
6. I hope this works*
7. More bandits*
8. Bad news*
9. Revelation*
10. Strangers*
11. The lost relic*
12. Light sleeper*
13. Tug of War*
14. "Isis, hear my plea"*
15. Let's Go*
16. Good advice*
17. The Jackal's Stronghold*
20. Where they belong*
21. Old friends*
22. North*
23. The Dwarven Forge*
24. Not from around here*
25. Welcoming Committee*
26. Union*
27. The Well of Urd*
28. Beneath the Surface*
29. Unlikely Heroes*
30. All is not lost*
31. Welcome Back*
32. A place in my dreams*

=The New Atlantis - Walkthrough*=
1. A lost people*
2. Atlantis Reborn*
3. Greetings from Greece*
4. Odin's Tower*
5. The Ancient Relics*
6. Mount Olympus*
7. Betrayal at Sikyos*
8. Cerebus*
9. Rampage*
10. Making Amends*
11. Atlantis Betrayed*
12. War of the Titans*

=The Civilisations - in depth*=

=The Pantheons*=
The Norse*




=Legal Information*=

=The Last Word*=

==========================A Guide to the Guide*================================

This walkthrough was made by me whilst playing the game.  Please do not expect
it to be perfect, I am writing as I go.  Also, please do not expect me to go
into detail about each battle, I will only describe important ones. Please email
me with any questions about the FAQ/game, I am happy to help.

|Sites that have my permission to host this walkthrough:|
|                                       |
|                                      |
|                                            |
|                                    |
|                                   |

My Email is: |[email protected]|

Thanks, and enjoy the FAQ/Walkthrough.

==========================Version History*=====================================

[Version 0.1 - 8 May 2006] Started the guide.

[Version 0.5 - 22 May 2006] Half way through the walkthrough, and I've added
some other sections.
[Accepted on (My Site!)]
[Accepted on]
[Accepted on]

[Version 0.75 - 8 June 2006] Walkthrough 75% done, added a bit more to other

[Version 1.0 - 15 June 2006] Walkthrough complete!  And a bit more done on the
other sections.

[Version 1.1 - 30 June 2006] Finished some in-depth sections and pantheons, done
a FAQ.  Planning to add a walkthrough for the expansion (The Titans).

[Version 1.2 - 3 August 2006] Titans walkthrough partially complete.

[Version 1.3 - 25 August 2006] I've been slowly doing the Titans walkthrough,
and it's now up to Chapter 8 (out of 12).  Updated to keep with my once-a-month
routine =D

[Version 1.31 - 30 August 2006] Typing errors fixed.  ASCII art.
[Accepted on]

[Version 1.32 - 24 March, 2007] Just added some common questions.

==========================A Short History*=====================================

Age of Mythology is the third game in the Age Of: series by Microsoft and
Ensemble Studios (the first being Age of Empires and the second; Age of Kings).
Age of Mythology is a real time strategy game, so it makes you think.  If you
don't like thinking, don't play it.

==========================The basics*==========================================

The game is easy to learn, but here are the basics of it.


Units are the common name given to any human, myth unit, hero, ship, or Seige
weapon available in the game.  As a general rule, a unit is something that can

To move a unit, select it (using the left mouse button), and click the right
mouse button where you would like to move it to.


Buildings can't move, but can train units and research technologies.

What I say in this guide

If you don't know what I'm referring too, check here before emailing me.

TC = Town Center

Archer = Toxotes(greek), Slinger(egypt), Throwing axeman(norse), Arcus(atlantis)

Hero = (during the AOM campaign)Arkantos/Ajax/Amnara/Chiron/Reginleif
If you are in Greece, it is most likely to be Arkantos, if in Egypt, it's Amnara
and if in Norselands, it's Reginleif.  This isn't guaranteed, but is the most
common naming system.
Hero = (during the Titans campaign)Kastor

Town Bell = A TC device that allows you to quickly gather all your villagers
inside the nearest garrison area.  Use sparingly.

Villager = Villager(greek), Labourer(egypt), Gatherer(norse), Citizen(atlantis)

MS = Migdol Stronghold(Egyptian version of Fortress/Hill Fort/Castle)

FWB = Fenris Wolf Broods(a Norse myth unit which has a raised attack when in a
pack.  They never fight alone, if they aren't in a pack, they are scouting)

LOS = Line of sight (expands for Oracles, fixed for other units)

MU = Myth Unit (everyone knows what that is)

Deconstruct = Kronos' god power, which automatically destoys an enemy building

===================Fall of the Trident - Walkthrough*==========================

There isn't a walkthrough for the learn to play campaign (for obvious reasons).

Fall of the Trident is the Age of Mythology campaign, starring Arkantos on his
adventures to defeat Kamos, win the Trojan War, rescue Centaurs, attack
Cyclopses, invade the underworld, reforge Osiris, re-unite the Norse clans,
build Thor's hammer, rescue Atlantean citizens, and kill a statue of Poseidon.

In this walkthrough I will generally use the words north, south, east and west.
North is up, south is down, east is right, and west is left.
Look carefully at the compass, and don't email me asking which way is west.
I know it's sad, but some people do that.

1. Omens*

Introduction: Pirates are attacking Atlantis and Poseidon seems displeased.
Just when Arkantos thought his adventures were over, a new one may be beginning.

This scenario starts with a kraken attacking one of your archers.  Use the
petrobolis (catapults) to kill it, and move the archer away from the sure, or he
will die.

After killing the kraken, the game recommends you train more toxotes and hoplits
because you now have to defend the harbour.  If you haven't noticed, you have 3
bases spread throughout the map, so you can easily train lots of units fast.
Just be sure to defend all the bases.  The Atlantian Army starts at 7 leagues
away, and gets steadily closer, though you are attacked before it arrives.  Be
prepared.  Also note that the kraken will attack your docks, which can't do
anything anyway.  So don't worry about them.

When the army is two leagues away, Arkantos will make an interesting comment.
Think about it, and prepare for a big attack.

Hold the large attack out, and the army will come.  Fight a bit more, and the
pirates will flee.  You win!

2. Consequences*

Introduction: Kamos the minotaur has stolen the Atlantean trident and taken it
to his base.  But Arkantos will make him pay.

Your first goal is to advance to the classical age.  This requires a fair bit of
food, as well as a Temple.  So get the villagers working.  Also, use your scout
horseman to explore the island.

I recommend you worship Ares in the next age, but it's your choice.  Neither
minor god is very good.

After advancing, you need to train an army.  Build an academy, archery range,
and stable.  You'll need at least 5 regular units and 5 counter units from each
building, plus some myth units (cyclops if you chose Ares).  Also, research
everything you can at the armoury.

When you build a dock, Posieden will summon a hippocampus - a little seal that
swims for you.  Use it only for scouting, and don't worry if it dies, it re-

When you destroy the pirate town centre, Kamos will run out, and head north-east
Arkantos screams for you to chase him, so do so.  He will get cornered in a
cliff, and you will win.

3. Scratching the Surface*

Introduction: Arkantos reaches Troy in time to reinforce the Greek armies.  Now
he must break through Troy's outer defenses.

The first thing to do is lead all your soldiers east, to the settlement.  Build
a Town Centre there.

After building, you are told to destroy the heavily guarded Trojan docks.  Take
your time, and build up an army, consisting of mainly archers and ships.  Make
sure you advance to the Classical Age, by building a temple.  Also note that
after destroying one dock, you will recive reinforcements, meaning you should
attack the docks one at a time and harm them, not do a two pronged attack.

The eastern dock is easy to destroy.  Draw the soldiers out with Ajax/Arkantos,
then bring the rest of your troops and destroy the gate, TC, and dock.

Agamemmnon lands with a large army, so you can go and attack the other dock
straight away(if you want).  But be warned, when his army lands, your base will
be attacked, so you should proably defend before you attack.

Also be warned that you'll be regularly attacked from now on, so be prepared to
ring the town bell.

4. A fine plan*

Introduction: The Greeks and Atlanteans prepare to lay seige to the Trojan gate.

In this game, you meet the famous Odysseus, a very useful hero.  Your first task
is to take a gold mine.  There's one lightly guarded north of your town.

With the gold secured, you need to destroy the huge west gate, at the northern
bit of the map.  This requires a large army, and take advantage of your seige
towers too.  The easiest way to get to the west gate is on the east side of the
map, where you have an almost clean run to a major gold mine near the gate.
From there, it's not hard to break through the Trojan defences.  Just persist,
and you'll win.

5. Just enough rope*

Introduction: The Trojans counterattack, and Ajax is surrounded!  Arkantos must
free him.

Your first aim is to defeat the horsemen attacking Ajax.  Easy enough, you out-
number them.  After doing that, follow Ajax down to his TC, where you are given
control of his villagers (and him).

You are now tasked to destroy another Trojan military base.  It's big, and re-
quires a strong army.  Luckily for you, you now have 3 heroes, but you should
also invest in archers.  Be warned, the enemy will build stables close to your
base, so there will be plenty of Hippikons riding around.  Although they rarely

The best units in this game are Hydras (Temple), and Toxotes (Archers).  Get 3
or 4 Hydras, and a large force of archers, and you should be unstoppable.  Not
to hard.

6. I hope this works*

Introduction: Convinced that the Trojan walls will never fall, the heroes build
the Trojan horse to invade the city.

Home to a classic Ajax quote: When discussing the Trojan Horse, he quotes "I
don't understand, will it fight?"  Hilarious.

Anyways, your first task is easy enough; get 1000 wood.  Just make sure that
you kill all the raiding parties, because they'll attack hard if they get away.

After you get 1000 wood, the platform for the horse will appear, you just have
to slowly build it.  Train plenty of villagers, and cavalry to chase the raiding
parties.  Also research Crenellations (at the towers), which makes towers more
accurate, and more powerful, against cavalry.  Don't worry about making a large
army, because only a few soldiers are taken in the horse (with your heroes).

After you build the horse, you see a short animation, and then it's back to the

Your first goal is to sneak (not really, no one sees you) to the gate, and
destroy it.  Stick to the path, and don't attack anything.  The cyclops guarding
the seige towers is an easy kill, the collosus isn't.  Destroy the gate, and
reinforcements arrive.

Now, it's just a matter of outnumbering the defense, and breaking the fortreses.
Easy enough, with your huge army.  You can use the seige towers to break the
fortress on the right, and your army to the left.

This is the end of your Trojan camapign *sobs*

7. More bandits*

Introduction: Before he can return to Atlantis, Arkantos stops in the port of
Ioklos in Greece, only to find it has fallen to bandits.  He must kill them,
and rescue the mysterious Chiron.

Chiron is the best hero of all, and you'll learn to love him, just as soon as
you rescue him.

To start, follow the west road towards the hostages (not in the direction of the
villager).  There are a few enemies on the way, but they are easy kills.

Free the centaurs, and you are told to defeat the bandits to save Chiron.  Go
east, quickly, and attack anything red you can see.  Most of the guards are on
the eastern side of the prison, kill them and you get the centaurs.

Now, go south, and destroy the barracks and tower, then east, destroying the
temple and tower,  The quicker you do this, the easier it is.  Finally, train
some hydras, and go north to destroy the Migdol Stronghold.

8. Bad news*

Introduction: Invade the bandit stronghold in a two pronged attack.

You start with two forces, seperated by cliffs.  Have the villagers on the right
collect wood and favour, and the villagers on the left collect gold and food.
Attempt to destroy the walls around your troops as soon as possible, and build
towers there.

Near the eastern base, there is an enemy camp, with several achery ranges.  If
you are consistently attacked, go north a bit, and destroy it.  There is a relic
at the very bottom of the map.  Task a hero to collect it, and take it to your

It's recomended you advance to the Mythic age (Hepthaesus), before launching
a full on attack on Gargarensis.  North west of your western base are two acad-
emis.  Destroy them, and continue north, until you reach a crossroad.  If you
go east, you join up with the eastern base.  To attack, continue north.

Meanwhile, take soldiers from your eastern base north, destroying the walls, and
fortress, and building a TC.  Now, you can connect your bases.

Take both forces north, and attack the western fortrss first.  Continue to train
troops in both bases, and set gather points north, so they spawn at the battle-
field.  After you destroy one fortress, go east, and destroy the other.

Another strategy: Worship Apollo (heroic age) and research Temple Of Healing.
Take a villager alongside your army, and build temples at regular intervals
(once you have claimed the area).  Place an Underworld Passage just before the
two fotresses, and another where the fortress you destroyed to join your forces
is.  You can now move troops from the bottom of the map to the top, and they can
be healed almost instantly, wherever they go.

9. Revelation*

Introduction: The heroes must destroy the gate ram before Gargarensis can break
open the underworld gate.

Welcome to the underworld.

To destroy the gate ram, tell all your heroes to move in that direction.  You
will recieve regular reinforcements, so go straight to the gate, and defeat its

When Arkantos says something about enemy tunnels, take your heroes to the areas
marked on the map.  Destroy the boulders, so that no more enemies can attack.
Make sure the reinforcements go straight to the gate, because if you aren't
quick, the gate is destryoed and you lose.

When the gate is up to 50% damage, villagers will come to repair the gate ram.
They'll be backed up by manticores, so you'll have to fight a bit.  But by then
the ram should have almost broken, so keep at it and you should win.

10. Strangers*

Introduction: The heroes try to escape from the underworld with the help of the

Not a particularly hard game, just follow the shades (and map), and you should
be fine.

At the start, go west, and find the shades.  Continue to follow the path, and
get more shades.  Your next task is to collect 3 lost relics.  Just follow the
path to find them.  Every relic you find grants you a god power.

After getting bronze, go north, along the path, towards the next relic.  This
path is full of ambushes, so be careful.  The second relic gives you restoration

Continue west, towards the third relic.  You will come across a shade, who
ferries you across the river.  You are also granted some ships to defend you.
After being ferried, go west, claiming another shade, and some centaurs, and
continue on towards the relic.  You may be attacked by a plague of serpents, so
be prepared.  Continue west, fighting a larger group of serpents, and kill the
wadget.  Break down the fence, and finish the serpents off.  When you kill all
the serpents, you'll be attacked by more wadgets.  Use your god powers if you
can't hold them off.

Now, go north, and you will soon arrive at the last relic.  It is strongly def-
ended, so you'll have to fight again.  They are all myth units, though, so you
can kill them with your heroes.  The third relic grants you lightning storm.

You must now take the relics south, to the temple.  Beware, you have very low
line of sight, so you may not see enemies until they attack you.  When you enter
a paved area with lots of light, you will be heavily attacked.  Take advantage
of lightning storm.  Then, you can continue onto the temple.

11. The lost relic*

Introduction: Arkantos, Ajax, and Chiron emerge from the underworld to find
themselves in another part of the world.  They must help Amnara excavate the
Sword of the Guardian.

Welcome to Egypt.  You have a new hero, named Amnara.

As soon as the game starts, station even numbers of units at each of the three
canyon entrances, then get all your villagers working.  Make sure at least 4
are excavating the sword, or you'll get destroyed before it is dug up.

The first attack is on the eastern gate, and it's small.  A few archers can
repel it.  Just be careful if Amnara jumps over the walls.  The second attack
is west.  Be sure to build towers at all the canyon entrances.  After two
attacks, the positioning gets totally random, so you have to defend evenly.

It's a good idea to build a barracks near each entry, and constantly train
slingers.  Archers are the key to this game.  You should also make gates at
each entry, so you can attack with hand to hand soldiers.  Enemies can't pass
through your gates.

When the sword is fully excavated, you win.

12. Light Sleeper*

Introduction: The only way to defeat Keysyt's rampaging army is return the sword
to the guardian.

Your task is to kill the guards enslaving the villagers.  It's a good idea to
take your army there first, and only move the sword bearers when it is safe.

Your next task is to take at least 5 villagers south to the TC.  Take all the
villagers with you, in case some die on the way.  Group the villagers with the
sword bearers, and move them behind your army.  The first attack is by mummies,
use your heroes, and kill them as quickly as possible.

Next up is serpents, much easier.  Also, be sure to pick up the relic near
the desert wonder.  The river is guarded by evil crocodiles,  but that is the
last fight.  Take the villagers to the TC, and it becomes yours.

Your new job is to get the sword bearers to the Sleeping Guardian before the
army of Kemsyt gets there.  Kemsyt's army will slowly move from green town to
green town (along the southern end of the map), destroying towns as it goes.
Occasionally, you'll be attacked, but not very often.  Your main aim is to
build up a large army, and when Kemsyt reaches the last town before the Guardian
move your army forward, aswell as the sword bearers.

When advancing to the Classical age, it's a good idea to warship Ptah, and take
advangate of her god power when you attack Kemyst's base.

When you awaken the guardian, Kemsyt's army will attack.  With the guardian on
your team, they are easy to kill.

13. Tug of War*

Introduction: The heroes fight to return the piece of Osiris to their base
before Kemsyt can take it to his.

This is the most fun game in the entire campaign.  Play it, and you'll agree.

You only have one task; to get the Osiris box into your city, before it reaches
Kemsyt's.  The box starts in the center of the map, with your heroes defending
it.  They are overpowered, so you need to send in reinforcements quickly.

To claim the box, surround it with more of your units than your opponents.

A good strategy in this game is to have regular defences spread throughout the
map, so that no matter where the box is, you can reclaim it.  Make sure your
villagers are all working, so you can constantly train units.

The Phoenix myth unit is extremely useful here, because if the box gets away,
you can fly over the enemies and reclaim it.

14. "Isis, hear my plea"*

Introduction: Arkantos and Ajax are taken prisoner in the city of Abydos, and
Amnara must rescue them.

Your first task is to destroy Gargarensis' MS.  This is made easier by the fact
that any green building you pass is automatically converted onto your team.

Build up a large army, and attack south west quickly.  You are most likely to
be attacked on the eastern side, so put soldiers and towers there.

As soon as the MS is destroyed, go west, to the transport ship highlighted.  You
don't need an army, only Amnara.  Take the transport ship to the navy base, and
convert it.  Then, use your navy to break open the prison.  It's a small
fight there, and then you can free the prisoners.

15. Let's Go*

Introduction: With the heroes reunited, it's time to recover the piece of
Osiris from Abydos while fighting of the forces of Kemsyt and Kamos.

Your first goal is to survive until transports arrive.  You should be able to
do that, just by standing still.  When the transports arrive, hop aboard, and
run, because a large attack will come soon after.

Where do you go?  Well, you have to go to a port marked on your map, but be
warned, there are enemies on the way there.  Take your Kebunits and War Turtle,
and have them move forward first.  Only follow with the transport ships when it
is safe.

Once you land on the island, everything on it is given to you.  Unfortuneately,
there is a small enemy community north.  You should destroy them before getting
back the Osiris piece.  They attack fairly often, whereas Kemsyt's attacks are

If you choose to upgrade to the Mythic Age, it's a good idea to chose Thoth.
Then, attack with Phoenix aswell as your regular army, for a good diversion.

Also, make sure you use your god powers well.  A good example is to use Ancestor
near the Osiris piece, giving you control of it.  Then, start moving the piece
out of the city.  Get your Phoenix to attack the gate, and destroy it, while you
summon Plauge of Serpents on the Anubite who guards the exit.  Even when the
Ancestors die, you can still have the Phoenix to guard the box, and your serpent
to keep enemies away at ground level.

When you have captured the box, get it out of the city, and you win.

16. Good advice*

Introduction: Athena appears in Arkantos' dream and reveals Gargarensis' plans.
Arkantos must navigate the dreamscape and invade a strangely familiar city.

A spooky game, to say the least.  I strongly reccommend you watch all of the
animations and movies before playing.

When you start playing, you need to follow Kastor(Arkantos' sun).  He goes
north east, to a temple, then talks to you.  Listen to what he says.  Then
a cyclops attacks, and you need to kill it, then get the relic into the temple.

You must then defend the temple from the other cyclops who attack it.  After
defeating them, continue north east, and with the help of some heroic friends,
kill the Chimera.

Athena will then talk to you about the underworld, then you are playing again.
Walk south west.  You are granted a large army, which you should use to kill
the Hero, and two Hydras, seperating you from the boulders.  After killing them,
continue and destroy the boulders.  Don't worry if you are attacked, Zeus will
defend you.

Exit the underworld, and you are now Red.  It's OK, you can still control
Arkantos, although you may be surprised who else is on your team.  If you look
in the transport ships, you'll see that you can control Kamos, Kemsyt, and even
Gargarensis.  As well as Kastor.

Land on the beach, and get your villagers working.  You need a fairly strong
army to destroy the wonder.  A good idea is to use the Earthquake god power
as soon as you are near the wonder, which will almost destroy it completely.

Listen to Athena after destroying the wonder, and be scared.  Spooky!

17. The Jackal's Stronghold*

Introduction: Amnara must recover the second Osiris piece from Kemsyt.

Now we have three scenarios where we chase after Osiris pieces, each done by
different heroes. Sounds like fun, and it is.

Your first task is to get Amnara to the village marked in green on your map.
There are 3 slingers guarding it, but you can kill them.  When you enter the
village, everyone joins your cause (repetitive, isn't it?).  Go near green
buildings and units, and they convert to your cause.

Your next task is to get to the Osiris piece.  Before you do, it's a good idea
to clear the area, using Phoenix.  You'll need to worship Thoth to get them.

There is a settlement west of your TC, which you should claim.  The higher the
population limit, the more soldiers you can attack with.  If you attempt to sail
out of the harbour your dock is placed in, you will be granted 2 towers.  On the
eastern edge of the harbour, there is also a small inlet with 4 relics, guarded
by crocodiles.

Unfortuneatly, there is only one gold mine in the area.  You may wish to scout
around your island further, or build a market and train caravans, if you need

The best place to attack Kemsyt's island is on the western side.  This is the
furtherest from your base, but it is the easiest to land on.  To get there,
build up a fleet of ships, and move them before your transport ships.  When they
clear the route, follow through with your transports.  You should fill at least
2 transport ships, or your army will be too small.

When you land, you will probably be attacked by the pharoah and some animals.
Animals are weak, so you should kill them with ease.  As for the pharoah, well,
you outnumber him.  Go north-west, and destroy the TC, whilst your ships destroy
the gate.  When that is done, enter Kemsyt's territory.  There are a few more
battles, and then you can get to the Osiris box.  When Amnara does, you win.

18. A long way from home*

Introduction: Chiron and some allies must recover the third Osiris piece from
within the Tamarisk tree.

You read that right.  The Osiris piece is in a tree, and Chiron is about to dig
it up.  And, to shock you more, you have Norse allies.

When you start, a nomad will come to you, then leave.  Follow him west, and you
will recieve a TC, some villagers, and a purpose.  Your purpose is to get the
villagers to cut down the Tamarisk tree.  To do this, you need a small army, and
some recources.  Get to work.

You start with 2000 gold, which is good, because there are no gold mines.  You
also start with the threat of mummies, so you may wish to destroy their camp.

The TT(Tamarisk Tree) is guarded by anubites, but quite often, he who guards it
is killed.  This shouldn't bother you, unless you are killed.  You are fairly
close to the tree, so you could start attacking it straight away, or wait and
train some units.  Either way is possible.

Once you have reached the tree, your next goal is to starting chopping away at
it.  Get as many vilagers as possible to do this task.  You should also move
your army there, and expect to be attacked.  Train plenty of slingers and
priests, and leave some of them behind to guard your town from mummies.

When you finish chopping the tree down, you win.

19. Watch that first step*

Introduction: Arkantos and Ajax must recover the final Osiris piece in a suprise
attack on the pirate stronghold of Kamos.

Your first task is to capture two pirate ships.  Do this by heading west, and
attacking the enemies who are surrounding a temple.  After defeating all the
reds, you are granted the pirate ships.  You can use these to sneak past Kamos'
defences, but any other type of ship will be detected.  The colossus builders
will build colussus units for you, which are extremely strong and useful.

Put all your soldiers onto one of the pirate ships, and sail directly to the
base.  Don't stop to attack anyone, or you will be destroyed, and lose.  Once
you land, you are given 12 minutes to build an army.  After that time, Kamos
will scout the area, and attack you.  If you move east, you will see some flags.
As long as you stay behind them, you are safe from Kamos until he scouts the

If you upgrade to the Heroic age, it's a very good idea to chose Hathor.  That
way, you can use the Roc unit to transport Colssus over from the builders to
your base, even after you are caught.

Once you are detected, expect frequent attacks for a while, which will slow down
if you can hold them off.  Your enemies may try to build a wall around your base
so be prepared, and use your catapult well.  You can storm Kamos' base as soon
as you are ready.

When you do attack, the first thing you should destroy is the tower close to you
After that, continue east, via the southern path, and destroy the small military
area there.  Keep going, and you'll reach Kamos' TC, which you should break down

After that, go north, and destroy the Temple.  Continue north, and you'll find
the Osiris piece box.  It is guarded by Kamos, who you must kill.  When you do,
the box becomes yours, and you win.

20. Where they belong*

Introduction: The heroes rendevous in Abydos and attempt to reunite the pieces
of Osiris so that the god may return from the dead and defeat Gargarensis.

You start with two bases, seperated by trees.  Whilst you wait for Arkantos to
deliver the third Osiris piece, you should build up two decent armies, and
prepare for attack.

If you chop down the trees in the centre of the map, you are able to join your
two bases.  This way, you can share recources, soldiers, and can attack from two
points more easily.  Make sure you take advantage of your lign of sight in
Gargarensis' base, be checking to see if an attack is coming.

Arkantos arrives after about 10 minutes, in the western corner of the map.  Use
his villagers to build a TC, and set up a small base there.  As soon as your
other armies are ready, move forward, and storm Gargarensis' base.  Leave your
Osiris pieces at the edges of the map, until they have a clear path.

You should move Arkantos' force first, because it has the shortest, and easiest,
path.  When it has cleared the way, move its Osiris piece.  Only when that piece
is safely secured should you move the next two armies.

When both of the armies have taken control of the area, advance your Osiris
pieces.  When they arrive, you win.

21. Old friends*

Introduction: While in hot pursuit of Gargarensis, Arkantos is waylaid on an
island where he must rescue some old friends.

You start out as...a pig!  Yes, Arkantos and Ajax have met their match, and
have paid dearly for landing on this island.  You and your crew are instantly
attacked by a villager, and yes, you must use your pig skills to kill him.

After killing this poor guy, head north, in search of more pigs.  Whenever a
villager approaches you, kill him.  Soldiers, towers, and TCs won't touch you,
even though you are the enemy.  When you have captured about 20 pigs, take
them north to the temple of Zeus, and they become men!

Your next goal is to destroy Circe's fortress.  This requires plenty of soldiers
so you'll need to start building a decent army.  When you upgrade to the next
age, be sure to worship Apollo.  You can then use the Underworld passage god
power to quickly move near the fortress, and attack.

There are a stack of relics on this map.  Just west of you is The pegasus bridal
which spawns a pegasus at your temple, and respawns it if it dies.  Get that
relic, and then use the pegasus to search for others.  To pick up a relic, get
a hero to go near it, and right click it.  Then, with the hero still selected,
right click your temple.

When you attack the fortress, Circe will counterattack, with some Namean lions,
and hereself.  She fires lightning, but isn't strong, and any hero could easily
kill the lions.  Destroy the fortress, and you win.

22. North*

Introduction: The heroes have almost caught up with Gargarensis in the myster-
ious Norse lands when the cyclops lays a trap for them.

You start out...well...nowhere really.  You have a few parties, all seperated
by darkness.  You need to reunite and claim a settlement.

There are two nearby settlements.  The first is between your 3 Hersirs (top
right) and your oxcart and villagers.  The second is between Amnara and some
soldiers, and the dwarves and oxcart.  You can choose either, and regardless
of what you chose, you will instantly be attacked by wolves.

Once you build a TC, you are told to destroy 3 temples.  The first belongs to
'Lost Souls' and is very close to you.  A few giants, and some throwing axeman
or trolls, and you can destroy it; it isn't very strong.

As soon as you collect 800 food, 500 gold, advance to the next age, and worship
Skadi.  Then, train some Frost giants, and attack the first temple.

The next temple to go is the one belonging to 'Dwarf Eaters' which is located
on the northern end of the map.  Again, a few giants can destroy the wall
protecting it, and the temple itself.

Gargarensis' temple is the hardest, but a good quality army can brake through
his walls, destroy his Hill Fort and TC, and then progress onto the temple.
When it is destroyed, you win.

23. The Dwarven Forge*

Introduction: In order to reach Midgard, Chiron suggests the heroes pass through
some dwarven mines, after liberating them from the giants.

Chiron returns!  I dunno where he was, but now he's back! *everyone celebrates*

Your first aim is to build a TC.  There is a settlement just north, but it's
guarded by a giant.  Kill him, and get building.  Your next aim is to capture
the dwarven forge.  This requires some armies (yes, more than one, in different
locations) and some skill.  You'll need to navigate your men through the mines,
with towers and giants hiding around every corner.

The area you are in is regularly scouted by Fenris Wolf Broods.  There's an easy
way to tell if this is a problem.  If the attack of the FWB is highlighted in
yellow, and it is in a pack, then ring the Town Bell, because it's about to
attack.  If it's by itself, it's scouting, and you don't need to bother.

Skadi is once again a good choice for the next age, and again, you should make
a few frost giants(Battle boars[the alternative to Skadi's myth unit]are weak,
and their special attack is nowhere near as devastating as their description
claims, so you should avoid them).  Also use Valkyries(the myth unit you start
with)to heal allied troops, and your own.

When you have built up a decent force, you can move forward.  A good place to
start is the enemy longhouse just north-west of your base.  Unfortuneatly, there
is nothing else there, so you don't need to build up there.  But you can use it
as a rally point in your quest through the mines.

For your next attack, go east, away from your base, as far as you can go, and
take the most eastern entry into the mine.  Go north, until you reach some
dwarves, and a small EGYPTIAN(!) base, protected by mummies.  It's full of
relics, all for you.  From here, continue north through the mines, until you
reach a major god statue.  From here, you can go west, to the Dwarven forge, or
north west, where you can attack the enemies from behind.

When you decide to go west, you'll reach a tower, which you can easily destroy.
Continue, and you'll reach an area with some houses, guarded by Mountain Giants
and Hammertrolls.  This requires a few heroes, which are strong against myth
units.  Defeat them, and destroy the temple.  Then, go north, and you can take
out the last remaining defences.  You have reclaimed ownership of the Dwarven

When you reclaim the forge, you are told to defend it for 12 minutes.  You will
be occasionally attacked, mainly by myth units, and you can't build on the rock
in the forge, so you'll need to train more soldiers.  Also be sure to research
the technologies available at the forge.  When the time runs out, you win.

24. Not from around here*

Introduction: The heroes meet Skult, whos Folstag Flag can unite the Norse clans
if the heroes can get him through the giant lands.

When you first start, some giants will attack you.  Arkantos says to protect
Skult, which isn't a problem, because he runs from the fight.  Just north-
west of your starting point is a giant temple, which you should destroy to
weaken their attack.  Then, continue north.

You will soon meet more giants, and a temple.  Kill the frost giants first,
as they can paralyze your units, making them useless in battle.  Again, destroy
the temple.

Continue north, and your reach a settlement.  Skult says something, and then
you can build a TC (notice the sudden recources).  After building a TC, you need
to get to the Heroic age.  This requires a armoury, and some recources, so get
to work.  You should, no, you MUST, worship Njord, and get the Walking Woods
god power.  I repeat, you MUST!

After you advance, start attacking the boulder wall near your base.  Attack hard
with as many troops as you can afford to attack it with.  The sooner it is
destroyed, the sooner you can win.  When the wall has been almost completely
destroyed, a huge giant army will be sighted at the edges of the map.  This
means you need to destroy the wall faster, before the giants arrive.

When the giants come, take all your heroes, and Skult and the Flag bearer, and
run north.  Leave everyone else behind, just run with the heroes.  When you
reach the top of the pass, use your Walking Woods power, and take Arkantos,
Skult and the Flag bearer across the frozen river.  When they all arrive there,
you win.

25. Welcoming Commitee*

Introduction: The norse clans are fighting each other and the heroes must use
the Folstag Flag to unite them.

This is an extremely repetitive scenario, and I guarantee a bit of boredom.

Your first task is to protect Skult and the flag bearer.  This means moving them
out of the way, and letting everyone else fight.  When the fight ends, everyone
starts talking, but you eventually come up with a plan.

The plan is to ambush the three tribal leaders, using the attractive Folstag
Flag.  To do this, you need to build 5 towers(the only thing you can build),
at strategic locations on your hill.  Now, when I say strategic, it means you
should look at the map, and think about where the battles are most likely to
take place.  Don't put all the towers on the south-west side of your hill, there
is no one there to fight.  Instead, put a tower directly in front of each tribe
and two in the middle.  Garrison Skult in one of the middle towers.  Also place
a healing spring in the middle.

When you have built the towers, you are granted spy powers on each clan leader.
Your aim, if you choose to accept it, is to kill the clan leaders, and ONLY the
clan leaders.  Once a leader is dead, all his men become yours to control, so it
is to your advantage not to kill them.  To draw the clan leaders out of their
bases, get the Folstag Flag, and take it near any of the three walls.  The army,
and leader, should soon move out, and you can then use your archers to take out
the leader from a distance.

The weakest clan is the red clan, based in the north-east corner of the map.  If
you destroy this clan first, you'll find it easier to take on the others.
Defeating the clan earns you recources, which you can use to build towers around
the other clans, for a more effective ambush.  After taking out the red clan, it
is your choice about who to attack next.  They are equally strong.

When all three clan leaders die, victory is yours!

26. Union*

Introduction: In a final attempt to unite the Norse clans, Arkantos and his men
undertake a series of quests for the clan leaders.

Well, Skult is gone, and you now have a new ally, Reginleif.  She is a ranged
soldier, like Chiron, but throws spears, and can heal units.

Your first aim is to kill the two trolls who are attacking villagers.  Once they
are down, follow the raiding cavalry into town, where you are given some
buildings and villagers.  You are told to remove the trolls from the nearby cave
If you do, Blackhammer and his men will join you in your quest.  To defeat the
trolls, you only need a few heroes, in fact, you proably have enough soldiers
already.  Just remember to destroy the underworld passage as quickly as possible
to prevent re-inforcements.

Once the trolls are defeated, you are told to go south-west, and exit the mines.
Before doing this, go north-west, and destroy the small fence.  Behind it are
some dwarfs, who join your party and mine gold for you, once you rescue them.
After getting more gold diggers, exit the mines, pass the gate, and continue
south-west until you reach a town.

Your new task is to build towers on the five flags at the southern end of the
village.  This shouldn't take long, provided you have the recources, but beware
of the regular attacks by giants.  Try to protect as many soldiers as possible,
because they will be yours eventually.  Once you have built 5 towers, go east,
towards the pink dots on the map, to find the third clan.

When you have reached the pink town, you are told to destroy the watch tower
on the southern corner of the map.  All this requires is your current army,
and a few more heroes to tackle the giants.  Go south, fight the large group
of giants, and destroy the gate.  Then, run south, ignoring the TC, and kill
the final fire giant.  All that is stopping you now is the wall, so destroy it,
and the tower, to win.

27. The Well of Urd*

Introduction: To reach the Norse underworld and stop Gargarensis, the heroes
must capture the Well of Urd

A long, slow scenario is what you're about to experience...enjoy!

Start by allocationg 5 villagers to wood, 5 to food.  Train 5 dwarves, and
transform your final villager into an Ulfsark.  Make the ulfsark build an
armoury and longhouse.  Take your 5 dwafves, and go up the path to the north-
-west.  Build a tower, and then start mining gold.

When you build a temple, Odin will summon his ravens to scout for you.  It is
possible to get the ravens to the Well of Urd, past its defences.  To do this,
make both ravens fly to the southern corner of the map, then the western corner,
then the northern corner.  From there, fly south.  One raven will probably get
killed, but the other should make it all the way.

After advancing to the Heroic age, train at least 2 portable rams, and take them
to attack the gate directly north of your base.  To get to it, go east, then
north, and attack.  When the gate is down, take down the Hill Fort.  Leave the
rams there, to remove the other walls, and take some other troops north-west
from your base.  When you reach a gate, destroy it.  Get the free food relic
nearby, and then take down the next gate in front of you.  You are now inside
the final ring of defence, so get ready to fight hard.

Once you have troops inside the final ring, send them some re-inforcements, and
attack on the other side, where the rams are.  Destroy as many walls as possible
and you will soon be in the final ring.  If you can pull off a two-pronged
attack, Gargarensis will be badly outnumberd, and you will be able to destroy
his military buildings.  Go west, destroying his TC, and then north.   Destroy
the final gate protecting the well, and you are given a new task; to defeat a
few myth units.  This is easy with your huge number of heroes, so you should win
pretty quickly.

28. Beneath the Surface*

Introduction: Gargarensis is about to open the Norse Gate, do the heroes have
enough troops to stop him?

Hmm...I think they do...but it's up to you to find out.

You start with two bases.  One is above ground, where ulfsarks are building
longhouses and temples.  The other is in Erebus(underworld), where your heroes
are waiting for more troops.  Your aim is to kill 6 fire giants, and you know
what that means.  That's right, get plenty of food and gold, and train a hell
of a lot of Hersirs.

Just west of your above ground base are some berry bushes, and you can also
build some farms.  Most of the gold can be found in Erebus, so take all your
dwarves down there.  To get to Erebus, select a unit, then right-click the Well
of Urd.

When you have at least 6 hersirs(and your starting ulfsarks and heroes), you can
start to move forward inside Erebus.  Take the path to the north-east(past the
lanterns), until you reach some fire giants.  Kill them, and continue along the
path. When you reach an open space, go south, and you'll get to some trolls and
throwing axeman.  There are more of these then there were giants, but you should
be able to take them.  By now, you may want to start calling in re-inforcements.

Continue east, and you'll reach the final ring of defences.  After killing the
trolls, throwing axemen, and Jarls, you could use your frost god power to freeze
the fire giants.  Just remember, when a unit is frozen, its defence skyrockets,
making it harder to kill.

When all the giants are dead, you win.  That's if you kill them before the gate
is destroyed.

29. Unlikely Heroes*

Introduction: Arkantos has been driven away from the gate and all seems lost,
unless the dwarves can reforge the Hammer of Thor in time.

Nooooooo!  Chiron is dead(yes, I'm addicted to Chiron).  This is the only time
you'll ever see dwarves build anything, except a farm, so enjoy it.

Some of your dwarves will start mining gold, some will start digging for the
hammer.  You should keep at least 5 on gold, so that you can get regular re-
-inforcements from the surface.

Soon after a few trolls attack your miners, Etiri will arrive in the eastern
corner of the map.  You should leave him there until you have dug up the hammer
piece near Arkantos.  If you must do something, there is an undefended gold mine
north-west of where they come in.

When the hammer head has almost been excavated, the enemy will break through the
rockwall, and advance.  Their army is huge, full of giants and Chimeras, and
you'll be lucky to destroy it.  When you have dug the hammer head, it's time to

For your first attack, I like to use a surprise tactic.  At Arkantos' side, get
all your dwarves, and tell them to go to the top corner of the map.  If they
make it, have them attack the gate there, and free some heroes.  Then, take your
regular army, and move them there, taking out any enemies on the way.

Now, move your other army in this direction, again killing the myth units on the
way.  It's easy to get lost in Erebus, so purhaps the easiest way of getting
where you want to go is right clicking that place on the map.  If anyone attacks
you, stop, kill them, then keep going in the same direction.

When you have cleared out all the paths to the top of the map, move your hammer
pieces.  Unless thousands of enemies suddenly appear, you should win.

30. All is not lost*

Introduction: With the help of an old friend, the heroes try to withstand the
fury of Gargarensis' counter-attack.

When someone says "All is not lost" and you're winning, then you know you're in
trouble.  This is a very hard scenario, and it takes a lot of practice to get
good at.

Follow the eastern path to the mining town Brokk talks about, and you'll see
a settlement.  Build a TC there.  You are given 10 minutes to build up your
defences.  The first thing you should do is put walls everywhere around your
canyon.  Then, build some temples, Hill Forts, and longhouses, and train as many
soldiers as possible in the time you have.  Also build at least 3 ballistas
(this requires you to get to the mythic age), and put towers in any raised areas
you can find.  Make sure you research Stone Wall at your walls, to increase
their hit points.

Place your healing spring somewhere near the TC, so that soldiers moving from
one wall to another can pass it.  Don't use the dwarven mine unless you really
need to, or are in the mythic age.

When the 10 minutes is up, you'll see an animation in which Gargarensis shows
off his huge army.  Then, the attack begins, and you need to survive for 20
minutes, until a secret assistant arrives(I won't say who)

Each attack is different, and each contains at least one myth unit.  This means
you need heroes, and all three different kinds of human soldiers.  Trolls are
also useful, because they don't go outside the walls, and therefore don't get
hurt.  In fact, all myth units are useful, because there are no enemy heroes.

If you need more population, there is a settlement south east of yours.  To get
to it, get some villagers to chop all the wood on the south-eastern side of the
cavern, and then train some extra soldiers to build the TC.  Don't use soldiers
from the walls, incase their wall is attacked.

20 minutes later, Odysseus arrives(surprise!)  Your journey isn't over yet, you
now need to get to Gargarensis.  To do this, get all your armies, combine them,
and then combine them with that of Odysseus.  Go north, from the centre gate,
until you reach a boulder.  Go west, around the boulder, and defeat the giant.
Ignore the wall, and continue north.  You'll probably be attacked, but with your
unfairly large army, that isn't a problem.  Just keep going forward.

When you reach the boulder wall, you are very close.  Go a bit further, kill the
cyclops, and enter the flagged area.  You don't need to kill Gargarensis, you've
already won.

31. Welcome Back*

Introduction: Arkantos must evacuate the citizens of Atlantis before they fall
before Gargarensis' army.

An odd scenario, with a very odd purpose.  Basically, you take a few villagers
far away from Atlantis, then bring them back, further inland, in the next

Anyways, you start in the middle of nowhere, with a lot of ships.  Atlantis is
--> way, towards the big black bit of the map.  To get to it, sail east.  When
you land, don't go to close to the Lighthouse, and don't move your villagers
near the settlement until you destroy both enemy fortreses.

Once they are down, start building a TC.  Watch out for the tower south of the
settlement.  After building a TC, build an archery range, stable, and academy,
as well as a temple.  Remember, you are Greek now.

Your next task is to get 15 villagers(not your own) to an offshore base.  You
are given line of sight to each of the prisoner camps, which contain more than
30 villagers in total.  You just have to choose which ones to attack.

Beware of Gargarensis' god powers.  Just because he uses one doesn't mean he
can't use it again(unlike you).

The first base you should attack is the one directly east of you, near a Citadel
It isn't the easiest to destroy, but any other mission to get to other prisoners
will pass this base, so you should get it out of the way.  You already have
enough troops to take it, so you can attack right away.  When you destroy the
Citadel centre, the prisoners become yours.  Make them walk back to your base,
and onto a transport ship.  They are never attacked, so don't worry about them
being killed.

The next prisoners you should save are those in the eastern base.  It is
surrounded by 4 towers, but your scarabs should make short work of those(scarabs
are living seige weapons, very good against buildings).  Again, get the
prisoners onto a ship, and they won't be harmed.

After freeing the second batch, go west, to the allied Citadel. You will
probably be attacked by some weak forces, but it isn't much.  From the Citadel,
go south, along the path, until you reach the Fortress.  You know what to do...

By now, you should have rescued 14 prisoners.  That means you need one more, and
it can be found --> way, along the path between the atlantean TC and market.
You need to destroy the enemy TC and temple to free the prisoners.  Once they
are rescued, get them offshore, and you win.

32. A place in my dreams*

Introduction: The final showdown between Arkantos and Gargarensis occurs at the
temple of Poseidon in Atlantis.

You start with...well...a hell of a lot.  Unfortuneatly, no wonder, and you
aren't in the Mythic Age.  Your task: to get to the mythic age, and build a
wonder.  Make as many villagers as possible (yes, keep clicking till you can
click no more), and make most of them collect food and gold.  Once you have
built a market, and got 1000 food, 1000 gold, you can advance.

Every now and then, your Norse and Egyptian allies will give you some giants/
anubites.  These are useful, because if you, like me, can't be bothered training
myth units, you can just use these =D

Once you are in the mythic age, you need 1000 of every recource, and 50 favour.
If you haven't trained myth units, you already have the favour, so you just need
to gather the others.

When the wonder is up, Zeus gives you the ultimate god power.  Use it on
Arkantos, and then attack the Posieden statue at Gargarensis' base.  Don't worry
about strategy, just attack, because Arkantos is now virtually invincible.

When the statue is killed, you win.  Do a little dance, watch the OK ending
sequence, and then read the other sections of my guide (nothing like shameless

==========================The New Atlantis - Walkthrough*======================

The New Atlantis stars Kastor, son of Arkantos, as he brings the Atlantean
people to the mainland.  He then encounters Greeks, attacks Norse, and steals
from Egyptians.  Kastor also walks on Mt. Olympus, unleashes the Titans, and
then tries to kill them all.  Eventually, everyone comes to the conclusion that
he was tricked, and makes him leader of Atlantis.

In this walkthrough I will generally use the words north, south, east and west.
North is up, south is down, east is right, and west is left.
Look carefully at the compass, and don't email me asking which way is west.
I know it's sad, but some people do that.

1. A lost people*

Introduction: 10 years later the surviving Atlanteans attempt to rebuild their

You are, somehow, in the Norselands. Don't ask me how, or why, but that's where
the Atlanteans got to when their island sank...all the more amazing seeing as
they don't have ships.

Your first task is to train an army of at least 5 murmillo.  Emphasis on "at
least" because there will be fighting, and you'll want to win the fighting, and
this may require more troops.  You can also train Arcus (archers)

Murmillos cost food and gold, so get your citizens working on these.  Unlike
regular villagers (or gatherers or labourers), citizens cost more than one in
terms of population.  However, they don't need a drop site, they gather
recources faster, they train slower, and cost more.  Altogether, it's hard to
believe that they are based on Greek villagers (seeing as the Old Atlantis was
Greek).  You shouldn't worry about getting wood, unless you want an army based
on Arcus.  Either way, you need gold.

Shortly after the scenario starts, you'll here a cry of concern.  "Wolves, watch
out" is the cry, and the best solution is to ring the town bell.  For some
unknown reason, wolves are always more ferocious when they are summoned by gods
or nature, then when they are hunted.  Kill these wolves fast, or you may lose a
building (I'm serious, think of Fimbulwinter wolves if you don't believe me).

With the 5 murmillos trained, you are told to find a Sky Passage.  A Sky
Passage is a special building that allows you to transport units from one area
to another, much like the "Shifting Sands" god power granted to Egyptians.  To
find the sky passage, take your troops (including Kastor, the Fanatics and
Destroyers) east, until you see a Longhouse owned by the "Savages."  They
worship Loki, meaning the Longhouse units will train surprisingly fast.  You may
have a fight on your hands.  Luckily, your Destroyers are strong against

With the first Longhouse down, take out the other two in the area, and you will
soon be attacked by a battalion of Throwing Axeman.  They are strong
against..well..all your soldiers; the only units they don't have bonus attack
against are your Arcus, and Kastor (because all the others are infantry).  At
some stage during this, Krios will supply you with a Fire Siphon; a siege
weapone useful for future missions.

Be sure to train a few citizens; you'll need 5 later on.

With the Throwing Axeman dead, continue east, and you'll soon be shown the Sky
Passage.  It's surrounded by barbarians, whom you must destroy, as well as walls
(which is why you have a Fire Siphon).  With the walls down, move in, and
destroy the enemy Hill Fort and Longhouses.

When everything is gone, you must garrison 5 citizens in the Sky Passage.  If
you have 5, this is easy, if you don't have 5, it's still easy (just train
them).	When you garrison them in, you'll see another piece of land (a much more
fertile area).  Build a TC there, and you win.

2. Atlantis Reborn*

Introduction: With the help of the Titans, the Atlanteans relocate and start to
rebuild the new Atlantis.

Your first task is to repair the two temples.  How?  Now is a good time to learn
to repair buildings (if you can't already).  To repair a building, select a
villager (or in this case, citizen), and click the "repair" button, which
appears to the right of the buildings the villager can build.  The "repair"
button has a picture of a hammer on it.  Now, click the building to repair.  Get
one villager to repair each of the buildings, and get the other three to collect
one recourse each.  Atlanteans gain favour by having TCs, do you don't need a
villager to collect it.

You will probably be attacked very soon.  Attacks will come from both sides of
the small cliff your TC is on, so you should spread your troops out, rather than
keeping the together and risking the lives of your citizens.

When you advance to the Classical Age, choose Prometheus, mainly for his god
power (which will be useful later on).  Advancing is your next goal (after the
temples are restored).  Each temple you restore earns you a Behemoth - a giant
myth/siege unit.  There are many more overgrown temples on the map, and
restoring them earns you more Myth Units.

When you are in the Classical Age, you are told to destroy the buildings in a
pass which can be found further south.  You can already destroy it (almost) by
using your Behemoths and Fanatics (fanatics are good against all human soldiers
except archers).

Another overgrown temple can be found by going east from your base, then south
along the water's edge.  Restore it (if you wish).  There is another overgrown
temple between you and the settlement you can see on your map, just west of the
enemy town.

When you are ready to attack, go west, towards the settlement, until you see a
relic.  Keep going in the same direction, and you'll come across an enemy Greek
town.  It's lightly defended, so be sure to destroy it before claiming the TC
(if you want to).  It's also a good idea to build a Sky Passage next to the
settlement, just in case you don't defeat the enemy the first time, and need re-
inforcements.  After defeating this town, use your valor god power on your army,
to turn all of it into heroes.  Heroes have more attack than their human

Take your heroic army onwards, towards the enemy town.  The easiest way to
destroy the buildings is to use your Shockwave power on the enemy soldiers, than
quickly kill them.

With the military academies down, you must move on to the Greek TC.  You've
probably got enough troops, and if you use your god powers again, the Greeks
will have no hope.  Remember to keep restoring temples!  When the TC is down,
you win!

3. Greetings from Greece*

Introduction: After feeling threatened by the Greeks, Kastor goes to Greece to
try and set things straight.

You start in an area with few recources, but lots of LOS.  You are told to
capture Plenty Vaults to gain recources.  The first one is to your east, take
your citizen there, capture it, and build a farm.  Farms never run out of food,
so you are guaranteed food forever.

With the Plenty Vault captured, you are told to kill General Melagius; a Greek
soldier.  You have LOS to his base - it's the area with lots of red troops, and
he's the hero standing in the middle.  Re-inforcements arrive soon, in the form
of a few murmillos and citizens.  Task a citizen on wood, and one on gold.

Just a note: you can't advance to the Mythic Age in this scenario.

Througout the map you'll see lots of statues of General Melagius.  Destoying
them gives you favour (you can't get it any other way), but they are usually
defended by Myth Units.

Just east of your base is an enemy fishing village. It's barely defended, so
destroy it early in the game.  The reward: favour, and the docks and market in
the village (once you destroy the statue of the general).  If you go north-east
out of the village, you'll soon get to another plenty vault.  This cave is
guarded by Polyphemus, a hero who'll attack you when you get his Plenty Vault.
There are also a few more cyclops in the cave, who guard a few sheep.  If you go
north from the Plenty Vault, you'll also be given an Underworld Passage.  It
connects to a cave full of relics, on the western side of the map.

The next Plenty Vault to claim is just north of your starting point.  Build a
towr/castle next to it, and rally all your troops here (it belongs to the yellow
team before you claim it).  It's time to attack.  There is another Underworld
Passage west from here (in the marsh).  Claim it, and pass your army through it.
From the other side of the passage, go east, get the Plenty Vault, then destroy
the General Melagius statue nearby (west).  There is also a relic nearby, which
increases the use of Myth Unit special attacks.

Go a bit further from the west and grab another Plenty Vault (it shouldn't be
guarded).  Now, go west, between 2 cliffs, towards a red military base.  You
might be attacked by a patrol on the way.  Continue west, until you see a gate.
Destroy it, then claim the Plenty Vault in town.  Leave through the eastern

By now, you should have enough troops to be ready to attack the general.  If
not, use train some (you should have a LOT of resources from all these Plenty
Vaults).  To get to the general, go east, following the path out of the most
recent town, and you'll soon see some Towers to your north.  Destroy them, and
go north west, to anther Plenty Vault, guarded by a medusa and some serpents.

When you've claimed the vault, go east, and destroy the gate.  Keep moving,
don't stop and wait, until you reach the area inwhich the general stands.
Attack him before his allies can back him up, you want to end it as quickly as
possible.  When he dies, an animation will play, and then you'll win!

4. Odin's Tower*

Introduction: With an Atlantean army, Kastor sails north to put the Norsemen in
their place.

You start on a small, enclose plateu, with no way off.  Somehow, you must
replace 3 Norse temples.  How?  Time Shift!

Time Shift is a special ability of the major Atlantean god Kronos.  For a small
fee, it allows you to move a building to any other place on the map where you
have LOS.  It isn't instant, (hence the "time"), so your buildings are vunerable
whilst being time-shifted.  Buildings that fire arrows also cost more to time
shift than others.

Get 3 of your citizens to get resources, and the other to start building.
You'll need a barracks and counter barracks, as well as at least 3 temples.  You
should also build a Palace on the eastern side of the plateu, but not to close
to the trees.  Finally, place your Oracle on the very edge of the plateu, so his
LOS extends well out of it.  If you can see enemy Hill Forts, he's in the right

DON'T be tempted to deconstruct the enemy Hill Fort.  Just don't.  No really,
don't.  I'm warning you...

At some stage in the game, Kastor will mention a Forest Fire.  The woods to the
east of your base will start burning, and the Norse will enter.  If you built a
Hill Fort (or any other building) near the trees, than it's about to go.  If
not, just destroy the Norse attackers.  You can now exit the plateu.

When you've got a decent force (including some siege weapons - destroyers and
behemoths), go north, and destoy the Hill Fort.  Don't deconstruct, just destroy
it, and the one just north of it.  Take out the temple to the east, and build a
TC on the settlement (if you feel like doing so).

The next place to go is north.  If you keep on keeping on (that means: don't
stop moving), you'll soon reach a town that belongs to the East Guards.  It's
defended by a lot of infantry, and some serious myth units, so don't attack
unless you have a decent force.  You should also keep an eye on your hero quota,
always make sure some of your troops are heroes (it's easy to forget about
heroes when you are Atlantean).

In the northern corner of the town you just destroyed, there's a relic.  Make
sure you get it, it's vitally important (it's a pegasus relic).  Get your
archers and cheroballista to attack the temple just east of this town, and
replace it as soon as it falls.

The rest of the scenario is VERY easy.  As soon as you get a pegasus, have it
fly to the first temple (the one you replaced).  From there, have it fly west,
to the middle one.  Deconstruct it, and replace it with a new one.  Take your
pegasus to the third temple, and do the same thing.  BAM! 3 temples replaced.

Your next task is to get Kastor close to Odin's tower.  To do this, get your
Pegasus near the western temple, so that you have LOS around it.  Use your
vortex god power, and Kastor should be teleported to somewhere near the temple.
From there, just walk north.  When you get there, you are given a Wonder
Deconstruction god power.  Use it on Odin's Tower.  When Odin's Tower is down,
you win!

5. The Ancient Relics*

Introduction: The Atlanteans go to Egypt to take something very important from
Queen Amnara.

Yes, you read right, Amnara, of Fall of the Trident fame, is now Queen of Egypt,
and Kastor, of The New Atlantis fame, is about to attack her.  But how?  Read on
and find out...

You start in a deserted area with a small force, and some citizens.  According
to an Oracle, you must get 4 relics inside your Temple of Kronos.  Each relic
will grant you the use of a God Power (you currently have none).

To start with, you need resources.  Claim the settlement across the river, and
you've got favour.  On the other side of the river (the side where you have a
TC), put one citizen on each resource.  Leave the 4th on your military side of
the river, and have him build a barracks, counter barracks, and a lot of towers.
You must defend the Temple of Kronos well, because you can't build another one.
You should also claim the settlement in your military area, but not straight
away.  The one in your economic area holds priority.

Fairly early in the scenario, the enemy will show their hand, in the form of god
powers.  The powers used are random, but they generally use Vision first (on
either of your bases), and then use Plague of Serpents if they can get a priest
into the other one.  This means that you should kill any priests you see ASAP,
if you don't want to deal with serpents.

Some pointers before you get the relics:
Remember your aim in this scenario.  Don't waste time destroying enemy
buildings, because you can't take all three enemies, and they will work together
if attacks.  Just focus on getting the relic, then leaving the town, so your
enemies have to come to your base for the relic.  All you have to do then is
defend your bases (who can say "Towers?")

The first relic to claim (and the easiest) is the Whirldwind relic, which is
located in the desert on the south side of the map.  To get to it, move out of
your military area via the western exit, then go south.  There will be a few
obelisks here, destroy them if you feel like it.  Keep going south (avoid the
walls and gate), and you should soon reach the relic.  When you get there, the
Oracle will say something worth noting, and then you'll be ambushed by some
animals of Set.  They aren't hard to kill, if you have a few heroes.  When they
are down, take your relic back to the Temple of Kronos.  You can now use

The next relic to claim is the Relic of Earthquake.  This is defended more, but
getting it will make the last two a heck of a lot easier.  To get it, exit your
base west (again), and go south.  This time, attack the gate (west), and enter
the town of Saqqara.  Don't attack their buildings, just keep going northwest,
towards the relic, and let them attack you.  You'll probably get hit by some
Scorpion Men, and animals of Set, somewhere near the relic.  Destroy the MS
guarding the relic, it'll make your life easier.  You can either walk the relic
back to your base, or put its carrier on a transport ship.  Just go north from
where you got it, and you can get to the water there (near the enemy dock).  You
can now use Earthquake

Relic #3 is the relic of Bronze.  Before going for it, make sure all your human
soldiers are at the "heavy" level, ie. you have Heavy Murmillos, Heavy Arcus

To get this relic, exit via the eastern exit, and take out the tower that's
very, very close to where you are.  Break the enemy walls down, and then cast
your Earthquake god power in the area where the relic is.  When the earthquake
dies down, move in, kill any survivors, and get the relic.  Easy?  I thought so.

Finally, you can go for the last relic: Ancestors.  Exit your base west, then go
directly east, directly towards the relic.  You'll meet some enemies along the
way, destroy them, using your Tornado if necessary.  The wall is a Citadel wall,
so it is very hard to destroy, especially when it's guarded by Phoenix.  Make
some Arcus heroes to deal with the flying myth units, and progress east once the
wall is down.  Take out the enemy TC and MS, using Tornado if you wish, and then
claim the final relic.  With the relic in the temple, you win!

6. Mount Olympus*

Introduction: Kastor returns to Greece to finish what he started.

It's dark...and cold..and full of snow.  Welcome to the home of the Greek gods.
Scared?  You should be, because you're about to climb the mountain.

Start off by taking to of your murmillos to the temple just north of you.  Have
them stand near the Cyclops statue, and BANG, they will transform!  More
reinforcements will arrive, and you can transform them into Valkyries (east of
where you started) or Cyclopses.  Don't transform your Fanatics, only Murmillos
(at this stage).

Now that you have a small force, go south east, towards the yellow shrine.
There are some Hoplites and Toxotes guarding it, destroy them with your diverse
army (protect the Fanatics from arrow fire), then destroy the Shrine.  You'll be
granted 2 Bolt god powers.

Take your troops north, towards the other shrine marked on your map.  It's
guarded by some Hippikons and Toxotes, and destroying it earns you a Curse god
power.  From this Shrine, go south, and destroy the gates.  Defeat the Toxotes
and Hoplites, and enter the flagged area.

You now have an Underworld Passage, and some more troops will soon arrive.  If
you haven't lost anyone yet, you should now have 3 of one Myth Unit and 4 of the
other.  Balance the numbers out (one Murmillo becomes whatever you have less
of), and take all your troops through the Underworld Passage.  Make sure you've
destroyed all the enemy buildings on the western side of the mountain.

On the eastern side of the mountain, take 4 Murmillos, and transform them into
Manticores (north).  You should have 4 of each Myth Unit, and it's time to
attack.  When the next reinforcments come, don't transform them, just move them.

Take your army south west, and take out the walls, and troops there. Destroy the
enemy buildings, and take your Murmillos to the temple to become Hydras.  Keep
going south west, until you reach a few ships.  Put some Hydras on the Transport
Ship, cross the water, and destroy the Shrine.  Your Argoes can kill the
Hoplites and Myrmidons guarding it.  You should be given a Traitor god power.

All future reinforcements should become either Manticores or Hydras.

Go a bit further west, and you'll reach the walls.  Don't attack, wait for the
enemy to come out, so that they aren't protected by their fortresses.  Use your
god powers as well as possible - Bolt their most powerful heroes, and use the
Traitor power on other strong soldiers.  Destroy the walls when you win this
skirmish, you can climb the mountain.  When Kastor reaches the top, you'll be
informed that something is wrong...and you'll win!

7. Betrayal at Sikyos*

Introduction: While Greece is being destroyed, Amnara and Ajax must save Kastor.

LOL!  Kastor's people hate him.  Technically, this is your fault, so get to
work!  It's time to save him.  Unfortuneately, there is a titan here, whose aim
is to make your job just that little bit harder.  But you want that, don't you?

You are playing as Egyptians, the Titan killers, as I like to call them.  Why?
As we know, Titans are Myth Units, which are weak against heroes.  Egyptian
heroes - priests - have a ranged attack, meaning they will NEVER have to get
near the Titan to kill it (something Norse lack, whilst Greeks can only have 4
heroes).  The Titan you are against is invincible (for now), but you'll have to
fight the Prometheums he throws at you.

Your first task is too build up a base, and hold out the Prometheum rampage for
15 minutes.  How do you do this?  Firstly, use your Citadel god power on your
TC.  Next, have three villagers start collecting gold from the gold mine just
south of you.  Put to villagers on wood, and two on food, and have the last one
build a Temple, then a Barracks, then an MS.  Have a priest empower the Mining
Camp where you are collecting gold.

You have LOS around the Titan. Use this to your advantage by having your priest
empower buildings, then move to the frontline when you see an attack coming.  Be
careful with your Son of Osiris, it's a devastating hero if used correctly, but
can't be healed.  Don't let it get attacked.  Finally, try to battle near your
Citadel TC, so that its powerful arrow fire can be used to your advantage.

At your temple, reseach New Kingdom, so that you can have 2 Pharoahs (more
heroes!).  Whenever there is a break in enemy attacks, use the time to have your
priests heal all your other troops.

There is a larger gold mine east of your base, just outside the trees.  Also, at
some stage during your defensive period, build a monument, even if you don't
plan on making Myth Units.  You'll need 45 favor soon.

Most of the enemy attacks will come from the west.  However, later in the
scenario, the attacks will start coming from the north, and in the last few
minutes they'll come from everywhere, all at the same time.  Plan accordingly.

When the 15 minutes are up, you need to make 3 Rocs, and send them to Kastor.
If you have gold and favor, that's easy.  The Titan will come towards your base,
don't worry about defending it.  You can't.  It's impossible to kill that Titan.
Just make sure you have 3 Rocs flying directly to Kastor's base.

8. Cerebus*

Introduction: Queen Amnara returns to Egypt to repair the damage.

For some strange reason, a Greek Titan is destroying Egypt...oh well, such is
virtual life (to edit a famous Aussie quote).

9. Rampage*

Introduction: Kastor and Ajax sail to the Norselands to stop a rampaging titan.

10. Making Amends*

Introduction: The heroes return to Sikyos to heal the Greek countryside.

11. Atlantis Betrayed*

Introduction: Kastor, Amnara, and Ajax track the evil that killed Krios back to
New Atlantis

12. War of the Titans*

Introduction: The Atlanteans must find a way to put back all that they have

==========================The Civilisations - in depth*========================

Some of this information isn't true in the campaign, especially the heroes stuff
It is accurate in Random Map games.


Greeks are the standard civilisation, and anyone who played any Age of Empires
game should be able to control them.

Recources: Greek villagers gather food, wood, gold, and favour.  Food is
deposited at a granary, wood and gold at a storehouse.  Greeks prey at temples
for favour.  Greeks have a favour limit of 200

Buildings: The following buildings are supported by each civilisation:
- TC - trains villagers, collects all recources, trains heroes(greek), priests
(egypt), and ulfsarks(norse), upgrades to next age, researches technologies,
supports 15 units (20 if fortified), can garrison units
- House -  supports 10 units
- Dock - trains ships and naval myth units, researches technologies
- Wall - protects your town
- Temple - trains myth units, trains pegasus(greek), priest(egypt),and
- Armoury - researches technologies that strengthen human soldiers
- Farm - infinite supply of food, farmed by villagers
- Tower - fires arrows, can garrison units
- Market - trains trade caravans, trades recources, researches technologies
- Wonder - a crowning achievement for any civilisation

The Greeks also have their own special buildings:
- Granary - collects food
- Storehouse - collects wood and gold
- Military Academy - trains infantry
- Archery Range - trains archers
- Stable - trains cavalry
- Fortress - trains elite units, seige weapons, and heroes, can garrison units

Human Soldiers: Greeks train infantry at the Military Academy, archers at the
Archery Range, and cavalry at the Stable.
Counter units are avilable from the Heroic age, at the same building as the
standard unit.
Infantry cost food and gold, archers cost wood and gold, and cavalry cost food
and gold.

Siege weapons: All Greek seige weapons are trained at the Fortress.  They cost
gold and wood.  They are strong against buildings, but weak against most other
units, especially cavalry.
Petrobolos are good against buildings and ships.  They have low accuracy against
human soldiers.
Helepolis are strong against buildings.  As well as firing ballista, they can
garrison units, and transport them across land.

Naval units: are trained at the Dock
Fishing Boat - collects food
Transport Ship - transports units across water
Trireme - Archer ship, good against hammer ships
Juggernaught - Seige Ship, good against archer ships, buildings
Pentekonter - Hammer Ship, good against seige ships

Myth Units: Every minor god comes with his or her own myth unit.  All myth units
train at the temple, and cost a combination of favour, and one other recource.
In the Archaic age, the only Greek myth unit is the Pegasus; a scout with no
attack.  Some gods also come with a myth unit that trains at the dock.

Heroes: Greeks can train one new hero per age, so in the Archaic age there is
one, in the Mythic age there are 4.  The heroes train at the TC or Fortress,
and only one of each hero can be alive at any one time.


Egyptions are different to Greeks in two ways.  One; they have a pharoah, who
can empower buildings, making them train units, gather recources, or attack,
faster.  Two; they gain favour by building monuments, the more monuments, the
more favour.

Recources: Egyptian labourers gather food, wood, and gold.  Food is collected at
the granary, wood at the lumber camp, and gold at the mining camp.  Labourers
can build monuments, which gather favour.  The favour limit is 100

Buildings: The following buildings are supported by each civilisation:
- TC - trains villagers, collects all recources, trains heroes(greek), priests
(egypt), and ulfsarks(norse), upgrades to next age, researches technologies,
supports 15 units (20 if fortified), can garrison units
- House -  supports 10 units
- Dock - trains ships and naval myth units, researches technologies
- Wall - protects your town
- Temple - trains myth units, trains pegasus(greek), priest(egypt),and
- Armoury - researches technologies that strengthen human soldiers
- Farm - infinite supply of food, farmed by villagers
- Tower - fires arrows, can garrison units
- Market - trains trade caravans, trades recources, researches technologies
- Wonder - a crowning achievement for any civilisation

The Egyptians also have their own special buildings:
- Granary - collects food
- Lumber Camp - collects wood
- Mining Camp - collects gold
- Monument - gathers favour
- Obelisk - provides enourmous line of sight, can't attack
- Barracks - trains human soldiers
- Seige works - trains seige weapons
- Migdol Stronghold (MS) - trains elite units and priests, can garrison units
- Lighthouse - provides enourmous line of sight, can't attack, can garrison

Human Soldiers: Human soldiers are trained at the barracks and MS.  The barracks
units: axeman, spearman, and slinger, are all counter units.  The slinger and
axeman are strong against their own type (archer or infantry), and the spearman
is strong against cavalry.

The MS units: chariot, camelry, and elephant, have various strengths.  The
chariot is a regular archer, strong against infantry.  The camelry is good
against archers, but is also counter-cavalry, so it has two strenghts.  The
elephant is only strong against buildings, and like the camelry, is weak against

Siege weapons: Egytian seige weapons are created at the Seige Works.  They are
very similar to Greek seige weapons.
The catapult is good against buildings and ships, but weak against cavalry.
The Siege tower is strong against buildings, weak against cavalry, and can
garrison and transport units.

Naval units: are trained at the Dock
Fishing Boat - collects food, can build Docks and Obelisks
Transport Ship - transports units across water
Kebunit - Archer ship, good against hammer ships
Ramming Galley - Hammer ship, good against siege ships
War Barge - Siege ship, good against archer ships and buildings.

Myth Units: Every minor god comes with his or her own myth unit.  All myth units
train at the temple, and cost a combination of favour, and one other recource.
The Egyptians have no Archaic age myth unit.  Some gods also provide naval myth

Heroes: Egyptians can train an unlimited number of heroes, called Priests, at
the temple and TC.  Priests can also summon Obelisks, and retrieve relics if
"Hands of the Pharoah" has been researched.


Norse are different to Greeks in several ways.  One: Their infantry, not their
villagers, build buildings.  Villagers can only build Farms, but they can also
be instantly transformed into Ulfsarks (standard infantry).  Two: Norse have no
drop point for recources, instead, they train portable Ox Carts, which is where
recources are delivered.  The TC still acts as a drop point.  Three: Norse gain
favour by fighting.

Recources: Norse gatherers gather food, wood, and gold.  All recources are
collected at the Ox Cart.  Whenever any Norse unit is fighting anything, it will
gain favour.  Norse Hersirs can gain favour, very slowly, without fighting.  The
favour limit is 100.

Buildings: The following buildings are supported by each civilisation:
- TC - trains villagers, collects all recources, trains heroes(greek), priests
(egypt), and ulfsarks(norse), upgrades to next age, researches technologies,
supports 15 units (20 if fortified), can garrison units
- House -  supports 10 units
- Dock - trains ships and naval myth units, researches technologies
- Wall - protects your town
- Temple - trains myth units, trains pegasus(greek), priest(egypt),and
- Armoury - researches technologies that strengthen human soldiers
- Farm - infinite supply of food, farmed by villagers
- Tower - fires arrows, can garrison units
- Market - trains trade caravans, trades recources, researches technologies
- Wonder - a crowning achievement for any civilisation

The Norse also have their own special buildings:
- Dwarven Armoury (Thor only) - a stronger armoury with special technologies
- Hill Fort - trains elite units and siege weapons, can garrison units
- Longhouse - trains standard human soldiers and Hersirs

Human Soldiers: Human soldiers are trained at the longhouse and Hill Fort.
Ulfsarks can be trained from the Archaic age at the TC, and from the longhouse
in later ages.  They are good against cavalry, and their attack improves in
later ages.

The throwing axeman and raiding cavalry can be trained from the Classical age,
at the Longhouse.  The throwing axeman is counter-infantry (although he uses a
ranged attack, he is still infantry, and benefits from infantry improvements),
whilst the raiding cavalry is strong against archers.

In the Heroic age, the Norse can train Huskarls and Jarls at the Hill Fort.
Huskarls are counter-archers; infantry who defeat archers.  They have high
pierce armour, so they are also effective against MS, Fortreses, Hill Forts,
Towers, and TCs.  Jarls are strong against archers and myth units, but they
aren't as strong against myth units as heroes.

All Norse human soldiers except raiding cavalry and Jarls can build buildings.

Siege weapons: Norse siege weapons are trained at the Hill Fort.
The portable ram is very strong against buildings, and it has very high pierce
armour.  Portable rams are slow moving, and are weak against infantry and
The ballista is strong against infantry, buildings, and ships, but weak against

Naval units: are trained at the Dock
Fishing Boat - collects food
Transport Ship - transports units across water
Longboat - Archer ship, good against hammer ships and buildings, generates
favour faster
Dragon Ship - Seige Ship, good against archer ships, buildings
Drakkar - Hammer Ship, good against seige ships

Myth Units: Every minor god comes with his or her own myth unit.  All myth units
train at the temple, and cost a combination of favour, and one other recource.
The minor god Hel (Loki - Mythic Age) provides three land myth units, aswell as
the Nidhogg god power (flying myth unit).  Some other gods provide combinations
of land and water myth units.

Heroes: Norse can train an unlimited number of heroes, called Hersirs, at the
temple and Hill Fort.  Hersirs can pick up relics, and gain favour without
fighting.  Loki's Hersirs can summon random myth units whilst fighting.


(completed with next update)

==========================The Pantheons*=======================================

Each civilisation has its own major and minor gods.  All strategies I give can
only be used in the Mythic Age.  Don't try them before you get there.


Greeks are a well balanced civilisation, who can either defend or attack.
God Power: Bolt - instantly kill another unit.
- Hoplite move faster and infantry do bonus damage to buildings
- Starts with 25 favor and has a limit of 200 favor
- Faster favor generation
Technology: Olympic Parentage - increases hitpoints of heroes.
Minor Gods: Athena/Hermes, Apolla/Dionysus, Hephaestus/Hera

God Power: Lure - creates a stone that attracts wild animals.
- Militia appear at destroyed buildings
- Using Market cheaper
- Fishing Ship and caravan faster
- Cavalry cheaper
Technology: Lord of Horses - improves cavalry line of sight
Minor Gods: Ares/Hermes, Aphrodite/Dionysus, Hephaestus/Artemeis

God Power: Sentinel - creates animated statues that defend a TC
- Dead soldiers may generate shades
- Buildings more hitpoints
- Increased building and archer attack
Technology: Vaults of Erebus - provides a steady income of gold
Minor Gods: Ares/Athena, Aphrodite/Apollo, Hephaestus/Artemeis

G1GGY's Pick
I like to play as Hades, because I mainly focus on archers.
Minor Gods:
Ares - better myth unit, more useful god power (especially when you want to
finish them off)

Apollo - better myth unit, Aphrodite's god power is useless

Artemis - strongest god power, and myth unit is OK

Strategy: sneak close to enemie's base (with any unit), then create Underworld
Passage back to my base.  Take one unit to enemie's TC, then summon Earthquake.
When it ends, bring my army through the Underworld, target Pestilence in the
enemy base, and destroy their military buildings (if they are still standing).


Egyptians are a more defensive civilisation, who shouldn't attack before the
mythic age.
God Power: Rain - speeds up farming everywhere on map
- Priests can empower
- Chariots and camels more hitpoints and faster
- Monuments cheaper and stronger
Technology: Skin of Rhino - increases villager armour and attack
Minor Gods: Bast/Ptah, Hathor/Sekhmet, Horus/Osiris

God Power: Prosperity - increases gold mining speed
- Monuments shield from god powers
- +3 population cap for Town Centers
- Improvements cheaper
Technology: Flood of the Nile - provides a steady income of food
Minor Gods: Anubis/Bast, Hathor/Nephthys, Osiris/Thoth

God Power: Vision - temporarily grants line of sight anywhere on map
- Priests can convert wild animals
- Pharaoh can summon animals
- Archers train faster
- Migdol Stronghold cheaper
Technology: Feral - improves hitpoints, armour, attack, of converted animals
Minor Gods: Anubis/Ptah, Nephthys/Sekhmet, Horus/Thoth

G1GGY's Pick
I choose Set, again because of his archers.
Minor Gods:
Ptah - much stonger myth unit, Shifting sands works well with Vision

Sekhmet - strengthens my archers, useful defensive god power (in case they

Thoth - Meteors don't hurt Phoenix, and are stronger than Tornado.

Strategy: Vision on enemie's base (I should have a rough idea of where it is),
then use Meteors to destroy most of it.  When the meteors stop, summon an army
with shifting sands, and destroy the rest of the base.

The Norse*

The most offensive civilisation, usually attack early.
God Power: Great Hunt - multiplies the numbers of a particular type of animal
- Human units regenerate
- Respawning ravens to explore
- Hill Fort units have more hitpoints
- Villagers hunt faster
Technology: Lone Wanderer - increases Ulfsark speed
Minor Gods: Freyja/Heimdall, Njord/Skadi, Baldr/Tyr

God Power: Dwarven Mine - creates a mine with more gold in later ages
- Special Armory available in all ages
- Dwarves gather food and wood faster (in addition to gold)
- Dwarves cheaper
Technology: Pig Sticker - increased attack and gather rate for villagers vs
Minor Gods: Forseti/Freyja, Bragi/Skadi, Baldr/Tyr

God Power: Spy - Target an enemy unit to see what it sees
- Heroes in combat summon myth units on their own
- Myth units cost less favor
- Ox Carts cheaper, faster, weaker
Technology: Eyes in the forest - improved line of sight for infantry
Minor Gods: Forseti/Heimdall, Bragi/Njord, Hel/Tyr

G1GGY's Pick
I play as Loki, probably because I always choose the "bad guy" gods =D
Minor Gods:
Forseti - yes, I know Norse are offensive, but this god's power and myth unit
prepare me for a counterattack, and trolls are strong when you go forward.

Bragi (land-based map) - Battle Boars aren't that useful (read the walkthrough),
but I get Mountain Giants in the next age, and his god power comes in very
handy.  Also useful for Ulfsarks, which I use a lot.

On a water based map, I'll choose Njord, and train lots of Kraken.  His god
power is also good for a laugh

Hel - the best minor god in the game, by a long shot.  Before anything else,
I'll research Rampage and Granite Blood, then start training instant giants.

Strategy: Fire giant attacks from far away, Frost giant freezes those who come
close to Fire giant, Nidhogg helps Frost giant from above, Mountain Giant,
destroys building which is spawning enemies, Battle Boar attacks those that
Frost Giant doesn't freeze, Troll assists Fire giant in making easy kills.

You can just tell I prefer Norse...


Similar, yet different, to Greeks (if you understand that)
God Power: Deconstruction(2) - Deconstructs any building, and returns recources
to owner.  Can be used twice
- Can time shift buildings to anywhere on the map he has LOS
- Siege weapons cheaper
- Myth units cheaper
Technology: Focus - speeds up Oracle's LOS growth
Minor Gods: Leto/Prometheus, Rheia/Hyperion, Atlas/Helios

God Power: Shockwave(3) - knocks back and stuns all enemies in a small area.
Can be used three times.
- Can build Sky Passages
- Shares visibility to all Settlements with allies
- Human military faster
Technology: Safe Passage - upgrades Sky Passages, allowing them to fire arrows
(as well as transport units)
Minor Gods: Oceanus/Prometheus, Theia/Hyperion, Hekate/Helios

God Power: Gaia Forest(4) - creates a forest of Aspen trees, which yield more
wood than most.  Can be used four times.
- Lush grows from buildings
- Enemies cannot build on lush
- Buildings regenerate hit points
- Fishing Ships, Caravans more hit points, cheaper
- Economic bonuses cheaper
Technology: Channels - increases Citizen speed and efficiency
Minor Gods: Oceanus/Leto, Rheia/Theia, Atlas/Hekate

G1GGY's Pick
I don't particularly like Atlantis, but if I have to choose, I choose Oranos.  I
dunno why...but I do.  Minor Gods:

Prometheus: Stronger myth unit, and he helps you make more heroes, which is
useful later.

Theia: Superior myth unit, god power is useful (prevents enemy god powers in
that area) and spawns more strong myth units.

Hekate: Awesome god power, and a really cool myth unit. Also has a myth unit
regeneration technology (use for Titans =D)

Strategy: Using Valor, make your entire army a hero army (as much as possible).
Place Theia's tree in the middle of your base, train 5 dryads, and go towards
the enemies.  Get as close to their base as you can, and create a Tartarian
gate.  Your heroes will destroy the Tartarian spawn that attacks you, but the
enemy will have to destroy the spawn AND the gate.  Bring in some of Theia's MU
(the bird), to attack the enemy, keep your foot soliders back from the gate, and
don't attack spawn.  Use Hekate's MU (chaos maker) to make it harder to kill the
spawn.  When the Tartarian Gate is down, move in with the rest of your heroic
army, and destroy what's left.


Titans are myth units that can only be created in the "Titan Age".  To get to
the Titan Age, you must research "Secrets of the Titans" (TC - Mythic Age - 800
food, 800 wood, 800 gold, 50 favor), and build a Titan Gate.

To build a Titan Gate, use the Titan Gate god power (which you recieve after
researching "Secrets of the Titans") somewhere in an area you can easily defend.
Task as many villagers as you dare on building it.  You should get at least 4
villagers or labourers, at least 3 Norse infantry, or at least 2 Atlantean
citizens.  When the Titan Gate is built, you get a Titan!

Titans aren't indestructible, but are very hard to kill.  The best units to kill
them with are heroes, especially Greek priests (or Arcus heroes if you're


I am often asked these questions, so I'm hoping that you'll stop after seeing
this.  If you have a question that isn't written here, feel free to email me
([email protected]).  Alternatively, you can ask on my forum, which can be found
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Q. Y0 dawg, Cn U hlp m3 w1t @0m?

A. No, I only help people who can speak english.  Note, if you live in a non
english speaking country, and your english isn't perfect, that's OK.  Just no
n00bish talk!
Q. Can you help with (insert game here)?

A. No, unless I've written a walkthrough/review on it.  Check my website for
games I've written walkthroughs/reviews on, and check the walkthrough to see if
your question is answered.
Q. Do you use NotePad to write walkthroughs?

A. No, I use TextPad by Helios Software Solutions (  It's good
for web-coding, programming, and walkthrough writing, and I recommend it to
anyone in any of those fields.
Q. In "4. A fine plan", Ajax is stuck near the tents at the bottom of my base,
and he won't move.  Why?

A. In the next scenario, the Trojans counterattack, and Ajax is surrounded.  It
wouldn't seem realistic if Ajax was at the Trojan gate at the end of scenario 4,
but back at base camp at the start of scenario 5.  As a result, he is useless in
this scenario, to add to the realism of the next one.
Q. In "30. All is not lost", when the animation shows Gargarensis' army, Ajax
says "We surrender...", but then I have to keep playing!

A. Ohh come on, can't you take a joke.  When he says "We surrender, come a
little closer!" he is indicating that he has a ballista, and if everyone comes
closer, he can kill them all with it.  He isn't literally surrendering.
Q. What's the Product Key for AoM?

A. I'm not telling you, in case Microsoft read walkthroughs.
Q. I'm playing Deathmatches, and I don't get my god powers as soon as I advance.
What's up with that?

A. Look to the right (-->) of the screen.  You aren't granted God Powers
straight away, but must wait a certain amount of time to get them.  In
deathmatches, you rarely get a Archaic god power before the Heroic Age. Note:
Secrets of the Titans is auto-researched when you are in the Mythic Age, so you
don't need to pay for it. To counteract that, you must wait to recieve Titan
Gate, as long as you wait for other God Powers.

Q. In "5. Just enough rope" Ajax can't move.  HELP!

A. You have an illegal copy of AoM.  Go buy one!

A. Look to the right (-->) of the screen.  You aren't granted God Powers
straight away, but must wait a certain amount of time to get them.  In
deathmatches, you rarely get a Archaic god power before the Heroic Age. Note:
Secrets of the Titans is auto-researched when you are in the Mythic Age, so you
don't need to pay for it. To counteract that, you must wait to recieve Titan
Gate, as long as you wait for other God Powers.


You don't have to read this, but the people I mention here would really appre-
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-CJayC and Gamefaqs(for originally hosting this guide)

-Any other site that hosts this guide(with my permission)

-Microsoft and Ensemble Studios(for making the game)

-The friendly community on the forums(who helped me out
with some technical problems)

-da_nut and the GameFAQs AoM message board community(I always learn something
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-R3AP3R(for being and editor)

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-And anyone who sent me any questions(I hope my answer helped)

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==========================The Last Word*======================================

These days, we all love a good RTS.  That wasn't the case 10 years ago.  Back
in the days of the NES, SNES, even the PSX and N64, everyone was playing arcade
RPGs(Mario, DK, and Wario all get a big mention).  Or, they were taking
advantage of the PSX's revolutionary graphics, and playing driving games and
shoot 'em' ups.

Then, in 1997, the PC made its fightback.  Age of Empires won more awards than
any other game that year, including "Game of the Year" from CNET (owner of  The year after, its expansion, Rise of Rome, won "1998 Best
of Show".  RTS games were back on the map.

Two years later, Age of Empires 2 was stunning audiences, proving wrong the
critics who said that no one could make anything as good as the original AoE.
And then, in 2002, we got Age of Mythology.  It just gets better.  And, being
backed up by Warcraft and Command and Conquer Generals, it's easy to see why the
RTS is the game you should be playing

That's all from me.  Keep playing, and I'll keep writing!


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