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Follow the dark path or use the light


by AlexBowser

Zubo Walkthrough

Version 1.02 / 12 Mar 2009

[ZUBO0TC] ... Table of Contents

[ZUBO0TC] ... Table of Contents
[ZUBO0HO] ... Hosting / Authorised Websites
[ZUBO00V] ... Version History
[ZUBO00G] ... General Information about this Guide
[ZUBO00C] ... Combat
[ZUBO001] ... Walkthrough: World One
[ZUBO002] ... Walkthrough: World Two
[ZUBO003] ... Walkthrough: World Three
[ZUBO004] ... Walkthrough: World Four
[ZUBO005] ... Walkthrough: World Five (The Core)
[ZUBO00Z] ... Zubos (and where to find them)
[ZUBO00Q] ... Frequently Asked Questions


Copyright 2008 Alex T ([email protected]).

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

[ZUBO0HO] ... Hosting / Authorised Websites

The following websites *only* have permission to host this FAQ and its
updates. If you see it anywhere else, please report it to me at
[email protected]

[ZUBO00V] ... Version History

Version 0.8 / 24 Dec 2008: first version of guide. Walkthrough of worlds 2-5
complete, just world 1 missing. Most characters found.

Version 0.81 / 30 Dec 2008: added authorised websites list.

Version 1.0 / 01 Jan 2009: walkthrough of all worlds complete. More characters
found, just a couple of bots missing.

Version 1.01 / 12 Jan 2009: updated authorised websites list.

Version 1.02 / 12 Mar 2009: added the Zubos from practice mode and clarified a
couple of areas in the walkthrough. Added some extra Zubo locations.

[ZUBO00G] ... General Information about this Guide

Welcome to my first guide for a little known game, Zubo for the Nintendo DS.

I decided to write this guide because I realised no one else would. There was
no marketing spend on this title, it just kind of appeared (briefly) on a store
shelf somewhere, and then vanished...

And, as it turns out, Zubo isn't a bad little game. The pacing just isn't great.
The first hour isn't the best introduction - you start in one of the worst areas
of the game (Pop world) and the tutorial is a mess. However things pick up,
thanks to the neat rhythm-action battle system and in particular the combat
animations, which are genuinely funny. Later areas are a big improvement, both
visually and in terms of gameplay - there are some fun (if simple) tasks and
new characters keep turning up to keep the combat interesting.

If you can find a copy, it's well worth a look.

For the walkthrough itself, I've used compass directions rather than screen-
relative directions (up & down). That's because the camera can move around
quite a lot so "go left" can mean several different directions depending on
where you're positioned in an area. With compass directions, you can always
check the mini-map to see where you're heading.

I can be contacted at [email protected] Comments, feedback and missing
Zubo information always appreciated.

Enjoy the game!

[Thanks to John Strange for his info on the practice mode Zubos, and thanks to
all the other FAQ writers out there who inspired me to write this!].

[ZUBO00C] ... Combat


Combat is turn-based. Your team (up to 3 Zubos) gets first strike, and then the
opposing team (up to 3 Zombos) gets a hit, then you get a turn, then... you get
the idea.

Each turn, you can launch one attack only. It can come from any of your
characters though - just click on them to check out the different attacks. Some
characters will be more powerful against others, and this will be indicated by
a "+" or "-" mark by the character.

Every Zubo has 4 moves available, and most of them require Power Pills, some
more than others. Power Pills are earned through successful attacks. The more
prompts you match, the more damage your attack will inflict and the more Power
Pills you will gain. You can see progress towards these at the bottom of the
screen - a bar fills up, lighting damage and Power Pills as it goes.

To achieve the best possible result for the attack (i.e. full damage) you will
need to hit every single prompt Achieving this will also give your characters
a chance to get a "Lucky Streak" which allows you another go, immediately after
your current turn ends. It is possible to get multiple Lucky Streaks in a row,
provided you don't miss any prompts. Enemy teams can also get Lucky Streaks -
it's the same rules for both sides!


Characters earn experience and level up, just like an RPG. They only stats they
have are HP (hit points) and damage for the attacks, but both of these increase
by a fixed amount each level. There is a level cap at 20, but you'll unlikely
to reach this much before the end of the game. The experience award system is
heavily weighted towards beating opponents of a similar or higher level to your
own characters, so don't expect to develop super-powerful characters just by
concentrating on the same squad. You might as well swap the characters in your
squad around as you like, as they'll all level up to roughly the level of your
opponents pretty quickly.

Occasionally a Zubo gets a "move upgrade", although this isn't linked to XP but
to the number of 'perfect' attacks made i.e. attacks where you didn't miss any
prompts. This powers up the Zubo's attacks but also introduces more prompts
making it harder to achieve perfect attacks in the future.


As mentioned above, you're relatively free to mix & match Zubos for your squad
as you like, in terms of level - the lower levels will quickly level up
(provided they're not killed in combat!). However, I would advise you to keep
one Zubo of each type in your squad at all times. The 3 Zubo types are
basically paper-scissors-stone against each other.

[ZUBO001] ... Walkthrough: World One
To start with, you get a choice of a boy or girl for your character. This makes
no difference to the gameplay at all. The only changes are the costumes you can
buy in the shop (boys get astronauts & pirates, girls get fairy princesses),
and a different gender pronoun for referring to some Zubos (I think).

You fall out of the sky into a duckpond. Zubo 1 appears and introduces himself.
Follow the instructions and go across the bridge. You're informed the world of
Zubalon is in danger, and guess who is going to have to save it?  Click the
switch as instructed to open the gate.  Head through into River Fields to meet
Pinky, your first Zubo.  She gives you a new quest to find the Pop Stage.  Run
along to meet your first Zombo - you're going to have to fight him.  Zubo 1
explains the basics (see above for combat notes). Your first opponent is Boltz,
level 1. Throughout the FAQ I'll refer to opponents and their levels in square

After the battle, follow Zubo 1's instructions and heal Pinky.  Head along -
straight ahead there's a chest with Zubo money in it, which you can open if you
want. Then head across the bridge to the north for your second Zombo fight
[Rapella 1]. This should give you enough experience to level up.  Carry on
following the path round the corner to the west - Zubo 1 will give you further
advice about Power Pills.  Time to put it into practice in another Zombo fight
[Snooze 1].

Carry on west to recruit Rising Dragon.  He'll give you a new quest to find the
lever handle. This is pretty easy, just defeat the Zombo to the west [Ragz 2]
and open the chest he's guarding.  Pick up the lever handle and place it in the
slot in the ground by the door to the north.  Once it's been placed, just click
on it again to open the gate.  Quest complete!  Head through for another Zombo
fight [Boltz 1, Hunchy 2].

Once you're done, head round the corner to the west to meet Robo, who joins
you. Head a little further west for another explanation from Zubo 1 about Zubo
types, then put it into practice with your next fight [Kitty Bling 5].  Head
north along the path to the Pop Stage.  Quest complete!  There's a sleeping
Zubo, Rapella, on the ground, and three microphones missing from the stage.
There are also some Zombos walking around - you'll need to have three fights:
[Hunchy 3] [Dombie 3] and [Drakool 3] to retrieve the three mikes.  Once you 
have all three, head back on stage and click on three mike stands to put them 
back in their place.  Quest complete!  Head back to speak to Rapella.  You'll
need to wake her up by shouting or blowing into the DS microphone.  When she's
woken up, follow her to the northeast gate, where she joins your team.  Head 
through the open gate to the backstage area.

There are ZOmbos prowling around backstage, so take them out! [Alice 3, Red 3]. 
When you've defeated them, Kitty Bling will turn up and join your group. She'll
also give you a new quest, to rescue Shimmer who's been kidnapped and taken to
the north.  Head over to the trailer to the west to discover that Zippy has
locked himself in there - he won't come out until you've rescued Hunchy.  You
can also head into the other trailer to find a bed that you can click on to
heal up. When you're done, head north out of the backstage area to Middle

Head east along the path, then north, to run into another Zombo [Zippy 5].  
Head north along the path and you'll find a swicth - click on it to open the
gate back down the path to the west.  Head back along the path to the west - 
there's a Zombo fight to the north if you like [Rapella 6].  When you're done,
head along to the west for your first encounter with the boss of this world, 
Sleepy Head.  You don't actually get to beat him yet, but he teleports some
minions in for you to fight [Dombie 3, Ragz 5, Drakool 3].  This is a tough one
- take out Ragz as quickly as you can, as he's extremely dangerous.  After 
the fight, Sleepy Head will disappear.  HEad to the west, where you'll find a
locked gate to the north and the swicth to open it round the corner to the
south - flip the switch and head through the gate for a last Zombo fight before
the next area [Pinky 5]. 


Head on up to the T-junction, there there's a agte to the Horror Zone - you'll
need to find a key for this.  Head round the corner to the east, and you'll run
into a Zombo [Robo 5].  After the fight, head over the bridge to the east and
then head north at the crossroads, to run into Sleepy Head again.  He gives you
some more minions to fight [Snooze 4, Red 5, Alice 4].  The Sleepy Mist is 
preventing you from getting into the tower, and you're now going to have to
go on a lengthy quest to find someone capable of passing through it.  Head to
the east, and you'll find a chest containing a key to the horror zone.  Run 
back to the Horror Zone gate (south, then west).  En route you'll pass a shop
at the crossroads where you can buy extra healing items. Click on the gate to
unlock it, and run through to enter Horror House.


At the entrance to Horror House, Ragz meets you and tells you to go and meet
Dombie to the north.  To get there you'll have to fight a Zombo on the bridge
[Strike 5].  Across the bridge there's a new area, Dombie's Tomb - Dombie is 
waiting here and will challenge you to play his new game.  It's pretty simple,
just tap on the Zombos that appear, and avoid the Zubos.  The difference 
between ZOmbos and Zubos is pretty subtle, just the colour of their tunic and
the facial expression.  The number of Zombos remaining is shown on the top 
screen.  If you do well enough, Dombie will join you.  Once he joins you, head
back to the entrance to Horror Zone, then west to Horror House.  

Inside Horror House you'll find cobwebs that can be blown out of the way by 
blowing into the DS's microphone.  Click on the chest in the first room you
come in to, to find a portrait of Ragz.  Ragz is south directly opposite this
chest, and he gives you another painting and a quest to find five paintings in
total.  Around the house you can see faded versions of the painintgs on the
walls, so you can see where the paintings need to be placed when they are
found. One of them is right by Ragz, and another by the chest where the first
painting was found, so click on these to hang two of the five paintings.

Head up the stairs near the chest next.  You'll find another chest, with a
painting of Boltz, and some cobwebs to blow out of the way.  Inside the next
room is your fourth painting, one of Hunchy.  You can ignore the ghost running
around here - he doesn't harm you.  Go back down the stairs, past Ragz, and
take the door down to the cellar.  Keep heading down the stairs to find the
fifth and final painting, and also Boltz - you need to find four generators to
revive him. One is sitting right next to him - grab it and head back up the
stairs.  At the top of the stairs is another space to hang a painting, there's
another at the foot of the stairs leading up, and the final one is slightly to
the west of Ragz.  When you're done, head over and talk to Ragz, who joins your
team and gives you a new quest to find Hunchy.

Head west to leave Horror House and find a locked graveyard gate.  Head south
from here to Boulder Cliffs.  Head downwards.  As the name suggests, you'll 
need to dodge boulders!  There's also a Zombo or two en route if you want a 
fight [Kitty Bling 2] and [Shimmer 7].  At the foot of the cliffs is the
entrance to Stinky Swamp.


You're greeted by a pair of Zombos [Chip 6, Alice 6].  After fighting them, 
head across the bridge and along the jetty to Hunchy's tower.  Sleepy Head is 
waiting for you with some more Zombo minions [Rapella 6, Pinky 6, Shimmer 6].
With the minions defeated, head over the little bridge and open the chest to
find some money.  Then head through the door into Hunchy's tower.


Hunchy is asleep in the centre of the floor - you'll have to use the bells at 
the top of his tower to wake him up.  To do this, head up the stairs and click
on the bell.  This will wake him up - head back down to speak to him, and he'll
join your team.  Now you have Hunchy, Zippy will come out of her trailer, so 
you need to head back to the backstage area in the Pop zone.  Leave the tower,
where there's a Zombo waiting for you [Kitty Bling 8].  Head sout across the
second bridge to return to Stinky Swamp, then keep heading south into the swamp
itself.  You'll find a chest and a Zombo fights [Ragz 4].  Keep heading south
following the wooden jetty as it winds its way eastwards.  There's another
Zombo fight here near a T-junction [Green 5, Bubble 5].

Take the north path along the jetty to find a lever - flip the lever and it will
open another path to the south, back near where you came in.  Head back and take
this path, and you'll run into a Zombo fight [U-Bot 6, Tim Tom 6].  If you 
follow this southern path to the west, you'll find a strange Zubo, Ross Well.
He's particularly fascinated by cows, and will ask you a lot of questions about
them!  Then he leaves - don't worry, you'll be seeing him again later.  Carry
on south along the path to fight another Zombo [Steel 4].

There are several chests down this southern path that you can open for money 
and food.  Heading along the east, you'll run into another set of Zombos 
[Drakool 4, Hunchy 7].  Carry on round, then take the north part of the loop,
ie heading across the crossroads.  You'll run into another Zombo [Cinders 9],
but after her you'll discover a sleeping Zubo, U-Bot, on the ground.  Make a
noise into the DS microphone to wake him up, and he'll join your team.

Head back down and take the exit to the east marked "Pop Stage."  There's a
chest on the ground here with some notes on it, plus some stairs leading up to
the Pop Stage area.  Zubo 1 will give you some more training, then head through
to the backstage area.  Make sure Hunchy is in your party, then head over to
the left-hand trailer to bring Zippy out, who joins your team.

Now you're done, head back to the Pop Stage area and then east to enter East


Follow the path along here round the corner to the north, and you'll run into
enemy Zombo [Panama 5].  Carry on and you'll see a new Zubo, Chip, run away.
Follow him north.  At the drawbridge head east and you'll run into some Zombos
[Snooze 6, Red 6] and [Zippy 7].  You'll find Chip in the central area of this
little square - the entrance is on the eastern side.  You'll need to 
blow into the DS microphone to clear away the Sleepy Mist.  Follow Chip to the
south, and he'll join your group.

Keep heading south, heading towards the southeaster area where Sleepy Head is 
waiting for you. Defeat his Zombo minons [Ragz 6, Hunchy 9, Dombie 6].  Head to
the southeast of this area ot pick up the crank for the drawbridge, then head
north, and west back to the drawbridge.  Click on the post by the drawbridge to
put the crank on it, then rotate the crank anti-clockwise using the stylus to
lower the drawbridge.  Head over, and you'll run into a Zombo [Pinky 7]. Head
north into the castle courtyard and fight again [Zippy 4, Rapella 8].  Head up
the steps to the castle entrance.  One of your Zubos may point out the spinning
lollipop at the entrance - you can use the stylus to rotate this to throw out

This done, speak to Cinders at the top of the stairs.  Cinders needs help 
cleaning the castle.  Inside the castle take the left door and clean the 
splodge on the wall directly opposite the entrance to this room rubbing it with
the stylus in a circular clockwise motion.  Under the dirt should be a picture
of the King.  Head through into the next room and clean the table and two
bookcases, then head up the stairs and clean the rather disgusting bed.  The
bed will also heal your Zubos.  Head back down to the entry room, and Cinders
will appear to say thank you.  She gives you the key to the graveyard, tells
you to look for Drakool there, and then joins your team.  There's nothing
exciting through the right hand door, though you can have a look if you want.

Head out of the castle and take the west path to North Woods.  Sleepy Head is
waiting for you here, with some minions [Cinders 7, Shimmer 8, Chip 7].  When
you've defeated them, click on the switch just above you to the north - this
opens the gate to the west.  Head through and straight over the bridge, then
keep going west into Horror House.  Head through Horror House and out of the
south exit, then west to the graveyard gate, which should open as you 
approach.  Head through into the graveyard.


In the graveyard head over the bridge and your Zubos will tell you that 
Drakool has hidden keys in chests around this area.  Guess what you have to
do?  Straight ahead of you there are Zombos wandering around [Bubble 8, Kitty
Bling 8].  After the fight, head towards the area to the north and pick up 
the key to the large gate from the chest there.

Head back to the main path where you entered the graveyard and then go south
to find another chest containing a key for the small gate. Now you have both
keys you can go through the gate just north of this last chest (leading west).
Follow the path round north and one of your Zubos will see a ghost - you have
to light all the candles to get rid of it.  You can drag the flame from the
nearby torch onto the candles using the stylus - you can also drag the flame
from a lit candle to another candle.  When you've lit all three candles the
ghost will go away and you can open the gate to the north.  Head through and
Drakool will be waiting for you.  Unfortunately it turns out the ghost was his
handyman ghost, and you'll have to help Drakool out in his stead. Follow
Drakool around the corner to run into a Zombo fight [Boltz 10].  This fight
also gives the second of the generators you need to revive Boltz.

Head east to Drakool's keep - Drakool is waiting for you by the entrance, and
he promises to reward you for helping him.  Head inside.  You'll see a musical
organ in the corner - you have to play the notes in a simple 'Simon Says'
minigame to open the secret door.  When you've done this, Drakool will 
disappear and you can head through the secret door.  In the next room, you'll
find a bunch of chests and a Zombo fight [Neptune 8, Minotaur 8].  There's a
second Zombo fight lurking around the corner [Medusa 4, Clops 4].  When 
you've killed both Zombos, head out of the room and you'll find Drakool waiting
in the centre of the previous room.  He tells you the Zubo you need to find to
get past the sleepy mist is Snooze.  He also gives you the third of Boltz's 
generators, and joins your group.  Retrace your steps through the graveyard.
As you pass through the nearest gate, one of your Zubos will catch sight of a
Zombo with a generator - keep following the path and you'll catch him in the
grid-like area where you found the gate keys earlier [Agent Tux 10].  The 
generator can be found in a chest just to the north of where you fight him.

Now you have all four generators, head east to return to Horror House. Sleepy
Head is waiting for you with some minions [Thor 7, Medusa 9, Clops 7].  Head
inside Horror House and down the stairs to the basement lab.  You need to 
click on the four corners of the slab where Boltz is lying to place the
generators there.  When all four are in position, Boltz will be revived and
will open a secret tunnel to the Gingerbread House.  He heads through the
tunnel in advance - follow him into the Catacombs.


Immediately upon entering the Catacombs Boltz will join your team.  Follow
the path to the east and then take the branch to the north.  You should find
a load of spiders, and a superhero Zubo called Zapp.  Help him out by clicking
on the spiders to get rid of them.  He'll run out of the room when they are
cleared - follow him out and he'll join your team.  NOw take the other branch 
to the east and exit the Catacombs to the Magical Forest and Gingerbread

Red, a new Zubo, is standing in the corner of the courtyard.  She explains that
Snooze is trapped in the centre of the Labyrinth and you'll need to retrieve
the key from a nearby chest guarded by a dragon.  All you have to do to get the
key is walk very slowly up to the chest by the dragon's lair and open it.  To 
walk slowly, just keep you stylus close to your character, ie the centre of the
screen.  Once you have the key, walk slowly away from the chest and back to 
Red, who joins your team.  There's a little path to the north here, leading
to a shop and some goodies - stock up if you want. Head west and you'll run
into a Zombo fight [Shimmer 8, Pinky 8].  When the fight is over, carry on west
to the castle courtyard.


Sleepy Head is waiting at the foot of the castle steps with some more minions
[Red 7, Chip 10, Cinders 7].  When the minions are defeated, head inside the
castle.  Alice is waiting for you straight ahead, but you'll have to play her
memory game to progress.  This is basically pairing up matching cards - you
can't lose so take your time.  When you're done, Alice joins your team and
you can carry on north and go through the curtains behind the thrones. Straight
ahead of you there's a gate, which should open for you, and another gate
straight ahead which won't. Head to the west and you'll see a switch - click
it and then run very fast to the east, to another gate past the closed one you
just saw. Chances are you  won't make it first time, so plan your route
carefully for your second attempt. This can take a few goes but you'll get it
eventually.  Once you make it through you'll find another switch, and you'll
have to repeat the speed-running trick with another gate to the northwest.
Through this second gate is a third and final switch, but this one's easy -
it opens a door right next to you, where Snooze is waiting.  Snooze runs off
- you'll want to head after her, retracing your steps back south through the
castle towards Sleepy Head's tower.

Back in the castle courtyard Snooze is waiting for you - she heads off into the
sleepy mist and shortly returns, having cleared away the mist.  Snooze joins
your team.  Head west along the cleared path through North Woods and then north
at the crossroads towards Sleepy Head's tower.


As you approach the tower's entrance, Sleepy Head will appear and throw some
Zombos at you [Lumi 8, Invader 8, Voltz 8].  When you've beaten the Zombos, 
head inside the tower.

TOWER LEVEL 1 - Head straight ahead for an immediate Zombo fight [Whoosh 8,
Tiger 8]. Carry on for another set of Zombos [Chill 9, Zapp 9] then enter the
glowing purple circle which is a teleport to level 2.

TOWER LEVEL 2 - Yet another Zombo fight straight ahead [Ross Well 10, Jet 10],
and a further fight [Rising Dragon 12]. Proceed to teleport to level 3.

TOWER LEVEL 3 - Finally, Sleepy Head himself. Walk into the centre of the room
to prompt one of your Zubos to wonder "where is everyone?", and then head to
the southwest corner of the room to find Sleepy Head waiting [Dombie 10,
Mac 10, Drakool 10].  When you've beaten these guys, head to the central
pedestal to the north, and Sleepy Head will appear for one last battle
[Snooze 10, Chip 11, Alice 9].  Sleepy Head is defeated, and your true nemesis
is revealed - Big Head!

Meanwhile, back in the Level 3 control room, you'll see a sleeping Zubo in the
corner of the room.  Walk over to her and Shimmer will wake up.  The Zubos have
a little party, and then Shimmer whisks you away on the magical tour bus to
Mount Legend. However there's an accident en route, and you crash land...

[ZUBO002] ... Walkthrough: World Two


You find yourself in Gold Rush Gulch at the far southern end of World 2. Head
north going past a small pond.  There are some cans on the floor that you can
click to get some money.  Head further north to arrive in Gold Rush Gulch Town.
Head northwest to meet the sheriff, Star - you can recognise him due to the
huge hat with a sheriff star on it!  When he asks if you're up for the task of
being his deputy reply "Yes".  He asks you to clean up the cans lying around
town - keep clicking on the cans to get rid of them. Then go back and speak to
the sheriff again. You are now deputised.

Left of the saloon there are some cows who play a simple version of "Simon
Says" - ie you have to click on them to repeat the sequence they jump up and
down in, and it gets longer each time.  The sequence always seems to be the
same: 1-2-3-2-4-3-1-3-4-1.  Completing it gets you 100 Zubo dollars.

Slightly to the west of the cows, down the slope, is the sheriff's office, also
the Wild West landmark.  His prisoner is Little Beard, one of Team Seas'
pirates.  Talk to the prisoner to get a quest to find and return some "Wanted"
posters.  Talk to the sheriff again to get a quest to find Goldie in the quarry.
Now the path to the quarry to the west of the sheriff's office is open to you.
Head through to enter the lower quarry.


Surprise surprise, there are Zombos wandering around. [Zombo fight - Round Up

Heading slightly further north after the fight, you'll come to a blocked path
in the quarry.  Nearby there is a fire and a barrel of TNT.  Using your stylus,
drag the TNT across the screen to leave a trail of gunpowder from the blockage
to near the fire - but not actually on it - and then use the stylus to drag a 
spark from the fire onto the trail of gunpowder. The gunpowder trail should
catch fire and blow up the blockage. DO NOT drag the barrel directly onto the
fire! (There's also a pool nearby with some sort of shell in it that you can
drag around - it doesn't seem to do anything though).

If you head further north and stick to the right hand side of the path, there
are more TNT barrel blockages and a fire - use the TNT to clear these.  These
reveal more money and a chest.  In the centre of the lower quarry is a raised
area which you can access from its lower left corner.  This contains a chest
with the first of the Wanted posters in it. Head northwest from this to have
your first encounter with Icy Head. [Zombo fight - Sheriff Star 12, Goldie 9,
Skully 9].


After the fight, head north through the entrance to middle quarry -
confusingly, you'll come out of the north side of middle quarry.  Head south
and there's a Zombo wandering around this area [Zombo fight - Clops 10].
There's a raised area in the centre of the middle quarry with another Zombo
fight [Alice 10, Snooze 10] and some crates, one of which contains a Wanted
poster.  To the east side of the quarry there's another blockage that you
can use the TNT barrel to blast away to reveal the next area - head through
to the east to find Goldie and complete the quarry quest.  Head further east
for one of your Zubos to tell you there's nothing else to do in this area,
and it's time to head back to town.  There are more Zombos en route, fight
them if you want.  

Back in town, Sheriff Star is waiting in the street for you - he tells you
of another missing Zubo, Round Up, who is in Cactus Canyon to the east. He
also tells you he's set up a challenge at the back of the jailhouse - Tin
Can Alley - where you click on cans to blow them up.  A very easy challenge!
Sheriff Star then joins your Zubo friends.  You'll also find that the Saloon
has opened to the northeast of the town.  Can Can is inside, and she has some
more mini-games you'll need to complete before she joins your team.  These
are a 'pairs' memory game to the left, and a tin-shooting game at the bar.
Can Can then joins your team.

Head back to the cows to meet up again with an old friend, Ross Well, who is
continuing to indulge his cow fetish.  He finally joins your party.  Head to
the east to meet up with Goldie again, who's prepared some TNT for you to
clear the blocked entrance to Cactus Canyon.  Once you've cleared the
entrance, Goldie joins your party.


Enter Cactus Canyon and follow the path into a strangely snowy area. You'll
find yourself skidding all over the place here.  One of your party will
point out that this is probably Icy Head's fault - no kidding.  Slide around
the paths to find various crates and a couple of Zombo fights [Columbus 8,
Plunder 8] and [Ahab 10, Goldie 10].  In a crate to the northeast you will
find a Wanted poster.  Head towards the exit to the northeast for Icy Head
to pop up and throw some more Zombos at you [Can Can 12, Round Up 10,
Morning Sky 10]. Finish them off and carry along the path, out of the icy
area, and into Lonely Peak.


In Lonely Peak, you'll find a frozen pool and a pile of wood near it with
a big stick.  Tutorial Zubo will appear and teach you how to use the stick
to make a fire to melt the pool - this doesn't seem to give you anything
on this occasion, though.   Head further north to find another frozen pool
and a Zombo fight [Little Beard 5, Plunder 5].  Following the fight, melt
the pool and head further north to discover a frozen Round Up.  Finally, a
use for your fire-making skills!  Head all the way over to the right to
find a fire and a stick - nearby are several barrels of TNT leading to other
fires.  Use the TNT barrels to light each fire one by one - ie use the stylus
to pick up a barrel and draw a line of TNT from near one fire to the next
unlit pile of sticks, then drag a spark from the fire onto the TNT with your
stylus.  Once the final fire near Round Up is lit, he will thaw, and tell
you about Icy Head's tower appearing in the middle of the river.  Round Up 
then joins your party.

Head down the slope to the right, running into another Zombo fight en route
[Columbus 10, Ahab 10].  At the bottom of the slope is another frozen pool
(which you can melt), and a crate.  Keep heading down the slopes, past
another Zombo fight [Can Can 8, Goldie 8], and continue along the path to
Pirate Cove.

Pirate Cove has a Zombo fight waiting [Little Beard 9, Morning Sky 9].
After this, go to the north-eastern  side of Pirate Cove, where there's a
jetty leading out into the water with a shop on it - so you can finally 
spend all the money you've been collecting!  Most of the items in the shop
have now been unlocked.  

Just past the shop is a pirate ship.  Skully greets you as you board -
you'll need to answer the pirate quiz to gain his trust.  Tell him that
the Jolly Roger is a flag, that pirates wear a peg for a leg, that pirates
carry parrots on their shoulder, that the poop deck is the stern, that
there are two pairs of pants on the line, and that there are 35 pieces of
treasure.  As thanks for answering his stupid quiz you are promoted to
pirate deckhand and have to swab the deck (just wander around the ship
finding puddles of water, and use the stylus in a circular motion to mop
them up).  There's one to the right of where you enter the ship, one up 
by the steering wheel, and one at the front of the ship.  Skully now lets
you go below decks, and also gives you a quest to retrieve his sword.

Go down the stairs and talk to Captain Columbus, who will give you yet
another pirate quiz - fortunately only one question long this time! Tell
him that pirates bury and dig up treasure.  You'll then be tasked with
retrieving the captain's compass, globe and telescope.  He gives you a
spade to dig them up with.  To the left of this area are the captain's
sleeping quarters, where you can click on the bed to heal all your Zubos.
You can also head lower down the ship into the hold, to find Skully's
sword in one of three treasure chests.  Return to the deck to give
Skully his sword back, and have him join your party.

Heading back to the beach in Pirate Cove, your Zubos will point out a small
brown patch on the ground where you can use the stylus to dig. Keep clicking on
the patch to unearth a treasure chest with money inside. Progressing further
into the cove, you'll meet Plunder, who'll give you a quest to clear out all
the Zombos on the beach to the south.  Carry on past Plunder to the south to
enter Treasure Beach.


Here are several brown patches to dig up, as well as several Zombos to fight:

Fights: [Skully 8] [Little Beard 7] [Columbus 6] [Plunder 12]   
Treasures:  The first treasure can be found slightly to the southwest of the
entrance to the beach (telescope).  The others are in the far west (compass)
and to the east by the jetty (globe).

Once you have all three items and have fought all the Zombos (your Zubos will
tell you when this has been done), head back to the Pirate Ship, picking up
Plunder as a member of your team en route.  The captain will give you a quest
get Little Beard out of jail, and also tells you you'll need to retrieve the
final member of his crew, Ahab, from the beach to the north.  He gives you a
key to access the beach.  Keep heading north towards North Beach.

Just before you get to North Beach, Icy Head will pop up with an elite Zombo
squad [Round Up 14, Columbus 8, Plunder 8].  Head north across the bridge to
a locked gate - click on the gate doors to open them, and enter a new small
beach area.  A Zombo fight awaits you [Minotaur 12, Ahab 12].  After the 
fight, take a quick detour along the wooden jetty to the east and use your
stylus to rotate the skull's head lighthouse at the end of the jetty.  This
will melt an icy chest back on the mainland.  Head back to the chest and open
it for some more money.  Head north through to North Beach.


Keep heading up North Beach and you will come across a Zubo trapped in an ice
block (your Zubos will point him out). Rotate the 3 skull head lanterns
surrounding him, so that they all point their light beams towards him, to melt
the ice and free Panama. The ungrateful little explorer runs off in search of
treasure. Continue along the beach (you should be heading slightly west now),
to run into Icy Head & a Zombo fight (Medusa 11, Sheriff Star 13, Thor 11).

Once you have beaten off Icy Head's minions, continue along the beach, digging
up any treasure holes you find and fighting the Zombos. You'll be generally
heading west now towards Skull Island. It's a bit of a maze - the way you need
to go is straight up from the area entrance and then west along the beach (you 
will pass a sign to Skull Island along the way). Feel free to explore the rest
of the area for goodies though.

Zombo fights: (Shimmer 11), (Clops 10, Neptune 12)


At Skull Island you'll find more Zombos (Steel 8, Goldie 11). Defeat them and
head along the beach, until you come to another jetty leading into the sea.
Run along that to be reunited with Panama, who will enroll you on his treasure
hunt. More Zombos await - (Whoosh 10 and Morning Sky 13). Past them, Panama
will be waiting at the top of Skull Island (between the 'eyes'!). He has a
clue for his treasure hunt: "Only the worthy will find my treasure. For they
must walk, as light as a feather! The treasure you seek is in my eye. To reach
your goal, just make me cry!".

Head round the left 'eye' of the island, i.e. towards the west, and you should
see some light bornw patches on the ground just below the left 'eye' pool. Dig
these up to find a lever handle and a lever base. The digging unearths some
more water which I suppose just about counts as making the island cry. Anyway,
put the lever in the base, pull it and a bridge should appear leading to the
centre of the eye. Head along it, to find a chest containing a brass key, "The
Key to the Heavens". Panama will join your party. We are now done with Skull
Island, so head further south, passing along a jetty, and dispatching some more
Zombos (Mac 7) until you reach Mount Legend.

Your Zubos point out a locked gate to the north.  Click on the right place on
the gate to use the Key to the Heavens to open it.  This can take a few goes,
during which the game will tell you that you need to find a way to open the
gate - keep clicking, though, and it will open the gate.  You enter an open
area with a new Zubo,  Clops, just to the west.  He'll tell you that the clue
to opening the gates around here are the statues - these can be rotated using
thestylus to open the gates (Clops will run ahead of you through all the gates
you open).  Keep rotating the statue in your current area clockwise to open the
first gate - it will automatically return to its original position and at that
point the gate will close, so you'll need to be quick to get through.  Head
through to the next area to find more statues, and Zombos [Medusa 12, Minotaur
12].  Both statues on either side of the gate must be rotated for the gate to
open - again, just be quick getting through and there should be no problem.

Head through the gate and up the slope to find  yet more Zombos [Rags 12, Round
Up 12].  In this area, three statues need turning- two are by the gate, but one
is down a path to the west - do this one first, before running back to do the
two near the gate.  The next area will place a new landmark Sky Temple on your 
map.  Just to the west is another Zubo, Neptune, but he's been turned to stone.
After you've seen him, head back to the central area for Icy Head to appear and
throw some more Zombo minions at you [Thor 14, Clops 12, Medusa 12].  On
beating Icy Head's minions, Clops will be rescued and join the party. 

To open the gate to the north the four statues on either side of it must be
rotated so the colour of the head on top matches the colour of the body
underneath.  When this is done, quickly run through.  The statues are quite
sensitive  so it's quite hard to leave the last one in the right position, but
persevere and you'll eventually make it through back to the Sky Temple.


In the Sky Temple head up the slope past the swirling vortex, until you meet an
enemy Zombo team [Can Can 10, Sheriff Star 10].  Continue upwards, and about
two thirds of the way to the top you'll meet Medusa, who warns you not to look
at her and then runs away up ahead, telling you her mirrors have broken. If
you don't follow her straight away, you can explore the other path where, past
a Zombo fight [Skully 12, Red 12] there's a chest with some more money in it.
Otherwise, follow her to hear more of her story and get a new quest to retrieve
Medusa's sunglasses.  

Retrieve Thor's Lightning Generator from the chest and head back down the slope
all the way back down to the swirling vortex, where a Zubo hint icon will
appear. The hint tells you that you can use Thor's Lightning Generator to ignite
the flames outside the labyrinth.  Head over to where he shows you, and click
near the base to place the Generator.  Use the stylus to rotate it in a
clockwise direction to light one of the fires.  Run all the way back down out
of the entrance to the Sky Temple and across to the area to the west which is
the entrance to the labyrinth, where one fire should have appeared.  One of
your Zubos will tell you that it takes a bright light to get in. You can use the
stylus to drag the fire from one bowl to another - use this to easily light all
four fires and the door to the labyrinth will open.  Head inside, watching out
for the traps.

Head past the floor spikes down the stairs and take the first steep slope down
to the left, following the path round to the bottom and watching out for the
Zombo fights: [Agent Tux 15] [Rising Dragon 10, Can Can 10].  Once you've
reached the bottom, a Minotaur is waiting.  He wants you to leave - best
resolve it with a fight [Minotaur 15].  Once defeated, the Minotaur will join
your party and give you Medusa's sunglasses back. Run back out of the labyrinth
to Sky Temple and return the sunglasses to Medusa,  who is overjoyed and runs
off to rescue Neptune.  If you head back to the swirling vortex, Neptune will
be waiting for you there.  His pet clam has swallowed a Zubo (!).  Follow
Neptune back through the locked gate near the top of the Sky Temple, which is
now open. To get Clammy to open up you  and Neptune need to tickle her - use
the stylus and she'll open up.  Inside is Ahab, who runs off to his ship.
Neptune joins your party however.

Head back down out of the Sky Temple past the gates to the labyrinth, to where
Medusa stands nearby. Finally Medusa joins your party.  Keep heading down for
a Zombo fight [Medusa 14, Thor 14].  Once you've defeated these two Zombos head
south onto Ruined Road.


Follow the Ruined Road along past a Zombo fight [Panama 14, Skully 14], and
head down the slope past another fight [Jet 8, Zapp 8].  Keep following the
path and you will reach two pillars on each side of the road, with a shop next
to them.  After any shopping, carry on through the pillars to the Upper Quarry.


Icy Head is waiting for you in the Upper Quarry, with another fight [Morning
Sky 10, Goldie 15, Sheriff Star 10].  After the fight keep following the path
- there's only one way to go - and eventually it will take you down a slope
into the lower level.  Go across a bridge onto an area with some train tracks
and a fight [Bubble 14].  After the fight, carry on to the southwest, following
the road around over a bridge heading north.  You'll reach a  familiar sight,
TNT barrels.  As before, use the stylus to drag a trail of TNT with the barrel,
then use it to flick a spark onto the gunpowder.  The there's a bridge to the
east which can be followed to reach another area with a Zombo fight [Invader
10, Ray 15] and a crate that can be opened for some money.  When you've done
exploring, carry on with the true path to the north of the TNT.  You'll
encounter one fight en route [Ross Well 10, Green 14].  After the fight, carry
on and you'll reach Middle Quarry.


In Middle Quarry, you're back near the start of this world, but in an area you
couldn't reach before.  Take the exit to the east, to Eagle Camp.


This is the village where Morning Sky lives - head to the teepee in the far
south and tap on it to speak toMorning Sky.  Tell Morning Sky you're a friend
and she'll give you a quest to retrieve her stolen book of knowledge. The
thieving Zombo can be found just along the path to the west, but first you'll
have to fightsome Zombos [Agent Tux 15, Tiger 15].  These give you a Wanted
poster, but you'll have to carry on to find the real thief.  You'll come to
another barrel of TNT - light it as normal and fight the Zombos [Round Up 14,
Can Can 14], who'll relinquish Morning Sky's book.  Run back to Eagle Camp to
deliver it to Morning Sky. Tell her you understand her words, even if you
don't! She'll join your party - head back to where you found the book to
continue your journey.  Carry on along the path to Gold Rush Gulch, and you'll
find yourself back outside the Sheriff's house.  Now you have the spade, you'll
find you can dig up some of the patches on the ground.

Head south and one of your Zubos will remind you that Little Beard will have
gone to the Plucky Pearl and you need to head through Cactus Canyon to catch
him.  Cactus Canyon can be found to the east. Keep following the path into the
icy area until you encounter a frozen Little Beard.  Notice the TNT barrels
and fires around here?  Find the fire slightly southwest of where you started,
trace a line with the TNT barrel from the fire to the next stack of wood, then
light the TNT.  Repeat this until you've lit all the fires and Little Beard is
thawed - at which point he'll join your party.

Carry on east through Lonely Peak towards the Pirate Ship.  En route you'll
face some fights [Minotaur 10, Neptune 10], [Skully 8, Ahab 8].  Upon arriving
at the Pirate Zone, your Zubos will highlight the ship for you - head towards
it.  Back on the Plucky Pearl, Columbus will be delighted you've returned his
crew to him and will head below decks to the cannons - follow him and at the
cannon flick the spark onto the fuse to fire the cannon.  There are two
cannons to light, and once lit they'll blast the ice barrier out of the way.
Ahab will also join your crew.  You can now head off the ship and through the
hole in the ice barrier to the west.


On arriving in this new area, you'll see a trapped Zubo at the far west.  To
reach it, you'll need to fight some Zombos [Volts 15, Lumi 15].  Head north
past them and you'll find Thor, who will join your group.  Carry on to the
west, where there's a chest with some money in it.  Icy Head will be waiting
at the end of the path, and there's a fight [Robo 15, Tim Tom 14, U-bot 14].


You'll face a fight just getting in the front door here, with a Zombo wandering
around near the entrance [Chill 17]. Inside, make your way across the frozen
platforms, battling the Zombo goons [Medusa 16, Thor 16] guarding the place.
As you'll discover, the enemies in here are pretty tough so be sure to heal up 
between fights. After beating the first round of enemies you'll enter a glowing
purple square which is a teleport to level 2 of Icy Tower.

Level 2 is much the same as level one - make your way along the linear path,
pausing to beat the Zombos [Little Beard 14, Neptune 16] and then entering the
teleport to level 3.

Level 3 will have a very familiar pattern to it, except the Zombo fight here
is [Panama 20] (!). However, when you step into the teleport at the end of
this level, Icy Head will be waiting for you right at the entrance to Level 4.
He has a nasty selection of Zombos for you to fight as well [Clops 15, Minotaur
12, Neptune 12].  After them, there's another fight [Clutch 15, Snappy 15,
Ace 15] and yet another [Whoosh 14, Chill 17, Jet 14].  After defeating them,
Icy Head has a literal meltdown.  Following the cut scene, you'll be returned
to the top of the tower, the Ice Box.  Pick up the ship's wheel you see lying
around, and speak to Chill, who joins your group.  Head into the teleporter to
the southwest to be teleported straight back to the Plucky Pearl.  Speak to
Captain Columbus, and agree to depart.  Head up to where the missing ship's
wheel goes to return it to its rightful place - click on the post it goes on
to return it and you're en-route to the Core.

[ZUBO003] ... Walkthrough: World Three

Columbus finally joins your party.  Leave the Plucky Pearl via the gangplank,
heading south.  There'll be a shop straight ahead on the little island where
the ship is moored.   When you're done shopping, follow the other path onto the
mainland.  Tiger will be waiting to greet you - agree to help him.  There are
some patches on the beach which, as before, you can dig with your spade for
various goodies.  Explore to the east to find a jetty leading into the water
and some Zombos guarding it [Tim Tom 10, U-bot 10].  After the fight keep
following the path to a little island, where there's a stone pillar with a
large blue gem (the statue's eye) set in it. Click on the eye to pick it up.
Head back west to the main island and up a green slope onto the green central
area, to find another statue's eye and a Zombo fight [Voltz 16, Lumi 16].  You
then have to fight again [Robo 18].  The third and final statue eye can be
found up another grassy slope just to the east of the locked gates.  Once you
have all three eyes head over to the gates and click on the empty statue eye
sockets to place the gems in them.  The gates will open and Tiger will join
your team.  

Continue through the gates to the Steamy Jungle.  Head along the Steamy
Jungle path to meet your new adversary, Tech Head.  He'll send in Zombos to
fight you [Invader 12, Ray 17, Bubble 12].  After the fight keep following
the path and you'll meet Mac.  He's part of Team Super, and he's been locked
out of their secret base inside a volcano - you have to find a way to get in.
Head west along a wooden bridge to find a catapult - unfortunately it's
missing a handle, and you get a new quest to find it.  Head south to find
another bridge, head down it and you'll reach an open area with a shop at one
end (to the north) and a chest containing the wooden handle you're after to the
northeast.  There are also some Zombos guarding this area [Invader 15 and Ross
well 15] [Invader 15, Ross Well 17] and (Tech Head is teleporting Zombos in!)
[Tim Tom 16, Green 16].  After winning, head back up the slope to the catapult.
Wind the handle ANTI-clockwise to prime the catapult and Tiger will jump on.
Click on the lever nearby to fire Tiger from the catapult - run after her and
the gates will open.  Head through the gates into Team Hero's training camp.

To progress further you'll need to undertake the hero training course to the
east.  Head on through to the assault course.  Steel meets you and challenges
you to a race around the assault course.  Run after him to the north, and then
east across a bridge.  You'll be faced with your first task, some spiders. Tap
on them with the stylus to flip them over.  Follow the course onwards and
you'll catch up with Steel, who'll be waiting to warn you about the next
section - it's a boulder trap.  Head down the slope to the west to avoid 
the boulders.  Steel's waiting at the bottom of this section too,.  Head
towards the chest he points out to you to collect the key to the volcano, then
click on the nearby lever to start the spikes moving.  Some Zombos will appear
[Jet 14, Tiger 14].  Head to the southeast to find the spikes - the trick to
getting through them is to shuffle very close to them, then start running the
instant they begin lowering.  There are three spikes to navigate, and then
another Zombo fight [Whoosh 16, Zapp 16].  Head west across the bridge to meet
up with Steel outside a drawbridge - all you have to do is turn the wheel ANTI-
clockwise using the stylus to lower the drawbridge.  Run across the bridge and
you'll meet your new best enemy, Tech Head, who'll throw his second bunch of
minions your way [Invader 12, Ray 17, Bubble 12].  When you beat the minions,
Steel will be so impressed he'll join your team.  Head up the nearby slope to
the northwest and click on the palisade to lower it.  Head through and back
west to meet up again with Mac at the Steamy Jungle crossroads.  Click on the
gate just to the north of Mac to open the path to the Super volcano. Mac will
join your team.


Your Zubos will point out that the Zombos have laid on a few traps for you.
Head up the slope into your first Zombo fight [Chill 18].  Run to the west to
find a catapult and pull the lever - it will get rid of one of the Zombo traps.
Over the nearby bridge to the south there's a treasure chest and another fight
[Mac 12, Steel 16].  Head north towards the slope that the trap's just been
removed from.  You may encounter a Zombo fight around here [Ray 15].  In the
next area, Tech Head will be waiting for you to the west at the foot of another
slope.  He has yet more minions for you to fight [Lumi 14, U-bot 18, Voltz 14].
Tech Head will go away to sulk, but he lets slip that he's on the moon.  You
should run up the nearby slope. Here you'll find a cannon with its fuse just
waiting to be lit.  Drag a spark from the nearby fire onto it, and it will
blast another of Tech head's traps out of the way.  Near the cannon is another
bridge, head across this and you'll meet another member of Team Super, Jet,
who will join you.  Now head back down the slope and round the path to the
east.  After another Zombo fight  [Panama 14, Agent Tux 17], keep following
the rocky path and you'll come to another slope, the one you just dislodged the
boulder trap from with the cannon.   Head across the bridge and Tiger will meet
you.  The entrance to the secret base is behind the waterfall.  A chest with
goodies is just to the west - when you're done, head straight into the base.


Agent Tux will greet you inside the base and gives you a new quest to collect
five batteries and place them in various slots.  Agent Tux joins your team.
Head up the stairs and through the volcano entrance to the northwest in search
of the batteries.


Head up the slope and Whoosh will greet you - she'll tell you she's hidden the
batteries in rock-hard boulders.  Thanks, Whoosh.  One of these boulders is
right behind her - tap on it and it will split in two, like the world's softest
boulder, revealing a battery.  Head to the east, avoiding the lava flow, and
run into a Zombo fight [Whoosh 17, Rising Dragon 17].  Just around the corner
- don't head up the slope here yet - you'll find another rock, with a battery
inside.  Now head up the nearby slope and go north to find the third boulder
and battery, then round to the west to find another, plus a Zombo fight [Zapp

The final battery is along the same path to the west, past another Zombo fight
[Robo 18, Green 18]. Now you have all 5, head back to the Super Base.  At the
Base, Whoosh will be waiting for you - click on the battery slows (the holes
above the pictures) one by one to insert the batteries and activate the base's
systems.  Whoosh volunteers to fly the rocket for you, and joins your team.
Head into the rocket entrance, which has opened up inside the Super Base.
Your team flies to the moon!

[ZUBO004] ... Walkthrough: World Four


This area's a bit of a maze.  Good job you have me to guide you!  You might
want to use the mini map to navigate around here, as some of the camera angles
are a little strange.  Just south of the starting area is a locked gate, which
you need two batteries to open. Both batteries must be the same colour in order
to open the game - so you'll need to find 2 red ones to proceed. One of the
batteries is lying nearby - however, you'll have to venture out up the nearby
slope to find the other one. There are some Zombos wandering around  [Invader
14, Ray 18].  Defeating these Zombos gets you another battery to power the
robot gates.   Now head back to the gates to click on the two red battery
circle terminals to place your two batteries on them and open the gates. Note
that there are multiple gates in the robot junkyard - you want the one with
the red battery terminals.

(If you haven't found one of the batteries here, you might need to head into
black areas at the edge of screen - use the minimap to check you're actually
exploring all available areas.)

Through the gates, Voltz greets you a new quest to find the parts of Tim Tom.
Voltz then joins your group.  Head west (which is actually right on the screen!)
to a slope which you can run up - you'll find some more Zombos wandering around
[Green 14, Bubble 18].  One battery is in a little room to the northwest. To
find the other, head back to the area with Voltz and inch past the yellow
circle with fire in the centre.  The battery is just past it.  Now you have
both of the batteries, let's open the gate closest to the one you entered this
area from - ie the one near where Voltz was first standing when you met him.  
Inside you'll find a chest containing Tim Tom's torso, and a slope upwards next
to it.  Head up the slope and straight over into another little room with a
green battery in in.  Come out of the room and take the exit immediately left
of the room.  Follow the path around to get into another Zombo fight [Tiger 17,
Jet 17].  Keep following the path to another small room, with the second green
battery.  Head back to the main area with both batteries, and use them to open
the next gate - which should be the one closest to the yellow circle with fire
in it.  Head inside where you'll find another yellow circle with fire in it,
and a Zombo fight [Clutch 18, Ace 18].  Straight ahead you should see another
green battery to pick up.  Explore the area further to find a chest containing
Tim Tom's legs.  Return to the main area with Voltz and head down into the
central green lab section.  You should find some Zombos wandering around
[Voltz 18, XX 18] and on defeating them you'll get the second green battery.
Wander through the lab area to exit via the opposite slope to the one you came
in from, finding another set of battery terminals there.  Head through the gate
that has opened up and up a slope to find a chest containing Tim Tom's head.
Explore this area to find a shop, and also the entrance to Moon Pebble Beach.


Lumi greets you here - this is his golf course area but some Zombos have stolen
his golf balls and you'll have to retrieve them for him.  Sigh.  There's a
Zombo wandering around the golf course that you can fight [Voltz 20] to get
three golf balls.  For extra money the balls can be putted into one of the
strange one-eyed alien golf holes dotted around.  As you explore the golf
course you will see some strange alien fauna with swaying spiky tendrils -
these can be repeatedly clicked on to kill them and drop some more money.
Keep following the mostly linear route through Pebble Beach to run into Tech
Head again. He'll teleport in some Zombo minons to fight you [Steel 17,
Rising Dragon 17, Panama 17].  Following the fight, carry on up the small
slope.  If you explore through the archway there are three more golf balls
which can be putted into another one of the strange alien golf holes.  When
you're done, carry on to the blackness at the far right of the area, which
will flip the camera to a new area.  Lumi will say goodbye.

Carry on heading north into a new area - with new Zombos to fight [Bubble 18,
Invader 18].  Defeating those Zombos gains you a warning light for the stands
- I'm sure we'll find out what this is in a bit!  Keep exploring to hit some
more Zombos [Ray 8, Bubble 18] - defeating these guys gets you another warning 
light.  Very near these Zombos is a red and yellow stand, which you can click
on to put a light on it.  It's near the perimeter of a large crater.  If you
follow the perimeter around you'll come across further stands - and also a new
Zubo, Green, of Team Alien.  He's trying to make the area safe, hence the
warning lights. There's another light just north of the crater and Green.
Keep following the perimeter round to find another stand, and another Zombo
fight [Invader 17, Ross Well 17].  These guys also have a warning light to
cough up - you should now have four warning lights on their stands around the
crater.  Go back and talk to Green who's in a slightly different position this
time - he's by the slope leading down into the crater.  He'll tell you to
follow him to his ship - do so and play a 'Simon Says'-type mini-game to
activate the ship.  The ship's lights come on one by one and you must match the
sequence.  Counting the lights from left to right as 1 to 6, for me the
sequence was 6, 4, 3, 5, 3, 6.  There's also a shop nearby where you can stock
up on items before you get on the ship.

Inside, the ship is a mess.  The teleporter and laser array are out of order,
and someone has stolen the key. Guess who he expects to fix it?  Fortunately
there's a blue part for the teleporter by one of the walls of the room.  Put
it in its place on one of the purple circles with a blue line leading into it
by the teleporter, and a battery will materialise inside the teleporter. Pick
that up, and a pink part for the teleported will appear inside the room - this
should go inside the circle with - guess what - a pink line leading into it,
and a red battery and a Zubo will appear in the teleporter.  The Zubo, Ray,
will join you.  Pick up the red battery too, and head over to the laser array
where the final yellow part for the teleporter has appeared.  You know what to
do with these now - the final two batteries will appear in the teleporter.
Head back to the laser array and click on the number 1 to 4 above it. Clicking
on each number will place a battery in that slot.

That's the teleporter and laser array fixed - now for the key.  Green tells
you there's enough power to fire the laser, so head over to where he's standing
and hit the large white laser button.  Then head outside to watch the
fireworks. Head over towards the entrance to the next area where the laser was
pointing - the plants that were blocking the way have been cleared. Green will
join your team.    Head on through to Corkscrew Craters. After one Zombo fight
[Ross Well 16, Ray 16],  you'll run into Tech Head and there's another fight
[Kitty Bling 17, Shimmer 18, Rapella 17].  After you defeat them, the nearby
laser trap is deactivated - Bubble is freed from it and joins your team. There
are several more of the alien plants in this area that can be clicked on to
kill them for money.  Near them there are piles of green slime that can be
cleaned using the stylus, for more money.  Head on through to Tech Head's Tower.


Just outside Tech Tower there's a shop where you can stock up before heading
inside.  Inside, follow either of the paths to run into an enemy Zombo [Chill
15] - continue and there's a teleport to the second of five levels.  On Level
2, follow the linear path to a Zombo fight [Ace 18, Strike 18].  Following the
path, there'll be a second lot of Zombos [Clutch 19, Snappy 19].  Teleport to
Level 3, and take either route - you can run past the Zombo or fight him, as
you choose [Slice 19].  Continue forward and teleport to Level 4, where there's
a Zombo fight waiting [Roundup 19, Sheriff Star 19].  Continue to the teleport,
and Level 5.  Shockingly, there's a Zombo fight - Tech Head challenges you with
his personal Zombos [Lumi 17, U-Bot 19, Robo 17].  After defeating them, Tech
Head will appear in another one of the nearby squares.  Restore health as
needed, then head over to fight him again [Voltz 18, Boltz 18 and Tim Tom 18].
After the fight, again heal up and head over to the next square where Tech
Head's waiting, for a third fight [Jet 17, Thor 20. Whoosh 17].  Defeating
these Zombos takes you straight into the final battle [Bubble 19, Green 19,
Invader 19].  After this, Tech Head is defeated!

Tech Head's defeat frees Invader, who gives you the key for Team Alien's UFO.
You need the UFO to fly to the core to do battle with Big Head.  Head into the
south-east teleport to instantly exit the Tower. Outside the Tower, Invader
joins your group.  Head back to Green's UFO, which is conveniently marked on
your mini-map.  At Corkscrew Craters, just head straight through all the
deactivated barriers between the craters. At the UFO crash site, head down the
slope into the crater and board the UFO, the Shooting Star, again.  Head over
to the laser array, where Green in waiting, to speak to him, and then click on
the pedestal in the middle of the room (the one with the large key hologram
above it) power up the UFO.  (A brief cut-scene where you head to the Core

[ZUBO005] ... Walkthrough: World Five (The Core)


There's a chest with some goodies in a shop near the starting area where you
land.  Head towards the blue bridge to run into Big Head, who throws his first
lot of Zombos at you [Cinders 18, Red 18, Snooze 18]. Once you've defeated
them, push onwards through one more Zombo fight on this level [Drakool and
some others] before reaching the teleport to level 2.


More Zombo fights [Round Up 19, Can Can 19].  Heal up and carry on.  Throughout
this area, various chests are lying around - when you open these Zombos appear
in groups to fight [Shimmer 18, Rapella 19], [Ahab 18, Plunder 19], [Hunchy 18,
Chip 20].  Go through the teleport to Level 3.


There's a chest with supplies at the start of this level.  Head along the path
to run into several Zombo fights [Kitty Bling 18, Zippy 20], [Agent Tux 19,
Mac 20].  After these you'll run into Big Head again, who gives you three more
minions to contend with [Morning Sky 18, Goldie 20, Sheriff Star 18].  After 
defeating them, head through the teleport to Level 4.


Unsurprisingly, Level 4 contains more fights [Panama 20, Steel 20].  Head along
the path, opening the chests for free goodies as you go - though one chest is
guarded by Zombos [Tiger 20, Jet 20].  Head into the teleport to the final


As your Zubos suggest, heal up - this is your final level!  Big Head is waiting
for you with some Zombos [Skully 19, Columbus 19, Little Beard 19].  Once
you've defeated Big Head's minions, he'll reappear in the northwest corner of
the room - heal up and head over for another fight [Medusa 19, Thor 20, Clops
19]. Heal up again and track Big Head down to the north of the room (NB chests
are replenished between battles so you can stock up again if needed) to fight
again [Robo 19, Rising Dragon 20, Pinky 19].  With these enemies, replenish
from chests/heal as needed, and head over to the northeast corner for yet
another fight [Voltz 20, Lumi 20, U-Bot 20].  Big Head will return to the far
north of the room and after you've stocked up and healed, go after him to face
his ultimate team [Whoosh 20, Chill 20, Invader 20].

Watch the finale, and congratulations on saving Zubalon!  

Your backpack is updated with a teleporter, which you can use to travel
between the different areas of Zubalon at will.  Why not go back and collect
any Zubos you missed?  To use it click on the backpack icon, then click on the
Zubo 1 hints icon (the top one) and select "teleport".

[ZUBO00Z] ... Zubos (and where to find them)

Team Horror

Use the bells to wake him up at HUNCHY'S TOWER on WORLD ONE.

Complete his mini-game at DOMBIE'S TOMB on WORLD ONE.

Complete errands for Drakool at DRAKOOL'S KEEP on WORLD ONE to get this
fangy Zubo.

Find all 4 generators to wake up Boltz in his lab at the bottom of HORROR
HOUSE on WORLD ONE. The generators can be found: on the floor of the lab,
from a Zombo fight in the GRAVEYARD, from Drakool and another Zombo fight
in the GRAVEYARD (after you've recruited Drakool).

Find all the paintings in HORROR HOUSE on WORLD ONE and put them back in
the correct places to get Ragz to join you.

Team Fairytale

Joins you after clearing away the sleepy mist, near the end of WORLD ONE.

Find him in EAST WOODS on WORLD ONE.

Find in the castle on WORLD ONE, after retrieving the key from the dragon.

Clean the castle in WORLD ONE for Cinders to join you.

Retrieve the key from the dragon's lair in WORLD ONE for Red to join you.

Team Pop

Joins you at the very end of WORLD ONE / start of WORLD TWO.

Found asleep by the POP STAGE on WORLD ONE. Blow or shout into the DS
microphone to wake her up.

Find in the BACKSTAGE area of WORLD ONE. YOu'll need HUNCHY with you to
persuade her out of her trailer.

Your very first Zubo - just start the game to get Pinky!

Kitty Bling
Beat the Zombos wandering around the BACKSTAGE area of WORLD ONE to get
Kitty Bling to join your party.

Team Wild West

Morning Sky
Lives at the EAGLE CAMP on WORLD TWO. Joins your party after you retrieve her
stolen book for her.

Joins your party after clearing the entrance to CACTUS CANYON on WORLD TWO.

Sheriff Star
Beat his Tin Can Alley challenge in the SHERIFF'S OFFICE on WORLD TWO to get
him to join you.

Round Up
Frozen in ice on WORLD TWO. Thaw him out using the nearby fires and he'll join
your party.

Can Can
Beat the two minigames in the SALOON on WORLD TWO (Wild West Zone) for Can Can
to join you.

Team Seas

Find Skully's sword on board the pirate ship THE PLUCKY PEARL in PIRATE COVE

Little Beard
Needs to be freed from his frozen prison in the icy area on WORLD TWO.

Joins you after the ice barrier has been blasted out of the way on WORLD TWO.

Joins your group right at the start of WORLD THREE.

After retrieving all 3 items of treasure on TREASURE BEACH on WORLD TWO, Plunder
will join you.

Team Legend

You'll need to retrieve her sunglasses from the MINOTAUR, rescue NEPTUNE and

Beat some of ICY HEAD's minions on SKULL ISLAND (WORLD TWO) to gain Clops as a

Defeat him in the LABYRINTH near SKY TEMPLE (WORLD TWO) to earn his friendship.

Find him just north of the starting area of FROZEN RIVER in WORLD TWO, and
he'll join your group.

Found on WORLD THREE near SKY TEMPLE - you'll need to help him tickle his pet
clam (!) to get him to join your party.

Team Super

Found in the CATACOMBS on WORLD ONE. You need to save him from some spiders.

Found at the top of Icy Head's tower, right at the end of WORLD TWO. Speak to
him & he'll join you.

Speak to her on MOUNT SUPER, WORLD THREE and she'll join your team.

Joins your group after you have found all the batteries on LAVA PEAK on WORLD
THREE and activated the rocket.

Near the start of WORLD THREE, after placing all the eye jewels back in the

Team Hero

Rising Dragon
Right at the start of the game, just follow the tutorial!

On WORLD THREE, just before you enter MOUNT SUPER.

You'll find Panama on SKULL ISLAND, WORLD TWO where you have to solve the
skull puzzle.

Agent Tux
Joins you almost immediately after entering the SUPER SECRET BASE on WORLD

Will join you after beating his assault course on WORLD THREE.

Team Bot


Joins you near the start of WORLD FOUR, in the ROBOT JUNKYARD.

Robo joins you near the start of the game on WORLD ONE, just before you
enter the POP ZONE.

Found in the STINKY SWAMP area of WORLD ONE's Horror Zone. He's lying on
the jetty in the middle of the northern loop.

Tim Tom

Team Alien

Joins your team after the UFO on WORLD FOUR has been fixed and its lasers
used to blast the blockage away.

After fixing the inside of the UFO on WORLD FOUR, Ray will join - he's
been stuck in the teleporter waiting for it to be mended!

After defeating TECH HEAD in TECH TOWER at the end of WORLD FOUR, Invader
will join your group when you leave the tower.

You'll free Bubble just before entering TECH TOWER on WORLD FOUR.

Ross Well
Joins your party if you speak to him by the cows in town, on WORLD TWO. You
must have rescued GOLDIE first. You may also need to have spoken to him
previously in the STINKY SWAMP area of WORLD ONE.

Team AllStar

These are five "secret" Zubos who can be earned through repeatedly playing
multiplayer or practice mode battles.

Unlocked by accumulating 40 points in practice mode.

Unlocked by accumulating 400 points in practice mode.

Unlocked by accumulating 1600 points in practice mode.

Unlocked by accumulating 4000 points in practice mode.

Unlocked by accumulating 10000 points in practice mode. This also unlocks the
White Room arena.

[ZUBO00Q] ... Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are all the Wanted Posters?
A: I'm in the process of double-checking the locations, but so far we have:
     1. In the central raised area of the LOWER QUARRY, in a crate.
     2. In the central raised area of the MIDDLE QUARRY, in a crate.
     3. In a crate along the icy paths of CACTUS CANYON.
     4. Enemy Zubos have it - you can fight them shortly after accepting
        Morning Sky's quest at EAGLE CAMP.
     5. ???

Q: How does Practice mode work?
A: You choose your team, and then battle a random enemy Zombo team. If you
   win, you earn points which unlock extra Zubos from Team Allstar, the
   sports-themed Zubos). If you lose, you get nothing. You can also earn
   the points playing multiplayer I think (can anyone confirm this?). See
   the Team Allstar section for details on who you can unlock.