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Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats for PC

We have 5 cheats on PC
We also have cheats for this game on:   Xbox 360

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Weapons - Frag Grenades// Cocktail Grenades!!Added 7 Dec 2011, ID #16771
Hey guys. It's Kevin here! I'm going to tell you about These Cheat codes On how to get the weapons (Titled)

1. Go On XBox Live

2. Level 1 Go to the alleyway

3. Pick up at least 10 Cocktail Grenades (May Work)

4. Pick up 5 Guns and exchange For FRAG Grenades!

5. WELA - You have your NEW UPGRADED Weapon's

Quick HealingAdded 3 May 2011, ID #16171
Use an adrenaline shot and then your medikit to heal. Doing this takes a lot less time to heal especially when you are dealing with a horde of zombies.
Defeating Hunters or JockeysAdded 15 Apr 2011, ID #16111
When a Hunter is jumping at you use the shove move to force him to stumble back preventing him from landing on you. Doing this will also work on the Jockey. This strategy however will not work for a Charger who is running, a Witch, or Tank.
Hidden Room in Dark Carnival Added 9 Feb 2011, ID #15875
The following video shows you how to access the hidden room in Dark Carnival which is similar to the Jesus Room in the original Left 4.

Watch the video
Developers Console Cheat CodesAdded 11 Dec 2009, ID #14480
At the 'Main' menu select 'Options' followed by 'Keyboard/Mouse' and enable the 'Allow Developers Console' option. Then during gameplay press ~ (tilde) to access the console window and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Set maximum range of Smoker's tongue attack; default is '750':
Tongue_range (number)

Set amount of damage done to survivors:
Z_pounce_damage (number)

Set amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire:
Z_witch_burn_time (number)

Change zombie health::
Z_health (number)

Change zombie speed:
Z_speed (number)

Toggle controllable Boss Infected on any map:
Director_no_human_zombies (0 or 1)

Toggle never ending panics:
Director_panic_forever (0 or 1)

Force panic event:

Full Ammunition:
Give ammo

Spawn Pistol:
Give pistol

Get ammo for primary weapon:
Impulse 101

Spawn automatic Shotgun:
Give autoshotgun

Spawn First Aid kit:
Give first_aid_kit

Spawn full Health:
Give health

Spawn Gas Can:
Give gascan

Spawn Hunting Rifle:
Give hunting_rifle

Spawn Molotov Cocktail:
Give molotov

Spawn Oxygen Tank:
Give oxygentank

Spawn Pain Pills:

Spawn Pipe Bomb:
Give pipe_bomb

Spawn Propane Tank:
Give propanetank

Spawn MK 47 Machine Gun:
Give rifle

Spawn SMG:
Z_spawn weapon_SMG


Toggle receive damage but cannot die:
Buddha (0 or 1)

Bot teammates shoot nonstop:
Sb_openfire or open_fire

No Mob rushes:
Director_no_mobs (0 or 1)

Disable third person view:

Remove ALL Bots:

Set damage for a Witch's attack does:
Z_witch_damage (number)

Toggle set fixed camera in third person or third person shoulder mode:

Third person view:

Over the shoulder third person view:

Set maximum number of regular Zombies:
Z_common_limit (number)

Set maximum Health of Tank:
Z_tank_health (number)

Set number of seconds until player loses control of the tank from not attacking survivors:
Z_frustration_lifetime (number)

Toggle if Bots can do friendly fire damage:
Sb_friendlyfire (0 or 1)

Disable ALL Wanderers, Mobs, Specials, and Bosses:

Spawn a Zombie:
Z_spawn zombie

Spawn active pipe bomb under you:

Spawn Special Infected:
Z_spawn (Boss name)

Spawn a Zombie Horde:
Z_spawn mob

Spawn Boomer:
Z_spawn boomer

Spawn Hunter:
Z_spawn hunter

Spawn Smoker:
Z_spawn smoker

Spawn Tank:
Z_spawn tank

Toggle No Clipping mode:

Toggle Witch to change targets or focus on the survivor that first alerted her:
Z_witch_allow_change_victim (0 or 1)

Toggle Unlimited Ammunition:
Sv_infinite_ammo (0 or 1)

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