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by artstnthambulns

U  U NN   N D  D  E    R  R C   C O   O V     V E    R  R
U  U N N  N D   D E    R  R C     O   O V     V E    R  R ::
U  U N  N N D   D EE   R R  C     O   O V     V EE   R R
U  U N   NN D   D E    R  R C     O   O  V   V  E    R  R
UUUU N    N D  D  E    R  R C   C O   O   V V   E    R  R ::
UUUU N    N DDD   EEEE R  R  CCC   OOO     V    EEEE R  R

DDD    U  U   A   L    MM     MM  OOO  TTTT IIII  V     V EEEE  SSSSS
D   D  U  U A   A L    M MM MM M OO OO  TT   II   V     V E    SSS   
D    D U  U A   A L    M  MMM  M OO OO  TT   II   V     V EEE  SSSSSS
D    D U  U AAAAA L    M   M   M OO OO  TT   II   V     V EEE    SSSSS
D   D  U  U A   A L    M       M OO OO  TT   II    V   V  E        SSS
DDD    UUUU A   A LLL  M       M  OOO   TT  IIII     V    EEEE  SSSSS

This is my first FAQ so please go easy on me. I am only writing it because 
through the message boards I have noticed that a large amount of people are 
having quite a bit of trouble with this game (myself included). I intend to 
keep this walkthrough as spoiler-free as possible so I will omit any dialogue 
and story I can. So, without further ado, let's begin.



John Russell - Lead character of the game. He is a professor researching 
physics. He has been employed since 1937 and is a slightly naive. He is German,
 has a prior history of working in universities, and is a hard worker.

Audrey Cordell - She is a secretary to Sir Williams. She has been employed 
since 1935 and is down-to-earth. She comes from a big family, is reliable and 
hopeful, and is quite nosy. 

Sir Williams - John's boss. He is well connected and was knighted for his 
personal service to King George V in 1918. He has worked at the company since 

Col. Travers - An MI6 agent who is investigating John Russell for his alleged 

Professor Bartholomew - A professor researching propulsion. He has been 
employed since 1934 and is an imaginative thinker. His son died in WW1. He is 
handicapped by a stiff leg, which is the result of a war wound.

Professor Cutter - A professor researching explosives. He has been employed 
since 1935 and is a good problem solver. He lost his little finger on his 
right hand. He has bad hearing and is prone to drinking.

Dr. Oswald - Professor researching aerodynamics. She has worked since 1936 and 
is ruthless. She strives for perfection in her work.

Guard McFee - This woman (though I could've sworn this was a guy) has a mug 
only a mother could love. She has worked security since 1934. She is very 
reliable, displays military-like behavior, and is efficient and devoted to her 

Innkeeper - This guy isn't much of a looker either. He runs the Inn.

As Professor John Russell, you have been framed for leaking research 
intelligence to the Germans. Everyone seems to suspect you and so it falls 
into your hands to clear your name with the help of your friend and coworker


D-Pad Up: Inventory
D-Pad Down: Hotspots
D-Pad Left/Right: Scroll left/right
L-Button (or B-Button): Map
R-Button (or X-Button): Switch characters
Start: Menu
Tap the touchscreen to go to a location or bring up the context menu
Tap the touchscreen twice to quickly exit locations
To unequip any item, simply tap on its picture in the bottom-left corner


*****For the purpose of this walkthrough I will tell you when to switch 
characters. Many times in the game actions and dialogues can only be triggered 
when a certain character is active. For that reason only use the characters I 
tell you to. If I don't say to switch, then don't, and you should have no 

When you first gain control or John you can press D-Pad down to bring up the 
hotspots in his office. From there you can view or use the action icon on any 
of the objects you like. The hotspots are critical to finding items so be sure 
to use them. First things first, tap the BOOKCASE hotspot and the use icon to 
take a RUBBER HOSE (you'll need this later). Second, go to the desk and touch 
the CUP hotspot, and tap the use icon to get the BIRD SHOT. We'll need this 
later as well. Now we need to open the cupboard to get the progress report, 
but it is locked. So have John use the action icon on the DUSTBIN by the desk 
and he will find the WIRE. Open the inventory (using D-Pad Up) and 
tap on the WIRE to select it, then press the red arrow in 
the bottom-right corner of the screen to exit the inventory menu. Next tap the 
CUPBOARD so that John can pick the lock. 

The best way to solve these lock-picking puzzles is to simply guess by bending 
the wire in one spot to move the first pin up or down until you have it lined 
up. If the red line is too high, bend the wire so it is slightly lower and 
vice-versa. After you have the first pin lined up, move further along on the 
wire and bend accordingly for the second pin, etc. 

After you have picked the lock, click on the REPORT and click the use icon to 
take it. Now that you have the REPORT in your inventory, scroll to the right 
of the office, click the DOOR hotspot and tap the use icon to exit.

Click on the exit and on the next screen tap on TO THE HEADQUARTERS. On this 
screen tap on ENTRANCE. Here click on the STAIRS to exit. Finally, click on 
AUDREY'S OFFICE to enter. Before you do anything in this office, immediately 
click on the SECRETARY hotspot and click the use icon. John will find a map 
which is incredibly useful for saving time getting place to place. From now 
on, anytime I tell you to go somewhere you can open the map and click on the 
location to go there instantly. :-)

Now click on SIR WILLIAM'S OFFICE to enter. You will immediately begin a 
dialogue. John will then exit and begin a dialogue with Audrey. Audrey 
suggests we listen to their conversation. Once you regain control, switch to 
AUDREY and exit the office. Enter the LADIES' ROOM. From inside the room you 
can almost hear the conversation between Col. Travers and Sir Williams. Forget 
about it for now and just click SHELF and the use icon to obtain the KEY. Exit 
the room and give the KEY to John by opening your inventory, selecting the 
KEY, and then selecting John. Now switch to John, enter the MEN'S ROOM. 

Use the KEY on the CUPBOARD in the room, and you will receive the BROOM. Now 
exit the room and give the BROOM to AUDREY. Tell that woman to get in the 
kitchen and start sweeping like she's supposed to. (Just kidding, sorry to 
anyone I offended, I couldn't resist :-]) Now switch to AUDREY and enter the 

Once inside, select the BROOM and then click on the AIR VENT. Now you can hear 
the conversation going on in the other room. After the conversation is over, 
exit the room and speak with John. In the dialogue select "I overheard Sir 
Williams conversation!". Now select "See you." and exit into AUDREY'S OFFICE. 
We need to find a way to distract Sir Williams and Col. Travers so John can go 
see what is in the guest room. 

In the office touch BIRD CAGE and select the use icon. Albert would work as a 
great distraction, unfortunately it becomes clear that we need to find some 
food for him. Open the map and go to PROF. BARTHOLOMEW'S LAB. Now enter the 
door that says PROPULSION LAB. 

Now speak with PROF. BARTHOLOMEW. In the dialogue, select "Albert doesn't come 
out of his cage...". After that chatter, you can ask "About Dr. Oswald..." 
if you like but it's not necessary. Select "Good bye, professor." to end the 
dialogue. Prof. Bartholomew suggests we speak to Dr. Oswald, so now open the 
map and click on THE OFFICES. Enter the OFFICES door then enter DR. OSWALD'S 
OFFICE. Speak to DR. OSWALD. In the dialogue, select "Do you know where to 
find seeds?", then choose "Thank you for your time." She suggests speaking to 
the guard McFee, so open the map and select THE GATE HOUSE.

Once there, speak to MCFEE. In the dialogue, choose "Do you have seeds?". 
After they talk, select "Thank you." to end the dialogue. Now scroll right 
and choose the HERB GARDEN hotspot and select the use icon. You now have the 
seeds. Now head back to Audrey's office. 

Once there, select the SEEDS and tap the BIRD CAGE. Now step closer to Albert 
and he will fly to the top of the bookshelf. Now switch to John and tap on the 
EMPTY BIRD CAGE and choose the look icon. Then switch back to Audrey and tap 
the SIR WILLIAM'S OFFICE hotspot and select the enter icon. Audrey will open 
the door. Now select the BROOM and tap on the ALBERT hotspot (he is on top of 
the bookcase to the right of the room). Albert will fly into Sir William's 

Now it's time to take a look around the guest room. You will automatically be 
switched to John. Exit the office and go down the stairs. Once there tap the 
GUEST ROOM and select the use icon to discover it's locked. You know how to 
pick it. Select the WIRE and tap the door and pick the lock the same way as 
before. Now enter the GUEST ROOM. 

Once inside, tap the BEDSIDE TABLE hotspot and the use icon to get the FUNNEL. 
Now tap the SUITCASE hotspot and the use icon. John comments that it has a 
code lock. You are then supposed to listen for when a bolt has unlocked. 
Unfortunately its impossible with no equipment. So, we get to make a 
stethoscope. Remember the RUBBER HOSE we found? Select the RUBBER HOSE and 
while still in the inventory, drag it and drop it on top of the FUNNEL. Now 
you have an IMPROVISED STETHOSCOPE. Much more usefull than a lame hose and 
funnel. Now equip the IMPROVISED STETHOSCOPE and select the SUITCASE to try 

Now this part can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing, so let me 
explain it to you. When you turn the knob you will first hear a light click, 
and if you continue to turn it in the same direction you will hear a loud 
click. The way to unlock the suitcase is to turn the knob (first going 
clockwise) until you hear the light click, then start turning counter-
clockwise until you hear a light click again. Everytime you hear a light 
click you switch directions and after five light clicks in a row it will open. 
If however, you hear a loud click, that means you went too far and you will 
have to start over.

Once open, John will automatically read the documents. Once he is done talking 
to himself, it's time to go find Audrey and tell her what we found. As soon as 
you enter Audrey's office a dialogue will begin. Audrey suggests we talk to 
the rest of the professors. Go speak to Prof. Bartholomew again. In the 
dialogue, select "Did you notice something strange lately?". Apparently he 
did, but he wont tell us unless we do some chores for him. Greedy son-of-a... 
Select "Ok, I'll help you." Now select "Thank you and good bye." It's time for 
us to get the oil. Click on the LADDER and the use icon and John will climb up.

The oil is on the left and there are crates on the right. We need some sort of 
container (like the shell casings from the crate) to hold the oil. 
Unfortunately the crate is shut. So go back down to Prof. Bartholomew. Scroll 
all the way to the right and select the DESK hotspot, then the use icon. John 
will pick up the SCREWDRIVER. Now we can break open the crates. Go back up the 
LADDER, and use the SCREWDRIVER on the CRATES. Unselect the SCREWDRIVER and 
select the CRATES hotspot and tap the use icon to receive the SHELL CASING. 
Now use the SHELL CASING on the OIL DRUM. It now becomes the SHELL CASING WITH 
OIL. (A genius name really...) Now go talk to Prof. Bartholomew. 

In the dialogue, select "I got the oil.". Barty (that's his new nickname from 
me) tells us he now needs us to get him a wrench. Select "Thank you and good 
bye." and now we get to find us a wrench. If you speak to Barty again he'll 
tell you Profs. Oswald or Cutter would likely have a wrench. So we're off to 
see Dr. Oswald.

In the dialogue with Oswald, select "Do you have a wrench?". Oswald will tell 
you that Barty never returns things and that she needs him to sign a receipt 
saying he took it. Select "No problem there, I'll sign it right now." Oswald 
says it must be signed by Barty, so we're off to get a signed receipt. Head 
back to Prof Bartholomew's. 

In the dialogue, select "About the wrench...". Barty says he refuses to sign a 
receipt so it's up to us to find another one. Well now what? Rather than waste 
our time searching for another wrench, we're gonna have Audrey get it instead. 

Switch characters to Audrey and head over to John's area. Now switch back to 
John, and have him speak with Audrey (you must be John speaking to Audrey, not 
the other way around or the option won't appear in the dialogue). Now in the 
dialogue, select "I need a wrench...", and John will explain his plight to 
Audrey. Now select "Bye.", switch characters to Audrey, and head over to talk 
to Dr. Oswald.

While talking to Oswald, select "Do you have a wrench?". Audrey will lie that 
she needs it for Albert's cage and thus will get the WRENCH for herself. Now 
head back to John and give the WRENCH to him. Switch back to John and then 
talk to Barty. In the dialogue, select "I got a wrench!" and then when Barty 
offers to tell you a story, select "Ok...". He will tell you about some MI6 
agents he noticed at the pub/inn. Now we know where we need to head so head 

When John tries to leave by clicking on TO THE OUTSIDE, MCFEE will explain 
that he can't leave because Sir Williams and Col. Travers have given him an 
order to keep an eye on him. Those curs! This looks like a job for Audrey. 
Switch to her and send her to where you can't go. AAhhh she knows not the 
freedom she enjoys... On the next screen select the door and enter. 

When you enter, take a step forward and you will automatically be taken to a 
dialogue with the INNKEEPER. He'll tell you about the government fellows in 
the corner. Go talk to the AGENTS to view a short dialogue. Go back to the 
INNKEEPER and select "I'd like to buy some beer for those gentlemen over 
there...". He responds by asking for the money and since you're broke, you 
stuck. Next select "About those agents..." and he'll tell you you're nosy. 
Now exit the dialogue, tap the Notice hotspot and select the view icon. It 
mentions winning darts to get free drinks. Ah, we now know how to get liquored 
up. :-)

Talk to the INNKEEPER again and in the dialogue select "This dart contest...". 
He'll tell you about the contest and tell you not to hit customers. (Okay 
wiseguy...) Exit the dialogue now, select the DARTBOARD and tap the use icon 
to play.

I won't even bother explaining how to play, since it's pretty straightforward. 
It's a game of some skill and a lot of luck since the controls are kind of 
wonky. Anyway just keep playing until you get the best score. (My first 
winning score was 11 :-)

Now go talk to the INNKEEPER again and select "I won the dart game...". He 
reluctantly gives you the prize (what a jerk) so now you receive the BEERS. 
Now use the BEERS on the AGENTS and they will thank you and start to get a 
little tipsy. (From 1 beer?! Freakin' lightweights...) 

Now we get to try to listen to them. Unfortunately they still stop talking 
everytime we come too close. So exit the Inn. Now tap the TO SIDE hotspot and 
exit. On this screen there is a BARRELS hotspot. If you tap the use icon on it,
 you will find out that the agents can be heard better by standing on top of 
them. Unfortunately, Audrey is too much of a lady to stand on them, so we're 
gonna have to find a way to get John over here. Before we go talk to him 
though, click the PATHWAY hotspot and exit.

On this screen there is a REED hotspot on the bottom-right corner. Tap the use 
icon to get the REED, and then head back to the Gate House to speak with John. 
Once here, give the REED to John, and then switch characters to him. Now it's 
time to talk to McFee. In the dialogue with McFee, select the "Can't you let 
me go outside?" option. McFee will explain that he/she wants whisky, and will 
"look the other way" in exchange. Exit the dialogue and now we need to find 
some whisky.

Speak with Audrey now and in the dialogue select the "Has anyone a special 
brand of whisky?" option. She tells you Prof. Cutter has some. So now we know 
where to go next. Head to Cutter's Lab.

Outside the lab, all attempts to get in are foiled. It's too loud for Prof. 
Cutter to hear you if you knock, and the door is locked. Touch the WINDOW 
hotspot and tapt the look icon. John will notice Prof. Cutter and the whisky 
bottle in the lab. Tapping the use icon on the WINDOW will just yield a 
message from John saying that it's too loud for Cutter to hear you. So how do 
we get Cutter's attention?

Open the item inventory screen and combine the REED and the BIRD SHOT in order 
to get the BLOWPIPE. Now select the BLOWPIPE and use it on the WINDOW hotspot. 
This opens another little minigame in which we use the blowpipe to get Cutter's
 attention. It's straightforward and basic so I won't bother explaining it. 
Cutter takes his time opening the door (Damn old man... I've got things to do!) 
A dialogue begins immediately and Prof. Cutter refuses your request for his 
whisky. So what do we do now? We do what any desperate, low-life, lousy, 
scum-of-the-earth, gutless, spineless, no-good, rotten,  dirty, person would 
do: we steal. 

John surmises that we must distract Cutter first (Genius... no wonder he's a 
professor...). We are automatically booted from Cutter's lab, so now just 
switch characters to Audrey and bring her to Cutter's lab. Now switch back to 
John and speak with Audrey. In the dialogue, select "I can't get the whisky 
bottle from Cutter...". Audrey decides to 'entangle' Cutter in a meaningful 

Switch to Audrey and enter the EXPLOSIVE'S LAB. Speak to Cutter, and select 
the "This is a very interesting lab..." option. Cutter tells you to call him 
with any questions touch the EXPLOSIVE CHAMBER hotspot and you will 
automatically begin a dialogue with him. You will also automatically be 
switched to John. So enter the lab and touch the WHISKY hotspot and the use 
icon. Now you have the WHISKY. Now let's go to the Gate House. 

Talk to MCFEE and in the dialogue choose the "I got some fine whisky here..." 
option. Now head to the Inn. Go to the side of the inn and click the BARRELS 
hotspot and touch the use icon. John will say he needs Audrey. So switch to 
Audrey and bring her over. Switch back to John and now climb the BARRELS. John 
will overhear the agents. John is their main suspect. WHAT A SHOCK! :-O As 
John climbs off of the barrels, he will make a noise and the agents will come 
out to check it out. Quickly choose the PATHWAY hotspot and exit. The agent 
will see that no one is outside and will leave.

Audrey and John decide to sneak into Sir William's office to look for files 
but decide it's best to do so when it gets dark. After the dialogue it will 
automatically become night. Now it's time to sneak into the office. If you go 
straight up to his office the conventional way, an agent will tell you no one 
is allowed on the second floor. 

Exit and talk to Audrey and in the dialogue select "This agent won't let anyone
on the upper floor." John decides his turn to form a distraction. Head up the 
stairs on the right hotspot and the agent will say the same thing. John will 
head back down and comment that he was too close to the office for Audrey to 
sneak past. Head back up the stairs but make sure you go up on the LEFT stairs 
hotspot. The agent will walk over and talk to John and you will automatically 
be switched to Audrey. Head up the RIGHT stairs hotspot now and enter Audrey's 
office. Then enter SIR WILLIAM'S OFFICE. Meanwhile, John enters into a 
philoshical discussion with the agent about whether or not he is truly free; 
the agent is not impressed. 

Now in the room, press the CARD INDEX BOX hotspot and tap the use icon. After 
checking out the cards, Audrey comments on Barty's stiff leg. Exit the room 
and go all the way back down the stairs. John will finish his distracting, 
join you, and a dialogue will automatically begin. John and Audrey decide that 
Barty couldn't have climbed the ladder to his loft due to his stiff leg. They 
decide to check it out. So head to Barty's lab. 

Go up to the loft and check out the OILY FOOTPRINT hotspot. Touch the look icon
 and JOhn will comment that maybe Barty was up there. Touch the use icon and 
he will say that you need a copy of it. Go back down and switch to Audrey. Have
 Audrey give the WIPING CLOTH to John. Now switch back to John and head back 
up the ladder. Use the WIPING CLOTH on the OILY FOOTPRINT hotspot. Follow the 
instructions and simply wipe the screen back and forth to obtain the FOOTPRINT.
 Now John comments that we need to find out who is wearing boots in the 
facility. Head back down the ladder now and speak with Audrey.

In the dialogue box, choose the "I got a footprint..." option. The two surmise 
that we need to check the footprint against one of Barty's footprints and if 
it matches, then we have found our spy. So let's see what we can do. Head over 
to the offices and go to Barty's office. Once inside, select the FOOTPRINT and 
use it on the OLD BOOTS hotspot. After examining the evidence, John realizes 
that Barty is not the culprit. Head back to Barty's lab now to speak with 

In the dialogue, choose the "The footprint doesn't belong to Bartholomew..." 
option. Audrey suggests we go to her office to check the staff picture. So we 
get to head back to the Headquarters. Make sure to bring both characters to 
the headquarters. Distract the guard in exactly the same way as before. (If 
you don't remember how I detailed how to do it 4 paragraphs up) Once Audrey is 
in her office, choose the STAFF PICTURE hotspot and select the use icon. 
Audrey notes that only Barty and McFee are wearing boots... Hmmm... Exit the 
office and head back down the stairs. John will come join you and a dialogue 
will begin automatically. Audrey suggests we check on McFee so it's off to the 
guardhouse we go.

When we get to the guardhouse, notice that there is a hotspot in the bottom 
right corner that is called FOOTPRINT. So use the FOOTPRINT item on the 
FOOTPRINT hotspot. Whaddya know!? Now it's time to check the guardhouse. Using 
either character, trying to open the DOOR will yield a message saying "It's 
locked..." And how do we open locked doors in this game? Yep, lets use the 
WIRE again. Now enter.

Checking the hotspots here, you will see a PARCEL hotspot in the middle of the 
room. Well hows about we stick our nose where it dont belong and look at 
someone else's mail... Select the use icon. Doing so will yield the LENSES 
item. Now exit the house.

Talk to Audrey now and in the dialogue choose "So we found telescope lenses..."
Audrey suggests we check out the tower now, so we are going to need a way to 
get into the tower window while Audrey distracts McFee. If you have John 
inspect the WALL hotspot on the left, he will comment that he needs a rope or 
something in order to climb the wall. So let's get one.

Now you probably didn't notice, but there is a ROPE hotspot in the guest room 
(which is located in the headquarters). So head to the guest room and select 
the use icon on the ROPE hotspot. Now head back to the gate house. 

Using the ROPE item on the WALL hotspot here will yield John's studious 
observation that he needs a hook or an anchor to climb up. So let's continue 
this scavenger hunt by finding one.Now here is where many people on the 
message boards (and I'm sure many of you reading this) got lost. The game is a 
lot of fun in many ways, but it is absolutely TERRIBLE at giving hints for 
these types of things. From John's musing that he needs a hook, we are expected
to know that we have to make one. I'll just tell you what you need since the 
"ingredients" for said hook are borderline ridiculous.

We only need two things: Head to the aerodynamics lab and in there is a METAL 
SAW hotspot. Select the use icon, and its now yours. God John is such a 
thief... Now go into John's office and use the METAL SAW on the COAT TREE 
hotspot. Doing so gives you the TOP OF COAT TREE item. Now in the item menu, 
drag the ROPE over the TOP OF COAT TREE in order to make the IMPROVISED 
GRAPPLING HOOK. Now let's head back to the gate house to test this bad boy 

Use the IMPROVISED GRAPLING HOOK item on the WALL hotspot and John will 
realize that it needs to be soundproff. So in the item menu, drag the 
HOOK (i know... that was sooo obvious also....) Now attempting to use the new 
SILENCED GRAPPLING HOOK on the WALL hotspot will yield a message from John 
that he can't use it while McFee is watching. So switch to Audrey and have her 
talk to McFee. It will automatically switch you to John, so use the SILENCED 

Once John is up (he climbs pretty well for a professor) Audrey and McFee will 
finish talking. Now we need to distract McFee again. Notice that Albert is 
sitting on the right side of the screen. Choose the ALBERT hotspot and the use 
icon. Now ALBERT has been added to your inventory. Then select ALBERT and 
choose the WINDOW hotspot. Albert will draw McFee's attention and John will 
move close to the window but ahhhh... of course... not quite the whole way. We 
need to distract McFee again. Head to Prof. Cutter's Lab now.

Once there, speak with Cutter and you will automatically speak about his 
stolen whisky. Cutter goes to speak with McFee which distracts her. Now John 
is finally inside. :-) 

Inside choose the PINBOARD hotspot and the look icon. John will start reading 
the notes. Now choose the OLD SHELLCASING hotspot and the look icon. Cutter 
and McFee will go their separate ways now and OH cRAP!!! She catches John 
snooping. You know it kind of serves him right. Since we've been playing this 
game all he's done is broken in to places and stolen things. It was bound to 
happen... Anyway, McFee kicks John out and a dialogue between John and Audrey 
begins. They decide to check out Oswald's office now.

When you enter Dr. Oswald's office you will find her on the floor. John and 
Audrey then notice a bomb. Dun dun duuuunnnnn!!!!! Luckily the bomb  is 
inactive. Speak to Audrey and select the "What'll we do now?" option. Audrey 
suggests there is something in the room we have to find. Exit the dialogue and 
notice there is a SERVICE ELEVATOR hotspot to the right. Select it and then 
choose the use icon. John notices that there is a secret compartment in there, 
but his hands are too big. Switch to Audrey and do the same with her. She gets 
an electric shock. She suggests that we look downstairs and disable the power. 
Switch to John and head out of the office and down the stairs. Once downstairs,
use the WIRE on the FUSE BOX hotspot. Why? Because this is locked too... 

Once the lock is opened, choose the LEVER hotspot and press the use icon. In 
order for anything to happen, Audrey must be still standing next to the 
SERVICE ELEVATOR. Once you pull the lever the power will go out, noise will be 
heard, and a scene will play once the lights are on. John suggests Audrey put 
the bomb down the elevator shaft. So switch to Audrey, select the BOMB CASE 
hotspot and the use icon. The lid is bolted shut however, and so we need to 
find a way to get the cover off. Well we could use the screwdriver, but John 
has it. So switch to John, and call the elevator by selecting the BUTTON 
hotspot and the use icon. Then use the SCREWDRIVER item and select the SERVICE 
ELEVATOR hotspot. Now switch to Audrey and select the BUTTON hotspot and the 
use icon. Now select the SERVICE ELEVATOR hotspot and the use icon. Now use 
the SCREWDRIVER on the BOMB CASE hotspot. Now select the BOMB hotspot and the 
use icon. Then use the SERVICE ELEVATOR to send the BOMB to John the same way 
that we gave Audrey the screwdriver. Switch to John and have him take the BOMB.
John automatically puts the BOMB on the floor so he can begin defusing it. Now 
select the BOMB hotspot and the use icon to begin defusing it. The  directions 
should tell you enough of how to do this part. As far as I know, the code is 
generated randomly, so unfortunately I can't give it to you here since 
everyone's is different. The only thing that might need to be explained is 
that on the top screen there are four small circles with colors. These 
correspond to the four slots that you can put the wires into. If the top-left 
corner is green, then the first slot has the correct color. If it is yellow, 
then that color belongs in another slot. If it is red, then that color isn't 
used at all. The same color-coding goes for the rest of the circles. The 
top-right circle is the second slot. The bottom-left is the third, and finally 
the bottom-right is the fourth (and final) slot. This puzzle is sort of a 
memory-like puzzle and it really shouldn't take too much time.

After John has defused the bomb he will begin talking to Audrey again. After 
their little banter, switch to Audrey and have her press the BUTTON hotspot 
and the use icon in order to call the elevator up. Then switch back to John 
and select the LEVER hotspot and the use icon. She finds a diary. Apparently 
Oswald was innocent. Once the dialogue is finished we now have two new 
objectives. The first is to get Audrey out of the room. Second, we are 
supposed to go speak with Pro. Cutter. 

If you go to Oswald's office and try the use icon, John will comment that it 
is jammed. So let's find a way to pry it open. Head over to Cutter's office 
and inside you will notice a METAL ROD hotspot. Yep you guessed it, tap it and 
select the use icon to steal (sorry, "borrow") this item also, then head back 
to Oswald's office. Now select the METAL ROD and use it on the DR. OSWALD'S 
OFFICE hotspot. It will open a little. Use it again and it will open a little 
more. One more time now and it'll open. Now that you two are reunited (awww how

Switch to John and send him to the aerodynamics lab. You will noticed the 
BROKEN LADDER hotspot in the middle. If you touch the look icon, John will 
realize that while the old diary is up the broken ladder, he can't climb it. 
Touch the WIND TUNNEL hotspot and the enter icon. Inside here, touch the WIND 
TUNNEL hotspot and the look icon and John notes that it might be a way to get 
up to the diary. TOuch the CONSOLE hotspot and the use icon and John comments 
that there is no power. So exit to the lab and touch the CABLE hotspot and 
then press the use icon. You receive the CABLE item. Then use the CABLE on the 
MAINTENANCE HATCH hotspot. Send John to the propulsion lab. Then send Audrey 
over to meet John and have her give him the SCREWDRIVER. Then using John, have 
him use the SCREWDRIVER on the POWER PANEL hotspot. Now click the POWER PANEL 
hotspot and the use button and John will turn the power on.

Now send both John and Audrey over to the wind tunnel. Using John, select the 
CONSOLE hotspot and press the use icon. Another mini game :-) Pretty self 
explanatory but very difficult to control. After some frustrating attempts, 
you should be able to get it. (Just remember that you are moving the fan with 
the stylus, NOT Audrey) A dialogue will open up immediately once you complete 
the mini game. John will start to leave but will be stopped by Agent Miller. 
Go back and speak with Audrey and select the "We can't investigate freely..." 
option. We need to find a way to evade him. Switch to Audrey and exit the wind 
tunnel. Then choose Albert from the inventory and select the FRAMEWORK hotspot 
(how you are supposed to think of this, I have no idea...) This will distract 
Agent Miller. Now have both John and Audrey leave. Head over to the gate house 
and you will notice Cutter passed out. Apparently he won't wake up just by 
touching him. John suggests some kind of refreshment. 

Send John to the Inn using the map. Then go around to the side where we 
listened to the agents. Finally, send him down the Pathway where we hid from 
the agents. Here there is a creek. Select the SHELL CASING item in your 
inventory and use it on the CREEK hotspot. Now it becomes the SHELL CASING 
WITH WATER! Go figure... Head back to the gate house now. 

Use the SHELL CASING WITH WATER on the CUTTER hotspot. And whaddya know? That 
woke the drunk up. A dialogue automatically begins. Cutter notices that there 
is someone morsing at the top of the headquarters. So let's head there now 
shall we?

Send both John and Audrey there. You'll notice if you try to distract the 
agent the same way, he will simply ask John to "Please leave now." to which 
John replies "Fine, ok." Why has John lost his spine now? I have no idea, but 
that means we need to find a new way to sneak past the agent. Send Audrey up 
the stairs now and a dialogue will begin automatically. It seems Agent 
McAllistair isn't feeling so well. So speak to him again and Audrey suggests 
that she thinks there are painkillers in the mens room. The agent takes the 
bait and goes to check. (How does Audrey know what's in the men's room? I have 
no idea either...) While the agent is in the bathroom, use the BROOM item on 
the MEN'S ROOM hotspot and the agent will be locked in for a while. Now switch 
to John and have him head into the office. 

Once inside select the HALBERD hotspot and the use icon. John will receive the 
HALBERD item. Now head back into Audrey's Office. If you inspect the BOOKCASE 
hotspot on the right with the use icon, John notices that it can swivel out, 
but it needs to be pryed. So use the METAL ROD item on the BOOKCASE hotspot to 
open it. Voila! We're in. Now enter the SECRET DOOR hotspot.

When John enters the screen, he will notice a black, shadowy figure run past. 
Creepy... Click on the ALLEN WRENCH hotspot and the use icon to get the ALLEN 
WRENCH item. Clicking on the MORSE APPARATUS hotspot and the use icon brings 
up another minigame. First we have to transcribe the message. The light will 
shine and if it is a long light (about a second or so) you draw a line in the 
box at the top of the screen. If it is a short light (about a half a second) 
then you draw a dot in the box. 

Next we have to translate the message by using the guide in the bottom screen. 
Just match the highlighted portion of the part we transcribed in part one 
(which is located on the top screen) with the corresponding letter on the 
bottom screen. When you figure out which letter it should be, simply tap that 
letter and it will be filled in.

Finally, we have to send the message. The instructions for this one are to 
send a message back that says "OK". So simply touch the switch on the left to 
turn the light on, and let it go to turn it off. Hold it for about one second 
to make a dash, and just touch it to make a dot. 


For those of you who are having trouble with this, here is the answer for part 
one. If I write L, that means you should draw a long line. If I write D, that 
means draw a dot. I will space them in sets of five so that it is easier to 
read. So, here is the order you should write it in:


Once again, for those who are having difficulty with this part, here is the 
answer for what the message should say in part two:


The answer for this last part (which is really basic, so I don't think anyone 
will need this, but here it is anyway) is given here. I follow the same 
instructions as I did earlier, so an L means to hold the switch for about a 
second, and a D means to just touch it and let it go quickly. Here it is:


That's it :-)


Now that we've decoded the message John mentions that the pump house should be 
on the map. So, let's head there now.

When we get here, you will notice (if you inspect them) that the door is 
blocked by some wooden planks (as seen through the window). Down at the 
bottom-left of the screen is a GRATE hotspot. Using the METAL ROD on it will 
open it allowing John to enter. Do so.

Once inside, tap the WOODEN PLANKS hotspot and the use icon and John will 
receive the WOODEN PLANKS item. There is a MANHOLE hotspot but it needs some 
sort of tool to be used. So let's try the ALLEN WRENCH tool the spy left 
behind. Use the ALLEN WRENCH on the MANHOLE hotspot. John notices that there 
are three cylindrical containers that were used to send documents through the 
sewer. Now select the SHAFT hotspot and the enter icon. 

In here, if you touch the WHEEL hotspot you will notice that the METAL GATE 
lifts. But as soon as John lets go of it, the gate drops again. So he realizes 
that we need the help of Audrey. So bring her over. Now that Audrey's here as 
well, switch back to John. Before you have John open the METAL GATE, have him 
give the WOODEN PLANKS to Audrey. She'll need them. Now, touch the WHEEL 
hotspot and the use icon to open the METAL GATE. It automatically switches you 
to Audrey's character, and if you just dillydaddle for a little while, John 
will let go of the gate because he couldn't hold it any longer. So using 
Audrey select the WOODEN PLANKS item and use them on the METAL GATE hotspot. 
Audrey will wedge them in place and now we can both move on. Now click on the 
Exit hotspot and the enter icon. If you have Audrey do it, John gets impatient 
and says "Let me go first!" :-) What a noble man... 

There are two men talking and they sort of take John hostage. It will then 
switch you to Audrey, and she will say she needs to find help. So let's find 
some. Well there aren't too many options left for help... Oswald is dead... 
Cutter is a drunken maniac... McFee is in no help either... But if we head to 
the Inn and go inside, there is Col. Travers, in all his day-saving glory. 
Have Audrey speak to him. 

Alright after a scene with a nice twist, we get to play another mini game. 
The controls are explained and pretty easy so I won't bother telling you how 
to do this one. Just have fun with it. 

That's it everyone. The game's over. Sit back and watch the ending. I won't 
spoil it here, you'll just have to watch it to find out what happens. By the 
way, after all this time, who knew that John had such a mean left hook? Huh... 


Thanks to Sproing Interactive Media for developing a great game. It kind of 
reminds me of Broken Sword on the GBA :-). Check that game out if you haven't 
yet and you liked this one. Also thanks to DefectGenepool and kmflash from the 
GameFAQS forums for help with what to do next in the game. Also thank you to 
Amoy from for a helpful hint guide (that had to be 
translated) but worked all the same. :-)

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