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Episode 3 Riddle FAQ

by GCNMario

Wario: Master of Disguise
By Nintendo/Suzak, 2007
Nintendo DS
Updated: March 24, 2007

Riddle FAQ:
- FAQ Typed up by N-Mario ([email protected])

- Answers were provided by various people
on the GameFaqs board community. Thanks guys.
Q - What is this FAQ about?

A - It is a simple FAQ containing most of the museums riddles in Episode 3
"The Spinx Sits on a Secret!", and the answers to each riddle.
One riddle is given to you at random, and there is about twenty riddles
to solve. Pay very close attention to the museum's displays for hints,
more specifically, the red text during the converstions. you will notice
a connection to those displays, and the riddles the Spinx gives you.
Remember, only write one letter at a time, all capital letters.

Answers are as listed in alphabetical order:

Which relative lives in a hill?

What food puts doctors out of business?

What animal Wears a fur coat, but is always naked?

What counts the days til they're over?

What peeps inside one day, then outside the next day?

What has teeth and runs through your hair?

What bird hangs out at construction sites?

What animal pals around with cats on rainy days?

Swat me and shoo me, you'll never subdue me! What am I?

Which creature gets stuck in your throat?

Half-empty or half-full, they look the same. What are they?

If you take my scaly tail, I grow another without fail. Who am I?

What creature goes on four in the morn, two at noon, and three at night?

What fruit only comes in twos?

This bird is always dressed for a fancy party.

What ties things up at the end of the rainstorm?

I'm the sunniest creature in the sea, but I sting like the devil. What am I?

What bird is a master thief?

What has a job so dirty that it wears itself out completely?

which creature spends all it's time on the world wide web?

If I am missing any riddles from this list, please e-mail me, so I can
update this FAQ with the neccessary missing riddles. Thanks.