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Follow the dark path or use the light
Trauma Center: Under the Knife Pack Shot

Trauma Center: Under the Knife



by Windy Kun

TTTTTTT  RRRRRRR     AA       UU   UU   MM       MM     AA
  TTT    RR    R    A  A      UU   UU   MMM     MMM    A  A
  TTT    RR  RRR A        A   UUUUUUU   MM   M   MM A        A

CC       EE       NNNN  NN     TTT    EE        RR    R
CC       EE       NN  NNNN     TTT    EE        RR RRR


UU   UU  NNNN  NN DD   DD  EE       RR    R

           TTT    HH   HH  EE
           TTT    HHHHHHH  EEEEEE
           TTT    HH   HH  EE
           TTT    HH   HH  EEEEEEE

KK  KK   NNNN  NN    III    FF      EE
KK  KK   NN  NNNN    III    FF      EE


[                                     ]
[FAQ V. 1.12                          ]
[Written by: Lord Windscar            ]
[Last Update: Jan. 11th, 2007.        ]
[Contact info at the end of the FAQ.  ]
[And sorry for my horrible ASCII Art. ]
[                                     ]

Okay for some reason the above box keeps getting screwed up each update...

Pre-Disclaimer: This FAQ is intended for you to PASS missions. I am now
also including a S rank section if you want to know how to perfect missions. 
Also, this game will NOT make you into a real surgeon. If you are NOT already
attending medical school, please do not consider changing your profession just
because you beat a game based on surgery.

============== [Table of CONTENTS] ==============

============== 1) Introduction    ==============
============== 2) Game Basics     ==============
============== 3) Episode 1       ==============
============== 4) Episode 2       ==============
============== 5) Episode 3       ==============
============== 6) Episode 4       ==============
============== 7) Episode 5       ==============
============== 8) Episode 6       ==============
============== 9) The X Missions  ==============
============   10) S rank Strategies ===========
============== 11) OMG Actual FAQ ==============
============== 12) Legal stuff    ==============

In order to save 10 seconds of scrolling, Copy the words next to the numbers
in table of contents, then hit Ctrl+F and Paste into the search bar to go
immediately to the section you're looking for.

==========================[ Part 1: Introduction ]============================

About me: This is the Second FAQ I've ever made. The first was under a 
different username for the game Onimusha 2. However, I never finished that 
guide because my PS2 broke down halfway through making the guide. However, I
am back with a vengance and after perfecting my Trauma Center techniques, I 
will pass onto you, the reader of this FAQ, the knowledge needed to beat this 

About the game: Trauma Center is a surgery simulator made by Atlus for the 
Nintendo DS. The gameplay may be far from realistic in some instances because
the game is set in the future, but it sure is addicting. This game is widely
considered to be very difficult. I personally would rate it among the 3
toughest games i have ever played. Be prepared for a challenge.

About the Creators: Atlus is well known for making fun games, most of which
are RPGs. Most of their games are almost never reprinted, with a large time
period between the printing sessions if they are. As of this writing, I
believe the game HAS been reprinted, so finding it may not be difficult.

About this FAQ: I do not like if people copy my work without permission.
Feel free to email me to ask permission, but chances are if your site features
work i know to be plagarized, i wont let you host it. The following sites may 
host my work as of the latest version. (Or

And thats it for the introduction.

Oh wait, one more thing. I love to throw in a little joke just before and 
after an operation. Mostly they're jokes involving other games. Please dont
get offended easily.

-========================= [ UPDATE HISTORY ] ===============================-

V. 1.0 - Initial GameFAQs guide release.

V 1.05 - Several typos edited, added a few parts to Operation 7 and 17 that
I left out by accident. Also made my initial ASCII Art less horrible.

V 1.11 - Added new websites to the Introduction part where i list sites that
can host my FAQ. 

V 1.12 - Added S rank strategies for Operations 1-6. Also updated Affilates
a bit.

Coming Soon:

V 1.2 - You want S rank tips? You got S rank tips! Thats right, coming soon to
my guide i'll tell you how to S rank every mission. I would include videos but
i dont have a webcam, plus i'm still quite a bit slower than some of the
better board players. (That and my hands are awful twitchy. I dont play on a
solid surface like most people.)

V 1.3 - After S ranks are added, Version 1.3 may very well be main storyline
additions. Of course if they take away my X missions i'll get mad but thats
beside the point. The story is boring anyway, but i feel inclined to include
it now.

=========================[ Part 2: Game Basics ]==============================

Before I get into the walkthrough, allow me to show you what does what.

[A button: Scroll through text, Select options at game startup]
[B button: Go back through menus                              ]
[Start button: Pause the game                                 ]

Of course, none of that really matters since you can do everything, and you
WILL have to do most of the game through the touch screen.

Now, most of main game is divided into "Epsiodes". Each episode is generally
up to 12 parts long. Half of each episode is just story text, and half are
actual operations. This guide does NOT cover story text, just operations. If
you want story text, theres a guide that covers the basic story on GameFAQs.

Now, as for the screens on your DS.

=============================== { TOP SCREEN } ===============================

This shows many things that are NOT that important unless you are trying to 
get a high rank. The following are found here.


Operation score: This basicly shows how precise you are as a surgeon. This
score basicly includes all the COOL, GOOD, and BAD rankings you get for simple
tasks such as suturing cuts.


Miss count: To be honest, this should never ever come into play unless you are
going for S rank. Basicly, when you screw something up, you get a miss and
includes the following.

Initially scalpeling too far outside the line or lifting it off the line too
Rolling a bandage the wrong way.
Dropping a foreign object back into the patient

Of course that only includes a few, but the rest is spoilers for now. If you
miss 20 times, you fail the mission. If you EVER miss that many times, you
probably have REALLY twitchy hands.


Time Limit: This is obvious. If you take more time than the limit, you fail
the mission.


Assistant and Text: Your lovely (most of the time) assistant will be telling
you how to do your job. Mostly its just annoying, but sometimes you will be
told how to go about the mission if its your first time doing it.

Also, i hate when she pops up with an annoying scroll text when my vitals are
at 02 or 01, when i was about to stabilize with 7-8 cuts, and that causes me
to fail. X_X

============================== { BOTTOM SCREEN } =============================

Vitals: Measured from 0-99, this tells you how "alive" the patient is. 0 is
obviously VERY bad. 99 is practicly giving them the OK to leave. You can
increase this by injecting stabilzer, or rubbing gel over NON wounded areas.
If this number ever goes BELOW 0, you fail.

Tools: Described in as much detail as i can below. Going from top left, down.

Note: These are just the most common functions. There are more, but the
game text will notify you on how to use tools for whatever purpose you need.


Laser: This nifty little tool burns off polyps, tumors, and harms parasites
called GUILT, which i wont get into until the first mission that involves it.
Obviously, holding it in one place for too long is VERY bad for the patient,
as it can cause massive bleeding, and doing so will incur a miss.

Note: On certain missions you get an upgraded laser, which never runs out.
It also cant harm the patient for some unexplained reason.

This is a point and click tool.


Gel: This heals up small cuts, and stops big cuts from bleeding. You also
need it for geling over the initial cut, and geling over the initial sutured
cut when you finish up. Other uses include protein membranes and you need it
if youre going to start up someones heart. It also heals a minor amount of

Move the Stylus over an area to use.


Drain: Removes massive pools of blood, other various fluids, and tumor tissue.
Since this is an operating game, you would wonder why you dont need to use
this tool every 2 seconds.

To use, point at the affected area, and drag upwards along the drain until OK
shows up.


Forceps: Use these to remove foreign objects from the body, of course not
ALL foreign objects can be removed like this.

Glass/thorns: Point the stylus on the glass, then move it in the opposite
direction from its entry. Once fully removed, place on the glass tray that
appears in the lower right.

Large tumors/Certain parasites: Just move the tumor/parasite over to the
tray in the lower right. A protein membrane may appear in the lower left. If
it does, then use the forceps to place it on the bleeding area, and use gel
on it. More on the membranes later in tools.


Hand: Nevemind, since this is the tool for membranes and starting up hearts.
Once a membrane has been geled, rub over it with the hand. Be sure to cover
it completely to get COOL. To start a heart, first rub jel over the blue bar
that appears in the center of the screen, then rub the dark portion when it
reaches the top or bottom

This is just point and move over the affected area with the stylus for usage.


Ultrasound: You use this for locating tumors and foreign objects (parasites)
that hide under the skin. Just point and poke the bottom screen where you want
to search, and it will be done. Anything found will show up as a black shadow.
To force it to the surface, we come to the next tool, which is...


Scalpel: Yes, as if this wasnt obvious, you use this to cut the initial
opening, as well as use it to cut out foreign bodies such as tumors and
parasites. Most of the time when its needed, a yellow square guideline
will appear. To use, trace the scalpel over the line.

Note: In the initial opening, gel the line first.

When ultrasound picks up shadowy objects, quickly run the scalpel over the
shadow before it disappears. Tumors are exempt to the disappearing quirk.


Stitches: You use these to suture cuts. Generally you'll want to do this
as fast as you can, but the game judges suturing harshly sometimes. So,
without any further delays, heres how to suture.

Point the stylus at the beginning of a cut, and draw a zig-zag pattern across
the whole length of the cut. The game judges your rating based on extra length
and how even the stitching is.

Oh, and heres a quirk once you get a fair length into the game. For large
gashes, first drain the blood, then use the forceps to pull the larger side
of the cut over. THEN you can suture it. Be quick or it'll reopen.


Syringe: If this is your first time through the game, you will likely be using
this very often. Usually you will only have access to stabilzer which is green
fluid. To use this, poke the fluid with the stylus and draw upwards. Then,
point almost anywhere on a patient's body and poke until the fluid is drained.

A full stabilzer will heal around 12 vitals. Other Syringe injection works
the same way, except the location is more specific. More on these later.


Bandages: At the end of the operation, you use these to bandage the initial
incision. To use, point at one end of the incision, then move the stylus over
to the other end, then release.

Remember to gel the incision before the bandage, otherwise you'll get a BAD.


Thats pretty much it for the game basics. Things i did NOT explain here will
be explained later in the guide as i get to certain operations.

=============================== { 3: EPISODE 1 } =============================

Pre-Episode Notes: Remember, I'm only covering OPERATION sections, not STORY 
sections. Please remember, I'm not going to baby you through procedures that
you have to do repeatedly, like the initial incision.
When you're  ready, read below for operation 1.

Oh and before I forget, Some people use 2 stylus's for this game. It might be
easier that way, but if you want a real challenge, be a man and use only one
like I do. (That means I'm writing this under the impression you only use one 

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 1 ] ===---------------------------

-------------------------=== [ STANDARD PROCEDURE ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: Um, Operation 1. This is basicly teaching you how to use certain
tools that I ALREADY explained how to use above.

[ Patient name: Turk, Kevin                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 80                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Your first operation. Excited much? You only get to use certain tools here,
but its a nice learning experience nonetheless.

Anyway, your patient starts with two lacerations and two glass shards stuck
in his arm. 

You are instructed to use to suture the cuts first. Select the
stitches by touching them with your stylus, and heal the cuts by moving your
stylus in a zig zag pattern across the cut. Repeat for the other cut.

When both cuts are healed, you are instructed to remove the glass. Select
the forceps, and press the stylus against where the glass is located. Pull the
stylus on the screen in the opposite direction of entry, then place the glass
on the tray that appears. Repeat for the other glass shard.

Once both shards are removed. Select the gel to heal both cuts. You may notice
vitals increasing if rubbed on a non-wounded area. This is insignificant in 
this mission, but you'll need this knowledge for later. Rub the stylus over
the cuts to gel and instantly heal them.

Now you will be instructed to open up this man's arm. Gel the line that
appears, then select your scalpel when instructed and trace the line. Dont
remove the scalpel until all the squares are traced.

Inside the arm are three glass shards. Treat these the same way you treated
the outer shards. I shouldnt have to repeat myself.

I will however state that the closer to the middle of the tray you place the
shard, the better rank you get for removing it.

After all three shard wounds are healed, you will zoom out of the patient.
Suture over the wound you made in this guy's arm, then rub gel over the
bleeding section until you get OK. Then select a bandage and roll it over the
stitched area.

Congratulations, you finished the first operation. Dont get too excited, this
mission is cakewalk compared to later.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 2 ] ===---------------------------

------------------------=== [ STANDARD PROCEDURE 2 ] ===----------------------

Pre-OP notes: Once again, this teaches you some other tools that i've already
mentioned how to use.

[ Patient name: Laurie, Noah                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

This is your first tumor removal. Your operation starts by opening this guy's
abdomen. Gel the trace line then scalpel. You should get used to this.

You will zoom in on the patient's stomach. His vitals will immediately drop
to 60. You will be instructed to inject stabilzer into the patient. Select
the syringe, and pull up to load a full dose into the syringe. Then, touch
your stylus to the patient's stomach to inject. You wont advance until a FULL
LOAD is injected.

Once you inject, his vitals shoot to 70, then you can continue. You are
told to use the ultrasound to find the tumor. Select the ultrasound at the top
right, and touch the screen to search for the tumor. If you want to cheat, the
tumor is located at the bottom middle of the stomach.

Once located, a shadow will appear, trace over the shadow with your scalpel.
A gross looking green mass will appear when you do.

Select the drain (middle of the left tools), and touch the stylus against the
green mass (which is actually cytoplasm). Draw the stylus upwards and the
green mass will become a red fleshy mass.

Now, select your scalpel and trace around the lines. Do this before the
cytoplasm reappears.

Now that the tumor is officially excised, select your forceps and drag the
tumor to the tray on the right.

Once that is done, select your forceps again, then drag the membrane from the
bottom left tray and place it over the bleeding wound. Rub gel over it, then
select your hand (bottom left tool) and move the stylus over the membrane.
After 4-5 "sounds" from the membrane it will be in place.

After that, suture the initial incision, gel over it, and then roll the

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 3 ] ===---------------------------

----------------------------=== [ A FAREWELL ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: First operation you have access to all tools. However, you wont
use them all. Also, that ugly nurse finally leaves.

[ Patient name: Spence, Neil                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Multiple tumors? Oh no!

As is the usual starting method, gel the line and scalpel over it.

Whats this? Inflamed areas? Thats not good. Select your syringe and fill it
with blue fluid. then press on the white pulsing areas to remove them. It
should only take half an injection to remove one inflamed area.

Now that that's out of the way, we can remove the tumors. Use ultrasound to
find them, or you can cheat and use the section below to find them without it.

1. If you've paused your game before, its just above where the P would be.

2. Go down from the first tumor, and to the left a little to find number 2.

3. Go right. Near the bottom of the organ you'll find the final tumor.

Once you've cut them out and exposed the cytoplasm, drain one at a time.
However, do not remove the actual tumor mass until you've excised all three.
Once you have, remove them one at a time, then place the membrane over the
wounds, gel, and massage like last operation.

After you've finished all three, suture the initial cut, gel, and bandage.

Operation Complete. Say bye to Mary by the way, you wont miss her a bit.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 4 ] ===---------------------------

-------------------------=== [ SINGING THE BLUES ] ===------------------------

Pre-OP notes: YAY, ANGIE! Er.. Yeah, First operation with the laser. Also, you
learn how to use the obscure tool magnifier here!

[ Patient name: Cox, Elliot                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Yay, polyp removal!

If operating on the pharynx requires utmost care, why are we treating it like
every single other operation? Anyway, gel the line and scalpel.

Hm, thats a narrow area to work with, better use the new MAGNIFIER TOOL.

To use it, select what would normally be the ultrasound, and draw a C shape.
(Dont ever draw a circle like the game says, it barely ever works)

Anyway, draw a C shape with the magnifier near the large area of blood, then
drain the blood away using the uh...drain.

Those purple dots are polyps and we're going to get rid of them! Select the
laser (top left tool), then press against the polyps for a second to remove.
Gel over the area where the polyp once was.

An operation event occurs where blood will pool back up and you will have to
drain it again. This occurs if you burn off too many polyps at once and dont
gel quick enough. Try not to let it occur too often.

Anyway, once this area is clear, unmagnify to find another blood pool. Drain
it and remove the polyps like instructed above. You will have to repeat this
procedure three more times after the second. None are any different than the

After you're done, you'll automaticly zoom out of the patient. Suture, gel,
bandage and you're done.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 5 ] ===---------------------------

---------------------------=== [ A REAL DOCTOR ] ===--------------------------

Pre-OP notes: More Tumor removal. Oh yeah, when you go for high ranks, dont
use Ultrasound to find tumors. Ever.

[ Patient name: West, Sean                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 70                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 80                       ]

Ready for more tumor removal?

Gel and line the scalpel, and get ready for an ugly sight in the intestines.

Oh my...there are 4 small inflamed areas and 3 large areas. You've dealt
with this before, use the syringe to inject blue anti-inflammitory into
the inflammed (pulsing white) areas. The large areas take around a full dose,
and the small areas take half a dose.

Want to cheat without using the ultrasound using my advice? Not going to work
this time. I wont tell you their locations because you should know how to
use ultrasound by now. Just know that there are four tumors.

You should also know how to remove them by now. Drain cytoplasm, then scalpel
the trace line. Dont remove until you've excised all four tumors though.

Remove one tumor, then place the membrane over it. If you remove all four
before placing a membrane, your vitals will drop faster than a rock. Anyway,
gel the membranes then massage them evenly for your coveted COOL rank.

After that, you'll be instructed to ultrasound for more abnormalities. Just
use the ultrasound 10 times anywhere, and then you'll zoom out of the patient
and of course theres the suture, gel, and bandage of the initial incision.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 6 ] ===---------------------------

---------------------------=== [ LIFE OR DEATH ] ===--------------------------

Pre-OP notes: The story leading up to this operation is awesome. That aside,
this is technicly your first heart operation.

[ Patient name:  Flynn, Omar                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 01!                      ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 30                       ]

Yes, you read starting vitals right. This is the first operation you're in
danger of losing due to vital loss. Lets do this!

I know at first you're thinking "OMG This is impossible i'm going to lose 3
seconds." His vitals wont move from 01 until you recover his pulse. Anyway rub
some gel on that bar that just appeared in the middle of the screen, then
place your hand on the darker part of the bar and follow it until you get OK.

When you do, his vitals are restored to 30. Time to clean up these wounds.

First, fix up the lacerations by suturing them and geling over the small cuts.
Then drag the glass out with forceps and place them in the try. Be careful not
to drop any on this operation, because of the lower maximum vitals. Use
stabilzer to heal as necessary.

Once you fix the outer wounds, gel the trace line and scalpel to enter...the

Wow...theres a lot of glass shards. Remove only TWO at a time, and be sure you
dont drop ANY. His vitals drop MUCH faster here than outside. Remember to gel
over where the glass used to be, just be quick about it.

When all the glass is removed, OMG 01 VITALS! Do what you did at the beginning
of the operation and his vitals will be restored back to what they were. And

Wow... a LARGE piece of glass emerges from the heart. This is MUCH bigger than
the previous pieces, but it still shouldnt be a problem. Just be extra careful
not to drop it. Also, when its placed on the tray, vitals will drop around 4
points per second, so suture the wound fast.

Just when you think its all over, suddenly a laceration the entire length of 
the heart appears. You must be thinking its all over. Suddenly a star appears
to be drawn on screen and the screen will turn black and white except for the
laceration. This is the Healing Touch. It basicly slows down the game timer,
vital loss, and other various things in game while you still operate at normal

Oh by the way, your vitals just dropped to 05. It doesnt matter since you lose
vitals really slow now, so just take your time. This is a large laceration, so
if its your first time it might take you a few tries to suture correctly. Use
Stabilizer if you screw up once or twice.

Once sutured, your vitals are restored to max, and then you can suture, gel,
and bandage the incision! Congrats, you just beat Episode 1's final operation.

Operation Complete.

=============================== { 4: EPISODE 2 } =============================

Pre-Episode Notes: let me state that these missions are quite a bit harder 
than the previous episodes. Remember theres always challenge mode if you want
to get more practice.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 7 ] ===---------------------------

--------------------------=== [ DORMANT ABILITY ] ===-------------------------

Pre-OP notes: SPLEENLOL. XD Anyway, fun with forceps, scalpel, and drain.

[ Patient name: Pratt, Jesse                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 80                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Have you heard jokes about the spleen before? I have. Time to operate on it.

Gel the line and incise! Welcome to the spleen, I'm almost sure it doesnt look
like that for real. Anyway, magnify the purple organ.

See those circles moving around in the artery? Those are Thrombi, and we're
going to remove them. To remove them, ultrasound the moving circles so they
become more opaque, then use forceps, then scalpel over it. After that, use
the drain to suck up the thrombi (do so until you get OK), then gel over where
the thrombi was.

That wasnt so hard was it? Also, try not to let thrombi reach the end of the
artery where it converges. You'll incur vital loss if you do. If its your
first time through the game, i'm sure one or two will reach the end. Dont
worry, the vital loss isnt something you cant handle. Remove 5 thrombi to move
to the next phase.

Whats this? The Thrombi are suddenly moving four times faster! Derek auto
activates the Healing Touch (HT from now on). Suddenly the thrombi are now
moving even SLOWER than the first phase, so this shouldnt be much of a problem
There are seven thrombi to remove this time. If you had no problems last phase
then this shouldnt even be hard.

Once you remove all seven, suture, gel, and bandage the initial incision.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 8 ] ===---------------------------

-----------------------=== [ STRIVING FOR ASCLEPIUS ] ===---------------------

Pre-OP Notes: This isnt an Operation. Why am I writing this?

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: --                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: --                       ]

Yes, this is a for fun mission. Here you learn how to use the Healing Touch
whenever you want.

First of all, touch the hand icon twice. This turns the icon into a star. This
is what you do whenever you want to use the HT.

Anyway, start by tracing the over the star. Try to do it quickly. The star
will fade and you'll have to do it again. Then the outline will be gone.
Repeat what you just did 3 more times.

That wasnt so hard was it? 

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 9 ] ===---------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ AWAKENING ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This is the first mission you can manually use HT. To do so,
double tap the hand tool so it becomes a star, then draw a star on the bottom
screen. The Larger, quicker, and more precise you are, the more time you spend
in HT. Of course, using HT kills your rank, so use it only if you have to.

[ Patient name: Kovac, Mario                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 70                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 80                       ]

Anumerisms...sounds like tumors! Anyway, gel then incise the line.

Look, a little red bump. Use the magnifier near it. Prevent that anumerism
from bursting! Select your syringe and fill it full of the orange sedative.
Then, trace the line with the scalpel. Now it wont burst anymore, but you
still need to remove it. Use the forceps to drag it to the tray. Oh no, now
the blood vessel is bleeding! Drain the blood using the uh...drain, then use
the forceps to drag the two pieces of vessel together, then suture them.

Wow, that was intense! Heal vitals to around max then magnify out.

Oh noes! Another Anumerism. Treat this just like the last one.

After you treat that. Two more show up. This guy clearly has health issues.
This time, when you scalpel one, dont remove it, and instead go to the other
and treat it until the vessels are connected. Then, connect the first's
vessel. Why do this? After you treat the first one, Two more anumerisms will
appear. Try to finish up both at the same time. Then treat the next two the
same way you treated these two.

If this is your first time on this mission, i suggest you get HT ready. I'll
provide instructions on both HT and non-HT. Then, FIVE ANUMERISMS APPEAR!

If you use Healing Touch, this wont be hard. Inject all five with sedatives
then scalpel them all out. then, treat one blood vessel at a time, so you dont
have around 5 blood pools at once, thus massive vital loss.

If you DONT use Healing Touch...get ready for a challenge. Magnify so you can
see all five anumerisms at once, then beginning at the top left. Inject the
sedative, the excise with the scalpel. Do the same to the bottom left. Dont
remove either yet.

At this point you should have three anumerisms still about to burst. Inject
sedative into one at a time. When you get them down to size, excise one
whenever possible unless another is about to burst. When two are left, the
process becomes much easier. When all five have been excised, treat the
end-removal process like i described in the HT version.

Once you are done with the 5 anumerisms (god i hate this word), suture, gel,
and bandage the initial incision.

Operation Complete. Anyone else reminded of the fruit candy "Gushers"?

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 10 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ JUST LET ME DIE ] ===------------------------

Pre-OP Notes: This operation only has a three minute time limit. Not that it 
matters, because the operation is very short.

[ Patient name: Reid, Linda                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 45                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 65                       ]

Here's where the real fun begins, ready to operate? Gel and incise the line.

Woah, there are quite a few normal lacerations, and 3 larger ones which have

If you are quick, deal with the large lacerations (gashes) first which i will 
describe below. If you are new, deal with the normal lacerations first. You 
should know how to do these by now.

To deal with gashes, first drain the blood on them, then use forceps to pull 
the LARGER skin area over to the other. The game likes to fumble and give you
misses a lot for these. Anyway, once you do that, suture it like a normal cut.
If you take too long, the gash will re-open or start bleeding again.

Once you are done with the laceration treatment, thats pretty much it for the
operation. Suture, gel, and bandage.

Operation Complete. For a high school girl, she sure is underdelop.. *is shot*

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 11 ] ===--------------------------

-------------------------=== [ PLEASE LET ME LIVE ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: Welcome to the first operation involving GUILT. These are the
parasites I mentioned in the game basics. You will be dealing with the first
type here.

[ Patient name: Reid, Linda                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 80                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Ready to kick ass and chew...oh wait this is a surgery game, sorry. Gel and
incise the line as usual.

Whoa lady, what kind of drugs have you been taking? Again, it doesnt matter
if you start on the gashes or normal lacerations first, just pump your vitals
using stabilizer to max before you finish the last one. So you can get a good

Yay you're done...wait...WHAT THE HELL?!? A laceration just formed on its own.
Use the ultrasound when another laceration forms to find a moving shadow. Then
scalpel it out. EWWW A MOVING FISH THINGY!

Welcome to Kyriaki, the first strain of GUILT. These lovely sea of blood
creatures swim around your patient's organs and make many lacerations for you
to fix! Until you're told how to kill them that is. Anyway, to kill them, just
tap it with your laser! The Kyriaki will then zip across the organ. Hit it
once more and it will die.

Yay! Once either all cuts are sutured and/or vitals are above 80, the next 
phase will start. ...What, you thought there was only one? That would make 
this operation too easy! Two more lacerations form. Of course, the first two 
dont do any actual damage. After the text ends from your assistant, the next
two will do damage. I believe the cuts do around 5-7 damage each. Anyway, from
now on when you cut one of these things out, they'll leave a laceration. 
Anyway, use ultrasound to locate both and scalpel them out. At best you'll
only have to deal with 6 lacerations. Once both are dead, treat all of the
lacerations except one, the raise vitals to at least 90. Treat the last cut.

OMG. 3 large lacerations in the shape of an asterisk (*) formed. These dont
actually do any damage except from bleeding. Use ultrasound to find the
Kyriaki. This one is triple the size of the earlier ones. Anyway, laser it and
it will go back under the skin. You have to repeat this three times. If vitals
get low, rub gel on the wounds to stop bleeding and vital loss for a bit. Once
the mature Kyriaki is dead, suture all wounds. Heal vitals if you have to.

Remember, you have the HT if you're having trouble at any time during this
operation. But also remember you can only use it ONCE in an operation, so use
it wisely.

Once you finish treating all the lacerations, suture, gel, and bandage the
initial incision. 

Operation Complete! Hmmm...I wonder if Kyriaki taste like manta ray.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 12 ] ===--------------------------

------------------------=== [ FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: ACTUAL HEART SURGERY! You also need to remember how to restart
a heart! Not that it matters much after this.

[ Patient name: Chalke, Elisa               ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Poor little girl, lets make her heart all better again! Gel and Incise.

Oh, you have to gel and incise her heart too. However, before you can Incise..

OH NOES, FLATLINE...kinda. Use gel and your hand to massage her heart into
working again. This will happen randomly throughout the mission until i say
otherwise. Trying to do anything else while she's flatlining is an automatic

Anyway, now gel and incise her heart. Then magnify the blood pool. Drain the
blood and a trace line will appear on the valve. Quickly trace the first line,
then the second. Then trace around the whole valve. Usually blood will pool
again when the whole valve is excised, so quickly drain it again. Also, the
heart usually goes out of whack again here. Anyway, once all distractions are
taken care of, use the forceps to move the valve to the lower right tray, then
place the synthetic valve on the lower left tray where the old valve was. Then
suture it into place!

Yay, no more heart attacks! Anyway, zoom out and suture the heart incision.

Then the usual suture, gel, and bandage. You're done here.

Operation, and Episode Complete.

=============================== { 5: EPISODE 3 } =============================

Pre-Episode Notes: This Episode mostly revolves around learning how to treat 
the first three strains of GUILT, and other various procedures. This episode 
also contains the last "normal" procedure. Get ready, here we go!

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 13 ] ===--------------------------

--------------------------------=== [ GUILT ] ===-----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This guy's name reminds me of the show 24 for some reason...

[ Patient name: Reyes, Jack                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Such an original operation name, eh? Gel and Incise.

5 normal lacerations and 3 gashes greet you on what LOOKS like an intestine.
Suture all the normal lacerations first, then heal the gashes like in
operations 10 and 11. Refer to those on how to heal gashes. Remember to heal
vitals to max if this is your first time.

First Kyriaki wave has two infants. Ultrasound and scalpel them out before
they cause too many lacerations. A nifty thing to point out if youre having
trouble finding them and they're cutting the patient too much, the maximum
amount of cuts they can cause before excision is nine. Two hits with the
laser kills them.

After you kill both, THREE infants show up. This might be trouble if this is
your first time. Deal with these the same way as above, but pay more attention
to your vitals. when all three are dead, suture all lacerations but one, and
heal vitals to max. 

Suture that last cut and the mature kyriaki appears with its trademark 3 large
lacerations that do absolutely no damage. Its lacerations after DO cause
damage though, so deal with it as fast as possible. Remember it dives back
under after each laser hit, so you'll have to deal with 3 excise cuts.
3 hits naturally kills it. Suture all cuts to zoom out.

Suture, Gel, Bandage and you're done.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 14 ] ===--------------------------

-------------------------=== [ SOMETHING PRECIOUS ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: She's quite tall for a 9 year old girl. Oh and more tumors! Of a
completely different kind!

[ Patient name: Chase, Amy                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 75                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Time to save your best friend's little sister! Gel and Incise.

EWWW. WTH has she been eating! There's yellow and purple spots all over the
affected area. Oh...those are tumors. Laser them till they go away. They spawn
mini-tumors while they still live, but those dont do much damage unless there
are around 10 on screen at once.

Once all are gone, raise vitals for the few seconds you have. The next thing
that comes up reminds me of an attack from "The Guardian Legend" for NES.

Welcome to Deftera. Moving tumors! This should be more fun than stationary 

Anyway, you're going to have to wait until the red and blue tumors bump into
each other. They're cannibals, so they'll try to eat each other. This is where
you come in, and you use the drain to remove their tissue while they try to
eat each other. Of course, while they are on screen, they spawn the nasty 
large tumors that spawn little ones. Remove these ASAP unless the Deftera are 
fused. Drain the Deftera three times to "defeat" it. Each drain removes a bit 
from its color, keep this in mind for the next part.

Once its been drained 3 times, the Deftera pulses...then dies. However, as
long as the trace line is there, it'll spawn large tumors at a relatively
fast rate. Quickly excise the Deftera and remove the tumors immediately after.

Then you treat this like a normal tumor, remove the Deftera with forceps, then
place a membrane over it, gel it in, and massage! Easy, right?

No, you still have another area you need to operate on! First close up the
first area like usual. Suture, gel, and bandage. Dont bother with vitals.

See, you get 99 to start with on the second area! Gel and Incise.

OMG, theres TWO pairs of these things now. Also, you have to be more careful
now. As there are two more conditions added to this battle.

1) Do not let two of the same color collide. Vitals will drop by around 10,
and they will automaticly spawn large tumors.

2) Dont let any color collide with a fused pair. If they do they'll break up
AND drop vitals by 10. Oh and more tumors.

And this is where your handy invention called GEL comes in. Place a circle of
it around a fused pair, and it will turn away the unfused pair for a few
seconds. Once you drain one pair, dont drain the other. The two like colors
can no longer collide. However, they can still break up fused pairs.

Just kill off tumors and drain Deftera when necessary. When one is completely
drained, excise it ASAP and kill the tumors it spawns, but dont remove it
unless the other pair isnt currently fused. Then just treat this part like
the previous part.

After you completely remove the second Deftera, suture, gel, and bandage.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 15 ] ===--------------------------

------------------------=== [ AN EXPLOSIVE PATIENT ] ===----------------------

Pre-OP notes: You get Dr. Myers as your assistant this time. I like her so 
much better than Angie.

[ Patient name: Time Bomb!                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: --                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: --                       ]

The bomb has been planted. Ready to begin? Gel and I...nevermind. I'm kidding.

Anyway, to begin get out your magnifier and zoom in on the water tanks. Use
your drain when instructed to pull up some water from the RIGHT tank. Then,
push it back down into the left tank. This is the ignitor, and assuming you
are fast enough, you wont ever have to come back here again.

Now, zoom out, and zoom in on the bottom portion of the bomb. This is the
dynamite! See those yellow rods sticking out? Use your forceps to pull those
out CAREFULLY. Once you pull two out, the detonation device becomes active!
Keep the lines on the silver boxes from reaching the top, or you fail. Use
gel or stabilizer to lower the meters on the boxes. 

Pull the rest of the yellow rods as fast as you can. Once all 6 are out, you 
wont have to touch the water tanks again. Once done, zoom out once you feel 
you're safe with the silver box lines, and zoom in on the microchip section.

Here, you are to laster the microchips that connect to the silver boxes. If
you laser a wrong chip, you instantly fail. Of course, you expect me to cheat
for you, but unlike other guides, i wont do that. Do the work yourself like I
did the first time. Just trace a silver box wire to the chips then zap the
chip until it disappears. Once a chip is gone, you wont have to worry about
its connected silver box again.

Well thats wait no its not. The timer suddenly shifts to 15 seconds
until detonation! Remember how never to cut the red wire in bombs? Now you
HAVE to cut the red wire. Cut all of them in 15 seconds to complete the
mission. Of course this isnt without quirks, because if you cut a white wire,
you automaticly fail.

Anyway, once thats done...congrats, you disarmed a bomb! bomb has been defused! Counter Terrorists win!

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 16 ] ===--------------------------

-------------------------=== [ MIRACLE AT 9,800FT ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: This is the last "normal" mission in the game. The rest is
pretty much focused on GUILT except for two, but those are just puzzles.

[ Patient name: McGinley, Chi               ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 90                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

This is just like in a MOVIE! Er...gel and incise.

You're looking at the patient's lung. Use ultrasound to find shadowed areas,
then scalpel them to unleash the blue fluid of death! Just kidding, use the
drain to remove the fluid and rub gel over where it used to be. Thats all
there is to this mission.

Oh, right, the mission quirk. Since you're on a plane, you will encounter a
bit of turbulence. When the screen starts to shake, stop whatever you're doing
unless you just cut open a shadow. When the screen shakes violently, do NOT 
touch the screen at all unless you're selecting a new tool, or you will "miss"
and incur vital loss.

Oh and one other thing, if fluid is present when turbulence occurs, inflamed
areas will appear after the turbulence. Inject these with anti-inflammitory

Repeat the second paragraph about 8-9 times to complete this operation. All in
all, this is fairly easy.

Suture, Gel, and Bandage the initial incision when prompted.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 17 ] ===--------------------------

------------------------=== [ FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: I'll walk you through this the same way i played this operation
the first time. Which is basicly not knowing what I'm doing. I'll explain
operation quirks as i get to them.

[ Patient name: Reuben                      ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 85                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Yay, new strain of GUILT! Gel and Incise.

Is it me or does this slightly remind me of the Triforce from Zelda...

Welcome to Triti. This strain petrifies organ tissue! Anyway, dont listen to
the cool looking blonde guy and use the scalpel, pick the forceps instead.

Now you're told to remove the thorns. Extract them the same way you would
remove glass. Place them in the tray. Note theres no ranking for this.

When you remove all three thorns on a triangle, you can excise it by using the
scalpel on the 6 trace dots, then using the forceps to remove the Triti piece.


Time to explain the mission quirks. Yes. Triti can and WILL regenerate.
However, there are certain conditions before it can do so.

1) If two thorns are next to each other with a free space next to it when you
remove a triti piece, a piece will spawn in that free space.

2) If a single piece of Triti is isolated (not attached to another piece of
Triti), and has at least one thorn, it will regenerate in all possible
directions that it can do so.

Oh, and one more quirk, however, it is VERY VERY RARE on this mission. A thorn
can turn into mist when it is pulled out. Use the drain on the mist ASAP. If
you dont, it can turn into another piece of Triti, most likely isolated. This
is obviously very bad.

Now you must be thinking how the hell you can deal with this GUILT? Well, if
you are new, I suggest the following.

As soon as the Triti appears, use HT (get around 2000 for enough time), then
remove all thorns and extract all pieces of triti. Easy, right?

IF you prefer the hard way and want a decent rank. Start on the lower right
and work your way to the upper left. Theres a way to do this quickly without
any regeneration at all. I just used the first few lines to explain its
regeneration pattern. However, I leave that for you to figure out. Triti is
supposed to be like a puzzle, and i dont like solving puzzles for you.

Something I forgot to mention in V. 1.0 is the purple piece. Each time it
flashes, you incur some vital loss. I'm not sure how much, but people say it's
.33 damage per triangle, but i know it will AT LEAST be 10 vital damage.

Anyway, when all pieces are extracted, suture, gel and bandage.

Operation and Episode complete!

=============================== { 6: EPISODE 4 } =============================

Pre-Episode notes: This episode is based entirely on the fourth and fifth
strains of GUILT. Generally this means i have to baby you, the reader, through
everything, but i dont mind. Lets do this!

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 18 ] ===--------------------------

--------------------------=== [ RACE FOR THE CURE ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: This mission is is 3-5 parts long storywise. You only do one in
challenge mode. Also, this is one of two missions that has a 3 minute time

[ Patient name: Random                      ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 90                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Poison! Well, not really. Gel and Incise.

You'll see a few clouds of purple, green, or yellow poison, then the GUILT
will appear. It resembles...i dont know. Kinda a cross between a squid
and a leech.

This is immature Tetarti, the fourth strain. Obviously as i mentioned at the
start of this operation guide, it causes poison.

What you want to do is inject the serum into the GUILT. It doesnt take much,
just around one third of a dose. It will go underground. Follow the clouds of
poison it makes (dont worry, they dont do much vital damage) and use your
trust ultrasound to find the Tetarti infant and scalpel it out. Since it has
temporary immunity to anything, gel the cut you made, then inject the serum
when the Tetarti becomes vulnerable again.

Repeat the above process two more times. After the fourth injection, the
Tetarti will stop. Place it on the tray with forceps, then slice it with the
scalpel. Use the drain to..uh...drain its fluids, and you're done.

Suture, gel, bandage. Congrats...i guess. You're notified what serum type you

Oh wait, one more story mode quirk. After the fourth injection on the last
type you need, the Tetarti will go berserk and start making tons of poison
clouds, and these WILL drain your vitals fast. Just inject lots of stabilizer
until the thing dies, then proceed as normal.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 19 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ STEPPING UP ] ===---------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This mission is color dependant. If you are color blind to at 
least two of the following colors (Purple, Green, Yellow), get someone to help
you on this mission. Also, if you screw up any part of this mission, restart.
The only exception is if you accidently miss a Tetarti by an inch.

[ Patient name: Kasal, Greg                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 70                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 75                       ]

You've dealt with the immature, ready for the mature? Gel and Incise.

More Anumerisms? No, these are called Diverticula (another word i hate). These
are similar to anumerisms, except they need a specific serum to be cured. When
they burst, they release a LOT of poison, which reduces vitals by around 25.
Treat these the same way you would treat an Anumerism. 

Inject the correct serum into the same colored diverticula (after one growth,
colors appear). Then, scalpel the line, remove the diverticula, and place a
membrane over its old position. Repeat for the other two. You should know how
to massage the protein membranes by now.

Use the few seconds of free time you have to raise vitals. Then the Tetarti
will appear.

This time they're colored, just like the diverticula were. Treat them the
same way as the diverticula when they start moving. Inject the serum into the
corresponding color of Tetarti. Repeat for the other two. If you inject all
three before they go back under, you complete one round.

You basicly just repeat the process three more times. Keep in mind they'll
move faster after each round.

If you inject the WRONG color into a Tetarti, not only will the Tetarti
immediately move underground, three more diverticula appear. This is obviously
not good and will just waste time.

Anyway, once you inject them four times, they will all die at once. YAY!

Suture, gel, bandage the initial incision.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 20 ] ===--------------------------

------------------------=== [ TAKING A FIRST STEP ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: None. Just be careful not to miss too many times.

[ Patient name: Anderson, R.                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 90                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Has it occured to anyone how fat this guy is compared to everyone else in the
game? Anyway, gel and incise.

Whoa! Thats a large purple BLOB!

Welcome to Pempti. It fills up whatever organ its in with fluid thus causing
the patient to suffocate from the inside. Sucks, doesnt it?

Anyway, your lovely assistant Victor will start giving out treatment options.

First, start using the scalpel, Rub all over the thing till you get OK.

Wait...that didnt work. Use the laser. Hold it in one place till you get OK.

Is this thing invincible? Rub the new and improved gel over it till you get

Ok, time to start injecting stuff into it. First, the Blue Serum. You are
supposed to inject it into that moving medium sized circle. If this is your
first time, you are likely going to mess this part up a LOT. You have to use a
full dose or it wont work. effect again. Use the Pink Serum. What? No effect again? Orange Serum!

When you inject the Orange Serum...Pempti goes berserk and your vitals start
to drop at a steady rate. Inject the White Serum to stop this. Pempti will
stay greenish-yellow for a while.

If your vitals dropped below 70, Victor will have you inject Stabilizer so
your vitals are over 70. DO NOT INJECT STABILZER INTO THE PEMPTI. Inject it
into the organ next to the pempti.

Now to alternate serums, first the Blue and Orange. Repeat what you did
earlier, then do the Pink and White serums. Pempti will turn purple again, and
you will be told to excise a sample. Do so, and place it into the tray with

You're done for now, so suture, gel and bandage. be continued.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 21 ] ===--------------------------

--------------------------=== [ MEDICAL RESEARCH ] ===------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This is a puzzle.

[ Patient name: Research?                   ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: --                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: --                       ]

Okay, I honestly cant explain how to do this mission without doing it for you.
You place puzzle pieces by using the forceps. Your job is to make the puzzle
on the lower screen look like the puzzle on the top screen. There is no time

Note: For the top screen, the darker hexes are hexes you DONT want to fill.

Okay...time to do this for you i suppose.


E = Empty
R = Red
Y = Yellow
G = Green
B = Blue

  E   E
R   R   Y
  R   Y
G   B   Y
  R   B
G   E   B
  G   B

Just do this for an easy S rank. Stupid puzzle...

Operation Complete...wait...WHAT Operation?

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 22 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ THE NEXT STEP ] ===--------------------------

Pre-Op notes: Be careful not to miss too many times again.

[ Patient name: Anderson, R.                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 85                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 90                       ]

Round 2! FIGHT! Gel and Incise.

Well...the Pempti got bigger. Anyway, inject the orangish serum into the hazy
circle. OMG it works! Pempti is shrinking! Inject it again.

Look what the Pempti is leaving behind. Doesnt that look familiar? Yep, those
look very similar to polyps. Laser and gel them immediately. Note if multiple
polyps are bleeding at once, vitals can and will drop rapidly. Inject the 
serum one more time, and take care of the polyps immediately.

What looks like the 6th boss from Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past will show
itself. This is the Pempti core. Laser it into submission. Yay! You killed...

The core regenerates itself seconds after its demise and the whole blob of
Pempti mass moves over the organ again. What? You honestly didnt think it was
THAT easy, did you? Anyway, inject the serum three more times, taking care of
the tumor-polyps when they appear.

The core has appeared again. Attack it with the laser for to kill it...again.

Quickly excise it with the scalpel and place it into the tray. Surely the
Pempti must be dead without a...

The Core regenerates AGAIN, with all the purple pempti mass. You attempt again
but your boss Sidney stops you cause he's a jerk and more worried about the
patient's health than you are. Just kidding, he's not a jerk. Anyway, suture,
gel, bandage.

Operation to be continued...AGAIN.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 23 ] ===--------------------------

------------------------=== [ NEW LASER TECHNOLOGY ] ===----------------------

Pre-OP notes: Oh ye gods, more puzzles...

[ Patient name: Research Level A            ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: --                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: --                       ]

Well, another puzzle...and theres two this time! Lets get cracking. You solve
them the same way as operation 21. Refer to my horrible looking diagram below
to solve this in less than 10 seconds...

Key to both puzzles

E = Empty
R = Red
G = Green
Y = Yellow
B = Blue
P = Purple
W = White (1st puzzle only)
O = Orange (2nd puzzle only)

Puzzle 1


  R   R   B
W   R   P   B
  W   R   E
W   R   P   B
  E   P   P
W   G   Y   Y
  G   G   Y

|||||||||||||| down, one more to go.

Puzzle 2


  Y   Y   B
G   Y   B   O
  G   Y   B
G   Y   R   O
  P   E   O
P   P   R   O
  P   R   R


If you have problems reading my diagrams, theres a colored PNG available at

Operation...there is none. But i'll say complete anyway.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 24 ] ===--------------------------

-------------------------=== [ DOCTOR'S STRUGGLE ] ===------------------------

Pre-OP notes: If this is your first time, this operation will be very hard to
pass on your first try.

[ Patient name: Anderson, R.                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 75                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 85                       ]

FINAL BATTLE! FIGHT! Er...not really. Theres more operations after this.

Gel and Incise...My how Pempti has grown!

Inject the orange serum into it like Operation 22. Try not to miss. After two
injections this time, the core will be revealed. Kill it with your cool new
laser that never runs out of power!

After the core goes poof, you'll probably get overexcited and think you just
beat a mission in 30 seconds. WRONG.

The Core STILL regenerates...and this time its brought friends. Time to
describe how to fight the Mature Pempti in more detail.

For its first attack, it will send out smaller cores that will pause at the
edge of the purple mass for a few seconds, then shoot out and cause a large
laceration. Contrary to popular belief, the damage this causes is not much.
You just lose 5 vitals and recieve a fairly low rate of steady vital drop.

On this mission you should be able to laser the mini cores easily before they
shoot out.

Onto its second attack. The main core sends out 5 mini cores at once, which
once again pause at the edge of the purple mass for a few seconds. Then they
cause the mass to shoot up and create tumors over any mini cores that arent
dead by then. Kill any remaining mini-cores before they shoot up again and
cause any tumors that remain to explode and cause major vital damage. When all
of these mini cores are dead, quickly heal any tumors that are present.

Its final attack is 5 mini cores that rotate around the main core. This is
EASILY its least deadly attack. It just takes off miniscule amounts of vitals
every 2 seconds, unless you leave it for like 25 seconds, then it takes off 10
vitals. Just hold the laser in place next to the main core and the mini cores
will die rather quickly.

After its three introduction attacks, the main core becomes visible again. NOW
you can start to actually kill it. The core will randomly use one of the
previous three attacks. When you arent killing harmful minicores, attack the
main core. The main core can only be hit when it is enlarged.

After 3 to 4 hits, the core will enter what I call "Desperate mode". Some
of its attacks increase in power. The 5 laceration cores will upgrade to 10.
Also, instead of switching to another attack after the tumor cores die, they
will continue to respawn until the main core takes a point of damage AND the
tumor cores are dead.

Keep up what you are doing for 3 more hits and the Pempti should die. If you
feel threatened, theres always the Healing Touch, but you shouldnt need it.

Anyway, once pempti explodes into a mass of blue clouds, you've won! Just take
care of any wounds still present, then you'll zoom out. Suture, gel, bandage!

Operation and Episode Complete! YAY! Too bad Anderson died anyway. :(

=============================== { 7: EPISODE 5 } =============================

Pre-Episode notes: This Episode generally deals around revisiting some 
previous GUILT forms that got an upgrade, and the final two strains of GUILT.
Overall, this episode is very fun the first time you play it. Lets do this!

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 25 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ UNDER THE KNIFE ] ===------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Wow...such an original name. Anyway this is the first mission
with a 10 minute time limit. You have 5 patients to deal with in that time,
but you only have to deal with three. I will, however, cover all five.

[ Patient name: GUILT Victims               ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Almost completely random people?!? I'm there! Gel and incise your first
patient. Does this look familiar? Kyriaki cuts. Suture the 3 lacerations first
then heal the 3 gashes, and restore vitals to max before suturing the last

Only a single infant? Surely you can handle this without me telling you what
to do. If not, ultrasound, scalpel, then laser it twice.

After this, two more infants appear. Deal with these the same was as the
single infant. Just watch your vitals more carefully and heal when necessary.
After all of them are dead, suture all cuts but one, heal to around 60, then
suture the last cut.

Mature Kyriaki time. First, i will state that these now take four hits to kill
instead of three. Other than that little quirk, they arent any different than
before, so treat this like any other Kyriaki patient. After it dies, keep
vitals to a relatively safe level, and suture all the cuts. Suture, gel, then

Patient 1 complete. Your vitals are auto-restored to 99 for your next patient.

Gel and Incise your second patient. Heal the initial cuts just like the first.

This time you start out with two infants, then the second wave features three.
Be sure you keep an eye on your vitals, and try not to get too many cuts from
uprooting. Of course when you suture all cuts after killing the second wave,
the Mature shows up again. Its the same as the first patient, so i wont repeat
myself here. After it dies, suture all cuts, then suture, gel, and bandage the
initial incision.

Patient 2 complete. If you have problems completing Patient 2 in 10 minutes,
then go get some more practice. Use HT if you're sure you wont make it to
patient 3.

Patient 3 is not that much different from the first two. Gel and Incise and
heal the initial cuts. Both the first and second wave have two infants. You
should know how to deal with these. After the final wave is dealt with and all
lacerations are healed, the Mature Kyriaki shows up again, however, it has an
infant with it this time. Kill the infant first before the Mature, otherwise
you'll have loads more cuts than you should and you might lose the patient.

After both are dead, suture all cuts like normal, then suture, gel, bandage
the initial incision.

Patient 3 is saved. The average beginner wont reach this next part.

On to Patient 4. Gel and Incise. Same cuts, just different locations. Deal
with them like usual.

Again, both the first and second waves have two infants. The second wave is
set off after only one infant dies from the first wave. Try to kill both the
first wave infants at once. That way you'll have less lacerations to heal.
Again, the final wave is a Mature and Infant. Deal with this like the third
patient, and pay attention to vitals! I cannot stress this enough.

After all cuts are healed, suture, gel, bandage. If you've gotten this far
on your first playthrough, i commend you. However, i'm fairly sure you've
run out of time by now.

The final patient, ready? Gel and Incise. Same exact number of cuts and gashes
still, just different locations. Heal these as usual.

First wave is THREE infants. Second wave is two. The second wave comes after
two infants from wave one die. Try to kill all three at once to ensure minimal
lacerations. If you've come this far then surely you know how to treat infants
by now. The last wave is again one infant and one mature Kyriaki. Treat this
the same as the 3rd and 4th patients. REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR EYE ON VITALS.
It would suck to lose after coming so far.

After everything is healed, suture, gel, and bandage.

Congratulations, assuming you didnt just go to the next operation after the
third or fourth patient, you just did a really good job.

A quirk to this mission is, of course, finishing each operation insanely fast.
By fast I mean complete each patient in only 1 minute 30 seconds. If you're
a beginner, i dont expect this of you. You just get special Angie text.

Operations Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 26 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ SHIFTING GUILT ] ===-----------------------

Pre-OP notes: Welcome back to the magical world of Triti, which most beginners
HATE. Remember, I'm not here to tell you how to do this without HT and no
regeneration. Thats for you to figure out. Its certainly posssible, but hard.

[ Patient name: Vogler, Hugh                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 85                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Ready to kill the Triforce? Er...gel and incise.

Different pattern and more initial pieces, you bet! It has the same exact
regeneration pattern, so if you're used to it this shouldnt be hard. If you
want a corner to back it into, i suggest the upper left again.

Of course you could just use your HT, remove all thorns, and excise all Triti.
However, theres a catch.

Remember that rare chance of a thorn turning to mist in the first Triti? That
just got an enormous boost. I estimate every 7 thorns will become mist this
time. Drain it ASAP before it either forums a new Triti piece or escapes the
patient. If it escapes, you'll move to a new patient (except on challenge,
where if it escapes you auto-fail.).

The only advice i can really give here is that if more than 2 thorns become
mist when youre working on excising a section, stop and wait for the thorns to
grow back and try again. Otherwise you might get some wild regeneration and
that isnt good.

Oh and so you know, if you're down to two pieces, and a single thorn becomes 
mist, I advise you to NOT excise the triti. Instead, wait for the thorns to 
come back and try again until no thorns become mist. This might take a while,
but it'll make your life a lot easier because the last piece can suddenly 
regrow a thorn and regenerate in all four directions.

Anyway, when all Triti is removed, suture, gel, and bandage.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 27 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ GUILT EVOLVES ] ===-------------------------

Pre-OP notes: None, this operation is painfully easy.

[ Patient name: Dorian, Eric                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 90                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Colorful squid cant be good for your health. Gel and Incise.

Divertcula again. If you want to cheat, the top left one is purple. Thats all
you'll get out of me. These shouldnt be difficult to deal with yourself. Just
inject the same color serum, excise, remove, and place a membrane over the

After removing Diverticula again, the Tetarti appear. Their starting speed is
similar to their ending speed on their last mission. Inject the same color
serum into all three before they submerge to damage them.

The quirk? After the second injection they'll no longer stand still while they
show off their bright colors. For some reason though its easier for me to
track colors on moving objects, but your milage may vary. It takes five
injections to kill these things this time. They do move fairly fast after the
fourth injection so use a HT if you cant keep up.

See, wasnt that easy? Suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete. Thank god these are harder in Second Opinion.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 28 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ INFECTION ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This mission is rather vital to the story. Plus it introduces
Strain number 6. Plus you get to operate on the sexy Dr. Myers :D.

[ Patient name: Myers, Cybil                ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 95                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

I will kill you for this Delphi! Gel and Incise.

You'll see three normal lacerations. Wow, this is surprisingly normal. Suture
all three. Then you'll see what appears to be a centipede coming out of the

This is Paraskevi. It likes to make people's hearts fail...eventually.

So, how do we deal with this? Laser its tail. Another Zelda reference? XD

The Paraskevi will freeze and Victor (and me) will tell you what to do. The
basic idea is to cut Paraskevi down into small enough pieces to extract, but
I'm sure you're wondering why, because if you just take it out now it would
leave as big a laceration as Kyriaki leave. Um, not only would it do that,
it would take 70% of the organ tissue. That will OBVIOUSLY instantly kill the

While this thing is stunned, cut it with the scalpel. Paraskevi will split
evenly into two halves, and leave two lacerations. Generally the first ones
will be small enough to heal with gel. What you want to do is work on one half
at a time. Cut one of the halves into fourths, and one fourth into eights.

While cutting, be ABSOLUTELY sure all pieces are stunned. If not, they will
escape to the top of the screen. Dont worry, you wont lose if they do. Once
all cuts are healed and you have two eighths on the screen, cut both into
4 sixteenth pieces. They can now be extracted after stunning. Just use the
forceps. Doesnt sound that hard right?

Well, you have to do this fast. You get four areas to go through including
the first, and if the Paraskevi ever enter the fourth, you're pretty screwed
if you dont use HT before entering it. If they enter the fourth, they will go
straight for the heart after five seconds. You wont really get a chance to
stun them without HT. Just pray you're quick enough to get all of the pieces
before area 4.

And remember to keep your vitals up. Also remember that the smaller a piece is
the less time it'll stay stunned. Stunning the pieces takes priority over
vitals and suturing unless vitals are under 15.

Once you remove one half of Paraskevi, the mission generally becomes easier.
Just remember to keep your eyes on vitals and keep worms stunned when you can.

After the final piece is removed, you'll likely not have much time left if
this is your first time. Quickly suture all wounds, then suture, gel, and
bandage the initial incision.

Operation Complete. *Huggles Dr. Myers*

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 29 ] ===--------------------------

-------------------------------=== [ DEVIL ] ===------------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Well, this isnt exactly the true last form of GUILT. You should
find this easy after the last operation. Just dont get careless.

[ Patient name: Milan, Ludwig               ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 90                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

This guy sounds like a musical composer! Gel and Incise.

You are greeted by five lacerations. This is nothing new. Start suturing them.

After the fourth laceration has been healed, another forms. OMG SPIDERS. If
this werent some guy's internal organs i would step on them.

This is Immature Savato. Not much i can brief you on here, except these are
NOT deadly by any means...and they die easily

Drop your stitches and get your laser immediately. Kill off the baby Savato
with the laser, it doesnt take long. Then stitch up the remaining lacerations.

After you do so. wait about 3 seconds and another laceration will appear and
more babies. Quickly laser these. Do not try to switch to stitches until i say
so. Another 3 seconds will bring another baby Savato cut. Try to kill as many
babies as you can when they spawn. You'll have about 3-4 more sets of these
cuts. They usually spawn somewhere between 5-10 babies each. The babies dont
hurt your vitals much unless...

If 5 or more start to spin around in a group, they'll form a slightly bigger
blue baby Savato. When these appear, they'll immediately halve your current
vitals, and reduce your maximum vitals to 75. Then 50. Then 35. Blue babies
are generally more dangerous only when they appear. If one does, dont worry
about it and kill any red/brown babies present first to prevent more blues
from spawning, then kill the Blue Savato. If it starts to flash red, kill it
ASAP or it will spawn ten more Reds. They dont take much longer to kill than
the reds.

After you've killed all the baby Savato, suture up all wounds, heal vitals
if you wish, then suture, gel, and bandage the initial incision.

Operation Complete. This mission reminded me of some zombie movie.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 30 ] ===--------------------------

--------------------------=== [ DEATH AWAITS ALL ] ===------------------------

Pre-OP Notes: This is the real deal Savato. Be prepared.

[ Patient name: Blackwell, K.               ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 90                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Angie...I AM YOUR FATHER! No, thats not...oh wait its true. Gel and Incise.

Behold, the awesome flaming beetle of DEATH! Oh and Epic music.

This is the real Savato. It basicly eats your life energy from your heart
and looks cool doing it. Seriously, its on fire people.

Try to poke it with whatever and it'll run off. Damn that thing is fast!

Pick your scalpel and you'll be told to cut the web. Do so and your scalpel
will melt. WTF is that web made of anyway. While Angie gets another one, raise
vitals. Contrary to popular belief, pestering Savato DOES NOT HELP IN ANY WAY.

In a short time, Savato will make more web and some babies. IGNORE THE BABIES.
Just keep cutting the web. If for some reason you are slow, the web might turn
red. If it turns completely red, you'll be hit for 30 vitals. Basicly. keep
your vitals above 30 at all times. Keep cutting web until you break the first

Oh noes! Savato spun another one. Repeat the above process...and again for
the third one. Assuming you didnt listen to me and lasered the babies anyway,
you'll have to do a fourth web. Such fun. Remember to keep your vitals up.

After you burn web number 4, Savato will absorb babies. People seem to think
this makes his shield stronger. THIS IS NOT TRUE. At most, it will only add
a single second to the time it takes to break his shield.

Anyway, you'll now be given the OK to start using the laser on Savato. Keep it
on him at all times! Do not take the laser away until the laser icon turns
black, in which case stabilze and suture cuts.

Savato has two attacks. Assuming you follow what i said above, you'll likely
only see the single baby cut atttack. This is basicly one large laceration
that creates 5-7 babies. Its nothing special. Ignore the babies, they dont
post a threat. The cuts themselves dont do any damage unless there's 2 and
they're bleeding.

Every once in a while, Savato will scoot off somewhere, do a 360 turn, and
make three lacerations. This reduces your vitals by 15. Meaning it really
hurts. Suture these cuts immediately and raise vitals. Thankfully on this
mission Savato wont do this frequently.

After about 1 to 2 full laser uses, the shield will break and you can stab
Savato with the scalpel. Savato gets a 3 second invincible period, so heal and
suture if needed. Repeat the process of lasering his shield again. When
it breaks, stab Savato again.

Victor and Director Kasal come in and hand you a Serum thats capable of
killing Savato! Yay! Too bad while you listened to them ramble for around 7
seconds, Savato regained its shield. Break its shield once more, then stab it.

This time, Savato will absorb any babies again, then walk slowly without its
shield regenerating. Quickly inject a full dose of serum, or it WILL get its
shield back again. Congrats...Savato is now REALLY REALLY MAD. Oh, and your
vitals auto drop to 30 if they were above 30.

Savato makes NINE lacerations on the heart. You're likely thinking "Oh god I'm
so screwed" Relax, this does absolutely no damage. Neither does the 5 cut
attack Savato does after. A HT with activate right after the 5 cut attack.

If you want to get a miss, try injecting the Serum into Savato again. Ok, that
thing is REALLY fast. It moves out of the way even in HT.

Heal as many cuts as you can, then before Savato can do the 5 cut attack
again, which WILL do 25 vitals damage this time, use your manual HT. If you 
used it before now, you cant pass the operation.

Time is now completely stopped. This obviously means no more vital loss, and
Savato cannot move anymore, or make more cuts for that matter. Heal any cuts
that are on screen. Laugh at Savato, then inject the Serum one final time.

Savato will run all over the place making the blue clouds signaling GUILT
death, finally exploding in one giant blue cloud. Any cuts that were somehow
still there are instantly healed. You just dont get points for it.

Now that time is normal again, and Angie is probably crying somewhere, Suture,
gel, and bandage.

Operation and Episode complete! You just beat...oh wait theres one more

=============================== { 8: Episode 6 } =============================

Pre-Episode Notes: This Episode is dedicated to the eradication of GUILT. You 
will revisit ALL types of GUILT, obviously in stronger form, and try to 
eliminate it once and for all. Good luck, you're going to need it.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 31 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ FIRST SIN ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP Notes: This is the first SIN mission. These missions generally have
MUCH more unstable vitals than their previous counterparts. Be sure to keep
an extra eye on vitals, this one especially.

[ Patient name: 1st Sinner                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

God, that is ONE messed up kid. Gel and Incise.

Yup, standard Kyriaki cuts. 5 normal and 3 gashes. Heal whichever you wish
first. I prefer the gashes, so the Kyriaki reach their laceration limit
faster. So, heal the gashes first, then start to heal normal cuts. MAX vitals
before the third normal laceration heals.

Here come two infants. Remember to be careful and not make too many cuts, this
patients vitals drop REALLY fast if they do. Ultrasound and excise them right
away. Try to keep gel on the cuts at all times. If your vitals ever drop below
20, drop whatever you're doing and switch between gelling the cuts and using
stabilzer until you get at least 50 vitals.

Also, as an additional note, infants now take THREE hits to kill. They keep
making this strain harder. Get used to it.

Anyway, After you kill the first wave, two more appear. If their opening cuts
go over the 9 allowed, they cant make any more over time. Heal any excess cuts
then ultrasound and scalpel them out. REMEMBER THE GEL. Heal any more excess
cuts over 9, then laser the infants to death. Remember to heal to 99 vitals
before you suture the last cut.

After you do so, the trademark asterisk cut pattern appears which STILL does
no damage. All following cuts do however. Ultrasound and scalpel both the
mature and infant Kyriaki, and kill the infant immediately. Dont forget to gel
the cuts they make. Keep ultrasounding, scalpeling, then lasering the mature
until it dies, then suture all cuts. After that, suture, gel, bandage!

Operation Complete. You just saved a likely homeless child!
(Seriously, how did Delphi pick these kids out anyway?)

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 32 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ SECOND SIN ] ===---------------------------

Pre-OP Notes: Gee, Original operation names eh? Anyway, This is the second
strain, which as you remember, is Deftera. You know, that tumor causing one?
Blah, you'll see. Its the one Amy Chase had. Angie sure likes pointing out
the obvious.

[ Patient name: 2nd Sinner                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Surprisingly this looks almost exactly like miss Amy Chase. Perhaps she was
kidnapped...again. Gel and Incise.

This part plays exactly like Operation 14 except faster vital loss. First
laser the purple and yellow tumors, then wait for the Deftera to combine, and
drain them! Do this 3 times and Deftera will die...kinda. Theres still the
dead tissue creating tumors REALLY fast until you excise it. When you do,
just kill the tumors then replace the Deftera with a membrane and massage it
in. Easy.

Of course, after Suture, gel, and bandage, you'll head off to area 2 with max
vitals restored. Arent you glad Atlus is generous at least on SOME missions?

Anyway, gel and incise...AGAIN.

This starting pattern is a bit easier to work with than Operation 14. Drain
one as soon as you get a chance so like colors wont cause vital loss and mass
tumors. You still have to worry about the combined tumor getting broken up
though. Remember to only drain THAT tumor unless you've drained it twice. Then
you can drain the other tumor once. The key is to make sure like colors cant
collide. Remember to keep your vitals up. And Gel is your friend to prevent
combined tumor breakup. Remember to rub it in a circle.

Once one Deftera is removed (Follow removal process in 2nd paragraph), this
mission becomes a lot easier. Just repeat the process for the other and you'll
finish in almost no time. Just keep an eye on your vitals.

Once both Deftera have been dealt with, suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 33 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ THIRD SIN ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Featuring the return of the dreaded Triti. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

[ Patient name: 3rd Sinner                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Yes, its another kid. Gel and Incise.

OH MY GOD, A NEW PATTERN. But you deal with it the same way. Try not to let it
regenerate much. I didnt exactly have a cornering trick, but when i look at it
the bottom left seems good. Start from the very top two pieces and work your
way there.

Of course, you can still use the HT and remove all thorns and triti pieces
trick, but with so many pieces, that likely wont work this time unless no
thorns turn to mist and you're really fast.

On request, i can try to make an ASCII diagram, but as of right now i dont
feel like it. If readers can bother me enough to make it i will, but not now.

It is once again possible to remove all the pieces without HT and regeneration
but its really hard and involves some luck.

Oh and the purple flashing piece takes vitals away a little faster. But its
more insignificant than most people think. Just stabilze when necessary.
(when you wait for thorns to regrow)

Once you get down to two pieces again. Pray none of the thorns turn to mist.
If one does, wait for all the thorns to grow back and try again, or you
certainly wont be able to remove both pieces before a thorn regrows.

And once you remove the last piece thats it. Suture, gel, bandage and you're

Operation Complete. Now go make your own Triforce out of Triti pieces.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 34 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ FOURTH SIN ] ===---------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Seeing a pattern here? If not, this is Tetarti, the patient name
is 4th Sinner, and once again its a small child.

[ Patient name: 4th Sinner                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Return of the colorful poison squid! Gel and Incise.

Like all Tetarti missions, there are three diverticula at the start. These,
however, grow much faster than they used to. One might burst on your first try
so try to get at least two excised. Treat them like you did in Operation 27.

After you treat the diverticula wounds with membrane, the Tetarti appear,
showing off their new color coats! Not really, as this is exactly the same as
Operation 27, except they stay stunned for even less time the more times you
inject the serum, and they move a lot faster after each injection.

No new quirks this time. If you inject the wrong color, i highly suggest you
fail on purpose and start over. Also, on your first try, the 5th time you need
to inject, the Tetarti might receed faster than you can inject, so use HT if
you have to.

After the Tetarti die, Suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete. If only you could keep them in the fish tank.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 35 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ FIFTH SIN ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: As if it wasnt obvious, this is Pempti. That said, this is a LOT
harder than Operation 24 was. Practice on that operation until you're
confident you can beat this.

[ Patient name: 5th Sinner                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

If Victor shut himself in the lab for days, how did he eat/drink?

Anyway, Gel and Incise.

I have NO idea what this organ this is so dont ask. Anyway, inject the orange
nanomachine into the hazy dot twice. Remember, it moves, so try not to miss.
Zap the core with the super special awesome improved laser when it appears.

And then things go downhill. Of course i shall now state any improvements
given to Pempti to make your life harder.

1) The main core now spawns laceration cores twice as fast. This generally
means that you patient WILL get cut a few times.

2) The rotation cores harm your patient faster...but not much.

3) Time between attacks is shortened.

4) All types of cores, especially the main, take longer to zap in order to 
die. Each round gives the main core more health.

5) And of course, the main core takes an extra hit in order to die this time.

That being said. After the initial 3 attacks, which in order are laceration,
tumor, and rotating cores, you can start harming the main core. Remember its 
attacks are random and the laceration and tumor cores take priority over the
main core in order of killing.

And dont forget after three hits the core will enter desperate mode. This is
much more dangerous than operation 24, especially with the laceration cores.

After seven hits, the Pempti will die, and you'll have to clean up whatever
mess it left on your patient, like tumors and lacerations. Once those are
cleaned up...

Suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 36 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ SIXTH SIN ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Paraskevi revisited. You remember? The Centipede thing? Oh well,
its the same as Infection, just faster vital drops.

[ Patient name: 6th Sinner                  ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

If only it were a tapeworm... Gel and incise.

Well there's more cuts than the last time we dealt with this. Just suture
them, and restore vitals after. After the last is sutured, restore vitals
until the Paraskevi becomes non-invincible, then poke its tail end with the

Now assuming you've read my pre-op notes, this is exactly the same as
Operation 28. The only difference is faster vital drops. I'll just copy&paste
that part of the guide here.

"While this thing is stunned, cut it with the scalpel. Paraskevi will split
evenly into two halves, and leave two lacerations. Generally the first ones
will be small enough to heal with gel. What you want to do is work on one half
at a time. Cut one of the halves into fourths, and one fourth into eights.

While cutting, be ABSOLUTELY sure all pieces are stunned. If not, they will
escape to the top of the screen. Dont worry, you wont lose if they do. Once
all cuts are healed and you have two eighths on the screen, cut both into
4 sixteenth pieces. They can now be extracted after stunning. Just use the
forceps. Doesnt sound that hard right?

Well, you have to do this fast. You get four areas to go through including
the first, and if the Paraskevi ever enter the fourth, you're pretty screwed
if you dont use HT before entering it. If they enter the fourth, they will go
straight for the heart after five seconds. You wont really get a chance to
stun them without HT. Just pray you're quick enough to get all of the pieces
before area 4.

And remember to keep your vitals up. Also remember that the smaller a piece is
the less time it'll stay stunned. Stunning the pieces takes priority over
vitals and suturing unless vitals are under 15.

Once you remove one half of Paraskevi, the mission generally becomes easier.
Just remember to keep your eyes on vitals and keep worms stunned when you can"

Of course, thats exactly what you did in Infection. However, I will suggest a
few strategical changes so you dont screw up and die.

1. If your vitals ever fall below 15 with more than 3 cuts on the screen, gel
and heal the cuts immediately. This takes priority over stunning worms unless
you are very fast.

2. If worms even GET past part 3, restart the operation.

3. If you arent sure if you are quick enough, instead of cutting both eighths
into sixteenths, do one at a time, so you have less vital loss. However, you
might barely finish the mission in time if you do.

Remember, you always have your Healing Touch in case the situation turns ugly.

After the final piece is removed, Quickly suture all wounds, then suture, gel, 
and bandage the initial incision.

Operation Complete

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 37 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ FINAL SIN ] ===----------------------------

Pre-OP Notes: If you cant guess, this is Savato. No, not the little ones. That
would be too easy for the final story level. This is the big one. Oh, and
remember you cant use the HT until I say so.

[ Patient name: Last Sinner                 ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Angie, hand me the scalpel! I'm gonna save this child! Gel and Incise.

Savato is chilling on its web, likely drinking some alcoholic beverage thats
circulating in the blood. Start cutting the web with the scalpel again. As
usual, whatever the web is made of will make the scalpel melt. Remember to
raise vitals until the scalpel becomes available again. The only real web
changes are the web turning red faster, and Savato spawning 6 babies instead
of 5. The babies still dont matter, so ignore them.

After you cut one full web, you have to cut another. Thankfully theres only
three webs, granted you ignore the babies again. This time, if you want to
kill them so badly, laser them as they head to Savato. God forbid it only
takes off 1 second from shield killing. You could do better things like raise
vitals while Savato absorbs them.

Anyway, then theres the laser phase. Savato is no longer shy about using the
triple cut attack, and in fact will do so frequently if the laser isnt on him.
Possibly 2 times in a row. Since thirty points of vital loss sucks, keep the
laser on Savato at all times unless the icon is black, or your vitals drop 
below 15. This usually prevents Savato from triple cutting, but he can still
do it.

This time you start with the serum, so no interruptions, just blast the shield
off three times. Of course, there are some nifty tricks that you can use in
case youre in danger of failing a lot.

1. PLEASE DO NOT KILL ANY BABIES.  With enough on the screen, Savato's cuts
will no longer show up, and thus will not cause damage.

2. Let Savato triple cut a lot. Of course this will drop vitals by a lot, and
you'll have to raise vitals every 15 seconds, but it will let the absolute cut
limit max out and Savato cannot cut anymore, or make more babies for that

3. Once you stab Savato for the first or second time, quickly switch to the
laser and hold it on Savato. If you are lucky, his next shield will break
immediately. Stab Savato again. If this was his second shield, his third will
fully form immediately so you cannot use this trick again.

Remember to keep your vitals up and you should be fine. Ignore cuts if you
have at least 25 vitals and at least a half full laser.

After the third stab, Inject the Serum. Your vitals will become 30 if they
are currently more than 30.

Savato once again goes crazy with 9 cuts that for some reason cause no
vital damage. Heal as many as you can, then Savato will make a 5 cut attack
that ALSO does no vital damage. HT will activate automaticly. Suture as fast
as you can until your own HT becomes available. If you want more score, let
Savato attack again if you have more than 25 vitals. If not, quickly activate
HT, heal all cuts on screen, raise vitals if desired, then attack Savato's
weakpoint for massive damage! (Aka. Inject the serum into Savato again.)

After Savato dies in a puffy blue cloud, you zoom out, then suture, gel,

Operation, Episode, and Main Game Complete!

Enjoy the story ending, its kinda trippy. Then we move into challenge mode to

============================= { 9: THE X MISSIONS } ==========================

Pre-Section Notes: These are completely optional, and are the hardest
operations in the entire game. Vitals drop MUCH faster than even the SIN
operations. Prepare yourself for the worst. You can and WILL fail these many
times. Just dont throw your DS at the wall. The wall has feelings you know.

Anyway, the X missions have no story, and its generally assumed you're
operating on Adam, who of course, is actually dead, so he would have UNSTABLE
vitals. Seriously, they drop like a rock. You'll see when we come to...

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 38 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ X1 : KYRIAKI ] ===--------------------------

Pre-OP notes: I'm going to be honest. This mission is INSANELY hard, even
after the first pass. I almost guarantee you will not even pass the first wave
on your first attempt. This mission is that damn hard. If i write this and
make it sound easy when its not, dont take what i say literally.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Get out of my wherever you are! Gel and Incise.

Well, this is new. FOUR gashes and three lacerations. Fix the GASHES first.
You'll thank me later. After they're fixed, raise vitals to max, and if you're
trying to pass this for the first time, use HT and fix a laceration. If you
dont get at least 2200 on your HT, you will likely fail before the second

Yes, first wave is three infants on an incredibly unstable patient. Did you
notice how fast his vitals are dropping? Rub gel over the entire area 
IMMEDIATELY. If the gel effect runs out, RUB MORE. I cannot emphasize this
enough. If you ever go below 20 vitals, gel, then stabilize. Repeat gel, then
stabilize until you get at least 50 vitals.

Anyway when the first three appear, gel over the entire area quickly. 
Ultrasound and uproot at least two as fast as you can, if you can get all 
three, even better. The sooner they hit the maximum cuts without appearing or
uprooting, the better. Keep gel over the wounds at all times while lasering
the Kyriaki. They take 3 hits to die again.

After two die, two more infants come in. If you used HT for your first pass,
hopefully you still have at least 13 seconds remaining. If they go over 9 cuts
at any time, gel and suture cuts until 9. Anything over 9 gives you faster
vital loss than you can heal. Uproot these last two, gel, heal any excess cuts
and laser them to death. REMEMBER THE GEL. GEL IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.
Keep gel on the cuts at all times while lasering, stabilizing, and suturing.
I seriously cannot emphasize this enough.

After you kill the second wave, either your HT has run out, or if you're good
you will likely have around 5 seconds left to do whatever you want. I would
raise vitals as much as possible using gel then stabilzer, then when HT runs
out, gel the cuts then suture as many as possible before the gel effect runs
out, then repeat. Before you suture the last cut, ENSURE YOUR VITALS ARE MAXED
then suture.

Once again, the Mature Kyriaki does no actual damage with its triple cut. It
comes with an infant, Rub gel over the area as its making its triple cut, then
quickly ultrasound and uproot both the infant and mature. Heres where you have
to be fast. Alternate between geling the cuts, lasering the infant, and
stabilizing if necessary. When the infant is dead, your job becomes easier.
Remember you no longer have HT, so vitals will drop like a rock now if you
dont keep using gel every 4 seconds. If your vitals drop below 30 here, stop
whatever you're doing and use gel and stabilizer until you have at least 50
vitals. It would suck to die now and do all of this over again.

Anyway once the Mature is left, keep gel over the cuts at all times, and do
whatever i said above for vitals. When you have at least 50, keep gel on the
cuts while using ultrasound. Uproot it, gel everything, and laser it. If you
get more than 9 cuts, heal one, otherwise your vitals will drop MUCH faster
than you can heal, because you no longer have HT. Repeat until the Mature has
been lasered 4 times and it will die.

Hopefully you still have at least 45 seconds left, because you'll need all
that time to suture all of these cuts while restoring vitals. If you're about
to run out of time when you zoom out, just skip to the bandage.

Otherwise, when everything is sutured inside, suture, gel, bandage outside!

Operation Complete. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 39 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ X2 : DEFTERA ] ===--------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Once again, Deftera is the moving tumor thing. Also, the vitals
STILL drop like a rock. This mission is fairly luck based. Good luck.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Deftera reminds me of a raspberry and blueberry smoothie. Er...Gel and incise.

Look, more purple and yellow tumors! And they spawn baby tumors more often!

Laser them, they take longer to burn off than in Second Sin.

When all tumors are removed, the Deftera shows up. Once again, wait for it to
combine, then drain its tissue three times. They make large tumors more often
on their own now, so watch out. Draining takes priority over lasering tumors.

After being drained three times, the Deftera will die...agian. And it will
now spawn large tumors at a ridiculously fast rate. Quickly excise it then
laser the tumors. After that, remove the dead Deftera and put in a membrane.
Fairly simple first part as usual, you shouldnt have to raise vitals yet.

Suture, Gel, Bandage the first incision. Vitals are auto-raised to 99.

Next part! Gel then Incise.

Heres where luck comes in. Quickly drain a pair as soon as you possibly can.
Why? Same colors colliding here sucks. A LOT. They'll spawn 3 large tumors
as well as vital drain. Do NOT drain the other pair until you've excised the
first. I ALSO believe the less color a pair has, the more often it will spawn
large tumors this time, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, once you've excised one pair, the operation becomes cakewalk again.
Just watch your vitals and dont let too many tumors form. Drain the second
pair three times and you've pretty much beaten the operation. Just massage
the membranes in and you're done.

Suture, Gel, Bandage.

Operation Complete. No witty remarks this time.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 40 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ x3 : TRITI ] ===---------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This is the biggest pain of Triti ever. However, its still not
very hard if done right, which you should know how to do by now.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

To stop from gaining the Triforce, Gel and Incise!

Ok, yeah. I'll start off by saying the HT and thorn removal trick barely ever
works here. You'd have to get lucky without a single thorn vaporizing AND be
extremely quick.

Also, as far as I'm aware, theres no way to remove the Triti without it
regenerating. I will however state that when i got my S rank on this, I backed
it into the lower left corner.

Just handle this like the previous Triti missions other than that regard. You
WILL need to learn how to prevent regeneration unless you're removing a whole
row of around 7 Triti at a time, which is near impossible.

Before I finish this Operation section, I will mention one more thing that has
turned up in other guides and I would like to dispel this rumor. This will be
in all caps for emphasis.


Phew, now that thats out of the way...once you're down to two pieces. Youre
going to have to be quick even if no mist forms. If you have trouble, use HT
here and you're practicly guaranteed a pass.

After its all gone, suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete. Now, theres that Magic Mirror?

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 41 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ X4 : TETARTI ] ===--------------------------

Pre-OP notes: Tetarti...LOL. Tetarti is still so easy. If you have problems
with this, quit playing. XD I'm kidding.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

I wonder how squid tastes since i generally dont like seafood. Gel and Incise.

Once again, three diverticula to start off. Because i dont feel like cheating
and telling you which is which as of the first version of this guide, do note
that these increase in size faster than 4th sin, and if all three burst you
will likely instantly fail. Inject serum, and excise ASAP. Remember their
colors show after the first growth in case you arent sure. When all three
are excised, take out one then place a membrane. Taking out all three causes
RAPID vital drops without any membranes.

Once the membranes are gelled and massaged in, the Tetarti appear. These do
start off moving very fast, so try to inject Serum into one, then the next 
immediately into the other, the the third immediately after that.

Remember, they take 5 hits to kill. They also stay stunned for a lot less time
after each successful hit. For the fifth hit you might want to use HT if you
cant inject the third quick enough. If you ever inject the wrong serum, start
over immediately.

After they die, suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete. I cant believe Tetarti is this big of a joke.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 42 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ X5 : PEMPTI ] ===---------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This version of Pempti is brought to you by Adam, who spices up
your life! Oh and upgrades his virii to near impossible to combat.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Pempti is also brought to you by Pempto Bismol. (That pink liquidy medicine)

Anyway, Gel and Incise.

This setup looks exactly like Fifth sin. Inject the nanomachine twice, and
laser the core. Restore vitals to max before the core restores itself.

Ok, now you can CLEARLY tell the Pempti got a huge boost. I shall now explain
them in greater detail.

1) You basicly now have only 1 and a half seconds to kill laceration cores.
The main core also takes less time between shooting them out. Be quick!

2) All core type's health has been upgraded again. They now take even more
time with the laser to kill.

3) Desperate mode now increases the core's health even more.

Those three reasons aside, this is like Fifth Sin. You just have to react even
faster. Generally this is very hard and this mission is where people start to
learn how to use two stylus. However, I consider that shameful, so i'll teach
you to win with just one.

The first attack series should as usual be no problem, you might get a cut or
two this time though. Fix those up before the tumor cores. Restore vitals
after the tumor cores are destroyed. Rotation cores are still no threat.

Now for the real fight. Up to the third hit this fight is still not very hard.
Just laser the core when you get the chance if no mini-cores are present. (or
if the tumor cores pulse over the organ, since they're invincible then)

When Pempti enters desperate mode after the third hit, pray you dont get three
sets of laceration cores, or two sets of tumor cores. Lacerations are bearable
if you can get half of them. Tumors are a pain with increased core HP. If you
get the rotation cores a lot, consider yourself lucky. Raise vitals when
necessary between core attacks. NEVER raise vitals during a core attack.

After seven hits total, Pempti will die for good. Suture any cuts and laser
any tumors and heal their wounds with gel. Remember not to burn off too many
at once or you'll have a massive vital drop rate.

After that, Suture, gel, bandage. You're done.

Operation Complete. Why does Pempti also resemble a female egg?

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 43 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ X6 : PARASKEVI ] ===-------------------------

Pre-OP notes: The centipede is back for vengance! And it brought its close
cousin, MILLIPEDE! Just kidding.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

Dont centipedes die after being cut once? Weird. Gel and Incise.

Six cuts just like Sixth Sin. Suture them all, remember that vitals drop quick
on the X missions and raise when necessary.

When Paraskevi enters, stun it and raise vitals to 99. If you havent been
following my strategy and working on one half at a time, I suggest you start
now. Cut this piece in half, then suture/gel both cuts while they cant be
harmed, then stun both pieces again. Work on only one of these pieces at a
time, and only cut two pieces at once if you have just one more cut before
extraction. Be extra sure to heal cuts when the pieces are invincible, and
stun them when they arent. Stunning takes priority over everything, then
vitals if below 30, otherwise suture cuts.

After you deal with one quarter, deal with the other quarter the same way.
Be absolutely sure you keep the big half piece stunned the entire time.
Remember, Smaller pieces stay stunned for a shorter time. Before you cut
both eighths, make you sure you have around 40 vitals.

When you have just the half piece, this operation becomes much easier. If you
want, keep it stunned then raise vitals to max, then stun and cut that piece
into quarters. Deal with one quarter at a time, making sure your vitals are at
40 before cutting eighths up. When down to one quarter, heal to 80 vitals
first, then cut that quarter up, suture both cuts, stun both pieces, then cut
both. You should be able to gel the cuts the eighths made and stun them all
and extract before vitals fall below 25. Then, suture the remaining cuts.

Suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete. Stupid centipede almost sunk my!

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 44 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ X7 : SAVATO ] ===---------------------------

Pre-OP notes: This is it, the last operation in the game. Also noted as the
hardest, but I personally believe X1 is a bit harder. The return of the
flaming dung beetle of death! Please dont forget that you cant use HT until
the first HT activates automaticly, or you wont pass.

[ Patient name: --                          ]
[                                           ]
[ Starting Vitals: 99                       ]
[                                           ]
[ Maxiumum Vitals: 99                       ]

To prevent Savato from laughing at you, gel and incise.

Savato looks nice and comfy on its sofa made of web. Lets scalpel up its

Two changes to its web phase.

1) The web takes about an extra 2 seconds longer to scalpel away.

2) Savato spawns even more babies.

I can guarantee the web will turn red at least once. Try to keep your vitals
above 30 at all times. And when it DOES turn red, pray that a blue baby doesnt
spawn just before it "explodes". In that case you will likely instantly fail,
but this doesnt happen often.

Granted you dont kill any babies like you're supposed to, you only have to go
through two webs this time. Again, its up to you to kill the babies as Savato
is absorbing them to make his shield "stronger". Again, it doesnt make even an
insignificant difference, an extra 2 seconds of lasering at most. Just pump
your vitals while Savato absorbs babies.

Ah, the dreaded laser phase. A lot of people die here. Why?

If left alone for more than 3 seconds, Savato can and will triple cut you...
up to four times in a row, usually followed by a baby spawning cut.

Of course, this sucks for your vitals, and if he does this straight off from
the web phase, you will likely instantly lose. Dont fret, this is rare.

However, if given the chance, he can use triple cut twice in a row, often.

I will stress this now in all caps and after each scalpeling to make sure you
freaking listen.


Now that you know what this Savato is capable of, how do we deal with this?
Why, the same way as Final Sin! Keep the laser on Savato AT ALL TIMES. NO
and raise vitals. If Savato is ON a cut, DO NOT SUTURE IT. If you do, he MIGHT
go off and triple cut you, but in my game this doesnt happen often, but its
enough to warrant a warning. If your vitals EVER drop below 15, drop whatever
you are doing and stabilize immediately to at least 30 vitals.

Around 2 full lasers, the first shield will be destroyed. Scalpel Savato.

Pray Savato does not go berserk, I've seen it happen. SIX triple cuts in a row
and I instantly failed. This is VERY VERY rare. Anyway, a new shield will form
so start lasering it again.

fine. The reason for this is if you have tons of babies, the triple cut cannot
harm your vitals much, or better yet, cannot form at all.

And the many many triple cut trick wont work here, as you'll likely die from
rapid vital loss from unstableness, and about 25 bleeding cuts.

However, when you break Savato's shield for the second time, stab it again.
Unless you are really good and going for a really high score, I suggest you
put the laser on Savato while he's invincible so when he gets out of it, his
third shield will break immediately. Stab Savato again. Savato babies go away,
and now you can inject the Serum. Do so. If your vitals are over 30 (doubt it)
then your vitals will become 30...again.

Savato will once again do its 9 cut attack for ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE. Followed
by the 5 cut attack for...once again...ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE. Suture whatever
you can and use your HT IMMEDIATELY when it comes up. Suture all cuts, and
raise vitals to at least 30. You dont want to screw up if you have twitchy
hands now do you?

Inject the serum one final time, and Savato will explode into that famous blue
cloud of GUILTish death.

And as usual, Suture, gel, bandage.

Operation complete. Enjoy Adams emo speech.

======================== { 10: S Rank Strategies } ===========================

Pre-Section Notes: Yeah, I said i wouldnt really do them unless i got
literally pelted with requests to do so. But I'll do so anyway for the hosts
that dont have S rank guides.

Generally the way this section will work will be the following.

1) I'll state the operation number and name as always. Instead of patient
info in a horrible looking box, you'll instead get S rank requirements in a
better looking box.

2) I'll then tell you my strategy on how to S rank. I hope you're prepared,
some of these can take days, even weeks to S rank until you obtain the
necessary skill. Ready?

I'm not going to state these in the requirement box because its a requirement
for every single mission.

1. You cannot use HT on any mission except Mature Savato.
2. You cannot occur a single miss.

Do note that the score and time requirements are currently estimates unless
i say so right after the requirement box.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 1 ] ===--------------------------

------------------------=== [ STANDARD PROCEDURE ] ===-----------------------

  S-Rank Requirements
[                     ]
[     Total score     ]
[        5200         ]
[   Time Remaining    ]
[        4:30         ]
[                     ]

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, the first mission is one of the
hardest to S rank. Neither score nor time are estimates on this operation.

Strategy: Getting S rank on Operation 1 practicly requires you to COOL every
single glass shard removal. Remember the closer to the center of the tray you
place it, the more likely you are to get a COOL.

You dont have to COOL the cuts, but it certainly helps.

You DO however, HAVE to cool the initial incision, suturing that incision, and
bandaging it. These three things are your largest amount of points, so make
sure you do them correctly.

Remember, you only have thirty seconds to do all of this, or you will lose
some "Special" points. You must earn the full 2000 points to S rank anything.

That's pretty much all you need to know for Operation 1.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 2 ] ===--------------------------

-----------------------=== [ STANDARD PRODECURE 2 ] ===----------------------

[    Total score      ]
[        4500         ]
[   Time Remaining    ]
[        4:15         ]
[        Misc.        ]
[ Use Ultrasound once ]

The score is not an estimate this operation.

Strategy: Remember to COOL the beginning and end of the procedure, otherwise
you likely wont S rank.

Now, for the ultrasound, you have to hit the tumor on the dot the first time,
otherwise you lose special points. Remember the tumor is near the bottom
center of the stomach.

Other than that, just do everything else quickly. Oh, and for some reason, you
cant get a higher rank than Good on the membrane massage, so dont bother
attempting to do so.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 3 ] ===--------------------------

----------------------------=== [ A FAREWELL ] ===---------------------------

  S-Rank Requirements
[    Total score      ]
[        4900         ]
[   Time Remaining    ]
[        3:45         ]
[        Misc.        ]
[ Dont use Ultrasound ]

These are true estimates. I believe the time limit is either that or 3:30, but
i know its not less than 3:30. This mission after game completion shouldnt
really take more than a minute anyway

Strategy: Memorize the tumor locations by doing this mission a few times.

After that, scalpel where the tumors are without using ultrasound. If you do
so and do not get a shadow to linger significantly, you will lose special
points, hence why i said not to use ultrasound.

However, please note that its unwise to scalpel over a 2 inch long area, or
you might incur a miss and make a laceration.

Anyway, after you've found all three tumors, removing them shouldnt be hard.
If you forget how, theres always the walkthrough section.

And as always, COOL the beginning and end. You can COOL the membranes too, and
they help a lot. Be sure to get at least 4 COOLs.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 4 ] ===--------------------------

-------------------------=== [ SINGING THE BLUES ] ===-----------------------

  S-Rank Requirements
[    Total score      ]
[        7200?        ]
[   Time Remaining    ]
[        3:15?        ]
[        Misc.        ]
[ No blood pools form ]

The only real things I'm not sure of are the score and time. I got 1800
special from just 1 blood pool forming, so try not to let that happen.

Just treat this like you normally would for operation 4, just do it as fast
as you can. A neat trick is to rub gel over the polyps before lasering to save
some time. Area 3 is the hardest in terms of not letting the blood pool, but
its certainly possible.

Its crucial that you COOL at least 2 of the 3 crucial operation procedures.
(You should know what i mean)

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 5 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ A REAL DOCTOR ] ===-------------------------

  S-Rank Requirements
[    Total score      ]
[        5000         ]
[   Time Remaining    ]
[        3:15         ]
[        Misc.        ]
[ Dont use Ultrasound ]

This operation is a pain to finish in 3:15. Remember to memorize where the
tumors appear.

Strategy: COOL the initial incision, then prepare the anti-inflammitory!

Remember, the smaller ones generally take only half a syringe to remove. Get
rid of those first if you're fast.

After all inflammations are gone, use run the scalpel over where the tumor
shadows would be. Remember not to cut across a long area or you might cause
a laceration and miss.

I wont baby you on how to remove a tumor again. If you're reading this you
should know how.

Use ultrasound 10 times when prompted, then COOL the last two procedures.

You'll never reach 5000 points otherwise.

----------------------------=== [ OPERATION 6 ] ===--------------------------

---------------------------=== [ LIFE OR DEATH ] ===-------------------------

  S-Rank Requirements
[    Total score      ]
[        6000+?       ]
[   Time Remaining    ]
[        3:30         ]
[        Misc.        ]
[        None         ]

The key to this mission is to COOL as many things as possible while being 

Strategy: When you restart the heart, the real timer starts. Suture all
cuts and remove all glass shards. Try to get at least 4 COOLs here. If you
are fast you can finish in under 15 seconds.

COOL the incision.

Inside the heart, remove glass shards two/three at a time. Try to COOL at
least half. Raise vitals as needed. If you want to save time, gel over the
cuts before pulling the glass out, just remember which way the glass is facing
as the gel can sometimes completely cover the glass.

Start this guy's heart again, then COOL the giant glass shard (its easy).

After that, just suture that cut, then suture the giant cut. You'll almost
always COOL both.

After that, COOL the last two parts as always.


Operations 7-12 to come sometime before Saturday.


========================== { 11: FAQ and contact info } ======================

Well, since this guide just got submitted, obviously nobody has asked me any
questions yet. If anybody has ANY questions regarding the game, or would like
to contribute a useful strategy, you may contact me at the following.

E-mail: Windy-Kun(at)hotmail(dot)com

I most likely will respond to e-mail if you include Trauma Center in the
subject. If you contact me on MSN (which i have, same as my email), dont expect
me to add you without an email first.

And...thats pretty much it for now.

================== { 12: Special Thanks and Legal Stuff } ====================

ATLUS USA - For making such a great game. This was SO worth 30 dollars.

GameFAQs - For being the first host for this guide. Thanks CJayC

MyCheats/1up - For hosting this FAQ.

My Girlfriend - For pushing me to buying a DS in the first place.

Bolt_Storm - Helping me in S ranking a few missions.

If you contribute, your name will be added above and in the operation section
for whatever operation you contributed to.

======================[ FAQ (c) 2007, Lord_Windscar_ ]========================