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Follow the dark path or use the light
Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms Pack Shot

Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms

Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms Cheats for PC

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All Spy-Checking MethodsAdded 16 Feb 2014, ID #18226
Every single class has a spy-checking method other than beating them senseless.

Mad Milk will cover a spy in milk
Flying Guillotine causes spies to bleed
Boston Basher makes causes spies to bleed
Sandman will stun enemy spies

Rockets will explode if you hit a disguised spy, while rockets on normal allies will pass through them
Buff Banners will not buff teammates if it's a spy
Hitting a spy with the Disciplinary Action will not give you a speed boost

Flamethrowers, Flare Guns, and the Sharpened Volcano Fragment will ignite a spy on hit
Airblasts will knock them back

Grenades will explode if you hit a disguised spy, while grenades on normal allies will pass through them
Ullapool Caber will explode if you hit a disguised spy, while it doesn't on normal allies
Shields will stop when you charge into one

Huo-Long Heater can ignite enemy spies
A disguised spy eating a Sandvich you drop for them at "full health" is a give-away

Southern Hospitality causes spies to bleed
Pomson 6000 makes a distinct sound when you hit a disguised spy

Shooting a "hurt" disguised spy with the Crusader's Crossbow will instead make an impaling sound instead of healing them
If you manage to heal a Soldier holding the Equalizer or Escape Plan, it's a disguised spy
Healing with the Amputator will not cause the particle effect or heal disguised spies

Jarate reveals disguised spies
Tribalman's Shiv causes spies to bleed
Huntsman will make an impaling sound on a disguised spy hit

If your knife raises when you go behind a disguised spy, he's a spy

And the last one...

Simply bumping into a disguised spy will cause you to collide with them instead of passing through


Buddha INFINATE HEALTH !!!Added 10 Jun 2012, ID #17201
Go in adv opshons and enable console commands when done press the button to the left of number one on your key board that is console commands when you or playing OFFLINE type in buddha in console commands and that will give INFINATE HEALTH !!!
Gain an Ubercharge faster.Added 10 Jul 2010, ID #15139
Soldiers and Demomen can help Medics gain an Ubercharge quicker than normal by blowing up on themselves with rockets/stickybombs respectively. Medics get a faster Ubercharge fill rate when healing harmed players.

Hope this helped!
Put that Airblast to Use!Added 10 Jul 2010, ID #15138
Airblasting enemies to their death will gain you points.

This can be done in a few ways:

1: Airblasting them off a cliff when they are on low health will cause them to smash into the ground and die.

2: Airblasting them into a stage hazard such as the trains at Well and Freight will also net you a kill.

3: Airblasting them into a pit such as the ones found in Steel and Lumberyard will also net you a kill.

Hope this helped!
Sticky Jumping TipAdded 24 Apr 2010, ID #14894
When sticky jumping as Demoman, run and jump over the stickies and then activate them. It will fling you far, but make sure you don't fall too far or you'll die.

Also, contrary to popular belief, critical stickies do not damage you more than regular stickies when sticky jumping.
Faster Bulding as EngineerAdded 24 Apr 2010, ID #14893
While the building is being erected, hit it with your wrench over and over. It will cut the building time in half, therefore giving you faster buildings!
Revealing SpiesAdded 24 Apr 2010, ID #14892
There is a number of ways to reveal a spy.

Two ways to find out if there is a spy easily is to a) set him on fire with a Pyro's Flamethrower or b) hit him with Jarate from a Sniper. He will then be walking around with the aftereffects on him.

Sure signs of a spy:

Pyros on fire are a sure sign of a spy.
Scouts going slower than their normal speed are a sure sign of a spy.
Not being able to pass through your teammate is a sure sign of a spy.
Engineers standing by sapped buildings with shotguns, not breaking the saps, is a sure sign of a spy.
A Sniper's laser dot's size slightly increasing while going over a "clear" area is a sure sign of a cloaked spy. (Note: This is not very noticeable unless you are in a small tunnel or something ike that.)
"Friendly" Spies not flashing your team color when cloaking are a sure sign of a spy.
Demoman grenades exploding on nothing is a sure sign of a spy.
Soldier rocets exploding on nothing is a sure sign of a spy.
Someone with exactly 50% health.
Someone with your name.
Someone that is a class not on your team.

Possible signs of a spy:

A Pyro in water.
A Medic not healing teammates.
Someone walking backwards into your base while calling for a medic.
An offensive class (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy) not shooting at all.

Signs someone is NOT a spy:

Being able to walk through that person.
Bullets, grenades, rockets, etc. From your teammates go through that person.
Spy with a cardboard mask on his face. If your crosshairs go over this person, it should say "Disguised as enemy [class]".
Shooting at enemies.

Now go out there and take out some spies!
Scout SurvivalAdded 24 Apr 2010, ID #14891
Scouts can survive huge drops that other classes normally wouldn't. The secret to this is the double jump. Hit the jump key right before you hit the ground to bounce into the air and land safely!

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