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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Sims: Livin' Large Pack Shot

The Sims: Livin' Large

The Sims: Livin' Large Cheats for PC

We have 7 cheats on PC
We also have cheats for this game on:   Mac

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UnlockablesAdded 15 Jun 2006, ID #8767
During gameplay, press CTRL + Shift + C, and a prompt will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the cheats below to enable the code. Unlock 1000 Simoleons:

Add Family History Stat to Current Family:

Allow Visitors to be Controlled using the Keyboard:

Append Route Destination List to AllRoutes.txt when new route found:

Architecture Tools Automatically Set the Level as needed:

Begin Sim Logging:
Sim_log begin

Fix Lot Objects:

Flush to VM File when running Windows NT:

Crash Game:

Create Moat or Streams:

Create shrunk_text_#.bmp Files:
Shrink_text (font_size) (text)

Create-A-Character Mode:

Disable 'draw all animation frames':
Draw_all_frames off

Disable Floorable Grid:
Draw_floorable off

Disable Map Editor:
Map_edit off

Disable Preview Animations:
Preview_anims off

Disable Routing Debug Balloons:
Route_balloons off

Draw Dots at each Sim's Origin:

Dump Memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt:

Dump Most Recent List of Scored Interactions to a File:

Dump Motive Contribution Curve to a File:

Enable 'draw all animation frames':
Draw_all_frames on

Enable Floorable Grid:
Draw_floorable on

Enable Map Editor:
Map_edit on

Enable Review Animations:
Preview_anims on

Enable Routing Debug Balloons:
Route_balloons on

End Sim Logging:
Sim_log end

Execute 'file.cht' File as a List of Cheats:
Cht (filename)

Force Assert:

Import and Load Specified FAM File:
Import (FAM File)

Invisible Objects:
Genable_objects off

Load House:
House (house number)

Log Animations in Event Log Window:

Move Any Object:
Move_objects on

Prevent Browser Crashes:

Programmer Stats:

Quit Game:

Rebuild Control Panel/UCP from Scratch:

Refresh Character Texture:

Restore Tutorial:

Rotate Camera:
Rotation (0-3)

Save House:

Save Family History:

Set Event Logging Mask:

Set Game Speed:
Sim_speed (-1000-1000)

Set Grass Change:
Value edit_grass (number)

Set Grass Growth:
Grow_grass (0-150)

Set Lot Size:
Lot_size (number)

Set Menu Items to Appear for in-use Objects:

Show Tile Information:
Tile_info on

Show Personality and Iinterests:

Sim's Path Displayed:
Draw_routes on

Sim's Path Hidden:
Draw_routes off

Ticks Disabled:
Sweep off

Ticks Enabled:
Sweep on

Toggle Assets Report:

Toggle Automatic Object Reset:

Toggle Camera Mode:

Toggle Music:

Toggle Object Compression:

Toggle Sound Log:

Toggle Sounds:

Toggle Web Page Creation:

Total Reload:

Trigger Sound Event:

1000Added 22 Dec 2003, ID #3761
Bring up cheat bar(ctr, shift,c)
-1000 for a patched game=rosebud
-1000 for an unpatched game=klapaucius
ID #2861

Free Pizza

First press ctrl;shift;alt;c. You will get a cheat screen and type in (move_objects on) Then call the pizza man when he arives greet Him.Right befoe you pay go to buy mode and Take the pizza out ofhis hands.

ID #2856



green:angry or evil clone



yellow:oppiset stats


get rocket launcher and fire a rocket and when it comes down sell it with the move anything cheat.

move anything:move_objects on


$$$$$:rosebud ;!;!;!;!!;!;!;!;!!;!;!;]

keep going for more money

ID #2851

This is more of a hint, really, but anyway...

Do you have those annoying bits of un-even ground that the game wont let you flatten? well, just put the move objects cheat on (move_objects on)and you can modify any piece of land, even the land that is out of bounds! you can even place objects out of bounds.

(Note: This works on ALL sims games)

ID #2846

For unlimited money:

Press ctrl+shift+c to get the cheat screen. Then type rosebud and press enter. Press ctrl+shift+c to get the cheat screen again.

Type !;!;!;!;!;!; highlight it, and press ctrl+c to copy it.

Then move your cursor after the last ; and hold ctrl+v until it won't let you anymore to paste it.

Then backspace so you can type in a : after the last ! mark. Hold down enter until you can't get anymore money.

It will tell you "No such cheat" but hold enter anyway!

ID #2841

hello its me agian do you know when your leveling the ground the grass goes brown and if you want it to green again then hold down control shift c and write in grow_grass 100 150 or 200 100 makes it light green 150 makes it go dark green and 200 makes it go the darkest p.s if you look in a telescope for a long time your sim will get taken by alein aliens and come back with a new personality


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