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Trophies for Pac-Man World: Re-PAC

There are 41 Trophies for Pac-Man World: Re-PAC
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Windbag Loser
Defeat Windbag.
Sick of Magma
Defeat Anubis.
Space Explorer
Defeat King Galaxian.
Radical Racer
Defeat Clown Racers.
Back to the Scrap Heap
Defeat Krome Keeper.
The Real Deal
Defeat Toc-Man.
Family Man
Rescue your first family member.
Talk to all family members on Ghost Island.
Covered in Fruit
Collect all the fruit and clear a bonus stage for the first time.
Pirate Ship Area Maze
Clear all Pirate Ship Area Maze Stages.
Ruins Area Maze
Clear all Ruins Area Maze Stages.
Space Area Maze
Clear all Space Area Maze Stages.
Funhouse Area Maze
Clear all Funhouse Area Maze Stages.
Factory Area Maze
Clear all Factory Area Maze Stages.
Boss Mansion Area Maze
Clear all Boss Mansion Area Maze Stages.
Play Slots 100 times.
Activate a Fever in Slots.
Line up a Galaxian in Slots.
Beginner's Luck
Line up a pattern of two in Slots for the first time.
What Does This Key Do?
Obtain a Key for the first time.
Collect bonus letters for the first time and complete PACMAN.
Boom! Boom! BOOM!
Defeat 50 Enemies with Bomb Dot.
Pac-Dot Attack!
Defeat 100 enemies with Pac-Dot and/or Bomb Attacks.
Bowling For Bad Guys
Defeat 100 enemies with Rev Roll.
Tough Tushy
Defeat 100 enemies with Butt Bounce.
Big Eater
Get 1600 points by eating Ghosts successively. (Original Mode excluded.)
Ghost Hunter
Eat 100 Ghosts. (Original Mode excluded.)
Pac-Man Begins
Play original PAC-MAN.
Speed Racer
Finish Clown Prix in 140 seconds or less.
Space Ace
Clear the King Galaxian Episode with no misses.
The People's Hero
Rescue all family members.
Bonus Stage Master
Clear all types of bonus stages.
Eat 200 Fruit. (Original Mode excluded.)
Key Master
Collect all Keys.
P・A・C・M・A・N Master
Complete PACMAN for all stages with bonus letters.
Retro Gamer
Clear round 9 of original PAC-MAN.
Maze Master
Clear the Maze Marathon Mode.
The King's Crown
Get a Gold Crown in every stage.
Open Sesame
Get a Magic Key.
Get 99 or more extra lives.
PAC-MAN World Master
Collect All Trophies.