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X-Men: The Official Game



by neeker

FAQ/Walkthrough (version 0.4)
By: neeker

This walkthrough can be posted on:


and their associates only, unless authorized by me. You may contact me 
at lestor underscore wong at for this purpose.

Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


Unfortunately, I was unable to complete this guide as I've sold the 
game before completing it. I totally forgot about this guide, 
actually, and only got to retrieve it when I was house-keeping my 
thumbdrive. Anyhow, if anyone wants to take it from here to complete 
this document, please contact me and we can work something out.



1. Introduction
2. Characters
3. Getting Started



4.  Level 1-1: Waterside Hunt
5.  Level 1-2: Forest Assault
6.  Level 1-3: River Pursuit
7.  Level 1-4: Lady Deathstrike

8.  Nightcrawler Mission 1

9.  Level 2-1: Bridge Break In
10. Level 2-2: Garden Survival
11. Level 2-3: Cyber Ninja

12. Nightcrawler Mission 2

13. Level 3-1: Castle Break In
14. Level 3-2: Castle Pursuit
15. Level 3-3: Silver Samurai


16. Nightcrawler Mission 3

17. Level 4-1: Lot Assault
18. Level 4-2: Pipes Escape
19. Level 4-3: AM Hovertank

+ + + UNFINISHED + + +

Appendix 1: Version history
Appendix 2: FAQs
Appendix 3: Credits 
Appendix 4: Donation


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other 
works from this URL:

X-Men: The Official Game for the DS is another run-of-the-mill action 
game that attempts to capitalise on the X-Men franchise. It offers a 
backstory to the X-Men: The Last Stand movie. The DS version of this 
game is arguably the worst of the lot, but I still proceeded with 
doing the FAQ simply because there isn't one for it at the time of 
writing. I'm not sure whether I'll have the perseverence to go follow 
through this game, so God, give me strength!


You'll play as one of these characters during the course of the game:

Wolverine is a close-combat killing machine. His ability to deliver a 
flurry of strikes with his adamantium claws makes him extremely 
dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. Wolverine also has the ability to 
heal himself naturally, and his attacks pass through energy heat 

Iceman can be viewed as the team's resident sniper. His ice blasts 
have a fast rate of travel and are ideal for speedy long-range 

Magneto has the ability to manipulate metal in any form, making him 
one of the most powerful known mutants. He can overpower his foes by 
creating deadly weapons from the objects around him, and can progress 
through environments by levitating and moving objects.

Nightcrawler moves faster than any other character. What he lacks in 
melee skills, he makes up for in speed, agility and, most importantly, 
his ability to instantly "bamf!" from one location to another.


Some things that you should know before you start playing this game:

L/ R Button: Rotate characters.
D-Pad/ ABXY: Move characters.
Start: Pause Menu.
Stylus: Target Lock, Move Objects (Magneto only), Activate X-Factor, 
Attract Mytabt Ebergy

You can move your characters around using the D-Pad or the ABXY 
buttons, depending on your orientation. If you're a left-hander, you 
may prefer using the ABXY buttons to move your characters around, 
since you'd probably be using the stylus on your left hand.

The need to switch characters arises from the fact that some 
characters are totally useless against some form of enemies. Pressing 
L or R to switch enemies (quickly) is therefore an important skill to 

An enemy is target locked when it's tapped with the stylus. The same 
goes for objects and pick-ups. The lock is broken when the enemy dies, 
the object is destroyed and when the pick-ups are, well, picked up.

This applies to Magneto only. Touch a movable object to grasp it from 
a distance. With the object in your grasph, move the stylus around the 
screen to move the object. Keep the stylus still and lift it off the 
screen to set the object down. Send the object hurling through the air 
by quickly moving the stylus and lifting it off the screen. Magneto 
can only move large objects using his X-Factor. 

This is like a mutant power surge kind of thing, and can only be 
performed if the Mutant Energy Gauge has some juices. This results in 
a prolonged maintenance of a powerful attack.

They're scattered through out. Touch them to collect them before they 
flicker out. This feels your your Mutant Energy Gauge.

You can upgrade your Life Gauge and Mutant Energy Gauge by completing 
levels quickly. Each level has a target score that's set for such 
rewards. If you meet or exceed a level's target score (for the first 
time), your maximum Life or Mutant Energy Gauge will be increased 

Once you complete a level, you'll unlock the score attack mode for it. 
If you didn't manage to successfully get the status upgrade for the 
level, you can replay it using the score attack mode. Upgrades you 
achieve in this mode will be automatically saved to your story mode.

THe game autosaves each time you complete a level. You can't save in 
between a level. 

Watch through the introduction, and you'll begin as Wolverine. Tap 
through the monologue as you begin, and note your objective for this 


Target Upgrade Score: 3,500

NOTE: The target upgrade score for each level is the required score 
you'll need to achieve to get an upgrade. The best way to increase 
the score is to pick up all pick-up points, and finish the level 

Break the containers to your right, and head to the immediate bottom 
right corner of this screen to find 100 pick-up points. Head up, and 
the game will give you a brief tutorial of how to engage into a fight.
Destroy the obstacles and finish off the enemy here, and then turn 
right at the next junction.

Finish off another enemy, and you'll find CLUE #1 here. It's the shiny 
thing on the ground. Walk over it to pick it up. 

Go down, and then break the containers to enter into a trap. You'll 
be ambushed by some weird anti-mutant drones. Quickly tap them before 
they come close, since they'll explode and cause you some damage. Once 
you finish them all, the path will be clear for you to continue down. 

Take out the two enemies below, and then break the containers on the 
right to continue. Go right a little further to find CLUE #2 above 
you. Go up there to pick it up.

As you do so, you'll find that the path down and back will be sealed 
off. No worries. Just go up and right to find an automated shooting 
machine, and slash it into pieces. There's also 100 pick-up points 
just to the left of this, and some life pick-ups lying around to help 
regain your health if you've taken damages.

Go right a little, and you'll be ambushed by anti-mutant drones again. 
Do as before and tap them before they come close. Carry on right after 

Two enemies greet you at the end, so dispose them, and then pick up 
CLUE #3 on the right. Head down to find another automated shooting 
machine. Slash it, and then finish off yet another enemy that appears. 

At the end of the path, you should find 300 pick-up points (in three 
100 points denomition). You can reach them by walking over, so just 
tap them all with your stylus to pick them up.

Go left now to find CLUE #4. Ignore the enemies there, since Xavier 
will interrupt, and the level will end.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


You'll play as Iceman in this level. Use it to familiarize with his 


Target Upgrade Score: 3,500

Go forward, and you'll have to take out an enemy from range. Once you 
do so, the forcefield behind it will be cleared. Continue forward and 
take out the enemy there.

A forcefield is blocking your path to the right. Go forward a little 
more to find the big automated shooting machine. Continuously attack 
it until it explodes. The forcefield will be deactivated as a result.

Go right, and finish off the enemy. Now, there're three 100 pick-up 
points shards to collect here. Take out all the enemies here, and then 
move up a little to the water area. Tap all the shards here for your 

Go right now to find more enemies. Do the usual. 

Go further right, and the game will inform you that flying enemies are 
not safe from Iceman's blast. Go up and then finish off the two pairs 
of flying enemies. 

Now, go left to head straight into an anti-mutant drones ambush. Tap 
them all before they come close, and then go left. 

Hide a little on the right and invite the first flying enemy to come 
close. Finish him off, and then lure the other one and take him out as 
well. The reason you're hiding is because of an automated shooting 
machine nearby. If you go too much left, you'll be under heavy fire.

Anyhow, attack this machine to destroy it, and then take the 100 pick-
up points behind it.

Now, keep yourself on the upper rung of this area, and head left to 
find another big automated shooting machine. Take it out from range, 
moving up and down to avoid its attacks if possible. After that, finish 
off the other enemies in this area, and head above this big machine to 
find three more 100 pick-up points shards. 

Go left now to end the level.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Ok, now that you've reunited Iceman and Wolverine, you can switch 
characters during play.


Target Upgrade Score: 3,500

Shortly after you begin, the game will inform you that you can press
your DS' shoulder buttons to switch players. Do so and change to 
Iceman right away, and then go left.

You'll come across some flying enemies almost immediately. The game 
will then tell you that Wolverine can't hit flying enemies. Well, 
you've already switched to Iceman, so blast them away.

Switch to Wolverine now. Continue left, and then take the next turn 
down. As you're about to turn down, you'd probably hit a short scene of 
Deathstrike running away (yes, that ugly thing with claws is NOT 
Wolverine - where's KELLY HU???). 

Anyway, continue down, and you'll come across some heat-shielded 
enemies on some sort of a bridge. The game then informs you that 
Iceman can't hurt these enemies, so use Wolverine to dispose them.

If you look to your left, you should find two 100 pick-points to the 
left of the bridge. Collect them all, and then continue down. There's 
a big automated shooter here that is heat-shielded. Destroy it with 
Wolverine, and then switch between both characters to fight off the 
other flying enemies and heat-shielded enemies that begin to swarm in. 

Go right onto another bridge. You'll head into an ambush. Switch 
between both characters to defeat the foes, and then look up to find 
three 100 pick-up points shards. Continue right, and you'll find four 
life pick-ups. I'd suggest taking the lower path below the pick-ups 
to avoid picking up all of them at the moment if you're still 
reasonably healthy. This is because there's a large shooter just above 
right of these pick-ups, and it's heat-shielded, which means you'll 
probably be hit a little when you try to go near it as Wolverine. 

Anyhow, seek out the shooter and destroy it, and then collect the 
pick-ups to regain health. Now, head down. You'll find two bridges. 
Either one you choose, you'll be given a terrible headache, due to the 
sheer amount of enemies that will swarm at you. There's a shooter on 
each bridge, and flying and heat-shielded enemies will also appear, so 
you've got to be really fast with your switching, attacking and 

To the right of the bridges are two more 100 pick-points shards. Take 
them, and then cross the bridge. Over here, you'll find plenty of 
life pick-ups, but as before, don't take them all first. Instead, 
fight off the hoardes of enemies before getting your recharge. 

After this, just head left, and then down for Wolverine to "smell 
adamantium" to end this level. 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Your first boss fight, and it's not a piece of cake as you'd have 


Target Upgrade Score: 3,500

Deathstrike has the following strengths:

1. An air-slash that somehow shoots missiles at you;
2. Super agility;
3. Ability to alternate between heat-shielded state and non-heat-
shielded state;
4. A multi-slashes move;
5. An area effect attack.

There're two ways of defeating Deathstrike. The cheap way is to use 
Iceman primarily for ranged attacks. Run away from her when she's heat-
shielded, and only engage when her shield is down. This will also 
prevent you from being hit when she does an area effect attack. 

Periodically, Deathstrike will summon heat-shielded enemies into 
the arena to distract you. Switch to Wolverine to kill them with a 
single hit. They'll usually leave behind pick-ups for you, so it's 
actually a good deal.

There're five 100-points shards here: one on each side, and three at 
the back. When you're running away from her, use the opportunity to 
pick them all up as well.

Rinse and repeat until you fully deplete her very long health bar to 
easily win the fight without losing any health of your own. However, 
you'll probably not achieve the target upgrade score since this method 
takes too long.

If you intend to get the upgrade score, you'll have to be more 
aggressive. Start by closing in on Deathstrike as Wolverine, and 
slash her several times until her heat shield is down. Take note that 
while doing so, you may: 1, miss completely because she's just so 
agile and 2. be counter-attacked and lose health. Nevertheless, 
slashing her is the fastest way of depleting her health, so doing so 
right from the start of the fight can help you to quicken the process. 

Anyway, slash her until she loses her heat shield, and then quickly 
switch to Iceman and do ranged attacks on her. Rinse and repeat the 
switching and attacking to defeat her quickly. She'll still summon 
heat-shielded enemies during the process, so you'll have to take note 
not to suffer cheap strikes from them. 

In both ways of beating her, being good with avoiding Deathstrike's 
attacks is the key to defeating her. If you manage to dispose her 
within 1:30, and collect all 500 pick-up points, you should blow the 
target upgrade score easily.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


This is a solo mission involving Nightcrawler.


Target Upgrade Score: 3,000

Your time limit is 2:00, so this would be a real race against time. 
Start off by going straight ahead to find BOMB #1. Touch it to destroy 
it. Continue up and fight any enemies along the way, while picking up 
the energy pick-ups. The game will throw you some brief tutorial along 
the way about using Nightcrawler's powers, including his ability to 
stop time when "bamfing". 

As you progress, head a little to the left to find a room with EIGHT 
100 pick-up points shards. Quickly tap them all to collect them all. 
Two of them are rather hidden, so you may have to press yourself close 
to the left wall to briefly see them.

NOTE: You'll face enemies along the way as you progress through this 
level. I won't describe them all. To save time, you can ignore most 
of them, and take out only those that're hindering your progress.

Continue up until you find some forcefields to your left. There're 
are two 100-points shards behind fields, so take them before going 
up to find BOMB #2. Tap it, and search the top right corner of it for 
a 100-point shard.

Go left now until you find BOMB #3. Destroy it, and then walk up 
behind where it was to find another 100-point shard.

Continue left now, and use the path blocked by containers as cover. 
Keep breaking the containers and going left until you hit an area 
where continuous fire is coming against you in a straight line from 
below. This is because a shooter is actually down below, and it won't 
stop shooting. Tap Nightcrawler to stop time, so that you can get past 
the fire without getting hit, and then go all the way to the left to 
find BOMB #4. 

Before you destroy BOMB #4, break the containers to the top right of 
it to find two 100-point shards. Now, you can go and destroy the damn 

To the left of this bomb is a 100-point shard, but don't let it fool 
you into thinking that there's only one. Break the containers to the 
right of this shard to open a path to the left for two more 100-

Now, go down to find yourself several shooters. Use the left path to 
go down to avoid between sandwiched in between the shooters. Stop time 
if necessary, and then quickly walk down. You'll find two more 100-
points shards that are in between all the shooters. After you pass 
the shooters, you'll find BOMB #5. Destroy it to end the level. 

NOTE: If you get all the shards, you should have 1,900 pick-up 
points. Maintain a 75% enemy ratio and finish the level in a minute+, 
and you *should* get the target upgrade score.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Ah, Magneto. 


Target Upgrade Score: 3,000

There're no pick-up points, so you'll have to finish quickly while 
keep up a healthy enemy ration to get your target score.

First off, you'll see some human-shaped objects in front of you. When 
you're controlling Magneto, anything that can be manipulated by him 
will have a green marker on it. These human-shaped objects has green 
markers on them, so touch one or two to open the pathway.

Go up, and then drag one object to hit the fast-shooting machine on 
the left. This will cause damage to it. You may have to do this twice 
to destroy one machine.

Take the right path up, and pick up the energy points along the way. 
Another fast shooter is on the left. Use the human-shaped objects to 
down it.

Continue up to hit a short scene. Two large doors block your way, 
while a fast shooter is on the left, and a green bomb is on the left. 
Drag the green bomb to the fast shooter to destroy it, and then 
quickly tap Magneto to use X-Factor. This will allow him to lift the 
large door that he can't lift in normal mode. Remember to lift only 
the LEFT door. 

Go into the next area, and then right. Anti-mutant drones ambush! 
You're now trapped in a small area, the drones are appearing quickly, 
and the fast shooter that you just destroyed has respawned and keeps 
shooting at you. Hide behind the right large door (now you know why) 
so that the fast shooter's shots can't hit you, and then take out the 

Once done, go right, and then drag the green bomb there to destroy 
the fast shooters. The green bomb respawns faster than the shooters, 
so you can take out two shooters with two drags. Quickly use X-Factor 
again to lift the door above (any one will do), and then cross the 
bridge up. While on the way, drag another green bomb to blast the 
blocked path in front (by human-shaped objects and a fast shooter on 
the left) to clear the way to the left. 

Go left, and drag the green bomb above the down the fast shooter 
below. Left again, this time, drag the green bomb below to down the 
fast shooter above. Further left, and you'll find yet another fast 
shooter. This one totally blocks the path, so drag another green bomb 
to dispose it.

Go further left, and anti-mutant drones attack. Destroy them, and go 
left again until you find a fast shooter at the bottom left, just 
underneath a large door. A green bomb is above, so drag it to destroy 
the fast shooter, and then quickly use X-Factor to lift the large door. 

NOTE: If you run out of mutant energy, wait for the fast shooter to 
respawn. Each time it gets destroyed, it leaves an energy pick-up.

Go through the cleared path now and you're done.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Magneto joins up with Iceman here with a totally frustrating level.


Target Upgrade Score: 3,500

Go up, and then left to find two green bombs. Destroy them, and then 
go past them into the middle area of this room. Notice the bottom left 
area has two green bombs too.

Heat-shielded enemies and normal enemies appear from both sides. Drag 
the green bombs towards them to kill them. They respawn, so keep 
repeating the process until the forcefield below the bottom left bombs 
clears. Head down that path now, but remember to pick up the three 
100-points shards on the left.

Go through the opened door on the bottom left, and through another 
door again for another three 100-points shards. Once you enter into 
the next area, the door closes. 

Go down, and take out all the anti-mutant drones that appear. Comb 
this area in a clockwise direction, destroying green bombs as they 
block you. Soon enough, you'll be attacked for flying fast shooters. 
Worst still, drones reappear to confuse you, and as you run around 
trying to avoid the attacks, green bombs around you start to explode. 

There's nothing much you can do except to keep destroying the flying 
shooters with the green bombs. These shooters respawn several times, 
so make sure you finish them all. You'll know that you've done it when 
a door opens on the top right area of this room.

Go through the door for another three 100-points shards. As you 
continue, notice two green bombs on the sides. Drag any one and use it 
on the berserk fast shooter in the next room - this one shoots 
everywhere! You'd better destroy it in before you enter the next room.

The next room is a large area with three more berserk shooters. Below 
is a rough sketch of their locations:

                     -----              -----
                       B                  B
                     -----              -----



                           ---  ---
                            R    R
                           ---  ---

The two "Rs" are actually small railings above the beserk shooters 
that you just destroyed. Drag them towards the beserk shooter below 
the green bomb, one by one, to destroy it.

You can then go up to the green bomb and use it to destroy the other 
two shooters. If you hide below the green bomb, these two can't hurt 
you. Once you destroy all the shooters, a door opens at the top right 
corner of this room, and pick up the three 100-points shards along the 

A short scene shows you the destination - a shiny objective marker 
protected by a forcefield. Beside the forcefield are several defense 
mechanism, including a pair of fast shooters. However, you can safely 
ignore them.

Instead, go right, near to the green bomb there, and wait for heat-
shielded enemies to appear. There're a total of four of them. Wait for 
them to cluster together (or take them out one-by-one, your call), and 
then drag the green bomb towards them. You must defeat all four for 
the forcefield to lower. 

Now, just walk up quickly to the shiny objective marker to end this 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Boss fight time. Now, this one IS a piece of cake.


Target Upgrade Score: 3,000

This dude has the following strengths:

1. Shurikens throw;
2. An area effect attack;
3. Heat-shielded.

There're flying shooters around here, but strangely, they don't shoot. 
Two green bombs are in the middle of the room. You can simply switch 
to Magneto and keep dragging them towards the Cyber Ninja to finish 
him off without losing health. However, this may take too long to 

So, if you want to hit the target score, use Wolverine to slash him 
repeatedly until his life bar is about 50-60% first. This can be 
achieved very quickly. Switch to Magneto now and use the green bombs 
on him till he falls. You win!

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Another silly Nightcrawler mission again, but at least the target 
upgrade score isn't insane.


Target Upgrade Score: 1,500

First off, head straight up and destroy all the containers there to 
find FIVE 100-points shards. Head back down, and then right. Fight off 
any enemies here that appear. You'll soon find the NUCLEAR CORE #1. 
Walk over it to disable it.

Continue right while fighting enemies, and then head up. At the end 
of the path, go left until you hit an obvious path to go up. Before 
you do so, head down instead to a hidden area for three 100-points 
shards. Head up now to find NUCLEAR CORE #2. Disable it.

Go up now until you reach the area with diagonal stripes on the 
ground. Go up a little more, and NUCLEAR CORE #3 and #4 are on the 
left and right sides of the area. Disable them.

Go up all the way until you get blocked by a forcefield to the left. 
There're three more 100-points shards behind the forcefield. Take 
them, and then backtrack. Move a little to the right to find three 
more 100-points shards hanging in midway (diagonally). 

Now, go down a little more to find some containers to the right of 
a green bomb. Destroy them to reach NUCLEAR CORE #5. Disable it to 
end the level.

NOTE: You'd probably NOT disable all the cores within the given time 
frame, but even with zero speed bonus, you can still hit the target 
upgrade score for this level. With a total of 1,400 pick-ups points, 
it's impossible not to! Just hit some enemies along the way, pick up 
all the 100-points shards, and you should be ok. 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


The level begins with Wolverine looking on, as a short scene 
introduces the Silver Samurai, and his comments on Deathstrike's 
"implants". Aargh.


Target Upgrade Score: 2,500

When you resume control as Wolverine, go right until you reach a large 
area. Two doors are on the top and bottom of this area, but they're 
locked. Take out the enemies here to boost your enemy ratio, and then 
head to the bottom right corner of this screen to find a door out.

Continue on this linear path while taking out enemies until you reach 
an objective marker. You'll also face two green bombs along the way, 
so you may want to switch to Iceman just to take them out from afar. 
When you're at the objective marker, walk over it, and you'll open the 
two previously locked doors. You'll have to blast open a door (not 
locked) to reach the marker. 

If you check out the top right corner of the marker, you'll find three 
100-points shards hanging there. Take them, and then carry on walking 
in an counter-clockwise direction. When you reach the top left corner 
of this room you'll find three more 100-points shards there.

Eventually, you'll exit through the top door. Head down now to the 
bottom door, and follow the linear path there until you hit the cut-
scene to end this level. 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


This level introduces the Silver Samurai.


Target Upgrade Score: 2,500

You'll begin in a small area with a green bomb and an enemy. Finish 
him off, and head down. A forcefield blocks your progress, so take the 
path on the right instead while taking out any enemies that hinder 

Go up a little to find a fast shooter. Switch to Iceman, and use his 
ranged attacks on it until it's destroyed. A short scene will show 
here, showing you that the forcefield is down, and a door has opened 
below it. 

Before you head towards that direction, go to the right of where the 
shooter was to find three 100-points shards. Now, head towards the 
door. Switch to Wolverine so that you can slash your way past the 
heat-shielded enemies. Go through the door, and hug the left wall 
until you see three more 100-points shards.

You should go right to the next area now, but a fast shooter is in 
your way. Switch to Magneto, and drag the green bomb at the bottom of 
this area carefully towards the shooter to destroy it. 

NOTE: If you accidentally drag the bomb towards a wall, it'll explode.

With the shooter out of the way, go right into the next area. Go down 
now, and you should notice another green bomb to the left, after a 
door. Drag it as Magneto, and then go down a little to bomb the hell 
out of an enemy. A fast shooter is below this enemy, so wait for the 
green bomb to respawn, and then repeat the drag-and-bomb process.

Take the "7 o'clock" path downwards, and you'll find a forcefield in 
your way. Two enemies are shooting at you from the 10 o'clock 
direction. Still as Magneto, search for a container on the ground to 
the right of the last room, and hurl it towards the two enemies. This 
will kill them instantly, and at the same time, lower the forcefield.

Watch the cut-scene and note the positions of the green bombs, 
enemies and a fast shooter. Switch to Wolverine now, and go down. 
Finish off the heat-shielded enemies, and switch to Magneto. Continue 
drag the closest green bomb at the fast shooter to destroy it.

NOTE: If you need health, life pick-ups are to the left of this area, 
hanging in mid-air before the door.

Anyhow, use the green bomb again on a large shooter just to the left 
of the fast shooter. This clears the path to the left. Switch to 
Wolverine quickly, and take out as many enemies as possible while 
going left. Ignore the two shooters here, since the area is too 
congested (too many enemies) to take them out without getting hurt. 
Concentrate on taking out the heat-shielded enemies so as you can up 
your enemy ratio. 

As you continue left, you'll eventually reach the end of the room. 
An objective marker is there, so step onto it to end this level. 

NOTE: While this level is generally easy, getting the target score 
requires some fast action. I managed a 73% enemy ratio, finished the 
level in 58 seconds and got all 600 pick-up points to finally hit the 
required 2,500 points. 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Another easy boss fight. The Silver Samurai only sounds good.


Target Upgrade Score: 3,000

This dude has the following strengths:

1. A dashed attack;
2. A powerful sword attack;
2. Flying shooters providing cover for him.

The major problem here is actually not the Silver Samurai, but his 
lackeys. Flying shooters go sending bombs down to distract you, so 
you'd do well to avoid their attacks. Take note of the red circle 
markers that they send down before attacking - avoid the areas where 
these circles are to avoid being hit. 

Use Wolverine in the early stage of the game to tear down the Silver 
Samurai's health. Once he's about 60% health, switch to Magneto and 
use the green bombs in this area to constantly bombard him till he 
falls. For good measure, bomb some shooters if you want a better enemy 
ratio. This fight can be completed in 40 seconds.

NOTE: If you need pick-up points, they can be found at the top left 
(two 100-points), top right (one 100-points) and right (one 100-

Watch the comic panel-style cut-scene now as you head into the next 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


A senator is trying to preach about mutant tolerance. Some terrorist 
is trying stop him from doing so. Your task is to kill that bugger 
before he gets the chance to do whatever he wants to do.


Target Upgrade Score: 3,000

This is the easiest of Nightcrawler's missions so far. You'll be given 
a rough idea of where the terrorist is, and all you need to do is to 
continue down the linear path until you find that terrorist. There're 
plenty of energy pick-ups along the way, so take them all, and use 
X-Factor as and when available to slow time. Green bombs literally 
littered themselves all over this map, so proceed with care, since 
many containers are conveniently located to block your path, just so 
that the bombs can explode on you. 

Go up from where you begin, and break the containers in front to open 
a path. You should see a life pick-up right ahead, so take it and go 
left. At the end, you should find more energy and life pick-ups. Go 
down to find another life pick-up.

Go right at the end, and carefully destroy the containers and use 
the path that opens up to avoid being hit by the green bombs. You'll 
soon hit another life pick-up and more energy pick-ups. 

Head up now, and at the top right corner, find another life pick-up 
and more energy pick-ups. You're close. Head left now, and then up. 
The green bombs are queuing up to hurt you, but just walk quickly 
through the middle path, and the bombs can't touch you, except the 
last one in the middle. Avoid it, and then go right to find said 
terrorist. Engage him to finish off the level. 

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


This will be a painful level, with enemies of various forms attacking 
you in waves. Try your best to clear them out as the objectives 


Target Upgrade Score: 3,500

Switch to Magneto and head right. You should find two green bombs 
above and below. Drag one of them and go forward. You'll soon be 
greeted with a flying enemy and a heat-shielded enemy. Plant the bomb 
in the gap between them to take them out at one go.

At the end of the path, you'll find more another pair of similar 
enemies. Switch to Wolverine for a fast kill on the heat-shielded 
dude, and then quickly switch to Iceman to take out the flying one at 
the far end. Switch back to Magneto.

Go up to find another flying enemy on the left, behind some 
containers. A heat-shielded enemy is a little further up on the right. 
Drag one container to kill the heat-shielded one. Another heat-
shielded guy will now sneak up from behind. Use another container to 
finish him. Now, you can use one more container to finish off the 
flying guy.

Hug the left wall now, and you should find four 100-points shards at 
the light yellow area to the left (or bottom left, depending on where 
you stand). Take them all.

Further up, another enemy appears. Use a container on the right to 
down him. Now, as you're about to approach the next area, notice a 
green bomb here. Drag it, and then head into the huge room ahead.

Plenty, and I mean, plenty of flying shooters will ambush you. Use 
the green bomb immediately on the one (or two, depending on how close 
they're) on the right to clear the path there. Hug the right wall and 
quickly run upwards. You should notice four more 100-points shards to 
the right of the wall, lined up in vertical fashion. Take them all.

As you reach the end while going up, a shooter (not flying) greets 
you. Thankfully, there're some containers there, so use them to 
destroy the shooter. 

Go left a little, and you'll find a lovely row of three green bombs. 
Drag one, and then go left a little. A flying shooter appears, as well 
as a fast shooter. Use the green bombs on them.

You can now explore the area directly above the green bombs for four 
more 100-points shards. These will make it 1,200 pick-up points, cool!

Go left further to find another green bomb. Drag it and go left to 
find two more flying shooters. A strategic place of the bomb in 
the gap between them will send them to their maker.

Drag the same bomb once it respawns, and go left a little more. You'll 
find a berserk shooter at the 7 o'clock direction. Place the bomb 
there to destroy it. You can also drag another bomb and attack the 
enemies at the 10 o'clock direction to boost your enemy ratio.

All you need to do now is to simply grab another bomb and head down-
wards. You'll find another enemy and a shooter there. Place the ball 
there to take both of them out. Switch to Wolverine for a final time 

Go down further for another heat-shielded enemy. Slash him to death, 
and go down a little more to find the objective marker. Yay!

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Another one of those swarming enemies level. You'll control only 
Magneto and Wolverine here.


Target Upgrade Score: 2,000

Head left and you'll face two flying shooters. I'd suggest simply 
using Magneto to drag the containers around to dispose them. Head left 
further, and two enemies will sneak up. Dispose them as well.

Go down now, and then head right. An enemy is shooting at the upwards 
direction just to the right. Finish him off, and then go further 
right. As you reach the end, another enemy sneak up from behind. 
You know what to do.

Drag a container and then go down. Go left now to find a fast shooter, 
so plant the container there. If you can't take it out in one hit, 
there're more containers around. 

Head left, and then go down again. You may notice you're actually 
heading downwards in a zigzag direction by now. Go right, and an 
enemy sneaks up, while another is on the right. Defeat them, and then 
drag a container. Head down again, but there's a fast shooter there, 
so toss the container at it. Whatever you do, conserve your X-Factor. 

As you go left, you'll find three large doors. You'll need avoid the 
attacks from anti-mutant drones while lifting a large door with X-
Factor, so that you can head left. I'd sugggest hiding at the right 
end and lift the large door, before the drones appear. You'll save a 
lot of hassle like this.

Head left now to find more enemies. You may want to switch to 
Wolverine for faster attacks. Anyhow, dispose the foes, continue left, 
and then head up. Oh, and drag a container with you as well - there's 
one at the left corner. 

As you head up, two flying enemies appear. Use the container on one, 
and then quickly drag another container nearby to finish off the 

Head up all the way now. A berserk shooter greets you. If you've 
enough health, just switch to Wolverine and slash it into pieces. 
Before you go left, you should find three large doors to the left. 
Switch to Magneto, and use X-Factor to lift one away. Enter into this 
hidden area to find four 100-points shards and four life pick-ups. 
If you do this level within a minute, and get these 400 points, you 
should hit the target score.

Go back up, and then head left. There're two berserk shooters here. 
Use the containers around here to dispose these shooters, and beware 
of the enemy that sneaks up from behind. You've now cleared the path 
to the left, which will lead you to the objective marker.

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


A generic boss fight chapter. You'll take on a... hovertank (duh!).


This toy has the following strengths:

1. It's hovering, so Wolverine is practically useless;
2. It goes from left to right, spitting fires at you;
3. Heat-shielded enemies appear from time to time to distract you.

There're two green bombs, one on the left, and one on the right. The 
game tells you that you can use them to act as a shield if you're 
Magneto, but you don't really need to do so. 

The left end of the room has a 100-points shard, and the right end has 
three 100-points shards. Take them all.

Now, to beat this boss, use the following strategy:

1. Use Magneto, drag a bomb, and toss it at the boss;
2. Switch to Iceman, run into the direction that it's hovering in from 
(eg. if he's coming in from the left, you should run towards the 
left), and use ranged attacks on him. This helps lower the chance that 
you'll get hit from its projectiles. 
3. At the other end, switch back to Magneto. Drag the bomb there and 
attack the boss. As the boss is very slow, you can throw as many bombs 
towards it to lower his health. Typically, one attack can lower one 
bar of his life.
4. If an heat-shielded enemy appears, switch to Wolverine to slash 
5. At any time, DO NOT attemp to hide at the left or right sides of 
the area. These areas are small and will leave you will no where to 
hide if the hovertank attacks. Remain mobile at all times.
6. Rinse and repeat.

You win!

                    + + + LEVEL COMPLETED + + +
               + + + SCORE ATTACK MODE UNLOCKED + + + 


Version 0.1: Skeleton of guide done. Basic information done. 
Walkthrough for first two levels done. (6.6.06)
Version 0.12: Made some changes to the level titles. Walkthrough done 
up to 5th level. (6.9.06)
Version 0.4: Walkthrough done for 6th-16th level. (6.13.06)


+ + + UNFINISHED + + +


+ + + UNFINISHED + + +


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