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Follow the dark path or use the light

Yoshi's Island 2


Perfect Score Walkthrough

by Banjo_2553

        F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   C R Y S T A L   C H R O N I C L E S

                             R i n g   o f   F a t e s

                               by Seph /sephirosuy



 <Message for readers>

    Many guides selling at the online market-places like Ebay are actually
   stole from GameFAQs (except the original author who decided to sell it),
   So why would you buy it when you can read this document here for free?


This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph

You may not copy or reproduce ANY PART of it under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

Please ask for permission by contacting me first before using this document
for any reason, probably I have no problem of giving permission as long as
you give me proper credit and not editing the guide, that's easy enough.


  |  MENU  |

 1. INTRO ........... sep01

 2. BASIC ........... sep02

 3. WALKTHROUGH ..... sep03

 4. EXTRAS .......... sep04

 5. MAGICS .......... sep05

 6. CONTACT ......... sep06

|  1. INTRO  |-----------------------------------------------------------------


Thanks for clicking on the guide.
This FAQ/Walkthrough is for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates,
based on Japanese version which released in August 23th 2007

English isn't my first language and my writing skill is not good at all,
so I write this guide in a simple style as easier people can understand.
Not much explainations in the walkthrough, but might still contain a little
spoiler of the game.


  version 0.1 - 28 Aug 2007
  Walkthrough covered to PART 7/11

  version 0.2 - 03 Sep 2007
  Walkthrough done.
  Covered some basic and extras of the game.

  version SEP - 09 Sep 2007
  Magics section added.
  More informations in Extras section.

  version SEP - 10 Sep 2007

  version 0.3 - 12 Mar 2008
  Minor revision to match with US version.

if any updates, i'll post on

|  2. BASIC  |-----------------------------------------------------------------


 << Control >>

 A = Attack/Examine/Confirm
 B = Jump/Cancel
 X = Cast magic
 Y = Lift & throw
 L = Set magic trap
 R = Use ability

 << Play Mode >>

 Single Player
   - Storyline game
   - Control more than one story character

   - Character selection
   - Control one character and able to host or join game (up to 4 players)
   - Save Crystal in the dungeon works as check point
   - Quests available

 << Race Stats >>

|   Race         |  Cravate     |  Yuke         |  Selkie      |  Lilty       |
| Attack Speed   |  Fast        |  Normal       |  Slow        |  Normal      |
| Combat Range   |  Short       |  Short/Normal |  Long        |  Short       |
| Endurance      |  Normal      |  Low          |  Low         |  High        |
| Ability Type   |  Attack      |  Tactical     |  Attack      |  Tactical    |
| Others         |  -           |  Easy Stun*   |  Double Jump |  Easy Stun   |
*hit with the staff.

 << Dungeon Objects >>

 Key and panel
   - A basic lock. Normally players have to find the key (blue) and put it
     onto the panel.
   - Some of them in the game are hidden, players will have to clear all
     monsters or certain requirements in order to appear the key.
   - Another type is something like an empty pedestal which needs a Magicite
     as its key. Magicite should match to the colour of the panel.

   - While going through the game, we will see some different type of switch,
     and they have different way to be operate.
   - EX: Normal switch (a lever) needs a physical attack, magic switch needs
     the magic attack according to the switch colour, target switch needs a
     shot from Seikie race and so on.

   - Button functions as switch too, it's for operating or unlocking certain
     objects for further use.
   - For normal button, players can simply jump up to press it. But there's
     few different buttons in the game require slam attack (jump and hold A),
     all character jump on the button or pressing more than one button in the
     same time to operate the objective.

 Magic Head
   - The most common thing we will see in the game when Alhanarlem is joined
     the party. Only his ability can use the Magic Head.
   - Normally it's use for raising new path to the destination.
   - When preparing Alhanarlem's ability (press R with Alhanarlem), the screen
     will display the possible blocks that can be raised.
   - Another common usage is to light up the magic candles which are also
     use for unlocking certain objects.

|  3. WALKTHROUGH  |-----------------------------------------------------------


|  PART 1  |


~Once you gain control of the character, you may find the first Save Crystal
on the left, beside the house.

~Talk to the Mog, then go up the stairs.

~After the scene, take the right path to the cavern.

#=Hill Caves

~Lift the key by pressing Y button and throw it to the panel to open the door.

~Next area, the Mog will explain some basic in the battle, have some trainning
here since the monsters are easy. After all, stand on the button to unlock the
next door.

~Push down the block, go up and stand on the button, so the boulder will push
down a new path. Follow the path to next area.

~Hit the switch in the middle to open the doors to right. Left path leads to
Save Crystal if you want to save, also talk to the Mog beside. Afterwards go
top right area from the switch.

~Here you need to jump from the treasure chest to upper layer. Destroy the
spikes to inner area. Keep going until you get back to the same place, and
you will find the key and the button to release the ladder. Put the key to
the left panel.

~Move left to the Save Crystal area. Push down the first block, and then the
second block to press the button. You can save your game before moving on.

~Next area, stand on the button on the top to unblock the boulder. Go down
the new path and clear all monsters for the key, put it to the panel.

(You will see a red panel thing call Magic Switch which need to be operated
 by magic, so you can back here for the secret when you're able to use magic.)

~BOSS: Tomb Scorpion
Attack and run, be sure you dodge its laser which can only shoot its front
and its crystal tail attack. Hit it somemore right after its attack.


|  PART 2  |


~Head to top left corner for a scene.

~When you appear in the house, talk to Yuri's father (Ratov) twice.

~After the scene, you may leave for the world map through the left exit.
In the world map, choose to enter the town.

#=Rebena Te Ra

~Go left and talk to the guy in blue.

~Talk to the magic shop keeper on the upper area, learn how to use magic.

~Back to middle area for a scene.

~After, move to bottom right exit.

#=The Abandoned Town

~Use Fire magic to hit the magic switch at bottom right.

~Area 2, go top left and use Blizzard Magicite to unlock the door which leads
to previous area.

~Light up the candle with Fire magic to unlock the door below, then take it
to area 3.

~This area you can find some red-blue switches, basically you need to hit the
switch once whenever you find it in order to continue your route. Start from
right side, kill the monsters for the key, put it onto the panel.

~Area 4, Save Crystal and a Mog are here. Use magic to the switches
accordingly to advance.

~Area 5, jump into the well. Kill all monsters inside there and then use the
plat to return to upper area. Cast Fire to the magic switch, jump and attack
on the button to operate it (jump and hold A).

~Area 6, use Fire magic to light up all candles so you can reach to top right
corner. Fill the Magicites to the panels accordingly to unlock the gates. The
left gate leads to your next destination.

~You will back to the first area in the bottom corner. Hit the magic switch
with Blizzard. Stand on the block and you should see the key while moving,
take it and fill into the panel on the upper area to unlock the door. Enter
that room for a scene.

~BOSS: Behemoth
It has very slow movement, so you can easily dodge all its attack. Likewise,
don't always stay in front of it.


|  PART 3  |


~Go into the house beside Save Crystal and talk to everyone. A scene will
occur when you leave the house.

~Exit the village to the left path. Choose the new location.

#=Varl Mountain

~As you enter this place with Alhanarlem, the Mog will explain the basic of
tag team actions and abilities of Yuke.

~Advance to next area, go right to area 3. You can find 2 Moogle Seeds around,
lift them up. (get more to obtain Drop of Stamina which can increase max HP)

~On the way, you need alot helps from Alhanarlem to operate the Magic Head
to get further area. Move left through the blocks to reach 2F.

~First area of 2F can find a Moogle Seed in the top corner, two paths to the
left. The first path brings you to 3F and another is the Save Crystal room
with a Mog inside, and also some Magicites treasure, so be sure you enter
the the second path first.

~3F, raise the blocks by using Alhanarlem. Next area will be 4F.

~Lift up all Moogle Seeds around until the bigger one in the middle. Now
prepare for a boss fight. You may raise the blocks connecting to both sides
for more spaces to run during the fight.

~BOSS: Wyvern
Using Yuri is hard to hit the crystal of the boss which is its weak spot, and
the boss is always flying, so can't really get a good combo chain on the boss.
So I recommend you control Alhanarlem for this fight. Keep jumping and attack
can easily hit the crystal when it descent.


~You appear in the village, talk to everyone around, then talk to Yuri's 
father twice to trigger a scene.

~Back into the house.


|  PART 4  |

#=World Map

~Your next destination is Varl Mountain again. However, you can go back to
Rebena Te Ra for shopping, technically you may reach to the shops even the
guards are blocking in many ways.

#=Varl Mountain

~From area 2 of 1F, turn left to 2F.

~Next area, have some jumping tests here to reach the upper exit at left.

~3F, push the stand at left to right. Jump up to right area and clear all
monsters. Continue to upper area. As for the Magic Head on the lower area,
you can back here when Alhanarlem is with you, it leads to a Drop of Skill
item (increase max SP).

~4F, pull the block behind the bulletin board, take the path hiding in the

~Next area, move away the blocking wall to find the Save Crystal.
Don't forget to speak with the Mog before leaving.

~BOSS: Magician
Dodge his magic before starting your attacks, try lure him to cast in the
further area, then use your special ability (press R) to chain him before he
can recover. If you have Ethers, spend some to restore your SP and use more
special ability to finish him off earlier.


|  PART 5  |

#=World Map

~Enter Rebena Te Ra town and talk to the Yuke near the entrance. After this,
go top right area and talk the the guards twice for the scene. Buy some better
items/equipments before leaving. Make sure you have some Clear Magicites.

~Enter the new location, Ravine Forest.

#=Ravine Forest

~Go pass the entrance area, then take the bottom right path in the area 1.

~Area 2, you will see some wooden nets blocking the way, use Fire magic to
burn it. Head to top right corner.

~Area 3, go up to the plank in the middle area, hit the switch to rotate the
plank, now you need to go top left. Beware of the red grass which can inflict
Poison when you touch it.

~Area 4 will meet Narshe, help him to defeat the monster and he will join the
party, then follow up with the explaination from Mog, kupo. Use Narshe double
jump to the exit at left.

~Area 5, hit the switch to operate the plank so you can reach to opposite
side. Now you should go the top left path to the save room, if you take the
other path, you will need to go a very long way to return.

~In the save room, save your game of cause . Also talk to the Mog to obtain
another Mog Stamp. Afterwards, follow the path to down.

~Area 6, shoot the switch right in the front to release the umbrella-flower
at the plank. You need all 4 of them to be release, and near the plank you
can find another one. Now move to the bottom exit.

~Area 7, follow the pointer to up and you will back to area 6. Shoot another
switch to release the flower before jumping down.

~Head back to the save room and return to area 5.

~Area 5, follow the pointer to top right, shoot the switch and take the plank
to bottom left path.

~Next area, shoot the switch to rotate the plank. When everyone stand on the
plank, shoot the switch again to reach the left path.

~Area 6 again, you should able to find the last switch on the right. Shoot it
to release the last flower. Take the flowers plank to the top.

~BOSS: Ochu
Quite easy, control Yuri to deal combo hits. When it shows the crystal, jump
on the leaf and hit the crystal a few time, be sure you get further when it's
going to twirl. And Fire seems dealing better damage to this boss.


|  PART 6  |

#=Rebena Te Ra

~Speak to the guards at top right, enter the castle and watch a scene.

~Buy the necessarity from the shops before leaving.

~Choose the new location in the World Map.

#=Rera Ciel

~Let Narshe to jump over the gap and then summon the allies (press L).
Some rare items are at the back wall, have a look by using Narshe. Save your
game before moving.

~Down to the water area B1F and you need Narshe to shoot the switch.

~Next, use Alhanarlem's ability to raise the bridge. Push in the beam in the
corner to drain the water so you can reach B2F.

~Next area, have Alhanarlem to cast the block from the Magic Head, stand on
the block with Narshe and you can get some items on the top. After that,
stand on the button to uncover the switch then shoot it to unlock the gate.

~Enter the room on the bottom for a scene.

~Now you control Misu, follow the instruction to learn use of her ability.
First use Pot Action (hold A) to get pass the hole, then the spikes area.
Lower area, use Pot Action to dash over the other side, and later do the same
thing to destroy the wall.

~Next step, defeat the enemy, cast a pot on the button to raise the block and
thengo down to bottom. Here you will learn how to create a Magicite, because
the pedestal is Fire elemental, so you can only create the Fire Magicite.

~Once you've done, put the Fire Magicite to the panel, then go to the warp
point for a scene.

~Back to previous room and save your game.

~Use the same warp point to return the lower area, go down the stairs.

~B7F you can see the waterfall blocking your way. Now follow the other path
to the area above. Put the Fire and Blizard Magicites to the panels to stop
water falling. Back down and be ready for the boss battle, get full of
Blizard Magicite.

~BOSS: Giant Fish
I suggest to control Alhanarlem, jump and attack can easily hit on the its
crystal. You should use L button to warp your allies since the attack of the
boss can hit a large area and dealing great damage, or cast Blizard to freeze
the boss when it's closing. Needless to say, hit as much as possible when the
boss is frozen.

~After the battle, move to the only way to escape.

~You will appear in a crystal room. Now talk to everyone again and again
until Narshe show to the warp. Use the Warp point the leave.


|  PART 7  |

#=World Map

~Enter castle of Rebena Te.Ra town (top right). Talk to the Yuke twice.
Head to left door and find the emperor in the room above, talk to him.

~After the scene, you will come to a new location.

#=Sinners' Island

~First area, Save Crystal can be found in the left corner. Find another Mog
around the middle for the Mog Stamp. Some Moogles on the top are shops now,
you can buy something from them.

~Area 2, move Misu to the Blue Tile at right and put a pot on it (press R).
Stand on the pot to move high. Obtain the key and then put a pot (hold A) on
the button to operate the floating plate, so you can reach to left. Fill in
the panel witht the key to next area.

~Area 3, you need Misu's pot on the Blue Tile as well. Make your way to
the right path.

~Area 4, shoot the balloon and put the key to the panel.

~Area 5, put the Fire, Thunder and Blizzard Magicites accordingly to unseal
the path to next area. Don't forget obtain the items in the right corner.

~Area 6, press the button on the plate to get high. Jump to the second plate
and press the button and you can see the key tied on the  balloon, shoot it
down. Move left to the stairs, defeat the Bomb up there and the Green Tile
will appear. Put a pot on it with Misu (press R) and lift it to jump further
until the plate over the other side. From the Blue Tile, you can find another
Green Tile above it, use Misu's Pot to fly over to the right to get some rare
items. Lastly, put to key on the panel at left to unlock the path below.

~Next area is a save room, but no Mog here.

~Area 7, you must defeat all monsters here. Blue Tile appears, let Misu
brings the party. Magic Head appears, use Alhanarlem to cast the plant and
climb up. After, use the second Magic Head to create the block. Keep killing
monsters until the balloon show up, shoot it to operate the plate. Lastly the
Green Tile, use Misu to create a winged pot and fly over to the warp point.

~BOSS: Dragon Rider
Attack everywhere as you can. When the rider dismount from his dragon, cast a
Blizzard to freeze him and hit him more, or you may ride the dragon for help.
After defeating him, you have to kill the dragon too. Use more Blizzard as
well, its weakness is on its tail. Funny thing is its crystal tail gets alot
damage, the dragon will need to rest, so you can simply knock it down by
hitting and keep chaining its tail.


|  PART 8  |

#=??? (Hades)

~Buy some better equipments from the shops. I recommend increase the pocket
of Blizzard and Cure Magicite. Save your game and leave.

~Area 1 B8F, have Misu to collect some useful elements from the pedestal.
Move right will see the monster apppear like shadow, cast Cure to make him
appear as usual. Use Blizzard when they come in group. After defeating all
monsters around, you can see the block appear on the top which leads to the
next area.

~Area 2 B7F, take exit at right corner.

~Area 3, let Misu flies over the other side from the Green Tile. Move to
left and control Narshe to shoot the switch at the bottom, jump to the block
and back previous area.

~Area 2, use the Magic Head below to raise the block, so in case if you
drop down you can back here easier. Use the yellow Magic Head to light up
all 3 candles for building up the first half of the bridge in the middle.
Follow the left way and get pass the Green Tiles with Misu to reach the
exit to down.

~Area 4, shoot the switch, move to middle and fill the panels with Magicites
accordingly to unlock the Yellow, Blue and Red doors. You must go through all
these doors to area 5 and light up the candle, be sure the last door
you take is Red (bottom).

~Afterwards, you may back to area 2 again through area 5, but first you have
to defeat all monsters.

~Area 2, raise the block with the Magic Head. Light up all 3 candles by using
the other Magic Head for building up second half of the bridge. Go through the
bridge to next area.

~Area 6, a Save Crystal can be used here. Besides, talk to the Mog near the
stairs for a Mog Stamp. If you got all Mog Stamps from the beginning to here,
the racing game should be unlocked now.

~Follow the only path here will reach to the battle.

~BOSS: Death God
The first boss is easy, since he only attack your leader, so control Narshe
to lure him around, shoot him in a distance. Second boss, control Yuri to
close combat. Always attack from his back can avoid from getting damage, and
your 3rd and 4th hit stays a change to hit the crystal.

~After the fight, you will back the Rera Ciel again.


|  PART 9  |

#=Rera Ciel

~Save Crystal and the Moogle shops are all here. Jump over the entrance to
find a Mog for Mog Stamp. The wall at the back has some items as well.

~In the first area encounter monsters, you must clear all them to unlock the
panel. Put a Fire Magicite on the panel to reach bottom.

~Next area, go down and shoot the balloon it to drop the Thunder Magicite.
When the water is drained, run to the plate at right corner, then wait for
the water to brings you up.

~Next you can find the Save Crystal. Push the beam near the Save Crystal to
unlock the elevator, take it to lower floor.

~Now you should appear on B3F. First of all, make sure take the Pocket Raise
item on opposite of the direction you came. 

~Check the top area (before you push the beam in the other room at the back),
where you can see a plate on the water, use Misu to create a pot and let Narshe
put it on the plate, stand on the pot so Narshe can reach to the higher area.
Summon your allies, lets Misu roll into the small path, push the beam in the
end to drain water. (by going through this way you can find some items)

 If you play Multiplayer mode without an ally, and you're not using Selkie,
 you can first jump to the plate floating on the water, then throw out some
 items and overlap them, jump on these overlap'd items so you reach to the
 higher area.

~Now you can reach to the B5F elevator. Take it to lower floor.

~B7F, you need 2 keys to go next area. Use Misu's Pot Action to destroy to
wall. Go up to B6F and push down both blocks. Other side, use Misu's the fly
from the Green Tile to obtain the first key, put it to the panels. Make your
way to shoot the switch with Narshe. Go find the Magic Head near the top exit
and use it to raise the block. Now let Misu roll into the small path to other
side, take the exit in the end.

~Next, toss a Thunder Magicite into the water to hit the magic switch.
A Save Crystal appear once you have pushed the beam. Now you may obtain
the remaining key.

~Go next room for a scene.

~BOSS: Giant Fish
Same place and same boss. You can toss a Thunder Magicite around the magic
switch (in the water) to drain the water. After that, you can jump down to
fight it. For a fast win, throw out a Fire Magicite, and use Alhanarlem to
spread it onto the boss. Beware when you leave the plate because the boss
has a skill can attack everywhere except the plate area, and remember the
water will refill after a moment.

~After this, go any exit to leave.


|  PART 10  |

#=Existence of the Crystal/Rebena Te Ra

~Go upstairs enter the room for scene, another fight is awaiting.

~BOSS: Death God
This is stronger than before, but using the same tactic would not get any
problems to defeat him. Control Yuri and keep hitting him from the back,
jump and run to avoid getting damaged when he face to you.

~After the scene, talk to the emperor 3 times to leave.

~Get better items from the shop, full fill Blizzard Magicite, of cause you must
have some other Magicites as well.

~Head to the left path.

#=The Crystal Temple

~Talk to the emperor when you ready to fight.

Make sure dodge his magic attack, once it's done, attack till he starts the
next move. Later he will spread out his fake bodies, now don't bother to find
out his real body, keep attacking with the help of Blizzard magic.

~Next area, take the left path.

~2F, kill all monsters in both areas to operate the plate and button.

~Inner area call all your allies to stand on the button which looks bigger.

~Now go bottom right and defeat the boss you fought in the first dungeon.

~Inner area, kill all monsters and then use Misu to roll pass the net. Next
step is press the buttons on the left. Now have Alhanarlem raise the floating
blocks from the Magic Head. Jump pass the blocks to reach the exit.

~Next area has full of poison, you can put Misu's pot on the tile to raise the
protection. To reach next area, head to the left part.

~3F, throw out a Thunder Magicite, use Alhanarlem's Magic Tail to spread it
on both magic switches. Because you must hit them is the same time only will
unlock the gate.

~Next area, hitting the switch will change the laser gate, so hit the switches
to get further, then hit the next switch and forward. In the middle, jump up to
the left wall, pull out the block. Near the gate, throw out a Fire Magicite and
Blizzard Magicite, have Alhanarlem spread the Fire magic to the red switch and
then Blizzard magic to blue switch (must do it fast).

 *(optional room)
  As for the buttons around the second switches, you and lift and throw the
  blocks for help. Once you've pressed all buttons, the floating plate will
  descent and you can take it to higher area which leads to a pedestals room.

~Next area, clear all monsters for the key. Jump and hold A to slam the button,
the switches appear. Lets Narshe shoot both switches from the second pillar,
the candles appear. Throw out a Fire Magicite and use Alhanarlem's Magic Tail
to light them up.

~You reach another poison room. Defeat all monsters for the the key, put it
onto the panel. As mentioned before you have to pull the block in the laser
gates room, if you didn't make it, the path to the panel is blocked. However
you can go back there from the previous room. After the panel, you can press
the switch to stop the poison. Next, put Misu's pot on the tile and take it
to higher area.

~5F, use the Save Crystal here. Talk to the Mog to collect Mog Stamp as well.
After, move to the left path to next area.

~Press the button to operate the plate. Go right by taking the block and you
can see many candles and a Magic Head. Use Alhanarlem to light up all candles
while standing on the moving block, this will operate the stages rotation.
Jump pass the rotating stages to lower area, press the button under water to
release a boulder, push down to the water to press another switch, the key
appears. Take the key to the panel.

 *Now you can back to the beginning area by using the rope for some rare items.

~Next area, have Narshe jump to the middle first, then summon your allies,
change Alhanarlem to raise the block by using the Magic Head. Now jump to
right and defeat the monster for the key. You can summon Alhanarlem to the
right and raise the moving block as well. Put the key on the panel to next

 *If you're having problem in jump to the middle area while holding the key,
  you can try jump and throw it to the standing place (middle area), even if
  you can't reach it, probably the key is threw to the place, but you have to
  sacrifice some HP.

~Next place, what you can do is throw a block on any glyphes and to operate
the warp in the middle. You can back to previous places by using this. As for
reaching to you next destination is put the blocks to cover each glyph, and
the warp will take you to the next battle.

~BOSS: Pope Galdes
This boss deals large damage, so make sure to dodge his attacks. Control Yuri
for the whole battle. Hit him after each attack he made, but stay in a distance
when he's trying to attack. Cast Blizzard to freeze he as well, so you can hit
him more. In this fight, I advice don't care your allies too much, becasue the
moves from the boss attack an area, so not matter how faster you cure your ally
he/she will get hit easily again, save Cure Magicte for your own, but try keep
1 or 2 allies alive.


|  PART 11  |

#=Rebena Te Ra

~After alot of scenes, you gain control of Yuri.

~Move to the left where you went to the Crystal Temple.

~Once Yuri reached it, you will need to move Alhanarlem, Narshe and Misu as
well. Each of them will face a boss.

#=The Lunar Temple

~Enter the temple one by one, take the warp point in front.

~BOSS: Ochu  (Alhanarlem only)
For an easy win, take down the 2 plants for some possible useful Magicite.
If they drop the Fire Magicite, throw it to the crystal seed or perform
Magic Tail to deal large damage. Before the petals recover the seed, freeze
it by Blizzard so you can give it more damage. Repeat the steps when it's

~BOSS: Behemoth  (Misu only)
Attack the boss from the side and back, run when it face to you. Blizzard
can be alot helps for this. When the boss is down, jump on it and stomp its

~BOSS: Wyvern  (Narshe only)
I believe Narshe has no problem on this fight. Pay attention to the slam move,
you can jump on its head and stomp the crystal. If you made it right, you can
repeat many time as long as you jump from the slam move.

~Before you fight the next boss with Yuri, you can back to Rebena town for
ordering a Light Blade for him (Orihalcum x1, Holy Sphere x2). Because you
could get Holy Sphere from the bosses, and it's probably the strongest weapon
so far.

~BOSS: Dragon  (Yuri)
Attack from the side and back. The most effective spot it the crystal tail,
and its movement is very slow.

~After all, the party regroup again. Head to the back of the next warp point
to find a Mog for Mog Stamp. Take the warp point to the final battle.

~Enter the warp point, watch some scenes and following the final battle.

~BOSS: Pope Galdes (section 1)
The bombs are unlimited here, so don't need to care them. Immediately destroy
the crystal and jump to next area, destroy the second crystal and jump to last
area, and now the real battle begins. The boss and his crystals immune to many
magic at most time, so focus on physical attacks. Be sure you pay attention on
their magic attacks, hit and run is not a bad idea. Destroy the crystal which
is blocking and annoying, but remember you7 main target is still the boss.

~BOSS: Pope Galdes (section 2)
This time is more powerful, the boss now can deal great damage with most of his
moves, but most are only hit the front. Keep attacking from the back and simply
press L summon your allies to avoid from getting hit. His weak spot is a little
higher from your standing distance, to hit it easier, you can stand on his ring
with Yuri and perform a great combo.

~After defeating the boss, end this by casting  Fire, Blizzard, Thunder and
Cure to the circles with each person one cast. That's mean you must have all
allies alive to do this. If this cannot be done within time limit, the boss
will revive again with full HP.

~Finally the last battle is ended. Go back to the village to see the ending.


|  4. EXTRAS  |----------------------------------------------------------------


 << New Game Plus >>

2nd Round : Beat the game once. (start the game from the saved file)

  - Unlock Yuri's Village in Multiplayer mode.
  - Start with all items and characters' level in the 1st round.
  - Enemies become stronger and drop better items.
  - Items in the treasure chests have been changed.
  - New dungeon become available after Varl Mountain event.
     - Sounds like "River Vale"
     - A secret boss is awaiting!

3rd Round : Beat the 2nd Round game.

  - Start with all items and characters' level in the 2nd round.
  - Enemies become much more stronger.
  - Equipments Shop starts selling Rail Jacket.
     - ATK +100
     - DEF +100
     - MAG +100
     - HP Regen 3
     - SP Regen 3
     - Impact Plus 3

 << Multiplayer Stuffs >>

 - Hard : Clear all stages on Normal mode.
 - Very Hard : Clear all stages on Hard mode.

 - Boss Rush : Clear The Crystal Temple Normal mode.
 - Boss Ruuush! : Clear The Crystal Temple Hard mode.
 - Boooss Ruuuuuush! : Clear The Crystal Temple Very Hard mode.

 << Mog Staffs >>

Mog Paint : Collect Mog Stamps through Single and Multiplayer.
            Once it's avail, you will see the option when talking to the Mog.
            Edit the appearance of the Moogle.

Racing Game : Obtain 9 Mog Stamps to unlock it. Speak with the Mog to play.
             (Personally, I got 7 from Single and 2 from Multiplayer.)

    A = Accelerator
    B = Break
    L = Use Magicite
    R = Look behind
   <- = Turn left
   -> = Turn right 

 << Moogle Locations >>

Other than Mog Paint and Racing Game, the Moogles will award the players
who works hard to collect the Mog Stamp. Player will be awards with a lot of
materials when collected 18 Mog Stamps, and Ultima Silk when complete the
collection of Mog Stamp, which is a very rare material for ordering Recipe.

Some of the stamps can be obtained from the different Mog, of cause only one
will be receive, this also means some of the Moogles giving the same stamp as
other; And Moogles are supposed to give the appointed stamp, but after some
discussions with other players, some of them are actually giving random stamps.
So I can't really tell the location for the appointed stamps because they
MIGHT give a random stamp that's missing in the collection.

Here's a list of Moogle locations, to fully collect all stamps, you must at
least play the game twice, because there's a few can only be obtain in the
2nd Round or 3rd Round gameplay. (Some Moogles give more stamp when you meet
with them in the different round).

Hill Caves
 - Single; entrance (event).
 - Single; Save Crystal area.
 - Multi; Save Crystal area.

The Abandoned Town
 - Single; Save Crystal area.
 - Multi; Save Crystal area (bottom side near the door)

Varl Mountain
 - Single; Save Crystal cave.
 - Multi; Save Crystal cave.

Varl Mountain second visit
 - Single; Save Crystal area.

Ravine Forest
 - Single; Save Crystal area.
 - Multi; Save Crystal area (behind the tree at right).

Rera Ciel
 - Single; Misu's room.
 - Multi; Misu's room (on the bookcase).

Sinners' Island
 - Single; Save Crystal area.

??? (Hades)
 - Single; second Save Crystal area.
 - Multi; Save Crystal area, on the pillar (top left).

Rera Ciel second visit
 - Single; on top of the entrance.
 - Multi; B2F the room before elevator.

The Crystal Temple
 - Single; Save Crystal area.
 - Multi; Save Crystal area.

The Lunar Temple
 - Single; the room right after the battle with 4 bosses.

River Vale
 - Single; first area top right.
 - Multi; second area inner side.


|  5. MAGICS  |----------------------------------------------------------------


 << Basic Magic >>

 Magic   | Effect                                   | Require Magicite
Fire     | Deals fire damage and burns enemy        | Fire
Blizzard | Deals ice damage and freezes enemy       | Blizzard
Thunder  | Deals thunder damage and paralyzes enemy | Thunder
Cure     | Restores target's HP                     | Cure
Raise    | Revives KO'd target                      | Raise
Clear    | Removes bad status and restores some SP  | Clear

 << Magic Combinations >>

Most magics can simply casted whenever the required magics are combined, but
some of them cannot. Let say Fira and Fira +1; Fira release when 2 Fire are
mix with each other. For Fira +1, you must set a target Fire first (press L
while holding X), then move the second Fire and set it at the same spot, now
press L to release Fira +1 instead of Fira. Of cause "+1" is better than
normal Fira.

Whichever list as "Trapping" piling type is how you cast Fira +1

As for Firaga +1, you can't just set 4 Fire together, because it needs
two Fira +1, so you must set a Fira +1 and then mix with another existing
Fira +1. And I'll list this as (2)(2) = (Fira +1) + (Fira +1)

*Or veiw the second list for details.

|            |                  Require Magicite                   |  Piling  |
|   Magic    |-----------------------------------------------------|   Type   |
|            |  Fire  |  Bliz. |  Thun. |  Cure  | Raise  | Clear  |          |
|  Fira      |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Fira+1    |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
|  Firaga    |   x3   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Firaga+1  | (2)(2) |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
|  Firaja    |   x4   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
| Blizzara   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
| Blizzara+1 |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
| Blizzaga   |    -   |   x3   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
| Blizzaga+1 |    -   | (2)(2) |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
| Blizzaja   |    -   |   x4   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
| Thundara   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
| Thundara+1 |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
| Thundaga   |    -   |    -   |   x3   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
| Thundaga+1 |    -   |    -   | (2)(2) |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
| Thundaja   |    -   |    -   |   x4   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Cura      |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Cura+1    |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
|  Curaga    |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x3   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Curaga+1  |    -   |    -   |    -   | (2)(2) |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
|  Curaja    |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x4   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Arise     |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |          |
|  Arise+1   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   | Trapping |
| Cleara     |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |          |
| Cleara+1   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   | Trapping |
| Clearaga   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x3   |          |
| Clearaga+1 |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   | (2)(2) | Trapping |
| Clearaja   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x4   |          |
|  Gravity   |   x1   |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |    -   |    -   |          |
|  Graviga   |   x2   |   x2   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   | Trapping |
|  Barrier   |   x1   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x1   |          |
|  Barriega  |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   | Trapping |
|  Slow      |    -   |   x1   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x1   |          |
|  Slowga    |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   | Trapping |
|  Haste     |    -   |    -   |   x1   |    -   |    -   |   x1   |          |
|  Hastega   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |    -   |    -   |   x2   | Trapping |
|  Holy      |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x1   |   x1   |   x1   |          |
|  Holyga    |    -   |    -   |    -   |   x2   |   x2   |   x2   | Trapping |
|  Quake     |   x1   |    -   |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |   x1   |          |
|  Quakega   |   x1   |    -   |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |   x1   | Trapping |
|  Bio       |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |          |
|  Bioga     |   x2   |   x2   |    -   |   x2   |   x2   |    -   | Trapping |
|  Meteor    |    -   |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |   x1   |   x1   |          |
|  Meteorga  |    -   |   x2   |   x2   |    -   |   x2   |   x2   | Trapping |
|  Ultima    |   x1   |   x1   |   x1   |   x1   |    -   |   x1   |          |
|  Ultimaga  |   x2   |   x2   |   x2   |   x2   |    -   |   x2   | Trapping |

 << Trapping Magic List >>

|  Magic      |  Require Magic Trap                                           |
|  Fira+1     |  (Fire)       + (Fire)                                        |
|  Firaga+1   |  (Fira+1)     + (Fira+1)                                      |
|  Blizzara+1 |  (Blizzard)   + (Blizzard)                                    |
|  Blizzaga+1 |  (Blizzara+1) + (Blizzara+1)                                  |
|  Thundara+1 |  (Thunder)    + (Thunder)                                     |
|  Thundaga+1 |  (Thundara+1) + (Thundara+1)                                  |
|  Cura+1     |  (Cure)       + (Cure)                                        |
|  Curaga+1   |  (Cure+1)     + (Cure+1)                                      |
|  Arise+1    |  (Raise)      + (Raise)                                       |
|  Cleara+1   |  (Clear)      + (Clear)                                       |
|  Clearaga+1 |  (Cleara+1)   + (Cleara+1)                                    |
|  Barrierga  |  (Fira+1)     + (Cleara+1)                                    |
|  Slowga     |  (Blizzara+1) + (Cleara+1)                                    |
|  Hastega    |  (Thundara+1) + (Cleara+1)                                    |
|  Graviga    | (Fira+1)     + (Blizzara+1)  + (Thundara+1)                   |
|  Holyga     | (Cura+1)     + (Arise+1)     + (Cleara+1)                     |
|  Quakega    | (Fira+1)     + (Thundara+1)  + (Cura+1)   + (Cleara+1)        |
|  Bioga      | (Fira+1)     + (Blizzara+1)  + (Cura+1)   + (Arise+1)         |
|  Meteorga   | (Blizzara+1) + (Thundara+1)  + (Arise+1)  + (Cleara+1)        |
|  Ultimaga   | (Fira+1) + (Blizzara+1) + (Thundara+1) + (Cura+1) + (Cleara+1)|

|  6. CONTACT  |---------------------------------------------------------------


<< Contact >>

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