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Nobody Saves the World Achievements for Xbox


Achievements for Nobody Saves the World

There are 33 Achievements for Nobody Saves the World worth 1000 points
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10 The first of many
Upgrade an ability
100 Super Wiz
Reach max Rank on all Forms
15 Castle Crasher
Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Grand Castle
15 Crypt Cleaner
Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Witch Queen Catacombs
15 Did you try turning it off and on again?
Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Ancient Robot
15 Corporate Espionage
Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Secret Corporation
15 Alcazar Shmalcazar
Complete the Legendary Dungeon: Dragon Ruler's Alcazar
15 Baby's First Dungeon
Escape from Nostramagus' basement.
15 Nostramagus is Missing!
Locate Nostramagus
15 Squire
Join the Knights Guild
15 Licensed Acolyte
Become an Acolyte of the New League of Wizards
15 Lesser Peon
Join the Thieves Guild
15 Fine Form!
Customize a Form for the first time
15 Whaddya Buyin?
Make a shop purchase
15 One of Everything, Please!
Own one of every shop item in the game
15 Fairyly Small Reunion
Find 5 mana fairies
15 Pony Love
Experience true love
15 The Cactagon
Find the treasure beyond the Gulp
15 I'm talkin journalism, baby!
Do some journalism
15 The Light Expanse
Completely light the Dark Expanse
15 What does "#@$%&!" mean?
Learn the language of dolphins
30 The S is for Super
Reach max Rank on a single Form
30 I'm never taking this off
Reach the max upgrade level of a single ability
30 Passive-ist
Have a Form equipped with 4 Passives
85 A world so nice I saved it twice
Defeat the Calamity in NG+
90 Peak Performance
Reach the max upgrade level of all of one Form's abilities
90 Fairy Conservationist
Find the final mana fairy

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