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Follow the dark path or use the light
System Shock 2 Pack Shot

System Shock 2

System Shock 2 Cheats for PC

We have 3 cheats on PC

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Cheat CodesAdded 24 Feb 2010, ID #14683
During shoot mode hold 'Shift' and press the ';' key to bring up the cheat console and then enter one of the codes (without the quotes) and press 'Enter'. Opening the cheat console when the MFD is displayed will cause the game to lock up.

Maximum stats:
Type 'ubermensch'

ALL Psi Points:
Type 'psi_full'

Display Version Number:
Type 'show_version'

Create Object from Item List:
Type 'summon_obj (item name)'

Obtain indicated amount of Cyber Modules:
Type 'add_pool (number)'

Toggle Inventory Panel:
Type 'toggle_inv'

Cycle available Ammo:
Type 'cycle_ammo'

Toggle Compass State:
Type 'toggle_compass'

Toggle Query Cursor:
Type 'query (0 or 1)'

Toggle Split Cursor:
Type 'split (0 or 1)'

Jump the Player:
Type 'shock_jump_player'

Set cursor into Look Mode:
Type 'look_cursor'

Reload Weapon from Inventory:
Type 'reload_gun'

Switch Primary and Secondary Weapons:
Type 'swap_guns'

Toggle between Weapon Settings:
Type 'wpn_setting_toggle'

Bring up the Psi Power Selection MFD:
Type 'select_psipower'

Search and equip Weapon from Inventory:
Type 'equip_weapon'

Cycle equipable Weapons:
Type 'cycle_weapon (-1 or 1)'

Act like the 1-5 Level Buttons:
Type 'psi_power'

Open up an MFD by Overlay Constant:
Type 'open_mfd'

Stats Upgrades:
Type 'open_mfd 35'

Tech Upgrades:
Type 'open_mfd 36'

Weapons Upgrades:
Type 'open_mfd 37'

Psi Upgrades:
Type 'open_mfd 38'

Quantum Simulation Chip:
Type 'chip a'

Linear Simulation Chip:
Type 'chip b'

Interpolated Simulation Chip:
Type 'chip c'

Stop current playing Email/Log:
Type 'stop_email'

Clear existing Teleport Marker:
Type 'clear_teleport'

Bind Quick Slot:
Type 'quickbind'

Activate Quick Slot:
Type 'quickuse'

Use Object by Name:
Type 'use_obj'

Toggle Message History:
Type 'msg_history'

Play Unread Log:
Type 'play_unread_log'

Toggle Mouselook and Cursor Modes:
Type 'toggle_mouse'

Switch between Modes:
Type 'frob_toggle'

Simple Frob of Selected Object:
Type 'frob_object'

Simple Frob of Selected Object, in World or Inventory:
Type 'frob_object_inv'

Use an Item in Inventory:
Type 'interface_use'

Fire Weapon:
Type 'fire_weapon (0 or 1)'

Drag and Drop:
Type 'drag_and_drop (0 or 1)'

Drag and Drop:
Type 'drag_and_drop_frob (0 or 1)'

Drag and Drop:
Type 'drag_and_drop_mode (0 or 1)'

Save to Current Folder:
Type 'quicksave'

Load from Current Fikder:
Type 'quickload'

System Shock 2 cheatsAdded 14 Apr 2005, ID #6410
Maximize Statistics and Skills:
During game-play hold Shift and press ';' to bring up the console window, then type 'ubermensch' and press 'Enter'.

God Mode:
During game-play hold Shift and press ';' to bring up the console window, then 'undead' and press 'Enter'.
ID #2532

Press shift & ; a bar will appear. Type


assault rifle

standard clip

fusion cannn

heavy armour

chem #1 (Fm Fermium)

chem #2 (V Vanadium)

chem #3 (Ga Gallium)

chem #4 (Sb Antimony)

chem #5 (Y Yttrium)

chem #6 (Cu Copper)

chem #7 (Cf Californium)

chem #8 (Na Sodium)

chem #9 (Os Osmium)

chem #10 (Ir Iridium)

chem #11 (As Arsenic)

chem #12 (Cs Cesium)

chem #13 (Hs Hassium)

chem #14 (Te Tellurium)

chem #15 (Mo Molybendium)

chem #16 (Tc Technetium)

chem #17 (Ra Radium)

chem #18 (Ba Barium)

chem #19 (Se Selenium)

to get full stats type


to add cybernetic modules type

add_pool (no. of mobules)


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