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Follow the dark path or use the light
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express Pack Shot

Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express



by maria_theresa


A G A T H A  C H R I S T I E ' S:
  Murder on the Orient Express


Platform: PC

Version: 1.0
Written by: maria_theresa (Maria Abramowicz)
Email: [email protected]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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1. Controls
2. Characters
   2.1 Manifest
3. Tips
4. Walkthrough
5. About the Author

1. Controls
This game, like most adventure games, operates almost strictly with the mouse.  
Use it to walk, interact, grab, etc.
Footstep Icon - Walk
Mouth Icon - Talk
Hand Icon - Grab
Gear Icon - Use
Ear Icon - Listen

Game menu - ESC key
Inventory menu - Right mouse button or On-screen inventory icon

2. Characters
Antoinette Marceau
The main character of the game.  She works for the Train Company and has a 
yearning for adventure.

Hercule Poirot
Famous and brilliant Belgian detective.

Greta Ohlsson
Swedish missionary who works with children.  She's very forgetful.

Marcel Bouc
Director of the Train Company.  Employer of Antoinette.

Princess Dragomiroff
Russian princess who is stately and kind.

Miss Schmidt
Princess Dragomiroff's assistant.  She's a little rude and unpleasant.

Chef Klaus
Highly-acclaimed German chef who works on the train.  Cooks meat exclusively.

Mr. Ratchett
American man who is brutish and makes crude remarks at you.  

Hector MacQueen
Ratchett's kind assistant.

Colonel Arbuthnot
Mysterious yet stoic man who has some sort of relations with Mary Debenham.

Mary Debenham
British woman who has secret relations with Colonel Arbuthnot.

Antonio Foscarelli
Italian who sells motor cars.

Cyrus Hardman
Muscular American who, as Antoinette suspects, is a commercial traveler.

Count and Countess Andrenyi
Very stylish, wealthy, and attractive couple who are madly in love.

Caroline Hubbard
Loud yet benevolent American woman.

Edward Masterman
Quiet British man who is Ratchett's butler.

Pierre Michel
The train attendant in the Calais Coach once you're on board.

The train attendant in the other coach.

2.1 Manifest
This is the seating manifest and shows what person is in what room on the 

Foscarelli and Masterman: Cabins 1-2
MacQueen: Cabins 3-4
Schmidt and Debenham: Cabins 5-6
Ohlsson and Marceau: Cabins 7-8
Poirot: Cabin 9
Ratchett: Cabin 10
Hubbard: Cabin 11
Countess Andrenyi: Cabin 12
Count Andrenyi: Cabin 13
Princess Dragomiroff: Cabin 14
Colonel Arbuthnot: Cabin 15
Hardman: Cabin 16

3. Tips
1. Whenever you grab an item, open your inventory and take a closer look with 
the magnifying glass.  Take an even closer look by pressing the eye icon.  This
is how you'll get extra clues about the items.

2. If you move your mouse to the top of your screen, a train picture will 
appear.  You can use this to bounce from one area to another quickly.

3. When talking to a character, try to say as much as you can before they no 
longer wish to speak.  If you click on one dialogue option, you almost always 
be able to say all of the others, so don't worry about not being able to get to

4. With most adventure games, keep a notepad handy.  The clues start stacking 
up and it's easier if you write them all down.

5. Talk to EVERYONE and click on EVRYTHING you can!  I cannot stress this 
enough.  In these games, even if one little thing is overlooked, you won’t be 
able to proceed.  Keep this in mind if you ever get stuck.

4. Walkthrough


(New Paltz, NY 1924)  The game begins with a cut scene showing a rundown house 
that is surrounded by police officers.  They order the residents to come out, 
and when they don't, unleash a string of bullets.  The 2 men finally surrender 
once the gunfire ends.

(Istanbul, Turkey 1934)  Antoinette is reading a document showing the detective
Hercule Poirot.  She is ordered by her boss, Marcel Bouc, to follow Poirot as 
closely as possible, making sure his needs are met.

Sirkeci Station

The level begins with Poirot walking away from you.  You're job is to catch up 
to him, but 2 men are blocking the path.  Click on the chef to speak to him and
he'll ask you which cleaver is the better one.  Pick the one in his left hand, 
and they'll let you proceed.

As you move along, keep clicking on Poirot and he'll keep moving away from you.
2 more men will be blocking the path.  Talk to them and they'll involve you in 
a debate about which type of ceramic is better than the other: Kutahaya or 
Iznik.  In order to settle the dispute, you'll need to go back a few screens 
until you reach the pottery vendor.  Grab one of the bowls and show it to the 2
men.  They'll move to the side, and before you go on to the next screen, grab 
a bag of grain from the stack on your left.
Poirot will once again walk away from you, leaving you with 2 older ladies.  
One of them has lost her parasol.  Go back a few screens until you find the 
feeding goats.  Go to your inventory, click on the grain, and then put your 
mouse over the goat until you see the icon that looks like a gear.  Click and 
the goat will move to eat the grain.  The parasol is behind him so grab it and 
return to the women.

Continue along until you bump into a larger woman named Greta Ohlsson.  She's 
lost and wants you to help her get to the train.  Instruct that she can follow 
you and move along until you hit the 2 men that are now blocking your way.  
Don't ask me why Antoinette can't just use the giant sidewalk and avoid these 
needy people, but oh well.  The 2 men will be talking about some statue and the
older man won't let you pass until he makes some rude comments.  Once he does, 
click on the doors to enter the station.

Move all the way to the left (the character's right) and you'll bump into 
Poirot.  Follow him and you'll listen in on a conversation before making your 
way to the ticket taker.  He'll take your ticket, but you'll leave Greta 
behind.  Walk up to the train attendant who's standing with Poirot.  Apparently
there are no more rooms available on the train so you're going to have to talk 
back and forth from the train attendant to Poirot until you agree that Poirot 
will have your room and you will share one with Greta.

Part One: The Facts

The level opens with a cut scene where you get a general idea about the 
characters.  You'll be able to talk to Poirot for a bit about each passenger.  
Once the dialogue is over, the chef will walk past you in a hallway complaining
that he has no bacon.  Keep this in mind as you exit the train at Belgrade.

Walking to your left you'll see a shadowed man boarding the train.  Walking 
even further, speak to the Colonel and MacQueen.  Speak to them briefly 
then continue to your right.  A woman will get up and walk away.  If you click 
to where she was, you'll conclude that she was seeing off the man who just 
boarded the train.  Continue along and speak to the 2 men here.  They'll tell 
you that the weather's grim but no match for the train.  There will be a cart 
of boxes behind you.  Walk over to them and click on them to see that they are 
from Serbia.  Go back and speak with the train attendant so that he can 
translate for you.  Take him to the same cart and have him translate each box 
until you find Chef Klaus' bacon.  

You are now back on the train.  Greta leaves to use the toilet and you're left 
in the hall.  Walk to your left until you reach the Salon Car.  You're going 
to want to get some equipment to listen in on the passengers, and this is where
you get it.  Walk to the back of the bar and grab everything you can which 
includes: 5 glasses and ice tongs.  Open the drawer and grab the tape and 
napkins.  Walk out of the salon car and back into the Calais Coach.  Take a 
glass from your inventory and put it against each door to listen in.  Some 
rooms will be completely quiet.  When you reach the last room, Michel will ask 
you what you're doing and believes your story about checking the rooms to make 
sure they are soundproof.  As he walks through the hall, click on the icon that
pops up.  This allows you to follow him to the Restaurant Car.  He'll find you 
following him, so go back to your cabin when he does.

Greta's back and the both of you decide to get some sleep.  The cut scene shows
that a large clump of snow fell upon the tracks, causing the train to stop 
abruptly.  The passengers are startled, Mrs. Hubbard threatens to sue, and 
Poirot is left with a sprained ankle.  As the scene ends, we hear a scream 
coming from one of the cabins.  You tell Greta that it's probably no big deal 
and you'll investigate it yourself.  Go to the door and click on the eye icon 
to peep through the keyhole.  Michel walks over to Ratchett's room, where the 
scream apparently came from.  He's now fine, but then you'll have to peep in 
the keyhole again when Mrs. Hubbard begins to complain that there was a man in 
her room.  Peep again when you here the loud crash.  You'll walk out into the 
hall where Michel will be asleep or reading.  But a woman dressed in a red 
kimono walks towards the Salon Car.  Click on the door to the Salon Car to see 
that it's locked.

Walk to Michel and ask him about the woman in the scarlet kimono.  He'll tell 
you that she seemed to come from one of the middle cabins (Ratchett or 
Hubbard's).  He won't know much about anything else.  You can try to click on 
the other passenger’s cabins at this point, but Michel will just yell at you to
leave them alone so return to yours.

The Murder

The cut scene shows that the passengers are becoming restless and irritated 
because of the delay.  Michel comes to your dining table to tell you that 
Poirot wants a word.  He informs you that there has been a murder!  
Mr. Ratchett in fact, but Poirot is too injured to solve the crime himself so 
he needs your help with the legwork, which you agree to with excitement.  His 
doctor, Doctor Constantine, will take you to the next room where Ratchett lies 

Search the entire room, grabbing what you can.  You should get the following: 
False teeth, handkerchief, gun (under his pillow), cigar stub, matches, small 
statue, sleeping draught (in his suitcase above), matchbox (in his coat 
pocket), hat, and pipe cleaner.  Don't forget to check all of these with the 
magnifying glass as well as taking a closer look with the eye icon once you're 
cycling through the different items.  This will reveal that inside the hat it 
says "Rev 13:18," and that the cup is smudged.  Don't forget to look out the 
window to see the footsteps.  (I spent forever trying to figure out what I was 
doing wrong and it was because I missed this step).

Talk to the doctor and he'll inform you of a few things: there may have been 
more than one killer, it's unsure whether the killer was right or left handed, 
Ratchett didn't struggle, and the time of death was roughly 1:15.  Go back to 
Poirot and you'll pretty much summarize everything.  You and he will conclude 
that the road match and cigar were Ratchett's while the pipe and flat match 
were someone else’s.  Also, he was not poisoned by the draught prior to the 

Poirot now wants to get the supplies necessary to read the burnt paper.  First,
go to the Restaurant Car (remember you can quickly jump to locations by putting
your mouse to the top of the screen and then clicking on the part of the train 
you wish to go to).  Walk to the end of the car and grab the lamp at the empty 
table.  Now return to the Calais Coach.  You're going to want to search each 
room now.  The first 2 cabins are locked, but cabin 5-6 is not.  Click on the 
hatbox, but it won't be of the right type to use.  Rummage through the 
suitcases and you'll end up with a little box and another handkerchief.  Go to 
your room now and take the wire hat frame from the hat box.

Don't bother going to Poirot or Ratchett's room.  Poirot's just hanging around 
and wouldn't want you snooping through his things.  In Mrs. Hubbard's room 
you'll find a letter in her suitcase as well as a button on the ground next to 
the door.  The Count and Countess' rooms are lock, but in the Princess' room 
there will be another wire frame in the hatbox.  The Princess also has a puzzle
box hidden in her suitcase.  This thing gave me a lot of grief, but here is the

Puzzle Box

There are 3 panels on the box: the smallest (one most in front of you), the 
longest, and the top.  The smallest panel has 2 panels.  
First, slide the top panel on the smallest panel to the RIGHT and slide the 
bottom panel to the LEFT.
Then, slide the longest panel UP.
Go back to the smallest panel and slide the top panel to LEFT and the bottom 
panel RIGHT.
Slide the longest panel UP again.
On the smallest panel, slide the top panel LEFT, the bottom panel RIGHT, and 
the bottom panel DOWN.
Slide the top panel to the LEFT.  

It's open!  Take the locket from the inside and go through the connecting door 
from inside the Princess' room to enter the Colonel's room.  In his suitcase 
you'll find a stack of pipe cleaners.  Go to the last cabin and grab the 
leather strap from Hardman's suitcase and the typewriter ribbon from the small 
box.  Don't forget to examine your items with the magnifying glass.

You are now ready to go back to Poirot's cabin and read the paper.  Grab the 
tongs when you enter his room.  You now have to assemble the contraption to 
read the paper.  Combine the tongs and burnt paper by going into your 
inventory, clicking on the items one by one, clicking on the gears, and 
putting them in the boxes.  Now put the lamp you got from the Restaurant Car 
on the table.  Place one of the hat frames on the table, then place the tongs 
with burnt paper over that, and finally, place another hat frame over that.  
Now use a match to light the lamp.  You'll see the words "Member - Little Daisy
Armstrong" which will trigger a cut scene describing the case of Daisy 
Armstrong.  This is the end of the first part.

Part Two: The Evidence

Broken Steam Pipe
Michel informs you that the steam pipe under the train has broken because of 
the avalanche and if unrepaired, everyone will freeze to death.  Before you do 
anything else, walk into Ratchett's room and click on Hardman who is outside.  
This will take you to the other coach.  Walk to where the train attendant is 
sitting and exit the train through the door.  Walk all the way to the 
Engineer's Cab and talk to the man there.  He's in desperate need of teeth so 
give him Ratchett's old pair.  He won't need them anyway.  Now go to grab the 
hammer, but when the man says he needs a replacement, give him the leather sap.
Now take the hammer, some coal, and exit the cab.  Look to your left and you'll
see the broken pipe.  

Time to get back to searching the cabins.  You're in the other coach now, so 
the cabins will be different.  In cabin 16 you'll see a broken radio.  In 
cabin 15, take the book and passport.  In cabin 14, take the snowshoes.  In 
cabin 13 take the passport and the piece of paper from his suitcase.  In cabin 
12 there's a little puzzle where you have to put together a piece of torn 
paper.  I can't really tell you how to solve this, but just align your corners 
first and then fill in the middle.  The top part is an illustration and the 
rest is wording.  The next cabin is locked, but in cabin 10 and 9, take the 
passports.  In cabin 7-8, you should take notice of the flower vase and the 
handle to the bathroom.  Take the pliers from inside a cabinet in the bathroom.
There won't be anything in the next cabin, but in cabin 3-4, take the gloves 
and passport.  There won't be anything in cabin 1-2.

In order to back into the Calais Coach, you'll need to exit the train and climb
through the open window which puts you in Ratchett's room.  It's time to fix 
the steam pipe.  Talk to Michel to obtain the keys to the Baggage Car and the 
other coach.  Enter the Baggage Car by jumping to the Restaurant Car and then 
walking forward until you reach the door to the Baggage Car.  Use the key from 
your inventory to open it.  Walk to your left and check each box.  You'll get 
some dialogue, some of "Quite interesting", and you'll be able to open the lid
from the nailed box with the hammer from your inventory.  Take the good pair of
snowshoes from inside the crate.  Check the clipboard behind you, take notice 
of the barrels of food products, and exit the train through Ratchett's window.
Now walk to the back of the train and then you the right into the woods.

Move along until Poirot tells you that you're going to need snowshoes.  Take 
the bound pair from your inventory, click on the gear icon, put the snowshoes 
in the right box, and separate the snowshoes from the wire.  Now place the 
shoes on Antoinette.  This part is full of paths, some of which are dead ends.
Go left at the rock, left at the deer, left again and grab the metal spout.  Go
back now and make all rights until you reach the wolf.  Use the gun to scare 
him away.  Continue right until you see another spout on a tree.  Grab it and 
go back a few screens until you're at the big rock.  Go left again, then left, 
right, and straight until you see another wolf.  Use the gun again to scare him
away and continue on.  You'll reach a fork in the road, but click on the eye 
icon that appears in the middle of the 2 paths.  Grab the item in the snow, and
you'll see that Antoinette finds a knife.

Continue to your right and you'll see a hut.  Get close to it and use your 
hammer to pop off one of the bars on the window.  Then use the bar to open the 
lock on the door.  You're now inside of the hut.  Grab the uniform and knife, 
and examine both items to get some important clues.  Use your pliers to take 
off a piece of the stove pipe and exit the hut.  To get back on the train, go 
down many paths, right at the deer, right again, then down at the rock.  When 
you get to the train, walk to the front of it and to the broken pipe.  Use the 
piece of the stove pipe on it and you have fixed the heat.  Boy are you handy!

To get some supplies for making fingerprints, go the buffet in the Restaurant 
Car where you got the lamp to light the burnt paper.  Grab the menu cards and 
the knife.  Now go to the kitchen and Chef Klaus will yell at you that he's out
of oil and vinegar.  Remember the barrels in the Baggage Car?  Go to them and 
use the glasses as well as the metal spouts to get a cup of each oil and 
vinegar.  Bring the glasses to Chef Klaus and he'll complain that there's not 
enough vinegar.  When he's gone from the kitchen, enter it and grab the meat 
cleaver.  Open the drawer under the loaves of bread and grab the baster.  
Inside the fridge, grab the orange juice, and grab the bowl full of batter near
the stove before exiting.

You are now ready to question the suspects.  Begin going through one cabin to 
the next and don't forget to get their fingerprints and passports.  This is a 
lengthy procedure, but ask every question you can.  In MacQueen's room, grab 
the documents from his files.  Debenham won't be in her room, but grab her 
passport from the table anyway.  In your room, take Greta's bible.  Don't 
bother talking to Poirot yet; you haven't collected all the passports yet.

There won't be anything in the Count or Countess' room, but take the passport 
and bracelet in the Princess' room.  She'll enter and you can question her now.
Talk to the Colonel and then to Michel.  There won't be anything in Hubbard's 
room.  When you're done with everyone in the Calais Coach, move onto the other 
one.  Use your key to enter the coach.  Now you have to search through the 
cabins here.  Take the passport in Lucien's room, there won't be anything in 
the Fireman's or Klaus' room, but when you get to Michel's, Hardman will be 
there trying to snoop through his belongings.  Question him and he'll tell you 
that he is not who he seems and that his real passport is under a table in his 
room.  Remember this for later and for now, just continue along searching the 
occupied cabins.  Doctor Constantine will just give you his fingerprints and 
then question Matteo.  Now onto Chef Klaus.  He's still in the Baggage Car, so 
go there to get his fingerprints.

The rest of the gang is in the Salon Car, so pop in there.  Debenham and the 
Count and Countess will all give you their fingerprints and answer questions.  
Mrs. Hubbard will be too angry to talk, so question and fingerprint the 
bartender instead.  Take the ice bucket and punch bowl from behind the bar.  
Move further into the Salon Car until you see Foscarelli playing cards.  He’ll 
also give you his passport and fingerprints.  You're not done yet with the 
collecting.  To get the Fireman's and Engineer's prints, you have to exit the 
train and go to the Engineer's Car. 


Walk back to the Calais Coach through Ratchett’s window.  Remember when you 
told Mrs. Hubbard you wanted to dust the door handles of her door that connects
to Ratchett’s?  Go to her room through Ratchett’s and click on the Eye Icon 
that appears at the handle.  In your inventory connect put the lump of coal and
hammer in the boxes when you press the Gear Button and you’ll get coal dust.  
Now do the same with the coal dust and turkey baster and you’ll get a turkey 
baster full of coal dust.  Take that and use it on the handle.  Now take the 
tape you picked up long ago and use it to lift the prints.  Do this to the 
window latch in Ratchett’s room.  That will do for now with the fingerprints.  

Go to Poirot and talk about the case thus far.  This is what we know: Mrs. 
Hubbard heard a woman in the middle of the night in Ratchett’s room (this may 
have been the woman in the scarlet kimono that we’re trying to find, Ratchett 
took less than his normal dosage of sleeping draught so he should have cried 
out when being attacked, Schmidt saw an attendant leave one of the middle rooms
who matches the description of Ratchett’s enemy: small, dark man with a high 
voice, MacQueen is the son of the District Attorney who worked in the Armstrong
case, the Princess is related to the Armstrong family.

Now we want to collect the rest of the prints, but first, let’s go find that 
safe we heard about.  Go to the Baggage Car and walk to the Security Door.  
Use the small key you found in Michel’s room to open it.  In the corner, click 
on the safe.  The combination is “6 – 6 – 6” which you can get from reading 
Greta’s bible and finding the passage that was in Ratchett’s hat.  To open the 
safe click to the left of the safe until the number 6 is under the arrow.  Then
click to the right of the safe and do it again.  Finally, click to the left 
again and the safe will be opened.  Take the letter from the inside.

Move onto the huge crate in the room.  Use the iron bar to open it and notice 
that inside there’s a makeshift bed.  Take the uniform and then click on the 
books.  Use the same fingerprint method you used before to obtain the 
fingerprints.  Before you leave, take the fingerprints from the latch on the 
crate.  Walk out the door and take the fingerprints from the handle on the 
Security Door.

Walk to where the crates are and click on the one that says “Two Pairs.”  
Obtain the fingerprints from this crate.  Now look above the crates of green 
items and see one that is missing a side.  Click on it and obtain the 
fingerprints.  Remember the flower vase and door handle that Poirot thought was
“Quite Interesting?”  They’re in cabin 7-8 in the other coach so go there and 
get the fingerprints from those items.

You’re not done fingerprinting yet!  Don’t forget to get them off the items in
your inventory.  To do this take the item you want fingerprinted and put in in 
one of the left boxes under the gear button.  Take the baster with coal dust 
and combine them.  Take the new item and put that in one of the left boxes.  
Now move the tape and combine it to get a fingerprint.  Do this for the 
tumbler, stiletto knife, broken snowshoes, and broken padlock.

Before we examine the fingerprints, let’s get all of our clues together.  Walk 
out through Ratchett’s window and examine the footprints.  You’re going to want
to make a mold of these and compare them to the shoes in people’s cabins.  Use 
the cake batter to fill the print.  You can’t pick it up with your hands so 
use the tongs and then combine the mold with the ice bucket you got from the 
Salon Car.  You can check each man’s closet to see which pair of shows matches 
closest.  Foscarelli is the man behind the prints.

Go to the inventory and match up the prints from the objects to the people’s 
prints.  This is what you’ll get: The Colonel matches the handle from cabin 7-8
in the other coach and the broken snowshoes, Greta matches those from the 
connected door in Mrs. Hubbard’s room, Foscarelli matches the window sill and 
the 2 crates, Michel matches the door to the security room, MacQueen matches 
those from Ratchett’s crate, Debenham matches those from the flower vase, 
Masterman matches those from the tumbler, Matteo matches those from the hut’s 
padlock, and no one matches those from the stiletto knife and books.

Go back to Poirot, talk to him about everything, and end the level.

Part Three: Hercule Poirot Sits Back and Thinks

As per Poirot’s instructions, you’re going to want to re-question the 
passengers.  Start of in the Salon Car and question everyone there (Debenham 
isn’t going to want to talk).  Now go to the Restaurant Car and do the same.  
You’ll learn some important things here: The Countess is directly related to 
the Armstrong case and the handkerchief with the “H” belongs to the Princess.  
Lucien and the chef won’t want to talk.  

Poirot said the re-search places you’ve already looked.  If you go to cabin 16 
in the other coach, you’ll see a man walk across the window.  Exit the car and 
you’ll see a cut scene where Antoinette is kidnapped and taken to the hut. 


Look out the window and notice that the padlock is out of your reach.  Look 
under the bed and grab the Princess’ parasol.  Use it to push the padlock.  Go 
outside and grab the padlock as well as everything that’s in the crate.  The 
only thing that will be missing is the key to the Security Room.  Go back to 
the train using the following directions: Down, down, down, left, down, right, 
right, down, and down.   You’ll want to tell Poirot about this so go to his 
room.  For some reason, you won’t mention the kidnapping; however, Poirot will 
urge you to use the ham radio.  First grab the letter from his suitcase and 
then go to cabin 16 in the other coach.

Fixing the ham radio is a bit of a challenge.  First, you need to make a 
telegraph key.  Combine the butter knife with the pliers.  Take the result 
(bent butter knife) and combine it with the hammer and nails.  Now out the key 
on the table.  Combine the copper wire with the pliers and put the result on 
the key.  Place the punch bowl on the table then fill it with orange juice from
the carafe.  Put the statue into the bowl.  Combine the copper bracelet with 
the pliers and put the result on the bowl.  Voila!  A working ham radio.

Turn it on and use the key to contact Barnaby.  Ask him all of the questions 
you can and he’ll get to it.  Turn off the radio, turn it back on, and call 
Barnaby again.  The following are the answers to your questions: Michel 
basically has no family, the actress Linda Arden had no husband, the Count is a
big wig in the Hungarian Diplomatic Corps, the Countess married him a year ago 
and her maiden name is Gilbert, the Colonel is serving in India, Debenham is a 
governess, MacQueen went to Princeton, Klaus accidentally poisoned some people 
a while ago but there were no deaths, Matteo stabbed someone when he was 
younger, Mrs. Hubbard is a big pain and files complaints everywhere she goes, 
Greta is who she says she is, the cook in the Armstrong house was Schmidt, the 
nursemaid in the Armstrong’s house was named Suzanne Ferrier, Chlamydia-Induced
Enteritis is an animal’s disease, Hardman has worked for his detective agency 
for over 15 years,  and Colonel Toby Armstrong was a big war hero.  

Go back to Poirot and tell him everything so far.  But everything is not 
complete just yet.  In your suitcase you’ll find the scarlet kimono and in 
Greta’s you’ll find a postcard from Coney Island.  Don’t worry about this since
you already questioned her about it.  Question Debenham in the Salon Car and 
the Countess and Doctor Constantine (who’s a veterinarian) in the Restaurant 
Car.  Now go back to Poirot and tell him everything. 

The Solution

Poirot will gather everyone around him and ask you to choose different answers 
to his questions.  He remarks that there are 3 solutions to this case. 

In the first solution pick the following: Threatening letter, Cyrus Hardman, 
Matteo and Doctor Constantine, the door MacQueen left open, the attendant’s 
uniform, Masterman confirmed Ratchett took only his half dosage, the stiletto, 
the torn letter, and the empty room in the other coach.   

For the second solution, pick: 1:15 a.m., in America, all, when he said the 
snow was bright, Ferrier, the steak knife, pipe cleaners, the handkerchief, 
the padlock, and the scarlet kimono.  This will show you that Mrs. Hubbard 
planned the revenge on Ratchett/Casetti, but there is more to this story.

For the third solution, pick: the engineer and the pile of books.  The case is 
solved!  Michel is actually Robert Perkinson, one of Daisy’s kidnappers.  When 
Casetti ordered her to be killed, Perkinson couldn’t do it, and Casetti killed 
Perkinson’s daughter instead.  His wife was so distraught that they took Daisy 
to Paris and raised her as their own.  His wife recently died, and Daisy has 
been the one sleeping in the security room this whole time.  Poirot now asks 
you which solution to tell the police and you choose the first: the one that 
incriminates no one.

6. About the Author
My name is Maria Abramowicz and I’m a 21 year old senior in college.  My 
favorite color is purple.  I usually write fiction, but think I’m going to do 
more FAQs when I can.  If you have any questions about this game, please feel 
free to ask and I’ll do my best to help.