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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tokyo Beat Down Pack Shot

Tokyo Beat Down



by Invisible Assassin

Tokyo Beat Down Walthrough
Jeroen Amin (Invisible Assassin)


D-pad: Move
X:     Punch
Y:     Kick
A:     Action
B:     Jump
L:     Aim Gun
R:     Block

Y+B: Throw
R+Y: Heroic Kick
R+X: Heroic Attack

Double-Tap Up/Down:    Dodge
Double-Tap Left/Right: Run
Run+X:                 Running Punch
Run+Y:                 Slide Kick


Lewis Cannon: main character and all-round loveable idiot

Rika Hyodo: the hot partner in a miniskirt

Takeshi Bando: Captain, founder of the Yaesu "beast cops"

Hiro Suzuki: Seargent at the station, more worried about his daughter

Shin Koga: the rookie who seems to be more of a receptionist

Eichi Watanabe: Chief of Yaesu Station, dresses like he's a mafia don

Officer Madoka: she saves your game, always very chirpy

Saiko Itakuro: mysterious assassin woman

Moses: American with terrible martial arts skills

Jean Saburo: Inspector from the Investigative Department

Ban Malachi: ex-cop of Yaesu station and Bando's partner


Gang Members: guys in leather jackets and bandanas. Not tough at all

Suits: guys in suits with a bit more health and knives

Biggie: gigantic monsters of men. Lots of health, little power

Broad: American-looking women with more health than Suits

Smuggler: guys in camo and balclavas, with guns. Get close ASAP

Young Kid: little health but decently armed

Police: they're just like the Young Kids.

Biggie cop: Biggies with a gun.

SWAT: Police with a bit more health.

Biggie SWAT: Biggie cops with a machine gun and lots more health.


Chain together punches and kicks for combos.

When surrounded by enemies, run to one side so they group up and you can hit
multiple enemies at once.

Break barrels for items.

Pick up food for health.

To get the Scrolls and Vests, go to the optional locations and find the old men.
You get one of each a day.

If you hold out against some bosses for three minutes, they instantly get


Shibuya: An entertainment area, popular among young people.

Freeay: A busy downtown roadway where low speeds are not tolerated.

Shinjuku: A lively shopping district, home to the Paragon Mall.

Yaesu Station: An infamous police station, home to the beast cops.

Kumomi Pier: The harbor, lined with a maze of docks and warehouses.

Akihabara: The electric city, where high-tech devices are king.

Marunouchi: A commercial district, where businessmen wage their wars.


	9/1 11:00

Talk to Rika there for the game's idea of a tutorial, where she'll tell you the
controls. Then proceed onwards. You will be attacked by four gang members that
are easily dispatched with a few punches and kicks. After that, you will meet
Rika again... somehow. She explains the finer points of weapon use to you. After
this, you fight off more gang members, this time armed with some wood and one
with a molotov. Go forward a bit more and then get yelled at by Rika and advised
by the boss. After this, you'll be attacked by a large number of gang members
who are all easily dispatched with some fist and foot work.

	9/1 13:00
	Yaesu Station

Good news, everyone. You get reprimanded with downgrades. Now you have to find
Skill Scrolls around levels to learn moves and pick up Bulletproof Vests to
raise your stamina. This game is aiming for realism, alright. You also get to
listen to the most incompetent police force ever debate a clearly malevolent
phone call. 

	9/1 14:30

Proceed forward through all the civilans to the crashed van for a scene.

	9/1 15:30
	Yaesu Station

More from the most incompetent police force ever. The prank call was a
diversion? Who would have thought?!

	9/1 16:00

The Plot-Progressing Officer (he's actually named this o_0) fills you in. You're
on riot duty. Proceed forward and you'll be attacked by a few gang memebers and
a suit. Make short work of them. You'll meet another group of similar fellows.
Afer that, you meet up with Hiro again, who will tell you that these are
experienced rioters. What? Okay... Move on to fight a large number of enemies.
After they are taken care of, go forward and you will fight more gang members,
suits and one biggie. After this, you will meet Hiro again and get a cutscene
featuring Takeshi and his "air cannon". He shows you what it is through massive
property damage. Great cops.

You will be in a mall now. As soon as Lewis stops talking, you will be attacked
by gang memebers. Beat them down and proceed forward to face a biggie. Beat him
down and go on. On the second floor, you will be attacked by gang members, suits
and a broad. Beat them all down. After them, you fight two suits, a biggie and
a broad. Take them out and move on. On the third floor, you'll fight a bunch
of gang members with molotovs and two biggies. Next up: the roof. Here, you'll
fight your first boss, the Wily Kung-Fu Man! 

He dodges bullets like they're nothing but he can't dodge your punches or kicks 
at all. Lots of grunts will drop in to help him, but this is an otherwise
straightforward fight. Just watch out for getting surrounded and you should be

	6/4 14:00
	Kumomi Pier

This is fun, you play as Takeshi now during his "story time". He moves slower
than Lewis but has much more powerful attacks. Move through this first part
while taking care of all the suits that come after you. After fighting all the
gang members and suits of the second part, press A over the the shiny twinkle on
the ground to pick up an old newspaper and then beat the level.

	9/1 17:30

Yay, they have guns now. Unlike yours, they don't have rubber bullets and do
quite a bit of damage. The easiest way to beat this group is to run up and Slide
Kick, then hit them while they're close. This entire level is a huge fight
against A LOT of smugglers. It's a huge step up in terms of difficulty as these 
guys do lots of damage and have even more health than any enemy before. As long 
as you dodge a lot of their shots, or run in real close and start unleashing 
your fists, you should be fine. After this, you finally get your first save 

	9/2 09:30
	Yaesu Station

At the station, you'll learn the identity of the Wily Kung-Fu Man who happens to
be a thief who heads an internation smuggling operation. Still only a thief,
though! Not a smuggler! Anyways, Eiji crashes the party and Koga finds out about
big trouble in little Shibuya.

	9/2 10:00

After your little chat with Koga (who's kind of a dick and a nancy), move on and
talk to the young kid. It works as well as you'd expect. After he's tasted some
concrete, go on and introduce his friends to the same meal. You will see Koga
again who has obviously been oblivious to the last few minutes. Pick up the rice
and machine gun by him and go forward. You will fight a few more young kids and
a suit. You will meet up with Koga again. Talk to the next young kid and then
punch him down.

	9/2 13:00
	Kumomi Pier

The level opens with a view of what's to come. Go on and beat up the smugglers
and suit. After the next two smugglers, you'll come against smugglers, biggies
and a broad with a machine gun. Break the blue barrel after them to pick up a
nightstick. In the next area, take out the smugglers and suits. After them comes
a boss fight with the Resourceful Smuggler.

He's quite easy if you approach this carefully. Beat up the grunts and when he
comes in with barrels, dodge up or down so he throws them all at you. They
almost never hit. Then, line up with him and take your shot. After he's defeated
you will get a cutscene featuring a mysterious voice.

	9/2 10:15

You're playing as Takeshi Bando now. This entire level is fight afer fight
against suits. Enjoy.

	9/2 13:30

You're playing as Rika now. She's faster than the other two but a bit weaker.
You're up against broads in this level. Watch out for the ones with machine guns
and you'll have this mopped up in no time.

	9/2 15:00
	Yaesu Station

More bantering and the introduction of a new character. He's a dick. After that,
Lewis relays the message to Bando.

	9/2 17:00

This is exactly like before. Lots of suits, little challenge. Despite all the
words contrary to a fight, you always end up in a fight. Now? Boss battle with

The biggest problem here are all the grunts. Otherwise, it's an extremely easy
battle. Just keep tossing out combos and you'll easily win. Moses will tell
you of a former cop named Malachi who is back in town.

	9/3 10:00

Choose anywhere you want, you'll get a call from Bando describing another bomb
scare. Talk to everyone and you should get a call from Bando telling you to go 
elsewhere. Repeat twice until Bando tells you where the bomb is. Lewis'
blundering somehow leads to him disarming the bomb only to find out that the 
real one was back in Shinjuku.

	9/3 14:00

The entire level consists of smugglers, suits and broads. Mostly smugglers. This
means that you will have to look out for bullets flying your way. Get in close
and let loose. At the end of the third floor, you will find the boss, Malachi.
He's really hard and he carries around a pistol, which he fires pretty quickly,
and a rocket launcher. He only comes with four smugglers. At the start of the
fight, run all the way right and pick up the only Scroll in the game that you
get from a main mission. From there, unleash your fists and feet. Seriously.
If you allow Malachi even a free moment, he uses his rocket launcher which 
takes out all your health. This fight is freaking ridiculous compared to the
rest of the game. Prepare to hit that Retry button a few times.

After this, Malachi tries to get away but Bando gets in the way. AND NOW YOU
FIGHT HIM AGAIN. WTF. Luckily the developers seem to have realized how idiotic
the last fight was and provide consistently spawning health packs for you to
pick up.

	9/3 16:00

Meet up with Rika on the left and she fills you in. On the first floor, go to
Rika's right, into the next area. Run forward and pick up the sparkly thing on
the ground. Proceed onwards and get close to the blown out door further ahead.
And that's that. Now you get a scene with Rika being a complete dumbass and
Lewis being the smart one. Huh?

	9/3 16:30

You play as Rika now. Go left and talk to all the employees on the way. The last
guy will give you a giraffe coin.

	9/3 18:00
	Kumomi Pier

Fight your way through the first few gang members, then smugglers, then broads.
They are all heavily armed, so be careful and remember to dodge. The second
floor contains only smugglers and broads. In the third area, take out the three
broads and move on for a boss battle against Saiko. After the last boss fight,
this one should be pretty straightforward. Dodge all the gunshots and just
punch her until she's down.

	9/4 10:30
	Yaesu Station

Eiji brings the news that Hiro will be alright, but Koga's still sore over
yesterday and despite Banto's efforts to set him straight, he quits. Yay.

	9/4 14:00

Talk to a few people here to learn about a guy with sunglasses. Run all the way
to the end and talk to the guy in the trenchcoat with glasses. Turns out to be
ol' Samba the Dick. You'll wind up talking to a Mr. Aloha Kawashima who shares
some weird observations with you before telling you that he's a cop.

	9/4 15:00

Talk to the first young kid you see and whack him down, then take on his friends
who will come right after you. Then a guy turns into a smuggler right in front
of you while more young kids join in. And then after that, more young kids. Keep
on going to encounter more smugglers, young kids and a biggie. Talk to Rika at
the end to beat this level.

	9/4 21:00

This is exactly like the last two times. Go through and fight off the suits and
then beat up Moses. As always, he provides a fun interrogation.

	9/5 10:00
	Yaesu Station

Now we learn about what the terrorists were after. Some bunker for the
population of Tokyo and without these bunkers... they're doomed somehow? Okay,
then. That makes sense.

	9/5 11:00

Proceed forward and destroy the green barrel in the second set of boxes to find
a memo on the ground. Then go onwards towards the right and destroy the blue
barrel in the middle of the boxes in front of the Life Line Support System. Then
go to the second floor and destroy the boxes until you find the blue barrel.
Break it to reveal another memo. On the third floor, do the same for a red

	9/5 13:00

Lewis starts this off with another three-minute challenge. Take out all the
smugglers, focusing on the one with the rocket launcher.

	9/5 16:00

Go through this area taking out the gang member with the molotov and the
smugglers. You're going to repeat this pattern for the rest of the level. Dodge
the bullets and stay close to all the enemies so they can't pin you down.
Destroy the barrels for some weapons you can use like molotovs, steel pipes and
wood planks. After a while, Takeshi calls you with some great news, which you've
already come to witness. 

At the start of the battle, pick up the weapon to Lewis' left. Keep running
right and picking up ammo whilst firing at the tank. It's much easier if you run
all the way right until the tank is offscreen, then pick up ammo, aim and wait.

	9/5 17:00

Yay, we're playing as Takeshi. And we're fighting cops. Interesting. They're
not particularly hard and this area is a continuous fight against them with a
biggie cop thrown in here and there.

	9/5 20:00

Run through here while beating up the police and biggie cops. That's it. Really.

	9/5 23:55
	Kumomi Pier

More police and biggie cops. You really should be used to this now. The first
two areas are annoying since there are so few health drops but there's a health
pack as soon as you start the third area. There's a new kind of enemy here as
well: the Biggie SWAT. He's like the standard biggie cop, but with way more
health. And there's four of him. Have fun.

	9/6 00:005
	Kumomi Pier

Of course, you don't get this part if you died earlier so skip it if you did.
You start off against four biggie cops. You won't even get a break in the action
and most of the enemies are biggie cops with some regular biggies and grunts
thrown in. Run to the left and break the blue barrels for some health. There are
TONS of enemies in this mission. Fight them all and then go all the way right to
the wall.

	9/6 15:00
	Police HQ

Fight through all the police and SWAT members here and go all the way right, to
the wall. Repeat on the second floor. At the doors up here, Samba comes to meet
you. Mr. Dick actually comes around and helps you. Yay. You start off this
third area against biggie SWATS. Take care of them and pick up that rocket
launcher on the ground. Let's not save that for a rainy day, shall we? Move on
and take out the police along the way. You'll soon see smugglers with RPGs. Kill
them quickly. Get through all six (!!!) of them and pick up the health. Move on
and you will find yourself in an elevator with four SWATs. Take them out.
Repeat. After that's over, you'll find yourself in another hallway. By the end,
you will see some food and all available guns on the floor. At this point, you
can run all the way to the right without worrying about the remaining enemies.
I advise you do it since you don't really get anything for defeating everyone.

Now you're at the boss. He's a lot like that first fight with Malachi but with
A LOT less rocket launcher so the fight is much easier. Watch out for all the
enemies with guns, though, as they are quite annoying. 

	9/6 23:30

Take out all the police and biggie cops here who try to stop Takeshi. When you
see all the boxes, break them for a shotgun and some ammo. Now, approach Endo.
It's the same time as before but with more ammo on the ground. Beat him to hell.

Congrats. You just beat Tokyo Beat Down.


This is where the game ends just after you defeat Malachi. I believe the way to
get this is to miss one or more of the memos in the mall before you fight him.

Let Rika die in the Warehouse. At the end, Lewis finds out Rika has died and
goes into a rage.

Allow Rika to save the Chief. Everyone gathers and goes for a drink.


This guide is Copyright (2009) to Invisible Assassin
You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. 
Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not 
like it to be passed off as somebody else's.